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    I’ve been taking some big steps into self improvement and it’s so exciting, the future holds so much.

    P.S. I wore this out on a little walk with Zo today and felt powerful.

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    Fragment from an article by Melody Wilding found on Forbes about taking control of your ego.

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    life is so wild but the universe really be out here guiding me and encouraging me

    P.S. idk when I’ll find my true mans but I know I will when the time is right and when I’m actually ready. Until then I’m just actively working on myself.

    #life is wild #the universe#manifestyourreality#manifestingdreams#manifestation #trust the universe #trust the process #highervibrations#true man #when im like this #guiding#encouraging #working on myself #working on my mental health #working on my fitness #working on me #working on my confidence #best self#self check#self learning#self love#self conscious#self improvement#self help#self healing#sheinstyle#working girl#workinprogress#single#patient
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    officially ripped the bandaid off and I’m truly alone relationship wise, no “situationships” or anything

    P.S. that shit hurted

    #long hair#love#glasses#stoner girl#stoner #broke college student #situation#situationships #no one is alone forever #i am alone #all alone #relationships are complicated #relationships are hard #relationship#best self#self check#self learning#self love#self conscious#selfworth#self healing #note to self #that shit hit me #that shit hit different #for the best #no bra life #no bra club #no big deal #cardigan#mustard yellow
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    This is a small reminder to:

    • Take some deep breaths
    • Eat something or drink some water if you haven’t in a while
    • Move around a bit or just change how you’re sitting/laying if you’ve been in the same position for a while
    • Take a small nap or go to bed if you’re tired

    And finally,

    • Remember to take care of yourself!! Even little things like some of these count!!
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  • We are about to enter the 8th month of 2020. How is everyone doing?

    #self check #send in your moods #feel free to rant and tell me if u need words or just an ear
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    Me to me. Been on it every day this week and will continue on

    #Don’t Hurt Them If You Can Help Them #Accountability#Self Check
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  • having alone time this weekend has made me realize how i renegotiate space when we’re together to accommodate you

    how i reinvent myself and shapeshift to fit in a box that sits nicely by your side

    on my own, i am



    somewhat of an instigator


    maybe slightly devious






    self reliant


    by your side i am



    in-need of care









    i am acting

    i’m certainly not saying this is any fault of yours. but i notice now, i’m a strange version of myself when i’m with you.

    i wonder why that is….

    #self check #june 14 2020 #emotions #who am i
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  • I’m not very active here, nor do I aim to be. I never really post and that’s my choice.

    But I’ve recently encountered something that I’ve never encountered before. And that something is having a family member be cheated on.

    It’s made me question so many things about love, about life, and about relationships. I’m not entirely sure as to what I should do.

    As if the world wasn’t complicated enough, people had to come along and ruin it. It’s optimistic nihilism, and it’s okay to think this way.

    Although I am rarely proud, I pride myself in my thought processes. They’re by no means perfect, and I’m always learning. But that’s just it, there’s the rub, I’m learning while so many other refuse to.

    I might never understand why my relative’s husband won’t fly back to our country to sign the divorce papers. I will also never understand how a person can become so devoid of basic human empathy, emotions, and sympathy towards others. What is it that causes a person to become so deranged that they lose their survival instinct? That they lose their ability to feel? That they become so unable of showing even an ounce of empathy towards someone who is suffering?

    But what I do understand is that, when we stop learning, we stop living.

    And I don’t mean learning about facts or gaining more scientific knowledge. What I mean is that we as human beings have an obligation to learn to be better. It doesn’t matter in what shape or form we become better, nor is there an ultimate form of “betterness”, but how can we ever hope to change things if we refuse to change ourselves.

    I don’t think many people really truly grasp the depth and effectiveness of societal conditioning and the amount of control these restrictive systems have on them. The strength it takes to break free from them is unfathomable, and I don’t even think I’m there yet myself, but I’m working on it.

    No one. Not anyone in this entire universe is allowed to dictate your happiness. As long as you live right by yourself, without causing harm to others, there is nothing that should stop you from achieving it.

    I am getting better, I am trying to get better, and I will become better. I won’t change who I am, but I will be the best version of myself I can be.

    #selflove#self love#self healing#self commentary#self check#self care#mental health #today isn't my best day #but tomorrow might be #I'll keep hoping
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  • tonight, i pray for everyone’s journey

    for those who are growing families

    for those who are growing their careers

    for those who are growing themselves

    for those who have chosen to rest

    for those who have chosen to be different

    for those who have dared to be themselves

    and for those who are still afraid

    i pray for them all.

    i am grateful to be where i am today on my journey, and i send love to the universe. 💕

    of course, i’m not in a perfect situation and i have many stresses, but i am happy to be my, to have my life, my family and my home.

    #self check #may 26 2020
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  • Getting more confident in saying “these are my boundaries + they are not up for discussion.”

    • What am I afraid of or avoiding when I choose not to enforce my boundaries? Rejection. Being disliked. Being attacked. I think I would prefer that temporary dissatisfaction over feeling uncomfortable over extended periods of time due to me not enforcing and respecting my own boundaries.

    Originally posted by abasketofgifs

    Note to self: most of the good that happens in your life, you end up just going for. Don’t wait on perfect or you’ll be waiting forever.

    • Marching DCA just happened
    • Bassoon just happened
    • Omar just happened
    • Micromanaging/ obsessing over the possible outcomes of hypothetical situations is one of the main ways I procrastinate and eventually talk myself out of doing things. I need to cut it the everloving fuck out.

    Originally posted by sasshunontheloose

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  • today, i’m having a hard time just letting it go

    i’m having a hard time releasing the stress

    the anguish

    the pressure

    today it feels like it’s too much for me and i don’t want to participate any longer

    today i feel a hurt from deep within

    one unhealed and overscarred

    i feel damaged and broken from the inside out

    honwslty, i am tired

    maybe i’ll always be tired

    maybe i’ll never be well

    but today the shit is super hard to carry

    and i am not okay

    #today#self check #april 21 2020
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  • I’m currently going through a nostalgic binge and reminding myself I’m a bad bitch while watching cheesy movies and doing my makeup. Take care of yourself Heauxs~

    #bad bicth#self care#self check #lowkey an excuse to reblog bratz shit
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  • Nic is bad for your health I say as I pick up my juul and insert a fresh pod

    I’m so sorry to be that nasty bitch who juuls but cigs are stinky, weed leaves me unmotivated, and I’ve been going through it lately

    This is the last pod I have and then I’m done 🙃and then I’ll prob go back to smoking ✨bud💕

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  • not sure if this is applicable to anyone else so this is basically just for me next time I’m in a funk. enjoy!

    1. Sit on the floor. Sometimes the thought of getting out of bed makes the gremlin in your brain upset, so sitting on the floor is the stepping stone to Getting Up. Once you’re on the floor, you’ll feel better- then you can go from there. If all you can do is sit on the floor, then that’s enough and it’s worth doing. 

    2. Drink really cold water. Even if you don’t think you’re dehydrated, you probably are and it’s making you feel like shit: headache, low energy, cranky. So go to the kitchen or get someone to bring you a massive class of water and chug it- the colder the better.

    3. Take a shower. Nothing on this planet helps me feel like a human again more than a hot, hot shower. Play some music- upbeat or in your feels, doesn’t matter- and sit in the shower. I make it as hot as I can and then I sit and let the water hit my back/ neck until I feel the tension start to release. Then, body part by body part, I make sure I’m not subconsciously holding tension anywhere (jaw, shoulders, hands). If you have the energy to bathe, go for it. If not, just let the water run until you feel like Jello.

    4. Eat something. If it’s a sleeve of ritz crackers or a four-course meal, just eat something. Your body can’t run on nothing. Just eat whatever you can, preferably something substantial, but a few crackers is still better than nothing. 

    5. Watch/ Read something you’re familiar with. Get something you’ve already seen or read before and know you’ll like. Sometimes watching something new takes too much energy and our brains like the predictability.

    Basically self-care is bullshit and a face mask has never given me one ounce of serotonin, but these things seem to help. Sometimes when things start to feel funky you gotta go back to the basics.

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  • So Question…

    Do you think it would matter if in apps like Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook and others there was a option you turn on that pops up before you post a message, like right after you stop typing it pops up. The message depending on what you want it to say could range from ‘Are you sure?’ to ‘Did you think of who this will affect?’. Nothing hurtful just a last check to be sure you want this posted out into the world.

    #social media#youtube #thinking before you speak #self check
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  • Self checkout…

    Is not…..




    All you do……

    Is just Scan and fucking pay…

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