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  • Hello, my lovely mortals! Since it’s Valentines Day, I decided to give you a Valentines gift, in which they are headcanons, but the Valentines version. These are what I’m thinking. 


    1.) What helps Elisa fall asleep faster Sergiu sings her a lullaby that he was sung to when he was a child from his father. Little did he know he sang a sleeping charm ;) 

    2.) (As mentioned previously) Elisa did not like Sergiu at all due to her prejudice towards Arstotzka and due to Arstotzkian soldiers invading and harming other Kolechians she has a negative view on them. Sergiu did have prejudiced views on Kolechians until he got into the Six War and saw how Kolechians were people too and they (Kolechians soldiers) are pawns in this war. It is a long story on how they fell in love. (Plus I got inspired a little bit from Pride & Prejudice). 

    3.) What Elisa won’t admit (or at least out loud) she loves when Sergiu hugs her from behind, kisses her (especially on the neck), and when Sergiu plays with her hair. 

    4.) Sergiu wants to purpose to Elisa with a family heirloom ring that was passed down from generations, but he had sold it to help pay for his medical bills

    5.) Since Elisa wants to name the baby boy after the inspector (The inspector name is Olek), but if Sergiu and Elisa have a girl, they would like to name her either Svetlana, Olena, Milana, or  Yuliya (comment below and you decide my pretties). 

    **Ok these are really just Sergisa fluff, oh well*****

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    12/18 is Elisa Katsenja’s Birthday.

    Sergiu, Elisa, Lesser Kolechian Waterfowl.

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    12/18 is Elisa Katsenja’s Birthday.

    Did you see your sergiu?

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  • ((Okay lemme just rise out of my grave for a bit to share a Sergisa headcanon/s

    Elisa Katsenja would be a great mom.

    Now, I know, I know you heard this already, but hear me out.

    She is that type of mom who you can do girl talk comfortably like, if you have girl problems and shit like that (idk there’s too much shit us girls have to deal with).

    She is that type of mom who would not hesitate to feed you whether you’re hungry or not. Yeah. Arstotzka’s occasional food shortages would not stop this lady. (did I mention she makes delicious potato salad (credits from an RP I read once ;) )

    She sometimes babysits kids and when their mothers come to pick them up, she invites them in for tea and a little chat and entertains them with a witty sense of humor. More playtime, I guess.


    When he comes home from work (and if he’s not exhausted) he helps Elisa out in the kitchen and it’s cute to see them cutting vegetables together. Aww.

    He makes the best hot chocolate but also makes the worst pancakes. No offense, but anyone can’t go two feet in the kitchen without noticing the faint smell of burnt pancakes, a sign of Sergiu’s previous attempts, all of which failed. So the hot chocolate thing is a good compensation.

    Last but not least of my headcanons, the good ol’ dad jokes.

    Sergiu makes the dad jokes. Period.


    So, that’s all of my ideas for now, feel free to add or clarify or complain, either is fine.

    Now that I’m drained of ideas, it’s time to go back to your regular scheduled programming by Lex. See ya.))

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  • Shit comic I drew based on the last ask I reblogged.
    Hahaha please end me >:,D

    #papers please#sergisa #please save the two cinnamon rolls!!!
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  • Just a few Sergisa doodles my friend @look-its-livi and I did a while back in school.
    Cause did we scream hard while doing this 😆 Seriously this was really good <3
    (ahh we don’t stop 😂)

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  • So lately I have been practicing digital art, and I have to say it came out pretty decent actually.

    Anyway this is yet another fan art of Papers, Please and I am so hung on the ship, as you see here. Also I drew my friends’ OCs. Hope you enjoy it :P

    Shout-out to @look-its-livi. You are such a cute idiot. Haha.


    #what cuteness#omg#papers please #draw the squad #sergisa #look its livi
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  • During the war, I met a beautiful girl

    #papers please#sergisa#sergiu#sergiu volda#elisa#elisa katsenja#otp #this took so long #for some reason #i love this game #and i love these two #i'm sure he would do this #i'm trash
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