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  • purpleseahorses
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Well it’s a certain redhead’s birthday so….

    here’s some birthday art featuring matilda and a little something from the after party

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  • modernday-jay
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #and i mean its multiverse stuff so 🥰 technically one universe they can be all perfect and happy #and in another universe alfreds moving into a shitty rundown apartment and crying over seahorses making it work #I JUST THINK #THE ‘MY NAME IS PETER B PARKER’ SCENE IS LITERALLY ALFRED #HSNDHSJS DONT INVEST IN A SPIDER THEMED RESTAURANT’ #asks! #vb spiderman au
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  • maskedsailorsenshi
    14.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Happy Birthday to Gundham Tanaka and Seahorse (aka Tori Kelly)!

    #The Masked Singer #danganronpa #dr2 goodbye despair #seahorse mask#gundham tanaka#Happy Birthday
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  • lucky-seashell
    30.11.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #kidnapping tw#kidnapping#tw #pls dont get mad if u dont have the tagged block #it wouldnt be my fault #talking abt a guy i like irl #and how i like him #and just my problems combined #song lyrics #not auto queue #chloroform girl#seahorse happiness
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  • chironshorseass
    29.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #apparently syd is the only one who read it right🤬🤬🤬🤬or is jillian literate? #fuck the zodiac signs #if u were stuck in the chiron part u r a hoe #if u read my url as chiron’s horsies a seahorse gave birth to u #if u read an abomination in between there’s something wrong w u #if u read it as chironshorseass then u r open minded to horse fuckers 🤰 #happy slappy😛
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  • bludino
    23.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    First time drawing feet💓

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  • jukeboxofjellycat
    22.06.2021 - 7 monts ago
    #cute guys 11 #happy father's day #father's day #día del padre #bajo del mar #summer#verano#summer 2021#ternurita#cute 2#seahorse #20 de junio #2021#mexico#rdi#comics 3
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  • skeinspider
    21.06.2021 - 7 monts ago

    I made this mermaid horse boy entirely out of yarn scraps. Not all 8ply yarn is created equal so the sizing is a little wonky in parts.

    Got to find time to make an updated version. Thinking of pairing different fish species with different horse breeds for the tail and torso respectively??

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  • littletroubledgrrrl
    20.06.2021 - 7 monts ago

    This Squishmallow is a seahorse, and male seahorses carry the babies of female seahorses.

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  • captmelbourne
    05.06.2021 - 7 monts ago
    #happy pride to the gay seahorses from majora's mask only #loz#majora's mask #legend of zelda
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  • vimvarial
    11.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    My second Mermay piece.

    #art#mermay#seahorse#merman #I tried to use less limework on this one #I am really happy with the tail though
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  • bopinion
    13.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    2021 / 10

    Aperçu of the Week:

    "Tolerance should really be only a passing sentiment; it must lead to recognition. To tolerate is to offend." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

    Bad News of the Week:

    While in the animal world the female is usually larger and stronger, quite appropriate to her function in the preservation of the species, the male is often distinguished only by a magnificent plumage and questionable talent for courtship dance - if he is not eaten after mating. Only the seahorse and the penguins have heard that raising the offspring can also be the task of the male.

    And with humans? Oh yes, the human being... (sigh). Last Monday was "International Women's Day". In the GDR, that was still a holiday at the time. But there, equality was very progressive, if only to increase the workforce potential, including all-day care in "state-owned" daycare centers. And in the progressive West? Let's put it this way: I was already born when women could only start a job or make major purchases with the consent of their husbands.

    The current worksites: This year's "Equal Pay Day" was last Wednesday - until then, women have been working for free on an annualized basis compared to a man's identical job. And after years of waiting for more women to be appointed to board positions through a "moral commitment," it looks like a law is coming after all. At the same time, Germany's Minister for Women and Families, Franziska Giffey, fears that Corona could set back equality "by decades."

    In the U.S., this fear is already a reality. The latest indication: last week, Alabama introduced an uncompromising ban on abortion - even in cases of rape. Want to bet that wouldn't be the case with penguins or seahorses in power? Yes, dear fellow men: equality and self-determination come from the same pot. Namely that of fundamental human rights. And they do not only exist with a Y-chromosome.

    Good News of the Week:

    The death of George Floyd last year was a turning point. You could literally watch a person being killed thanks to social media coverage. The victim didn't fight back, pleaded for his life, and died. The perpetrator didn't give a damn. That's what I found the worst: here was no slavering fanatic in an adrenaline rush going about his gruesome work, but a law enforcer in all calm and composure. Everything is quite normal. “Do Black Lives Matter? Not for me, my colleagues or most of my society.”

    In the wake of this tragedy, we Europeans have learned a lot about latent racism, not only in the USA. Those who went out on the streets in this country carried a sign with "Black lives matter" in front of them, but had other worries in their hearts: Did I deliberately not stand in line with the obviously Arabic young man at the checkout yesterday in the supermarket, but with the supposedly Bio-German blonde? Why did I revile little Mario a "spaghetti" back then in the schoolyard? Why do I even look a second time when an obvious transvestite, a veiled woman or a wheelchair user pass on the other street? Where does racism actually begin?

    Minneapolis awarded the family of George Floyd a record $27 million in pain and suffering damages the day before yesterday. As if pain could be cured with money. But at least it recognizes that even a black life has value. That's a promise that the upcoming trial of Floyd's killer and his accomplices, or their clear convictions, have yet to deliver. His death was not in vain; he made a big difference. In the conscience of many people for sure, in the institutions and in court hopefully.

    Personal happy Moment of the Week:

    Last Wednesday my parents (over 80 and with pre-existing conditions) got their first vaccination. So far they have come through the pandemic in one piece, because they were very careful and cautious. But it is a comforting feeling to know that they are now also (partly) infectiously protected - especially now, when the numbers are going up again and the mutant B.1.1.7 is on the rise.

    As I write this...

    ...I am waiting for the (last?) winter storm, which is supposed to bring snow and gusts up to 90 km/h tonight.

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  • highheelfab
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago
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  • pluckyredhead
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Please Care About Aquaman With Me: The Golden and Silver Age

    Friends, I made a mistake. I have spent these Plague Times (TM) reading just truly ridiculous amounts of comics, shoving them into my mouth like Cookie Monster, and generally going by franchise. So I read all the Green Arrow and all the Green Lantern (minus most of the Golden Age, sorry Alan) and all the Flash (again minus most of the Golden Age, sorry Jay) and all the Titans and all the JSA and then I stopped and went, “Hm, what next?”

    And then I said “Why not Aquaman?”

    And now I have read several decades of Aquaman comics, and I have feelings. And opinions. And no one else has read any Aquaman or cares even a little!!!

    I did this to myself, I know.

    I’m not going to ask anyone to read All Of This Aquaman because to be perfectly honest, a lot of it’s...not very good. (Caring deeply about bad comics is my hobby.) Instead, I am going to tell you about important characters and key storylines and then hopefully someone else will feel feelings about Koryak or, like, Rodunn. (I LOVE RODUNN.)

    Since there are 81 years of comics, today I’m just going to start with an overview of the Golden and Silver Age because not much happened besides Aquaman’s octopus companion, Topo, playing the banjo:

    Oh, and I guess Arthur became king and stuff.

    Read on for Arthur, Garth, Mera, Tula, Vulko, Black Manta, Ocean Master, and AQUABABY, THE SENSATIONAL CHARACTER FIND OF 1965!

    Aquaman first debuted in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941 (the same issue that Green Arrow and Speedy debuted in!) and he was a big awkward weirdo:

    He doesn’t have a real name at this point, he’s just a guy who lives underwater and talks to dolphins. He can breathe water and swim real good because his dad...taught him to...look, it doesn’t make sense and that’s fine. He punched a lot of Nazis and that’s the important thing!

    Aquaman soon moved over to a backup feature in Adventure Comics which he held pretty consistently well into the 70s. I’ve only read a handful of these (I was focusing on comics with “Aquaman” in the title) but they do establish a proper origin for him: he is Arthur Curry, son of a human lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean named Atlanna, hence his ability to breathe underwater and talk to fish. However, he can only be out of water for an hour, or he’ll die.

    Adventure Comics also introduced THE SWEETEST LITTLE TADPOLE, Aqualad:

    He’s so tiny!!! Aqualad was exiled from Atlantis a little bit because he has purple eyes, which are a Bad Omen (Atlanteans are obsessed with bad omens, and also abandoning children) but mostly because he’s afraid of fish, which is just precious. Arthur teaches him not to be afraid of fish and then just kind of...lets him hang around? They ride around on giant seahorses named Stormy and Imp, it’s great.

    (Astonishing fun fact: despite debuting in 1960, Aqualad didn’t have a real name until the 80s, when Marv Wolfman and George Perez randomly named him “Garth” for a guest appearance in The New Teen Titans. ARTHUR NAME YOUR CHILDREN CHALLENGE.)

    In 1962 Arthur got his own series, and soon met Mera:

    LOVE HER. Mera comes from another dimension and can control water which makes her laughably more powerful than Arthur. She makes frequent trips to Arthur’s dimension to flirt with him, to the delight of Garth, who adores her. I love themb.

    Then the king of Atlantis dies and Arthur is elected their new king, which he accepts - but they require him to get married, which makes no sense if king is an elected and not hereditary title, but whatever.

    No one has ever shipped Arthur/Mera harder than Garth. He’s getting a new mom!



    (They do not refer to this child by his name until literally the issue where he dies (spoilers!). It’s Arthur, Jr. ARTHUR NAME YOUR CHILDREN CHALLENGE, AGAIN.)

    Everyone is very happy about this and I agree with them, I love Aquababy very very much, but I’m also extremely fascinated by this brief moment:

    Don’t worry, Garth...it’s actually going to be much, much worse than this.

    But in the interim, Garth and Aquababy are actually very close! Garth is often shown holding or babysitting Aquababy, to the point that he comes across as his primary caretaker.

    Other important Silver Age introductions:

    Vulko, who starts out as just sort of a generic Helpful Inventor type and eventually becomes Arthur’s closest advisor and one of the longest-running and most important Aquaman characters.

    Tula, aka Aquagirl (or “Aquachick” up there), the adopted princess of an Atlantean royal family (please do not ask me to explain how "the royal family” isn’t Arthur’s family, Atlantean politics are nonsense). Tula is spunky and adventurous - in her first appearance, as you can see, she gets herself and Garth jobs as go-go dancers - which makes her a great first love for shy, timid Garth.

    Black Manta, who at this point is just a generic bad guy in a funny helmet but will soon become Arthur’s greatest enemy.

    And the absolutely hilarious-looking Ocean Master, who has a great backstory - he’s Arthur’s fully human half-brother Orm (yes, Orm), who always resented Arthur for having superpowers and then got amnesia and went evil, so he’s constantly trying to kill Arthur, who can’t bring himself to harm his baby brother. Charmingly, Aquababy takes a shine to Orm, who because of his amnesia doesn’t know that Arthur is his brother and therefore Aquababy is his nephew but is still like “Why do I love this baby so much???” It’s very cute.

    And that takes us through to the 70s! I hope everyone is having a nice time, because there will be zero nice times for the Aquafam after this.

    Next up: the deaths of Aquababy and Tula. 😭

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  • delphnewsdotcom
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    'I'm So Happy' Whitemoney declares as he partners with Award Winning Brand

    ‘I’m So Happy’ Whitemoney declares as he partners with Award Winning Brand

    After emerging victorious at the previously completed Big Brother Naija Show, Hazel “Whitemoney” Onou mostly known as just Whitemoney has bagged yet another patnership. Whitemoney signing his partnership contract with Seahorse The Millionaire Star has partnered with Global brands like Binance, Getfit, Jennysglow but he uite expressed his happiness to Join Sea Horse Lubricants. Few hours ago from…

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    #Sea Horse Lubricants #Whitemoney
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