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  • vinceisdead
    02.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    some lego batman headcanons!! <3

    - bruce, after adopting dick (haha), is now super cautious when taking him to school, on patrol, etc. alfred thinks its really sweet and always has to reassure bruce, on dicks first day of school every year, that his sons gonna be okay <3

    - sometimes when bruce has to go on patrol and can’t hang out with dick, drive them to school, etc. and alfreds gone, he’ll call jack and ask him if they can go over and take care of dick :D (jack rly does like hanging out with dick even if they say they dont)

    - alfred makes two lunchboxes for bruce and dick when they go on patrol because he didnt ONE TIME and they came back starving and exhausted shdslk he fed them and gave them a lecture :)

    -  sometimes, with bruces permission, jack and harley will take dick out to go shopping, get ice cream, just some real bestie shit- or they’ll come over and bake or play video games together. (bruce secretly loves it)

    - jack is actually a rly good cook/baker and will make everyone breakfast in the morning after he’s stayed the night (bonus: bruce and jack got into a flour fight while making pancakes and alfred walked into the kitchen to see them on the floor losing it)

    - dick has a sneaking suspicion that padre and jack arent just “friends”

    - bruce and jack, flustered and stumbling over their words, quickly shut this “ridiculous insinuation” down. dick didn’t buy it but okay!

    - jacks hair has gotten longer and bruce loves it so he constantly tries to come up with an excuse to braid it or run his fingers through it, but hes really bad at covering the real reason up bc hes stuttering n shit so jack will just smile at him and sit with his back against bruces chest and say “go to town, ya sap”

    - jack calls alfred “jeeves” and he says it so seriously and naturally that everyone whos in the room loses it whenever he does DSKSB alfred tries to ignore it gsjgka


    - gay alfred rights. no- no. you heard what i said. he never really told anyone but one day while talking to bruce in the batcave it just kind of slipped out and bruce was like “oh fr?? shittt thats cool alfred <3” SKDLSBSLF (he/him, cis, gay)

    - since dick is pretty young he doesnt completely understand the concept of sexuality and identity just yet, but they fully support any and all!! theyve also come across the term non-binary and feels like its perfect for how he feels! (he/him/they/them, non-binary, not quite sure yet they just like people :D)

    - bruce also is still trying to understand and learn more about all of the lgbtq+ terms/sexualities/identities, he wants to make sure that he is always respectful! he has however, come to the conclusion that he likes men and women >:) (he/him, cis, bisexual)

    - jack got very excited when dick came to him for advice on these things because they love introducing and educating people on the community! he was also ecstatic when dick came out to them as non-binary and told him that their pronouns were he/they!! because now they were pronoun buddies!! jack is also ftm trans :D (he/him/they/them, trans, gay)

    - i felt like i should do barbara because...idk i just want to sdshk- barbara, honestly just in this movie to me, is a straight ally (i think that apart from this movie that shes a lesbian!) who will attend pride events and pass out candy, give hugs, etc. she loves the community and like bruce, always tries her best to be respectful and correct when using her terms!! yayay! (she/her, cis, straight ally)

    - harley!!! harley is a loud and proud bisexual woman and she is dating poison ivy >:)) who, i headcanon, is a lesbian YUUUP- harley was there for jack when they needed her and she was the one who taught jack about all of the terms and stuff :)) the three of them (harley, ivy, and jack) will go to pride parades/events together and sometimes jack will persuade bruce to go with them <3 (harley: she/her, cis, bisexual. ivy: she/her, cis, lesbian also off topic but ivy is black and has long red braids fucking fight me)

    - ill do selina too!! selina is a butch lesbian that has her very rare moments of being feminine sjjsk i love her- she likes to go to clubs and make sure to beat up anyone whos getting a little too touchy feely towards other people or beat up anyone whos just being an asshole >:) as she should! she honestly doesnt care much about pronouns just dont use he/him and ur good (she/her/they/them/etc., cis, lesbian)


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    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago


    Selina and Bruce making The Twins(Cass amd Tim) Sleep

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  • verissimvs
    02.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Selina Kyle: A kiss under the mistletoe. You know, mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.

    Bruce Wayne: But a kiss can be even deadlier... if you mean it.

    [silence as they realize each other's identities]

    Selina Kyle: Oh, my God. Does this mean we have to start fighting?

    Bruce Wayne: Let's go outside

    [Quotes between Selina and Bruce at the Maxquerade Ball in Batman Returns]

    Parallels between Batman Returns//The Dark Knight Rises ball scenes

    #batman returns #the dark knigth rises #batcat#selina kyle#bruce wayne#catwoman#batman#michael keaton#michelle pfeiffer#christian bale#anne hathaway #thinking about these scenes again and how much I love them #the one from Gotham is also very good #not my pics #they are also peak bi/het relationships between men and women #canon bi character #manifesting malewife bruce #akajustmerry #inspired by your reblog to make this post
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  • dccomicsimagines
    02.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Vacation of Body and Mind - Damian Wayne x Reader

    Requested by Anon -  Hey, how are you? Would you mind making Damian Wayne fall in love with the daughter of the green arrow and the black canary?


    “Father, this is ridiculous,” Damian said for the hundredth time since they boarded the private plane. He slumped in his seat, putting his feet on the coffee table.

    Bruce just hummed, turning a page in his newspaper. Selina snuggled closer to Bruce’s side, resting her cheek on his shoulder. “I wonder where his off switch is,” Selina whispered loudly to Bruce. Damian glared at her. Selina only smiled at him cheekily.

    “Damian, enough. This vacation is for all of us to relax and recover.” Bruce lowered the newspaper to eye Damian. “You’re seventeen and still a minor. When you’re eighteen, then you can decide whether you go on vacation or not.” He snapped his newspaper and turned a page. 

    “TT.” Damian slowly got to his feet and limped over to the kitchenette. He opened the mini fridge, eyeing all the drinks inside. His body was still weak from the Martian disease that had overtaken the planet three weeks before. The Justice League barely developed a vaccine and treatment in time. Damian glanced over his shoulder at his father, frowning when he saw Selina massaging his shoulders. His father was still weak too. Both Batman and Robin were the first ones exposed to it.

    He took a bottle of iced tea and moved toward the cockpit. “I’m surprised you hadn’t crashed the plane yet, Drake.” 

    Tim snorted, flicking a switch on the controls. His eyes stayed on sky in front of him. Stephanie, however, spun around in the co-pilot seat. “Aww, Dami. We were just talking about you.”

    “I can’t believe Father is letting you come along.” Damian leaned against the door frame, exhausted from just the few steps he took. He cursed himself for being so weak.

    “Well, we deserved a vacay too.” Steph smiled sweetly. “After all, who was Batman and Robin while you two were sick like dogs?” 

    Tim chuckled. “I still can’t believe we got Two-Face to believe Robin was a girl all this time and was just dressing like a guy.” 

    Damian rolled his eyes, clicking his tongue. “Are we almost there yet? Father didn’t say where we were going.” He took a sip of the iced tea, wrinkling his nose at the sugary taste. 

    “It’ll be another three hours.” Tim glanced over his shoulder at Damian. “Why don’t you go sit down before you fall down?”

    “Don’t tell me what to do.” Damian crossed his arms, studying Tim and Steph. “I thought you broke up?”

    “We did.” Steph relaxed in her seat and crossed her legs. “But that doesn’t mean we’re not friends and I’m never going to say no to a free vacation.” 

    Tim hummed. “Bruce got us separate rooms.” He eyed Damian worriedly. “But seriously, go relax. Take a nap if you need to.” 

    Damian shook his head and left the cockpit. “I’m surrounded by idiots.” He limped back to his seat. His head spun, forcing him to blink back the black that swarmed his vision. Reclining his chair, Damian closed his eyes. His heart ached a little, wishing Alfred was here, but Alfred died years before. There were times Damian thought he was over it, but then it would hit him and that lump would appear in his throat again.

    “Bat, don’t you dare answer that phone,” Selina warned. Damian opened his eyes, turning his head to watch the couple. Selina was standing in front of Bruce with her hands on her hips, eyes narrowed dangerously. A tiny smirk pulled at Damian’s lips. At least he wasn’t the only one in trouble.

    “Cat.” Bruce held the phone in his hand halfway to his ear. Their standoff lasted a full minute. Neither of them saying a word. Damian snorted when Bruce slowly handed the phone to Selina. Selina smiled and tucked the phone away in her pocket. 

    “Thank you.” Selina sat in Bruce’s lap and kissed his lips. Damian rolled his eyes and turned away to face the window. He allowed himself to slip into a light sleep.


    “Wow Dad, you really went all out on this vacation, didn’t you?” You said once Oliver opened up the door to the suite in the tropical resort. It was huge with a balcony facing the ocean with it’s own hot tub and infinity pool. There was a master bedroom on one end and a smaller one on the other. 

    “Anything for my girls.” Oliver gestured for you to go in first. You grabbed the suitcases while Oliver pushed Dinah’s wheelchair in. 

    Dinah shook her head, but a smile was on her lips. “Ollie, you really went too far.” 

    Oliver leaned down to kiss Dinah’s cheek. “Hey, you need to recover and we all could use a break. It’s not everyday you catch a deadly Martian virus.” You wandered over to look out the window at the sparkling ocean. The fear from your mother’s illness hadn’t passed yet. You blinked back tears before you turned to look at your parents. 

    “I’m going to unpack.” You left Dinah’s suitcase by Oliver’s and took yours into the smaller bedroom. Once the door was firmly closed behind you, your body went limp and you slid to the floor with your back against the door. 

    You felt all the stress of the last few weeks crash down on you. Your chest tightened, tears slipped down your cheeks. When Dinah fell ill, Oliver wouldn’t leave her side. You were forced to pick up the slack everywhere. Making sure Oliver was taking care of himself and Dinah was being cared for, patrolling Star City every night, tending to Queen Industries business, plus your schoolwork. You weren’t sure if your parents knew just how much you had to take on.

    Eventually, you calmed and dragged yourself to your feet to start to unpack. Your family would be here for two weeks, so you made yourself at home in your room. Just when you put the last of your clothes in the dresser, a knock came from your door. “It’s open,” you said, painting a happy-go-lucky smile on your face. 

    “Hey, sweetheart.” Oliver came in, wearing a pair of swim trunks and a terrible floral button down shirt. You should have made sure to ‘accidently’ destroy that shirt when you did laundry before the trip. “Your mom is taking a nap, so I was wondering if you want to head down to the beach with me?”

    You glanced out the window at the beautiful beach. “Sure, just let me get dressed.”

    Oliver nodded and suddenly caught you in a hug. “That’s my girl.” He spun you around. You giggled, remembering when you were little and he would do the same thing. It’s like you would never outgrow Ollie’s flying hugs. He set you down, winded. “Ow, you’re almost too old for that anymore.” 

    “Yet you never stop.” You kissed Oliver’s cheek. “I love you, Dad.”

    “Love you, kiddo.” Oliver left the room and shut the door behind him. You sighed, dropping the happy façade. All you wanted was to take a nap, but you couldn’t say no. 

    You changed into a swimsuit and packed your beach bag. Taking a deep breath, you prepared yourself to act like you weren’t dead tired and wanted to sleep for weeks. Your parents couldn’t know the strain they put you under. You relaxed. Maybe this might be fun? You put the bag over your shoulder and went to meet your father.


    “Don’t even think about it, Brown,” Damian warned when he felt Steph’s shadow block the sunlight on his back. The family was on the beach, having settled in their rooms and headed down right after. Steph sighed in disappointment. 

    “You’re no fun, Dami.” She left, allowing the sun to warm Damian’s bare skin again. He laying on his stomach in a lounge chair, sun tanning and napping. Damian smirked when he heard Tim shout in surprise a moment later. 

    He felt a hand rest on his back. The hand was rough with calluses. “Damian, Selina and I are going in. We’ll meet you in the room for dinner at seven,” Bruce said. 

    “Try to keep Tim and Steph out of trouble, huh?” Selina teased. Damian opened his eyes to look at her only to see Tim chasing Steph around the beach. 

    “I’ll do my best. You know they are impossible.” Damian rolled onto his back and stretched his arms above his head. “While this vacation is a waste of time, I do find this chair quite comfortable.” 

    Bruce chuckled. “Just try not to get sunburnt on the first day.” He wrapped an arm around Selina’s waist and they both walked off toward the resort. Damian sighed, looking out at the ocean. He felt at peace, which is not something he would have expected. 

    Tim and Steph ran past him, bumping into a beautiful woman who was walking by. She gasped and started to fall toward Damian. On reflex, Damian caught her in his lap. A familiar stirring came to his gut, but Damian quickly thought of Selina and his father having sex and it calmed. The woman looked at him, freezing when their eyes met.


    “Thank you.” Your cheeks burned as you realized you were currently in a very attractive man’s lap. His hands stayed on your waist. He had the most dazzling eyes you had ever seen. “Sorry.” You got up quickly and picked up your dropped beach bag. 

    “I am the one who should apologize. Those idiots are with me unfortunately.” He smiled and your abdomen buzzed at the sight. You had never felt this way before. “I’m Damian.” He held out his hand.

    You took it shyly, clearing your throat. “(Y/N).” His hands were callused and strong. Almost like a fighter. Maybe he was a boxer or something? It would explain the muscles. You studied his bare chest for a moment, taking in every contour. 

    “Maybe I’ll see you around?” Damian held your hand a moment longer than expected. Your hand tingled at his touch. 

    “I’m sure you will. I’m here for two weeks at least.” You smiled, putting your bag on your shoulder to hide your shaking hands. “I better go. My dad is waiting for me.” 

    Something almost like a purr came from Damian. You bit your lip and quickly turned to walk away. His eyes followed you, burning into you. He was checking you out, wasn’t he? A rouge giggle escaped you. Your mouth felt like it was in a permanent smile.  

    “What are you smiling about?” Oliver asked from a table in the restaurant. Dinah was beside him, out of the wheelchair and in her own bathing suit. She still looked pale, dark circles under her eyes. 

    “Nothing, just had fun on the beach.” You kissed Dinah’s cheek before sitting down across from her. “Did you order food already?”

    “We did.” Dinah patted your arm. She had that knowing look in her eye, but she didn’t push you for more details. You sighed silently in relief, not wanting to mention falling into an attractive man’s lap. How embarrassing would that be?

    Oliver cleared his throat. “Well you won’t believe who I ran into when I went up to get your mother.” He rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe he picked the same place as us.” 

    “Who?” You frowned slightly. A waitress brought you a water. You took a sip.

    “Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.” Oliver sat back in his seat and eyed Dinah. Dinah smiled at him sweetly. “Did you have something to do with this?”

    “No dear, I was sick. When could I have?” Dinah reached over to take your hand. “We are having dinner with them tonight in their suite. They happened to be across the hall from us.” 

    You nodded. “He got sick too, didn’t he?” The waitress brought plates along with the appetizers they ordered.  

    “Yes, and his son.” Oliver nodded at the waitress who quickly left. You blinked. “Don’t get any ideas. We’re just having dinner with them and nothing else.” 

    “Yes, Dad.” You shared a look with Dinah who rolled her eyes as she took a bite of food. “After this, you should go to the beach, Mom. It’s beautiful.”

    “I think I will. I’m already feeling better.” She winked at you. Oliver laughed and the three of you fell into easy conversation like it was before the weight of the world came to your shoulders.


    Damian growled as he buttoned up his shirt. “Father, why are we having those simpletons over for dinner?” Bruce came up behind him, buttoning up his own shirt. 

    “Selina invited them. We have to at least be nice.” Bruce sighed. “I’m not thrilled about it either, but we’re across the hall from each other. We can play nice while we’re here. Even if Oliver Queen is a stubborn ass.”

    Damian smiled. He enjoyed that his father disliked Green Arrow as much as he did. “TT.” He turned to enter the main room of the suite where room service was setting the table for the meal under Selina’s eye. 

    “Don’t worry. We got a vegetarian option for you,” Selina said to Damian. She nodded at the room service and slipped them a generous cash tip. “Thank you.” They left quickly as they came. 

    There was a knock on the front door. Bruce came into the room and answered it. “Tim, Stephanie.” He let them in before greeting the Queens behind them. “Hello again, Oliver, Dinah. Is this (Y/N)?”

    Damian’s heart skipped a beat at the name. Could it be? He moved in view of the door. His mouth going dry when recognized you as the beautiful person from the beach. 

    “Yes, this is our daughter, (Y/N).” Dinah wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pushed you forward. Your eyes met Damian’s and he swore he saw your soul leave your body in embarrassment. Damian felt a smirk pull at his lips. His eyes drifted down, taking in your outfit that showed off your legs. 

    Suddenly, a hand smacked him across the back of the head. “Stop it,” Steph hissed in his ear. “You’re scaring the poor girl.”

    “TT.” He bat glared at Steph who only smiled sweetly. “She’s not scared.” 

    “Right.” Tim whispered in Damian’s other ear. Damian held back the urge to elbow him in the gut. “Keep it in your pants. She’s the daughter of Green Arrow and Black Canary, so off limits.” 

    Damian’s face burned. His eyes widened slightly. He hated that his family knew far too much about his love life, which honestly had become almost as active as his father’s. “Leave me alone.” He stuck his sharp elbow into Tim’s gut. Tim groaned, backing away from Damian. 

    Bruce turned around, warning in his eyes. “You already know Tim and Stephanie.” Steph laughed loudly, waving big. “And this is my son, Damian.” 

    “Never met you without the mask before, Damian. My goodness, you look so much like your father,” Dinah said, smiling brightly. Oliver frowned, following Damian’s gaze to you. You leaned over to whisper in Oliver’s ear before giving Damian a shy glance.

    “Too much like his grandfather if you ask me,” Oliver mumbled under his breath. Bruce raised an eyebrow at him and opened his mouth to speak.

    “Why don’t we all sit down to eat before the food gets cold?” Selina intervened. She took Bruce’s arm and led him toward one end of the table. “Adults on this end, children on the other.” 

    You moved to the other end of the table. Damian hurried around you and pulled out a chair for you. “Thanks,” you whispered and took your seat. Damian smiled and was about to sit down next to you when Steph suddenly plopped down.

    “Oops, sorry.” Steph giggled madly and began chatting with you. Damian scowled and made his way to sit between Tim and his father. 

    Damian slumped in his seat, eyeing you. His thoughts were quickly working on plans to murder Stephanie and to get time alone with you.  


    “Isn’t it funny that this was Stephanie’s idea, but then she ditched us?” You said, taking a bite of your ice cream sundae. The two of you were seated in the small ice cream shop within the resort. It had a decent crowd, but you both were in a quiet corner.

    “TT, she is flightily fool.” Damian picked at his own oddly colorful sundae. 

    Once the dinner was over, Stephanie suggested that Damian, you, Tim and herself go get ice cream together while the adults chatted some more. Your father didn’t like the idea, which made Damian nervous, but luckily your mother intervened. Stephanie and Tim disappeared shortly after getting their ice creams, claiming they needed to go shopping for new swimsuits.

    Damian dropped all his plans to murder Stephanie as he studied you discreetly while appearing to be looking at his ice cream. “How are you enjoying the resort so far?” 

    “It’s been good.” You bit your lip. Damian’s skin tingled, knowing you were also discreetly checking him out. “Nice to get away from things for a while.”

    He hummed, taking another bite of the overly sugary sundae. He shouldn’t have let Steph order for him. “You didn’t catch the virus then?”

    Your spoon stilled, mid-bite. “No, but my mother did.” 

    Damian frowned slightly, noting how your eyes stayed toward the table. A tension grew in your shoulders. “My father and I were the first ones to catch it. That’s why we are here. To recover.” 

    “That’s why Dad brought us down here too. Although it was Mom’s idea.” You forced a smile on your face. Damian wrinkled his nose. He found he didn’t like your false smile and was determined to earn a real one. 

    His mind went blank and for the first time he actually wished Grayson was here to help him. “I think my ice cream is unicorn vomit,” he said. He blushed when your head snapped up to stare at him.

    However, a real smile pulled at your lips. “Honestly, I was thinking the same thing. Is it just sugar?” 

    “Have a taste.” Damian put some on his spoon and held it out to you. He smiled when you shyly took it. His body tingled from the idea your mouth on his spoon. 

    You hummed, not meeting his eye. “Yeah, definitely unicorn vomit.” You took some of your ice cream on your spoon and held it out to him. “I think you’ll like this better.” 

    He leaned forward, keeping his eyes on yours. You guided the spoon into his mouth. He felt you shiver. “Yes, much better.” Damian pulled away from you to stop himself from leaning all the way and stealing a kiss. Too soon.

    “You can share mine.” You pushed your ice cream in the center of the table. Damian took another bite with his own spoon, smirking when you tentatively took a bite of your own. 

    “Thank you.” Damian tilted his head and let his foot tap yours under the table. You jumped, laughing nervously and tapped his foot back with your own. “Do you want to take a walk with me after we finish?” 

    “Sure, that will be nice.” You gave him another real smile. Damian couldn’t help, but smile back at you. “I don’t have to be back until midnight.” 

    “That can be arranged.” The heat in his eyes made you look away from him in embarrassment. Damian took a deep breath, calming himself as you both fell into a safe conversation.


    Your hand was in Damian’s as you both exited the elevator into the hallway where your suites were. “This has been...wonderful actually,” you said, loving how his fingers squeezed your hand.

    “Yes, it has been.” Damian stopped you once you both were outside your doors. The two of you stood in the middle of the hallway, not moving to enter. You looked into his eyes. They were still so beautiful. A smirk pulled at his lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow, yes?”

    “You can if you want.” You smiled back, heart skipping a beat. How could someone like him like you? He was a bat. You were from the crude, obnoxious Arrow family. “I don’t have any plans.”

    He hummed, squeezing your hand again. “Well, my father informed me there are a lot of activities at this resort. Would you like to join me in finding one that would at least be somewhat interesting?”

    “Yeah.” Your skin burned at how excited you sounded. Geez, you were like a little kid. “I’d love to.”

    Damian took his phone with his free hand. “Give me your number. I sense if I knock on your door, your father might try to punch me.”

    “He might.” You put your number in with one hand, wanting to keep your other hand in his. “But we can ignore him.”

    “TT.” Damian watched you. His eyes darkened with what looked like desire. You handed his phone back to him. “So tomorrow?”

    “Tomorrow.” You found yourself leaning toward him. Damian smirked and brought his lips to yours. Fireworks went off in your brain. Time stopped as your entire body tingled. 

    Suddenly, you became aware that you were in a pubic hallway with your parents on the other side of a door that they could open at any moment. You backed away from Damian, giggling and choking at the same time. Your soul left your body again for the hundredth time since you fell into Damian’s lap. 

    “I gotta go.” You smiled at him, bumping into your suite’s door. The doorknob hit your back before your hand found it. Your eyes never left Damian’s. “See you.”

    “See you.” Damian’s smirk grew even wider. You broke eye contact and scrambled into the suite. Your heart was pounding at a million miles a minute. If you stayed in that hallway longer, you would have let Damian take you anywhere. 

    The lights were off in the suite as you locked the door behind you. A deep sigh escaped you. This moment was yours. Your parents couldn’t ruin it for you.

    A throat cleared. You froze mid-step toward your room. “So a little late, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

    “It’s before midnight,” you said, turning to glare at your father. Oliver was in the doorway of his bedroom, only dressed in a pair of pajama pants. “Dad, leave me alone.” 

    You spun around and walked to your bedroom. Oliver’s footsteps followed you. “I want you to be careful around the bats.” 

    “Oh my god, Dad. It’s not like their monsters. We’re more alike than you think.” You entered your room and kicked off your sandals. “Besides, aren’t you and Mom going to the beach with Bruce and Selina tomorrow?”

    Oliver grunted, leaning against your door frame. “Unfortunately, yes.” You didn’t look at him. “Well, I’ll let you get to bed.” He came up behind you and kissed the back of your head. “Good night, sweetheart.” 

    “Good night, Dad.” You kept your back to him until he left and the door firmly shut behind him. A sigh escaped you as a smile pulled at your lips. Your kiss with Damian was still yours. You touched your lips, giggling quietly. Spinning around, you flopped on your bed and swam in the wonderfulness of the day. 


    Damian stepped out into the living room of the suite, dressed in black swim trunks and a red shirt. He had been texting you for most of the morning and was planning on meeting you to go scuba diving once the adults were gone. 

    “Are you going to the beach with us, Damian?” Selina asked as she appeared out of her bedroom in a skimpy bikini with a beach bag over her shoulder. Bruce was behind her only in swim trunks. 

    “TT, no. I have better things to do.” Damian took an apple from what was left of breakfast. He didn’t bother to get up to join Bruce and Selina, choosing to text you instead. 

    Bruce hummed. Damian met his father’s eyes to find him studying him carefully. “Keep out of trouble.” Bruce patted Damian’s shoulder. “I mean it.” 

    Damian smirked. “How can I get in trouble here, Father?”

    Selina laughed. “Oh you’ll find a way, I’m sure.” She took Bruce’s arm. “Come along, Bat.” She pulled Bruce out of the suite. “The Queens are waiting.” 

    Bruce grunted, rolling his eyes at Damian as the doors shut behind them. Damian held back a laugh and took a big bite of his apple. He sat down on the couch, taking out his phone to find another message from you. 

    My parents and I are almost done with breakfast. I can meet you in fifteen once they leave.

    “TT.” Damian smiled, texting you back. Good. I can’t wait to see you.

    Ditto. Damian held his breath, listening. He heard another door open and shut along with two voices fading as they moved down the hall. Finishing off his apple, he tossed it in the trash and hopped to his feet eagerly. He couldn’t remember when he felt this way before. 

    Damian stretched his arms above his head. His shoulder cracked. He felt energized. The illness was a distant memory. It could have been just being at the resort, but Damian knew it had to do with you. You made things exciting again.

    A knock came from the suite door. Damian smirked, running to open the door. You stood there in a pretty cover-up. “Hi.” You rocked on your feet and smiled at him shyly. Damian felt a stirring in his gut, but killed it quickly with a thought about the time he walked in on Dick and Wally West. 

    “Hello.” Damian kissed your cheek without thinking. “Are you ready to go?”

    “I am.” He felt your skin warm under his lips. His hand found yours. “I’m excited to go scuba diving for real. Otherwise, I’ve just done training at a place in Star City.” 

    Damian led you down the hall and to the elevator. “It will be the first recreational dive for me.” 

    You leaned into his side. The elevator ride was smooth. “My parents almost dragged me with them today.”

    “How did you get out of that?” He squeezed your hand, loving how smooth it was compared to his. 

    “I told them I wanted to stay in the room. That I had a headache. Mom didn’t really buy it, but then again it’s mostly my Dad that would have stopped me.” You looked up at him with bright eyes. The contentment in them surprised Damian in a pleasant way. You had told him all about the stress you had been under ever since Dinah got sick and how Oliver left all the responsibility to you.  

    Damian swallowed the anger down. He wanted to rip into Oliver Queen when you admit it all to him last night. However, he stopped himself. You sighed against his shoulder, bringing him back to the here and now. “Who would want to sit on the beach with a bunch of old farts?”

    You giggled. “Don’t say that to their faces.” The elevator doors opened. Damian led you out, wrapping his arm around your waist to keep you at his side. Your cheek rested on his shoulder. Damian squeezed your waist. He smiled, excited to spend the day with you alone.


    “Well, well, what do we have here?” Steph appeared beside your table where you and Damian were eating a late lunch after a morning of scuba diving. “Is this a date?”

    “TT, what are you doing here? Weren’t you and Drake sailing today?” Damian glared at her as Steph took a seat at your table and helped herself to Damian’s food. 

    “We did, but then Tim got sunburnt and had to lay down.” Steph leaned over to you and whispered loudly. “He’s got Kon coming down tomorrow, so he’s all embarrassed.”

    You blinked, frowning. “Should I know who that is?”

    Steph’s eyes went round. “Wow, you really don’t get out, do you? No wonder Dami hadn’t met you until now.” She took a big bite out of Damian’s veggie burger. Damian clicked his tongue and waved a waitress to get another meal for himself. You nibbled on a fry, smiling. 

    “Do you really need to be here right now?” Damian retorted. You slid your foot out of your sandal and found Damian’s under the table. Damian raised an eyebrow at you. You smiled at him sweetly, relieved that you got his foot instead of Steph’s. 

    “What? After I set you two up?” Steph pressed her hand against her chest in shock. She took Damian’s water and took a big sip. Damian sighed, rolling his eyes. You ran your toes along the top of his foot. 

    “Thank you for that, Steph,” you said, offering Damian a fry from your plate. He took it, smirking at you dangerously. Shivers ran down your spine. 

    Steph eyed the two of you. “Young love.” She sighed, drinking more of Damian’s water. “Too bad your fathers are probably going to kill you.”

    Your eyes widened. “What do you mean?” You grabbed your phone. There was several missed calls from your parents. “Oops.”

    “Yep.” Steph laughed. “I already said you were with me the whole time. They don’t know about this.” She gestured between you and Damian. 

    Damian hummed. The waitress appeared with another water and another veggie burger. Your toes crept up his leg to rub the back of his calf. His muscle flexed under your touch. “I suppose that means we must stay with you, Brown?”

    Steph shrugged, sitting back in her chair. “I don’t know. I suppose it would be the safest bet.” She smiled. “Or I could go see a movie and you two could have a few hours alone before (Y/N) has to get back to her parents.”

    “That would be preferable.” Damian winked at you. You winked back at him. 

    “What love birds.” Steph snorted, getting to her feet. “I’ll leave you two to it. Please be home on time or Bruce will kill me.” She saluted and left. 

    “I’d never thought I’d have a reason to thank her.” You jumped when you felt Damian’s other foot rubbing your leg. “But now I do.”

    You giggled and took a sip of water. The two of you went back to eating like you were never interrupted in the first place.


    A week later, Damian had his lips sealed to yours. He rolled on top of you, running his fingers through your hair. You laughed and started to undo the buttons on his shirt. 

    The rest of the suite was silent and empty. Your parents and the Waynes went sailing and would be gone all day. Damian and you were on your bed, finally enjoying a lazy day together without interruptions.

    His skin was riddled with scars, but you loved it. It was rough beneath your hands as you rubbed his bare chest once his shirt was open. Damian purred deep in throat. His tongue dominated yours in your mouth. 

    You wanted to go farther. Damian had experience you didn’t, and you knew he knew what he was doing. He wouldn’t hurt you and it would feel amazing. 

    “Damian, I want you,” you whispered when his lips trained down your neck. 

    A chuckle vibrated against your throat. “I want you too, but are you sure?” Your cheeks burned. Did he know it was your first time? Probably. 

    “I’m sure. I want you to be my first.” You tugged on his hair. He pulled back to look you in the eye. His eyes sparkled with desire and you suspected, a bit of pride. 

    Damian smirked dangerously. “As you wish, Miss Queen.” He leaned down to kiss you again. You sighed, heart pounding away with anticipation of what was to come.


    Damian tightened his arm around you as he watched you sleep on his shoulder. He pulled at the blankets with his free hand, tucking them securely around you and himself. The glow from his lovemaking hadn’t left you yet. He kissed your forehead, tasting the hint of sweat. His gut stirred with pride. He was the one to make you shine, pleasing you to the point where you screamed his name over and over again.

    You shifted in your sleep, burying your nose into his neck. Damian grunted. His thumb rubbed lazily circles into your lower back. 

    With you, this had been different. Damian never felt so proud afterward before. He usually was satisfied with his own pleasure then was quickly annoyed by his lover’s needs or wants. Many times, he left right after the lovemaking was done. He waited for the irritation to build up inside of him, but it never came. Damian studied you. He only had the pride from pleasuring you to the point of exhaustion. 

    A smirk pulled at his lips. He was your first too. If Grayson saw him now, he’d tell him to stop preening. Damian blushed and shook his head. Why did he think about Grayson walking in on him now? That would be the last thing he’d want. 

    Damian kissed your nose, chuckling when it wrinkled under his lips. He couldn’t think of anyone else he rather be with right now. His blood ran cold at the realization. What did that mean? Did he love you? He looked down at you only to feel his entire body relax, Damian knew he had his answer. 

    He relaxed against the pillow, keeping his eyes on you. Part of him feared you wouldn’t feel the same, but he remembered how you looked at him when you said you wanted him and Damian sensed you shared his feelings. He placed a featherlight kiss on your lips before relaxing and waiting for you to wake.


    “TT.” You leaned on the door frame of the bathroom, watching Damian wash his face. His chest was bare, his jeans riding low on his hips. “Do you have my shirt?”

    “I do.” You grinned when he glanced at you to find you wearing his shirt with a pair of your shorts. The sleeves were rolled up and you tied shirt around your front, revealing part of your stomach. After how you and Damian spent the day, you suddenly felt bold. 

    A low growl came from Damian. He dried his face with a towel and came over to you. His arms wrapped around your waist. “Amazing. It looks better on you.” He lifted you up against him and kissed you hard on the lips. 

    Suddenly, you heard a door open from somewhere in the suite. You and Damian froze mid-kiss. “Crap.”

    “(Y/N), we’re home,” Oliver shouted throughout the suite. You heard him coming toward your room. 

    Heart going a million miles a minute, you pushed Damian back into the bathroom and shut him inside. He grunted, but you hushed him just as Oliver opened your bedroom door. “Geez, Dad, knock first.” You rolled your eyes at him, putting your hands behind your back on instinct. 

    Oliver’s eyes widened. You glanced down, face burning when you realized you were wearing Damian’s shirt. A men’s shirt. “Where did you get that shirt, sweetheart?”

    “From the giftshop.” You crossed your arms. Your heart panged. Did he know something? But you and Damian worked so hard to keep it a secret. “I happen to like it. Besides, we’re on vacation, Dad. I can buy things.” 

    Dinah appeared behind Oliver. “Hello honey, how was your day?” She walked up to give you a hug, pausing a moment to look at your outfit. “Honey, you’re not going to keep it a secret if you’re wearing his shirt,” Dinah whispered into your ear.

    You forced a smile on your face. Oliver stared at you with a dangerous glint in his eye. Tension filled the air as Oliver made his way toward the bathroom. “Dad, what are you doing? Use your own bathroom.” 

    Oliver grunted. “I swear if I find that boy in here, I’m going to skin him alive and then I’m ripping into his father.” Your stomach dropped to your feet. Moving faster, you blocked your father. 

    “What are you talking about, Dad? What boy? Why would I have a boy in here?” You smiled at him, eyes wide with innocence. 

    The glare you received from Oliver was one you had only seen one other time. Roy got it when Oliver caught him sneaking you out on patrols. “(Y/N) Dinah Queen, move now.”

    “Dad, what’s wrong with you?” Oliver pushed you out of the way. Dinah caught you before you stumbled. 

    “Oliver...” Dinah began as Oliver swung open the door. 

    Time stopped. Your heart was in your throat. 

    “See Oliver, no one was in there. Settle down,” Dinah said once you all saw an empty bathroom. Oliver stepped inside and opened the shower curtain to find the shower empty too. You blinked in confusion, stepping into the bathroom yourself. 

    “I guess I should trust you, (Y/N).” Oliver sighed. He slid by you and patted your shoulder. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I just don’t want you to get hurt.” 

    “Right.” Old feelings welled up in you, but you pushed them aside and painted a smile on your face. “Why don’t you order dinner for us, Dad?”

    Oliver nodded and went back to the living room of the suite. Dinah stayed with you with that knowing look on her face. “It might help to break it to him before he finds out,” Dinah said, glancing up. You followed her gaze, gasping at the sight of Damian stretched out across the ceiling of the bathroom. His biceps trembled slightly at the strain of holding himself up. A jolt rocked through your body. Your mouth watered as the sight. “Although, let’s wait until tomorrow. Damian, I’ll distract Ollie for you in a half an hour for you to slip out.”

    Damian dropped down, landing next to you. Dinah looked between the two of you before slipping back into the living room with Oliver. “Oh my god, that was so hot,” you said, jumping onto Damian and sealed your mouth to his. A chuckle rumbled through his chest. 

    “Luckily, Oliver Queen is not very thorough.” Damian spun you around and sat you on the counter while standing between your legs. “Simpleton.” 

    “I think he felt foolish.” You touched your nose to his. “Mom is right though, we should break the news to him tomorrow. I mean if Mom knows, we might as well tell all of them, right?”

    “TT.” Damian shrugged. “My father knows everything.”

    You raised an eyebrow. “You told him?!”

    Damian shook his head. His hands rested on your hips. You squeezed your knees around his waist. “No, but he knows everything.”

    “Well, he probably doesn’t know what we did all day.” You winked at him, kissing the corner of his mouth. 

    A similar smirk grew on Damian’s face. “Probably not.” He relaxed and melted into you. You giggled, content just be near him. 


    “Father, I need to speak with you.” Damian knocked on their bedroom door, hoping that they weren’t in the middle of something. 

    Selina sighed. “Come in, Damian,” Bruce grunted after a moment. Damian snorted and went inside. His shoulders relaxed when he saw both were fully dressed and lounging on their bed. 

    “Do you want me to leave?” Selina asked, looking up from her novel. Bruce simply stared at Damian. 

    “No.” Damian crossed his arms and stood in front of them. He swallowed, gathering the words. You insisted Damian tell Bruce tonight, even if Damian was sure he already knew. “Father, I understand you are already aware of my relationship with (Y/N) Queen, but (Y/N) insisted I tell you personally.”

    Bruce blinked, expression unchanging. Selina smiled sweetly. “Honey, he didn’t know.” Selina rubbed Bruce’s arm. “I did, of course. You and (Y/N) were not very subtle and frankly Steph was too dramatic in those excuses she made for (Y/N) all the time.” 

    “TT.” Damian blushed, staring at his father. He shifted his weight from foot to foot. Nerves made his stomach flip flop. 

    “Are you happy?” Bruce said after a long moment of silence. Damian flinched in surprise. His mind went blank.

    “What?” He shook his head. 

    Bruce cleared his throat, sharing a smile with Selina. “I asked if you are happy?”

    Damian bit his lip. He felt better than he had in a long time and it was all because of you. “Yes.” He relaxed when Bruce smiled at him.

    “Good.” Bruce sighed, wrapping an arm around Selina’s shoulders. “I suppose Oliver doesn’t know since I haven’t been attacked yet?”

    “No, he does not.” Damian rolled onto his heels. “(Y/N) wants to tell him tomorrow since her mother is already aware.”

    “Oh, so you want us all there as backup, huh?” Selina laughed, getting to her feet and giving Damian a hug. Damian tensed in her arms, unused to physical affection from her. Selina always made sure to give Damian his space and Damian always respected hers. “Of course we’ll help you two.”

    Bruce grunted, also getting to his feet. “Besides, I would love an excuse to fight with Oliver Queen.” He clapped a hand on Damian’s shoulder. A blush came to Bruce’s cheeks. Damian almost groaned, knowing what he was about to ask. “Are you using protection?”

    Selina pulled away. “I’ll leave you two alone.” She laughed, skipping out of the room. Damian sighed, preparing for another awkward ‘sex is a security risk’ talk. 


    “Okay, so once the news breaks, Damian and (Y/N) will run with Tim, Kon, and I, Bruce, Selina, and Dinah will try to stop Oliver,” Steph said, clapping her hands as if she was a general briefing her soldiers on battle plans. You and Damian shared a look. Damian scoffed while you just laughed.

    “I don’t think it will come to that.” You relaxed in your seat. Damian took your hand. All of you were in the Waynes’ suite with dinner on the table. Dinah was supposed to bring Oliver over soon once she got him into a relaxed state of mind. You made sure to not think about her methods. 

    “Still we need a plan.” Steph paced the dining room while everyone remained seated at the table. “I mean I am not going down by an arrow to the gut because Damian couldn’t keep it in his pants.”

    Damian’s eyes flashed. He started to get up, but you pulled him back down. “No one is going to get an arrow to the gut. Dad left his bow and arrows at home.” You kissed Damian’s cheek. A ghost of a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. 

    “How did we get into the middle of this?” Kon asked Tim. Tim shook his head and took a big drink of water. 

    “Damian couldn’t keep it in his pants,” Tim mumbled. 

    “Enough.” Bruce held up his hands. “Stephanie, sit down and stop being so dramatic. This isn’t going to go badly.” 

    A knock came from the door. Everyone fell silent and stared at the door like an entire platoon of soldiers were about to burst through. “Oh my god, everyone stop being so dramatic. It’s not like it’s the end of the world.” Selina got up and brushed off her dress before answering the door. 

    Dinah greeted Selina warmly while Oliver stood back. You flinched, feeling your father’s glare when he noticed Damian was sitting right beside you. Dropping Damian’s hand, you carefully scooted your chair away. 

    “TT.” Damian frowned, eyeing the distance now between you. 

    Bruce got to his feet. Steph finally took her seat next to you. Dinah reached back and dragged Oliver inside. “Thank you for inviting us over again. I know (Y/N) likes being around people her own age instead of us old folks,” Dinah said. Bruce pulled out a chair for Dinah before doing the same for Selina. Oliver didn’t sit, his eyes not leaving you. 

    You bit your lip. “Dad, sit down already.” You picked up your fork and poked at your food. Bruce sat down. Dinah gave Oliver a look and he slowly sat down. 

    The conversation was light and tense during dinner. Damian’s foot tapped yours. You didn’t look at him, feeling your father’s gaze digging into you like arrows. Every bite weighed heavily in your stomach. 

    You looked up to meet your father’s gaze. His eyes were so cold. It was how he looked at criminals. Suddenly, your stomach turned sour. “Excuse me.” You jumped to your feet and ran out of the room to the bathroom. 

    Your chest tightened, knees giving out once you were inside. You curled up into a ball. Pain flared in your body. 

    Someone entered the bathroom and knelt down beside you. Damian’s cologne hit your nose. His hand rubbed your back. “(Y/N), beloved, calm down.”

    “Easy for you to say.” Tears filled your eyes. You looked up for him, hating how cool and collected he was. “Your father’s not staring at you like you’re a thug and not the daughter who had to do everything when he was too wrapped up in himself when your mother was sick.”

    Damian hummed. He laid down in front of you. His head bumped against the tub. He winced. You felt a hint of a smile itching at your lips. “Your father is an idiot. You should not concern yourself with what he thinks.”

    “Right.” You raised an eyebrow at him. “If your father didn’t approve of us, would you be happy?”

    “TT, it doesn’t matter what my father thinks. I control my own life. It was what he wanted for me.” Damian kissed away your tears. His hand rested on your hip, kneading your skin. “Your father should want the same.”

    You sighed. The stress drained out of your body at his touch. It still amazed you that he had such an affect on you. He made everything better with just a simple touch. “Thank you, Damian.” You caught his lips with yours.

    Damian moaned. His other hand buried itself into your hair. You sighed deeply into his mouth. There was a commotion outside. You ignored it until a fist pounded on the bathroom door. “Get away from my daughter, you son of a bitch!” Oliver’s voice sent both you and Damian jerking away from each other. Both of you bumped your heads. You gasped as Damian got to his feet.

    “Up and get behind me.” Damian helped you up and pushed you behind him. 

    “You sure you don’t want to hide on the ceiling again?” you teased, tugging on the back of his shirt. Damian dropped to a defensive stance as the bathroom door shook even more. 

    “Beloved, now is not the time.” Damian swallowed hard. You swore he was nervous. 

    You heard your mother trying to talk sense to your father while Bruce threatened to throw your father out of the window if he broke down the door. “I swear if you’re defiling my daughter in there, boy, I’ll rip you limp from limp,” Oliver shouted over the others. 

    “Dad, I can live my own life!” You moved in front of Damian and unlocked the door. 

    “What are you doing?” Damian hissed, backing away when the door swung open to reveal Oliver. His face was redder than Roy’s old speedy suit. Eyes bulging out of their sockets. You took a deep breath, remembering Damian’s words. They cooled the fear building up in you. 

    “(Y/N), go to your room.” Oliver attempted to push past you, but you cemented yourself to the floor. 

    “No.” You met your father’s gaze, lump forming in your throat. The panic from before crept back into you, but you stayed brave. “Dad, I’m allowed to date who I want. Damian is a good guy, he won’t hurt me, but you are hurting me if you don’t accept us.”

    Oliver narrowed his eyes. “(Y/N), you don’t understand what he is.” He pointed at Damian like he was a monster. “His grandfather is Ra’s al Ghul. I will not have you associated with him.” 

    You glanced back at Damian. Damian stared at the ground, brow furrowed. “Dad, that doesn’t matter. Damian chooses his own path. Besides, it’s not like it’s a treat that I’m related to you either.” 

    The others watching outside the bathroom gasped. Oliver flinched like you slapped him. “(Y/N), sweetheart,” Dinah whispered, pushing past Oliver to get between you and him. 

    “No, you don’t get it.” Your hands shook. Old feeling bubbled up and burst out of you. “You left me to take care of everything when Mom got sick. Patrol, the company, everything!” You pushed against Oliver’s chest, knocking him back a step. “And now you say I can’t be with the man I love!”

    Damian gasped behind you. You froze, realizing what you had just said. Damian grabbed your arm and spun you around to face him. “You love me?” His mouth opened and closed several times like a fish. Those eyes studied you, searching for the truth. 

    “I do.” You smiled, suddenly braver from standing up to your father. “I know it’s soon, but I love you, Damian Wayne.”

    “TT.” Damian cupped your face and kissed you hard. You knew he loved you too, feeling it through his touch. His hands held you so gently as if you were the most precious thing in the world.  You wrapped your arms around his neck.

    “Aww,” Steph cooed from outside. “That would be so romantic if it didn’t happen in front of your parents and in a bathroom.”

    “Shut up, Steph,” Tim said. Your cheeks burned as you pulled away from Damian and glanced back at your parents with wide eyes. 

    Dinah sighed, pressing her hand to her heart with a sad smile on her face. All the color drained out of Oliver’s face. Bruce and Selina were outside the door, whispering to each other. Tim, Kon, and Steph were behind them. “Alright, let’s all take a seat,” Dinah said, pushing Oliver out of the room and forcing him to sit on the couch. You and Damian left the bathroom. Damian grabbed your hand and held it tightly in his own.

    “Tim, take Kent and Steph out of here. Go get ice cream or something,” Bruce ordered, handing Tim some money. Tim looked at the money, blinking. 

    “Okay, I guess.” He and Kon took one of Steph’s arm and guided her out.

    “Hey, I wanna see what happens,” Steph whined, fighting them. “I set them up, come on.” The door shut behind them with Steph’s complains echoing down the hall outside. 

    You took a seat in an armchair. Damian perched on the arm of the chair, keeping his hand in yours. Bruce and Selina sat down quietly to watch, prepared to intervene if needed.

    “Oliver, do you see how happy (Y/N) is?” Dinah began, standing in front of him with her hands on her hips. “She’s been a ghost of her former self ever since I got sick. I know you dropped everything to focus on me and I love you for it, but you abandoned our daughter.” 

    “She didn’t have to do everything. I didn’t ask her to.” Oliver looked at you in disbelief. 

    Dinah grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her. “You didn’t have to, because (Y/N) is a good girl who knows that the job still needs to be done no matter what.” Tears filled Dinah’s eyes. “We raised her well.”

    You bit your lip, Your heart glowed. “I know we did.” Oliver smirked at Dinah. “Of course, she’s more like you, thank god.”

    “Of course she is, which means that she can make her own decisions.” Dinah looked at you and Damian. Damian tensed, but you squeezed his hand and he relaxed instantly. “Besides, she could easily kick his butt.”

    “TT, I don’t know about that.” Damian eyed you. A smirk played on his lips.

    You raised your eyebrows at him. “When we’re back home, we’ll spar and you’ll find out.” 

    “I’ll look forward to it.” Damian brought your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles. 

    “But we need ground rules,” Oliver said, glaring at the two of you. “I don’t want grandchildren this soon.” 

    “Neither do we, but they know better,” Bruce replied coolly. He wrapped an arm around a giggling Selina. “But some rules would be nice. For example, no nightly visits without permission from all of us.”

    You pouted. Damian snorted, whispering in your ear. “Don’t worry. We’ll get around it.” You smiled. 

    “No patrolling together without our permission either.” Oliver crossed his arms. Dinah sat down beside him, resting her head on his shoulder. 

    More rules came from both sets of parents. It didn’t surprise you that those rules were the first thing Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen ever agreed on. Damian kissed your cheek. You turned to meet his eye, knowing all the rules would be worth it. The glint in his eye told you that he had similar thoughts.

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  • pyrocortex
    02.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Does anyone have any Catwoman comic recommendations?

    Cause i'm on a bit of Selina Kyle kick. And I want to read some comics with her in it. Initially i was working off a recommendations list, but one comics it recommend was... just awful so i don't trust it anymore, and thus new recs. Also, like, i'm down for any Catwoman comic. Solo series, crossovers, single issues. Whether she's the protagonist, or the antagonist, or something in between, and regardless of how old the story is, as long as it's good I want to read it. Just, assume i haven't read anything with her in it (which isn't far from the truth) and shoot me a rec, please.

    #Catwoman#selina kyle #look it's my current hyperfixation #and i'm just burning through cartoon episodes
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    “I can’t exactly rob much at the moment without drawing way too much attention so I don’t have any shinies for you this time.” Pamela greeted as the door to Selina’s apartment swung open. She at least felt the heat had died down enough for her to use the front door this time. “I will however happily express my thank you in another manner.” She added on with a small smirk. The goodbye she had with Selina had definitely been a surprise, but not an unwelcome one.

    “I hear you’re the one I have to blame for Harley still having my apartment instead of a unicorn.” She noted. She had meant to drop in on Selina anyway while she had successfully snuck back into Central City, before garnering too much attention became a risk. But at least now she had an excuse beyond having to admit, mortifyingly, that she was missing her. “So well done.”


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    01.08.2021 - 16 hours ago

    this is possibly the funniest panel of batman i have ever seen

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  • idontbelieveyou-butthenagain-idc
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    Dick being right since day 1.

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    gotham city sirens: harley quinn, selina kyle, poison ivy

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    DC Marvel Superheroes event at the Met.

    Met Ball Red Carpet Event. No theme. Just an excuse for people to dress up…

    Mr & Mrs Roger. My leading couple, Steve and Natasha Romanoff-Rogers. Slaying us with the looks 😍😍😍 I love the green dress on Nat. Sooo sooo prettyyy And her hair 😍

    Lex Luthor with Selina Kyle and his sister Lena. All three looking so sexy in black.

    Lois and Clark in matching blue. Lois is wearing a cape dress, maybe a homage to her Man 😍

    The Waynes are looking so good 😍. They always do though. I Love Talia’s soft pink gown. Normally she’s more conservative and stays away from plunging necklines. But the soft pink colour stops the outfit from being too sexy.

    The Starks and the Wilsons. Pepper and Maria opted for sparkly gowns with a thin belt clinched at the waist. Why does Tony always look so cool and confident???

    Bucky and Wanda Barnes. Wanda really looks hot in red. Scarlet is her colour. The Murdocks, Matt and Yelena in blue. Matt avoids wearing red when he can. Enough of red while he patrols the streets of Hell Kitchen

    The Laufeysons, Loki and Emma. They are always super touchy feely. And there’s Cinnamon Roll Peter Parker with his date Poison Ivy. Someone needs to tell Peter to stay away from Bad Girls.

    We have the West Allens, Barry and Iris. Iris looks so good 😍

    And my fave group. Carol, Darcy, Thor and Jane. You can always count on Thor to make the red carpet more lively

    Last but definitely not Least. Fashionably late but it’s okay, we have the Lady of the hour herself, Diana Prince and her husband Steve Trevor.

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