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  • dragoknitter
    28.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Catch these fuckin’

    Danny Phantom One-Shot Recs

    I’m gonna plug my own one-shot in here first, then go in reverse through my history. This list is probably gonna have more fics, so buckle up. There’s (surprisingly) only one crossover, and I’ve also put the GothMoth fics into a section by themselves. Because they’re special.

    Coincidentally by Dragoknitter - Miles and Tucker are cousins, and Tucker basically says, “Y’all need a support system, lemme hook you up.”

    Is This Just A Thing that Girls Do? by newdog14 - Middle school girls are terrifying, and this is definitely something I might’ve done if given the right motivation.

    Pushing Buttons (Until They Break) by ObsidianCreates - Danny’s parents aren’t the best at feelings, and press on way too many sore spots. But! There’s a sequel and they make up for it!

    Day Three: Cryptid by JadeNoRyuu - Astraphobic Danny + supernatural thunderstorm + helpful senior student = a fun little story that is just *Pacha 🖐👌Meme*

    The Green Gremlin by NikaylaSarae - Some top-notch character building for Dash, although this author mostly writes for Sanders Sides

    Parental Woes by DarkNymfa - Very nice premise! Clockwork and Pandora are awesome, but don’t really Get human stuff. Danny is embarrassed.

    Of Tweets and Twats by DarkNymfa - Twitter convos discussing Amity Park, featuring people from Amity Park!

    Flickering Yellow and Green by dragonrayy - Danny gets hit with something by Technus that messes up his eyes, so he goes to a ghost optometrist.

    Grabbing Smoke by thatgirl_youknowtheone - Lovely characterization for Kitty! Also has Jewish Sam!

    Growing Pains by ayjayar - Ghost puberty! Ghost puberty! But not for Danny

    What Can Be Found by ajility - Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Or, in this case, a dream ship in the Ghost Zone.

    Facing Facts by ajility - I get the feeling this author just likes writing Danny in denial about his parents’ neglect…

    The Things We Hold Dear by Alana_Kitty - Nice little story about Danny fixing Ember’s guitar!

    Bang Babies got nothin’ on the Ghost Kid by anthrop - Look. I loved Static Shock as a kid and seeing him completely overwhelmed by Danny’s OP ass is wonderful.

    Core by GhostWriterGirl1 - F in the chat for Danny. Boi gets messed up by a solar flare. The author added in the reasoning behind the headcanon too, so that’s neat!

    Shots Fired by RedGhost1010 - This is definitely NOT what you should do in the event of a school shooting, but who cares about that when you’re immortal?

    Lightning Scars and Listening Ears by GoingDeceased - A little angsty, but hey! Danny finally has some adults on his side!

    Electricity by lexosaurus - Danny has PTSD, and peer pressure is a bitch

    GothMoth Fics

    Spooky Sin Scholar - Danny is a polyglot and teaches classmates to swear in Ghost.

    The Fright In Halloween - Danny is a little shit, but what else is new?

    Mimicry - Mostly just shitting on radical Christianity’s policy of “unnatural things must be eradicated, we must send them back to Hell where they belong”, at least that’s my takeaway

    Fashion Flame War - Uniforms are only convenient for schools, and are a crime against expression of self. Casper High can never do things the easy way, though.

    In My Veins Flows Chaos, But I Could Do Without It Being This Obvious - *plops ectoplasm into Danny’s hands* He glows!

    Nip Trips Nips - Ah, ghost nip. And implied Val/Ellie! (Ellie is my preferred name for her because Dani and Danny is just so confusing)

    Ecto Upgrade Start - Ghost puberty, for Danny this time!

    Gala Glamour - Richness and pettiness are a given combination, after all, why shouldn’t Vlad use his ridiculous wealth for the entertainment of teenagers?

    Poised To Go Splat - Don’t drink glow sticks, kids. Or let your insane ghost-hunting parents make an anti-ecto fog machine for the school dance.

    What Qualifies As A Few Too Many Words? One - Ah, the unfortunate circumstance of a ghost needing Danny’s help, luckily (or unluckily) the ghost doesn’t speak English.

    Would You Like Some Bullets With That, Sir? - Vlad is insanely rich. People don’t like him. Failed assassinations are just annoying when you’re immortal.

    Phabulous Phashion - Danny should not be allowed to shop for clothes by himself.

    Little Nibblers - Accidental ghost edible consumption, and baby fangs.

    #the distracted dragon #self promo#danny phantom#fic rec #one shot list #static shock#long post
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  • hope-strength-courage
    28.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Things To Distract My Mind - 28/11/2021

    Watching easy to watch TV or rewatching TV Shows / Films




    Building Lego


    Listening to Music

    Listening to a Podcast

    Read a Book (when I can focus enough)

    Have a Bath

    #Things To Distract My Mind #Mental Health#Self Care#Distraction #Things To Help Me #Finding What Helps Me #Break From Anxiety #Try To Relax
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  • novantinuum
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    hjkfhjfg problem: wants to follow every LoZ related blog under the sun for more Content

    but: isn’t particularly interested in linked universe content, yet most blogs i’ve seen are specific for that AU

    #not that i don't think 'character meets other versions of self' AUs aren't interesting but #i'm more here for fic and content that is firmly rooted in the timelines and worlds of individual games #esp character work stuff #idk lmao #probably better to not be so distracted with fanworks rn so i can spend more time fleshing out my own #jen rambles
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  • hope-strength-courage
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Things That Have Helped My Anxiety This Evening - 27/11/2021

    Watching TV - Masterchef, I’m A Celebrity, Love Island Australia

    Rewatching One Tree Hill

    Messaging with a friend about our days.

    A friend checking in on me.

    Eating some chocolate and having a hot chocolate

    Writing / Making Lists

    Doing some research into how more medication might help me manage my Anxiety better.

    #Things That Have Helped Me #Evenings#Anxiety#Mental Health#Self Care#Helping Myself#Managing#Coping#Process#Healing#Therapy #Finding Ways To Cope #Finding Ways To Distract Myself #Support
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  • shojoboy
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    the ever present question of unbearable misery, do i try to distract and soothe myself or do i force myself to do something useful even though i have no motivation to

    #diary entry #i feel bad for distracting myself #but then again i feel bad for being alive #thoretically it should improve my self worth to do some homework but like. will it really lol
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  • morgutio
    26.11.2021 - 2 days ago


    #thinking about going to work even though we woke up late and it WILL be hell outside #better to be distracted than wallow in misery and self pity and etc. that’s lame and boring and stupid might as well make money instead #but it might be too hellish outside today >:( let me escape my feelings through work dammit #my post
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  • cherrykcrunch
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Almost relapsed with sh tonight

    #trying to get high so I can just relax and distract my dumb fuck useless self
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  • cursedmoonchild
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    #— from nonnie with love #— mailbox 💌 #and by self care i mean wine and a book i’ll read for 3 minutes then get distracted with my phone for the next two hours
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  • topstarodeo
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    what's sugar—you or me?

    #self ship #the stellar garden #s: punky funky love scene #nart time #sat here and got distracted by my server 😢 /j + lh couldnt think of anything creative for BG #everytbing has veen going WRONG but thats ok #drawing my sexy XL malewife of darkness eases my woes methinks #satsuki w hair ties and piercings . im dead! literal fucking died #im on my tip toes bc hes dramatic and is pulling me upwards 🙄 #i just indujged with this one i cant color anything again for 1000 years /hj
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  • rosedaughter
    23.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    i’m of the opinion that you can only speak quenya or sindarin the way an orientalist in the mid 19th century thought he could speak arabic or hebrew, ie you can master and grasp grammar and work with dictionaries and translations or string together some sentences, but it’s not enough to live by or truly immersively acquire the language the way one acquires a second or third language after years of immersion and practice and such, but it’s fun to work with words and see what comes of it. so that’s my caveat...

    #language teacher musings now #i have distracted mine own self #shush
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  • wzard101
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    crying throwing up rn

    #triggering tags me complaining etc #Not my period again.... or heavy spotting IDEK lol i justtt stopped bleeding /light spotting like on saturday after my period was 10-14 day #long and i had gross discharge for day and a half nd now im bleeding agajn lllol #ive basically been bleeding since like he 2nd of this month i thjnk . #And i haye my body rn i want to throw it away lol or step out of it and i have to focus and work fr tonight cuz #my thign is due in like 6 hrs lol #And my speech due tnrw nite but i prob wont turn it in on time but i dont rly have tuesday to work cuz i have to prep and do my lit exam #which is like timed writing essays and its so stressful #I can prob do both jn same day if. manage. my time and dont take forever to eat idk lol #Im trying to leave for break on Wednesday #my period is makjng ne d*pressed. #and my body is like lol i gained like 5lb since the 27th of october weight fluctuates but like idk !! its makjng me feel bad #thats whe. i started birth control so maybe that or ive just been eating a lot of shjt cuz ive been high a lot lately and i snack way too #much lol #Thanksgiving break will b good im prpb driving to my bfs on friday cuz his family is visiting like his other grandmother nd such #so itll b good probably but imstressed abt school nd having to clean before i go after #i do all these assignments papers exam #My cuts r healjng and look gross rn and it makes me wish i could cut more lol #was reading dbt strategies fkr self harm and stuff this morning idek #had weird dreams bad dreams weird sleep i hate my body i csnt get distracted tonight i reallybhave to finish this #if iwere smar and responsible id start my speech once i finih my medieval lit analysis but i will probably sleep or fuck around who knwos #and idk if ixan do a full day aka two classes tmrw lol and likenwork on my speech bc i realistically sleep after i get home frkm class. #lol #i hate myself ablotsometines etc 😋
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  • biohczard
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    im looking for a sorta mix between book, am/erican m/cgee, and could be a/ndrew l/ee potts and j/ason r/alph and s/eb st/an dad fc for OG H/atter (somewhere between 30s-60s bc, in og and AM, he died when old, but in S/yfy, he.... expires, shall we say, much younger) and fucking nic ca/ge popped up lMAO

    #me making all variants of the h/atters siblings long before m/eevil explained that variants are closer than siblings: try me bish #technically I could say d/epp hatter is the dad one but #i dont... wanna #out. #'brina i thought u said u werent gonna let urself be distracted' im aut and adhd who do u think i am #i started listening to atw10 sad girl autumb version again okay i'M FULL OF SEARCHING #aND I FIGURED OUT HOW TO BRING MARCH HERE TOO SO #fIGHT ME #cass n mally already were the same person which is why i attached to cass immediately after watching the game playthrus the first time so #having cass pre mutant self be mally wasn't hard lmao #bc cass is literally the progression point mally was abt to hit until i stopped writing on her blog and moved to bruce #bc trying to get girl muses attention in those fandoms??? impossible #like i said the res fandom is probably the most accepting fandom ive been in thus far love yall #everytme ive seen norman reedus i'm just like 'MAN FROM PT??????' #i saw sb in this collection that i thought wuold make a cool miles upsure fc from outlast but #idk if i wanna add other horror games to this blog #but i do love outlast a lot #the first one and whistleblower i liked outlast 2 but idk i didnt... love it as deeply ig
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  • bobbiegordon
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    assuming this is at school bc of the uniforms and pianos at school are just a thing u can have according to her weird teacher-student romance chapter but love tanuma just casually happily playing the piano for exactly two panels and afaik never again

    #natsumanga #(trying to engineer a kawoshin moment but natsume is distracted by yokai so u give him arts supplies) #want him to be self taught like i am but again ksjdf where would he have had access to a piano. why did *i* have a piano #i actually dont know where we got it from. im just like yeah the piano ppl have in their house even tho theyre a pita to transport
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  • introvertedexhuastedpigeon
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    my thought process just now

    my baby brother is eating ice-cream

    he dips his finger in it

    it is melted

    that scene from modern family plays in my mind

    "i like it melted" "no one like melted ice-cream" "i do. it reminds me of soup"

    melted ice-cream

    malted milkshakes

    that scene from mr deeds plays in my mind

    "and my friend ---- and i would go to ---- for malted milkshakes and-"

    brain interupts the scene with: wth is a malted milkshake

    also why have i been spelling it as malted in my head now when i always thought she was saying melted and i was so confused as a kid as to why she would want melted milkshakes while also wondering how tf a milkshake, which is essentially just melted ice-cream, could be melted further


    wth is malted milkshakes?

    *brain shrugging

    idk google it

    i log into google and type it in

    i read

    i find out what it is

    i then google malted beers

    i then google malt

    i pause

    what was i supposed to be doing?



    no, wait, im writing a paper

    im supposed to be writing a paper that's due tomorrow


    i close google

    i open the word document i was working on before i got distracted

    brain interrupts again: you should type out your thought process


    *brain shrugging

    it'lll help you understand yourself better

    *me shrugging


    i open a notepad and begin typing

    baby brother pats my arm

    yes, okay, cool, i say, not looking

    i type some more

    he taps my arm and whines

    i look at him

    he's playing with the cutlery and holding a sharp knife

    OH SHIT no, dont play with that, put it away

    he puts it away, mischievous smile, like yes, i got your attention now

    i remember i was supposed to watch him

    *brain interrupts: you're supposed to finish your notes on your thought process

    oh, yah, awesome

    i type some more

    he wonders off

    my younger sister comes out of her room, puts something in the freezer, i dont know what

    i type some more

    im alone outside typing now

    i finish typing

    wow this was so cool. i finished my task and it took like ten minutes, wow why did i put this off for the last two weeks

    *two minutes later

    brain: you still have to write your paper

    oh fu-

    #reasons i think i may have ADD or ADHD or something to that effect number?????? #wtf #can somebody tell me if this is like a thing everyone else's minds does or if i need to get tested #because this happens like a lot #and i dont think its just procrastination or me just being easily distracted #because there's times where i have to like remind myself every two seconds i have to do something #especially if there's something i dont want to do #but then last night i spent like three or fours hours straight researches cults and brainwashing #like the entire psychological process and its after effects and how to unbrainwash a person #like is this a thing with people with ADD/ADHD??? #or am i just like fucked up and have no self-control unless its stuff i enjoy or find interesting? #if you've read the notes please... if you have like an answer or something... #idk man let me know i guess #brb have to google adhd symptoms and possibly take a few quizzes on the topic #fuck shit#my paper
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  • xlupinusx
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    (I'm writing this below because of the topic.)

    #I'm not fully sure how to go about distractions for this. #Wels is having a bit of trouble with wanting to hurt himself. I can feel it. #I feel it on our arms here. Almost like how phantom pains work. I can feel what he wants to do. #I haven't dealt with things like this before‚ but I'll try my best. I'd rather him not do this‚ not that I'm mad or upset at him for it. #It would just be preferable for him to avoid it. #[◇-howls-◇]#// negative #// self harm #(I think I did that correctly. I'm still learning a bit.)
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  • nezereb
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #thanks again! #this took too long to answer I keep getting distracted today 😖 #ship: soul meets body #ask and receive #self ship#self shipping #self shipping community #self ship community
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  • flickerline
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    also she posted sky. fucking sunset even

    #like. she knows how obsessed i am with everything in the sky and i could crash a car getting distracted by it... #then for the first time ever. she posts a fucking sky video instead of her self. okay girl. i see u i see what ur doing and i hate u for it #the audacity to send it to me????? GOD HELP
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  • falseroar
    18.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Me: *laughs at the Distractible podcast where the boys talk about just not going to the doctor despite being in pain and figuring if it’s still around later then they’ll go, and acknowledging how messed up this is*

    Also me, in so much pain it now hurts to laugh: ...Eh, if it still hurts like this tomorrow, maybe I’ll go to urgent care. But Friday would be more convenient...

    #distractible #i have enough self awareness to realize this is a very stupid thing #but not enough to just take the time off and go #mostly i don't want to pay to have some doctors shrug and ask if i've tried whatever otc painkiller #and god knows i can't afford a second er visit in one year #markiplier#muyskerm#lordminion777
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  • mellaithwen
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    how my day started vs how it ended :) :) :)
    #anyway - if you can you should buy yourself some flowers - and a penguin shaped shortbread biscuit and go to the sea.... #I mean I had zero breakdowns today so if I can channel this feeling of idk resilience? or calm or whatever into tomorrow when I have work #(and should probably do some postgrad work...) #that would be swell #there were lots of puppers at the beach - and I went into the sea as far as my knees even though it was 11'c haha #and you know what? i felt ZERO GUILT for skipping my lecture <3 #mellaithwen takes a photo #this is what self care looks like i'm telling you #at least mine anyway #and i forget how much i need it - or i just get so distracted by the buzzing and the work and not taking friggin lunch breaks #and then i took a whole day and it was like oh shit - this is what breathing is like okay
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