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    Senna's room💕🎀💖💗

    Bless content creators🥺💝

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    Peter is her fav bunny :(

    #ts4 #ts4 cottage living #cottage living lp #Senna #peter hangs out in her room whenever hes around :(
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    15.06.2020 - 1 year ago
    #long post#ask games #KAIIII YES THANK YOU FOR SENDING SOMETHING IN.... #I haven't written for chaleros in a while wugh #i wouldn't want to say as much without your word but i imagine poor senna might be....intimidated at first #eros tends to establish contact in a sort of. #they're diplomatic and easy-speaking but also cu alter's silently watching every move in the room from right behind them. #anicious
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    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    through the dark Tree of the cross we find the heart’s True joy in the eternal

    track #7 on the album Retronyms by Carlos Cipa from ‘19

    dark Tree

    followed by track #2

    senna’s joy

    Yom Kippur is the only point of the year where the High Priest would enter into the inner room of the Temple (its sacred heart) to perform a ritual of blood for the cleansing of sins, of which the Lord has already done for us about 2,000 years ago so that we may have access to the sacred Heart of God as children of our heavenly Father, to open the space (the inner room) of the heart to welcome the entrance of the Spirit (inside, Anew)

    (A baptism within)

    and this rebirth of the heart (spirit) in the Son promises the rebirth of the physical body just as the Resurrection of the Lord.

    A post by John Parsons that illuminates the sacred space of the Temple:

    The earthy Tabernacle (i.e., Mishkan) and its furnishings were “copies” of the heavenly Temple and the Throne of God Himself. Moses was commanded to make the Sanctuary according to the "pattern" revealed at Sinai (Exod. 25:9). As it is written in our Scriptures, “For Messiah has entered, not into holy places made with hands, which are representations (ἀντίτυπος) of the true things, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God on our behalf” (Heb. 9:24). The centermost point of the earthly Tabernacle was the Ark of the Covenant (אֲרוֹן־הַקּדֶשׁ), a "three-in-one" box that contained God's Holy Word (i.e., the tablets of the Torah). As such, the Ark served as a symbol of kisei ha-kavod (כִּסֵּא הַכָּבוֹד), the Throne of Glory.

    The Ark stood entirely apart as the only furnishing placed in the “three-in-one” space called the Holy of Holies (קדֶשׁ הַקֳּדָשִׁים). Upon the cover of the Ark (i.e., the kapporet) were fashioned two cherubim (i.e., angel-like figures) that faced one another (Exod. 25:17-18). According to the Talmud (Succah 5b), each cherub had the face of a child - one boy and one girl - and their wings spread heavenward as their eyes gazed upon the cover (Exod. 25:20). This was the sacred place where the blood of purification was sprinkled during Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and this is the Place (הַמָּקוֹם) that prefigured the offering of the blood of the Messiah, our eternal Mediator of the New Covenant. “For I will appear in the cloud over the kapporet” (Lev. 16:2; Exod. 25:22). As it is written, “I have blotted out your transgressions like a thick cloud and your sins like heavy mist; return to me (שׁוּבָה אֵלַי), for I have redeemed you (Isa. 44:22).

    The central ritual of atonement given in the Torah is that of the anointed High Priest sprinkling sacrificial blood over the tablets of the law upon the kapporet (the "mercy seat") of the Ark of the Covenant - the Place where “Love and truth meet, where righteousness and peace kiss” (Psalm 85:10). It was from the midst of the surrounding cloud in the Holy of Holies that the Voice of the LORD was heard, just as it was in the midst of the surrounding cloud of darkness upon the cross that Yeshua cried out in intercession for our sins...

    Note further that the High Priest was required to perform the Yom Kippur avodah (service) alone, while wearing humble attire, divested of his glory, and in complete solitude: “No one may be in the tent of meeting from the time he enters to make atonement in the Holy Place until he comes out” (Lev. 16:17). The Hebrew text literally says, “no adam (אָדָם) shall be in the tent,” which suggests that something more than the natural man is needed for divine intercession. And just as Moses alone approached God in the thick clouds at Sinai to receive the revelation of the Altar as mediator of the older covenant (Exod. 24:15), so Yeshua, the Mediator of the New Covenant, went through his severest agony on the cross as the darkness covered the earth (Luke 23:44; Matt. 27:45). [Hebrew for Christians]

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    A musical prayer:


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  • yan-senna
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    One Shot of The Keeper of the Diamond (Severus Snape x reader & Lucius Malfoy x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Links to the one shot: Wattpad / AO3 / FFN

    Introduction to the one shots

    Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3 / Book 4

    Summaries of The Keeper of The Diamond


    Snape and Lucius take care of Y/N as she has caught a cold (I wrote this when I was sick🤒).

    Published: 9/15/2021

    Sick Day (TKOTD: SS, LM):

    TW: Mentions of kidnapping

    Severus Snape is pacing around in his living room in Spinner’s End. Y/N hasn’t written to him for two days now. He’s really worried - could something have happened?

    He was already thinking of apparating to her home yesterday but thought to give it another day. He did warn her that if she did not write to him for over a day, then he would kidnap her.

    He checks his enchanted notebook once more. Nothing. That’s it, he can’t take it anymore. He’s going there right now!

    He apparates directly to the house which Y/N shares with her two friends, Laura and Vera.

    As he pops into the kitchen, he’s met by a startled Laura who seems to be cooking something.

    “You dumbass, you scared me!” she scolds him.

    Snape glares at her. That’s the second time she has called him that! How is she still alive? Probably because she’s Y/N’s friend. Snape sighs. If only he could at least give her detention.

    He then clears his throat. “I apologise… Y/N has not written to me for two days. Where is she?” he asks, demanding an answer.

    Laura sighs. “That’s because she’s sick. She has a cold. Thank Goodness it’s the weekend, otherwise she would have been home alone all day. I’m currently making some soup for her” she explains.

    Snape’s expression softens a bit for a few seconds. Y/N is sick?

    Laura notices his expression changing and gives a small smirk. “If you aren’t afraid of getting sick too, then you can go and see her. She’s in her room. Vera went grocery shopping, so it’s just us here” she tells him, gesturing to the direction of the room.

    Snape nods as he quickly leaves Laura alone in the kitchen and walks towards the room, fast.

    As he’s outside her room, he gently knocks on the door. “Come in” a hoarse voice says.

    Snape then opens the door to see Y/N lying on her bed. She’s basically surrounded by tissues.

    Snape takes a good look at her. Her eyes are red and puffy, her skin is extremely pale and her body is shaking. She looks really sick.

    He notices that she’s wearing her Snape t-shirt which makes him smirk to himself.

    When she notices him, she gives a shy smile. “Severus… I’m so glad to see you! What brings you here?” she asks as she coughs.

    Snape quickly walks towards her, levitating a nearby chair next to the bed. He then sits down. “I was really worried. You have not written to me for two days. How are you feeling?” he carefully asks, even though he can tell that she does not feel good at all.

    “I’m fine” she simply says before she starts coughing again.

    Snape rolls his eyes. “Do NOT lie to me. Why did you not tell me that you were sick?” he asks, not angry but concerned.

    Y/N sighs, sniffing. “I didn’t want you to worry about me. I know you are busy with teaching dunderheads at Hogwarts” she says as she starts to laugh, sounding really hoarse before she once again coughs.

    Snape smirks at her calling his students dunderheads. Which they really are, by the way.

    He then gently grabs her hand - which is ice cold. “Merlin, your hand is colder than ice!” he exclaims as he starts to gently rub her hand in both of his to give it some warmth. She blushes at that.

    She then clears her throat. “I’m sorry for not writing to you… Like I said, I didn’t want to worry you plus I have felt too sick to write. I can see now that I have done more harm than good, though” she says, looking sorry as she sniffs.

    Snape shakes his head. “Do not worry, I can tell that you are too sick to do anything. I guess I should remove the spell that makes Muggles unable to read and write in the notebook” he suggests.

    Y/N might be a Muggle, but she is the Keeper of the Diamond. The powers from the diamonds make her able to use the notebook.

    She gives him a small smile. “Well, then they can read everything…” she says, chuckling a bit which of course results in her coughing.

    Snape then feels her forehead. “You are burning up!” he exclaims in a worried tone.

    As he notices her body shaking a bit more than before, he quickly grabs an extra blanket. He gently tucks her in, making sure that her whole body is covered.

    Y/N gives him a shy smile. “Thank you” she says in a hoarse voice.

    Snape gently caresses her right, scarred cheek. “Anytime. Do you need anything? Laura is cooking some soup for you” he tells her.

    She shakes her head. “No, thank you. Just you being here is enough” she shyly admits. He can’t help but give her a small smile.

    Just then, Laura enters with the soup. “Here you go, Y/N. It’s your favourite - potato leek soup” she states, giving her friend a smile.

    Y/N smiles back as she tries to get up from the bed but Snape stops her. “Let me help you sit on the bed” he suggests.

    He then gently grabs both of her arms and make her sit on the bed, fluffing her pillow and making sure that she is comfortable. Y/N blushes while Laura shrugs.

    Snape then turns to Laura. “I will feed her the soup” he states as he takes the bowl of soup from Laura’s hands.

    He sits on the chair once more and starts feeding the sick girl. He takes the spoon towards her mouth. “Open up” he gently tells her.

    Laura shrugs once more and leaves the room. “I will be in my room playing Animal Crossing if you guys need me” she says before closing the door.

    Snape looks puzzled, the spoon still in his hand. “Animal Crossing…?” he asks.

    Y/N chuckles. “It’s a game for Nintendo Switch, a Muggle gaming device. Draco, Harry and the others played on the Switch together with us when they were here last time. We also played on the Wii U which is another gaming device” she explains, her voice quite hoarse.

    Snape nods at that, remembering Draco saying that they made him the hero in one of the games which was most likely Y/N’s idea. What was that game called, Something-Topia? Well, it was something with “Topia” at least.

    Snape takes the spoon towards her mouth once more. Y/N shyly opens her mouth, eating the soup. She sighs in pleasure. She really needed some soup, plus it tastes really good. Five stars to the chef.

    He chuckles at her. “Good soup, huh?” he asks, amused. She blushes but nods nonetheless.

    When she has eaten the whole soup, Snape rises from his seat. “Would you like some water, princess?” he asks her. She merely gives a nod, feeling too tired to give a verbal response.

    Nodding, the Potions Master leaves the room to enter the kitchen. He puts down the bowl and looks for a cup. He quickly finds one and fills it up with cold water.

    He makes a mental note to go and asks Narcissa to make Y/N a cup of tea later. Narcissa Malfoy does make the best tea.

    As he’s lost in his thoughts, somebody suddenly apparates to the house. It’s Lucius Malfoy.

    “Ah, Severus. I thought you would be here as you were not at Hogwarts, at the Manor nor in Spinner’s End” Lucius states as he greets his friend.

    Snape gives him a nod. “Correct. Y/N had not written to me for two days, so I went here to see her” he tells him.

    Lucius raises an eyebrow at that. “Really? Has she been ignoring you?” he asks, joking.

    Snape then glares at him. “She is sick, Lucius. She has caught a cold” he states.

    Lucius’ expression quickly changes as he looks worried. “Is she all right?” he carefully asks.

    Snape sighs. “No, she is really not feeling well. Maybe you could tell Narcissa to make her some of her tea?” he suggests.

    Lucius gives him a nod. “Of course. I will be right back with Cissy” he states in a reassuring tone before disapparating.

    Snape then reenters Y/N’s room with the glass of water in his hand. “Here you go” he says as he takes the glass to her lips. He carefully tilts it as she drinks the cold liquid.

    When she’s done, he puts down the cup on her desk. Y/N gives him a tired yet grateful smile. She does look really tired.

    He sits down on the chair next to the bed. “Lucius and Narcissa will arrive soon. I figured you would like some of her tea” he says. Y/N looks happy at the sound of that. She loves Narcissa’s tea.

    She suddenly starts to sneeze a few times. Snape can’t help but chuckle. She sneezes in a quite adorable way.

    He hands her a tissue. “Here you go, princess. You should probably blow that nose” he says, giving her a smirk. Y/N starts to blush before taking the offered tissue and blowing her nose.

    A few seconds later, Narcissa and Lucius enter the room. They both give the sick girl a sad smile.

    “Here you go, sweetheart. I made you some tea” Narcissa says as she approaches with the teacup in her hand.

    “Thank you, Narcissa” Y/N says in her hoarse voice as she takes the offered cup.

    As her hands start to shake, Lucius quickly grabs the cup. “Let me help you, Y/N” he says as he gently brings the cup to her mouth. She blushes but drinks nonetheless.

    When she’s done drinking, she sighs in pleasure. “I really needed that, thank you” she says as she gives them all a tired smile.

    Narcissa smiles as gently kisses her extremely warm forehead. “You should get some sleep, sweetheart. You look really tired” she says.

    Nodding, Y/N slowly closes her eyes. She almost falls asleep in an instant.

    “Poor thing. She is really sick, huh? Has she had some soup?” Narcissa asks Snape who gives a nod.

    “One of her friends made her some potato leek soup” he states. Narcissa nods at that.

    “Lopsy” she says out loud, calling for the house elf who appears in an instant.

    “Mistress Malfoy called Lopsy?” the house elf asks.

    “Yes. I need to make some more tea. Bring six cups, my teapot and tea leaves” Narcissa tells the elf.

    Lopsy immediately nods. “Lopsy will do that” she states before disapparating.

    A few seconds later, she’s already back with the requested items. She puts them on the desk, gives a bow and disapparates once more.

    Snape raises an eyebrow. “Could you not just use their teapot and cups?” he questions.

    Lucius instantly gives him a look that says “Do NOT discuss this with her”.

    Snape sighs. “Never mind” he quickly says which results in Narcissa giving an innocent smile.

    She then levitates the cups, teapot and the box of tea leaves as she walks out of the room to go and make some tea in the kitchen.

    Snape clears his throat. “I will go and bring Y/N a Pepperup Potion as well as a Cough Potion. Will you watch her in the meantime, Lucius?” he asks him.

    As Lucius gives him a reassuring nod, Snape apparates to Hogwarts to gather the potions in his inventory.

    Lucius then sits down on the chair, watching Y/N sleeping while listening to her gentle snores.

    As she stirs in her sleep, Lucius gently touches her forehead. He widens his eyes. Salazar, her forehead is burning hot! He then rises from the chair and goes to the bathroom to retrieve a wet, cold cloth. When he returns, he gently puts the cold cloth on her forehead. It seems to help a bit which Lucius smiles at.

    As Y/N’s hand slips out of the many layers of blankets, Lucius gently grabs it. Her hand is ice cold. He then starts to warm her hand by gently rubbing it and giving it a kiss. He sees her smile in her sleep which he chuckles at.

    He keeps warming up her hand until Snape returns with the potions. “Is her hand still cold?” he asks when he notices Lucius warming up her hand.

    Lucius nods. “Yes, her hand is ice cold. Not so much anymore since I have warmed it, though” he says, giving a small smirk.

    Nodding, Snape walks closer to them with the two potions. “Maybe we should wait until she wakes up?” Lucius suggests.

    Snape thinks for a while. She does need some sleep. “You are right-“ he starts before Y/N suddenly opens her eyes, slowly. Her eyes are really red.

    “How are you feeling, darling?” Lucius gently asks her.

    Y/N sighs. “A little bit better, but my throat hurts” she admits as she starts to cough.

    Snape opens up the first potion. “Here you go, princess. It is a Cough Potion which will help soothe your throat and reduce your coughing” he explains.

    Nodding, Y/N drinks the offered potion. It tastes… interesting, she however doesn’t complain as it almost soothes her sore throat in an instant.

    He then hands her the other potion. “This is a Pepperup Potion. It will help with your cold. I must warn you, though. It may make steam radiate from your ears” he states, warning her of the side effect. Y/N slowly nods. She just wants to get rid of this cold.

    As she drinks the potion, the steam immediately radiates from her ears. The potion makes her warm, though. She sighs in relief. The two potions have already helped a lot with her cold.

    There’s then a knock on the door. “Come in” Lucius says out loud.

    Narcissa then opens the door. “I thought we could have tea while eating dinner. The girls and I are making some noodle soup with lots of vegetables. It should be done in an hour or so” she tells them. They all give her a nod before she closes the door and returns to the kitchen.

    “How about a bath before dinner?” Lucius suggests as he looks at Y/N. She shyly nods at him.

    He then rubs his hands together. “Lopsy” he calls. The house elf then appears.

    “Yes, Master Malfoy?” the elf asks.

    “Go and bring us my hair care products as well as Cissy’s body care products. Oh, and bring one of our towels as well as one of our bathrobes” he demands. Nodding, Lopsy disapparates.

    “Is that really necessary?” Snape asks as he raises an eyebrow.

    Lucius smirks. “Yes, it is, Severus. I do remember how Y/N liked our products. Besides, she will need only the best” he states which makes Y/N blush.

    She did really like them, especially Lucius’ hair care products. It makes one’s hair really soft.

    The elf appears again with the requested items before disapparating once more. Lucius levitates the products, towel and bathrobe as he walks towards her closet.

    “Which drawer contains your underwear, darling?” he asks her. Y/N’s cheeks turn even redder.

    She then clears her throat. “Umm… The top drawer” she shyly says.

    Nodding, Lucius opens it. He can’t help but smirk as he looks inside the drawer. Snape does as well.

    “How about these?” Snape asks, gently grabbing some green ones.

    Lucius hums. “Yes. Good idea, Severus” he says before closing the drawer. Snape also grabs her Snape socks as well as a pair of slippers.

    Lucius then approaches Y/N. He gives her a charming smile. “Well, let us head to the bathroom, shall we?” he suggests before gently lifting Y/N up from the bed as he carries her, bridal style.

    As they walk with the products levitating behind them, Vera spots them. “Hi, umm… Where are you guys going?” she asks, confused.

    Snape gives a smirk. “We are going to give the patient a bath” he states.

    Vera blinks a few times. “Um, okay…” she simply says before shrugging and entering the kitchen.

    The three of them then enter the bathroom. While Lucius still carries Y/N, Snape turns on the water. He lets it run for a while until the water is nice and hot. He then grabs the purple-bottled shower gel and fills the bath with the product as it then foams, covering the water.

    Lucius gently puts Y/N down to stand on her feet. “Can you stand on your own, Y/N? Or do you want Severus and I to undress you? We promise not to look if you wish to do it yourself” he says, giving her a smirk.

    Y/N starts to blush once again. “Umm… I can do it on my own, thank you” she shyly says. Nodding, the two Slytherin men look away to let her undress.

    She quickly does so as she then lies down in the bathtub in the hot water, laying her head to rest against the top of the bathtub. She sighs in pleasure. This is really nice, just what she needed.

    “May we look now?” Snape asks after a while, interrupting her thoughts.

    Y/N blinks a few times. She had almost forgotten that they were there. She clears her throat. “Yeah, sorry” she says.

    Both men turn around, smirking as they see her close her eyes, enjoying the heat of the water. They sit on each end of the bathtub, Lucius close to her head and Snape close to her feet.

    “Enjoying your bath, hmm?” Lucius asks in an amused tone. Y/N simply nods, her eyes still closed.

    Lucius then grabs the green-bottled shampoo. “Can you lift your head up, darling? I would like to wash your hair” he says.

    Nodding, Y/N opens her eyes and moves to sit up a bit, making sure that she is still covered by the foam.

    Lucius takes out some of the product in his hand, rubs it together to create some foam and starts to wash her hair. As he massages the shampoo onto her scalp, Y/N closes her eyes once more, relaxing by his touch. Lucius smirks at that.

    Snape clears his throat. “May I wash your feet?” he gently asks. Smiling, Y/N nods with her eyes still closed.

    Snape then grabs the same purple-bottled shower gel from before and puts some of the liquid on his hands. He then starts to gently wash her feet. She can’t help but giggle, though.

    “That tickles” she says while giggling. Both men smirk at her.

    “Is that so?” Snape simply asks, intentionally trailing a finger under her foot. She nods, giggling a bit more.

    Lucius chuckles. “You seem to be ticklish everywhere, huh?” he asks her playfully. Y/N’s cheeks turn red and it’s not from the hot water.

    There’s suddenly a knock on the door. “Dinner will be served in fifteen minutes” Narcissa states from the other side of the door.

    “All right. We will be quick, Cissy!” Lucius says loud enough for her to hear. He then washes the shampoo out of Y/N’s scalp. After that, he grabs the green-bottled conditioner and puts some of the product in her hair. He lets it sit for a few minutes before washing that out, too.

    When Y/N is all clean, Snape hands her the green towel. “Here you go, princess” he says.

    She shyly grabs the towel as the two men look away before she rises from the bathtub and dries off her hair and body. She then puts on the green underwear and the green bathrobe as well as her Snape socks and her slippers.

    As she’s dressed and decent, she clears her throat. “I’m dressed now” she shyly says.

    They both turn around. Lucius smiles at her. “Our bathrobe suits you, darling” he says as he hums.

    Y/N blushes as she gives them both a shy smile. Snape then hands her the purple-bottled body lotion. She takes it and puts the lotion on her arms and legs.

    When she’s all done, the three of them enter the living room where the dinner table is. Laura, Vera and Narcissa have just finished setting the table.

    Narcissa smiles at them, chuckling a bit when she notices Y/N wearing their bathrobe. Of course Lucius asked Lopsy to bring that.

    “Good timing, we just finished setting the table. Come and eat” she says, gesturing to the chairs. They all then sit down at the table. Y/N sits between Laura and Vera while Lucius sits between Narcissa and Snape.

    They all start to eat their noodle soup and drink their tea. Both are absolutely delicious.

    After a while, everyone is full from the food. Y/N gives them a shy yet tired smile. “Thank you all for taking care of me. It means a lot” she says, sounding grateful. Her voice isn’t as hoarse as before. The potions helped a lot.

    They all give her a smile. Except for Snape as her friends are there, so he just gives her a nod. He truly never smiles when in public. Y/N can’t help but chuckle at that, quietly.

    “You are welcome, sweetheart. We just want you to get better soon” Narcissa says before rising from her chair.

    She then looks at the two men. “Why don’t you two help Y/N get to bed? Then the girls and I will clean up here” she suggests.

    Nodding, Snape and Lucius rise from their chairs and help Y/N get to her room. When they are near her bed, they fluff her pillow before helping her get onto the bed as they then tuck her in.

    Lucius gently caresses her right cheek. “Good night, darling. Hopefully, you will feel much better tomorrow morning” he says, giving her a reassuring smile.

    Snape kisses her left cheek. “Yes, the potions should have helped with your cold. How are you feeling right now?” he asks.

    Y/N smiles at them. “Thank you, both of you. I already feel much better. I’m just a bit tired” she says, yawning a bit. Both men chuckle.

    “Sleep well, princess. I will conjure some madrases so we can sleep in here in case you need anything” Snape reassures.

    He then conjures two madrases as well as two duvets and pillows. Lucius and Snape strip out of their clothes before lying on the madrases and covering themselves with the duvets.

    Y/N smiles as she closes her eyes. “Good night, Sev, Luci” she mutters to them tiredly as she quickly falls asleep.

    They both smirk. “Good night” they say in unison as they watch her sleep for a while before also falling asleep.

    The next morning, Y/N wakes up to the smell of pancakes. As she opens her eyes, she sees Lucius and Snape entering the room with a plate of pancakes.

    “Good morning, princess. We made you some pancakes” Snape says as he hands her the plate.

    She gives a grateful smile before tucking into her meal. It tastes delicious. “Thank you, these pancakes are delicious!” she says, continuing to eat her tasty breakfast.

    “How are you feeling today?” Lucius gently asks her.

    Her throat isn’t sore anymore, she doesn’t feel cold and her nose isn’t runny anymore. She feels fine.

    She gives them a big smile. “I feel much better, thanks to you two as well as Narcissa, Laura and Vera” she states. They both smile at that.

    Soup, a hot bath, potions and Narcissa’s tea really help treat a cold.

    #harry potter#fanfiction#one shot#one shots #the keeper of the diamond #severus snape#lucius malfoy #severus snape x reader #lucius malfoy x reader #reader
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    15.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Summaries of The Keeper of the Diamond

    By yan-senna

    Here are the summaries of book 1, 2, 3 and 4 of The Keeper of the Diamond! There are one shots of the series as well.

    Summary of book 1:

    TW: Mentions of death, kidnapping and rape

    A new prophecy has popped up in the Wizarding World. The Dark Lord and Harry Potter need help from the Keeper of the Diamond to destroy each other. It’s later revealed that the Keeper is Y/N, who’s from another dimension, as well as the fact that they need two diamonds - an orange and a pink one. Y/N and her friends, Laura and Vera, help Harry Potter and the rest of the Order fight Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

    During their adventure, Y/N meets the Harry Potter characters. She even has lots of moments with her favourite ones, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, which are even flirtatious sometimes since they are her favourite characters. She also goes to Hogwarts pretending to be a transfer student in Gryffindor where she has Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration lessons. She even gets kidnapped to Malfoy Manor where there are unfortunate events for her - such as Dolohov, who also killed her mother, almost raping her.

    However, Y/N and Harry end up destroying the Dark Lord together with both the pink and the orange diamond. Their victory is celebrated with a party at Hogwarts. The three friends then bid goodbye to the Harry Potter characters before going back to their own dimension. It’s not the last time they will see one another, though.

    Summary of book 2:

    TW: Mentions of death, kidnapping, rape and torture

    Y/N’s friends, Laura and Vera, are almost kidnapped by the Trix from the Winx Club dimension because they want the pink diamond. The two girls however escape to the Alfea school where they see someone in the Winx’s dorm they don’t expect to be working with them - which is Valtor. Y/N is assigned by Dumbledore to help the Winx Club defeat the Trix and Lord Darkar who has returned. She however gets kidnapped as well by the Trix at a party on Domino. It turns out that somebody has told Darkar that he needs both the pink and the orange diamond as well as their Keeper - that somebody is Bellatrix Lestrange who has escaped from Azkaban with Dolohov.

    In Shadow Haunt, Y/N is almost raped by Dolohov and is tortured by Bellatrix and Icy. She gets saved by the Winx, the Specialists, her friends, Lupin, Black, the Trio and Snape as well as Valtor who she has flirtatious moments with since he’s her favourite Winx Club character. Snape heals her injuries as she’s left with a scar on her left thigh and on her right cheek. Lord Darkar is destroyed, Dolohov is killed by Valtor and Snape, Bellatrix is sent back to Azkaban and the Trix are sent to Light Rock Lake.

    They all bid goodbye to the Winx Club characters. Tecna the Fairy of Technology upgrades the three girls’ phones so they can always contact them. At Hogwarts, Y/N’s birthday party is celebrated. They are having a good time and she gets lots of presents - one being an enchanted notebook from Snape so they can write to each other every day. A few days after the party, there is suddenly a knock on Snape’s door in his private home in Spinner’s End.

    Summary of book 3:

    TW: Mentions of death, kidnapping and rape

    The Malfoys knock on Severus Snape’s door to hide in his home in Spinner’s End as they don’t want to go to Azkaban. While Y/N is visiting, the Malfoys are hiding in the guest room. Dumbledore somehow knows that they are there - he doesn’t turn them in, though. They are pardoned at the Ministry of Magic and can return to Malfoy Manor.

    Y/N and her friends, Laura and Vera, are sent to the The Walking Dead dimension to save the Trio, Snape, Lupin and Black who have all been kidnapped by the Saviors as they were sent to help Alexandria in their war against Negan. Vera and Laura get kidnapped together with Daryl from Alexandria as well. Meanwhile, Y/N and Lucius, who has joined them on the mission, try to save them. They quickly get caught, however. At the Sanctuary, Y/N is almost raped by David the Savior - Negan saves her in time as he kills David.

    They end up winning the war and capturing Negan. They let him live and put him in the cell in Alexandria. When they return back to Hogwarts, they celebrate their victory with a Halloween party. Snape and Y/N visit the Malfoys at the Manor. Their vacation is however interrupted as Dumbledore has another mission for them.

    Summary of book 4:

    TW: Mentions of death and kidnapping

    Y/N and her friends, Laura and Vera, are sent on a mission by Dumbledore to the Avatar: The Last Airbender dimension together with Snape, Lucius, the Trio and Draco. They are sent there to help Avatar Aang and his friends, Katara, Toph and Sokka, where they have to stop the Fire Nation and their leader, Fire Lord Ozai.

    During their mission, Toph almost gets kidnapped by two Fire Nation soldiers. She however gets saved from the Fire Lord’s brother, Iroh. The team then lets Iroh and Fire Prince Zuko join them on their mission as they all stay in Iroh’s tea shop called The Jasmine Dragon. When Lucius, Snape and Zuko overhear the girls talking about Y/N having a crush on the three of them, they get quite jealous. They even fight and almost burn down a temple.

    Y/N later gets kidnaped by Fire Princess Azula and her two friends, Mai and Ty Lee. She however gets saved by the others as they fight the Fire Nation. Azula tries to use Lightning-bending on Snape - Y/N saves him in time by jumping in front of him. The lightning kills her. Katara however uses her healing ability and revives the Keeper of the Diamond. They all win the war as Aang takes away Ozai’s Firebending ability. Their victory is celebrated at Iroh’s tea shop where they see a very worried Narcissa Malfoy who even sent Lopsy the house elf to give Lucius a message - that she is NOT happy about Draco going on the mission. As they all say goodbye, Snape reluctantly lets go of Y/N - he tells her that if she does not write to him every day, then he will kidnap her, with or without Lucius’ help.

    #harry potter#winx club #the walking dead #avatar the last airbender #fanfiction #the keeper of the diamond #severus snape#lucius malfoy#valtor#baltor#negan#zuko #severus snape x reader #lucius malfoy x reader #valtor x reader #baltor x reader #negan x reader #zuko x reader #reader#summary#twd#atla#avatar tla
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    I am a huge fan of both Bleach and Kingdom Hearts, so I decided to make a post listing all of the things that remind me of each other about the two franchises. I am aware that a lot of these will seem like generic and minor similarities but I guess I'm really just making this list for me to look back on and if someone else happens to enjoy it that's great too!

    Ichigo and Sora go about being the protagonist in a very similar way. Neither of them have any sort of grand or overarching goal. Both of them only want to protect their friends.

    Orihime and Kairi both have powers that make them targets for the main villain. Xehanort targets Kairi, because she is a Princess of Heart while Aizen targets Orihime due to her rejection powers.

    Aizen and Xehanort have everything planned out.

    The plot of Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 days and the Bleach movie Memories of Nobody are very similar. Senna and Xion were both more heroic than the main character at times, made of memories, didn't know where they came from, and were forgotten about when they died.

    In the Fade to Black movie, the siblings who attacked Rukia had the power to erase people's memories, which had the side effect of erasing other people's memories of that person. This is very similar to when Namine messed with Sora's memories and everyone forgot about him. (Also Tsukishima's Fullbring)

    When Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad were invading Hueco Mundo, they had to create the path in front of them as they ran by using reishi. The room right before the top of The Castle that Never Was in Kingdom Hearts 2 also contains a walkway that is created while you walk up it.

    The way Keyblade Transformations work in Kingdom Hearts 3 is very reminiscent of Zanpakuto releases in Bleach . The keyblade is the Zanpakuto in base level, then it transforms the first time similar to Shikai and then another time just like Bankai . Specifically, the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the biggest keyblades in the game very similarly to how Ichigo's shikai is a really big sword. However, when both of them are transformed they become a really thin sword that allows Ichigo and Sora to move and attack much faster.

    Bazz-B and Haschwalth are extremely similar to Axel and Saïx. Bazz-B and Axel both have fire powers and wind up initally joining an evil organization along with their stoic best friend(who happens to be strongest at nighttime and eventually becomes the leader's right hand man) in order to undermine the leader of their group as a direct result of something the leader did wrong to them in the past. Haschwalth and Saïx grew too loyal to Ywach and Xemnas respectively and they drifted apart from their friend until they wind up fighting them at the end of their stories.

    Ulquiorra and Saïx (in Kingdom Hearts 2) are eerily similar with both of them actually being emotionless and the main person to antagonize the main character. And then when they both die they reach out and say something about a heart.

    Both of the universes are divided into different realms. In Kingdom Hearts you have the Realms of Light, Darkness, and Between being literal, like Bleach's World of the Living, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and Hell. But they also both have at least one conceptual realm, with Bleach having the Beast Realm and Kingdom Hearts having the Data and Dream Realms.

    Both series also have an inner-world of sorts. Bleach's actually being called the Inner World, but Kingdom Hearts having the Station of Awakening.

    Renji initially fights Ichigo to get Rukia back to Soul Society. Similarly, Axel spends KH2 trying to turn Sora back into a heartless to get Roxas back.

    The Darkside and Invisible heartless have a hole in their chest like the Hollows.

    Zanpakuto and keyblades are weapons specifically designed to kill Hollows and Heartless respectively. Hollows are purified by zanpakutos, and the keyblade permanently gets rid of Pureblood Heartless, but sends Emblem Heartless' hearts back to their body.

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    #alfg#homestuck#lullabyposting#mcu #a lullaby for gods #i fucking love them ejshdgdhdkdkd #i imagine them to be like. those psirs of siblings that absolutely would beat the shit out of each other #bc no parent is watching
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    FFXIV Write 2021

    Prompt #4 - The Queen of Draic

    Baleful - ‘menacing; threatening harm’


    (Used some in game cutscene text for this one just cause it writes the scene so well and sets up my idea so perectly)

    Silence swallowed the room with the weight of Emperor Varis’s words. The Garlean Empire was created from the beginning by Ascians, and in truth, Katsum could not say she was surprised with the chaos the Garleans had always created, the pain and suffering they had caused based on her childhood memories alone. She felt the hand holding hers under the table tighten slightly as Aymeric felt her body tense through her fingers. Hien had been gracious enough to let her dear husband sit beside her, and she was glad that he had for there were a few times that Varis had targeted Aymeric’s and Ishgard’s sorrows specifically and it had only been his quick catch of her hand that kept the seeker from launching herself over the table. She took a long breath and squeezed his hand gently in response.

    “Your ‘prize’ is a lie. It would be foolish to even wonder if you would have the upper hand in such an agreement. We would all die before peace is even a thought.” She answered, a bit to her tone as she scowled at him. Again she felt Aymeric’s fingers squeeze her a bit, and she felt his heartbeat quicken with worry.

    The Emperor stood then, and spoke with a strange kind of fervor, “I come not to conquer but to liberate—to free man from the prison of divergence. Imagine a world united, and one perfect race beneath a single standard! We would be masters of our own fate! We would be far too strong for the servants of Darkness and Light to dare trifle with!” He held out his hands and grinned smugly, insanely, “I bid you join me! Not as a subject of Garlemald, but of a new nation! And together we shall win true freedom for ourselves and generations yet unborn!”

    Silence returned for a moment, just for a moment, and then Lyse jumped to her feet, slamming her hands down on the table, “You want to trigger another half-dozen calamities!? You can’t be serious!”

    “Have you forgotten how many died!?” Raubahn hissed, “There will be no one left!”

    As he and Nanamo stood to their feet, so did Merlwyb, “Did you truly imagine we would aid you in your bloodletting?”

    “It is unthinkable!” Katsum wasn’t sure she’d ever heard Kan-E-Senna raise her voice, but as she stood next to the other leader that had been there that day at Carteneau, it only made sense why. Alisaie looked to Lord Hien and Aymeric, and she and Hien stood to their feet. Katsum stayed seated as Aymeric let go of her hand to stand too, watching her out of the corner of his eye as she stayed still and stared angrily at Varis.

    “And what of the other worlds? The ones we “rejoin”?” Alisaie finally broke her silence to shout, “Every calamity means you obliterate a star and every soul that dwells upon it!”

    Varis frowned and grimaced in annoyance, “We are all but tiny specks in an indifferent universe. We cannot hope to oppose them until we have been made whole once more.”

    “Odd, the same could be said about the many small countries and cities you forced under your rule in your…‘liberation’,” Katsum said softly, a clear edge to her voice.

    He did not answer her.

    Instead, Nanamo spoke then instead to fill the silence, “Are these truly the words of Garlemald’s ruler?” She did not give him the time to answer as she narrowed her gaze and continued, “The flaws which you so abhor are what make us who we are. Every nation─even yours, Emperor Varis─is made whole through the combination of these imperfections, the strengths of one compensating for the weaknesses of another. While it is true that man succumbs all too often to anger and avarice, he may yet overcome his baser instincts through the forming of bonds with others, fostering community and cooperation. That the protector of an empire should not only reject these fundamental truths but seek to change them at so dear a cost to life is indefensible,” She leaned forward and very nearly whispered, “Such a man is not fit to govern.”

    The power in such words could shut out even Katsum herself she believed, and so Varis of course had naught to say to retort. He drew back to stand straight as a deep frown crossed his face, his eyes narrowed with the slightest hint of Katsum thought might be defeat. Then his gaze met her, “And you, Warrior of Light? Would you refuse me as well?”

    Katsum was quiet, looking down to the table and closing her eyes as everyone else’s attention turned to her. Long had she carried this secret, keeping it safe from the knowledge of their enemy, but now, after these many long years, she was ready to bear her fangs.

    “Tell me, Lord Varis, do you remember an island kingdom that your armies laid siege to some years ago? It was a small island that floated on the stormy seas of Sirensong, just to the east of Ul’dah’s shores. Do you know it?”

    He tsked, “I remember some report of it, of mass destruction and nothing to gain from it. A waste of resources.”

    Katsum’s fingers tightened into a fist, “A waste of resources…” She hissed this under her breath where only she and Aymeric heard before she continued, “Really? I thought you knew all of our histories and the flaws we sew into our nations.”

    He growled, “Get to your point, girl.”

    Katsum moved to slowly stand to her feet, feeling the eyes of the others as she stood tall and narrowed her sapphire gaze threateningly, “You call me ‘Warrior of Light’, ‘Defender of Eorzea’, ‘Liberator of Doma and Ala Mhigo’, and ‘Knightess of Ishgard’. All of these titles and more I now carry, but there is another title I have borne for far longer than any other. Do you know what it is?”

    It seemed it took him a moment before his eyes widened, “You can’t be…”

    “I am the Queen of Draic.”

    Suddenly, the Draic necklace around her neck began glowing brightly, the eye of Raihogg burning into the red jewel. To the amazement of all, a deep rumble echoed behind her as she felt the dragon summoning his form, his wings spread out in his ghostly shade behind the other alliance members and hovered his head over Katsum’s like a shield, his glowing blue and golden eyes burning into Varis. The red dragon hissed lowly, making the emperor take a step back and his guards take a single step forward, but neither Katsum nor her dragon made a move to attack. The miqo’te stood tall as the confidence she had never known flowed into her veins. Still, she reached out her hand to the Elezen man beside her, wrapping her shaking fingers in his as he took her hand to ground herself and to keep her from going too far. He gently squeezed her fingers and it gave her the assurance that she needed.

    “That ‘momentary’ island was my home and its people, my family. You reduced it to rubble for nothing and killed my people without remorse. Even now, you have no thought of sympathy,” She spat these words before she retracted and spoke sickeningly sweet, “Yet that is the past, right? A chapter for the history books, written and forgotten. Yet now you ask me as us to join this cause of yours, this movement of death and chaos and insanity. The same cause you forced upon my people,” Katsum’s eyes darkened angrily then, slightly baring her feline fangs as she hissed with her Dravanian companion, “If you truly believed we would join you in such madness, then you are far more a fool than you are a TYRANT!!”

    Not so long ago, she would have denied this title and its weight, but at this moment, after so many years, finally the queen had come to rule.

    #katsum almor #aymeric de borel #ffxiv #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv writing #ffxiv write 2021 #post stormblood msq #stormblood spoilers#raubahn#lyse hext#alisaie leveilleur #aymeric de borel x katsum almor #aymeric x katsum #aymeric de borel x wol #aymeric x wol #lord hien #varis zos galvus #ghimlyt dark#raihogg#dravanian
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    #alfg#homestuck#lullabyposting#mcu #a lullaby for gods #eridan: I WAS RIGHT #the kids: make doomsday devices that actually work #eridan: WAIT
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  • yan-senna
    21.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 19:

    TW: War and mentions of weapons

    As they are all walking, the team to the right keeps looking, but in vain. All they find is more Fire Nation soldiers. Meanwhile with the team to the left, it’s not looking too good either. Until they find a room full of metal boxes. “Hey, I can sense some metal boxes in here. They tried to put me in one of those!” Toph exclaims, making the others stop and enter the room with her. They all look around. “Do you think she’s inside one of them?” Sokka questions. Toph then concentrates as she sees the room with her feet. She then points to one of them. “She’s in there” she says. They all run to the box. Laura knocks on it. “Y/N, can you hear us?” she asks loudly. At first, there’s no response. Until there’s a knock coming from the inside of the box. “She can!” Vera exclaims. “So… How do we get her out?” Zuko asks. Toph then walks in front of the box. “Let me” she says. She then uses Metalbending to open the box. The walls are being bent, creating an exit. Lucius then peeps his head inside. “Y/N?” he asks gently. Suddenly, somebody throws themselves at him, hugging him tightly while sobbing into his chest. He immediately hugs back. “Shh, it’s okay, darling. We are here to save you. You are safe” he whispers.

    There are suddenly fireballs being thrown into the room. “We need to get out of here!” Sokka exclaims. Toph, Laura, Vera, Sokka and even Momo then distract the soldiers while Lucius, Snape and Zuko calm down Y/N. Snape crouches down a bit in front of her. “Are you okay, princess?” he asks her gently while caressing her shoulders. Y/N slowly stops sobbing. “Yeah, I-I’m fine. S-sorry. We need to get out of here” she says while wiping off her tears. Zuko then notices her bag on the ground and picks it up. “Look what the fools left behind” he says as he smiles. Y/N smiles too as she grabs her shoulder bag. “Thanks” she says as she sniffs. They then help the others as they all escape the room. They run back to the meeting place, where the others are already waiting. “Y/N! Are you okay?” Katara asks worriedly. Y/N nods while Vera and Laura then hug her tightly, finally being able to now that there are no fireballs being thrown at them. She hugs them back immediately. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you all for saving me. We need to find Ozai and defeat him, though” she states.

    Just as a soldier, sneaking up to them, is about to hit them, he’s suddenly blasted to the ground. They all turn around to see who saved them. “Dobby?” Harry asks dumbfounded. Lucius grits his teeth at the sight of one of his former house elves. If it wasn’t for Potter, then he would still have Dobby! He sighs at that. He has moved on, though. Or so he’d like to think. Dobby nods at Harry, looking proud. “That’s right, Dobby came here with Lopsy to save Harry Potter and his friends” Dobby the Free Elf says. Lopsy the house elf then emerges as well. “… Lopsy?” Lucius asks surprised. Lopsy nods. “Lopsy came to make sure that Master Malfoy and young Master Malfoy were okay. Also, Mistress Malfoy sent Lopsy. Mistress Malfoy was worried… Angry as well” the house elf says as she laughs nervously. Lucius sighs. Well, at least Cissy is also worried. “Dobby, you and Lopsy can go help the Kyoshi fighters and the White Lotus while we go to stop that Ozai guy” Harry suggests. Nodding, the two elves disappear. They all then leave the palace to find the Fire Lord. They don’t notice someone following them, smirking to herself.

    As they leave the palace, they are suddenly surrounded by lots of Fire Nation soldiers. As they try to go back inside, somebody emerges. Azula. She’s smirking at them. “Well well, did you really think you could win against us? The Fire Nation will win this war, and we will rule the entire world!” she declares, laughing evilly like a maniac. Just then, the soldiers attack. They all prepare themselves.

    Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco use Expelliarmus against the soldiers. Just as a soldier is about to attack Draco from behind by using Firebending, Harry exclaims “Expelliarmus!” as the soldier flies off into a tree. Draco turns around. “Thanks, Potter!” he says as he nods gratefully. Harry smiles as he nods back. They all then resume the fighting. Toph attacks the soldiers by using Earthbending. The ground shakes as all the soldiers fall. Sokka uses his boomerang and hits them on their heads. They all groan in pain. Katara uses Waterbending as waves hit the soldiers so they fall to the ground. Some of them gasp for air after almost drowning in the water. Vera hits them with Hermione’s book - she can actually defend herself with it. Books are useful in more than one way, apparently. Laura hits them with her metal baseball bat. As one of the soldiers is about to hit Vera from behind with a fireball, Laura hits his knee with her weapon. He grabs his knee in pain as he groans. Vera smiles at her. “Thanks, Laura”. Laura smiles back. “You are welcome, dude” she says as they quickly go back to fighting. Appa and Momo are fighting the soldiers too - Appa hits them with his big tail while Momo scratches them. Aang turns to the others. “I’ll look for Ozai while you guys fight Azula and the soldiers!” he states. They all nod. “Just be careful” Katara pleads. He nods reassuringly before he takes off. Meanwhile Y/N, Zuko, Snape and Lucius are facing the Fire Princess, Azula.

    #harry potter #avatar the last airbender #avatar tla#atla#fanfiction #the keeper of the diamond #zuko#severus snape#lucius malfoy #zuko x reader #severus snape x reader #lucius malfoy x reader #reader
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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 16:

    TW: Mentions of killing

    The next morning, Y/N somehow manages to wake up before Lucius and Snape. Weird, that has never happened before. She chuckles quietly to herself. They look quite peaceful when asleep, she even dares to say they look adorable… She would never say that to their faces, though. They would just either get annoyed at that or tease her about how she looks while sleeping. After she has admired them sleeping for a while, she decides to get up from bed and go see Vera and Laura.

    As she gently tries to leave the bed without waking them up, she doesn’t notice Lucius opening his eyes. He smirks to himself before he traps her by wrapping his legs around her waist. She gasps at that. “And where do you think you are going, darling?” he asks teasingly as he pulls her closer to him with his legs. “Good morning, Lucius. I was just about to put some clothes on and go see Laura and Vera” she says while giggling a bit at his actions. Lucius then changes position so he’s sitting up, his legs still wrapped around her. “Is that so? I’m surprised you woke up before Severus and I” he says. Y/N nods at that. “Yeah. Honestly, me too”. Snape then wakes up too. He groans as he changes position so he’s sitting on the bed too. He then raises an eyebrow. “Good morning. What are you two doing?” he asks in his velvety morning voice. Lucius chuckles. “I was just stopping Y/N from leaving the bed. Can you believe that she woke up before us?” he states. Snape looks a bit surprised at that. “Indeed?” he merely asks. They both nod at that. Y/N then looks at Lucius. “Um, could you let me go so I can visit my friends?” she asks shyly. Lucius smiles. “Of course, Y/N. All you had to do is ask” he says as he unwraps his legs so she’s free. Nodding shyly, she rises from the bed to dress. She takes her shoulder bag and waves before leaving the room.

    She then knocks on the guest room. She’s met by Katara opening the door. “Oh, hi Y/N. What a pleasant surprise to see you here so early. Come in, all the other girls are here too” she says as she steps aside. Y/N smiles as she enters. She waves at Toph, Hermione, Vera and Laura. “Hey Y/N, it’s good to see you. And thanks for playing UNO with us last night - it was a lot of fun, even though Vera won” Laura says as she then sighs. Video games might be her thing, but Vera always wins when they play card games or board games together. Y/N chuckles at that. “No problem, it really was a lot of fun” she says as she smiles. Vera then looks at her. “I was wondering if you brought your diary with you, Y/N?” she asks curiously. Y/N sighs. “No, I didn’t think of that. I also forgot my enchanted notebook at home. It might be best, though. You know, so no one can read it” she says as she laughs. The other girls laugh too. “So, Laura. What really happened out there last night?” Y/N then questions. Laura smirks. “They were fighting about you” she confesses instantly. Y/N widens her eyes while Hermione, Vera, Toph and Katara exclaim “I knew it!” in unison. Just as Hermione is about to say something, there’s a knock on the door. Ron then opens the door. “So this is where you all are. Iroh just returned. And just in time for breakfast!” he says, excited for breakfast. Hermione rolls her eyes at that.

    All the girls then leave the room and enter the living room with Ron. They join the others at the dinner table. “Good morning. I thought you would all like some pancakes this morning. The meeting with the White Lotus went well, by the way. We have all agreed to help defeat Ozai as soon as possible. Now, we just need to know how the Avatar wants to defeat him” Iroh states as they are all eating their pancakes. Aang however stops eating as he looks worried. “I’m honestly not sure how I should defeat Ozai. I honestly don’t want to… kill anyone” he says as he sighs. The others then start to look worried too. Iroh looks at him. “Do what feels right. Listen to your gut” Iroh advises him.

    As Aang nods but still looks worried nonetheless, Y/N turns to him. “Well, you could take away his bending ability. That way he can’t harm more people. The Lion Turtle, also called the Ancient One by the spirits, can teach you how to use Energy-bending to remove one’s bending abilities” Y/N suggests as she remembers that’s how it is on the TV show. Iroh nods at that. “I believe that could be a very wise idea” he says, agreeing with Y/N. Aang smiles at that. That’s a much more peaceful way to defeat the Fire Lord! “I should probably do it now. That way, we are prepared and we can end this soon” Aang states as he finishes his pancakes. Everybody nods in agreement. After Iroh tells him where he can find the Lion Turtle, he hugs his friends and bids them all goodbye. He then flies off on Appa. Momo stays behind with the others.

    #harry potter #avatar the last airbender #avatar tla#atla#fanfiction #the keeper of the diamond #zuko#severus snape#lucius malfoy #zuko x reader #severus snape x reader #lucius malfoy x reader #reader
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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 15:

    TW: Fight and swear words

    As the three of them are outside of the tea shop, Zuko looks at the two wizards. “Well, it seems like this can only end one way - we will have to fight” he states. They both nod. “We agree - unfortunately for you, we will win” Lucius says as he smirks. The three of them then get ready as they start to attack each other. It’s Lucius and Snape versus Zuko. Both wizards use Incendio as Zuko uses Firebending. As they are fighting, they almost set fire to the temple. Thankfully, they are stopped in time. A boomerang suddenly hits Snape on his head. He groans in pain as he has his hand on the sore spot. Sokka emerges - and so does Laura. “What the fuck- flower- is going on here?” she asks. “You almost burned down the temple!” Sokka says while looking serious. The three guys sigh. “We let jealousy get the best of us. Our foolish and childish behaviour led us to fight each other” Snape admits. Both Lucius and Zuko nod. Laura raises an eyebrow. “Is this about Y/N? Wait a minute, did you listen to our conversation?” she asks, shocked. Zuko nods slowly. “It was an accident - we were just passing by as we heard you” he says, defending the three of them. Snape and Lucius nod too, agreeing with him. Sokka puts his hands up in the air. “Okay, I have no idea what’s going on. But we should all probably head inside - it’s getting dark. I guess it’s our time to be the adults here” he says, mocking Lucius and Snape who both glare at him.

    They all then head inside. The others are in the living room. “What happened? We heard a lot of turmoil. That’s why we sent Laura and Sokka to check it out” Katara says worriedly. “Yeah, it felt like someone was fighting” Toph states. Sokka and Laura look at the three guys involved. They look a bit nervous. “Um…” Zuko starts. “It was a thief!” Lucius exclaims. “That’s right, we were simply stopping a thief” Snape adds to the story. “Uhh, yeah. They were trying to steal my uncle’s money. As we were fighting them, they almost burned down the temple nearby!” Zuko ends the story. Both Laura and Sokka facepalm. Well, at least they agree on their little story. “Good job, father! I bet you were awesome” Draco says proudly. Lucius smirks. “Yeah, I was” he says smugly. Snape rolls his eyes. At least they are believing their lie.

    Harry coughs a few times. “Well, we should sleep soon. We just need to figure out who should sleep where” he states. They all nod at that. “Well, uncle will first return tomorrow. So his room is unoccupied” Zuko reminds them. Hermione is in deep thought. “Well, there are three rooms. Two people can share each bed. That’s six people. One can sleep on the couch, that’s seven. We can conjure seven madrases, then all fourteen of us have somewhere to sleep” she suggests. They all nod at the idea. “Laura and I can share one of the rooms” Vera says. “Yeah, we can take the guest room” Laura adds. “I can take the couch” Zuko says. “Harry and I can take Iroh’s room. Will you be fine sleeping in here, ‘Mione?” Ron asks his friend. Hermione nods. Lucius clears his throat. “Y/N can share the last room with Severus and I so she doesn’t get any nightmares… She will sleep on a conjured madras, of course” he says. Y/N is now blushing, meanwhile Hermione, Laura, Vera, Katara, Toph and Zuko all roll their eyes at that comment. Yeah, right. Like anyone would believe that the three of them won’t share the bed. Zuko smirks. “You will share my room, then”. Lucius and Snape groan at that. They don’t comment, though.

    Snape clears his throat. “Then it’s settled. Weasley and Potter in Iroh’s room. Laura and Vera in the guest room. Y/N, Lucius and I in… the Fire Prince’s room. The Fire Prince on the couch, and the rest of you on six madrases here in the living room” he declares. Everybody nods in agreement as they go to their assigned sleeping spot. Y/N shyly follows Snape and Lucius into Zuko’s room. “We have to sleep in the incompetent Fire Prince’s room… Great” Lucius says as he sighs. They then take off their shoes and strip out of their clothes as they lie in the small bed. Y/N rests her head on Snape’s chest while hugging Lucius’ left arm. She caresses the Dark Mark on his arm. She then closes her eyes. “Good night, Luci, Sev” she says as she yawns. “Good night, Y/N” they both say in unison as she falls asleep. Snape wraps his arms around her while Lucius strokes her right, scarred cheek. They fall asleep not too long after as well.

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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 14:

    TW: Jealousy

    As they are all walking inside the shop, Y/N turns to Aang and Zuko. “Would you two like to keep training?” she asks shyly. Aang nods immediately. Zuko scratches the back of his neck. “I would like to, I just have to check something first” he says. Y/N nods understandingly. As Zuko leaves, Sokka approaches. “Hey, can I train with you? I need to train my boomerang skills” he says as he throws his boomerang and then catches it. Both Aang and Y/N nod. They then start the training. Aang uses Firebending to hit a dummy. It reflects its hits - so whenever one hits it, it hits back. Y/N takes out the orange diamond from her shoulder bag and concentrates as another dummy is being hit by a force. As that force is about to hit her back, she thinks of a barrier that can protect her. It works. Sokka is hitting a third dummy with his boomerang. He dodges the reflected attacks.

    While the three of them are training, Harry and Ron are playing Pai Sho in the living room. Ron is pretty good at it - Harry is trying. Draco is sitting on the couch, looking bored. What should he do? He sighs. He doesn’t want to watch Potter and Weasley play Pai Sho. He doesn’t want to read a book. He then rises from the couch. Maybe he can train against the dummies? He then leaves the room and walks towards the garden. He sees that Y/N, Sokka and Aang are training. He clears his throat. “Um… Can I train too?” he asks hesitantly. Y/N smiles. “Of course, Draco. There are plenty of dummies” she says. Aang and Sokka nod in agreement. Smiling, Draco stands in front of a fourth dummy. He takes out his wand. “Expeliarmus!” he exclaims. As he hits the dummy, the spell bounces back towards him. “Protego!” he says just in time. “Good job, Draco!” Y/N cheers while both Aang and Sokka clap. Draco bows. “Thank you, thank you” he says smugly. They all then continue with their training.

    Meanwhile, the other girls are in a guest room, talking. Apparently there’s enough room for a living room, a small kitchen, a bathroom, two small rooms and one small guest room in the tea shop. That’s pretty impressive. They then start to talk about Y/N. “Do you know if Y/N likes Zuko too? I swear I could sense her blushing when she was looking in his direction” Toph says. Hermione, Laura and Vera look puzzled. “… You can sense people blushing?” Laura asks dumbfounded. Katara laughs. “Yeah, she can. It’s pretty impressive. To be fair, I noticed it too - he even caught her staring. So she likes Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy and Zuko?” she questions. Laura and Vera look at each other, while Hermione looks at them curiously. Both girls then sigh. “… She does. Don’t tell anyone, though. When we first went to Hermione’s and the others’ dimension, we kind of told everyone about Snape being her favourite character” Vera admits. Hermione raises an eyebrow. “Correct. You didn’t mention Malfoy, however. I can see why, though” she says. If they told them at that time that Y/N likes Malfoy too… Hermione has no idea how anyone would have reacted.

    The five girls are oblivious to the three guys outside of the room, listening to their conversation. They didn’t mean to - Snape and Lucius just went by when they coincidentally heard them mention Y/N. Zuko was about to enter his room when he heard them mention him. Well, now they know that Y/N likes all three of them. Snape and Lucius can’t help but get jealous - they are fine with Y/N liking both of them, they can share her. But Y/N liking a third person - not so much. Zuko has no idea why, but he gets jealous too, and he just met her! Zuko looks at Snape and Lucius who look back. The three guys then glare at each other. Ron suddenly appears. “Professor Snape, has an hour passed yet? I’m hungry” he complains. Snape stops glaring at Zuko as he rolls his eyes at Ron. “Not. yet. We will eat in ten minutes, Weasley” he states. Ron nods as he returns to the Pai Sho game. Zuko then enters his room as the two wizards enter the living room. They both sit on the couch.

    Ten minutes later, everybody is called to dinner. While eating their noodles, three particular people are glaring at each other. Laura notices. “Um, are you guys okay?” she asks confused. “I’m fine” Lucius, Snape and Zuko say through gritted teeth in unison. That just made Laura even more confused about the situation. “O…kay” she says slowly as she shrugs. When everyone is finished eating their meal, they then rise from their chairs. All the teenagers except Y/N, Zuko, Laura and Vera head to the garden to train. Laura and Vera walk towards the guest room. “Hey Y/N, do you want to play UNO? Apparently Vera brought the card game with her” Laura says as she gestures to Vera who shows the game in her right hand. Y/N smiles. “I would love to. You guys can go ahead, I just want to look at the book collection first” she says. They both nod as they leave the living room and enter the guest room. Y/N then walks towards the bookshelf while she’s looking at the books. She’s not aware of the three guys who are all looking at her.

    Y/N tries to reach for a book on the shelf. However, she cannot reach it as she’s too short. Snape then approaches. “Can’t reach the book?” Snape asks in his velvety voice. Y/N sighs. “No, I’m too short” she says, defeated. Snape smirks at that as he takes the book off the shelf with no problem. “Here you go, princess” he says as he hands her the book, making sure their hands touch each other. Y/N blushes. “Thank you, Sev” she says as she shyly smiles. Snape gives a nod. “Anytime” he simply says. Zuko looks at them, clearly jealous. Y/N decides to sit on the couch to read the book. She just wants to take a look - she did promise her friends to play UNO with them, after all. Lucius decides to join her as he sits next to her. “Good book, hmm?” he asks. She nods. “Yes. It’s very interesting”. Suddenly, Lucius can’t help but stroke Y/N’s thigh. “That tickles, Lucius!” she says as she giggles. He smirks at that. “Is that so, darling?” he asks teasingly. She nods while still giggling slightly. Zuko is watching them closely. Not that Lucifer guy too or whatever his name is. Zuko huffs.

    He then clears his throat. “Hey, Y/N. Weren’t you supposed to play a game with your friends?” he asks, trying to get her away from the wizards. Y/N then quickly rises from the couch. “Oh, right. Thanks for reminding me, Zuko” she says as she smiles. He gently puts a hand on her shoulder. “You are welcome, pretty” he says. She blushes madly at that. He just called her pretty. The two wizards are looking at them, really jealous. Lucius tightens his hold on his cane, while Snape can’t help but think of ways to curse the Fire Prince. If only the Cruciatus curse wan’t an Unforgivable. As Y/N goes to play UNO with Laura and Vera, the three guys glare at each other. They then silently tell each other that this can only end in one way. Nodding understandingly, the three of them leave the tea shop. They are right outside, next to a temple. The three of them once more glare at each other as they know what to do.

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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 12:

    TW: Mentions of death threats and weapons

    As they are walking towards Iroh’s tea shop, Toph turns to Lucius. “Why do you even use a cane, Lucius Malfoy? I can sense that nothing is wrong with your legs” Toph says. Lucius huffs at that while Draco laughs. “It’s just an accessory, plus it’s a more fancy way of carrying one’s wand. His wand is inside the cane” Draco states. Vera snorts. “The cane can also be used as a weapon - you know, whack someone with it. Or just threaten to beat someone to death with it” she says as she laughs. All the other teenagers laugh too, including Draco. Lucius glares at his son who then gulps. “If you are all done making fun of my cane, - if you do that again, by the way, then I WILL hit you with it - then let’s move on and find that shop” Lucius says annoyed. Laura and Vera snort at his comment. They all decide that it’s wise to shut their mouth, though, so they keep quiet as they keep walking.

    They then arrive at their destination - a tea shop called The Jasmine Dragon. “Cool name, I like it” Laura says. Before they enter, Lucius gains their attention. “Now remember, Severus and I are the ADULTS, so we will do the talking. You children can just sit back and relax” he says confidently. Toph huffs at that. “No offence, old man, but WE will do the talking. This is about Aang, after all” she states. Lucius glares at her. “Who are you calling an old man?!” he exclaims angrily. The others can’t help but laugh at his outburst. Except Snape, of course. He just rolls his eyes. “You are using a cane, are you not?” she says mockingly. Lucius snaps at that. “I warned you about mocking my cane-“ he starts but Y/N stops him by gently putting a hand on his shoulder. “How about we all do this - together? We can all do the talking and discuss things before we agree to anything“ she suggests. Everybody nods at that, including Lucius and Toph. Lucius calms down by her touch. He then clears his throat. “I apologise for my silly outburst” he says to Toph who nods. “And I apologise for my comment about your cane” she says. As the air is cleared, the group then enters The Jasmine Dragon while Appa and Momo stay outside.

    As they enter, they notice that the shop is empty for customers. They wonder if it’s because they are coming - or if the shop is usually closed at this time of the day? It is pretty early, after all. Somebody suddenly approaches. “Hello and welcome to my tea shop, The Jasmine Dragon. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Iroh. It’s a pleasure to meet you all” an old man with grey, long hair and beard says as he bows politely. The others wave. “Hello again, I brought the others as you can see. Thank you for saving me last night, by the way” Toph says gratefully. Iroh nods. “It was no problem. I am glad that I saved you in time before the Fire Nation soldiers could have taken you with them. And I’m happy to see that you brought the team. Come in, I will show you to the living room” he says as he gestures to a room. They all follow him. “Living room? Does he live in his bloody shop?” Ron questions which Harry shrugs at.

    They then enter a small living room. There’s a table with a board game on top and two chairs around it. There’s also a bookshelf, a couch and a dinner table. There are somehow enough seats for everyone. Iroh chuckles. “We are lucky that there are enough seats. I didn’t know there were so many in your group, but thankfully we will manage. Zuko, our guests have arrived” Iroh states. The Fire Prince, Zuko, slowly enters the room. He has dark brown hair and a scar on the left side of his face. It looks like he has been burned. They immediately think of Dwight from the The Walking Dead dimension who had also been burned on his face. Zuko awkwardly waves. “Hello, Zuko here” he says nervously. Aang politely waves back, meanwhile Sokka and Katara don’t look too happy. They are trying, but it’s difficult for them. Toph sighs at them. Y/N shyly waves back. “Hello. Well, you already know Avatar Aang, Katara, Toph and Sokka. These are my friends, Vera and Laura. This is Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and his father, Lucius Malfoy. And this is Severus Snape. My name is Y/N. We are all from another dimension, by the way” she says shyly as she introduces the group to Iroh and Zuko. She hopes that this time, nobody will find that she has a crush on one of the characters from the other dimension. Zuko looks surprised, meanwhile Iroh merely nods at the information.

    As they are all introduced to each other, they sit down at the dinner table. “Would you like some tea?” Iroh asks them politely. Everybody nods. He then grabs a teapot and fifteen cups. He gives each person a cup as he pours some tea in it. They all then sip the tea. They are all impressed, even Lucius. “… Your tea is really delicious. My wife is an excellent tea maker too. I guess she just got some competition. I won’t tell her that, of course” he says as he laughs. Iroh smiles. “I’m glad you like it. Not everyone understands the fine art of tea making. I would be happy to meet your wife one day and discuss tea with her” he says. Lucius nods at that. That could be arranged.

    Katara clears her throat. “Well, we really appreciate your tea, but can we discuss your offer? About teaching Aang Firebending?” she finally asks. That caught Aang’s attention. Right, that’s why they are here in the first place! “Of course. It would be an honour to teach the Avatar how to Firebend. Prince Zuko can help as well” he states. Aang smiles at that. “I appreciate your offer, I have to learn it soon if I have to defeat Ozai. When do we start?” he asks. Everybody looks at Iroh. “After lunch. You can’t train on an empty stomach. By the way, if you have nowhere to stay, you may stay here with us. It will be a bit crowded, but I’m sure we can manage” Iroh offers. They all nod gratefully. “Thanks, we don’t have much money left. We used it on dessert” Toph says as she looks at Ron and Sokka. “Hey, at least it was a good dessert!” Sokka defends himself. Ron agrees. The others sigh at that. Iroh then rises from his seat. “Very well, our home is your home. I will go and meditate in our small garden. I will let you know when lunch will be served” he states. He then leaves and heads towards the garden. Everyone’s happy with the offer. Aang can finally learn Firebending, they have somewhere to stay, there’s delicious tea and they will also get free food. Both Y/N and Toph just hope that Katara and Sokka will get along with Zuko.

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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 11:

    TW: Mentions of kidnapping

    The two Fire Nation soldiers wake up. They both groan in pain. “What happened? And where did the girl go?” one of them asks. “No idea, I just know that Princess Azula won’t be happy about this” the other one says. Suddenly, they aren’t alone. “Won’t be happy about WHAT?” a voice asks. Both men rise up from the ground and cower in fear. In front of them is none other than the Fire Princess, Azula. She looks bored and impatient. “Spit it out already. What won’t I be happy about? And where are the Avatar and the Keeper of the Diamond?” she demands. One of the soldiers gulps. “W-we tried to capture one of the Avatar’s friends so we could use her as bait, but she got away” he slowly says with fear in his voice. Azula then laughs. “She got away? Great, now they know that the Fire Nation is here!” she says in anger. She then Firebends two fireballs in her hands. “Please! Show mercy! You will get the Avatar!” they plead. Azula smirks evilly. “You are right, I will. But not with help from you fools. No, I will have to do this myself” she says as she sighs. She then throws the fireballs - close enough to scare them, not close enough to hurt them, though. “Sadly, Fire Lord Ozai will still need you. Return to the Fire Nation!” she orders them. Nodding, both men hurry away from the alley. When they are gone, she sighs once more. “I will find you and get you to my father, Avatar and the Keeper of the Diamond” she promises.

    The next morning, Lucius and Snape wake up almost at the same time. “Good morning my friend” Lucius says as he yawns. “Good morning” Snape mutters. He really needs coffee if he has to be able to continue watching over seven- well, now eleven- teenagers. They both notice that Y/N is still asleep - no surprise there. Lucius chuckles. “Well, she seems to be having a peaceful sleep. It would be unfortunate if it was interrupted” he says as he smirks. Snape smirks too. “Indeed. By the way, I still can’t believe you wiped off the ice cream of her nose yesterday while the others were looking” he says while raising an eyebrow. Lucius just shrugs. “As the only adults in the group, we do need to make sure that the teenagers look presentable and decent” he says as he smirks. “Oh, by the way, the Granger girl suggested a Dreamless Sleep potion for Y/N. But I suppose you already thought of that?” Lucius asks. Snape rolls his eyes. “Obviously. I’m the Potions Master. But why waste a potion when you can use… other methods?” he says, referring to Y/N sleeping next to them. Lucius laughs at that. “I agree, my friend. I even believe that this method is more successful” he says.

    He then looks at Y/N. “Do you want the honour, Severus?” Lucius offers. Snape gives a smirk as he nods. He then removes the duvet and pinches Y/N’s left, scarred thigh. She’s then wide awake. “Ouch!” she exclaims. Both men laugh a bit. “Sorry princess, it was not supposed to hurt. Want me to kiss the pain away?” Snape asks teasingly which makes Y/N blush quite a lot. He then caresses the sore spot. “Well, good morning darling” Lucius says as he gives her a smirk. Still blushing, Y/N mutters a shy “good morning”. Somebody suddenly knocks on the door. “Just give us a second to get dressed” Lucius says loudly. The three of them then quickly put on their clothes. Y/N grabs her shoulder bag as Lucius grabs his cane. As they are dressed, Snape loudly says “Enter”. The door then opens, revealing Sokka. “Uhh, good morning. The girls want to tell all of us something. They say it’s important” he says. He’s a bit surprised that Y/N slept next to the two adult wizards. He just shrugs it off. They all nod as they head towards the girls’ room with Sokka.

    In the girls’ room, the five girls are talking. “Why did Y/N not sleep in here?” Katara asks confused. Hermione, Laura and Vera laugh. “First off, she gets nightmares, and apparently sleeping next to the two Slytherins helps her get a good night’s sleep. And secondly, she has a crush on them both” Hermione states. Laura and Vera stop laughing as they widen their eyes. “Wait, how did you know that? I thought you guys just knew that Lucius and Snape are her favourite characters?” Laura asks while raising an eyebrow. Hermione gives a small smirk. “If you ask me, it’s pretty obvious. The way she looks at them. The way she is when she’s around them. I have noticed that the boys are oblivious to it, but they can’t fool me. Also when Lucius wiped the ice cream off of her yesterday - that was just an obvious indicator of that” she states. Toph laughs. “Honestly, I have had a hunch. I can feel that they act differently when she’s near them, too. She acts differently as she gets even more shy than she already is” she says. All five girls giggle at that. Just then, the boys, the two adults and Y/N enter.

    “Ugh, this better be important. I can’t stand when people interrupt my sleep” Draco says as he pouts. Harry and Ron laugh. “Aww, did the girls interrupt your beauty sleep, Malfoy?” Ron asks mockingly which earns him a glare from Draco. “Now now boys, play nicely. What did you girls want to tell us?” Lucius asks. Toph clears her throat. “Well, something happened last night when I had to feed Appa and Momo” she starts. Aang feels guilty. He has no idea what happened, but it was originally him who had to feed them. Toph smiles. “I can sense that you feel guilty, Aang. Don’t do that. It would only have been worse if it was you” she states. She then continues. “Before I start, Katara, Hermione, Laura and Vera already know. I told them last night. We decided to let you all sleep and tell you in the morning. When I was walking back to the hotel, I was suddenly grabbed. By two Fire Nation soldiers. They said I was not “her”, whoever they were referring to, but they needed me in order to get you, Aang. They put me in a metal box, but I just used Metalbending to get out of it. Before you ask, yes, I can Metalbend. It’s really rare. Katara can Bloodbend. Anyway, as they were about to attack me, somebody saved me. And you’ll never guess who! Before I reveal that, they have offered to teach Aang how to Firebend. They are good people, they have changed. They just want to live a peaceful life and help the Avatar” she says as she finishes the story.

    She doesn’t get to reveal her saviour as the others have a lot of thoughts. “You were kidnapped?!” Aang exclaims worriedly. “Fire Nation soldiers?!” Sokka says surprised. “B-Bloodbending?” Draco asks with fear. “Metalbending? Cool!” both Harry and Ron say in unison. Y/N is in deep thought. Who could have saved her? Could it be Iroh or Zuko? Lucius clears his throat to gain everyone’s attention. “I just have one question - WHY didn’t you come to Severus and I and told us about this? We are the adults here, after all. We are supposed to take care of you” he says as he sighs. Laura groans. “You know, Y/N, Vera and I are technically adults too!” she says annoyed. Lucius raises an eyebrow. “First off, Severus and I are the oldest. Second, you are still TEENagers” he states. Snape backs his friend up as he nods sternly. Laura sighs. “Fine” she says, defeated.

    Vera looks worried, though. “You said that they were looking for someone else as they said you were not “her” - could it be… Y/N?” she says after a while. Everybody gasps. That would make sense - the Fire Nation might want both Aang AND the Keeper of the Diamond! Snape coughs a few times. “If that is the case, then we will make sure that they won’t get either Y/N or Avatar Aang. You still haven’t revealed who saved you and gave this offer, by the way” he says as he looks at Toph. Toph sighs. “Right. The man who saved me is General Iroh - Fire Lord Ozai’s brother. He told me that we could meet him in his tea shop here in Ba Sing Se in the morning. Prince Zuko will help as well” she admits. Aang gasps while Sokka looks angry. “Him! Are you serious! We can’t trust Zuko!” Sokka says through gritted teeth.

    Katara sighs. “I don’t like it either, but it might be our only choice” Katara admits. Toph clears her throat. “Look, I know that Zuko attacked us and tried to kidnap Aang, but his uncle believes that he wants to help us. I could sense that he was telling the truth, he really meant it” she states. Y/N moves to the middle of the room. “Well, in our dimension, you guys are fictional characters. Vera and I have together watched the TV series based on you, and Zuko does really want to help you. He’s sorry for what he did. Before, he was more focused on restoring his honour and making his horrible father accept him” she states. Sokka and Aang look surprised, however both Toph and Katara already knew. Laura and Vera told them last night when Toph explained what happened. Snape then opens the door. “If you all agree, I say that we pay those Firebenders a visit then” he declares. Everybody nods as they all rise up and leave the room. They then check out and leave the hotel as they are headed towards Iroh’s tea shop.

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  • alivea-moonlight
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    Viego x Rookie! Female Reader Part 2

    A little angst warning in the end. Hope you all enjoy it
    There will be another part don't worry.

    Half a year had passed since you released Viego from his prison. Every week, you would go back and forth to the sentinels base and Camavor. From finishing your training or missions to being with Viego and helping him to cope over and build back up his kingdom. But it wasn't easy.

    Viego wasn't easy to deal with either, he was a clingy person and hated being alone. Whenever you return from your journey, you would immediately get tackle down by the man. At first, it was awkward but as time went by you got used to it.

    There was up and down on your building friendship, but you both manage to work it out. You set out limits between the both of you, so Viego could get to learn a thing or two when it comes to friendship.

    There were days you would just want to quit when he becomes frustrating and stubborn, but you were patient enough to cope with it. There were days, you both would just talk with each other peacefully, enjoying each other's presence.....

    And there were nights where you will find yourself comforting the King from his nightmares and even cuddle along with him, to let him know that he wasn't alone. For it wasn't easy for him..easy for him to let Isolde go.

    He was slowly working on it. And you were happy that you were doing your job and responsibility well.


    While on the other hand, Senna and Lucian weren't too happy when you went to Camavor to bring gifts to the dead Queen over and over again, for you would even stay there for a week or more for some unreasonable reason. And thanks to your infamous silver tongue talent, you made it work.

    But the travels did harm some of the training schedules and missions since you were not there always.

    You gave them excuses and lied, telling them that you were just helping to make the place a more suitable place.

    You even promised to stay away from the altar where Viego was and they still believed he was restrained...but you knew the truth.

    Vayne suggested the idea of letting someone else go instead of you to bring the gifts, but you declined the idea and continued doing your delivery job on your own.

    And now, you are in Camavor, helping Viego to finish polishing up the throne room. The two of you were mostly done with the room, yet the throne still needed several scrubbing and washing before it becomes shiny and new.

    You kneeled next to the throne, scrubbing it with a sponge filled with soap. Your eyes fixed on the sponge you were scrubbing blankly, letting you drift off in your thoughts... It has been a few days since you returned from a mission. It wasn't a big mission. The others had spotted some undead wraiths near Bilgewater or other places recently.

    You and Pyke had travelled to Bilgewater to take them out before they did any harm. It was tiring, the shadow wraiths always travel in a group of packs, taking most of your time and energy...Yet no signs of Thresh.

    Tension and worries were arising, it was clear that the Warden was getting stronger and stronger.

    Lucian wanted to recruit more Sentinels but Senna refused, telling him that there were enough people that could take him down. The others were sceptical but supported Senna. And like that Senna decided that everyone should travel the Shadow Isle by the coming week and hunt him down once again.

    It was a risky mission, where life and death would play its part. But you all were Sentinels, a group of people who have taken the oath to never run from darkness, swearing to lay your life even if it saves one or more.

    And with that, how were you gonna tell Viego? You are the only person he knows...What if you died?.. how can he cope with the news without anyone on his side comforting him?

    Your thoughts were broken when you heard the King calling out your name, shaking you slightly. You blinked, catching his emerald eyes.

    He wore a worried expression. "Are you alright, dear Y/n? You seem bothered" He questioned. You stared at him, quite embarrassed.

    You tore your eyes away from his, scrubbing another area of the throne. "It's just...." You hesitated. You had been avoiding this topic for the past few months from him. You didn't want to add more trauma on him after all he went through.

    You would always tell him that you all were just training together or either taking on simple missions like finding lost artefacts or lost sentinels... nothing too dangerous to make him worried. But that wasn't the real case, every week, sightings of the black mist were spotted in different regions.. and news of a group of people missing would be reported.

    You sighed, looking back at Viego. "It's.. the black mist.." You stopped scrubbing and ran your hand through your hair. " And Thresh.."

    Viego's face darkened by the state of the name, he came closer to you. " That wretch." He snarled. "He's alive?!"

    You raised both your hands, attempting to calm him down. " I know...I know you don't like him...But please just hear me out before you start breaking something" You stated, placing a hand on his chest.

    His face softened by your touch. "You have my attention" He smiled, taking your hand and lifting it to his face. Your face heated up from his touch.

    You cleared your throat. "I know I've been telling you that I've been training with the Sentinels and going on a small mission" You started, he nodded. "Which is true but the mission isn't exactly what I told you about.."

    He raised an eyebrow. You sighed, taking your hand away from his. "Thresh has been unleashing and travelling through the black mist out of the Shadow Isle for the past few months.. claiming souls of innocent peoples"

    You paused, letting him process the information. He responded with a small nod, letting your continue. "And it's only getting worse every week. The mist appears and goes, but as usual, several souls are claimed... and it's not a good thing. We've been trying to hunt him down.. especially Senna and Lucian. But he's still nowhere to be found"

    Viego winced abit by the mention of the two Sentinels. He still wasn't fond of them despite reasoning with him. " So the mist still lingers.." You nodded.

    "Yes," You responded." But it still confuses me... Why didn't the black mist disappear when you were resurrected back to your human form?.. Weren't you the one that bought Ruination and the Black Mist?"

    A few seconds of silence passed between you two, Viego didn't respond, seemingly to be in his thoughts. You stayed silent, waiting for him to respond.

    "Yes, I indeed bought Ruination and the Black Mist to this world" He finally responded, catching your eyes. "But I never expected what had happened, I only wanted Isolde back in my arm"

    He grabbed your arm, bringing you up with him and pulled you out of the throne room. "Where are we going?" You asked, confused. He has yet to fully answer your question.

    He didn't respond, continuing his path towards another room.

    Soon, it was clear enough that the both of you were heading to the castle's library. He shut the door immediately the moment you entered the room.

    You opened your mouth to question him, he pulled you again, taking you to the corner of the last bookshelf. He let go of you and started scanning the shelf of books.


    You yelped abit when Viego handed you over an old book. "Perhaps this could give you answers about Thresh" He answered.

    "But that didn't-"

    He gave you a stern look, you didn't question further and glance back at the book, it was decorated with old gold linings. You dusted the dust off, opening it.

    Several paper works fell to the floor as you open the book. You coughed from the dust that flew out and so did Viego.

    "I searched high and low for answers to bring Isolde back" He coughed. You looked down at the paper that had fallen from the book, your eyes lit up. "And it leads me to..."

    "The Blessed Isle" You finished, kneeling to the floor. You grabbed the paper and started reading it. Rough sketches on what once was the Blessed Isle were seen.

    "It was a beautiful land.." Viego sat beside you, grabbing the book you held and flipped it to another page. The pages revealed the types of people that once lived on the living land.

    "Thresh... He was a lowly Warden that knew knowledge, tasked to protect the hidden artefacts of Helia. " He spoke, pointing at the city of the Blessed Isle in the drawn map.

    He then showed you the page, filled with information of different positions of people who protected the information of the fabled Water of Life.

    " Senna... She told us about this. " You fingers ran across the page, studying every single word. " and about him.. through the words of ancient Sentinels that were trapped within his lantern's wall"

    "But not all things.." Viego turned to the next page, revealing different positions of important people of the Isle. "Have you been told that he lead me to the Waters of Life?"

    You thought for a moment, trying to remember Senna's words, which you haven't been listening to. "I'm not sure"

    Viego gave a slight nod, not satisfied by the answer. "He was the one who lead me to the fabled water of life, yet I had no clear knowledge of what cataclysm it would bring"

    You raised an eyebrow and glanced at him with confusion. "And how exactly is this answering my question?" You asked, you clearly didn't understand what he was trying to say. He would sometimes answer questions that you never ask or thought about and neglected your questions.

    He didn't answer again.

    Silence followed, you took a few minutes to take in his words, the new information he has given you were unfamiliar to what Senna had said. Yet there has to be something deeper than that.. there has to be a real reason why the Ruination started... aside from Viego trying to revive Isolde.

    All the high position guarding the Water of Life knew knowledge about the land, and they had tried to stop him from passing further... which meant they knew what result it would bring if death was bought upon the water. Your fingers traced over the page, stopping when the word "warden" appeared...Thresh was also a warden back then.

    Your eyes widen. "He... He knew what would happen...and yet.. he let it " You whispered.

    He nodded.

    You held your breath, blinking in disbelief. All this year, you had heard Senna calling Thresh monster and such, but you always thought he was lost and needed saving. And now knowing what truly happened deep within, you realized how monstrous Thresh was, even in his living days.

    "Yet why? Why would he do such things if he knew it would destroy the land? " You questioned. Viego shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

    "I have no answers"

    You let out a breath shakily and closed your eyes. You pressed your palm on your forehead." Perhaps this could explain why Thresh controls the mist now... He knows how it works." You mumbled.

    "Perhaps.." Viego agreed, stroking your hair and embraced you. You relaxed, letting him comfort you.

    For a good few minutes, both of you were quiet, enjoying each other's company. But your thoughts soon interrupted the peace, you tensed.

    Viego noticed the tension rising in your body and gave you a small shoulder massage. "Something is bothering you, my dear" He spoke, a tone of worry adding in his voice.

    "The Sentinels and I have decided to travel to the Shadow Isle and hunt down Thresh" You sighed, you hoped he would take it lightly.

    Viego stopped what he was doing and forced you to turn to him. "When?" He questioned shakily.

    You bit your lower lips." I have to take my leave tonight. We're travelling to the isle in two days" You answered.

    "You shall not leave"

    The command made you quite pissed. "I have to Viego. It's my duty. " You reasoned, but he shook his head, holding you tighter in place.

    "This world will be nothing but loneliness if I lose you, y/n. " He pleaded. "I am nothing without you"

    The words melted you but you kept your words, you had to leave and being alone with that thought made you madder. Even if he was speaking words and comforts to make you stay. "Really? Lonely?" You grabbed his arms and tore them away from you.

    "Have I taught you nothing while I stayed with you?!..." You paused." Even if I'm gone, you will truly not be alone. There is a world out there Viego and I'm sure there are people out there that forgives you"


    You cut him off. "They will. And I'm sure even Isolde knows that " You spat.

    Viego's expression slowly turned to anger when his passed wife's name was mentioned. "Isolde knows nothing of this world." He stated.

    "She does"

    Viego rose from his position and stood tall, overshadowing your smaller form. You showed no sign of fear and glared at him."You know nothing about Isolde" He stared down at you in anger

    "I may not know her as you do. But I do know that she knows that the world is forgiving"

    Viego let out a shout and tried to tackle you but you quickly reacted and rolled away. You narrowed her eyes. "See! You still haven't accepted the reality even after knowing that she is with you in spirit" You exclaimed.

    Viego snarled. "She is my world! " He exclaimed.

    "Then find a new world to create!" You shouted. You took in a few breaths as tears flowed down your cheeks. "Is my friendship not enough to let you know I'll always be there with you even if I'm dead like Isolde?"

    Viego didn't answer, his expression turned to shock... Has he been too blind and obsess to see what the world had provided him? Perhaps.

    You weren't satisfied with his silence. Your Wayfinder suddenly felt heavy on your belt, begging you to finish what you should have done long ago.

    You stood up, shakily grabbing your Wayfinder and pointed at him. Rage and anger were only what you felt at the moment, blinding you to what you were doing.

    "Maybe it would be less easy if you just join her!" You exclaimed. Your mind urged you to shoot but you didn't.

    Viego stared at you, waiting for you to shoot so he could join Isolde in the spirit realm but you didn't. He stood up and walked over to your smaller form, your Wayfinder followed.

    Your breath quickened as he got closer to you and pressed his chest against your Wayfinder, making your heart suddenly stop from the closeness. But you didn't look at him, focusing your attention on your Wayfinder.

    You suddenly felt nervous yet the anger still stood." Would Isolde want this?" He calmly asked, placing his fingers on your chin and lifted, forcing you to make eye contact with his.

    You didn't answer, lowering your Wayfinder. You then pushed him away, creating a distance between you and him.

    You glanced at your Wayfinder, perhaps it would be better if he learns by himself.. You then looked at him."It was great serving you, my King" You dryly proclaimed, wiping your tears with your hand. You then activate your Wayfinder.

    A bright light surrounded you before Viego responded."No!" He tried reaching out to you but you were gone.

    He stared at the place where you once stood, silently weeping.

    "You are my new world.."

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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 10:

    TW: Attempted kidnapping

    In the room next door, the girls are lying on their madrases, talking. There’s suddenly a knock on the door. “Come in” Hermione says. Aang then enters their room. “Hi, girls. I was wondering if one of you could go outside and give Appa and Momo some more cabbages? I bought some extras before we went to the hotel. I would do it myself, but I have promised Ron, Harry and Draco to show off some of my bending skills. And Sokka wants to show off his boomerang skills too” Aang says while scratching the back of his neck. All the girls sigh at that. “I’ll do it” Toph says as she rises from the madras. Aang smiles at her. “Thanks, Toph. You are the best!”. Aang then hands over a bag of cabbages to Toph. “Good night, see you tomorrow” Aang says as he waves before he leaves the room. All the girls mutter “good night”. Toph then faces the others. “See you in a minute” she says as she leaves the room too.

    Toph then leaves the hotel to find Appa and Momo. She doesn’t have to walk for long. “Here you go guys. Remember to share” she says as she puts down the bag. Momo and Appa immediately eat the cabbages. “See you tomorrow” she says to the two animals before she leaves. As she’s walking towards the hotel, she then senses two people nearby. “Hello? Is anyone there?” she says. No answers. Shrugging, she keeps walking. She’s suddenly grabbed from behind. The person drags her to an alley. “Let me go!” she says as she kicks. It doesn’t help, though. “It’s not her” a voice says. Her? Who? “Maybe, but she knows the Avatar. We can use her to get him” another voice, coming from behind Toph, says. The one in front of Toph walks closer to her. “Wait a minute, she’s blind. How is she going to help us? Why are you not wearing shoes, by the way?” the man in front of her questions. Toph smirks. “So I can do this!” she exclaims as she stomps her left foot on the ground. The two men then fall to the ground as the earth beneath them shakes them off balance.

    “Stupid Earthbender!” one of them says through gritted teeth. As Toph is about to run, one of them grabs her. She’s suddenly being pushed into some sort of box. It’s a metal box. “Good luck with using Earthbending to get out of that!” one of the men says as he laughs evilly. Toph then concentrates. Suddenly, the metal box is being bent so there’s a way out for her. She then walks out of the box. “T-that’s impossible! You can Metalbend?!” one of them exclaims. As they Firebend a fireball in their hands and are about to hit Toph, they both get hit. By fire. They both fall unconscious to the ground.

    Toph then senses a third man. He seems to be older than the two others. “Who’s there?” she asks cautiously. The man approaches. “Do not worry, I will not hurt you. You were almost kidnapped by these two Fire Nation soldiers. I guess it’s a good thing that I went for a walk this late. Though you seem to be perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. I admire your Metalbending, that’s really rare. My name is Iroh, by the way. I take it you are friends with Avatar Aang?” Iroh questions. Toph widens her eyes. “Wait a minute, you are a Firebender! You are Fire Lord Ozai’s brother! Wait, you are not going to hurt me?” she asks confused. Iroh chuckles. “Yes, I’m a Firebender. Though I have tried to hide that while my nephew and I have been living here in Ba Sing Se. We have a tea shop not too far away from here. And yes, I am Ozai’s older brother. I do not agree with his methods, though. I think it’s absolutely terrible what he’s trying to do” Iroh says as he sighs. Toph looks puzzled.

    “Your nephew? You mean Prince Zuko? He attacked us and tried to kidnap Aang!” she says angrily. Iroh nods. “I know that. Believe me when I say that he’s sorry for what he has done. He wants to do the right thing by helping the Avatar. I believe he still can’t Firebend, yes? If he agrees, Zuko and I can train him” Iroh offers. Toph thinks about it for a while. “Well, Aang does need a trainer who can teach him Firebending. You just saved me from those Fire Nation soldiers, and if it’s true what you said about Zuko wanting to help Aang, then I’ll convince the others” she states. Iroh smiles at that. “I’m very happy to hear that. I know Zuko will be too. You can all come to our tea shop early in the morning. Then we will discuss our plan” he declares. Nodding, Toph bids him goodbye as well as thanks him for saving her before she walks back to the hotel. She’s met by four worried-looking girls. “What happened? You were gone for a while” Laura says. Toph sighs as she begins to explain it all to the other girls. Tomorrow morning will be an interesting day.

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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 9:

    In a tea shop in Ba Sing Se, Fire Prince Zuko sighs. It has been a long day working in his uncle Iroh’s shop. Right now, he just wants to relax. But of course, more customers keep coming in. He sighs once more as he serves the newcomers. Nobody here in Ba Sing Se knows who Zuko and his uncle are, as they pretend to not be Firebenders. They are just trying to live a peaceful life, which uncle Iroh prefers. Of course, Zuko is still thinking about his honour. He knows that his father, Fire Lord Ozai, will never accept him, though. He finally understands that now.

    As the last customer finally leaves, Zuko enters a room back in the shop which leads to their living room. Yes, they live in their shop. It’s small but cosy. As Zuko enters, he spots Iroh playing Pai Sho, a board game. Of course, nothing’s new there. “Hi uncle. I see you are playing Pai Sho - again” he says as he greets his uncle. Iroh smiles. “Hello Zuko. And yes, I am. It helps me think” he states as he puts a white lotus piece on the board game.

    Zuko sits on a chair across Iroh. “Uncle, I still don’t know what to do. I want to restore my honour and make my father like me, but at the same time, I don’t want to catch the Avatar. I don’t want anyone to get hurt” Zuko says as he puts his face in his hands. Iroh then rises from his chair and puts a hand on his nephew’s shoulder. “To find your path, you must look within yourself. There, you will find your answers” his wise uncle states. Zuko thinks about it for a while. “And what does that exactly mean?” he asks confused. “It means, you need to listen to yourself. What do you want? What do you think is the right thing to do?” he says.

    Zuko then looks at him. “I understand now. But uncle, what would you do if you were in my shoes?” the teenager asks. Iroh gives a smile. “If I was in your place, I would choose friendship over power. There is no reason to rule the world if you have no one to share it with. Loneliness is never a nice feeling” he says.

    Zuko nods. He then sighs, though. “I’m sure you know too that the Avatar will get help from the Keeper of the Diamond. Do you really think they will let me in their group? Actually let me help them? I have attacked them and tried to capture the Avatar numerous times” he says with regret. Iroh then brings two cups of tea. He hands the other one to Zuko. “I believe that if you show them your true self and your true intentions, then they will see it and understand. They will forgive you and let you be a part of their team” he says reassuringly as he sits down and sips on his tea. Zuko nods as he also sips on his tea. He sighs in pleasure. “Your tea is always the best, uncle” he states. Iroh smiles at that. “And I’m glad to show you the fine arts of tea making”.

    Meanwhile, Aang, Y/N and the others are still in the restaurant, having a conversation. Sokka then looks at Snape. “So, emo guy, how come you never smile?” Sokka dares to ask Snape who immediately glares at him. The others look nervous between the two. Sokka is a very brave soul. He just dared to ask the Potions Master such a question. If it was Harry or Ron, they would have lost fifty points and even get detention for a month. It would be more likely for Lord Voldemort to return and become a bigger Muggle fan than Arthur Weasley than for Snape to actually smile in public. He has given Y/N a few small smiles, but they were alone those times. They were never out in public where others could see it. Lucius chuckles. “That was a foolish choice, boomerang boy” he says. Sokka looks a bit scared. He senses that he made a big mistake.

    “… Actually, forget that I said that. How about we get some dessert?” Sokka asks, hoping to change the subject. Snape still glares at him but chooses to not give a snarky comment. Ron agrees with having dessert. They then order ice cream. As they are eating, Y/N accidentally gets some ice cream on her nose. Lucius notices. “Let me get that off for you, darling” he says as he then takes a napkin and wipes it off of her nose. Y/N blushes madly at that, but shyly thanks him. Aang, Katara, Toph and Sokka are a bit puzzled by Lucius’ behaviour but shrug it off. Snape smirks at his friend and Y/N. He then looks out of one of the windows.

    “We should probably find somewhere to sleep. It will get dark soon” he states. The others look out the window too. They widen their eyes. He’s right, have they really been here for almost a whole day? Aang then counts the money. “Well, the bad news is that we don’t have much money left… The good news is that we do have enough for a cheap hotel” he says. Lucius sighs in relief. Finally, they can sleep under a roof tonight! They all then leave the restaurant and find a hotel. A very cheap hotel. They don’t even have beds, only old madrases. Lucius then sighs in annoyance as the hotel is not up to his standards. It’s better than sleeping outside on the ground, though. They have to be divided into three teams. Katara, Toph, Hermione, Laura and Vera will share one room. Draco, Ron, Harry, Aang and Sokka will share another room.

    As Y/N is about to join the girls, Lucius stops her. He clears his throat. “Since you seem to not get any nightmares when you sleep next to Severus and I, you can join us” he offers as Snape nods. Y/N blushes but nods too as she walks into their room. There are two madrases. “We can put the two madrases right next to each other. That way it will be one big madras that we can share” Snape suggests. Nodding, Lucius uses his wand to levitate the madrases to be right next to each other. After that, he puts his wand back in his cane and lays his cane to rest against the wall.

    The two men strip out of their clothes and take off their shoes as they are only in their boxers. They then lie down on the madrases. Y/N puts down her shoulder bag on the ground, which contains the two diamonds. She then shyly takes off her clothes and shoes too, leaving her just in her bra and underwear. She then joins them on the combined madrases. They cover themselves with two duvets. Y/N is lying in the middle, meanwhile Snape is to her right and Lucius is to her left. Lucius caresses her left thigh while Snape has his arms around her. She’s using Snape’s chest as a pillow. “Good night” Y/N mutters sleepily as she closes her eyes. “Good night, princess” Snape whispers in her ear. “Good night darling. Sweet dreams” Lucius says gently. She then falls asleep. Both men close their eyes too and fall asleep after a while.

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    The Keeper of the Diamond 4 (Severus Snape x reader, Lucius Malfoy x reader & Zuko x reader)

    By yan-senna

    Link to the full story on Wattpad

    Book 1 / Chapter 1 / Next chapter

    Chapter 5:

    TW: Fire

    In the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Ozai is getting angry. He still doesn’t have the Avatar, and now there’s the Keeper of the Diamond who’s going to help the Avatar! He balls his hands into fists. That can NOT happen! He then looks to his left. “I know Zuko will most likely get the Avatar for me to restore his honour. The pathetic boy hasn’t succeeded yet, though. Which is why I will give you, Azula, a mission. Get me either the Avatar or the Keeper of the Diamond - or both, that would just be a bonus” he says as he laughs evilly. The girl, Azula, laughs evilly as well. “Do not worry, father - soon you will have what you wish for” she says as she bows and then leaves the room with a smirk on her face.

    Not too far away from Ba Sing Se, Aang and the rest of the team are having a chat. They talk about their dimensions and also discuss Firebending. “So you guys are wizards? That’s cool! Hey, maybe you could teach me Firebending?” Aang questions, hopeful. They are wizards after all, so maybe they know a few tricks with fire? Lucius, Snape, the Trio and Draco all look puzzled. Can they teach him that? Their magic might not be the same as Firebending. Lucius puts down his cane and stands up from his seat on a stone. “Well, we do have a Fire-Making Spell called Incendio. I guess we can give it a try” he states. Aang nods as he stands up as well. He copies Lucius’ movements. “Incendio!” Lucius says wandlessly as fire shoots out from his hands. Aang copies him, however nothing happens. He then sighs. “Well, thanks for trying” he says as he smiles sadly. Lucius gives him a nod.

    “Maybe Y/N can try to?” Sokka suggests. Y/N widens her eyes at that. “Me?” she asks. Aang then smiles. “Hey, not a bad idea, Sokka! Will you give it a try, Y/N?” he says while making puppy eyes. Both Snape and Lucius roll their eyes at that. She will obviously try to help him, no need to make those damn puppy eyes. Y/N nods hesitantly. “Alright, I’ll try” she says as she smiles. She then rises from her seat on a stone as well. She then takes out the orange diamond from her shoulder bag and concentrates as fire emerges in her hands. “Okay, maybe try to concentrate and think of fire emerging in your hands. That might help” she says as she tries to do some type of movements that she has seen them do on the show as she plays around with the fire. She’s being careful, of course. No one should get burnt today. Nodding, Aang concentrates. Suddenly, a small fire emerges in his right hand. He gives a big smile at that. It quickly fades, though. “Well, it’s definitely progress! You did actually Firebend!” Katara says happily. They all clap at that. One step closer to Aang being able to Firebend! He needs to master all of the elements in order to defeat Ozai. Lucius leans into Snape. “I still can’t believe that the Avatar is a child!” he exclaims to his friend. Snape nods. Great. More teenagers to look after.

    Aang then spots a spider on the ground. “Oh look, a spider! Come here, buddy” Aang says as he crouches down to take the small, black spider in his hand. The others have noticed that he’s a very gentle and peaceful person. Ron’s face turns pale, though. “S-spider?” he says in a high-pitched voice. “That’s right, do you want to hold him?” Aang asks politely. “H-hold it?” Ron repeats before fainting. Aang looks surprised at that. “Is he okay? He fell pretty hard” Toph says. Harry laughs. “Don’t worry about it. He just hates spiders” he says. Everybody starts to laugh.

    “It’s getting dark. We should probably find somewhere to sleep for the night” Hermione states as she notices the sky turning dark. Everybody looks up. She’s right, it is getting dark! “Well, we can find somewhere to camp. We are close to Ba Sing Se, so tomorrow morning we can go there to buy something to eat” Katara states. Nodding, they all start to walk as they find a safe spot.

    Lucius groans. “I thought we were going to find a hotel or something like that. Are you seriously suggesting that we sleep out here, outside under the sky?!” he exclaims. Snape rolls his eyes. Obviously. Did Lucius really think they would just go to a five-star hotel and each get their own room? Typical Lucius. Sokka laughs. “Yeah, did you really think we would just go find a hotel? That’s going to be a bit of a problem because of the Fire Nation. Besides, sleeping out here is actually kind of fun” he says. Lucius sighs. Great, he will have to sleep on the dirty ground!

    They all then find a comfortable spot to lie down on the ground. Aang sleeps on Appa, so does Momo the lemur. Cute. Katara joins them. Sokka sleeps under a tree. He falls quickly asleep. Toph Earthbends something that looks like a bed. Smart. The Trio sleeps next to each other, using their hoodies as pillows. Hermione transfigures an extra piece of clothing into a big blanket that the three of them can share. Vera, Laura and Y/N sleep near the Trio. Lucius and Draco sleep next to each other. Lucius loudly complains, so does Draco. Like father like son. Snape is awake, though. “You should all get some rest. I will keep watch tonight” he states. Nodding, everybody bids each other good night as they then sleep. Y/N gets nightmares, though.

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