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  • best match for the moon signs

    this post is based on a pattern I’ve noticed through personal observations and which makes sense astrology-wise. a lot of astrologers say synastry by elements usually works best when they’re in the same polarity, so fire matches air the best and water matches earth the best. i don’t think that’s particularly true for every placement, esp not for mars/venus, but it does provide a palpable feeling of comfort when it comes to moon signs. however, I’ve noticed that the quadrant in which the sign is placed is even more important. there is a matching orientation towards either the personal, interpersonal or transpersonal in your emotional world and this makes the connection between you even more harmonious and instant.

    of course, there is no such thing as “incompatible” moon signs. we shouldn’t pick a partner by their chart anyway or create some sort of standard for their placements. astrology serves to help us explore and understand better our relationships, not to limit them or take away our responsibility for making them better. there is so much value in all moon connections in synastry:

    • the moon oppositions often indicate a soulmate relationship of sorts,

    • the moon squares often attract each other and experience so much conflict together which helps them learn about their harmful patterns and heal, 

    • the moon conjunction makes you feel immediately understood and safe, 

    and so on. but the matches I’m talking about here indicate an instant connection with someone - without being the same as them, you realize you feel at ease to just be yourself and share deep stuff you don’t usually share. there is a natural flow in the way your emotional needs are being met - it’s not so easy that you can take it for granted and not push for growth in the relationship but it’s also not too strenuous or as if you have to force yourself to do it. and you feel the same way about the other person’s needs.

    let’s move on to the moon sign matches:

    moon in aries - moon in gemini

    the core thing about these placements is that they both need stimulation to feel at peace. yeah sounds a bit counterproductive, but i swear it actually works for them. both moon signs have this weird hunger for experiences, like aries moons need to take action and do a variety of activities to feel fulfilled and comfortable, otherwise they gets restless and angry. and gemini moons need to use their brains and take out their thoughts from their heads, share them with somebody, or they get nervous and full of tension. so these two moons instantly connect on the ground of needing to get the tension out by doing something, often something new. gemini is drawn to aries taking the leadership and starting shit because this provides them with food for many new thoughts and emotions, and for an outlet for the negative feelings. aries is drawn to gemini being able to match their tempo - aries folks often appear to be super independent and ready to take on the world by themselves but secretly they’re deeply afraid of loneliness and love when someone follows them around in their initiatives and finds joy in them as well. the point of growth is for aries to become a better listener and more attentive, and for gemini to get more involved with action rather than to just theorize and think about shit.

    moon in taurus - moon in cancer

    i find it very interesting that the moon in domicile/exaltation is placed in the first quadrant of the zodiac which is connected to the “personal”. i believe that to really feel your emotions and to satisfy your emotional needs, to be in touch with them, there is a certain amount of selfishness that has to be put to use. we always think about the moon archetype as if it’s something connected to the others, to our relationships with them, and so on, and partly it is, but also…there is no connection with “the others” if there is no connection with “the self”. you can’t be in a healthy relationship with someone and satisfy their needs in a healthy way if you don’t acknowledge and satisfy your own first - or allow them to be satisfied. this is why the moon as an archetype feels good in signs from the first quadrant of the zodiac. 

    moon in cancer and moon in taurus both understand the importance of self-care. those signs immediately feel at home with each other and like their needs won’t be disregarded. taurus are usually slow to warm up to others and let them in because they’re not sure if they’re “safe” and cancer are quick to gain their trust with their nurturing nature that still appears to keep its boundaries intact and isn’t as “open” as, say, pisces. taurus moon can get a bit scared of the way pisces express themselves emotionally because it feels too shifting, too boundless, and they need a security routine to be put first. cancer, on the other hand, relishes in the more grounded approach of taurus and how they’re а lot more stable in their moods. cancer moon struggles a lot with having ups and downs that seem to have no logical explanation and the feeling of having the solid foundation that taurus moon provides puts them at great ease. the point of growth for taurus is to let themselves become more fluid and allow emotional changes to flow freely, and for cancer to manage their more intense fluctuations and become more grounded in the physical reality.

    moon in leo - moon in libra

    they’re both oriented toward creating an environment in which they can be admired and appreciated. those signs may feel a sense of competition at first - they both need to be seen and cherished and there may be a feeling one is stealing the spotlight from the other. but they’re quickly drawn to each other - leo enjoys how put together and kind and appreciative is the libra, and libra enjoys how leo always tries to keep things upbeat and entertaining, and shines like a diamond. both moon signs enjoy having their social status higher up, establishing mutually beneficial relationships and being the heart of a network. so they quickly align their values and feel comfortable sharing them with the other. the point of growth for leo is to learn to be less dramatic and explosive and to consider the other person’s feelings more, and for libra it’s to stop rationalizing everything so much and express themselves more genuinely on the spur of the moment instead of trying to solve everything on their own and compromise with how they really feel.

    moon in virgo - moon in scorpio

    these moons are brought together by their depth and their observant nature. they both like to stay a bit on the side and take in things before they get involved. there is a bit of a judgemental quality to both of them as well - a very common way for them to bond is by sharing thoughts, often critical, about people or situations they stalked observed. virgos can finally stop pretending they’re not just as much of an emotional mess as their sister sign pisces and allow themselves to chill with the whole “keeping it together” act. scorpio actually helps them become more at ease with their ups and downs, while virgo helps scorpio tune it down a notch. learning lessons about control is very hard and the ego is frequently getting in the way, but those are similar enough in their emotional needs and comforts to learn those lessons together and from each other - virgo finds out allowing yourself to fall apart doesn’t mean you’re going to die and depend on someone, and scorpio understands that taking things one step at a time and being more level-headed doesn’t mean you can’t have intensity and rawness in your life. the point of growth for virgo moon is to stop being so cold and for scorpio moon it is to stop being so hot-and-cold.

    moon in sagittarius - moon in aquarius

    both signs are a little detached when it comes to dealing with emotions, and always looking for new ways of expanding their horizons. that’s why it’s easy for them to bond soon after they meet. sagittarius can come off as a bit too hotheaded and instinctive at first, but then aqua moons realize sags are not that impulsive. and sag moons actually enjoy it when someone appears more reserved and capable of dealing with others’ emotions from a little more detached perspective, not allowing things to get messy. those two really enjoy discovering things together and match each other’s need for learning and creating systems. sag moons are capable of seeing the bigger picture and aquarius moons realize perfectly how every single thing is connected to another in a system, so they’re both amazing at figuring out shit together and complement each other’s abilities. sagittarius moon doesn’t allow aquarius to run too cold and dissociate, and aqua moon helps sag become more systematic and focused in whatever they’re doing. they should be careful to not get too detached tho and not run away from everyday activities and intimacy into higher concepts. the point of growth for sagittarius is to become more planning and less messy, and for aquarius it is to allow themselves to be a bit more open and trust their instincts more rather than using the mind to escape from their vulnerability and more “primitive” side.

    moon in capricorn - moon in pisces

    here’s a fun fact: as a cap moon I’m often weird about physical touch, esp when i don’t know someone so well, and by weird I just mean i can’t quite feel any other emotion from it but irritation. like someone is hugging me for goodbye and I’m like…am i supposed to feel like we’re bonding…or someone tries to soothe me by petting my hair and I’m cringing so hard and wondering how to tell them to stop without offending them. anyway so I’ve noticed recently it’s not like this at all with one of my friends and i was shocked to find out we can just cuddle and be affectionate and i actually feel tenderness lmao. then i looked back at my life and realized this has happened to me with several other ppl - an instant letting down of my walls and quick desire for physical affection. not sex. just affection. and all of them (which is like five ppl or more) have pisces moon! i talked to some cap moons and found they feel the same way about pisces moons. i think capricorns often suspect others for having ill intentions and fail to trust them, but pisces moon wear their hearts on their sleeves in a very subtle way - not through in-your-face grand displays of emotion - so it’s just very easy to trust them. and they awaken cap moons’ paternal instincts cuz they appear super vulnerable and as if they just want to be held gently for the sake of closeness and genuine human connection. so yeah, pisces moons really take down capricorn’s walls and get them to relax emotionally which is all they really want, and capricorns take care of pisces and provide them with a feeling of stability and grounding. the point of growth for pisces is to get less scattered emotionally and more present in the now, and for capricorns it is to stop being so harsh and soften up in general.

    I’ve made a similar post about the best match for the venus signs that you can check out here.

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    ( for anon )

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  • Short natal chart analysis

    (It’s a celebrity, can you can guess who it is?)

    Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon and a Taurus Rising: The person strives to actualize individual freedom and truth while having an intense instinctual charge of protectiveness and possessiveness. These qualities would be filtered through the persona of stability and groundedness, a down to earth way of reacting to the environment.

    In this chart four planets are packed around the Descendant (the 7th house cusp). Here we find the Sun in the 7th house in Sagittarius, Mercury, Moon and Pluto in the 6th in Scorpio. Planets connected with the Descendant are generally associated with what one meets outside of oneself. Qualities that are disembodied by the individual and sought in relationships with other people. The Sun in the 7th indicates a search for identity through other people. It could be that the person feels compelled to actualize themselves through partnerships, whether they’d be business related or personal in nature. This is someone who’s identity is made by the deals and compromises that is agreed on in the context of a cooperation. The 7th house is ruled by Scorpio which would point to an intense emotional engagement in the sphere of contracts and interpersonal agreements, especially since the Moon is here and conjunct the Sun. The person was born under a new moon, also referred to as a dark moon, since the moon isn’t lit by the Sun from our limited perspective from earth. From what I gather this can give Arien qualities to the personality. There’s a power and an alignment of the identity and the instinct which makes the emotions inseparable from one’s self-expression. To add further to the intensity of this individual Pluto is part of the conjunction. There’s an immense strength in terms of transformation and reinvention with this placement, it’s likely that the person is destructive and impulsive in actions and decisions but is able to forge a sense of self through the intensity of living. Drugs or other addictive substances could be part of the equation with the heavy influence of Scorpio. The relationships and partnerships this person commits to are emotionally consuming and life-changing. There’s deep hurt involved but intense passion as well.

    Let’s look at the chart ruler Venus. She sits in Capricorn in the 8th house conjunct Uranus and Neptune (in the 9th). When Venus is close to Uranus it picks up an original and unconventional taste in art, clothes and everything that could be associated with beauty. It also picks up on the hopes and wishes of the collective and denotes a strong personal investment in the freedom of the individual and humanity. Love and taste is expressed differently in everyone, which this person probably knows deeply. With Neptune influencing Venus the desire to reflect and connect with the soul of the masses is expressed through one’s personal acceptance and appreciation of all sorts of people. This person is likely to have great sympathy and understanding for people from all walks of life. Rather than being someone who singles out a specific person to love ”more than life itself”, this person senses the divine spark in the whole spectrum of life, in nature, animals and human beings alike. This is to some degree emphasized by the 8th house placement, as this house relates to shared resources and the giving up of separateness.

    Let’s take a look at the ruler of the Sun, Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 5th house of creative self-expression. This is someone who wants to be on big display and make a big deal out of his or her talents. What one does has to be impactful and grand-scale with the planet of expansion here. Since Jupiter is in Libra, the nature of the creative expression could be designed to display one’s refined artistic skills – it could also involve other people and their cooperation. Jupiter squares Venus and Uranus which would tie the need for self-expression with one’s values and ideals in a way that doesn’t flow smoothly. Perhaps the person is too loud and unsophisticated with their energy, too much of a provocateur. Maybe the person dresses up in odd fashions or sticks out in a way that is hard to digest for the average person. It could be that femininity in the venusian self-gratified expression is skewed, exaggerated and deviant from the norm. There’s a lean toward indulgence with the Venus-Jupiter contact, an abundance mentality that backfires and leaves the person in dissatisfaction. Coupled with Uranus, the individual finds that the detached tendency toward the creative process is making the experience weaker and less personal. The person feels a tension between being a symbol dictated by higher ideals and a genuine, raw artistic expression of themselves.

    Jupiter also trines Saturn and Midheaven (cusp of the 10th house). The grand-visionary and self-expressive aspects of the personality are tied to the person’s career and purpose. It’s also tied to a sense of responsibility and pressure to achieve something in the world. Luckily for this person the need to expand is in perfect accordance with what  constitutes social status and societal contribution. Saturn is in Aquarius, indicating a higher purpose that is centered around developing and changing mindsets and perspectives in society through coming to terms with the interconnectedness of life. The person might feel resentment toward certain restrictive ideas floating around in society and the restrictions imposed on people by dysfunctional systems. The call for individual freedom from societal labelling, and discrimination is perhaps a pressing matter in the person’s life and something that requires concentrated effort. The restrictions one experiences on behalf of the collective are tackled on a public arena with this placement, societal and humanitarian issues are up for question. This is something that will take some time for the person to figure out and understand, but the goal is to achieve something that not only benefits the individual but larger groups and communities as well.

    Last but not least we have Mars in Cancer in the 3rd house of the lower mind(the left brain that enables discriminatory functions). Cancer is quite a weak expression for Mars, but it doesn’t lack direction. The person is not protruding and aggressive in asserting  individual wants, but is taking round about ways, unwilling to cause unnecessary conflict. In many ways, it might be more effective than an Aries Mars, which can be too direct and inconsiderate of the emotional impact it might have on others. As the 3rd house relates to the mind, this person likely asserts their will through distinguishing conceptual borders. ”I don’t agree with this but I agree with that” is expressed through the means of verbal communication and connecting the dots of why it is that way. A Cancer ruled 3rd house would reflect care for one’s siblings and relatives, a strong need to protect and be emotionally connected to one’s close family or neighborhood. Mars would indicate a will-full personality within this context, someone who is a strong character in the family unit, a driving force, an initiator. Mars trines the four planet conjunction on the Descendant, giving the Sun, Mercury, Moon and Pluto a channel through the assertive qualities of the personality. The person would probably be quite frank about their stance on certain matters, always looking to further his or her self in cooperation with others. Mars also sextiles the Ascendant, which adds potency to the persona.

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  • okay but like is it a cap moon thing to be so in love with scorpio moons?¿¿ IM JUST ASKING

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  • Libra sun (10th) - You shine by being a role model for grace, class, manners, good taste, and artistic standards.

    Sun Conjunct MC - individuals are driven to have as many achievements as possible, from a very young age. They’re hard workers and strong characters who can overcome any obstacle, no matter how difficult.

    Scorpio moon (12th) - you have a person that is very quiet and who hides their emotions

    Scorpio mercury (11th) - the person never likes to work under anyone, he does his own business.

    Virgo venus (9th) - Joy and happiness may be found reading books on religion, or travel, any book involving the meaning of life and seeing the larger good, searching for the truth, and education to the person may be pure indulgence and luxury.

    Libra mars | Mars Conjunct MC - If anyone questions Mars Conjunct MC folks’ intentions, it feels akin to a personal attack. Awareness of this tendency will help you separate yourself from your actions. Just remember: If you entertain clowns, you’ll invite a circus. Not everyone is worth popping off on.

    Scorpio rising - exude an enigmatic magnetism that members of the opposite sex find hard to resist.

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  • “It’s only a problem being so gaudy whenever you’re not a goddess” 

    Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising 

    Requested by @ninjanervana

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  • spring-breeze feelings made place
    for a storm-cloud emotional collapse;
    i cry for the water to rain on me
    like a desert that has seen
    enough of it -
    spillover oasis
    holding stories of ‘drown me’
    but when the liquid fills my lungs
    i will breathe.

    6 am ravens tell tales
    of living and dying,
    dying and coming back
    phoenix-like eye openings;
    i tell the medic i don’t need my shot,
    not today.

    weirder poetry,
    like the cliffsides miss the sea
    when the tides soften
    and they see it leave -
    i missed this.

    #scorpio season really does make me feel a certain way... #i cannot fully describe it #i also noticed it's 'easier' to feel negative things #but i don't care #my writing#poem#poetry #poets on tumblr #spilled poetry#spilled ink#spilled words#spilled feelings#spilled writing#poetry corner#scorpio season#scorpio moon
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  • so i know i’m praising the hell out of scorpio season because 1. it makes me feel dark and powerful (edgy, i know i know…) and 2. i am hopeful it will be an emotional deep dive and super transformative again, though mayhaps not hit as hard as last year because i’m far more comfortable with myself and my “darker” parts if that makes sense. one thing though that i just noticed is that i practiced quite a lot of detachment from my emotions lately (in a healthy way) and became quite calm and made this progress and now - i mean, it’s not all gone or anything but it’s definitely harder. feelings seem far more direct and as they are more intense, they are also far more in-my-face lmao. i am just now noticing the change i made in regards to that but i guess the challenge is to just accept it and use it for growth.

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