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    this dance made getting up at 4am worth it 

    #btsgif#dailybangtan#purplearmynet#jhsdaily#jksource#dailybg#mgroups#ultkpopnetwork#jung hoseok#jeon jungkook#kim seokjin #lotte duty free family concert 2021 #telepathy #my wifi cut out in the middle of this so that was fun #but this was the cutest thing i've ever seen #really makes up for the fact that i was up so early after like one and a half hours of sleep.... it's fine i'm fine #can't even be bothered with how these look they just make me happy #ok back to bed i go #*mine: gifs
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    Seokjin tweet 07.05.21

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    ♡ my favourite fics ♡

    Hi everyone so I finally put together that list of all my favourite fics that I've read so far, there will be a few parts because there are so many I plan on making more specific lists in the future, it's mainly just jungkook and jin fics but I'm still exploring as I go and working on the other members lists. I would highly recommend you check these fics out they are really good I'm always going back to read them again because of how amazing they are and also check out the writers masterlists their other work is just as amazing, just so you know majority of them contain smut (18+ so no minors allowed please) and angst cause well I'm a sucker for angst ♡ feel free to recommend me some fics if you want they can be recommendations on individual members or ot7 fics I love finding new writers and fics ❥

    s- smut a- angst f- fluff

    Please love me by @ahundredtimesover f s a

    Space by @jeonsweetheart f a

    Sweetener by @jeonsweetheart s

    Nasty by @jeonsweetheart s

    winter soldier by @mercurygguk f s a

    hair dye by @mercurygguk f s

    the first year by @mercurygguk f s a

    blue dye by @mercurygguk f s

    yours, truly by @opaljm s a

    Orange Ginger Chai by @borathae f s

    The Wishlist by @jjkpls f s a

    Valentine's date by @jimidol f s a

    Treat you better by @burberryplaid f s a

    The Tutor by @sugasbabiie f s a

    The Tutor II The Lesson by @sugasbabiie f s a

    Bad influence: Collection by @noteguk s

    An ode to a broken heart by @smoochkooks s a

    When you least expect it by @johobi f s a

    and they were roommates by @hoseok666 f s a

    Confident by @h0neypjm f s a

    Acquainted by @xpeachesncream f s a (seokjin fic ft. jungkook)

    drivers license by @jtrbluv f a

    yours: bands drabbles by @xpeachesncream f s a

    ego by @suga-kookiemonster s

    Dystopia by @streetlight11 f a

    what if i told you by @koocycle f a

    play thing by @koocycle f s a

    if not forever by @koocycle a

    Haze by @yyooni s

    Daze by @yyooni s

    Only for you by @jikookiekosmos f s a

    blue and grey by @onlyswan f s a

    Do not answer by @getitinbusan s a

    California by @getitinbusan s a

    Dilfjk! by @taesinferno f s

    Love alive by @jamaisjoons f s a

    after I left you by @latetaektalk f a

    love bug by @jungkxook f s a

    Falling skies by @fortunexkookie f s a

    the kids aren't alright by @sketchguk f s a

    chasing pavements by @guklvr s a

    year 22 by @guklvr f s a

    Dynasty by @jimlingss f s a

    off-league by @hansolmates f s a

    17 going on 27 by @hansolmates f a

    me time by @hansolmates f s a

    (not) best friends 2 lovers by @hansolmates f s a

    Busted in busan by @hansolmates f a

    dexterity + stupidity by @hueseok f s

    blue spring by @adonis-koo f a

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    𝗦𝗲𝗵𝗻𝘀𝘂𝗰𝗵𝘁 [𝗯𝘁𝘀]

    ⇉ 𝗰𝗵𝗽𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿 17


    JK x female!oc, Bunny!JK x human!female!oc, Jin x female!oc, Leopard!Jin x human!female!oc, Jimin x female!oc, white Tiger!Jimin x human!female!oc, Taehyung x female!oc, black Tiger!Taehyung x human!female!oc, Hobi x female!oc, Fox!Hobi x human!female!oc, Namjoon x female!oc, Wolf!Namjoon x human!female!oc, JK x Jin x Jimin x Taehyung x Hobi x Namjoon x female!oc






    It has been a long time, but I am back now, and I am more than excited to start updating Sehnsucht again!

    I hope you you all checked out the story of my lovely friends @starlightauroras-main. Inferiority complex is super cute story about Hybrid!Jimin. Please, check it out!

    I also hope that you like this chapter. Almost all Boys have entered the story yet, only Yoongi is missing. But it still needs a little while until he will be arrive. 🤭

    Stay healthy and safe!


    [chapter 16 ||| chapter 18]

    Hobi watched in amazement how the girl’s hand was sliding over the piece of fabric back and forth, turning it upside down and back up, before laying it on the table and smoothing it.

    “Look.” She said proudly, as she held up the once ripped shirt. “It’s like nothing has happened.”

    Despite all the advantaged that came with being a Hybrid, like having extra sensitive senses, there were also more than enough disadvantages too. Especially, when he had never had such expensive clothes to know how to handle them the right way. He had tried to find the right way out for his arms and head but ended up with his head and arm in one hole, which obviously had been too much for the fabric.

    At first, he had been scared to tell someone about this accident. Not just because he had felt embarrassed, but also because he had been scared to upset someone to whom the clothes belonged. Sadly, he was like an open book to read for everyone, so Jin had noticed pretty fast that something had been odd with the fox Hybrid. When Hobi had finally told him what happened, Jin began to laugh warmly, telling him that no one would be mad at him.

    When Hope had come home from her work, Hobi had bundled up all his courage to tell her all by himself, hoping that she would react in the same way as Jin. Indeed, she had smirked a little bit when he had told her the story, but she quickly had offered him her help to fix the shirt. His old owner would have never reacted in such a kind way.

    When he was younger, the man who owned the circus had bought him from the people who had bred him in their laboratories. He brought the small fox boy all the way over to America, just to lock him up in a cage there. But Hobi had never complained though. After all, the man had offered him a place to sleep and something to eat every day.

    But of course, he had also been a curious child back then¸ wanting to explore his surroundings and borders. That had often brought him in troubles, leaving him more often locked up in his cage than he had planned. At some point, he had learnt that it was only him who brought himself in such position and from that day on, he had just kept following the rules like he was supposed to do.

    Hope meanwhile had put a small, wooden box on the table that was filled with all kinds of needles, threads and other supplies one could need for sewing. He had not even needed to wait long, because as soon as the girl had been sitting, she had already been fixing the small rip in the shirt.

    While she had been worked concentrated on the blue piece of fabric, Hobi had grabbed himself a small piece of fabric out of the box as well, trying to copy her movements. Obviously, he was not as talented as her.

    “Wow.” He stunned, as he laid his own piece of work down and reached out for the shirt. “I can’t even see where the rip was. Where did you lean this, Hope?”

    The girl smirked slightly, while she cleaned the table.

    “I was a pretty wild child.” She told him, reaching up to put the sewing box up onto the shelf on the wall. “I always came home with a lack in my trousers. At some point, my mother was tired to fix all my clothes, so she taught me to fix them myself.”

    Hobi head the sadness in her voice when she talked about her mom. Beside the picture of her on Jungkook’s favourite wall, Hobi had never seen Hope’s mother in person, so he guessed that she probably was missing her much.

    “Your mom was a pretty good teacher then.” He smiled widely at the girl. “Maybe she could visit us some day, so you can show her how well you fixed my shirt.”

    If it was possible, the girl’s expression dropped even more, while she clutched her hands onto the mug in front of her. Hobi immediately regretted what he just had said.

    “I don’ think that she will be visiting us some day.” She said, as she sadly smiled at the confused boy. “My mom died a few years ago, you know?”

    Hobi sunk his ears low when he heard her words. He had never had a mom or a dad, but he could imagine the pain the small girl was feeling right now.

    “I am sorry.” He just whispered, not wanting to say anything else to make her sad.

    “It’s okay.” Hobi watched, as the girl’s mouth suddenly pulled up. “You know, I like thinking about her. She was a wonderful and strong woman. When I was younger, I always wanted to be like her. She was kind and courteous to everyone, even to Hybrids. She taught me to respect every living, because all of them have a soul and feelings. I am sure she would have loved to meet you guys.”

    Hobi could clearly imagine the woman Hope was describing him, because it fit perfectly on the description of Hope. He was glad that her mom had taught Hope all those things, because only she was the reason, he now had a safe place to stay.

    “I would have loved to meet your mom. She sounds like a wonderful person.” He carefully spoke, as he reached over and grabbed the girl’s hand that was loosely laying on the table.

    It was the very first time that Hobi had made such a big step and actually touched the human girl. Her smaller hand felt so warm and soft, almost fitting perfectly into his bigger hand. It also felt different from when he was touching Jin’s or Jungkook’s hand. He had never felt those little sparkles when touching one of the boys, but he liked it though. Hope gladly accepted this small way of physical affections, squeezing his hand back.

    “Diner was so delicious, Jin.” Hope smiled at the older boy, before she put her plate into the sink and kissed the boy’s forehead. “Thank you for that.”

    Jin stayed in the kitchen to do the dishes, while Hope walked back into the living room where the other boys were already waiting for her. They all had bombarded her with questions since she had been home again, and now they were waiting for their answers.

    “Hope!” Jungkook’s ears were standing up high in the air, as he petted the spot next to him on the sofa, gesturing for her to sit down there.

    As soon as her bum met with the soft fabric, the bunny had already laid his head down in her lap, while from the other side, Taehyung was now leaning his head onto her shoulder.

    For the next hour, they asked her questions over questions about everything that had happened at work. They asked her about all the Hybrids she had met, about the people she would be working with and about thousands of other things that sometimes made her smirk, because sometimes they were like little kids.

    When she told them about the wolf Hybrid, Namjoon, the room suddenly felt silence. All of the boys sitting around her knew fully how that poor boy felt and what he was going through.

    “He must be so scared.” Jimin said, wrapping his tail around himself, as Jungkook wrapped his arm around the smaller one’s shoulder. “I wish we could help him somehow.”

    The bunny kept Jimin in his arms for a little while longer, before he suddenly jumped up and ran down the hallway towards his room. Hope looked confused at Jin, who was also just shrugging his shoulders. After a few seconds, the slamming of the bunny’s bedroom door rang through the apartment, and Jungkook came running back into the living room.

    “Here.” He stopped in front of Hope and held out one of his favourite Hobbit books towards her. “You can give him my favourite book. Maybe he will like it, too.”

    “But, Jungkook.” Hope gasped at that sweet gesture of Jungkook, before she stood up and took the book out of his hand. “You love that Hobbit book.”

    “Yeah, I do.” The bunny scratched his neck, as his cheeks turned red. “But I – I read it so many times that I can’t count them anymore. I just think that he has absolutely nothing and maybe he will feel more comfortable if he would have something he likes.”

    Hope was absolutely touched by Jungkook’s gesture. She knew how much he loved that book and how sad he had been when he had almost given it away a few months ago. She had always known that he had a very big heart when it comes to other people he cared for.

    “I will give it to him. Thank you, Kookie.” She whispered, as she stood on her tippy toes and hugged the taller boy tightly, before pressing him a big kiss on his cheek.

    “Okay, guys.” Jin announced, looking at his watch just to realized that it was already late at night. He yawned and stretched his arms, tail and ears out at the same time, which looked pretty funny. “I will go to bed. I am pretty tired. Goodnight.”

    He went around and gave Taehyung and Jimin a linger hug, Jungkook and Hope a kiss and Hobi a lovely pet on his head, before he went into his room. Next were Taehyung and Jungkook who wanted to play a few more video games in the tiger’s room, and also Hobi stated that he would go to bed, leaving only Jimin and the girl back.

    The white tigers sat shyly at the edge of the couch, with his tail wrapped around his legs and a slight shade of red on his cheeks. He looked up at the girl for a second, before he carefully moved closer towards her on the sofa. When he was close enough, he carefully put his head on her shoulder and laid his tail in her lap for the very first time.

    “Do you think you can help that wolf in your company.” Jimin carefully asked her, as she begin to stroke his fluffy tail.

    “I hope I can.” She whispered back, leaning her head onto his. “But he needs to trust me in the first place, and this needs a little more time, you know?”

    Jimin just hummed at her answer.

    “I think he is lucky to have you as his lawyer now.” He suddenly smiled. “I know you will safe him, just like you saved us.”

    Hope closed her eyes for a moment, thinking back at the time where she first met Jimin and Taehyung. Both tigers had definitely brought some changes into that family, but in a good way of course. Suddenly, she remembered the conversation from earlier, when Namjoon had asked her about their adoption.

    “Jimin.” She mumbled into his thick hair. “There is something I want to ask you. You know, Taehyung and you have been living here for a few weeks now, and I think the both of you fit in in our crazy home pretty well. If you would be okay with it, I would like to adopt you and your brother.”

    Immediately, Jimin’s head shot up from her shoulder. He looked with wide eyes at the girl, before he nodded wildly and threw himself onto the her, hugging her tightly and whispering ‘thank you’ a thousand times. This sudden movement caused both of them to fall over and fully onto the couch. When both young adults realized in which position, they were now in, with the girl on her back and Jimin over her, they both turned bright red.

    “I am – “


    They both stuttered at the same time, before they broke out in a laugher together. Hope looked up into Jimin’s eyes when she had calmed down again. From the first day, Hope had adored those beautiful, dark orbs that would form into halfmoons when he was laughing or smiling. Slowly, she brought her left hand up towards his thick hair, driving it towards the back of his head and back towards his cheek.

    Her heart was pounding in her chest like crazy, when Jimin’s face came closer and closer, until their noses were touching each other and their lips just inches apart. They stayed like that for another few seconds, before the boy was the first to make the move forward.

    The kiss was shy but full of emotions. They lips stayed still on each other, before Hope carefully started to move. After a few seconds, Jimin also began to press his lips on her stronger and braver, before, after a few minutes, they both ran out of breath and let go of each other.

    Hope didn’t know if it was possible that her face was even redder now, but before she had the chance to say something stupid that could ruin the moment, Jimin pushed himself off the sofa and pulled her with him.

    She gasped slightly from the sudden movement but giggled at the same time when Jimin pulled her close towards his chest in the middle of the living room. She leant her head against the white tiger’s chest, while Jimin wrapped his arms and tail around the smaller girl. The pair was now standing in the middle of the living room, rocking slightly from side to side, doing some twists and turns from time to time.

    “When did you learn to dance?” Hope whispered into the comfortable silence.

    “I watched a video on the YouTube today.” He whispered back, rubbing his nose against her hair. “One day, I want to take you out on a dance date, you know?”

    Surprised by the tiger’s words, Hope lifted her head and looked into Jimin’s eyes. Never in her life had someone wated to take her out on a date, and the fact that Jimin was asking her out in his cute, innocent way, let her heart swell with pride a love.

    “I would love to go on a dance date with you, Jimin.”

    “Okay, I don’t know what you did or how you did it but somehow, you got Namjoon to talk to you – willingly?” Laura was walking next towards the smaller girl down the hallways of the company. Hope just nodded proudly, clutching the book Jungkook had given her for Namjoon tightly under her arm. “And now you want to give him – a hobbit book?”

    She looked confused at the book and then back up at Hope.

    “Yes, Jungkook thought it would be a nice gesture to give him that.” Hope simply replied. “I think Namjoon just needs time. He will talk to us at some point.”

    Laura hummed in response, before she cocked her eyebrows up and began to smirk slightly.

    “Is Jungkook your boyfriend?” She teased the smaller girl.

    Hope’s face immediately went red. Though both of them had already kissed, they never decided on what their relationship would change after that. There were also the other boys that Hope had takin inside her heart.

    “I – no.” She just smiled, her face still red. “He is my – Hybrid – at home. We – “

    “You have a Hybrid at home?” Laura suddenly stopped walking, before she grabbed Hope’s shoulder and turned her around so she could face the taller girl.

    “I even have 5 Hybrids home.” Hope almost didn’t dare to say it out loud, not knowing how to interpretate Laura’s facial expression.

    “You have 5 Hybrids home?!” Laura’s voice was now loudly bouncing through the hallways, before she began to smile widely. “Girl, you are crazy, but I love it! I think you will achieve great things in that world, Hope.”

    Hearing those words from someone who already had much more experiences than her made Hope proud. She wanted people to see that there was no need to be a superhero or to be powerful to change something. Everyone who had the will can change something, everywhere and every time.

    Together, both girls took the same way as the previous day until they reached the interrogation rooms. Laura told her that she would wait outside, not wanting to inhibit the progress Hope had achieved the previous day.

    Taking a last deep breath, Hope carefully knocked at the door, before she pushed it open and entered the door towards the interrogation room. Like the previous day, Namjoon was standing at the window with his back turned towards the door. He didn’t turn around when she entered the room, but Hope could clearly see his ears twitching into her direction for the split of a second.

    “Good morning, Namjoon.” She calmy said, before making her way around the table. “How are you feeling this morning.”

    The boy didn’t reply though. He just kept looking outside the window. It was one of those beautiful winter mornings in New York. The sun was just rising behind the skyline of the big city, flowing the streets with it’s warm and golden sun beams. The small park that had been created between the big building of the company and the smaller building where the clients were living was shining with all kind of golden colours.

    When she looked at the boy’s profile, she could clearly see that he was looking at that scenario outside as well. But in difference to her, he was not looking like would be amazed. He was yearning for seeing the world outside and not just through a window.

    Suddenly, Hope remembered the small gift that Jungkook had asked her to give to Namjoon. She carefully pulled the book from under her arm and placed it on the window sill, before pushing it into Namjoon’s direction. The tall boy noticed her gesture and looked confused from the small book upwards to the girl.

    “The boys at home wanted me to give you this.” She told him. “It’s Jungkook’s favourite book, but he said that you can have it. Maybe if you are bored you can try and read it. It’s pretty good.”

    Namjoon was now looking with wide eyes at the girl in front of him, as he wrapped his tail tightly around his right leg.

    “You told your Hybrids about me?” He cocked an eyebrow up.

    “Yes, I told them about you.” Hope carefully replied, no sure if he was okay with it or not. “I mean – I just told them that I was working with you from now on, nothing more. We are a family, you know? We tell each other everything.”

    The wolf Hybrid sunk his ear down, before he whispered a small ‘thank you’ and turned his attention back towards the morning sun, sighing slightly. The room fell back into silence, as both young adults were looking out of the window again.

    Hope noticed that Namjoon was still trying to process everything that had happened since the previous day, but she would give him all the time he needed, even if that meant that they would both spend the whole day with just looking out of the window.

    “I sometimes whish that I just could walk out of this room like you do.” He suddenly stated after a few minutes of silence. “But I can’t. I need to stay here and wait for the day they lock me away.”

    Like the previous day, Namjoon’s voice sounded tired and powerless, without any hint of emotions.

    “We could go outside – “ She said back, but Namjoon was already shaking his head.

    “No.” He cut her off in her mid-sentence. “People don’t trust me. They would never let me walk around just like that and if, I need to wear those stupid hand cuffs and foot locks.”

    Before his could voice get louder, Namjoon closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hands were holding onto the window sill tightly, as if he was trying really hard to not burst out. Hope was shocked by all those bad emotions he obviously carried inside himself.

    She didn’t want to make him feel like she would pity him. That was not what he needed right now. He needed to realize that there were people on this world who truly wanted to help him, and that one of those people was already standing in front of him. Hope excused herself, before she quickly walked towards the door and peeked her head outside, gesturing for Laura come closer.

    “Did you make any progress?!” She whispered-screamed, as she excitingly stepped closer.

    Hope took a glance back at the boy, who was still looking outside the window. Maybe he was not looking into their direction, but Hope saw that he had his right ear turned towards the door.

    “You can talk normally, Laura. There is no need to whisper.” Hope said in a normally volume, leaving a red shade on Laura’s face. “I wanted to ask you something. Is there a chance that Namjoon and I can take a walk across the site without him wearing any cuffs?”

    Laura looked at the smaller girl in shock, before she snapped out of her state, shaking her head carefully.

    “I am sorry.” She said. “But he showed aggressive behaviour. I wish I could change that, but it is not in my hands.”

    Hope sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. Namjoon would never open up while being locked in that small room.

    “Can’t you call your boss, please?” She tried again. “It would be just for a little while.”

    “Hope, I can’t just call him and – “

    “Laura, please. I take the full responsibility.” The blonde girl was almost begging Laura by now.

    The two girl kept staring at each other for another few seconds, before Laura gave in first and sighed heavily. She hesitantly took her phone out if her purse and dealt her boss’s number, giving Hope a playfully angry look, before she energetically discussed with him for a few minutes. Luckily for the blond haired girl, their boss was a nice man, so he allowed her and Namjoon to leave the building.

    Of course, with his extra sensitive ear Namjoon had already heard what you had asked Laura. He hesitated at first, not moving when Hope held the door open for the both of them. His eyes flickered between the window and the open door, before he carefully made his way around the table, his tail still wrapped around his leg.

    The walk through the company was silent, but Hope felt the tension falling from the taller boy’s shoulders, until they finally reached the door that lead them outside. The fresh air hit the girl’s face when she took the first step outside. Even though winter had already begun, the morning sun was warming the air up, making it comfortable to walk around.

    When Hope turned her head to look at Namjoon, she saw him doing the same. He had closed his eyes, letting the sun warming his face up and taking deep breath of the clean air. Hope knew that it seemed like a simple thing to just take a walk outside, but she had learnt from all her boys that she had taken those simple things for granted for too long.

    Nothing she had done or what she had ever possessed in her life was normal for all people around the world. Maybe she had been lucky so far, but also she needed to be thought that ever moment in life needed to be appreciated, because other people didn’t have the luck like she did.

    That day, there were no other words spoken between Namjoon and the girl. Just the situation as its own was enough to make another development in their relationship towards each other. They were just able to enjoy the moment together. No pressure, no words, no worries.


    @fangirl-nonsense I don’t know what’s going on with tumblr, but somehow Can’t find you. I am so sorry 💜🥺

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    #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Butter Concept Clip - 진 (Jin)

    #bts#kim seokjin#seokjin#jin#ksj#Seokjin video #bts butter is coming #bts butter concept clip #butter concept clip #bts twitter update #bts twitter video #bts updates#bts update
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    Submissions are now open for topics on the Jeany Journal!

    The Jeany Journal is a writing post I’ll start about anything I want to talk about or something I want to address. You can put in a suggestion of what you might want to hear my opinion on, maybe advice on something or something else, it’s up to you!

    Send some suggested topics in, I’d really like to hear your suggestions! Remember! Only three topics can be picked!

    The first issue (I sound so professional or something, wow) of the Jeany Journal will be out on the 2nd of June, 2021.

    Thank you! :D

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    Fallen - Chapter Three

    — pairing: OT7 x Reader (F) — genre: Fantasy AU, Vampire AU, Soulmate AU, Fluff, Eventual Smut, ANGST, Poly!BTS — word count: 1.5k — rating: M — warnings: none — beta: @taegularities​

    Tag List || Masterlist || Schedule

    — chapter summary:  

    The sound came muffled, distorted, like the person was speaking from the surface as you slowly sank underwater. You felt hands cupping your face, but you could barely focus on the honey brown eyes in front of you. 

    — A/N: So, I’m one day late but hey that’s progress!! Its a short chapter, like all my other chapters. To be honest I feel like anything more than 2k would be boring to read, but then again that’s just my opinion. Let me know if you guys think otherwise <3

    — taglist: @sausage2002  @luvtaeha @missseoulite  @sea-nevermind-enthusiast @rainbowsallyear  @vminkook-ownsme  @gee-nee @woopetals @secretbangtnn  @missseoulite  @letmebreathepls  @beginwithamin @jinssexytoe @staerryminimini @loveyoongles

    Ch. 1 Ch. 2

    There’s a very particular kind of pain in this world. The kind of pain that leaves you gasping for air, like you’ve been stabbed over and over again; a jarring pain, like someone has taken a serrated knife and sliced your heart in pieces, getting caught on the flesh as you scream; a searing pain, as if someone has shoved a blazing hot poker down your throat, making you unable to utter a single sound. 

    The kind of pain that grips your heart, and squeezes it so tightly that you feel like dying. It's a very peculiar kind of pain, of loss and regret, of stolen moments, of guilt and despair. A pain so intense with need that it leaves you paralyzed, breathless.

    That was the kind of pain you felt when you stared into those grey eyes, slightly dilated, surrounded by smudged eyeliner. He had dyed his hair teal, it suited him. His lips were covered in red lipstick, two lip cuffs adorning the side of his bottom lip. Earrings dangled from his right ear, so long that they touched his shoulders as he moved his head. He was wearing a leather jacket over a black tshirt, with some logo of a band printed on it. A soft sigh escaped his parted lips when he lifted his head and saw you.

    Your eyes moved to his hands as he brought them up to cover his mouth. His movement allowed you to detect his nails, painted a glossy black, a ring sat snugly on his thumb. His long fingers were sporting tattooed black rings in a stark contrast to his creamy skin. He was wearing a bunch of different bracelets on his left wrist, his right one was covered with an expensive watch. He wasn’t wearing the ring that you had given him, you noticed.

    He looked ethereal. You stared at him, the smell of coffee hitting your nose. He was standing a mere five feet away from you, but you felt like you were worlds apart.

    “Y/N?” Yoongi murmured. You had longed to hear that voice again. It had a unique quality to it: coarse yet extremely soothing at the same time; a voice that comforted your aching soul. 

    You stood frozen to your spot, not daring to move an inch in fear that this dream would shatter. But was it a dream? You remembered the plane ride with Seokjin - you were angry at him, so you had ignored him the whole flight. And then you had checked into the hotel, but you were so restless that you had decided to take a walk. 

    Absentmindedly, you had crossed alley after alley, not paying attention to where you were going, thoughts centered around him. Somehow you’d ended up in this alley, right when he’d walked out.

    You had wondered how he was countless times through the years. Was he okay? Was he eating properly? Was he seeing someone? The thoughts had plagued your mind. The guilt more so. You knew you had to do it, you had to send him away, you had no other option left.

    ‘Y/N there’s always a choice.’

    You remembered his words, but you hadn’t been ready for that choice. You knew you’d do it all over again if you had to. 

    “There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!” a voice called from the door of the club. Yoongi looked away to greet the newcomer, you quickly stepped back into the shadows, cloaking your presence from them. The other man had dyed his hair a bright red, crimped to perfection. He was wearing a leather jacket similar to Yoongi’s and black leather pants. You didn’t see the man’s face, his back turned towards you. “What are you doing out here?” 

    “I was just …” Yoongi looked at the spot where you’d been standing just a second ago, now empty. He looked around the alley, his eyes searching every shadow. 

    “Come on, babe, the show’s about to start,” the other man said as he grabbed Yoongi’s hand and dragged him through the door. 


    The man had called him babe. You felt an unfamiliar sting behind your eyes; you hadn’t cried in so long, it was almost a strange feeling. You took a deep, shuddering breath, trying to calm yourself down. Never in a million years you’d have thought that you’d see him again, like this. 

    It was a perfect morning, the kind of morning you had read about in novels. Soft sunlight streamed through the trees, warming the cold breeze that played with your hair. The ground underneath you was pliant, slightly wet with the morning dew. The grass smelled mellow, somewhat sweet. You could hear birds chirping far up in the trees, happily going about their business. You played with his fingers as you sat on the grass, his long legs caging you. A sigh left your lips as you leaned back on his chest. 

    “What are you going to do after you graduate?” Yoongi murmured against your neck, gracing it with a gentle kiss.

    “I am going to be a healer. I want to help people, like my mom used to do,” you replied. Your mother had been a witch who’d used magic to cure people’s illnesses. You remembered the day when one of her patients had approached you on the street, telling you that you looked just like her, and how she had saved their daughter from a deadly ailment. Your heart had swelled with pride. “What about you?” 

    “I want to make music.” 

    You turned your head to look at him, a slight frown on your face. “But would your father allow it? Didn’t he already name you his heir?” 

    “I don’t want to be his heir,” Yoongi scoffed. 

    “You don’t have a choice in the matter, neither of us do.” 

    “Y/N, there’s always a choice.” He gave you a sweet smile and pecked your lips, kissing the frown away. 

    A tear fell into your palm as you looked down. You hadn’t even realized that the moisture had left your eyes. Turning around to leave the alley, you quickly wiped your face with the sleeve of your jacket. You had to go back to the hotel, this was not the place to break down.

    Walking around in a daze, memories kept flooding your mind, but you squashed them all one by one. You didn’t want to remember that day, you didn’t even get to say goodbye, the day when you’d shattered his heart with poisoned words, abandoned him and threw him out without a second glance. 

    You felt a cold seep into your bones; it wasn’t the cold of a calm winter morning, no, this was the cold of an empty grave; something sinister, brimming with malevolence. It stopped you dead in your tracks. You lifted your head to take a look around - at this time of night the streets were occupied with drunk club-goers, you could smell their intoxication in the air. 

    Nightclubs lined the street, their neon lights blazing in the dark night. On the other side lay the Ellentwine forest, the oldest one in the world. You could feel its power pulsating through the ground. You looked at the crowd, searching for it, you didn’t know what it was yet. There was a satyr surrounded by a group of drunk humans; a witch going about her business with a lesser demon tailing her; a boisterous group of werewolves were laughing loudly around the corner. Just your typical night in the city. 

    But you couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that had taken a hold of your heart. It made you angry by the minute. You had always hated the feeling of helplessness, of fear, you refused to give it power over you; whatever the creature was, it was strong. 

    You felt another surge of power, different from before. This time there was no intention behind it, it was raw unadulterated power. For the second time that week you fell to your knees. This was nothing like what Malachi had done, the Elder was powerful, but this was too much. You were drowning in it, suffocating. It wrapped itself around you like a blanket, or rather, like a wet tongue, tasting you like you were the sweetest candy in the world. 

    You tried your hardest to push it away, to free yourself of the force, but it stuck to you like spider silk. No matter how much you tried to get away, it only increased its hold on you.

    Then it shifted; there was mirth in it, amusement. The thing found it funny how you were struggling against it, trying to stop it. A growl tore through your lips, and you were furious, ready to tear it apart. The assault stopped abruptly, just like it had started, leaving you helpless on the ground. 

    “Y/N?” Someone crouched in front of you, tentative fingers reaching out. You hissed at them in warning. The fingers retreated. “Can you hear me? Are you okay?” 

    The sound came muffled, distorted, like the person was speaking from the surface as you slowly sank underwater. You felt hands cupping your face, but you could barely focus on the honey brown eyes in front of you. 

    “Y/N, breathe, you need to breathe,” the voice said. You took a shaky breath, leaning into the familiar scent of nutmeg. You had smelled it before, everyday around the council building. That was what Seokjin smelled like: nutmeg; sweet, spicy with woody undertones. 

    Like home. 


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    Imagine being lucky enough to get this close to the Kim Seokjin 🥴🥴 - 🐰

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    BTS Masterlist

    [B] → Blurb

    [S] → Series

    [F] → Fic (Oneshot)

    [SF] → Short Fic (1k and less)

    [H] → Headcanons

    [T] → Timestamp

    [R] → Recommend

    💔 → Angst

    💖 → Fluff

    ❤ → Personal Fav

    Nothing Yet

    Nothing Yet

    [F] 💔 💖 The Noises Of The Rain

    You’ve always struggled with yourself and you always wished you were what was considered normal. With your thoughts all over the place, you didn’t think you were going to reveal what you felt so soon.

    [F] 💔 💖 The Noises Of The Rain

    You’ve always struggled with yourself and you always wished you were what was considered normal. With your thoughts all over the place, you didn’t think you were going to reveal what you felt so soon.

    [F] Secret Lines

    Getting shot was the last thing you wanted. And with half of the guys halfway across times, it's up to your boyfriend and his friends to keep you alive.

    [S] This Park Is Greener Than Others Mini Masterlist

    You were given the okay to start your investigation and build your case staring a young woman who was brutally murdered in a motel room, the main suspect being her ex-boyfriend. You have your suspect, you have your witnesses and you have your evidence. All you have to do now is present your case, right? Of course, it would’ve been easy if a certain Park hadn’t appeared when you got everything figured out. Not only does he bring turmoil to your case but to your heart as well.

    [B] Small Surprise

    [F] 💔 Descendant

    Aurora’s known him since high school. He’s her best friend, the person she’d find herself hanging out with, her ride or die. She’d tell him everything except a little secret she kept. She didn’t think he’d keep something from her too… but he did. The problem is that he can’t tell her that she’s next in line for the throne.

    [T] [12:01 PM]

    [B] ❤ Focus On My Voice

    [F] 💖 Little Protective Boy

    Jungkook is caring— overprotective and nearly always gets his way— but caring. Although, it takes one comment to ruin your entire day and it’s even worse when you have to see him for hours on end. Everything will work out in the end though… maybe, I don’t know.

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    yoongi Layoutz ?! 🍁

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    Kim Y/n had a dreadful past. The past that haunted her and make her socially crippled. The only person who understand her is her best friend, Jeon Jungkook. She was slowly becoming something which she hated. Can Jeon save her and become her salvation?

    Some lines are not meant to be crossed. But what if they are already blurred and it's just take a glance to notice that they were never there.

    Join me on this journey.

    Thank you again for reading this. Keep supporting, keep suggesting.

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