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  • skylvrks
    18.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

                                      𝐒𝐇𝐄'𝐒 𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐎𝐏𝐇𝐈𝐂 .

    #indie rp #indie mcu rp #indie dc rp #indie marvel rp #indie superhero rp #i worked hard on this promo #it's not perfect but it's not bad #anywho pls love us #━━ ˟ ⊰ ✰ SELF PROMO ⋮ WHAT’S SELF CONTROL?
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  • yandereloveraw
    18.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Took a quiz and got Ghostface Aka Danny Johnson, so have a board for him and I ^^

    #please don't judge me #self insert#dbd ghostface#danny johnson#jed olsen#quotev#killers aesthetic#couple aesthetic #I love this man so much #I want him to destroy me 😫
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  • alexemist
    18.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Combed my hair today

    #healing #self care reminder #self love#yourareenough #you are beautiful #i love me #women with locs #real woman#natural hair#natural woman
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  • sarah-fiers
    18.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    dani and tess are the best characters on the l word right now. and i don't accept criticism because there's literally nothing to criticize here

    #they really are just the best #tess has been holding back for two entire seasons #dani somehow didn't blindly follow gigi inside her house #we love two queens that know about self control! #the l word
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  • lizseapie
    18.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    this design is available on: stickers, phone cases, notebooks, face masks for more check link on bio!!! <3 @lizseapie

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  • eury--dice
    18.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    my greatest character flaw is that i think i could do ok on american ninja warrior through pure grit

    #i absolutely couldn’t but my out of shape self loves trying to convince annoyed white men who do parkour that i could #what? like it’s hard?
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  • starselfships
    18.09.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    The Lightfoot's Wrath | Barley Lightfoot x Star Fletcher

    Summary: Barley and Star team up with the rest of the Lightfoot family to take down the Magic Hunters, the brothers and Star managing to sneak into the organization's building. Now that they've made it inside, the Magic Hunters will have to deal with a very furious and protective Barley, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his beloved.

    CW: swears and a fight.

    This is part 2 of The Magic Hunters


    That night in the hotel, Barley hardly slept at all. Even though Star wasn’t afraid, and he told himself not to be afraid, he was full of fear. Not only was he scared, but he was also angry. No, more like furious. Barley had always sworn to protect those he loved, so seeing all of those horrible men hold Star against her will, trying to hurt her, made him right pissed.

    Every time he would fall asleep, images of Star being trapped and tortured would flash through his head, her screams resonating within these nightmares. He would wake up hyperventilating, his blood boiling, ready to end whoever it was that made her suffer.

    But every time he woke up, Star was right there beside him; curled up, sleeping peacefully, restoring the energy that she had lost. The sight of her right beside him helped calm Barley down, and he would lay back against his pillow, holding her close, trying to fall asleep again.

    But sleep never came, that cycle just continued all night long. 

    When a decent hour of the morning came around, the first thing Barley did was contact his family. He called his mother, requesting she put the phone on speaker so that Ian could hear the conversation too. He told them all about what had happened the night before, all about the Magic Hunters and what they were trying to do to Star. Just as Barley had ended the conversation with his family, Star finally woke up.

    “Good morning, my love,” Barley spoke softly, sitting closer to her and pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “How are you feeling this morning?”

    Star yawned, smiling at her boyfriend afterwards. “Much better. How about you?”

    “I’m all good,” Barley lied, not wanting to tell Star that he barely slept a wink. “I called my mom and Ian. Mom said she was going to talk to Colt about the Magic Hunters and see if he can get an investigation going,” he recalled, letting out a little chuckle for the next piece that he remembered. “And Ian said he’s willing to try and take them down.”

    “See, I knew he would be!” Star giggled, resting her head on Barley’s shoulder. 

    The room was silent for a moment, Barley taking one of Star’s hands in his, brushing his thumb along her knuckles. He was a little bit tense for some reason or another, so he allowed himself to relax, reminding himself that nothing bad or worrisome was happening just then.

    “I think we should try and go back home,” he piped up after a while, his voice a little quiet. “Maybe once the family is all together, we can think of a better plan...”


    When the couple arrived home, Laurel instantly wrapped them both in a hug.

    “Are you two alright?” she asked. “Oh, Star, I can’t imagine how scared you must have been...”

    They both hugged her tight, Barley patting her back a little.

    “I think we’re alright, Mom,” Barley assured her, pulling out of the hug.

    Star nodded as she too pulled out of the hug. “It was scary, but I’m okay now.”

    The room filled with a heavy silence. Neither Star or Barley knew where to go from here. They had no information about where the Magic Hunters could be located. The only thing they knew was that they needed to be stopped.

    Barley finally broke the silence with a simple question. “Where’s Ian?”

    “MOM!” Ian’s voice called from the top of the stairs, as if he was on cue. “I FOUND SOMETHING!”

    Ian ran down the stairs, his laptop in his arms. He noticed that Barley and Star had returned, and he shoved his laptop into his mother’s hands before wrapping his arms around his older siblings.

    “Thank the gods you guys are safe...” he mumbled, pulling out of the hug after just a few seconds. “Barley, I’ve been doing research on Magic Hunters ever since you called this morning.”

    “Really?” Barley questioned. “Did you find anything that wasn’t about the hunters from old times?”

    “I did,” Ian nodded, snatching his laptop back from his mother. “I found this article that was published a week or so ago. It has a picture of a huge group of people in suits walking into that mechanic shop that closed a couple months ago.”

    He turned the laptop around so that it was facing Barley and Star. Sure enough, there were a bunch of suited men flooding into the building, one of them holding that case.

    “That must be where they’re located,” Star thought aloud. “We should go down there as soon as possible.”

    “Star, hon, don’t you think you need some more time to process it?” Laurel asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

    “I want to get this over with as soon as I can,” Star told her, her tone serious. “Barley, Ian, are you with me?”

    Barley nodded. “Of course, my love.”

    “Absolutely, I am,” Ian agreed.

    “Well, I guess if all three of you are determined to do that, I’ll see if Colt can get anyone to the location,” Laurel said. “Just promise me you’ll stay safe, okay?”

    “We will.”


    The crew took Star’s car down to the old mechanic shop. They figured her little gray car would be more inconspicuous than Guinevere II. They approached the doors as quietly as they could, Ian with his staff clutched in his grip, Barley with his hand wrapped protectively around Star’s. Once they approached the doors, Barley shook the handle.

    “They’re locked,” he noted. “Figured they would be.”

    Without another word, Star broke the door lock with her magic, opening the doors. The trio crept inside the dark abandoned shop, Ian quickly casting Flame-Infernar to give them a bit of light. The glow from the flame on Ian’s staff lit up the area, and they noticed a whole lab set up on one side of the room, those pistol-shaped syringes hung up on the wall. On the other side of the shop, there were cages, chains, and medieval torture devices.

    “This is so fucked up on so many levels...” Barley whispered, squeezing Star’s hand. 

    They walked towards the lab space of the building, attempting to examine and take pictures of whatever they could, but then, Barley’s vision suddenly went cloudy, and he collapsed to the ground.

    When he regained consciousness, he panicked, noticing he was now separated from Star and Ian. He moved to get up, but he was shoved back to the ground by a steel-toed boot.

    “Did you really think we’d let you succeed that easily?” a voice mocked. “You just made it easier for us... bringing your witch right to us... and your brother, while not as powerful, might be useful as well...”

    Barley could have sworn he recognized the voice, and sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed when the subject came into the light. It was Brick.

    “You bastard,” Barley spat. “What did you do to them?”

    “Oh, nothing yet,” Brick shrugged. “But soon, the rest of the Hunters will be here, and their magic will be extracted. Oh, it will be so painful...”

    Before Barley could think, he kicked Brick in the shin as hard as he could, making the man stumble back. Barley rose to his feet, immediately swinging a strong punch to Brick’s face.

    “You still throw a good punch, huh?” Brick chuckled, wiping blood away from his nose and lip. “Trent really wasn’t lying when he said you broke his nose a couple years ago.”

    “Trent better not fucking be here,” Barley growled, already feeling his blood boil at the mention of his bully’s name. His hands were curled tightly into fists at his sides, ready to strike another blow at any minute.

    “Oh, he’s not,” Brick replied, spitting out a little blood as he stepped closer to Barley. “At least, not anymore. He wasn’t sneaky enough on a mission, and he was arrested.”

    Serves him right, Barley thought. “Tell me where my girlfriend and my brother are, now,” he demanded.

    “You always spoke so fondly of your witch during our band rehearsals,” Brick continued to speak. “You made it so easy for me to tell the team all about her...”

    Barley’s heart pounded in his chest. Was this all his fault? Did he trust the wrong people again? “You tell me where they are right fucking now and I won’t touch you.”

    Brick smirked. “Make me.”

    That was enough to send Barley over the edge. He tackled Brick to the ground, pinning him down with all of his body weight. He punched the bastard’s face over and over, drawing more and more blood from his nose and lip. It wasn’t long before Brick’s eyes shut, and Barley knew he had knocked him out. Just as he got up off of Brick, all of the lights in the building turned on.

    “So he got to you, huh, boy?” a voice spoke from behind Barley. “Your family is right over there.”

    Barley looked over to the area with the cages, and there was Star and Ian, sitting in two separate cages with gags in their mouths, their arms tied behind their backs. Ian locked eyes with Barley and he began to scream as best as he could. Meanwhile, Star was perfectly still.

    Barley bolted over to the cages, frantically looking for their doors. Before he could find them, he was knocked against Ian’s cage, and he fell to the ground, his head pounding.

    “Such a protective boy... how sweet,” the man from before mocked. “Such a shame you won’t be able to save them...”

    As Barley laid on the ground, his ears ringing as he listened to his little brother’s stifled screams, he struggled to get back up. He watched a swarm of suited men come closer and closer, an assortment of tools in their arms. Barley was prepared to force himself back onto his feet, but once the men were about a foot away from the cages, a surge of magic knocked them all down.

    Star had been charging up her magic.

    Once all the Magic Hunters fell to the ground, Colt burst through the doors, a few other officers in tow. Barley breathed a sigh of relief as he let his body relax, passing out.


    A few days had passed since the defeat of the Magic Hunters. Each one of them was arrested that night, and now, Star and Ian were safe. Everything was back to normal, and now, Barley had a new gig with his band; City Knights.

    Star and Ian cheered as loud as they could as the curtain opened. There was Barley, front and center; his purple guitar in his grip.

    “How’s everyone doing tonight?” he asked the crowd, receiving hoots and hollers from the audience. “These last few days have been pretty crazy for me and my family, so this show is dedicated to them. My mom, my little brother, and especially, my beloved girlfriend. New Mushroomton, I present to you, City Knights!”

    With that, the gig took off, a positive response after every song they played. And at the end of the night, Barley finally got to play that special song he wrote for his girl; Starlight.

    #it took me so long to finish this i'm so sorry #it's not even that good i feel bad for making you all wait so long #Our Quest for Love 💙🗡️ #self ship #self ship fic #barley lightfoot#onward barley
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  • karaisthayatim
    18.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Birinin kanadını kırıp, başkasına gökyüzü olabileceğini mi sandın ? Yazık…

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  • lareinadelatristeza
    18.09.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    I use to think that maybe I was suited for a love that is supposed to be easy, stress free, and uncomplicated but I'm learning that's an idealistic and naive way of looking at love. It's also a shallow way of looking at love. Real love, true love, deep love that's worth fighting for brings out the best and worst in you. It stresses you the fuck out at times and there can be hate and anger. It's complicated and challenging and hard BUT well worth it. It's a beautiful and intense mess.

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  • daedaluscried
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me writing a starter and remembering how so many people have told her how dumb she is...

    #ooc #ari: *knows the most languages of my non-god muses aside from maybe Alric* #ari: *self taught herself two complicated skillsets outside her culture which would regularly teach her them* #ari: *has survival skills to keep herself and her loved ones safe in a very dangerous setting* #ari: *emotionally intelligent beyond her years* #someone she just met: haha dumb kitty #like i understand most characters don't know all that but....
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  • heyctay
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Does anyone else struggle with family?

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  • jedisparaisdanstesbras
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    jaja nice

    #sísoy #me gustó mucho que terminaran con sus sonrisitas<3 #that is self love
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  • butterflyknifes
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror, and each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger who was your self. Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart. Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, the desperate notes, peel your own image from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life. LOVE AFTER LOVE by Derek Walcott

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  • jasmineremedies
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    There will only, ever, always be one of you. You are unstoppable.

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