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  • amerirish
    16.04.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Ok but let’s talk about how well Falcon and Winter Soldier showing what it’s like to be a black in America.

    Isiah Bradley saved his friends- the same way Steve did- and he was put in prison and tortured him for 30yrs.

    John Walker gets to walk free after publicly decapitating a person (yes I know he lost his pension and dental benefits).

    This is what it’s like to be black in America.Do the right thing, get punished, do the wrong thing, get punished. It feels hopeless and it’s exhausting.

    I’ve gotta applaud the writers for doing a good job of writing this show- especially episode 5- in such a way that’s not in your face, but more so “are you paying attention?”.

    #marvel#disney #the falcon and winter soldier series #the falcon and the winter solider spoilers #black in america #sam wilson#isiah bradley#captain america #also while I’m here I love sam wilson #thank you
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  • sofiatherapist
    16.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Young Daughter of Slain Capitol Police Office Wipes Her Mother’s Tears as Her Father Lies in Honor

    Young Daughter of Slain Capitol Police Office Wipes Her Mother’s Tears as Her Father Lies in Honor

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  • sofiatherapist
    16.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    WATCH THIS! Andrew Yang PUBLICLY HUMILIATED After He Shows Up to BLM Protest For Photo Op

    WATCH THIS! Andrew Yang PUBLICLY HUMILIATED After He Shows Up to BLM Protest For Photo Op

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    #Next News Network Series #update
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  • bifrostedgalaxy
    16.04.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    “What is acting, if not Loki persevering.” ~ Tom Hiddleston

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  • themiddlepagesofabook
    16.04.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    TFAWS Ep 5: where do I even begin with! Dont wanna spoil it for anyone but possible spoilers ahead so steer clear if u havent watched it yet. I think its all coming into place for the finale. It just forks me up so much that I gotta wait another week for the finale. Read somewhere that Seb Stan is ready to appear for a season two; fingers crossed let that happen. Walker got what he deserved. He should seek therapy but he aint gonna do that; heck😒. Outstanding performance by #Wyatt Russell. Sam and Bucky my poor boys being there for each other🥺. They do be doing their best and good to see Torres back. Missed him in last 2 episodes. Sam is so full to the brim with compassion and empathy I cant even😩. Steve was always compassionate and empathetic I guess but in the 2 hour rush of MCU movies I never really noticed it I guess. And Zemo I thought he had gone back to his Civil War-istic self which I hated but seems like it was brief. Isiah's bit was touching and important. Over all great episode. Excited for the finale. Hope its not a rushed end like Wanda Vision.

    Drink water. Stay safe y'all. Masks up 😤 . Take care ok🥺👉👈

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  • pokemonpowergirl
    16.04.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Same energy.

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  • demigoddessqueens
    16.04.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    New poster!! 🔥

    #netflix #shadow and bone netflix #shadow and bone #Alina#mal#inej#the grishaverse #the grisha trilogy #the grisha series #grishaverse#the darkling#grishasworld #six of crows #april 2021
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  • serpentargo
    16.04.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    me: starts shipping sambucky

    sarah: ✨🥰💕 hi 💕✨🥰

    p.s. i'm not complaining tho, let the man be happy :)

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  • kingbarrett
    16.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Sheamus and Cesaro rlly know how to beat the hell out of each other huh

    #this us title match is making me wanna re-watch the best of seven series... #I'm gonna hav to make it my goal to just selfishly record all those matches so I can have them on hand #.txt
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  • boudoirwriter
    16.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    @raedear tagged me to share a snippet from one of my wips and at the same time proceeded to utterly destroy me with a snippet from their spy!au. Thank you, darling, consider this PAYBACK.

    Straight from what will be the hellish last installment of my psycho!Nicky series. You are all very welcome. cackles

    “Where is he?”
    His lips are numb and there’s a faint buzz in his ears. 
    It’s been a week since they found Nicolò’s rifle on that roof and no trace of him. Deep down, in that place in his heart that Nicolò somehow carved for himself, Yusuf knows.
    Death itself can’t keep me from you - he had said, and Yusuf should have argued that there are worse things than death, but he didn’t, because he had hoped that Nicolò was right and now it’s been a week and -
    “Quỳnh -” Andy starts and she looks so pale, so terribly fragile, and yet Yusuf can’t find in himself the will to care, because Nicolò is gone.
    “Where is he?” His voice rises above his panic, above his anger, above the pull of this dark chasm that is Nicolò’s gaping absence.
    Quỳnh’s eyes hold the madness of wildfires. She steps closer to him with the grace of a queen and clasps his shaking hands in her small, warm ones.
    “Rejoice, little brother,” she says, words sparkling with unrestrained glee. “For I have slayed the dragon and set you free.”
    Yusuf’s lips part, but no sounds comes out, held back with the anguished cry tearing at his throat. She seems to take his stunned silence as gratitude and offers him a triumphant smile before her hands cup his tear streaked cheeks and she tugs him down to lay a delicate kiss on his brow.
    “Worry not,” she whispers, her breath cool against his feverish skin. “He’s never coming back. I made sure of it.”

    Not sure who to tag! Leave a note and I will. <3

    #dark!Nicky #never let you go series #snippet #sorry not sorry #the end is nigh #if you or rae don't kill me first!
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  • marvelousescapism
    16.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    the fact this episode showed us (and hopefully future marvel creators) that sometimes the best parts of a show/movie/whatever aren’t the plot-heavy, action-heavy, snarky quippy parts... they’re actually the parts that show the most pure emotion and character development.

    idle hours fixing a boat together, having heart to hearts while training, just a conversation with two people sitting down and nothing else going on, just focusing on the dialogue and the characters and the emotion. that’s where it’s at.

    #tfatws #falcon and the winter soldier #fatws spoilers #not to say fight scenes can't be the bees knees sometimes #obviously you need fight scenes in a superhero series ashfjk #the one at the start of the episode absolutely slapped #but i want less trying to stuff as much plot as you can into the limited time you have to explore it #more character moments #best episode - i wish the whole series had been like this
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  • bebx
    16.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago
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  • sleepaintreal
    16.04.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Ok so i decided to watch batman the animated series... And i have so many comments omg! Spoilers below be warned

    ~~~ ep 1

    Anyways omg this bruce is such a dramatic ass😂😂😂 purposely flipping his cape over his shoulder to show off his suit. Meeting jim in the shadows. Spinning around his grappled to come down. For that matter why even is his grapple hook so damm loud!???

    N this selina dammmmmm how did she even trained the cat so well😂😂😂 she too so dramatic. Fast game 2nd meeting and kissing batman already. Like wow. But i like that she has fire even as selina. But whys her costume so similiar to batman's. Its kinda cool that her secatary knows bout her. Oh and her like sharp kittys like does she even carry those around?? I would hav love to see her ordering those to be made, a bag of kitty paperweights, in the shape of my kitty in crime, extra sharp please

    Lol the goon just knock his friends out. Anyway what happend to him actually after going down the sewers????

    Also that bad guy in the office again another so extra guy. Who the heck has a single octave of piano keys on the corner of his desk?!? Of course it has to be a secret switch!!! N why did u even used it in front of other people!!!!! U have a not so secret piano switch to bring up your play table and your secret safe but your secret wall jus rises by itself!???? Like wat?!??

    The music thou *chef kiss* sufficiently dramatic to match the characters😂

    Oh boy ohboy this is going to be a long ride

    Oh but bruce saving the cat thou yayyy

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  • tinsil
    16.04.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    unconnected marketeers sakuya’s sweetheart neck outfit is cute

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  • heartate
    16.04.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    hey im just saying but im going to hardblock anyone who follows me with snk/aok muses lmao like it’s 2021 i shouldn’t have to keep explaining why this series is fucked up and why i,  as an indigenous japanese person,  don’t want anything to do with it or people who support it and think it’s an ok series.

    #like i just #pls read my rules #it's in there #i literally wrote the shortest explanation needed next to it as well #'it's racist and antisemitic' #also it's literally imperialist + racist + antisemitic propaganda #like please. #if you know what this series is about #and know its context and subtext #and you KNOWINGLY look away bc u wanna fuck levi so bad #lol #ooc. #tbd.
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  • digginginyourheart
    16.04.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Just finished the first two episodes of the new Korean historical BL, Nobleman Ryu's Wedding, and I am obsessed. Highly recommend. (P.s. I watched it on dailymotion, but does anyone have the official link??)

    #nobleman ryu's wedding #korean bl #new bl series #cjs thoughts
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  • jamie-leah
    16.04.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    War of Wolves (22) Finale

    Season 1

    Episode 22 - Everything Has Changed

    Bucky x Reader

    Summary: You have been on the streets for the past two years, ever since your accident that left you with the ability to tell if someone is lying. You work as an informant for the white wolf and his mob but you had never met him…until you overhear a phone call that leads you to saving his life. Now he wants you to work for him. Its an offer you couldn’t refuse…right?

    Word Count: 1634

    Warnings: Cliffhanger, swearing

    A/N: Its the end Lovelies, I can't believe the journey its been with these characters! If you don't like cliffhangers I would advise not to read this part and take the previous episode as the last. I want to thank you all for the love and enthusiasm for this series and for loving them as much as me.

    <---Previous Episode

    WoW Masterlist Series Masterlist Oneshot Masterlist

    The weeks of recovery were long but you knew you were in the best hands. Bucky put work on the back foot to look after you despite your protests.

    You had been having a hard time sleeping though, ever since waking up and finding Bucky in the hall. Dreams of the past and a future that sometimes scares you.

    It got so bad that you went to med bay to talk to the Doc about it, to see if he could give you anything. He was reluctant and I was too. He suggested talking about it, professionally. But no matter who you chose, you didn’t think they would quite understand the type of life you lead. You could never be totally honest with them and that would defeat the point.

    You didn’t acknowledge how bad or strange it all was until you woke up with a start. The room was bright, the one you shared with Bucky. He was nowhere to be seen but a note was left on his pillow

    “Come to the reception room when you’re awake”.

    Which is odd, we only usually use that room for certain Client’s. Either way, you were distracted. You had a dream last night that felt more than a dream and it was starting to become troublesome.

    The dream itself was nothing bad, in fact it was happy, lovely. Bucky had thrown you a surprise party, balloons and friends and family celebrating your recovery. It was lovely, one of the best dreams you had had for a long time, but it still left you with a sense that something was off.

    You get dressed and make your way to the reception room lost in thought, that’s why when you open the door and hear “SURPIRSE!” you almost scream the place down.

    Hand on chest, you take in the sight of balloons, banners and food. Everyone you love a few others were smiling broadly at you, Steve, Sam, Peggy and the kids, Darren even made an appearance. But your eyes were on Bucky and his wolfish grin.

    “Did you do this?”, you ask.

    Bucky shrugs casually, “maybe”.

    Bucky walks across the room to you, holding you close and leans you down in front of everyone to kiss you deeply. Love and passion sweeping across the both of you, the sound of howls, whoops and cheering the only thing keeping you from tearing into each other.

    Bucky pulls back with a broad smile before lifting you back up and turning to the crowd, “everyone, as you know we’ve been through a lot over the last year. We’ve lost good people, and parts of ourselves while trying to keep the organisation going and keeping each other safe. But we’ve also found new love, and welcomed another member into our family, Tommy”, Bucky gestures to the sleeping baby in Peggy’s arms.

    Everyone cheers at the shout out before Bucky continues, “I wanted to celebrate Y/N’s recovery. I wanted to celebrate the people that made it possible for her to be here today. I also wanted to give everyone a reprieve. Things will only be more difficult for a while. We have Isaac and Harry to track down and we have other enemies to prove we’re still the strongest enterprise out there. They will be coming for us, but I wanted to take this moment to say we’ll be ready. I also wanted to take this moment to thank you all, for standing by me through it all.”

    Bucky looks down at you with something fierce in his eyes, a love and devotion that you’ve never seen in another human being before, “to us!”, he shouts as he raises a glass to the room.

    You wake up with a start, panting from feeling yourself trying to wake up. The dream was so vivid, it felt real…

    You look to the pillow next to you and you see the note from your dream, the exact placing, the exact wording from Bucky.

    You don’t even bother changing out of your pyjamas as you rush from the room. You make your way to the reception room as fast as possible, almost bashing into people trying to get to your one goal.

    You mumble apologies until you make it to the doors of the reception room holding your breath. You hesitate with your hands on the knobs, you didn’t want this to be true, but hiding from it wouldn’t make it not true either.

    You swallow despite your dry mouth and swing the doors open to “SURPRISE!”…

    All through the party you convince yourself that it’s a coincidence. You don’t tell anyone, not even Bucky what you’re thinking but its all you can focus on until Peggy catches you on your own.

    “Is everything okay?”, she asks, concern etched into her friendly face.

    You nod, “yes”, and distract her by fussing with Tommy for a while.

    By the end of the day, as night creeps in you feel exhausted by going through all the possibilities in your head.

    Bucky takes you away into a private corner with another grin on his face just like he did with the surprise and for a moment you forget your troubles as you smirk back, “what is it Buck?”, you ask.

    He grins wider, “I have another surprise for you.”

    You shake your head with a small smile, “I don’t think I can handle any more surprises right now Bucky.”

    He strokes your cheek for a few moments before saying, “I came close to losing you and having you here, happy and healthy is something I wanted to celebrate with everyone but I also wanted to celebrate with just us…so I booked us a night away in a hotel underwater.”

    Your grin splits into a dazzling smile as you jump on Bucky murmuring your gratitude and love.

    You arrived at the underwater hotel the next day. Checking in with Lisa at the counter as Bucky finishes checking in he asks her, “the extras I asked for…?”.

    Lisa didn’t look up from the computer in front of her as she answers, “they should be in your room.”

    We make our way to the room, our overnight bags in hand. Bucky steps into the room first looking around at everything.

    But you barely pay any attention as you look out into the water and all the fish, your fingers are touching the glass when Bucky comes out of the bathroom, “none of the extras are in here”, he says with annoyance lacing his tone.

    He starts towards the door before turning back to you, “did you detect the lie at all?”.

    You shrug, “she probably believed it, so go easy on her Buck”.

    You hear the door close behind you and you pray for a normal night of sleep or perhaps you could convince Bucky not to sleep at all. You stand there thinking about all the ways you and Bucky could ruin the room when you finally hear the door open.

    You turn as you say, “hey Buck, I was thinking-“

    Bucky is looking at you with shock and confusion on his face and that horrible feeling you had the night of the crash comes back in the pit of your stomach.

    He doesn’t say anything for the longest time as he stares at you. Finally, you couldn’t stand anymore silence as you say, “what?! What is it Bucky? What’s happened?!”.

    He clears his throat, “she knew the stuff wasn’t in the room.”

    You pause before laughing at his statement, “Jesus Buck, I thought something was seriously wrong, like danger level wrong. You need to stop giving me heart attacks.”

    But Bucky never starts laughing and so the smile slowly fades from your face as you say, “okay…so what if the extras aren’t in the room, we can ask for them or you can get a partial refund.”

    He shakes his head as he finally steps in the room and closes the door behind him, “you’re missing the point Doll, she lied.”

    You scrunch your face up, “yeah Buck, people lie-“

    You stop the sentence dead in its tracks as you look at Bucky in alarm, finally realising what he’s getting at.

    You have no words. Bucky is the one to fill the silence, “I’ve noticed it a few times over the last few days. The fact that you haven’t clocked some lies and have become more shocked at some of the things that happen around our home. I thought it was just because so much was going on. Your recovery, us never getting moments alone these days, but you never picked up the lie today, you even said so yourself.”

    You shake your head, “wait a minute, we’re jumping to conclusions here, this is a new place and I wasn’t paying attention-“

    Bucky interrupts you, “my favourite flavour of ice cream is mint, I’m wearing boxers under my pants, my mothers name was Sarah.”

    He says all the lies he told you when you first met in quick succession and you never detect a single one as a lie even though you know they are.

    Your stomach lurches and you feel your hands shake by your sides, you look up at Bucky as tears well in your eyes, “I’ve lost it Buck, I’ve lost my ability to detect lies.”

    You sink to your knees before Bucky can reach you. He joins you on the floor as he wraps you in his arms trying to protect you from the truth that has become a truth in a long line of truths in a never ending nightmare.

    You try to will this not to be true as you question your worth not only as a member of Bucky’s organisation but also as his partner and your ability to keep him safe. And you know, everything has changed.

    WoW Taglist: @a-really-bi-girl @crazyblonde124 @summerwelsh @scuzmunkie @loving-life-my-way @pequenaguaxinim @paranoid-borderline-insane @lilsonbucky @somanyfandomsblog @broco8 @inquisitor-selvala @mad-red @k-n-e @rinkashirikitateku @duhh-danielly @boundtomyfate @kalesrebellion @booktease21 @whatinthyworld @flyingbabyunicornnamedangel @asapkyndall @yaszx @amoredashley @aveatquevale- @putinovertime @melimelbean @valsworldofcreativity @lokilokilokilokilokilokilo-blog1 @vesper852 @littlenerdgirl16 @wiccanmetallicrose @aya-fay

    I have an entire plan for Season 2 and written some too. If you want to see more of this please let me know. The more people wanting more the more likely it will happen. Taglist for all things Season 2 are OPEN <3

    #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #bucky#bucky fanfic #bucky x you #bucky fandom#bucky series#bucky fic #bucky x y/n #james buchanan barnes #mob!bucky #mob!au
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