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  • School Gothic During a Pandemic:

    -There’s twelve cars in the parking lot. You go inside. There’s only three people inside.

    -You hear five people talking next door. You look in. There’s only two people.

    -You find yourself talking to yourself. Or are you?

    -You walk the halls socked feet. Inside shoes are a myth.

    -You wash your hands. You walk away. Suddenly you’re washing your hands.

    -You sent home the kids’ belongings last week. They all picked them up. You’re sending home the kids’ belongings this week.

    -You take home all your stuff. You go back. You still have things to bring home.

    -You don’t know what’s going on. Or what’s going to happen. No one knows.

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    They say a church isn’t a building,

    It’s the congregation,

    The people that come together to enjoy the same community,

    I’m not trying to get religious so hear me out,

    With this logic,

    You can say that school isn’t a building,

    It’s the people that come together to enjoy the same community,

    The people that are stakeholders,

    The ones that invested their time into it,

    More than just time but a part of your life is embedded into the future of the children you signed up to serve,

    This pandemic took away our building,

    It shook our roots,

    But it didn’t take away our school,

    It didn’t take away our teachers and staff members,

    Our students,


    We didn’t choose these circumstances,

    None of us want this,

    But we didn’t falter,

    We found new ways,

    I hear the question,

    So what’s the point?

    What’s the point of trying to be a school if we don’t have the building,

    I want to ask you,

    How many of you leave the building and not think about the school until the next morning?

    How many of you leave the building and just stop caring about the school?

    How many of you leave the building and continue to worry, nurture, care, love, and cry for our children?

    A church is not a building,

    It’s the congregation,

    A school is not a building,

    It’s the teachers, staff members, families, our children,

    It’s the days that never seem to end but when they do you just want to get back there and do better,

    It’s the commute that makes no sense to others but you know this is your calling,

    It’s the tears while you mute your phone as you hear about how families are struggling to get by,

    It’s the nights you’ve spent begging for this to be over so you can go back to being who you were,

    A school is not a building;

    It’s the community we set out to create, sustain, make better,

    Rita Pierson once said that telling a child that they’re not all bad and saying they’ll do better next time can be the moment the child starts to believe in themselves,

    We’re not all bad,

    And we will do better,

    Because this is the moment we need to start to believe in ourselves,

    For you,

    For me,

    For them.

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  • dang this quarantine has made me realize how much i need school to function 

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  • #schools#menstruation#women #department for education #health
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  • There’s a school in my city abbreviated as PSCA and we say it was a word i.e. “piss-ka”. They have joined a multi acadamy trust and now the abbreviation is PACA.


    I hope they never realise.

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  • How to model New model Apple desktop computer using sketchup pro 2019 (R…

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  • This. Because Governor Northam thinks he is King with his order - no - ORDER - to stay at home until June 10th. Why not April 30th as the Federal Government is suggesting? Why not a measured, thought out approach? Why no hope that things may be better in a month? Two Mondays in a row - the King closes schools for the rest of the year - and then orders us stay at home until June 10th - with no data - no explanation - no reasoning for these insane lengths of time. And now the schools and cities have no choice but to cancel events before June 10th because the King has spoken. And Seniors - like my daughter - have lost their Senior year - and it may end up not being necessary…

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    School employees concerned about returning to work; grading will resume soon for local students - WPLG Local 10 https://dlvr.it/RSx0bJ

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    School employees concerned about returning to work; grading will resume soon for local students - WPLG Local 10 https://dlvr.it/RSx03K

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  • the school system shouldn’t be so horrifyingly bad that teens are happy about coronavirus because they don’t have to go to school.

    students are disregarding the deaths of thousands of people because they are happy about school closures. that should say something about what is going on in american schools.

    it shouldn’t have to be like this.

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  • My students wrote a poem…here it is with music!

    #imoverthisboredom #poems #songs #samething #songwriting #hudsonvalley #stayhome #funactivities #covid_19 #schools #students (at Waterbury, Connecticut)

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  • Sindh schools ordered to only charge monthly fees


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  • urgh I just need to RANt feel free to ignore this lol idk how long it’ll get but i know if this goes on fb all my primary school teacher pals will hate me but GOD their attitude is the worst? and they are in charge of small children???? someone please think of the children please

    yes this is about how they talk about having to teach grammar lol

    but like i get it! you found it hard! you don’t like it! but it is literally a field of study!!! contrary to how apparently studying what a fucking noun is not developing a Love of Learning™ some people like…do lingustics…because they LOVE LEARNING about these things! and how they work! and how they work across various languages and social groups!!! oh my god it’s almost like some people find the Bad And Stupid Boring Thing….fun?

    how many kids will never be able to think that grammar could maybe be interesting because their teachers are all going off about ~fronted adverbials~ like sure. i get it. i do not find all of the subjects fun. (ok i lie but i have friends who don’t.) but i do NOT tell people, especially children, that any one subject is boring. who am i to crap all over something that someone might really enjoy? why would you just shut off their opportunities like that? that, to me, demonstrates a lack of respect for learning. if you can’t respect that other people might enjoy subjects you don’t, then frankly you have no business teaching.

    and that doesn’t even start on what the lack of grammar education does to how we struggle in other language classes. like i was 15 in french class and the girl next to me has no idea that ‘i am’ and ‘you are’ are related because no one has ever explained how verb conjugation works…it’s so much harder to learn another language when you can’t relate the framework to something you already know, and we’re already seeing the class divide when it comes to the fact that you basically have to be middle class to learn languages now! it’s great it’s all so great how has no one explained this to literally specifically primary school teachers because you know what? i never hear this from people who teach secondary

    i don’t even do linguistics, I just noticed that after doing literally ONE TERM of latin my english writing improved because i was thinking about the structure of my sentences more (not that it shows here obvs) and it just makes me so frustrated that THIS FUCKING IGNORANCE is stifling kids’ appetite for subjects that can be so rich and wild and interesting because if you keep telling them it’s boring they will never ever look further into it because why would they? never mind the fact that thinking about language as something with structure that can be analysed may make things easier for more mathematically minded students that maybe struggle with language being such an intuitive thing

    basically if people could stop telling children what they should and shouldn’t love about learning that would be fab thanks. they deserve the chance to work out what they do and don’t enjoy for themselves and they don’t need adults who should know better dictating what they can and can’t love about learning

    #this is also what they did to maths which is a rant for another time #longish post#rant#grammar#education#schools #this just makes me so frustrated and i have had it up to here
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  • 27/03/20

    8:42 PM

    About to watch the last 2 episodes of Clone Wars S3.

    Got a mail from the school. Since the UK cancelled all their exams they’re going to get a grade based on previous exams.

    I want that here too! I don’t want to write the exams in May.

    I’d rather they do it like in London.

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