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  • My mind is fucking boggled!!

    It’s not obey me related, so you can just ignore if you want. That’s why it’s under the cut.

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  • Hey, just came to let you know that there win’t be a new page next week. The reason being? Personal family issue. Not sure if I’ll be able to do get a page for you next week, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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  • …Hi.

    This is very much not what I usually post, but this is the only way I can reach some of y’all, so here we are.

    I’m sorry to ask this, I really am, but it would be really nice if y’all left “notes”, aka likes, on some of the posts that I create. I’ve been feeling very down lately, and my mind has been in a bit of a rough place, but every time I see that someone left a note here I get really warm and happy.

    I don’t demand this, you can do whatever you want, but just…sometimes ya know?

    Thank you, I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to the next Academia Octavia!

    #Serious Talk #Well not too serious #Ugh I sound so demanding
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  • I’ve been thinking a lot and- I think it’s time I admit to my mistakes like I should have from the beginning.

    At least time has given me leisure to think on it more, albeit it took me forever to do so. Three and a half months is a long time. But I do want to make things right.

    Especially since my birthday is next week. Here goes nothin-

    #shut up vincent #serious#serious talk
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  • It looks like I have to make a post about this but so there’s no confusion:

    This blog is a drama/discourse free zone.

    I’ve received several asks pertaining to drama/discourse in the fandom and my opinions on them. I want my blog to be a fun and safe place, especially with how the world is right now.

    Don’t get it twisted, if I reblogged something made by a sexist/racist/etc person then lemme know because I do not support those kinds of people.

    #.opi talks #serious talk #discourse free zone
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  • Should I start dating again?

    Am I allowed to date people without mental health issues?

    Should I avoid them?

    Can you find a partner if you’re the one having those issues?

    Is it fair to others?

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  • Trigger warnings below for a lot of triggering themes. I’m about to rant, so get ready for that. (Or skip past it, either way is fine.)

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    #tags #not gravity falls #serious talk#Shaeril McBrown #I don't know how to stop this #This is upsetting me #What do I do...
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  • Hey everyone idk if I’m just being over cautious or too worried or anything but I’m really anxious about it rn.

    Someone I used to know used me to get to my friend by creating a lookalike account to mine called draws-at-dawn. They sent a series of awful messages to me and my friends for no reason (this isn’t me assuming it was for no reason, they literally said it was for no reason.) Anyway, I doubt they messaged anyone else under the name Dawn but just in case they did, I want to make it very clear that that was not me. I didn’t send anyone any messages today on tumblr other than to talk with that person.

    They have deleted their account now after the damage had been done and they had their fun and, like I said, I have no knowledge of them dming anyone other than me and 2 or 3 of my friends. But better safe than sorry.

    I love you guys

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  • It is asinine how homophobic some people are. And I seriously didn’t know the absolute extent of this until I started coming out. There’s just, stuff you don’t understand until you live it.

    Like, you could be like “I do not act on my attraction to the same sex for religious reasons”, and even then some religious people still act like you’re the spawn of Satan

    Here’s a sample of what people have told me even though I’ve made it abundantly clear that I’m side B and not acting on SSA:

    • “repent of your wicked ways and get right with the Lord”
    • “you are trying to justify a sinful lifestyle”
    • “[pursuing] celibacy is not admirable - especially for homosexuals”
    • “your problem is psychological, not just spiritual”
    • “you should step down from children’s ministry - I’m not saying you’re a pedo, but it’s the principle of the matter”
    • “you should step down from children’s ministry - whether you realize it or not, you’re going to indoctrinate those kids”

    Like, tf? What am I supposed to do? Just stop existing altogether? Seems like that’s the only thing that would please some of these people

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  • are you a seijoh supremacist or are you normal?

    #ari.txt #serious talk #theres no inbetween
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  • Since some of you might not know, this blog is run by two people; Fluffs and Muse. Fluffs does the majority of the art, and Muse likes doing writing prompts. The two of them both reblog stuff.

    The reason for such is when we first started out, there was a lot of asks and prompts to be finished, so Muse came to help. She ended up staying.

    That’s why we’re either called Fluffs Mod or Muse mod.

    In the future, we will do our best to differentiate the two mods from now with either

    Fluffs made the post to help me out with the situation I’m currently stuck in (not gonna go into detail here) to see if people are interested of getting some art instead of a straight donation.

    I do some art, but I’m not not confident enough to start posting on this blog, which is why I post art stuff there instead of here.

    Thank you for coming to my tedtalk


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  • Hello there! Milli here!

    I’d first like to say how sorry I am that I haven’t posted any quotes in a while. My wrists are better and I should be able to find time to start posting them again. I started back up with work and school which has take a lot of time out of my schedule with everything that’s been going on. Hopefully I’ll be able to restart the queue this weekend so you should be getting them back again.

    the second part of this will be a PSA to a lot of shippers and will be talking about some sensitive issues so if you are triggered by them, please do not look below the cut. The TLDR; is that people grow up, age gaps happen naturally, don’t try to keep kids as kids forever in a fandom just because they’re kids in canon. The screen will always fade to black and even though you never see it, it doesn’t mean that people don’t grow up or change. (Also, don’t hate on people for their ships. They’re fictional people for fucks sake, get over it)

    (and if you are being abused in anyway, please seek help from trusted people who can help you. No one deserves any sort of abuse)

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  • Do I need to see a therapist? Yes.

    Do I want to see a therapist? Yes.

    Am I afraid of finding a new therapist & being able to emotionally open up to them & getting along with them really well only for them to leave me & move to a different practice that I can’t afford just like all of my childhood therapists & that’s probably why I have trouble opening up to people because I’m afraid they’re just going to leave me? Yes.

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  • Ok i am done with this shit.

    I love gen z jokes but you know what? I am dont with the “i want to die” bullshit. ‘Cause fuck it!

    I WANT TO LIVE! I LIKE LIVING! yeah sometimes shits hard and i know some people struggle but i am sick of this stupid “everyone in gen z dont care if they live or die haha” shtick 'cause fucking! STFU

    ~yes i know some people use humor as coping mechanism but the jokes has gone too far and too much~

    #gen z #gen z memes #gen z culture #gen z humor #serious talk #i am not laughing anymore
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  • Status Update: Surgery Pending

    As some of you may know, I’ve been in here since mid-July, and now I’ve come to a point where I will require a surgical procedure, which was advised by my doctors. Basically to excise a point of infection in my lower body. It takes place this Friday.

    It stands a good chance of success, and I’m optimistic about my recovery. I got all the questions I needed asked, and made this informed decision with my family to proceed.

    Wish me well. If you’re the kind for prayer, feel free to keep me in your thoughts. I hope to return to being my best.

    #Mod announcement #my little pony friendship is magic #Dr. Fauna #Twilight Sparkle #Spike the Dragon #colin nary#my art#serious talk
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  • To the little handful of peeps who have started following me;

    Thank you and hello and welcome!! You pack of gorgeous little butter beans!!

    #serious talk #feel the love
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  • i don’t believe in separating the art from the artist. that’s like separating the music from the beat. you can’t do it. there’s always going to be a little beat in a song, and there’s always going to be a little piece of the artist in everything that they make. those are their words that they thought and wrote, those are their lines that they pictured and drew with their hands, those are their chords and tunes that they made with their mind and body. they’ve hidden their ideals in their creations, however subconsciously. cringe culture is dead, sure, but that doesn’t mean that critical thinking is dead too.

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  • Guess who finished working on the first half of part III ? ( ´ ▽ ` )

    Hm, maybe you’ll have a surprise on Sunday? That’s if I don’t spend the whole week playing this game I got on my birthday

    Btw, I also have a question. Would you guys be interested if I opened commissions ? ( Via Ko-fe (PayPal)/OC, UT, other fandoms/sketch, colored sketch or full illu)

    Just, uh, asking ( ˙▿˙ )

    #Seirin speaking#part III#teaser#commissions#drawing#serious talk #Or if you know people who'd be interested #Not necessarily UT #Or the artstyle I use for the comic #Anyway#question
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  • PSA!! RANT INCOMING * trigger warning *

    So, this is something I wanted to point out for a while now but this special chapter seems to be the perfect occasion…

    As much as I love Tianshan and their dynamic, and how their relationships evolves with time, I absolutely cannot bring myself to like the “ threat of violence” that sometimes he tian display when “bullying” Little MO.( I put theses in “” because, yes I do understand that he doesn’t really intend to do anything he doesn’t like, or hurt him but it still not ok)


    We all know ( and he tian too) how much abuse Mo got from -that Goddamn no good snake- She Li, and it’s clearly triggering for him to be forced into thing or being threatened.

    I usually don’t mind their little banter, and the fact that he tian sometimes teases little Mo , but usually it’s all fun and games and they both know it, but Mo cannot be a thousand pourcent sure about that all the time - or at least not yet- since mind you their relationship started on the bases of violence.


    That’s why I feel like sometimes we see little MO feeling some type of way ( just like in this chapter where he looked a bit like he was scared / or even getting teary)

    Now I have to give props to my Good Boy he tian for recognizing that he might have taken things a bit to far and apologizing almost immediately while trying to de-escalate the situation and to make little Mo feel better ( by kissing and acting as lovey-dovey as usual and mo also look like he is better or at least not as scared/ unwell as before and even blush’s a little bit as he tian teases him more).



    I also feel like this is a good example of the fact that even though their relationship it’s evolving it’s still a work in progress ( because we can sometimes feel like they are getting along perfectly fine and they accustomed to each other already), and I like the fact that we can see that he tian is clumsy in his behavior and actions ( don’t really know the limits, or how to properly fully interact with Mo in all situations) but his attentions are good and he often tries to proceed with as much caution as he can, and pays attention and picks up on little things ( just like he saw that MO was feeling uncomfortable/ not ok and was taking it seriously and immediately stopped and apologized). And I love how MO can now show a bit more of how he is feeling in the moment instead of repressing his emotions ( uncomfortable, unsafe, blushing …etc)

    I KNOW THIS IS A BIT Of A LONG RANT ! But Anyways I just wanted to get that of my chest.

    #mo guan shan #old xian#he tian#tianshan#19 days#manhua #he tian x mo guan shan #lets talk#rant#serious talk #might be triggering #this is just my thoughts #personal opinion
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