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  • Goo Hara’s story is one of the most tragic and rough in kpop history. And in light of the recent events, I’d like to share it.

    It’s pretty possible that most of you (ppl who weren’t around for 2nd generation prime) dont know Goo Hara or her legendary group KARA. The group was among the top three girl groups nation wise, and number one in Japan.

    But when KARA debuted it wasn’t very popular, so when one member left, the company saw the opportunity to revamp the group and they added two new members. One of those was Goo Hara. She was introduced as main dancer and visual.


    Hara’s integration helped the group. Her innocent beauty in contrast to an effortless sex appeal caused men and women, children and adults, to fall in love with the idol, and this new fandom catapulted the group. Even though before debut she already had many fans, she already had antis too. A big portion of the original fandom rejected the integration of Hara. So from day one Hara had a strong individual fandom, but the group’s fandom hated her.

    Hara became the it girl of the moment, getting all the commercial contracts - this generated animosity from the fandom that questioned why she was the only one who was given the opportunities and why she did not participate in the commercial activities of the group. This did not weigh much on Hara at first, since she was somewhat accustomed to hate for no reason - in high school she was the victim of such extreme bullying that she had to change schools several times. She had the general public in her palms, so a portion of the fandom hating her was manageable.

    But the love and support from the general public didn’t last long, as netizens searched the internet to find something to destroy her and succeeded. They found Hara’s teenage blog from before she was and idol, and in it they found photos of her in a hostel on her 17th birthday with her boyfriend at the time. They published them saying that Hara had had a romantic stay at the hostel and therefore she had sex while being a minor. And although the company denied it and Hara’s friends said it had been a group trip, the netizens sought witnesses to support their accusations and thus began the gossip that Hara was promiscuous. This accusations gained notoriety when her relationship with Junhyun of B2ST became public. And so netizens invented her love affairs with many idols.


    The situation reached a climax in Radio Star, when the MC asked KARA what topic they didn’t want to talk about, to which Hara replied “dating.” The three MCs started joking with Hara’s promiscuity in a rather heavy way. And although it is well known that this type of image is harmful to an idol (mostly female idols) the MCs continued with the jokes. Hara tried to laugh it off but it was a comment from Kyuhyun that made her crack, being the gossip expert on the show, he said “if I said what I know, her career would be over.” It was then that Hara threw him a bottle of juice playfully and then broke into tears. Hara was accused of being violent, unprofessional and disrespectful by netizens. And when one of the MCs came out in her defense and apologized for what they had done, the netizens said that “Hara’s tantrums had forced him to apologize” and they hated her more.


    Shortly after this, KARA disintegrated. But despite everything, Hara made a fortune as a commercial model. And there is nothing that netizens hate more than a successful, independent and wealthy woman. Especially if she achieves so despite public hate. And even more, if this successful, independent and wealthy woman is best friends with another successful, independent and wealthy woman (Sulli) that netizens also tried to destroy. And so, Goo Hara moved on with her life, even though the hate never stopped.


    On September 4, 2018, Goo Hara (who is 1.64 and is so thin that she has been accused of being anorexic) was accused of beating her boyfriend. For the following week there were no signs of Hara, while the boyfriend appeared in the media several times a day giving interviews about it, and saying that she had gone crazy when he tried to end the relationship. He said he wasn’t going to go public at first but when he got home he realized she had “disfigured” him and his face “is a big part of how he makes a living” (he’s a hairdresser) so he decided to let everyone know the type of person she is. At some point the guy gave an interview in a hospital gown and connected to serum, despite having given interviews without these things several days before, and the hospital records shows he only had scratches. But despite being suspicious, the netizens did not need more, and cited what happened on radio star, her promiscuity and her friendship with Sulli as evidence of her violence and imbalance, and demanded jail time for Hara.

    Time after that, Hara finally appeared on the media, which she had not done because she had been hospitalized due to the beating that the boyfriend (the alleged victim) gave her. Attack that damaged her internal organs to the degree of causing severe bleeding. Incidentally, there was damage to her intimate organs, so a rape is suspected, although it was never confirmed as such. And although Hara presented evidence and a witness, the netizens did not believe her, they said that she paid the witness and that, because she was promiscuous, her word had no worth. It was then that Dispatch revealed that the boyfriend had offered them the premise of the matter, then screenshots of the guy blackmailing Hara with an intimate video that he filmed against her will came to light. Just then the netizens decided to listen to her. The witness (Hara’s roomie) came out to give her version of the facts: the guy had entered without permission with the access code and had woken Hara by kicking the bed. The witness and the messages proved that Hara had broke up with him and he wanted to blackmail her with the intimate video and threatened to end her career, Hara tried to take the video, and the guy beat her up. After that, he destroyed averything and anything he could find at the apartment, while Hara begged him not to publish the video. In the week that Hara was hospitalized the guy sent her threats and fragments of the video as blackmail.

    For a while Hara had the empathy of the netizens, but the case was never resolved judicially, and the public eventually forgot what happened and attacked Hara again. This year Hara uploaded a photo to her social media for the first time, thanking the support she received in those difficult moments. And the netizens accused her of attention seeking, they said that if she was really hurt she shouldn’t be on social media after what happened, and accused her of being unaware of the damage she caused her ex - who could no longer show his face in public. Soon she went to Japan to fulfill previous contracts and they accused her of fleeing, of indifference and said that what had happened hadn’t been so serious if she was already working and she had made a big drama for nothing. Meanwhile the ex is active in social media and opened a new beauty salon, which was very successful. And as if that were not enough, the ex-boyfriend, Junghyun (B2ST) ended up entangled in the Seungri/Rising Sun scandal. And although it has been said that he was not an active participant beyond commenting on the videos that JJY sent, the netizens insisted that there were videos and intimate photos of Hara in the infamous chats.

    After this, Hara uploaded a picture and netizens accused her of getting plastic surgery. Hara said that she had eyelid surgery for medical reasons and asked people to stop attacking her, but the netizens ignored and attacked her for the surgery.

    May 25th 2019, Hara was found unconscious in her apartment. It was said it had been a suicide attempt. This incident, unlike others in the world of kpop, did not have a wave of positive and empathetic comments wishing her recovery, but the comments were insults, offenses and ridicule towards Hara. They even reproached her for her lack of success in committing suicide, accused her of faking it, said that the news were false to get attention and attacked her more than ever.


    Soon after that Hara los her best friend.

    This news were devastating but they were not a surprise, at least to me. I made a post about Sulli’s passing asking people to support Hara, because I knew that she would be next. She had already tried. And she got hate for not succeeding.

    A lot of the kpop fandom now wasn’t around for most of the second generation mess. We had idols poisoned, attacked, and destroyed by netizens. There still are many idols victims of slave contracts and abuse but back then you saw the proof of those things regularly. With idols passing out and stuff.

    Korea, specifically its treatment of celebrities is crap. Its inhuman. As international fans we should spread love for idols. And ask the companies to care for them, we should watch for their best interests as humans. What Hyuna and Edawn are doing, going on variety shows and doing photoshoots together as a couple is huge. What Mamamoo has been doing is huge. What Holland is doing is huge. Please support the idols who are actively fighting to change Koreas celebrity culture. ITS IMPORTANT.

    And its important to know the stories of idols like Hara, Hangeng, T-ARA… because this idols were victims and where given nothing but hate. Hate that ended their careers or in Hara and Sulli’s case, their lives. Hate kills. Haters kill. Not allowing people to live a plenty life, kills. Not allowing people to make mistakes, kills. I hope you read Hara’s story and pay attention to female idols with a bad reputation, they’re vulnerable in so many ways. And I hope that, in the future, when an idol survives a suicide attempt y'all wont ignore it like you did Hara.


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  • Teaching

    You got to pass on your knowledge bro.

    This is a follow up to my other drawing featuring SkekOk and SkekLazul. Enjoy!

    SkekShod © Jim Henson
    SkekLazul © Me

    #The Dark Crystal #au #the dark crystal au #bonds au#skeksis#Skeksis OC #the dark crystal skeksis #the dark crystal skekshod #family#second generation#my art
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    • Futakuchi: I have feelings for you.
    • Yahaba: What?!
    • Futakuchi: Yeah, see? I feel like you’re really annoying.
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    • Yahaba: I request for you to not be a bitch.
    • Shirabu: Request denied.
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  • Childling Reference

    These are the references for the offspring of the skeksis and urrus.

    Here’s some info of the childlings:

    Skeklings are typically born with back fur and tail fur. They usually don’t grow hair until a few weeks after they’ve been born. They nurse for two months until their teeth grow in.

    Urlings are born with a full head of hair. They do eventually grow hair at the tip of their tail after a month of being born. They nurse for five months until their teeth grow in.

    Hybrids are a little tricky due to the fact that there hasn’t been any born yet. It is assumed that they are born with a full head of hair, back fur, and tail fur. It’s almost assumed that they nurse for about six months.

    Childing Designs © Me
    The Dark Crystal © Jim Henson

    #The Dark Crystal #the dark crystal age of resistance #the dark crystal au #au#bonds au #the dark crystal skeksis #skeksis #the dark crystal mystics #urru#second generation#reference
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  • TDC Second Gen Kiddos

    I was bored one night and thought, “Hey let’s do some second gen stuff.” So these babus were born! I did draw two others sets besides this one but those would be spoilers for my story so I won’t be posting them for the time being.

    I did give them names (the order will be from the top, left to right): SkekSaar, SkekLazul, SkekNor, SkekMesa, UrBao, and UrGro.

    The Dark Crystal © Jim Henson
    Bonds/Characters © Me

    #The Dark Crystal #the dark crystal age of resistance #the legends of the dark crystal #the dark crystal au #bonds au#au #the dark crystal skeksis #skeksis#ocs#urru #the dark crystal mystics #hybrid#second generation#my art#Jim Henson
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  • The Poor Guy

    That moment when your skeksis husband looses his cool because of your cute hybrid child.

    SkekGra/UrGoh © Jim Henson
    UrSkekling © Me??

    #The Dark Crystal #the dark crystal age of resistance #the dark crystal au #the dark crystal skeksis #the dark crystal mystics #bonds au#au #the dark crystal aor skekgra #the dark crystal aor urgoh #otp#second generation#my art
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  • Childling Concept Art

    I was inspired to make my own version of skeksis, mystic, and hybrid offspring after seeing others’ interpretations on here. I might draw a better version of this with details later on. For right now enjoy!

    The Dark Crystal © Jim Henson
    Bonds AU © Me

    #The Dark Crystal #the dark crystal au #bonds au#au #the dark crystal skeksis #the dark crystal mystics #skeksis#urru#second generation#concept art#my art
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  • Rand.

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  • Ok so since I’m an absolute sucker for making 2nd generations for any series ever, here we go. I know I’m not super active on here so I’m hoping this will encourage me to post more :)

    First, choose a prompt. Make sure to specify whether it’s dialogue or situation!



    1.  “I think you’re due for a haircut”
    2.  “Come on, bedtime”
    3.  “Mom/Dad, can we go home now?”
    4.  “It’s good to have you home”
    5.  “Take my bed for tonight”
    6.  “Bad dream?”
    7.  “Beds are not made for jumping on!”
    8.  “Where are your siblings?”
    9.  “You can stay home today”
    10.  “You’re running a fever…”


    1. Helping a daughter during her first period
    2. Cooking together
    3. Family snuggles
    4. First day of school
    5. Caught sneaking out
    6. Reading/Watching a movie together
    7. Comfort during a big storm
    8. Slumber party
    9. Meeting a new sibling
    10. Holiday tradition

    Then choose a ship for the future kids! Here are all I have Gen 2′s for

    Throne of Glass:

    • Rowaelin
    • Elorcan
    • Manorian
    • Lysaedion
    • Chaorene
    • Nestaq

    A Court of Thorns and Roses:

    • Feysand
    • Nessian
    • Elriel

    Percy Jackson:

    • Percabeth
    • Jasiper
    • Frazel
    • Caleo
    • Solangelo

    The Lunar Chronicles:

    • Kaider
    • Wolflet
    • Cresswell
    • Jacinter


    • Nodrian
    • Osby

    Just to be clear, these are future generation kid fics. They are slightly ship fics, but they mostly focus on my headcanon second generations.

    Request away!

    #throne of glass #a court of thorns and roses #percy jackson#pjo#hoo#tog#acotar #the lunar chronicles #tlc#renegades#archenemies#supernova #too many ships to tag #kid fics#gen 2#second generation#writing#prompts#requests
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  • lmfao i love that i write a grumpy “atheists face religious discrimination too” post on pillowfort a few days ago and then suddenly “atheists’ connections/disjunctions from Christianity” becomes a Topic on our tumblr dash

    clearly this is a Sign :V

    - ace

    #always such a Weird discussion to me cuz like #basically second(/third-ish on our mom's side) generation ex-Christian here #with our dad trying pretty hard to un-Christianify himself/us #leading into the issue of how much that's possible etc. #anyway this is a joke 'clearly a Sign' post don't read too much into it
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  • Before getting engaged and married, Cress went off and explored the world herself for a year. She was the one to propose to him. Thorne may or may not have bawled like a baby. Anyway, Cress falls pregnant a month after they get married and completely by accident… and with twins nonetheless. She goes into labor three weeks early on Throne’s birthday while they’re orbiting Earth. Thorne doesn’t want to land because he worried it would hurt her or the babies… so he calls Jacin and asks him how the hell to deliver them. Jacin walks him through it. Despite Cress’s pregnancy being a little rough, delivery was actually a breeze. She’s one of those women that everyone hates because she barely felt a thing.

    Artemis “Arti” Selene Thorne Is born on 23 May 134TE

    • Named after the ancient goddess whose twin brother was Apollo. Also because Artemis was the goddess of the moon. They came up with their name first, then Apollo’s. And their middle name is after Cinder because “she’s my best friend and we’re doing it.” But guess what that also means…. Their name is literally Moon Moon.
    • They have their mom’s blond hair (but it’s in a pixie cut) and blue eyes. Petite and slender.  Looks exactly like her Cress when they’re older which weirds Thorne out sometimes. They’re just a little bit taller than Cress at 5’2”
    • Nonbi and Pan™ 
    • Starts going by they/them around 14-15 years old
    • They may only be 6 minutes older than Apollo, but they never lets him forget it. Every birthday the twins have they say that Apollo should blow out his candles six minutes after them, but Thorne and Cress tell them that it really doesn’t matter since it’s the same day. Cress thinks they never should have told them that Arti is 6 minutes older, but Thorne thinks it’s hilarious.
    • Personality wise… they take after their father way too much. Basically a personality carbon copy of him
      • They’re snarky. Always making snide comments to Apollo, but he comes back with really good ones so it’s fun. Thorne often high fives them (secretly because cress disapproves of encouraging them) for remarks they make.
      • They’re flirty. This person… they might be worse than their father when he was her age. Any time they dock Arti finds the first person near their age and hits on them until they’re drooling all over them. Arti has many scandalous rendezvous, but as long as they’re safe Cress and Thorne are fine with it.
      • They’re egotistical. You know how thorne was obsessed with his hair? Yeah, so is Arti. Thorne and Arti use the same expensive shampoos and conditioners and often get excited when they find a new one that’s better than the last. They preen like a peacock when someone compliments them, usually answering with an “I know”
      • They’re protective. They consider themself older than Apollo therefore he’s their baby bro and they’re protective as HELL over him. If someone fucks with Arti’s brother, their life is over. Arti will steal all their money, they’ll add random and terrible things to their criminal record, they’ll do everything in her power to make the rest of their life absolutely miserable.
    • Like their mother, Arti’s a hacker, and they’ve been known to get in trouble for it. Online gambling–which they always wins at and then sends the money to people who need it. They get into bank accounts to do the same. They consider themself a robin hood type person–stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. 
    • Because of all that, Cress tried to start monitoring Arti’s portscreen when they were 12, but the kid put up a firewall that was impossible for even Cress to hack.
    • Thorne tried teaching them how to pilot a few times but it always ended with a new dent or scratch on the Rampion. They’ll stick to hacking like their mother, thank you very much.

    Apollo Dmitri Thorne is born 6 minutes after his sister on 23 May 134TE

    • Named after the ancient god whose sister was Artemis. Cress immediately knew what to name him after they picked out Artemis’s name.
    • Also has mother’s blond hair, but his eyes are shockingly green (Cress and Thorne speculate that they come from Cress’s mother). Similar build to Thorne, but a bit more on the lanky side. This boy inherited his mother’s height, he’s only 5’6”
    • He takes after Cress more than Thorne, except when it comes to sass. You can’t live on the rampion and not be a smart ass. It’s just not possible.
    • Apollo is unbelievably shy. He let’s Arti or Thorne do all the talking for him whenever they’re out and about. He’d rather die than start a conversation with a stranger. It might be a bit dramatic, but that’s how he feels. Cress understands and tells him that it’s okay to be shy.
    • Apollo is melodramatic like his father though. He used to scream bloody murder when he was a child if he so much as got a paper cut. That’s mellowed with age thankfully, but sometimes he still over exaggerates–usually to annoy his sibling
    • Through he’s dramatic, he’s very level headed. Makes much better choices than Arti and is more of a rule follower than them. His “rebellious phase” was sneaking into the galley in the middle of the night to eat an extra brownie or two.
    • He’s extremely insightful. People are shocked by the wise words and observations that come out of his mouth. He doesn’t understand why everyone is so surprised, he’s just… always seen the galaxy differently.
    • He’s a bit of a mama’s boy.
    • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy spending time with his dad though. They like to play card games together. He has a very good poker face, but is terrible at reading others
    • Frowns on Arti’s behaviour–aka a bit judgemental–but he never goes out of his way to tell their parents when they sneak out to explore the city they’re at so long as they messages him once in a while to let him know they’re okay.
    • He’s protective too, just as much as Arti is. Someone fucks with them (or any of the rampion fam kids) they better run to the edge of the galaxy because he’ll find them and make them regret ever being born.
    • He’s a painter. He gets his artistic ability from thorne, but he’s much better than thorne ever was. His parents get him new art supplies for every birthday and holiday that requires presents. And he absolutely loves it. They converted one of the rampion’s rooms into a small studio for him. There’s paint everywhere.
    • With the exception of his studio, he’s very organized, but not to the extent that Lovell is.
    • He can hack too, but not as well as Cress and Arti. He’d rather spend his time painting or writing than sitting at a computer screen all day.
    • However he is a much better pilot than Arti is. There’s something about flying a ship that makes him feel… like he can do anything. He loves the feeling of taking off and landing.
    • This boy… he’s also the biggest cuddler in the world. When he was little he used to run into his parent’s bedroom at night just so he could be squished between them. He didn’t even have that many nightmares, he just wanted to be held. He’s always hugging his mother or any of the other rampion kids. He just loves hugs.

    Second Generation Masterlist

    #tlc second generation #next generation tlc #tlc next generation #cresswell#cress darnel#cress#thorne#carswell thorne #captain carswell thorne #my headcanon#mine#my post
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  • Unlike Cinder, Scarlet had the easiest pregnancies in the world. She has a miscarriage between the first and second child, but other than that, it was ridiculously easy for her to actually get pregnant. They end up having three kids. Much to Wolf’s dismay, Scarlet refused to stop working on the farm while pregnant. He was only able to convince her to stop lifting heavy things when she started the third trimester, but even then she would just tie a rope around said object and drag it. Wolf was still frustrated, but Scarlet always says, “I’m not lifting it!” so he couldn’t argue her on it.

    Lovell Logan Kesley is born on 29 November 131TE

    • His first name literally means “little wolf” in french. Scarlet mentioned it to Wolf with a smug grin and a sparkle in her eyes, and he just couldn’t say no to that face. Logan is after the grandfather Scarlet never knew.
    • Lovell gets his mother’s brown eyes and his dad’s dark hair, but with a slight red tint. His skin is tanned and olive like Wolf’s. When he’s older he’s more muscular and broad like his father, but he doesn’t get his height.  Lovell maxes out at 5’11”
    • As the eldest of the Kesley family and one of eldest of the Rampion kids, he’s the most responsible. He takes on the Mom Friend™ role very quickly.
    • Most of the time he’s quiet and reserved like his father, especially around strangers. But once in a while when he gets really excited about something and he’s comfortable enough around someone, he’ll talk their ears off.
    • He’s organized to the point where it annoys his siblings (and sometimes parents). He cleaned the barn and organized all the tools and parts they had laying around, and constantly reminds everyone to put things back in the right place.
    • Also very punctual. Hates running late for things because he’s so big that he’ll stick out like a sore thumb if he comes into class late.
    • He begged his parents for a piano for his birthday for a few years and they finally caved. He’s been playing it ever since and is absolutely fantastic at it. As the oldest, he’s technically set to inherit the farm one day, but he dreams of being a pianist and traveling around the world (and maybe even Luna) to play.
    • Scarlet and Wolf have absolutely no idea where their son’s music ability came from but they’re so proud of him.
    • Complains about having to do chores for a few minutes before because he’d much rather be inside playing the piano or baking with his mom, but stops to do them after that. You won’t hear him complain about it again until the next day when he once again has to stop practicing to do chores.
    • Yeah he loves baking too, and he’s really good at it. The family lemon cake is his favorite thing to make.
    • He’s not the smartest when it comes to traditional subjects, so school was a struggle for him, but he makes up for it with his musical ability and his kind heart.
    • He literally wears his heart on his sleeve like his mother. When he’s mad, they know. When he’s sad, they know. When he’s excited because he got into Julliard in the American Republic, they know.

    Percy Montague Kesley is born on 3 October 134TE

    • They just liked the sound of his first name and it reminded them of the constellation Perseus. His middle name came up because Wolf found this play about star crossed lovers from the second era and really liked the name
    • He too gets Scarlet’s eyes, but also curly red hair that’s only a little darker than hers. His skin is a shade or two lighter than Lovell’s. He’s less muscular than his elder brother, but he’s much taller. He’s as tall as wolf at 6’4”
    • Gay™
    • Percy is more of a talker than his brother. He makes a lot of friends at school and is constantly going over to their houses or having them over to the farm. When he’s little, kids are scared of his dad at first, but they warm up to him fast.
    • He’s also known as the troublemaker of the family. Likes to play practical jokes on anyone and everyone–but not his mother, he wouldn’t dare. His dad, brother, and sister though? They’re all fair game.
    • Even though he’s a talker, he’s less open about his life with his parents than his siblings are. He confides in friends and Apollo, but never his family.
    • He also gets in trouble at school… a lot. He’s the only one of the kesley kids to be to the principal’s office. And he goes quite often. There are many reasons why…
    • Despite his middle name, the last thing Percy wants to do is read or act. He doesn’t want to play an instrument like his brother. He’d be caught dead before doing anything artistic.
    • Instead he likes physical activities. He likes to swim in the pond near the edge of the property, and run miles down the road just to see how long it takes before heading back.
    • He asked Wolf to teach him how to fight, and wolf agreed so long as he only uses what he’s taught to defend himself…. That doesn’t really work out though.
    • When Scarlet and Wolf realize that Lovell won’t want the farm one day, they change their will to give it to Percy and Jolee because they know they want it and will take good care of it.

    Jolee Maha Michelle Kesley is born on 30 September 136TE

    • They decided Jolee’s middle names before her first name. After spit-balling a bunch of ideas Wolf mentioned Jolee because it means beautiful and with Scarlet as her mother then “obviously our daughter would be beautiful too.”
    • She gets Wolf’s striking green eyes. Her hair is exactly between her mom and dad’s in a beautiful curly auburn. She’s curvy like her mother, but a bit more muscular like her dad and brothers. Overall she lives up to her name meaning. She’s taller at 5’9”
    • Blatantly Bi™
    • The baby of the family and she hates being reminded of it constantly. Seriously. If Percy puts his arm on top of her head like she’s an armrest one more time she will kick his ass. And if Wolf tosses her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes again, she’ll tell mom about that time she fell out of the tree when he was supposed to be watching her. Lovell and Scarlet aren’t nearly as annoying about it as Percy and Wolf are.
    • On the other hand the protectiveness is sometimes warranted because Jolee is a big risk taker (wolf argues that she gets it from scarlet).
      • She jumps off the barn into hay piles when no one is looking.
      • She goes way over the speed limit in the podship on the way to town.
      • She fell into the well on the abandoned farm down the road (but thankfully Lovell and Percy were with her when that happened).
      • She may or may not have snuck out in the middle of the night and camped in the chicken coop one night to shoot the coyote that was eating chickens when she was nine.
    • She loves their animals okay? Like, constantly wants to be surrounded by them. She loves to milk cows and feed chickens and cuddle up with the barn cats and read in the hayloft when she’s done with everything else.
    • Jolee is competitive. Family game nights get very dangerous very fast. She and Percy go for runs together that don’t start off as competitions, but definitely end that way. Same with swimming. They compete over who can do the most laps. She usually wins when swimming, but he usually wins when running
    • She and Percy also team up to pick on Lovell much to their parents frustration. Lovell takes it all in stride though, so it’s fine.

    Second Generation Masterlist

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