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  • evek95
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    A Hug Is All You Need

    pairing: sehun x reader
    tags: fluff, established relationship
    words: 581
    inspired after his last huya appearance and him being super soft and cute

    Your thoughts were interrupted, when you heard the lock on your front door. Looking at the clock again to make sure, you were surprised to see Sehun walk into the living room. ‚I thought you would work for a few more hours?‘, you asked him. Sehun didn’t say a word, he just walked over to the couch and lay down next to you, almost crushing you in the process. All he wanted was to be close to you and feel your arms around him. Sehun buried his face in your neck and you let out a small chuckle. ‚Exhausting day?‘ Sehun just nodded, tickling your neck with his slight stubble. You had wrapped your arms around him and pulled him on top of you, so he could feel closer to you. You moved your hand to the back of his neck and started running your hand through his hair. You could feel him humming more than hearing it. ‚I missed you‘, Sehun mumbled against your neck. ‚Do you want to go to bed and we can cuddle more there?‘

    Instead of an answer, Sehun got up and pulled you off the couch with him. He was hugging you from behind, having his jaw tugged into the crook of your neck. It made for a slow walk into the bedroom, but Sehun didn’t want to let you go for even a minute. That was until you got ready for bed, but Sehun made you speed through the process because he couldn’t wait to hold you in his arms anymore. ‚Please, baby, can we just go to bed?‘ You looked at him with a small smile on your face and instead of saying anything, just held out your hand for him to hold onto on the way to your bed.

    You both got comfortable, your back pressed to his chest and Sehun had his arms wrapped around your waist, holding you close to his body. Your legs tangled together and you were content. You couldn’t help letting out a deep, satisfied hum and you could hear Sehun chuckle into your neck. ‚Missed me too?‘ Sehun sounded happy. ‚You don’t even know how much.‘ Lying there, you both were content with being close to the person you loved the most in the world. No matter how stressful a day would be, as long as it ended with you both clinging to each other, everything was going to be alright. With a smile on your face, you slowly drifted into sleep, knowing the next day would start better than today, as you would be waking up in Sehun’s arms.

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  • pinkypark
    18.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Bom’s Leaders { character profiles }

    series masterlist

    We’re here! Our last EXO stop!

    Let’s get started for we still have a long way to go! twenty three more actually…

    The first leader is,


    The King of The Terrain.

    EXO Planet’s resident husband strong manly man.

    He has the power to control the earth.

    He’s also freakishly strong. Hercules has nothing on him. He can make your Earth Quake… (pun was intended, i’m sorry 🤧)

    But as strong as he is, he’s quite the softy. He looks heavenly, speaks slowly, moves carefuly, gazes adoringly~ istg he does it on purpose ;-;

    We’ve spoken to each other a handful of times, but I can’t quite say were friends.

    Maybe because he’s too polite. You’ll definitely like him!

    When you see him along your way, don’t fall in love with him.

    The second one is one of my close friends,


    The King of the Void of Apparition.

    Yes, I know he looks quite snobby, but trust me he’s a cutie.

    He has the ability to travel through space and time. To apprate! To teleport!

    He can travel to one world to another! One galaxy to another! Even one reality to another!

    He’s quite mischievous, him and Sehun both.

    He’s has a childlike enthusiasm about anything and everything.

    And has the attention span of a bird. Not like the the cool birds like the eagle or hawk, he’s more like those annoying ones that can’t fly as high and are loud as hell.

    Ah! Chickens! He has the attention span of a chicken!

    But he’s a great friend! Probably the most ideal friend out of all the EXO Leaders.

    Actually, when you come across him along your journey, don’t forget to tell him I said hi.

    The last EXO Planet Leader that I’m gonna tell you about is,


    The King of the Wind Valley.

    EXO Planet’s resident playboy.

    He has the ability to manipulate, produce, and take out air!

    He can take the life out of you in a flick of his hand! But he won’t do that… hopefully…

    He’s quite the flirt so don’t fall for his games.

    But as annoying as he is, were still close friends.

    He’s easy to talk to if you just ignore the flirting.

    And much like Kai, he’s as mischievous and sly as a fox.

    And we are done!

    Feeling like you know more now? I sure hope you do, cause telling these is hard work!

    So, run along and navigate the list for “The Leaders of NeoCity”.

    You go first and I’ll catch up with you, I just have to go home. I keep having a feeling that I left something open.

    © 2021. all rights reserved. pinkypark.

    #fic : celestine (bom’s venture) #fic : celestine #celestine : the leaders of exo planet #exo scenarios#exo imagines #exo d.o #exo kai#exo sehun#exo#nct scenarios#nct imagines
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  • sinnerforexo
    18.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Ask me anything

    Let's play a game ask me anything you guys want? Let's have some interaction to be close with each other.

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  • zyxbook
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    EXO MTL to sing for you

    I am feeling super soft today and so I decided to write and think about the scenario when you and the member are laying on your bed, you’re almost falling asleep and he starts singing for you.


    Jongdae -> He is the softest for it since he’s a dad. His wife is the luckiest.

    Chanyeol -> He’ll even take his guitar if it’s possible, the perfect voice with the instrument.

    Kyungsoo -> This man would compose you a song and sing it for you. You cannot change my mind!

    Baekhyun -> Besides singing, he would also be cuddling with you until you sleep in his arms.

    Yixing -> It depends on the day, mostly he’d sleep before you. Poor man is tired.

    Junmyeon -> He’s the sweetest man alive, but he wouldn’t often sing for you. I feel like he’d cook for you or take care of you in other ways.

    Minseok -> He’d only sing in very special ocassions, like your anniversary or birthday, some special night between you two...

    Jongin -> Kai would prefer watch a movie and run his hands on your hair before you fall asleep.

    Sehun -> He’s just like Kai. I feel like he prefers other kinds of affection at this moment, like cuddling.


    #exo mtl #exo mtl to sing for you #super soft exo #exo scenarios#exo headcannons#sehun#jongin#minseok#junmyeon#yixing#baekhyun#kyungsoo#chanyeol#jongdae#exo fanfics #exo soft scenarios #exo soft fanfics #im crying because theyll not sing for me
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  • sinnerforexo
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Brat ( Kim Jongin/Reader/Park Chanyeol)

    Authors note: Hey guys I am back. I am sorry I should have updated earlier with my new fanfiction but I was not well. I was suffering from a high fever. The fiction I wrote is a mess I couldn't concentrate on the story as I was not well. So, please understand and now I practicing more to give you guys better fan fiction.🥰🥰 warnings: a lot of filthy stuff, double penetration, choking, overstimulation, Violence etc. Please don’t read my fiction if you are not comfortable with these topics. Word count: 2K

    This work is completely fictional, minors are strictly prohibited.

    He is so stunning.

    This was your first thought when you saw the tall handsome man across the hall, in the ball party held by your dad. The tall, handsome, man with silver-blonde hair, plump lips big eyes, and the sexiest body ever you have seen kept you mesmerized. Your dad was introducing you to everyone at the ball but our eyes were never leaving him. Your father held the ball to introduce you to your fiance, first you didn't have any problems but after seeing the handsome beautiful man you don't know what to do. Being the daughter of one of the most powerful Mafia always kept your life in danger, so, your dad wants you to marry someone as powerful as him and as they can keep you safe and happy. So your dad arranged Kim Kai who is his rival. Kai agreed to arrange marriage because he will gain more power and land. When you saw Kai for the first time he was handsome as hell, like a sex demon, his beautiful features were nothing less than the handsome stranger. As the night grew the crowd in the party doubled. Everyone was busy chatting with each other and the couple was dancing the waltz. Except you, sitting in the corner with a glass of wine, eyes still wondering the handsome stranger whom you lost as the crowd increased. Kai was chatting with other businessmen who seemed like he is a workaholic guy with a playboy look. Finally, the party ended with a fake worn on your face you bid goodbye to everyone. "Okay sweetheart it time to go, I will call you for a date after getting free from works this weekend." kai said giving a peck on my cheek. Seeing me blush a smile crept on his face. "bye" I said simply waving my hands to him.

    2 weeks later It had been two freaking weeks since the party where you meet the handsome stranger but still the beautiful features roaming in your brain. Meanwhile, you have been on a date with  Kai everything was perfect but still you can't forget the stranger. You became frustrated and decided to go shopping.

    After hours of shopping, you felt refreshed. You came back to your car with tons of shopping bags on which you spent dollar bills. You put the bags back in the car. You open the door of the driver's seat but your eyes traveled to the guy across. He resembles very similar features, but you cant remember well. He was wearing a black cap and a black hoodie which made it very difficult for you to recognize him. Sudden realization hit you he was the stranger at the ball party. He was coming towards you and suddenly everything turned black.

    Slowly you opened your eye with great pain, it feels like you slept for ages. You tried to move your body but you felt restraint against your wrist your legs were numb it felt invisible. You don't even remember how did you end off in this place.

    “Is that bitch is awake “ you heard a deep voice

    "I haven't checked her in a while, sir." you heard another person's voice. "okay lemme see her" you heard footsteps getting closer and closer. You felt very scared sweating is running down your forehead and you are on the verge of crying. "So you are awake" you heard the deep voice, you couldn't believe your eyes, he was that stranger whom you saw in the ball and parking slot. "What's the value of crying, when you have made hundreds of people cry for life in front of you" you didn't get what he just said to you. "Wait till tonight when we will make you cry and scream in pain that you have ever felt in your life, by the way, I am Chanyeol" with that he left the room make you cry in fear. He said "we" which means there are other people, whom I made cry in front of me for life Do he mean the people to whom I bully in school and college or the house but how come on the earth did he know, are the only thoughts roaming around your head. You have no idea what he gonna do with, all you could lay helpless and cry.

    You have no idea how long you have been sleeping there after your first interaction with Chanyeol, all you remember is crying your eyes out. It seems like someone was chatting outside the room in a faint voice but still, you can hear it. "Hyung is she awake" you heard a very familiar voice "Yeah but the depressant drugs worked on her so well that she slept more than 24 hours" "Did you feed her, tonight what will happen might drain her energy out" that familiar voice chuckles? " Then that would be good, at least it will be easier to kill her" these lines were enough to scare the shit out of making you cry hard.

    You heard someone entering the room." We haven't done anything yet but you are crying" that familiar voice said when you looked at him you were completely startled. It was none other than your fiance Kai." Why the hell is you crying are you that scared of your death." kai said.” i-i am sorry I didn't do anything, please don't kill me I will ask daddy to give you all the money and property please leave me" you have become a complete crying mess. "This whore is still not getting what we are trying to say," chanyeol said harshly pulling your hair. "Do you think I agreed to marry a pathetic bitch like you just because of money, property, and power when you almost killed Sehun in university do you remember that, just because that boy didn't agree on dating you, your father assassin beat the shit out of him, which lead to him suffer from the coma. Kai said giving you a tight slap on the cheek. You were speechless now." Not only Sehun you threatened 100s of people, don't you think you need to change slut, don't you think you deserve punishment for being everyone's pain in the ass," chanyeol yelled at you while yanking your hair. " I-i am s-so-sorry, I will never do this again p-please leave me I am begging you" you cried hysterically begging for their mercy to leave you. " You will never do this again, after the punishment we give, to do such kind of pathetic work you need to leave this crypt, do you think we are gonna leave you" kai mocked at you. " "After all the miserable deeds you did, don't you think it will be fair to make your life the same miserable," chanyeol said with a creepy "After all you partially killed our brother" "i-i am so s-so-sorry" you begged "p-please don't kill me" With that kai ripped your dress leaving you completely bare in front of them, you shrieked in terror. A tight smack landed on your right cheek leaving you completely dumbstruck. "You don't dare to make a single, or else you will end off with the worst consequences, you will only answer when asked, understand". Never in your life, someone has treated you like this, your dad has never raised his voice on you, the treatment you are receiving now from chanyeol and kai is just driving you crazy, it's hurting you so bad that you are breaking down both physically and mentally. "Bitch we asked you a question-answer us" Chanyeol spanked your inner thigh. "y-yes sir" "good" kai smirked. "Get ready princess" chanyeol smirked. Kai flipped you over, making you lie on your stomach. He spanked your inner making you scream. He crept his hand to your womanhood, rubbing your clit slowly. “ We haven't done anything yet, but your slut body got wet, do you like our scolding and degradation, does it turn you on, slut” kai said with a smirk. “n-no sir”

    “Then what is this why you are so wet, you are lying to us but your body spitting facts of how much of a slut you are” chanyeol spanked your clit, making you moan loudly. You are unable to process what's happening to your body, both of them are scolding you beating you harshly, and saying shits about you but still, this is turning you on. You know you did a lot of sin but this is not the punishment you deserve but yet you like it, you like how harsh they are on you. Kai pushed a finger into your hole, making you scream in pain, which is rapidly turning into pleasure. He started moving it at a fast pace, then he added two more fingers at the same time, stretching the shit out of you. On the other hand, chanyeol pulled you by your hair making you look at him, with another hand he held your throat tightly not letting you breathe. “open your mouth, bitch” you opened it. He spitted in your mouth, making you feel disgusting yet pleasurable. “Now swallow it”. You did as he said. Kai is fingering you rapidly with his long beautiful fingers, you felt something stirred inside you. You felt a knot inside your stomach and knew what it means. “I-i I am gonna cum, please” you begged with that Kai withdraw his hand. It made you cry in frustration. “Hyung don't you think this slut can take both of us at the same time,” kai said. “Of course, what else she knows except whoring around and taking dicks” said chanyeol. You heard them unzipping their pants. They pulled you by the hair, making sit on your knees and ass up. Kai got under you lining his big thick cock on your pussy. He started moving at a very first pace without letting you adjust. Chanyeol pushed his huge thick cock in your ass making you scream. He adjusted his speed with Kai’s pace. Both of them thrust you like a maniac turning you into a moaning mess. A knot formed in your stomach making you clench around them. Kai suddenly pulled him out of you. You throw your head out of frustration. Chanyeol immediately cum in your ass. You are completely dripping. Kai manhandled making you sit on him, he make you bounce on his dick. You are so tired and sensitive due to overstimulation. other of them are fucking you endlessly draining all your, they are not even letting you cum making you frustrated as hell. You felt another knot in your stomach in no time. Kai knew as you are clenching so much around him. He throws you down on the bed. " Please sir I wanna cum" "Princess this is a punishment for you not to cum, behave well then we will allow you," kai said freeing you from the restraint. Chanyeol bought a damp towel to clean you up. You were completely exhausted, Chanyeol and kai slept beside you after cleaning you up. "C-can I ask you a question? "Go ahead" chanyeol whispered. "How do you guys know that I used to bully people in college?" "Babe Sehun is my brother whom your father assassin beat now he is in states, I just agreed to marry you just to take revenge," Kai said in a very low voice. "And chanyeol is my best friend" "oh, but how do you love me?" "Hmm, yeah I have some feelings for you" "It's okay I can wait, and I promise to change completely" "Can you both shut up and sleep" Chanyeol shouted

    I know this fanfiction shity please dont mind it, as i was not well while writing me.

    please message me and say how this fiction is . I love you guys.

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  • writingstuffandmore
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    So, I kinda waited for some more requests and suggestions but I didn't get any...

    Therefore, I would be working on the fics as I had posted earlier. The numbers written against them doesn't specify as 1st or 2nd... These are the few ideas I could muster in the small hype and enjoyment when shared by you guys..

    I really hope that I get some suggestions, feedbacks... Even if you text me saying that Hey I haven't read at the moment.. at least that gives me a sense of acknowledgement of you haven't read now or maybe later, thats totally fine...

    I am writing for you all but if you don't write what you feel or like, then I really don't know what to say. I really appreciate that you take time especially since it's pretty difficult. These are the ones, IF BY ANY CHANCE ANYONE WANTS ME TO WRITE SOMETHING DIFFERENT YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO TEXT ME :)

    1. EXO Mafia! Yandere! Poly au! reaction OT9

    2. Vampire Baekhyun x Pet reader

    3. Werewolf Baekhyun x Human Reader

    4. Vampire Baekhyun x Vampire Reader

    5. Vampire Reader x Werewolf Baekhyun

    #exo#exo ot9#exo scenarios#exo reaction#exo requests#exo headcanons#exo series #exo au scenarios #exo au#exo oneshot#suho#xiumin#lay#chen#baekhyun#chanyeol#kyungsoo#kai#sehun #suho x reader #xiumin x reader #lay x reader #baekhyun x reader #chanyeol x reader #kyungsoo x reader #kai x reader #sehun x reader #exo vampire au #exo werewolf au #exo mafia!au
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  • justwritedreams
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Stay with me | Oh Sehun x reader, soldier!au

    Word count: 3107 Genre: fluff, a little drama and comedy Author: maari Warnings: mentions of injury, blood and surgery. Note: i have this idea since 2017 and couldn’t finish, it should be longer than that. Idk if i should do a part 2. What you guys tinhk? Summary: You're a nurse like any other when you meet Captain Oh Sehun from the korean navy

    “Hey Y/N.” I turn to face whoever it was who had called me and regretted it when I did. “Uh, hi Brian…” I threw the coffee cup in the trash, I couldn't even have a coffee in that hospital lately. "How are you? I haven't seen you in a long time.” he smile at me in a flirtatious way but it didn't do much good. I found it a little too forced. "You saw me yesterday." I tried to sound not that rude. "Oh I know but it's so hard to see you out of your shift." That was exactly the intention. "You know you don't have to work that hard, Y/N." “I know but I love what I do, Dr., you should know better.” I glance around the lobby, hoping any patients would arrive soon so I could get out of there. Dr. Brian had been trying to ask me out for weeks since he got here and each time I politely declined. According to some nurses, he do that with every woman in the hospital and the roulette stopped in my turn, unfortunately. To be honest, I was tired of it all, sometimes I wish him to go straight so I could refuse right away. “I already told you to not to call me Dr., by the way this weekend…” his voice trailed off as a gurney arrived at the ER, catching my attention, and I turn away from Brian as soon as I hear the word surgery. I ran to the patient, looking quickly at the paramedics who were bringing him. “What state?” I ask quickly. “A shot in the left rib, he fell into the sea on impact.” one of them answer and I look at the patient as we carry the stretcher through the hospital. The first thing I notice was his military uniform, he was from the navy, his face was wet and swollen in places, but that didn't stop me from noticing how handsome he was. His face was well designed and striking, I was surprise by that, I had already seen several soldiers, mainly from the navy since the hospital was close to where they usually did their activities, but none of them ever had a face so… perfect. I quickly reach for his chest and ripped his shirt, being able to see the damage the bullet had done to his rib. “Rosa, we need Dr. Kang. The bullet is lodged in the rib.” I yell as we walk down the hall to the operating room. "I'm here, Y/N." The Dr. approach and quickly assess the patient. “He lost a lot of blood, Dr.” “His lips are turning colorless, he must have drowned. Let's go to the operating room.” “Sir, this area is forbidden!” I hear one of the nurses speak loudly and look back. A soldier who came with the patient trying to get into the restricted area. I let Dr. take the patient and went to him. “It's okay, I'll take over from here. “I told the nurse and went back to facing the tall man. “Sir, this area is reserved.” I try to push him by the chest but he was strong. "It's my best friend, I have to be there!" I understood the tone of despair and I sympathized. “I will stand by his side until the end as if I were you, all right?” He nod and let me close the door, I took a deep breath before running to the operating room. The night had just begun. (...)

    The surgery had been very long, we had to do a blood transfusion as he lost a lot, other than that we didn't have any extreme complications. As promised, I stayed on the patient's side the whole time, when everything was under control and the Dr. no longer needed my help, I was holding his hand. It had been involuntary and it was completely weird, but I was in agony, I knew the risk he was taking, even more because of the amount of blood he lost and also because of the bullet. It hadn't done much damage, but it was very difficult to remove and required great care. I hoped he would save himself, such a young guy dying doing his job was too painful. I asked to take care of his recovery and the Dr. agreed. For some unknown reason, I felt in my chest that I owed it. Not because I was a nurse and promised his friend, but because I'd be in agony if I didn't hear from him. The patient spent a few hours in the ICU, just to make sure his health was stable after the surgery. In the meantime, I went to warn his tall friend, who look like he have ants in the hospital chair, as soon as he saw me walking towards him, he got up. Another guy, also in navy uniform, did the same, probably another friend. “How did he…?” “Keep calm, he's stable. He lost some blood and we had a transfusion but the surgery went well. Soon he will go to his room.” the two sigh in relief and look at each other, both looking exhaust. “Thank you so much, Dr.” the taller one approach and shook my hand, swaying quickly. "I'm just the nurse, sir." I smile. "Sorry, the doctor had another emergency surgery, she don't have time to come talk to you." “You stayed with him like you promised, didn't you?” he ask and I nod. “I'm Chanyeol, by the way, this is Kai. We’re friends with Sehun.” I was so worried about the patient that I didn't even remember to get his file, I still don't know anything about him. “Nice to meet you, gentlemen.” I was still unsure what to call them. "Chanyeol still talks like we're 18-year-olds, even though we have titles in the navy." Kai say. "I still haven't gotten used to being called a soldier outside the base." Chanyeol defend himself and I hold back a laugh. They look like children. "I just don't want to offend either of you." "Oh don't worry, we don't really care about that." Kai shrugg. “Actually, we even like to be called by name.” Chanyeol smirk. “Well, Chanyeol and Kai, I can imagine how tired you are, so I will advise you to go home and come back later.” the two look at each other for a minute, I knew they had considered that option. “We appreciate the concern but we will stay, he would do the same for us.” Kai spoke at last. "I'll let you know when he wakes up, but now I have to go." I say after watching someone else get on a stretcher. "What is your name?" Chanyeol ask quickly as I start to walk away. “Y/N.” “Thanks, Y/N.” they smile at me and for the first time in a while, that warmed my heart. They were being sincere and no money in the world could pay that. Sehun was lucky to have loyal friends like that, I hope he knew that. And if he was as kind as the two of them, my job would be so much easier. I found myself wondering what his voice was like, if his eyes were so warm and sincere. I shook my head, pushing away all the nagging thoughts, I couldn't be dreaming about a patient right now, no matter what I felt in that operating room, it had to be a professional. It was just what I needed now, to have a crush with a simple patient. (...) I start reading Sehun's file as I walk to his room, he had already left ICU, leaving his friends unconcerned. I got caught by surprise, I mean 30 years with that face? And Captain of the Navy? How was that possible, a rank like that meant something to someone at that age, I thought. He was still sleeping when I enter, which was really nice considering I couldn't stop staring at him. The information on his file was shocking, I tried to find it all in his face but he looked so serene it was hard to see it. He was a Captain! I approach so I could clean and re-bandage his rib, seeing the small stitches on his skin made me have a strange feeling in my heart but I ignore it and did my job. Still shocked by his file, I look back at his face again and try to imagine him as captain. Seeing him in a uniform wasn't all that shocking, but to think that his position was so higher and full of responsibility was hard to understand. It was then that I notice some scars and marks, he had a very small one on his face and I even found it charming, on his chest there was a long but low scar near his heart and soon he would have the rib on the same side, already on his arm there were a few, one on his bicep and one just above his wrist. I hadn't notice that my hand was following my gaze, I only notice when Sehun's hand held my wrist, stopping me from caressing his skin. I try to get away but I couldn't, he was very strong. "It tickles." he smile with his eyes still closed, I keep silent, maybe he thought it was a dream and went back to sleep. Sehun open his eyes and stare at the ceiling for a while, until he look back at me. I felt a shiver down my spine at the exchange of eyes that seemed to last forever, and yet it didn't seem to be enough. "I died?" he ask after a long time, still staring at me. “W-what?” “I must have died, this looks like heaven. You're definitely an angel.” he spoke and I felt my cheeks burn. Okay, he must have been delirious from the meds. “Um, you're fine and in the hospital. I'm just your... nurse. Do you remember anything?” I ask and look at his hand that was still holding me, he did the same and when he notice, he let go. I wished he hadn't. "Sorry, that's force of habit." he point at my fist. “I remember breaking into the ship, fighting some masked guys, getting shot and then I fell into the water.” I shook my head as he spoke. "And my head hurts like hell." "Probably because of the impact with the water... I'll call your friends, they're out there very worried." I point to the door and walk towards it. "Oh, you really need to do this because I have to go to the bathroom." I got the message and even if it was part of my job, I just couldn't help him with that part. (...) Sehun had been in the hospital for just over 5 days, his recovery was going well and faster than usual, he was a soldier after all. Being a captain, he was very funny, he made fun of me every time I needed to change his bandage, but he was also very stubborn. Because of his condition, it was recommended to rest as much as he could so that the stitches wouldn’t open. However, Sehun didn't agree with the medical report, he thought that just because the bullet was out of his body, he was already great to go back to base. Well, all this generated a great deal of confusion, involving calls from admirals and higher positions. But that didn't stop him from standing beside the bed in the bedroom when I arrived. “Captain, how many times should I say you need to stay in bed?” I hurry to get to him and stop him from continuing. "Relax doll, I just needed to stretch my legs." I put my hand on his back and he put his arm around my shoulders, I try to ignore the nickname he had given me. “Already stretched, now go back to bed.” “On second thought, I really wanted to go to the coffee shop. Kai can't stop talking about how wonderful the coffee is.” I lift my face to face him and he smile like a child. "You have a healthy diet for your recovery Captain, I don't think coffee is included." "Oh please Y/N, I'll be back and forth quickly." he try not to lean on me anymore but ended up tripping over his own feet. “Sehun!” I say loudly and hurry to catch him before he fell. The act made his body lean on the bed, I end up losing my balance and had to lean on something. And that was his chest. With him propped up on the bed, his height got closer to mine, making our faces get too close together. It was like his eyes hypnotized me, I just couldn't pull away and look anywhere else but his eyes. They were intense, captivating and irresistible. And that was very dangerous. Sehun's eyes scan my entire face until they stop at my lips, where he linger long enough for me to understand what was about to happen. Seconds dragged slowly through eternity and it was only interrupted when a screeching sound began to play, I shook my head and turn away to face whatever it was. I notice then that it was Sehun's heartbeat, he was still being monitored by hospital rules and it was way too fast. “Uh… I need to change your bandage.” I speak softly as scratch the back of my head without having the courage to look into his eyes. It wouldn't be an easy task after that moment, as I would have to face his bare chest. "That's funny." He say after a long time, while I was still working on his wound, if he stay quiet could probably get the stitches out tomorrow. "What is funny?" "You’re embarrased of me." he laugh. “Yah what are you talking about? I’m not ashamed.” I reply too quickly. “Do you find me that attractive?” I look at his face and raise his eyebrows as he smirk. "Ouch!" he complain and I pull my hands away. I hadn't even done anything. "That hurts." he pout and I roll my eyes. “Are all soldiers like that?” "Like that?" I finish and walk away. “Cry babies when it comes to the hospital.” I took out all the things I had gotten out of the way, including my gloves, and arranged the sheet on him. “Who are you calling a cry baby? I fight valiantly every day on a ship to save civilians from threats and not…” Sehun try to point his finger at me but all he manage to do was knock him on the bed. “Oh, oh, oh.” he hold his finger and in a very dramatic way began to mumble. "I think that answers your question." I laugh. "It's not fair, you didn't answer mine." I look at him and wait for him to continue. "Do you find me attractive?" "I'll bring your dinner, Captain." I leave the room before my expressions respond, not before I can hear him laugh and then complain. I didn't want it to be so obvious or else it would be pretty hard to work with him every day while he had that advantage over me. After I had taken the tray with Sehun's diet and walk back to the room, seeing Kai and Chanyeol outside, both of them with their arms folded. “Why are you out here? Sehun has been awake for hours.” I say as I approached and could see the frightened expressions of the two. "What happened? Have you seen a ghost?” “Our boss is inside.” Chanyeol reply, visibly terrify. “Your boss?” “The Fleet Admiral.” I had to grip the tray tighter after Kai speak. All right, I didn't know the entire hierarchy of the Navy but I knew that the Admiral was the highest position and that if he was there it was because something had happened. I took a deep breath before asking one of them to open the door for me, they both look at me shock but I need to do my job, knowing that none of them would follow me I walk in slowly, receiving several looks as soon as the door was closed. "Um, it's dinner time." I announce and pass the Admiral's side, now I understood why Chanyeol was terrified, that man was scary. Two soldiers accompanied the Admiral. I pull the base that was on the bed so I could put the tray on top. "Well, that's all, Captain." the Admiral say and I was more afraid of his voice, it was cold and hard. "Yes sir." Sehun reply and I adjust the pillows so that it would be better to eat. "Nurse?" the Admiral call me and I look quickly. "Yes?" “When will he be discharged?” “Due to the fast recovery, tomorrow he will take the stitches out and he can go” I reply and he just shook his head. "Kim and Park will see to it that you return to base." "Yes sir." Sehun nod and salute before the Admiral left along with the soldiers. “Oh, my heart is beating too fast.” he sigh and I look at him worriedly. "Need something?" “A hug would be nice.” he smile and I roll my eyes. “Eat.” I order and he grumble, but did what I say. “Did something happen for the Admiral to come here?” I ask after a long time of silence. I’m a nurse but was still curious. For the first time, he was silent and avoid looking at me. “Okay, I understand that it's confidential, I've dealt with soldiers before, you know? But if you can't talk, it's okay..." "Go out with me." he interrupt me and I felt my jaw drop. "What?" "Let's go on a date." His expression was too serious and I began to doubt that this was a joke. "Your medicine must be working..." I laugh softly but he remain serious. "Oh, are you serious?" he nod and my legs start to shake. "Unless you have a boyfriend, which would be a shame since I haven't laid eyes on you sooner." Sehun keep his expression serious but his tone was joking. “If I accept, will you stop flirting with me?” not that I thought it was bad, quite the opposite, I was just embarrassed. "Only when I conquer you." assure and I roll my eyes, he was already getting it anyway. “Tell me the day and time.”

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  • sinnerforexo
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Punishment ( Stepdad-Do Kyungsoo and Reader Y/n)

    warnings: Aged kyungsoo,age gap 20 years probably,Dom kyungsoo, subreader, mention of sex toys, mention of cheating, orgasm denial, uses of vibrator,blindfold,handcuff, BDSM theme based.

    Don’t read it,if the above mentioned topic triggers you


    AUTHOR’s NOTE:This is my 1st time writing a smut on Tumblr I am not completely used to the system but I am trying my best. Please text me how you the fanfic. This is just the begging i am going to write more . I love you EXOLs.

    “Y/n today your report card is coming out? make sure to show me when I come back home your mom is not home so daddy has to check if his little angel is studying well down or not.

    You gulped down “o o-kay daddy” you shuttered. Your stepdad Do kyungsoo whom your mom dated for 3 years and got married last year. You are very happy for your mom’s happiness because after a lot of struggles she gets to get married to the love of his life. But when you met your stepdad you started developing a little crush on him. At 1st you thought this a little thing because you were single and sexually frustrated, but gradually your thought grew much more than your expectation. This made you feel guilty because you can't just love or sexualize the one to whom your mom loves the most and he is also your stepdad who is probably 20 years older than you,but at thr end age don’t matter 6:00 PM You come back from college you are super petrified. You failed in maths and scored the worst marks in physics. You knew you didn't do well in your 1st seminar exam, but you never thought you were going to fail. You are scared of the thought of when your mom will find out the report card she will beat the crap out of you and will send you to hostel. Instantly you thought of your stepdad what will happen when he will find it, what if he will think you are dumb and will never talk to you. These thoughts are revolving around your brain, suddenly the door opened which made you distracted from your thoughts. Hey Angel you are back? How was the day? you stepdad asked with a sunshine smile. Y-Yes I just came back now. The thought of showing him your result made you super scared. Today your result came out writing? Show me. he asked y-yes you can’t help your shuttering anymore. you handed him your report. You were quivering in fear and tears are on the brim of your eyes. Why are you so scared Angel its not like I am going to kill you? he said in a deep voice. He opened your report card and started going through it. “So you failed in Maths and barely passed in Physics. What the hell you do in college MOVING AROUND THE CAMPUS AND ASKING  BOYS TO GET YOU DICKED IN YOUR DESPERATE PUSSY while your professor is teaching in class” he snapped make you scared the shit out of you. “Answer me you little bitch what the hell you do in the class when your professor is teaching. Whoring around the campus to get you dicked” he yelled at me. N-No I mumble. Tears started streaming down from my eyes. “I think I should teach you a lesson which will help you to focus more on class not on dicks” he said with a deep voice.”You are very nervous you have no idea what he is going to do with you and your mom is out of town. A smirk formed on his lips making him 100 times sexier than he is. He pulled you out snapping you from your thoughts and dragged you downstairs. His grip on your wrist got stronger and stronger as started struggling. You remembered when you came to his home for the 1st time after your mom’s 2nd marriage, both your mom and kyunsoo denied you from going downstairs. Suddenly kyungsoo pushed you inside a dark room and fall down with a loud thud. It seemed like a basement. Kyungsoo switch on the light, the room turned dimly red but clear enough to see what's inside. You gasped when you see there are different types of vibrators, floggers, chokers, gags, buttplug dildos, and many other sex toys which names you even don’t know. “Shocked aren’t you” You simply nod your head unable to form words. The ambiance of the room is cool and kyungsoo’s presence is not helping at all he makes you feel hotter. Seeing all those sex kinds of stuff is making your pussy tingle in desperation. He lifts you and walks across the room. He threw you on a bed, it very soft and lined with covers.” Now strip everything” he said sternly. Without thinking for a second you start stripping cuz you know you are completely desperate for him. For the moment you completely forgot how he degraded you. Kyungsoo smirk as you strip off completely, completely naked in front of him. He walks away from the bed making you whimper in desperation. You heard him opening something. You see he opened the cupboard on the side of the bed. He brought a red box out. Your vision got blocked as he was standing in front of it. He came to you blindfolding your eye making you shudder. “ w-what are you doing?”You asked softly. “I am just teaching you a lesson which will help you to focus better. Baby” he said with a low voice. He took a hand above your head and cuffed it on the hoverboard. Now you are lying on your back, hands are cuffed and blindfolded, it made you completely vulnerable. You are completely at his mercy now, all you can hear in the darkness is your heavy breathing. You can feel him moving below you, he hovers above your legs slapping your inner thigh to move it away from each other. He saw your pussy completely drenched. He slowly both his face closer and licked your slit, you maned softly. It made you wetter and aroused. He smirked like a devil seeing your response. “Babe I know you are completely desperate for me, I know this from the day when you came to this house, I have heard you moan my name almost every night. I have also heard you saying my name while you are showering. I know I am the reason for which you are so distracted from your studies. As a good daddy I should take my responsibility for distracting you” he whispered in a low voice near your ear. His words made us completely red, your pussy clenched around nothing. You heard a buzzing sound coming near you.” Fuck” you moaned loudly when you feel the vibrator on your pussy. It is probably at the highest setting. The stimulation of the vibrator makes you feel like you are floating in heaven. After a few minutes, a knot is formed in your stomach. “D-Daddy I g-gonna cum” your mind was a complete mess, you could barely form any words. Kyungsoo immediately took away the vibrator, you whimpered at the sudden loss of stimulation. “ Daddy why did you do that” you are on the verge of crying due to frustration “Daddy p-please give it back I wanna cum” “Shut up you filthy whore, so desperate. Don't you know who is in control, you will do what I will make you do understand, you little dumb fuck? “Y-yes daddy I am showwy” tears streaming on your face making your bind fold completely soaked. He flipped you over, made your ass up. You heard him unbuckling his belt. He spits on his dick and stroked it a few times and thrust it into you. You are completely dumbstruck at how big he is. Kyungsoo thrust you vigorously, he choked you with a tight grip around your neck, letting you barely breathe. Soon you started clenching over him. He knew you are going to cum he suddenly removed his cock from it. You whined whimpered desperately at the sudden loss inside your pussy. “Daddy please this is too harsh, please daddy let me cum, I promise to be a good girl and study hard” you pleaded with him on your knees. He uncuffed your hands and took the blindfold off you. “ I know I'm harsh baby but this is your punishment. Your mom got delayed for a week so, I convinced your professor took retake your maths exam after 5 days. If you pass I may give you another good fuck babe.” He said laying beside you. You still whined. “Daddy you didn't cum can I help you,” you said snuggling on his chest. “You don't have to worry about that babe, for now, focus on your exam if you want to have,” he said pulling closer to him. “Daddy can I ask you a question” “hmm” “what does this mean. today whatever we did what does it. Do you like me ?” you said it playing with your fingers “Baby I do love you ever since then I met you. If you are worried about your there is no need to worry she is already cheating me behind my back. Now baby sleep tomorrow my friend is coming here to teach you for your maths exam” he said softly, playing with your hair. “I love you, daddy” He smiled “I love you too baby”
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  • writingstuffandmore
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    Poly Ot9 Relationship ✔️

    that too Mafia ✔️

    Personality... Cold✔️

    And.. Yandere too 💀

    #exo#anonymous #send me anons #suho#xiumin#lay#baekhyun#chen#chanyeol#do kyungsoo#kai#sehun#exo ot9#exo reaction #exo mafia reaction #exo mafia!au #exo poly au #exo yandere #send me asks #exo scenarios#anonymous request #suho x reader #xiumin x reader #lay x reader #baekhyun x reader #chen x reader #chanyeol x reader #kyungsoo x reader #sehun x reader #kai x reader
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  • vickylamore
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Spilling The Toxic Tea | BBH | CHP5

    Social Media AU, Podcast AU, CEO AU
    Pairing: Song (Y/n) x EXO (OT6), Song (Y/n) x Byun Baekhyun
    Genre: Crack, Enemies/Strangers To Lovers, Romance, Slice Of Life.
    mini masterlist | prev // next

    summary; Baekhyun deserves a break— not from work but from the group chat. *note; one of the first texts from Baekhyun isn't showing. He's the very first person to send a text and it says, "this is all your fault." at which Jongin replies, "you gotta be more specific ect..."


    ▪︎☆ Please send an ask or leave a comment if you want to be added to the tag list! ☆▪︎

    notes; heyyy it's been awhile! Figured you guys deserved the double update. Hope you enjoyed!

    Taglist - @stayarmytinyzenmoa-l @pocky-otp @itsyaapollochild @layzfeelit @vijjang98 @chanyeolsbeloved

    #vickylamore#vickywritings#exo fluff#exo#exo sehun#exo kai#exo baekhyun#exo chen#exo chanyeol#exo suho #exo x female reader #exo x reader #exo scenarios #exo social media au #exo imagines #byun baekhyun fic #byun baekhyun x reader #byun baekhyun fluff #spilling the toxic tea #sttt
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  • atiny-exol
    02.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    !X-Exo as yandere!

    Genre: yandere au

    Warning(s): obsession(idk found this one quite funny), possessive behavior, cursing, degrading, stalking, not really much consent, manipulation, suggestive stuff here and there

    A/N: as before I excluded Chen from this but included xiumin, Yixing and Kyungsoo! Hope you like it!


    Very very very sweet to you, but ruthless to others.

    We all know how twisted the x-Exo personalities are, so it shouldn't surprise that he a man who would do anything just to get you and keep you by his side

    You are his most priced possession, not capable of doing anything on your own or without him

    His manipulation isn't noticed by you, so it was easy for him to make you rely on him and him only.

    Would never harm you, or let's say he doesn't want to harm you. If you okay around too much, get in his nerves and keep asking things he told you to let go of.

    He gets angry. The most hurtful thing he would do is spanking you over his knee like a child. Most of his "punishments" are more mentally or sexually. Letting you locked inside of a dark room till you apologise, having you stand in the corner repeating the same phrase over and over or his favorite: spanking you.

    If you want to behave like a child one, he treats you like one.

    "Just shut the fuck up y/n" He finally lost it, he tried to stay calm,tried to ignore your pleads of going outside but you just wouldn't shut up and throw a tantrum like a little child. "I..I'm sorry" scared because you never saw him like that you backed up from him, just to get pulled back with a tight grip on your wrist again. "So now you are sorry? Why can't you just do what I say huh? You can't can't behave like a fucking child y/n. Then I'm gonna punish you like one." Your eyes grew wide when he forced you to lay down over his lap, your struggles and cries for help getting shut down by a harsh slap on your butt. "Don't you dare to do anything funny. You don't want me to get even more angry right now darling."


    Is very possessive and protective over you. You are his everything, his cute little doll he can always come back to just to be greeted with a warm hug and a big smile.

    But that's nothing you do because you want to do it. No. It's more of a thing Lāy trained you to do

    And as cute and cuddly he is with you, he has this dark side that comes out if you do something he doesn't like.

    He locks you up in his house, making sure that you won't leave. If he has to go outside he can always watch you with cameras, you don't know about.

    You didn't answer his text for a few minutes or ignored his call? You definetly get punished for that as soon as he is home.

    Mentally abuses you as a punishment. I don't see him being very physical about anything.

    But he is scary, threatening you to kill you if you do something like that again. This kind of behaviour doesn't show him that you love him and you should always love him.

    Once he even threaded to cut your pinky off for lying to him and if you wouldn't have gone on your knees and apologised to him like you really meant it..maybe he would have actually done it

    You never know if he is just bark but no bite or actually capable of harming you

    The door opened just like it always does at this time of the day. You knew his schedule, knew his routines and that's very important for you. The last time you didn't wait for him at the door, he went really mad and nearly pierced a knife in your hand. You don't want that again. "You are finally back!" You said with your sweetest words and walked up to him, ready to take his cost of but when he didn't look up at you like he would normally do, you knew something was off. "L..lāy? Is everything-" "Do you think I'm dumb dollface?" He asked you, his voice neither soft nor caring. "I know what you did today. You tried to pick the lock." With closed eyes your heard how his heavy footsteps came closer to your trempling body. "You really think I'm dumb dollface?" With his cold hand he chokes you, pressing your body against the nearest wall. "I hate to do that doll. You know how much I hate that. But I don't let this slide again." This time you really fucked up.


    Isn't that into being all sweet with him, but he is not abusive either. He is just making sure that you are safe.

    He locks you up into a room specifically designed for you. He put all the things he knows about you into making this room. He used to stalk you before he basically kidnapped you to stay with him.

    Makes sure that you eat properly everyday. You are dressed in the nicest clothes just for him to admire you, but yet you don't really talk much with him.

    You didn't dare to, because everytime you said something before he would shoot you this glare. The glare that made shivers run down your spine and your body freezing.

    He is just so terrifying just with his presence. And he knows that.

    If you sare to do something wrong, he will just look at you and leave. Everything goes on as normal, but it will make you crazy.

    Because he has to do something, he planned something to punish you. You were sure about it. You couldn't sleep and you felt uneasy to eat or drink anything he brought you.

    All of that makes you crazy, till you break down and beg him to finally punish you so you can sleep and eat in peace again.

    And to be honest, that's a sight he will never get enough off. He loves your vulnerable state, to bend and break you. To get you to this exact point.

    It amuses his sadistic heart, but also breaks it because he loves you so much.

    Sobs over sobs filled the room as you kneeled infront of the clone, your head hanging low and the new clothes he just put on you stained with tears already. "I..I'm sorry please! Just punish me, don't torture me like that. I can't do it anymore." You begged under your crying, not seeing the small smile forming on D.Ø.s face. "What brought you to the conclusion I would punish you darling." He said slowly and calm. Still crying you looked up to him, watching how he crouched right next to your broken figure. "Who said I'm going to hurt you?" Carefully he brushed his thump over your lips, making your mind going blank. "I never planned to." He mumbled, his face coming closer to yours, till you felt his breath against your lips. You shut your eyes tightly, waiting for the kiss that never came. Instead of that he laughed softly against your lips. "But after I saw yiu crying like that, I want to see more of it."


    Very very sweet but also very very controlling. You can't particularly tell when he started with that, but now he is not going back. You can't even leave the house anymore

    You have a set schedule you have to follow everyday, that includes doing something for your health (mentally and physically), eating at a set time and going to bed at a certain time.

    If he isn't home you have to text him at least every hour and tell him what you did

    And if you misbehave in anyway he takes the privileges he gave you away.

    No running around in the house anymore, just one meal per day and you will be completely restricted the whole time.

    It's not like he likes doing these things, but you gave him no other choice than showing ant teaching you that actions have consequences.

    So yeah if you don't appreciate the things he does for you he just takes all of it away until you do.

    And he makes sure you will beg properly for that.

    Right now your arms are tightly cuffed behind your back and you sat on a chair right infront of you a plate with food. You didn't have proper food for days and you were starving, but Minseøk just left you behind like this. Cuffed and hungry with a plate of your favourite meal on it right there. You bit down on the gag in your mouth. Without knowing how much time passed, you finally heard some footsteps coming closer. And just a few seconds later the door opene, showing a smiling Minseøk. His smile was not sweet as usual, it was so much more twisted than you are used to. "I see you didn't eat anything." He said, a fake sigh leaving his mouth while he shakes his head. "Why can't you appreciate the things I do for you baby. I even cooked your favorite meal. You are unbelievable."


    Listen this man is going to own you in every way possible, but at the same time you don't have any control over him. He is your owner and you are just a mere pet for him to use.

    He is going to tease you, build you up and make you love him just so he can break you down again

    He hates the way you make him feel, how obsessed he is over you. So he compensates that with breaking you.

    You think you have control over him just because you love him? You are so wrong. (He doesn't care if you never thought that, in his mind you are just as manipulative as he is)

    Teases you just to give you nothing. He can do everything while you are at his side to look pretty and do what he wants.

    Won't hesitate to punish you (either sexually or physically)

    At some point you would be so attached to him, that yimou can't live without him

    Mocks you for that, teases you about that. But you both know that is exactly what he wanted

    Your cheek turned red as Baëk leaned closer to your neck, his breath tingling just the right spot on it. Another choked moan left your mouth. "You were such a bad pet. You know that." He mumbled against your skin, his teeth sinking into your flawless skin, making you yelp in pain. As a reaction of that his hand was out over your mouth and he growled into your ear. "Don't you dare to make any sounds right now pet. You don't deserve any of this so be thankful I'm even touching you." Right after that you felt his hand covering your mouth wandering down to your neck, choking you harshly. "Look at how pathetic you are." While his grip gets tighter, the smirk on his face also becomes bigger. "How can I even love someone as pathetic as you, huh?"


    Don't slap me for that, but while he is one if the most sweetest men in this world, I think he would be one of the most physically abusive yandere.

    He does care about you a lot, but putting you back into your place is just a way of showing you how much he cares

    Once he even beat someone up infront of you (because he talked to you earlier) and threatened to do the same to you if you don't stop talking to strangers

    He will let you go out, don't get me wrong he comes with you, so not on your own. But in the end you don't want to go outside anymore, because you would always make something that would end up making Chanyeøl mad.

    So for the sake of your own health and the health of others you stayed inside

    But Chanyeøl of course is not only cold and abusive, he is quiete a softy from time to time. He will just not show you that often

    At least at the beginning, because he didn't think you deserve this kind of treatment right away.

    You have to ear that with good behaviour.

    He is also so possessive over you that you need to wear at least one of piece of his clothing everyday

    Till he decides that you should have his name craved into your pretty skin

    Blood drips down your abused body as you helpless and powerless tried to escape your ropes again. "Don't struggle like that babydoll. You end up getting hurt." Chanyeøl is standing right behind you, his head resting on your shoulder and his voice as deep and cold as always. It made you sick and you felt like throwing up when he playfully brushed the knife over your exposed stomach. You yelled against the gag, but your pleading fell on deaf ears. Once again he chuckled at the incomprehensible yells leaving your mouth. "You know this is just your fault babydoll. You obviously thought it would be a good idea to flirt with him." Again a cut is made on your stomach, making you scream in pain. "You are so stupid y/n. So stupid. You are mine." He growled in your ear. "What do you think about letting me carve my initials into your skin? Wouldn't you like that idea? Everyone would know you are mine and-" He stopped for a second, a sick laugh leaving his mouth. "You would let out more of these beautiful screams."


    Treats you basically like you are royalty the one day and like a dirty slut the other day

    Mood swings! (Idk why I see that for Kāi but here we go)

    One day he will buy you everything you want, treat you like you are the most fragile object he possesses and the other day he would throw you around and use you like you are nothing.

    But his mood can also change from one second to another, there isn't really a big reason behind it (of course you trigger it when you misbehave )

    No but to be honest if he is in his "bad" mood he uses you and just leaves you behind crying and shaking, not caring about you at all

    But once he is back into his "good" mood he would apologise to you and make properly love to you (if you want it or not) slow and careful. He spoils you when he was rough to you afterwards, but that doesn't take the fact away that you are scared of him.

    The first months were really rough because you couldn't different between Kāi and..yeah the other Kāi but after month being stucked with him you learned how to behave with both of them to not get hurt all too much

    Show the good version a lot of love, cuddle with him and just behave like a good little girl/boy and he will spoil you

    For the bad version, try to behave as good as possible, don't question anything, do everything he orders you to do immediately..doesn't matter how humiliating it is.

    In the end you just can't escape him, so you have to learn how to get out if a situation without much harm

    "Yes Sir." Without anything else to say you went off the bed to the ground, not daring to look up at Kāi. Currently he was in a bad mood and you didn't want to make it worse with misbehaving know. "Look at me." He spat out, sitting on the edge of the bed now. Immediately you looked up, right into his eyes. "Hm. Good girl/boy. Finally doing something right for once." Roughly he grapoed your hair and pulled you closer. "Come in you don't want to be a bad slut now, do you?" You shook your head in response, not daring to speak up. "That's what I thought. So why don't you use your mouth for the only thing that it is really good for hm?."


    Spoils you endless. You want something? He buys it immediately.

    Dresses you up in fancy clothes and takes you to the most popular restaurants.

    Spent so much money on you, that we don't want to talk about it here.

    But there is a thing he wants from you in return. And that's obedience.

    He hates nothing more than you being bad, a brat or just anything else than a good girl/boy

    You have to give him the respect he deserves, or else you won't get anything from him. And would learned that in a hard way.

    For Sehūn it is easy to let just any family member of yours disappear one after one.

    So you better start following the rules he set for your dynamic. He isn't abusive, yes here and there he would punish you sexually but it is more fun for him to see you break down.

    Breaking down because he will always have the upper hand and that you will never escape him

    Not if he doesn't want it.

    "No. I already told you we are going out tonight. Change your clothes, I bought you new ones." Sehūn said not even trying to hide the anger in his voice. "B..but I don't really feel like going out." You tried to explain yourself, but got interrupted by your boyfriend slowly approaching you while talking. "Baby. I think you don't understand one important thing." Every step he made towards you, made you take two steps back in response, till your back hit the wall. Sehūns fist hitting right next to your head at the wall. "I'm in charge, I make the decisions here. And if you don't want that your oh so loved family has one member less, I would suggest you to go into your room, pick up the fucking outfit and change. Now." You didn't know how to response to this treat with more than a quick "Y..yes" and a nod. "Then go." Not even a second later you were on your way into your room, not seeing Sehūns arrogant and satisfied smile.

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  • blu-joons
    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    When He Takes Care Of You When You’re Ill ~ EXO Reaction


    He frowned as soon as he walked into the bedroom to see that you were still wide awake. “You were supposed to sleep whilst I was out at work.”

    Your head nodded as Minseok sat down beside you, “I think I slept for about ten minutes and then my head hurt, my throat hurt, I sneezed, and then just gave up.”

    “It sounds like you’ve had a pretty rotten time then,” Minseok chuckled softly, resting his hand against your forehead, “it sounds like you might need to add temperature to that list too.”

    “What am I supposed to do Minseok?” You cried out in frustration, “I don’t even feel as if I can move right now because something will hurt, I’m supposed to be enjoying time off work.”

    His head nodded, understanding how difficult everything was for you, “I know this isn’t how your time off was supposed to be, I’m sorry Y/N.”

    “It’s not your fault,” you weakly smiled, “someone must just have something out for me which is why I’ve fallen ill now.”

    “There’s still more that I could do to try and help you feel better Y/N.”

    “That’s not true,” you immediately assured, “you’re doing more than enough and taking the best possible care of me.”

    “I’ll keep trying my best to get you better.”


    As the front door opened, you slowly stirred, opening your eyes to watch Junmyeon walk into the bedroom. “Hey sleepy, how are you feeling?”

    Your head shook immediately, pulling the duvet further around your body, “I just want to stop being ill, how many more days am I going to have to spend like this?”

    “It’s alright,” Junmyeon assured as he perched down at the end of the bed, “I stopped off at the store and got some more medicine so that should help you feel a little bit better.”

    “I slept all day, and I’m still tired,” you continued to groan, taking a sip from the water bottle beside you, “what did I do to get this unwell? I’ve never been this unwell in my life.”

    His hand relaxed against your ankle, “try not to worry Y/N, you’re only going to make yourself feel even worse if you continue berating yourself like this.”

    “I’m just fed up,” you admitted as Junmyeon’s head nodded understandingly, appreciating just how difficult being unwell was for you.

    “I’m home now, so I can start taking care of you again, don’t worry.”

    “With you looking after me, I’ll be better in no time,” you tried to encourage, “you always know what to do for me.”

    “Exactly, I’ll have you up in no time at all.”


    Your smile grew as you crept into the kitchen, following the delicious smells that greeted you. “What are you doing on your feet?” Yixing asked as he spotted you.

    You moved across to stand behind his back, “I can’t spend a second longer laying on that sofa, especially when you’re in here cooking something tasty too.”

    “It’s an old recipe that I found,” Yixing began to explain as you studied what he was up to closely, “all of the reviews said that it was great for helping people who are unwell, it’s worth a try.”

    “It looks interesting,” you laughed as Yixing lifted the lid of the pot up, “why is soup always the answer for anyone who is unwell, what about something tastier?”

    Yixing’s head shook in disbelief back at you, “you’re unwell, soups are supposed to be easy for people to eat when they’re ill, that’s why Y/N.”

    “As long as the taste matches the smell and not the look, I’ll be happy,” you joked, wrapping your arms around his waist, “this is so kind too.”

    “I’m willing to try anything in order to get you back to your usual self.”

    “Let’s hope that this will do the trick then,” you encouraged, “you might have to make it more often if it does.”

    “There will be no complaints from me if I do.”


    Your hand immediately pushed against Baekhyun’s arms as his eyes glanced across at you as you sneezed again. “I can’t help it right now Baek.”

    A chuckle came from him as he watched you move to lean across to grab a tissue from the box. “I’m sorry, it’s just funny watching you sneeze constantly.”

    “I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself,” you groaned, leaning back down on the sofa once you were sorted, “most boyfriends would be supportive, they wouldn’t laugh at their partners.”

    “Can I get you anything?” Baekhyun asked as he tried to make things up to you, “how about another of those herbal teas, that seemed to help you out a little bit yesterday.”

    Your head nodded back across to him, lifting your legs up so that he could stand up. “Could you put a bit of honey in it this time? Make it a little bit sweeter?”

    “Won’t a sneeze do that? Because it seems inevitable that you’re probably sneeze in it,” Baekhyun teased, moving a safe distance from you.

    “If I wasn’t ill, I hope you know that I would be onto you right now.”

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get me back when I’m ill next,” he grinned, “but don’t worry, there’s one warm mug of tea coming up.”

    “And a bit of honey with it too please!”


    Your head shook as you woke up from your nap to see that Jongdae was laid right beside you, scrolling through his phone. “How are you feeling?”

    You tried to push Jongdae away from you, but you were just far too weak. “You’ll get sick as well if you lay this close to me, you need to stay healthy for work.”

    “I don’t mind,” Jongdae assured, resting his hand against your shoulder, “I only sat here so that I could feel your temperature, but then I realised just how much I missed being next to you.”

    “That’s because I’m ill and you’re not,” you scolded, but still Jongdae didn’t listen, “and you’ve got thousands of people who want to see you not ill, and I haven’t.”

    “I don’t want to see you ill,” Jongdae whispered across to you, “that’s got to be better than thousands of other people, hasn’t it?”

    Your head nodded back at him, “if you don’t want to see me unwell, do you reckon you could hurry up and get me feeling well again? This sucks.”

    “I’m trying my best; I think I might need a bit more time just yet.”

    “I’m only messing with you,” you assured him, “but I still wish that this sickness bug would hurry up and disagree.”

    “You and me both, I hate seeing you like this.”


    A sigh of relief came from Chanyeol as soon as he saw you beginning to stir on the sofa. “Thank goodness you’re awake,” Chanyeol whispered to you.

    Your head shook as you tried to figure out what was going on, or how you’d ended up on the sofa. “What’s going on?” You asked, unable to make any sense of things.

    “You fainted,” Chanyeol explained, watching on as your eyes widened in surprise, “you wavered around for a while walking around the room and then all of a sudden you just went.”

    “I’m sorry,” you sighed, letting go of a groan. Chanyeol’s head shook as you spoke, reaching across to take a hold of your hand, intertwining in with it tightly.

    He offered you a weak smile, “you don’t need to apologise, you weren’t to know that this was going to happen, I just want to make sure you’re alright.”

    “I am,” you murmured, taking things nice and slow as you sat yourself up on the sofa, “do you think you could pass me a cushion to rest on?”

    “Of course, is there anything else that I can get you as well?”

    “Just stay with me for a bit,” you requested, “I still feel as if I need a moment to realise what’s happened right now.”

    “We can stay here for as long as you need.”


    Your eyebrows knitted together as you began to wake from your nap, surprised to see Kyungsoo sat opposite you. “I wondered when you were going to stir.”

    Your head shook as you made sure that you were definitely awake and not dreaming. “I didn’t even hear you come home, when did you get here?”

    “I tried to be as quiet as possible as I thought you might be sleeping,” he grinned, moving a little closer towards you, “I did think about waking you, but you looked too peaceful to disturb.”

    “That’s the best that I think I’ve slept all week,” you smiled, taking a sigh of relief, “I feel like I’ve slept for about five years right now, it’s amazing.”

    The smile on Kyungsoo’s face turned up instantly as you spoke, “if you want to sleep for a little longer, you can, I’ll go and get dinner sorted so that you can eat too.”

    “Do you want any help with dinner?” You asked, but Kyungsoo’s head shook, keeping you down on the sofa where you were needed.

    “You just take care of yourself, leave everything else in my hands.”

    “Thank you,” you whispered, smiling appreciatively as you met Kyungsoo’s eyes, “I really mean it, for everything.”

    “You can repay me next time I’m ill.”


    Another sigh came from Jongin as you continued to stir beside him. “Y/N, what’s going on?” He frowned, unsure what was troubling you so much.

    You shuffled around so that you were facing Jongin, “I’m just not feeling too good, I’m trying to get comfortable but that’s just impossible right now.”

    “You should have woken me sooner,” he spoke, moving the duvet tighter around your body, “is there anything that I can get you to try and make you feel a little bit better?”

    “Can you take the pain away?” You joked, regretting it though as soon as you chuckled and felt a pain in your chest, “if not, maybe you could get me some tablets instead?”

    Jongin nodded as he slid out from underneath the duvet, “I think I can get you some tablets, that shouldn’t be too much of a difficult task for me.”

    “Can you get me a drink too?” You requested, “my throat feels as if someone has just dropped a razor blade down it, it’s so dry and horrible.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I get you everything that you need.”

    “I appreciate it,” you spoke as Jongin walked towards the bedroom door, “I’m sorry for keeping you awake as well.”

    “Don’t worry, none of that matters now.”


    Your eyes widened as you heard a gentle knock at the bathroom door, quickly followed by a familiar voice calling out. “Y/N, what’s going on in there?”

    You went to speak, but before you could the bathroom door opened up. “Don’t come in Sehun, you don’t need to see me as I am right now, I’m alright.”

    “Judging by the noise you’re making, I don’t think so,” Sehun frowned, glancing across to see you sat beside the toilet bowl, with an exhausted expression on your face as you tried to keep it together.

    “I think I’m alright now,” you smiled as Sehun walked across to take a seat beside you, “I’m sorry, I thought I was being quiet so that I wouldn’t end up disturbing you.”

    His arm moved gently around your shoulders, “you shouldn’t have to be sick alone Y/N, you should have shouted me as soon as something didn’t feel right.”

    “I didn’t want to disturb you,” you admitted, resting against Sehun’s shoulder, “I thought you’d be too busy to come and take care of me.”

    “I’m never busy when it comes to you, especially when you’re unwell.”

    “Luckily for you I think you’ve missed having to take care of me this time,” you whispered, “I’ll just tidy all of this up.”

    “Stay still, let me take care of things.”



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  • kpop---scenarios
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Day Three || Oh Sehun

    Pairing: Oh Sehun x Reader

    Warning: Smut, Fighting

    Word Count: 2.2k

    A knock on the door awakens you. The cabin is dark, the sun hasn't risen yet. There's another knock before the yelling starts. "Park Chanyeol, it's fucking freezing out here. Let me in!" He yells. Chanyeol scrambles out of the bed, quickly walking towards the door, but not before stubbing his toe, yelling and cursing in agony. 

    "Y/N, get dressed." He tells you as he makes it to the door, unlocking it before letting the man in. "Sehun. Good to see you." Chanyeol says, letting the shivering man in. 

    "I don't understand why you stay up here in the fucking cold. It's so much nicer and warmer down from this damn mountain." Sehun complains. "Where is she?" He asks, looking around the dimly lit room. 

    "I'm right here." You yell, hopping into the room as you try to put your boot on. "Hi." You huff, standing in front of him. "I'm Y/N." 

    "Wow." Sehun whispers. "I'm Sehun, nice to meet you." He smiles, holding out his hands. 

    "Nice to meet you too." You grin, shaking his hand. He doesn't let go, but instead pulls you more towards him. 

    "Thanks for everything, Chanyeol." You smile, waving at him as you go with Sehun, out towards the running SUV. 

    "Did you enjoy your time with Chanyeol?" Sehun asks as he drives down the hill that you had climbed just the other morning. 

    "The last half of it." You chuckle. "The first half felt a little like hell. He made me do a lot of work. I'm exhausted." You sigh. 

    "Hope you're not too tired, I've got a day planned for us." Sehun says, eyes still on the road, and a small smirk on his lips. 

    "What exactly are we doing?" You ask. 

    "We're going to be doing some training. I want to see how good at fighting you are. I've got the gym booked for a full day, so we can be there as long as we want with no interruptions." He grins. 

    Oh no. You were most definitely too tired for this. "I'm going to have to close my eyes. Wake me up when we're there." You laugh, laying your head back and closing your eyes. You let the feeling of the car drive, and the humming of Sehun lull you into a light sleep, which didn't seem to last long. It felt like 2 minutes then you felt Sehun shaking your shoulder lightly to wake you up. 

    "We're here." He says, gathering a bag from the back seat. You sit up, unbuckling your seat belt before you climb out of the car. The sun was shining down, the heat finally hitting your body after being up in the cold mountains. You take off your jacket, leaving it in the front seat of the car. "Shall we?" You ask, gesturing towards the gym. Sehun smiles as the two of you walk close together into the gym. 

    It's quiet. Sehun turns on the lights, a ring is in the corner, somewhere for boxers to train. This part of the gym consists of a large mat that takes up almost the entire floor, and then the ring in the corner. 

    "What happens here?" You ask. 

    "This is where I train a lot of our men." He tells you. "The gym is owned by my father." 

    "So you.." you trail off. 

    "I'm a fighter, and also, I suppose, a hit man." He tells you. "My ability to fight, and take people out, combined with your brain and talent for moving drugs, weapons and people, we would be unstoppable." He says. 

    He wasn't wrong. Fighting wasn't your strong suit, and having him by your side and his men combined with yours, you'd likely be the most feared couple. And that made your pussy tingle. 

    "So, you're going to show me what you got?" You laugh as he hands you a small bag out of his duffel bag. 

    Sehun chuckles as he heads towards the changing rooms. "You have no idea what you're in for." He says, disappearing into the men's changing room. You turn around and head to the women's changing room, and smile on your face and a slight flutter in your chest. You sit down on a bench inside the empty changing room, looking in the bag Sehun gave you. A pair of leggings, a sports bra and t-shirt laid in there, neatly folded. You get undressed and quickly change into the clothes provided for you. You leave your things neatly folded on the bench and make your way back into the gym, where Sehun is already waiting. You walk up to him and he already has a serious look on his face, he's in his zone and ready to go. You wondered if you'd be able to break him out of his seriousness, it was something you were going to try and do. 

    "How good are you at fighting?" He asks. 

    "I don't know, I can hold my own I guess." You laugh. 

    "Okay, let's go then." He announces as he gets into position. 

    "Oh? Right now? We're not going to warm up or anything?" You ask. Sehun crouches down, moving slowly with his hands up. You're unsure of what exactly is happening at the moment. You're watching him, but not ready for anything. He lunges for you, catching you by surprise. You jump a little, your reflex is to go right for his nut sack. You kick but.he deflects it, hitting his thigh instead. He swings his left fist, punching you in the tit. You stand straight with your mouth gaping. "Did you just tit punch me?" 

    Sehun doesn't respond, instead remains waiting for your reaction, keeping his eyes on yours, bouncing in the same position. You look down and then up, kicking him in the shin before stomping on his foot. Sehun winches, grabbing his foot, hopping around. "Oh my god, seriously!? Cheap shots!" He groans, holding his foot. You rush towards him, jumping onto him, clinging to his body. He loses his footing, falling down onto his back where you crawl up him, straddling his neck, giving you the opportunity to pull his hair.  Sehun squeals out, unable to get you off of him. He looks straight, lifts his head and lightly bites your pussy, hard enough to make you jump off of him. "Really!?" You gasp. Sehun crawls towards you, pinning you down with his body. His face hovers over yours.

    "I'm just delivering cheap shots like you." Sehun smirks, giggling to himself. 

    "Hey! My pussy is not cheap! If you keep it up,  that will be the only taste you ever get!" You spit. Sehun grabs you and says "You mean it’s not mine even though I licked it?”

    You glare at the man beneath you, pulling his hair some more before reaching behind you and twisting his nipples, making you laugh at the man squirming beneath you. Before you can register what happened, Sehun wraps his arms around you, twisting and turning, and you're laying on the mat with Sehun hovering over you. You smile at him widely, making him scoff. "You think you're cute, don't you?" He asks. 

    "I am, and you agree." You giggle. Sehun doesn't say anything, but instead inches his face closer to yours, his eyes staring into yours, searching for any sort of hesitation or resistance from you. You lift your head, meeting him half way and press your lips against his. He brings his hand under your head to hold you up, and pushes himself closer to you. You both melt into the kiss, your tongues swirling together as the keep becomes deeper and more passionate. You reach under him, tugging at the hem of his well fitted shirt, pulling it up. Sehun sits up, straddling your waist as he takes off his shirt, revealing a lot more muscles than you had expected to see. 

    "Wow." You breathe. Sehun chuckles as he moves down your legs, kneeling at your feet as he reaches up, to tug down your pants, bringing your panties down alot with them. He puts them to the side, and opens your legs, as wide as they could go. Sehun began to stroke the tip of his nose across the top of your wet slit, teasing you after he hooked your legs around his shoulders, gripping onto your hips to maintain his control over you. Suddenly the tip of his tongue slides from the bottom of your extreme wetness to the hood of your clit. He looks up at you for a few heart beats, a devilish grin on his face before he abruptly sucks your clit inside his oh so hot mouth. The suction was like nothing you'd ever had - oh my god is he undulating his tongue too? Your eyes cross at the feeling of your clit being lapped. Whenever your cries got sharp he would start to slide that magic mouth of his to suck and lick each side of your folds. Your hands that were previously tweaking your own breasts found their way to his soft hair, holding him in place as you moved yourself against his face. Your heart skipped when he added two long fingers into you and within moments found your magic spot. Between his suction and the tickling, pounding moves of his fingers, the fullness in your pelvis increased until it burst, your orgasm ripped through you as you screamed, the sound of you cumming echoed through the gym. Sehun sits up, lapping up the juices that were spilled over his face. 

    "I need to be inside you, that was so fucking hot." He breathes. He looks to the side, and an idea pops into his head. He smiles widely as he scoops up your body, heading towards the changing rooms. He brings you past the locks and straight into the shower. He sets you down, demanding you to strip. You happily comply as he starts the shower, undressing himself. You watch him pull his pants down, standing up with his cock sticking out, hard, seeping precum as he desperately waits to be inside you. You walk towards the shower, letting your hair get wet as Sehun walks in right behind you, pinning you against the wall. You face pressed against the tile as he spreads your legs slightly before lining himself up with you. He grunts as he pushes his dick inside you. You can feel him stretching you out as he slowly pushes until he's all the way in. He leans forward, his lips touching your ear as he whispers. "You okay?" 

    "Yes." You sigh. "Fuck me. Hard." You pant, needing him to move. Sehun doesn't hesitate to slowly pull himself out of you, until just the tip was inside of you before ramming his thick cock back inside of you, sending a jolt of pleasure through your entire body. He places both hands on your shoulders as he leans back slightly, small bit hard thrusts into you, surely bruising your cervix. "Christ, you're so tight around me." He groans, continuing to fuck you. The sound of the shower running almost canceled out the sound of your wet skin slapping together, pure ecstasy and adrenaline rushing through your veins. Your face rubs against the tile while he pushes in and out of you. He moves his body closer, wrapping his arm around your neck, tightly pulling you back to him. "You like that?" He asks, moaning into your ear. 

    "Fuck.. yes." You cry out. "I need to cum again." You whine. "Do you?" He asks, releasing your neck, moving his hand down your throat, to your chest, down to your stomach. He reaches around, placing two fingers between your lips, gently rubbing your clit, making your knees weak again. Without a word, Sehun removes his hand from you and pulls his cock from inside of you. He turns you again, placing his hands underneath your legs and jolting you up, letting you wrap your legs around him. He slides his cock back inside you, letting your clit rub against him in the perfect way. You bounce on his cock as he leans forward, wrapping his lips around your perky nipple. 

    "Holy fuck." You cry out, bouncing harder. Your orgasm was coming quickly. 

    "Fuck. Your pussy is so tight. I'm gonna fucking cum." Sehun groans, you bounce harder and faster, needing that release. Sehun yells out as he spills himself into you, yelling loudly as he cums. You continue bouncing, your orgasm right there. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." You scream out, your body jolting and tensing. You're breathing heavily as you open your eyes, and see Sehun’s exhausted face. He pulls out of you and sets you down, turning the water up and back to hot. You both clean yourselves before Sehun wraps you in a towel and leads you to a back door with a set of stairs. You both climb the stairs and enter into a little, but well furnished apartment. 

    "Yours?" You ask. 

    "I come here to get away sometimes." Sehun smiles. He gives you a shirt to put on, which you do before you dry your hair. You finally look out the window and it's pitch black, except for the city lights. 

    "What time is it?" You ask. 

    "11:45pm." Sehun chuckles. He gestures to the bed, where you happily crawl into. 

    "So comfy." You sigh, melting into the pillow. "Who do I meet tomorrow?" You ask. 

    Sehun laughs. "Do Kyungsoo. And I wish you luck with that." 

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  • mgg-81
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Of Torn Ropes [O.SH]


    A/N’s NOTE: I found this playlist in Youtube concerning the likes of Amy and Laurie from Little Women and I got hit immediately with the feels. I've also thought about Ga-on and Soo-hyun from The Devil Judge (go watch it if you haven't!) in their final moments together and thought why not combine the two and this was the result. Hugest of thank you's to @bookishcatto for reading this. This one-shot is dedicated to ma'am @enaasteria because her stories are absolutely gorgeous and link to her masterlist can be found in my fiction recommends here.

    ANOTHER NOTE: I think I'll write my stories based on which seems fitting for the story which is either "You", "She/Her", "GN! Reader" or "OC" and it's not always going to be a "You" or "Y/N" version. Also, throw a tomato at me if this one-shot is cringy AF or something LMAO.

    Genre: Angst

    Ratings and Warnings: PG

    Characters: Oh Sehun X Seo Jaeun (Cop!OC)

    Word Count: 1,636

    Date of Publication: 31-12-2021


    The thin line of agony and anger snapped at the thunderous slamming of her hands as boiling silence engulfed the two of them. They were at the meeting of their eyes, never swerving to the left nor the right. Those orbs of hers, those lovely visions of expression of hers were now like extinguished flames while he was of a deer caught in the headlights. The air surrounding them was so dry it might have probably cracked everything in them.

    Or furthermore fissured her already lacerated heart.

    Glassy eyes scrunched eyebrows, and almost bleeding lip from too much biting in holding back, the aching pound of Seo Jaeun’s heart against her chest was beginning to be taken over by fear. The danger was not evident in their zone yet her veins were almost made out of cement from the tension. She let out a controlled yet shaking breath as she refined the words that emanated from Oh Sehun’s mouth before she might explode in tiredness.

    “You heard me,” his voice was firm yet at the end was pleading like a child’s.

    She sat back from her chair, a scoff passing her lips as her fingers kept brushing on her short disheveled hair. This was at the moment and it was truly happening as if it was a novel of her favorite that came to life and relayed its message in this chapter of her being. Sehun…loves her?

    Jaeun looked back into Sehun’s features again; face hoping, lips pursing whilst waiting. This was the man she adoringly gave her heart for so long, the cause of her sadness and happiness, the cause of her downfalls and uprisings, and now, the cause of her topical heartache. Wasn’t this what she wanted all along? To hear those three words she never thought would be aimed at her at him?

    But alas, dreams, while they are sweet, some are bitter.

    And they must end as she wakes up.

    “Fuck you,” she said sternly.

    Sehun’s eyebrows raised at the confusion in her words. He was about to retaliate and support his statement but she raised a hand to halt him.

    “Fuck you, Oh Sehun,” Jaeun repeated. “Do you think this is all a bluff?”

    “Please, listen—”

    “I’ve been listening!” she clenched her fists to keep herself from repeating on hitting the table. “At all times! I always listen to you; your rants, your dreams, your thoughts and ideas, and most especially your love for her! But this? THIS? Sehun…you’re mean.”

    “Jaeun,” Sehun tried to reach for her hand, but she quickly slipped it away. “I love you, always have been. You were always—”

    “If you love me,” she gritted between her teeth. “You shouldn’t have always come to me about her."

    Jaeun saw Sehun’s jaw shut tight, which became a cue for her to continue. “Have you ever thought what I’ve felt all these years? I had to keep on carrying you despite the growing pain in me. That yes, I may be here with you but your focus…is on her.”

    “And I’m tired,” tears were threatening to spill from her eyes. “I’m sick of picking you up in ungodly hours, drinking away. I’m tired of how you came to meet me only because of your heartaches. And I'm wary of the fact that you're so unfair. That out of nowhere, my best friend just told me he loved me just because he didn't get her.”

    Sehun quickly stood from where he sat, his long lower limbs taking two steps before kneeling in front of Jaeun like he was praying for some miracle to happen between them as his warm hands cupped her delicate face, their foreheads touching each other.

    “I’m sorry,” Sehun’s eyes were watery as he sniffled. “I’m so sorry. Please…forgive me. Please, let me make it up to you. Please, don’t disappear from my life. Please.”

    Please. It was one word yet it made Jaeun feel weak again for him, but the daggers that were plunged in her chest made her realize it was now the time for her to pull it all out, letting her heart slowly heal from the pain.

    “I love you, Sehun,” Jaeun finally muttered while feeling Sehun’s thumbs caressing her cheeks. “I love you always but…I’m done. As much as I’ve been waiting to hear those three words from you, it all seems so…dull.”

    Dull indeed.

    That’s what Oh Sehun felt right now.

    Nothing was making sense to him as if his head was reaching for something he could not comprehend. It all happened too quickly in the blink of an eye like a stream that swiftly passed by him. Blasts of sirens here and there that were rounded up like loose animals were muffled away from his hearing while his surroundings were faded into nothing but black and white.

    Along with all he could ever see right now was crimson as thick pools of the color were sticking to the ground, to his shirt, and his hands.

    And to her.



    He stared dumbfounded. His hands trembled while looking all over Seo Jaeun, desperate to where he should place his palms just to stop the bleeding, to stop everything, to stop the horror that grew before his eyes. Eventually, he placed it where the actual gunshot wound was, hovering over her hand. The shock was not the word that fit what he was experiencing. He was ashen, lips trembling.

    “J-Jaeun…” he stuttered. She can only gaze at him as she lay in his arms like a doll.

    “Shh….” Jaeun gasped and winced. “Y-you…are…o-okay.”

    “N-no…” Sehun looked up and down her body. “Jaeun…”

    Sehun’s manner was disoriented; he kept holding back his sobs while glancing at her face and up around their environment; almost nobody was there except the two of them, save for a few who were held in their frozen states.

    How the hell did they end up to this?

    A presidential event where EXO was invited.

    Turned into a horrific attempted assassination incident with a bomb on the loose.

    Her clasping his hand, her sole concern was him.

    Just the two of them.

    Away from aid and surrounded by perpetrators.

    Sudden running…

    Guns firing…

    Her pushing him to the ground…

    Bullets flying…

    Jaeun suddenly fell to her knees.

    Clutching her right side and chest.

    Him shouting at her.

    More guns erupting from afar…

    Him reaching her….

    Sehun immediately looked down at the fading body he held; Jaeun's eyes fluttered up at him, trying to see him. Her form shook in pain as if a thousand syringes were plummeted in her skin, her hand pressing against where the blood continued to ooze out of her while she breathed heavily in panic.

    Jaeun hazily lifted her shaking hand, steadily brushing her fingers against his cheek which received a cut from the glasses that spread throughout the vicinity.

    “F-Fuck…” she still managed to laugh. “Y-you…got a c-cut here...ah.”

    She shut her eyes and grimaced as Sehun clasp her soaked shirt, and he felt like shit; his best friend was in the line between life and death, still having the audacity to save him despite everything that conspired to the two of them.

    And he felt nothing but remorseful as he’s incapable of providing anything to her at the moment.

    “P-please,” Sehun choked. “W-we…we h-have to stop the b-bleeding. S-stay…s-stay with m-me baby, please.”

    Tears flooded Sehun’s eyes as he tried to keep himself together for her sake. His heart felt like it was twisted and crushed to a pulp, wishing he had been the one shot instead of her. His body flew from stiff to mere actions and having more blood of hers in his hands got him to nowhere. Sehun knew that this was an almost everyday scenario for Jaeun on account of the fact she became a woman of law and order. What he wasn’t prepared for was to have this kind of scenario happen right in front of him.

    “W-why…” Jaeun started. “S-stop...don’t c-cry…”

    Sehun pay heed to her as she inhaled and exhaled deeply, her eyes threatening to shut down. The coldness of the night was creeping up to her as blood continued to rush out as Sehun tried to talk to her to keep her awake. He frantically hoisted his head to check the encircling, surveying for anyone possible to help them as he hauled Jaeun in his arms more properly.

    “Jaeun…” Sehun whispered her name, attempting to keep a smile. “W-we’re going to…b-be o-okay, y-yes? P-paramedics may b-be here s-soon…”

    Despite his aim to put up a brave front for Jaeun, it soon faltered as her eyes were only halfway from open, and she eye him intently. Sehun took ahold of her hand gently moving towards his hand, firmly grasping it.

    “Sehun…” Jaeun wheezed. “I…I c-can’t hold…any l-longer…”

    “No!” Sehun yelled as he shook his head. “H-help will b-be h-here! T-they’ll….they’ll c-come soon! P-please! We’ll b-be a-alright! Jaeun—”

    “I-I…love y-you.”

    He froze.

    “S-Sehun…” Jaeun panted as if her breathing had already amounted to a small-sized helium balloon about to pop. “I love you.”

    His world frailly crumbled as Jaeun’s hand lost its seize of his fist as her head tilted backward in his arms.

    With her eyes now closed.

    Moments later, shouts and footsteps were heard coming, revealing members of the Seoul Metropolitan Agency and the Special Operations Unit, their guns and other aid holding out. They ceased and halted their steps at the scene that unfolded before them. Blood was everywhere that came from its root which was Jaeun’s now lifeless form. One of the men who entered stepped up, his expression glum as he raised his walkie-talkie.

    "Commander," he said "Lieutenant Seo Jaeun...she's now gone."

    And it was followed by the gut-wrenching wails of Sehun who lost someone so dear.

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  • mint-yooxgi
    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    {17} - The Forbidden Pool

    Wolf AU - Part of the EXO Wolf Series

    Genre: Mature, Fluff, Angst

    Pairing: EXO OT11 X Reader; Jongdae X Reader

    Words: 2,700

    A/n: It's here!! After months, omg. Welp, only one more part after this one, then the epilogue!! Hope you all enjoy, cause the major action is coming soon!!! Happy reading! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! - Not edited yet, whoops hehe


    To say the air is tense as the final date approaches when Minwoo and Miranda will attack would be an understatement. If you could use one word, however, to describe the way your mates, as well as all of your friends, anticipate this upcoming battle, you would describe them as eager. Eager to finally get this over with. Eager to fight for you. Most of all, eager to prove themselves and protect you, so that you don’t get hurt again.

    Already, about a week and a half has passed since Mal and the witches have warned you about Minwoo and Miranda’s final attack. Given the information Mal has given you about the three missing packs, you’ve assumed the worse. They’ve probably already been manipulated by Minwoo’s power, which means the fight has gotten all the more worse. Well, at least you know who you’re up against.

    Training has been going well still, all of your friends always eager to help your mates develop their new powers. Many of them have come pretty far in such a short time, and when all twelve of them work together, again, with a little help from your friends, they’re able to subdue you for a few moments. Well, almost.

    The only issue you had was a few days after the initial discovery. You can remember the conversation so clearly, and even looking back on it now, you grimace.

    “You want me to do what?” Your brow furrowed, arms crossed as you looked at Minseok, Dylan, Junmyeon, and Kyungsoo standing directly in front of you, your other mates standing a little ways behind them.

    “Listen, if Minwoo catches me, or even any one of us, under his manipulation again, we should have a way to fight back against him,” Dylan reasons. “If we can fight against his hold over us, we have a better chance of ending this once and for all. Plus, he wouldn’t be able to rely on us to hurt you.”

    You purse your lips, frown clear on your features as you think this over.

    Jongdae places a reassuring hand on your shoulder as he comes to stand next to you. You don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable, but he’s right. The more of a chance we have to fight back against his hold, the less likely he’ll be able to manipulate us.

    I know, you physically sigh, looking towards the ground as you close your eyes. “Okay.”

    The shock is clear on all of their faces, especially Dylan’s. “Really?”

    “You’re right,” you reply, opening your eyes and lifting your head once more to meet his gaze. “As much as I don’t like it, it’s the most reasonable conclusion.” You take a shaky breath in. “I’ll do it.”

    They all smile at you, Jongdae even going so far as to rub your back comfortingly with his hand as the others look on. A few of them wish it could be them to do that, but they know it’s only a matter of time before they can.

    “Before we do, though, I just want you all to know that-“

    “Don’t worry,” it’s Luhan who cuts you off, walking over to place a comforting hand on your shoulder while giving it a slight squeeze.

    “We already know,” Baekhyun finishes for him, nods of understanding coming from all of them.


    “This is strictly for training purposes,” Minseok begins.

    “You would never willingly make us ‘hurt’ each other,” Junmyeon continues. “Not that you would be, anyways.”

    “There’s a difference here now,” Kyungsoo adds, and you tilt your head slightly for him to continue. “We’re letting you do this to us. With him, it wouldn’t be willingly.”

    Your heart warms as a small smile graces your features. Looks like they already know you better than you would think, given the somewhat short amount of time you’ve all known each other. It makes you happy to know that they know what to say to assure you, to offer you comfort for your worries at this point in time.

    You nod your head. “Okay, then let’s get to it.”

    That is how you find yourself in this situation right now. It’s been a week since you first started training with them using this particular power of yours, and it’s certainly offered a change in the dynamics between you all. Of course, you never go as far as to actually make them hurt each other, but you do set them against one another. So far, Minseok, Kyungsoo, Jongin, and Jongdae all seem to have the best luck escaping the influence of your power so far. The others, not so much, but you know they’re not that far behind the rest.

    In fact, there are some occasions where a few of them, like Dylan, Chanyeol, and Luhan, are better than the ones that seems to be just head of the rest of the pack. However, it’s only happened once or twice where they’ve been able to break free of your influence, whereas the others are more consistent.

    You just hope that when the time comes, and it all comes down to it, they’re able to escape Minwoo should they get caught. In the back of your mind, you don’t doubt that they will. After all, Minwoo is nowhere near as strong as you are, especially when concerned with using your own powers.

    Currently, you find yourself facing off against eight of your twelve mates, as the other four have went inside for lunch. You’ve just managed to throw Yixing and Kyungsoo off of you when a sudden sense of dread fills your bones.

    Standing to your full height, you freeze, wide eyes staring off towards the direction of the clearing. Taking deep breaths as they circle around you, you attempt to relax your tense muscle. Something isn’t right.

    Almost immediately, the back door is opening, and Jongdae is rushing onto the porch, worry creasing his brow. “What did you guys do?”

    At his words, the eight surrounding you, turn to look at him, slight confusion pulling at their features.

    “We haven’t been doing anything except training,” Chanyeol responds, seeing as he’s one of four not in their wolf forms at the moment.

    “What’s wrong?” Tao’s own brow furrows as he looks between you and Jongdae, the others coming out to join them on the back deck, along with a majority of your friends.

    “You’ve sensed it, too, haven’t you?” Irene calls out, making her way towards you from the deck.

    “I just have a really bad feeling about tomorrow,” you rely, finally speaking out for the first time since this sense of dread has washed over you. “No one is here yet, but I can feel the presence looming over the field, creeping closer with each passing second. It’s like it knows something bad is approaching.”

    “But it can’t be them yet, can it? I thought we had a few more days,” Baekhyun frowns, easing out of his fighting stance for the moment.

    “Maybe so,” you reply. “Just keep your guards up, cause I have a feeling something will happen tomorrow.”

    “Either way, there’s no way they can surprise attack us,” Jongin says from the back door.

    “Yeah, not with the wards that we’ve placed,” Yeri nods.

    “Plus, I’m sure you’d be the first to sense them,” Hakyeon motions to your with his head. “Not that we wouldn’t be able to, either.”

    You nod, shoulders relaxing only slightly as you roll your shoulders, cracking your neck in the next second. “That’s enough training for today, we should prepare for the next few days, just in case they do decide to attack early.”

    A wave of agreement passes over everybody around you, a few nodding their heads in understanding as you all begin to make your wayback inside the house. Immediately, Jongdae is at your side, a look full of concern thrown your way.

    I’m fine, you assure him, shooting him a half smile.

    He simple sends you a look, everything being said in that expression alone. He knows you’re not in the best mental state right now, and he wants you to know that he’s here for you. He always will be. Him, and your other eleven mates whom watch you walk up the stairs and to your room with nothing but worry clear on their features.

    That evening, you discuss with everyone your major plans of attack. You’ve decided that some of them should stay back at the house should anything happen, or if any of Minwoo’s minions manage to slip past you all and head towards the house. Besides, both you and Vasco agree that you’d rather not see Mal get hurt again.

    In the end, you’ve decided to let Mal, Vasco, Jisoo, Joy, Yeri, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Jinki, Namjoon, Jungkook, Hoseok, Hyuk, and Wonsik stay back at the house in case anything is to happen. Besides, the house could use some extra protection anyways.

    Of course, even with the discussion of formation and strategy, you know not every battle will go as planned, so you come up with a back up just in case. You blame your parents for your excessive battle planning and strategic thinking.

    Attempting to sleep that night is just that: an attempt. The wonderful abyss of sleep evades you, continuing to toss and turn, that feeling of unease never parting from you for one moment. You just know something is going to happen tomorrow, and for that, you find you cannot get one moment of rest.

    Finally, after years of them haunting you, this will all be over soon. Hopefully.

    Morning comes, and you drag yourself out of bed, feeling Jongdae’s worried eyes following you around the room as you get ready for the day.

    Don’t worry about me so much, your voice echoes throughout his head.

    You and I both know that’s not possible, comes his reply. Did you get any sleep at all last night?

    At the shrug of your shoulders, you hear him sigh behind you. A few seconds later, he’s stood from the bed and moved so his arms are now wrapped around your waist from behind. Burying his face into your neck, he places a gently kiss onto your skin.

    “No matter what happens, we’re with you,” he murmurs lowly against your skin, “I’m with you. Until the end.”

    You squeeze his arms assuringly, conveying wordlessly your gratitude for him, especially now. He’s always been by your side, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Making your way downstairs after getting ready, you walk into the kitchen. After a small breakfast, you’re just going over your plans one last time in your mind when your breath catches in your throat and you freeze. A look passes between a few of your friends, already able to sense the danger approaching the clearing in an instant.

    “Guys,” your voice rings out loud and clear throughout the house as you stand. “It’s time.”

    In a flash, you’ve disappeared from view, and the whole house becomes an uproar of commotion.

    “I wish she would wait for us,” Minseok scowls slightly as they run for the back door.

    “The sooner we get this over with, the better,” Dylan says, the others nodding their agreement.

    As soon as they reach the back door and manage to get outside, they shift and sprint off into the forest. Only one thought is one their mind: finding you and ending all of this once and for all.

    Arriving to the clearing, you stand tall with your arms crossed, awaiting the arrival of the small force you’ve sensed approaching from the opposite side. Many of the presences you recognize, but a few you do not, and you can only imagine just who, or what Minwoo and Miranda have brought with them as extra strength.

    Movement to your right has your gaze shifting briefly to see Jongin already beside you. Looks like he teleported here. You share a look, smiling briefly at each other as you wait for the others to arrive. In an instant, Taemin is standing on your other side, having run the distance in no time at all.

    The others should be here soon, Jongin tells you, to which you nod at.

    However, as soon as that though reaches you, Minwoo, Miranda, and their forces have finally reached the opposite edge of the clearing, breaching the tree line and stepping into the area. You scowl at the familiar faces you see treading behind him, some wearing looks of discontent as they continue to struggle against his manipulation.

    What surprises you the most, though, is the small group of warriors you see wearing an all too familiar crest. You tense, watching Miranda swing that all too familiar crimson blade in her one hand.

    “Where’s the rest of your mutts?” She taunts, receiving a snort of laughter from Minwoo.

    “Probably got scared and ran off,” Minwoo replies. “Realized she wasn’t worth the time, or effort.”

    Both Jongin and Taemin snarl at his words in response, but you put a hand out to stop them. Instead, you meet the worried gazes of the three leaders of your other groups of friends.

    “(Y/n),” Jihyo’s concern is clear on her features.

    “Jihyo,” you breathe her name. “Taeyong, Seungcheol…” you meet each of their gazes respectively. “I’m sorry you all got dragged into this mess.”

    You know that none of them want to hurt you, but under the influence of Minwoo, they might have to. The last thing you truly wanted was to be facing twenty-three hybrids, thirteen wolves, and nine vampires whom are all your friends, but unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    “The sooner we get out of this mess, the quicker we can help you,” Momo calls out, and you can tell all of them share the same sentiment. Well, at least all of your friends do.

    “You know as soon as I can, I’ll get you all out from under his control,” comes your reply.

    “That would be appreciated!” Chenle calls out, receiving a few side eyed looks from those around him.

    “Ha! Like hell she can do anything,” one of Linus’ men laugh. You don’t recogonize him; he must be new. “Against all of us, what can those three really do?”

    “Don’t underestimate her,” an all too familiar voice which you wish you could forget says from the back. Stepping through his men as they part, you meet Linus’ all too familiar smug gaze. “She’s stronger than you think.”

    “Linus,” you hiss, nothing but venom on your tongue as you spit out his name. “What are you doing here?”

    “Me?” He quirks an eyebrow, clearly amused by your reaction. “I’m here to bring my wife home.”

    Growls sound from around you, and you can sense that your other mates and friends aren’t that far off now.

    “We won’t let you do that,” Jongin growls, stepping forward slightly in an attempt to stand in front of you, but he knows better by now.

    “Oh yeah? You and what army?” One of Linus’ other men snorts, arms crossed in front of his chest.

    “This army,” you state, voice low as snarls pierce the trees, your mates breaking through the tree line behind you first, followed by your friends lose behind.

    Cracking your neck, you roll your shoulders once more, fixating your deadly gaze on both Minwoo and Miranda. Silently, you inform your friends and mates about the situation, letting them know not to kill your friends under Minwoo’s control. Linus and his men, however, are free reign. Undoubtedly, they all know to leave Minwoo and Miranda to you.

    “It’s not too late to turn back,” you say, motioning to the woods behind them. “Leave now, release my friends, and never bother us again. I’ll let you live if you do.”

    You notice Miranda falter slightly in her stance at your words, but both Minwoo and Linus laugh.

    “You think that will scare us off?” Minwoo shakes his head. “You’re more naive than I thought.”

    Growls sounds around you in your defence, but you simply shrug. “Your funeral.”

    With those final words, you attack.

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  • xui-n-soowillbethedeathofme
    24.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    A Christmas Gift for @changshapatrol

    The manor was stifling in its stillness. Such a large estate for three people seemed overly indulgent. Perhaps when the rest of the household returned from the London season, it would be far more bustling. At least you hoped it would. Such thoughts dwindled the longer the manor remained more than empty.

    It was a sort of limbo you found yourself in, packed off with your trousseau to the middle of nowhere, a manor empty save you and your new husband Chanyeol and his friend Sehun. Arranged by your father, your nuptials had passed swiftly; so swiftly you were sure more than a few steps had been skipped. Namely the church. Though the priest you had spoken to assured you that such things happened sometimes and in the eyes of God your virtue remained pure regardless of where your wedding vows had been spoken. Not that it mattered. Weeks had passed and not once had Chanyeol made a move to touch you.

    In a way you were grateful for his reticence, an adjustment period was infinitely preferable to the alternatives, however his courteous ways were starting to wear thin. It was frustrating, the man you were bound to for life made no effort to court you or garner your affections. Nor did he demand you fulfill your wifely duties. To put it plainly, Chanyeol was odd.

    He disappeared during the day, presumably either avoiding you or attending to matters of the estate. You were uncertain as to which, mostly because come the dinner hour, long after night had graced the world with her presence, he would invariably find you in your wanderings and escort you to the dining room. Here he was alternatively animated and lively, asking after your interests or he was quiet and introspective listening as you rambled to fill the long silences. More often it was the latter state rather than the former.

    It worried you, Chanyeol didn't seem to eat much; he only moved his food around his plate. Nor did he seem to sleep much either. You had often felt his eyes on you in your shared bedchambers, long until you yourself drifted off.

    Sehun was much the same, odd in his own ways; lingering in your vicinity, he intruded upon the rappaport you tried to build with Chanyeol and turned everything topsy-turvy. Around him, Chanyeol was loud, boisterous even, a far cry from the man you had come to know. The change was appealing, both sides of your husband had their merits and often you found yourself often wishing Chanyeol would cross the line he had drawn between you.

    To make your frustrations worse, Sehun, in sharp contrast to your husband's solicitude and chivalry, was flirtatious and decidedly rakish. Often you would find yourself pressed into a corner, a whisper of air caressing you cheek as his hand hovered across your skin, but never touching. In these instances he would always step back, mere moments before Chanyeol would come looking for you. It was....nerve racking, you didn't know who you wanted to kiss you more; Chanyeol with his joyful smiles, or Sehun and his knowing smirks. And that was a niggling worm in the back of your mind every time you find yourself alone with Sehun. As much as you desired something, some break in the tension, Sehun was not your husband and you worried how Chanyeol would react should he catch you and your calf-eyed looks toward Sehun.

    You needn't have worried.

    The night had been stormy and you had confined yourself to the drawing room with its grand fireplace. Sehun and his constant teasing and hungry looks had ensconced himself alongside you, leaning over the back of your chair and reading over your shoulder. Quips and compliments and innuendos flowing with ease from his silvered tongue.

    Had you been paying closer attention you would have seen Chanyeol cross the room, his long legs carrying him swiftly across the threshold and to your side. You may have missed his entrance but certainly you didn't fail to notice Sehun's sharp cry as Chanyeol boxed his ears.

    "Leave her alone Sehun, your teasing is wasted."

    "But look how pretty she is when flustered. A blushing morning dove. We could keep her hyung." Leaning once more over your shoulder, he whispered in your ear, "Can we keep you our dove?"

    Huffing at Sehuns antics, Chanyeol pulled him away yet again. "No, we can't. She's not for either of us and I don't know what my parents were thinking tying her to this."

    A flash of confusion coursed through you followed shortly by a deep suffusion of hurt and shame as his last words registered. Certainly this marriage wasn't ideal, but surely in time....squashing down the what-ifs and small hopes you had held onto for a happily ever after, you rose from your seat, not deigning to look at either of them and left the room, choosing to retire to your bed rather than face your own insecurities and inadequacies.

    You woke to a breakfast tray and a scrap of note. "You should explore the grounds today dove. Perhaps by the church's kissing gate." It was unsigned but what did that matter when it could only have come from one of two?

    Deciding to heed the advice, thinking perhaps the sender had an apology planned, you made your way through the foggy grounds and misty rains that seemed to plague this portion of the countryside. You were met by nothing and no one. Only the ruins of an old church and a small graveyard. You idly wondered if this was a prank of some sort before deciding that no, that wasn't the sort of game either of your companions would play. You waited then, until curiosity got the better of you and you stepped through the iron gate. The markers beyond it were laid out neatly, the oldest closest to the entrance and the newer further back. You took note of the names engraved upon the stones; mostly Parks and Ohs, there were a few Kim and Dohs mixed in as well. It didn't take long to meander your way to the back and the newest plots. These were well tended, dried flowers decorating the spaces here and there. As you neared the end, you stopped transfixed by the last two plots. Grief welling in your chest and shock stealing your breath at the two familiar names carved there. Collapsing to your knees you could only stare mindlessly as blackness over took your vision. It couldn't be true, but a whisper along the wind convinced you other wise.

    "Our morning dove...Can we keep you?"

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  • bbaekhyvn18
    24.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Sehun: You can never say "bubbles" in a threatening way

    Chanyeol: Bet

    — later —

    Minseok: Can anyone tell me why Chanyeol is angrily screaming "bubbles" on the roof?

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  • bbaekhyvn18
    23.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Minseok: When I was your age—

    Sehun: Yesterday. He’s talking about yesterday

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  • writingstuffandmore
    21.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I am planning to do an OT 9 reaction as well as a Baekhyun scenario....

    Or else one would be a Christmas gift and another a new years present :)

    #exo#anonymous #send me anons #baekhyun#suho#chanyeol#exo scenarios #send me asks #lay#exo ot9#chen#xiumin #d.o. kyungsoo #sehun#kai#exo members#exo m#exo k#exo reaction #exo vampire au #exo werewolf au #exo mafia!au
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    21.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sehun: That's a great shirt, Channie-hyung

    Chanyeol: Thanks

    Sehun: I bet it'd look even better on Baekhyun-hyung's floor

    Baekhyun: Are you hitting on Chanyeol... for me?

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