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    Δουλειές με μπογιές

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  • wird mein Tätowierer wahrscheinlich nicht mehr nach Deutschland einreisen können, so wie es derzeit hier aussieht, zudem sind ja jetzt die Studios auch wieder zu…

    Somit muss ich nun schon über ein Jahr auf weitere Sessions warten, was ehrlich gesagt ziemlich nervig ist, weil ich noch so viele Projekte vorhabe.

    Das bedeutet für mich, dass wenn er wieder hier ist, ich ihn mehrere Tage am Stück in Beschlag haben werde. Kostspielig ist es und vielleicht auch anderen, die auch gerne von ihm tätowiert werden wollen, ein wenig unfair, vor allem wenn seine Zeit hier begrenzt ist, aber ganz ehrlich, notfalls zahl ich halt mehr. Geld regelt eben ;D

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  • Need some calming tunes in your life? @elikahnmusic has been hard at work on his next solo album, from guitar tracks to beat making to dunking the whole thing in some beautiful ambient pools. Keep an eye out for the final product! 🍃 🍁 🍂

    #music #earthradio #earthradioband #lofi #beats #guitar #studio #recording #thirdcoastrecordingco #ambient #mixing #session #grandhaven #michigan #michiganmusic #michiganmusicians #puremichigan #calm #peace #rest #tranquil #moment #audio #audioproduction #engineer #solidstatelogic (at Third Coast Recording Company)

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  • Was feeling this last night! When the music takes you! My shoulder spins are starting to be easy! I just want to make them faster now and more rounds! #Bboy #Dance #Practice #Session #Musicality #FeeltheMusic (at San Antonio, Texas)

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  • Had a great practice session tonight! Working on some new transitions and concepts! #Bboy #Practice #Session #Dance #Studio (at San Antonio, Texas)

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  • I recently made a bunch of lands for a session, so here they are. Warpbound players, leave now or be promptly shot.

    Archipelago of Oases and Haboobs (AOOAH) Witch of Breath
    This is a land of mistakes and bad decisions. With tamed ‘striders’ which are basically horses they can travel all across the land. Well, if they stayed on the path, but they never do. These consorts just. cant. stop. doing stupid shit. It’s up to you to redirect their unrestricted freedom towards less dumb paths. Some of that shit isn’t quite as easy to figure out how to fix, and you’ll have to figure out the path of the haboob and do some politics to fully get them to not be dumb.

    District of Ice and Unrest (DOIAU) Prince of Blood
    In a frosty, almost glacial wasteland, wolves, beaten down by the denizen and the elements toil away, working the stone. No one dares rebel or they’d be killed. The hero has to move quickly or they’ll be captured. Eventually they must enter a camp, start a revolution and go through liberating each camp. Once you have enough soldiers, attack the denizen or unite the people into a democratic government.    

    University of Pretension and Poison (UOPAP) thief of mind
    This land is a huge school full of hundreds of pompous professors and zero students. Everyone is super smart and looks down on you for not being practically omniscient. However, the consorts here aren’t just super smart, they’re only super smart in their own field. They avoid situations that would have them need to know about things they are bad at. Thing is, a huge piece of old tech stuck near the core is shattering and poisoning the land. The consorts refuse to cooperate with people of a different expertise as them so it comes to the hero of uopap to take their knowledge for himself, steal the “cool statues” that are parts of the machine needed to deactivate it and save the world.

    Kingdom of tech and floods (KOTAF) Mage of light
    This is a land of great machines that could shatter worlds and build utopia. Unfortunately, no one knows how to use them. They are left with a subsistence farmer society which uses broken teleporters as coffee tables. They are slowly losing land to a material replicator lodged in the ocean floor which keeps creating water. Help them and also yourself by using their advanced tech or your friends god tiers to move or destroy the slowly encroaching sea.

    Location of, uh Canvas and Frogs? (LOUCAF?) Heir of space
    What? No! You’re not supposed to be here yet. We’re not done making this land. This planet is just a single town right now. The rest of the world is an eerie, smooth blank surface. Luckily, It doesn’t have to stay that way for long. Anything drawn or painted onto the whitelands comes to life, or just regular existence if it’s an inanimate object. There are a couple frogs around, but they only appear in painted areas, but the town is too inhabited. You’ll have to create some habitats and draw some lava for the second forge if you want to complete this quest. Denizen? Aw, dang we need one of those, don’t we. Hm, lets just use echidna. Oops, our echidna is kinda awful. Well that’s okay, this weird pool noodle can be the denizen.

    Cluster of Parsecs and Toads (COPAT) Rogue of space
    This is actually a version of the land in my pfp. Fun!
    This is a land of scattered fragments. Stars and comets abound outside the system. Supposedly it once was whole, but no one remembers that time. Consorts live on these fragments as normal, unaware that their land is weird. The forge must be lit by kicking a star into it, when it will blast all of the fragments into a globe. This makes it easier to find the denizen who now lives underground. Many fragments and dust clouds will still surround the land even once whole. The frogs, or rather toads, float idly around the land, but special toads can be found hiding within comets and as rewards for sidequests.

    Mausoleum of Ashes and Dust (MAUAD) Bard of Doom
    This land is chock full of ghosts. A couple zombies too. They seem scary, but most of them are pretty nice people. They’re also the only way you’ll get any information about the volcanic winter. Oh yeah, volcanic winter. Everything is dying because there isn’t enough light and heat getting through the thick ashy cloud cover. Looks like it’s being spewed by copat’s forge. Stop the ash or find another source of heat.

    Hey, wait, this session has two space players? And no time players? Well, ok, some of the lands in this session were made by my co-dm who might not want them here and they aren’t my content. The time player is using a land ripped from another classpect blog because last time we tried to make one for this player, it wasn’t exactly good. Hope lands are real hard. This is most of the session though. Plus loucaf? which i made and then realized that our heir of space wasn’t actually playing. 

    #session#sburb#lands #homestuck land analysis #session analysis#dubiously#tablestuck#homestuck #i might go into more detail with these later we'll see
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  • #lana del rey #lana del rey unreleased #lana#lizzy grant#playing dangerous#session#lossless#unreleased #lana del bae
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  • #repost @skratchelementz
    HOY EN TWITCH @dj_harden
    Seguirle o Suscribiros a su cuenta de @twitch así estáis atentos a sus directos . Estara haciendo sessiones en vivo , Opentable Scratch , algún tutoríal de manejo y setup de equipo , charlas y también produciendo Beats

    TWITCH : DeejayHarden

    Follow him or subscribe to his @twitch account so you are attentive to his live streams. She will be doing live sessions, Opentable Scratch, some tutorial on handling and equipment setup, talks and also producing Beats

    #twitchespaña #twitchdeejayharden #deejayharden #traktor #skratchelementz #scratching #directo #session #scratch #dj #hiphop #rap #radio #set #tutorial (en Community of Madrid)

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  • Characters:

    • Kix, changeling rogue (Arcane Trickster)
    • Mirri in the wind, tabaxi bard (College of Worship)
    • Rysiel “Riceboy”, half-elf druid (Circle of the Moon)/barbarian


    • Krowen Valharrow, Turami male human wizard and head of the Harper contingent in Everlund
    • Dral Thelev, male half-orc; runs the Danivarr’s House inn

    The party reaches Everlund, finishes a quest, unlocks fast travel, and takes some downtime… I think we accomplished a lot this session!

    “We travel about three more days, passing by Olostin’s hold without stopping, and arriving at Everlund at midday (day 34). This is the first large city we’ve been in, so we ask for directions to the wizard’s tower. Once there, we ask the head wizard, Krowen, if he can help us figure out what Jest is, because that is clearly more important than the giants terrorizing the countryside. Also, apparently he recognizes Kix and Rysiel as being from Eberron, whaaat?!

    Eventually we do tell him about the giants and the attack on Triboar, and he gives us some scrolls. He also offers to trade us for the magical rod we looted from the fire giant. We accept, and he tells us more about the giant problem. Each type of giant is trying to prove itself ”“the best”“, and the Fire giants seem to be doing that by searching for something with the rods. Krowen also grants us use of teleportation circles around The North. Fast Travel: Unlocked!

    After that, we remember to check in with Dral at ”“Danivaar’s House”“ (inn) to complete Darathra’s quest, but we don’t tell him we’ve met Krown, and he sends us back to the tower.

    Jest’s tests will take about five days, so we hang out in Everlund. Mirri plays music for the public, raking in the money and providing a distraction for Kix–who has adopted a tressym and is using it to help him pickpocket (he also rakes it in). Meanwhile, Rysiel discovers the fledgling blackmarket, and tries to buy a wolf pup (unfortunately it’ll take a few days to get one, and Rysiel declines) to impress Olivai.”

    #5e#d&d #A Party Most Queer #storm king's thunder #session
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  • Just had a session. He was rough. I lost all sense of everything. I had to use the safe word. It was a BLAST. Details later maybe. XD

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  • a new track ‘ProtagonistA’ (2020), #avantgarde #progressiverock #jazz #session #music 2nd clipped for next #portfolio work kaolu_euphony’s 'Postman - EP’ and Album 'Post’ WIP


    #electronic #sound #soundcloud #Japanese #composer #musician #producer #indies #indiemusic #indiemusician #rock #instrumental #game #film #filmscore #filmscoring

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  • a new track ‘ProtagonistA’ (2020), #avantgarde #progressiverock #jazz #session #music for next #portfolio work kaolu_euphony’s 'Postman - EP’ and Album 'Post’ WIP


    #electronic #sound #soundcloud #Japanese #composer #musician #producer #indies #indiemusic #indiemusician #rock #instrumental #game #film #filmscore #filmscoring

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