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    Me meeting Chris Evans: SIR I'm a big fan of your work,

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    I know Vindicta is far from over (Or is it? E h e h e h e h)

    But I've decided once it's over my next work is most certainly going to be a tasteful serial killer story. Possibly a period piece because... really.... you know.

    Or you know

    Kill me please

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                           Then finish it. 

          'Cause I'm with you 'til the end of the line.

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    SEBASTIAN STAN in Wake Up Call (2008)

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    Pieces of Us

    Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

    Summary: You come home on a Saturday afternoon to jazz in the air. And it isn't long before your your new manicure catches Bucky's attention. This blurb is fluff sprinkled with nostalgia and kisses.

    Word Count: 843

    A/N: In the midst of the working on requests, this idea came and I had to get it out. School is going great but the workload is on another level, so I'm happy to be able to post this smaller piece in the meantime. I hope you all are well. Enjoy.

    Warm light poured through the blinds, and onto the wood floor in thin, golden streaks. Bucky studied them as he sat in thought. The airy jazz melody flowing throughout the living room had taken him to a period that seemed both a lifetime, and an arm’s length away.

    It was Saturday, well into the afternoon, yet he was reminded of the songs his mother used to play on the radio when she would tidy the house after breakfast on Saturday mornings. Music drove her just as much as her love for their little family. Once upon a time, Bucky listened to it whenever he could—dance and sing too, if the moment permitted—all because her own love for music had encouraged his.

    When the lock on the apartment door twisted, his gaze flitted to it. You were entering a beat later, eyes bright, and carrying one too many grocery bags. As he pushed himself from the couch to help, he lightheartedly scolded you for not texting him to come down. But you brushed off his words with a smile and shrug as if to say that you’d managed on your own.

    It wasn’t until you two started un-bagging the food that Bucky noticed that there was something different about your nails. They were longer. Interesting. He wanted to wait until everything was put away to acknowledge them.

    A smile found its way onto your face when Bucky took your hands. The two of you were still in the kitchen, and the soft music still navigated its way through apartment. With a small frown of curiosity, he made you stretch out your fingers so he could take a look at the work that had been done. They were nice. The added length made your fingers appear longer and more slender. The shade, a dusty rose, complimented your skin in a way worthy of being deemed classy and elegant.

    You met Bucky’s gaze. “Do you like them?”

    He hummed. “You’ve never had them like this before. Not that I’ve seen.” He searched your eyes to make sure that assertion was truthful. He was almost certain he never had. He would’ve remembered such a change.

    “Yeah, I haven’t had acrylics in forever. Figured I’d go ahead and get them done ‘cause I had time,” you said. “I feel all fancy now.”

    He cracked a smile. “You should. They look real nice, doll.” He lifted each of your hands to kiss them. Your skin still smelled faintly of the citrusy lotion that the nail tech massaged into it towards the end of the appointment.

    Something about the look in Bucky's eyes shifted. “You know…” he began, “there was something my mom used to do with her nails when I was younger.” His hands came to rest on your waist and, in turn, you wrapped your arms around his neck.

    You offered a kind smile and pressed a quick kiss to his chin. “Tell me about it,” you said. “I could listen to you talk about her all day.”

    There was a pleasant flutter within his chest. “It was called the 'half moon' manicure. She’d only paint a strip across the middle of her nails. I remember how the red polish looked kinda shiny. And how Rebecca would stand over her shoulder to watch as she painted them. Our dad always complimented her on them too.” His voice had grown measured, as if he were tiptoeing through memories.

    You stayed quiet for a bit before murmuring, “I love that.”

    He touched his forehead to yours. “I did too.”

    Then you pressed your lips to his in a sweet kiss. The jazz was still playing, having transitioned to a new song. Your lips moved together slowly as if taking part in a dance of their own. You could feel him. Everything that he was, everything that he was trying to hold on to. Surely, he felt you too. Your fingers moved to the nape of his neck, nails lightly scratching at the skin. For a fraction of a second, his lips faltered against yours and a shiver coursed down his spine.

    He’d have to get used to the longer nails against his skin, he realized.

    The kiss eventually reached the end of its life, and he looked down at you intently.

    “M’gonna take you out.”

    You combed a hand through his hair. “Are you now?”

    “Yes. I don’t know where to yet, but I will,” he said. “We’re gonna listen to some good music, dance, enjoy ourselves. You're gonna be in a dress that goes with those pretty nails of yours," he explained. "We'll make some memories to share with our kids one day.”

    You gave a playful tilt of your head. “Kids, you say?” It seemed so perfect and impossible that being parents was a reality within your reach.

    “Yes, kids.” His lips quirked in amusement. “We’re gonna love ‘em with everything that we’ve got and make sure they always have a whole bunch of pieces of us to hold on to.”

    "Sounds good to me."


    Thanks for reading!

    Masterlist / Fluffy Bucky Fics

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    I started an Instagram account for gossip it's softpeanuttea. You can send some stuff there about whatever. I'll try to post every day but no guarantee

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    Seb if he ever met me

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    IMAGINE spending the night in with Sebastian

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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season Two: Agent Avery

    Series Masterlist

    Summary: During an intense interrogation, your existence is made obsolete when half the population is turned to dust. What felt like a mere five minutes was in fact— five years. With the knowledge that Hydra was once again rising with intentions more sinister then the last, you do the job you were originally sent out to do. Protect Sargent James Buchanan Barnes at whatever means necessary. Kicking off right after the events of season one.

    Prologue: “Cut off one head…”

    Episode One:

    Episode Two:

    Episode Three:

    Episode Four:

    Episode Five:

    Episode Six:

    (Coming soon to a device near you)

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes x reader #ohtobeleah#sebastian stan#marvel mcu #bucky barnes fluff #bucky fic#tfatws #bucky barnes angst #bucky barnes x female reader #bucky barnes fic #bucky barnes series #bucky barnes whump #bucky barnes imagine
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    𝒀𝒐𝒖'𝒓𝒆 𝒈𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑰 𝒈𝒐𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒚 𝒉𝒊𝒈𝒉 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒊𝒎𝒆

    𝑻𝒐 𝒌𝒆𝒆𝒑 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒐𝒇𝒇 𝒎𝒚 𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒅 💭✨🖤

    𝑏𝑢𝑐𝑘𝑦 & 𝑌𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑛𝑎• 𝑓𝑎𝑛𝑓𝑖𝑐•𝑖𝑚𝑎𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑒

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    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Rediscovering We

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader, Winter Soldier/Reader

    Summary: I can't remember myself. I can't remember my past. I can't remember him. But I want to. I want to oh so desperately remember James, but Hydra stole him from me. Him and our memories.

    Word count: 1741

    Chapter One

    "Guys. We have a new mission." Tony says as he tosses several files onto the conference table. The team reaches across the table and grabs a copy.

    "Hydra?" Nat asks surprised. They thought they'd taken care of Hydra. There hasn’t been any kind of activity anywhere for years now. Not in America, Europe, Asia, anywhere.

    "Steve." Bucky mumbles when he looks at the location. Siberia. "Why are we going to Siberia?" Bucky asks as he tosses the file down in disgust. Siberia is the last place he wants to go.

    "SHIELD noticed activity. We were also sent a message saying the facility there was reactivated." Tony begins pacing around the conference room. "And there's other news. A Winter Soldier is being held there."

    Steve and Bucky take in a sharp breath before saying a word. The last time they heard about any Winter Soldiers is when Zemo went and took care of the rest, killing them all. How is there still a Winter Soldier let alone the facility still there?

    “This doesn’t make sense. I thought the facility was blown to bits. I thought it was gone along with any Winter Soldiers left.” Bucky says, shaking his head. Nothing makes sense right now.

    “Zemo did take out the rest of them but…..this Winter Soldier has been in and out of activity.” Tony glances at Bucky as he continues with his briefing.

    “What do you mean in and out of activity?” Bucky notices Tony giving him weary looks. He opens the folder and starts flipping through it.

    “This Winter Soldier was born in 1920.” Tony turns to the tv and a few grainy images show up. Dressed in all black, a mask and some type of eye covering. Similar to Bucky's old uniform he wore in his hydra days.

    “That’s not possible. They told me she died.” Bucky mumbles more to himself. “She was sent on a mission in Germany and they said she died. This…..this isn’t possible.” Bucky shakes his head, throwing the folder back onto the table.

    “Someone wants to explain what’s going on?” Sam snaps.

    Bucky takes a deep breath before addressing everyone in the room. “1943. I was abducted by Hydra. 1945. I became the Winter soldier. Later on I failed my first mission and was almost killed. Later that year they find this orphaned girl and take her. She was born in 1920 and they put her through the same training I went through.” Bucky takes a deep breath and pauses for a moment. He hasn’t talked about her for years. He’s only mentioned her to Steve, not even Fury knows about her.

    “We went in and out of the cryostasis chamber, brainwashed us, wiped our memories, everything. They would even activate us in the same room. They called her Persephone after the goddess and queen of the underworld, life, death, grain and destruction. Hydra would refer to her as a shadow, my shadow.”

    “So you guys went on missions together? How come we never heard about her?” Sam asks, shocked and slightly angry.

    “There’s a reason they referred to her as a shadow.” Bucky glared at Sam. “Back in 2012 I was sent on a mission to South America and she was sent to Germany. That was the first time we were separated. I came back but she didn't. They told me she was killed on her mission.” Bucky looks down at his hands with a solemn look. He doesn’t want to tell them about the more human moments they had. The times they’d sit in their cells talking, trying to lighten their horrible lives.

    “Wait. I remember her.” Nat's voice comes out in a hushed tone. Everyone turns to look at her as she’s staring at a clear picture of Persephone's face.

    “She trained in the red room too. I remember her. They called her the prodigy. She was one of the best. She was the best. She excelled through the red room and before anyone knew what was happening she was training us. She was brutal.” Nat turns to Bucky for confirmation. He nods his head with a disgusted look.

    “Well let’s go. We need to get in there and get her out. That poor woman has been through hell and I won’t let them hurt her anymore.” Tony’s tone comes out firm but not business-like. More with a hint of revenge.

    “We’re going too.” Bucky motions to himself and Steve who gives a determined nod in agreement.

    “I’m coming too. I’m not going to let them torture her anymore.” Nat says as she glared down at the table.

    “I’ll come too. Hydra needs to be squashed once and for all.” Thor looks at the team with a determined look.

    “The rest of you will stay here. We don’t need everyone anyways.” Tony says as he looks between Wanda, Peter, Vision, and Sam. Though they don’t want to stay behind, they understand why.

    “Is it just her or are there more of them?” Steve looks through the file.

    "There were 20. But they died from something going wrong with the serum or they ended up getting killed or killed themselves. These three are the last ones and Fury says they need out. Now."

    "We leave tomorrow at nine. Be suited up and ready. We're going in and planning on coming out with three people."

    "Mr. Stark? How come I can't come?" Peter pipes up.

    "You're too young and inexperienced to go. I'm not about to risk your life, mr." Tony says in a tone letting the young boy know the conversation has come to an end.

    Everyone takes their copy of the file and heads back to their room to prepare tomorrow.

    Bucky sits in the conference room for a minute longer than everyone. He never thought he'd be returning to a place that inflicted so much pain.

    Memories from the horrible past flash before his eyes. His first time waking up, the training, the pain. Instead of feeling vulnerable, small....he feels angry. Furious that those bastards are still inflicting the same pain on others.

    Siberia, Russia

    "AHHHHHH!!!" I clench down onto the rubber mouth guard as pain shoots through my body.

    I can't move my arms or legs. They're stuck in a metal vice grip as electrification shocks my head.

    "AHHHH!!" I hear another girl scream from the other side of the room.

    "Fuck you you piece of shit!!" I say through gritted teeth.

    "Another round." The stupid bald four eyed scientist says.

    Another wave of long, intense pain shoots through my body. I'm temporarily paralyzed and my head feels like it's being split in half.

    Once the pain stops I feel weak, exhausted. My body's covered in sweat and I can barely lift a finger.

    The restraints around my body manually come undone and I just lay there. Everything’s blank. I can’t remember anything for who knows how long. There’s gaps already forming in my head.

    Two guards come busting through the lab door holding a beaten and bloody boy. The other Winter Soldier. The newer version.

    "You can't make me do anything I don't want!!" He screams.

    "Anthony." I mumble.

    Don't say that. They'll kill you. They'll send you on another mission. Don't say that, please.

    "Take example of this boy. A poor excuse as a Winter Soldier and a failure to Hydra." A man speaks in Russian to me and the other girl. He circles Anthony with a gun pointed at his head.

    "We control you. You belong to us! You will do the work you are told, when we say! Take this as an example if either of you try to fight back!" The man raises his gun and shoots Anthony right between the eyes.

    "Anthony!" I scream. I fall forward and try to make my way to him. He's already surrounded by a pool of blood and my body just isn't moving fast enough.

    "No!! You can't make me do anything!" Kelly screams from her restraints. "I refuse to become a monster!"

    BANG! Then silence. I turn around and see Kelly's limp body hanging from her restraints. Her head hanging to the side, blood trickling from a hole in her forehead.

    "Want to be the next Shadow?" The man says in Russian. He stalks towards me as all the doctors watch in fear.

    They can't kill me. I'm the last one. The only Winter Soldier left.

    "We trained you with him." He sneers. "I’m sure it won’t be a big deal if we lose you. You’re just a shadow wandering around till you find someone to latch on to. You’re alone. You were left behind." He uses the tip of his boot to raise my head, forcing me to look him in the eyes.

    "You just completed such a successful mission darling. I'd hate to kill you." He reels back his foot and sends it into my stomach.

    "Don't forget. All I have to do is mumble these words and you're under my complete control Soldier."

    With a flick of his wrist four guards move forward to drag the two bodies who know where and two more come to collect me from the floor.

    They drag me to my cell and throw me in. I lay there on the cold concrete floor still too numb to move.

    "Why can't I remember? Who am I?" I mumble as the man's words echo in my head.

    After several minutes my body has recovered and I pull myself up from the ground. I walk over to my cot and sit there with my head in my hands.

    I killed someone. I killed someone again. They were probably innocent like the hundreds before them. I'm a monster. Maybe I should die. Maybe I should die just like Kelly and Anthony. Then they'll have nothing.

    A little wrapping on my cell window snaps me out of my self loath.

    I look up to see a middle aged woman with black hair at my cell door. She has a panicked look about her face as she constantly looks around her. When she catches my eyes she motions me forward.

    Tentatively, I make my way over to the door. She slips a piece of white paper under the cell door and in a blink of an eye she's gone.

    I bend down and pick up the paper with shaking hands.

    They'll be here soon. You're getting out. Freedom.

    Then I hear gunfire.

    #bucky x y/n #bucky fic#fatws bucky#bucky banres#sebastian stan #sebastian stan x reader #mcu fanfiction#mcu #mcu x reader #marvel#tfatws #winter solider fanfiction #james buchanan bucky barnes #james bucky barnes
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    Settling In Devils Creek: Drunk On A Devils Hunger

    Summary- 5.4k Sheriff Lee Bodecker x Reader. You survived your encounter with the Reverend, but just barely. Lee vows to keep you safe by any means necessary. But will the Reverend honor the werewolf's territory boundaries or is the cafe now a free for all?

    Warnings- Smut, werewolf getting it on. This is an 18+ Only blog.

    A/N- Written for @slothspaghettiwrites Sloth’s Marvelous Monster Mayhem Writing Challenge. My prompts were lyrics from Bottom Of The River by Delta Rae. One of my favorites songs, so I’m thrilled I got to use that one. Thank you @verdandis-blog for giving this a read through. Dividers made by @firefly-graphics.

    Masterlist / Chased By The Pale Moonlight

    Lee had arrested the reverend, right in the middle of his bible study which gave the Sheriff great pleasure. But he couldn't make the charges stick due to your wounds simply looking too animalistic. Lee had a doctor inspect them due to Reverend Preston's insistence of his innocence. Of course, the doctor deemed them “unknown animal attack in the woods.”

    It was frustrating because he was right in his assessment. It was an animal attack but no way to really prove what it could possibly be.

    For your safety, once the Reverend was released, you stayed at Sheriff Bodeckers in the evenings. He also escorted you to the repaired cafe for your shifts. Anytime he wasn't able to, Sandy was more than happy to hang out.

    At first, you were cross at Sandy not telling you when she came to visit her brothers, a bottle of liquor in her hand as an apology. She swept you in a hug, shaking her head. “The fucking Reverend, we should just go up there and put a silver bullet in his head.”

    “It’s tempting.” Lee shrugged. “Very very tempting to shoot the fucking bastard. Excuse my language. But Sandy, you know that isn’t how it works. If we are going to kill Preston, it has to be done without getting caught.”

    The woman rolled her eyes at her brother while digging a pack of smoke out of her purse, tapping the pack to pull one out. She flicked one at her brother and took one for herself. “It's the least he deserves. You want one?” She offered and you declined. She stuffed it back into her purse while snapping her fingers against a lighter. Tossing it to her brother, she turned back to him. “Ya know, I can get Carl to do it. He has a mean streak in him.” She smirked and a cold shiver escaped you at her tone.

    Lee flashed her a look before shaking his head. “I don’t want to know what shit you and Carl get up to Sandy to make you say that. Again, no. Be my luck he missed the shot and then I got to worry about y’all as well.”

    You had a feeling werewolves were vindictive creatures the more you learned from them. Sheriff Bodecker never changed towards you, but now that you knew he kept his feelings about the Reverend a lot less hidden.

    You couldn't help but agree with his general disgust of the man.

    Things changed at the cafe. You still had your regulars and out-of-towners, but anyone from the congregation refused to come in after you tried to press charges on their Reverend. Even Lucy refused to converse with you, purposely ignoring any friendly gesture you made to her on the street. The sudden coldness of the town was a damper on your spirits. Sandy was sure to remind you that ‘You are too good for them bible thumpers anyways.’

    There were good times, you rather enjoyed making dinner for the Sheriff, every night he would press his hands against his stomach with a groan about how damn fine it was. Oftentimes he went back for thirds and fourths. Werewolves were bottomless pits, always hungry and searching for food. You took advantage of that, testing out all sorts of new recipes for the cafe on him which he was more than enthusiastic about.

    In the evenings after dinner, he typically did stuff around his yard. Raking fallen leaves and trimming around the house, he was sure to stroll with you whenever you went as well. It was these times he shared a bit more knowledge about that other side of himself.

    Your arm was wrapped through his because he simply radiates warmth in the chilly fall evening. “How did it happen… becoming one?”

    “Ancestors were assuming, come over from Europe and just grew. Once in a while, a new one wanders into town, but they rarely stay too long. The ones around here are all from this area, except the Reverend.” He bared his teeth a bit at the thought.

    “And the change… does it hurt?” It was hard to imagine it didn't, with the differences that had to happen, all your bones reshaping and organs shifting. Not to mention the elongating of his entire face, it twisted your gut thinking it hurt.

    Lee patted your hand in the crook of his arm, flashing a smile. “Not but a few moments, then…” He breathed in deeply. “Power, sheer power. That can be the overwhelming part of it all. Keeping control. All you want to do is chase, hunt, and…” His eyes glanced down at you. “It’s just a lot to maintain. Actually, most of us have safe places, cages that we can be put into if the monster is too overpowering.”

    He tugged you a bit closer when his hand fell around your hip. “You don't have to worry about it though, Sandy knows what to do if it's needed.”

    You fell into your thoughts while Lee fell quiet to.

    You also were given target practice by Lee. His big barrel pistol felt foreign in your hands, but he was steadfast in making sure you knew what to do. That was also the day he set up one in the cafe for safety reasons. At first, you were against such a thing. After closing he was behind the counter, fitting it into a hiding place for you.

    “Lee, why would I need it? When I have you.” You pointed out, leaning over the counter while watching him install the holster in a secret spot.

    “And what about when I’m not here Sunshine?” He stuck the tip of his tongue out while he managed to get the last screw in at an odd angle. You just had to reach between where the counters connected to withdraw the weapon now. “I do get called out of Devils Creek for court cases.” He pointed out. “I gotta go to one tomorrow.”

    Your eyes darted to the calendar. “But it's the full moon tomorrow night.”

    “I will be back before then, but just in case…” He pushed himself to stand, cupping your face in his hands. “You got that Sunshine. I also marked your building as part of my territory. He shouldn't cross it.”

    You couldn't help your bubble of nerves, but hearing him made you giggle a bit, arching a brow. “And how did you mark it as yours?” You teased and Lee gave a snort and shook his head.

    “Easily, that night you were attacked, I went back and clawed my signature into it. What? You think I peed on it? I’m not a dog!” He joked and you couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up from you, tears streaming down your face.

    “You will be back before nightfall?” You managed to squeeze out with a hiccup.

    “I can’t see why I wouldn't be.” Lee assured you, pushing up to a stand and resting his hand over yours, squeezing tightly to reassure you. You rewarded him with one of those sweet smiles that made Lee warm all over.

    That next day you were nervous throughout the day, having stayed at the cafe since Lee had dropped you off early that morning. Your usual customers went about their day and you did your best to put your best face forward.

    Sandy was going to stay with you till Lee came back, which should have been at any time now. He had a slight mishap at court that kept him longer than he suspected according to his text. But was sure he would be home well before the full moon showed its glowing orb in the night sky.

    You two closed up a bit earlier than usual, the atmosphere in Devil Creek was just heavy that day, a foreboding warning. By seven the place was dead and you didn't see any cars on the street.

    Sandy was trying to keep her argument on the phone with Carl hush hush, but you couldn't miss him yelling on the other end when she finally snapped the cafe's wall phone back on the hanger. “Y/N, Carl is drunk off his ass and gonna do something stupid if I don’t get on home.” She said with disbelief. “Of all nights to act a fucking prick, he chooses this one. Why don't you just come home with me? Lee will know where you are if you are not here.”

    You tried sending him a text earlier, but no response, plus Carl scared you a bit. Not that you weren't dealing with the worst situation with Reverend Preston, but adding Carl into the mix just wasn't what you thought you needed right now. “No, I probably should stay here. I’m sure Lee will be here soon.” Sandy hesitated as she shouldered her purse. “Besides, Lee said that Preston shouldn't come near this place once he’s shifted. Something about werewolf dynamics making this place Lee’s territory.”

    “Lee did the same thing to my house too. Carl is forever peeved why I won’t let him paint over what looks like claw marks. You sure hun? I hate to leave ya here on your own.”

    “Positive Sandy, I know he will be here soon. I have a few things I wanted to take care of anyways. Besides, your brother gave me lessons. Wouldn't let up till I was hitting the bullseye.”

    It was enough of a push Sandy needed to get her out the door and you were sure to lock it behind you.

    The next hour you did just as you said you needed to, making a batch of donuts tossed in cinnamon sugar for the morning. You had tried several times to call Lee but still was no answer.

    “Where the hell are you Sheriff?” You whispered to yourself at the next no answer phone call and as it got darker, the moon now visible hanging over the tops of people's houses, you considered calling Sandy back, to see if perhaps she had heard from her brother. Your fingers hovered over the call button when you heard it, making you pause, holding your breath, straining to hear it.

    Tap, tap, tap.

    Something sharp tapping along with the steel door you had installed at the back of the kitchen. Then a loud screeching noise started, you could see the steel visibly indent with a line dragging down the length of it.

    “Let me in, Little Lamb.” A snarling tone and at the cracks where the door sealed you heard Preston huffing like his nose was pressed there. “That Devils mark can’t keep me out.” Preston grunted out.

    “Shit!” You rush out of the back kitchen to dart behind the counter. The steel door couldn't hold up to Preston. He wrenched it out of the frame and padded inside on all fours. You killed the lights in the restaurant and clutching the pistol, you tried to hide yourself away where he wouldn't see you.

    You need to see him and aim before he could get to you. Your heart raced with a crash against your chest, feeling like it was just going to break its way through your chest.

    “I can hear it.” Came a growl just entering the main part of the cafe, his claws scraping with each lumbering step as he pushed up on top of one of the countertops, crouching. The wood groaned under his weight, almost seeming to sag. “Your heart is so loud. Be easy to find you, Little Lamb.” He huffed in a laugh, his tongue swiping over his fangs and muzzle. “You were lucky last time.” He leaped down on the other side of the counter opposite of you. You were sure he probably knew where you were, tucked into a cubby under your register. On the other side of the wood you sensed him, wet snuffs dragging up and down the siding of the counter, where you were hiding. “I can smell you too, no wonder Lee hides you all to himself. So sweet-smelling.” He grunted as his shoulder thumped heavily against the counter. You bit your lip to keep from yelping out in surprise. “You smell like those plump peaches, so juicy that when bitten into, you squirt. Is that what you do for the Sheriff, Little Lamb?” You heard him pause, just on the other side of the counter from where you were, going eerily silent for several seconds.

    A snarl ripped through him and a paw splintered through the wood near where you were hidden. You screamed and pushed yourself out while Preston ripped a hole through the wood, shooting his paw out and swiping his claws out at you, just missing you. “He’s not coming. Sheriff Lee ran into some issues.”

    He was messing with you, you could tell by the lazy effort he put into withdrawing from the hole he made, the way he disappeared from sight. Your fingers fumbled with the gun, holding it in front of you. All was quiet for a moment, your eyes staring at the hole, ready for him to return. Then a hot heavy drop landed on your shaking hand, and you glanced up to see him hovering above you over the counter, how he got up there so silently, you didn't know. But you took aim and pulled the trigger.

    Lee was just about to head back into town. Still a good half hour of daylight left, there was a sense of relief making it back to Devil Creek. His whole day had been a fucking disaster to start with. Every instinct had told him not to leave, especially with the change coming. But there had been no choice and he was confident he would be back in time.

    That was till the bailiff dragged ass, the court kept getting recessed due to varying circumstances, his time in the confession booth was one of the last ones to be taken. It all just added up till his couple hours out of town was all damn day.

    But he still had time to get to the cafe, pick you up, and return home so he could shift in peace and keep you safe. Lee highly doubted that the Reverend Preston would dare to come to his home, even with you as a lure.

    Before hitting the edge of town, a sharp ping ricocheted off his cruiser, and the car gave a jerking turn making him drag it off to the side of the road, the front driver's side tire was flat. “Fuck.” He snapped, his eyes roving the side of the road to see if there was anything suspicious before he ran his hand over his holster and wrapped his hand over the handle of his weapon. Pushing open his door, he stepped out. The all too familiar tingle rippled up his spine, red hot pain that signaled he was close to the shift. If he was, so was the Reverend.

    Several men stepped out of the nearby woods where they had been hiding. Rifles slung up to aim at him. “Back in the car, Sheriff.”

    It was easy to see that they were members of the congregation. Lee wasn't one to back down. WIth a push, his door to the cruiser slammed shut with a show of refusal while he strode away from the parked cruiser. “I got somewhere to be. Get out of my way or else I will have you all brought in.”

    “Can't do Sheriff.” The safety of the rifles clicked off. “Reverend don't need you interfering.”

    Lee dragged in another breath, the pain starting to take over. Behind the treeline he could see the moon starting to crest.

    “Get the fuck out of my way right now.” He groaned out, sweat starting to bead his brow. One of the men grew impatient, tilting his rifle up and shooting in the air.


    There wasn't any time left now and Lee just let the change take over. It split from him like an egg being cracked open, his clothes falling away into shreds while bones cracked and reshaped with gut turning noises. The men wavered their resolve seeing Lee shift, frightened gasps of horror as they all started to stumble backwards to retreat from the nightmare. Fur drove its way through his skin in a wave as it coated from his back to his front, his body growing in the process till muscles were prominent that never showed in his softer human body. Hands reshaped to large dinner plate paws with wickedly sharp claws that burst under his fingernails, and his teeth protruded into fangs while his muzzle stretched, leaving him panting at the effort. No longer was his eyes human, barely seeing in the dark.

    Now they were glowing demonic red, sharp ears pinned back while his fur rippled at the first effort he took to stand up, now towering over any man there. His red eyes pinpointed on them and a snap of his bone-crushing jaws with a roar sent them falling back, no longer willing to try to stop him. The werewolf was aching to give chase, snap their necks and gouge their beating hearts from their chests, a wet lick of his tongue over glistening fangs left him almost doing that. But his senses sharpened.


    A burst of speed escaped him, gouging his claws through the road's pavement as he took off. Crumbles of concrete shooting behind him. Everything turned into a blur around him, his whole focus on just getting to you. While he barrelled up the main street, he heard the initial shot, immediately honing in on the cafe.

    There wasn't even a pause as his body slammed into the door, skidding across the linoleum to crash into booths on the opposite side. He shook his head to clear off debris from the splintered wood, roaring out his rage at the scene.

    You stood wide-legged, the pistol held up in front of you while Preston was clutching at his shoulder, the burning acrid scent of flesh and fur filled the air. The silver bullet was singing where it was embedded in the monster. Preston clawed at his shoulder, trying to remove it while howling in pain.

    Lee crashed through the remains of the booth, catching sight of you wide-eyed turning to face him. You ducked just in time when Preston made a grab for you, disappearing from Lee's sight till you crawled out of a torn through hole through the counter's frame. You pushed yourself to bolt, sliding across broken glass and wood to get to Lee.

    Preston gave chase, which Lee was already shoving you behind him. In a fury of claws and teeth, he was wrapped around Preston. This time when they crashed around, it wasn't trees they were busting through. But your cafe.

    Your cafe was being destroyed by the two monsters as their bodies were flung around, Lee went soaring into the wall of dishes that all shattered on impact. Shards of plates and cups falling around him like snow as he shook himself.

    Preston was still clutching his shoulder on the other side of the cafe, deep wet pants and a lolling tongue hanging out the side of his muzzle showed his exertion, partially slumped backward on his haunches.

    “She’s mine.” Lee snarled and leaped the distance separating the monsters, this time he was faster than Preston’s slowing movements. The werewolf didn't have a chance to prepare for the onslaught and this time Lee buried his fangs in Preston's throat, crushing his windpipe and ripping open his jugular with a bone snapping shake of his head.

    A screaming panicked cry escaped the werewolf while he was being viciously shaken till he went completely limp, his head lolling back at an odd angle. Lee just let him drop into a crumble through the wreckage they were standing in.

    A soft wavering voice caught his attention, the adrenaline running through him made him quake a bit.


    Lifting his gaze, he found you among the ruins, looking so tiny and fragile that it streaked every protective part in him, human and monster.

    The monster approached you, slow in his movements as he came closer to you, long claws were curled protectively against his paw till he uncurled them, scraping barely against your cheek. “Sunshine.” The growl came out, his muzzle dropping to the other side of your face, inhaling against you, his tongue a gentle caress against your cheek.

    You dropped your hand to Lee’s furry chest, tilting your face up to his affections. You could feel how much he wanted you, his monster cock pressing up from between his muscle-roped thighs. His ears flattened to his skull when you whimpered at the claws trailing goosebumps down your neck and hooked a claw into your shirt.

    The last few moment's worth of adrenaline simmered through you, turning the fear into a need for your protector. You couldn't be scared of him any longer, not after seeing this beast go gentle for you after breaking Preston’s neck. His red eyes softened the longer he looked down at you. He wasn’t a monster, not to you. No, it was just your sweet sheriff. Your hands dug into the thick black fur, seeking out him underneath it all, the wall of his chest quivering at your touch.

    “I want you Lee, do it.” you whispered, your big innocent eyes blinking up at him. “I'm not afraid, how could I be?” The adrenaline in your system had made you turn feral for the monster, needing him like no other. Tentatively you swiped your hands through his fur, marveling at the beauty before you.

    There was a grunt from him as he curled his claws into your shirt and let them slide down, following down the length of your body, your shirt falling away in shreds. “Precious Sunshine. You should run.” He lapped his tongue over your collar bone.

    “Why would I run Lee? I’m right where I need to be.” You marveled at the sheer force under your hands as you roamed your hands over him. His fur was bristled but soft under your palm. Shoulders, chest, stomach, it all was muscle. Your hands felt tiny when they wrapped around his cock, making him snarl at the feel of your hands rubbing him. You preened at the way his thick head was already beading with cum, how he throbbed and twitched in your hands.

    You couldn't stop, not now. Not when you felt your thighs quiver and panties stick to you with such a need. How would it feel to be stretched on him, claimed. You had a feeling you would be blissfully ruined for anyone beyond Lee.

    “I can smell you.” His tongue lapped forcefully against a nipple, sharp teeth just sinking into your breast. Beads of fine blood burst forth that he dragged his tongue over. It didn't hurt but made you want that sensation again as you clutched the back of his head, twisting fingers into his fur. “Just bury into your sweet cunt.” Claws circled your hips, pulling you in closer to his hulking form. “Be the sweetest heaven.”

    You let go of his fur, reaching down to flip your skirt up. Another animalistic grunt escaped him as he tightened his hold, careful that his claws weren't piercing into your skin too much as he propped you on what was left of your cafe’s counter.

    “They are already ruined Lee, get them off.” You spread your thighs for him and he ran his tongue over his fangs like you were a delicacy. Running his paws down the back of your thighs, he lifted your feet to the counter's edge, long laps of his tongue cleaning between your thighs. A nip of his fangs twisted into your panties and a quick jerk ripped them from your body.

    Rumbles filled the cafe the way you were laid out on the counter, now bare, wanting. Your hands ran over his shoulders and down his biceps while the werewolf licked over your weeping cunt, along the crease in your thigh, over your belly, and up further till he was hovering over you.

    “Last chance Sunshine.”

    A broken voice that still resembles Lee made you flutter, leaning up, you placed a kiss to the tip of his muzzle. “My answer is the same Sheriff. I want all of you.”

    Your legs moved around his waist, to dig your heels into the base of his back while Lee was so careful with you. The first press of his cock was wide, making you hiss into his fur.

    The monster actually whined that he might be hurting you, but you begged for more.

    Lee started to ease into you further, feeling you stretch slowly around him, and there was simply no way he could fit all the way in you.

    But this was enough, you fluttering around him while gazing at him with lust in your eyes, your eyes widened seeing him pull out and back in, your mewls at the stretch soon turned into moans as you have never felt so full and complete before. Soon you were rutting to meet him, burying your face into his shoulder as he controlled your movements, paws spanning your hips, claws digging into ass cheeks. He grunted between drags of his tongue against your sweaty skin, pushing his muzzle between your bouncing breasts as you arched into him, revealing the complete feeling of being caged by Lee in his grasp. There wasn't a part of you he left untouched...

    Your orgasm ripped through you, leaving you clinging to the beast as best you could before it started all over again. His stamina never slowed while he brought you through it.

    You had guessed right as your eyes fluttered back and you heard Lee snicker at the next orgasm.

    “Fuck Lee… you always this cocky.” You teased him and he growled at you, sinking fangs in further in your breast as he lapped at your nipple, making you jolt into him. “You really are like a dog with a bone, huh?” You giggled as you were still reeling from your rush.

    “Sunshine.” He growled out sharply but clearly played back with you. “I’m worse than a dog with a bone.”

    You were the most beautiful person Lee had ever experienced, the beast in him already wanting nothing more than to fuck you and take care of you. Claws scraped teasing at your skin as he lapped every inch of your chest, leaving you whimpering his name and clenching around him.

    Pulling from your sweet cunt was hard, but he just had to take you apart once more. A skilled tongue eased your thighs to spread for him, your wet sopping cunt was an invitation for him. It was calling to him as the scent of your arousal spiked his needs. He tasted you once before settling in to really make you scream.

    The sensation was almost overwhelming, his tongue powerful as he speared expertly into you, curling against your sweet spot that had you grasping thick black fur, yanking harder than you ever have before and your thighs wrapped around his head.

    Lee was intoxicated easily, drawing out fire quick orgasms from you that made you sink further into a crying mess, he was easily able to stay there, marveling at the way you tried to hold onto him and ride his face till he slammed a paw against your stomach to hold you down. “Stay still.” he warned, but you didn't heed him. You couldn't, coherent thought left your body.

    He finally relented when you pleaded with him to fuck you again, grabbing his ears this time and pulling him back up your body.

    His fangs dragged up the center of your body while his eyes remained on you. Your body instinctively rolled up for him. A begging mess all for him.

    Lee huffed deeply against your hair, as you clung to his chest, one paw clutching at the small of your back to start pounding his cock back into you, the other paw falling against the counter, his claws ripping through the wood to gouge long marks into it. “Mine. Sunshine.”

    “Fuck all yours Sheriff.” you whimpered out and he slowed down, arching his neck and tipping his head back, you swore you were about to black out when he roared, gnashing his teeth at the intensity of his intense orgasm and his spend painted you, making you feel like you swelled from him. He was still going when he pulled from you, your hands falling to his cock and pumping white thick ribbons splattered against your stomach and chest. You sunk back against the counter, looking up at a panting Lee, his ears pricked forward at your soft groan and his claws were gentle scrapes over your sensitive skin.

    “Okay?” He asked in that broken tone between a voice and a growl, you nodded, clutching your fingers against his biceps to pull back up to sit.

    “Better than okay Sheriff.” You tried catching your breath, he pulled you in closer to him till you could partially wrap your arms around him. “I don't think I can walk through, will you take me home. To your home.”

    Huffing laughter rose from him as he so easily scooped you into one of his arms and made his way out of the destroyed cafe. The cool night air against your naked skin made you burrow closer into Lee while he loped along.

    Weeks Later

    Lee whistled while he stood at his bathroom mirror, running a razor along his cheeks to clean off the stubble. You wandered to the bathroom door to brace against the door frame, watching him. His eyes caught yours in the mirror. “Morning Sunshine.”

    “Morning Sheriff.” You beamed back at him while wrapping your arm around his middle and leaned against his back while he continued cleaning his face up.

    “You want me to drop you off before your grand reopening?” He asked and you nodded.

    “I would love that Lee. Think this one will be a success?” You bit at your lip and he glanced at you through the mirror, seeing your nerves.

    “Course Sunshine, third time's a charm right?”

    You giggled against his shoulder, rubbing your hand up and down his soft belly, scratching lightly.

    “Well as long as I don't have some wild animals breaking in this time around, I should be good.” Lee went back to finishing shaving, thinking back on just how much damage he and Preston had done. It basically got gutted after that, there was no saving the inside.

    But it gave the opportunity for you to have it remade how you envisioned it.

    It took weeks, Lee and you working on the cafe in the evenings he had off. Sandy came when she wasn't dealing with her husband. Towards the end, more members of the town started to help out and before you knew it, you were putting the finishing touches on it. Brand new dinnerware was being stacked up for the morning rush and Lee was humming to himself, giving one last mop to the new gleaming floors.

    “I think that's about it.” You said as you broke down the last cardboard box and Lee went to dump the dirty water while putting everything away.

    “Sunshine, it looks gorgeous.” He said, looking around the cafe happily while you wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed in against him.

    “It does look amazing. Thank you for all your help.” You pressed your lips sweetly to his. For Lee, life didn't get much better than this.

    “Would you have a cup before you start your shift? I also made those donuts you like Sheriff” Your question drew him out of his memories. Lee rinsed his razor and put it away.

    Reaching down to grasp your wrists, bringing them up to his mouth to kiss the inside of your wrists. “You didn’t need to bribe me, I would never pass up morning coffee with my best girl.” Turning in your arms, he wrapped you against him, backing you up out of the bathroom and against the bed till you fell back with a giggle.

    “You also up for an early morning quickie before we gotta head in.” You tilted your head to smile up at him while he started to crawl over you, your hands falling to his belt buckle and biting your lip.

    “Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine.” Lee growled as he dipped his mouth to catch your lips while a hand dragged up your sleep tank to palm a breast. “You know I love you too much to say no to that as well.”

    “Good thing Sheriff.” You wrapped your legs around his waist. “Now, make me howl for you.”

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    tasuku: fans always tell me I understood the assignment. I don't know what they mean by that but of course I understood it, it's my job

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    Sebastian Stan as Saga de Géminis

    Sebastian Stan is perfect for this character

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    𝒅𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒃𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒚 𝒘𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅 𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒍𝒖𝒅𝒆…

    okay, bucky is the ultimate Boyfriend Material.

    he’s be the most romantic boyfriend ever omg!!

    bucky is shy, introverted and such a nerd, bless him 😭

    when you have trouble sleeping he reads for you, and it always works because he plays with your hair as he lulls you to sleep with his soothing voice.

    lots of cuddling (he’s the little spoon 75% of the time).

    tip of the nose kisses, cheek kisses, forehead kisses, hand kisses...

    also, neck kisses, but those are reserved for intimate times ;)

    bucky calls you “sweetheart” or a fun version of your name and you call him “buck” or “bucket” just to piss him off.

    he learns new cooking recipes to do a fun date night every once in a while.

    speaking of date nights, bucky always finds time to be with you. he loves to plan date nights; sometimes you both go to a nice restaurant, but he still likes to do date night at home, do the cooking and hang out with you.

    bucky feels so comfortable around you. he doesn’t feel the need to hide any part of himself.

    he’s the most gentle around you, like, he treats you like you’re made of glass (except when he’s fucking you).

    you’re the only one capable of actually handling him. you ask him to be more patient and he’s all grumpy, but will do it just because you asked him to.

    he’s so whipped oh my god 😩

    sometimes he takes you to a bakery to have an early breakfast and it’s quiet but so wholesome and wonderful!

    bucky is always touching you: if he’s not holding your hand, he has an arm around your shoulders or his pinky is interlocked with yours.

    he introduces you to sam because he’s bucky’s closest thing to family, so it’s important that you and sam get along, which you do and bucky is super happy about it! <3

    now, when it comes to sex, bucky loves to experiment with you.

    of course, he asks what are your limits and you agree on a safeword just in case.

    the sound of skin against skin, moans and grunts mix with the muffled atmosphere of the bathroom because of a hot shower. leaning on the glass wall, you feel bucky slip in and out of you with agility and virility. his metal arm holds your body in place, and his other hand circles your clit, eliciting moans of pure pleasure and approval and words of the lowest slang. “fuck- fucking hell-” he grunts as he keeps fucking you against the glass wall. “yes! i’m so close!” you gasp, leaning back on his shoulder. he speeds up the thrusts and you both come together for the second time that evening.

    he loves to have his way with you and you love it. you love to see marks on your body, you wear them with pride. bucky wasn’t so thrilled when he saw them for the first time, but after lots of convincing, he kept it rough.

    but like, he’s also super soft and sometimes the mood is for sensual lovemaking. he goes full romantic: candles, kisses, hand holding, eye contact and a bath afterwards.

    he always goes soft after being rough. he washes your hair and rubs your back and waits for you to fall asleep.

    he loves you and he’s so grateful that he’s finally found someone that accepts him for who he is 🥺

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