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  • sister signs are opposite one another on the zodiac wheel. 
    the wheel is made up of all twelve signs.
    each cycle of the wheel represents a year, starting with Spring in Aries

    💡💡cardinal sister signs💡💡

    cardinal signs START seasons

    fire and air sisters
    aries wants to pour energy into a new project or venture
    libra would rather refine something already on track, and take the chance to strategize
    they’re both taking plenty of selfies, and letting themselves be known

    water and earth sisters
    💧 🌳
    cancer wants to nestle into a cocoon until it’s done
    capricorn would rather keep their day as normal as possible
    they’re both able to visualize the future and plan accordingly

    🧱🧱fixed sister signs 🧱🧱

    fixed signs STABILIZE seasons

    earth and water sisters
    taurus wants to preserve what they have
    scorpio would rather transform it
    they’re both comfortable living off the land, and they thrive under pressure

    fire and air sisters
    leo wants to develop and share their art 
    aquarius would rather research and analyze media trends
    they’re both considering how their friends and communities are holding up

    ⏳⏳mutable sister signs ⏳⏳

    mutable signs CHANGE seasons

    air and fire sisters
    gemini wants to dig into details, data, and news
    sagittarius would rather think about human nature
    they’re both equipped to handle any potential scenario

    earth and water sisters
    virgo wants to cross items off their level 3 to do list
    pisces would rather reminisce
    they’re both sensitive to needs of the vulnerable and unseen

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  • My safe place is the

    Ocean 🌊

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  • image

    Moon in Aries

    Moon in Taurus (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Gemini  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Cancer  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Leo  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Virgo  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Libra  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Scorpio  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Sagittarius  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Capricorn  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Aquarius  (Coming Soon)

    Moon in Pisces  (Coming Soon)

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    The sun is considered the most powerful planet in a birth chart chart, that’s why its also known as ‘star sign’. Although the sun sign can influence personality traits, the placement of the sun can also influence how one expresses their self.

    Sun in the first house 

    Sun in the first house people are likely to fully express their thoughts and feelings. In fact, they may even come across as direct or in some cases ignorant. You see, the first house is all about yourself, appearances and how you come across to other people. When the sun is placed in the first, it helps illuminate 1st house qualities, we may recognize the person to be bright, attractive and full of charisma.  They will no doubt stand out in a room full of people or may even hold enough power to influence a room full of people, natural leaders.

    Sun in the 1st: Brad Pitt

     Sun in the second house

    Sun in the second house may find they have talents which they could potentially can make profits from. The second house is all about the material side of life, so when the sun is placed here, it can make one focus on money and possessions. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can make one very focused in life and they may find that they land on their feet. These people seem to have a chilled vibe about them and are certainly hungry for life’s pleasures.

    Sun in the 2nd: Cristiano Ranoldo

    Sun in the third house

    Sun in the third can make one have a creative imagination and a way with words. They may even come across as jokers. Since the third house is all about communication, 3rd house suns can use this to their own advantage. They may have a talent for singing or writing. Sometimes these people may come across differently depending on their surroundings, but they do hold valuable knowledge. They are just curious and are full of questions.

    Sun in the 3rd Drake

     Sun in the 4th house,

    The 4th house is a water house which means a mystic house! These people can be highly intuitive and absorb people’s energies. They prefer being in peaceful and quiet environments.  They are usually what you call introverts. These people are heavily influenced by the first half of their lives and if they experience trauma earlier on, they can spend many years trying to heal childhood wounds. However, once they find trust in themselves, they develop their gift of helping others so their emphatic aura can shine even brighter.

    sun in the 4th house: Russel Brand

    Sun in 5th house 

    Sun in the 5th people loves living life in the fast lane. They are always up for fun and can be risk takers. This sometimes gets them in trouble. But they are usually admired for their approach to life and may have a lot of what you call acquaintances. They are always looking for their next thrill. Sun in the 5th house suns are usually blessed with some sort of creative gift.

    5th house sun-  Amy Winehouse

    Sun in 6th house 

    Sun in the 6th can make people be very practical. Being practical means, they can take more control in day to day life tasks. Usually, creating routines, staying on top of things and being committed to work. They may have a talent of being able to cook and prepare tasty meals. Some may also be very committed to improving their health and decide to explore alternative medicine. 6th house suns really care how they present their selves, they may become obsessed with creating the perfect imagine.

    6th house sun: Muhammed Ali

    Sun in the 7th  house

    Sun in the 7th house people tend to come across as quite placid. They have a good sense of judgment and will stand for what is right. Who they choose for a life partner will influence who they become. It is important they find themselves and what they stand for before settling down. 7th house suns should spend time with like-minded people as this way they have ability to find out more about themselves.

    7th house sun: Princess Diana

    Sun in the 8th  house

    Sun in the 8th house people can be difficult to get to know as they are always changing and evolving. They also require relationships with depth and meaning. The 8th house is all about death, occult and sex. Which 8th house sun’s love to explore. They are the ones that sit back and observe and read people which can be both a blessing and a curse. 8th house suns soul’s purpose is to find out the hidden mysteries in life and dive into spiritual topics what can give them the answers they need.  

    Sun 8th: Lana Del Rey

    Sun in the 9th house

    Sun in in the 9th people are like a sponge for soaking in knowledge. They have natural skills for research and they often begin as the seeker of knowledge and become the teacher full of wisdom. These people have an adventurous outlook on life, and they may travel to many different places. Routine can sometimes be an issue as they have desire for freedom.

    9th house sun: Martin Luther king

    Sun in the 10th house

    Sun in the 10th people love to be in the spotlight, they are usually an authoritative figure and have a strong work ethic, which makes them very committed to work and of course they like to think they have a high status Although they may come across as serious, don’t be fooled. They love to mimic other people and can catch people’s attention easily, they tend to be great entertainers and hold a talent of making people laugh.  They are usually popular and well liked. 

    Sun in the 10th: Tom hanks

    Sun in the 11th house

    There is something unique about these people. Maybe it’s the sense of style or how they chose to live their life may be different to the norm. However, the uniqueness is what gets them recognized in life. 11th house suns may be popular within society and although they have a lot of contacts, they are selective with friends. They may find that they have some sort of talent that lands them in the spot light.

    sun in the 11th: Marilyn Monroe

    Sun in the 12th house 

    Sun in the 12th, when a person’s sun falls into their 12th house they may feel misunderstood by the world. Like other water house sun’s, it is difficult to peel back the layers, and got know them truly. This is because they value privacy and need alone time to re-charge especially after being around difficult people, who they tend to attract a lot. Although this can be challenging from time to time, the beauty of 12th house suns is that, they have the gift of healing and understanding.  They will learn how to make raise their consciousness at some point life because its part of their souls’ journey. 

    Sun in the 12th:Mahatma Handhi

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  • (f) Hufflepuff / Leo Sun / Leo Mercury / Sagittarius Moon / Virgo Venus / Virgo Rising / Scorpio Mars x [close friends with] x (m) Gryffindoor / Taurus Sun / Taurus Mercury / Pisces Moon / Pisces Venus / Pisces Mars / Leo Rising


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  • A FACT

    The Snake that Talks to Eve in the Bible I guarantee you was either Pisces or Born in the Year of the Rat (Due to Hierarchy) Ox (Due to Culture) Tiger (Due to Status) or Rooster (Due to Ignorance)… and if Dog was there, it’s because of Rooster

    Believe what you see, not what you hear

    #chinese zodiac#buddhist#zodiac#libra#capricorn#taurus #year of the ox #year of the dragon #year of the rabbit #scorpio#gemini#cognition
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  • pluto in the eleventh house: soul urge.

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  • image

    Sagittarius Sun bright, bubbly, and adventurous in every aspect of their life. This sign has an almost constant happy-go-lucky vibe, and why shouldn’t they? No matter what they do it almost always seems the universe is looking out for them oh, they definitely have luck on their side. They like taking risks and going on adventures the mundane and routine of ordinary life can drive this sign up the walls. Sagittarius is thrive in a career where they are allowed to travel and think of new ways to solve problems. On that note Sagittarius are great out-of-the-box thinkers, they use their experience from previous situations to help guide them to a better solution. Sagittarius isn’t one to judge a book by its cover in fact the more I said you seemed the more drawn they might be to you. As carefree and Reckless as they may act they are innately great leaders, they like to goof off and don’t necessarily want to step up to the plate but once shit hits the fan they know exactly what to do and how to calm everyone down.

    Capricorn Moon is grounded and likes a sense of stability, paired with a Sagittarius Sun you might experienced some push and pull within you on whether to jump headfirst into a situation or test the waters first. Capricorn’s definitely like the Finer Things in life, they like knowing that they have something to fall back on if venture doesn’t go quite as planned. With a head for business they can almost make anything into money, but as much as Capricorn likes money they do like lounging around so working isn’t necessarily always there priority but they have a work hard for your money mentality and they will stick through something if they know they’re going to be getting a fat paycheck. Capricorn’s can be incredibly stubborn not as much as a Taurus they can admit when they’re wrong but it will definitely be with a little bit of hatred in their tone. Personally when I think of Capricorn I think of glitter and luxury, like I said before they do enjoy the Finer Things and are not ashamed to show it, what they like is what they like and if that rubs anyone the wrong way well they can suck it. Capricorn is unabashedly themselves they will not hide or change themselves for anyone.

    Libra Rising is an old soul with a new age approach things, they have the knowledge and wisdom always find new and relatable ways to use that knowledge. They’re typically seen of the peacekeepers or the judge & jury. If at all possible they would like to always avoid a fight or confrontation typically finding the most agreeable solution to please everyone. As clear-cut and decisive as they are with others they have a little bit of a harder time with their own problems. The best and worst part about a Libra is that they can see all the outcomes but unfortunately because of this it makes it hard for them to choose a final outcome always wondering if the other one would have probably been better or if they could have done something for more options oh, it’s a whole thing that can go on and on. Hopefully with your Sagittarius sun and Capricorn Moon to vary decisive signs this can soften the insured miss you can feel sometimes. I think of Libra I think of vintage in an old beauty, old Hollywood Lights, London at night, Eiffel Tower. Glam and glits beautiful silk dresses, curled hair, big sun hat and sunglasses driving around an old topless car taking in the warm summer sun.


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  • The Signs as… People?

    (as someone who doesn’t fully understand them)

    Pisces: Daydreamer and creative type, off with the fairies

    Taurus: they’re like really stubborn, right?

    Leo: vain or like confident? Good looking maybe??

    Gemini: two-faced bitch

    Aquarius: water bearer, so they’re like a mermaid or sumthin’

    Cancer: it is time for c r a b

    Scorpio: the c r a b ‘s desert cousin [crab 2: electric boogaloo]

    Libra: no fuckin idea

    Aries: who??

    Capricorn: pardon? You want a Capris*n?

    Saggitarius: this one isn’t even real

    Virgo: haha virgin lol

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  • Scorpio:

    The “Magic Tool”

    I hate to call you a “tool”, but you are…

    Your Mouth Controls Your Eye…

    Libra is backwards, Libra’s Eye Controls Libras Mouth… all conversations are visual and meant to distract in a good way…

    Scorpio… there is no one I respect and love more… especially born in the Year of the Snake… a brilliant specimen of a person…

    You have a “shared Eye” thing going on I want you to be aware of… only Libra can share their eye in this way… a codependent production mechanism that is hidden inside the Zodiac…

    This is the “true key” to salvation… I spend my life exploring the depths of Scorpio in this way…

    You must first learn to control your anger… what helps most is getting rid of some of the people you surround yourself with..

    Scorpio has a nature that adapts very well to this particular culture, but in the long run, they will do more damage to your internal progress…

    Your Drama can be managed by Libra and Libra alone…

    Find a year that is suitable… Snake/Dragon… Monkey/Rooster… Rabbit/Dog/Pig…

    Libra + Scorpio = True Communication

    Start by going sightseeing or something visual

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