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  • shadowing-k1ng
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hey, if anyone wants to ask me about voidic magic in this "universe", I'd be happy to go into excruciating detail about casually talk about it.

    Regardless of the stink-eyes I'm getting,, Happiness post #547

    I played final fantasy

    I played sekiro

    And I had pizza


    #final fantasy xiv #sekrio#positivity#self worth #stay happy my voidlings #food mention
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  • shadowing-k1ng
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Happiness post #546

    I played dnd (as noted by my other posts today...)

    I played hollow knight

    And I played sekrio.


    #dungons and dragons #hollow knight#sekrio#positivity#self worth #stay happy my voidlings
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  • foxingpeculiar
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Sekrio Update:

    I'm feeling a little puffed up right now cos I just beat Owl and, my god, it went so smoothly I kind of can't believe it.

    When I started, I had just gotten a little stoned and was figuring "Okay, I'll go at him a couple of times, get to know him a little, but I probably won't beat him just now."

    So the first time, I try fighting him like the fights in this game usually work best, you know, getting the fuck in there and deflecting and sidestepping as necessary. And I got him down pretty far, but I wasn't stopping everything and goddamn, he hits like a truck. So he mopped me up before I even got a deathblow in.

    My cat came and sat on my lap, so I spent a few minutes petting her, and then tried it again. And this time I decided to treat this like a Dark Souls fight: stay the fuck away from him until he decides what he's gonna do, figure out how to avoid all his attacks and which ones you can punish. Be patient.

    And it started working. I could jump over the horizontal slash, completely avoid the heal block, and get around the flip and the shuriken/swipe quickly enough to come at him from behind. I started figuring out his patterns in reaction to being hit and throwing them back at him, getting out of the way in time to avoid the firecrackers. It all just started clicking and fuck me if, sweaty palms and all, I didn't beat him on the second try.

    There is something to be said for these games in the like... dopamine hit of satisfaction you get from having a moment like that. I remember how intimidated by this shit I was when I picked it up, how even coming off the other Souls games, I struggled with this one. And now here I am plugging through it with aplomb. Much has been said about that--articles about like... Souls games helping with depression and whatever. But what impresses me is how well From keeps hitting that. How the games have developed on one another so that there's still a learning curve in each one. I'm really curious what adjusting to the feel of Elden Ring is going to entail; it looks very rich/deep, in terms of like... build style and approach and some of the boss fights look insane, so I'm really excited to get in there and feel the machine of it, y'know?

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  • foxingpeculiar
    15.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sekiro (Take 2) Diary:

    I worked for a couple hours, but did end up going back to it and got through all of Hirata Estate. And like... I did well? Like, I didn't expect to finish the area tonight, but here I am. That Shinobi Hunter in the garden? Comin' at me with his little polearm? Nah, Mikiri Counter, motherfucker. I beat Juzou the Drunkard in one fucking try. I didn't die to him at all. That's... insane. (The other dude who kinda Leeroy-Jenkins-ed in there with me didn't make it this time, though--I dunno if that's gonna mess something up later.) I even beat that purple Interior Ministry Ninja up on yon pagoda and got the Mist Raven Feathers, which I tried like 25 times to do the last time I played this before I finally gave up (in fairness, it did take me several tries this time, but I did it--that's the point).

    I think a lot of my problem last time was I was in my own head about it. Like trying to be super stealthy and take everybody out with deathblows rather than straight fights, and when I would get into like, messy combat situations, I'd freak myself out and make the whole thing harder than it had to be. This time I'm way more don't-give-a-fuck and I think that's serving me well, actually. Three guys coming at me? Whatever, dudes, taste my steel. (Fuck roosters, though. And dogs. What is it with From and dogs being just a straight up pain in the ass in literally EVERY game?)

    Anyway, Lady Butterfly. The first time I fought her, she took HOURS. This time, I got her in five attempts. I was running circles around her... literally, cos that's the only way I know to beat her. Knocking her ass off wires with my prosthetic tool, jumping over her unblockable sweep... it was just... *chef's kiss*

    I don't wanna jinx it, but I'm feeling good about this playthrough. I'm comin' for ya, Genichiro. Eventually. Right now, I'm gonna go to bed though.

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  • shadowing-k1ng
    19.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Hey. Ha-

    I got the thing you were looking for!

    Oh, perfect! Just bring that over to the transfer point, I'll do the rest. Anyways, happiness post #197.

    I played hyrule warriors

    I played sekrio

    I watched Hayaku!!

    And I did some roleplay! (Somebody rode a horse! It was stupid of them!)

    So... yeah. Goodnight.

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  • shadowing-k1ng
    16.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    *you see a note on the table. It looks like it was written hastily.*

    Happiness post #194.

    I played hyrule warriors

    I played sekrio

    And I watched Hayaku!!

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  • foxingpeculiar
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Okay, Sekrio Blogging:

    Okay so. After I beat Owl, I talked to Kuro and did the incense thing and then got picked up by the giant rope guy and went to Fountainhead Palace to meet the True Corrupted Monk. She had me for a while. I know there's some way to get a deathblow on her from stealth, but I just could not do it. So I ended up accidentally cheesing her. Still don't know exactly what happened, but she was on a cliff edge, I got one deathblow in and she just... died. Did I knock her off the cliff? I don't know. But she's dead.

    So then I was sneaking through the palace and killing all the Palace Nobles (fuck those guys, man--enfeeblement sucks). And made it to the top and killed the guy who was throwing lightning at me (actually pulled off my first lightning return). And then the door at the top was locked. So I swam around in the water and after nearly getting my ass handed to me by a goddamn underwater Headless, I still had no idea where to go. So I was gonna look it up, but the guide I looked at was "do this part right after Owl Father" and I was like "Oh shit, I didn't fight Owl Father yet. How do you do that?" And honestly, I don't know how anyone figured this shit out--it's a very obscure series of steps. But I got the Father's Bell Charm and now I'm in the Hirata Estate. Again.

    Got past the first guy Lone Shadow Spearbearer whatever. Him and his goddamn dogs. Like you have to be on that guy like white on rice to keep him from doing that whistle (especially since I'd run out of emblems). But I got him. And now I'm trying to beat the Drunkard again. Which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take FOREVER both times you have to do it. There's just so much setup to do--so many pieces to knock off the board before you even get to him, it takes like half an hour just to get to where you're fighting him and then you die and have to do it all over again. Oy.

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  • queenmeve
    20.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    OH i’m JUST NOW realizing that a mikiri counter in sekrio is a diff button than the regular block.... i.......

    #i cannot. believe
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  • z-arcane
    17.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Playing sekrio and now i gotta fight Owl MAN this dude is hard LOL

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  • thebrutalballadoffangusklot
    22.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    i wonder if elden ring will incentivizes  aggression cause miyazaki’s last two new games (BB and sekiro) benefit/want the player to be aggressive, especially with sekiro’s mikiri counters

    sekrio outright PUNISHES you for playing it like dark souls both games want you to push and find ways to benefit you for it )bb’s rally system and SUPER generous i-frames and the counter)

    so i want to know if elden ring goes back to “sit and wait take your time” of the souls

    or “fucking KILL IT” of bloodborne and sekiro

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  • call-me-remi
    18.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    My favorite part of Sekrio is Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa's entrance.

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  • thisisart-notreallife
    12.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Impressions: Bloodborne

    A Hunter must hunt… Bloodborne is a game I tried to play several years ago, but it didn’t fully click with me, other games came up that I wanted to play and it ended up falling by the wayside. Not the best first impression clearly, but that is not the end of the story for this beautifully gothic game… After not playing Bloodborne for a long time I played Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice and I loved…

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  • shadowing-k1ng
    22.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Hey. Here we are again. Another 100 days have come and gone. Well, that was definitely... a wild ride. Happiness post #200.

    Over these past 100 days, I have:

    played DOOM

    watched the Animaniacs reboot

    played Ghost of tsushima

    Played Sekrio

    Made new Friends

    Got an Otamatone

    Played Valkyria chronicles

    I played Hyrule warriors

    Watched the Owl house

    Watched amphibia

    Watched Hunter x hunter

    Watched Hayaku

    Played Mario galaxy and sunshine

    Had some Pies

    Did some Monster hunting

    Did some Roleplaying

    Did some Art

    Played persona 5

    Played through wandersong

    Many more things I've surely forgotten

    And survived the entirety of the cursed year.

    I love you all, goodnight!

    Stay safe, dont forget to wear a mask!

    Go to sleep if it's time for you!

    #monster hunter#wandersong #im not gonna do all the tags #too tired for that #positivity#self worth #stay happy my voidlings
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  • shadowing-k1ng
    14.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Heyo. Happiness post #192.

    I played sekrio

    I played hyrule warriors

    And I watched Hayaku!!

    If you'll excuse me, I need to go prepare my voidic tales for tomorrow, along with all the ways I'll tease Dylan about his crush.

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  • a-dragon-and-an-eagle
    23.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    Sekiro... again.

    Re-review a year later. So after having some free time and a desire to go back to this game has my opinion changed? Yes and no. The combat I found infuriating my first time was tolerable when I met it halfway and eventually I got good. Its just to bad that the tutorial is non-existent and the early enemies and bosses teach you nothing about the deflect system. It's no wonder most people don't reach the click moment till Genichiro. However the panic I feel whenever I see that symbol for the unblockable attack and it requires a large amount of learning patterns to understand if you should jump or mercury counter. Speaking of the Mercury counter is basically mandatory for this game which sucks that such a vital ability is behind an upgrade tree. The other sucky part is that after you do finally understand the combat the game doesn't really have much to offer beyond increasing the speed of it. I have a feeling that perhaps the devs weren't satisfied with the game either because the owl boss fights bend the rules of the game to make a harder boss and the demon of hatred strait up breaks the rules; that and they're doesn't seem to be a chance at the game getting any DLC. Well I have learned to use and semi-enjoy the combat of Sekiro there is a real problem that its just to limited. Once you master slash, deflect, jump, mercury counter the game can only really change the rules of the games to make it more difficult, like the last boss pulling out a fucking gun to kill me! But there is something my opinion hasn't changed on: The story and characters are still terrible. See the from soft method of story telling is very interesting and helps build community, but the thing is the plot of dark souls could be summed up pretty easily: the dark is scary, don't let the fire go out. Sekiro has the problem that the plot is way to complicated and the lore is almost required reading to understand what the fuck is going on. There is a kingdom in Japan with its leader being an immortal child. The child them self is not super old or anything, he just can't get stabbed. People want this immortality and there is some kind of discount immortality that people are trying to figure out, but the kid wants to stop people from doing this immortality bullshit and there is also two swords that can kill immortals but not the kid for some reason and your old mentor wants the immortality but then why didn't he become the guard of the kid. Its all a massive mess that is hard to follow without looking up lore videos. All the characters are still super boring and its hard to be invested when the characters don't seem to be. Well I do now say to give it a try I can't promise everyone will like it, I hated it my first time and now I just say its mostly good. What ever fromsoft wanted to learn from this I hope they did.

    #ooc#Sekrio #I finished it #change of opinions #But also not really
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  • tmotalks
    13.12.2019 - 2 years ago

    The Video Game Awards Was Alright

    Will be a brief post for real this time but today, there was the Video Game Awards show, where usually people tune in to check out really cool announcements. There were indeed some cool announcements this year but nothing too personally exciting. Ghost of Tsushima would have been a really cool trailer but it did not give any depth to the gameplay of the game. Just that the environments are really nice and there is Assassin Creed-like takedowns. However, there was nothing new shown that makes the game stand out besides its visuals. I do hope there is something really exciting with the gameplay that the developers are just not showing us. The surprise No More Heroes 3 trailer was pretty interesting but me and a lot of the people watching thought the pretend trailer was actually really cool. Hopefully the game actually expands on that concept and characters introduced in that. Props to the really cool art style that was used for it though. The League of Legends games that were shown off also looked pretty interesting. A platformer based on Ekko and a rpg both seems like really cool choices for Riot to take their ip. I am awaiting more information for both of those! Ori and the Will of the Wisps still looks beautiful as the past game while having some new and engaging combat options I am interested in. Weird West looks extremely captivating and disturbing with it's visuals so I want to see more of that. Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is a cool surprise, and even if I did not play the original, I do not that game is really great and I think won an award or two last year. That is about it for all the games that interested me a bit. Now, what about the actual awards given out in the show? I am glad Disco Elysium won for best rpg and narrative since I heard that game is buck wild with how creative and zany it is. Sekiro being awarded of the year was very surprising since it was against some very strong games like Resident Evil 2 and Smash: Ultimate. It is still a really cool game despite me being surprised by its accolades so props to it anyway! In conclusion, the VGA's was alright. Nowhere as banging as it was last year and seemed more saturated with adverisements. Regardless, I did have a good time watching it even if it was not as cool as it could have been!

    #vga #video game awards 2019 #sekrio #ori and the will of the wisps #disco elysium#nmh3#senua#lol #league of legends #ghost of tsushima
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  • veeplays
    10.12.2019 - 2 years ago
    #sekrio #Sekiro Shadows Die Twice #sekiro: shadows die twice #fromsoftware
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  • modismod
    08.12.2019 - 2 years ago

    I’m at the last boss in sekrio and i agree with jernos they should at least add check points because Im starting to feel sorry for murdering genichiro every time I have to fight the real boss

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  • excalebrus
    18.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    Speculating about shinobi we haven’t seen in Sekiro. I call these guys “Elder shadows”, and that girl is one of them. Codename: Crane. She’s jounin of the Nightjars and Owls “daughter”

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  • kohitsuji-circus
    01.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    Sekrio has to be at least in his mid 40s right? Does dragon rot age you significantly? I wish sekrio had intense lore to it. I love knowing in depth things in games

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