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  • himitsusentaiblog
    22.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    I miss these Dork and Softy Rogues.  

    #As opposed to Dark and Edgy Rogues #kaitou sentai lupinranger vs keisatsu sentai patranger #Super Sentai
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  • nexus-schwarz
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Zenkai Movie: Red Battle!!

    Nexus’ Master List of Super Sentai

    lol, I forgot to keep track of this one after we finished it.

    It was cool that we got to see past enemies being summoned by the World monster this time around. Even the monster itself has cool references in its parts to big bads of previous seasons. I saw a chart of it once and it was nuts.

    #boring Nexus is boring #Nexus always watches Sentai #kikai sentai zenkaiger
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  • pam0100
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Hi @zoe-oneesama i made scarlet lady as a power ranger.

    By the way i put that name ranger in japanese well you see power rangers were adapted in a japanese superheroes called super sentai

    #miraculous ladybug #power rangers miraculous #scarlet lady #miraculous scarlet lady #chloe bourgeois#power rangers#super sentai
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  • theraysketches
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    The Gray Ranger

    The Final Design for the Gray Paranormal Ranger! Xavier Rollins is the gamer of the Paranormal Rangers, and dating the Yellow Ranger; Ally. Age is subject to change.
    #power rangers #power rangers oc #power rangers fanart #power rangers fan art #paranormal rangers #paranormal power rangers #oc#original character#super sentai #super sentai oc #super sentai fan art #tokusatsu#tokusatsu oc #tokusatsu fan art #paranormal#supernatural#zombie#zombie ranger#gray ranger #ggray ranger oc #character design#art#digital art#fan character#sketchbookpro#theraysketches
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  • nexus-schwarz
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Super Hero Senki

    Nexus’ Master List of Kamen Rider Nexus’ Master List of Super Sentai


    In light of a serious answer, holy shit, the fact that the new kid we meet in the movie is a young Shoutarou Ishinomori in the middle of finding his heroes aka creations is an insane concept.

    And then the line from Ichigo aka Takeshi himself, that his heroes are always in childrens’ hearts for generations to come fucks me up...

    It just proves that even if the man himself is gone, his passion lives on and it’s proven in this anniversary movie.

    #boring Nexus is boring #Nexus always watches Kamen Rider #Nexus always watches Sentai #crossover #dying of feelings #*gross sobbing*
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  • thetimelordbatgirl
    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #like i tried with junken when i discovered sentai first time #but think back then i gave up as i struggle to sit still #plus i was using a laggy as fuck website.... #but i will probably try again at some poit #aka list of sentais i wanna try at least...
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  • choueiyuusubs
    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #kishiryu sentai ryusoulger #hatano tomohiro#super sentai #super sentai spirits #opening theme
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  • simpleton-waffles
    22.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    trying to get into japanese childrens shows like. ok i loved some of these seasons but my brain just cannot keep up with episodic shows i need a plotline you know

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  • asknarashikari
    22.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #kamen rider build #kiryuu sento #kamen rider w #philip #kishiryu sentai ryusoulger #melto#minific#mysticalwolf101
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  • ad-cn
    22.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    i find it funny how people who watch Power Rangers say that elements of it is too cheesy or campy to take seriously but you have things like this in Boukenger and this thing is animated more poorly than it looks.

    God Akashi is so smooth. Making Masumi take up the assigment by feeding into their “rivalry” as treasure hunters. (I say this in quotes because it seems one-sided.)

    The GoGo Vehicles are pretty much used as tools and machines, which is why I don’t feel a strong attachment to this particular season’s robos and mecha (compared to like, dino and animal themed ones). Then again, I’m not much of a vehicle-lover myself, so i can’t really judge if the GoGo Vehicles are interesting compared to other vehicle-themed Super Sentai.

    Sakura and Natsuki have a cute dynamic.

    The genuine happiness and pride in her voice when she says this -- it was literally her saying “Good job!” in English -- you had to hear it for yourself 🥺


    *defeats a monster without his leader/rival’s help* God i wish he was here so that he could be impressed by me


    #watching rumbling sentai #ifrit: 'i underestimated beyonce'
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  • ad-cn
    22.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    It’s hard to connect to the values of Task 05. I feel like Sakura and the child expresses an appropriate amount of “seriousness” for the situation and we aren’t given much reason to believe that a genuine smile is what convinces the child to trust Sakura. I understand that it’s a difference in cultural values wherein I guess women expected to appear more friendlier and warmer to other people and children, though “being socially amicable helps in dealing with strangers” would’ve been just fine as a moral. The fact that it is repeatedly described by others as Sakura needing to “smile more” throughout the episode doesn’t help my opinion on it.

    The flashback scene where it shows that Natsuki is far more natural at dealing with a distressed child than Sakura’s attempts illustrated Sakura’s supposed “flaws” better, I feel. Because rather than putting the child in a situation where Sakura’s pursuit of him makes him rightfully wary of her it shows that even in normal and mundane situations -- that Sakura should have control over -- she is unable to appear friendly and reassuring, that would make her seriousness appear more of a drawback.

    I feel strongly about this because when the flashback scene hit it really kind of resonated with me about being very poor at connecting and communicating with children, and in general being bad at appearing friendly, so it’s very disappointing to see it do a poor job at conveying that moral in a convincing way. If they wanted to show that smiling and being less serious is Sakura’s character development then they could have made the turning point of the plot be more than just, Sakura smiling genuinely at the child.

    #watching rumbling sentai #ifrit: 'i underestimated beyonce' #give me comically serious sakura
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  • ad-cn
    22.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    lotta weird logic in this episode.

    I like the practical effects for the individual GoGo Vehicles. They look far more natural than the standard of CG at the time.

    #watching rumbling sentai #ifrit: 'i underestimated beyonce'
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  • benevolentjin
    22.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    dekaranger guys as your older brother

    wow i saw Hoji have a breakdown and decided to write this (aka episode 4)

    last edit: january21 2022


    Ban’s a very caring person and wears all his love on his sleeves so he supports you through and through.

    He’s the person to get you both in trouble because he’s so reckless and impulsive with all the decisions he makes.

    Terribly thought out prank wars.

    Seeing his confidence truly influences you and your confidence to the point that you both have matching confident energy.

    He’s so lively and very fun to be around.

    You guys are gym bros.

    Siblings get ripped together B)

    He doesn’t let small mistakes get to his head as easily as someone like Hoji does because he makes mistakes constantly.

    He’ll brush it off and pick right back up and work even harder towards the issue.

    He approaches you making a mistake for something the same way

    He doesn’t want you to dwell on it and if anything, is annoyed that you’re moping around.

    It's not going to fix itself no matter how much you mull over the mistake.

    You can only collect yourself and move forward.

    Ban is there by your side to support and see you grow even if his methods are a little aggressive.


    He’s literally perfect.

    Hoji does everything to practiced precision.

    Because of that, he holds everything he does to a very high standard.

    This standard thus translates onto you.

    To elaborate, he has high expectations for himself and for you because he knows you’re capable.

    He seems very stuck up all the time because he knows he’s good and he should be proud.

    Despite his arrogance, he’s a very good older brother as he’s at your every beck and call.

    He’s actively looking after you even if he doesn’t show it obviously.

    Hoji will always give you good advice and he tells you what you need to hear, not what you want.

    He’s a great study buddy, will teach you everything he knows, and even more.

    When something doesn’t go as planned, major or minor mistake, he understands that funk you get sent into and easily comforts you.

    He can’t be happy if you’re sulking so he’ll do his best to cheer you up by making your favorite snacks and offering his input on how you can improve the next time something similar may happen.


    Oh, our loving and caring Sen-chan.

    Having an older brother like Sen-chan is a godsend.

    Old people, young children, Sen gets along with them all so any age gap between the two of you is nothing to be worried about as he can converse with anyone.

    On the surface, he’s very nonchalant about things and seems very carefree.

    no thoughts head empty

    You will never have to worry about anything in this world with him around.

    He’ll quell any worries you have within two sentences and you’ll never think any further than you already have.

    He’s so patient with you and always listens carefully.

    Just like we see in the series, he’s rarely mad and when he is, there is always a good reason for it.

    He’ll accompany you anywhere you want to go or do AND he won’t even complain.

    Your happiness is one of his priorities, so to make sure you are happy, he'll go out of his way to take you places, etc.

    If you made some mistake, then feel bad about it, and that you’re even worried that Sen will be mad, have no fear.

    Sen-chan is so observant that he'll notice your situation before you admitted it to him.

    He will very gently comfort you in the biggest hug and cheer you up the way he knows best.

    Going out for food (his treat of course)!!

    ok so the biggest mistake i made this week was starting to binge my favorite toku shows because school starts monday lol

    i finished kr kabuto today so :D

    im also going to pretend like i didnt show up out of nowhere after being mia

    I hoped you enjoyed! please send in any requests or messages if you have any!

    thank you, yanny.dekaranger
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  • biomic
    22.01.2022 - 21 hours ago
    #anonymous#asks #kendrix morgan died for our sins #super sentai for ts
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  • biomic
    22.01.2022 - 21 hours ago
    #anonymous#asks #kendrix morgan died for our sins #super sentai for ts
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  • biomic
    22.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    let's cut the bullshit. TIMERANGER on hbo

    #kendrix morgan died for our sins #super sentai for ts
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  • chojin-cu-chulain
    21.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Random thought

    Do you think Sentai would do a storyline similar to Domon Kashu, Rain Mikamura, and the Devil Gundam from G-Gundam?

    Like the Red Ranger is a cocky hot blooded asshole with a heart of gold, and he has a female childhood best friend/love interest who is the tech support but sometimes is a Ranger herself.

    And there's some evil armor or evil Ranger powers, and the final villain puts the Red Ranger's childhood friend/love interest into it, so he has to save her by confessing his feelings for her.

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  • trixiegalaxy
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #kaitou sentai lupinranger vs keisatsu sentai patranger #kaitou sentai lupinranger vs keisatsu sentai patoranger #lupinranger vs patranger #lupinranger vs patoranger #kaitou sentai lupinranger #keisatsu sentai patranger #tokusatsu#toku#toku gifs#tokusatsu gif#my gifs#mine: gifs#gifs#gif#tumblr gifs#super sentai#yano kairi#kairi yano#yoimachi touma#touma yoimachi#yoimachi tooma#tooma yoimachi#hayami umika#umika hayami#asaka keiichiro#keiichiro asaka#hikawa sakuya#sakuya hikawa#myoujin tsukasa#tsukasa myoujin
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  • trixiegalaxy
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Thieves Vs Polices RedBubble edit

    #kaitou sentai lupinranger vs keisatsu sentai patranger #kaitou sentai lupinranger vs keisatsu sentai patoranger #lupinranger vs patranger #lupinranger vs patoranger #kaitou sentai lupinranger #keisatsu sentai patranger #tokusatsu#toku#super sentai#redbubble edit#redbubble#yano kairi#kairi yano#yoimachi touma#touma yoimachi#yoimachi tooma#tooma yoimachi#hayami umika#umika hayami#asaka keiichiro#keiichiro asaka#hikawa sakuya#sakuya hikawa#myoujin tsukasa#tsukasa myoujin
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  • ollieakana
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    #he took forever to show up #BUT HE'S HOME NOW <33 #gogo sentai boukenger #s.h.figuarts #xander.txt
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