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  • meliakim
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Eat Jin Special

    Seokjin introduces Mun to ARMY on Eat Jin.

    *An ARMY’s POV*

    I continued to stare at the screen of my computer. I had spent all my energy on writing my own discussion board, so I didn’t feel like writing my replies. I looked at the time, it was only 7:00pm, so there would be plenty of time to finish after taking a small break. I began scrolling through Instagram when I got a notification from the V app: “BTS has started a live video.” I clicked on the notification and opened the app. The video was struggling to load, but I saw in the caption that it was an “Eat Jin,” so I opened my laptop and pulled it up. Suga has always been my bias, but Jin was my bias wrecker.

    The livestream loaded on my laptop, and I was within the first 10,000 people to join. Jin was wearing a plain white t-shirt and was looking at the camera, apparently reading comments. It looked like he was sitting in a hotel room, and to his right sat a girl looking down at her phone. She wore a baggy light purple sweatshirt and had long, straight dark hair. “When we get 100,000 viewers, then we will begin today’s very special ‘Eat Jin,’ but until then, I will continue to read the comments,” Jin said, continuing to look ahead of him. After a moment of silence he said, “most of these comments are about you,” with raised eyebrows as he looked at the girl beside him.

    She shut her phone off and scooted closer to the camera, looking at the screen after adjusting her glasses, reading the comments along with him. As she got closer to the camera, I noticed she was cute. Probably not wearing any makeup, but she looked cute, even next to Worldwide Handsome. She chuckled and looked over at him. “They’re all wondering who I am,” she said. “Aish, I will introduce her after we begin our Eat Jin …just a few more moments,” he answered ARMY.

    Honestly, he didn’t need to say who she was. I already had a feeling that she was his girlfriend. It was obvious by the way they looked at each other and by how close they were sitting, with their shoulders and arms against each other… not to mention they just looked right together, as if they had been together for years. I decided to chime in and typed in the chatroom, “IS SHE YOUR GIRLFRIEND?” Neither of them answered but continued to make small talk amongst themselves.

    “Oh, hey, it’s up to 150,000 viewers,” she said, elbowing him lightly. “Ah, hello, everyone! Welcome to this very special episode of Eat Jin,” he said as they both sat back in their seats. “Why do I keep saying it’s a special episode, you may ask? Well, that’s because I have someone very special to introduce to you… she knows you of course, but you do not know her… this is Mun…” he said, motioning to her. “My girlfriend,” he added, she made a weird-looking face and made a peace sign to the camera before breaking character and laughing.

    “Hello, ARMY! It’s so nice to meet you!” she said, smiling brightly. “She has actually been on Eat Jin several times before, but she was always hiding behind the camera… our food for tonight has not yet arrived, so I will allow you to ask us any questions, and we will see what we can answer,” Jin said. “’Where did you meet?’ About two years ago, Seokjinie visited the bakery I work at, and he kept coming back nearly every single day,” Mun answered one, smiling over at Jin. “The food there was so good… that’s why I kept going back,” Jin replied, giving Mun a sly look, causing her to playfully smack his arm.

    I was already in love with the dynamic they had between each other. The live chat room was absolute chaos, so I decided to read some comments to see what other ARMYs were saying… “She’s so cute, Jin!!” “SEOKJINIE? She has such a cute nickname for him!” “We love her, oppa!!” “Where was your first date?” “KISS HER SEOKJINIE!” “Hi, Mun 😊” “You guys are my OTP” …the comments continued to come in at a fast pace, there was no wonder Jin and Mun looked like they were concentrating on the screen.

    Despite the chaos of the chat, I still wanted to try commenting to see if just maybe they would read it. “Mun is Worldwide Beautiful,” I typed and sent. “’Where was our first date?’ Well, our first official date was at an amusement park in Seoul… we’re both kids at heart, so it was so fun,” Mun answered. Jin laughed and added, “Mun is so fearless… there was a haunted house there, and she let me hold her hand the entire time while I just screamed!”

    They read some more comments as they laughed and reminisced. “Mun-ah!! One ARMY said you’re ‘Worldwide Beautiful’!” Jin said, apparently reading my comment, causing me to freak out slightly. I can’t believe he actually saw my comment!! Mun’s eyebrows furrowed, and she said, “psh, yeah right!!” which caused Jin to take her chin and face her towards him. “You’re Worldwide Beautiful to me…” he said in a dreamy, serious voice. She looked into his eyes as he dramatically began leaning in as if to kiss her, only for them both to break character and begin laughing when they were only inches apart.

    They both continued to laugh cutely together when Jin stood up suddenly at the sound of someone knocking at the door. “Our food is here!!” Mun said to the camera, excitedly. Jin returned with a large tray and set it on the table carefully, then disappeared again to bring over two more dishes which he set down as well. “Tonight, our tour finds us in Vietnam… so we are eating one of Mun’s favorite foods, soup… more specifically, we are eating pho,” Jin said, tilting the camera down slightly to show the two very large bowls of soup.

    “We also ordered some broken rice and grilled pork, along with some dessert,” he added. As the couple began eating, I realized how hungry I was, so I quickly made myself a bowl of instant ramen. Jin and Mun continued to talk as they ate, slurping their soup and commenting on how good it was. I felt as if I were eating with them and enjoyed every minute of getting to watch them together. The amount of food they ate by the time the V Live was over was impressive to say the least.

    “Since we have finished all our food and dessert, I guess we should bring it to a close… do you have any final words?” Jin asked Mun. “Uh, let’s see… I guess just thank you, ARMY, for all your kind words to me tonight! I love Seokjinie, and I know you are a big part of his life, so thank you for accepting me,” she said kindly, bowing to the camera slightly. “And likewise, Mun is a big part of my life, so I am so glad you were able to finally meet her… I hope you love her as much as I do,” Jin said. “Well… maybe not as much,” he added with a chuckle.

    “Bye you guys!!” Mun said, blowing a kiss with both her hands and waving them cutely as Jin got up to turn the V Live off. I sat for a moment, just staring at the blank screen, with the chat section still going crazy over Jin and Mun. I smiled to myself, so happy that the boys were starting to get into steady relationships… first Jimin, and now Jin. Mun seemed perfect for Jin in every way, and I was so happy for them. It was going to be difficult trying to focus on my discussion board replies… maybe I shouldn’t have taken a break after all.

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  • meliakim
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    Jimin’s inner Syltherin unintentionally begins to show.

    *Jimin’s POV*

    We’re about halfway through the Wings world tour, and the past four months have been quite the ride. Not only are we busy with tour life and travel, but we have started working on music for our next album. The first mini album in the series is supposed to be later this year. I’m supposed to have a solo song as the intro track, but I have yet to start writing it. I sat in my hotel room, staring at the blank sheet of paper in front of me, trying to think of what to write.

    The album name is “Love Yourself: Her.” Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing “her” is Min. She started off as our makeup artist, but the more time I spent with her, the more she became to me. She is so caring to everyone she meets, tending to any need she sees. She is so beautiful, always dressing nicely, but still somehow cute when she says she is “bumming it.” She is so talented with how she does makeup, but she’s also a skilled dancer and singer, though not many have seen that side of her.

    When she’s fully comfortable, she can be a little silly, which is so cute, and she also falls asleep easily during movies. She’s my number one fan, and seems to be impressed by everything I do… and I’m her number one fan… I’m so in love with her, which is scary to me. I’m still scared that I am not good enough for her, and because of that, I haven’t done anything about my deep feelings for her.

    At first it seemed like we were getting close… but as time has gone on, I’ve noticed her getting close to Yoongi-hyung as well. I knew she was a fan of music, and Yoongi-hyung knew that as well… being the talented musician he is, she has been hanging around him more, and I think they are even working on a song together. Honestly, it drives me up a wall. It feels as if she is falling for him instead of me. At this point, the average man would consider giving up and moving on… but I’m not the average man.

    My mind was clearly too occupied to try and write a song now, so I decided to get up and see what everyone else was up to. Min’s room was just down the hall, so I decided to pay her a visit. As I approached, I noticed the door was already open, so I walked in to find not just Min, but also Yoongi-hyung, Jin-hyung, and Mun, who I forgot was visiting from Korea for a week. “Jimin!! I’ve been wondering where you were… Yoongi just got through showing us some of his latest mixes for the new album!” Min said as I came in.

    I noticed her sitting awfully close to Yoongi-hyung around the small hotel room table, nearly as close as Jin-hyung sat by Mun. “Oh!! Mun-ah!!! I forgot about the movie we had reservations for with Jungkook-ah!” Jin-hyung said, getting up from his seat. “Oh, right!! So glad you remembered,” she said, getting up and grabbing her purse and bucket hat before following Jin-hyung like a lost puppy. “See you guys later!!” she said as she walked out with him.

    “They’re so cute,” Min commented as the pair left. Yoongi nodded and said, “Jin-hyung has always talked about his ideal girl having a ‘puppy personality,’ and I think he finally found her.” They were undeniably cute… and I started to feel annoyed at myself for feeling so jealous of them. It didn’t feel fair that Jin-hyung’s dream girl was giving every ounce of attention and affection she had, while mine was often off hanging out with Yoongi-hyung.

    “I’m surprised they’re still so close, really,” I found myself saying out loud without thinking… my emotions were getting the better of me, and I did not like it at all. “What do you mean by that?” Min asked, curiously. “I mean, after months of being separated, wouldn’t you think that Mun would’ve moved on from Jin-hyung by now?” I replied, not fully sure of what I was saying. Min seemed to be upset at that comment and replied, “so, are you trying to call my sister shallow? She’s the most loyal person I know… honestly, loyal to a fault… I don’t think she’d move on so easily.”

    “Then let’s hope Jin-hyung returns the same affection for her, then… because he could honestly have whoever he wanted, so there must be a reason he hasn’t asked her out,” I added, causing Yoongi-hyung to chime in at this point, as he noticed I was getting overwhelmed by my emotions. “Jimin-ssi, I’m sure you can keep whatever thoughts you have about Jin-hyung and Mun to yourself,” he said, side-eyeing Min beside him, who was visibly upset at what I said about her sister.

    I was embarrassed and annoyed at myself to the point that I had to walk out of the room before I broke down in tears in front of Min. Whatever hope I had in winning her over was probably gone now, so I sulkily walked back to my room, trying not to think about it. I didn’t mean what I said, my jealousy just got too overwhelming. I honestly love Jin-hyung and Mun together. At this point, the average man would’ve definitely give up on her… but again, I’m not the average man.

    But what could I possibly do to win Min over at this point? It’s going to take a lot more than just an apology to reach the point where I am worthy of her. My mind was racing as I reached my room, and after shutting the door behind me, I noticed the blank sheet of paper still sitting on the table. Could I write a song for her? What do I even begin to say? How would she receive it? Would she even love me back? I couldn’t bear the embarrassment that would come with unreturned feelings, so I had to be certain.

    I could go and talk to Mun about it, since she knows Min better than anyone… but she doesn’t know how I just messed things up. That left me with no choice… I had to speak with the next person closest to Min besides Mun or myself… Yoongi-hyung. I feel slightly defeated having to ask someone for help, but I love Min and I need her… Desperate times called for desperate measures, so I went out to pay a visit to Yoongi-hyung in his hotel room.

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  • meliakim
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Tae Day

    Mun has a day out with Tae when she visited them in NYC on tour.

    “The other members don’t get as excited about art museums as I do, so I’m glad you’re here,” Taehyung said to Mun as they walked up to the entrance of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. “Thank you for spending your day off with me! Not that you had much of a choice,” Mun said with a laugh, as all the other members were busy at the recording studio working on their parts for their next album. “I wouldn’t have chosen anything else over this,” he said with a boxy smile as the pair entered the museum and got their tickets.

    Tae and Mun, along with the bodyguard trailing their every move, walked through each of the exhibits. They took their time doing so, making quiet comments here and there, some that were insightful and some that were humorous, causing them to laugh quietly amongst themselves. “Some of this art I can appreciate… but what is this?” Mun said with a chuckle pointing to what looked like a pile of trash, causing Tae to giggle as well.

    “Mun-ah! Look!” Tae said excitedly as they entered one hall of paintings. “It’s Van Gogh!” he added as they approached Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” painting. “Oh my goodness, I NEED a picture with this one!” Mun said, giving her phone to take her picture. Tae smiled to himself as he noticed the RJ phone case that Seokjin gave him for Christmas last year. It was obviously intended for Mun’s phone, so he had no choice but to give it to her, which he didn’t mind… later on, Seokjin did give him a real present to make up for it.

    After taking a photo of Mun, Tae rotated the camera and took a selfie of the both of them with the painting in the background before a stranger, who didn’t seem to recognize Tae, offered to take a photo of the both of them. “Thank you,” Mun said to her in English as they both looked at the phone to see how the photo turned out. “Cute,” Mun said simply with a smile before they continued to walk through the gallery.

    After a few hours, they finally managed to look through every gallery and room, so they headed out of the MOMA onto the busy streets of NYC. “Man, I’m starving… you want to grab some food? I know Central Park is nearby, we could bring our food there to eat!” Mun suggested, to which Taehyung agreed. “Let’s get burgers, since we’re in America after all,” he said as they walked down the sidewalk to a burger shop at one corner.

    Like Mun suggested, after getting their food, they walked a few blocks until they reached Central Park, which was pretty empty for a weekday. They walked through, looking for a good place to sit, and as they did so, without really thinking, they locked arms together, which they did on occasion. Neither thought anything of it, until Tae recalled a small argument he had with Seokjin just the day before about it.

    “Hyung! I promise you that locking arms with Mun means nothing! She views me as a brother, and to me she is a sister… nothing more,” he said to Seokjin. “You don’t even know that for sure though, you may be leading her on or something!” Seokjin whined in reply. Hobi, who was present during the argument, decided to chime in and give his opinion on the matter. “Jin-hyung, you wouldn’t be worrying about it if you would just ask her out already!” he retorted.

    “Aish, Hobi-ah, you know why I can’t do that! We’re in the middle of a tour… a long tour. How can I expect her to be willing to keep a relationship with me if I’m so far away? She deserves better than that!” he replied to them. “Jin-hyung… I love Mun… but not the same way you do. I love her the same way I love my own sister, and I hold her hand all the time,” Tae said. Hobi shrugged and said, “true, I hold my sister’s hand as well.”

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so possessive over her anyways… it shouldn’t bother me, it’s not like she’s my girlfriend or anything,” Seokjin said with a sigh. “And whose fault is that?” Hobi retorted with a smirk, causing Seokjin to fake-slap him. “I’m serious though, hyung. If I had any inclination that Mun and I saw each other in any other way besides family, I wouldn’t speak another word to her… for your sake,” Tae said to his hyung.

    Tae and Mun found a nice picnic table in the shade and decided to eat their burgers there. As they took a seat across from each other, Tae continued to think about Seokjin… He didn’t want to do anything to hurt his hyung, so he decided to bite the bullet and ask Mun the weird question, just to be 100% certain her feelings were the same as his. “Mun? Can I ask you a weird question?” he asked. She nodded and said, “of course! What’s up?” as she took a bite from her burger.

    “Today… wasn’t a date or anything, was it?” he asked her, causing her heart to skip a beat. She certainly didn’t see it as one, but she was now afraid that maybe he did… she had grown quite fond of Tae, and she didn’t want to upset him by friend-zoning him, but at the same time, she had to tell him the truth. “To be honest… I didn’t see today as a date… I- I like someone else,” she said, shyly, worried she was sharing more than she had to.

    “Not that I don’t like you!! I really do like you, but not… I really only see you as… like a brother,” she said, feeling her face get hot, worried that she was hurting one of her best friends’ feelings as she spoke, tripping over her words. She looked up at Tae’s face to see his reaction, and she saw a look of relief on his face. “Don’t worry, I think of you as my sister… in fact, you kind of remind me of her,” he said, hoping to relieve her of her current stress.

    Mun sighed a sigh of relief and said, “don’t scare me like that! I was afraid I was going to hurt your feelings or something!!” She took a bite of her burger as Tae chuckled and then took a bite of his. “So… who do you like, then?” he asked after swallowing, causing Mun’s face to heat up. She looked at him with a face that seemed hesitant to answer. “What? You don’t trust your own brother? I won’t tell anyone!” he said to her truthfully.

    Mun hid her face with her hands embarrassedly, then after a few grunts said, “promise me you won’t tell anyone,” to which Tae nodded and said, “I promise.” This was the first time she was admitting her feelings to anyone besides her own sister, so she was nervous. “I like… Seokjinie,” she finally managed to say, immediately bringing out Tae’s boxy smile as he clapped his hands excitedly. “I knew it!!!” he said, satisfied with her answer.

    “What? How? Am I that obvious?” she asked, embarrassedly, causing her companion to chuckle. “Just call it a brother’s intuition… You’re always especially cute around him!!” he said, smiling at her. “I can tell he’s so soft towards you, but he’s still in denial to his own feelings… he’ll come around eventually,” he said, reassuringly, knowing that she would never be the one to make the first move.

    She smiled over at her friend, glad that they were so close and that they could be perfectly honest with each other. As they finished up their food and got up to leave the park, Mun locked her arm with his as she did so often. “Thank you for everything, Tae… I had so much fun getting to hang out with just the two of us! I think I’d like to have Tae Day more often!” she said with a chuckle. He patted her arm affectionately and said, “thanks for settling to hang out with your brother since Seokjin-hyung was busy,” winking at her, so satisfied that he knew about their mutual pining for each other.

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  • meliakim
    14.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Nan Norul Saranghae

    Mun decides if she wants her relationship with Seokjin to be announced to the public.

    *Mun’s POV*

    I stepped out of the vehicle with my bag in hand, watching the others unload from the cars that took us to the airport. The Love Yourself world tour was about to begin, and somehow Seokjinie was able to convince BigHit to allow me to come along for the tour as his “personal assistant” …in essence, I’m just coming along for the ride as his girlfriend, though I would be helping wherever I could. We’ve been officially dating for almost a month, but haven’t gone public with our relationship, at least not to the press and ARMY.

    I watched from afar as Seokjinie walked through the airport with the rest of the members, along with Jimin, holding hands with my sister Min as they walked together. They had been dating for several months now and went public with their relationship shortly after Jimin released “Intro: Serendipity” on their “Love Yourself: Her” album. He wrote it for her, with the help of Yoongi, and of course the public went crazy trying to find the meaning behind the song.

    Jimin was so proud of the song and of the fact that Min loved him back that he convinced her to go public with their relationship. They had been working on some dancing together, so when they had perfected their routine, Jimin introduced her to ARMY on Vlive, and then they released a video of them dancing together as a BANGTAN BOMB. It was undeniably perfect and cute, and the public have been crazy about the pair ever since.

    Seokjinie’s words from when we officially started dating came to mind as I continued to walk through the airport to our gate. “I just want the whole world to know how amazing you are and how fortunate I am… but as you know, I’ve managed to keep my parents and brother off the radar of the press, and I am willing to do the same for you… I don’t want to pressure you either way, but I know ARMY would love you as much as I do…” When the whole team arrived, we loaded up onto the plane, and I took my seat next to Seokjinie.

    “I can’t believe I’m actually coming!!” I said after settling in, slipping my arm around his and squeezing it excitedly. “I’m still convinced that I’m dreaming right now,” he said, slipping his arm out from mine and instead taking my hand in his, interlocking our fingers together as the plane began to take off. I watched out the window from my window seat, with Seokjin resting his chin on my shoulder as he looked out the window with me. “The skyline always looks so small from up here,” he said as we flew up and away from Seoul.

    After flying for a few minutes, we reached cruising altitude, and the seat belt sign turned off, giving permission to get even more comfortable. I unbuckled my seatbelt and slipped off my shoes, pulling my feet up onto the seat under my legs to keep them warm, facing Seokjinie as I did so. “So, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought… and I think I’ve decided that we should go public with our relationship,” I said as I looked at him. He shifted his seating slightly, so he was facing me at a better angle. “Are you sure?” he asked with raised eyebrows.

    “You’re going to have to actually show up in front of the camera, people will start recognizing you in public, paparazzi will want to interview you… are you sure you’ll be ok with all of that?” he asked, knowing how much I wasn’t used to being the center of attention. I nodded. “Absolutely… because it means I won’t have to walk fifty feet behind you in the airport or pretend like I don’t know you when in public. And if we’re in this for the long haul, I’m sure people will find out about us at some point anyway,” I said.

    “I will admit I’m nervous though… I’m afraid that ARMY might be jealous, or that they may think I’m not good enough for you or something,” I said, being open about my insecurities to him, as he was always so open with me. “Hey, stob it, they’ll love you,” he said, taking my hand in his again. “Just think about Min! ARMY sees how crazy Jimin is about Min, and they love her because he does… I know it’ll be the same way for us because I love you so much. ARMY will see that,” he added, looking deep into my eyes.

    “You really think so, don’t you?” I asked, seeing in his eyes that he was being genuine. He nodded. “I know so… I know ARMY, they are always in full support of us,” he said, reaching into his bag and pulling out his phone. “Since you’re ok with coming public, I have an idea…” he began, scrolling through his phone. “Band PD suggested that I should come out with a cover song to release to ARMY, so I’ve been thinking about what song to do,” he added, pulling out his earphones and sticking one in my left ear, with the other in his right.

    “I looked up some songs and I found this one that I really like…” he said, playing “I Love You” by Mate. It was a cute song with soft, yet powerful vocals and a piano accompaniment in the background. When the song ended, I nodded and said, “that’s such a beautiful song! You should do it, it’s right in your range… and I love the piano!” “You think you could play it?” he asked, pulling up the sheet music that he had already downloaded on his phone.

    I smirked at him and chuckled. “You already have it downloaded?? Looks like you’ve been planning this out!” I exclaimed. “Yah, but wouldn’t it be so cute if we did this song together? ARMY would love it!!” he said, thinking about ARMY’s reaction to Jimin and Min’s dance together. I smiled and said, “yeah, it would be cute, wouldn’t it?” getting excited at the thought of making music with Seokjinie. “Yoongi-ah brought all of his equipment, so we can record it and he can produce it for us,” he said, excitedly.

    “Will you finally join me on Eat Jin?? I can introduce you to ARMY, ahhh, it will be so cute,” he added. I smiled at how excited and cute he was over this and said, “it depends… Can we eat soup on Eat Jin?” he chuckled and said, “we can eat anything your heart desires! I just want the world to know that…” Seokjinie suddenly raised his voice and dramatically (and loudly) sang the song, “NAN NORUL SARANGHAE!!”

    I quickly covered his mouth as I began laughing incredibly hard. “Shhh!” I said, sitting up taller in my seat and looking around the plane to see if anyone was looking for the disturbance to the previous silence. I made awkward eye contact with several people looking our way, and I sank back into my seat, still laughing hard, with my hand still on Seokjinie’s mouth. I could feel his lips form into a cute pout, so I took my hand off and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you too,” I replied, quietly.

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  • meliakim
    13.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    One Last Time

    Seokjin prepares to leave for the Wings world tour.

    *Seokjin’s POV*

    After a few months of preparation, the date of our departure had finally arrived. I was excited for our Wings world tour, sure, but I had honestly been dreading it too. I would be happy to be with the other members, but I couldn’t escape the thought of leaving Mun behind. Our plane was to depart in the morning, we were to meet at BigHit at 8:00am, then we’d be transported to the airport together. I found myself waking up earlier than usual, I guess because of nerves.

    The first concert of the tour was last night here in Seoul, so it was an awfully late night… all the more reason why I don’t understand my internal clock waking me up so early. Nonetheless, I got up and washed up before selecting a comfy pair of sweats, an oversized pink sweatshirt, and a matching pink cap. Most of my clothes were packed for me by the wardrobe department, but I had my own personal bag for our casual clothes, PJs, and other belongings. I opened my already-packed personal bag to make sure I had everything.

    I smiled to myself as I opened my suitcase and saw the small, decorated picture frame with a polaroid of Mun and I from Halloween, dressed as Mario and Luigi. I took it out of my bag and decided not to take the frame, in case it got damaged… Mun gave it to me for my birthday last month and painted it with a Mario theme. I would die if I lost it on tour. I took the polaroid out of the frame and stuck it in my wallet, leaving the frame safely on my desk.

    The other part of my birthday gift from Mun was a plushie of Luigi, which was her favorite Nintendo character. We always play-argue as to whether Mario or Luigi is better, so she gave him to me to remind me that Luigi is better… though really it just reminds me of her. My Luigi plush was packed in my bag with the rest of my things, and I knew everything was good to go. I zipped up my suitcase and locked it, looking at the time on my phone. “Yoongi-ah!! We have an hour until we have to be at BigHit!” I called over to my sleeping roommate, who replied with a grunt.

    I roamed through the rest of the dorms to make sure the other members were awake, then looked at the time again. 7:10am. I would have time to make a quick stop before heading to the studio… Yoongi was up and finishing packing his last-minute things when I came back into our room. “I’ll see you at the studio, Yoongi-ah! Make sure they grab my suitcase!” I said, knowing the staffs would be over beforehand to get our personal suitcase. “Ok, hyung,” he replied, not questioning where I was going.

    I wrapped my long, puffy, winter coat around my shoulders and headed out of our dorm into the cold January morning and began walking towards the bakery Mun worked at. I gave her one of my VIP tickets, so she was at the concert last night, and we said our final goodbyes then… but the thought of getting to see her one last time before we left must’ve been what woke me up so early… and what must’ve kept me walking in the cold weather.

    As I got to the bakery and walked in, I saw a couple of people there, so I walked in inconspicuously and got closer to the counter, where the cashier immediately recognized me… not as Jin from BTS but as Seokjin, Mun’s friend. “Hey, dude, sorry, she’s not here, she actually just left a few minutes ago,” she said. “Oh, ok, thank you,” I said with a polite bow before leaving the bakery quickly before any of the customers recognized me. *Why would she show up to work and leave soon after? I hope she is ok* I thought to myself as I looked at the time and saw that I had to rush over to BigHit to get there in time, so I called her as I walked… but no answer.

    I made it to BigHit, just barely on time, out of breath. “Jin-hyung! Where were you?” Taehyung asked me as I approached the group, already outside loading up into the vans. “I was going to see if I could catch Mun one more time… but she wasn’t there,” I said, sadly. I followed him into one of the vans, where Jimin and Min were already seated. As I sat next to Tae, he patted my knee affectionately and wordlessly, knowing I was already missing Mun.

    It was a silent ride to the airport, as Jimin was halfway asleep and the rest of us thoughtfully looking out our own windows. As we arrived at the airport, one of the bodyguards opened our door and told Min to come out first. She gave a nod to Jimin next to her and disappeared with the bodyguard, most likely going ahead to the gate with the rest of the design team. Another bodyguard then came to retrieve the three of us, and we got out of the van together and were escorted towards the airport.

    As soon as we exited the van, shouts from ARMY and paparazzi filled the air, as there was a crowd of them standing around outside, calling our names. I honestly wasn’t in the mood… the lack of sleep, freezing cold weather, and disappointment of not seeing Mun one last time was catching up to me. “Jin!!! Jin!!!! Taehyung!! V!!! Jimin!!!!” the crowd called out, which I tried to ignore as I walked past… until I heard a familiar voice call out “Seokjinie4!!”

    The only person that would know my Nintendo username was Mun, so I stopped in my tracks and began to scan the crowd, causing them to scream even louder at the attention I was suddenly showing them. My eyes scanned wildly through the crowds, then time seemed to stop when I finally spotted Mun standing in the middle of the crowd, with a yellow woven hat, matching scarf, and red jacket. My eyes were fixated on her as she waved at me, and I could feel a grin sweep over my face.

    *That must’ve been why she left work… she had the same goal this morning as me, to see each other one last time* I thought to myself as I still stood frozen, looking at her as the cameras continued to flash and ARMY continued to cheer. What I wanted more than anything was to run up to her and pull her into a tight hug… but that was impossible right now. Our eye contact never faltered, and I pulled up my hand to my lips and then blew a kiss straight to Mun. ARMY screamed even louder, thinking the kiss was to them.

    Mun reached her gloved hand up and acted like she caught it, pulling it to her chest and hugging it tightly, as if she didn’t want to let go. She was so cute, even as her eyes got watery. She smiled sadly and gave a reassuring nod to me, which I returned with a smile and a nod before the bodyguard finally had enough of me just standing there and nudged me forward to keep walking. I smiled to myself at the thought of Mun waiting out in the cold January air just to see me again.

    We boarded our plane and got situated, with me sitting next to Jimin as I pulled out my phone to check it one more time. Mun texted me a picture of me getting out of the van just a few moments ago. “I had to see you one last time 😊” her text read. I quickly pulled out my Luigi plushie from my carryon bag and took a quick selfie with it to send to her. “I’ll call you when we get to Hong Kong,” I typed and sent before turning my phone on airplane mode. I hugged Luigi close to my chest and fell asleep before the plane even took off.

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  • meliakim
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Christmas Manito

    Min and Mun join the boys for the Korean version of secret Santa.

    “Wowww, Mun-ah!! I can’t believe you were able to cook this much food in one day!” Hobi said to Mun as he entered the dorm kitchen and looked all around at the baked goodies and snacks. “Well, it wasn’t just me though, I had help,” she said, eyeing Seokjin who was taking out his puff pastries from the oven… one of the things that she taught him to bake during one of their many cooking sessions. “Mun-ah!!! They’re perfectly baked this time!” he said excitedly, tilting the pan over towards Mun to show her. “See? I knew you’d get them mastered,” she said reassuringly with a huge smile on her face.

    “Aish, they’re too cute,” Hobi said under his breath as he turned to leave the kitchen, though it was just loud enough for Mun to hear. A few seconds later, Taehyung roamed into the kitchen to have a look as well. “Tae! Come help me finish decorating the cookies,” she said to her fellow artsy friend. He went over to her and peered over her shoulder, seeing sugar cookies shaped like stockings, Christmas trees, and snowmen. “They’re so festive!” he said, taking the green icing that was being handed to him by Mun. “Are Min and Jimin back yet?” she asked him. He nodded and said, “they just got back with the pizza a bit ago.”

    “The whole dorm smells so sweet!!” Jimin said as he placed the pizzas on the side table set up in the living room table. Min nodded in agreement and said, “they must be baking up a storm in there!” “I hope they’re almost done though, I’m so hungry!!” Jungkook said, laying on the couch. Namjoon and Yoongi both appeared from their rooms and put their gifts under the Christmas tree just as the three chefs came out of the kitchen with all the baked goodies. They put them on the table next to the pizza, causing Hobi to say “WoW!” and pull out his phone to take pictures.

    All seven members and their two friends fixed their plates and began eating, sitting on the couches and on the floor… wherever they could find space. “Ok, so who is going to start the manito game?” Jimin asked, eagerly, wanting to know who his manito was. “Let’s use rock, paper, scissors to decide!” Namjoon said. They proceeded to do so, and Mun won, making her the first to give her gift to the person whose name she drew. She got up from her seat in between Seokjin and Tae on the couch and pulled her colorfully wrapped gift from under the tree.

    She walked over towards Jimin and acted like she was going to give it to him before turning around last-second and giving it to Jungkook. Jimin pouted and the whole room was full of laughter. “Merry Christmas, Jungkookie!” Mun said before sitting back down. He bowed his head in gratitude and opened his present. It was a small travel art kit with a sketchbook, pens, and pencils. “Since you’re about to travel the world, I thought sketching would be a good way for you to document your trip!” Mun said as Jungkook looked at his gift admiringly. “JK JK it’s your turn!!” Jimin said.

    Jungkook got up from his seat and pulled out his gift from the tree. Like Mun, he acted like he was going to give it to Jimin before handing it to Min who was sitting right next to him. Min smiled and said, “thank you, JK!” She opened up the perfectly wrapped gift and tried not to freak out of excitement. It was a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones that she had talked to him about a while ago when doing his makeup. “You’re always listening to music during our makeup sessions… and your old headphones were falling apart,” he said with a chuckle.

    Min was next, and she followed suit by getting up and pulling her gift from under the tree. Of course, she couldn’t help but tease Jimin, causing him to pout and fall out of his chair while everyone else laughed. She handed her gift to Namjoon, saying “Merry Christmas, Joon!!” as she did so. It was rather heavy, so he sat it on his lap and ripped the paper off it. Min had been telling Namjoon to read the Lord of the Rings for months now, since he enjoyed the movies… so that’s exactly what she got him, knowing how much he loved reading. “Wow, Min!!! This is too much!! Thank you, manito!!” he said, bowing gratefully with a big smile as she sat back down.

    After pretending to give Jimin the gift, Namjoon proceeded to give his gift to Yoongi, who was sitting next to Seokjin. He pulled the tissue paper out of the bag and broke down laughing, along with Seokjin, who had peered into his bag too. “Oh?? What is it?” Hobi asked curiously. “It’s underwear, I’m not pulling it out,” he said with a pink face, knowing that there were two ladies present. “Namjoon-ah! How did you even know his size?” Seokjin asked, still dying from laughter. “We wear the same size!” he said, causing everyone to laugh even louder. “So practical!” Hobi commented.

    Yoongi got up to get his gift, causing Jimin to sit up taller in his seat… only for Yoongi to go back straight to his seat, handing the bag to Seokjin beside him. “Aish!! Yoongi-ah!! What kind of gift is this?!” Seokjin whined, pulling out a large stand-up photo of Suga, a Suga fan, a pair of Shooky socks, and other forms of Suga merch. “I thought you could put my photo on your desk so you can see me while you game,” Yoongi said with a smirk. “Aish!! Yoongi-ah!! So conceited!” Seokjin said, dramatically, causing everyone to laugh.

    He got up and brought his gift straight to Taehyung, causing Jimin to roll his eyes restlessly, wondering if he would ever get a gift. Tae took the tissue paper out of the bag and first pulled out an iPhone case with RJ on it, then a Jin photocard, RJ keychain, and a Jin poster. “Hyung!! This is as bad as Yoongi-hyung!!” Tae laughed as he pulled out each item and showed everyone. Seokjin’s windshield wiper laugh filled the room as Yoongi playfully slapped his roommate’s arm. “So conceited, huh??” he playfully whined. “Wait, no it’s worse!” Tae said, taking a closer look at the RJ phone case. “I don’t even have an iPhone!” he said.

    Through his tears of laughter, Hobi looked at the phone case and said, “oh!! Mun-ah has an iPhone XR, right? This would fit her phone!!” Everyone looked at Seokjin as his laughter shifted from windshield wiper to a nervous laughter, his ears turning bright red. Tae’s boxy smile got even wider as he shook his head and put everything back in the gift bag, passing it over to Mun sitting next to him, as the gift was obviously geared towards her.

    Tae’s turn started with him getting his present, and… finally, giving it to Jimin, who was still eagerly waiting. “Ahhh, finally!!” he said, opening the gift. It was a small dumpling-shaped plushie with Tae and Jimin’s initials stitched onto it. “I thought it would be a good reminder for us to not fight,” Tae said with a smile. Jimin jumped out of his seat and hugged his friend before he could sit back down. “Let’s not fight again!!” he vowed, going over to the tree and getting his gift while he was up, handing it to Hobi. “Jimin-ssi!!! This is too cool,” Hobi said, pulling a polaroid camera, film, and photo book out of the bag excitedly.

    “Ok, ok, last but not least!” Hobi said in a sing-song voice, taking the last present under the tree and handing it to Mun. She received it gratefully and opened the package to reveal a purple apron with a subtle BTS logo on the front. She stood up and put it on immediately, then recognized that there was handwriting all over the inside. She took it back off and read the notes, seeing that each of the members had written something to her. “Hobi!! This is so great,” she said, trying not to get caught up and take the time to read all the notes just yet.

    “It’s for you to wear at work!! Even though we’ll be on tour, you can always have us with you and think about us during the day!” he said, smiling at Mun. She dropped to her knees to meet Hobi on the floor and pulled him into a tight hug, nearly knocking him over. “It’s so perfect… thank you,” she said, still holding onto him. Seokjin joined them on the floor, wrapping his arms around Mun, then was followed by Tae, Jungkook, Min, and all the others, so that everyone was piled on top of each other in a group hug on the floor. “Merry Christmas, everyone!!” everyone said to each other, just so happy to be together.

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  • meliakim
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Mun and Moon

    Seokjin and Mun gaze at the night sky together.

    *Mun’s POV*

    “It’s such a beautiful night… I’m so glad you thought of the idea of having a picnic out this late,” I said to Seokjinie as we sat together on the rooftop of the dorm. We had been dating for almost a year, but have known each other for even longer. We had gone on plenty of picnics before, but something about tonight was extra special.. maybe it was because the moon and the stars were all out.

    “It’s so beautiful because I got to share it with you,” he said with a smirk, looking at me. I smiled at him and then laid down on the blanket, flat on my back, looking up at the sky. “More like because the moon and stars are so bright tonight,” I said, just admiring the beauty of the night sky. Seokjinie looked up as well, then shifted his seating so that he was directly beside me, then laid down next to me, still looking up.

    We laid in a comfortable silence for sometime, then I decided to break it. “The moon is so bright tonight… but isn’t it weird to think about that it’s always there? Even in the daytime! It’s almost like… it’s just there to keep the earth company… and there to give light so the earth isn’t in complete darkness at night,” I said, letting my imagination go wild a bit. Seokjin stopped watching the sky while I talked and instead watched me, grinning from ear-to-ear.

    “I kind of feel like the moon… since I’m always here for you… even if you don’t see me,” he said. I chuckled. “Why wouldn’t I be the moon though?? I mean, my name is Mun, after all,” I retorted. “It’s because you mean the world to me,” he said in all seriousness. I looked at him with a cheesy smile and couldn’t help but chuckle. “That was so incredibly cheesy,” I said, admiringly as I pulled myself closer to him and rested an arm across his chest.

    “It’s true though. You’re like the earth… so real and beautiful and full of life. And to you I’m the moon… wanting to be around you. Doing my best to be a light for you,” he said, sliding one arm underneath me, and stroking my arm on his chest with his free one. I smiled and closed my eyes as he held me. “Why does that sound so romantic? You should be a poet or something,” I said.

    I heard him chuckle as I rested my head against his chest. “Something… like a songwriter?” he said with a chuckle, suddenly having an idea for his next solo song that’s he had been struggling to write for some time. “I’m glad you’re my moon though, Seokjinie-ah. I don’t think anyone else would be able to light up my life like you do,” I said seriously, looking up at him.

    He looked down at me and stroked a strand of my long hair out of my face before leaning in to kiss me. “I love you so much, Mun. I will always be your moon,” he said, causing me to chuckle. “And I love you so much, Seokjin. I’ll always be your Mun… thank you for being my moon,” I said with a smirk, causing him to chuckle at the play on words. “Mun and moon,” he said to himself as he held me closer, looking up at the moon in the sky.

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  • meliakim
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Life-Size RJ

    Mun comes home to a mysterious package.

    *Mun’s POV*

    It’s been about 2 weeks since the BTS Wings world tour has started… but it feels like it’s been months. Though things have been a bit lonely around here, Min and Seokjin and some of the other boys have been keeping in touch when they can. I know they’re crazy busy with their tour and interview schedule as they travel the world together. I guess it’s because I saw an interview of them in England earlier, and I made me wish I was there too.

    All these thoughts swam in my mind as I rode my bike home. It was a cold January day, and I felt like my cheeks were frozen and that my nose was going to chip off at any moment. As I approached the apartment building, I quickly parked and locked my bike where I normally did, and then rushed to my apartment.

    *What on earth?* I thought to myself as I approached the door. There was a giant box, nearly as big as me leaning against the door… but I didn’t remember ordering anything. *Must’ve gotten the wrong apartment number* I thought to myself, searching the box for the delivery label. It was definitely not the wrong apartment number, and it even had my name on it.

    I unlocked and opened the door, causing the box to fall inward with a small thud… a lot smaller one than I was expecting from such a large box. I slid my boots off and threw my purse on the floor before bending over the box with one of my keys to slice the tape off and open it up. As I did so, all I could see was something soft and white. I pulled it out and it was an RJ plushie that was nearly as tall as me.

    *Seokjinie…* I immediately thought as a big stupid smile came over my face. I remembered all the way back to when he first came to my apartment… months ago and commented that I needed an RJ plush to make my bedroom aesthetic complete. I had always wanted one… but I didn’t even know they made them this huge. I hugged him tightly, and then noticed a handwritten note in the bottom of the box, which read:

    Mun~ Sorry it took so long for RJ to arrive. It took a while because I had him custom made so he would be better for you to hug… I also decided to hold onto him until the right moment. While I am away, RJ will look after you. Whenever you miss me, hug RJ, because he misses you when you’re too busy thinking about me. ;) ~Seokjinie

    Don’t know how it was possible, but my smile became even bigger after reading his note. I just sat and looked at RJ, who was sitting next to me. I noticed there was a small pattern on his neckerchief, but when I looked closer, it was something embroidered on the underside of it. “To Mun From Seokjinie 17:01:25” it said in a cursive font.

    At this point, of course I was thinking about Kim Seokjin, so as he instructed, I tackled the life-size RJ in a hug and held him in my arms tightly as I laid on the floor. For the months to come, I found myself hugging, sleeping, and snuggling with RJ quite often… y’know, because I didn’t want him to get lonely while I was busy thinking about Seokjin all the time.

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  • meliakim
    01.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    How Much Longer?

    Seokjin and Mun take a walk together.

    *Mun’s POV*

    “You want to go for a walk? I’m so full, I don’t think I could ride my bike home just yet,” Seokjinie said to me as we finished eating an extra-large pizza that we had demolished while watching anime. It had become a tradition for us to watch new episodes of anime together, usually with Taehyung… but Tae was home visiting his family this weekend, so it was just Seokjinie and I. “Yes!! Exercise sounds nice right now,” I said, standing up and stretching before heading to the bench by our front door to put on my shoes. I laced them up and the two of us headed outside into the hot summer air.

    We walked a few blocks towards a nearby river, and took the Riverwalk, which was nicely shaded by trees and pretty secluded. As we walked, my mind wandered around, eventually leading me to remember how Seokjin would be leaving in just over a month for the Love Yourself World Tour. He looked down at me as we walked and apparently noticed something was amiss. “Don’t worry, Mun, I am sure Aizawa will be able to hold his own against the Nomu,” he said, still thinking about the anime we watched.

    I chuckled and rolled my eyes. “It’s not that,” I said, knowing he could read right through my emotions. With all our time spent together over the past couple of years we knew each other well… perhaps too well. “I’m just thinking about how the Love Yourself World Tour is starting in just over a month,” I said. “I’m so excited and happy you guys get to have another world tour… but when I remember how long you were gone on the Wings Tour… I guess I’m just not so excited about having to spend another several months without you around all the time,” I said, feeling selfish for saying it.

    “Well, you could just come with us,” he said with a shrug. I chuckled and said, “don’t be ridiculous. Why on earth would BigHit let me come?” The thought of going with Seokjin on the BTS world tour was more excitement than my brain could handle… but I knew it was just a pipe dream. “Min’s coming with us,” Seokjinie said matter-of-factly. “She’s your makeup artist! Of course, she is!” I replied. “But she’s also Jimin-ssi’s girlfriend!” Seokjinie retorted. I smiled and blushed, wanting to ask if me being his girlfriend would change anything… but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    “And what are you going to tell BigHit, then? That you want to bring your best friend with you on tour? I doubt they’d let that fly,” I settled on saying. He fell into a seemingly thoughtful silence for a few minutes, then said, “how much longer, Mun?” I didn’t really know what he meant by that. “We don’t have to do the whole Riverwalk, so I guess we can stop whenever you’d like!” I replied. “No… I mean… how much longer are we going to pretend like we’re best friends?” he asked. I felt my heart skip a beat and my face get hot. Was he saying what I was hoping he was?

    “We are best friends, Seokjinie,” I replied, not meeting his eyes as I said it. He stopped walking and took my arm, facing me towards him. As I looked at him, his ears were bloodshot red, the reddest I had ever seen them. “I think we’re lying to ourselves when we say that’s all we are though,” he said, looking down at me as we now stood face to face. “Your food is good, sure… but what really kept me coming back to the bakery since the very beginning was you… you were just so kind, but the more time I spent with you, learning how cool and beautiful and creative and… aishh,” he said, embarrassedly looking away for a moment, realizing he was ranting.

    He turned back to face me after a moment and said, “the point is, I- I love you, Mun… and I always have. I’ve always just been so afraid to ruin our friendship, but now the thought of lying to myself further is unbearable, even if you don’t feel the same way.” He took a deep breath, as if a weight were lifted from his wide shoulders. My eyes never left his, despite the butterflies I felt in my stomach and the heat I felt in my face as I blushed. “You know why I always call you Seokjinie instead of just Jin? It’s because I always think of you as the guy who came into my bakery and became my best friend… seokjinie4… the guy who I fell in love with,” I said, shyly. “I loved you before I even knew you were an idol, and like you said, I’ve constantly been lying to myself that you would ever see me as anything more than a buddy,” I continued, still looking into his eyes.

    “Say it again,” he said, his eyes fixated on me. I chuckled shyly and asked, “say what again?” as I met his gaze. “That you love me,” he said with a smile creeping on his face. Though he was told “I love you” countless times a day by ARMY, it hit differently coming from me. I smiled up at him and said, “I love you, Seokjinie.” I felt so free finally getting to say it to him so openly. His smile grew bigger, as did mine, and he pulled me into a tight hug, knowing his baseball cap and glasses were enough to hide his identity from anyone passing by. “I love you too, Mun,” he said, burying his face into the top of my head as he held me.

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  • meliakim
    18.08.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Seokjin has a gift for Mun.

    Mun placed the tray of espresso cookies in the oven and then set the timer, wiping the sweat off her forehead. They were certainly one of the most delicious cookies that she made, but they were also a lot of work. She headed back towards the front of the bakery and noticed the tall figure of her friend leaning up against the counter. She nearly skipped the rest of the way there, suddenly feeling a bit giddy at the sight of him. As she approached, she leaned against the opposite side of the counter from him.

    “I was starting to think that you wouldn’t come and see me today,” Mun said, looking at her watch, seeing it was late afternoon. “Mun-ah, you should know that it’s seeing you every day that keeps me going,” Seokjin said dramatically, placing his hand over his heart. Mun smiled and rolled her eyes. She was used to his random flirty comments, but never thought of him to be serious about them, since he spoke and acted that way with many people. “And I have a gift for you today!” he added, pulling something wrapped in tissue paper from under his jacket and handing it to her.

    She pulled the paper off it to reveal a new, unreleased copy of Wings. “It’s your new CD!!” Mun said excitedly, looking up at Seokjin, who smiled at her. “I’m opening the whole thing now,” she added, using her fingernail to rip the plastic wrap around the box. She opened the CD box and began to laugh, with Seokjin intently watching her the whole time. She pulled out the photo card of Jimin that was inside and showed Seokjin. “I was kind of hoping I was going to get your collectible card,” she teased, still laughing.

    “Huh!! I specifically told them to get a Jin one, not Jimin,” Seokjin whined. “I can switch it out,” he said, and Mun shook my head. “No, I can just give this card to Min… and besides, I have my own personal collection of photos of you that I prefer over the silly collectible cards,” Mun said, referring to her compilation of unphotogenic pictures she had been taking of Seokjin over the past month or so. “Aishhh, Mun!! You need to delete those!” he said, embarrassedly.

    “They’re just too cute, though… They remind me of the Seokjin I’ve come to know instead of the Worldwide Handsome that the rest of the world adores,” she said. “You can keep them, then… just don’t let anyone else see,” he said with a laugh. “Don’t worry, I won’t… there are too many other people who have fallen in love with you already,” she said, very subtly implying that she had fallen in love with him, which he may have picked up on slightly, as his ears had turned a deep shade of red. He didn’t want to fool himself into believing what he wanted, though.

    “Do you want to hang out on Animal Crossing tonight?” Seokjin asked, trying to change the subject. Mun smiled and nodded. “Definitely… and I’ll listen to the whole album beforehand so I can tell you what I think,” she said, lifting the CD. “Thank you for my gift, Seokjinie! I’ll see you later,” she added, making him smile before saying, “you’re so welcome,” as he turned to leave the bakery that had become one of his favorite places on earth.

    *Later that evening*

    “You ready to get on Discord?” Seokjin texted Mun at just the right time. She had just finished listening to the full Wings album and was ready to talk to her best friend on video chat. She logged onto Discord on her phone and joined the video chat before texting him back. “Yeah! I’m here! Where are you?” she texted, and within a minute, Seokjinie4 had joined the video channel. “Just finished the album!!” Mun said, not bothering to say “hello,” as it felt like they were always continuing an ongoing conversation.

    “Ah? So, what did you think?” Seokjin asked as he pulled out his Nintendo Switch and started Animal Crossing. “I really liked it! I noticed that there were a lot of solo tracks on there, right?” Mun asked, starting up her game as well. “Yes! Do you have a favorite one?” he asked in reply, always enjoying her answers and hearing her voice. “Hmmm… I really liked ‘Awake.’ It had a like… magical feel to it, and the vocals were just so good, I don’t know,” she said, feeling like she was rambling.

    “It’s a pretty great song… did you really think the vocals were good?” Seokjin asked. Mun nodded. “Yeah, they were just so unique and full of emotion, I really loved it,” she said, looking at her friend through the video chat and seeing a big grin on his pink face, with his ears an even darker pink. Mun’s face lit up and she looked at him wide-eyed. “That was your solo song?! I had no idea!!” she said, reading his face. Since she was still a relatively new fan, she still didn’t quite know whose voice belonged to who.

    Seokjin nodded bashfully as he prepared to go to Mun’s island in the game. “I think you’re the first person that has actually complimented my vocals before any of the others,” he said. “Kim Seokjin, I love your voice!!” Mun said, joining him in the game. “You’re so much more than just handsome, Seokjin… you’re so great at singing and dancing… and cooking, and joking, and gaming…” she drifted off as she realized was rambling and saw that his ears were even redder. “Sorry,” she said, blushing,

    “No, no, keep on talking about how handsome and amazing I am,” Seokjin joked, using humor as a defense mechanism, something that Mun knew all too well, as she used it herself whenever she felt embarrassed or uncomfortable. “Ok, I’m shutting up now,” she said with an embarrassed blush. “Don’t shut up, Mun… I love listening to you just talk,” he said with a more serious tone. “Quit being all sappy and come help me harvest some fruit!” Mun said as she led the way in the game. “You started it,” Seokjin retorted as he followed her and continued to playfully banter with her for the rest of their game, enjoying every moment of it.

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  • meliakim
    16.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Mario’s P2

    Seokjin invites Mun to go to the annual BigHit Halloween party.

    *Mun’s POV*

    “Isn’t the Halloween party for the BigHit staff only??” I asked Seokjinie as he suggested I come to the Halloween party this coming Friday. “Ahh, yes, but I also never listen to the BigHit staff,” he said on the other side of the phone. “You can come and I can deal with the staff if anyone complains,” he said. “Ok, fine, since you keep insisting. I know you won’t give up until I agree,” I said as I began to brush my teeth.

    Seokjinie and I had become rather close friends over time. In fact, I would even consider him to be one of my best friends. Sometimes I feel like we act more like a couple, but I dare not think about us that way. I’m sure he only views me as a friend, and I don’t want to ruin the good friendship that we had.

    “Ahhh you know me too well, Mun. I will see you on Friday, then. I hope you sleep well tonight,” he said. “You too, Seokjinie… good night!!!” I said with a muffled voice as my mouth was now full of foam from brushing my teeth. I hung up the phone and rinsed out my mouth before heading out of the bathroom and going down the hall to my sister’s room.

    “Sounds like I’m going to the party with you on Friday…” I said as I leaned against Min’s doorframe. “Oh? The one that’s for BigHit staff only??” Min asked. I shrugged. “Seokjinie said I could, so I guess he’ll make it happen or whatever,” I answered. Min looked at me with a smirk. “So you’re like his plus one??” Min teased. I rolled my eyes. “No, he said nothing at all about being his date!! He doesn’t see me that way,” I said.

    “What’s he dressing up as?” Min asked, continuing her nightly routine as we talked. “I think he said Mario,” I said. “Ohhhh you should show up to the party as Princess Peach!! It’d be the cutest couple costume!!” Min suggested. “Oh my goodness, noooo that’d practically be me saying ‘DATE ME, SEOKJINIE!’ And I’m not about to risk scaring him away…” I said. “But that does give me a good costume idea,” I added, heading to my room to begin looking online for the costume I had in mind.

    *Seokjin’s POV*

    I arrived to the BigHit annual Halloween party with the rest of the members, but decided to wait in the lobby until Mun arrived. The party was fun every single year, but this year I was especially excited to have my best friend by my side. I straightened my mustache, as I was dressed like Mario this year and then pulled out my buzzing phone. “Oi, Mun!! Are you here yet?? I’m waiting for you until I go into the party!!” I said as I answered Mun’s call.

    “I’m here, Seokjinie!! Calm down, I’m standing right behind you,” she said. I turned and looked down to see a short, cute Luigi standing behind me with her phone up to her face, pulling it down as I turned fully towards her, a big smile growing on my face. “Mun!! I barely recognized you with the mustache, so I’m glad you called me,” I teased with a laugh. “This is perfect,” I said, rubbing the sides of her arms as I looked at her costume.

    She spun around and did a classic Luigi pose. “Mario always needs his P2 with him!!” she said with a laugh. I spun around and matched her with my own Mario pose. “Yahoo! Let’sa go!!” I said in the cheesiest Mario voice I could muster, causing Mun to laugh hard… one of my favorite things to hear.

    The two of us went over to the elevators to head up to the floor where the party was at. There was a bodyguard screening who was trying to get on the elevator, and he stopped us as we approached. “Let’s see your BigHit staff ID,” he said, looking down at Mun. Before she could reply, I spoke up.

    “Ohhh you wouldn’t dare separate Mario from his brother, even if not a BigHit staff??” I asked in my cheesy Mario voice, pulling Mun into a side hug. I could feel my ears grow hot underneath my hat as her arm reciprocated and rested around my waist, but I acted natural. The guard looked back and forth between us, so I whispered, “one person won’t hurt anything!”

    After apparently thinking about it, he shrugged and stepped aside. I smiled widely under my mustache and bowed politely before the guard. “Ohhh, thank you, thank you very much,” I said, pulling Mun after me onto the elevator. Once the doors shut, the both of us turned to each other excitedly, locking both of our gloved hands without realizing it.

    “I can’t believe that actually worked!!!” Mun exclaimed. “I can’t either!! I really thought we were going to have to climb up 30 flights of stairs!!” I replied with a laugh, bouncing slightly as I was excited. We released our hands and both faced the door when I felt Mun’s hand grab my arm. “I barely know anyone here, so you better not leave me,” she said, looking up to me.

    I smiled down at her and straightened her mustache slightly. “Don’t worry, I need my P2 with me,” I said, affectionately patting her head, though what I really wanted was to take her in my arms and hold her fully… but I couldn’t bear to risk losing whatever it was we had between us.

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    Blood Sweat & Red Ears

    The filming for BTS’s latest music video is in full swing.

    Word count: 558

    “I have to do what?” Jin asked, wide-eyed. It was the third day of filming the music video for “Blood Sweat & Tears” and the focus of the day was all the scenes that took place in the museum gallery. “You have to walk up to the statue and lean in and kiss it on the lips,” the director said. “But make sure you do so dramatically and slowly… as romantically as possible,” he added. Jin’s eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head slightly. “This is so weird,” he said under his breath. Though he was the king of self-confidence, Jin hated to have all the attention on himself. He began to sweat nervously, causing Min to step up and pat his sweat off, doing her best to keep his makeup intact.

    Jungkook whispered to Hoseok, and Jimin listened in, causing them all to laugh like schoolboys. “Jin-hyung, just pretend like it’s Mun you’re kissing!!” Jimin said, teasingly. At that, all the boys said, “Oooooooo,” at the same time as they elbowed each other and gave each other smirks. Jin, already embarrassed by all the attention that was on him, turned towards his friends and said, “hey, stob it!! We’re just friends!!” “Then why are your ears turning bright red?” Taehyung called him out, knowing the telling sign of Jin feeling embarrassed. “Ok, cut it out, guys, we need to shoot this scene,” Namjoon said.

    The MV director facepalmed slightly, wondering why he felt like he was working with a bunch of children at the moment. “I don’t know who Mun is, but do whatever you have to in order to get your mind into shooting this scene perfectly… We don’t have all day,” he said, looking at the schedule on his clipboard. He then turned to Min, who was still on standby. “Is there anything you can do about those red ears?” the director asked her, as they were still an embarrassed shade of red.

    Min nodded and walked up to Jin with her makeup palette for him in hand. She did her best to powder his ears, and as she did so she quietly said, “don’t over-think it… I know you can do it in the first take.” As you walked back towards the production team, you heard Namjoon say to the director, “I think he would be able to do this better if we weren’t here watching him,” referring to himself and the other boys. The director nodded in agreement and said, “yeah, that sounds good. Ok, go ahead and wait in the back room… we’ll do some more group shots after this scene is filmed.”

    Namjoon nodded and led the boys to the back room, leaving Jin with the makeup and hair artists, the director, and the small production team. He took his mark and closed his eyes for a moment to focus. He didn’t lie earlier… Mun was just his friend. So then why did he get so flustered at the thought of kissing her? Maybe he did feel something more… He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, staring at the statue and giving a nod. “Action!” the director said. Jin proceeded to follow Jimin’s suggestion and Min’s advice by not overthinking it but acting on his feelings, slowly walking up and kissing the statue perfectly in the first take.

    #seokjin x oc #bts jin#bts fanfic #blood sweat & tears #kim seokjin#cute#seokmun
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    Treats and Turnips

    Mun and one of her regular customers make a new connection through Animal Crossing.

    Word count: 780

    *Mun’s POV*

    It was 10 in the morning, and the bakery had been open for 4 hours already. The rush of morning regulars usually swarmed in between 6-8 before people had to go to work for the day. The time in between breakfast and lunch was always the slowest time of the day. Because of this, there were no issues with me playing my Nintendo Switch to keep myself entertained while the pastries, breads, and desserts were being baked in the oven. I was so engrossed in selling my turnips in Animal Crossing that I didn’t notice one of my regular customers come in.

    He was wearing black jeans and an oversized pink sweatshirt, with his usual hat, mask, and sunglasses. I immediately recognized him, as he came regularly, usually in the middle of the day when there was no one else in the bakery. He usually wore his mask and hat, as if trying to disguise himself. I remember the first time I saw his full face I was nervous and a bit intimidated by how handsome he is. Despite us never exchanging names, I felt like I knew him pretty well and considered him a friend. Though he’s honestly beautiful, he’s pretty awkward in manner. Somewhere along the way, we figured out we have a lot of common interests… food, Nintendo, and movies to name a few. So, conversations between us eventually became more and more natural as we geeked out over things.

    As he approached the counter where I was sitting, he peered over to see me playing my Switch. “Oh, what are you playing today?” he asked, taking off his sunglasses and putting them on top of his baseball cap. “Animal Crossing!! The turnip market skyrocketed on my island, so I’m trying to sell as many as I can,” I replied, still looking at my screen and not up at him. “What’s the rate?” he asked. “400 bells a turnip!” I said, now looking up at him as he pulled his mask down under his chin, revealing his full face. I noticed he never revealed his face unless it was just the two of us.

    “Wow! 400 BELLS??” he asked excitedly, leaning over the counter to look at my screen. “Woowwww,” he said, still amazed. I chuckled at the look on his face and said, “you can come visit my island and sell your turnips if you wanted to!” He raised his eyebrows and said, “wow, really?” I nodded. “Sure!! Here, you can put in your friend code, then come visit me when you’re free,” I said, handing my Switch to him. He put in his friend code and handed it back to me. “I’m busy tonight, but I will come sell my turnips before then,” he said with a friendly smile.

    The door opened behind him, and a lady walked in, causing him to pull his mask up. “Oh, I should’ve been getting your order ready!! I’m so sorry,” I said with a bow, realizing I was too caught up in talking. I got up from my seat and went to heat up the puff pastry stuffed with meat that he normally ordered before taking the order of the other customer. Since he was a regular customer, and since he was always so friendly to me, I always tried to slip treats into his bag, and today I slipped him a matcha cookie.

    I rang him up at the cash register and he bowed politely in gratitude. As he did so, I noticed that his ears were a bright red. “I will see you later,” he said, referring to our meet-up on Animal Crossing. I smiled and tried not to blush, and simply nodded and said, “yeah.” He put his sunglasses on and headed out the door, hopping on his bike and riding away, with his bag of food in hand. I could feel a knot in my stomach… as if we had a date planned or something. It was just stupid video games, I needed to stop overthinking it.

    “You two make a cute couple,” the lady said with a smile, suddenly crashing my train of thought. “Oh, no, no, no… we’re not a couple… I… actually don’t even know his name,” I said as I handed the lady her order. *Wait…* I thought to myself, taking out my Switch after the customer had left. I pulled up my list of friends and saw my newest friend… “Seokjinie4” *Seokjinie…* I repeated his name in my head. Though I told myself not to overthink it, I couldn’t help but wonder if him visiting my island would be the next step towards us becoming better friends.

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    Seokjin x Mun

    Treats and Turnips

    Blood Sweat & Red Ears


    Mario’s P2

    Christmas Manito

    One Last Time

    Life-Size RJ

    Tae Day

    How Much Longer?

    Nan Norul Saranghae

    Eat Jin Special

    Mun and Moon



    Jimin x Min


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