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  • Coming To Netflix: Ji Chang Wook’s new drama Lovestruck In The-
    Me: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    #SEND HELP #i mean i know he's my ex bias #and we are all still mad about backstreet rookie #but am I really not going to watch this as it airs? #the ultimate test #ji chang wook #lovestruck in the city #netflix is my nemesis #kdrama
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  • actual photo of me belatedly falling into the 911/911 lonestar fandoms very suddenly and being utterly consumed by my new ships all too quickly

    #all while still drowning in trc / castlevania / rwby feels #and revisiting old faves like hannigram and frerard lmfaoooo #why am i like this #send help #911/911 lonestar are so hectic and ridiculous but i'm a sucker for these dumb boys #tk and carlos and buck and eddie have my heART!!!! #and hen ugh i love her
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    Me hiding from my responsibilities

    #god help me #i have so much work to do #i'm procrastinating #i am not motivated #send help
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  • Got Bubbles a ball to push around when she’s bored. Except she learned to bounce it. I’m in considerable peril.

    #the outer worlds #phineas welles #ask phineas welles #bubbles the cystypig #she's figuring out physics #send help
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  • So, I’m new to tumblr, can someone pls tell me where to find the CallMeCarson fanfics??

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  • If you are a person of faith, please pray for my boyfriend’s uncle. He’s in a bad situation rn so it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

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  • (`U`)👉👈


    Son los Hermanos Luke, el más grande es tomboy uwu Akemi y la otra se llama Romer

    Hice unos dibujitos en mis libretas antiguas pero esos son los que me salieron más presentables ;3..

    Espero que les guste, baissss~♡

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  • doctor who only has rights to shatter my heart into a billion little pieces okay thank you.💗💓💞💕💝💘💖

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  • .

    #definitely should not have watched the haunting of bly manor #I have only seen the first 30 minutes #and now I am terrified #send help
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    Originally posted by rayurya


    Lonely By: Benny Blanco and Justin Bieber

    *When the War finally ends and most of Team Voltron has gone their separate ways… Lance stayed back with his family for a few years, going through the rough healing process that he knows everyone else is also facing. He mainly stayed out on the beach, taking in the salty sea air and watching the waves come forth and leave with the growing tide. He missed the team, he missed his friends, he missed… Well he missed Keith too… But he would never admit this out loud, deciding to plaster on a smile and wait for the meet up they have every year at Allura’s statue. They’ll talk about all they’ve been doing, Pidge inventing something new, Hunk and Shiro dealing with Diplomatic missions, Coran helping with New Altea, and Keith.. Keith’s been helping with relief missions along with the Blade, helping planets with supplies and medicine. But what has Lance been doing? Hiding away on his farm claiming that someone has to take care of the wrecked Agriculture.. But really, he’s just a coward who is too scared to step back on a ship.. he does miss it though, the feeling of flying through the air with blue or red, side by side with his friends and long time crush…*

    Lance: *walking along the shoreline, he waits to go back to the house that he and his family have been living in getting lost in his own Thoughts. His mind raced on what he would say at the Team get together and just what’s been happening since the war ended* Everybody knows my name… *he looks at the ocean blue, his eyes filled with a longing that no one could explain but himself* But somethin’ ‘bout it still feels strange. *He absentmindedly rubs the marks that will forever remain on his cheeks* Like lookin’ in a mirror, tryna steady yourself and seein’ somebody else…. *his mind flashes to when he had to say goodbye to Allura, the heartbreaking feeling that crashed through the whole team when they realized she was gone. Back to when they all first got on the castle ship and met the Last surviving alteans and suddenly became the ‘saviors’ of the universe.* And everything is not the same now, It feels like our lives have changed. Maybe when I’m older, it’ll all calm down? *he runs a frustrated hand through his hair* But it’s killen’ me now…

    *Fast forward to the day before the team get together, Lance stands in his room with a bag packed and ready to go. He knew he’d have to leave soon, get on a ship and fly to New Altea to see his friends and hear about their adventures, or atleast pretend like he’s listening. He knows that he wants to join, feels the jolt of excitement from wanting to ask, to say he’s ready to go back and help… He’s been hyping himself up, but he knows he’ll chicken out, always overthinking and being paranoid and insecure…*

    Lance: *he walks to the bathroom to check his appearance once more, fixing his hair for the millionth time* What if you had it all, but nobody to call? *he sighs and leans against the sink, staring down at the porcelain bowl like its the most precious thing in the world* Maybe then, they’d know me… *he loses himself in thought once more, not remembering he was on a schedule* ‘Cause I’ve had everything, but they’re never listening. And that’s just fuckin’ lonely..

    Lance’s mom: Leandro! Vamos! You’re going to miss your flight! *She walks up the creaky steps to the bathroom only to see her son lost in thought, staring down at the sink still and sighed* Mijo, it’s time to go… *she spoke softly to not startle him*

    Lance: *looks up slowly and smiles at his Mamá* Ok ok, let me grab my stuff and I’ll be out of your hair for the next couple of days. *he joked lightly, walking past her to grab his duffle and went back to peck her on the cheek* I’ll see you when I get back Mamá..

    Lance’s Mom: *She pulled her youngest son into a tight hug* Are you going to tell them this time?

    Lance: *he tenses up but tries to Laugh it off* Tell them what? What are you talking about?

    Lance’s Mom: *She pulls away from the hug and gave him a knowing look* That you want to go back up there, and that you want to help Keith with his missions.

    Lance: *He stared at his Mother, shocked that she knew anything about that* How-

    Lance’s Mom: I’m your Mamá, and I know my children like the back of my hand. Don’t chicken out this year, Mijo. You’ve been moping around this farm for far too long.

    Lance: *He gave a soft smile and pulled his mother back into a tight hug* Are you sure it’s Ok?

    Lance’s Mom: Of course! Now, you better hurry before you miss the flight to New Altea. And tell everyone that the McClain family says hi for us.

    Lance: *He released the other and quickly pecks her cheek* Gracias Mamá! And I will! *he runs down the stairs, hearing his mother let out a soft laugh as he goes. He runs out the door and to his old beat up jeep (Yes I’m giving Lance a blue Jeep don’t judge me-) and quickly drives to the Garrison*

    Lance’s Mom: *She watches her son from the second story window drive off, sadly smiling and praying* I can tell he’s so lonely….

    Lance’s Dad: *He finally walks up behind his wife and holds her in his arms* Lonely…

    *Lance leaves earth, watching his home planet leave from his view as he felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement pump through him. But as the time passed he felt himself drown in his own thoughts again, questions like ‘What if they don’t need me?’ Or ‘What if Keith doesn’t want me to come..?’*

    Lance: *he was by himself in the seating area, no one around to bug him as he drowned in his thoughts* Everybody knows my past now, Like my house was always made of glass… *he stares at the stars as they pass Kerberos* And maybe that’s the price you pay for peace and fame at an early age. *he felt memories cloud his mind, thinking back to when clone shiro yelled at him and how he walked out, holding back his tears as he went.* And everybody saw me sick.. *flashes to when everyone pushed him aside and basically ignored him* And it felt like no one gave a shit… *More memories flood through his mind as they grow closer to New Altea. Back to when he would get berated and criticized for every little thing he did* They criticized the things I did as an Idiot kid… *he lets out a shaky sigh while pulling his knees to his chest, trying to shake the feelings of loneliness* What if I had it all, but nobody to call? *he felt the tears beginning to sting his eyes* Maybe then, they’ll know me… *He sat up properly as they entered the planet’s atmosphere* Cause I’ve had everything, but no one’s listening. *he wipes his eyes and plasters on his best ‘I’m ok’ smile* And that’s just fucking lonely. *He grabs his bag and begins walking out* I’m so lonely… *steps off the ship and breathes in the crisp air* Lonely…

    *When the former blue paladin steps off the ship, he’s talked by two figures, one small and one giant. He knew who was hugging him which made him burst into laughter. Hunk and Pidge both hugged him tight, not letting go until they’re approached by Shiro who pulls Lance into his own tight hug. The older man said his ‘Hello’s’ and the other two were talking about how they missed the Cuban which made his heart swell with a familiar warmth. But what took his breath away was the sight of Keith, the half-galaran stood tall with a very familiar smirk plastered on his face as he strode forward to wrap Lance up in his arms*

    Keith: *he held onto Lance longer than the others, nuzzling his face in the crook of the others neck* Hey Sharpshooter..

    Lance: *he flushed pink and wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck, breathing in his scent* Hey Samurai-

    Pidge: *they Jokingly gags* Alright lovebirds that’s enough!

    Hunk: *he elbows Pidge and chuckles* Hey, cut them some slack Pidge. They haven’t seen each other for a few months.

    Lance: *he tries to give a quick remark but is stopped but Keith placing a kiss on his neck* Keith, b-buddy?

    Keith: *he hums softly in acknowledgement that he’s listening but doesn’t loosen his grip around Lance*

    Lance: *he sighs and gives in, letting out a soft laugh and feels a warm smile cross his face* Later, we need to talk..

    Keith: *he hums again and loosens his grip some* Ok..

    Lance’s Thoughts: I guess I didn’t have anything to worry about..

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  • Someone come braid my hair because I can’t figure this shit out and I’m going to end up ripping out my hair instead. I want it done like Legolas. It’s too hard 😭. Ugh.

    #send help #seriously someone help me
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  • i’m having thoughts


    i can’t believe that’s it’s finally me and you and you and me and us and your friend steve ✨

    #SEND HELP#pierre gasly#pyry salmela #the real reason pierre and cate broke up #<-THIS IS A JOKE
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  • hey not to be emo on main but I’m kinda breaking up with a girl and I need advice?

    for a little bit of context, she didn’t do anything wrong I’ve just decided I’m in a place in my life where this isn’t for me :/ I just want to hurt her feelings as little as possible

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    discord shit again

    #this is because of the obama shit yes #destielgate#spngate#supernatural #yes i just spent 3 minutes trying to spell supernatural #send help
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    She’s been through a lot but that’s not dragging her down

    #dallé my firbolg fighter #i wrote like a page of trauma filled backstory lol #send help#art #artists on tumblr #doodle#illustration#artist#artistic#artwork#digital art#dnd#dnd art
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  • My toxic traits is unnecessarily rearranging my bookshelf on the daily.

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  • Me: I have so much to do in the next couple of weeks.

    Also Me: proceeds to fuck around and do everything but the things I need.

    Also Also Me: *excellent*

    #send help #my brain is exhausted and focusing on everything but the tasks at hand!! #why am i like this!! #its the type a brain mixed with the add #very excellent #but i swear i will finish everything even if it k*lls me!! #the holidays are great!! #patricia rambles#personal#delete later #shut up patricia no one cares but hey i wanted to vent a lil
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