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  • cherryusapromo
    22.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago


    beauty queen. prom queen. cheerleader. you've always felt the pressure of perfection with your family on your back, but since graduating high school it's gotten worse than you'd ever imagined it could. your mother has steep expectations for the company you keep, and your father is already talking about settling down with every young man he's introduced you to. all you really want to do is get through the rest of college, and then never look back... but until then, you're stuck constantly cancelling plans with your friends to attend pageants, and country club events. you hate it, but you know it's only a matter of time until you're back out of cherry... even if you might have to leave your friends behind for good.

    cherryusa is a skeleton, college rp set in a small, coastal town in california. it centers around a group of friends being tortured by a faceless blackmailer who dubs themselves, ‘the candy girl.’ the fun part? here, the choices you make matter. we’re a little different than the other rp’s you might have joined before. with the help of  a tumblr dash and discord chat, we’ve created a hybrid game that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. do you want actions that actually matter? do you want live, multi-choice events that might lead the gang to victory, or even to brutal defeat? then come help the candy girl play her game. who knows? maybe you’ll even make it out of cherryusa alive… or just like lux.

                                                            ─ welcome back to cherry.

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  • addicted2wordsnlove
    22.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    A Secret Admirer

    It wasn't my typical day
    I found out something that has made me numb
    Finally home and out to check the mail
    A small package in a plastic envelope with my name
    I didn't order anything
    Maybe it's my new phones SD card
    I slide back inside and back to my room
    I place the package on my bed still unopened
    I want a shower more than know what has come for me
    Finally out dried, clothes and music loud
    I finally grab my knife and cut the plastic open
    I never ordered this ring and I know a certain cheating ex didn't either
    Do I really have a secret admirer
    Who though
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  • 1997sspecilsalesman
    22.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #deltarune chapter 2 #spamton#swatch deltarune #//((This was originally a serious idea #but I couldn't remember what I wanted Swatch to say. #SO have fun with this meme.)) #//((I also lost drive when trying to plot out secret thing I was working on. #So back to the drawing board.))
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  • micrathene-w
    22.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    When I finally ask him about the town itself, Theo waxes enthusiastic about his plans for turning the town into a kind of Old West tourist destination; the new Saloon across the street, where I got that first life-saving cup of coffee in town, is the first step in that renovation.

    He also mentions the Curio Shop nearby, and jokes, “Folks like to tell me there’s a secret inventory, but I tell you, that kid Erwin is cagey. To this day I don’t know if there is one and he just won’t tell me anything about it - or if the whole town’s in on pulling my leg.”

    #Sims 4#TS4 Gameplay #Kenzie Gets Her Groove Back #Strangerville#Kenzie Holmes#Theo Roswell #(let's go with 'Erwin keeps secrets' hm?)
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  • thisdreamplace
    22.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    “Conditions are simply effects to the feelings we hold within ourselves. Our world is a mirror of our inner consciousness.”

    #resources #an oldie but a goldie #lol #feeling is the secret
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  • edmundcorcoran
    22.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #YAAA! #bunny corcoran #bunny corcoran ask blog #bunny corcoran rp blog #the secret history #the secret history ask blog #the secret history bunny corcoran #the secret history rp #tsh
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  • cartersvilleads
    22.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    A short 20-minute drive north of Atlanta, you will find the quaint town of Cartersville. Cartersville is considered a real Georgia gem with easy access to Red Top Mountain State Park, Allatoona Lake, and the Motta Resort owned by Cartersville's own Al Motta. Although with about 17,000 people, Cartersville is the definition of a small town, it has delivered a good few of the biggest names in the world. It also hosts some of the oldest businesses around. Mayor Maxwell Smythe is the proud owner of four Mayors Award of Excellence; Jones Dentistry has been around since 1952. The Berry Playhouse was created in 1947 and was restored in the early 2000s. And let's not forget Hummel Tire and Lube, which started in the 1960s and kept its doors open with the community's help. Even with all the new businesses coming in, it's still the best place to live for that fun family small-town feel. Cartersville RPG is a Glee AU RP where you can choose between glee character families and OC's. So join us for a fun semi plotless Family RP.

                                    Cartersville is waiting for you

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  • riddlesandducttape
    22.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago


    ⍰ I am able to fill an entire room or one heart. Others may have me, but I can’t be shared. What am I? ⍰

    ⌹ ⌼ ⌻ ⍎ ⌹ ⌶ ⌻ ⍎ ⍒ ⍒

    #⍰ : from your secret friend #⍰ : multiple people a week you say? #⍰ : the batman doth protest too much
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  • cherryusapromo
    22.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago


    hunger strikes. protests. performance art. you've done it all, and you'll stop at nothing to introduce some kind of culture to the town of cherry. you can most often be found sketching out a new piece in your notebook, or cutting up magazines for a new collage - maybe you're even cementing together a new sculpture in your driveway. it doesn't matter the medium; it doesn't matter how weird the idea. you're the embodiment of everything avant garde, and you're proud of it. you talk a big game out of getting out of cherry one day, but part of you is worried beyond belief that you'd flounder and die out there in the real world... so when graduation came and went, you were perfectly content to stay in cherry and attend c.c.u. nothing feels better than being the best in your town anyway, right? right? lux was like the glue that held your little group together: fascinating when you wanted to analyze just how popularity influenced those around you, but hard to find common ground with. you have alright memories of her from parties and movie nights. you were always in the same circle, even if you weren't the closest. you've been haunted since you found her body with the slacker, and you're not sure you'll ever forget the sight of it all. you'd never admit it, but the edge it's given your art is like nothing else you've ever thought you'd possess. anyone else might find it sick, but hey - great art is pain.

    cherryusa is a skeleton, college rp set in a small, coastal town in california. it centers around a group of friends being tortured by a faceless blackmailer who dubs themselves, ‘the candy girl.’ the fun part? here, the choices you make matter. we’re a little different than the other rp’s you might have joined before. with the help of  a tumblr dash and discord chat, we’ve created a hybrid game that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. do you want actions that actually matter? do you want live, multi-choice events that might lead the gang to victory, or even to brutal defeat? then come help the candy girl play her game. who knows? maybe you’ll even make it out of cherryusa alive… or just like lux.

                                                       ─ welcome back to cherry.

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  • littlespoonsokka
    22.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    girl my parents are making me keep a diary this is just like the beginning of dear evan ha— *gets shot*

    #okay okay but it’s weird that my mom (‘i don’t want you to keep a diary because i don’t like you keeping secrets’) is telling me to keep one #what do you want me to write for? so you can unlock my secrets? so you can take a peek at the diseases? nah man #vee keep talking
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  • chronomally
    22.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    *mind melds with the guy who died after going insane because his qi exploded him from the inside out or whatever*

    #please feel free to ignore this #I'm watching The Untamed #As always Wei Wuxian picks the best most sensible plan #I love how he sat through that whole bit where Nie Huaisang explained how the Nie clans method of cultivation #turns people into bloodthirsty husks who die young because they lose to their lust for violence #and he was just like 'I HAVE to read that guy's mind and feel his emotions' #I don't think it's a big fucking mystery that Jin Guangyao killed him #and 'I read Nie Mingjue's mind' seems like a poor defense when you can just show them #the trophy that is NMJ's decapitated head sitting in JGY's secret mirror brainwashing room? #I feel like him having a secret mirror brainwashing room is already a big red flag?
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  • princecharmingmendes
    22.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Heart by Heart | Epilogue | Raul Mendes

                                                 *secret agent AU*

    Y/N and Raul have been friends ever since they could remember. And falling in love with your best friend can be pretty tricky and messy 99% of the times, add that to the fact they're constantly risking their lives side by side on the field since they're both secret agents, and the best team that's ever existed. Perfect recipe for disaster.

    I can't believe this series is actually over! This is the last part to tie everything together and also the first time I'm posting any sort of smut (minors, please do not read this, is not fundamental to the story). As always, feedback is always appreciated and I'd like to thank everyone that's been reading this and liking/reblogging and commenting, it truly means so much to me. Please read the warnings on this one, if you don’t feel comfortable with the contents listed on the “warnings” section, please read something else, there are a lot of other works on my masterlist and on the “fic rec” hashtag on my blog. Happy Reading!

    previous chapter | masterpost

    *Word Count: 6.8K+

    *Warnings: cursing, angsty (?), mentions of PTSD, smut and a shit ton of fluff.

    *Posted: October 21st, 2021.


    The first week back home and to normality, since Raul was out of the hospital, was not the dream Y/N was expecting.

    While at the hospital everything went fine, she wouldn’t get much sleep due to nurses and doctors coming and going, but despite that, everything was fine. He recovered well and barely had problems readapting to his routine, he’d have to go through physical therapy and a lot of gym sessions to get back in shape for field missions, but that wasn’t something to worry for now. They were quick to finish their reports, and soon enough they’d get into a small period of desk job before starting to prepare themselves to take their old place again.

    He even took her on their “first official date” (which is how he likes to call it, since apparently they haven’t gone out on a proper one or a thousand ones) and it was amazing as always. He took her to the movies and then for dinner, ending with ice cream and a sweet kiss at her doorstep. Dating Raul is easy, it’s basically what they’ve been doing for years with a lot more intimacy and physical touch, so there was not much of a change on their dynamics and no need to be nervous. Y/N was over the moon with that fact and couldn’t have possibly hoped for a better boyfriend.

    But as soon as the adrenaline ran down from the whole adaptation and Raul’s recovery, the consequences of that whole mission finally caught up to her.

    Y/N knew post traumatic stress disorder was a reality and extremely common on her field, specially in big missions with big repercussions and risks, but it doesn’t make it easier to deal with. It started during nights, she’d wake up agitated due to a weird dream, that slowly turned into violent nightmares that would wake her up crying and screaming, during the day she’d feel tired and nauseous, with the constant feeling that she was being watched. And at first she thought she could handle it on her own, that with little time it would be okay, but she could not. But she also didn’t know who to talk to, or how to take about it, and maybe it was childish and irresponsible of her to feel this way, or maybe not.

    At least when she was with Raul or Peter, or Celine, or anyone really, she felt a bit more safe and at peace, so she tried spending more time at work, so she’d me around people more, and she was so sure her plan was working, all the fake smiles and small talks. Well that was until Celine barged into her office in the middle of the day, Raul and Peter right behind her, demanding her to speak up and tell them about what is going on, but when she refused to talk, Raul countered her table sitting on it in front of her, that remained on her chair watching as he stretched his long legs in front of her as their friends watched quietly.

    “What do you mean?” she asked rolling her chair back to stare at them.

    “Doll, we all know you haven’t been sleeping, and we’ve been waiting for you to come to talk to us for a month now” Raul started, soft golden eyes staring into her soul making her want to jump in his arms for comfort.

    But instead, Y/N just shrugged in response “There’s nothing to talk about, really”

    “Don’t try to hide it from us, we’re all worried about you” Celine cut Raul before he could even try and say it in a more gentle way.

    “What she’s trying to say is that you don’t have to say anything you don’t want to, but we’re here to help and maybe get help if that’s what you need” Raul completed gently leaning forward to offer his hand to her, which she promptly took nodding her head softly “we’re also told to go home and to return only on Monday”

    “But it’s Thursday!” she was quick to exclaim.

    “And you need rest, you all do, I’ll be in touch if anything is needed” Peter offered with a kind smile as he winked at Y/N “go spend your time off with Raul, no buts”


    “I'm gonna go home, but call me if you need me, or just to get rid of this douchebag, and I’ll be there” Celine said with a pointed look in her face, to which she nodded with a real smile, one she hasn’t been able to show in a while “good” and with that she turned to leave.

    “We can meet for lunch Saturday if you’re up to” Peter offered and Y/N agreed to the offer, always grasping every opportunity to meet up with the triples “okay, make her rest and eat, she skipped lunch today”

    “I will” Raul promised with a low chuckle as his brother left “Ready to go?”

    “I guess so” she said with a shrug, as she grabbed her purse and turned off her computer “where are we going?”

    Raul smiled gently at her as she grabbed his hand again “To my place, darling, or do you prefer yours?”

    “Yours, please” she said quietly to him, as he wrapped his arms around her, placing a kiss to her hair.

    “Okay, let’s-” but before he could finish, she cut him off.

    “I can’t sleep due to nightmares every night, and I feel like I’m being followed all the time, and I don’t know how to stop it, and I” she took a deep breath, trying to hold back the tears but failing miserably at it, his hand coming to wipe some away “I just needed time and it didn’t work and I don’t know what to do”

    Raul pulled her tightly into his chest, placing kisses on her head and rubbing her back as she sobbed lightly into his black shirt “doll, it’s okay, I’m sorry this shit happened to you, but you’re being so brave for telling me everything, we’ll work this out and you’ll be okay, but for now, you’re staying with me so I can look after you, deal?”

    She nodded hugging him tighter and mumbling a barely audible “I love you”

    “Love you too, doll, so fucking much, now let me take you home” he said lifting her off her feet (literally this time around) and carrying her out of her office, as a giggle bubbled on her chest.


    Y/N’s heart was practically beating out of her chest. She knew the feeling well. She’s been having nightmares for the past months, so despite being a little woozy from sleep, she knew exactly what was happening. It’s been a lot better lately, with therapy and Raul basically keeping her at his place, so he could help her anyway he could, not that she minded. And he was right after all. Having him around her during the day made things easier, kept her a lot more calm and having his arms securely wrapped around her in her sleep truly grounded her, and most nights they were enough to keep those cursed awful dreams from hunting her all night long. And whenever they did, the sound of his rhythmic heartbeat and the peaceful rise and fall of his chest was enough to lull her back to sleep.

    But some nights that still wasn’t enough. Y/N still woke up terrified with the mixed images she had engraved on her brain from that traumatic hours and terrible scenarios her mind came up with. Getting up and grabbing some tea really helped her, even though sometimes it wouldn’t be enough to convince her that she would be able to fall back asleep. Raul told her a million times that whenever that happened, she should wake him so he could help, even if it were to keep her company or hold her properly, that he wanted to be there for her. But she simply couldn’t, Y/N knew he blamed himself for the whole thing and the trauma that failed mission caused her, but in reality it wasn’t. Stuff like that happens all the time, she knew what she was getting herself into, she knew the risks, but he wouldn’t let the permanent frown on his face from easing whenever he noticed her tensed muscles or deep circles under her eyes.

    So to avoid making him feel even worse about himself. Y/N carefully peeled herself off from his embrace, hearing his soft whine in protest, but luckily that was just Raul’s unconsciousness missing her body close to his. Tossing her hair on a loose bun and moving to the kitchen silently, the little route she knew by heart after spending almost a month living on his apartment, and her whole life beside him, she could move freely around the house in the dark. Mindful of the still sleeping man on his bedroom, she decided against turning on the lights, instead boiling the water on the kettle on the dark, the only light present was the moonlight shining through Raul’s big floor to ceiling windows on his penthouse and the heat inducing stove he had.

    Y/N sighed as she reached for her favorite mug of his, that he secretly loved to collect, and reached for his tea box on the top shelf, using the counter as leverage as she silently climbed on the cabinet. Perks of working on a secret agency. But unfortunately, or not, her current roommate and boyfriend was also on that field, even more trained than her in that department, so it didn’t take long for him to notice her absence and get what was going on. Ever the agent he was, he carefully got out of bed and as silent as a cat, he moved following the same course he knew his girl took very frequently, only to be met with her by the stove, mug set aside as she waited for the water to boil.

    He decided to make his presence known by cracking his back with a satisfied hum. Even on his sleepy state, he knew better than to sneak on a person that’s been living on high alert, specially when said person knows how to use the huge knives right beside her on the counter and that could potentially get herself (and him for sure) hurt by striking the kettle of boiling water on herself. Y/N sighed in defeat when she heard it, seeing his reflection on the pristine tiles of his kitchen wall, promptly grabbing a second mug for him and placing it beside hers by the induction stove.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up” she murmured sadly before turning to face him.

    “You didn’t, technically” he replied, a playful smile tugging on the corner of his lips, hitting his target as he saw her let out a little breathy laugh.

    Y/N shook her head, dropping her gaze to her feet “I’m okay, just needed to clear my head a bit”

    “Yeah?” he asked gently as he took the final steps between them, still keeping a small distance to not tower all over her, but being close enough so she could easily slip into his arms “wanna talk about it?” Raul tentatively raised his hand to reach hers, and when she didn’t flinch or move away, he carefully intertwined their fingers, giving them a gentle squeeze trying to comfort the girl he loved so deeply in front of him.

    “It’s the same stuff, nothing too scary, I think it’s getting better, being here with you helps, even though it must suck for you” she said squeezing his hand back and taking a tiny little step closer to his warmth and somewhat comforting smell, he always felt like home to her and she craved it every second of her day. It brought some sort of peace to her troubled thoughts and made her feel safe.

    Raul frowned at her, did she really think she was a burden?! “Doll, it doesn’t suck for me at all, having you here is to help you, of course, but it also helps me, waking up and knowing you’re right there, or somewhere around the house, and even when we weren’t together yet, I wanted you to crash here all the time, being around you makes me feel complete or something, and maybe I’m just love drunk and a bit sleepy, but it’s the truth” he finished by pressing a kiss to her forehead, to which her eyes fluttered close only to open again and to stare at his golden eyes with so much admiration and gratefulness “I’m glad I can be useful by any means, just want to make you happy, darling”

    She smiled softly up at him, her face warm to the touch she was sure, as he brought the hands he was holding to his lips, planting a sweet kiss to the back of each one before dropping them both on his chest, only to wrap his own arms around her waist pulling her into a hug. Y/N rested her head on top of the soothing sound of the thumping of his heart, one of her fingers toying with the silver pendant he had hanging from his neck “you do make me happy, ever since I met you” she mumbled nestling further on his firm body.

    Raul smiled at that, pressing a kiss to the crown of her head, tightening his hold on her as his fingers grabbed the soft material of the vintage shirt he owned that she was wearing as if she was going to vanish. He swears he could spend the rest of his life just holding her, and he would if she let him. The didn’t know how long they spent on their little bubble, just enjoying the intimacy of such a simple touch, a hug that was enough to ease their worries, even if momentarily, was all they needed. But unfortunately they came to the kitchen cause Y/N wanted some tea, so he was brought back to reality when the water was more than just boiled, so he was quick to turn of the stove and pour the hot contents onto the mugs she separated for both of them, the tea mix she picked already on the ceramic container. He managed to do that without letting go of her body even for a second and she didn’t seem to mind, since she didn’t move a finger to pull away from him.

    “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go to bed, yeah?” Raul mumbled softly into her hair, squeezing her tighter to his chest, to which Y/N just nodded softly, sniffling into his shirt but didn’t dare to move which made him laugh “Come on, doll, it’s a bit warmer”

    She grumbled a little “Fine” before padding her way back to the comfort of his dark room, cup of tea nestled on her hands, with him trailing behind her like a lost puppy, his mug on his hands as well.

    Y/N placed her cup on the nightstand before climbing back on the bed, sitting with her back pressed to the headboard, knees bend and close to her chest, she couldn’t care less at the moment that she had only Raul’s T-shirt on and a pair of cotton panties, it’s not like Raul would be able to see much, the only source of light in the room was his bedside lamp, casting a soft yellow light on the bed. He did the same, sitting beside her, but with his body slightly turned to her, legs stretched on top of the duvet.

    “Thank you” Y/N blurted out and Raul turned to face her with confusion written all over his features “for being here for me, having the patience of a saint and being so understanding and kind to me, even when I don’t give it myself” she continued before he could say anything “I know as much as you say you’re happy just by helping me, I’d still like you to know that it means a lot to me and that I love you”

    Raul’s features softened at that, an easy smile pulling his lips as he placed a gentle hand on her exposed thigh, placing the mug back to his nightstand “of course, sweetheart, come on, give me a cuddle, yeah?” he asked and she giggled, placing the tea back on the table as she fully turned to him, wrapping her arms around his middle as he pulled her to lay basically on top of him “there you go”

    Y/N sighed, feeling herself basically melt on top of him, feeling his fingers mindlessly playing with her hair as she tried her hardest to leave her mind empty.

    “I know it’s hard sometimes to grant yourself a bit more kindness than it is to give it to others, and I also know how much you hate ‘depending’ on others for pretty much anything, just know that I like taking care of you, despite you being the strongest person I know, I like being there for you and babying you as much as I can, I always did and always will love and protect you, doll, so don’t get too caught up in your head about it, there’s nothing to blame yourself for or thank for, yeah? You’d do the same for everyone, so let me be the one to do it for you” he finished his little speech with a kiss to her hair, sliding them both down the bed a bit so the could lay their heads on the pillows.

    Y/N smiled at him and nodded her head, leaning up to peck his lips sweetly. But what was supposed to be a single innocent kiss quickly shifted into something more. His hand that rested on the back of her neck came up to cradle her face and guide her through a deeper kiss, his tongue poking out to lick at her bottom lip as she reciprocated the gesture. Despite the tiredness of restless nights, feeling him so close to her brought this electric feeling over her whole body, keeping her wide awake and made it feel like it was a dream at the same time.

    Her hands came up to his hair to hold him close and he whined in response, pulling her flush against his body before flipping them over on the bed, with him hovering over her, eyes dark with want and it was enough to glue her lips back to his again. This wasn’t just a kiss. Y/N’s never felt like this from a simple press of lips. This was more than a physical thing, she felt whole, like she could burst with all the love she could literally feel him pouring on her with every touch he made. He was all she could think about, all she needed now and for the rest of her life as he placed a trailing of slow and wet kisses down to her collarbone.

    “What are you doing to me?” he hushed between each press of his lips against her neck and jawline “you cruel little thing” his voice resonated onto her soul, thick and sweet like dripping honey on her skin, before his pillowy lips sucked on her sensitive spot so tenderly, working a bruise she was sure to appear in the morning as she whimpered in response, unable to hold back.

    Y/N cupped his face between her hands delicately as soon as he was done with his artwork and pulled his face back to hers, and he was quick to catch onto what she wanted, leaning down and smashing their lips together, soon to become a slow dance between their tongues, one she was sure she didn’t wanted to end. Raul was going insane with every touch, his mind railing as she pulled on the tiny curls on the back of his neck, her sweet mouth glued to his, her skin under the palm of his hands, her legs caging his hips to lay on top of her. He had one hand gently meeting her jaw and the other holding her waist, tenderly squeezing it here and then.

    His hands started roaming under the fabric of her (his) t-shirt, hot on her skin as it skimmed up her body, gently cupping her left breast and eliciting a moan from her as she rolled her hips up to meet his again. Raul chuckled around a groan as his thumb toyed with the sensitive and hardening bud, pinching it lightly making her gasp into his mouth, rubbing against his hardening length again to release some of the pressure building up on her core. His forehead came to rest on her collarbone as he took a deep breath to calm down and try to gain some of his control back, but she was making it hard just by breathing heavily under him, her chest moving up and down trying to recover a little bit of air as her fingers played wit his hair. He lift his head up to look at her, swollen lips and big rounded eyes were going to be the death of him.

    “Sweetheart” he sounded almost pained as he panted gently, lips barely touching hers as his eyes bored into hers “please, let me-”

    But before he could finish Y/N was nodding her head and mumbling a string of low “Yes, please” as he chuckled in response, burying his face on her neck to recover his breath a bit. This girl would be the death of him. That thought being even more evident when he felt her hands slowly moving up his neck to tug on the curls at the base of his hairline, making him hold back a moan as he rolled his eyes.

    Raul placed one final opened mouthed kiss to the slightly abused skin of her neck before pulling back, sitting back on his heels as his hands found the hem of her T-shirt, to which Y/N vehemently nodded signaling for him to take it off, to which he obeyed. A tent was evident on his sweatpants, squeezing the outline of his cock to relieve a bit of the pressure that was building up letting out a low moan.

    Her body was bare to his eyes to freely roam over the new expanse of skin, the only piece of clothing still on her was a pair of cotton panties that had a damp spot already forming on the fabric. Her nipples pebbled with the cold air on the room, his thumb brushing gently over the sensitive peak making her whine as he smirked down at her. She let out a tiny whimper as he leaned down to kiss her over again, this time trailing down his wet, open mouthed kisses over her skin.

    Raul lick a bold stripe down the valley of her breasts before breathing a soft “so fucking pretty” and pulling a nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over the bud before sucking it a bit harder making her roll her eyes as a gasp escaped her lips. He then let go with a wet sound before moving it to the other one, where he repeated his ministrations “You’re so beautiful, sweetheart, look at you” he mumbled against her skin, his sweet words making her head spin “I’m the luckiest man alive”

    Her short nails dragged over his shoulder, marking his skin as he held back a curse, moving down her body along with his kisses, sucking a bruise into her hip bone before moving to be face to face with her core “You’re so wet, doll, is this all for me?” he teased, his iconic smirk appearing on his lips, but she simply couldn’t come up with a snark reply with his mouth hovering just a few inches from her still clothed core.

    “Fuck you smell so good” he praised, pressing kisses on her thighs making her shiver and he groaned when her legs threatened to close, pinning them to the bed softly “Can I pleases taste you, darling? his finger toying with her underwear.

    Y/N nodded her head looking down at him “please” was all she could really say, her head was spinning and all she could think about was Raul, the trail of hot kisses still burning her skin, his smell on his sheets, his hair tickling her inner thigh, his breath ghosting over her core. He peeled it off her legs, throwing them somewhere in the room making her giggle and Raul looked over at the sound, a beautiful smile on his lips, amazed by her.

    “You’re too cute, doll” he said with a chuckle “love you so much” he sighed contently, slowly lowering his face to her glistening lips, and then he licked a bold stripe from her center up to her clit, before trapping it between this lips in a light suckle.

    She became a whining and moaning mess, trying to hold back the sounds as much as she could, but Raul wasn’t having it, he threw her legs over his shoulders, pulling her center closer to his face, eventually rutting agains the mattress to relieve some of the pressure in his pants. His skilled tongue wiggling through her folds as he went dizzy with her sweet taste. He could easily spend the rest of his life there if she let him. His eyes were closed as he got lost in sensation, letting out a loud moan himself when he felt her fingers grabbing his curls to ground herself as she tugged gently. Y/N was over the fucking moon, but she needed more, she needed him right then and there.

    “Shit, I-” her sentence got lost in a moan as Raul suckled a bit harder “Baby, com’ere” she was able to let it out before getting lost in the moment again.

    His eyes shot up to her face as he laid his head on her thighs, concern evident on his features, lips slick with her, eyes dark with his pupils blown out with lust and curls messy from her tugging at it “what’s wrong, sweetheart, do you want me to stop? Is it too much?”

    Y/N shook her head taking a deep breath to recover a bit from the sinful sight between her parted legs “I just really need you right now”

    Raul smiled warmly at her, pressing a gentle kiss to the supple skin of her thigh before looking up at her again as if she was the one who hung the moon every single night on the sky “I’m right here, doll, don’t intend going anywhere”

    “Need you inside, please” she said and he shook his head with a smile clear on his features “please, baby, please”

    “We’ll get there, my sweet girl” he offered, his free hand grabbing hers and interlocking their fingers “there’s no need to rush, yeah? Just want you to cum for me first, is that okay? Want to take my time with you”

    So as soon as she nodded her head shortly, he dove back right in, his tongue circling her clit again as one of the hands that was gently holding her open for him let go of her thigh to join his mouth on her folds. His index finger circling her entrance to get coated on her as she clenched around nothing tugging harder on his hair, making him groan against her pussy. His now wet finger dipped into her entrance making her whine, quickly being followed by a second one as he started pumping it in and out, making her toes curl against the white sheets of his bed.

    “Oh fuck” she whined calling out his name as she felt the heat on her stomach becoming to much, eyes shutting close, thrusting her hips to meet his fingers, chasing the feeling.

    “Right there?” he asked pleased he was able to find her sweet spot and she nodded her head vigorously, trapping her bottom lip between his teeth “cum for me, sweetheart, give it to me”

    And with that, he latched onto her clit, sucking it harder than before, and that was all it took for her to come undone on his face, back arching off the bed and head thrown back in a silent scream. Raul kept going, riding her through it, licking up all he could possibly muster and as soon as she moved away from him, he took his mouth and hand away, knowing it became too much. He then climbed up her body, slotting their lips together in a loving yet deep kiss as he tenderly cradled her face in his hand, and she could taste herself on his tongue, making her moan into his mouth.

    Y/N barely had any time to recover, but seeing him hard against his pants was enough to get her going again. He placed several kisses all over her face, before swiping his thumb on her cheeks in a sweet caress as she tried putting oxygen on her lungs. Raul giggled at her state, adoration being the only thing visible on his eyes as he admired the prettiest little thing he’s ever seen “You’re so pretty, sweetheart”

    “I love you” she mumbled still a bit woozy, pressing a kiss to the hand that was laying on her face.

    “I love you too” he replied pressing a chaste peck on her lips “still want me to keep going, doll?” he asked tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and she nodded quickly, making him laugh “okay”

    Raul lifted him self off of her, still hovering over her as he leaned to reach the nightstand, opening all the drawers and huffing in annoyance as he quickly scanned on the other side as well, looking for a condom but he simply couldn’t. Fuck working under pressure, this was too much, she was too much, he could barely focus on the task at hand as she ran her hands soothingly on his bicep.

    “Where the fuck did a put it?” he cursed, still rummaging through his drawer hovering over her and she giggled, placing a kiss to his chest making him blush as he looked down at her with a fond smile on his kiss swollen lips.

    Y/N shook her head “On the left top drawer, baby”and he stared at her suspiciously, and sure, it was right where she said it was “I saw it when you asked for your earbuds”

    Raul shook his head “of course my favorite little nerd would memorize the content of my nightstand with a single look at it” he said making her laugh as he adjusted his body on top of hers, kicking off his pants the best he could without hitting her.

    Raul was hard, his tip dripping with precum, his head a shade of an angry red making her head spin again. He hissed as he rolled the latex over his member, giving it a few pumps before lowering completely to her, his hard prick nudging her clit making her whimper. He held himself, coating his cock with herself as he slid it up and down her slit before lining it up with her entrance. He looked up at Y/N to make sure that she still wanted it, earning a nod in response as she cradled his face in her hands, pulling her into a kiss as he slowly sunk in. She moaned into her mouth, accommodating him in her snug walls as he cursed under his breath.

    This was good. This was perfect even. They could forget everything around them, all the shit they’ve been through, only focusing on the moment and each other. Feeling each other’s light touches, their skin pressed tight together, their breathings mixed as they panted into their kiss. She feels so full, like that’s all she’s been needing it the whole time. Raul’s heart felt like it was about to explode on his chest, he couldn’t be better right now, with girl he loved so close to him.

    “Oh fuck, you feel so good, sweetheart” he said around a soft moan as he bottomed out, screwing his eyes shut “so fucking perfect” he praised placing kisses along her jawline and her cheek “I love you so fucking much”

    Y/N nudged his cheek with her nose gently, silently asking for a kiss to which Raul happily obliged, trapping her bottom lip between his own deepening the initial innocent kiss. He tentatively pulled it out a bit before sliding right back in, earning a sweet whimper in response.

    Raul started at a slow pace, building it up with each thrust of his hips, earning soft breathy moans from her which only led him on. He slid his lips across her skin on a soft caress as he propped her leg up to change the angle a bit, earning a moan in response as she threw her head back, squeezing him making him groan from the depths of his chest.

    She captured his lips with hers as he rocked into her at a stablished fast rhythm, only to slow down with long deep thrust, making her squeeze around him eliciting moans from his chest, that she was quick to swallow into the kiss. Y/N feels like she’s over the fucking moon as he ground his body on her swollen clit, the heated know on her tummy only increasing and she felt like she was about to burst. Their bodies impossibly close, both of them needing as much contact as they could manage, needing the constant reminder that this wasn’t a fervent dream, that this was real, that they’re real.

    They spent so much time holding back their feelings and longing for each other that this felt like a dream, a dream they didn’t want to wake from. But the constant praises and caresses they exchanged was enough to ground them and make sure they knew this was real, that their feelings were real and corresponded. They didn’t have to hide anymore, pretend their bodies didn’t fit like puzzle pieces. It felt so good, Raul could barely hold it any longer, his head was spinning from pleasure and all the feelings he could possibly feel for the girl under him.

    “Fuck” he cursed under his breath, one of his hands coming to up to cup her jaw “are you close, baby?”

    “So close- ohh fuck” she moaned as he hit her sweet spot, her vision blurring as that tight feeling on her stomach only increased as she pulled into his curls.

    Raul’s breath was elaborate before he pressed their lips together again in a searing kiss, nibbling on her bottom lip before pulling away, but only enough to whisper “let go for me, sweetheart, I’m right behind you”

    The knot on her stomach finally bursts as she cried out his name, and as promised, Raul was quick to follow, emptying it all on the condom as he kept an irregular pace to prolong their orgasms the longer he could, only to fall on top of her slightly sweaty body. Y/N could barely feel her legs as she reached her peak, still sensitive from her previous release a few moments ago. Raul was still recovering from the aftermath and the gentle pulsation he still felt on his cock from the reminiscent of her orgasm, making a shiver run down his spine with each squeeze.

    They both laid there, breathless and trying to recover their heart rates as they held each other. Y/N’s fingers gently combing through his mess of curls, as he drew random figures with the tip of his fingers on her rib cage, head resting on her chest. Raul could fall asleep right there, but as soon as he saw the goosebumps raising on her arms, he knew he needed to get up and get them settled back on bed again. So he pulled himself out of her as carefully as he could manage, earning a whimper from her at the sudden loss, to which he just hushed gently, promising to be back in a second.

    He rolled out of the bed, discarding the condom on the bathroom as grabbing a washcloth and dampening it with warm water, walking back to his room, only to find Y/N seated among his sheets, hands covering her breasts the best she could looking still a bit flushed, suddenly a lot more self aware that Raul wasn’t around. He smiled gently at her, reaching for a new T-shirt and a pair of boxers she could borrow since her panties were ruined somewhere on his bedroom. Raul was quick to pull over a pair of sweats before turning to his girl.

    “Lay down for me, sweetheart, let me clean you up a bit, yeah?” he said nudging her down the bed as she still looked a bit bashful, but still did as he asked. Y/N let out a breathy whine as the cloth brushed over her overstimulated clit and he hushed her gently, cooing at her, pulling his boxers up her legs “I’m sorry, doll, sit up for me, please?”

    Y/N slowly did it, stretching her back and he smiled down at her, pulling the T-shirt over her head and placing a kiss on her forehead, to which she beamed in response, murmuring a soft “hi” under her breath.

    Raul chuckled responding a quick “hi” before tossing the washcloth on his damper, sorting out his duvet and sheets that were thrown haphazardly on the floor and laying down beside her, opening his arms as an invitation that she gladly took to cuddle as he pulled the duvet over them.

    “You make me very happy too” he repeated what he said to her earlier on the kitchen “you’re the best things that’s ever happened to me”

    Y/N sighed happy, nuzzling her face on his chest as she smiled up at him “You too, I love you so so much”

    “I love you too, sweetheart, with my whole fucking being” he said and she giggled in response, suddenly feeling the toll of waking up in the middle of the night, restless nights and all that, feeling sleep slowly creep its way back to her, and Raul running his hands up and down her back wasn’t helping her to stay awake, and as she was almost dozing off, he called her out “You still with me, sweetheart?”

    Y/N giggled squeezing the arm that was draped over his stomach tighter around him “Always” she replied dreamily.

    “We forgot about the tea” he mumbled and she laughed, her eyes fluttering close.

    “I don’t really care, got busy with something a bit more important” was all she mumbled and he chuckled lowly, before pressing a kiss to her hair.

    “Goodnight, sweetheart”

    “Night, Raul, love you” she mumbled sleepily before finally succumbing to her tired body.

    Dream came ease to her, dream of a warm day under the sun, Raul right beside her and her stomach hurting from how much she was laughing. Her job made things hard to predict and that left a lot of uncertainties on most aspects of her life, but there was one thing she was completely sure of, Raul would always make her happy and would always be there for her, and that he loved her very much, just as much as she loved him.


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    bitches be like "i absolutely can procrastinate on my latin homework" and then wake up in the middle of the night to do it

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    Apparently in the new Pokemon movie "Secrets of the Jungle" there's a scene in which Ash actually talks about his father

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    I can transform any negative into a positive, no matter what it is.

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    Copies of club rings and promotional secret decoder rings for kids from the 30s-50s. Most of these were available from products like Ovaltine with several box-tops. 

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    I cry at the start of every movie I guess cus I wish I was making things too

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