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  • countlessrealities
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    general roleplay style & preferences

    Rules: Repost, don’t reblog. Bold what applies. Italicize what only applies sometimes. Elaborate on any points you’d like with a *.

    types of roleplay / how i do threads

    i don’t || i just do whatever is on my dash when i’m online || mainly asks || i do little short things mostly || i do my threads on discord || long running threads that slowly build upon the muses

    plotting preferences

    wing it || get a general idea ooc and then run with it & plot further if need be || long expansive thought out story arcs

    types of threads i do / prefer

    one-liners only || whatever dash shenanigans i’m online for || para or mulit para || literal novels

    reply speed for threads & consistency & keeping threads

    i lose threads all the time & don’t usually get back to them || i tend to lose threads but please tell me if i have and i’ll reply || i drop threads pretty easily || i’m really slow but i will get back to you || i reply on a schedule/queue || i usually reply within a week || i usually reply within a month || i reply every day || i reply almost instantly
    * My reply speed is usually between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on how busy I am, how many drafts I’ve accumulated and on inspiration / mood / available energies. Longer replies usually take longer and I tend to follow inspiration more than a chronological order when choosing what drafts I reply to.

    romantic or sexual ships

    i don’t do these ships || i’m not against them happening but it is not the main point of my blog || ships will have to be super slow burn & discussed a lot ooc, super chemistry based || i love doing ships, hmu i probably already ship it just ask || i ship really quickly || i autoship or ship within a few interactions || i love shipping but only if there’s good chemistry || i’m single-ship || i have one main ship and others are less likely || depends on the interaction


    i do not do smut at all || i’m very selective about it || i only do it on discord || i only do it on a sideblog || i mainly only do asks relating to nsfw headcanons on sundays || i write it a medium amount || i write it all the time and love to || i am comfortable with foreplay and fade-to-blacks but nothing further
    * It honestly depends on the ship, the interaction, the person I’m writing with, my current mood

    active hours

    mornings 8-10 | midday 11-1 | afternoon 2-5 | evenings 6-8 | night 9-12 | ungodly hours of the day 1-onwards

    activity schedule

    super slow and sporadic, like once a month or so || slow and sporadic week long gaps between activity || bi-weeklyish activity || weekly activity || daily activity || i’m online nearly all the time
    * Very dependent on how busy I am in real life. My level of activity fluctuates A LOT


    i don’t do starter calls (* not on this blog) || i want to do starter calls but often don’t have time || i do selective calls || i don’t do calls, but always feel free to ask me for one! || i do starter calls rarely / regularly / often || i prefer plotting calls


    i don’t do aus || my blog is an au but outside of that i don’t do them || i sometimes do them but only with a lot of plotting || i have a couple of aus already feel free to request them || i have aus coming out of my ears please interact with them || i love making aus hmu to plot if you think of one || there are some aus i won’t do


    i don’t do crossovers || i’m selective with crossovers || i love crossovers
    #[ ooc :: mun scotty on comm ] #blog info
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  • siakam
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    [Why is he your favourite player?] Just the amount of hard work and effort he puts in every single day. He comes in to the gym extra early, and then when you see him on the court, he’s just, like—he’s just really good. He’s able to get to his spots, score, and he also is a great defender.
    #scottie barnes#pascal siakam#toronto raptors#* #but i was told pascal was in the process of giving scottie depression by not passing him the ball??? curious! #no but seriously. i'm so tired of the siakam discourse. can the fanbase just shut the fuck up #if scottie barnes says that's his favourite player then that's all of ours favourite player. now shut the fuck up #that aside: this is so cute...like 'i was in the stands. i saw him. i just wanted to touch his hand' like ???? the pining????? ugh!!!!!
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  • thelittlestspider
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    scotty like tfw you're a divorcee at age 25 and you come up with a plan to get your man back by seducing him at a cabin but the whole fuckin gang tags along. 😤

    #that ashscotty fic tag #ash: *invites everyone so he won't be alone with his ex* genius. #scotty: *mentally biting through drywall*
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  • thelittlestspider
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i caved and started an evil dead fic. it's ash/scotty bc why have one chaotic himbo when you can have 2.

    #kimi writes #let the shitposts begin #it's a scott lives au where aod never happens #ash and scotty are best friends/roommates #who date off and on
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  • rosesvioletshardy
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    the new york islanders finally break their 10 game losing streak

    NYI @ OTT 12.07.2021

    #i’ve never been more happy #scotty and ilya get their own gif #if only marty and zeeker were there :( #there’s too many of them so i’m not gonna tag them individually #goalies my beloved #new york islanders #*mine#*gifs#isles lb
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  • lxver-bxy
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I also shitposted about them a little so here, you can have em. No one else wanted it 😤

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  • thesconesyard
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    To Get Back to Your Side

    Pt. 20

    McCoy and Sulu were standing in the shadows with the last of the crew. The air was filled with the sound of Jim and the motorcycle. He’d lost sight of Jaylah, but she had her own beacon. Maybe she was already back on the Franklin.

    He and the others looked up as another sound filled the air. Krall’s ships were taking off. McCoy frowned. That would be another problem. They needed to finish this mission first.

    Finally a flash of red caught his eye as Uhura and Spock came into view.

    “Alright come on,” he said gesturing to the others to move into the open.

    “You’re a sight for sore eyes,” he said as he wrapped Uhura with one arm in a hug.

    “Glad to see you too,” she responded with a tight smile.

    He pulled his arm back as the sound of phaser shots neared. Spock began to shoot and McCoy joined him. They had to protect the crew. The motorcycle sound became louder and suddenly Jim was circling them, spraying one of Jaylah’s gas/solid mixes out the back. A protective wall now surrounded them.

    The rough tingle from the transport began.

    “We’re ready for you next Captain,” Scotty called into the comm, as McCoy and Spock and the others appeared.

    “Do you have everyone?” Jim asked.

    “Everyone except you and Jaylah,” Scotty replied as McCoy came up next to him. There was no answer.

    “Captain?” Scotty called again. He looked at McCoy. The doctor’s face was worried. Had Jim lost his beacon?

    The moments were tense.

    “There it is!” Chekov yelled.

    “Energize!” Scotty said.

    They held their breaths until finally the captain and Jaylah appeared in midair and landed heavily on the transporter.

    Sulu, Uhura and Chekov ran to help.

    “Sir! This thing he has,” Uhura started as Jim got to his feet.

    “Yorktown,” Sulu said. “He’s going to destroy Yorktown.

    “You take my house James T,” said Jaylah from where Chekov had helped her up. “Take my house and make it fly.”

    “Scotty,” Jim said as he walked. “Can you get this ship started?”

    “Started sir? Yes. Flying? That’s a different matter. These old ships were built in space. They were never meant to take off from atmosphere,” the chief engineer said. Scotty began to walk with Jim. McCoy followed with the others. They were headed to the bridge.

    “Now you tell me this?” Jim asked, reaching the captain’s chair.

    “I didn’t want to disappoint you… in case you didn’t make it back,” Scotty shrugged.

    “How thoughtful Scotty.”

    “Captain,” Spock said from the back of the bridge. Jim glanced at him and then out the front viewport where Spock was indicating.

    Krall’s fleet of ships could be seen taking off from his base like a swarm.

    “The attack on Yorktown could be just the beginning. Armed with this bio weapon and the base’s advanced technology, he could destroy it and use it to attack an untold number of Federation planets,” Spock continued.

    “Well,” Jim said slowly, “we’re just going to have to get this ship started.”

    “Sir!” Scotty said, “We cannae just jumpstart it.” He looked exasperated.

    Jim turned to him, with a spark starting in his eye.

    To be continued…

    #star trek#Leonard McCoy#Montgomery Scott#scones #bones x scotty #scotty x bones #good ship scones #james t kirk #Spock#pavel chekov#hikaru sulu#Jaylah#Jaylah Scott #I wrote a lot of action in the next bits and then didn’t #you’ll know what I mean when we get there #To Get Back to Your Side
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  • repostedpoliticalarts
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    This was one of my favorite moments of the Original Star Trek series, and one of my favorite callbacks:

    Scotty is trying to get this alien drunk who has taken human form and he and his friends have overtaken the ship. But this alien has never experienced human things, so Scotty liquors him up with everything he’s got in his bar cabinet. He’s down to this last bottle and the alien says “what is it?”

    Scotty: “Well it’s…. (Tries a visual assessment)… it’s…. (Sniffs the bottle)… it’s green”

    30 years later (in real time) Star Trek Next Generation had the crew find Scotty preserved in a transporter after his ship had gone down 80 years prior (Star Trek time). Feeling glum and looking for a stiff drink at the Enterprise bar he’s appalled that everyone is drinking non-alcoholic “synthale”. Data goes behind the bar and they repeated this joke, beat for beat, with Scotty on the receiving end.

    I know it’s just a tv show, but this is weirdly one of my favorite childhood memories and strangely makes me choke up.

    I can only hope the work I do today is so enduring/endearing that people would still want to reference it when I’m 65+ years old. What a legacy!

    #james doohan#scotty #thanks uncle jimmy #for making me smile so much all these years #star trek#stos#sttng#tng#tos
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  • rosie-love98
    07.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ScottyxUhura Sketch/Story Idea:

    Uhura comforting Scotty about his nephew’s death in “Wrath of Khan”. Or, if you’re like me who thinks they’re married, THEIR nephew. 

    If it helps, according to the TVTropes and the wikis, Scotty was driven to drink along with having a fight with his sister and/or niece at Peter’s funeral. Make that what you will.

    #start trek #star trek tos #wrath of khan #peter preston#uhotty#scuhura #scotty x uhura #uhura x scotty
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  • jimbotkirk
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    jim did not win the Hold Your Breath contest

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  • hummingbird-of-light
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Post Tenebras Lux

    (Now with a title thanks to @thesconesyard )

    PART 7 ~ Scotty

    His hands were trembling when he picked up the phone and dialed the numbers. He could see his fingers shaking and then he closed his eyes.

    ‘Remember to smile,’ a little voice in the back of his head reminded him. Right… he was about to talk to his love. He couldn’t look that frantic.

    So he forced his lips to form a smile when a voice answered on the other end of the line.


    “H…hey, love.”

    There was a pause before he got an answer which didn’t sound too amused.

    (“I’m standing in front of the shipyard. Where are you?”)

    Scott glanced at the clock. His boyfriend was probably waiting for five minutes already. Way too long.

    “I… I had a wee accident. I’m at the hospital.”

    Once again the other side went silent. Scott chewed at his nail nervously. Why wasn’t his love answering?

    His shoulders slumped down in relief when he eventually got an answer.

    (“I’m on my way.”)

    The line went dead. Scotty let out a trembling sigh before he turned around to look at Dr. McCoy who was standing behind the desk.

    To see the man made his heart race, but… in a different way than usual. He couldn’t describe it. His whole body felt warm and safe.

    So he stepped closer into that warming light of the doctor’s presence and looked at him.

    “Are those the L&I forms?”

    PART 8 ~ McCoy

    McCoy turned to dig through a file cabinet for the forms. The after care documents were already printing next to him. The waiting room was nearly empty and try as he might he couldn’t help but overhear Mr. Scott’s side of the conversation.

    Something felt wrong but he couldn’t say why. He glanced over at the Scotsman and could see his shoulders tight with tension. As he watched Mr. Scott’s shoulders suddenly relaxed. No, that wasn’t right. It was almost like they dropped in defeat, but how could that be?

    Mr. Scott hung up the receiver and began to turn around. McCoy quickly dropped his eyes so he wouldn’t look like he’d been staring. He let out a subtle sigh.

    “Are those the L&I forms?”

    McCoy looked up at the man’s voice right in front of him at the desk. There was a moment of hesitation before he answered. This man was a mystery. How could he still somehow seem to be curled in on himself while standing tall in front of McCoy?

    And the smile on his face seemed off. McCoy still couldn’t name what it was that bothered him about that.

    “Uh, yes,” he finally got out. He handed them over and then reached for the papers on the printer. “And these are about taking care of the stitches and the wound.”

    “Thank you,” Mr. Scott said quietly. “Do I need an appointment to get them out?”

    “It makes it easier, yes. Here let me pull up the schedule… twelve days… time preference?”

    “Doesn’t matter.”

    “Alright. I’ll put you in for 10:20 AM.” McCoy found a pen and took back the after care paperwork. He wrote the date and time down and handed back the papers. His fingers brushed gently against Mr. Scott’s and once more he felt a jolt like lightning.

    #fanfic#star trek#montgomery scott #dr leonard mccoy #scotty x mccoy #mccoy x scotty #scones#21st century#au #post tenebras lux
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  • songbirds-sweet
    07.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Scotti Hill

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  • hard-on-the--outside
    07.12.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #gif #USA got no choice and China must save face? were fucked #armageddon out of here #beam me up Scotty
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  • lxver-bxy
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why are y'all still in my tumblr? Anyway I'm a pokemon artist now sorry mcyt fans

    #pokemon#pokemon masters #pokemon master ex #prince lear#trainer scottie#trainer paulo#rival paulo#rival lear#trainer lear #pokemon masters fanart #digital art#fanart#pokemon fanart #scottie x lear #scottie x paulo #lear x paulo #now THAT is a crackship
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  • funtimespringscare101
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    @hideawayintheimaginationworld @callistotheicecat

    please tell me you hear it...

    #Scotty FNAF#Vanny FNAF #Security Breach: Tainted Madness #fnaf security breach #Gregory FNAF #Christmas Time is upon us
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  • mismess
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Not to drag Your Normal Boss near the FNAF AU as the stories are not related but now I have the idea that Norman is a cousin of Scotty's and that's how he knows Napkin and I can't stop thinking about it

    #like as a totally unimportant detail that wouldn't have any effect on their own stories. i think that's fun #connects them in a broader universe but they can stay contained #talk #scotty tries to mention what his job is in the Your Normal Boss story but for copyright reasons hes censored and you cant hear it
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  • spikestartrek
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    And now more of my crack headcanon that no one ever told Jim that Santa isn’t real and now everyone on the enterprise is going to extreme lengths to make sure he doesn’t find out.

    Kirk: It’s almost Christmas. Santa’s coming soon.

    Chekov, newly assigned to the enterprise: Captain, you know that Sa-

    Sulu and Chapel: *frantically shaking their heads*

    Bones and Uhura: *death glare*

    Spock: *slowly raising his phaser*

    Scotty: *aggressively covers Chekov’s mouth*

    Kirk, turning around: What we’re you saying, Mr. Chekov?

    Chekov, sweating: Nothing.

    #star trek #star trek the original series #star trek tos #star trek alternate original series #star trek aos #incorrect star trek #incorrect star trek quotes #star trek incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#jim kirk #james t kirk #spock #leonard bones mccoy #leonard mccoy#nyota uhura#hikaru sulu#pavel chekov#montgomery scott#scotty#christine chapel#christmas#crack headcanons
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  • hartsyhart
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • thesconesyard
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    To Get Back to Your Side

    Pt. 19

    McCoy crouched with Spock on the transporter pad. Any time now Jim and Jaylah would arrive at Krall’s base. Any time now Jaylah would push the beacon and signal for them. The doctor shifted his grip on the phaser in his hand. He hated having to carry one, but knew it was necessary.

    He watched as Scotty and Chekov made adjustments to the control console. They were going to make it out safe. They were going to get the crew. He and the chief engineer would be together again soon enough.

    Scotty looked up and caught McCoy staring. They smiled at each other, then a beep sounded.

    “Good luck gentlemen,” Scotty said and pushed a button.

    McCoy felt the familiar tingling and saw Scotty mouth his name before he disappeared.

    He and Spock reappeared behind Jaylah.

    “This way,” she said and started off. He and Spock got to their feet and followed. They hurried along in the shadows of the buildings. Jaylah stopped them at the ramp to one of the buildings and some of Krall’s men walked out.

    “That’s a hell of a distraction I’ll admit,” McCoy said with fondness for his best friend. Jim and many holograms of himself were driving around the base on the motorcycle that had been left on the Franklin.

    “Your friends are there,” Jaylah said. She pointed to another building. She ran off in a different direction leaving the doctor and the Vulcan.

    “Come on,” McCoy said. He and Spock got up again and moved.

    They reached the other building. A heavy fence surrounded an outer area, which was filled with Starfleet colors. McCoy’s heart danced with joy. He shot the lock on the gate as cries of his name and Spock’s went through the crowd.

    Sulu was one of the first out and he grabbed them both on the arms.

    “Uhura,” Sulu said urgently. “They took her!” He indicated the direction.

    “Get the crew to safety,” Spock said after a moment. He took off.

    “Come on, come on,” McCoy said gesturing to everyone else.

    “I’ve got them Mr. Scott!” Chekov called. He was bent over the controls of the transport.

    “Good Mr. Chekov. Increase the signal. Twenty at a time. Let’s bring them home.”

    Scotty stepped away from the controls. He rubbed his hands nervously across his thighs. Beaming Spock and McCoy had been an easy modification and he had brought them in one at a time.

    “Let’s hope this doesn’t get messy. Energize!”

    The transporter began to hum. A huddle of gold, blue and red uniforms appeared.

    “Da!” cried Chekov.

    Happy confusion came out of the crew.

    “This way, come on,” Scotty said.

    “Where are we?” one of the people asked.

    “The Franklin,” Scotty replied. He heard the surprise as the name rang a bell in some of the others. He recognized some of his engineers as they went past. A couple reached over to touch his arm. He felt light knowing they were safe now.

    With the transport clear, Chekov keyed in for the next group. Scotty’s face pulled into a wide, excited grin as he took in the short alien on the pad. He crouched with his arms wide as Keenser came up to him. One look at Keenser’s face still dripping the green ooze it had been from the cold he had made Scotty change his mind. He went for a handshake instead.

    “Wee man! I’m so glad you’re safe!” Scotty said. Keenser nodded his agreement at the sentiment.

    “Fifteen seconds sir,” Chekov said.

    Scotty moved back to the controls and picked up a comm.

    “Ten seconds until the transporter is recharged, Doctor,” Scotty said.

    “Dammit man, we’re not leaving without them!” McCoy’s voice came back.

    To be continued…

    #star trek#Leonard McCoy#Montgomery Scott#scones #bones x scotty #scotty x bones #good ship scones #james t kirk #Spock#pavel chekov#Jaylah#Jaylah Scott#hikaru sulu#Keenser #To Get Back to Your Side
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