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  • @ my mutuals sorry if i forget things my memory loss is getting worse for some reason

    #serious post #IM FINE DONT WORRY but just 4 future reference
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  • Ok I’m cishet but when lgbtqia+ people they’re trans, or they’re bi, or some label I don’t know what it means, you know what I do? I say, “That’s awesome! I support you! You’re amazing!” Like it’s not that hard homophobes and transphobes people are what they say they are

    #tw homophobe mention #tw transphobe mention #tw homophobe#tw transphobe#serious post
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  • I really feel like deactivating and deleting a lot of my social media accounts because of the fact I can’t stand to see the envious or the extremely dark side of other people.. its honestly made me anxious and feel unsafe. I wish people were more considerate..

    So if my blog or blogs aren’t here in a few days if I decide to also get rid of Tumblr, I was really glad to meet all who I had and be here.

    #serious post #not feeling okay #please be kind #no disrespect#no discourse #in all honesty
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  • [ok ok to explain the situation I was only planning on taking a break for a week to finish some pieces some of my friends won in a giveaway I hosted and I just extended it until school started, forgetting that I also played volleyball and such and I was just too tired to draw after practices and games so I’ve been putting this off for a while lol but I am going to try and post regular updates again! Love you all <3]

    #not an ask #serious post #[since i have a game tomorrow and stuff i wont be able to drsw tomorrow but i will try kn friday!]
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  • I just wanna say something in all seriousness.

    Some people can honestly be so inconsiderate, mean, or just upright disrespectful on a day to day basis. This is just something I’ve noticed more recently than at any other year or time.

    I know a lot of people are really encouraging, loving, and understanding.. and that is incredible.

    My point being regarding the behavior I’ve seen recently is that, even if this statement is stated often- you legitimately have no idea what a person is going through. Some are holding on to dear life, or fighting to. If you don’t have anything nice to say, you probably shouldn’t say it. Take a moment to think about why you feel this way.

    I don’t like what I’ve been seeing in terms of how people deal with their emotions in an unhealthy way and how at times those feelings can be projected onto others in a really horrendous way that could potentially traumatize that person, or already has.

    Please be mindful of yourself, your words, your reactions, and your actions..

    We could all honestly do better. Please be kind.

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  • Should I start dating again?

    Am I allowed to date people without mental health issues?

    Should I avoid them?

    Can you find a partner if you’re the one having those issues?

    Is it fair to others?

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  • Finally finished my schoolwork for the day and I’m in a terrible mood. I’ve been super stressed lately even tho school started like a week ago. I really need someone to rant to but I don’t wanna burden anyone. sorry first putting this on my blog just wanted time say something if I seem off to anyone 💖

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  • ya’ll fuckers really threatening not to vote like it’s not about to be 2022 and ted cruz getting sworn in to replace ruth bader ginsburg 

    #vote you stupid fucks #politics tw#serious post #ya'll know supreme court appointments are basically until death right?
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  • people really call themselves “pro-life” then consistently vote against feeding schoolchildren 

    #not a shitpost #serious post#politics tw
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  • I heard about this weird thing a while ago, where this woman was trying to ban the word “Karen” for some reason. Just now, before I was about to watch some more YouTube, my mind said, and I quote:

    “Those Karen’s should be glad that they are called “Karen”s instead of Jesus Simpers”

    Should I be scared? Because it’s already bad enough that I question so many things about the Bible, but now I’m not too sure how to feel about it.

    #not a shitpost #serious post #I have too many questions #mentions of Karens #mentions of Jesus #mentions of Simps #why did I not think of this before #MumhelpmeI’mscaredofmyvurrentthoughtprocesswhereareyourightnowpleASESAVEMEFROMMYSELFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
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  • As someone who suffers from both asthma and anxiety I know how hard it can be to differentiate between the two attacks. It’s taken me a while and may not work for everyone but here’s a few things I’ve noticed vary between the two.


    1. Often times feels almost tingly when taking a deep breathe
    2. The tightness feels almost like an old blanket being wrapped around you pricking at your skin restricting breathe
    3. Pain just below your chest but above you stomach: this is because your diaphragm is not getting enough air and begins to ache
    4. Wheezing is clear and rattlely you feel the rattle in your chest
    5. Wheezing may also be airy ragged breaths which is more felt in the throat region and feels similar to breathing through a straw with something slightly in front of it, limiting the amount of airflow and feeling more forced
    6. Sometimes your fingers may feel tingly like they have fallen asleep
    7. Throat feels tight but without the subconscious swallowing
    8. Happens GRADUALLY


    1. You may catch yourself NOT breathing take a second to make sure you are breathing in and out regularly again
    2. Tightness feels more like being in a humid room or in a pool, pressure surrounding the chest region in almost a tight hug
    3. However upon taking a deep breathe in while it may feel like your chest is getting more tight you can still feel yourself getting full amount of air to your lungs
    4. What you may mistake for wheezing is just rapid breathing which feels ragged to you however does not sound so
    5. The tightness in your throat feels more like an outside pressure closing around your neck, or may feel like you are holding back tears (subconsciously you might in fact be doing so) this causes you to swallow in attempts to force away the pressure
    6. If you feel numb anywhere on your body you will notice instead of a mild tingle it feels closer to just losing sense in said areas
    7. You may find yourself gasping for breath and shaking (either you or your breathing)
    8. Happens SUDDENLY



    Please know what kind of attack you are having and treat the respectively

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  • honestly

    kinda fucked up that i have long lasting brain damage cause i went years with undiagnosed and untreated depression even though my parents actively knew i was self harming.

    kinda fucked up that i got slapped for telling them i wanted to hurt myself.

    kinda fucked up they said they would help me hurt myself.

    kinda fucked up that i didn’t get the help i needed until a friend called cps on my parents.

    kinda fucked up that the first idea they had was kicking me out instead of listening to me.

    kinda fucked up that im no longer allowed to be in contact with the friend who got me help.

    kinda fucked up that i felt safer in a mental hospital then at my own house.

    kinda fucked up that i still don’t feel safe most days.

    it’s all just kinda fucked up, isn’t?

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  • ….does anyone have any advice on how to care for someone with Covid?

    My cousin (the one who lives with me) goes to physical school and he’s running a fever and has been coughing some, and my mom is in a high risk group for COVID, and as much as I hate to admit it, I love both of them despite all the bullshit they bring on the daily, and I’m probably the only one who can safely care for my cousin if it’s Covid. His mom works as an emergency worker and can’t do so, My dad has a job that if he took time off from because of COVID that he wouldn’t get paid and nobody would pay the bills (also we have heat again. Finally.) And my mom, well, you already know is high risk because of her asthma. However, I never have anywhere important to be, do online schooling and am not high risk, so it’s safest If I care for him, as if I catch it myself, I could recognize the symptoms and just quarantine myself in my room and be very careful when getting things like food, wear a mask and gloves outside of my room, and just get my school work done in there and keep watch on him.

    He wouldn’t tell anyone himself if he didn’t feel good but he isn’t good at hiding it. I would know if I caught it and would just keep the both of us in the same room whenever possible, etc, and would know to tell someone if it got too bad.

    Please help. Any advice is wanted.

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  • maybe….flu shots should be….FREE this year

    #not a shitpost #serious post #maybe....life saving preventative medication....should be free EVERY year
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  • don’t follow me if ur a minor thx

    minors straight up shouldn’t be on this website. it fucked me up and got me into a pit of panic attacks when i was like 13 it’s so toxic i am only here now as an almost 20-year-old because i like jerma and music and shitposts. that is it

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  • Hey non-Native fans just to be clear when I talk about Native representation and appreciate the Native and Indigenous actors on a show, I need you to understand that there are a lot of differences between white-passing Natives and Natives of color, and including only white-passing people of color, especially Natives, is problematic as hell and has never been “good representation”, it has been a sad commentary on how white audiences are much more comfortable with people of color who are “white enough” that those audiences will believe they are white than people of color who aren’t whitewashable and made to be comfortable for white audiences to see, and it is still just as crappy and racist as it always has been to cast a few actors of color “for diversity purposes” and then treat them like stereotypes or like they’re exactly the same as white people in every single way, and yes, TV is wildly lacking in positive Native and Indigenous representation and popular media almost always has only racist things to say if they say anything at all, and yes, TV should do much better to represent and include and even so much as think about Native and Indigenous people, but also

    it is none of your goddamn business “how Native” someone is and it is none of your goddamn business who people of color do and do not feel represented by

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  • daily reminder for those who follow me:

    ddlg and all its k1nk varients are fucking disgusting and if you even *think* its okay unfollow me right fucking now.

    #serious post #legit its a trigger for our entire system and you are fucking disgusting
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  • You know what’s stupid, people bitching about how other people are wearing masks in there car, at at least they are wearing their masks, at least they’re not making excuses that they can’t breathe, and it’s even more irritating when you realize that the people bitching about it are people saying that other people are snowflakes, it’s honestly starting to piss me off because it’s so stupid.

    #serious post #please wear your mask before we wear you #and please stop bitching #wear ya mask
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  • the difference between satire and bullying is whether it’s aimed at those with power or those without

    #not a shitpost #serious post
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