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    • me playing webkinz for the 5th time today: this is healthy and normal
    #im getting news about college soon so im reverting to doing childhood things #send help
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  • true heartbreak is listening to hamilton on shuffle and getting smacked with stay alive reprise and then dear theodosia like this shitis gonna make me cry

    #its his death and then his birth #im....crying......over a musical.......... #send help
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    shapeshifter, you’re never gonna get the girl

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  • Y’all, I can’t remember if this is from some wild dream or real. Send help!

    I remember seeing this video from an anime where this guy (I think he was blonde with maybe shoulder length hair) was at this prison or something and this guard pulled him from his cell and made him stay outside and doused him with water and shit and he got hella sick before he was rescued by, I think, his friends.

    Is this a real thing, or I’m crazy??

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  • #ask aqua#ask apala#meme day #Hi Mars still doesn't know what she's doing #but she's still trying her best #also I'd like to point out I'm replying on mobile and the app is glitching SO badly.. #send help
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  • I’m so fucking ugly.

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  • Being sick is like *leans over slightly to pick something up* *feels brain swell and threaten to push eyes out of their sockets*

    #send help #i feel my brain about to lit rally explode #cold season #the adventures of rin
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  • Yo where are y’all watchin Steven Universe Future I want in on that

    #is it on youtube or do i have to go to CN’s website ? #send help #steven universe future
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  • Ughhhh

    Do the holidays stress anyone else out??

    I’ve had a headache for the past 3 days because there’s so much going on😩

    I need a drink…. or 5😅

    #personal #tis the season #i feel like shit again #send help #i stress out so easily #holidays suck
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  • << so. We normally have a team of 19-20 but there’s only 6 of us that showed up, including myself. It’s gonna be a long night. >>

    #Scheduled Off | ooc #send help
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  • As I’m watching “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”, I’ve came to a realization that

    i could watch Sebastian chew all day and still be enticed by him

    is that normal,

    should i be concerned?

    #we have always lived in the castle #charles blackwood#sebastian stan#send help#pls
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  • I have a strong urge to screech “i’m bisexual motherfuckers!” out my bedroom window, should I do it? 

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  • I’m so terrified of losing everything and everyone I love that it takes away from being able to actually enjoy it.

    #anxeity#depression#paranoid#send help #i dont understand #what is wrong with me #ahhhh #I need my therapist
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  • Nothing like your boss giving you an existential crisis right SMACK in the middle of your shift.

    #apparently if someone srole my check and cashed it #im just not getting paid #which seems illegal #but ok#retail wail #if this doesnt get resolved im gonna want to quit #i can feel it #someone make it end #i cant deal with this anymore #dying on the inside #send help
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  • Me, Hazbin Hotel and my pan-panic in a nutshell:

    • Charlie: Awww! She is adorable and the precise definition of CINNAMON ROLL!!! Her singing voice is beautiful. I love her, like I WANNA HELP HER ACCOMPLISH HER DREAM SO DAMN MUCH 😭 If somebody hurts her or talks shit about her I’m gonna destroy their kneecaps… *protective mama bear noises intensifies*

    • Vaggie: WHAT A QUEEN!! 😤👌 She’s such a mood, to be honest. Best girlfriend (or just simply best friend) material. Tired of everybody’s bullshit. I just… love her smile so much. The more I re-watch the pilot the more I like her. The only rational person in this goddamn hotel. Oof, I like her a LOT!!

    • Angel Dust: The precise definition of SINNAMON ROLL! Damn, I don’t know why, but I just love him so much (in a “homey” kinda way) he’s just so damn hilarious 😂 That “Oooh, harder daddy” and the “Well I can suck you'r dick” still pops into my mind and then I just wheeze. Love his design! I genuinely think that he’s capable of being redeemed… the hope is there!

    • Alastor: OH HERE WE GO!! I know everybody adores this strawberry pimp radio demon, and I definitely can see why! His style, his voice, the vibe he gives off *chef’s kiss* PERFECTION! I love his cheerful but also hella creepy personality, makes me want to find more stuff out about him. His design is amazing as well. Tho he kinda terrifies me, not gonna lie 😅 but love him regardless!

    • Niffty: MY GOD! SHE’S SO DAMN PRECIOUS!! She’s just so smol and energetic and adorable! She didn’t get that much screentime but I like her already. When I first saw her I forgot that we’re in HELL and she probably did something HORRIBLE to be here… 🤔 I was like “…oh shit. ” I just want know more about these characters! I want everybody’s origin story!!

    • Husk: *takes a deep breath* I… HAVE NEVER LIKED A CHARACTER SO HARD, SO FAST IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I’m not even joking. His whole grumpy, serious and “tired as fuck of your bullshit” energy is just hmmm… YEP! His design is fantastic, his voice gives me life and he’s linked with Alastor, which makes this more interesting. He is/was most likely Al’s right hand man or something like that, right…? Well, I wonder what kind of powers or abilities he has, like, you got to be pretty strong to help THE radio demon!!! Also… his “I lost the ability to love years ago”… makes me want to cuddle him so bad (and not just bc he’s fluffy)

    In conclusion…:


    Me: Ha ha! I’m in danger… 🙃

    #hazbin hotel #alastor the radio demon #alastor #hazbin hotel alastor #hazbin hotel charlie #hazbin hotel vaggie #vaggie #hazbin hotel angel dust #angel dust #hazbin hotel husk #husk#huskers #hazbin hotel niffty #niffty #hazbin hotel critical #pan#pansexaul#pan panic#send help #everybody is attractive and i'm confused #i'm gonna regret this later #gonna do another one with the other characters if somebody's interested #no shame
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  • me trying to figure out what is going to happen for the 2121st time 

    wtfock: nope 


    #wtfock #more like wtf #send help #im running out of ideas
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  • I am cramping so hard rn I think I might just die

    Hot water bottle isn’t working, tea isn’t working, painkiller isn’t working

    It was really bad last time and like it wasn’t this bad but it was like almost as bad and the pain didn’t ease for three days at all

    Y'all I am worried

    #vent#periods#periods suck #i'm literally SO CLOSE to crying rn #send help
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    🎵 oooohhh nooooooo im think im catching feelings



    #brawl stars #brawl stars bea #bea #SHE IS SO CUTE OMG #AAAAAAAA#SEND HELP
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  • Tell me your favourite Christmas movie

    I wanna know who likes what and why. I also wanna know if there’s any gems out there I haven’t seen.

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