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  • intomybubble
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    im fucking dead

    #desiree talks#desiree reads #THE 3D MODELS #ive noticed that a lot of characters have similar poses when walking #like their backs are like a ‘く’ and i was thinking it might just be stylization or w/e #but then i noticed it looked exactly the same as a previous one #the art style doesnt come across as one that’d be able to do that if drawn normally #then there was the scene with the emeror and elan talking #he was at the piano then there were panels of him talking and moving away #then the exact same image of him back at the piano #so this is bother me a bit #well not as much as ‘as the lady says’ or something like that #where the second season will be drawn by a completely different person #the original artwork was really good and distinctive #the new one isnt and feels more generic:/ #oh well i need to know what happens #also god damn am i reading a lot of manhwa w failed marriages oml
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  • werewolfeating
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #wereworld#eyestrain#blood #I got logged out in the middle of answering this ask! that's new! #anyways #I decided that if I didn't finish the second one before my tablet than I Would Die so that's why its the way it is #I also didn't take a break between pieces #generally bad practice #but I like how trents face came out
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  • toonfanstars
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I hate this

    I hate this so much

    #Tumblr year in review #I found out how to get it but I'm not going to post it #I only made 12 posts after all and most of them barely even got notes #the posts percentage was 0% #the reblog percentage was 100% #I think that says enough about me #I don't even now what those tagline things are for #but they appeared while waiting for the review to generate #some are kinda funny but knowing Tumblr I still hate them #the dream smp one felt like a slap to the face #but the second one just infuriates me
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  • mostly-ghostlyo
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Watching more of my silly little letsplay and god love ‘em its doing its best. We love a first time dm. Or maybe a dm who just isnt good at dm’ing it is not clear yet

    #i think. this is part 3? its past the part with the more pixel style and back to more of the real world. and new dm .) #inscryption #SPOILERS IN MY TAGS. SPOILERS IN MY TAGS TREAD CAREFULLY. #PLEASE. YOURE SO BAD AT THIS. #(p-03 voice: WHAT. DO U MEAN U WANT A STORY. UHHHHHH UH UHM UHM UHHHH UHM. UM UH UM. GIMME A SECOND ILL GET SOMETHING EVENTUALLY. #god i hope it uses masks like leshy did during his segment. i want to see p-03 try and fail to larp #i also like the faces it makes. :T #ghost text
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  • hyperfixation-hideout
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Qrow: Heh. Never change, kid.


    Qrow: Shit wait-

    #qrow branwen#oscar pine #rwby incorrect quotes #quinpost #oscar like 'oh yeah great advice hadn't considered that one' #change is a good thing though (in general that is - not all change is positive) #but stagnation upheld by the fear of or refusal to change is inhibitory to growth #everyone changes second by second; choice by choice we rebuild ourselves #why should the ozcarnations be any different? #wanting to stay the same in an attempt to hold onto one's sense of self is often the thing keeping a person from becoming themself #Change doesn't detract from identity; it's an addition. A recreation. Change is a symptom of choice. #ofc the merge complicates that ideology. But it doesn't negate the importance of viewing oneself not as a collection of traits and beliefs #but as an ephemeral and intangible consciousness in constant flux. Identity is a manmade and self-inflicted phenomenon #a concept we use to feel we know ourselves as something separate from others; from the universe at large #but it's a dance - as you change yourself; the universe changes with you. You're a part of it after all. It isn't the same without you. #'Never change' - while good-intentioned - suggests an ultimate you defined by this instant of you. Always change. In small ways and big. #I'm not saying you should change the things you love about yourself or shouldn't take pride in who you are right now #but keep in mind there is no one version of you and that's okay. Change and grow and experiment and make mistakes; try and fail and laugh. #live your life not as a thing; 'things' don't exist inherently. The idea of 'thing' is a product of human perception just like identity #because we like to define things and experiences to better understand them #and that's a beautiful quality of ours - our curiosity and examination that drives us to look deeper #just remember you're more than a definition you give yourself or others give you #ever heard the phrase 'you can't step in the same river twice'? #the only reason we consider it the same river regardless of the water and ecosystem changing is location #and we consider our consciousnesses to be located within ourselves. So we see ourselves as we see a river on a map - by its name. #even if every fish is replaced; as mountains replenish the water; if every rock is eroded and carried to the ocean; if it changes course #or even if we ourselves reroute it with a dam; we don't see it as a new river #much like the Ship of Theseus: it has the same name even though every part of it has changed. Is it the same ship? Are we the same person? #It's a false dilemma. The metric by which we determine 'same' is how it relates to us. There's no intrinsic sameness in nature. Nor in you.
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  • oops-ibrokereality
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Honestly mae angen i mi ymarfer ysgrifennu yn Gymraeg. Dwi'n pretty cyffyrddus yn siarad yr iaith ond dwi'n really angen ymarfer ysgrifennu

    #could you believe is spent my entire education learning through the Welsh language? because i sure as hell cant #especially when i attempt to write and fail spectacularly #i did my fucking A levels in welsh #i wrote entire essays about history and science and philosophy in welsh! #and now i can barely structure a tumblr post #idk if its because im much more used to using formal welsh for things like essays so now my casual welsh is all off? #or if its a mix of me being scared of writing like i speak the language at home #(being incorrectly but with full confidence because im a second generation welsh speaker from a family of welsh learners #who grew up speaking only Wenglish at home and welsh to my grandparents) #dwi ddim really'n gwybod beth dwi'n dweud ond mae'n neud synwyr yn pen fi #bach o rambl
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  • eddsworld-broken-future-comic
    08.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Eddsworld_broken_future_/fan cómic AU/Pg9

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  • cultofthanatos
    08.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    omg anyways TMI and nsfw it was a dream I had a few nights ago bc I’ve been having like increasingly frequent dreams interspersed btwn my normal night terrors about typical body switching being in the wrong body etc etc sometimes the word transgender is even used but I had a dream a few nights ago continued in the tags

    #like I was a guy. a very generic looking guy my face kept shifting and there was another generic guy #and at one point he gripped my face and made a comment I swear he called me a silly boy or something and #dream me actuslly had a dick and then busted in 30 seconds. do you know how embarrassing that is
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  • kingofthewolvez
    07.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I hate you all /j

    #that’s not just my top post of the year that’s my top post ever #it has 2000+ notes which I guess in general terms isn’t a lot but for me it is. my second top post prolly has like 800-1000
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  • devildomwriter
    07.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    You Go Shopping For Baby Clothes Together: Diavolo

    Until you saw him running around the store, you never imagined a man, let alone a demon, could get so excited about baby clothes.

    Diavolo was the most excited father in history, it would seem, and while he offered to buy everything in stock, you insisted that choosing a few favorites first would be more fun than not even looking around and making choices.

    He went along with you, eager to experience shopping for his baby.

    Most of the baby's clothes would be created by the finest tailors in the devildom as well as his personal designer, but he wanted to experience things most fathers would, like shopping in stores instead of sending his personal shoppers to do it for him.

    Diavolo had on a disguise as well as a spell to make him less noticeable, but you were sure he'd be spotted as he ran around enthusiastically.

    "MC, this aisle is just baby costumes! And aisle twelve is just shoes! And the one right there, that's winter clothes, and—" he continued to list what each aisle had, as he'd run ahead to check them for you.

    He claimed it was to save you time, but you knew it was because he was too excited to wait for you another second.

    Barbatos watched you from afar, and you could hear him sigh all the way from the entrance as he watched his master's behavior.

    You thought it was cute rather than embarrassing as he enthusiastically walked you to the first aisle.

    "First, we should get caps for his horns," he declared and led you to an aisle of a clothing article you'd never have considered as a human.

    "Caps...Like to put on the end of his horns, so he doesn't get hurt?" You asked, and he nodded.

    "Yes, exactly."

    "So all babies wear horn caps?"

    "Yes," he affirmed.

    "Then why do you still wear them?"

    He blushed in surprise and stuttered a response, "because...they're really pointy...."

    "So you kept hurting yourself?"

    He turned redder and avoided looking into your eyes, "possibly."

    You sighed and chuckled, patting his arm as he trailed after you shyly.

    "So what caps do we want?" You asked, and he brightened up again and suggested the ones that looked just like his.

    "Hm, these ones aren't real gold; maybe we should save the caps for my jewelers," he contemplated and led you to the mitten aisle.


    "Yes. Aren't they cute? This set has puppies; look how cute and happy they are!" He beamed.

    You smiled worriedly, "I'm guessing they aren't for the cold?"

    He nodded, "it's so he won't scratch up everything. Don't worry, though; his claws shouldn't come in until after he's born." That didn't make you feel much better.

    "We should get the fireproof ones," he suggested holding up a frilly pink pair.

    "Do I want to know why?"

    "My family is especially skilled with fire magic," he began to laugh, "you wouldn't believe how many priceless artifacts I accidentally burned down as a baby."

    Your eyes widened, and instead of calming you or comforting you in any way, he bent over laughing, too amused by your expression to consider how this information might terrify you.

    "Um, anything else I should be concerned about?"

    "That depends on what you consider concerning."

    #obey me shall we date #obey me drabble #obey me scenarios #obey me diavolo #obey me diavolo x reader #tw pregnancy #obey me second generation
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  • devildomwriter
    07.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    You Go Shopping For Baby Clothes Together: Barbatos

    "The tie isn't real," you heard Barbatos say behind you, and you sputtered a laugh.

    You two were in the baby clothing department of a luxury store only someone with Barbatos's connections could possibly afford.

    "Barbatos, babies can't wear ties," you reminded, and he nodded.

    "I know...but the quality for something so expensive is lacking authenticity," he concluded, brows furrowed as he considered this a serious issue.

    You rolled your eyes teasingly, and he noticed and walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissed the back of your neck, slowly moving his hands to your belly.

    It wasn't very big yet, but you were too excited to wait any longer when it came to buying clothes.

    Barbatos also commented deciding the correct clothing was necessary given his connection to Diavolo, as well as the uncertainty if the baby would have wings or a tail.

    Barbatos was born an adult. Created, rather than birthed. So he knew next to nothing about children's clothing. It was one of the only areas he had little knowledge of.

    He could keep a child alive, but the only clothing he was used to was anything similar to Diavolo's wardrobe.

    That's why now the basket of baby clothes you held looked like you'd be sending your child to the office as it was born.

    "You know our baby needs comfortable clothes too," you pointed out.

    As much as you adored the idea of taking pictures of your baby in a little suit and tie, you knew that wasn't the only thing it could wear.

    "Nightwear, of course," Barbatos said, frowning as he found fault in himself for not thinking of that sooner.

    You patted his back and assured him it was okay to be caught up in one thing at a time. He smiled, reassured, and led you to the pajama section.

    "MC, this swaddle onesie will be excellent for the first weeks," Barbatos said and held a fluffy teddy bear onesie designed to button together like a swaddling blanket.

    You nodded, excited he chose something cute for once in comparison to the mountain of tiny suits.

    "Does the onesie accommodate wings and tail?" You asked, making sure not to get too hopeful as not all clothing fit both body types.

    He nodded. "Yes, of course, MC." He grinned and admired you as you smiled at the cute baby clothes.

    "Anything else catch your eye?" He asked, and you gave him a confused look.

    "Barb, we need more than one pajama set..." you informed, and he blushed.

    "Right-yes, I just meant..." he trailed off, blushing a deeper shade of red than he usually did.

    "Hehe, Barb, why are you blushing?" You teased.

    "That nickname," he murmured, shaking his head, pretending that's why he was embarrassed and not because his information of baby clothing was severely lacking.

    "Help me pick out a few more pajama sets?" You asked, and he regained his composure and nodded.

    "How many?"

    "Until the cute clothes run out," you decided determinedly, and he sighed.

    "As you wish, MC."

    #obey me shall we date #obey me drabble #obey me scenarios #obey me barbatos #obey me barbatos x reader #tw pregnancy #obey me second generation
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  • devildomwriter
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    You Go Shopping For Baby Clothes Together: Simeon

    As a faithful servant of the lord and holy man, the angel, Simeon, was ecstatic to learn you were pregnant, as was the rest of the Celestial realm.

    You'd already been given so many gifts, many hand-sewn, but you also really wanted the experience of shopping for baby clothes too, so Simeon happily accompanied you to the store.

    You debated in your head for some time about where to go first but decided on the appropriately named, Children's Place.

    Simeon's eyes lit up when he entered the store hand in hand with you. It was evident to the staff that he was very excited about becoming a father.

    His eyes roamed everywhere, even to clothes too big for a baby. He considered buying larger outfits ahead of time, just in case they weren't made by the time the baby was big enough for them.

    You laughed to yourself, very happy to see his excitement.

    The only problem with all these clothes was the possible need for alteration.

    An Angel being born naturally was very rare. These angels grew wings at very different times in their life, so the factor for growing them wasn't known, meaning you two could only assume it was safest to buy clothes that accommodated wings.

    "You know the devildom has lots of clothes specifically for winged babies," you noted, and Simeon nodded, off in his own world as he looked at the newborn clothing.

    He gushed as he held up a little sailor-themes onesie.

    "MC, how do you think this one will look? Most of the baby clothes we received are fancy, white, and angle-themed;" he remarked, "it would be fun to have some human-occupation clothes like this, wouldn't it?"

    You nodded excitedly.

    Parenthood had never been a goal of yours, but with Simeon, you were excited about it and hopeful that the baby having an angel father would mean it'd be more calm. Then again, Mammon and his brothers were chaotic as angels too, so it didn't mean much in the long run.

    "What's on your mind?" Simeon asked you and came up to you to rub your back soothingly.

    "Too many things at once," you sighed, and he chuckled.

    "Yes, I suppose this can be a bit overwhelming," he nodded, "being entirely in charge of your baby's clothing and weighing in how cute the pictures will be and how comfortable it will be to wear—"

    You eyes him curiously, and he blushed, correctly assuming you hadn't meant to clothes.

    "Er, anyway. Look at the lamb onesie," he gushed and held it close to your face, smiling ear to ear.

    You laughed and nodded, "that's way too cute to pass up!"

    You tossed it into the basket and helped Simeon sort through the rest of the clothes.

    "MC, look, this one has angel wings," Simeon laughed.

    Simeon looked surprised, confused, and flattered at what he found next and showed you a TSL-Henry onesie.

    "Should...should I?" He asked.

    "The money is just gonna go back into your pockets, right?" You asked, and he thought on it, shrugged, and decided to get it.

    You spent the rest of your time sitting down, watching him with a warm feeling in your heart as he showed you the clothes he liked and listed a hundred reasons why.

    #obey me shall we date #obey me drabble #obey me scenarios #obey me second generation #tw pregnancy #obey me simeon #obey me simeon x reader
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  • devildomwriter
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    You Go Shopping For Baby Clothes Together: Solomon

    Solomon was not the parental type, but he did get more and more excited the further along you were with your pregnancy.

    Today he decided to accompany you as you went looking for baby items like pacifiers and bibs. Instead of sticking to the plan, the baby clothing aisle caught your eye, and you couldn't help but fawn over the tiny little socks and hats.

    Solomon watched you with a gentle smile across his face.

    He held the basket for you as you explored the aisle more thoroughly.

    You loved cute things, so regardless of the gender, Solomon knew it would have a lot of cute clothes, and he was right as the first thing you picked out was a baby-blue shirt with an adorable ladybug on front.

    The next thing you saw was a bunny onesie with a fake bunny tail and bunny-eared hood that read "some-bunny special."

    "MC, our child needs more than cute onesies. We should start with a few simple outfits first instead of going overboard," he advised and held your wrist to stop you from running towards the next cute thing.

    You pouted, sticking out your lower lip, but he didn't let go.


    Solomon chuckled and patted your head.

    "We can buy bunny clothes later. We don't even have a crib or blankets to swaddle it with; shouldn't we focus on that first."

    "I don't wanna hear your logic right now," you insisted and pointed at a baby-sized fedora.

    Solomon was silent for a second but agreed to get the fedora.

    He decided to go along with your whimsical behavior and asked a store clerk if there were any costumes for babies.

    "Why are we getting costumes?" You asked him as if you didn't already get some yourself.

    "Capes," he said with a nod surveying the different costumes.

    "Um, is that safe?"

    "No, but it should be fine if it's just attached to the shirt," he assured you, and you smiled fondly, watching him become excited about different options of capes based on the costume.

    "I'm not sure about the fabric of this vampire onesie..." he said aloud while leaning in closer, and you snapped a photo before he turned to ask your opinion.

    "MC, which is better, the vampire cape or the witch cape—MC, why are you laughing?" He asked, confused as you covered your mouth while giggling.

    "MC, I'm being serious," he reiterated, and you nodded, laughing louder.

    "I know, that's why I'm laughing," you admitted, and he composed himself, straightening his shirt collar and choosing to ignore you as he grabbed both costumes.

    He set them aside and reached behind the other costumes, eyes sparkling with excitement.

    You knew he found something he loved, and he showed it to you proudly.

    "Look, a wizard costume," he grinned, and you laughed and nodded.

    "This should be the first outfit they ever wear," he said earnestly, and you sighed happily.

    "Admit it, you’re really excited to see our little sorcerer," you nudged, and he blushed and nodded.

    "Yeah, I guess I am."

    #obey me shall we date #obey me drabble #obey me scenarios #tw pregnancy #obey me second generation #obey me solomon #obey me solomon x reader
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  • jackals-ships
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    love dog n dual tho, absolute fuckin bastards in sort of love, would kill each other for a corn chip if given the opportunity

    #jackals barks #ship: space pirates <3< #they do legitimately care for each other but it's thru the lense of SUCH a deep rivalry #dog in particular is cocks gun at dualscar every .5 seconds bc in their opinion hes wasting all the opportunity he got handed 2 him #dual hates dog bc he's a stupid rat <3 #and also bc he has to confront the fact that someone much smaller and from a generally weaker species is on his level an like Thats Illegal
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  • monopeptide
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    honestly this is a huge week for my self confidence and it’s only monday

    #people wanted to row with me this weekend! #my hockey teammate thinks I’m good enough for IM even though I only started a month n a half ago! #also my coworker said my group meeting presentation last week was really good #and that if he ever gets his own lab he wants to hire me as a postdoc #not that he’s applying for places that generally have postdocs #but it’s a nice thought #it’s nice that anyone would want to hire me #if you saw this before I edited out the second ‘honestly’ no you didn’t
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  • thenetvvork
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The first one is me killing M.orty btw, absolutely me stabbing him in the eye or smth


    #mo#sum #the second one is just a general meme #I'm just so bored right now
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  • devildomwriter
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    You Go Shopping For Baby Clothes Together: Belphegor

    Belphegor was excited to shop for baby clothes with you, but at the same time, he was as tired as usual, so he did not appear as enthusiastic as he really was.

    This worried you as you noticed him staring at you while you rummaged through the shelves looking for something with a cow on it.

    You finally found one and excitedly showed him.

    "Belphie, look! It matches your pillow!" You exclaimed and smiled warmly.

    "Mhm," he nodded, and you frowned.

    He noticed and looked worried, walking closer to you.

    "Are you okay, MC?" He asked.

    "Yeah...I guess I just wish you were a bit more excited..." you confessed, and he frowned.

    "I am excited, MC."

    "Are you really?" You gave him an exasperated look, and he chuckled.

    "Yeah," he nodded and took the cow onesie from your hands and put it in the basket. "It's even got a hole for the tail," he grinned, and you noticed that for the first time.

    "Don't bother with wing-form clothing; ninety percent or something like that of mammalian demons have tails," he hadn't really paid attention in anatomy classes and was only guessing, but you took his word for it.

    "Oh, what about this one, Belphie? Look, it's a little teddy bear."

    Belphie chuckled at your excited expression, "our baby is gonna get mistaken for a stuffed animal at this rate," he commented, pointing out all the clothes you'd found were animal onesies.

    You blushed and decided you should probably find clothes that didn't resemble pajamas.

    "Belphie! Look at the fuzzy socks! Do they look warm enough?" You asked, and he nodded as he followed you down the aisle while you found more things.

    "Belphie, what's this for?" You asked, holding up an adjustable strap with jingle bells attached.

    Belphie looked surprised and started laughing, "you can attach it to his tail. He could probably keep himself entertained," he thought about it for a moment, "or he might never get a good nights sleep," he said, looking horrified and you decided to put the jingle bells back.

    "Okay, what about this cute little hoodie?" You asked and showed him other cow-print articles of clothing.

    "More cows, MC?" He asked, a little exasperated.

    You nodded cheerily.

    "For our little moo-moo!" You cooed, imagining your son wearing it.

    "Oh! We should get you guys matching clothes!" You decided, and he deadpanned.

    "Only if it's not cow-print," he insisted, and you pretended to pout.

    "You're no fun, Belphie."

    He chuckled at your aggrieved expression and ruffled your hair, taking the cow-print hoodie away from you.

    "This is the last cow-print thing we get today, okay?"

    "Fine...what else are we supposed to get him, then?"

    "Normal clothes."

    "What counts as normal?"

    "Anything but cow onesies."

    #obey me shall we date #obey me drabble #obey me scenarios #obey me mammon #obey me mammon x reader #tw pregnancy #obey me second generation
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  • lammendam
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    DISCOGRAPHY.     -   RUINS IN PRAGUE  (   2008  )  -  self-released concept through ingdolia.  album focus is darker side of prague,  &  their ghost stories.  more of that ‘type o negative’ sound;  clean singing mostly.      -  THE GRIMMOIRE DREADLOCK  (  2009  )  -  first album with season of mist,  more of that horror metal sound.  fairy-tale focused,  additionally tells the story of his own past intertwined.  mostly hansel  &  gretel.  the beginning of ‘grimmoire’     -  SAMHAIN NIGHTS  (  2012  )  -  halloween-special release,  focuses on the origins of halloween, adding horror twist, along with familiar stories of samhain.  additional horror twist.  full-blown horror metal.  dolls screams improve thanks to possession,  more of a demonic sounding album.  it feels haunted.     -  MEDIAEVIL DOOM  (  2021  )  -  most renowned album by the band.  a strange whirlwind of fact  &  fiction packed into one masterpiece.  a horror focused album,  with historic revisits of plagues in history,  adding in if horror icons were historically present during these events.      -  SKULLFUCKED WITH A TONGUE  (  ?  ?  ?  )  -  tba,  a album that follows original stories that inspired mary shelley to go on to write frankenstein.  a follow up behind mediaevil doom.  

    #GENERAL NIGHTMARE. #mmmm inclined to speak about albums #birthday stuff soon<3 #album gaps bc doll gets possessed during the grimmoire dreadlock #2012-2021 gap is a small hiatus as doll adjusts to the fully affects of being possessed #the gap between grimmoire and samhain is him slowly going through possession but it doesnt take full affect until their second-third release #its why the album feels haunted #pretend the last album name wasnt chosen thanks doll
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  • devildomwriter
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    You Go Shopping For Baby Clothes Together: Beelzebub

    Beelzebub was definitely out of his familiar atmosphere as he stood behind you, watching you look through baby clothes.

    He got a lot of looks from passing demons who recognized him.

    You discovered you were expecting more than one baby at once and decided to go shopping for clothes before you got too big to move around.

    Beelzebub naturally came with you. His brothers agreed to help, but all got distracted and went in opposite directions leaving Beel and you alone.

    He wasn't sure what to get the baby; he just knew it shouldn't look anything like food. He'd never eat his own child, but he still worried about it since he'd woken up chewing your shoulder on more than one occasion.

    Despite smelling the meat on the other side of the supermarket, Beelzebub was firmly planted behind you as you carefully bent over, looking through onesies.

    Very new to being pregnant and knowing almost nothing about demon children despite Satan lending you books, you were very confused at the styles of clothing.

    "Beel, are these supposed to have holes in them? Some of them have buttons, but others don't?"

    Beel froze, unprepared to answer questions about baby demons and a little nervous.

    "I-um...wings," he said, red in the face.

    Beelzebub was thrilled to have kids with you, but he was still really embarrassed he'd knocked you up on accident.

    "Oh, so these shapes are for if the babies have wings?" You asked him, and he nodded.

    You saw how red his face was and shook your head.

    "Beel, I'm nervous about all this too, but please help me out a little. You're the demon here," you urged, and he snapped out of his trance and nodded determinedly.

    "Yeah, okay. You see this black one here," he pointed, and you nodded. "This fabric is for aquatic-type demons, so we don't need anything that feels like this."

    You nodded, listening carefully.

    "The babies will be Insectoid demons like me, so they'll probably have wings," he fretted, looking in between two different styles of jumpers. "But...they could also have tails...probably?" He began sweating like he'd eaten something spicy, and you saw the nervous panic in his eyes and rubbed his back.

    He rubbed your back, too, both of you trying to find comfort and assurance in your new situation.

    "Well, either way, our kids need clothes, so...why don't we get the wing ones first, and if one of them or all of them have tails, we can just let their tails stick out of the wing area until we get new ones. That's okay, right?" You asked, and he nodded, thinking you were a genius for discovering a clothing compromise.

    "Good. Now that that's solved...we don't know the gender...so let's just get something really cute." You decided, and he nodded enthusiastically.

    Your eyes sparkled as you saw something adorable, "Beel, look at this one! It's got a smiling burger on the front!"

    "Umm...maybe let's not get anything with food on it...."

    "Beel, what the fuck?"

    #obey me shall we date #obey me drabble #obey me scenarios #obey me beelzebub #obey me beelzebub x reader #tw pregnancy #obey me second generation
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  • sith-beetle
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Creating characters based on AI generated images

    Big Brig an Osteonaut male from a small mining colony

    with his companion Lil Brig

    Not starwars related

    #alien design#alien oc#orginal character#oc#character design#unreality#ai generated#science fantasy #debating if lil brig should be called a bugbear #I’ll probably do more of these tbh #creature design #second large fish man I’ve drawn this week
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