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  • tokencishetchip
    14.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Guys holy shit there’s a full song why the FUCK did t tell me about this

    #stupid snake talk #I literally think about the original regularly #wtf #theres like sexist and gorey shit in the lyrics in case ur very sensitivite to that #but damn wtf this is so bad LMAO
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  • zellse
    09.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    As I sit there alone in the dining room, overwhelmed by the fact that i cant hear SHIT but at the same time everything is so LOUD. Sitting there crying.

    I just think: ....how the fuck did no one figure out I'm autistic??

    #so many 'well shit' moments #im lucky i was deaf #everyone chalked up my sensitivites and needs to that.
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  • sadisticsunshine
    02.04.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Oh my god my arm is killing me

    #got the vaccine yesterday and when I was in bed tryna sleep I got chills like I was freezing #and then my skin was over sensitivite my fluffy soft blanket felt like sandpaper #and I felt mildly nauseous #it hurts moving my arm
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  • horrorhardcore
    22.08.2020 - 1 year ago

    Once again super overstimulated ✌

    #personal #my roommate also has sensory issues but he has DIFFERENT ones #meaning that he blasts his music in the car so #im so fucking exhausted #im not upset w him but i am feeling v sensitivite n drained
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  • creative-robot
    08.07.2020 - 1 year ago

    Had the startling realization that all my main Ocs were my younger selfs way of identifying and expressing the pieces of me I was always made to feel were wrong for having and the way they’ve grown through my mental drafts was a reflection of me growing and accepting these pieces of myself and exploring new concepts and senses of self and the moment my first ‘rewrite’ happened I was taking a mental step towards helping myself cope

    And I can tell, looking back now, EXACTLY who was my refraction of what and comparing it is making me teary-eyed cause. I’ve literally grown so much thanks to a story I made for fun, that I made for ME, and I didn’t realize how much until right now

    #long rambling tags warning #i could really get into it but #the moment i thought that maybe.... maybe zilla shouldnt die #and then introduced holo #thats when it really started kicking off in my head #cause i cn tell zilla... she was meant to mirror my middle school self in a lot of ways #but i think at her core she was my way of filtering through depression and lonelyness #mallory was my anger. my want for recenge againt the world for backstabbing me and the feralness that it caused in me #mara was my need to know. my curiousity. an outlet for my sensitivites and overstimulation of everything happening #deli was#deli IS #a reflection of what i wanted to be nd how i felt i was. broken but still here #abd repression #a lot of them ive realized have syntoms of ptsd and im not sure how to feel about that in regards to me yet #holo was #my way of expressing and playing with pronouns and my emotion output #along with a load of always being the odd one out mentality #tt i think is more #the feeling that i HAD to be needed? being the oldest sibling prolly has a lot to do w this one #but also the hope that thered be someone whod accept me no matter what cause theyve seen weirder #and are thriving depite losing so much and use the pain to help others #humphrey... #im not a bad person is what humphreys there for #sometimes ill lash out and be selfish and have negotive feelings #but that doesnt inherently make me the bad guy unless i let it be my driving force #the ghost rose. all of them. were my way of making a family not blood related #no matter how sifferent or how weird or hurt they always have each other and i always yearned for that #still do i guess #so mich of it revoles around i died but im still here #its 2am and im getting enotional about this i should stop
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  • agent-jaselin
    27.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    to let people know since folks are suggesting substitutions. I usually use a citrus like lemon juice. Very few things don’t work with that. (especially plain stuff like bulgar wheat)  and stuff where it’s not a flavor component it’s usually not an issue. If vinegar is for a thickener or pickeling done right it can disappear :3

    #my mom also has sensitive taste buds #as well as dietary sensitivites #so I'm good at substitution and flavor cover up
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  • doctoralpha
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    It is after 3am and I'm wide awake when I usually get sleepy by 2am.

    Why am I awake?


    I ate some around 8:30pm. Ah yes, sugar and caffeine sensitivite, I am.

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  • julia91
    05.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    think it's not so much my weight i am sensitivite about as just needing to have a less cringe hip waist ratio

    #hrt don't let me down i guess
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  • serenity--meow
    28.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Are you kidding me I just had several radfem tumblrs follow me and their profile pics are blurred out with a warning about sensitive content when you go to their page. Meanwhile I get p*rn tumblrs trying to follow me all the time with 0 warning or blurred out pics like are you fucking for real?? women having opinions is sensitivite content LMAO god I shouldn’t be surprised I know I shouldn’t but here i am

    #I’m laughing for real you have to have a sense of humor about this shit #or you’re gonna develop high blood pressure #and have health issues #no matter how much BS there is like don’t let it get to you
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  • imsociallyanxiousgetoverit
    01.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I went through and deleted all my #epilepsy and related tags and recommend you do too

    use #flashinglights etc or else everyone who has sensitivites/epilepsy wont be able to go into the tag without being triggered

    this goes similarly for tryptophobia but its too late now i suppose

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  • startrekfood
    11.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 2x06 “Melora” Food: Racht, Gladst (no sauce), and Zilm’Kach Rating: 10/10 one ot the top five Star Trek foods I would love to try! Truly ledgendary, and that Klingon chef, just 10/10 good vibes from him. My cultural sensitivites at first would try to prevent me from eating something that looks like Terran worms but what an experience! Klingon warrior food, one simply has to try that! My research has shown me that Racht is also different from Gagh so prepare for an extra post on Gagh. Bonus:

    #star trek food #ds9 #deep space nine #star trek#long post#klingon chef
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  • trrickytickle
    20.06.2021 - 3 monts ago


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  • third-of-finwe
    01.06.2021 - 4 monts ago
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  • sacredempressnatlyia
    27.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Life Update: Under the Cut

    So I'm back from the OT and she's given me some things to think about which I'm going to share here, under the cut.

    Please note I am choosing to be quite vulnerable here, because I trust each of my mutuals and followers, and, with that said, I ask you all to be respectful.

    Please don't reblog this; though comments, Asks and PMs are accepted so long as they respect me and my personal feelings/thoughts.

    I went initially to get a potential diagnosis of dyspraxia but having spoken to me, she thinks I might be more likely to lean towards autism rather than DCD. She wants me to look into it and consider a more intensive testing to see if that is the case.

    Being honest? Looking at some of the traits for autism and autism in females especially, I think I hit the nail on the head with a lot of them. I could be wrong on this but for example, and these were the things she flagged about me as well —

    • I'm very shy and find/found communication or making friends extremely difficult.

    • I tend to get aggravated when things don't go to plan — or when routine falls apart, if late to appointments etc.

    • I am an extremely picky eater: I don't eat fruit full-stop, my drink has to be made a certain way, I don't like certain foods touching, I eat things in order rather than together.

    • I prefer being alone and solitary activities like writing rather than socializing - because I struggle with the latter.

    • She noticed I blink a lot and I tend to twitch with my face and push my glasses up my nose in succession.

    • I can sometimes be very literal when it comes to instructions. Not as much as in childhood but I definitely am the type that if you tell me to do one thing, I do that one thing and that is it; I might struggle with initiative.

    • Empathy is a bit of a weird one for me, so I'm not sure on that.

    • I have extreme noise sensitivity - loud, sudden noises especially - and am a little sensory-sensitivite.

    • Though I have aphantasia and can't visualize, I definitely create scenarios - mostly stories in terms of dialogues, etc - in my head quite a lot. The aphantasia may also explain why I fixate on finding certain fancasts for my non-movie based F/Os and then become quite attached to said fancasts - to the point of having many saved GIFs to look at.

    • I hyperfixate(d) on certain things quite a lot. Maybe not entirely as much as I did in childhood but I definitely find myself latching onto certain F/Os, certain AUs, I'm very interested in psychology, I reread or rewatch the same books, stories, movies, tv shows, etc - and more often than not the same scenes in those aforementioned things.

    ... These are the things my OT noticed and that I have noticed now looking more into it. I'm hesitant to call myself autistic because I don't have a proper diagnosis yet but honestly? It would explain a great deal about myself and in a way it was oddly comforting to have someone put it into words for me.

    With that said, thank you for taking the time to read this; I'm sending out love and good vibes to you all!!


    - Natlyia.

    #minors do not interact #do not reblog #comments pm's and asks are okay #but please be respectful 🥺🥺 #this would explain so much #im hesitant to diagnose myself because i dont want to be offensive if I'm wrong on this #but i think both i and the ot are onto something #chatting with natlyia #life updates with natlyia
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  • bubble-tea-bee
    09.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    M!S/O Who is Perverted, Shy, And Sensitive (Jason, Brahms)

    Last Edited: May 9, 2021 12:58 AM

    TW: none

    Anon: halo! i know the requests are closed but i was wondering about my request [sorry if i don't seem like i have paitence, i just sent it like 2 months ago? and like i haven't seen it yet D:] if it have been deleted accidentaly. my request was the slasher boys reacting to a male reader who is perverted on the outside but on spicy times they are very shy and sensitivite? i apologize again if i have disturbed you! have a nice day/night bee :DD (brahms and jason)

    Tags: none

    Jason Voorhees

    • You’re just too much sometimes!

    • Jason gets really flustered every time his boyfriend says or does anything perverted.

    • He always ends up scolding him for being that way.

    • When he tries to get a kiss from his man and tries to touch him; he is pleasantly surprised to find out he’s so shy and sensitive.

    • He won’t take it much farther than kisses and touching but he does enjoy how his lover acts when he does such things.

    • Jason isn’t one to tease but he just might do that as payback for all those perverted saying/doings.

    Brahms Heelshire

    • “Bad, [Redacted].”

    • Brahms won’t admit it, but he finds his boyfriend to be hot when he’s perverted.

    • He’ll scold him for being that way but doesn’t really mean it.

    • When Brahms tries to go further, being the horny and touch-starved man he is, he’ll be surprised to find out his lover is bashful and sensitive.

    • Of course, he’ll use this to his own advantage as well as entertainment.

    • No way this man will let his M!S/O live it down; he’ll constantly bring it up too, maybe even tease him.

    #requested#anon#anonymous#slasher#slashers#horror#horror movie#movie#headcanon#headcanons#head canon#head canons#the boy #the boy movie #the boy 2016 #brahms heelshire #brahms heelshire x reader #brahms heelsire x male reader #male reader #x male reader #xmale reader #friday the 13th #friday the thirteenth #jason voorhees #jason voorhees x male reader #jason voorhees x reader
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  • bubble-tea-bee
    09.05.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #stay quiet rei
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  • deusluxuria
    31.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    anonymous asked:

    Stardust Crusaders + Holly dealing with/reacting to Jotaro have a meltdown, shutdown, or sensory overload?


    (content note: ableism, autmisia)


    Before Jotaro met the Crusaders, his mom was the only person who noticed the signs of Jotaro being overwhelmed and on the verge of a meltdown.

    Jotaro didn't know he was autistic until his early twenties, but Holly was very receptive to his needs regardless. It was just a matter of listening.

    It's hard for him when he has meltdowns around people who don't know him as well as Holly does, because he often doesn't know what he needs in order to feel okay again. He needs someone to walk him through it, offer suggestions, and not force anything.

    He always rejects hugs from his father. Always has. Jotaro's father doesn't understand him at all, and is most definitely of the "why can't you just be 'normal'" asshole type.

    Holly has always asked permission before hugging him, so he trusts her and knows he can go to her for support.

    As a teenager and an adult, Jotaro doesn't hug as much. Usually it's only if he's upset. And he only hugs people he really, strongly trusts. (Holly, Kakyoin, Abdul, his wife, Jolyne, Josuke).

    Holly could easily list the signs of Jotaro being overwhelmed: very tense, much quieter than usual, clumsy, more irritable, rocking back and forth, pulling on his ear or a piece of hair, checking his surroundings more...

    Jotaro typically has the quieter, more internal meltdowns. He'll feel so angry and just kind of collapse in on himself.

    If he's having a personal life crisis, sometimes he'll punch a wall or a door, with no other way to get those emotions out.

    Jotaro becomes non-verbal sometimes when he gets upset, non-speaking and also not able to verbalize in any way, such as groaning or sighing to express frustration.

    Holly noticed this about him since his childhood, and she taught him a few basic signs in BSL (British Sign Language). As an adult, he knows JSL and ASL, but the signing he learned from Holly is close to his heart.

    If Holly notices Jotaro feeling overwhelmed, she'll ask only yes-or-no questions, and ask one of them at a time. She'll ask if he needs to spend time around people, or to be left alone.

    When Jotaro was little, she noticed he would run his hands under the sink for a long time when he was stressed. So for when he had meltdowns, she started putting him in the bath and spraying warm water on his scalp while brushing his hair.

    From something as simple as watching and listening, she learned how to care for him and be a good parent, instead of an antagonist seeing him as a burden or thinking of him as broken or possessed.


    Abdul is an empath, and he's easily overwhelmed by others' emotions and by tense atmospheres. So he can relate to Jotaro's agoraphobia and sensitivites.

    Jotaro himself is high-empathy as well.

    Mohammed recognizes when Jotaro seems tense and overwhelmed, regardless of how Jotaro might not express those feelings on the surface.

    Mohammed can be a bit more forgiving towards neurotypical lack of understanding, towards himself and other adults. But he won't tolerate it when it's harmfully impacting someone like Jotaro, who Mohammed has seniority over (him being an adult and Jotaro being a minor) and swears to protect.

    He's someone Jotaro can cry in front of. Just with the energy he has. Similar to Holly's energy, but not as coddling.

    Mohammed wakes up at 4AM every morning, habitually, since his parents always did so when he was a child, answering the Islamic call to prayer that sounds through Egypt. Mohammed is Pagan, but he likes to listen to the call, and remember those very early mornings from his childhood.

    After the Crusaders group had arrived in Egypt, Jotaro couldn't sleep the first night. He went for a walk early, and when the call to prayer started, he sat down to listen. He'd never heard it before and didn't know what it was. But it was beautiful and it helped him to cry, finally, for the first time during their mission. He had a hard time processing what was happening to Holly.

    Mohammed went out for a walk, found Jotaro, and sat with him for a while. They talked for ages, Jotaro feeling more open after crying and getting those repressed emotions out. They both shared about how they find people overwhelming and they get stressed easily. Jotaro talked about how he was feeling.


    (I headcanon Kakyoin as having BPD.)

    Kakyoin admires Jotaro and looks up to him, a surprising change to his own arrogance. Noriaki doesn't typically look up to others.

    It'd be alarming for him to see Jotaro have a moment of vulnerability. But essential. The two boys are only human, and sometimes Noriaki forgets that.

    Noriaki, like Jotaro, has very intense emotions. So intense that he has to do something physical to cope with them. For Noriaki, that means things like punching a wall or screaming. Jotaro copes by stimming: snapping a rubber band against his wrist, showering in cold water, putting ice between his toes, using a float tank, being hugged, or squeezing into a pressured space like under weighted blankets or in a dense closet.

    Noriaki is a PLEASE HELP ME sort of meltdowner, and Jotaro is more LEAVE ME ALONE. On the surface. Sometimes it's vice-versa, sometimes it's much more complex than that.

    I feel like Jotaro and Kakyoin might fight about how they deal with their emotions. Because of their lack of understanding. Not just about each other, but each about himself.

    Jotaro would find Noriaki's emotions overwhelming at times, and be put off by his occasional spikes of odd behavior. But it'd definitely be internalized ableism. Jotaro would need to recognize that the both of them are seen as odd, and because of that, they have a lot of self-hatred. Which, unfortunately, they'd bounce off each other.

    I feel like they'd hug a lot, though. Despite both of them being people who are extremely selective about who gets to hug them.

    They'd be very close friends after learning more about themselves and about each other.


    The whole Crusaders group trying to help Jotaro with a meltdown would be a mess, and they'd make it worse at first.

    To the point where Jotaro would just sit on the floor, cover his face with his hat, press his hands over his ears, and either groan or go nonverbal.

    They'd just have to leave him alone at that point.

    If one of them tried to ask him questions later like, "What was stressing you out? How can we do better next time?," the subject would frustrate him so much that he could only answer flatly with, "I don't know. I don't know. I don't know."

    It was very difficult for Jotaro to accept and understand himself before finding out he's autistic. He thought there was something wrong with him, mostly from observing the way other people reacted to him. But things most definitely got easier once he knew.

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  • alinivan
    25.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Etapele calculației de costuri

    Etapele calculației de costuri sunt pași care au ca rezultat determinarea costului unitar în diviziunea fix / variabil. Apoi vin calculele de break even, cash flow, analize de sensitivitate.

    Etapele calculației de costuri sunt următoarele: Etapa 1 Se previzionează costurile pentru perioada următoare (lună, semestru, an, etc.). Dacă nu aveți modificări majore, structurale în companie (produse noi, investiții mari, etc.), puteți pleca de la costurile perioadei anterioare. Pe baza acestor costuri se estimează creșteri sau scăderi ale valorilor Etapa 2 Se decid care dintre aceste…

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  • fandom-blackhole
    20.03.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #🐣 anon#modern au #din djarin x reader #din x reader #boba fett x reader #boba x reader #paz vizsla x reader #paz x reader
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