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  • “In short, if we can’t comfort ourselves through self-validation, we’ll need to do so through invalidating others.”

    This is what I want to change about myself. My anger towards everyone. Even the people I hold so close to my heart.

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  • I have to try putting this into words…

    You know when there’s people mostly girls that try to tell other girls to stop calling themselves bitches and likewise.

    Whereas I understand where this comes from n this whole argument about not lowering your self walue yourself like others would do… I think there’s actually also another take or possibility why so hear me out! I totally agree that you should never use harmful words on yourself even joking. But the reason I proudly started calling myself a bitch sometimes even basic bitch dose not come from me lowering my self worth or anything but actually using this word to stop giving it it’s harmful meaning. Because theres always gonna be a dude(not all dudes obvly ya I know it’s just in my case it always was the dudes) that’s annoying as fuck an no matter what they will always try calling you a bitch as an insult. So when say I ‘fuck yeah I’m a bitch’. I’m not lowering any bit of my very high self worth ..what I’m actually saying is fuck ‘yeah I’m amazing! And bold of you to assume you can harm me with your empty ass words’. So this is a way of giving them less power over hurting you.. it takes out the shameful meaning they try to put onto it and reuses the word as a way of saying fuck you I’m whatever I please to be that’s none of ur business.

    And I think that’s great! FUCK YEAH I AM A BITCH AM I NOT BASIC ENOUGH FOR U?BOO HOO GO CRY SOMEWHERE ELSE! (It actually works aside from countless unimportant man my toxic ex used to call me bitch a lot of times.. I didn’t even realise how it destroyed my inner worth for me.. and when I started to realise it I started to openly and with such an energy in my eyes and voice tell him hell yeah I’m a bitch so what’s your point.. and suddenly the more I did that in response to him calling me a bitch he actually realised he had no power over me anymore saying that word and it just suddenly stopped… we still broke up thoe due to other problems so I’m glad but yeah)

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  • 10 Warning Signs that Self-Worth is Lacking

    • Feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious around others.
    • Avoidance of new places, relationships, or situations.
    • A history of abusive or neglectful relationships where basic needs are often unmet.
    • Seeking validation from others; a constant need for reassurance.
    • Settling for shallow or unfulfilling relationships.
    • Deep feelings of shame or not feeling “good enough”.
    • Discomfort with or inability to accept compliments from others.
    • People-pleasing behavior.
    • Sensitive to criticism or a fear of being judged by others.
    • Social anxiety or fear of being judged as unworthy.
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  • I can’t believe it took me this long to join a support group. Hopefully it’ll be beneficial for me. 🙃

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  • and all of the sudden you realize that you never loved him,that your mind created blurry visions of a person that never existed and that you clung to an idea of someone who never provided anything meaning to your life, and that’s when you are set free.. free from yourself…

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  • I don’t want to be your number one, I want to be your only one.

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    Math for goal oriented people!!

    (This is a message I made as a graphic/message to communicate how I feel about it all y’all!!)


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  • Psychological rape.


    I’ve been in turmoil over my sexuality for many years, until now-that is, and though part of the reason pertained to sexual abuse from a very young age I think most of it has to do my adaptation to my environment-as in wielding power over others through the only means I could in a society which condemns and punishes physical force: violating the psyche.

    This psychological form of rape was mostly inflicted upon men as in the case of my female cousins they were mostly willing to submit to me with the added eagerness of my then youth-I was even in love with one of them though that’s a story for another time (so many fond memories.)

    I’ve inflicted this form of rape upon my brother first; I would always always harass him with heavy sexual innuendos, rape jokes, essentially effeminating him (though he’s always been very effeminate) with my words, my gestures, psychologically stripping him bare and violating his body at my every whim and there was nothing he could do to stop me except to leave to retreat to his friends (though my torment was always on his mind.) I hadn’t realized it then but in hindsight it makes sense as even then I would joke with my cousins of how much of a rapist I am despite being aware of their discomfort.

    There’s also the time I had gone to a program similar to a school as a second chance for those who want it; I had felt small and vulnerable my first week there and kept to myself-everyone was worried I was going to shoot up the school-until all the sudden I became very vulgar and outspoken with my advances towards the other men there; it made all of them uncomfortable (except for one whom later confessed to wanting to fuck me after groping his chest) and though they expressed contempt for me they had also held themselves at bay from any cruelty they’ve inflicted upon other outcasts (as they ruthlessly had). Not even the bigger men whom could very easily kick my ass were willing to do so-it was a dance of my PR and my mockery of them that frightened them and I knew it and I loved it as it allowed me to be expressive of my sensitivity in other aspects of my being (such as my love for my lover at that time) whilst not having to worry about being beaten and degraded and humiliated. I’d even made several friends among them and though everyone expressed frustration of my ways they had also missed me dearly as was made clear after having reunited with them all sometime later after having been kicked out (for offing my wrists.) There were also times I would have sudden outbursts of rage and it would frighten them all-some would even apologize to me privately afterwards-it pleased me.

    The last time I remember doing this was perhaps a few years ago when I worked at a restaurant with one of the most alpha males you could imagine-short, hairy, ugly, loud, arrogant, cocky and as strong as a bull-he reminded of me uncle whom I despise in each and every way, even with his sense of humor; there was no doubt he could physically kick my ass if he wanted to: that mixed with the fact he reminded me of my uncle whom would also psychologically rape me from time to time in my later teenage years I had a seething contempt for this man I worked with even more so that he was my manager, so instead of allowing to boss me around as he did with the others I would at times punish him with silence and neglect, I was astonished with how well this worked as he would often butt himself in my conversations with other coworkers vying for my attention-when I felt the punishment was sufficient I would reward him with “love” as in my chasing him around for a hug like a young lover chasing his girl; I would also tell him in detail about fantasies of him and I in which I am the man and he is the woman-he’d always ask me baffled why he has to be the feminine one as I’m more feminine than he to which I’d respond by simply continuing on with the fantasy. It went on like this between he and I till the day I quit and I loved every second of it knowing he was mine. That he suffered such an atrocious childhood made him an even better slave of mine.

    In the wild I would simply have raped these men and if they were bigger and stronger than me They would be gang raped and humiliated in ways that destroy their foundations. It’s only because of law and punishment that I psychologically rape them which is far worse than physically doing it as they’re tormented by what they can’t see so they struggle understanding and articulating it because they can’t (this is especially the case for the “atheist” modernists who have to see to believe, often times men.)

    The intentions were clear: going into uncharted waters I am small and vulnerable in the eyes of others, the only way to make them respect me is to humiliate the biggest and strongest of them all and reward the others with sparing them such humiliation; it’s only the states this happens this way, in other countries, especially down south, a bullet’s more than enough to put you in your place if they decide to spare you.

    I used to live in shame and guilt over this but those days are over: I see what my “style” of power is to be like the more I embrace it: others may say I am sick and cruel yet my options are few, for if I had tried to be rational in the way of modernists I would’ve been silenced and forgotten and even mocked-if I had tried to play their game by their rules I would have perished in an endless loop of conformity; the only way to my power is to embrace how much of a human I am. I am not rational, I am not civil, I’ve nothing to be ashamed of.

    I am human, why would I want to be anything else?

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  • What is it called when one feels ashamed for enjoying things?
    Not even bad or harmful ones.
    Like dancing or being silly, or just…anything really.

    It’s time to let go of the limiting beliefs that I do not deserve to be happy.
    But…why is that so difficult sometimes?
    A microscope of scrutiny on myself, by myself.

    Nobody is perfect.
    I am included in that group.
    Why must I impose these mental punishments upon myself on an almost daily basis?

    Readings of forgiving oneself and releasing them have been read.
    Meditation and yoga (at least one) on an almost daily basis.
    Yet, things remain unchanged.

    The time to dig deeper is now.

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  • 😬😬 someone should’ve sent me this sooner…… ⌛

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  • “I wish for only good to come of you and for your life to hold the most meaning. Others cannot compare to your beauty, your grace. You are the most delightful being I have ever come across, a goddess floating on the ground of our world. I hope for you to find potential with your beauty, and for it never to be tarnished by scars or bruises.”

    “Yes, sire. And I wish for your life to break. For you hold no meaning to me. For you only care for my body and my beauty. And the scars I have hidden, I shall show. So that, later, when I find a man, a woman, or a person whom is worthy of my love, they can love me too. Though not for my beauty, but for who I am. I hope you find your arrogance is not attractive, nor appropriate. And I hope you fix it when that time comes.”

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  • Pro tip: if you’re ever feeling clingy to a particular person, get off and analyze your mood after your self-induced orgasm.

    You’re welcome.

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