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  • kissbentennyson
    22.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    I Will

    I recently got the COVID and was in ✨~ pure agony~✨. A few of my family members, were getting healthy and over having covid themselves. My foster brother and I were stuck in our rooms, and I had to take care of myself. This brought up a lot of childhood stuff so,,,,, This is just me wanting someone to love me enough to take care of me when I really shouldn’t be caring for myself. 

    “Noooo, I’ll just get you sick!” 

    Sunshine's body slumps heavily against the bedroom door to keep it’s boyfriend out, Ben on the other side trying to push his way in. “C’mon, that’s the whole reason I'm here. Just let me in.” Truthfully, he could have overpowered them and got the door open so it wouldn’t over exert itself- but there was a chance he could hurt them in the process. He takes a step back to cool down. They had always been incredibly stubborn and insistent on taking care of itself. A lot like their older brother. 

    There’s a sigh from Ben’s side of the door, and they hear footsteps walking away from the door. Unfortunately enough for Ben, Sunshine knew their boyfriend well enough to not back away from the door. He’s probably betting on them backing away and to their bed. It was a few minutes of quiet, causing them to drift off for a good while- until there was a knock on the door. The sudden loud noise sent a pang of pain through their head, causing them to groan. “Sorry! I uh- made you soup with the packets that you have by the stove.” It knows it won’t be very good, that Ben could barely microwave food without something going wrong, but it hadn’t eaten yet that day. It gives itself a minute before scooting back and opening the door just a crack. 

    A single hand sticks out near the floor and does a grabby hand motion. The bowl is placed on the floor by the crack, suddenly both of Its hands shoot out and slide the bowl inside with them. It was followed by a gurgly coo of “Souuuuup.” The door shuts suddenly as Ben stuffs down a laugh. They slide away from the door, closer to their bed before they take a few sips. He definitely added a little too much water to the soup powder and didn’t add egg, but other than that, it was perfectly fine. “Fine, you may come in, but you have to stay away.” It then goes back to it’s food as their boyfriend pokes his head in. 

    Slowly he steps into the dark bedroom, the light blocking curtains closed tightly. His Significant Other had their back facing the door while they ate, a halloween themed peanuts blanket draped over their shoulders. Their hair hadn’t been brushed yet, fluffy, poking out on the sides, and tangled in the back. 


    They flood the blanket over their face as he tries to take the bowl from them. “Don’t get too close!” The bowl is placed in their dresser, beside the various rocks, figures, jewelry, and… that damn clown doll. Ben stares at it for a second before shivering and turning away. They still have the blanket over their face, like a kid who doesn’t want to get up early on thanksgiving morning to go to their aunts. He smiles a bit, coming up behind it and wrapping his arms around their waist before lifting them off the ground. 

    A little squeal leaves them, not expecting to be picked up. Their sickly self being placed gently on their messy, stuffed animal covered bed. Ben had never actually picked them up before, it itself honestly didn’t think it was possible. Slightly muscular skinny guy being able to pick up his chubbier s/o? Yeah no- until now of course. They immediately turn towards the wall and curl up into a fetal position, letting out a groan of “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…” Never actually caring about his S/o’s warnings, he crawls in beside them before pilling them in close. There’s a soft huff, followed by “I can’t wait until the universe’s only savior gets sick before an all-life ending situation, and it’s all my fault.” 

    Ben lest out a gentle laugh, pressing his face into the blanket covered back of their head. “Just try not to stress yourself out over that, okay?” There isn’t an answer, only a strained, wheezing cough a moment later followed by a warranted groan. His lips press flat, that didn’t sound good- like, at all. 

    “Maybe you need me more than the universe does right now.”

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  • ourlittleforever
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    "Thalia, honey, Millie's here!" Thalia's father called out, and she could hear him greeting her girlfriend. He seemed to already think of Millie as his daughter-in-law, despite the fact that both they and Thalia were still in high school.

    "Thank you, Mr. Traft," Millie said politely, grinning over their shoulder. They entered Thalia's bedroom carrying two bags of takeout and one bag full of sweets. "Hey, baby." They grinned and set the bags down on the table in front of the couch, where Thalia was set up for the evening.

    She'd broken her ankle during the biggest basketball game of the year, of course. Without Thalia on the court, the team had lost miserably, and it had left her in a sour mood, even the next day. Millie was doing their best to cheer her up.

    "I brought Chinese. Sweet and sour chicken for us both -- and we can split the gyoza." Millie kissed her on the cheek and plopped down on the couch beside her. "Oh, and all the chocolate $20 could buy."

    "You're the best." Thalia smiled as Millie handed her her box of takeout. "You didn't have to do all this, really."

    "Of course I did! You're my girlfriend, Thalia. If I don't spoil you when you shatter your ankle, who will?" Millie frowned as they glanced at Thalia's blank cast. "No one's signed it yet?"

    "It's only been a day, babe," Thalia laughed.

    "I would've thought your teammates would have swung by to see how you were." Millie sighed, getting up to dig in their girlfriend's desk for a sharpie. "Allow me the honors, my lady."

    The basketball player rolled her eyes affectionately as Millie wrote their name in big, curly letters, with hearts surrounding their name. "Aaaand... Done." They gave her a sweet smile. "Now, how about we put on a movie and snuggle up?"

    "Sounds like a plan, lovebug."

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  • r-slash-jreghot
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #i maybe got distracted in the middle of writing this #i was reading midoris wiki page #anyways thank you for the ask #i really like writing about me and midori although a lot of ask memes dont really work for it #cause so many of them are a bit too lovey dovey and we kinda hate each other #but yknow#answered ask #oh also midori so sleeps like hes in a coffin #just btw#omrade echorin #midori my beloathed #dave selfships
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  • femsshipspace
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Imagine going to a concert with your F/O. Which band or solo artist would you see and who would sing along louder? You or your F/O? Also would you later on buy merch and of what kind? Your F/O or you?

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  • ninasrandomships
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    imagine this as you and your f/o <3

    #omw to take a nap with felix🚶‍♂️ #f/os#f/o#f/o community#f/o imagine#f/o imagines #self shipping community #self ship community #selfshipping#selfship#selfship imagines#selfshipper#f/o stuff #imagine your fictional other #imagine your f/o #imagine your comfort character #nina writes imagines
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  • dejwrites
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    goodnight babes. 💞

    #deja speaks. #i got no writing done today #work tired me out #my high got fuckin blown ! #but it’s cool cause i ate some bomb ass ramen and sushi today #i’m going to do some writing tomorrow #expect a selfship prompt tomorrow also!
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  • space-sweetheart
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Finally deciding to perhaps write something and it's for a character I don't selfship with. wonderful :). and I'm making this fic sound so fucking dramatic and I promise it's NOT lmao also it's just a warm up fic to hopefully get me back into the swing of writing bc I kinda miss it (???) so let's hope I don't go crazy with this fic bc it's JUST a warm up

    #alexys talks #once i get this fic outta the way lets hope ill write for some other characters and selfships
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  • heavenlyships
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    so hero f/os amiright? gosh this is so long

    the hero f/os who come home bruised and bandaged after a fight but you reassure them that they are doing good in the world, that they helped someone. Telling them that you're proud of the work they do, the hardships they get through to do what they do

    the hero f/os who can't tell you who they are just yet, the f/os who might even be worried about putting you in danger or the f/os that unapologetically tell you straight up this is who they are cause hey it's pretty cool but no matter what the case is they trust you like no other so they don't hide the truth for long if they even do

    the hero f/os who at any sign of trouble feel the need to step in for anyone, genuinely looking out for people and not turning a blind eye.

    the hero f/os who the hero life is hard and difficult for them but every time they drag their body out into the street to fend off any trouble and see the look in someone's eyes as they thank them makes the ache of the job a little easier to bare

    the hero f/os who bring you flowers or something that makes you smile after showing up late for a date cause someone was robbing a bank or cause they stopped the world from coming to an end

    the hero f/os who lose their shit seeing you in any merch of their hero persona like a hoodie cause you look so cute!! or maybe you bought a little plushie of them to always have around you. it's just the sweetest thing to them

    the hero f/os who send you breathtaking photos of their city either late at night or early in the morning cause the sight was too pretty not to show their favorite person in the whole world

    the hero f/os who come home to you, who make it their mission to make sure they come back to you after a fight or something. They might deal with some dangerous folks but nothing scares them most than not being with you safe and sound

    the hero f/os who see YOU as their hero. you are more heroic than you know in their eyes the living day to day, pushing and doing the best you can? it's inspiring to them beyond words! the kindness, love and compassion you show them despite any hardships you've been through. you are their hero as much as they are yours

    (important thing to note: this is not a post to discredit those who have villain or not so heroic f/os cause you all are just as wonderful! having an f/o that does dastardly deeds is valid they love you just the same don't let anyone tell you other wise! /gen)

    #but really those with villain or evil f/os are great also this is just a silly little post cause i had feeling™️ #and i mean A LOT OF FEELINGS #sigh just hero f/os man idk something about em #okay to reblog just wanted to post something #selfshipping#selfshipping imagines #imagine your f/o #imagine your fictional other #f/o imagines#selfshipping positivity#selfship community #[🍓]: b writes sometimes #💙: like gravity i'll be unstoppable {d} #❤️‍🩹: goodness we've been bamboozled! {j} #❣️
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  • ninasrandomships
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    imagine your f/o with messy hair after they‘ve woken up from a nap <3

    #messy hair f/o supremacy🛐 #f/os#f/o community#f/o stuff#f/o#romantic f/o #imagine your fictional other #imagine your comfort character #imagine your favorite character #imagine your f/o #self shipping community #selfship#selfshipping#self ships#self shipping #self ship community #self shipper #nina writes imagines
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  • gemssum
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    as always i’m thinking about leon and today’s thoughts involve: domesticity - under a read more because i could literally talk about him all day

    rewatching RE:ID this morning put back to the forefront of my brain all of the strange and/or dangerous places he gets assigned to for missions — ofc it’s his job and he’s skilled enough to make it out, but it’s been shown in canon how much it affects him mentally (i mean who Wouldn’t be affected by fighting literal zombies all the time??) and i just want him to have at least one space where he doesn’t have to worry :(

    so specifically today i just thought about simply taking care of him — i want to run him warm water and make sure all of the grime from whatever his latest far off mission put on him is gone, and make sure he eats well, and has clean + comfy clothes to relax in, and just Like hold him and listen to him if he wants to talk, and make sure he knows he’s safe and loved :(( he always has to be competent and strong everywhere else and i want to do what i can to help take that weight off of his shoulders because i know he’d do the same for me 😔 it’s just serious fictional man yearning hours yall

    #this took much longer to write than i thought #i just wanted to write a little thing but it ended up being a text dump lmfao #romantic f/o: leon #mycaela rambles#selfship#my post
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  • miutonium
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Dude ahhhhh so I hcd that Utonium had a wife previously right and he wanted to have kids together and they tried but couldnt conceive a child. So when the girls came into his life he is so stoke because he always wanted to be a dad and teach his kids to be good people for the city and also because he is so lonely after his first wife passed 🥺🥺🥺

    And ahhh today I thought of Chloe being pregnant with his kid but she wasn't aware of it until she noticed her period is late and she keeps getting morning sickness and one day decided to take a test and when she walked out of the bathroom with teary eyes and a positive test in her hand, Utonium looked at her with worry in his eyes and asked "Oh no honey, are you okay? I heard you threw up again, let me see your tempature." And he deadass thought she has food poisoning and the test in her hand is a thermometer 🥺🥺🥺🥺 he didn't think of anything other than immediately assume Chloe is sick from his awful attempt at dinner the other day 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    #look shhh he is a smart man he has published multiple papers and has double phd probably #but he is also a dork and he probably never see a pregnancy test before even though he tried having a baby with his prev wife #haha Utonium touched the test where Chloe peed on it haha #no i know nothing about pregnancy shit other than writing 2 reader insert fanfics about it and #get a surprisingly hit notes from it qwird flex i know #but shhh shut up Utonium deserves this he wants to have more kids even though he has 3 kids at home and ahhhh im sure he can be- #a good dad to them too 🥺🥺🥺🥺 #cw pregnancy #just in case #asuka speaks#professor utonium#ppg professor#selfship#selfshipping#selfshipping community#selfship community#selfship headcanons
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  • nerdstreak
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    chapter 2 is out, we're already halfway there! the convenience of adapting a 15 minute short film!

    reblogs and comments appreciated!

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  • oswaldshusband
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    *tiredly pours dr pepper* regarding my previous post’s tags though, if anything, my/rockys shyness would only encourage them further to get me to dance with them, if for nothing else to tease and bc they want me/rocky to be happy

    #(i rly dont know which pov to write in for my self insert im sorry if its awkward ;-;) #gay mumbling #i think first pov w selfship posts is so fucking good and tender dgmw #ot5: full house of leather
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  • fictionalcharacterlovetimes
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    (this one’s a bit heavy! please don’t read if you’re triggered by mentions and discussion of eating disorders <3 stay safe babes)

    hello selfshippers with EDs

    - when your f/o found out you have an eating disorder, they immediately wanted to help.

    - maybe they did their research, or maybe they asked you personally about your symptoms (if you were comfortable with it ofc)

    - either way, they want to understand where this is coming from.

    - if your ED is based around needing control, they always make sure they’re not overstepping your boundaries

    - if your ED is based on the way your body looks, they do all they can to make you feel comfortable in your own skin

    - also, if you ever relapse, they’ll help guide you back on track.

    - they would never force you to do anything you don’t want to, though. if you can’t eat right now, they’re not going to force you. they know it could cause more harm than good, and they’d never want to make your condition worse.

    - and, most importantly: they love you, and they never want to see you in pain again.

    #ed tw#ed //#tw ed #uhh if anyone else needs more tags on this lmk <3 #f/o imagine#f/o#f/o positivity#f/o suggestion#Selfshipping#Selfship#self shipping#self ship #btw i have an ed myself so im writing this from experience #also my ask box is always open if you ever need help #im not a professional #but i can do my best #<3
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  • nerdstreak
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    [title card fanfare]

    ey guess what i got the first chapter done of :3

    reblogs and comments appreciated!

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  • phen0l
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I rarely in my life ever contemplate commissioning canon/oc art for myself so I want to PUKE at the fact that I want to commission art for this hell fic (obvs MC has no appearance in the fic but I have a placeholder appearance in my head and that would be the design for the art). Like......for Dabi???? WHY FOR THIS MAN. But god the toxic chemistry is so weirdly delicious and the visuals would be so compelling for the romantic scenes. 🥲

    #i would do selfship art probs if i had a selfship. but weirdly enough i do not have an actual selfship #someday i will do a matchup and find the 2d lover of my dreams #writing shitposts #??? kinda?
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  • adoring-gushes
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #he's so fucking gay i hate him (i flustered myself while writing this hel) #doing this was a good idea actually i love being gay on my selfship tumblr blog for all 13 of my followers to see #hfhshdhshd i just. yeah <3 #f/o takeover #windblown kisses 🍃
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  • ourlittleforever
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    “Aaaaand… done!”

    Millie grinned to themself and clapped excitedly, proud of their work. The cake was beautiful, a sweet vanilla with pink frosting that Millie had mixed themself, coloring and all. They used red frosting to create delicate roses on the top, and placed a strawberry in the center. Millie stood back and admired the cake; they’d recently picked up baking as a hobby, with Thraben’s resurgence allowing them to get their hands on ingredients they never had in Elgaud. Back home, the cake would have been very plain – no frosting, no fruit. At the time they had never thought much of it. Now, they were unsure how they had ever lived.

    When they were young, they would go into nearby Havengul for sweets, but that was quite rare. Their strict parents never let them go into the city alone; of course, Alisa, their sister, was allowed to run free. “It’s because she’s a cathar. She can take care of herself,” their parents would say, despite the fact that Millie was four years her senior and a strong spellcaster in their own right.

    Whatever, they thought. They were free from Havengul, from Elgaud, from the strictness of their parents. They had a new life in Thraben with their beloved Thalia.

    Thalia. Just the thought of her warmed Millie’s heart. Their partner, the Guardian of Thraben, was the most phenomenal person they’d ever met; had it not been for her lack of wings, they would have mistaken her for an angel. They’d been with Thalia for three years, and living with her for longer; the two were best friends before that.

    Their partner opened the door, a bouquet of flowers in hand. “Princess,” she cooed as Millie ran to her, embracing her tightly. She was still wearing her armor, despite the city being safe once more. According to Thalia, it was more ceremonial at this point, a symbol to the people. “Love, will you go on a walk with me? It’s beautiful out.” She gestured to the sun, just beginning to set, and a warm breeze lifted Millie’s skirt.

    “I’d love that. Should I bring some of the cake I made?”

    “Let’s save it for when we get home.” Thalia kissed them as she handed them the bouquet. Millie breathed it in deeply: a dozen roses, white and red, tied with a beautiful pink bow. They tucked the bouquet in the crook of their arm, then took Thalia’s hand. Even through the thick gloves, it was warm.

    “Where are we headed?” Millie asked, tilting their head to look up at her. She was a foot taller than them, and her large pauldrons often made it hard for them to see her face.

    “I thought we’d climb up the Cathedral and watch the sunset from there.”

    “The Cathedral?” Millie asked. “Wasn’t it destroyed entirely?”

    “The Host of Herons rebuilt it quickly, with the help of Liesa and the Dawnhart Coven.” Thalia squeezed their hand as they began to weave through the evening merchant crowd. “It’s beautiful now. I just have to show it to you, princess.”

    Millie felt a deep sense of pride as they walked through the streets with their partner, the city’s protector, the world’s greatest hero. The citizens of Thraben stepped to the side to allow Thalia and Millie to pass through effortlessly. Some cheered; some were quietly gracious, waving and grinning at the cathar and her partner. “Popular, aren’t you?” Millie teased.

    Thalia flushed. She was confident in her leadership but always flustered by people thanking her for her work. “I guess you could say that.”

    The couple finally made it to the Cathedral. Millie had only been to the Cathedral of Avacyn once, before the late seraph’s madness five years prior. The witch had been a child and incredibly bored at a wedding that took place in the chapel. It had been beautiful then, though, that much they remember. Now, the building was utterly radiant.

    Angels drifted through the air like butterflies at the roof’s peak, the fading sunlight catching in their snow white wings and reflecting as if made of glass. Ivy crawled up the edifice and surrounded the rosetta window. A stylized heron, made of gorgeous stained glass, was perched in the middle of the rosetta. The spires, once shattered in The Travails, were rebuilt with the highest quality stone. And even though Avacyn was gone, her symbol watched over all, her collar decorating each pinnacle. “Oh, blessed angels, Thalia. It’s beautiful.”

    “Wait until you see the inside.”

    They entered the church, now decorated in shades of green, white, and gray, symbolizing the archangels of Heron and Dusk. Stained glass windows stood tall on either side of the nave, depicting the history of Innistrad including the triumph over wickedness at the Travails and the Battle of Thraben. Two stone hippogryffs stood on either side of the chansel, looking over the choir. While still beautiful, there was a humble elegance to the church, unlike the haughty grace of the Cathedral when Avacyn ruled.

    A few angels dressed in clerical garb greeted Thalia and Millie. Thalia nodded politely, slightly lifting Millie’s hand as if to say, “Look at my partner!” The witch blushed – they had never thought they would be shown off to angels of all beings.

    The couple ascended the stairs to the rafters, where the host of angels gathered to rest. When Millie and Thalia got there, however, the rafters were empty. Millie glanced around curiously, a nervous pang gripping their heart. They remembered the days of The Travails, where angels of the collapsed flights of Alabaster and Goldnight decimated the local population without rest or mercy. Thalia sensed Millie’s apprehension. “It’s okay, princess. I called in a favor.”


    The Guardian of Thraben grinned. “Did you forget? I know Sigarda personally.”

    “Don’t tell me you asked Sigarda to move all her angels just so you could watch the sunset with me.”

    “Okay. I won’t tell you that.” Thalia laughed, a gorgeous melody in the rafter’s high-roofed walls. “C’mere, princess.” She tugged on their hand and brought them over to a large, clear window, open to allow the rapidly cooling air to blow through the room. Millie stared out over the city in wonder. It was no surprise that Avacyn had watched the world from here, or that Sigarda and Liesa had it rebuilt so they could oversee Innistrad’s regrowth. From here, they could see from the center of the city, over the Outer Wall, into the Nearheath and beyond. Tears pricked Millie’s eyes as they gazed upon Thraben, knowing the future of Innistrad was safe, in large part thanks to their beloved Thalia.

    Thalia took the bouquet Millie held and set it on the window sill before taking their tiny hands in her large ones. Her crystal blue eyes were gorgeous in the low light. “I love you,” she whispered. “Millie… can I tell you something?” They nodded, and she smiled softly and continued. “I’ve always fought for this world, the people. It was exhausting, and I could feel my hope faltering, even after the nameless horrors fled the world. And then… I met you, and you gave me strength. I fell for you. You gave me something new to fight for. I had to clear Thraben not just for Innistrad, but for you. So I could have a future with you.” She squeezed their hands. “Millie, I love you with everything I have. You are my future.” She knelt, and Millie realized what was happening. They gasped as she produced a small box with a simple silver ring inside. “Millie d’Fleur, will you bless me with your hand in marriage?”

    They wept openly, nodding, unable to speak. Thalia slipped the ring onto their finger and stood to embrace them. Millie kissed her passionately, their tears mixing with Thalia’s. “I love you,” they managed to murmur against her plush lips. “Thalia… you’re my everything.”

    “And you’re mine, princess.” She kissed them once more and set them down. “I’m so blessed you’re in my future, and that I can face the world with you by my side. I love you.”

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  • butterfly-selfships
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    hey. you're valid if you share all of your f/os. you're valid if you don't like sharing any of them. you're valid if you only share some. you're valid if you only have one f/o. you're valid if you have hundreds. you're valid if you get jealous seeing others selfship with your f/o. you're valid if you encourage or like to see others selfship with your f/o. you're valid if you are in an irl relationship and still have f/os. you're valid if you don't focus as much on your f/o at times! you're valid if you love some of them more than others. you're valid if you only have romantic f/os. you're valid if you only have platonic f/os. you're valid if you only have familial f/os. you're valid if you have them all! you're valid if you take your selfshipping very seriously and get your f/o gifts and treat them like a real person in a real relationship. you're valid if you don't take it as seriously, and see them simply as a character! you're valid if you selfship for fun. you're valid if you do it to cope. you're valid if you started doing it without knowing.

    you. are. valid.

    there is so much hate within the selfship community and all we want to do is find love in the things we enjoy. so long as you're not hurting anyone or endangering anyone in the process, your selfshipping is so valid! your f/o loves you so much, and they are so happy that you guys met. and hey! whoever your f/o is, they wanted me to tell you this today - "I'm so proud of how you're doing. I know you've been struggling lately, but you have come so far. You're so strong, and I want you to know that I'm here for you, no matter how hard it gets. Please don't forget how loved and valued you are. I'll always be here to remind you of that.♡"

    stay safe, your f/o believes in you! happy selfshipping, always and forever!

    -- signed with love, shouta and katt <3

    #shouta helps me write these posts #my f/o believes in you too! #and I do too #self ship community #self shipper#selfshipper#self ship#self shipping#selfship validation#selfship community
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