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  • thesconesyard
    25.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Prompt-ly Yours


    Dr. Fryjyp had stood and talked with them for a long while before he moved on. McCoy stood with Scotty next to him and gave an inaudible sigh. He wished he had had more time before they had come down.

    “Do you want to dance leannan?” he asked Scotty softly. He had been watching the Mellvaroenians dancing.

    He saw Scotty’s eyes light up. He remembered how much Scotty had said he’d enjoyed dancing at Admiral Beecher’s party.

    “Of course mo gràdh,” Scotty replied enthusiastically.

    “Let’s go then.”

    They sat their empty glasses on the bar, and went to join the other couples on the dance floor. Scotty let McCoy lead.

    “You’re quiet Len,” Scotty said. “Something on your mind?”

    McCoy nodded. “I was thinking while you napped.”


    “And I’m ready. For people to know.”

    “Are you sure?” Scotty looked at him intently. “I thought you liked this? The privacy?”

    “I do. But I want to be able to do this when I want.”

    “Do wh—“

    Scotty was cut off as McCoy leaned in and kissed him. Scotty stumbled but McCoy held him steady.

    “I want you to do that when you want too!” Scotty laughed when they pulled apart. McCoy laughed with him.

    “I thought it might be easier while we’re here. Away from the ship a bit, we won’t have to be right in the middle of the gossip.”

    “Good plan,” Scotty agreed. “That mean I can do that when I want now too?”

    McCoy didn’t answer. He just leaned in and kissed Scotty again.

    “OH YEAH!” Jim’s voice floated past them. They broke apart and turned to see the captain dance past with Sorna, who had greeted them when they arrived.

    “Dammit Jim!”

    Scotty just laughed and kissed his scowling doctor.

    To be continued…

    #star trek#Leonard McCoy#Montgomery Scott#scones #bones x scotty #scotty x bones #good ship scones #there be *squees!* here #I liked writing this part #soft and still both of them #james t kirk #jim is always a brat #I love brat!jim #prompt-ly yours
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  • bearsinpotatosacks
    24.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Scones Headcanons

    I really like this ship. They're domestic and its comfortable and they're both aspec in my headcanons so here we go

    They got together after Bones either broke up with Jim and Spock and the relationship wasn't working or Jim and Spock got together but Bones was in love and it wasn't reciprocated

    Either way, Scotty potters about in engineering while Bones cries and whines and sometimes gets continuously more drunk

    But over time he stops talking about his heartbreak and they just get along

    One day, Scotty, who I now headcanon as demiromantic asexual, starts to feel romantically attracted to Bones and it hits him hard

    Keenser gets him to ask Bones out and they don't look back

    They eventually move into one apartment in San Francisco as a base when off missions for a short time

    This happens from 2259-2262, mostly in secret without trying to, they just want to have a normal, comfortable relationship and it just doesn't catch wind on the Enterprise

    After Beyond, when everyone had been debriefed, they didn't care about keeping things on the downlow and hugged for almost 10 minutes when the adrenaline wore off

    Their friends were surprised but saw how calm they are around each other

    During longer periods they go from Bones' ranch and Scotty's Cottage (that belonged to his Nan and was left to him in her will) that's on a hill by the sea

    They let Jaylah pick her room out at both because they all know that they're parental figures for her

    Scotty spends his time in his workshop, maybe making things or turning wood on a lathe or fixing things around the house

    Bones knits and watches overdramatic soap operas and brings in tea, asks what he's doing and actually listens when he describes it

    They're just domestic and cute, okay?

    Hope you liked this!

    #leonard mccoy#bones#montgomery scott#scones#mcscotty #bones x scotty #jaylah#aos#star trek #aos star trek #star trek aos #alternate original series #star trek alternate original series #bear writes#my headcanons#domestic#fluff#scones fluff#getting together #growing old together
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  • thesconesyard
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Prompt-ly Yours


    “Jim! What the hell?” McCoy called as he was pushed through the door. He stumbled forward to the conference table and sat on its edge. “What’s wrong?”

    Jim was bouncing on his toes and spun to face McCoy as soon as the door closed.

    “You had sex!” he cackled gleefully.

    “What?” McCoy felt his cheeks heat in an instant.

    “Oh!” Jim cried seeing the color rise on his friend. “You did!” He bounced closer to the doctor. “How was it?” He waggled his eyebrows. “Spill everything!”

    McCoy’s brain felt like it stuttered. This couldn’t actually be happening? They were on a starship. They were on shift. This had to be a dream.

    “This is a nightmare more like. Just wake up,” he said aloud to himself.

    “Oh no Bones! We’re plenty awake,” said Jim. He pinched McCoy on the arm. “See?”

    “Hey!” McCoy rubbed the spot on his arm.

    “Well?” Jim waited. He was staring wide eyed at his best friend.

    “How the hell would you know?” McCoy asked angrily.

    “You’ve got post-coitus face,” Jim grinned. “Kinda dreamy, happy eyes, ghost of a grin.”

    “Post-co… kid, you aren’t serious,” McCoy began.

    “Oh I am,” Jim nodded earnestly. “So? Good then?”

    “Jim. Don’t ever say post-coitus again. I dare you. Please.”

    “Come on Bones! I used to tell you everything!”

    “I never said I wanted you to!” McCoy snapped back. “We’re working! I’ve got to get back to medbay.” He stood and walked to the door.

    “That good huh?”

    McCoy stopped before the door opened.

    “Yeah kid, that good.”

    To be continued…

    #star trek#Leonard McCoy#Montgomery Scott#scones #bones x scotty #scotty x bones #good ship scones #james t kirk #Jim is a big ol’ brat #but man is brat fun to write #Len 💙❤️ Monty #prompt-ly yours
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  • inloversmeeting
    05.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    this dog’s name is scottie and I adore him with all my heart

    #dog grooming #I took a video of him chasing a toy around and it’s fucking hilarious #i’ll post that after I send emmet out to pee and feed him #one of my fave things is there is a note on their file that they had to cancel their appt last second #because ‘scottie ripped his penis and is at the vet’ #and this is the most recent note on his file because he’s perfect so there are never any updates to write #so for the last year I just crack up every time I open his file #he’s fine obviously or it wouldn’t be funny
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  • thesconesyard
    30.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Prompt-ly Yours


    McCoy was light on his feet as he walked across medbay for his shift. He didn’t notice the surprise on Christine’s face as he went past. He put his coffee on the desk in his office as he went to sit and looked up to see Christine had followed him. The door shut behind her.

    “Good morning Chris,” he greeted her. “Anything wrong?”

    “Who?” was all she answered.

    McCoy threw a confused look at his head nurse. “What?”

    “Who is it?”

    “Who’s what?”

    Christine moved to sit across from him.

    “You stride around with the weight of the ship on your shoulders. You don’t walk in like you’re strolling through the flowers.” Christine pointed a finger at him. “So who is it that’s got you prancing like a schoolboy?”

    “Prancing?! I don’t—“

    “You did,” Christine cut him off. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly happy that someone has made you that happy.”


    “They’ve got to be awful special to get through to you, so I’m curious. Who is it?” Christine smiled.

    McCoy began to laugh. He surprised himself.

    “You aren’t going to stop are you?”

    “You know me too well to have to ask Leo,” Christine responded sweetly.

    “Please Chris, keep it to yourself. I don’t want it out yet,” McCoy said earnestly.

    “Doctor - nurse confidentiality,” Christine smirked.

    “Yes, completely,” McCoy replied to their own personal joke. He flushed lightly. “You already guessed before. Scotty.”

    Christine grinned. “I’m so happy for you Leo.”

    To be continued…

    #Star Trek#Leonard McCoy#Montgomery Scott#scones #bones x scotty #scotty x bones #good ship scones #Christine Chapel #I do really enjoy writing Christine #for trying to keep it secret McCoy sure tells everyone #prompt-ly yours
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  • killmethruthephone1996
    30.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    man i've really just starved y'all for content huh

    well i may convert this to a Writing Blog in the near future! it may not be entirely slasher-related buuuuuuut it'll definitely have some slashers in it that i know i can confidently write for

    but mostly it'll be within a more Broad Genre of Topics (aka Characters I Think Are Neat) so keep on the lookout for that

    peace - scotty

    #scotty talks shop #writing#my writing#update #where i've been
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  • thesconesyard
    29.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Prompt-ly Yours


    “It’s getting late,” Scotty mumbled into McCoy’s hair.

    McCoy himself let out a yawn. He had found himself quite comfortable and relaxed against Scotty’s chest.

    “You can stay if you want,” he murmured.

    Scotty looked down and met his eyes with some surprise.

    “Are ye sure Len?”

    McCoy nodded.

    “I’d like that then,” Scotty replied with a gentle smile.

    McCoy slowly and ruefully sat up. He stretched some kinks and stood. He reached down and pulled Scotty to his feet. He wrapped the Scot in his arms.

    “I’d like that too,” he whispered, and kissed Scotty. “Let’s go to bed.”

    McCoy released Scotty and began to walk to his bedroom, pulling his shirt over his head as he did. Scotty hurried after. McCoy was opening his dresser as Scotty entered.

    “I’ll be back,” Scotty said and continued on through to his own quarters.

    When Scotty came back wearing loose pajama pants and an old academy shirt his eyes widened slightly.

    “Mmm, well there’s a sight.” He grinned at McCoy who was sitting on the bed in only pajama bottoms. McCoy flushed lightly pink.

    “I get hot,” McCoy tried to explain.

    “I’ll say!” Scotty replied still grinning and fanning himself with a hand dramatically.

    McCoy rolled his eyes.

    “Just get over here,” he said, “I’m tired.”

    To be continued…

    #Star Trek#Leonard McCoy#Montgomery Scott#scones #bones x scotty #scotty x bones #good ship scones #I really liked writing this one #sleepy mccoy#eager scotty#prompt-ly yours
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  • fractal-baby
    28.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Enterprise bridge crew chat about the upcoming five year mission (post ST: Into Darkness)

    (trying to do exposition less boringly)

    #star trek #post star trek into darkness #fractal baby writes #spock#jim kirk#aos spirk#nyota uhura#pavel chekov#hikaru sulu #scotty star trek #in the future no one has emojis #because my text editor doesn't support them #bleh
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  • shoeydaniel
    26.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    a touch! of the beat! gets you up! on your feet! gets you out! and then in! to the sun!

    #i want to write this easter eggs post but i'm at woooork hhdskjhfkjs #also am realizing i never promo-ed this fic on my blog 😳 maybe i make a graphic oh. shit. #scottie speaks #i listened to this song on my way into work and now it's stuck in my head once again hajhkdjs
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  • ionlycomehereforthegay
    25.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Speaking of scones I made some the other day and they were so easy and so good and I wish writing fic for scones was as easy as bloody baking them like what

    #fanfiction writing struggles #fanfiction #scotty x bones #bones x scotty #scones#writers block #is not fun
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  • catboy-newt-geiszler
    24.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    What if i just wrote whatever rotten ideas my brain conjured. What would u do 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

    #whats stopping me from writing a crack fic pacific rim/star trek tos crossover where newt gets a crush on spock #​ camtankerous is whining #you might be thinking to yourself ‘mac the logical next step is to have hermann and kirk bond’ no actually #its much funnier to me if hermann gets a crush on bones #spock enjoys arguing with newt bc unlike bones he genuinely seems to enjoy arguing #of course kirk gets to flirt with both of them at some point. as a treat #uhura and tendo get to hang out and talk about how many languages they know and also how dumb these pining idiots are on both sides #mako and scotty get to talk shop and do engineering stuff #hold on. oh no. this is becoming too real
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  • thesconesyard
    23.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Prompt-ly Yours


    Scotty smiled warmly at him. He was standing close enough to McCoy that their arms brushed together. McCoy gave him a quick smile back. Jim was grinning at the pair.

    “Well I’m all finished Captain. Uhura says it’s working right now,” said Scotty.

    “Very good Mr. Scott, thank you,” Jim replied.

    McCoy had no words for the captain at the moment. He just shook his head and walked to the turbolift.

    “Aye Doctor, I’ll walk with ye if you don’t mind.” Scotty gathered his tools and joined him in the lift.

    “I take it the captain knows,” Scotty stated as soon as the lift doors were shut.

    “Yes,” McCoy grumbled.

    “S’alright Len. They’ll all know at some point.” Scotty reached over and squeezed the doctor’s hand. McCoy smiled at him and squeezed back. Contentment draped his shoulders and for once he wished the turbo lift was slower.

    A frown crossed McCoy’s face.

    “What is it love?” Scotty asked seeing the change.

    McCoy let go of Scotty’s hand and turned it over.

    “You’re bleeding.”

    “Oh. Look at that,” Scotty said surprised. “I didn’t even notice.”

    “Come on to medbay and I’ll fix it.”

    “It’s nothing Len.”

    “Monty. You’re hurt, let me help,” McCoy fell into his firm doctor voice.

    “Alright,” Scotty submitted.

    To be continued…

    #Star Trek#Leonard McCoy#Montgomery Scott#scones #bones x scotty #scotty x bones #good ship scones #I sure hope the things I write thinking they’re sweet are sweet #please tell me they aren’t stilted and trite #prompt-ly yours
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    23.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #M answers#cobrilee #meme me up Scotty #writing ask meme
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    #M answers#gingersnapwolves #meme me up Scotty #writing ask meme
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    #M answers#Kedreeva #meme me up Scotty #writing ask meme
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    22.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #M answers#outtoshatter #meme me up Scotty #writing ask meme #slowly #slowly I will write the fics I have promised people #they're on the list
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    22.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #M answers#sunoficarus #meme me up Scotty #writing ask meme
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    #blue-eyedbeta#M answers #meme me up Scotty #writing ask meme
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