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  • Summary: Roger Taylor x fem!reader. A party leads to some mutual feelings, but are they good or bad?

    Word Count: 2k (shorty to start)

    Warnings: cussing, ire; it’s a modern, uni au fyi 

    A/N: it’s here! part i of my 1k follower celebration is ready for the lot of you. I cannot say how many parts there will be, but I think the next part will be up in the next week or so. I’m already in love with the whole dynamic of this group and we have some exciting reveals coming up for what won the most votes! (at this point I’d say it’s obvious most people voted for Roger lol) Please lmk what you think with feedback, I’d love to see reactions to how the story starts!

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  • im OBSESSED with how filled the tag is with “hlvrai problematic” its SO funny

    #but anyway fuck that post! hlvrai isnt inherently problematic and the fandom ABSOLUTELY is problematic. #like have u seen the racism/antisemitism/etc.? like how do u think any of what this hell fandom has done is even comparable to the actual #series#harold speaks
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  • I know, I hear you now. “But Saint, I have it all in my head! I remember it clear as day!”

    I believe you. I really do, I promise! But you need to write it anyway. You have no idea what could happen between today and tomorrow.

    What if you get a better idea for the work? You’ll get all of this new idea written out, and then you’ll find that it clashes with the rest of the story. Now you’re at an impasse and you don’t know what to do because you’re thousands of words in and trying to fix it is going to be hard.

    Or, what if you do forget? We’re human beings, it happens! Too many stressful days pass and by the time you sit down to write, it’s actually gone. You can snatch bits and pieces, but the rest of your masterpiece is gone to the abyss of your brain.

    Or what if something worse happens? Some head trauma? A concussion? Those can absolutely affect you memory.

    Your outline doesn’t even have to be extravagant. It can be really simple, which definitely works if you just have a basic idea. Here’s an excerpt from a comment I made about a month ago.

    “Jane goes on an adventure. She meets June and John, and the three become friends. They join her on the quest. -insert big plot point- happens. June retires after being hurt, while Jane and John carry on to finish the task. They -overcome plot point-. Jane and John ~~kiss kiss fall in love~~ and June is so happy that her friend succeeded!”

    Of course, if you have more than a basic premise, make sure to fill in those in-between gaps. Every time you finish a chapter and edit it, go back and reread your outline/synopsis. Make sure it doesn’t clash or interfere with the main end goal.

    I’m telling you guys this now because I suffered some head trauma on Tuesday (bottle of liquor fell on my head from the top shelf at work) and now a lot of my ideas are gone. Ideas that I’ve had here for months, literal years, are just kind of… gone. Ideas and plans for longfics that I’ve been revising in my head are muddled at best and gone at worst.

    Edit: Also, a lot of my thoughts are gone within five minutes. I had a grand idea on how to go forward on a fic and by the time I sat down at a device, it was completely gone. I don’t even remember which fic I was going to work on. If it’s not right in front of me, it’s just… gone.

    If I had those outlines, I would be able to piece my shit together, but because I was stubborn and thought, “Well, I’ll remember!”, I don’t have any of it anymore.

    Make an outline. You’ll thank yourself. I can’t express how deeply I regret not having a simple outline at the top of all my stories.

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  • fun little question haha! i was editing and i found a line with crazy number of alliterations and now i wanna hear yours :)

    “His exhaustion overwhelms him, the eyebags beneath in eyes pronounced stiffly in the silent moonlight that slivers into his stark room.”

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  • I have been on cloud 9 all day after getting a review for my super long fic. Being in a smaller fanfom can be challenging because I know my stories will never rack up numbers, so I appreciate every single review I do get, but boy this shook me.

    This reviewer went through my last chapter and wrote out everything she loved about the chapter, taking quotes and moments and referencing them in her post, talking about the characters with so much passion. She said she loves and is also stressed by this slow burn, but that she’s just “so soft for this fic.” Then if that wasn’t amazing enough they wrote:

    “ How soft i am for this fic because I’m not going to be able to breathe properly until this fic is finished. And then I’ll never breathe again because I’ll be too busy rereading this masterpiece over and over. Aaah!!” 😭😭😭😭

    Literally it made me cry, oh this review has given me life. All the reviews i get I love, but this one made me melt into a puddle of goo. So happy!!!

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  • I’m not one of the well-adjusted, write-for-yourself gang. I’m thirsty for comments and kudos BUT now that I’ve got several stories under my belt, I’ve realized that the desperation only extends to the most recent thing.

    Once it’s not the newest thing I’m cool with it. E.g. I posted a crack fic and it has 4 kudos. I’m fine with that BECAUSE I’m working on something else now. I’d be grumpy af if that was the most recent story.

    Refresh, refresh, you can get to 5 kudos, where are the bastards?! But once the newest thing is on, I don’t even look at the stats of the old story any more. I was surprised that one story had 20 kudos, which was at about 5 for about a year. Just didn’t check.

    Anyone else?

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  • https://youtu.be/yUbOkKgaJkU

    Sinon on a regardé cette série (petite par la longueur, grande par l’intensité).

    Attention, à ne regarder que si votre moral est potable voire enjoué, moi ça m’a un peu foutue en l’air.

    C’est l’histoire de deux frères jumeaux, Dominic et Thomas, les deux incarnés par le même Mark Ruffalo, absolument incroyable dans les deux rôles.

    On raconte leur histoire sans suivre l’ordre chronologique car l’histoire commence au moment où Thomas, en pleine crise paranoïaque, commet un acte d’une grande violence envers lui-même. On sait donc d’emblée où les deux frères en sont dans leurs vies d’adultes : Thomas est très malade, il souffre énormément, Dominic s’occupe de lui comme il peut, l’aime fort et se tape la tête contre les murs de constater son impuissance. Le récit navigue alors dans leur passé, dans l’enfance, où leur mère adorée subit un mari brusque qui ne comprend pas la faiblesse et tente d’imposer sa vision de la masculinité très étriquée. Il n’est pas leur vrai père mais leur mère refuse de leur révéler l’identité de leur père biologique. Alors ils se construisent cahin-caha avec cette famille branlante, ces secrets, ces rudesses.

    L’écart se creuse entre les frères, car la maladie de Thomas se révèle, projetant Dominic dans un rôle qu’il accepte pleinement jusqu’à se perdre lui-même de vue : il devient son protecteur, celui qui est normal, qui « va bien » et assume tout. Et les emmerdes pleuvent. Pas des petits. Des trucs horribles. (J’ai pleuré plusieurs fois.)

    Car c’est aussi l’histoire de la middle class américaine, dans les années 80, où tout est compliqué dans le milieu psychiatrique, où la maladie mentale est mal traitée (maltraitée même), et où toute démarche pour un type modest relève du parcours du combattant. (Est-ce que ça a beaucoup changé ? Je ne suis même pas sure). Heureusement, il rencontre quand même quelques belles âmes, qui essaient de l’aider, car Dominic souffre aussi même si son frère occupe le devant de sa scène.

    C’est très dur, il y a vraiment une accumulation de drames dure à encaisser et une façon de filmer comme étirée qui rend chaque moment intense et déchirant. Mais le jeu des acteurs est incroyable, et l’ensemble plein d’une humanité criante de vérité. Ça remue les tripes. Contrairement à d’autres fictions pleines de noirceur, celle-ci me semble utile à voir parce qu’elle montre plein de choses de très vraies sur la nature humaine, de très subtiles manière, presque sensorielles, l’ambivalence de nos sentiments, le pouvoir limité de l’amour en même temps que sa force, l’incommunicabilité, le poids des secrets de famille, l’importance du pardon, l’importance des petits gestes, le besoin d’espoir qu’on a tous.

    C’est remarquablement filmé (c’est celui qui a fait The place beyond the pines que j’avais adoré, son nom m’échappe là).

    Aussi : la musique est top.

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  • El Desorden que Dejas - 1ª Temporada (2020)

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  • Damian Lillard drops new kicks to celebrate his iconic series winner over OKC

    Damian Lillard drops new kicks to celebrate his iconic series winner over OKC

    As if Damian Lillard didn’t already do enough emotional damage to the Oklahoma City Thunder with his epic walk-off 3 to end their season in 2019, the new colorway for his Adidas shoe throws a little more salt into the wound.
    Commemorating his 50-point closeout Game 5, Lillard’s signature shoe features his line from the game on the tongue, but the true troll is in the color scheme. With an orange…

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  • It’s cool to vent and I do love agree to disagree/controversial posts, BUT sometimes the negativity can really bring people down, so let’s say something nice about a fanfic thing that’s not our cup of tea.

    I’ll start:

    • first person POV is not my thing BUT it’s totally standard for published literature, and if you do an OC fic or such then it can really help us better relate to your character, and that’s great

    • everyone gets through a bad smut phase before they write good smut. Yes, it might be a deal breaker for a lot of people, but you need to practice and posting your work takes a lot of courage anyway, so I’m proud of you for trying!

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  • Why must there be so many emotional/mental barriers to getting shit done???



    Sorry. There’s my rant for the night.

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  • I have carpal tunnel. It hurts to type this. I have been on a fanfiction dry since last week. My laptop is a big, 5 pound gaming laptop with its keyboard skewed to the left so nothing is ergonomic ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    I have ordered a bluetooth keyboard but I must wait weeks due to covid, border inspections, and the prioritization of essential products. My hands hurty. My brain is going crazy from the plot bunnies. By the Queen, someone please save my soul.

    It’s been a week and my keyboard hasn’t even shipped…

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  • A few days ago I responded to a question in another post about writing for a fandom when you can’t stand canon (here). One thing I mentioned and now was hoping to have a proper discussion about in this post is how what happens in canon, despite hating it and wanting to ignore parts of it, might still impact and influence the creative and writing process for writers who are in the same boat as me. If others struggle through that, and how do you manage to not let canon (be it plot points or character development you don’t like or agree with) impact the story you might want to write.

    Here’s part of my comment in the original post:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles through this. I get that’s what fanfiction is for, finding those tidbits in characters, story, and the world created by canon that you love and want to build on in a way that interests you, but do other authors still feel, sometimes, the overwhelming weight of canon on their shoulders as they write? I feel like I’m always aware even when I don’t want to be of plot events and my characters endgames

    My challenge is that I like the characters in the earlier seasons, but truly hate what happens later in the series, both from a character and a story standpoint. And there’s also the added pain in ass that the writers for the show kept retconning things in canon and would often change or even completely disregarded their own rules on things like magic to accommodate a specific plotline they were dealing with at the time. So, even if I try to ignore later season and write earlier based ones, it still manages to make it hard because I’m annoyingly aware that things in canon will change the character dynamics or that plot element later on will undermine what’s happening in the period I’m writing in. I think this is especially difficult since I don’t write for a canon ship either, but a rare pairing.

    So, anyone dealing with a similar situation, how do you manage to wade through the messy storm of your canons?

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  • The Mystery of the Blue Train (Hercule Poirot Series)

    The Mystery of the Blue Train (Hercule Poirot Series)


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  • ‘Snowdrops’ Royal Albert Flower of the month series 

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  • #seeing Carlton being vulnerable just to mend his marriage breaks my heart like he’s really trying so hard he’s willing to give it all now #this breaks my heart #it’s too late but at least he tried until the end #Psych#series#relatable#carlton lassiter#lassy#self defense#self sabotage#love#trying#taking chances#courage#bravery#too late #better late than never #video clip#vulnerable#vulnerability
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