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  • hai-nikolaidesu
    25.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    "...but thank you, for saving me back there."

    "Anytime, Doctor."

    I was in a general creative block but while playing Arknights and re-watching old comfort media, something possessed me to sweep the dust off my old Dokutah-sona, give him a boyfriend, and write a worrying amount of lore, like a madman

    Meet Dr. Tokoh Mendax! The doctor for my BSD and Arknights crossover AU (an incredibly self indulgent one might i add)

    The screencap that inspired this is under here!

    #It's nice that when ur hyperfixating on something that it makes you go bonkers dammed yonkers #AKA me trying to figure out how i could bully Dazai and Chuuys #nick's art#fan art#self insert#S/I#F/O #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bsd#nakahara chuuya#chuuya nakahara#Mendax tag#Arknights#dokutah
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  • cupidrpg
    25.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    is this just an excuse to draw my s/i wearing his glasses? mayhaps

    (mysteriously, theyre still able to see with them on even without their glasses)

    #this is SO messy and quick but i literally had to draw it and i drew it like right before i went to bed #🎨.art #📞bigshot.rom #🖱🐱.si #self insert#self ship #💛🌻.fam
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  • theiauwu
    25.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    You're Gorgeous (Bakugou Katsuki)

    Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x reader

    Word Count: 900

    This is something I wrote about how a relative insult you and our favourite little bomber isn't gonna sit there and let you take it. Sorry if it's out of character or anything. I'm not too confident in my writing skills but I'm hoping to improve as I go. Enjoy!
    Also reminder that you are all beautiful no matter what anyone says!

    Content Warning: gn! reader, insensitive comments about weight gain/loss, suggestions of starving oneself, a little angst but with fluff ending.


    “Don’t you think you’re eating too much?”

    Y/N sighed as they put down the spoonful of rice that was about to enter their mouth. Nodding their head showing that they agree.

    Their grandmother was visiting for the weekend just because she was in town and didn’t feel like paying for a hotel.

    Y/N knew that their grandmother had good intentions, at least they think so.

    Good intentions, bad executions?

    Katsuki who was sitting beside them had steam leaving his ears but kept his mouth shut just because he promised his fiancé that he wouldn’t say anything rude to their relative, no matter how distasteful her comments were.

    But he was almost at his breaking point.

    The old hag had barely been staying with them for a day and she had already made Y/N as miserable as they can be.

    The constant jabs at their weight were bringing back bad memories for them and seeing the light slowly disappear from their eyes was tearing the blonde apart. He wouldn’t admit it to them but he hated seeing them like this.

    Usually they would’ve snapped right back at whoever made offensive comments at them.

    Their wittiness was one of the most attractive things about them. He always thought it was sexy the way they could fight back at anyone who did them any wrong, never holding back.

    That’s why it infuriated him that they were just sitting there, taking all this shit from the old sag of shit just because she was related to them and had to ‘respect their families’ type of crap.

    It made no fucking sense.

    Why respect someone who couldn’t have the decency to keep their irrelevant thoughts to themselves.

    “Ya know something Y/N?”

    The grandmother opened her mouth again as Y/N stood up to clean the table while she sat back looking at her grandchild up and down.

    ‘No one fucking cares.’

    Katsuki thought internally but chose to stay quiet as Y/N gave him a pleading look knowing fully well what he was thinking.

    “You looked better while you were studying overseas, skinner ya know, maybe starving really is the way to go about it. I get that Katsuki here’s cooking is nice and all but you really should lay it off if you want to keep hi-“


    The pair of chopsticks in the pro hero’s hand broke into two.


    Both the people in front of him gasped and looked at him with shocked wide eyes.

    “Excuse m-“


    He has had it with the degrading comments about his fiancé’s weight and size. That last comment was the final straw. The mere suggestion of having them StArVe themself just to look a different way was too much for him to bear.


    Y/N spoke up most likely trying to calm him down and defend their grandmother even though they were clearly holding back tears from the hurtful words.


    The elderly woman who had stayed silent after all this time even had the audacity to look offended after all the shit she put her grandchild through.

    The fact that they didn’t say anything to her insults meant that they probably had endured this all their life.

    Till now that is.

    Katsuki was gonna kick the raisin lookalike out of their house and then his next goal was to lecture the shit out of his lover.

    No way he was gonna let them allow those insults hit them and treat it like its nothing, family or not.

    After screaming more insults at his supposed grandmother in law, he had forced her to pack up and leave while he made his partner sit down in the living room couch. Any movement from them in an attempt to help the lady and he would send them the nastiest look as a warning.

    He still ordered a cab for the old bat, not because he thinks they deserved it, but because he knew his significant other would feel worse than they already did.

    The young pro hero sat next to Y/N on the couch while holding them to his chest.

    “She’s bat shit crazy if she thinks you need to lose any weight.”

    “I know but-“

    “No, fuck off with that shit.”

    He shut them down immediately. Not wanting to hear any more of that nonsense.

    Sure he was fit as hell but that was because his career needed him to be and he personally preferred to stay in top shape.

    His fiancé is the most beautiful entity in the whole damn world and no one could say shit about it. Size didn’t matter as long as they were healthy. And according to his home cooked meals and the weekly (forced) exercises together, there’s no way they weren’t healthy.

    Anyone who thought otherwise can fight him.

    Rest assured, he will win.

    “You’re gorgeous damn it. And it’s true if I say so.”

    It was then he heard them laugh.

    “Something funny?”

    “Pfftt- you care about me.”

    “You little-“

    He tackled them down the couch and started tickling them all over.

    “I fucking put a ring on it no shit I care about you!”

    He grinned as he watched his whole world cackle below him, the light returning to their eyes.

    Peace has been restored and he would do anything for it to stay that way.

    #mha bakugou#bnha bakugou #bakugou x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugou x y/n #bakugou x you #bnha bakugo katsuki #bnha x reader #mha x gender neutral reader #mha x y/n #mha x plus sized reader #bnha x gender neutral reader #bnha x y/n #bnha x you #bnha x chubby reader #bakugou x self insert #bakugou x gender neutral reader #katsuki x reader #katsuki x y/n #bakugou fluff#bnha fluff#mha fluff#katsuki fluff#bnha angst#mha angst
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  • uranusdesu
    25.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    made a casual vaas design from fc6's ending

    #far cry 3 vaas #vaas#vaas montenegro #far cry 3 fanart #far cry 3 #fc3#self ship#self shipping #self x canon #selfshipper #self shipping community #self shipping positivity #self shipping post #selfshipping #self insert x canon #self insert
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  • raynecloudcreations
    25.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Me babbling about Charles my Oc x plastic man (or well Eel in this little blurb)

    Charles and eel live together in Charles apartment, one night, Charles wakes up to see eel not in bed, so he goes to Eels lil office space writing and planning the chemical heist and it’s 4am, Charles sighs going behind eel looming over just carefully rubbing his back, just watching him plan. He just gently takes the pen out of eels hand setting it down. “Hun, it’s 4 am you can plan later, please come to bed.” Charles just says tiredly, his hand just opening eels clenched hand to hold it, “if you really want to plan this you should get proper rest,” he says as eel slowly complies with him. Eel just gets up still holding Charles hand going to bed.

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  • bennydwight
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Heard it was Ace Week

    Experiments: Weighted brush, overlays

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  • fishy-moirails
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A small reference doodle of most of my self inserts so far, just to clear things up. This is part 1 of ??

    For clearer context of which fandom is which:

    RK (Epithet Erased)

    Ameno Dorime (Danganronpa)

    Jay (NSR)

    Moore (Homestuck)

    Anissa Blight (The Owl House)

    Wisdom (Don't Starve)

    Ame (Toilet Bound Hanako Kun)

    The Sister (Little Nightmares)

    Feel free to ask more info about them!

    #rain scribbles#self insert#self inserts #self ship community #self shipper#self sona#self sonas#witchsona#nsr sona #epithet erased sona #dangansona #dont starve sona #homestuck sona #little nightmares sona #toilet bound hanako kun sona #tbhk sona#ln sona#dst sona #tag yourself I'm Moore #ds self insert #ds sona
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  • eddiesnightexpress
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #here they are! #ttte #thomas the tank engine #ttte mavis#self insert#ttte humanized#eddie writes
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  • tokoyamisstuff
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Void Ch. 1 - Beast Rabban x Reader

    Chapter 1: Prisoner

    Summary: Only a chosen few of House Atreides survived that fateful night on Arakis - but for you, it was only the beginning of a sheer endless nightmare.

    Warnings: Mentions of Violence/Blood/Death, Sadism, Sexual Assault (not by Rabban tho)

    Words: 2150

    A/N: This GIF lives rent-free in my mind.

    “They are all dead.”

    Your mind focused on that one and only thought, agonizingly repeating itself as you rushed past unrecognizable corpses, only barely resembling the people you held dear.

    Every single person you had got to know and cherish over those past three years...people that gave you new purpose, whom you would’ve almost call a family...gone.

    How could you even dare to expect any different outcome? To wish for a better life, of finally achieving inner peace despite everything you had already experienced?

    Everything and everyone that ever crossed paths with you had been nothing but cruel to you - and even if they weren’t, that brief moment of bliss would be taken away from you short after.

    The universe had prepared a certain path for you from your very first breath:

    For you shall know pain and loss as steady companions, until it’d mold you the way fate needed you to be.

    And only one thing was sure: There was no way of escaping it.

    After all, you had peeked through the keyhole of time and failed to find any hope at all. Despite the inconstancy of fate, all possibilities would lead to dead ends.

    As you were carrying yourself through these windowless hallways, bare feet burning on the hot stone, you could feel that the sun was slowly rising to heralt the start of a new day.

    You survived this dreadful night, and at least you have had three years of peace...that was more someone like you could’ve asked for.

    Only the Kwisatz Haderach himself would know how you managed to avoid colliding with any enemies throughout this whole event, though it pained you to think of youself as the only survivor.

    There was no time to lose, yet your mind would keep wandering off against your will, tears burning in the rim of your eyes from something else than the sand: After all, this was the second time your whole world, together with everything you knew and learned was falling apart - and you had already grown so damn tired of fighting.

    Yet as it seemed, your suffering would soon take an end anyway - for against all odds, a group of enemy soldiers had entered the lesser known hallway you were trying to hide away in. Apparently you could not surpress those strangled sobs of yours, no matter how hard you had tried...and so they found you.

    Not that it would make any difference, though -even if you’d succeed to stay unnoticed until they were gone, how in the hell would you have planned to survive on this planet that feeds on weaklings like you?!

    “Look what we have here” one of them exclaimed as he violently teared you out of the small wall cabinet.

    Fate could’ve at least be merciful enough to let yourself fall into the hands of the Imperial Soldiers, but no...

    ...why did it have to be a Harkonnen of all terrrifying beings in the known universe?!?

    Right now, certain death seemed like the best option compared to anything those wild beasts would commit, stemming from within their twisted minds.

    “Hiding away like a coward while her own people are dying...” Another one of them grunted gloatingly as their leader was picking you up by the throat, their eyes on you alone making you shiver in unpleasant anticipation.

    “Don’t talk as if you knew anything of honor, you scum!” Surprisingly, you still found the will to fight inside of you. So even though your mouth was dry through the inbearable heat and tears you’ve lost, you managed to struggle, spitting in one of their faces and immediately earning a punch to the cheekbone in return.

    The ferric taste of blood ran over your burst lip as you promised yourself that one thing: You would never give them the satisfaction to let them see how you truly felt. 

    “Fear is the mind-killer” you repeated this holy mantra, shaky lips silently forming every syllable with great care. They didn’t notice, as they were busy debating whether to kill you this instance or taking turns unleasing unspeakable horrors to you.

    “Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.”

    Those words were like a sacred prayer, having consoled you even in your darkest times - however, there would always be countless worse to follow.

    Your expression wiped clean of any emotion, stony and harsh but still unable to surpress your reflex and try to flinch away from that freak’s touch as his gloved hand slid under your gown. “I never had a highborn before, did you guys?”

    Still no reaction from your side, however you could not stop your tears from falling and soon felt that disgusting man’s raw tongue collect the salty liquid from your cheeks.

    “She’s probably just a maiden” his partner said, but he had already stopped listening as he started roughtly squeezing your innter tight, undressing you with his eyes. “Good enough...”

    “I will face my fear, and I will permit it to pass over me. When the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    Finally, you stopped pressuring yourself and let go off of your earthly desires. Killed your emotion, for you had to. And soon your face relaxed, stoic yet menacing

    You were a Bene Gesserit, and you were free. No one - not even them - could take that from you.

    The determination in your glare made the Harkonnens freeze in their tracks,  just long enough for one last attempt. No matter the outcome, you were fine with it.

    "̸̳̪͎̼̞̙̽͆͂͋̑́͜͜L̶̹̓͆͋͘͘e̶̖̓͘t̶̨͙̂̿̒͆̆̕ ̶̨̛͙̎̐̊̽m̶̡̧̱̼̼̱̠͙̱̊̊̐͋̾̾͂͜ȩ̶̯̥͕̯͉̭̻͂̏͋̅̇̑̅͘̕ ̷̤̉̿g̴͉͖̻͇͙̲͕̹̏̍ọ̷̞̘̦̀͐̉͑̍!̶̙̹̎͒̉̇"̴̠̹̝̠͆

    Still, the voice you were making sounded throaty and more like a croak - obviously lacking any of it’s wished for effect.

    How naive could you be to think after all those years as a failure, your power would awaken only because you were in a life-or-death-situation?

    It was okay. At least you died knowing you did everything in your might, and would leave this world without them having taken the last bit of your dignity.

    But just when you closed your eyes and accepted the inevitable, something warm splattered on your face...

    ...and when you opened them again, a giant blade was sticking out of your attacker’s chest.

    “That’s my prey...” a dark voice was growling, and when all three of your attackers dropped dead to the gound, you detected that it’s source was no hero, however.

    Your body finally gave up, all of the previous self-control fainting as you dropped to your knees as well and shuddered in fear of the person in front of you.


    No answer, just a low, almost evil laughter filling the room, echoing against the walls and your desperate sobs.

    He left no wittnesses, and soon you knew why it was that way.

    “Don’t you want to beg for your life?” That giant of a man slowly approached you, wiping his blade clean from his own men’s blood. “Or appale on my humanity?”

    It was almost comical, how you told yourself that you had ultimately accepted your fate just moments before, just to be holding onto every inch of hope for dear life.

    Maybe you were not fearing death, but something worse - far beyond your imagination.

    You knew the stories about this man. And now that you saw him, you were certain of their truth.

    “This would not change the outcome” you answered as calm as your shattered self could muster. “Mercy is foreign to a Harkonnen, and begging would only increase your enjoyment.”

    “So you know who I am?”

    Horrified, you shuffled away until your back hit the wall, defendingly rising your shaking hands in front of your face - how pitiful you were.

    He held manynames, the most infamous being ‘The Beast’. But the Fremen also called him ‘Demon Ruler’ or ‘King Cobra’.

    The warrior fell down to one knee, and even in that position he was still way taller - towering there like an animal in front of his prey.

    You ducked down, alsmost screeching as his hand touched your cheek, so cold that you wondered if that man was even alive - yet he would only wipe away the blood from your skin. “Look at me.”

    Dark orbs were staring at you expectingly, but you saw the deceit in them: This person right here was only mimicking an emotional response.”

    “Those people are no longer human” you had heared it among the whole galaxy, all your life. “They are monsters.”

    Your eyes darted from the infamous whip attached to his hip up to his face: Even though you were seeing it for the first time in person right now, it was wildly familiar to you.

    It was haunting your dreams ever since you can think. You remembered clearly how you were running up to your mother, terrified by those visions no child should ever lay eyes upon. She once told you that the future was never set in stone, yet certain aspects of it would be pre-determined.

    So no matter what or how things will happen, some of them we cannot change.

    Most of your visions depictured him covered in blood, laughing like a madman with his enemies dead to his feet. Others however showed you witnessing life leaving his body. His head presented on a spear, with foreign people cheering to it.

    But the most confusing ones were the rarest: The edges of his lips tucking to an almost-smile, as if there was one last bit of humanity left in him. How he kneeled in front of you, honest loyality so present in his features that you could feel it. Short scenes of great emotion, sensations of pleasure and safety. You never quite got how to decipher those.

    What of it would be the actual future? With your kind of power, you could see through something else than your eyes - yet it was not a prophesy. The future is alive, always in motion, ever shifting...

    ...yet other things were as bright as daylight. For example, that you were not to die today.

    “You are Glossu Rabban Harkonnen” you finally dared to speak up, trying to stare back into those lifeless orbs just as intense. “Nephew of the Baron, Count of Lankiveil and former governor of this planet.”

    There was a certain danger emitting off of that man, such huge potential for mindless violence - and yet he was scoffing. Both amused and infuriated by your answer.

    “Former?” he explained, throwing his hands in the air. “Look around you. There is no one left of my pityful successors!”

    The beast sounded confident, eager to reclaim his position. Apparently, he was a typical Harkonnen: Sadistic, cruel and remorseless. But judging from his behavior and the way he was talking the rumors of him lacking their wits and cunning were probably true.

    And yet, convincing or outsmarting him was off the limits. After all, he was known for being the fist of their house rather than the brain, doing all dirty work his uncle required without questioning it.

    “Yes, House Atreides is gone” you almost whispered, broken. “Revenge is yours.”

    You bowed your head, since you knew it would be the last chance to escape this outcome. “Kill me and finish what you started.”

    “I’m not a fool...” The scourge was no man of many words, only baring his teeth as he balled a fist in your hair, forcing you to look up again. “I know what you are, Bene Gesserit.”

    He tossed you away, with your head bouncing against the wall. You sighed, too tired and defeated to even argue. Well, after he had witnessed your attempt at using the voice, there was no use in denying it anyway.

    “Only genetically” you introduced yourself, facing the ground again as if ashamed. “I never awakened. I can neither fight nor use my powers properly.”

    It was the truth. After your mother, one of the order’s sisters, had tragically died, the Bene Gesserit unsucessfully tried training you themselves - yet you were too traumatized, internally blocking and surpressing your potential.

    When the time came where they considered you too old to learn their ways, they gifted you to Jessica Atreides as an act of mercy.

    You were pulled from dwelling in those memories as yet another time a hand would grab you against your will, trapping both of your wrists in his much stronger palm. “Trying to escape me will be harshly punished. You should already know that.”

    Before you could even ask where he’d take you, a menacing grin stretched across his features. “They did not try to teach you the Harkonnen way yet.”

    There were no more words needed - everyone knew already that cruelty was their law.

    Learning through pain, since weakness and mercy were unacceptable. Strenght, wealth and might were the utimate absolution...

    ...and failure would mean agony that makes you await the mercy of death.

    #Dune#Dune 2021 #Rabban x  Reader #Rabban x You #Beast Rabban #Glossu Rabban Harkonnen #Self Insert#Fanfiction#tw abuse#tw violence#tw harassment #Rabban / You #Rabban / Reader #Beast Rabban x You #Beast Rabban x Reader #Harkonnen
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  • elkius
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i said “why the long face” to my alternate and now they won’t get out of my house what do i do

    #the mandela catalogue #the mandela catalogue self insert #the mandela catalogue alternate #the mandela catalogue oc #TMC#Fanart#horror arg#horror oc#halloween#alternate oc #the mandela catalogue arg #self insert #my alternate made sure my art didnt appear in the tags #also yea please people join in on the trend #it's a ton of fun yoo #art#my art#mandela catalogue#oc#original character
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  • professionalwritingnerd
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    "Determination and Perseverance are two sides of the same coin. Perseverance may not be able to do everything someone wants ta do, but it can withstand anything. A Persevering Soul can hop along the strands of fate, but cannot reweave them."
    "Great. Awesome. Cool. That doesn't help me in the slightest, what in the name of God's Green Earth does any of this have to do with not dying in a half-dead volcano full of monsters with an equal chance of killing me or quoting vines at me?”

    Katherine "Kit" O'Corra


    Non-Binary | She/They. She by default in narration.

    Caucasian/Native American

    Bisexual/Biromantic. Yes, this includes monsters.

    Has a black kitten named Shadow, who she takes everywhere with her.

    Grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive household that she struggled to escape. Finally escaped to Oregon for university, only to be forced to drop out due to mental health and low funds.

    Prior to falling into the underground, she struggled to pay rent with freelance work and her part-time job at the library.

    Outside of drawing or cooking for her blog, Kit was most productive in the park or at a coffee shop, and did most of her writing and photography work outside.

    Though usually keeping Shadow on a leash, Shadow got loose one day while Kit was working in the park, and Kit packed up and gave chase. Shadow found Frisk by the mouth of a cave they had just entered, and though Kit tried to beckon Frisk out, Frisk stumbled at the edge of the whole.

    Kit managed to grab them, but with both their weight, the side of the hole gave way and they both fell. Shadow tumbled along with them.

    Kit now tries her best to protect Frisk while they navigate the Underground and try to find a way home. If they even end up wanting to go home.

    Buys her own home in Faeus. ...well, 'buys'. More like took over an old house no one was using.

    Her old laptop and cell phone still get reception and internet somehow, both for the internet and the Undernet. No one's quite sure how. She blames it on 'wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey stuff'.

    The descendant of a mage from ancient times, Kit possesses natural magic, specifically telekinesis, healing magic, and flower magic.

    Because of her soul being so similar to one with DETERMINATION, she has access to time as well. She can SAVE and LOAD, but unlike Frisk, she can't RESET. Whenever she's killed, she'll automatically reload at her last savepoint, but the area where she was killed will scar over.

    Due to her severe anxiety, she gets into a bad habit of reloading over trivial things, like saying the wrong thing or making a mistake. She assumes no one else is aware, so it's fine, right?

    Autistic, ADHD, PTSD.

    Copes with everything with humor. 'Near death experience' laugh is common.

    Loves video games and cartoons.

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  • professionalwritingnerd
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    "The power to persist after death. To shape the world as one sees fit. We call this power 'Determination'."
    ".........I'm six."

    Frisk [Last Name Unknown] Headcanons

    6 Years Old

    Genderfluid | Any Pronouns. 'They' is the default for the sake of narration.

    Tiny Lesbian. Of course, they're still very young, so it doesn't apply very much, but they do think girls are very pretty.

    I'm not 100% sold on their exact ethnicity yet, but to me, they're Asian-American.

    Can see and hear, but is selectively mute. Mainly communicates through sign language.

    Comes from an abusive home, which they ran away from, leading them to get lost in Mt. Ebott.

    Autistic. Prone to sensory overload and meltdowns when in distress.

    Wants to look how to cook and bake.

    Despite their abusive upbringing, they try to see the good in everyone around them.

    Guided and protected by Kit in the underground.

    Timid. Commonly hides behind adults.

    Has the power to SAVE, LOAD, And RESET. They don't fully understand this power due to their young age.

    SAVE enables them to create a new point back in time to travel to. Instead of relying on external savepoints, they can do this at will. That's fine, right?

    LOAD enables them to access old savepoints and travel back in time. Unlike in the game, instead of just going back to the last save point, they can choose which savepoint to go back to. It acts more like a save-state system.

    If they are critically/fatally injured, they'll automatically return to the very last savepoint they made.

    RESET enables them to hard-reset back to the point in time where they first gained the point to access time. In this case, that's at the very beginning of the Ruins.

    Loves cartoons. Big lover of stuffed animals. Gets a stuffed snail from Toriel as a keepsake before leaving the Ruins. His name's Shelldon.

    Adopts the Annoying Dog and names him Toby. He's less than helpful sometimes.

    Got the power to jump through time and space, but is too preoccupied watching Spongebob and eating cereal to do anything with it.

    #undertale#undertale frisk#genderfluid frisk #i need a name for this self-insert au I'm making pfft #hey look a thing i drew myself! #Kit's Art
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  • i-selfshipnerd
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tried to draw Ari in Manga Style™

    Original Template belongs to @soft-citrus-central which you can find here 💜

    #nerd doodles #self insert art #fire force #enen no shouboutai #self insert #shipping: fire lily 🌺
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  • majorpepperidge
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I present, more of Toonthulhu and the Acolyte

    #Cheri Art#SMITE#SMITE game#Cthulhu #Toon Mania Cthulhu #Self-Insert #Acolyte of The Dreamer #Syha'hsuh'n
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  • iwaizumeanie
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    how the hq boys say they love you, without saying they love you.

    feat: matsukawa issei, fukunaga shouhei, ushijima wakatoshi, tanaka ryuunosuke


    matsukawa likes to draw you a bath after a long day; he experiments with different salts and bubbles, always trying to figure out what it is that you like best. sometimes he'll sit in the water with you, your back pressed against his chest as he rubs shampoo through your hair, scratches his nails against your scalp. other nights, when you're too tired to keep your eyes open, he'll sit on the side of the tub and massage over your arms, hold your legs in his hands and rub knots out of your tired muscles. he'll shave your legs if you ask him to, careful not to knick your skin anywhere; though he'd never mind if you let your hair grow out either. matsukawa issei is in love with every piece of you, and he'll swear to pamper you for the rest of eternity in order to see your tired smile when he finally tucks you into bed, and kisses you goodnight, a silent proclamation of his devotion to you.


    fukunaga always has you test his cooking. he holds a spoon out to you, wordless and expectant as you swallow down whatever it is he's been working on in the kitchen. he doesn't want you to tell him it's good just because it was "made with love", like you always say; he wants you to say it's good because it's actually good. so he'll watch you smack your lips with bated breath, nod when you tell him what it could use more of, he'll smile extra wide when you say, "it's almost there, babe. just needs a little something extra," so he kisses your cheek, thanks you, and goes back and forth from the kitchen to the living room where you're sitting, with a spoon in hand every time ready to hear your thoughts.


    ushijima is sure to tell you often that he loves you, he states it plainly during mundane moments of the day; he enjoys reminding you. but in the mornings, when the air of early day sends shivers across his skin, he always snoozes his first alarm. he winds an arm around your waist, pulls you closer to him, whether your back is against his chest or your head is tucked beneath his chin while you drool on his collar bone; he doesn't care. for the first few minutes of every morning, ushijima simply wants to feel as close to you as possible, as if your impression will stay with him throughout the entire day, until he has you back in his arms in bed that night. he presses kisses against your skin wherever his lips can reach, the warmth of his mouth against you stirring you awake. it's the best alarm you could dream of, and seeing his smile first thing every morning is the most beautiful reminder of his love.


    tanaka is the perfect definition of a gentleman when you're around him. he walks you to your favourite restaurant on friday nights, keeps you on his right side away from the street with his hand placed neatly in your back pocket. he opens the door for you with a polite bow, pulls your chair out and places your napkin on your lap with a quick kiss to your cheek before sitting across from you. when you speak, he looks at you like you're the only person on the planet, and nothing can break his attention until he's sure you're finished with your sentence. he orders for you, with perfect accuracy, and places his jacket over your shoulders on the walk home, even if he's shivering beside you. tanaka couldn't imagine a world in which he didn't worship the ground you walk on, and he's always sure to remind you in the simplest ways so you won't ever forget that you simply are his world.

    as this post is sfw, minors feel free to like or leave a reply but do not reblog and do not follow me as i am an 18+ blog! thank you for respecting my rules. <3

    #haikyuu drabbles#haikyuu headcanons #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu reader insert #hq x reader #hq x you #hq fluff #hq x y/n #haikyuu x y/n #hq self insert #tanaka ryuunosuke#tanaka fluff #tanaka x you #tanaka x reader #tanaka x y/n #ushijima fluff#ushijima wakatoshi #ushijima x reader #ushijima x you #ushijima x y/n #fukunaga fluff#fukunaga shouhei #fukunaga x you #fukunaga x reader #fukunaga x y/n #matsukawa fluff#matsukawa issei #matsukawa x reader #matsukawa x y/n
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  • maxichiz
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    * did i just make a sprite for my deltarune oc ?? yes.

    (he/him pronouns!!) his name is dutchess n hes dating king lolsies <3

    #deltarune oc#deltarune #self insert oc
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  • kohi-zeri
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    content: suggestive (but also soft), some swearing, reader is called "darling" once, some light affectionate bullying ^^

    It's not often that you lose your cool. Sure, you may act annoyed here and there, roll your eyes and click your tongue at his shenanigans. Perhaps there have been a few times where you refused his wet kisses and other painfully obvious public displays of affection. And yeah, maybe you do hover around him in the kitchen, brush your thigh against his as you seat yourself on the couch, slip into bed just a few inches too far for his liking, all just to watch with a delicately folded away smile as he wiggles and squirms under your gaze—or lack of, actually. He just looks so cute when you're just a bit mean to him, when you deny him of the affection he so desperately craves—so, it's his fault, really, if you can't help but mess with him every now and then.

    (If he could hear you now, he'd whine in protest, You do it every day! with those pouty lips and just a dash of faux tears shining at his lash line. But you, unlike Atsumu, are not so shamelessly needy.

    No, you don't crack so easily.)

    Today, however, your patience has been put to the test. Not because of Atsumu, but it just so happens that his fussing is what snips away the last threads of the self-control you'd been hoplessly grasping at.

    Today went a little something like this:

    Sleeping through your alarm; opening the fridge to see it's near empty, then realizing it's like that because you forgot to buy groceries yesterday; running out of your favorite lip balm; forgetting your umbrella at the door; belatedly realizing the coat you'd haphazardly thrown on is not waterproof; hopelessly dabbing away what water you could with paper towels in a cramped restroom stall, and feeling terrible for wasting so much paper; heading to the breakroom to make yourself a cup of coffe just to find that there are only hot chocolate packets left; narrowly avoiding being run over by a cart pushed by the new intern, and splashing a bit of hot chocolate on your shirt in the process; sitting at your desk, taking a deep breath, and turning on your computer; your computer not turning on, and having to hail down tech support; waiting three hours for you computer to be fixed because the storm caused a power outage; finally sitting down to work only to realize you'd forgotten to upload the documents you needed from your laptop at home to a USB so you could transfer them to your work computer; resigning to working overtime tomorrow and heading home early; missing the train by just a couple of seconds after getting caught behind some slow walkers; finally arriving home, hopping into the shower, and being dowsed in ice cold water; having to wait for the warm water to start flowing, leaving you shivering in the chilly bathroom air; finishing your shower, heading to the kitchen, opening the fridge, and realizing once more that it's empty, and it's your fault.

    To sum it up, today could have gone a hell of a lot better.

    Just barely refraining from slamming the fridge door shut, you make your way over to the cupboard where there are a few instant ramen packages stashed away. Atsumu went for dinner with Bokuto after practice, so you grab just enough for yourself. You then busy yourself with the necessary preparations: putting water to boil, boiling an egg, chopping up the last of the green onion, cutting up some seaweed from a snack pack in the pantry. Well, really only the water is necessary, but after the day you've had, you figure a little extra effort into a bowl of instant ramen is worth it.

    Once everything is done, you gingerly carry the bowl over to the kitchen table, make yourself comfortable in the chair, and begin eating. The egg isn't as runny as you'd like it to be, and the noodles are a bit soggy, but you eat it all the same. The sound of rain against the window echoes around you, your only company the raindrops streaming slow and steady down the glass. You allow your thoughts to wander as you watch them.

    Considering you waking up late caused quite a few of the problems you experienced this morning, it might be a good idea for you to ask Atsumu to wake you when he does. You quickly decide against it, however, once you remember that he likes to head out early (read: 5am) to get some extra workouts in before practice.

    Speaking of Atsumu, you wonder if you should tell him about today. What is there to say, though? That you were careless? You'd rather not have to admit to him something you know very well yourself. And it's not like any of it is his fault, anyway. He had already left for practice by the time you'd woken up, and he certainly wasn't at your workplace, so there's no way he had any part in your shitshow of a day. You know none of it is his fault, which means you also know it'd be unfair to risk taking your irritation out on him. Therefore, you resolve not to mention anything about it.

    The doorknob rattles and twists just as you finish that thought, and in walks Atsumu himself.

    "Hey!" he greets you as he removes his shoes. "Just finished eating?"

    "Yeah. How was dinner?"

    "Good! Apparently Bokkun knows the owner personally, so we got a lot of extra side dishes. I brough some for you." He proudly holds up a plastic bag for you to see before setting it on the counter, then begins peeling his jacket off and shedding his sweatshirt. "Lemme go shower and then we can watch that show you were talkin' about the other day, yeah?"

    "Mhm, sounds good."

    He presses a chaste kiss to your cheek before scampering down the hallway. You watch him go, then rise from your seat, put the food he'd brought in the fridge, and head to the sink to wash the dishes you used. If a bit of your pent-up irritation shows in the force with which you scrub and squeeze the sponge, you pay it no mind.

    By the time you finish drying and putting the last of the utensils away, Atsumu is already settled on the couch, flicking through various shows searching for the one you'd mentioned wanting to watch. As much as you appreciate his enthusiasm, you truthfully do not really feel like watching TV when you're still in such a bad mood. Time to watch TV, however, has become increasingly hard to come by, what with the MSBY Jackals picking up more team practices, so you push your vexation down in favor of spending time with Atsumu.

    You make your way over and sit at the opposite end of the couch, figuring that a bit of space would help you cool off. It usually does, and Atsumu usually knows when to let you alone in such situations; apparently now is not one of those times, for he scoots in what he likely thinks is a sneaky manner, just a bit closer every couple of minutes, then seconds, until he is just barely removed from your side.

    It's not his fault; don't take it out on him.

    Apparently fed up with your lack of reaction, he bridges the gap for you by boldly plopping himself in your lap, his knees snug at your sides and hands gripping tightly at your shoulders.


    "You," he cuts in, staring so determinedly at you that your exclamation dies at the tip of your tongue, "You're so annoying, y'know that?"

    "That's rich comin' from you," you retort half-heartedly, eyes cast off to the side and decidedly away from his stare. From your peripheral vision you watch his nose scrunch and brow furrow in response.

    "... Will you at least look at me?"

    Don't take it out on him.

    "Please?" he adds meekly, and so you begrudgingly comply. He looks awfully pleased for such a trivial accomplishment.

    "I've been waiting all day to see you! The least you can do is give me the attention I deserve."

    "You saw me last night," you supply unhelpfully. He frowns.

    "That's not what I mean and you know it."

    You remain silent; for fear of snapping or mere reluctance to admit defeat to your emotions, you do not know. Nor do you really care, because ignoring Atsumu just past what he thinks he can tolerate never fails to twist a sprig of satisfaction in your heart—no matter how bad your day has been.

    He huffs, tosses you an unimpressed glare, and promptly tucks his head into the crook of your neck as he settles his full weight on you. The television remains abandoned, now playing some random sitcom re-run. Offhandedly, you think Atsumu's presence is curiously similar to that of the weighted blanket tucked away in the closet. The weather, as you witnessed rather unfortunately earlier today, has been getting colder with the onset of winter; maybe tonight you'd use it to shield you from the cold when he inevitably yanks the covers over to his side, as he always does—

    A nip at the base of your neck draws you from your thoughts, a suck at the same spot reminding you of your current situation.

    "Atsumu!" you gasp, caught off-guard.

    He hums against your skin; you dig your fingernails into your palm.

    "I'm not in the mood for this."

    "You would've pushed me off already if you really weren't," he states matter-of-factly, and nips at you again as if to prove his point.

    You know his boundaries and he knows yours—that much is clearly true, because he's right. Just minutes ago you were set on leaving him alone, yet now that he's here in front of you, sat so comfortably on your lap, you've made no move to get him away from you. Instead, your hands are now snug at his waist, squeezing at the fat gathered there both to ground yourself and to keep him in place.

    Unwilling to admit it out loud, you simply huff in acknowledgement.

    "Tell me I'm right, darlin'," he drawls just shy of your ear, drawing an unwitting shiver from you, "Otherwise I'll really stop."

    As much as you'd rather not concede to Atsumu, the way he's kissing at all the spots he knows make you weak messes with your head, makes you fumble your rationale, and all you can think about in this moment is that you're pent-up and Atsumu is here so willingly in your grasp and you don't want him to stop.

    "Fine," you spit, squeezing his waist once more when he sucks at your pulse point. "You're right. Happy?"

    He chuckles, planting a kiss in the same spot before pulling away to look at you. "Very. Except—"

    "Except?" you question skepticaly.

    "Except!~" he repeats in singsong. You frown. "You've gotta tell me what's up."

    Don't take it out on him.

    "Nothing's up."


    "I said it's nothing."

    "And I call bullshit."

    "Oh my— fine, I had a bad day. I was careless and that caused problems, as it usually does, so it's nothing important and not worth worrying about—"


    "Use me."

    For the first time today your mind goes blank, your previosuly iron grip on him melting as you gape at him.

    "What?" you say, your tongue heavy in your mouth.

    "Do I really gotta repeat myself?"

    He looks like an idiot, scowling unattractively as if it'd do anything to hide the softness of his eyes and the flush spreading so clearly on his face. It ticks you off, somehow, so you mirror his expression and grit out a hard "Yeah, you do".

    "If you're upset, you share it with me. Don't hide it," he states firmly.

    You blink, allowing his words time to sink in. That's definitely not what he'd said before, but you can't find it in yourself to smartly point that out when his statement was so... touching. Atsumu is no doubt an idiot, but he has his good points; of course he does, otherwise you wouldn't be dating—

    "Plus, you're hot when you're mad."

    You should've known.

    "Miya Atsumu—"

    "So use me. Take it all out on me." Here he leans in close, his breath hot against your lips and challenge bright in his eyes. "C'mom, I know you want to."

    As much as you'd like to say you're the rational one in the relationship, that you're the one with more self-control, that's clearly not true. At least not right now.

    Right after the last word of his little taunt leaves his lips, you roll him to your side, flip him onto his back, and straddle his lap, effectively caging him beneath you. Before he can say another word, you pin his wrists together and up over the back of the couch and kiss him harshly, drawing a sharp gasp of surprise from him as you nip and suck at his bottom lip, letting go only when he starts whining for air. Wasting no time, you then shift to his jaw, nipping your way to the spot behind his ear that always gets you a good reaction.


    With your free hand you grab at the hair at the base of his head, twirling it between your fingers and scratching just the way he likes, and then you yank hard.


    You move your hand down to the back of his neck, grazing just lightly enough to make him shiver as you kiss along his throat, stopping here and there to suck and lick and nibble. You steadily make your way to the other side of his neck, stop at his pulse point, and continue your ministrations. He gasps and whimpers and whines, his pulse throbbing beneath your lips, then your tongue as you lick at his skin, and then between your teeth when you tug and suddenly bite down.

    "Oi! That hurt!—"

    "You don't know when to shut up, do you?" You feel dizzy, drunk on the satisfaction of having Atsumu so pliant and responsive beneath you. "You're so fucking annoying. "

    "Yeah, yeah," he chuckles lightly. With a soft pop you remove your lips from his neck and sit up, putting you at an angle high enough to make him tilt his head back to look at you. He raises his eyebrows at the sudden pause to your actions, and you watch as his gaze flicks between your eyes and your lips. You make no move to continue, so he struggles a bit against the hold you still have on his wrists. You let go, eyeing him curiously as he stretches his arms, wiggles his fingers, and then, slowly, reaches for you. He gently cups your face in his hands, running his thumbs along your cheekbone, then your lips, and when he's seemingly satisfied, he hooks them at your jaw and pulls you down to him, resting your forehead against his.

    "Damn," he laughs with what little breath he's managed to recover from your assault on him. "Must've been a real shitty day, huh?"

    "Yeah, it was," you mumble. His gaze is warm and sweet, like sun-kissed honey, and you can't find it in you to look away. Not that you really want to.

    "Feel better?"

    "... Yeah."


    This time, he kisses you. Slow, soft, tender, smoothing away the wrinkle to your brow and frown tugging at the corner of your mouth until you melt for him. You feel him smile against you, nip ever so lightly at your bottom lip, and the last of the weight on your shoulders lifts as you hum and smile back.

    No, it's not often that you lose your cool; but when you do, Atsumu, persistent as he is, is there to help bring you back.

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  • shibashiv
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Y'all better get used to my self insert positivity, because I'm bout to draw my own!

    This is my deltarune self insert! She's a mix of my persona and my FURsona because I couldn't decide which one I wanted, and due to my practice/faith, it's been a thing I've called myself "strawberry witch!" So here... She's a witch with little strawberries on her belt and hat, this is just a sketch but.... Yeah ^^'


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  • toraziyal
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    its easy to come up w stuff about jens bc hes Literally just me with slightly more he/him sprinkled in

    #ocs #he started out as literally just a self insert and gained a life of his own but still… thats just me
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  • peachypizzicato
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    thinks about this au again: olive edition

    … he asked for no pickles

    #i like to imagine she’s around the same height like MAYBE six feet on a good day #and then he’s this like nearly eight feet beast #digital art #self ship community #self insert community #friday night funkin #smoke em out struggle #fnf self insert #fnf garcello #s/i x f/o #romantic f/o#peachyart#cyberpunkcello au #this design is so fucking good alright you cant convince me otherwise #every part of it fucks
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