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    finally painted scotty!! can’t believe I’ve never done it before, he’s my fave trek character 🌚

    instagram ☆

    #myart#mine#art#painting#drawing#digital#digital art#fanart#fan art #star trek art #trek art#Montgomery scott#Simon pegg#scotty#star trek#aos #star trek aos #star trek beyond #stb #i'm really happy with how this one turned out!!
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  • ok crew playing among us Bc that’s all I’ve been playing.

    • Spock always goes on long rants about where he was, what he did, who he saw, and who he thinks is the imposter
    • 8 out of 10 times, McCoy (whether he’s imposter or not) will say “Spock sus” and get Spock voted off
    • Whenever Jim is the imposter he either has a FANATSIC strategy and wins or he just fucks around
    • Nyota is great at being the imposter amd finding out who is the imposter. She almost always wins because she can pick up on verbal cues/lying and knows how to make herself seem innocent in meetings
    • Spock always finishes his tasks first and then goes to security
    • Jim presses the button to check up on everyone
    • Chekov never does his tasks and just walks around trying to figure out who the imposter is
    • Even in game Spock, McCoy and Jim are always together and following eachother around. Whenever one of them is alone there’s a big chance that they’re the imposter
    • McCoy always camps out in Medbay because he thinks it’s funny
    • Chekov loves to be suspicious and follow/chase people around, sabotages a bunch
    • Spock was very distressed first time Jim betrayed and killed him (he totally didn’t almost cry what are you talking about)
    • Sulu is a probably the most chaotic imposter and gets the most kills
    • Scotty is surprising very good at the game and is a pretty damn good imposter (when he actually plays). Whenever he gets accused he just talks in an overexaggerated Scottish accent to confuse everyone 
    • Chekov does the same thing with his Russian accent
    • Chekov sabotages like a mad man and does it right off the bat 
    • First round Spock caught McCoy venting and when the meeting was called he asked “How can I use the vents like the doctor?” Bones tries to fuck him over every round now
    • Spock defends Jim with his life during meetings, and Jim does the same for Spock. Never vote for eachother unless it’s necessary
    • Jim likes to vibe out in space as a ghost
    • Scotty is a vent dweller 100%
    • Uhura has a lil crewmember following her around and Bones will NOT kill her because of that alone
    • Whenever Sulu and Chekov are both imposters it’s chaos.
    • Bones has raged quit several times
    • Spock, whenever he’s the imposter, doesn’t lie but goddamnit does he imply
    • Sulu also sabotages a bunch but has a good strategy
    • Uhura, Sulu and Chekov always dance together in the hallways and generally fuck around
    • Whenever Jim and Spock are imposters together Bones accuses them of using telepathic bullshit to win 

    This has been in my drafts for farrrrr too long so I’m letting it free, add on if you want to! 

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  • Star Trek AU Idea (Or just One Shot)

    Among Us, but Star Trek.

    If you wanna lessen the angst a bit and not actually kill anyone just let them watch their friends die, you can have it continue to repeat over and over again replacing the crewmembers with imposters until they discover they’re in a loop (Likely Spock and Bones will figure it out) and they try to discover who’s behind it all. I would say an alien with reality altering powers who have put them in this game to test Kirk or Spock in some way idk. Haven’t worked out the details😂

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  • “Set phasers to stun Scotty”….

    Courtesy of ‘Over 40 Cosplay’

    Cosplayer: David Duff

    Age: 57

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  • He’s literally me when i think theres a spider on me hahaha

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    It’s autumn, time to spoil yourself with some sweet treats…


    to be careful and don’t catch a cold…


    and to read a good book.

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  • scotty and his pups 🥺

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  • :)

    nyi vs tbl | 09.17.2020

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  • tfw you have an existential crisis over firing your chief engineer 

    #star trek#tos #star trek tos #scotty #james t kirk #spock#apple#my stuff
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  • The bridge crew of TOS ranked by how good they are at playing geometry dash:

    1: Spock. Its logical to jump based on the music, and he already knows what to do from the practice rounds.

    2: Chekov. He spent a lot of his downtime in the academy playing it and he’s still pretty fresh so he hasn’t lost his skills. Usually people assume he’s the best because so far they’ve only gotten Spock to play it twice.

    3: Uhura. Of course she’s good at it. Queen.

    4: Sulu. He and Uhura are actually pretty closely matched, but he only gets 2 of the three coins because he doesn’t know where the third one is.

    5: McCoy. He isn’t the worst at it, but he doesn’t practice enough to be good. “I’m a doctor not a gamer!”

    6: Scotty. Despite his prowess with engineering, Scotty isn’t hip and cool with the kids. He only heard of it once he started the five year mission on the enterprise.

    7: Kirk. Gets teased endlessly for it. Its not really his fault, the flashing colors sometimes give him headaches.

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  • so i made these for the WONDERFUL @bangtanbambi and used the art from @kirkhasakink (which I absolutely aDORE, words cannot express how much i love that line up and your art style) (so is this fanart of fanart??)


    hdjdkdjdnnf i love making these, so if you want,,,, please request me wallpapers and icons !

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  • Okay so I just re-watched The Search For Spock and I’m having major feels over this scene:

    Right after Saavik confirms to Kirk that David has been killed by the Klingons we get a super sad and sympathetic array of faces from Scotty, Sulu, and Bones as Kirk turns away from them in grief. But then I noticed that there’s a camera shot of Bones immediately as Kirk turns away, right before he heads over to Kirk and places his hands on him to check on him/offer support. Kirk lets him for a minute before pushing him away in order to take action.

    Basically. Bones recognizing how much Kirk is hurting over the death of his son, Kirk grieving but having to take immediate action in order to save the lives of the crew and people left on the planet. My heart. I love the relationships between these characters. ;^;

    #Star Trek TOS #Star Trek The Search for Spock #Bones Mccoy#Captain Kirk#guys#my heart #star trek movies #Sulu#Scotty#Spock
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  • love to see [him]

    nyi vs tbl | 09.11.2020

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  • just Looking

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  • Happy Star Trek day! The triumvirate is next but I wanted to draw the underrated cast of TOS! Love the original series (and this delightful cast of characters) with my whole heart.

    #Not my fav drawing but whatever haha #star trek day #star trek tos #star trek the original series #sulu#chekov#Uhura#Scotty#Meltyartz #Star Trek Fan art
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    • Kirk: What's going on?
    • Scotty: Do you want the long version or the short version?
    • Kirk: The short one.
    • Scotty: Shit's fucked.
    #star trek#source: tumblr#kirk#scotty #thats it thats the show
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