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    28.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Watch "Stranger Things (Extended)" on YouTube

    TV show song of the day: Stranger Things Theme by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein #tv #television #horror #scifi #strangerthings #Netflix #StrangerThingsTheme #KyleDixon #MichaelStein #spooktober #halloween #october

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  • rpings
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dark matter is a mass effect roleplay set after the events of mass effect 3's destroy ending.

    jcink premium || ocs + canons welcome


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  • dumbbookshit
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sometimes you’re not a bad writer who can only write certain types of scenes— sometimes you’re just writing ✨parallels✨

    #it’s a feature not a bug baby!!!! #ya writing#writerblr #writing a book #ya fantasy#scifi#female writers#booktok#writing
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  • meanwhileongiphy
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    by @ChrisC2002 The church of the future (Located at 903 Giffard Street, Whitby, Ontario) via r/RetroFuturism

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  • scifiseries
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Do y'all allow AI generated art? "Is this the cyberpunk world we created?" Via Nightcafé

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    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • fouquesartcorner
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So with it being the 27th I realized I have not drawn Noelle dressed up for Halloween. ...So here she is. Diamond form Noelle, being a ghost?

    Twitter Xpost: https://twitter.com/Fouquesart/status/1453598105895591940 Deviantart Xpost: https://www.deviantart.com/nocturnefox/art/P-Halloween-Noelle-2021-896207782

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  • gameraboy2
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Galaxy Magazine, October 1962 Cover by Virgil Finlay

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  • rhubarbes
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Yintion J - Geping Jiang 

    More on RHB_RBS

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  • we-dragons
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I'm from a different dimension actually Chapter 11 Damian x reader

    "So, will you succumb to your doubts completely or step into the sun of this new world?"

    "Y/N, wake up honey, we're not done with the book."Her soft hand brushes against mine, it's warm and only makes me more tired.

    "Mom, I just learned about the Dreki. What else do you want me to know." The blond woman with green eyes glares at me, her skin is tanned slightly so she's not completely fair like she usually is. I smile anyway reveling in the reaction she gave me, I hadn't seen her in months but I still couldn't help it. Like always she smiles putting her hands on my face brushing her thumbs against my cheeks. "Did I tell you about who they are?" I'm confused.

    "They're part of the high fey."

    "No they're more than that," She pushes the book to me, and my eyes follow to a man and a woman with pointed ears and delicate faces. Patches of random scales and feathers stood out from their skin and a small and singular horn sprouted from their forehead with different designs surround it. She never lets me see the book, at least not like this. Their clothing is modest but it's beautiful not only that, the creatures almost seemed to be alive. "the Dreaki is the crown of all things from the other realms. They are the reason why we have dragons, unicorns, phoenixes you name it. They gave birth to all the creatures you read in your fairytales. Though they are responsible for our myths they never thought their children would cause harm to others."

    "Even the elves?"

    "Yes even the elves," she flips to another page in the book. "but elves gave birth to their races good and bad." She closes the book and places it next to a similar one in her desk drawer. It's the one that hides away and only opens when you press a small square on the bottom that blends with the wood. Then she places a hand on my shoulder and walks us out of the lilac-smelling room."I suppose we should get ready for dinner, your dad will through a fit if we're not there to greet your aunt when she gets here. Though I wonder what she wanted to talk about that couldn't be said over the phone." Her hand leaves my shoulder when we get to the stairs, I try to follow but something stops me. the stairs keep adding one more. I see her enter the dining room and then there is a scream and the sounds of something slick. I stop trying to move down the stairs, and I stare at the entryway to the dining room. I see blood spill out from the entryway and then my aunt.

    "Hello," A twisted smile spreads on her face blood even dripping from it. "dearest."

    I scream and jolt awake holding myself tighter than I thought I could without drawing blood. I walk to the balcony and lean on the railing, the pain in my middle not even compare to what I was experiencing at that moment. I breathe heavily trying to calm myself down. The cool night air helps with it.

    "Y/N?" Damian appears out of the corner of my vision, a raised eyebrow and a frown quirked on his face.

    "It's nothing, just a bad dream, I'll go back to sleep in a second."

    "Why bother, It's 5 in the morning and you've been sleeping since 7 after the drugs kicked in." He moves closer hand raised, his movement unsure and he puts his hand back down.

    “Why do you care about me so much? You hardly know me…so far I’ve almost gotten you killed twice now-“

    “More than twice, remember, you accidentally learned Raven’s ability to conger a fire and nearly blew up the training course.” I give him a look.

    “More times than one is still one time too many Damian.” I face the landscape again the sun is about to break the summit. “I had a dream about her, about that day. I kind of forgot about what happened before the massacre. We were in her study, and she was telling me about the Dreki.” I trail off and squeeze the railing.

    “They’re the ones you made a deal with, aren’t they?” His voice is cautious almost unsure if he should be saying it.

    “Yeah, I made a deal with High Fay. The only reason they granted me an audience was because of my mother.” The sun starts to bother my eyes so I move back inside the room, Damian follows closing the outer doors. “You should go back to your room and get some good sleep I’ll be fine. You need to change your clothes and take a shower I’ll be fine here; I’ve been able to move by myself for a few days now.”

    “Won’t you need help packing?” He asks, leaning against the wall beside the door. I quirk a brow at him, then sigh when I realize what he was talking about.

    “You were listening in when Professor X called.” I look around the room slowly surveying the area. “Where did you place the bug.” He smirks, and now I want to punch him.

    “That’s for me to know and for you to never find.”

    “God, I don’t know if I should punch you or not,” I say under my breath, I stare at him for a good minute. “Don’t tell me you already packed your stuff.”

    “Of course, I did, as soon as I heard your mentor say something about this being a good idea for making allies.”

    “You have no respect for privacy.”

    “You were attacked Y/N, I had to make sure you weren’t going to get hurt again.”

    “You are horrible,” I move to my closet and pull out everything that I brought with me. To be fair I never really unpacked everything except for my Uniform and the clothes I was wearing that day. “though I suppose we're the same, I never really unpacked. The journals are back in the bag since your brother's visit."

    "Greyson never left, he's been with Star since he came. I'll tell him that we are ready, I assume he took one of the batmobiles, I pray he didn't take the red one." He slowly walks out the door and into the hall.

    "Wait, what? There's a red car? I thought he only worked in black and occasionally very very dark grey. I-I distinctly remember yellow," I snap my fingers and materialize some clothes and crutch to help me walk/hobble out after him."I thought red was Jason's thing. Why are you walking away faster, Damian I still need to say goodbye to everybody! HEY!" I grunt hobbling faster.


    "This car smells like smoke and blood." Nightmare meows from his padded carrier in agreement. I'm sitting in the back of Damian sitting on the right of me. ABBA is playing on in the background, and Damian is not happy though my comment gets a snort from Officer Greyson. "Yep, no amount of cleaning can kill those sents from the leather. I was going to take another one but the main car needs repairs."

    "what-just how unsafe are you? You know you can access kevlar in this dimension right? They also protect you from sharp things and being stabbed." I pause for a minute hand near the door. "Is this the car you use for interrogation? How many souls have been beaten and inch from death in this car?"

    "You kill Crows and you are concerned about blood and smoke." Damian scoffs, tilting his head to face me. "It's sad."

    "You were in a good mood this morning."

    "That was before I was stuck in this contagious monstrosity." Do you mean the monstrosity you said predicted we were getting into? What's got you so cranky?

    "I'm anaspeptic, frasmotic, even conpunctuos to have caused you such pericombobulation." I elicit a *Tsk* from him.

    "Quoting TV shows you forced me to watch won't help the mood Hopperfeild"

    "What did I do to get on the last name basis?"

    "Surprises me that he even called you by your first name, he won't even call me that." He peers at us through the rearview mirror back at us. "He must like yo-" Damian's sword is placed against the side of the Detective's neck.

    "Not another word Greyson, she makes enough jokes as it is. Now turn off this infernal music, and stop listening in." All he does is a nod to respond quickly turning off the radio. He then pulls off his cape attaching it to the ceiling with his Batarangs so that he couldn't peer back.

    "Doesn't he need to use-"

    "There is a camera on the dashboard, and it's on autopilot. He's not even really driving as he is looking out for danger." I look to the cap then back at him. "I wanted some privacy," He's silent for a moment.

    "So you ruin probably a priceless car's interior for it? Even I'm not that brave."

    "Not as bad as when todd shot through the roof of the with a shotgun."

    "I can vouch for that!" Greyson shouts back.

    "Pay attention to the road," Damian says grimly his voice dropping one more octave than I thought possible. He glances down at my abdomen. "How are you doing?"

    I give him a serious look. "Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Socioeconomically? Financially?"


    "After my meds, I'm a little tingly but otherwise dandy as cotton candy. Hey by the way how long is this trip going to be?"

    "Since we aren't hopping trains and running should be back home in about 43 hours minimum. So get comfortable, I expect it to be a long ride especially with Greyson behind the wheel."

    "Great," I pull out my computer opening my downloaded video files.

    "What are you doing?"

    "watching Lord of the rings followed by The Hobbit."

    "You're going to watch something now-where did you get the popcorn?" He points to the bag of unpopped popcorn in my hand.

    "I materialized it from a pocket dimension that I created. And now I will use some contained energy to get it popped and eat it as I please." I put my hand back into the pocket dimension and pull out a box of junior mints. "I have snacks galore in there," I hand him the box which he reluctantly takes. "I only made things myself when you snooped around my home." Still haven't gotten over the ramen incident.

    "We need to talk about your eating habits."

    "Sorry, but this is the part of me you'll never get rid of. Now you can either join me and Nightmare in our movie triathlon or you can sit there and sulk with your movie theater snacks." He sighs loudly, pulling off his gloves and leaning to the screen. He stares at the opening scene. "The flerkin stays in the carrier, and away from my flesh and you got a deal." I hand him some of the popcorn I popped and pass some up to our driver, which he takes with glee. Then I see a bandage that wasn't there earlier on Damian's wrist.

    "He bit you while I was sleeping didn't he."

    "Shut up."


    Two days and two motels later we arrive back at Gotham, the familiar smell of smoke fills my lungs. I wake up to it really, though not immediately I notice we've pulled into a tunnel of some sort. I move off the window and feel Nightmare stretch in my arms a purring sound coming from him. "Woke up, did you?" Damian is reading a book leaning in the window opposite of me. "We are heading to the cave and will be there in about a minute."

    "I thought I would have time to freshen up at my apartment?"

    "Change of plans, apparently Greyson did not inform us that you would be staying in the manor."

    "Why am I not surprised." No sooner had the words left my mouth, I see lights and people. All of them are in uniform, but masks are not worn. We stop in front of them, I reach for the door handle but I am pulled back.

    "Wait for me to open it, I want to check something first." He proceeds to leave and stands by my door. I can't hear what he's saying but I see the group nod slowly. The door opens, Damian offers his hand to me. Taking it and holding Nightmare in one arm I climb out. The door slams behind me, and I am ushered forward to the crowd.

    "I know something was off the moment we met." Says the man who I recognize as helmet head.

    "Was that before or after I smacked the weapon you pointed at me out of your hand."

    "She has you there Jason, but please don't insult the only person who makes the only good cup of coffee here." Tim is sipping what I can only assume is coffee out of a red mug.

    "Before we go any farther, I would like to know how this is going to work." Bruce nods, he walks back to a large set of individual screens and swivels the chair so that he's facing the computer. Not much later pictures of bloody limbs and oozing green corpses. "These were found over the past few months, picking off men and women with nothing in common. You seem to know what we're dealing with better than any of us. We attempted to interrogate one but it ran Robin following it. I'm sure you know about the recording he got from you, it's clear you don't mean to pose a threat. The fact is however you are. With your ability to learn and adapt I can only imagine what that means when you say were a vessel. Making the only reason they are here is that you are-"

    "What's wrong," I interrupt him, he turns rather sharply back to me" they were always here. you haven't noticed them till now. Most of the time they are more sutle they slowly drain people of their life clinging to them like darkness in a cloak. You would usually see them as an oddly shaped shadow. But this is sloppy, not like the usual ones they only manifest when they have enough power or certain times of the year. I understand these things vary between dimensions but there was something that bothered me about it. Usually, unless they are within 15 feet of me they don't manifest. But from what I have witnessed they have held a form inside the human realm no problem. Yes they indeed follow me, but they can't get close with charms I have on, the Crows here have bypassed even the strongest of the charms. I don't even know what's happening now. There hasn't been a blood moon, a solar eclipse, the correct power convergence nothing. Their leader's ships aren't even in orbits near and or around to be close enough to give even a power pulse. That's what I first assumed, but when I checked in with my professor and my calculations something else is going on." I reach into my bag and pull out one of the two glowing books. I flip to the page depicting the Crows and hand it to Batman who takes no time looking over the section.

    "Your not wrong, but I think we've overlooked something." He turns back to his console and zooms in on the picture of the poison-infected people then holding a particular page in the book. The page he flipped to talks about the wounds inflicted by a Crow, along with a picture. "Your mother states the poison doesn't glow, your past encounters until recently do that don't they."

    "No," Damian answers for me. The cave is silent for a moment, then the computer's screens lose the pictures and return to what I assume is the default. "Stephanie can you show her to a room, please."

    "Sure!" The blonde woman takes my bag in one hand and my arm pulling me in the direction of an elevator. A small hiss comes from Nightmare's carrier from being yanked so harshly.

    "Not you Damian." I look back, Batman has a hand on Damian's shoulder holding him back. I don't see his face because doors close. "Hey, I'm Stephanie Brown, I currently hold the role of Batgirl. I understand that you are a mutant, what do you do?"

    Wow, straight to it.

    "I watch and then learn, it doesn't have to be a long demonstration most times."

    "Really? How does it work for languages?"

    "I need to see it written down or I have to hear it."

    "Do you know Arabic?"

    "Yeah, why?" She smiles.

    "You can help us understand what he says about us when he switches languages."

    "But he knows more than one...you are aware of that right?"

    "Yes, but he talks in Arabic more."

    "How much do you piss him off to go there, I've seen him snap at Beast Boy and that's not pretty." She laughs.

    "I know!" This family is crazy. "Now we're here so let's get you settled and then in the morning, I'm making waffles." She takes Nightmare's cage walking out. I follow slowly taking in and memorizing where we came out from. My brows scrunch a little.

    "Did you just quote Shrek?"

    "Yes, but instead of me It's Alfred who's cooking." She swings a door on the right open. Inside I notice some things I recognize. These were things from my apartment, my couch, my supplies. "We were prepared for facts to either be against you or for you. Well then you got off the hook so fast, we planned for it."

    "That honestly doesn't make me feel any better." Stephanie sets Nightmare's cage down, a hiss emits from him. She jumps back towards me. "What did Damian say when he stepped out of the car?"

    "Oh, he made everyone promise not to go in heavy and/or attack you. Don't worry though I don't think any of us would, you seem too nice. Oh and before I go, wake up call is 6:30 that's when breakfast starts." She closes the door leaving me alone in my room. I open Nightmare's cage allowing him to roam around the area, I set my things down by the couch. I carefully pull out the bed, pulling out the sheets and blankets from the small boxed area by the right side of the headboard. I know there's a bed in here, but looking at it makes me remember how much this family has. It's also way too big, and I am a small person I do not want to get lost trying to leave the mattress. Nightmare, however, sits smack in the middle of the bed, curling up slowly and purring himself to sleep. When I look out the window it's night, the skies are dark and cloudy. I pull out my com piece checking the time, 12:56. "Well, it looks like I won't be able to sleep for a few more hours. I still have to understand what's happening, after all, she came and left so quickly. I didn't even have time for more questions." I sigh flopping down on the bed. "Son of a sinckerdoodle...I don't even know what's going on anymore." I wrench my eyes shut everything feels too easy. Too welcoming, but I didn't feel any malice Nightmare didn't even warn me about anything. Then again, I might just feel guilty that I'm staying in a room much too fancy for my taste.

    *Knock Knock*

    I jump at the noise, shooting up I search for the source of the sound. My eyes fall on the window.

    "Damian! You live here use the door! You have doors in this place you dingus!" I open the balcony doors for him, he then proceeds to storm inside. He pauses when he sees the pull-out bed.

    "You are aware you can curse is that correct."

    "If God does exists I don't want him sending me to the plains of eternal damnation in the fiery pits of Satan's domain."

    "Amazing you haven't made a horrible joke yet." He lays back on my bed arms behind his head.

    "Did you want one? Because I have plenty of Blackadder insults and references on the tip of my tongue." I walk over to where his situated with a chair. "Did you want to talk about it?"

    "No, let's just say I had some choice words and was banned from patrol for a week."

    "That still doesn't explain why you are in my bed." I poke his leg with my foot. " And don't you dare say it's because you want to play nursemaid still. Seriously. I'm fine worse had been done." My fingers trace where my bandages are, it feels raw but bearable.

    "I don't feel like going back to my room."

    "You can't sleep in mine bucko, sleep with the cat." As if hearing me talk about him, he meows sleep drunk from his spot on the bed.

    "Why don't you take the bed?"

    "Damian, why would I take that when I can sleep on something I already know is comfortable."

    "The sheets are Egyptian cotton."

    "And these sheets are silky and only priced at 10 dollars on the discount sale at our local Target." I point to the bed. "You either go there," Then I point to the floor. "Or down here I'll throw down some pillows and a blanket."

    "I am not moving from the couch."

    We are silent for a moment.

    "This is very unlike you, are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" He pulls himself upright looking me in the eye. He motions for me to sit next to him.

    "They were ready to kill you if they deemed it necessary. They figured if you were the cause of them being here, then you dying would be the best situation."

    "It wouldn't be the first time, someone of any of the places I've been had thought that." I sigh and sit down next to him. "Heck even I thought about it at one point, but I'm not a fan of killing myself. But that was before leaving my home, and the fey courts. Suppose I should be lucky that this earth was the farthest I could go. Jal-sein couldn't get here before the deadline occurs. That my family is safe despite everything. When I get home now, all I have to worry about are Mutant Hunters and Sentinals with laser eyes and scary voices." I shift my voice to sound like one I had seen when I was younger. Damian jumps a little at the sudden change in my voice.

    "After your birthday and three days, you go back to a place that hunts you."

    "What else would I do?"

    "Stay here, bring you brother, and live on this earth."It hits me.

    "They want to send me back, don't they?"


    "And you convinced them to let me stay?"

    "Don't sound too happy about it, It took a lot of pushing and pulling stings I had hoped to use later. You owe me for this, if it weren't for me they would have either killed you or sent you back to destroy your own planet." I smile and give his hand a squeeze, the get-up and march over to the larger bed.

    "Fine, you can keep the bed. Nightmare move over, I'll sleep on the oversized mattress."


    "The left side, you know I sleep on the left side." I look back at Damian and catch a small grin on his lips. "Good Night window breaker, please refrain from bleeding out on my couch again." One of the pillows makes contact from my face, but I laugh anyway.

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  • ff2941
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    A Girl on a Toilet on a Rocket with Alien organism and a Man.

    art by Dimitar Ivanov



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  • rhubarbes
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ted Zhang 

    More on RHB_RBS

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  • huntertagcp
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Coming from the dark, mostly desert and volcanic world of Hyo'ova, the Mexa are one of few species to know their homeworld. This race of mammals are known for their more animalistic behavior and tribal ways, as well as their impeccable ability to quickly build starships and starports. Their mass-production capabilities have never been beaten, only equaled. The mexa live in Tribes across their entire planet and are governed by a single body and are somewhat xenophobic, not making themselves known across the galaxy. They can have many different fur patterns that are typically gray markings, usually in triangle shapes, on their face and shoulders, but can also have gray bands and stripes along their head, neck, and stomach. Their fur is very thick and covers their whole bodies, which acts as an insulation on their world, protecting them from the sun and heat, but are not too suited for cold temperatures, which is what their large fluffy tails are for. Because of this, clothes can be very uncomfortable for themand tend not to wear any. But due to its thickness, they are completely concealed, thus a clothless mexa is not considered indecent. The mexa also dont wear any kind of shoes unless in EVA. The mexa are very strong and tall. They are considered to be structured closer to feral animal species more than any other race. They do not fight as many other species do, instead, they will weaken long range offensive capabilities of an opposing force, then dash in with energy shield and begin slashing with their claws and biting with their large teeth in close-quarters. However, many ground forces wear armor to strong for them, so instead they used a special weapon they developed called a "Blast-Sword" typically a laser weapon of a large pistol size with energy blade emitters. There are however larger caliber weapons with the emitters. The Mexi language, Mixia, is mostly made of vowel sounds. Consenents show more importance in their language. A common word would be almost always completely vowels, while something specific and of significance would be balanced. The Mexa are the only species to have placed a super structure around their systems star.

    During the Century War, the Mexa were annexed into the Berretans empire to build their warships. The Mexa found themselves a loyal ally to the Berretans and were rewarded for their service. The Mexa built the great Gemini class dreadnoughts and the 5 Moonbases. Further into the war, the Yuratian Empire caught onto where the Berretans were getting their ships and moved in to directly assault their homeworld, Hyo'ova, burning most of its surface. The Berretans were quick to rescue as many Mexa as they could, placing them in cryo to be woken later. Those who survived the assault outside of berretans help, returned when the war was over, along with the rest who were woken when the berretans were sure to lose. With no superpower controlling them, the Mexa reconnected with another xenophobic race called the Ahm'n, who have done well to keep themselves hidden by appearing to be too primative, despite being the most technologically advanced in the galaxy. The Mexa supplied them with warships to place into their hidden arsnel and the Ahm'n gave the Mexa new technologies to aid them in their reconstruction. When the Pereta began their spread, they came to the Mexa, who quickly joined them with the promise of the new Berretans. They cut their official ties with the Ahm'n and continued doing what they did best, building warships. The Mexa tend not to speak to those they don't know, or even remotely don't like, which leads many to feel uneasy around them, or believe they can't talk in the first place.

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    Lyran Kush in Delta 5 district is a gamble as no kush is pure breed due to over hybridization over the thousands of years of puffdaddy science

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