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  • sable-ships
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wait wait, I just realized - if I'm gonna be writing fics more, would anyone like to be tagged in them? Like a tag list? Just reply to this post or send an ask if you would. Also if you want to be on my tag list I want to be on yours if you have one!

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  • space-sweetheart
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Finally deciding to perhaps write something and it's for a character I don't selfship with. wonderful :). and I'm making this fic sound so fucking dramatic and I promise it's NOT lmao also it's just a warm up fic to hopefully get me back into the swing of writing bc I kinda miss it (???) so let's hope I don't go crazy with this fic bc it's JUST a warm up

    #alexys talks #once i get this fic outta the way lets hope ill write for some other characters and selfships
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  • mommysano
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #also i am just summarising my oc fic atp because we all know itโ€™s my selfship lmfao #now you have to tell me about wakaji ๐ŸŽค #ji <3 #๐ŸŒŠ.talk with mommy #๐Ÿช.khookey
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  • nerdstreak
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    chapter 2 is out, we're already halfway there! the convenience of adapting a 15 minute short film!

    reblogs and comments appreciated!

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  • nerdstreak
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    [title card fanfare]

    ey guess what i got the first chapter done of :3

    reblogs and comments appreciated!

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  • bittersweet-n-smilin
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Inspo โ€ข Gordon x Aiken fic โ€ข "Lullaby"

    "Almost over the hill," she thought. "We're almost over the hill. We can still fight. We can still win." She didn't know how many times she would have to repeat that to herself as she paced and paced. She couldn't stop thinking about it. What had happened was unexplainable and rage inducing.

    It was all so fast. Noise. Advisor. Pressure. Green light. Evil eyes. Alyx gone. Gordon collapsing.

    She couldn't stop thinking about him. He had gone through so much. Everyone hailed him as almost this god-like savior of humanity. "One Free Man" they would say. It was beginning to have a toll on him, she could tell. It broke her heart.

    Quietly shuffling her way to the room he was recovering in, she was suprised but not shocked to find him still awake, staring up at the ceiling into nothing. Everything was eating away at him, she could feel it. She quietly tapped on the doorframe to signal her presence, not wanting to startle her on-edge lover.

    "Hey," her voice a quiet whisper as she stepped towards his cot. He gave her a small wave back, relaxing just a little in her company. She knew he wouldn't feel safe enough to talk for a long time, but that was ok. If they could communicate when he went quiet before, they could sure as hell do it now. Softly, as if stroking the dew off a flower, she started to run her fingers through his hair. "Are you feeling any better?" He only shook his head slightly.

    "Would you mind if I crawled in beside you?" she asked. The resistance's make-shift medical cots were by no means too small for her to curl up beside him if she wished. "Might make you feel a bit better, love." In reply, he signed "please." Being careful not to agitate any injuries or bandages on his left side, she gently crawled under the sheets and laid close to him. She had one hand gently tracing his chest while the other continued playing with his hair. He seemed to relax a little more after that, to her relief.

    If they closed their eyes, they could pretend that the world hadn't gone to shit. They could go back to a time where all they had to worry about was research deadlines and blowing up the break room microwave. He had always made her feel so safe. Even as she feared the world and life itself, he kept her safe. Even as she loathed her existence, he kept her warm. She would give anything at all to give him the same warmth and comfort he always showed her. She knew what it was like to break apart, to be haunted by horrible memories. She knew he was suffering, and she wished she could take it all away. She wanted to have a turn taking care of him as he did to her.

    "Remember how when my depression got really bad, you used to sing to me?" she asked quietly. He nodded, eyes still closed. "Well, before I put myself to sleep, one day I was missing you so so much. So what I did was think about you and how you made me feel and how comforting you always were for me. I wrote a little poem and put it to a melody." He could feel his heart twinge a little, both with love and grief. In those four years before she too was frozen to time, she must have been through emotional hell. He didn't know why she was telling him this though, and frankly, he was a little too exhausted to think on it too hard.

    "Do you want me to sing it to you?" she whispered. There was a pause before he nodded at her again. As she began humming and singing, he felt almost at peace.

    Finally, for the first time in weeks, he would truly sleep.

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  • suyaluvs
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    #is this my punishment for writing sugar daddy rin #or is this my punishment for saying iโ€™d rock the ceoโ€™s shit when i see him #pls tumblr i didnโ€™t mean it #donโ€™t write sugar daddy rin yโ€™all #one will manifest if you do #oh shit i think i accidentally manifested a sugar daddy while writing #PLS IM BEGGING U ALL BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU WRITE A FIC BASED ON YOURSELF #MOOTS BE CAREFUL WRITING YOUR SELFSHIPS #i cannot believe #sumi says shit! โ€” ( ๊•ฅ )
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  • r-slash-jreghot
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    hnghh i wish i had like a single child f/o

    #most of my younger f/os are my siblings so #but i really like kids so #i could always just make a fankid but that feels weird for some reason #to be fair the only fankids ive made were for mc and 707 #idk man i guess if i find one ill find one #whats that one fic tag? accidental baby aquisistion #i def didnt spell that right but #you get the idea #dave talks to himself #dave selfships
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  • cartoon-gushes
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tw blood //

    Tfw you're new to the job and you ate dirt infront of your students and the other teacher you're supposed to look after as the health education teacher but its fine bc he's patching you up

    Except its not fine bc you're nervous and flustered as hell and he takes it as you being unnerved by him

    About the fic that inspired this under the cut!!

    This was inspired by chapter two of the amazing Koro-sensei x Reader fic called Senbazuru by @shrineheart right now on AO3, you literally get so much art alongside many of the chapters how cool is that?? Nothing but praise about it

    Its source accurate while exploring so much character arcs and depths and you get free info about Japan! The reader is gender neutral and all the NS//FW is skippable if you don't want to read it

    Anyways go read it if you've watched Assassination Classroom, highly recommended

    And if you haven't watched it, I still recommend it, it explains everything ๐Ÿ‘

    But also go watch the anime smh /lh

    #fuck you *promos my fav fic* #selfship stuffs#cartoon scribblz#selfship art#selfship #oc x canon
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  • boyfriend-collector
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Hylics isekai update - the basic plot so far. It's 4 am and I am thinking again

    #should be noted i'm not really sure whether or not im going to keep selfshipping with dedus romantically #i kinda chose him on a whim & im not really feelin it we might stay platonic in this fic #also i will eventually meet pongo & soms too #i have a really cool idea for like. basic gestural training w pongo but. im not there yet i need to simmer down ahahaha #im avoiding using their full names bc the tags arent that active and i do NOT want random fandomgoers to be subjected to my bullshit LMAO
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  • cells-superhell
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    #cell mumbles #//on one hand I shouldnt be upset bc it lasted for like 4 years and sure I have a new one coming in 1-2 weeks but like- #//I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF DRAWING SELFSHIP ART W/ PYRRHA WHY COULDNT YOU WAIT TILL AFTER I WAS DONE TO KICK THE BUCKET ;A; #//mannnn #//and it was looking so good toooo and now I cant draw digitally for 2 weeks :-[ #//well...... at least I can keep writing the s/i fic dsghsdghds I just hope I dont burn myself out before the tablet arrives
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  • bee-ships
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The final word count is ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ 2k words ๐ŸŽ‰

    #give it up for my longest selfship fic woo #I'm gonna revise it through the day and hopefully post it today :D #i can believe i wrote sm in like 40 hours
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  • iz-ana
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    โœพ ๐ญ๐š๐  ๐ข๐ง๐๐ž๐ฑ

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  • rae-naka-hara
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I think I'm going to start posting little blurbs of my selfships

    Blurb of the moment...

    Bakugou doesn't understand why I keep opening this god forsaken app and scroll thru it mindlessly. Then I tell him that it's like opening the cupboards expecting different snacks to magically appear and they never do, but I keep doing it. He groans and rolls his eyes before calling me a dumbass but then kisses me goodnight and rolls over in bed to go to sleep.

    #since work is going to start back up again #I won't have much time for fics #so selfship blurbs it is! #feel free to tell me about your self ships too hehe #raes.selfships #bakugou x me #bakugou katsuki
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  • angelic-wing
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    bedtime cuddles with your f/o โ„๏ธ

    packed with tender fluff <3

    its late and the outside is quiet, you rest your head against their chest and listen to the sound of their heartbeat and breath

    its slow and even and makes you feel warm. really, no matter where you were, cuddling close to them gave you a sense of safety and security like no other. no one could touch you when you were in their arms

    with a deep breath in, their scent flooded your senses. whether it was sour or sweet, floral or fresh, you wanted to sink into it more than anything

    you never felt the urge to shift or readjust against them, the position was perfect; not to mention you fit like a glove in the arch of their torso and the dip of their shoulder

    as you're resting together, their hand comes up to pet your hair, gently running through each strand

    the tender fingertips brushing across your head send a few chills down your spine, but the sensation is nothing short of lovely

    as long as it was them, their touch, their scent, their warmth; there was nothing you couldn't love when all they were giving you was love

    in this special moment, the both of you were untouchable

    it felt as though it would last forever, and as you fell asleep your dreams would be full of warmth and safety, and when you woke up, they would be there for you. ready to fall in love with you all over again

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  • datingdonovan
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    apparently Iโ€™m sick again for like the second time in a month??? want to write fic but tired. want to do an ask game but. still kinda tired. feel free to send me something fun if you have something fun to say๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    #the stuff of cece #can be about your ships or selfships #my ships or selfships #fandom! #not fandom! #your life? #fic recs? #honestly anything Iโ€™m just sick and sorta donโ€™t know what to do bc I feel too tired to really accomplish much but idk if Iโ€™ #*if Iโ€™m tired enough to sleep #Iโ€™m sorry everyone!!! for being annoying asking for interaction #bonk
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  • widowsdarling
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Also did I ever mention here that I wrote x reader fics for Jask right after the show came out on a fanfic blog that I ended up ghosting abahsnshsb this was also shortly before I officially joined selfship tumblr with my first blog. And then Jask was one of my first original, official f/os. What a crazy time!!! x reader fic to selfship pipeline in action. I was really proud of those fics too absjsnsjsnjsns

    #should I. go find those fics and rb them here abshbsjsnsj i wrote a 3 part series that I consider to be our selfship canon now ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ #that series also got so popular it made that blog the forst recommended blog when you looked up the tag ๐Ÿ˜ณ #it was a brand new blog so it was v overwhelming absjsnjs #then people only requested w.itcher fics from me & i never got to write anything else & thats why i ghosted the blog after like. 10 months #truly the most wild timeline abansnjsns #musings with wallace #j.p. the story is this ๐ŸŽถ
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  • yandere-delights
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    sorry y'all been on selfship brainrot so have a nice lil giohiro thought :

    hiro taking giorno ice-skating , the don is failing miserably and says he needs no help . he falls on his butt a few moments later " alright , fine . help me " . MY ONLY THOUGHT IS GIO AND HIRO HOLDING HANDS ON THE RINK - . with hiro trying to impress him with a few moves

    #i'll get to writing the droid fic #yandere giorno#not yandere #yandere jojoยดs bizzare adventure #yandere jjba#self ship#selfship community #jjba self insert #giohiro #i'm waiting for that anon
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  • angelic-wing
    28.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    woof / heaven

    my basic carrd: snowwoof.carrd.co

    more about stuff below!

    about me โ†


    im under the otherkin umbrella and aroace spectrum, and apart of an autistic system. im fictoplatonic but otherwise mostly unlabeled! im currently in a polyamorous, queer platonic relationship in RL

    i have self-dx disorders (unfortunately i cant get diagnosed) but i am most certain that i have adhd, autism, some form of bp disorder, anxiety and agoraphobia, and it is definitely not "just for attention"!

    pronouns โ†

    i use mainly neopronouns, but if you cant use those then he/him, they/them or she/her pronouns are fine too!

    my neopronouns and name list can be found here:

    please dni โ†

    this is a safe, no-hate place, but pedos, anti-antis, anyone against sfw age regression, terfs, transmed/truscum, etc. are not welcome here. fiction does affect reality.

    im a bit uncomfortable with nsfw but its totally okay to follow me if you post that, i just wont follow back due to my personal safety and comfort ^^ (or if you have a tag for it, ill just filter it!)

    this page โ†

    this is a warm space for, especially neurdivergent and mentally ill, people to escape into the world of fiction and comfort, to keep us safe and feeling loved!

    i never type in caps. i only use *asterisks* for emphasis, or type in bold/italic! if you need me to tag a trigger, please PM or send an ask to me! /g

    im here to find more people in this community who can help me feel accepted and safe, and i hope i can bring the same comfort for you as well!

    f/os โ†

    ive had four romantic f/os in the past, but my romantic attraction has since faded. now, i just sort of do whatever, with only a few f/o's who i deem to be platonic/familial leaning. i won't talk about my specific f/o's here, although i love them very much! ^^

    asks โ†

    feel free to ask me something f/o related or to gush! i cant guarantee a response but its most likely ill reply to these ^^

    requests โ†

    feel free to suggest/request specific imagine concepts or f/o scenarios you might like me to write, although i can't guarantee ill take them

    extra/what ill accept

    -not currently taking specific characters, just scenarios or concepts that ill expand on in a mini-fic or smth similar

    -only romantic and platonic scenarios, although i might be less willing to write romance in general

    -f/o's (fictional others or crushes)

    -f/fr's (fictional friends)

    -f/qpp (fictional queer platonic partners)

    -f/r's (fictional relations, whether it be siblings, parents, children, etc.)

    -fictional pets!

    incestual, pedophilic or nsfw requests will not be accepted

    my tags โ†

    all my tags start with a lil snowflake โ„๏ธ

    -#โ„๏ธ reblog (post i reblogged)

    -#โ„๏ธ imagine (imagine i wrote)

    -#โ„๏ธ question (question for you/f/o)

    -#โ„๏ธ platonic (platonic post)

    -#โ„๏ธ romantic (romantic-leaning post)

    -#โ„๏ธ doubt comfort (for any self-doubt)

    -#โ„๏ธ ramble (me talking!)

    -#โ„๏ธ reblog this (smth to reblog)

    -#โ„๏ธ activities (things 2 do to be reminded of/bond with your f/o)

    my main: @elkelix [it's just encanto content]

    Thanks for reading! I hope we can be mutuals :]

    the fictoplatonic flag coined by @no-rom-self-insert (from this post)
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