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  • Waiting on final beta comments for the epilogue…  

    Meanwhile, there are 20 chapters with more than 50,000 words for the sequel.  

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  • December 3rd


    Everyday till Christmas I will post a sketch. It’s my Advent Calendar! ✨

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  • CEO of Tullett Prebon, Terry Smith, one of the largest inter-dealer money brokers in the world, reviewed the movie for Today on BBC Radio 4. He gave it three out of five saying that, although it was “a little bit corny in some respects”, it puts the events of the credit crunch into context and that “it rings reasonably true,” capturing some of the activities, the moods and the individuals quite well.“[97]

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  • David Edelstein, writing in New York Magazine, described the film as being “full of promise, with minuscule returns.” He concluded that, like Stone’s other recent work, it is difficult to distinguish what the project’s focus is supposed to be.[91]

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  • one.

    Work was the worst. As if it didn’t suck that they needed me at the office instead of working from the comfort of my own home, I’m a mentor and I have little newbie puppies following me around with small notepads and pencils. What was this, Blues Clues? There I was, fresh out of college. Sure it’s been a good year, but still. It’s Graphic Design, not rocket science. The only thing that I look forward to as always, is meeting new people. Perry says I’m too nice of a person. “I’ll kill them all with sweetness,” is my usual response to that.

    I’m Darlenys, and I’m 22 years old. I live in California, working my butt off to live and stay living in the place that I pay rent to for a measly spot-with a balcony…Okay, okay. It’s a very fit and decent spot. My boyfriend helps with the rent. His name is Perry. Same age-none of that;)  He owns one of the most popular cafés in our part of California. He got promoted just a few months ago. It was the best day of his life. He’ll always be the little busboy who kissed me in the ladies room as I tried so hard to shut my little sister up for blowing my cover. Turns out, we were totally made for each other. I did eventually thank her for that, by the way. So, anyway…Back to more unfortunate things…

    I can’t work in the comfort of my own home like I used to, looking after my roommates, my little sister Marlen and my “soul sister” and bestfriendforever, Arlin. Now, Marlen’s only as old as she acts. Arlin, on the other hand, knows exactly where we live and takes advantage of that fact. See, Arlin has this boyfriend, Skandar Keynes. Yeah….He’s the kid from the Narnia movies….No. Edmund. No, no. Not the blond one! The brunette. The boy..Ah, yes. Him. He just so happens to be my best friend. Those two are just perfect for each other. Real-life soul mates. I never thought I’d see the day…especially after the year we’ve had. Almost paradise-ending fights with our boyfriends, Arlin and I have managed to keep a firm grip on our guys, and they as well on us.

    Skandar Keynes, otherwise known as “Skan-Skan” to Arlin, Marlen and I-secretly, of course, has a very important premiere to go to, which will be held at the one and only movie theater here in our huge town of gala and famous stars. (It’s California. We can do that.) So tonight, Arlin will be preparing for her night out with Skandar. Of course, she would be his one and only date to any premiere of any kind. They’re a couple, so why not? He preferred it that way. After the ‘incident’ with that Christensen kid-who almost made me lose the love of my life as well (Thanks, Christensen)-Skan-Skan likes to keep close to home, especially to keep an eye on Arlin and her socializing. See, it’s not that she was exactly doing anything WRONG, she was being honest with the kid. He was nice, until he decided to kiss her under a palm tree-like this is a movie or something. Com'ON! Anyway, Hayden eventually got the hint that Arlin was honestly not “into him” the way that he was “into her.” Thankfully, Arlin’s friend Jessica had been giving the kid googly eyes throughout their days in school so she suggested-nicely-for him to sort of misguide himself into the arms of a girl who was actually SINGLE. It worked and although Skan-Skan wasn’t too happy to hear about what went on while he was away at England, he did accept that something like that could have happened. Arlin had sworn to be completely honest with Skan-Skan and she let Christensen off with a warning.

    Lights were flashing faster than Arlin could blink.

    “There goes another picture of me looking stupid, I bet…”
    “It’s sort of hard to get used to.” The slow, but smooth-flowing nature of Skandar’s voice passed into Arlin’s ears, lighting up what had been her “best smile of the evening.”
    “HM. Maybe I should talk to you more often while they’re taking these…” Skandar spoke again, smiling just as wide as Arlin.
    Arlin laughed. Skandar kissed her on the forehead. The flashing became even more frantic than before.
    “HEY, SKANDAR!” A guy came running out of nowhere, dressed for the occasion, just not so prepared for it, since he was acting like some fan behind the ropes. He instantly caught Arlin’s eye. Arlin looked at Skandar. He was shaking his head, with a smile on his face.
    “Oh My God..”
    “What?” Arlin was curious to know who the beautiful stranger was. As he came closer into the frantically-flashing-camera zone, she could see that he had blond hair, set atop of his head in an artful way, almost. He was wearing a tux and some shiny dress shoes. He looked good…;)
    “Whaddup?! Skandar. My main man…” He and Skandar performed a handshake that reminded you of a rollercoaster, almost.
    “Uh…” Arlin began.
    “Oh. Hello. I’m Xavier.” He put out his hand.
    “Um,..Hi. Hi, I’m Arlin.” She noticed herself letting out a cheezy smile.


    Skandar got defensive. Arlin could feel his hands touch her all-too-revealed open back black dress.
    “Well, hello Arlin. It’s very nice to meet you…” Xavier said to her.
    “Likewise,” she figured she’d finally use that line from that old movie, since she looked the part. Skandar made a face and stared at Arlin. He looked down at her lower back, checking how far down she’d been exposed to the world, and his little “co-star”.
    “Arlin, I think we should go…”
    “But we JUST got here..”
    “And here,..” Skandar swiftly slipped off his jacket and covered Arlin’s bare back.
    “Skandar! What are you doing?!”
    “I don’t want you to catch a cold, love.” He quickly, but forcefully went in to kiss her forehead.
    “We wouldn’t want that, now. Eh, Skandar?” Xavier suggested, smiling at Arlin.

    Skandar’s smile was probably the most pathetically practiced of them all. You could practically read his exact thoughts on this “Xavier.” Arlin was, however, fantasizing, quietly and involuntarily.
    Long pause plus a few more flashes of bright light…
    Skandar smiled for some cameras, Arlin did the same, only a little more realistically, because of her vivid daydreams that were, of course, involuntarily thought up. Xavier followed, seductively scratching his chin and smiling widely.
    Once everyone went inside to watch the final product of their grand movie premiere, Arlin sat next to Skandar, who’s hand was palm-up, in case Arlin needed it. Xavier was on Arlin’s open side, the right, smiling widely every time that he caught Arlin gazing “secretively” at him from his peripheral vision.

    Arlin cried and smiled at the excitement of Narnia’s third adventurous continuation.

    Arlin and Skandar exited the theatre, Xavier following them out with the rest of the crowd of celebrities/etc.

    “It was VERY nice to meet you, Arlin. Skandar.” The best smile in the universe displayed upon his wonderful, Australian face. Then, it slowly faded as he walked away. Arlin felt like frowning, but Skandar was looking at her from the corner of his eye-and she could easily tell because of how often he did that during…other things.

    Skandar smirked at the thought of leaving all of this and being alone with his girlfriend. He quickly grabbed her at the waist and removed her from the premises.

    “Let’s go home?“  He whispered it as a question into her right ear.
    Arlin nodded her head, smiling a bit mischievously.

    It got a little chilly, making Arlin instinctively shove her hands deep into her pockets. She felt a piece of paper that had not been there before. It wasn’t a gum wrapper, and it didn’t feel like a receipt.


    Flip. Click. Smack. Skandar’s lips were instantly burning-hot on top of Arlin’s. They switched the lights on to avoid hitting and breaking things. Skandar slipped, holding him and Arlin up with his hand smacking against the wall. Arlin’s head rested onto that same wall, where Skandar’s fingers wound their way into Arlin’s hair. Lips smacking, deep breathing. THAT was the sound of an all-too-good “after-party.”

    “Are you okay with this?” Skandar breathed into Arlin’s ear, as he kissed it, then going for her jawline, to her neck.
    “Not with talking…while this is going on..” Arlin tried to control her breathing. Skandar pulled her closer to his face, their lips pressing feverishly against one another. I think he got the hint.

    All along the wall, Skandar flipped a couple of switches he had found along the way. His eyes were focused on Arlin’s lips-which were oh-so conveniently found on his own. Finally, the room with the comfortable bed that felt like sleeping on a cloud stood in front of them. Arlin stopped kissing him, smiling in the dark. Eskimo kiss, Eskimo kiss, etc. Arlin’s hands went from up and around Skandar’s hair, down, behind his neck; her fingers feverishly toying with his tie/buttons on his shirt.THIS was about as interesting as sitting in that theater a few minutes ago-and Arlin was QUITE the enthusiast, if you asked Skandar;) Within seconds, Skandar’s shirt had been unbuttoned for the dark room and Arlin’s eyes to admire. Skandar smirked his British smirk. Arlin’s panting got louder as Skandar’s fingers drifted, showing no mercy. Before she could say stop, he was already ahead of her thoughts within a mile…
    “Quite the Christmas present, eh?” Skandar whispered into her hair, as he kissed it, holding Arlin closely to his body. Arlin didn’t know whether to fidget or come even closer than they already were (as if it were possible.) She figured that staring into his eyes wouldn’t hurt, only they decided to burn into her soul, somehow. She couldn’t even explain it. Her spine was tingling uncontrollably. It was almost as if she were on a high cloud that she couldn’t find her way off of. Yup. That’s Skandar for ya.
    Skandar’s hands ran through Arlin’s hair. He played with it. It hit his chest every time he went for it. The length was incredulously sexy to him. Oh, the British. Arlin rolled her eyes and added a little sarcasm; her first words of the night since: “You seem like you’re having loads of fun…”


    “Sleeping AGAIN, Skandar?! WHAT am I going to do with you?”

    “I don’t know…But I’d like to find out.”

    “Alright. YOU’RE DONE.”

    “No….I think I’m just getting warmed up.”

    Arlin smiled into the dark, blushing uncontrollably at Skandar’s evil, manipulative smirk that she instantly felt attached to her lips. The rest was a mystery under some covers.


    Christmas in a place like California is quite different. It’s rarely ever cold. If it snows, it’s because of some mishap with ‘Global Warming.’ There are palm trees EVERYWHERE! That doesn’t necessarily scream “Merry Christmas!” to me, at least. I sighed as I looked down at the tiny people. (Well, they weren’t THAT tiny. I was only a few feet up.) My doorbell rang. I wasn’t really expecting anyone…I felt sort of embarrassed to answer the door. I had boxes of decorations all over the place! Some empty, some full of, well…stuff. I didn’t know I still owned half the stuff that I saw around my living room of my apartment. Arlin beat me to the door. That didn’t happen too often.
    “What’s your plan THIS time?” I asked sarcastically.


    The door opened and out popped a chunk of Christmas tree. This thing was HUGE and real. I knew I smelled some strong pine cone. Holding the tree seemed to be Skandar, Arlin’s boyfriend, and someone who I couldn’t put together. He, or she, was behind the whole bottom half of the tree. They rushed in and stood the tree up, support and all set up to stand the tree on its own.
    “Merry Chrismas?” Perry whispered into my ear.I almost jumped out of half my clothes.

    “Don’t DO that!” I hit him lightly. He kissed me like he hadn’t seen me in days.

    “And WE’RE the ones constantly told to get a room…” Arlin murmured. Skandar agreed.I made them suffer and wrapped my arms around Perry’s neck. He sniffed at me. I was taken aback.

    “Your hair smells good.”

    “OH…Thanks.” I smiled, cracking up inside my mind. (That was weird.)

    “Okay, Arlin. We got your Christmas tree.” Perry looked at her, holding me around my waist. “Now what?” He waited for direction.

    “WE DECORATE!” She said, smiling ear to ear.

    “UH-OH.” I said. Skandar and Perry giggled. Arlin scolded them from a distance.
    We began to decorate. The task alone took an hour.
    Arlin walked out of the kitchen. “Hot cocoa, anyone?”
    “Arlin..We’re in California, and it’s eigthy-two degrees outside…”
    “Psh. I don’t care. It’s Christmas!”
    Skandar giggled, grabbing a mug.
    “Cheers…?” I said; chinking of glasses broke the silence.

                                    ***-end flashback.


    I’ve come to the realization that I’m unhappy with my life. In two words: Co-workers suck. They ruin EVERYTHING! I was sitting in my little office, awkwardly. I was so used to working at home that I found it uncomfortable to have to physically be here. The boss said there were newbies who were in need of some dire training and that I was one for the job. Whoopdeedo. I’m not anti-social. I just don’t want to be around the crowded little office-like work area. I mean, I thought that I wanted it, but once I had gotten a whiff of it, I exhaled as soon as I had inhaled. Peasants.

    I saw one of the younger newbies coming my way. He was typical fresh meat: glasses that he didn’t actually have a prescription for, a tablet instead of a notepad to make himself distinctively stand out amongst the crew; his hair was disheveled, yet was combed in the formation of a leaning ‘Mount Olympus’. His clothing was representative of the attendents’ attire at his parents’ country club. The kid had style-for a newbie. I had hoped that for a milisecond, this one would have a fully-functioning brain.

    He walked towards me; but you should have seen this kid. He was thinking of himself as one of those “cool guys” from a freaking H&M commercial or something. His face was absolutely flawless. Lips, eyes, ears and nose were all within the perfect distance and symmetry. His professionalism was astonishing, actually. I watched him inch closer from where I was standing. He seemed a little uneasy about  that; so much that in that moment, I had no doubt in my mind that if it hadn’t been for his excellent designs and ideas, he would have most definitely gotten fired from the office in that moment. With that, he got to where I, as well as the rest of the interns, were standing, and while he was getting ready to shake my hand, he moved his electronic device to snug under his left armpit to shake my hand but forgot to crush his arm against his body with pressure and his device found its way to my left foot. This was embarrassing for one, as they had all been holding mental bets to who would screw up first in any minute way possible. Secondly, I could imagine that his perfectly untainted reputation had possibly been destroyed by his little incident and he was trying to hide his petty little-boy tears; I must say that this idea was a little enjoyable to me. I hope he didn’t think it was that easy to get out of here. Plus,..he showed more potential than all of the rest of the group. Even though I was the boss, I had to follow through with equal opportunity guidelines.

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  • Over the Thanksgiving break, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t do any writing work, I began to plan out the second book in my series. In actuality, I had already had a rough outline of this book, but it was kind of skimpy on the details and needed a more thorough revising. So, I sat down for two hours last night and began making a much more detailed outline for Book Two. (!)

    I am a plotter now, although when I was younger, I used to be a pantser. Now, though, I definitely need outlines for my books, so I don’t get STUCK, which is definitely a big FEAR of mine.

    I started this since I didn’t have my work with me at my Dad’s house, and wanted to do something productive with my writing work. And I’m almost done with revisions for Book One. Well, the first round, at least. I know after my critique partner takes a look, there will most likely be many more rounds of revisions before I’m happy with the finished product. 

    But, still, I’m happy with my sequel work so far. Just from the outline I started and my old outline, I think I have enough going on for a second book. I hope I have enough going on for the whole series (although I believe I do), but that’s for another day.

    Now, though, I’m going to get back to Book One, and pour all my concentration into that. Can’t even think about the sequel(s) until Book One is finished and at least almost ready to go.

    But I’m definitely excited for what’s to come. And I have some confidence that this may do okay if (when?) it’s released. 

    So, when I get home from work tonight, it will definitely be more revisions time. Catch you all on the other side! :D

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  • James Franciscus and Linda Harrison - Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

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  • Epilogue should be ready to post this week…  

    In other news, I “won” nanowrimo, so there’s 50k+ words written of the sequel now…  

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  • I’m probably the only one that even watched this movie but I sincerely hope we get a sequel to abominable. It was such a beautiful movie that I did not see coming. It ended in a way that warranted a continuation so….maybe???

    Please DreamWorks make it happen, it’s one of your best movies.

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  • Today in horror / slasher movie history: on November 28, 1990 Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers debuted in France.


    Here’s a drawing of the film’s VHS box to celebrate!

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  • I’m almost done with revisions for my first book aka my debut. So, then, gonna take a little rest after I finish self-editing, and then it’s off to the sequel!

    Which I’m incredibly scared of messing up. This is one of my top writing fears, people. What if I mess up the sequel after some people like the first book? What if I can’t write the sequel and I get stuck?: 

    That’s why I’m gonna start planning out the sequel soon from the notes I already have written, and just make my outline even better than before. My outline now kind of skimps on a lot of things and I want to fix that before I even start writing the sequel.

    Above all, I do not want to get STUCK if I can help it. That would be really, really bad. So, yeah, this is my first time going down this road, and I’m extremely nervous. 

    After I hand off my debut to my critique partner, it’s time to start on the sequel. And, boy, am I nervous as hell! Gonna work hard (like I did for the debut) though and hope for the best.

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  • https://youtu.be/aRalnWGAmfo

    If you are interested in what star wars Sequel I would make this is a fan trailer I made for a new era of star wars. It includes a lot of dark side and all of that. I would have A lot more to do with Jedi and sith. Enjoy if you like fan trailers!!

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  • Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

    Sequel to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, which I reviewed here.

    I absolutely loved the first book. I loved how Pip dragged me into her investigation and had me speculating with her. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this one quite as much as the first one. I’m not entirely sure why :/ However, I still gave it 4 stars, so who really cares.

    Pip turned her first investigation into a podcast. It is because of the thousands of followers that she has that her friend, Connor, approaches her when his brother, Jamie disappears. Pip doesn’t want to get involved at first, knowing what happened the first time, but when the police refuse to take any action, she feels she had no choice. And so, Pip dives into a second investigation, calling on her followers for help. She is as driven to find out what happened as she was in the first book. With Ravi and Connor’s help, she turns Little Kilton upside down in their search for Jamie Reynolds.

    But not everyone is happy to see her launch into another investigation. In fact, there are those who believe Pip orchestrated the whole thing, including two of her own friends. They see it as nothing but a marketing stunt to keep her podcast going.

    I think the last part is where my discontentment comes from. As reader you see everything Pip does and how she struggles with herself and her obsession. You can’t really understand why anyone would think she would orchestrate something like this herself.

    I really like following Pip through her investigations and, obviously, she has both the experience needed to move along faster and she has a ticking clock. She is thorough and thinks to look where I never would have. With a surprising amount of precision, Pip is able to piece together Jamie’s timeline of the night he disappeared, leaving me in awe of her investigative skills.

    Of course, there is also a twist at the end. A good one, too!

    In my opinion, the book felt unfinished. I’m hoping it will be properly resolved in the next book, which I am definitely looking forward to (because YESSS, two more books have been announced in the series!)

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