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  • arrowsperpetualcringe
    25.01.2022 - 1 minute ago
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  • nefe-art
    25.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    SUN / MOON

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  • tatumlikesikea
    25.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    who’s designing these new hot fnaf animatronics cuz i know damn well it ain’t scott cawthon

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  • apollos-boyfriend
    25.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    bad news: i lost my student ID card, which is the only way i can access buses/the dorms/the dining hall. i lost it at a hall so i’d have to take a bus back to the dorms to get a new one

    good news: the bus driver wasn’t on the bus when i got in so i didn’t have to scan

    bad news: i need my ID to get into the dorms

    good news: the guy standing post wasn’t paying attention so i just walked right in

    bad news: the ID office closed at 6. it is 8. i need an ID to get into the dining hall bc i’m starving

    good news: i learned last quarter that if you just walk in with enough confidence they won’t card you. i’m two for two

    #icarus speaks#dorm life #conclusion: my school is not as good at security as they think they are
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  • shrinkthisviolet
    25.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    I have to agree with Mark, the map bots are definitely the scariest jumpscares in this game 😂

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  • b1tterbunny
    25.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    my friend told my crush i like her and i have no idea what to do so here’s a drawing i made of glamrock freddy from mspaint

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  • lonelyfreddyafton
    25.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    I have more security breach OC ideas

    Like glamrock ballora who works in the dance studio

    Mia the mannequin who works in an arts and crafts store and her twin sister Molly who works on fashion and clothing-

    I'll talk more 9f thease guys later

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  • potatosarelife
    25.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Have some more Security Breach stuff 🤟🐔

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  • player0
    25.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Hey, I'm alive still! Have a Florida man!

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  • kelpermoosee
    25.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    This kid has committed more crimes than I ever will in my entire life… unless..?

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  • very-tired-child
    25.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    i’m feeling wistful

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  • fanartsunny
    25.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago
    #glittergolf#sun#sunndrop#monty fnaf#montydrop#monty gator #fnaf security puppet #fnaf #fnaf segurity breach
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  • celestialcaretakers
    25.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    I'll try to start threads asap. rn I am trying to wait to see if more people are interested-

    #the security desk; ooc
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  • arrowsperpetualcringe
    25.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago
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  • kinqemperor
    25.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    glamrock chica wip!

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  • madcatdaderpydrawer-blog
    25.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago
    #fnaf security breach au #crazy twins au #fnaf sun#fnaf moon#fnaf roxanne #fnaf glamrock chica #fnaf glamrock freddy #fnaf monty#daycare attendant#sunrise#sundrop#moondrop #tw panic attack #they lost their shit #and then got scared thinking they just pissed off the main attractions
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  • ferretseal
    25.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    "Star! Where did your dress go??"

    I still need to draw it but have her like this for now

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  • c0untrymutt
    25.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    rock n' roll

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  • nazkarcito
    25.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    i haven’t played the game but i like him very much

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  • pyramidicallurker
    25.01.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Sundrop x Reader

    I had a loooooot of fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy it!

    You already know it's going to be an interesting shift since you clocked in, because well, tonight is cleaning night.

    It won't just be Vanessa and you this time, but other workers will join you as well. They will clean the animatronics and place while you two do your normal routines.

    You sigh a little at that because it means you cannot visit Sun and Moon tonight, you already missed them both.

    Vanessa nudges you from the side and chuckles.

    "Come on don't look so sad, you can see them tomorrow night"

    You smile a little and nod.

    "Yeah you're right, but I still miss them" you pout a little.

    She rolls her eyes at you and then grabs your arm gently, pulling you a little to the side, sliding her backpack off her shoulders and opening it.

    "Maybe this will cheer you up! Look what I brought for us tonight."

    You look into the backpack and realize with a gasp that it is full of snacks and sweets. Maybe this will be a great night after all.

    "Since a lot of people are here we can do our loops together, we can talk and snack a bit on this."

    She grins and wiggles her eyebrows at you as you laugh a little.

    "Okay okay you won me over, where do we start?"

    You two start at the main halls, looking through the little souvenir shops and looking into the animatronics rooms here and there, making sure everything is okay with the other staff as well.

    You dont want any accidents happen after all.

    You two talk and start to open various snacks, one being labeled as a very sour candy, you look at Vanessa challengingly.

    "I bet I can eat more of those in a minute then you"

    She raises an eyebrow but a little smirk makes it way onto her face and you knew you got her.

    "Oh bet~."

    You grin at her and get ready to stuff your mouth full of this candy but one of the workers jogs over to you.

    You both look at him with an raised eyebrow, questiongly.

    "I-I am sorry to interrupt but-" he takes a deep breath from the jogging he did "We cannot find the Daycare Animatronic anymore, we walked into the Daycare and it came to greet us, but as soon as it saw the buckets it just... bolted, now we can't find it anymore!"

    Ah that's why he's so out of breath, the Daycare is at the other end of the Pizzaplex.

    You sigh and nod "I will try to find him alright?"

    You knew exactly where they are hiding.

    You look apologetic to Vanessa as the man already starts to walk towards the Daycare.

    "I am sorry, let's continue this after I found him, alright?"

    "Yeah yeah" she waves a hand dismissive while chuckling.

    "Go find your favorite"

    You chuckle a little and wave at her as you quickly turn around and run after the other worker.

    You soon reach the Daycare and you make your way inside, you turn towards the man. "You should go out of here for now and lock the doors from the outside, maybe he comes out if it's just me, and we don't want him hiding in the bigger parts of the Pizzaplex."

    He nods quickly "Yes that... Would be unfortunate"

    He quickly goes to the door and locks it behind himself, leaving you alone in the Daycare.

    You sigh and go straight towards the poster door, luckily Sun brought you to his room once already.

    You smile softly at the memory of it as you push open the door and make your way down the long hallway.

    "Sunny dear, are you here?" you hear a little crash as you enter the first room and a startled yelp, but it didn't came from here, it came from the second room.

    You make your way over to it and peak inside.

    "Sunny I know you are here, may I come inside, please?"

    Silence for a few seconds, until you hear a quiet "Yes" from the other side.

    You make your way through the little tube, making sure to not go too fast to not startle him further.

    As you enter your heart broke at the sight of Sunny, sitting hunched in a bean bag in the far corner, fiddling with his hands and his clothes nervously as he peeks up at you.

    He's so.. uncharacteristically quiet.

    "Hey Sunny..." you make your way slowly over to him and sit down next to him.

    "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

    He's quiet for a while as he looks down onto his lap, you can see he's thinking hardly about what to say.

    As they look back at you you give them an encouraging and patient smile, laying a hand softly on one of their arms.

    Immediately it's arms are around you and you get lifted onto it's lap, his face buried into your hair.

    If he could cry, you know he would definitely do it now.

    His voice is laced with static as he finally starts to speak.

    "I am sorry sorry sorry for making your work harder!! I just make it harder." You feel his hold on you tighten slightly as you try to calm him down.

    "Hey hey Sunny, it's okay you don't make it harder." you turn around in his hold so you face him, laying your hands on his cheeks and rubbing soft circles over them with your thumbs.

    "I know you normally wouldn't react like that, so that you hide needs to have a reason"

    He looks a little to the side.

    Something is definitely up.

    "But please don't think I am mad at you or anything okay?" You smile softly at him.

    "I am just worried for my favorite here."

    You feel them lean into your touch and a bit of the tenseness of their body disappearing.

    "But don't feel like you need to explain it to me, okay? I definitely understand it if you don't want to."

    He takes your hands from his face and holds them, looking down at your joined hands.

    "I want to."

    You caress their hands a little and nod.

    "Alright then Sunny"

    They take the animatronic version of a deep breath and lay their head back onto yours.

    "The first time they just grabbed me and tied me down!! Because I move so much!! But they could have just asked, just asked!!!" he huffs frustrated.

    "Or they turned me off completely!! They did.. one or the other always, I do not like it no no" he shakes his head as his voice got quieter.

    "I don't want them to do this but they never listen!! Never!! They just turned my voice box off!!"

    Your eyes widen at what he is saying, why did they needed to be so... Violent with him? He doesn't deserves this at all!!

    Deciding to not let your anger show for now because you don't want him to feel even worse, you let go of his hands and wrap your arms softly around him, hugging him gently.

    "I am so sorry they did that to you Sunny"

    You feel them wrap their arms around you as well, hugging you tightly to themselves, not wanting to let you go.

    "I make sure they will never do this again to you, I promise, no, I swear that to you!"

    He goes a little over your back.

    "Are you sure they.. allow that?"

    "Oh Sunny, they will be happy to pay a few workers less, I will just do it then"

    You feel him tense a but up but then relax again.

    "You... Would clean... Me?"

    "With your permission of course!!" you look up at him and smile.

    "Do you.. trust me enought to allow me to do that?"

    He hesitates a little but nods.

    Your smile widens at this, he actually trusts you, trusts you with something he seems so sensitive about.

    "Would you want to do it now? Or stay a little more like this?"

    You tilt your head a little at him, playing with the two pieces of fabric on his shoulders.

    "Could we stay like this? Please? Pretty please?"

    If he could look with puppy eyes at you he would definitely do it.

    You laugh a little and nods.

    "Of course Sunny!! That's why I asked."

    You lay your head on his chest and hug him tightly again, hearing the mechanical whirring of his body and wiring.

    It's oddly... comforting.

    You close your eyes and decide to ask him a few questions to get him back to his usual self.

    "Hey Sunny?" you hear a hum from above you, "How was your shift today? Where the kids nice?"

    You can practically feel them light up.

    "Oh yes yes!! They have been so nice today!! I made a lot of little new friends!" you hear him giggle and move his legs happily.

    "They even made something for me!! Oh I need to show it to you later!!"

    You chuckle at their happiness, you are glad to see and hear them being like this again, you really do not like to see them sad.

    "Yes do that please!! I can't wait to see it!"

    He immediately jumps up with you in his arms. "Let me show it to you now!!"

    He quickly gets through the tube as you squeak and jumps upon the balcony he has, your eyes widen.

    "Sunny-" and he jumps "SUNNY!!"

    You hide your face in it's chest and hug it tightly, you feel it hug you tightly back.

    "Don't worry I keep you safe!!"

    He lands with you in the ballpit and stands back up, checking you over if everything is okay.

    "Are you alright my friend? Please be alright!!"

    You start to relax a little again and let go of him, looking up and taking a deep breath but smiling at him.

    "Yes Sunny I am alright just... Warn me next time, please."

    Sunny chuckles embarrassed and hugs you a little closer.

    "I am sorry friend I was just so excited!!"

    "I know I know, now show me what they made, alright?" You smile softly at it and boop it's nose.

    He giggles and immediately takes off to one of the walls where a lot of drawings are hung up, he quickly scans over them and jumps excitedly when he found it, pointing to it.

    "Here here!!! Look they drew me and them!! It's so adorable!!!"

    You follow his finger and look at the drawing, it indeed is very cute and you chuckle.

    "That's absolutely adorable Sunny, they got you from your good side!"

    You hear him giggle and feel him swaying from side to side.

    "Awwwee thank you friend!! I was so happy when they showed it to me!!"

    "Oh I can definitely imagine that" you pat him a little on the chest as you smile at him. You look then at your watch and see that it's already 4 am, you frown a little and you look back up at your friend.

    "Hey buddy, we sadly just have two hours left, we need to get so cleaned up"

    You hear a dramatic sigh from them but see them nod, going with you to the cleaning supplies that the worker left and setting you down, watching you while fumbling with their fingers.

    You look over the supplies and can spot a few sponges, a wash cloth, two buckets of water and some soap, the normal stuff.

    You look towards Sunny and smile reassuringly at it.

    "Hey could you come over here and sit down? You are a little too talk for me to reach everything if you don't."

    You see him nod and nervously shuffle over to you, sitting down in front you, looking up at you.

    You see it's nervousness and take it's hands in yours, going with your thumb over the back of it.

    "Hey Sunny, I won't do anything that you don't want alright? So if something is uncomfortable, just tell me."

    He avoids eye contact but then looks at you, nodding a little hesitantly.

    "I will friend."

    You nod and give him another soft smile before reluctantly pulling away from his hands, you then take the soap and put it into one of the buckets, mixing it in.

    You then take one of the soft sponges and make it soak in the water as you carry the bucket over to the curiously watching animatronic.

    You kneel down behind him and get the sponge out, but before you apply it to him you softly Kay a hand over the spot you want to wash.

    "I will use it here, alright?" You see them nod and start to proceed, taking your hand away and softly putting the sponge against him, starting to clean the hand prints of all the children, the grease from the food here and whatever could be on this poor guy.

    You move the sponge in soft circles and can see him relax a little.

    You smile at that and put the sponge back into the bucket to let it soak up the soapy water again before you continue with the gentle scrubbing and washing.

    You do this process a few times, making him know where you are going to wash next and asking him for permission before you start with with, quickly you were finished with his back and sides, rinsing it off with the clean water and washcloth before drying it off.

    You then take the bucket and look to Sunny.

    "I shortly get clean water alright? Then we take care of your front!"

    He immediately jumps up from his feet, taking the bucket from you.

    "I help you! No no's accepted!!"

    You roll your eyes playfully and laugh, nodding.

    "Okay okay you may help me Sunny."

    You swear you could see his grin widening as you start to go with him to the taps to fetch some new water, you empty the container into the sink with Sunny's help, cringing a little at all the grime and dirt you got off of him.

    And you are very glad you did so, you can't imagine how it would feel like if you would walk around covered in all of this.

    You shake yourself from your thoughts and start to get fresh water into the bucket, humming a little as you do so.

    Sunny watches you a little from the side, going from one foot from another like a child who has too much energy.

    He is so happy that you do this for him!! And that you are so gentle!! He never thought he would love a cleaning night but you if course turned it all to the better.

    How could you not? You are a total sunshine in his eyes!

    You make him happy just when he sees you!

    You turn of the tap when the bucket is filled with a good amount of water, Sunny takes it from you and you make your way back to where you washed him, he sets it down in front of him and sits down as well, watching you empty the rest of the soap into the bucket, taking a new sponge and making it soak in the water.

    "So Sunny... Time for the rest of you to the squeaky clean!"

    You kneel down before him and repeat the procedure from before, placing your hand where you want to wash and asking for permission.

    He gave it to you everytime, not even hesitating once like he did with the backside.

    Maybe you made him actually enjoy it? You really hope so, you hate seeing them in distress or sad.

    They watch you curiously as you move the sponge over their abdomen and chest, seeing how quickly the old and more vibrant color shines through.

    Were they really that dirty?

    Well that doesn't matter now, you are making them clean and shiny again!! And they want to repay you for it.

    They need to talk with Moon about this, it should be perfect.

    You smile as you finish with that part, moving now to his arms. Last thing would he his face.

    But how would he react to that? Would he actually let you?

    You are a little nervous as you finish up the arms, they weren't that hard to clean to your luck, or not really luck since the only part left is his face.

    "So Sunny," you look up at it "the last part that's missing is your face, am I allowed to clean it?"

    You seem them thinking a little before nodding. "Of course friend!"

    You smile happily up at them. They really do seem to trust you, hm?

    Your heart flutters at that, feeling very honored that you are the one they trust.

    You hesitantly kneel down on their lap, making sure you wouldn't just slide down before grabbing the sponge and gently starting to clean it, you try to concentrate on what you were cleaning away to not get lost in admiring their face.

    Little do you know that's exactly what the other was doing.

    Sunny couldn't help but watch your face, making him memorize everything about it. You were stunning! And so cute! How could he not?

    His eyes wander over your body in innocent curiosity, you were so much more different then him! Way softer, way squishier.

    He always feels it when he holds you in his arms, or when you take his hand.

    It makes him giddy just thinking about it! Your touch is so gentle and it makes him absolutely swoon everytime.

    Blissfully unaware of the thoughts of the animatronic in front of you, you finish washing his face, looking over it to see if you missed anything.

    Luckily you didn't, so you climbed back down from his lap, effectively bringing him out of the little daze he was in.

    "So, finished! You are all cleaned up now buddy!"

    He feels happy about that, but also feels a small tinge of disappointment.

    They stand up and hugs you tightly, but not too tight to hurt you. They nuzzle their face into your hair.

    So soft.

    "Thank you friend! Thank you so much!!"

    It's voice then gets a little quieter and more shy.

    "Can... Can you do it the next time as well? I don't want the others to do it like they always do it!!!" He sounds upset at the last part, something you definitely understand.

    You wrap your arms around him as well. "Of course I can do that Sunny! I just need to talk to my boss, but I don't think he would mind paying less when it means I can take over it."

    They suddenly pick you up and spin you around, giggling happy.

    "Thank you thank you thank you!! You're the best (Y/N)!!

    They never say your name often, so it seems they were really happy and relieved. You smile widely at that and nuzzle a little into the metal.

    "No need to thank me for that, I want you to be happy after all!" you chuckle at it's happiness.

    It really was absolutely adorable, you couldn't imagine not having it in your life anymore.

    You then hear your watch beep, making you both look at it in surprise.

    "It's already 5:30??? Getting you clean really took quite the time."

    You see and feel him deflate, laying your hands onto his cheeks.

    "Hey Sunny, I will be back tomorrow night again alright? Please don't be sad, there's no way we won't see each other again."

    They hug you a little tighter and whine.

    "I know but that will take so long!! I will miss you!! So much!!"

    You chuckle a little "I will miss you too Sunny, but I need my sleep.", you place a little kiss on his cheek, seeing him stop and just stare at you.

    Did you do something wrong? Did you made him mad? You look a little nervously at him as he burts out in little giggles, nuzzling his cheek against yours as he sways from side to side.

    Oh he's definitely smitten with you, and now you kissed his cheek! He couldn't believe it!! He was over the moon!!

    He presses his everlasting smile against your cheek, trying to give you a kiss in his way as well and he really hopes you know that!

    You giggle at that and start to turn a little red. He really tried to give you a kiss as well hm?

    But you definitely are relieved that you didn't crossed any boundaries with that, and he actually seemed to like it!

    They let you down, still swaying happily from side to side.

    You regain your balance a little and beam up at them.

    "So we see each other tomorrow??" he seems very excited for that already.

    "Yes of course Sunny!! But I sadly need to head out for now, alright?"

    He whines again but nods, then fumbles a little with his fingers as he looks to the side.. shyly?

    "... Could I get another kiss on the cheek? Pretty please?"

    You could melt at that, his voice got a lot more quieter and softer with that requests, and how he looks to the side?

    Yep you were done for, couldn't say no to that at all.

    You chuckle and wave him down.

    It leans curiously down, a little bit of hope in it's eyes as you lean closer.

    You then give it another soft kiss on the cheek and you can definitely see it melt at that, holding itself back from wrapping its arms around you again.

    You need to leave soon after all! As much as he doesn't likes that.

    You giggle at this display and hugs him shortly again before walking to the door, waving him goodbye as he waves happily back.

    He lets himself fall into the ground in a sitting position right after you left the door, if it could be possible there would be hearts in his eyes and floating around him.

    How could someone not like you? You are an absolute angel!! You are so good to him and so gentle, so understanding, how could he not fall for you? How could he not want to hold you and never let go?

    Now he knew what Moon meant when he described this, and he was very happy that he did now.

    You walk out of the door, still having a smile on your face from the interaction.

    Sunny really is absolutely adorable, you really cannot deny that.

    You see Vanessa coming into view and you snap out of your thoughts, you had a lot of explaining to do.

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