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    Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Steve Rogers x Female Reader, Bucky Barnes x Female Reader x Steve Rogers Summary: Bucky dishes out some punishment and Steve is in his corner. Word Count: Over 1.9k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, edging, oral sex (f receiving), possessive behavior, slight D/s theme, tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (they’re warnings, okay?)

    A/N: Another part of my tattoo AU! I will not say when this falls in the timeline for now and I am not taking requests, but I couldn’t resist this ask! Beta read by the wonderful @sparkledfirecracker​​, but any and all mistakes are my own. Thank you, lovely! Banner created by yours truly, but Bucky and Steve photos were provided by the talented @nix-akimbo​! This AU wouldn’t exist without them. And divider by the beautiful @firefly-graphics​! Comments, asks, likes and reblogs are appreciated!

    I have discontinued my tag list. Please follow my sideblog @navybrat817-sideblog​​​ and turn on notifications to see new fics! I will only post fics, writing schedule and updates there.

    I do not consent to have my work posted on any third party site or app. If anyone sees my work anywhere but here or archiveofourown under my same username, it has been reposted without my permission. 18+ Please!!! By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old. Enjoy, lovelies!

    You were going to kill Bucky. At the very least, torture him. You had no clue how because you couldn't think with his mouth playing you like a song on repeat. He told you once that he could eat you out for hours and he was making good on that promise. Both of your boyfriends were champion pussy eaters and you thanked the heavens above for your blessings. Until today.

    You lost track of how long he had been between your legs, stopping occasionally to give you water and wipe the sweat off your forehead. He also checked your binds, making sure they didn't hurt your wrists. It was a sweet contrast to the delicious torment he inflicted on you. And you would have been more than fine with that if he let. You. Come. 

    "Fuck, doll. Told you I could eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner," he said, his voice low and husky as his breath hit your folds. You wanted to twist your fingers in his hair, unsure if you wanted to push him away or pull him closer. "But my cock is greedy for your hole, too."

    "Then fuck me!" you whined. 

    "Not yet. I'm still hungry."

    He gently circled your oversensitive clit with the tip of his tongue, groaning as he licked along your glistening lips moments later. He pushed two fingers deep inside you, plunging and curling to the point where your toes began to curl. You felt like you were trying to balance on a tightrope, but each time you got to the end you had to start over.

    "Please. Fuck, please!" you begged when he slipped his fingers out, feeling how wet they were as he placed them on your trembling thigh.

    "Still so wet for me, doll. You really do have the most amazing pussy."

    "If it's so amazing, why won't you let me come?!" you snapped, blinking the tears from your eyes. 

    "You know why," he chastised, chuckling when you did your best to glare at him. "You may growl like a tiger, but you bite like a kitten. What's your word?"

    The smallest smile touched your lips when concern slipped into his voice. He was good about checking in. "Green."

    "Good girl," he whispered as he dipped his head back down.

    He held your thighs apart so tenderly and possessively as his tongue lapped and swirled in soft caresses. Your entire frame shook as desire rolled off of you in waves, a hot, writhing mess as he continued to play with your cunt. The colors of his tattoos seemed even brighter as you looked down at him, crying out when he suddenly stopped again. His face almost had a glow to it as he smirked up at you. 

    "You want it so bad when all you had to do was be good," he scolded, sucking on your hard nub as your mouth fell open. He managed to do it slowly enough that the coil inside you wound tighter. How did it not snap?!

    "I am good!" you argued.

    "How long have you been at it?" 

    Your head turned toward the open door, amusement in Steve's eyes as he lazily leaned against the frame. You were going to torture him, too, for standing there and not helping. Once you got your bearings and came up with a plan.

    "Hours," came the muffled reply of the brunette.

    "Have you let her come?"

    "No. Not once," Bucky replied, sounding pained.

    "What did you do, sweetheart?"

    You looked over at the blonde innocently. Too innocently. "Nothing!" you yelped when Bucky squeezed your thigh. 

    "Uh uh. What did we say about communication?" Steve asked, raising an eyebrow.

    "Fuck! Fine! I skipped lunch...and… breakfast?"

    The blonde no longer looked amused as he slowly walked over to the bed, ignoring the slurps of Bucky lavishing on your twitching hole. "What do you mean you skipped lunch and breakfast?"

    You shrank back at his thunderous gaze. You already received that same look from the brunette after he found out you skipped a meal. Your boyfriends hated the thought of you not taking care of yourself or not being cared for. And you felt guilty. "Work was...Oh, fuck! Busy!"

    The bed dipped as Steve sat down, pressing a kiss to your warm forehead. "Work will always be there. You put yourself first," he whispered as you closed your eyes. You were still working on that. "Did he feed you?"

    You hiccupped a bit, the pleasure you were so close to reaching just out of your grasp. "Yes."

    "Mmm. She ate every bite before I tied her up," Bucky promised, giving you no reprieve as he held you down. 

    "Good girl," Steve whispered, moving his mouth to yours. As his tongue slipped past your parted lips, he somehow moved it in sync with Bucky's and you felt yourself tighten as you let your men devour you. 

    But just as you reached the edge, everything stopped. It. Fucking. Stopped. You wrenched your face away from Steve's with a frustrated moan. “You. Fucking. Bastard."

    Tears must have slipped out because you felt fingertips brush them away from your cheeks, even as both of them smiled at you. "Color?" Steve asked.

    "Green! It is so fucking green!" you swore, your chest heaving. How much longer would they make you suffer?

    "It really is cute when you swear. C'mon, Buck. Give her your cock. I think she more than earned it."

    Bucky made a gruff sound as he stood up, fisting himself as he took in the sight of you. You knew it had to be agony for him, too, to not be inside you the moment he had you bound. "You look ruined, doll."

    "Ruin her some more."

    You nearly sobbed in relief when his cock pressed against your entrance. You couldn't even push your hips forward to take him in, but he didn't make you wait as he slid inside you. The only sound you could let out was a whimper as he stole your breath. 

    His thickness stretched you to the limit as he hammered into you, his eyes not leaving yours. Your walls selfishly tried to keep him there when Steve leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth. You could only take so much as Bucky continued to bury himself in you over and over. 

    "There you go,” Steve said softly, brushing his thumb over the other nipple. Even those felt more sensitive to the touch. “Bet you won't skip a meal again. You know that makes us worry.”

    “I’m sorry,” you whimpered, even though Bucky should have also apologized for edging the shit out of you. Edging drove you crazy when you didn't plan it in advance… which is exactly why he did it. What good was a punishment if you enjoyed it from start to finish?

    “I’ll bet you are,” Steve breathed out, feeling him smirk as he went back to gently sucking on the hard peak.

    You didn’t bother coming up with a retort, instead making sounds of unrestrained pleasure. It didn’t matter how obscene you sounded as long as Bucky kept snapping his hips. It felt like he was trying to fuck you within an inch of your life. He owed you that. 

    “I know, doll. I know,” Bucky said, a touch of sympathy mixed with his lust. “But it’s going to feel good when you come all over my cock.”

    Steve turned his head away for a split second to give your aching nipple a break, his beard scraping along your skin. “Fuck, she really did leave some shine all over your face.”

    “And the sheet,” Bucky said smugly. 

    “Fucking. Tattooed. Bastards,” you gasped, more than ready to break.

    “You love us,” Bucky said, his eyes intense as you moaned in response. “Just like you love feeling us wreck your tight, pretty pussy.”

    “Yes!” you cried, hearing both men moan as you began to shake all over again. “Just let me come, please!”

    Steve reached down, circling his finger along your clit. He barely touched it and you still felt like you were on fire. “Think she’s really sorry?”

    You struggled to keep it together, gritting your teeth as you felt that rising bliss. “I am sorry… that I worried you. Please.”

    For a second, you thought Bucky would pull back and stop again… until he slammed into you so hard you screamed. It’s like he was determined to fuck into your mind that you were their girl and that meant being cared for… by them and yourself. Feeling him pound into your desperate pussy, your walls began to spasm. Spirals of ecstasy began to spread as tears fell. 

    “Bucky. Steve, please,” you begged as Steve’s finger circled your clit again.

    Bucky took pity on you as his gaze went soft. “Come.”

    The command was undeniable, tightening around the cock inside you as you finally climaxed. You thought you sobbed out “thank you” as you got lost in the haze, but you couldn’t be sure. Clamping down as his thrusts increased, you still felt every drag along your slick walls. You rode out the feeling of complete satisfaction and you took everything. Because you were their best girl and you were made to.

    “Jesus, fuck, that’s gorgeous,” Steve groaned.

    Bucky thrusts a few more times before letting out one of the deepest, sexiest growls you ever had the pleasure of hearing. Considering there were days you couldn’t keep either one of them from having you, that said something. Feeling him flood your insides as he shoved himself deep was a feeling you would never get over. It felt like heaven from both of them. 

    Steve already had your wrists untied as you attempted to catch your breath, kissing each of them gently before letting Bucky stretch over you. His breathing was heavy for a minute, feeling his heart thud almost as fast as yours. His lips met yours in a soft kiss after a few more minutes, humming when he felt you kiss him back. “Still with us, doll?”

    You nodded, grounded by having them there as your high faded into oblivion. “Still with you.”

    “Do you get why Bucky punished you the way he did?” Steve asked curiously.

    You nodded again. “Because I know to take care of myself and I didn’t. And… the punishment was chosen to teach me a lesson," you said quietly, swallowing. Steve had a bottle of water at your mouth in seconds, waiting until you took a few sips before you continued. You were proud you could form words. “But I don’t skip meals often, which is why I was only edged for a few hours.”

    Bucky smiled, kissing you again. “I love how smart you are. We just want you to take care of yourself. You gonna do that?”

    “Yeah,” you whispered, keeping your eyes shut. You really didn’t mean to worry them. It was still tough to remember some days that you had people looking out for you. But you had a family. 

    “We’ll get you cleaned up and I’ll order a pizza,” Steve offered.

    “We ate,” you grumbled, but you smiled. 

    “I’m still hungry,” Bucky smirked, making all three of you laugh.

    Fucking tattooed bastards. 

    Hours later, Steve smiled as he walked into the bedroom. Seeing you asleep in Bucky’s arms, holding you like he couldn’t let go, was a sight to behold. He would have to draw it later from memory. 

    "What, punk?" Bucky asked as his friend shook his head. 

    "Nothing. Just… love looks good on you."

    "Looks good on you, too, Steve. Looks good on you, too."

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    bucky: when i was your age, we didn’t even have cellphones. 

    peter: yeah, but you had stuff we don’t have.

    sam: like dinosaurs and moses. 

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    1I’d like to announce a new story I have coming up! I’m still writing my others, but I like to have a few going at once so I don’t hyperfocus on one and end up losing steam. 

    This new story is named Twisted Desires.

    Summary: Bonnie Franklin had only one rule, don’t go out after 9. Walking alone was dangerous, the big city being home to all kinds of unsavory folk. Breaking that rule was how she found herself here, chained up in someone's basement. While her rescue doesn’t take long, she finds that her abductor isn’t the only twisted man in town.

    Pairings: dark!Lee Bodecker x oc!female MC

    Overall Warnings: non/dub con, explicit themes, non/dub con smut, toxic relationships, abusive language, trauma bonding, age!gap, kidnapping scenariom, obsessive behavior, possessive behavior, MC being treated like an object

    I may add to this list over time as the story develops. 

    Currently writing as we speak. Looking to post first part possibly June 24th or 25th


    Be added to the taglist




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    Highway to Hell

    Pairing: James Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

    Summary: Y/N reunites with her longtime lover, only he isn't who she thought he was.

    Content warnings: Violence, swearing, smoking. I don't know how to write fight scenes so I tried to make it funny, sorry.

    This is a continuation of Historical Figure, but it could be read alone.

    Y/N was grateful that Sam had taken her, Steve and Natasha in after finding out SHIELD had been compromised.

    "So, the question is, who at SHIELD could launch a domestic missile strike?"

    She sighed, sipping gingerly at her coffee. "Pierce, who happens to be sitting on top of the most secure building in the world."

    "But he's not working alone." Steve interjected. "Zola's algorithm was on the Lemurian Star. So was Jasper Sitwell. The real question is how do three of the most wanted people in Washington to kidnap a SHIELD officer in broad daylight?"

    Sam took long strides towards them, placing a file on the table. "The answer is, you don't. Call this a resume."

    With narrowed eyes, Y/N snatched the folder. "Is this Bakhmala. The Khalid Khandil mission? Didn't know you were a pararescue. I heard they couldn't bring in choppers because of the RPGs. What did you use? A stealth chute?"

    "No. These." He showcased another file.

    "I thought you said you were a pilot." Steve remarked.

    The other man smirked, arms crossed. "I never said pilot."

    "I can't ask you to do this, Sam. You got out for a good reason."

    "Dude, Captain America and Captain L/N need my help. There's no better reason to get back in."


    After a brief confrontation with Sitwell, Y/N found herself huffing as she drove, Sam bickering with the Hydra agent in the backseat while Natasha pouted about being squished and Steve smirked slightly at his comfort in the front, only for his seat to be kicked.

    "HYDRA doesn't like leaks." Sitwell declared, hoping for any kind of reaction.

    She looked at him through the rear view mirror, not a single worry about the road on her mind. "Then put a cork in it."

    "Insight's launching in 16 hours, we're cutting it a bit close here." Natasha reminded, wincing from the lack of space.

    "I know, we'll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly."

    "What? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea!"

    A thud had reverberated on the roof above him, a metal blur breaking through the glass window and yanking Sitwell out of the vehicle, his screams growing quieter as the banging footsteps on the roof had progressed into gunshots.

    Grunting, Y/N slammed her foot on the brakes, the figure flinging off the car and landing onto the road before them, metal fingertips scraping at the concrete. While her glare was focused on the foe who'd begun taking short steps toward them, her head jerked harshly at a strong impact from behind, shattering the rear windshield.

    Their best guess was that a car had rammed into them, and it was only confirmed when their own tattered vehicle rolled forward, the mystery man climbing right back onto the roof. It wasn't long before the steering wheel was gone, much to the avenger's amazement. Her moment of daze was interrupted by Steve pulled everyone to the passenger seat, falling out of the car as it had elevated from impact.

    While Natasha and Steve went sledding down the road on the shield and Sam rolled down like a tootsie roll, Y/N had landed way ahead of them, the purple glow from her hands guaranteeing a somewhat soft landing. It was when she saw the HYDRA agent she felt her 2 years with the Avengers, mostly Tony Stark, had rubbed off on her when she nicknamed him Beefcake.

    So, Beefcake had brought out his big gun, aiming it right at the enhanced avenger. Groaning, she just about deflected it towards Steve's shield, sending the blonde flying back in an awkward position that'd elicited a chuckle from her. They three remaining fugitives took cover as Beefcake's backup mercilessly fired their weapons.

    Opening a portal onto the road underneath the highway they were stationed at, she rolled through, dodging a nasty bullet or two before standing up, sending a surge of power up towards Beefcake. She received a minute of reprieve before he came back at full force, his bullets gliding into a portal she'd opened for protection before running off.

    Chest rising and falling at record pace, her feet aching in the poorly chosen boots, Y/N crouched behind a car in hopes of gaining the element of surprise. She rolled her eyes when a small silver ball rolled toward her, a bomb. Fingertips glowing as they warped open another portal landing right behind Beefcake, she jumped through, legs wrapping around his neck.

    Beefcake stumbled back against a van before throwing her to the ground, reaching for his gun to finish the job until purple whisps surrounded his metal arm, heat generating faster than ever, bound to keep him still while she ran away, warning other civilians.

    It wasn't long before he caught up to her, bullet scraping by her hip, her running halted just in time as Steve swooped in with his shield. "Nice of you to finally join us, Rogers."

    "Good to be back, Y/N." He greeted, as the pair of them confronted Beefcake. It didn't take long for Steve to be MIA again, on the ground writhing in pain as Y/N had been occupied fighting for her life underneath the HYDRA asset. Fighting against his grip on her arm, she just about reached up, ripping his mask away. The gasp that left her lips had been the only thing she heard as crystal blue eyes had become so much clearer.


    The Winter Soldier cocked his head. "Who the hell is Bucky?"

    Her body had been relieved of pressure as Sam set his feet on the ground. The aftermath of Sam's kick was not evident as he reached for his weapon again, only to be interrupted by another explosion fired by a suffering Natasha. Looking back at where he once stood, Y/N let out a choked sob. They each raised their hands as 'SHIELD' crowded around them, ordering them as if they were law enforcement.


    "It was him." She stated, staring at her handcuffs. "He looked right at me, like he didn't even know me."

    "How is that possible? Its was like 70 years ago."

    Steve pursed his lips at Sam. "Zola. Bucky's whole unit and Y/N were captured in '43."

    "He experimented on us. Whatever he did enhanced me and helped Bucky survive the fall." She saw the look on her friend's face. "It's not your fault, Steve. I should've known they tested on him too."

    Natasha interjected. "It's not your fault, either."

    Y/N closed her eyes, shaking her head as if her mind had refused to accept the reality she was in. The throbbing pain stemming from the slight wound on her hip was a generous pinch to keep her sane. "Even when I had nothing, I had him. Nick was a part of him."

    Sam's eyes glossed with sympathy towards the 'young' woman before noticing the blood oozing from the redhead's shoulder. "We need to get a doctor in here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's going to bleed out here in the truck." The guard launched forward slightly, aiming a charged electric baton at him, only to plunge it into their colleague's torso.

    Maria was relieved of her helmet with a sigh. "That thing was squeezing my brain. Who's this guy?"

    "Long story."

    With an odd look, she alleviated the pressure around Y/N's wrists, taking the heavy duty handcuffs off. "If I give you a set of coordinates, can you get us a portal there?"

    "I'll try my best." Within minutes, a purple circle had become the fugitives' great escape.

    They suppressed the urge to ask a 1,001 questions entering the warehouse, even more baffled when they faced a practically bed ridden Nick Fury. "About damn time."


    They'd been informed of their mission, to take down SHIELD as a whole. Y/N stood with a tense brow, her thoughts unsure as her fingers trailed the railing of the bridge she'd occupied.

    10th of April, 1938.

    Bucky Barnes watched his fiancee, mesmerized by the simple action of red pigment coating her lips.

    "What are you staring at?" Y/N tugged the oversize shirt closer to her body, looking at his splayed out figure in the reflection of her vanity. The sight of his bare chest had her tummy swarming with the most excited of butterflies.

    He leaned forward from his position on the bed. "My beautiful fiancee."

    She giggled, rolling her eyes as she stood. "I don't have time for your kisses today, I promised Mary I'd go shopping with her." She balanced a cigarette between her lips, swiftly lighting it. He didn't reply, entranced by the blinding glimmer of the diamond engagement ring on her finger.

    "You don't even have time for one kiss." He took the cigarette from between her fingers, placing it in his own mouth. Y/N kissed his cheek with a mischievous smile before pulling up her skirt and tucking her lover's shirt into it, ignoring the whine Bucky gave at her now concealed undergarments. "That's not fair."

    She combed her fingers through her hair, pouting her lips in faux pity. "Why don't you go visit Steve today? See how he's doing. Take some of last night's dinner with you, he needs to eat more than boiled veggies."

    "Yes, ma'am." He stood behind her, large hands falling onto her waist, sweeping them up and down, along the curves and dips of her stomach and hips before completely wrapping his arms around her. "I love you. I love you in this life, and I'll love you in the next, and the next."

    As he buried his face into her neck, Y/N smiled in failed frustration. "James," She playfully warned. "I'll see you tonight."

    He huffed as she spun to face him, patting his chest in appreciation. "Fine. Can I have a kiss?" She leaned up, not quite meeting him as he halted her. "A proper one, this time."

    She grinned, raising her eyebrows in disbelieve before pecking his lips. What was originally a peck turned into a prolonged declaration of love from Bucky, leaving her to pull away, leaving him dazed. "I love you. I'll see you soon."

    "I love you, more. See you later, doll."

    Sam's quiet footsteps snapped her out of her daydream. "He's going to be there, you know."

    Y/N let out a humorless chuckle. "I know."

    "Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now, I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop."

    She shrugged. "Well, you have to stop someone to save them, right?"

    "He might not give you the chance. He doesn't know you."

    "He will." She countered, confident. "He'll remember me. I'll stop him, then I'll save him."


    They'd successfully infiltrated SHIELD, Y/N, Steve and Sam heading out towards the hellicarriers on Maria's guidance.

    "Hey, how do we know the good guys from bad guys?" Sam quizzed.

    Y/N laughed. "If they're shooting at you, they're bad."

    They all parted ways, beginning the ascent to the hellicarriers. Sam with his wings, Y/N devising portals upwards and Steve just being Steve. It didn't take long for explosions and literal hell to rain down on the three.

    "L/N, status?" She responded to Maria's call, hopping through portals while attempting to dodge incoming bullets.

    "Trying my fucking best- engaging!" She grunted, launching blasts of purple heat at said bad guys. "Alright, I'm in."

    "Me, too." Sam responded.

    "Alpha lock." Steve confirmed.

    She was so close, so close yet so far. Jumping threw another entryway, she was instantly thrashed into the side of a structure, a wound evident on her side as Sam expressed his difficulty with 'the bad guys' over the comms. "I'm down, but I'm working on it." She gasped, fingers working to produce flecks of purple, heating the injury, mitigating her of pain.

    "You good, Y/N?"

    "Never been better, Rogers." She muttered, instantly getting back to work. "I can't get a portal directly to the helicarrier, but I'm almost there."

    "Good. Bravo locked."

    She continued her journey, the hairs at the back of her neck alarming her of something near. Him.

    She steadied herself. "You're not as good as you think." Y/N was quick to block the incoming punch, turning around and twisting it as she went, kneeing Bucky in the torso. Kicking him back, she opened a portal to the nearby helicarrier, stepping through just in time.

    The avenger jogged through the metal walkways, sighing when he landed before her. "People are going to die, Bucky. Don't make me do this, don't make me hurt you." She failed to mask the crack in her voice, the dryness of her throat.

    When he made no attempt to move, she closed her eyes momentarily, hurling a ball of heat at him, commencing their fight. His guns were quick to be kicked away during combat, falling off the edge of the bridge. He switched to a knife, easily being over powered by his foe. "You were always better with a gun." She taunted, opening the center core.

    He didn't let her complete her mission, launching himself at her, only to be kicked off. They paused, knife dangerously close to her neck, purple force eliciting from her hands attempting to inch it away. Y/N shoved him away, tending back to the center, using as much energy as she could to create a forcefield of heat around her. She took out the helicarrier's blade, reaching into her boot for what was left to complete of her mission.

    She turned, striking Bucky through the forcefield before he got to close. She certainly wasn't prepared for it to fall immediately, leaving her to once again fight him hand to hand, causing them to fall down to another level of the helicarrier, the targeting blade slipping through her fingers.

    Y/N spotted the small device, knocking him back and jumping, a large thump echoing from the glass, to retrieve it. She ran, like her life depended on it, a sharp pierce had bloomed on her hip, sending her down. She plucked it out with a strangled cry, pinning down it's wielder. "Drop it." She noticed the targeting blade in his hand. Forcing Bucky's arm into many positions, bone cracking and screams ripping at her heart. "Drop it!" She yelled.

    She fell onto her back, arm around his neck and leg hooked over his metal arm. The enhanced woman took the device the second Bucky's body went limp, whispering a quiet apology before opening a portal to the center. It was farther than expected due to her exhaustion, her run towards the destination was slowed by the wound she'd acquired on her hip. "30 seconds, Y/N." Maria informed, antsy.

    "Stand by." She gasped for air, leaning on the railing. A gunshot went off, an agonizing throb occurred in her shoulder. Y/N was sure 30 seconds had gone by as tears slipped down her face, failure hitting her harder than a bullet.

    Pushing herself up with a groan, she slipped the blade into it's compartment, falling back with a whimper. "Charlie lock."

    "Okay, Y/N, you have to get out of there."

    Wincing, Y/N shook her head as if Maria could see her. "Fire now."


    "I'm not going to make it. Fire now!"

    Her aching body was carelessly thrown around as a result of the rattling, her surroundings crumbling as she hung on to the one metal railing. She stood, through all the commotion, approaching a trapped Bucky Barnes.

    Curling her hands underneath the structure that had him down, she pulled it up with a strain, wrists aching and neck pulsing at the sheer weight. Releasing it harshly when he crawled away, they faced each other again. "You know me." She insisted.

    "No, I don't!" He retaliated with a punch, luckily missed by the skilled super soldier.

    "You've known me your entire life," Another lazy hit missed. "Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. You are my fiance." Another.

    "I'm not going to fight you, sweetheart. You're the love of my life."

    He ran towards her, caging her to the ground with his weight. "You're my mission."

    "Then finish it. I love you in this life, and I'll love you in the next, and the next."

    Bucky couldn't find it in him to hurt the woman before him, his eyes displaying a degree of horror she'd never seen before.

    Under the stress of havoc, the glass beneath her broke, sending Y/N L/N to the water.


    Waking up in a fit of coughs, the ache in her body gone and the inflammation in her hip healed, she squinted at a retreating figure.

    "Hey!" She yelled, scrambling after him. Bucky turned, weary. "Can I show you something?"

    He nodded, hesitant. The familiar shade of lilac engulfed the pair, their surroundings a stark contrast to the river. "Where have you taken me?"

    "We're still by the river, it just looks different. We used to live here, together."

    The assassin took one step forward, deeming it safe before he looked around. "Who is this?" He pointed to a picture from the Stark expo. Nick had been on Bucky's shoulders, his parents sharing their own embrace.

    "That's our son, Nick. We took him to the Stark expo in 1943 before we went to England. You really doted on him."

    "We have a son?"

    She nodded. "You do. He's about 77 right now. We've got great grandchildren, too." Y/N observed the man, smiled at how in awe he was of the past life he lived, "If you wanted to, I could help you remember. I have a safehouse, no one knows where it is. We could stay there."


    #bucky x y/n #bucky fanfic #bucky x you #bucky imagine #bucky x reader #bucky barnes#marvel#sebastian stan #james buchanan barnes #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes x female reader #james barnes #the winter soldier #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws #the winter soldier x reader #the winter soldier x you #the winter soldier imagine #the winter soldier x y/n #winter soldier x you #winter soldier x y/n #winter soldier imagine #winter soldier
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    the fact that I had to watch another sebastian stan movie in order to discover that sebastian stan naturally has wavy hair when bucky had long hair which could've been wavy the whole damn time in the mcu is a TRAVESTY

    #bucky barnes#sebastian stan#mcu #also disappointed in fandom for not taking the winter soldier's side part and running with it #we could've had sexy mysterious veronica lake style peek-a-bangs #but nooo
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    #thank you for the ask! #@legendarysoulcloudlamp #winterbaron#zemo#bucky barnes#baron zemo#fatws #bucky x zemo #daniel brühl#sebastian stan
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    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #sebastian stan #sebastian stan x reader #sebastian stan x you #OKAY BUT IMAGINE BEEFY!BUCKY #i will be deceasing in the corner
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    Lance Tucker Bi Flag Edit || Do Not Repost

    Made for @officiallylancetucker

    I take request!

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    19. 62/161 votes | Bucky fighting all the Avengers as the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War [prev]
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    To Be Wanted - Part 2: There and Back Again

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Plus Size!Reader

    Summary: All your life you have wanted to be loved by someone. But when you don’t look like most “beautiful” women, you learn to stop wanting. You’d never expect someone like the amazing, kind, beautiful Bucky Barnes would desire someone like you.

    Word Count: 3.3k

    A/N: Please excuse my nerd self really coming out to play in this one. 


    “I would be happy to start contacting local schools and after-school program directors as early as tomorrow to let them know about this. I’m hoping that we can get everything started at the end of the month.” You placed your hands on your lap to keep your legs from jumping up and down from excitement….and nervousness. “So….what do you think?”

    Stephanie, the manager of Books are Magic, sat back in her chair with a smile on her face. “I think it’s amazing, Y/n. I have nothing else to add except to thank you for doing something like this. It’s going to be amazing for the community.”

    “Thank you for trusting me with this. I really think it could turn into something big. For now, I’m just looking for more excuses to hang out here.”

    Stephanie laughs, standing up to shake your hand and you mirror her movements. “You know you’re welcome anytime. Not every manager is lucky enough to have a customer in the book business who ends up handselling books to other customers for free.”

    You blush, smiling sheepishly. “Hey, you know what it’s like to not be able to contain yourself when yelling about books you love.”

    “I absolutely do, and I don’t ever plan on stopping you from doing so.” Stephanie tucks her silver braids behind her ears and you take a moment to admire the woman standing before you who has grown to be equal parts friend and mentor. 

    Stephanie has been the general manager of Books are Magic, your favorite indie bookstore, for over 10 years. She was the first black woman to have this position, and she was not shy about talking about how much harder she had to work to earn it compared to her white peers. This fact, though societally speaking makes sense, always surprises you. Stephanie seemed to have been born for this job. She was the hardest working woman you knew, and also brought so much kindness and wisdom in her position. You could tell the booksellers respected the hell out of her (it was hard not to), and she respected them. She respected you, too, which was why she didn’t kick you out of her store when you started randomly recommending YA books to teens 5 years ago while there to shop for books for yourself. It was why she was trusting you to start this new project for the store. 

    “Well,” you say as you head out of the office, “thank you again! I’ll be in touch within the next day or so once I start putting together marketing stuff.”

    “Sure thing! Let me know if there is anything else you need. Will you be here Thursday night?”

    “You know it,” you say, winking as you close the door behind you and return to the bookstore, a slight pep in your step from excitement. 

    You, of course, can’t leave the store without doing some browsing. It was a Sunday and the store was busy, but you knew your way around the shelves well enough to keep yourself as small and out of the way as possible.

    You stop short when you get to sci-fi/fantasy and see a familiar figure looking through a copy of “The Hobbit.” Your immediate response is to quietly turn back and hide behind the aisle’s end cap.

    Bucky, hearing an almost silent gasp and a quick shuffling of feet, looks up from the book. Seeing nothing, he furrows his brow and returns to flipping through his favorite comfort read. He already has a copy at home, but he can’t seem to keep himself from picking it up whenever he sees it on the shelves.

    You peer from your hiding spot to make sure you’re not going crazy and see that it is, in fact, the man who had saved you from being squished by a car outside your apartment earlier that day. But the sense of familiarity feels like it goes further than that. The short brown hair, the jawline that could cut glass, the blue eyes, the leather jacket. Who the hell was this guy? 

    Bucky sees someone from his peripherals and looks up again, catching your eye before you have the chance to sneak back to your hiding position. You both lock eyes for a second, unsure of what to do.

    Finally, you break out of your stupor and weakly raise a hand. “Hey,” you say, a small smile creeping onto your face. “Long time no see.”

    Bucky chuckles, shaking his head. “You following me or something?”

    You blush and immediately avert your gaze, horrified at the idea of how red your face must look. Bucky finds it adorable. 

    “Um, no. I actually was meeting with the manager. This is where I was running off to earlier before everything…” you wave your arm around, “happened. So if anything, you’re following me.”

    “Oh, do you work here?” Bucky asks. He had been to Books are Magic a couple of times, but had never seen you around before. He definitely would have remembered you.

    “Well, I’m not on payroll, but I run some community events here a couple of times a month. That’s actually why I was meeting with the manager. We’re going to be starting a new one soon.”

    “What kind of community events?” Bucky saw that sparkle in your eye return as he asked that and he had to fight back a smile.

    “I run a D&D session with a group of kids once a month and-”

    “D&D?” Bucky asked quizzically.

    “Dungeons and Dragons? The RPG game?”

    “You keep saying different letters as if I’m going to be able to decipher what you mean. RPG?”

    You giggle. Bucky can’t fight the smile this time at the sound of it. “Sorry, nerd lingo. It’s a role-playing game that’s been around since the ‘70s. I write an adventure for a group of kids where they solve puzzles, fight monsters, use magic, or adopt 50 cats. It’s a lot of fun!” You gesture at the book in his hands. “Tolkien’s books were actually a huge inspiration for the game. There are elves, wizards…”

    “Don’t tell me there are hobbits.” Bucky rolls his eyes.

    “No,” you say smiling. “But there are halflings. Which are basically the same thing. W.O.T.C., I mean, Wizards of the Coast, couldn’t totally rip Tolkien off like that. They had to be more subtle.” You pause, going red again at the realization that you were just rambling about the nerdiest things. “Sorry, that’s enough geeking out. Have you read The Hobbit before?”

    Bucky looks down at the book. “Many, many times. It’s one of my favorites.”

    How is this man real? “Mine, too.” You’re unable to control yourself and you take a few steps closer to the blue-eyed mystery man. When you first saw him, half-dazed and smothering him on the side of the road, you thought his eyes were ice blue. Looking at them now, that description doesn’t seem to do them justice. 

    They aren’t like ice, but water. They remind you of the Mediterranean. The clearest, most stunning shade of blue you’ve ever seen. 

    “What other books do you like? Are you solely a fantasy reader or do you like other stuff?”

    “Well, I finally read Lord of the Rings, which was good. Not the same as The Hobbit but still fun.”

    “I’m still bitter that they took Tom Bombadill out of the movies. How could you cut out such an awesome character.” You shake your head.

    “Tommy isn’t in the movies?” Bucky scoffs.

    “You haven’t seen the movies???” You scoff back.

    Bucky pauses, then shrugs. “Haven’t had the time.”

    “Oh my god. You are missing out. I know it sucks that Tom isn’t in it, but they totally nailed the casting for all of the characters. Watch the extended editions. It’ll be the best 12 hours of your life.”

    “Twelve hours?” His eyes are wide.

    You grin. “It’s amazing.”

    “I don’t know if my...friends would be down for that for movie night.” Sam had already grilled Bucky enough for quoting “The Hobbit” one time. He would never hear the end of it with this one.

    He knew Parker would definitely be down to watch them with him, but Bucky was not down to trap himself in a contained space for 12 hours with Parker.

    “No offense, but your friends are missing out. You can always watch it by yourself. I do it all the time. Especially when there’s a snow day. There’s nothing like taking a trip to Middle Earth wrapped up in a million blankets with some tea.”

    Bucky smiled. That did sound nice. He barely knew you, didn’t even know your name, but he could picture the scene perfectly. You sitting in front of a tv, bundled up, Willa at your side.

    He found himself wishing he could watch them with you. It seemed....fun.

    “Y/n?” Bucky saw a middle-aged black woman pop out from around the corner. She was wearing a white short-sleeve button down shirt and black skinny jeans. She had these awesome, waist-length silver braids that were half pulled up in a bun above her head. You turned to look at her. 

    So that’s who you are. Y/n. It….fits. 

    “Caleb’s mom just called. He’s going to be a little late for your game this week.”

    “No problem, Stephanie. Thanks for the heads up!” 

    Stephanie smiles, and her eyes dart over to Bucky quizzically. “I see you’re once again acting as a volunteer bookseller, Y/n. I hope she’s not bothering you too much. But know, whatever book she throws your way will be a good one.”

    You roll your eyes, smiling. “Don’t worry about it, Stephanie. I was just talking to….” you pause, realizing that you don’t know the name of the person who a) saved your life and b) you just word vomited about nerd stuff to.

    Bucky takes this as his cue to speak up and lifts his hand as a soft wave to Stephanie. “I’m Bucky.” 

    You freeze, all the blood leaving your face as everything comes together.

    The familiar face. The blue eyes. The leather jacket and gloves in the middle of Summer. 

    How else are you going to cover up a metal arm?

    Bucky. Bucky Barnes. The Avenger. The one you had spent hours and hours reading and writing fanfiction about. A man who doesn’t (well, didn’t) know you existed but kept you company in your mind on lonely nights. 

    You felt like you were going to be sick. Fantasy and reality were colliding in a way that you never expected and you were explaining Dungeons and Dragons to Bucky Barnes. I mean, you had, quite literally, collided into him.

    Now the thought of Bucky Barnes knowing what you look like, how undesirable you really are consumes your brain. You could no longer be ‘Y/n.’ You had an actual identity that could not be hidden within the words of fic.

    You were never going to be able to read these stories again. Because now the real Bucky knew the real you. And he would never really want you. Desire you.  

    Bucky knew that you had made the connection as he watched your face go from white to the deepest shade of red he had seen on you yet.

    Great, he thought. Now she’s terrified of me.

    You will yourself to get it together and barely manage to do so. “Bucky…” you look over to Stephanie who has an eyebrow raised at you, “Bucky and I were just talking about The Hobbit.” You turn back to Bucky, but make a point of not looking him in the eyes. Those Mediterranean eyes that you now felt self-conscious looking into. Instead, you keep your eyes glued to the books on the shelves in front of you. “I will spare you the recommendation for the 14 book Wheel of Time series that is basically an extension of Tolkien’s works because I don’t want to tie you down for five years.” 

    Your eyes scan the spines, looking for one title in particular. Once located, you grab a copy of “The House in the Cerulean Sea” by T.J. Klune and hand it to Bucky. 

    “It’s a little different, but it’s a very fun read that will give your heart all the feels,” you say softly. All of the lightness and humor from before has totally left you and Bucky feels a small pang in his heart watching it diminish right before him. 

    Bucky stares at the book and then looks back up at you. You finally meet his gaze and you both unknowingly share the same bittersweet look of the loss of….something.

    “Thanks,” Bucky says, putting “The Hobbit” away but holding onto the book you gave him.

    “She’s right, you know,” Stephanie chimes in, breaking the very noticeable tension between the two of you. You and Bucky quickly look toward her. “That book is amazing. You’re going to love it. Not that you need encouragement. Any recommendation from Y/n is a good one.” She winks at the two of you and walks back to the register.

    Bucky looks back to you and you give an embarrassed smile. “If that’s the case,” he says, “looks like I have a 12-hour movie marathon in my near future.”

    Your smile widens and you laugh. “I promise, it’s worth it.” The next sentence leaves your mouth before you can stop yourself. “I have the DVDs if you ever want to borrow them. Or if you need a marathon buddy.” Your eyes widen as you realize what you’ve done.

    Obviously he doesn’t want to have a LOTR marathon with you, Y/n. He can watch it with Spiderman or Captain America.

    Instead of widening, Bucky’s eyes narrow in confusion. 

    Okay, maybe she doesn’t hate me? Did I just make all of that up? Does she not know who I am?

    “That would be cool,” Bucky said. “I actually don’t have a DVD player. Don’t have….a lot of stuff.” He winces. 

    “Well...again, seeing as you saved my life and everything, and Willa’s, I would be happy to host. We can order a stupid amount of take out. And I make a mean sangria.”

    You’re pretty sure there’s no way your face could be any more red than it is right now. Why are you even offering this? Bucky Barnes has way better things to do than hang out with you for twelve hou-

    “Sure,” Bucky cuts off your mental spiral. He smiles. “That sounds great.”

    Shit. So I, like, definitely did get hit by a car this morning and now I’m in a coma hallucinating all of this.

    It takes a few seconds of silence and a concerned frown from Bucky for you to realize that you’ve just been gaping at him. Your eyes flutter and you shake your head, snapping yourself out of the momentarily paralyzing shock you just experienced.

    “Cool,” you say quickly. “How about next Sunday at noon?”

    Bucky nods. “Next Sunday at noon it is.” He kind of wished you meant this Sunday. Today. But he could wait a week.

    “Okay, well, I think I’ve taken up enough of your day today with all of my shenanigans.” You wince internally for saying shenanigans. Again. Bucky wants to disagree with you taking up too much of his time but refrains from doing so. You were clearly getting uncomfortable and he wanted to give you your space. “I’ll see you Sunday, Bucky.” 

    He smiles. “See you Sunday, Y/n. Please don’t recklessly run into the street until then.”

    Once again unable to control yourself, give him finger guns as you back out of the section. “We’ll see!” Horrified, you turn around and make your way out of the store, missing Bucky’s chuckle at the ridiculous gesture. You do, however, catch Stephanie’s eyebrows raise at you questioningly as you speed out of there before making an even bigger fool of yourself.

    You were going to spend 12 hours in your apartment with Bucky Barnes a week from now and you felt like you were going to be sick.


    Group Chat: Raina, Abby, Y/n

    Y/n: Holy shit

    A: ???

    Y/n: I just met Bucky Barnes.

    ...and I think he’s going to come to my apartment next week for a LOTR marathon?

    *Raina emphasized your message*




    R: I have so many questions but also I feel like I’m going to pass out.

    Y/n: SAME

    R: How did this happen??


    Y/N: WELL

    *Abby emphasized your message*

    He may have saved my life this morning.

    A: Stfu Y/n. You’re lying.

    Y/n: Stg

    Willa got out and I ran across the street not paying attention and in front of an oncoming car…

    R: Omg are you okay??

    Y/n: Yes! Totally fine!

    Because before the car could hit me fucking BUCKY BARNES RAN OUT AND GRABBED ME AND I LANDED ON HIM.

    *Raina emphasized your message* 

    *Abby emphasized your message*


    A: Y/n I can’t tell if you’re giving us a prompt for a new fic (if so I love it) or if this is real.

    Y/n: Honestly I wish this wasn’t happening.

    R: What?? 


    Is he mean??

    Y/n: NO omg he was so nice and he helped me get Willa and Willa likes him and his eyes are stunning and his smile is *chef’s kiss*

    *Raina loved your message*

    A: I would kill to be the chef in that chef’s kiss.

    *Y/n laughed at Abby’s message*

    R: But wait

    How did him saving your life turn into a LOTR marathon?

    Y/n: Well…

    We ran into each other like an hour later at BAM

    R: WHAT

    A: Omg Y/n!!!!

    Y/n: He was reading The Hobbit and everything I was dying.

    And of course I acted like an idiot and kept talking about D&D and LOTR and then I said he needed to watch it and he was like I don’t have a DVD player and so I was like...


    You could come to my place and watch it

    A: Y/n.




    Y/n: Idk but I genuinely think I’m going to pass out

    R: Okay let’s all take a second

    And breathe

    I mean, this is the coolest fucking thing ever, right? Y/n’s life is actually turning into a fanfic dream come true?

    Y/n: I just can’t believe it’s happening. I’m pretty sure the car did hit me and I’m dead now.

    A: Honestly same

    *Raina laughed at Abby’s message*

    R: When is this happening??

    Y/n: Sunday. A Week from now.

    I told him I would make sangria.

    Among all the other stupid things I said.

    A: I’m sure you were *fine*

    He DID agree to spend a whole day with you after interacting with you.

    R: !!!!! True!!!

    Y/n: Ughhhhhh this sucks.

    I mean, this is probably the most amazing thing to ever happen to me but also I hate it.

    A: Is this a date???

    Y/n: Absolutely not. It can’t be.

    A: Why not???



    A: ....what does that mean?



    R: I think it’s a date

    *Abby liked Raina’s message*

    *Y/n disliked Raina’s message*

    Y/n: I gotta go fam. Just wanted to let you know how ridiculous my life is.

    A: Please send us all the updates and let us know how it goes.

    R: Also I will never forgive you if you don’t take a photo of him.


    Y/n: lollll I’ll try. Love ya

    *Raina loved your message*

    *Abby loved your message*


    Hope you enjoyed part two to this series! I’m learning a lot about doing a multiple part thing but it’s been fun so far! Huge thanks for all of the support from everyone for part one. :)

    Tag list: @ceo-of-daichi​ @biiskuitx​ @forgetthisbull​ @eclipses-and-moondust​ 

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  • idy-ll-ique
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Perfect Wingman.

    Pairing: Single Dad!Sebastian Stan x F!Reader

    Genre: Fluff, tiny bit of Angst

    Warnings: mentions of injuries, blood

    Requested: Nope

    Summary: Felix, Sebastian Stan's five year old son, is the perfect matchmaker (with the help of Uncle Anthony, of course!)

    Author's Note: Hiya peeps! Another matchmaker fic lmao there's just something about that trope where kids play matchmaker for adults that's just... 💞 anyway enjoy!


    "Buddy! Hi!"

    Y/N glanced at Chris Evans as her boss spoke to her, seeing him running towards somebody. After her boss left, she turned around and smiled when she saw him chatting with Felix, Sebastian Stan's five year old son. The kid was literally sunshine in a bottle, making everyone around him happy. Guess that's another thing he got from his father.

    Aside from looks.

    Then she looked around, but couldn't see Sebastian anywhere. "Boo!" Startled, Y/N screamed and held a hand over her chest as she whirled around to see Sebastian doubled over in laughter behind her, clutching his stomach. "Oh my God!" she groaned as several heads turned to her at her scream. "You should've seen your face," Sebastian wheezed.

    Y/N pouted at him and swatted his chest. "I could've had a heart attack!" Y/N wasn't an actress, she was just an assistant on set. Her only work was to make sure that all the actors on set were hydrated, which in turn led to her becoming good friends with all of them. They were all very friendly people, the Marvel cast. "But you didn't. Felix!" Sebastian called out and his son looked up.

    Running as fast as his little feet could carry him, Felix jumped into his father's open arms, giggling. Y/N watched them with a smile on her face; Sebastian was a great father. "Meet Y/N," Sebastian introduced her and she waved at the kid. "Hi Felix," she grinned but Felix was mesmerized. Wow, she's so beautiful.

    He simply blinked at her a few times, his jaw dropped. Y/N raised a questioning but amused brow at him, her eyes flickering to Sebastian who was watching his son with an exasperated look on his face, all too aware of his shenanigans. She laughed at Sebastian's expression and Felix snapped out of his thoughts. He raised his arms and leaned forward; a silent request of please pick me up.

    Y/N gathered him in her arms, his tiny arms going around her neck as she held him on her hip. "Hello!" He had surprisingly clear speech, he did not mispronounce his L's and R's much. "Hi! How are you today? Enjoying yourself?" Felix nodded excitedly. "Yes!" Sebastian simply watched them with a soft smile as the girl he fancied talked to his son.

    Sebastian had had a crush on Y/N ever since they began filming, and at this point, 4 months later, the only person who was oblivious to his feelings was Y/N. Everyone knew, and everyone heartily teased him for it. He had always wanted to ask her out; seeing his son get along so well with her only fueled his feelings. "Are you… are you an actwess too, Y/N?"

    "No, darling, I'm a helping hand. I help everyone stay hydrated."

    "What does that mean?"

    "I give everyone water when they ask for it," she explained and Felix nodded, eyes the same colour as Sebastian's blinking at her in wonder. "Water is impowtant," Felix stated matter-of-factly making Y/N giggle. Felix decided he wanted to hear that sound much more frequently. "Felix! Is that you?!" Y/N, Felix and Sebastian turned to see Anthony making his way towards them.

    "Uncle Anthony!" Felix squealed and Y/N put him down on his feet, smiling at the way he ran to Anthony Mackie. "Your son is so cute," she commented, turning to Sebastian only to see him already staring at her, a soft smile on his face. "It seems as though he has taken a liking to you. I wouldn't blame him." Y/N rolled her eyes at his flirting but blushed.

    He did flirt with her a lot, but come on, that was just a part of his personality. Surely he didn't have feelings for her, he couldn't. Oh but he did; very strong feelings, on top of that. "Cheesy," she jabbed back and Sebastian clutched his chest with a pretend hurt look on his face. "You wound me," he pouted and Y/N grinned at him.

    What they didn't see was Felix and Anthony staring at them, eyebrows raised in an identical manner. "Uncle Anthony, can I ask you something?" Anthony smirked but nodded. "Does papa… does papa love Y/N?" Anthony laughed loudly, realising that the adorable kid was the perfect wingman for Y/N and Sebastian. So he said, "Yes, yes he does."

    "She is really pwetty…" Felix confessed, his own cheeks turning pink. "Aw, look who's blushing," Anthony teased, pinching his little cheeks. Felix blushed more and slapped his hands away, pouting. "Do you want your papa to go on a date with Y/N?" Anthony asked the child. Felix thought for a moment before nodding.

    "Yes. If he likes her, he should just tell her!" Oh, bless his innocent heart. If only it were that easy in real life. "He will ask her soon, we'll make sure of it. Here's what you can do to help…"


    2 months had passed since Felix visited the sets and Sebastian was getting impatient. If you thought his flirting was too much then, you should see him now. He flirted with her every chance he got but Y/N used to brush him off each time; he possibly couldn't be genuinely interested in her. She didn't think herself to be worthy of his affections, so, as much as she liked his flirting, she never reciprocated.

    As Y/N gathered a few bottles of water in her arms, she heard a screech behind her. "Y/N!" Smiling, she turned, dramatically faking an 'oof' as a tiny body collided with her legs. "Felix, honey, hi! Didn't expect you to visit the sets today," she grinned as Felix let go, smiling broadly up at her.

    "His babysitter couldn't make it, had to bring him down."

    Her smile turned nervous as she saw the father of the cute kid walking towards her, a suave smile plastered on his face. "That's okay, papa, I can just hang out with Y/N!" Felix assured him before frowning at the dozens of bottles in her arms. "Do you need help?" Ah, ever the gentleman. One more thing he gets from his dad.

    "Thank you so much, sweetie," she cooed as she handed him two bottles. It wasn't much, but seriously, how much could a little child carry? That was enough for him. "Can you go give these to Scarlett and Chris?" she requested, pointing to the spot where Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth were standing. "Okay, Y/N!"

    She grinned when he left. "Seriously, how did you manage to birth the most perfect kid in the world?" she commented, turning to Sebastian. "Look at me," he said unabashedly, wiggling his eyebrows. "Seb," she huffed and nudged him, raising her eyebrows in shock when he took the bottles from her arms. "I have some time before my next scene."

    "That's my job—"

    "Nope, can't have you carrying all these bottles, sweetheart. What if you drop them?" She pouted as she followed him through the busy set. "Do you think I'm clumsy?" He glanced at her, worried that he actually offended her, but smiled when he saw her playful look. "Nope, but I don't want you to trip over the fallen bottles and hurt yourself."

    "Now that was a good line," she whistled and Sebastian laughed. As Sebastian and Y/N chatted more, they heard a loud wail coming from a few feet away. Freezing up, both of them turned to see Felix sitting on the floor, surrounded by Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans as he moaned in pain. Y/N's eyes went wide with fear when she saw the cut on his knee.

    Talk about hurting oneself...

    Forgetting the world around her, she quickly rushed to the child, Sebastian hot on her heels. "Bub, stop crying," Chris tried but Felix wouldn't listen. The moment he saw Y/N, though, his tears ceased. "Y/N," he whimpered and reached towards her, finally content when she took him in her arms. "Oh, honey bun, you'll be okay," she whispered, kissing his forehead.

    "It hurts," Felix insisted. "I know, darling, let's patch you up." Without any word to anyone, Y/N led him away from the crowd, sitting him down on one of the chairs littered across the place. Sebastian, Chris and Elizabeth watched her; Chris and Lizzie were smirking but Sebastian was beyond shocked. The worry on her face the moment she found out he was hurt, the way she cradled him…

    The way his son had stopped crying when he saw her, as if she were his mother. The way he reached out to her instead of him. "Just ask her out, pal, look at her. She's perfect for you. And for Felix," Chris told him, patting him on the back before leaving with Elizabeth.

    Sebastian stayed where he was for a few more minutes, heart racing and mind in an overdrive, watching as Y/N took care of Felix. Be mine, please.

    "All okay, bub?" Y/N crooned as she tied a bandage on his knee after cleaning the blood off. "Thank you, Y/N!" Felix threw his arms around her neck and buried his face in her neck, smiling widely. Y/N returned the hug ardently, rubbing his back. "Felix?" Felix looked over Y/N's shoulder to see his dad standing there, a small smile on his face. "Papa!"

    He made no point in moving out of Y/N's arms and Sebastian took the hint, merely ruffling the boy's hair. "You doing okay? Y/N take care of the boo-boo?" Felix nodded eagerly. "It doesn't even hurt now," he said proudly and Sebastian smiled. "Did you say thank you?" "He did, Sebastian," Y/N assured him.

    "I wish Y/N took care of my boo-boos all the time!" Felix pouted. Sebastian froze again, his eyes darting to Y/N when he saw her stiffen. "How is that possible, sugar?" Y/N joked nervously as she stood up, Felix still in her arms, holding him on her hip like before. "Papa can date you! And then you can get married and then you'll be my mama and then you'll take care of all my boo-boos!"

    Sebastian and Y/N stared at each other as Felix innocently looked at Y/N with a huge smile on his face. "M-Married? Bubba, I don't think your papa likes me in that way…" Sebastian suddenly found his voice. How dare she? "Y/N, I do like you, why do you think I flirt with you all the time?" he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

    Y/N's eyes went wide. "Wait, I thought you were joking—"

    "I wasn't. Will you go on a date with me?"

    "Sebastian, I-I… I'll be honored."

    "Oh please, iubi, the honor's all mine," he chuckled and, not caring about who was watching (including his own son), leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers in a sweet kiss. Y/N's heart fluttered at the term of endearment as she kissed him back. Felix groaned loudly in Y/N's arms, covering his eyes. "Yucky!"

    Sebastian and Y/N had to break the kiss because they laughed too hard. Felix slid down Y/N's arms and ran towards Anthony, who was watching them with a small smile, proud of his best friend for finally making a move on the woman he liked. Anthony smirked when the pipsqueak stopped next to him. "Good job, bud."

    "Thank you, Uncle Anthony." And Felix gagged again as he and Anthony turned to Sebastian and Y/N, only to see them in another liplock.


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