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  • Scottys hair in season 3 of TOS is…a choice.

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  • Scotty, beam me up!

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    I’m doing doodles!! Maybe leave a request in my asks n I’ll get to it tomorrow!! Gn ily!! 💕💕

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    Day 11: Scrooging
    Jim Kirk x Reader
    Summary: You’re being a total Scrooge and Jim tries to cheer you up.
    Warnings: Angst?
    Word Count: 613

    It was safe to say that you were impulsive, brash and quick on your feet. You had to be as head of security for the Enterprise. Not that Captain Kirk needed protection, he always seemed to be able to handle himself, even though you were more skill in hand to hand combat than he was.

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    So a couple months back I got this fabric and I was like?? Why is Scotty’s shirt yellow?

    But then I was looking at Star Trek shirts on Hot Topic and it’s the same design but they fixed it??

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    Misses McGonagal and her husband enjoyed their retirement years in Dollwood Springs. Christmas was the season to come together…


    And they were very lucky to have four children, one daughter in law and three grandchildren.


    How suitable that they also had a neighbor with a camera. But not everyone was in the mood for pictures.


    But for cuddling.


    It was a perfect opportunity to take some pictures of the bridge crew.


    Of course not without the first officer.

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    • Alien of the week: Tell us where the Captain is and we'll burn your castle to the ground.
    • Scotty: Er, don't you mean "or"?
    • Alien of the Week: Fine! Tell us where the Captain is OR we'll burn your castle to the ground
    • Scotty: Well, which is it? That seems like a pretty crucial conjunction if you ask me.
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  • James Doohan in The F.B.I. episodes “The Animal” & “The Hiding Place” (1965)

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  • I have been looking for Christmas sweaters for years. Yesterday I found these tree ornaments. But there was only one sweater pattern so I bought the two socks as well, and today I cut out and sewed on different patterns so Kirk, Spock and McCoy all would have slightly different sweaters. All while listening to Christmas songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Seth MacFarlane. Lovely afternoon!

    I have some leftovers which I will keep, I could make pillows or something for the sofa.

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    #scotty marry me challenge #dont think i dont remember the Olympic medal thing #gc#scotty#tony hawk
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  • Tarsus IV AU

    Instead of the genocide, Jim is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, or something similar. He is the sole survivor and has to live with the guilt (also, if you want, holding the title of the Mockingjay).

    Years later, the Federation is making an alliance with a planet that has annual Hunger Games because Kodos fled there then rose to power. Jim is chosen to participate in the special “Alliance Honorary Games” or some bullshit to represent Earth (this is during his captaincy).

    The Admirals don’t realize what the Hunger Games actually are and they don’t believe Jim when he tries to explain, so Jim is forced to participate. His crew try to save him when they realize what’s going on but they can’t stop the games.

    District 13 helps the Enterprise crew plan to end the games and save their captain, but it all goes to waste when Jim shoots the lightning tree. He joins District 13 and comes to realize how significant the Mockingjay is to them. The Enterprise crew decides to support the rebellion, later followed by the entire Federation, once they realize how horrific this planet and Kodos is.

    The rebellion ends up capturing Kodos, like they do in the movies, and make a scene about the Mockingjay finally killing him. But when he is face to face with Kodos, Jim doesn’t shoot. He’s done with killing. So he drops his bow and arrows, and looks up defiantly at the rebellion leader. She is killed by either her own right hand or one of Jim’s crew, and it ends as the movie does - except Jim is back on the ship. He’s given up the Mockingjay and is back to just Captain Kirk. (Or Jim could just kill either the rebellion leader or Kodos)

    + Bonus if Uhura is the female tribute (their relationship would remain platonic)

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    You don’t really want me to guess which one is yours Jim…

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  • The Galileo Seven: crew members argue about emotion, morality, and logic while Scotty tries to do his fucking job. 

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    Chekov and Scotty on the bridge of the Enterprise B.

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  • Jim Kirk Headcannons

    (I imagine these as aos Kirk, but they could probably work for tos too)

    (Tarsus IV warning as well as talk of PTSD and depression)

    • He may look like his dad, but Jim is 100% his mom

    • Jim was sent to Tarsus IV to live with his two aunts (who I - and I don’t know why - imagine to be something along the lines of Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau). They taught him the ins and outs of aviation and engineering, but with old tech

    • On Tarsus IV, Jim and his kids didn’t have access to good weapons so they made their own. Thanks to his grandpa, Jim had experience with a bow and arrow. He was forced to kill three people and never missed a shot

    • The citizens of Tarsus IV sent out five distress signals. Only one was received by a transport ship that alerted Starfleet. The others were either intercepted or failed to send. This caused an almost six month delay of rescue from the time of the execution to Starfleet’s arrival

    • Jim knows how to speak 17 different languages, some of them being German (because of his mom), Vulcan (because of an old friend on Tarsus), and Sign Language (because there have been situations where he couldn’t talk)

    • He learned Swahili just so he properly apologize to Nyota for being such a dick to her. They’ve got a brother, sister relationship now

    • When he was younger, Jim got his ears pierced. He still wears earrings every now and again, and will steal some of Nyota’s (and vise versa)

    • A lot of people doubt Jim and his skills, especially since he’s so famous within Starfleet (some people even believe he paid his way through), which is why they are shocked when he proves to be an experienced fighter and survivalist, and a damn good pilot and captain

    • Had Pike not found him in the bar, Jim probably would have gone on to join the Air Force

    • Jim is very supportive of his crew and very protective. They’re the only ones that stayed. His crew knows this and recuperates those feelings just as much

    • Jim knows how to do makeup, and if you ask nicely, will let other people do his makeup. First, it started with Galia wanting to practice new looks on him, then Nyota found them in Jim’s quarters as she was looking for Galia and made adjustments to “match Kirk’s “coloring"”, and now they’ll sometimes tag-team him a look for big events

    • When there’s a lot to be done, Jim will help where he can in engineering

    • Some of his nicknames are JT, Jimmy, Jammy (drunk Bones), Big Cat (Sulu called him that once to try and calm him down. Now it’s just a thing the Enterprise’s command division calls him), Kock/Jock (drunk Scotty talking about Jim and Spock), Jerry (error in a name list), and Jimothy

    • He’s almost a motherly figure to the younger members of his crew, including Chekov

    • Jim and Sulu spar together. It started when Sulu found Jim in the gym early morning, angrily beating the shit out of a punching bag (cause of a nightmare). After he calmed down a bit and Sulu had stretched, Sulu offered to spar. They’re keeping tract now of who’s won, and some of the security officers will place bets

    • Uhura, Bones, and some of the other higher officers place bets on Jim and Spock’s chess matches

    • Bones, Scotty, and Jim have ritual get together nights where they get drunk as fuck

    • Jim is actually pretty good at giving advise, something that a lot of people find shocking

    • The senior crew have learned Jim’s brashness and playboy act is all a facade, and that he’s just a scared and scarred man. They get annoyed/angry when people insult him for it or try to make him seem like a terrible person

    • Jim has depression and PTSD. He can’t eat really chewy or gamy meat, nor really earthy, dirty plants. Natural, overgrown ponds set him off because on Tarsus they were used as mass graves. Fireworks, gunshots, and other similar noises are a big no-no because they used bullet guns on Tarsus, and grandes were used to destroy buildings that Kodos thought held stowaways. Out of all his symptoms, Jim’s nightmares are the worst. When his PTSD is really bad he’ll see a few illusions, most commonly auditory or smell. His crew have learn what’s triggering for him and how he acts, so when he’s having bad days they keep track of him and make sure that he’s taken care of. The senior crew will take turns talking to him in the observation deck which is usually where he goes after a nightmare, illusion, or some sort of attack

    • Jim is big soft with his crew and only his crew


    • George as two older siblings - a sister (who I imagine to be like Carol Danvers) and a brother. They come from a family that likes to use practically ancient tech

    • George took Winona’s name when they got married

    • Winona was born in and grew up in Germany

    (Feel free to add more!)

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  • it’s almost finals week

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  • Paramount: There will be a fourth Star Trek movie! (?)


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