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    04.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    love thsi picrew .. so based and true

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    04.12.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #thank you;) #beauty is subjective. #13-screaming-crows#yucky answers#mutuals #I think I’m cute in person just my self insert doodles aren’t always that great 💀💀 #it’s why I don’t draw her that often #unless it’s like a full on drawing #because then I like how she looks but in my tiktoks?? ooof that’s a different story #but I was very flattered knowing that jnpie thought she looked cute even when I was no proud of those doodles at all
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  • valentinevermin
    04.12.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    it is indeed self insert hours here❤️ (had a blast making this reference by the way! hope the colour scheme is alright too, some of them not being labelled really means that they’re details linked to whats before them)

    #first art related post here you know whats up #self insert #🏹 insert: tempest 🏹 #🔮 mine 🔮
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    04.12.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    i may be cringe but im free

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  • und3rwat3r-a5tr0naut
    04.12.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Who said self indulgent art had to be good 🤨

    #heard an audio with this and immediately thought of him sjdjdjdjdj #my brain decided to have a headache today so I wasn’t able to rlly put good effort into anything so there goes my villainous plans 😞 #mafiafell sans#brick#self insert #just give me pizza and I’ll be happy 🍕✨ #astro.scribbles #messy sketch
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  • gwynsblade
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “creators shouldn’t make self-inserts, they never work!”

    well. lemme tell you about Gravity Falls

    #t #lich rally dipper and mabel are based of alex and his sister #at least 80% of the cast is based of real people lol #you can make self-inserts #some writers just know how to make them work
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  • whatifxwereyou
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Embers Chapter 8: Immersion

    Mortal Kombat 2021

    Liu Kang x Reader | Eventual Kung Lao x Reader

    Summary: This is just obvious and ridiculous flirting at this point, honestly.

    A/N: Meant to post this last week but I forgot so here we go! Very excited to get this one going further. I have this one planned from beginning to end so it's easier to plow through <3 Hope everyone is having a lovely december!

    First Chapter << Previous Chapter Chapter Index Ashes

    Liu Kang woke before the sun.

    His back was stiff from the couch but it was better than some accommodations he’d had in the past. He cleaned up in your modest bathroom and then draped his shirt over the back of the couch before meditating. The bedroom door opened and he greeted you with a nod which you returned before you disappeared into the bathroom.

    While you were busy, he got up and changed. Then he went downstairs and into the empty dojo for some practice. He checked the lock on the door and much to his surprise, he spotted a group of kids waiting outside. They were students, judging by the way they were dressed. He opened the door and the students turned but didn’t seem surprised by him. The town was so small that it was likely the news of his presence had spread like wildfire.

    “You’re… early.” He wasn’t sure what to say as they stared at him. Children weren’t exactly common in Raiden’s Temple. They seemed shy of him but also excited to see someone new.

    “We usually wait outside for Miss Y/N.” One of the girls beamed. She couldn’t have been older than nine. Her smile was sweet and she was missing one of her front teeth which gave her a lisp.

    “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you came inside as long as I’m here.” He slid the door open the remainder of the way. The students stepped into the dojo. It was an old building but was immaculately kept. He’d heard stories from the townspeople. It’d been passed down through generations to Y/N’s father and then to you. Apparently, it was the reason that your family had moved back when you and your sister had been very young. When he’d pressed for more information, he’d been refused. People didn’t like talking to outsiders.

    Your students, however, were exactly the opposite. There were six of them and as soon as they realized he was a friend of their teacher, they were talking his ear off about every little thing. Liu asked questions when appropriate and amused them with silly noises and childish jokes along the way. Together they setup mats on the hard floor. Liu sat on one of the mats.

    He’d had every intention of getting some practice in that morning but this was better. Getting to know more about your life would help him along the way.

    “Are you Miss Y/N’s boyfriend?” One of the boys asked. The two girls behind him giggled.

    “Well, I’m her friend and I am also a boy.” Liu joked.

    “Are you going to be her boyfriend?” The little girl with the lisp asked.

    “I don’t know about that.” He laughed but was surprised how nosy they were.

    “You seem nice. Everyone’s so mean to her sometimes, especially all the dumb boys.” The other girl in their group was a little older. Liu guessed they were grouped by skill rather than age.

    “What makes you think she doesn’t already have a boyfriend?” Liu wouldn’t have admitted it but he was definitely fishing for information.

    “If she does, then he’s from out of town because no one in town would do that.”

    “Is she particularly difficult to get along with?”

    “No!” A young squeaky boy pouted. “I like Miss Y/N! I’d date her! She said I was too young though.” The other students giggled.

    “She’s missing out.” Liu teased. “She seems nice.” He began but another boy spoke up. He was a little older and seemed sheepish and softspoken.

    “Except she’s a witch.”

    The students went very quiet.

    Interesting. What did that mean exactly?

    “You’re dumb.” The girl with the lisp was nervous, like she wasn’t sure. “That’s just a mean name the other adults call her. She was sick when she was little and the name stuck. That’s what Hui told me.”

    “People do seem to treat her differently.”

    “It’s awful.”

    “I hate it! Mom gets mad at me when I say anything though…”

    “Miss Y/N is the only one who lets me talk about my card collection.” The youngest boy sniffled.

    “What he’s trying to say is that she’s the only adult who really listens to us when we talk.” The older girl spoke again but the other students were muttering to agree. Liu couldn’t help but smile. That was sweet. These kids cared about you. That’s why they’d been so nosy.

    “You’re lucky to have a good teacher.”

    They were what kept you there. He’d cracked the code. These kids were the reason you were hesitant to leave town. You had a thousand excuses but he saw through them clear as day. Between the way you’d spoken about them the other day, seeing you teach, and hearing how your students spoke about you, he had more than enough evidence.

    Then you stepped through the door from the hall into the dojo. You were surprised to see them. The students returned to their mats as if embarrassed to be caught gathered around Liu Kang. He hopped to his feet as you walked past them and turned on the radio. He joined you as you lit some incense.

    “Good morning.”

    “I see you’re making yourself at home.”

    “I came down to practice and found them gathered outside.”

    “Yeah, they like to hang out on the porch before class.” You smiled but didn’t look toward him. He was standing close, watching you from over your shoulder. “Are you hungry?”


    Much to his surprise, you handed him a small container. Inside you’d packed him a cute little breakfast. It was put together with such thought. It might have been one of the cutest things he’d ever seen. You turned very suddenly toward your students who were running back to their mats as if they’d been spying.

    “What is it? Did you not eat before coming to class?” You rested your hands on your hips.

    “Sorry, Miss Y/N.” They chimed in. Liu leaned against the far wall with his little breakfast box. You led them through warmups and joked with them. You were more natural and carefree while you taught. It was nice to see you in your element. The little breakfast you’d packed for him had almost been too pretty to eat. Almost. While the students practiced, you came to join him.

    “Did they bother you this morning?”

    He had become so enamored with you in the last few minutes that he struggled with words.

    “…uh… no! No. They were just curious about me.” He cleared his throat and managed to regain himself. It wasn’t often that he was tongue-tied but it wasn’t very often he was so enamored with someone either. You didn’t seem to notice his difficulty speaking. “You must not have many visitors.”

    “That’s not untrue.”

    Evasive. Interesting.

    “Why is that?”

    “People from town are afraid of me.” Your tone shifted, as if this were something you definitely did not want to talk about. He knew that you were an outcast but the reasons why were still a mystery.

    “Afraid of you?”

    “It’s a long story, Liu.”

    “Is it because you’re a witch?” He teased, hoping to lighten the mood. But you stiffened up and clenched your jaw. Your students were all staring at you, having stopped practicing to do so. The room had been made tense with just a word.

    But the tension faded and you smiled, hunched over, and held your hands up, pretending they were claws, turning your attention toward your students. “That’s right. I’m a nasty, rotten, old witch!” You ran at the kids who shrieked with giggles and chased them around before they returned to their mats. The tension was immediately gone and you made your way back toward him.

    “I don’t know. I think you might be too pretty to be a witch.” Liu was not usually this forward. But being with you made him feel brave.

    The students giggled. “Ooohhh!” You looked to him with wide eyes as if asking what the hell. He grinned, folding his arms over his chest, daring you to retaliate. Your cheeks were just the slightest hint of red. Turning back to your students, hands on your hips, you tried to hide it.

    “Stay focused!” You pointed to them and then laughed before turning back to Liu Kang. Then you pointed toward him. “That goes for you too.” He gestured to himself and you pointed to the mat he’d set up for himself earlier. “I’m serious.”

    “Yes, ma’am.” Liu joined the students as he was told. You guided them through the rest of class. He followed along and the other students kept whispering to him to help him get going even though he knew very well what he was doing. Honestly, it was the most fun that he’d had practicing in ages. Before he knew it, it was over and he was not ready for it to end. He could have kept it up all day.

    “Don’t forget that we’re practicing our first throws next time.” You turned away from the students who were supposed to be filing out but none of them had made to leave.

    “Miss Y/N?”

    You turned to find the students waiting on you. You looked to Liu expectantly but he had no idea what they were doing so he shrugged.


    “The other students said they got to see you and Mr. Liu fight.” The girl with the missing tooth was asking nervously. Her face was red and he wasn’t sure if she could have been sweeter. “We were hoping we could see it too.”

    You were considering their request and then turned your attention back to him. “That’s up to Liu.”

    The students looked to him with pleading eyes and it took all his effort to hide a smile. “Sounds fun.” He shrugged. The students cheered and gathered near the door.

    Liu stepped to the center of the room and you joined him. He bowed to you politely before stepping back into his stance. You did the same and he admired you for not modifying with the way your arm was undoubtedly aching.

    You circled each other for a brief moment but you took the initiative and struck. He blocked and knocked your arm to the side then ducked as you struck again. As he spun toward you, you flipped backwards, much to his surprise. But he closed the gap between you and struck. You blocked and twisted away from him.

    You exchanged blows and it was one of the most natural things he’d ever done. Like a dance. You knocked him back and while he briefly lost his footing, he pivoted to regain it without so much as a stumble.


    This was fun.

    He blocked and grasped your fist to throw off your balance. You threw him a look of surprise and lingered. He let go and stepped back, waiting for you to strike. When he dodged, you side-stepped and he grabbed your arm above where he knew it was bandaged and pulled you hard. You stumbled, yelped, and he turned and caught you. Your face was burning red. The students were laughing. He’d stopped taking the fight seriously the moment he’d caught sight of those red cheeks.

    You pulled back and leapt back to your feet and pushed him away. Then you struck and he stumbled, laughing beneath his breath. Crouched low into your stance, arms outstretched, you beckoned him to come at you again. Cocking an eyebrow curiously, he dusted his foot against the floor in front of him. Then he started toward you but you swept into the air and knocked his arms aside, twisting and stepping aside. He stumbled but grabbed your arm and pulled you close. The sound of surprise that came from you was delightful.

    The students were giggling.

    You seemed to suddenly realize you were performing for an audience, like you’d forgotten you weren’t alone and your face turned red again. You shoved him off and then swatted his hands as he made to grab you again.

    “Okay, okay. That’s enough of that.” You pointed an accusatory finger toward him with a laugh. Trying to look at as innocent as possible, he bowed politely. You’d both been holding back so he figured why not have a little fun with you? He couldn’t help himself! Flirting had never come naturally to him before now. Until he’d met you. And he knew exactly what he was doing. He was even happy to be doing it. Hands clasped behind his back, he watched as you dismissed your students. “Don’t forget to practice!” You called after them.

    Then after closing the door with a heavy sigh, you leaned against it. You were giving him a look that he recognized. You thought he was a troublemaker. Maybe he was. At least he was when he was with you.


    “Oh, you know what.” You folded your arms beneath your chest with a knowing look. Liu wanted more than anything to pick up where you’d left off but there was no time. He had things to do. He couldn’t stay. He wanted to. More than anything. But he had already stayed longer than intended for the day.

    “I couldn’t resist.”


    “Red looks good on you.”

    “Oh, aren’t you so funny.” You rolled your eyes even though you were smiling.

    “Come on. You had fun.”

    “You know, you can’t just flirt with a girl like that…”

    “I know.” Liu stepped closer and dared you to back down but you didn’t. You just straightened your posture. If he didn’t stop himself then he was going to end up picking you up and having his way with you. He had things to do. He had to get himself under control.

    Deep breaths.

    “Liu…” There was something on your mind but you didn’t continue. Hooking his index finger beneath your chin, he tilted your chin back up. He swore that your lips were the perfect shape to fit his and his breath was suddenly in his throat.

    He was supposed to be working. It was something he had to constantly remind himself around you. This was work.

    But his connection with you was rare and dangerous. He didn’t want it to pass him by. It felt like there was an invisible thread between you tugging ever closer. Even when he had only been in town to pick up items for the temple, he couldn’t help but think of you. Now that he knew you, that draw was only that much more intense. Did you feel it too? As you stared up at him, as if waiting for him to make a move, he thought that you must.

    Liu picked up your hand and left a soft kiss on the back of it. He watched as you inhaled sharply and held your breath. Then you rolled your eyes and scoffed, but your face was red. He couldn’t hide his smile.

    “I… have an errand to run.” He did. He’d been putting it off all day to spend more time with you and watch you in your element. Now that he understood why you were hesitant to leave it was fascinating to watch you teach. The only time you’d faltered had been when he’d teased you about being a witch. He wanted to follow up on that. Even so, you’d turned it into a joke to make your students laugh. He wondered if you had any idea how rare a person you were. “I wish I could stay.”

    “I have plenty to do. No worries.” You pulled yourself back as if to put distance between you. Why were you defensive if you were as attracted to him as he was to you? He wanted to know. He wanted to understand. Nothing had ever been like this for him before.

    “I’ll be back soon.”

    “Be safe, Liu Kang.” You bowed politely and then turned to clean up the mats from the lesson. He admired you before catching himself and turning to leave. If he didn’t then he was going to do something dangerous. In fact, it was the most dangerous he had ever felt.

    #liu kang x reader #self insert#reader insert#liu kang #mk liu kang #slow burn #mortal kombat movie #mortal kombat 2021 #ludi lin#liu kang/reader #liu kang x you #liu kang/you#fanfic#fanfiction#angst#romance#tension#trauma#embers#arcana#female reader #mortal kombat fanfiction #mk fanfiction #mortal kombat fanfic #mk kung lao #max huang
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    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’m kind of baffled by the way self-insert is considered universally cringey, especially with fanfic, because like… as a writer? The idea of someone someday loving the story I’ve built so much that they decide to make themself part of it, and spend time and creativity making that happen, blows me away. I think if someone wrote self-insert fic of my work I would never recover. I feel like that’s the highest honor a fan can bestow on something they love.

    #fandom#fanfic#self insert #keep writing self insert babes you’re doing great
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    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    pink doodl on new tablet :3

    #my art#steven universe#su#gemsona#pink diamond #oc: pink diamond #self insert #drawing this made me nolstagic for su #;_;#2021#december 2021
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    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Gorillaz#2-D#Reader#self insert#fanfiction #The Digital Won't Let Me Go (Promotion) #I initially wrote some of this as a part of my upcoming sequel but I decided to take it out bc there was already enough drama going on #I don't normally write stuff like this but ig it's better than letting it sit in my head
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    Yeah, my spamton is a flirty little gremelin


    #deltarune #deltarune chapter 2 #Spamton #spamton x self insert #Comic#Art
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    pre-writing a fic is so hard for me... as soon as i finish a chapter i want to share it right away. i could go insane waiting to share this with you guys so here is an excerpt.

    alone together chapter one

    masterlist - coming December 14th

    She taps him on the back when she joins him outside, “you’re covered in snow,” she laughs.
    “Well, it is snowing,” he responds, instantly feeling embarrassed.
    “Did you drive here?”
    He shakes his head, “no, I was at work when she called me, my boss dropped me off, I was just going to get a taxi home.”
    “I parked down the road, it was a nice walk up. I can bring you home?” She offers, reaching out for his hand and taking it.
    “Thank you,” he holds her hand, walking with her down the snow-covered sidewalk.
    The roads are empty, the sun has set, the only lights are the bright orange streetlights, with Christmas banners and wreaths. Lights are strung along all the buildings, the shops are all decorated and the light hum of Christmas music echoes through the streets.
    “Do you like Christmas?” She asks.
    “I’ve never been fond of it, no,” he shakes his head. “It’s hard to love Christmas when your mom doesn’t know what day of the year it is…”
    “I can’t imagine,” she whispers. “I never really had a mom, I mean obviously if I was born I had one, but she died when I was 8. It’s just been me and my dad since then, I don’t remember her all that much.”
    “You know my story,” he sighs, wishing it wasn’t his mother’s side of events that she heard first.
    “No I don’t, I know Diana’s,” she rebuttals. “I may not catch serial killers for a living, but I know when someone is uncomfortable with the side of events being portrayed. I’m a history major.”
    “There’s a lot she doesn’t know about, things that made what was already bad, a lot worse,” he keeps it short. Not knowing her enough to trauma dump on her. Not really wanting to, either.
    “I’ve never met anyone without a traumatic childhood,” he presses her lips together in the same awkward smile he’s normally sporting. “I think we all go through horrible things to grow, as unfortunate as it is.
    “I see a lot of horrible things every day, some of which makes me grateful for the extent of how awful my childhood was,” he opens up just enough. “I am lucky to still have a mother, at the end of the day I know a lot of kids didn’t get that.”
    “It’s not healthy to compare—”
    “I know,” he cuts her off. “But I can’t help it, I feel bad about feeling bad… like I’m supposed to be grateful but I’m nowhere near it sometimes.”
    “That’s valid,” she nods along, “but you also never need to be, and that’s also okay. Being both grateful and upset at the treatment can happen, and it can be okay.”
    “How long have you been in therapy?” He catches it.
    “4 years,” she smiles again. “It’s working, isn’t it?”
    He laughs, “I might need to go to your therapist.”
    She squeezes his hand a bit tighter just before she drops it, “this is me,” she stops in front of a little silver car. “Where am I taking you?”
    “Did you still want to get dinner first?” He brings it up in case she forgot.
    “Absolutely,” she smiles again, something he’s never going to get tired of. “Get in.”
    She unlocks the door, moves stuff off her passenger seat and watches him get in, all while he can’t stop smiling. “Sorry for the mess.”
    “It’s okay,” he doesn’t mind in the slightest. “What did you want for dinner?”
    “There’s a pub-style restaurant down the road that’s pretty good,” she offers with a shrug.
    “Let’s go,” he agrees, putting on his seatbelt and letting the night take him where it may.
    #spencer reid #spencer reid smut #spencer reid fanfiction #spencer reid fanfic #spencer reid imagine #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid x y/n #spencer reid x you #spencer reid self insert #spencer reid request #criminal minds smut #criminal minds imagine
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    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Gift Yourself December: Day 4 - Yo-Kai Watch

    Man, RIP this game series ‘cause it was awesome. There were some flaws to it, namely that they did my boy Whisper absolutely dirty after the first game, but it still was a neat little thing. Also, I spent more effort than necessary on that second piece, but damn do I love Blandon and Moskevil.

    #gift yourself december #self insert#yo-kai watch #blandon yo-kai watch #moskevil
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  • valentivyss
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hello yes im deeply in love with (1) very pink man ((also featurin a prisoner and murder robo))

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  • sagacioussachi
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi. This post is a bad idea in two ways:

    1. If this is like the other times then I might stop self-shipping with this f/o and cringe painfully when I look back at this. Especially knowing people have seen it.

    2. It’s probably better to do separate posts so more people might see but I’m lazy and also, reason no. 1.

    But I feel like it’s a waste to make all of these drawings and edits and only see them myself(though that’s the most important lol)!

    Part 1. Most of the drawings I’ve made so far. Of this ship.

    So yeah. I love the tiny, widely misunderstood, smart and adorable Kokichi Oma. I’ve cried several times over chapter 5. H :’<


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  • odonghe
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    a question for other self shippers: do you have any fictional places that feel like home? a world, a town or city, a house, a spot of wilderness, etc. maybe you don't even have an f/o in this media, but the place is special enough to draw you back in?

    i think this is a special and interesting concept, because universes, settings and times have the power to invoke as much emotion and even a sense of love as fictional characters

    #for me. my biggest home is the town on gorkhon #but i also adore the entire great sea of ww #and forget me not valley #and also waffle island! #the mall of sh3 as well #self ship#selfship#self shipper#selfshipper#f/o#fictional other#self insert#selfinsert #plague.txt #ok to rb
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    my half of our art trade @polyamarhie ! tysm for allowing me to draw for you!

    #self ship#self insert#dragon age#fenris#art trade #oc x canon #marh!!! #shits and doodles #colored lineart #the sketch for this was so botched i was like lol who did this!!!!!11! me. i did. jfc. #ur s/i is so lovely tho i love their design sm!
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  • skeleton-selfships
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I really just want to cuddle, like so bad,,,,,

    #self insert #self insert community #self shipping#mcsm axel#romantic f/o#axel #minecraft story mode axel
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  • osazaii
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    my favourite interpretations made by the wombo art AI of my bsd self insert’s ability.

    his ability is called ‘the sky bleeds of agony’

    i will get more into it later, but this all came from an idea that if chuuya is the host for arahabaki, then there must be other people who are also hosts for different god(s).

    (i havent read storm bringer, keep that in mind)

    #wombo.ai #wombo.art #wombo app #bsd self insert #dee’s bsd self insert #dee’s bsd hyperfixation #bsd oc #dees random updates #bungou stray dogs #bsd#arahabaki
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