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  • Lyza invited Larry to go to her home after school, so they could have some time for themselves. She won the chess match, not that he cared about it… Seeing her happy is worth every single second.

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  • “Gosh, the signal here is awful.”
    “Eh, it’s because of the Secret Lab interference.”
    “Ugh, I’m about to throw this crap on the floor.”
    “Oh, it’s working now. Nothing that a threat won’t fix.”
    “I’ll call the cops on you if you threaten me.”

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  • Things are going smoothly with Lyza and her friend. Oh, by the way, his name is Larry. And they’re also neighboors! He lives with a peculiar dude named… Sal, if I remember correctly. But you can call him Sally.
    Hoping their relationship works out!

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  • genre: reader’s POV

    summary: got7 reaction to their gf giving them second chance after break up, based on Never ever lyrics (marked with italic) , maknae line

    warning: fluff, probably

    a/n: I got this idea and thought it’s worth trying. I love Never ever’s lyrics and don’t take this badly, it’s just fiction how boys would act. Gifs are not mine

    hyung line here



    You were used to denial.

    Most of your relationships ended with him dumping you. So many reasons so many excuses. Of course you were sick of it, but still couldn’t find any solution. Where was the mistake?

    With Youngjae you thought it’s going to be different. He showed you love, affection, he listened to you, he knew what to say when you were sad.

    But like every time, it sailed, wrecked and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Youngjae just didn’t feel happy enough and there was nothing you could do about it.

    „Let’s take a break,“ he said. He explained he isn’t sure about his feelings and he need time.

    You knew this. It was the most gentle way how to dump someone. And you still appreciated his gentleman behaviour. He tried to be nice.

    You agreed. What else you could do?

    Evening after evening you learned to live without his messages and calls. Sometimes you exchanged some but just for the old time’s sake. You were slowly building your life again when he called. It wasn’t a surprise he did it a few times a week. It was somehow a mark that he really isn’t sure of himself.

    „Yeah? Hi!“ you tried to sound normally. Just a minute agou you cried your life out.

    „Y/N, I have to tell you something and.. probably even to ask for your forgiveness.“

    Your heart skipped a few beats. You couldn’t squeeze a word out of you.

    Let’s try it.“ He stated „Let’s try it again. Please. I keep… I keep thinking about it the way you looked at me… And I know I made a terrible mistake.“

    „Did you think about me?“ you gasped.

    Every night. He assured you. It wasn’t usual to him being so firm.

    „Are you sure?“

    I bet on this everything. I love you. Please, forgive me.“

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  • We’ve been through swine flu, eathquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and so much more but NEVER have people been so desperate and scared until now. Why? Because YOUR SPIRIT KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON AND WHAT’S COMING. You body doesn’t but you feel SOMETHING IN YOUR SPIRIT. It’s calling out! Its crying out! LISTEN TO IT! PLEASE LISTEN TO IT! He loves you and wants to take care of him. Let him, I PROMISE YOU IT WILL BE THE GREATEST DESCISION YOU WILL EVER MAKE! The world is shaking and crying, turn to God and accept Jesus before its too late. Corona virus or not you’re going to die, but where is yoyr soul going? Repent and pray brothers and sisters, I’ll pray with you if you need me too and either way I’m praying for you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  • Instructions For Trump From God And For Us

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  • Nothing better than a relaxing weekend.
    Bonus if you can go for a jog in the evening.

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  • Steadfast (True North #2) 


    Sophie fell hard and fast for Jude when she was seventeen - but after her entire life blew up the night he drove high and killed her brother - she should definitely have left those feelings behind. Especially after living half a life for three years with her vacant mother and her bully of a police chief father. Jude will always be in love with Sophie. But he can’t ever be with her. And she should hate him and leave him and all his issues - and addictions - in the rearview mirror. 

    This book kept me on the edge of my seat - but without it being suspenseful or full of action. It was one of the most beautiful, angsty and gorgeous love stories I have read. Sophie is pure and kind but don’t for a second think she is a pushover. She has a core of steel and will stand up to anyone and everyone to protect - and love - Jude. 

    Jude loves Sophie and wants to keep her as far as he can from his own mistakes and addictions. (Which are core to the story and displayed with aching honesty and sensitivity.) The power of the pull of these two is magnetic and when they come together it is beautiful.

    #true north series #steadfast#sarina bowen#tw grief#second chance#tw addiction #tw domestic violence
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    • me: tabs pa-walis at pa-map na lang ako, tapos na, nasa meeting na ko
    • her: sige sige maya lang
    • after few minutes
    • her: san yun kurtina?
    • me: *** bigay sa kanya at turo paano ilalagay...this is the first time since na nag-live-in kami na nagkusa syang tumulong or sumunod sa akin na walang isang katerbang drama...hanggang ngayon na-aamaze pa rin ako sa pagkamature nya...depression really change a person's thinking...and we are so blessed that she is diagnose and undergo medications till now before things got worse...
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  • Sometimes I wonder if the depression and sadness are fake. If the emptiness is really just space I personally refuse to fill. I wonder if I am accidentally seeking attention by hiding it. When I do express my concerns I feel as though I am deliberately seeking attention on accident. 

    Then it gets to be late at night and I start wondering if anyone truly loves me. My dad kicked me out and lied to my family about what happened. Not one of them reached out to me. Could they love me? 

    The family that took me in, my best friend and his mom. The mom I consider my own now. I feel as though I am just a burden. Someone they have to take care of until I’m off to the next person that is willing to take me in. I feel like a parasite feeding off of their lives. Ruining their lives. How could anyone love someone like me? 

    My boyfriend, who stays with me every night. I wonder if he stays because he feels obligated. There’s a baby involved now. I wonder if I made the right decision to keep it. I have only caused him stress. And though he denies it, I believe I cause him unhappiness as well. 

    How dare I ask for love from these people? What have I done for them that could even come close to anything they have done for me?

    I can’t even be healthy for them. My meds don’t feel like they’re working and I feel like they expect at least a little bit of happiness from me. I feel like I try so hard, but I also know that I am doing the absolute bare minimum. What am I doing here? What have I done with my life? 

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  • “Sweetheart, when the universe gives you a second chance, you take it.” (The 100, 6X08)

    ↪ If S7 is not about giving Earth and Humanity a second chance, then what’s the point ?

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  • Rise to your
    feet now and
    dance to the
    beat of the-

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  • #Second Chance #thank you for letting me gush about one of my daughters! ;w; #[ pending friend tag ]
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  • “She finally understood clearly that, what she wanted, was indeed much more than it used to be.”

    -things I have read about

    #not used to be #second chance#love #to be love again #battles of love #love quotes#another life#reincarnation#reincarnatedsoul
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  • Second Chance (1953)
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