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    When You Find You — part two

    Bucky hates many things. He hates being alone, thunderstorms, new people, small spaces and being weighed down. But most of all, Bucky Barnes despises change. He goes from living a secluded, private life in Wakanda —one that he had just gotten used to— to a hustling, publicized one in New York. To make the already difficult transition even more painful, he was being forced to see the team’s therapist as a part of the deal he had made with Steve. The only thing that made all of this change somewhat tolerable, and not all completely shell-shocking, was the fact that said therapist was as kind and patient as they came. The only problem, besides the obvious, was that Bucky was not kind nor patient… and he may have called her a bitch in a group chat… that she was in.
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  • If I want to finish this book before June starts, I will have to do some major reading over the next two days. 

    Our trio has just returned from the York Institute and Will has had a nasty shock. That Starkweather is an awful guy. So stuck in the good ol’ days that he doesn’t believe the treatment of Downworlders has ever been horrible and thinks they are too nice to them now. His spoils room was disgusting. 

    So, Cecily is Will’s sister. I didn’t know he had one. I know the name was mentioned by him in the last book, but I don’t think any family connection was mentioned. He said she 9 when he left, like he expected her to be older, but then he also said she was dead. So I guess she must have died later on and he found out about and Mortmain has possibly reanimated her and made her an automaton. If so, that is just awful. 

    The next chapter is called The Curse. It seems Will’s curse, which he has had for five years, he got when he left his family and joined the Shadowhunters. Or does the Curse have to do with Jem? Maybe it will be explained because it connects to his sister. Cursed to bring her back possibly? I look forward to getting into it more.

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  • Aight so I’m here, thinking up my next chapter for my Spider-Man story. I’ve done 10 so far with good reviews ranging from “interesting” to “this is really good” and so I know 11 will be an extra spicy one for the few people that enjoy my work. I then get an email, a notification, saying that someone else had reviewed my story and you know the rookie writer in me went:


    Fast forward about five minutes later and I read and then research one of the rules in writing I had either never learned in English or forgotten about …

    New speaker in dialogue means I have to start a new paragraph…

    Fast forward another 4 days later and I’m rereading from chapter one as I edit and I gotta say, I’m actually quite happy with the story I’m telling so far as I fix chapter 3 now. OwO

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  • Ninguém sabe ao certo o impacto que tem na vida dos outros.

    - Os 13 porquês

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  • Marvel Actor: Chris Evans

    If Chris Evans does not win an Emmy for this one, I’m going to riot.


    Summary: When 14-year-old Ben Rifkin was murdered in the woods, Jacob Barber becomes a suspect. His father, Andy Barber (Chris Evans) is an Assistant District Attorney now torn between doing what is right, and doing right by his son.

    Acting (10/10): Again, if Chris Evans doesn’t get an Emmy, I will tear them to shreds. His performance here is amazing, and he is able to convey so much emotion even when he isn’t speaking.

    Plot (8/10): The book is amazingly well-written, and so is the script for this movie. The ending may have conflicting opinions, but I can guarantee that the first 7 episodes are definitely engaging. Is the ending a let down? Well… I’m speaking as someone who read the book as well, so it was. Sort of. Honestly, it depends on which character you’ve grown attached to and where your bias lies. However, I don’t believe that the end would be a deterrent to keep you from watching the series. 

    Actor Appearance (9/10): The book is told in Andy’s point of view. Though the show deviates from that from time to time, it still pivots around Andy’s story.

    Should You Watch?

    Yes. Please. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Plus, since all 8 episodes have been released, you can binge it now.

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  • Chilly Ch. 7| Shots!

    Seo Johnny/Kim Jungwoo


    Genre: Coming of age + College au + Love triangle

    Warnings: College parties, alcohol, mentions of sex, multiple characters show depictions of mental illness (anxiety & depression)

    Relationships: Fem OCxJohnny, Fem OCxJungwoo, Demi-girl OCxJaehyun

    Status: Uncompleted Series



    “It’s so cold,” Doyoung whispers under his breath, arms tightly crossed over his chest in an attempt to retain heat as him and the other three walk towards the campus’s greek village.

    “Stop whining. We’re almost there,” Cosima replies over their shoulder as they confidently lead the group to the frat house Doyoung mentioned earlier. Cosima knows the party houses like the back of their own hand.

    “I’m warm,” Jungwoo brags with a small, catlike smirk on his face.

    “That’s because you’ve basically fused with Gemine!” A grumpy Doyoung retorts, taking in the way the two seamlessly walk with Jungwoo’s arms wrapped around her midsection from behind.

    “This isn’t me,” Gemine mumbles in a monotone voice, “This is simply our form now. We’ve become one being.”

    Cosima loudly laughs at their roommate’s sarcastic remark, her usual witty sense of humor seeming to be making a comeback now that she has been pushed out of the dorms for something other than class or to go to the boys’ room. Jungwoo giggles into her ear and she smiles just the tiniest bit, never being able to resist the way his laugh sounds.

    It takes several more minutes before the four students are walking into the downstairs level of a frat house, loud music coming from a set of big speakers at the adjacent end of the basement. The room is dim, bulbs of different colors attached to the beams on the ceiling, the lights illuminating the smoke  Gemine grips Jungwoo’s hand in fear of losing the lethargic man to the large crowd of people dancing directly inside of the door.

    The house smells of cheap beer, a lot of sweat, sickeningly sweet perfume, and marijuana. When Cosima turns around to lead the group to a less crowded area, they see Doyoung’s scrunched up face and chuckle as he begins yelling over the music at his friends.

    “I need to text the kid that asked me to come here,” Doyoung says to nobody at all, but Jungwoo hears him and nods in agreement.

    “I’m getting drinks, be right back,” Cosima hollers, disappearing into the throng of people not too far away from where the other three stand in a mostly secluded corner.

    Besides the couple that is making out a few feet away from them, Jungwoo, Gemine, and Doyoung are pretty much separated from everyone else. As Doyoung is typing away at his phone with a determined look on his face, Jungwoo turns to Gemine with a warm smile, slinging an arm around her shoulder as he begins to chat with her.

    “You come here often?” He flirts with the dumbest smile covering his face. Gemine rolls her eyes and lets out a small hum of amusement.

    The conversation is mundane, but it keeps her distracted from her ever racing thoughts surrounding Johnny. She is grateful that Jungwoo is, and has been, putting a lot of effort into their friendship lately for her sake. And whenever she smiles at something he says, he smiles wider, causing her to laugh at how adorably charming he can be.

    “Wanna go dance while everyone’s busy?” Gemine asks, slightly timid. It is not the first time they have been to a party together, or even danced with each other, but she feels oddly insecure in her actions, mind over analyzing her words until they seem completely void of meaning.

    “You don’t even have to ask,” Jungwoo reassures and offers his hand in a grand gesture that causes his counterpart to almost become a little embarrassed. Nevertheless, she reaches for his outstretched fingers without thought, as she usually does, and they disappear amongst the crowd, leaving Doyoung behind.

    The man left alone in the corner is too distracted with the discombobulated strings of words his friend is sending him to even notice that the two have left him alone. Before he can roll his eyes, or even register the lack of presence around him, Cosima is back and thrusting a cup into his chest. He takes it out of instinct but makes a face of disgust when he realizes what it contains.

    “I’m not drinking this dirty beer,” he shouts over the music, holding the cup out to return it.

    Cosima shakes their head. “I know, so I got you some jungle juice,” they say with a bright smile, holding up a cup of their own, tapping it against Doyoung’s.

    “Why do you only have two?”

    “Do you see Gem-Woo anywhere?” They ask with amusement in their eyes, their expressions more intensified by their thick eyeliner that extends into two wings on either side of their face. Doyoung looks around and makes an expression of realization. “Exactly. And while those two are occupied, I am here to take care of you.”

    Doyoung thinks for a moment, taking in Cosima’s words. He knows that his friend truly wants him to have a good time, to overshadow his old memories with new, better ones. And maybe he will see what this whole party thing is all about. With his eyes locked on Cosima’s, he takes a tiny sip of his drink and purses his lips before bobbing his head in approval.

    The demi-girl grins proudly and makes a promise to themself. “Tonight is Doyoung and Gemine’s night. I am going to be responsible… After this drink,” they mumble, before taking a big gulp from their cup.

    “Did you say something?” Doyoung asks and Cosima shakes their head, beginning to pump their fist to the music.

    The perplexed man feels a vibration from his pocket and quickly retrieves his phone, finally getting somewhere in the never ending text conversation with his friend. Before he can type out a reply regarding his location he hears an all too familiar voice, loud enough to be heard over the heavy bass coming from the opposite corner of the room.

    “Doyoung! My brother!” Donghyuck effortlessly yells over the loud music, the sea of dancing people parting as he walks through. His shoulders are thrown back, head tilting from side to side as he practically dances up to the two people standing in the corner. Cosima takes note of the grand entrance, thoroughly impressed and just the smallest bit threatened.

    “This is your friend?” Cosima inquires, a small laugh catching in their throat. It was already amusing to them that Doyoung would befriend a frat boy, and even more so that he would befriend the most boisterous of them all.  They recall seeing the same guy before, leading a chant and dancing on a table upstairs whilst they were getting drinks.

    “I met this dude yesterday,” Doyoung corrects, eyes wide.

    The new arrival laughs hardily, slapping Doyoung firmly on the back. “No, you didn’t! What are you talking about!?” The frat boy complains. Doyoung opens his mouth, but is cut off before he can even speak. “Anyway, I got shots for everyone!”

    Cosima is holding a hand to their mouth as they watch the interaction play out between the stranger and Doyoung, instantly taking a liking to this new, rowdy character. They can tell that they have met their match, and while they feel like proving themself, they take a step back and wait to see how things play out before acting up. Immediately after conceiving this thought, they disregard it in favor of possibly receiving free alcohol.

    “Did you say something about shots?” Cosima butts in, causing Donghyuck to turn his head in their direction.

    “Oh, hi! I’m Donghyuck, Doyoung’s best friend. You can call me Hyuck, though,” he says with a wink, coolly gesturing for the two of them to follow him to the adjacent corner of the room where a small bar is set up near the speakers.

    Cosima raises an eyebrow at Doyoung and he simply shrugs his shoulders, taking the last sips of his drink as he wades through the crowd.

    “These are my best friends,” Donghyuck explains to his frat brothers behind the bar, jamming a thumb over his shoulder in the general direction of the two. “Doyoung and… What was your name again?” He looks to Cosima.

    They are quick to respond, “Sima,” and Donghyuck high fives them before smiling over the bar at his housemates. The two guys nod in understanding and place ten plastic shot glasses down on the table, haphazardly filling them with flavored vodka.

    “Shots!” Donghyuck screams at the top of his lungs and proceeds to down two without flinching, handing a couple over to Doyoung and Cosima.

    The latter takes the shot and Donghyuck instantly replenishes it, looking to Doyoung as he hesitantly eyes the tiny, plastic cup between his index finger and thumb. He feels apprehensive because of what happened last time, but the encouraging, and slightly scary, smiles his friends give him tip the scale for him. He only takes one shot, leaving Donghyuck to gulp down a total of five, and Cosima four.

    Jungwoo watches out of the corner of his eye as an unfamiliar person does shots with his friends and then turns his attention to Gemine, smiling when her eyes widen at the sudden change of song. He knows that this is her favorite song to dance to from parties in the past and does all that he can to hype her up. She laughs as he yells out incorrect lyrics that sound like they could be the words, her hands locking behind his neck as they begin to energetically sway, him leading their movements.

    One arm wraps around her waist, holding her flush to him, and the other is waving around in the air as he tries to sing along. This amuses Gemine and she joins him, shouting along to the music and following his lead, her smile never wavering. Once the song is over, Jungwoo spots Cosima’s colorful baby afro and guides them both in that direction, fingers laced tightly.

    “Sima!” Jungwoo yells, failing to get their attention before reaching the group. He waves a hand in the air to try and gain the attention of anyone and catches the youngest’s eye.

    “Friends?” Donghyuck asks Doyoung, an arm slung around his shoulders as he points behind Cosima.

    “Hey, guys,” Gemine tries to yell over all the noise, but only Cosima can hear her, a fond chuckle leaving their mouth.

    “Gemine says ‘hi’,” they repeat for her, louder, and Doyoung waves with a smile, not seeming to be all the way there.

    “So, you’re Gemine?” Donghyuck asks as he scans her face. “And who’s the boyfriend?”

    “Jungwoo,” the man with his arms around her replies, the question so common that the two do not even have to think about their answers. “And you’re Doyoung’s friend?”

    “Best friend, brother, and favorite person,” Donghyuck corrects before extending a theatrical hand to Jungwoo. “It’s Hyuck.”

    They shake hands and Gemine laughs at the peculiar expression Jungwoo takes on after the interaction. “I thought I was his best friend,” the moody man grumbles in her ear, causing her to kiss his cheek in hopes of brightening his spirits again.

    “Doyoung!” A deep voice booms nearby and all heads in the group turn to see Jaehyun with a giant smile on his face and a backwards visor on his head. His ears and cheeks have a red tinge to them, hinting to the fact that he is tipsy, or possibly drunk.

    “Well, aren’t you the man of the night,” Cosima snickers, nudging Doyoung with a friendly elbow.

    The aforementioned rolls his eyes and quickly whispers into Donghyuck’s ear to try and explain the drama, but the two familiar men arrive all too quickly. Jaehyun stumbles forward and Johnny grabs the shorter of the two by his collar to stop his fall, consequentially choking him a little. Cosima can not help their laughter from coming out. The cute boy is amusing them as well as drawing them in with the way his hat sits perfectly over his strawberry blond hair, even after he nearly fell face first into the cement floor of the basement.

    Jungwoo becomes stiff and rests his chin on Gemine’s shoulder, squeezing her tighter subconsciously. “Wanna go get drinks?” He asks and she nods, the two of them disappearing in an instant.

    Nobody says anything for a moment and the atmosphere turns awkward, so Donghyuck decides to cut the tension the only way he knows how. “Shots!” He yells, looking around at the group and spotting Johnny’s sulky form hovering behind a clearly plastered Jaehyun. “Hey, big guy! I know you could use one!” He pesters with a giant smirk.

    Johnny rolls his eyes and pretends not to hear the younger man’s crystal clear voice. “I like this guy,” Jaehyun says to his friend with a chuckle, his beer breath causing Johnny to scrunch his nose in disgust. Why did he even allow Jaehyun to drag him along tonight?

    “This is Donghyuck,” Doyoung introduces, slurring his words a little. “I love this kid!”

    Donghyuck flutters his eyelashes at Doyoung and then laughs when the other man does not even register his movements, gesturing for everyone to stay where they are. He takes off into the crowd and the group becomes silent in the middle of all the noise once again. Doyoung leans back against the wall and seems to be tipsy, smiling and then looking confused. He is in his own little world, and Cosima takes the opportunity to try and talk to Jaehyun as Johnny awkwardly stands beside him, feeling invisible.


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  • David Strathairn Appreciation:

    FBI Agent Will Preecher in Big Apple (2001)

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  • And you feel super loved because they’re dying to read your next installment! And it just so happens you’re almost finished writing the next chapter.

    Then you post it!

    And then you don’t receive any reviews.

    Oh. oh


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  • Has anyone else felt pretty shitty about their writing one day, maybe due to sleep deprivation or something, but then, after a good night’s rest, reading it over again isn’t as painful/cringy?

    I’ve been working on a multi-chapter fic that’s nearly completed (20k+ words already). I don’t like to start posting any of my multi-chap works until I have all of the chapters written to avoid abandoning them. But sometimes, it gets a little hard to continue because I don’t get the encouragement/feedback from people with each chapter that I finish. I start doubting my writing abilities and whether the characters are in character. I also start worrying if my story even makes sense or if anyone would even want to read my garbage.

    Then, I remember back to my previous works, which have received positive feedback, so I just call it a day. Going to sleep and ignoring that editor in my brain, I wake up the next morning dreading to reopen that Google Doc. Yet, when I do find the courage to open it again and start rereading what I already have, I fall in love with my writing once more. I think, ‘hey, it really isn’t that bad,’ and then I continue to write. But, towards the end of the day, the creeping feeling that gnaws at my brain returns and the cycle repeats.

    Is it just me, or do other people also ride such a weird, exhausting emotional rollercoaster as they’re creating their art? Do I just need to take a break LOL

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  • - No sé cómo me soportaste tanto tiempo.

    - Yo no te “soporté”. Me gustaba estar contigo y no me arrepiento.

    (Bojack Horseman. T.3. Ep. 9 min 16:24)

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  • It’s ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie, but every time a new phrase starts you modulate up by a semitone. xD

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    Chloe Bennet - hair and makeup for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7 premiere (2020)

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