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  • staycatcher
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #listen ik it’s all about 2min but seungbin we’re the ogs I just love seungmins lovehate dynamics it’s so good I couldn’t ask for more lmao #were* #also seungmin n chsngbin have their own soundboard…. idk what is in their cereal every morning but they really know how to make the most #wacky sounds it’s so good they’re so stupid I love them #changbin*#brewgie answers#baby mutuals👼💞#🌼 anon#skznta event
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  • staycatcher
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #honestly seungbin supremacy we have such good taste ahishfidiudf #this is making me so excited omg I haven’t made a new stay friend in forever #brewgie answers#baby mutuals👼💞#🌼 anon#skznta event
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  • thejinkies
    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ he is my b3st fr3ind and we are n0t a c0upl3 !!! 🦖 – @opulenceps

    #fox. <3 #icons#stray kids #stray kids icons #stray kids moodboard #stray kids changbin #changbin#seungmin#seungmin icons#seungmin moodboard#seungmin layouts#changbin layouts#seungbin#seungbin moodboard #stray kids layouts #stray kids bios #opulenceps#psd 144 #stray kids details #kpop soft moodboard #soft moodboard#kpop #thejinkies. <33 #kim seungmin#seo changbin#☆
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  • hwangsanie
    09.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    — Pintando nosso futuro

    — Capa e banner para o projeto Reverse Kids

    #seungmin#seungbin#changbin #capa de fic #capa para fanfic #capa para spirit #skz#fanfic#stray kids#skz fanfic#skz fic
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  • designmiss
    09.12.2013 - 7 years ago

    Vaso irrigazione a pioggia Rainy Pot by Jeong Seungbin https://www.design-miss.com/vaso-irrigazione-pioggia-rainy-pot-by-jeong-seungbin/ Vaso irrigazione a pioggia Rainy Pot, realizzato dal designer Jeong Seungbin, è un piccolo vaso da parete con una simpatica nuvola posta sopra di esso. All’interno della nuvola c’è una spugna che assorbe l’acqua e consente di innaffiare le piante dall’alto come se fossero bagnate dalle gocce di pioggia.

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  • b99kie
    21.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    like or rb if you use 🗯️

    all headers made by me, credit if u use

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  • 00line-simping-for-changbin
    18.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Stray Kids Ranks Their Songs | BuzzFeed Celeb

    Bin was so extra in this interview, and the way he made Hyunjin laugh + the petty little battle with Han + Kim Seungmin is just going around proudly declaring his love whenever he gets the chance, eh~

    (++ lix's heart eyes)

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  • snobutasu
    14.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i wrote a fic and i have some thoughts i wanna share to no one at all

    id like to think of this fic as my first official fic bc i really thought about it, its whole concept and vibe, and how i wanna progress my story (yknow like an actual writer)

    i wrote it bc i genuinely want ppl to read it and not bc i had to

    i finally wrote scenarios in my head rather than just simply imagining it and playing it in my head like im watching a movie

    my writing def improved a lot, being able to articulate and describe each scenes, and having a neat writing style (it used to bother me A Lot, thats why i stopped writing for a bit)

    i think its bc i read an actual novel/book this time, and not just various online stories with very confusing styles of writing

    tbh im a bit anxious if others will like what i wrote, but personally im happy with it

    heres the fic in question:

    i need somebody

    seungbin fic (seungmin x changbin)

    10k words

    fluff, light angst, tw// anxiety attacks

    (mostly) seungmin pov


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  • chxngbin
    05.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #Screaming and crying I am not ok your honour #Seungbin!! Chansung!!! #Meow meow racha!!!! #HyunIn!!! #Skz#Stray kids
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  • cuddlepilesick
    23.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Ear infection

    Fandom: Stray Kids

    Sickie: Seungmin

    Caregivers: Stray Kids (mainly Changbin)

    Prompt @sicktember

    No one's POV.:

    Seungmin had been battling a very persistent cold for the past three weeks already. He had been so stuffed up that he could barely hear over the congestion. Breathing through his nose had been impossible and he had been excluded from vocal practice to protect what little he had left of his voice. It got so bad that he had to spend two entire weeks at home resting, too run down to dance and too hoarse to sing. He had felt so miserable that he didn't even put up a fight when Chan asked him to take some time off to recover. Usually, Seungmin would put up a fight and insist that he was alright but this time, he didn't have the energy to do so. Now, after what seemed like forever to the vocalist, he could finally breathe through his nose again and his throat had stopped hurting. The low-grade fever had disappeared over night and he felt loads better than he had in a while. He was still somewhat congested, his hearing muffled. His right ear was only a little muffled, while he barely heard anything with his left ear. Seungmin was convinced though that he only needed a few more days for the congestion to clear up fully and then he'd be fine. He'd been sick more than long enough after all.

    Chan was surprised to see his dongsaeng up early. The younger had been pretty fatigued from his cold for a while, so him being one of the first ones up hadn't happened in a while. He also looked a lot healthier and the leader was happy his friend was getting better. "Good morning, didn't expect to see you before heading out", the Aussie smiled, leaning against the kitchen counter sipping his coffee. Seungmin made himself a cup of tea and hummed: "Good morning, hyung. Yeah, I feel a lot better actually. I'd really like to go to work with the rest of you again." – "You sure you're well enough for that yet?", Chan frowned, eyes furrowed with worry, "You still sound a little stuffy." – "Yet? It's been over two weeks", the vocalist sighed, "I'm still pretty congested but other than that, I feel fine." The leader shrugged, Seungmin could still change his mind and go home early if he wasn't up for it after all. "If you say so, you can try", he smiled, leaving the younger alone so he could get ready. Minho walked up to Seungmin next, greeting him. The vocalist didn't react at all, so Minho repeated himself a bit louder. "Yah, Kim Seungmin, stop ignoring your hyung", he said loudly. Seungmin's head snapped up, staring at the dancer in shock. Turning his head, he stammered: "I-I'm sorry, hyung. I wasn't ignoring you." – "What's up then? I kept talking to you but you didn't react. Were you spaced out or something?", the older cooed worriedly. The vocalist shook his head, explaining: "You stood on my left side and my left ear is still really muffled. I didn't hear you, hyung. I'm sorry." Minho nodded in acknowledgement but didn't seem too satisfied. "That cold's really not letting go of you, is it?", he frowned. Seungmin shrugged lightheartedly, smiling: "I feel better for the most part, I'm sure the congestion muffling my ears will clear up soon."

    Unlike Chan, Minho had doubts about letting his dongsaeng go to work today. Seungmin still wasn't 100% better and with how persistent his cold had been, the dancer feared the younger would get worse again if he started pushing himself while not fully recovered. His doubts amplified when the vocalist passed him and Felix in the hallway on the way to his room to get changed. Seemingly out of nowhere, Seungmin started to stumble, his shoulder brushing the wall and he might even have fallen if Felix didn't catch him. The Aussie helped him sit down and studied his face worriedly. "Are you okay? Going to pass out?", he frowned. Seungmin shook his head, laughing sheepishly: "I-I'm fine. Not even dizzy, no idea why my equilibrium went out the window." – "You wanna try to stand?", Minho asked, reaching out a hand to help his dongsaeng up. As soon as the vocalist stood on his own feet again, he stumbled, so Minho and Felix supported him from both sides and walked him back to his room, telling him to lay down while Felix would get Chan. While the Aussie was gone, Minho felt Seungmin's forehead for a fever but his temperature felt normal. "I'm serious, hyung, I felt completely fine and then I just fell sideways", the younger insisted but stayed on his back anyway. He turned his head to the side and smiled at Chan when the leader walked in. Felix had already told him what had happened but he wanted to hear it from Seungmin himself too, so he asked: "Can you tell me what's going on, Minnie? You seemed better when we talked earlier." – "Hyung, I don't know. I feel better and out of nowhere I just fell to the side", the vocalist sighed. That sounded odd to Chan but his dongsaeng seemed sincere. That didn't mean he'd trust the younger to go to work though or to stay home alone for that matter.

    "Well, it's obvious that you can't come with us if you can't even walk in a straight line by yourself", Chan pointed out, making Seungmin's face fall, "Honestly, Min. You're worrying me. Are you sure this is really just a cold with how long you've been sick? Maybe we could drop you of at the doctor on our way to work." – "No, hyung, please. I'm fine", the younger pouted. "At this point I don't even want to leave you home alone, so don't even start about going to work", the leader warned, "I know you're frustrated by now but don't make yourself worse by pushing yourself too early." – "How about we make a deal?", Minho offered, "If you manage to walk to the kitchen and back here without losing your balance, you can stay at the dorm alone and we won't bother you about seeing a doctor. Maybe you're fine to work tomorrow after one more day of rest.... If you lose your balance though, someone's staying with you." Chan nodded, the dancer had a point and hopefully Seungmin would agree too. Though the vocalist really wanted to go, watching dramas in peace still sounded better than having an overprotective hyung keeping him company, so he got up and nodded, starting his walk to the kitchen.

    He wasn't even halfway down the hallway, when he had to admit defeat. Feeling the ground under his feet tip to the side, Seungmin relied on doorways and walls to steady him and had to support himself on anything he could find. Walking without holding on to anything somehow just wouldn't work. He sighed and turned around without even making it to the kitchen, stumbling back to his room. A single tear ran down his cheek when he plopped down on his bed again. Why couldn't he just be fine already? Minho sat down next to him and rubbed his back. The dancer could understand why his dongsaneg was upset but there was no use in taking him to work in this condition. Chan had left them for a moment to organize a few things but Changbin soon joined the two and smiled sadly, humming: "Hey, Chan told me what's going on and said they didn't need me as urgently at the company, so I should stay with you for today." Seungmin nodded, not really happy about it still but he didn't think the rapper would be all over him like some of the other members might. "It's okay, I won't bother you if you want to rest or watch dramas alone. I'm just here in case you need something or want company, I know we barely spent time with you recently because we were always busy", he smiled, knowing the vocalist was usually quite good at taking care of himself.

    Soon the rest of the group had left and Seungmin started feeling tired again despite not having been awake for too long. Maybe it was good he had stayed home after all. Yawning, he let Changbin know that he was going to take a nap before drawing the blinds in his room and going back to bed. It didn't take long for the vocalist to fall asleep. He didn't sleep for long though, waking up to an intense pain in his left ear. Gasping, he sat up and covered his ear with his hand. He didn't know what to do, so he struggled to his feet to go and find Changbin. Seungmin still struggled to keep his balance and slid down with his back against the wall, clutching his ear as the tears started falling. "Hyung", he shakily cried out, biting his sleeve to keep from whimpering. Why did it hurt so bad all of a sudden? The vocalist was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear the hurried footsteps approaching. Changbin crouched in front of him, taking in the tear stained face and pained noises escaping his dongsaeng's lips from time to time. Holding the boy by his shoulders, the rapper frowned: "Hey, you're okay. Can you tell hyung what's going on?" – "It-It hurts s-so bad", Seungmin sobbed, hand still pressed against his ear. "Your ear?", Changbin confirmed and the younger nodded, "Alright, you didn't eat yet, so I can't give you anything against the pain, right?" Seungmin nodded again. "Alright, here's what we're gonna do. I'll take you back to your room, we'll get you into some day clothes and then I'll take you to a doctor. You probably got an ear infection or something", the rapper explained, hoisting his dongsaeng up and walking him back to his room.

    Seungmin kept crying while his hyung went through his closet, handing him clothes that the vocalist changed into without even really looking at them, not caring what he wore, just wanting the pain to go away. Changbin already called them a driver before wrapping his arm around the younger's waist, guiding him to the front door to put on his shoes. Seungmin held on to the rapper's shoulders, leaning against his side heavily. Why was he so unsteady on his feet? The car ride passed in a blur with the vocalist crying pain and Changbin desperately trying to comfort the younger but knowing he couldn't take the pain away. It turned out that Seungmin really had developed an ear infection as a result of his cold. That was also what was messing with his balance. He didn't even care anymore about having to miss a few more days of work, as long as it would just stop hurting so badly. With a prescription for ear drops and painkillers, the two went on their way home and Changbin allowed the crying vocalist to wait in the car while he'd pick up his medication. The rapper could tell his dongsaeng was getting exhausted after crying for so long. Hopefully he'd be able to nap when they got home, so he wouldn't have to feel the pain for a while.

    When they got home, they washed their hands before Changbin sat the younger down at the dining table, asking: "What do you feel like eating? You can take the first dose of your painkillers as soon as there's some food in you." – "I-I don't know. Anything fast. I just want it to stop already. Maybe something soft too, my jaw's starting to hurt", Seungmin whimpered, resting his head on his arms. "Blueberry yoghurt okay?", the rapper mused, rummaging through the fridge. Glancing over his shoulder, he caught the younger nodding and brought him his yoghurt, along with a spoon, before pouring him a glass of water so he could take the pill afterwards. Keeping the Seungmin company while he ate, Changbin announced: "When you're done, I'll help you put in your eardrops too, okay? Maybe you can take a nap too, you look exhausted." – "I am but I don't think I could sleep, it hurts too bad", the younger pouted, rubbing at his eyes to stop the tears from falling. He forced his yoghurt down in record time before taking the medicine his hyung had prepared. After throwing out the cup and dropping the spoon in the sink, Changbin offered the vocalist his hand to help him get back to his room, where the younger changed back into his comfortable sleep clothes. "Alright, lay on your right side", the rapper instructed when Seungmin was ready. The other complied, getting comfortable on his right side. Changbin put in the eardrops, making the younger frown. Placing the bottle on the nightstand, he asked: "Should I stay or leave you to take a nap?" – "Stay, please? Please distract me, this feels disgusting", Seungmin pouted, playing with a lose string on his blanket. Changbin sat down next to him and started to play with his hair, talking about the most random things, not even sure, whether the younger was listening to him at all. When he heard soft congested snores, he knew his dongsaeng wasn't listening anymore and carefully got up from the bed, pulling the blanket up to cover the younger before sitting on the other bed, playing games on his phone, so he'd still be nearby should he be needed. 

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  • 00line-simping-for-changbin
    22.09.2021 - 2 monts ago
    Stray Kids "Levanter" M/V MAKING FILM

    Binnie and his September babies ❤

    Bonus: March baby to complete 00z

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  • 00line-simping-for-changbin
    22.09.2021 - 2 monts ago
    [Two Kids Room] VOL.4 Ep.07 Changbin X Seungmin

    When you want compliments but your donsaeng knows you too damn well

    생일 축하해, 우리 땡땡이 ❤

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  • dirtykpopsnaps
    21.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Here’s the request for Kevin

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#baek seungbin #baek seungbin smut #t1419 kevin #t1419 kevin smut #t1419#t1419 smut
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  • hyunjinhour
    15.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Stray Kids ships.

    I’ve been a stay for around a year now and I thought let me talk about the skz ships I have been screaming abt.

    1. Hyunchan when I first noticed them it was during one of their online concerts and I was like ohh hold a minute. Pre-red lights here, I would say Hyunchan are not overly loud so you might not notice them from the go ahead. I did notice that the way they act around each other is different from how they act around anyone else. They also do this thing where they put their hands in each others chests lol and they do that a lot. 

    There was a comment that said “Hyunchan is secretly a married couple but they are too shy to show their relationship.” This sums Hyunchan up perfectly.

    Also Red lights, gosh when they were talking abt a sexy rnb song I didn’t think we would be attacked like that. Oof too hot.

    Hyunchan are such a Hot pair. Also, it’s the funniest thing when Hyunjin flirts with Chan and Chan gets soooo shy.

    2. Seungbin - This ship has just attacked me recently. They are soooo loud but they are so underrated. With Seungbin what I have noticed is that Seungmin goes to Changbin to give him backhugs (like a lot) or like when he was resting his head Changbin’s shoulder and it feels like Changbin is Seungmin’s comfort space. It’s really cute.

    And also Changbin is wildin, especially with Seungmin (My Changlix heart cries lol) (Like the last talker Seungmin was going to give Changbin a high five and Changbin went in for a kiss lol Wildin. Need I mention the two dance practices where Changbin was on top of Seungmin and I was like shocked the first time I saw those moments and then I proceeded to rewatch them 10 more times.

    3. Hyunin are so cute. Hyunjin is still ever so whipped with Jeongin and it’s just so cute. They are so comfortable with each other. It’s cute to see.

    4. Minjeong - This is a contribution of this video and reading a fic that had Minjeong and then realising that Lee know has a soft spot for I.N and I just love how Minho teases Jeongin. It’s so freakin cute.

    5. Chanmin are soo loud especially when you watch the skz talkers. I think Chan is very comfortable with Seungmin and he is always hugging him and back hugging him. It is so cute. 

    6. Hyunsung are the ultimate enemies to lovers like to the story they told us back in the day to them now they seem really really close and it’s so cute.

    7. Minsung - They are married, couple goals. They are just too cute. Lee Know is really touchy with everyone including Han. The thing that gives Minsung away the most is how Han reacts and acts when around Leeknow. Like they give themselves away too much. We luv it.

    8. Hyunlix - I feel like Felix has such a soft spot for Hyunjin or a little crush and I feel like this time he is guarding himself but he slips up sometimes and we see it. I am torn because I feel like Felix still likes Changbin but he has more feelings for Hyunjin now. 

    The first skz ships post I made here. 

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  • twoofstuff
    12.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    *∘✧ If you used, reblog or like ✧∘*

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  • skyseungg
    31.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    SKZ lockscreens 🖤

    If you liked or saved pls like the post 💖🖤

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