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  • Celebrating her Majesty’s 90th Birthday this Friday with an afternoon tea party with games run by the children.  Genuine record of my conversation throughout the day with one child about their Royal themed stall (Readers familiar with my post about the cricket practise last year will quickly see where this is going…):

    Me: *describing day and timetable of events for the Tea Party* …so after school is when you’ll run your games for parents and children!
    Child: Will I be doing a game?
    Me: Yep, you volunteered last week and returned the slip! *waving slip in hand*
    Child: Oh…so what game am I doing then?
    Me: The Royal Skittles, we discussed it at break yesterday and before assembly, do you not remember?
    Child: The Royal Skittles - what’s that?
    Me: Knocking skittles over to win a prize!
    Child: Oh…so you just aim a ball at something then?
    Me: …and if you knock over the target - you win!
    Child: But I’m not very good at throwing though…
    Me: Luckily you’re running the stall not playing it then!
    Child: Oh…does that mean I have to give out prizes?
    Me: Only if they win!
    Child: What if they lose?
    Me: Then sadly they don’t get a prize!
    Child: Oh…so what prizes do I need to give them?
    Me: It’ll be a packet of sweets. *points at mahoosive pile of PTA sweet collection in corner of classroom*
    Child: Oh…but I haven’t brought any sweets…
    Me: You didn’t need to - the school has brought the prizes!  *points at mahoosive pile of PTA sweet collection in corner of classroom for a second time*
    Child: …and are the prizes for our games?
    Me: For everyone’s games!
    Child: So I’ll get some sweets for my game?
    Me: Yes.
    Child: For a prize though not for taking part.
    Me: Exactly - for a prize for winning not for just taking part.
    Child: When do I have to do this? 
    Me: After the tea party and after school.  I’ll remind you when!
    Child: And I’m not playing the game? And don’t need to buy a prize?
    Me: Nope!

    *1 hour later after break*
    Child: Is it time to do my game now?
    Me: No not yet, it’s after lunch and after school…you know - after the Queen’s Tea Party.
    Child: Oh…so I don’t need the prizes now then?
    Me: Nope, not until we set up the game…
    Child: Are we setting it up now?
    Me: Nope, it’s all going to be this afternoon and you’ll run it after school when the parents arrive.
    Child: Yeah, plus there’s no parents to play the game yet anyway so what would be the point!

    *1 hour later after lunch*
    Child: Is it time to do my game now?
    Me: No not quite yet, we haven’t set it up yet, have we?
    Child: Oh…I didn’t know whether you’d done it at lunch.
    Me: Nope, that’s your job in a little bit!
    Child: Oh yeah, and there’s still no parents to play the game yet anyway so there’s no point!

    *30 minutes later after setting up all games ahead of event*
    Child: Is it time to do my game yet?
    Me: We’ve just set up ready for after school.
    Child: Oh…then why are those parents sat there for?
    Me: They’re here for the tea party; the games are after that finishes: at the end of the day! 
    Child: Oh…so I don’t need to stand by my game then?
    Me: Not until after school!

    *30 minutes later as Y4 stand up to do some country dancing*

    Child: Is it time to do my game now?
    Me: Not until after school in about half an hour, plus the Year 4s are about to perform!
    Child: Oh…are they not running our games then now - there are a lot of them!
    Me: The Y4s are here to dance for the parents - you are in charge of your games after school.
    Child:  Is it after school now then?
    Me: Sadly not, but I will let you know!

    *1 hour later at end of school day*
    Child: *about to walk out school gate*… See you on Monday Mr M!
    Me: Erm…aren’t you forgetting that it’s time to run your game now?
    Child: Oh is that now…today?
    Me: *walks straight to the stocks feeling the need for a cold sponge to the face*

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  • Hooray for pointed toes when jumping! #schoolfete #dance #performance #yearsix #journey #levels #galaxytightsmakeforagoodcostumechoice

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