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    This lil highlighter lighting up my life T_T
    #he mUnCh uwuwuwu #yoon jeonghan#jeonghan svt#svt jeonghan#seventeen jeonghan#seventeen edits#jeonghan edits#seventeen gifs#svt gifs#jeonghan gifs #he’s so cute I cryyyyyyy #aaaarrrggghhh he’s so adorable T_T #this is crying over hannie hours #don’t mind me #mina tries her best
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    #junhao #seventeen china line #svt china line #AO3 works tagged 'Wen Jun Hui | Jun/Xu Ming Hao | The8
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    04.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    The Broken Moon

    Pairing: Kwon Soonyoung x female reader

    Genre: angst / star-crossed lovers / royal au

    Warnings: angst

    Prompt: “There is a full moon tonight.” - #29 of Idea Starters

    Word count: 1113

    Looking to the skies, Soonyoung smiled wistfully. The night was particularly inky tonight, the perfect dotting of stars giving contrast to the dark. And right ahead of him was the moon.

    “There is a full moon tonight,” he whispered, leaning against a rolled hay bale in the grass, yearning to reach out and pluck it from the heavens. If he could control the moon, would that bring you back?

    It had been too long since he had last seen you.

    “You shouldn’t love me,” you had told him desperately, right as his lips had parted from the soft caress of your first kiss.

    Soonyoung had blinked several times, wondering where you had grabbed the word love from. He hadn’t uttered it out loud.


    Searching his face, you then smiled awkwardly. “Ah. Your kiss didn’t mean-”

    “If it did, would you stay longer?” he asked, his eyes pleading with yours for hope.

    You stepped back from him then, only for Soonyoung to follow you. “You shouldn’t—”

    “Love you. I know, you just said that. And maybe it’s premature to do so. Still, I wonder if what I feel for you is just that. I could very easily love you, Y/N.”

    You laughed softly. The melody carried upon the wind that picked up around your secret spot in the meadow. Soonyoung wished for it to go still again, but with how much his heart hammered in his chest now, he knew the world around you both was reacting also.

    He would endure a gale force storm for you if it meant you stayed beside him.

    “What you feel is infatuation. Excitement. Perhaps you—”

    “Are you inside of me? How do you know what I feel?” he cut in for the umpteenth time, and you groaned.

    “Must you interrupt?”

    “Yes. Because you’re trying to talk for me.”

    “One of us has to be talking sense right now,” you replied, and Soonyoung smiled confidently.

    “I am infatuated by you. Entirely. Ever since I saw you here that first day, I’ve been besotted by your very essence.”

    You swallowed slowly, your eyes growing momentarily with desire, only for your logic to squash it down. Before you could refute his statement, Soonyoung held up his hand and pressed on. “I am excited by you. By us. With that kiss, I opened a door to—”

    “To a fantasy world,” you announced, causing Soonyoung to halt with his ardent confession and look at you strangely. You exhaled shakily. “One must be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake.”

    “What we have is real, Y/N.”

    You shook your head, clamping your eyes shut. “How can a princess have something real with a peasant?”

    Soonyoung could tell as soon as the words left you, you wished to gobble them back up. The damage was instant, and as you reached out for him, it was he who stepped back from you this time.

    A hollow laugh left him. “Ah, yes. How foolish of me.”

    “Soonyoung! Please, I—”

    “Once upon a time, there was a princess miserable in her castle walls. And a stupid farmer’s boy fell in love with her by chance in his fields one day. Not knowing she was the daughter of the King of these lands until she came to him one moonlit night wearing a crooked crown and carrying a desperation to escape into his arms, he continued to grow attached to her with every visit.”


    “And the stupid farmer’s boy thought regardless of status what they had confessed under the moon that night to one another had been enough,” he continued, reaching out to straighten the crown upon your head.

    Tears now slipped down your face, silently crying as he gave a watery smile in return.

    “Realising that the princess had escaped from her castle to him because of the upcoming wedding between the neighbouring kingdom and his own, rather than to come find him because she loved him dearly, the farmer’s boy looked to the heavens, asking them to grant him a wish.”

    Turning his gaze to the full moon, he marvelled at the night sky for only a moment more. “May the princess bore her upcoming husband with an heir and allow her the opportunity to live out her most fulfilled destiny.”

    Your hand connected with his cheek then, and Soonyoung laughed bitterly. “A first kiss and a slap goodbye. You know how to wreak havoc on this countryside tonight, Your Highness.”

    “I don’t wish to live in a fairy-tale.”

    “I didn’t ask for that for you either,” he commented, gesturing widely, as his pride continued to hurt. “Because if you wanted one of those, you would fall in love with the peasant, and love would conquer all.”

    You inhaled deeply before nodding. “There’s a reason fairy-tales are told to us, Soonyoung. They teach us that reality isn’t as wonderful as they can be and to be grateful for what we have in this life.”

    “Yes, you’re right. I sure am grateful that all these fields my family own will have a great harvest to give to our kingdom. To wake up each day and work these lands with no bigger dreams than that.”

    “You should be grateful for the freedom these fields give you. One who might seem to have it all could be wishing to have nothing but that.”

    Staring at one another with intense longing mixing in with the anger, Soonyoung eventually pulled away, blinking several more times and looked to the moon again, trying to clear his mind of the intense feelings he held for you. “We’re lucky to live under such a beautiful moon. It bears witness to our fleeting love.”

    “Fleeting?” you echoed and laughed hollowly. “When a full moon rises into the night, I hope it makes you think of this love of ours.”

    “I don’t plan on it, princess. But I hope the same for you. May your mind be full of me every time the moon is as round as it is tonight. Pray for good weather to the poor peasant who couldn’t do more than dream of a princess for himself.”

    The hardness in your gaze snapped as the tears rolled down your cheeks again, turning on your heel and running back across the moors from where you had come from.

    Every part of Soonyoung wanted to chase after you, as the bitter wind whipped around his face, dragging off with the tears that flowed freely from his eyes. And yet, he realised there was no way to chance this storm and come out alive.

    A princess couldn’t love a peasant outside of fairy-tales.


    All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft

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    #yes i love the middle cat header 😾 #seventeen icons#seventeen edits#seventeen stuff#seventeen packs#seventeen layouts#jeonghan icons#jeonghan layouts#jeonghan packs#jeonghan edits #yoon jeonghan icons #yoon jeonghan edits #yoon jeonghan packs #yoon jeonghan layouts #kpop icons#kpop edits#kpop packs#kpop layouts #boy groups layouts #boy groups packs
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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    welcome back to another month of creations from the writers of tct!! think you missed something back in july, check out what we have posted to see if you did!


    all members

    come again next month!!


    come again next month!!


    come again next month!!


    come again next month!!


    - @seokmingiggles​: even if the world is cold (fluff to light angst, mutual pining(?), royalty!au (prince!Jun, servant!reader))


    - @escapewriter​​: a leap of faith (fluff, slight angst, rivals to lovers!au)
    - @spookyhyuck​​: Spider-Boy Is A Dog In This One (Angst, smut, fluff, supernatural au, soulmate au) tw: for mature audiences- full disclaimer on every fic ( one | two | three )


    - @escapewriter​​: summer scent (fluff, humor, established relationship)
    - @escapewriter​: soft light (angst, slight fluff, kinda bittersweet, established relationship) tw: swearing, character has brain cancer, hospital scenes, mentions of cheating, rain storm


    - @thepixelelf​: what happens on floor 17? (mystery au) tw: creepy, implications of kidnapping


    come again next month!!


    - @kthpurplesyou​​: make me love you (fluff)


    - @spookyhyuck​​: timid like the rain (fluff, drabble) 


    come again next month!!


    - @thepixelelf​: roses sometimes wither (magic au, university au)


    come again next month!!



    - @sunlightwoo​: never be | yunho (fashion au, fake dating au, angst if you squint but there’s a happy ending :) )
    - @sunlightwoo​: girl who cried wolf | san (inspired by mystic pop out bar, angst, but there is a happy ending :) semi-reincarnation au) tw: mentions of death
    - @sunlightwoo​: everything i didn’t say | mingi (angst, exes to semi-lovers, squint of fluff)


    - @jungkooksbroski​​: to be or not to be | taehyungxnamjoonxoc (smut, angst) tw: a little bit of non-con (doesn’t actually happen) aka Taehyung’s an ass and tries it on with OC, slight mentions of violence/ intimidation.
    - @jungkooksbroski​​: moan for me | jungkookxtaehyungxoc (smut) tw: threesome, morning sex, blindfolding, butt slapping, dom/sub themes, thigh slapping, nipple play, unprotected sex, bdsm (colour safe words), sensory deprivation, marking (hickies), daddy kink, dirty talk, petnames, praise kink. aftercare
    - @seokmingiggles​​: indigo | yoongi (fluff, established relationship)


    - @thepixelelf​​: find me | seungmin & jangjun (royalty au, mystery)
    - @thepixelelf​​: shoot your shot | jaehyun (social media au, romance, comedy, basketball au, brother’s friend au)


    - @kthpurplesyou​​: freeze frame | doyoung (smut, angst, fluff) tw: Masterbation, drinking, grinding, oral, unprotected sex, mentions of the cam boy industry and swearing


    - @thepixelelf​ : neverending moments | keeho (fluff, university au)


    - @thepixelelf​: the enemy of my enemy | minho (superhero au)
    - @thepixelelf​: shitty fanfiction | chan (social media au, comedy, romance, university au, parallel universe au)
    - @thepixelelf​: first, last, and what has passed | bang chan (soulmate au, angst) tw: implied major character death, blood
    - @thepixelelf​: mirror mirror | changmin (fluff, friends to lovers)


    - @escapewriter​​: 4:00 am | sunwoo (fluff, humor, boyfriend au, established relationship)
    - @escapewriter​​: tease | jacob (fluff, humor)
    - @sunlightwoo​​: ghost of you | kevin (angst, squint of fluff, but ghost au, hanahaki au) tw: mentions of death
    - @sunlightwoo​​: best years | hyunjae (magic au, angst, just a tiny bit fluff but yeah it’s sad) tw: major character death & gambling actual life
    - @sunlightwoo​​: meet you there | chanhee (dystopian au, semi-soulmate au, not quite fluff but also not quite angst? it’s more mysterious and suspenseful and tension filled) tw: mention of death
    - @sunlightwoo​​: under the spotlight series - sweet angel | jacob (fluff, slice of life au, singer!au, strangers to lovers au, pining) tw:mentions of illegal racing :)
    - @sunlightwoo​​: safety pin | haknyeon (comfort au, angst to fluff, best friends au)
    - @sunlightwoo​: story of another us | juyeon (wrong timing, right person au!! (they’re my favorite trope rn hehe) themes of fluff and angst as always) tw: some mentions of drinking/alcoholism
    - @thepixelelf​​: in a daze | younghoon (roommates au, fluff)
    - @thepixelelf​: do you want me (like i just wanna know you) | eric (romance, angst, soulmate au)
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    seungkwan ↳ beauty tips for elle korea
    #seventeen#svt#seungkwan#svtsource#svtcreations#dailykwan #.gif #boo bear#; #jeju boy i love youuuuuu #yes seungkwan reminding me to poo today lmao #thanks i guess 😭😭 #everyone say thank you elle for 4k footage 😌
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  • spookyhyuck
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    🎶 dad!soonyoung brain rot 🎶

    I'd personally like to directly blame nova for this one @smileysuh . looking directly at u

    WARNING - swearing below.

    A/N: Links to m/list and svt m/list to be added. I just need this OUT OF MY HEAD

    You're not sure what you're more effected by, or even what type of annoyance you've tuned into when the sight behind the door stays true.

    Upon walking into the nursery - aka the spare room you had turned into a baby room, in which you had sent your very own baby daddy of four years into to try and see why your child hadn't made any noise in an hour, the baby daddy whom was yet to exit after a solid fifteen minutes - you were immediately met with.... a sight.

    There was Hoshi. Your love.

    With your child. The other love.

    Only, he wasn't tending to the child who should have been asleep.

    Reading him a story - explaining the random giggling and shuffling that had started happening.

    He wasn't tucking him in, watching him, even tidying the jungle themed toys in his room.

    Oh no.

    Upon opening the door, Soonyoung rose from his kneeled place on the floor and attempted to hide the child. Because, you know, the child was the one being naughty here.

    Soonyoung had dressed your tiny toddler, Haneul, into a tiger onesie (you're not sure when or where your husband even got this from) - tail and all - and was teaching him how to make tiger sounds.

    ".... Soonyoung..." You sighed immediately.

    "Boys... Han... Soon..."

    But look at them, your brain screamed.

    They looked so precious.

    No matter how annoyed you were that Haneul should be taking his mid day nap, and he would be extra cry-ey later, the sight was absolutely heart warming.

    "Babe - baby - Y/N - I'm - err, he's not asleep." Soonyoung stumbled.

    He blinked at you, not sure whether to smile or apologise. Truth was, your tired sigh made him bubble up with love and warmth. The small smile that washed over you whenever you saw the boys, didn't go unnoticed.

    Han noted the silence of you struggling to pick a side of the motherly fence, paired with Soonyoung’s inability to stay either embarrassed or proud, and giggled, stepping out from behind his dad's legs with a huge grin and a triangle eared hood tugged over his face.

    "Mummy look!" He squeaked. Tired, but positively beaming with joy.

    He grabbed his tail (only then did you see the way his tiny hands were still vice-gripped onto two of his dads fingers), swinging it about as he made a cute little rawr sound.

    "Im a cub! Daddy said im a cub! Are you a tiger too mummy? Or just daddy?"

    You took him in for a moment.

    Soonyoung watched with soft crescented eyes as you knelt down, arms outstretched to take in your gorgeous little shared bundle of life.

    "I'll be whatever you want me to be baby. Come here you little weirdo... That doesn't even fit you! Your fur is all loose Hannie!"

    Han giggled, pinging the loose fabric against his body. Soonyoung had tried his best when deciding size, and he missed by a whole age range, but hey, it's the intent that counts.

    Soonyoung beamed.

    Han released his dad's fingers to run forward, crawling straight into his mother's arms and onto your lap with a small yawn. In a way that only mothers can, you picked the little guy up with a kiss to the head, immediately calming him down.

    You held him for a minute, giggling with him in disbelief before shaking your head. A snore.

    Soonyoung was dazed. Watching the two of you with a blush to his ears and a warmth in his soul.

    "Look..." You whispered, shuffling to show your husband Haneul's face. Which was tucked firmly into your shoulder, hands protecting his chin.

    Soonyoung frowned, until he realised - he had fallen asleep.

    "Knocked out..." You mumbled.

    Soonyoung shook his head with a soft laugh, brushing the hair out of his little boy's face before pressing a soft kiss to your temple. You smiled coyly, his love catching you off guard.

    "Sorry mumma, I didn't mean to keep him up, but he looked too cute..."

    You smiled with a shrug, not hating the way he held your hips. Bringing the three of you into a little sandwich.

    "And he wanted a story..." He mumbled. Attempting to coax you out of annoyance.

    "But then he just couldn't close his little eyes..." It was working.

    You closed your eyes briefly, succumbing to the moment. His forehead rested against yours. The three of you bubbled in love.

    "He looks like you when he gets happy... and he has those beautiful cheeks..."

    Soonyoung’s hand wandered up to brush stray hairs from your eyes, before kissing your forehead before carefully caressing your cheek9.

    "You can deal with him if he cries later." You pointed out, Soonyoung’s smile pressing against your forehead.

    "Yeah?" He laughed softly. Obviously he would never say no. You worked hard and his job schedule was lenient as the global bad boy disease forced him to work from home, especially with a young child. Today was a day off, anyways.

    "I'm guessing you want me on bath duties tonight then as well?"

    You hummed, the thought almost orgasmic. "Mmm, please. Stories too."

    Before Soonyoung could flirt back at your statement, Han shuffled, a soft whine accompanied by eyes squinting up angrily before his forehead dropped back onto your shoulder. You and Soonyoung shared a look.

    It was time for bed.

    "Alright little guy, we got the memo."

    You grumbled, dropping him into the high-sided bed. Soonyoung moved to re-shut the blinds, brandishing a blanket.

    Once your little angel boy was tucked in, you both left the room.

    The two of you made your way to the lounge, today's day off meaning 'family time' aka 'parent chill day' was key.

    As much as you would have loved to doze off, your husband beat you to it.

    Cute, cuddly, clingy bastard.

    Soonyoung’s head was planted on your pelvis, body tucked between your legs on the sofa as you carded your fingers through his hair.

    His lips were pouted and parted slightly, puffy cheeks hiding his facial structure at this angle. But he was still as handsome as ever.

    His arms had curled around your thigh, entirely warm.

    "Soonyoungie...." You whispered, tracing the outline of his showing ear with your finger.

    But you knew him. You knew your boys.

    Han was just like his dad. The two of them both had trouble getting into the zone of sleep, but when they did sleep, they fell deep and heavy into that restful place.

    They were cuddly, always looking towards you for comfort.

    You couldn't kiss him from this angle, so settled with patting his hair nice and soothingly. Feeling the small puffs of breath against your hip as you carded your nails gently against his scalp, massaging down his neck into his shoulders.

    A soft moan and a grumble into your pyjama shorts told you he had woken up.

    "If we weren't already married, I think I'd propose again just for another head massage."

    You laughed loudly, continuing your easing of his tight neck until he sighed. Running your nails through the nape of his neck until a soft snore escaped his lean body.

    You smiled, watching him with tired eyes. So full of love.

    "Anything. I'd do anything for you boys."

    Here are some free pics:

    k bye annyEOng

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    dead kennedys, jock-o-rama (invasion of the beef patrol) / teen dreamworld by me / marina, teen idle / mitski, townie

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    teen dreamworld by giovanni p.

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    going seventeen 2021
    ↳ ep 16
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