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  • candicenicoleeee
    28.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Smiling through the pain of heartbreak. I have had a hard time mentally for a while now and no one sees me when I’m in the middle of a break down. But please, ask your friends how they are doing & let them know you care. You have no idea how big of an impact you have and can make on someone’s life. 💔❤️‍🩹

    -here is to self healing, as I take it one day at a time.
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  • bookswithdora
    28.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Journal #7

    Prompt: What do you do when you are at a low point? What is your go to comfort activity?

    I need some ideas atm.

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  • positive-jellyfish
    28.09.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    I'm so glad you're still here today.

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  • christadelphians
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A broken spirit

    What do you think of this? “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” (Psalm 51:17) This verse is so familiar to us that we may not really think about it very much any more. But let’s take a minute and actually think. Is a “broken spirit” a good thing or a bad thing? David seems to think it’s a good thing, in fact necessary if we are…

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    #Attitude #being Broken in spirit #being in Need of healing #being Non-functional#being Spirited#Broken spirit#King David#Our nature #Path to the Kingdom #Pauper#Poor#Psalm 51:17#Self-respect#Sin #Solution to sin #to Approach God #to Come to God
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  • thekindnessblog
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Don’t let anyone push you to anything.

    You can do it when you are ready.

    And if you’re never ready? That’s okay too <3

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  • inkhoneypub
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    What's the opposite of "positive"? It's not negative.

    What’s the opposite of “positive”? It’s not negative.

    I googled it to cut some time in locating a definition. 229,000,000 answers. I just don’t have that sort of time. Hold on, I need to grab my coffee for this one. Spider web Conundrum. No fairies were hurt in this image: @K.ArenHenryMiller I’ve been watching the spider build this web for over a month now. The lawn dudes keep swiping it away as they meticulously manicure the grounds. I like it a…

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    #holistic healing #meaning of life #mindfulness #Reclaim your life #self aware
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  • minnietalks
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    tips on getting closer to friends in a healthy way

    okay! someone asked this on my tellonym before so heres my list of things to do that can help you get closer to friends. (all recs will be at the end!)

    play computer games together

    play card games 

    play the question game (my own invention)

    talk about everything you are doing in your life

    tell jokes back and forth

    send letters

    go to lunch/have a picnic/eat lunch together on facetime

    talk about the hard times in your friendship

    talk about your proudest moments in your friendship

    share funny memories

    play skribbl.io

    create crossword puzzles online for each other

    create memes about your friendship

    explain your fav book,movie,tv show, or music album to each other

    make more inside jokes

    computer game recs: ultimate chicken horse (3+ players, on steam), cards against humanity (2+ players, online or buy in store), any co-op game (suggest in the ask box!) card game recs: cards against humanity (2+ players, online or in store), we’re not really strangers (2+ players, buy in store, but can be played from a distance easily), go fish, old maid, magic the gathering (2+ players, is a whole hobby in itself) the question game: choose an order to go in, now have the first person ask a question. everyone in the group must answer honestly, including the asker, continue until everyone is bored. crosswords: i use crossword universe for my crosswords! i hope this helps! i love doing a lot of these things so im so happy to help people form closer and more meaningful relationships with those they love. stay safe and much love to all of you!!! <3

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  • taewonsblog
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Online sales in this era are very competitive. But how long will we be worth if we only have sellers and buyers? So I want to tell you about the personal selling that I am most proud of. Even if it's just a hobby or a side job.

    Other than that, in my spare time, I like to sell things from my main job (I'm not very good at selling).

    Another thing I really like is

    To write envelopes with addresses to those who buy our goods. with my hand

    I think it's cute. Caring 🎁

    And I really want to do it for the buyer 😻

    So, the person who bought my goods, in addition to receiving the goods. I have to put my cuteness and cuteness too. Confirm 🙏🏻😁🕊🤟🏻

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  • rosalinahealth
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Zumba: The ultimate fitness routine

    Zumba is an aerobic fitness routine that combines dance and fitness moves. It is the most versatile, enjoyable and effective workout program with …Zumba: The ultimate fitness routine

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  • holisticsoulhealer
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Sharing - A Spiritual Story

    Over the span of a lifetime, we have many opportunities to share time and energy with each other. We learn a great deal about how people tick and more importantly about what matters most to us.

    We have time to share who we are, how we dream, what is important to us. Some of the time and energy shared is wonderful, while other circumstances and events can present more challenges.     

    Some of my favorite times have been the sweet breaking of bread with community in times that have felt celebratory.

    Other times have been filled with judgment or difficulty, however, both make up the interesting collage of life, and it wouldn’t have the vitality and interest without the mix.

    This story has that mix…………………

    At one point in my life’s journey I was living in a very newly constructed community. My children were young and I found other young families to share time with. It was good for my children and there was a sense of belonging for me as a young parent.

    One of the young mum’s began inviting me to help create and cater a yearly community event, that grew each year, until the last one we held included over 65 people.

    It was very popular, with a huge hot buffet table of food on both sides, music and fun for the whole family. It was exhausting and yet satisfying at the same time. A great space to share.

    I felt pretty close to her and soon after my marriage split, she and I became more distant and the annual event had stopped. We kept in contact, and met rarely.

    She invited me, my children, my mother and my new husband to dinner with her family.

    At the table during our meal, she began to speak to her children, sharing aloud about not wishing them to spend time with other children from broken marriages. She preferred them to be connected with more wholesome people who had stayed together.

    I felt as though her sharing was a huge slap in my face and wasn’t sure what to do with the information. She had the right to educate her own family about moral issues and preferences were definitely her choice, yet was it appropriate or kind to do that with me at the table?

    It was something I would need to sit with and consider beyond the space we were in at the time.

    I remained quite silent after that and I must admit I wanted to leave.

    We all did leave soon after that conversation.

    The next day my mum came into my office and held my hand. She looked into my eyes and reminded me that I was a good mum and was doing a great job, the best I could do. My mum, my champion, always.

    Her sharing was kind, compassionate and a much needed confirmation.

    I didn’t see that family again and didn’t need to. She had made her position perfectly clear and that was her absolute right.

    We were in different places for different reasons and it didn’t matter at all.

    I had my life journey to take and she had hers. Our maps had their own destination points.

    That share made it clear who needed to be where.

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    Love & Blessings,


    Get personal with your Angels!! Connect with me and see what they have to say!!


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  • langitbirustuff
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    bagaikan jiwa yang terpisah,

    mati enggan hidup pun susah,

    jiwanya tlah lama direnggut waktu.

    perempuan berambut coklat berkilau, sunkissed sore sedang menyorot dirinya, dalam bingkai cahaya menjelang senja yang indah. mendekap gitar akustik, memetik dengan jemari kecil, menyanyikan lagu nadin amizah, mendarah. mewakili perasaan yang seluruh liriknya benar.

    setidaknya, ada cerita...

    dimana ada kamu dalamnya...

    suara halus mengisi ruangan dengan gema khidmat, aroma pengharum wood menyebar keseluruh ruang. bak mantra-mantra yang diucapnya dalam naungan nada dan irama. dipejamkan matanya, bayangan pada seseorang yang sudah hilang kabarnya, lenyap wujudnya, berakhir takdir untuk mengenalnya.

    nama mu jadi rahasia...

    dalam diam kan ku bawa, mendarah...

    jauh, melebihi jarak. bukan sebab kesalahan atau dosa, namun memang begini jalannya. takdir kita sudah selesai, cukup pernah mengenal satu sama lain, bercerita tentang kesukaan yang sama, menertawakan banyak hal, banyak-banyak tersenyum, banyak-banyak berdoa, banyak-banyak bersyukur, bersama-sama. kabarmu kini, berubah seperti awal, sewaktu kita belum saling mengenal, sampai jumpa dikehidupan selanjutnya. nama mu jadi rahasia.

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  • scribblersobia
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I have seen people ignoring their emotions, running away from their feelings, and call it a healthy mindset. I was on the same road years ago and, with time, I have understood that this approach is not healthy. We can't run away from our emotions. We can't undo our feelings. We need to learn that, to become emotionally independent, we need to allow ourselves to feel our feelings. So, watch yourself, feel your feelings, try to understand yourself, love yourself, and heal yourself.


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  • itsokaytobeme
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I had a really bad time last night before bed and my brain was being so incredibly mean to me and I was missing my parents so much. I wanted comfort so bad and to feel safe. I tried to do something I've never really tried before or at least, didn't half ass before; I imagined myself as I am now sitting with little child me, my inner child. I comforted him and it actually helped a little.

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  • leaflets-11
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Please be patient, God is writing the script of your life. And you must know “Good things take time”

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  • soulmanifestationpsychic
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Divine Creation + Manifestation

    We are going to talk about the soul gift energy of divine creation and manifestation

    My name is Sarah Chapman. This is the soul abundance IQ Channel. Thank you so much for joining me


    You have not already watched the intro and overview video about this

    I do recommend it just so that you have a little bit of context and frame of reference about the eight main

    energies of the soul that we're talking about in this series and you can find the link somewhere around

    here and

    This work is based on the work of Andrrea Hess and the soul realignment protocol

    you can find my affiliate link below, yoursoulrealignment.com if you're interested in learning more about

    This specific way of reading the Akashic records and the souls gifts

    So today we are going to talk about the soul gift energy of divine creation and manifestation

    This is a very tangible gift

    This is that energy that really is all about helping us

    Enjoy being here at the physical level

    so it's really teaching us how to

    enjoy being


    how to really appreciate

    This human form that we are in. So yes,

    It can be beautiful and spiritual to sit alone in a temple and meditate for years and years and years

    but really the greatest spiritual expression on the planet at this time is our

    Daily life and how we're operating in that in the real world, and this gift of creation

    manifestation helps us to remember that, so this is all about

    Getting in touch with ourselves at the physical level and really enjoying good food,

    good sex, good travel, adventure,

    physical movement, yoga, exercise,


    This really is a very adventurous gift so a lot of times these people need

    Travel or something new, something different,

    Some sort of experiential based

    Happening going on in their lives at times as well as the balance of the outward expression

    and the inward expression. So at times people with this energy can

    get into a place of where they're out of balance and maybe just

    Seeking that outer world all the time. So this could be adrenaline junkies. It could be actual


    Issues and whether that's an actual

    Alcoholism drug addiction sex addiction or just doing anything

    too much,

    coffee addiction

    TV addiction whatever it is that's keeping them stuck in that outward expression

    On the other side of the coin sometimes in, in this shadow out of balance place

    They can become a little bit too

    inward focus to focus on their inward journey in a way that kind of shuts out the entire world and

    So these people really do kind of have that push-pull at times

    to find that beautiful harmonious balance there and

    sometimes, because these people are

    So in tune with that physical

    Expression it can work

    to their benefit and

    Help them bring in money

    especially when they can get in tune with

    money as a tool and

    Not look at money as money is the root of all evil. if you have money you're bad,

    If they can shed any of those

    Limiting beliefs about money, they can get in really good alignment to creating with that tool

    They can be very good at finances

    They're really here to build to build a legacy so building businesses building

    brands making actual buildings

    They're very good at creating

    and so

    they also at times need a


    home space so whether that's a nest or a landing space some sort of like,

    physical office or physical interaction

    Much more at times than virtual and so it's not that these people cannot work virtually

    but the way that they do it may look very different than other people, so

    In the more negative, maybe shadow side, sometimes this can be

    overworked or

    Being too buried in

    Trying to build something. This can be a lot of

    hustle in any area of life

    But a lot of times these people get very work focused or very body focused


    again, those are not bad things except for when it becomes to their detriment and focus and

    Doesn't create

    Overall harmony in their lives

    So these people can really help us get into alignment with

    appreciating our

    bodies, our money, our physical experience and the

    spiritual aspects that all of that hold for holds for us, and

    again, each one of us has all of

    These eight energies so every one of you has this energy

    Whether it is your primary focus or not

    And it's great to just be aware of these when it is expressed through you and when you're in

    Relationship or communicating with people who have this as one of the main energies that they are expressing

    So be sure and subscribe below

    Tap the bell for notification so that you can stay tuned for the rest of the videos in this series

    comment below if you feel like this is an energy that you

    Express a lot in your daily life or if you come across this fairly often. Thank you so much for joining me

    I so appreciate you being here all the best and I will see you soon.

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