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  • reginasansrex
    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I love you, you lil cute smiling Jedi with the restrained laugh ☺️❤️


    Luke Skywalker x Reina ❤️

    #letters to luke #pls dont reblog; this is a personal self shipping post #luke skywalker
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  • coconi
    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    In which Revali discovers one of Link’s weaknesses and gets more than he bargained for.
    Set several months after the events of Come Morning Light.

    At long last I return with an update! This one-shot is entirely based on a certain revalink piece by @artbychromo that lives rent-free in my mind. Hope you enjoy!

    #revalink#revali#link#botw#my writing #this collection is by far the most self-indulgent thing i've ever written and i think this one-shot in particular takes the cake lmao #someone get me a bucket for all this SAP #i have other fics planned but for now i hope you like this :3c #reblogs are very much appreciated!!! #will i ever stop posting fic at ungodly hours? who knows
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  • heyheysey
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    maybe i'm too emotional, but your apathy's like a wound in salt

    ※ PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ※ please click for better quality

    #not really the best but i tried hehe #bnha#shinsou hitoshi#bnha fanart#hitoshi shinsou #tried doodling him after seeing the oikawa art hehe ops art was so cute i made shinsou one 🙈👌🏻 #also color theory who? 😂 i just went with the colors i like #posted this on my ig doodle archive as well with different bg colors ❤✌🏻 #seydoodles on ig :) #self reblog are all on queue #mine: art #art.sey
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  • thewhizzyhead
    18.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #im kinda proud of the typing skills ngl #and strangely enough the typing skills make it easier for me to learn songs on the piano and vice versa #i don't have that much control over my left hand tho so i'll work on that jfjsf #thanks for the ask ari!! i hooe you have a good day and i hope you don't have um a power outage anytime soon #cAUSE IT'S VERY HOT IN HERE GJCJSJC #also note to self: reblog some of ur other art stuffs gfjsjd i have seen some of ur other watt doodles dude and also some of the tags too! #but um haven't reblogged them yet cause um yea i wanna comment on the tags too but yea brain lazy #i will reblog them soon tho i promise gjxjd as always dude your art is incredible and your tags are always fun to read!!! #thanks for stopping by! #ari! (wattblr tag rambler yay!) #ask me stuff
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  • the-name-is-loser
    18.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Genshin Writing: Getting their Vision Broken


    I was inspired to write this from a discussion I had with @fluffyspookychicken! So here it is: The brain child from my post about what would happen if various characters’ visions were, shall we say, gone.

    Warnings: Angst and no comfort, vaguely described violence, First time writing for Genshin Impact so some characters may act... oddly. Spoilers for Kaeya’s story, Death TW, Blood TW, Bennett is a Very Unlucky Boy(TM)

    Characters Featured: Chongyun, Kaeya + Diluc, Bennett, (Beidou is mentioned)



    His vision was broken. Demolished. Ruined beyond recognition. And it was completely Chongyun’s fault.

    He had been in a fight with one of those cursed Cicin Mages. The battle was turning in his favor, so he got a bit...

    Careless, one would say.

    And so, of course he hadn’t noticed noticed when they had started charging up Electro power, because of course he hadn’t. He was drunk with adrenaline, thinking that this was going to be finished sooner than expected.

    The explosion afterwards proved it wasn’t. Because nothing ever was.

    The first thing the exorcist noticed was how his claymore was suddenly... heavier. As if someone had placed a few fifty pounds inside of the Debate Club. His preferred weapons- He knew, of course he knew of such a simple fact, that they were naturally heavier. It helped them pack more of a punch. But this wasn't- Wasn’t normal.

    And the lack of of ice flowing through his veins, waiting and begging to be called upon to bring an icy hell upon his enemy was little less than worrying.

    But the mage had been stunned, and he had to stop them from hurting his team, he just had to-

    And the next thing he knew was that a small glass bottle rested at his feet. Along with the remains of his vision. His gorgeous, beloved vision.

    Blood pounded in his ears as the adrenaline wore off. His shoulder, and back- Nay, everything burned. As if someone dropped liquid hot water on him. As if he’d been dropped into a vat of excited electricity.

    The shouting of his partners as they rushed to check on him felt so far away. What had he done?

    The lack of icy potential running through him was due to little more than a few grey, dead, shards of his gifted vision.

    Because nothing was going to be that easy. Of course it wasn’t.


    Kaeya & Diluc

    The sworn brothers had been so close. Of course, now, that was obviously not the case. Anyone who could simply see or hear how the Diluc addressed Kaeya was enough to show to them that the two previously sworn brothers could barely function if left in the same room together. And despite everyone dying to know what happened between the two, the only thing anyone needed to know was that Diluc used to own a vision.

    Hell, he still does- If you counted the hollowed metal attached to his belt a Vision.

    The memory ran vividly through the both of them often- Reminding Kaeya of his lies, and Diluc of his betrayal.

    Rain was loud, Diluc had found. At least, when you don’t have to think about anything regarding your ex-brother’s origin. At the time, he’d still been deep in grief- Watching your father die in front of you was little less than horrifying. 

    He could still smell the iron of his blood, how the deep red liquid swarmed his slowly cooling body.

    And Kaeya’s gentle knocks on his bedroom door was a very welcome respite.

    He shouldn’t have been too quick to be grateful.

    “I... have something to tell you,” Kaeya said, closing the door behind him.

    Once he revealed his true nature, of course Diluc was going to be pissed. No, that was too kind-

    He was outraged.

    The pyro-user was quick to draw his blade, yelling insults at Kaeya. None of which were remembered in light of what happened next. 

    While Diluc recklessly threw his claymore around, Kaeya was forced to bring out his own weapon.

    And with a quick slash, something akin to what little Klee released on the outside world was wrought inside of the small room.

    At first the two were stunned. What was at first obvious was how Kaeya’s right eye hurt. Probably. He was too busy staring at the other’s vision. Or lack thereof.

    (And isn't it weird how everything looked... wrong? As if everything to his right was coated in a deep red.)

    The shards of the now grey vision where scattered through the room, one of which was embedded in his brother’s hand and thigh. His hand slowly leaked blood, though his leg seemed fine. For now, at least.

    And despite Kaeya issuing so many apologies, tried to help Diluc with his wounds...

    It was clear that the two weren't going to be very friendly from then on.



    Yeah, this one wasn't that surprising- At least to the severely unlucky adventurer. 

    He had been sparring with Beidou, trying to find more weak spots and help Beidou overcome them.

    (Or maybe she was just having a bad day and disguised it as sparring.)

    Either way, when Bennett jumped in with flaming sword, and Beidou countered with her Electro Shield, something was amiss. 

    The sound of his vision exploding was covered up by Beidou’s shield expanding to protect it’s user and release vengeance on the wrongdoer.

    He fell with an ‘Oof!’ and upon attempting to get back up, his weakened gloves failed him-

    All of this to say, not only had he broken his vision, he got a cool hand scar to go along with it.

    No amount of Lucky Dog artifacts would heal his curse of horrible, horrible luck.


    Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes! And do not repost!

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  • cptfinkeldorf
    18.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

    Private & Selective Captain Klenzendorf & Freidrich Finkel from 'JoJo Rabbit'

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  • tuff-and-fluff
    17.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Okay question for self-shippers with multiple ships: which of your s/is have been your favorite to develop? Are they different from which of your ships in general are your favorite/main ships?

    #ok to rb #self shipping community #reblog with your answers!! :3
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  • reginasansrex
    17.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    To: The handsomest Jedi ever who goes by the name Luke Skywalker 😍❤️

    Hey babe, good morning! 💐

    Leaving you a note for when you wake up ☺️

    I have told you this but: Thank you for staying. And I haven't told you, so: Thank you for loving me.

    Let's watch the samurai film together later!

    — Your Reina ❤️

    #luke skywalker x reina #pls dont reblog; this is a personal self shipping post #luke skywalker #letters to luke #f/o gush #self ship community #f/o community #self shipping community
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  • whitephobic-rex
    17.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    In my experiences it’s always the white people who say “btw I’m white so if I ever fuck up pls lemme kno and I’ll change uwu” who are the worst at being criticized lmao

    On top of making it other poc’s job to keep them in line, they’ll really advertise how approachable they are as a Good White but then twist poc into monsters for expressing anger and be like “oh no the nonwhite bullies didn’t point out my racism in a polite way that I liked so none of their criticism about me is valid” while still bending over backwards to paint themselves as a holier than thou paragon of an ally

    Just say you care more about your reputation than actual critical input from POC and go

    #okay to reblog #me seeing real time clownery #can’t believe there’s still white people who @ poc in gcs #just to send screenshots of them chewing out a racist so they can get pat on the back by the closest poc #prioritizing clout isn’t anti racist lmao ur just obnoxious and living in a self centered fantasy #I’m the real clown for still being in that gc tho but this applies to many #also if anyone reblogs this to start a fight w me I ain’t gonna reply I got better things to do
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  • wordstrings
    17.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Tickle Thursday: asexual Wincestiel ship drabbles

    [#tickle thursday: fondly remembering and highlighting older content]

    Back in the sun-dappled days of 2014, there was an Asexual Supernatural Week, a celebration of the ace spectrum within SPN fandom. This was the fateful time that finally inspired me to come out to the closest person in my life. Frankly, that did not go well and the memory of this week is fraught with varied emotions. But I am still warmed by the intimacy expressed in these headcanons about ace!Wincestiel, which I expanded into drabbles over the course of #acespnweek:

    Day 1 (curling around each other after a long day, combing fingers through each other’s hair; sitting in a line on the floor massaging each other’s shoulders)

    Day 2 (spending a Saturday in the kitchen together, trying new recipes and inevitably starting a flour fight)

    Day 3 (making long drives with Cas volunteering to sit in the back seat, so he can lean forward and draw gentle patterns over the backs of Sam’s and Dean’s necks while they relax in companionable silence)

    Day 4 (trading kisses depending on their moods – quick and chaste when they pass each other in the kitchen while prepping dinner, soft and slow when cuddling before bed, long and needy after a dangerous hunt, always ending with closed eyes and little sighs of contentment)

    Day 5 (touching each other constantly, with hands on shoulders or arms at waists or fingers brushing; creative cuddling positions so they can each be in contact with the others as much as possible)

    Day 6 (two of them conspiring to team up and start a tickle fight, the third being driven to tears from laughing so hard and then being snuggled lovingly to make up for it)

    Day 7 (sleeping in a huge bed with more pillows than it looks like they should need, because Cas is a nester when he’s unconscious; noses buried in necks and fingers tracing spines and hands twining together; being happy with just having each other to hold)

    #tickle thursday #wordstrings shares things #filing this under: #self reblog#throwback thursday
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  • eldragon-uwu
    17.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    from this post

    #I think I accidentally linked dams reblog of the post #instead of the original but whatever #dam im giving you clout #art#doodles #self insert stuff #bill tag
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  • ronaldrx
    17.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I’ve Got You | Roman Sionis x Male!Reader

    Another vent fic? Another vent fic. Sorry about that.
    summary; Roman accompanies you to your appointment with your social worker and comforts you afterwards.
    notes; TW // Self-Harm (cutting); Mention of Past Traumas being triggered; Panic Attacks; Guilt. Daddy!Kink. Emotional Hurt/Comfort; Physical Closeness; Roman being gentle and just the best boyfriend Reader could ask for.

    Ever since you’ve had a really bad panic attack on your way to one of your appointments and have broken down when you came back home, Roman has tagged along with you to all of them, no matter what. He’d always make sure to find the time and be right at your side. You were incredibly grateful for that, although it also made you feel a little guilty. Still, having him with you every time was exactly what you needed.

    Using public transportation to get to your appointments was something you couldn’t stop doing, even though Roman had insisted that he could have you driven; but since subways especially were something extremely anxiety inducing for you, your social worker –and therapists you’ve had in the past – wanted you to keep using them to work against your anxiety. It was only fair, but it sure as hell never went very well for you, hence the bad panic attack you’ve had a couple of months ago.

    Now though, Roman sat next to you, his arm around your shoulders, while your sides were pressed against each other, your head resting on his shoulder. You were listening to music through one ear bud and playing with a little figurine you brought with you every time. Roman had gifted it to you a while ago, and its different textures and shapes comforted you, when you stroked your fingers over them.

    With every station you passed, more and more people filled up the subway car you were sitting in, which only made your anxiety worse. You started having tunnel vision, frantically looking at the people you could see from where your head rested on Roman’s shoulder, checking if they were potentially dangerous. It wasn’t as if you could truly tell just by looking at them, but your brain made you do it anyway, so you couldn’t really help it.

    At one point, it was just too many people for you and your breathing picked up significantly, while you also started to really fidget with the figurine in your hands, scraping your nails against its surface, pressing your fingers into it, anything to get rid of the panic that was coursing through your body. Black Mask’s grip around you got a little tighter, squeezing you against him. He turned his head and pressed his masked face against your temple.

    “Ssshhh, sweetheart. It’s okay, you’re alright. I’ve got you, okay? No one and nothing can hurt you when I’m with you. I promise,” he tried to shush you.

    His calm, raspy voice rang through you, making you close your eyes for a moment as you deeply in- and exhaled. Then you nodded, and tried to go back to gently playing with the figurine instead of seemingly trying to tear it apart like you did before.

    Your heart was still pounding rather rapidly, but you felt a tiny bit calmer, focusing on Roman’s presence only. Even after all this time, it baffled you just what a calming effect he had on you, even when you thought nothing – or rather no one – could help you anymore, he always could.

    Finally, you’ve arrived at your destination. You walked on shaky legs, going into the building your social worker had her office in. Roman usually went into the nearby high-class clothing store to pass the time, until he met you again in front of the building when the hour was up.

    Your appointment went well, objectively speaking, but it was really triggering to you; so when you went downstairs and outside, you have already put in your earphones and turned up your music. Roman only looked at you for a second and nodded, showing you that he understood. Then you walked over to him, took his arm and put it around your shoulders again, needing to feel his bodily presence against you, smell his cologne, the earthy scent of his leather mask, and know that he was right there with you.

    Throughout the subway ride home, you leaned against him, his arm staying around you. Every now and again, the sudden urge to cry would overwhelm you, past traumas having been triggered, but you swallowed it down every time. You were so fucking tense. Quickly, your mind filled up with images of harming yourself and subconsciously, you started making plans on how to do that when you got home. It was upsetting you that it really was the only thing to actually help release the tension anymore.

    Every time, Roman did skills with you that you’ve learned to do instead of resorting to self harm, but they just weren’t enough, they didn’t help you long enough, or at all. Hurting yourself was more long-term in that sense, albeit bad. Guilt overcame you every time, such as apathy after a short while. It was terrible and you knew it. At this time you couldn’t help it much, though. You kept trying, but it was of no use.

    When you’ve arrived at home and taken out your ear buds, Black Mask spoke to you quietly, calmly, “Go take your shower and call me whenever you may need me, alright? No matter what, I’ve got you, my little prince. Can you promise me you’ll ask for my help if you need it?”

    Your eyes got a little misty, the urge to cry coming back, but this time positively. Nodding, you hugged him tightly and left for your shower.

    As soon as you closed the bathroom door behind yourself, you leaned against it and sighed deeply as guilt seemed to tear your insides apart.

    You couldn’t just go and hurt yourself now, could you?

    You should at least try to let him help you first. You needed to keep trying. You couldn’t just give in every single time.

    Shaking your head a little to clear it, you got undressed and ready for your shower. You decided to see what would happen afterwards, instead of forcing any more plans you weren’t able to follow anyway.

    When you had gotten dressed, after showering, you still felt so tense and the past traumas just kept popping up and overwhelming you. Promptly you picked up the blade you usually used and lightly pressed it into your skin.

    You hesitated.

    You should be asking Roman for his help.

    You promised him you would.

    But you just couldn’t do it. It was too much. You were too much.

    Without another thought, you put pressure onto the blade and drew a short, deep line across your inner forearm. As you lifted the blade and put it back where it was, you squeezed the skin around the cut, making the welling up blood flow. You stared at it for a minute, taking in the sight of your own blood running down the side of your arm. Then you started to clean it up, disinfecting it and putting a band-aid over the fresh wound.

    After taking a few deep, calming breaths you finally left the bathroom and sought out Roman. The guilt from what you’ve just done was gnawing at your very core, eating you alive, but you tried to ignore it to the best of your abilities. It would be okay. Roman never held these things against you after all.

    You found him sitting on an armchair in the living room, reading a book. When he heard you come into the room, he bookmarked and closed the novel, setting it aside on the table beside the armchair and patted his thighs. Without another word, you sat down on his lap, sideways, so that you could wrap your arms around Roman and bury your face in his neck. He hummed appreciatively and embraced you. You felt almost completely at ease.

    “How are you feeling now, sweetheart?” Black Mask asked you gently.

    “I don’t know. A little lighter,” you replied, trying so hard to ignore the way your brain screamed at you to tell him how guilty you felt about breaking your promise.

    “Alright, that’s a start. Is there anything in particular you’d like to do to help you feel better? Daddy’s open for suggestions.”

    You couldn’t help yourself and smiled, blushing and pressing your face into the side of his neck. “I’d like to stay just like that for now, Daddy,” you near whispered.

    Roman nodded and nudged the lower half of his masked face against the top of your head in a mock kiss, which made you chuckle and had a warm, fuzzy feeling bubble up inside of you. You really adored it when he did that.

    In the back of your mind, you were sure that Black Mask knew that you had hurt yourself. He was perceptive like that. He may as well have seen the plaster on your arm when you walked over to him to settle in his lap. It didn’t have to mean anything that he hasn’t mentioned it yet, other than that he knew not to bring it up just now, lest it would only upset you so much more again. The two of you understood each other without words just as well – if not better – as you did with and through them.

    Oh, you loved him so. Now you really felt at ease, having nearly forgotten about your guilt and why you felt it in the first place, such as the past traumas that had been triggered by your appointment. It all just melted away entirely for the time being. You sighed softly and cuddled into him some more, getting real comfortable.

    If you didn’t know any better, you’d be inclined to say that Roman was magic.

    #tw self harm #tw daddy kink #ok to reblog #x male reader #male reader #male reader insert #reader insert#roman sionis #roman sionis x male reader #roman sionis fanfiction #redhood and the outlaws #mlm fiction #imagining this exact scenario is what kept me somewhat sane in the subway today lol #i need me an IRL roman asap istg #i also imagined him doing skills with me but i ended up doing what reader does in the fic because i suck #whatever i'm fine i swear #i'll get to the remaining requests soon i promise y'all i'm so sorry for keeping you waiting like that
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  • traumaloki
    17.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    More positivity cats featuring Samus 🖤 ( more here )

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  • officialleobrown36
    17.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Sugarbears, stop expecting bumper crops from low hanging fruit. There's nothing wrong with standards.😘❤❤

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  • latefrequencies
    17.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    "I'll make your heart smile" sounds like a lyric from a song an anime girl would sing, but it's a lyric from a Depeche Mode song about mental illness and/or BDSM in relationships.

    #this has been a self related post #kink mention / #depeche mode #this is okay to reblog
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  • lolobizarreadventuresshatpost
    17.06.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #cannoli boy #fell to the floor #shameless self reblog #jjba#vento aureo#giorno giovanna#jjba giorno#giorno #can't figure out whose stand he's looking at #bossu giogio #part 5 spoilers
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  • snailsexuality
    17.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Dan Caspian ur bobbies

    #me#face#self #reblog thus or u hate me #nonbinary
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  • queerbenched
    17.06.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #(and i unfortunately deleted the original post when I was deleting a self reblog 😣) #ask yay
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