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  • Water Sign: Scorpio Sun, Moon, Vensus & Pluto

    Our magic wild nature is the reason we can’t be controlled. We are empathetic and when master our emotions we can use them to benefit ourselves and others. We’re very much THEE therapists ( Scorpios, Cancer & Pisces ) of the zodiac. We are the keepers of many secrets. Our mysterious natures draws everyone in and push those whom do not serve us away. We can see the beauty in everything even in death. We can see that without darkness there can be no light. Conflict is something you don’t won’t with us. You won’t see it coming. Our sexual nature is tied to our emotions. Sacral Chakra is our power source…♏️🌙☀️

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    #me just sitting in the corner waiting for my time to come! #it has finally come! #Scorpio #Scorpios turn up! #I'm going to bed it's lateAF
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  • SCORPIO, who represents the zodiac sign of the Scorpion, is a member of the Solar System Starlliance that rules the cosmic empire’s dwarf planet, Pluto. He is a tall maroon starling at 2.19 metres/7.2 feet (without heels) who can manupilate darkness and shadows as well as having stellar music-playing beats and powers of invisibility.

    —- —-

    Whenever he’s not flashing you a look that sends chills down your spine, Scorpio is certainly a passionate alien with a talent for rock-hard music by jamming on his space guitar! Though he can come off as rather brash with a sting of sarcasm towards others, do not let his stone-cold attitude fool you, underneath that exterior lies a soft centre and a true blue friend who’s ready to stick up to his fellow zodiac starlings with iron force! Deep down, Scorpio’s concern for his peers comes in mysterious ways!

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  • My Experiences With the ✨Signs✨ Pt. 5

    The most Scorpio shit I’ve ever experienced is when my cousin and I were playfully roasting each other (never a good idea), until suddenly her vibe shifts 180 and she goes “that’s why you don’t have any real friends and you’re lonely.”

    Like daaaaaaamn what’d I SAY

    #lamb#scorpio#scorpio season#pluto#8th house#fixed signs#fixed water #the sign series #you guys hit where it HURTS #happy scorpio season
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  • Zodiac Signs As Random things they say:

    1.Aries: They say the best things in life are free, but that’s only true if you steal them.

    2.Taurus:  Each time I tell you those three words I mean them more and more - Leave. Me. Alone.

    3.Gemini:  Stop being rude and start being nude.

    4.Cancer:  Don’t ask me for advice, I’ll accidentally ruin your life.

    5.Leo: Tips on talking to me when I’m pissed off. Number one - Don’t

    6.Virgo:  I’m not smiling at you, I’m smiling at your dog. Don’t look at me.

    7.Libra:  Look at me, I’m the perfect gentleman, so why don’t you stop bitching around and accept these flowers that I stole for you

    8.Scorpio: There’s not enough therapy and liquor in the world to undo that.

    9.Sagittarius:  I love sunglasses, am I looking at that tree? Am I staring at your dick? Who knows?

    10.Capricorn:  I don’t understand why people need to do drugs or party in order to have fun, like have you tried mac n cheese?

    11.Aquarius: I wonder if anyone notices I only wear three pairs of pants.

    12.Pisces:  Need a gang to follow me around all day and clap when I make jokes.

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  • Hey Scorpios, how we feeling this Scorpio Season?

    #astrology#scorpio#scorpio season#astro#zodiac#scorpio sun#mercury retrograde #ho boi i just had a fight with my other two scorps in the gc #like bro we all feel like utter shit #qwq
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  • Happy Scorpio Season! ♏️ 🦂

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  • An Aquarius pulled me into a fun house. She pulled me along the oddly shaped mirrors and laughed at the first sight of her ans me together. We took pictures and I was so fixated on her the whole time. She finally noticed and looked back at me, and she smiled.

    An Aries’s neighborhood was hosting a block party and there were some fun carnival games around. I watched her at how excited she was as she walked around and looking at the games. She stopped and turned around and apologized at how she was acting. I laughed and pushed her gently, and she laughed and went on her merry way.

    A Cancer opened up her car door and took a breathe of relief. We make our to way to the beach and she walked and felt the water on her bare feet. I took a step back and just watched her as she slowly played with the water and how serene and peaceful she looked. She looked up and turned to me and smiled warmly at me. I approached her and smiled. She’s been meaning to come here, and may be she can get her strength back after all the stress she’s been having.

    A Capricorn dragged me to a pumkin patch. I watched her as she rummaged through the patches looking for the perfect pumpkin to carve. I managed to get ahold of a medium sized. She called to me and showed me the biggest one she’s found. We drove back to her place, and I turned to her and she was too busy smiling down at her pumpkin. She was too excited..

    A Gemini brought me out to a local bar, it was an out in the open kind of place and there was some food trucks nearby. She wanted to try and experiment new things and I wanted nothing more than to enjoy her company. We ate, we drank. We laughed and got quiet. The people and voices around us.. but in that moment it felt like we were the onky ones there.

    A Leo placed a huge blanket underneath a tree and settled the basket. She’s been planning this for weeks, and it was the right time for a picnic. She wanted to. She has always loved doing picnics and she would grab her sketchpad and draw, especially dresses. I watched her as I laid there next to her, and how focus she was. She looked at me for a second and smiled, “thank you for this day. I really needed this…”, she said.

    A Libra brought me to my very first music festival. She was so eager and excited to show me around and the live music was blasting from miles and miles. She was so dressed in a colorful outfit, and I watched her dance and dance throughout the night. She was at peace.

    A Pisces and I were hanging out one night, and she wanted to try this new diner place. We areived and sat on a booth and she was just awed by how this place felt some sort of homey for her. She looked at the menu with eagerness and we talked about things. I couldn’t help but staree at her as she rambled on about her day…

    A Sagittarius asked if I wanted to come with her. Granted it was already late at night. She wanted to go and browse at Target. I laughed. She said not to be too mean because anything could be an adventure. And I agreed, so I went with her.

    A Scorpio wanted to beat me up so bad. I knew what I in for as we drove up to an arcade place. She’s been wanting to settle the score after I won against a game of pool with her. She knew how much I sucked at arcades, so why not? For what it’s worth, the fact that she’s having a good time and asking me every time, “are you bad at this?” and then pointing at a game and getting my ass kicked is worth it… as long as she’s happy.

    A Taurus led me on an adventure around the city at night. Dragging me to local places with good food and places that I’ve never heard of.. We walked in silence but the view was too beautiful to look at.. especially her. We got seperated during a red light, and she was already across from me. I watched her as she patiently waited for me on the other side. Smiling at me.

    A Virgo wanted to take the long way instead, and she told me she wanted to walk through the park with me. We passed by people as we walked through the long path and we talked, and laughed at the smallest things. She reached over for my hand and gave it a squeeze. We smiled at each other and made our way to the other side of park’s other entrance.


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  • ISTJ / Pisces Sun / Virgo Moon / Scorpio Rising (female)

    for anon

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  • “This is a mutual respect of dirt.”- Scorpio Out of Context

    #astrology#scorpio #shit scorpios say #scorpio aesthetic#zodiac #stuff actual scorpios say #stuffactualscorpiossay#zodiac aesthetic #Scorpio out of context #astrology aesthetic
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  • It’s officially Scorpio Season. Like or Reblog if you’re born a Scorpio.

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  • Horoscopes, 10.23.20

    Aries: Where does control serve you and where are you holding your hand too tight? This question shines extra bright today as your desire for authority in your life is being highlighted. You know how to hold fast in the face of conflict but know when it’s time to let go. 

    Taurus: Smooth, flat rocks, when piled in the right way can make a wall. Thrown the right way they can make one, two, three skips across the surface of a lake. The substance never changes, only how it is used. And so it is with you today. If you feel boxed in by any belief about yourself or the world, simply throw out the box. Know what you really need. 

    Gemini: Freedom is a useful ideal but what does it really look like? Severing of all ties? Not being beholden to anyone? I recommend you consider what you truly owe to others today and be kind to the parts of you that feel over and under generous. There’s a reason, probably inherited, for why you give too much or are afraid of losing. Balance is not about perfection anyway. 

    Cancer: People may be surprised with how much power you hold beneath your soft exterior. It can be an advantage but it can also keep you from really letting go around others. Reflect on how you know someone is safe. Notice if these parameters need updating. Know that vulnerability belongs on both sides. 

    Leo: These past few years have been about work. Not just the daily tasks and chores that make up a life but the labor involved in healing one’s wounds and lack of wholeness (at least in feeling). Vulnerability is work. Reckoning with past trauma is work. Only engage with tasks that bring something back to you, that change your world both inside and out. 

    Virgo: Despite your vivid diligence and follow-through you’re not meant to commit yourself to a project if your heart’s not in it. Pleasure and productivity should not be cleaved today, if possible, despite being taught that productivity alone determines our value. If there are blocks or descents along the way, feel it all and watch it change regardless. 

    Libra: You have a gift, apparent or latent, for holding the swirling chaos around you and not taking it home with you. People can often confuse your desire to connect with a gullibility or an impressionability and you may find your boundaries tested in that manner today. Stay attached to your solid ground, the floor under your feet, your heart in your chest, your breath in your lungs. Stay unbothered when necessary. 

    Scorpio: Now’s the time for an influence house cleaning. Who or what are the forces influencing your life? How are you being melded by them? Where do you need to maintain your integrity and where do you need to let more people in? What part of you is not being seen by the people around you. It’s okay to keep people, relationships, influences separate from each other but make they all find consistency within you. 

    Sagittarius: These past few years have been a test of your self-valuation. Challenges, obstacles, crises are making you question old ways of moving through the world and asking that you find the solid ground that is your birthright. Don’t belittle this gathering of resources. While mainly a private building, it will affect all other aspects of your life. Keep going. 

    Capricorn: From a young age you were taught to care not through getting into the mud with others but by standing above, and staying effective when others couldn’t. Celebrate your competence but don’t let it become a crutch. I want you to feel into the ways that your effectiveness doesn’t meet your needs and prevents your whole self from shining through. You are lovable when you are a mess, when you are useless. Look to those who encourage vulnerability. 

    Aquarius: Now’s a time to reckon with fear. Pessimism. Cynicism. This world is broken, harmful and that can be difficult when you so vividly imagine better futures. For that future to be realized or built, one must take care of this reality principle that lives in each of us. The structures built outside must be held by your own inner castle. Take the time to let all of you catch up. 

    Pisces: You can spread yourself around, dear Pisces. You can have deep friends, contextual friends, activist friends, artist friends, and create new relationships and boundaries with each one. You are allowed to have specific boundaries for each person. You don’t have to spread yourself to death. Sometimes saying no is the closest thing to love. 

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