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    bittersweet bonus! | binki

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    ★ synopsis: in which y/n and wonwoo are forced to share an apartment in secret.

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    24.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    bittersweet | new addition

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    a/n: and that's a wrap! thank you all so much for supporting bittersweet, my apologies for this series being shorter than i orginally intended but i feel like bittersweet is at it's place where there's nothing more i can add :) be on the look out for the new series i'll be planning!

    ★ synopsis: in which y/n and wonwoo are forced to share an apartment in secret.

    taglist: @sea-gyu @rjsmochii @so0bercore @aishabear @bleach-006 @kwonsyoungs @yaebbinnie @seokkjin @dk-gie @yoonzinow @dawnover-dusk @w8nuzone @luvswonu @coupsiekkuma @haniehae @notyourmousse @g4m3-b01 @jakesahi @hoshi4k @wuriwoori @markleepooh @lovely-sicheng @verasantos2002 @tfmingyu @wooziujidoots @wonhaotrsh @cherryskles @skylions-den @ygimsgw @kittysbtscorner @violyn20 @lynniac @onigiriyuki @wonwooslibrary @meltinghershey

    coudn't tag: @smileyjimvn @youbloominsideofme

    #caratwritersclub#bittersweet networkluvs #jeon wonwoo x reader #wonwoo social media au #jeon wonwoo scenarios #wonwoo scenarios #wonwoo x reader #seventeen social media au #seventeen scenarios#seventeen smau#svt smau#seventeen fluff#seventeen crack#seventeen fic#wonwoo fic#wonwoo fluff#wonwoo crack#wonwoo au #svt social media au
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    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    25. Meetings and Interviews

    the kids are going to be alright

    synopsis: life as we know it (2010 film) au | when an unexpected accident leaves you and your blind date from five years ago to become caretakers of your mutual goddaughter, you are forced to learn how to navigate parenthood all while trying to balance work and social life.

    a/n: join the taglist!

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    taglist: @seokcalibur, @skylions-den, @semicolorn, @boowanie, @niikipuff, @serenadesvt, @tfmingyu, @jeonjungkaka, @shiningstar-byulxx, @onigiriyuki, @justasoftstan, @fr0gluver, @fairyjius, @happyvitamin, @noniesgirl, @hanniewife, @amymoonl, @melkwhore, @flrtsbin, @cheolscloud, @woozitopia, @se-onghwa, @wheeinz, @jiminismybabymochi, @bokutos-bbg, @loserclub36, @sunshineshouchan, @faithceq, @anissanightyoung, @svtcxrat, @seungcheoluwu, @ugghsthetic
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    #seventeen social media au #seventeen sm au #svt smau #scoups x reader #seungcheol x reader #scoups fluff#scoups angst#seventeen imagines#seventeen scenarios
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  • foxpostitgirl
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Time Of Our Life

    (Social Media AU! College AU!)


    Sleepover (pt. 10)

    TIME STAMP: Monday 9:00pm

    Athena wasted no time in making herself at home in Yuta’s apartment, feet up on the coffee table, using his dishes to prepare cookies and late night frozen pizza for when the girls arrived. She had every intention to clean up after herself but she would never openly admit that to Yuta. Their friendship was just shy of 4 years, they met outside some fancy restaurant. Athena was in the process of trying to escape an overbearing (to say the least) date and in the process of her getaway she ran straight into a 5’9 boy with dark hair that covered a bit of his forehead. He had noticed the annoyance? Fear?  Desperation? In Athena’s eyes and all she could say was, “Uh, I’m trying to flee a date,” Yuta’s expression was hard to read but to avoid any misunderstandings she had to save herself from looking like a bitch who has a habit of fleeing dates for no good reason. “Oh yeah, context. Um, he ordered for me and then immediately asked to go to his house for dessert while literally trying to feel me up under the table so if you don’t mind, I'm sorry for running into you.” Her words were jumbled but he got the idea. When she made her way around him, he saw a man swing open the doors of the restaurant and look around furiously. The date he could only assume. Yuta without any hesitation took a few steps towards the guy and spoke. “You looking for a girl in a nice red dress?” The man nodded. 

    “Oh, yeah she went that way. What a bitch.” The man thanked Yuta and hurried in the opposite direction Athena had run, Yuta made his way in the direction the mystery girl had actually gone only to soon find her sitting at a nearby bus stop in plain sight. 

    “Your date came looking for you.” His voice startled her slightly, all she could do was look up at the stranger she met outside the restaurant. He was so handsome, so intense but soft all at the same time. He was dressed quite nicely and Athena always appreciated a man with good fashion sense. 

    “Oh, god.” 

    “Don’t worry I sent him the other way, but come on I'll take you home.” Athena to this day doesn’t know what prompted her to agree and follow a literal stranger but she did and four years later she thanks the universe she did. Athena ended up inviting him in and the two talked for what seemed like hours about seemingly nothing, it was midnight and the two were slowly fading of energy and he just looked so heavenly under the dull light that Athena felt almost obligated to lean in. Yuta basically malfunctioned because before he knew it Athena’s lips were pressed to his and her hand had made its way to his cheek, his mind couldn’t catch up with what was happening but after what felt like an eternity (half a second) of not being able to move he grabbed her hand and pulled away causing confusion to blur her mind. 

    “Uh, i’m so sorry,” His chuckle was endearing and apologetic. “I really enjoy your company, and you are a beautiful girl but-” 

    “Oh my god, you have a girlfriend don’t you!? OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY!!” 

    “No, no- um I actually…. I have a boyfriend.” 

    After the silence followed the both of them whole they made eye contact for a millisecond and that was honestly all that was needed because once their eyes met; they hurled over in excessive laughter. 

    The rest is history. 


    Seungmin pulled up to the appropriate apartment building and looked at his best friend sitting in the passenger seat. “Your destination awaits you.” 

    “Thanks Seungmin.” Khai unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over to give the light of her life an awkward (but meaningful) hug. He returned the hug with a small kiss on her temple and out of nowhere, Jisung pops his head into view and looks at Seungmin with a face that could be none other than fake betrayal. 

    “How come you never kiss MY temple.” 

    “Yeah Seungmin, why don’t you ever kiss Jisung!?” 

    The two tried their hardest to keep their tones hurt but the look of utter annoyance on Seungmins face deemed it too difficult. “My god, I am going to lose hair because of the complete chaos you two will cause me.” 

    Khai smiled at the boy in the driver's seat and opened the door to leave, “Bye, Han!” 

    You know how they say when one door closes  another one opens? Well Khai had always known about this but she had never seen it literally happen. The minute she closed the car door, Jisung swung his door open and hopped out. “Bye, Khai.” His smile warmed her heart and before she had any time to think about her next move he wrapped both his arms around her for a quick hug. It was over the minute it began but it still startled the girl. 

    She stood on the sidewalk and waved to Seungmin and Jisung until they were out of sight. Khai couldn’t shake the smile that spread across her face, something about Jisung felt familiar and she couldn’t help but feel so content in her night with both the boys. 


    Athena and Khai spent the next few hours stripping Yuta’s bed down to nothing, stealing every blanket and pillow he had and creating a cozy fortress of comfort on the giant sectional he had in the living room. “Fucking bless that long haired boy for this couch and its jumbo sized ottoman.” 

    By the time they were done fixing the couch it looked like a jumbo bed fit for four queens. Perfect. 

    “How was meeting Jisung?” 

    Khai’s smile widened as she spilled all the details of her evening. It wasn’t often for the girls to actually hang out together, with school and work and no one's schedule quite adding up, sure they text each other nearly every day but it wasn’t the same. They couldn’t go in depth about big things that have happened in their lives because sending multiple long texts and then waiting for a reply just didn’t make them feel connected to each other. “He is really nice and I am really glad we clicked.” 

    “Plus he is pretty cute.” 

    “I mean sure?” Khai hadn’t really noticed, she knew he was handsome but it wasn’t really something she gave a second thought about. 

    Athena and Khai looked around at their work, comfy couch bed, big screen tv ready for movies they knew they weren’t going to pay attention to, the pizza and snacks spread across the coffee table, sure the kitchen looked like a complete mess but she’d clean that up in the morning before breakfast. 

    Time Stamp: Tuesday 1:15am 

    Rose said goodbye to her coworkers and headed outside to meet Yeonjun and Phoenix who were waiting patiently out front. “Hey Rose, long time no see.” He cheesed meeting her eyes through the rearview mirror, he was always so sweet to all of his best friends, friends; he just felt as though whoever made his favorite girl happy made him happy too. “Hey Yeonjun!” 

    Rose and Phoenix spent half the car ride calling each other whores and the other half Rose watched the way Yeonjun glanced at Phoenix every so often, or the way a song they both enjoyed would come on and the two of them sang at the top of their lungs while excitedly looking to one another as if feeding off the other’s energy. She found it disgustingly cute though little did she know Mingyu too snuck glances at Rose when she wasn’t looking, finding her in her most candid state being so beautiful. 

    Rose and Mingyu and Yeonjun and Phoenix danced on very similar lines, a certain level of love and attraction between the friendship duo, no one daring to do anything to confirm a relationship but the feelings swirling around the air above them. Mingyu was easily in love with Rose, swearing to himself he would anything in his power to make sure she was happy and healthy, Rose on the other hand felt strongly for Mingyu, she blushed when he smiled at her, smiled when he texted her and there was no denying that Mingyu was attractive but there was never fireworks or anything. The way she felt when she locked eyes with Namjoon was more intense than anything Mingyu had ever made her feel. 

    Yeonjun was easily in love with Phoenix, he knew her like the back of his hand. Everything about her was all he ever needed and Phoenix felt the same as far as she knew. Yeonjun never dared try to ask her to officially be his but he knew where she stood, he knew she was struggling with the idea of commitment and knew she was emotionally hurting from things that happened around the time they first met. Their relationship blurred the lines that one should and shouldn’t cross but they made it work. Phoenix was certain that that beautiful boy was her soulmate, whether it was platonic or romantic she didn’t know but she knew that without him she might absolutely lose the last bit of sanity she had left. 

    “Alright ladies, we’re here.” Yeonjun pulled up to the front of Yuta’s apartment and gave Rose a friendly wave goodbye. “Nice to see you again.” 

    “You too, Yeonjun.” 

    He looked at his best friend and smiled the way he always does when he looked at her. “Have fun, if you need me to come pick you up tomorrow let me know.” Phoenix grabbed the bag Yeonjun packed for her and kissed him softly on the cheek. “Will do.” 

    “Text you.” 

    “Text you back.” The goodbye was hushed so only the two could hear. Yeonjun and Phoenix never said the word love around one another, Phoenix knew deep down that if she heard those words come from his mouth she might have very well signed the downfall of her friendship with him, because she would love him and love him with everything in her but she feared that she would drain him of everything in the process because she knew she wasn’t ready. She just never wanted to do anything to jeopardize her relationship with him. 

    And Yeonjun? He knew the minute those words left Phoenix's lips he would never be able to get over her, he would swear that his whole future would be in those three words. It was a dangerous line neither one dared to cross, 


    A few glasses of wine, and three frozen pizzas in the four girls were laughing at the silence and wheezing out stories worthy of talking about. It had been approximately six or seven months since the last time the girls were able to hang out like this, not having to deal with work, school or family crisis. But now here they were, able to hang out and finally wear the super cheesy teletubbie sweaters Rose had ordered two months prior.  

    “Okay, okay! But I think we are forgetting to bring up a big piece of information that our dear miss Phoenix,” Athena pointed the empty wine bottle towards the girl in green. “Has failed to update us on.” 

    And so it began. 

    The other three girls howled and hit the other while she covered her face and made a sound somewhere between a whine and a laugh. “COME ON FROG, WE HAVE BEEN DYING TO KNOW!!!” 

    “It isn’t what you think. The first time we were just tipsy and it kind of just happened.” The others eyes widened as they shared a look followed by a scream in unison. “THE FIRST TIME!!?!!?!!” 

    Phoenix had just unintentionally dug her own grave. “We didn’t fuck okay, we had sex and it was...something. There was something. So if you kindly don’t mind I would like to not talk about it.” Her laughter was keeping the tears from falling, she didn’t like talking about the way she felt for Yeonjun, perhaps in another life it was there time, he was the right person at the wrong time and now she would risk her own happiness to save their friendship, and sure they were walking the tightrope everytime they slid into bed together or everytime he grazed his hand against hers. “Yeah guys, you should have seen them in the car, it was a lot more than just a hookup.” Rose spoke up, meeting Phoenix’s eyes. 

    “Okay, okay, enough about me as you now know Yeonjun was the last person I have slept with, but what about you miss Athena?” 

    She’d been waiting for this one, Athena flipped her hair back and placed the most proud smile upon her lips. She was ready. 

    “Okay so remember when Yuta and I went to New York for that week a few months ago?” She didn’t really wait for an answer because whether they remembered or not she was going to continue. “Well after shooting we went out to this club and little did I know that defsoul was performing.” Rose’s jaw dropped, Khai’s eyebrows flew to the top of her forehead and Phoenix's eyes nearly fell out of her head. Almost every single person on the planet knew who defsoul was, he started off as just another soundcloud artist but soon he was getting on podcasts, playing on the radio, booking gigs etc. etc. “Well as we all know he is fine as all hell, but Yuta and I got to the front of the crowd and we were dancing blah, blah, blah and next thing I know Mr. Defsoul in the fucking flesh was staring me down and of course you know that shit got me in the element.” She whispered the last part, for dramatic effect. “Well Yuta knew what I was trying to do so he helped me, he let me dance all up on him and Yuta held me close and tight, it was a pretty hot dance I ain't even about to lie. Well anyways,” 

    The remaining three girls ate up every last word, Athena had a way of telling stories and since she was so blunt it made the stories even better due to the fact she was willing to be honest and not leave out a damn thing. 

    “I did not take my eyes off of him other than when I closed my eyes, you know? Well his set ended and I was sitting at the bar and Yuta had met someone and left with them so I was waiting for our dear friend Jaebeom to arrive and by my ass a drink. Well he made his way to me and asked me if he could buy me a drink and who was I to deny his offer? 

    He let me get whatever I wanted on his tab and he wasted no time to place his hand on my thigh, oh my lord I did everything in my power to stay calm, cool and collected. Well I scooted closer because the music was too loud and so I was basically whispering in his ear just so he could hear me and as he leaned in closer his hand moved up. HIS FUCKING HANDS MOVED UP TOO!!!!!” She was screaming and falling over talking about her crazy New York one night stand with a hot artist. 

    “Well at one point I grabbed his collar and pulled him in closer and told him I had to go to the restroom.” She winked at her friends to let them know what she was implying when she said that. “And I was hoping he would get it, so I got up and I gave my best model walk out that bitch and waited patiently outside the restroom. Like homie I was just trying to get dicked down by this sexy ass mother fucker, so I waited for literally less than a minute because then he was right in front of me. His fucking piercings were so fucking hot in person, and he smelled like sweat but he looked so hot guys- anyways,” 

    The storyteller took a deep breath and continued. 

    “I tugged him into a bathroom stall by the shirt and I didn’t give a fuck if any other bitches came in and heard it but I was letting him fuck me like there was NO FUCKING TOMMOROW. Well anyways afterwards I walked out alone and met up with Yuta and ever since then he has been trying to hit me up on instagram, like he has been trying to meet up or whatever so basically I got THE Defsoul to fall in love with me.” 

    Athena ended the story with a huge smile and even proof of defsoul and his endless attempts at trying to slide into her dm’s. Rose, Khai and Phoenix exchanged looks all mirroring the same face of absolute dismay. “Well how the fuck am I supposed to beat that!? Last person I fucked was Joo Hyuk lmaoooooooo.” Now eyes were turned onto her, it didn’t have to be someone famous but the fact that they all knew Joo Hyuk as the super hot nurse that worked alongside Rose at the local hospital. 

    “Wait- you and Joo Hyuk went out? Like outside of work?” Khai was asking the questions they were all thinking, but Rose’s unphased eyes gave them half the answer they were thinking. “Who said we were not at work?” 

    Loud screams of excitement erupted and filled the living room, which only gave Rose the boost she needed to continue with confidence. 


    “I mean I was being helped.” She cooed. 

    “Anyways, we were on lunch and I was wearing that titty top,” (the girls knew exactly what top she was talking about, it was the top she usually wore when they all went out as a group.) “I had taken off my scrubs because it was hot as hell out, okay well the top part. And I noticed Joo Hyuk looking so I just kept leaning over and shit until he made a move cause you know my ass ain’t going to make a move. And next thing I knew homie had a fucking boner dude. I only know that because then he started squirming and shit, and was avoiding eye contact like the plague.” She was giggling at this point, remembering it like it happened yesterday. “And I asked him if he was good and he was like ‘uh yeah’ and I asked him to get me a packet of ketchup-”

    “YO! You’re a hoe for that bro.” Phoenix was hunched over in a laughing fit over this poor boy’s humiliation. 

    “ANYWAYS- He was like stuttering and stumbling all over his words and I was like ‘no seriously are you okay’ and finally he told me but he was whispering it and he looked so sorry but I asked him to speak up and he did but this time he looked me in the eyes and I took his hand and we went to the nearest storage closet.” 

    “You topped him didn’t you?” 

    “Yeah the first time.” More screaming. “The second time he got bold and he was hitting it from behind and literally put his hand on my mouth to shut me up.” Even more screaming. 

    “Miss ma’am, you really are a whore.” Phoenix screamed, slapping her friend playfully on the shoulder to which she got a knowing shrug back. 

    “Okay Khai your turn.” 

    Khai laughed and put her hands up in defeat. “Nothing interesting guys, it was literally Jungkook.” 

    “How long ago was that again? Like a year right?” 

    “I didn’t say it was when we were together.” She didn’t tell Seungmin her sex life because she felt like Seungmin honest to god wouldn’t know what to reply to that. 

    Athena howled at the knowledge of Khai’s ex boyfriend booty call. They didn’t need to pressure her to continue because she already knew that's what they wanted. “Nah it was like a month ago and I was stressed from exams and I texted him and asked if he wanted to come over or whatever and he said yeah. So he came over after closing Starbucks and we watched a movie and he already knew why I called him. So he moved hair out of my face and just kinda fucking kissed me, we didn’t even make it to the mother fuckin room bro. And dude he looked so sexy this time around cause he didn’t have all those tattoos when we were still together and oh my god- Y'all have seen him. I mean come on.” 

    Athena hummed in agreement because their usual barista was fine as hell and all four of them knew that. They weren’t blind. “I bet he looks fine as hell choking you with that tattooed arm oh my god.” 

    “Oh trust me. He does.” 

    And this was it, the girls in their most authentic and happiest states, they didn’t let their outside lives ruin their years of friendship. They didn’t pass out until 4am, none of them had classes in the morning or work for that matter so they were in the clear. 

    TIME STAMP: Monday 7:00pm

    Yoongi came home to his two roommates preparing dinner as they did every monday night, they knew that Yoongi wouldn’t be home til about dinner time so the other two took it upon themselves to make sure he ate. “Welcome home.” 

    He set his stuff down  by the door and plopped down on the couch. “So Namjoon fell in love with Rose today.” Jungkook wasted no time in giving the older boy a run down of the day's events. “Oh shit thats Athena’s best friend.” He looked over at the tall boy standing in the kitchen before laughing at how they managed to have their eyes on best friends while they themselves were best friends. Jungkook who seemingly missed a giant chapter in this whole thing. “Yall know Athena?” 

    Both boys looked at him in unison. “You know Athena?” 

    Jungkook was well aware of all four of the girls, having dated Khai for a few months and meeting them all, not to mention they were regulars at the Starbucks and Phoenix and him sharing a class together. So it seemed the last few years have kept his roommates from running into their respective girls. Rose usually came to the coffee shop in the mornings while Namjoon hardly ever opened, he usually only took shifts to cover for someone if they needed it. As for Yoongi he was just as oblivious as Athena. 

    “Well, Joon if you want to see Rose more often than take more opening shifts, and Yoongi if you wanted to see Athena more maybe, I don’t know, spend more time out and about?” 

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    Strawberry Sorbet (8/40)

    personal assistant june 16, 2021

    [pairing] svt ??? x fem!reader [summary] yn convinces her friends to sign up as camp counselors to relive the ‘good old days’ but will it be as sweet as what she remembers... [warnings] swearing

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    taglist: @jedi-nightingale @wooziujidoots @skylions-den @jeonjungkaka @onigiriyuki @emilie0nicole @serenadesvt @maravillamin @icepandagirl

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    BREAKING: K-Pop star from the group SEVENTEEN, Yoon Jeonghan, will be racing for Alpha Romeo Racing Orlen from 2022 season on!!

    #if you don't know who seventeen is they are a kpop group and they are legit amazing #i have been a fan since 2017 and love them a lot #and i have talked about this before i believe #but it's really important to me so you'll hear it again #i started liking f1 because of a seventeen au i read on ao3 where one of the members #seungcheol #is a mercedes driver #and another member #wonwoo #is a ferrari driver #and the fic is amazing it follows their love throughout the f1 season and it's really really one of my fav fics #also danny ric is featured in the fic and he's a mercedes driver too so cheers to that #so you can safely say that i got into f1 with a little seventeen push #and Today #they released a special music video for a song called Anyone #and guess what #it's a racing themed mv that was filmed at the amg speedway in south korea #pretty boys dancing and driving mercedes cars #i honestly think they did this one for me #and if i were you i would check this mv out #and look at this jeonghan picture #alpha romeo colours ffs #i love him #anyway go watch my boys in fast cars i love them and i love fast cars #seventeen#svt#jeonghan#yoon jeonghan#f1
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    about now*:・゚| chapter eight — my sole purpose in life is to create as much discourse as i can

    summary: a global pandemic paired with months of lockdown; you're pretty sure you're going stir-crazy. when you come across a viral chat-app, you don't even hesitate to join it. thus begin the chaos of meeting 14 random strangers and how they become a bigger part of your life than you thought they would.
    alt: an au where you join an app that puts you into a groupchat of 15 people from different parts of the world
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    join the taglist ?? :D

    a/n: cant blame miki tbh it’s jeonghan we’re talking about here who can even deny his charm

    taglist: @wooziujidoots @emilie0nicole @lynniac @wuriwoori @serenadesvt

    #seventeen social media au #seventeen sm aus #svt sm au #seventeen imagines #woozi x reader #lee jihoon x reader #seventeen scenarios #seventeen fake texts #woozi imagines #lee jihoon imagines #svt x reader #seventeen x reader #about now
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    Okay, hear me out. F1 racer Seventeen

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    Jeonghan Chapter 1: How The Mighty Have Fallen

    Characters: Jeonghan x female reader

    Genre/Warnings: multi-member au (different scenarios), werewolf au, fantasy, smut, angst, fluff, potential blood mentions, genocide, runaways, domestic violence, child abuse, slight suicidal tendencies i guess?, violence, cheating (well sort of you’ll see, I wouldn’t count it as that personally as her life’s in danger if she doesn’t hide it soooo). Any others will be put as warnings when future chapters are thought up/written.

    Bold= Dialogue Italics= Thoughts


    Please remember that this is a work of fiction! It’s not meant to harm anyone! It’s solely for fun and entertainment purposes!

    Author’s Note: I recommend listening to How the mighty have fallen by Ana Popović while reading. It’s what song I thought of while writing this chapter.

    Chapter 1: How The Mighty Have Fallen

        You sit at the table eating your food. You start to make some form of small talk with the boys. They did save you after all, it was kind of the least you could do. While speaking with Minghao, who was seated to your right speaking about some of his favorite places in China (which you happened to know quite a bit about as well as it’s language for... reasons) you felt someone staring at you. You turn your eyes slightly to the left to try and sneak a peek at the boy looking at you. It was Jeonghan. He was looking at you with one of the most intense stares you’d ever felt. It made your heart do summersaults in your chest. But you thought he was just trying to get a read on you, so you continued speaking with Minghao about Anshan, his eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree as he spoke warmly of his native land. As you finish your plate and take it to the sink, you hear a faint cry. Startled, you jump a bit from your seat as you had not remembered hearing an infant’s heartbeat in the house.

        Next thing you know, Jeonghan’s eyes went from watching you intensely to gazing nervously in the direction of the cry before raising himself from his seat.

    “I’ll get him” he said without another word, walking off in the same direction.

    “Shhh Shhh Shhh. It’s okay Wooie. You’re okay” he spoke softly trying to get the baby to calm down as he drifted off into thought while rubbing the melancholy baby’s back.

         Truthfully, he was glad he started crying. It gave him an excuse to get away from you. He didn’t want you to catch him staring at you. It wasn’t that he disliked you. No. It wasn’t that AT ALL. In fact, he liked you. He liked you TOO MUCH. He didn’t want you to realize he had imprinted on you. He couldn't help it, the second he saw the others rushing your seemingly half dead body through the forest clearing and into the house, he saw you and automatically, he loved you. I mean, how could he not? The way your hair moved through the air as you were moved and the way your sweet scent rose through and intoxicated the air was enough to have any one of them fall in love with you. But that was the problem. He knew someone else loved you. You smelt different than them, sure. But that was YOUR scent. Just underneath that, he could smell him. He could smell his entire pack. They all could. And it pissed him off. Why couldn’t he have found you sooner? Why did you already have to have a mate? After everything he’d been through lately, he surely thought that the universe would’ve given him you string free in return. But no. You were here, and you couldn’t be his. It hurt. It hurt him worse than when the teachers at school used to paddle him. It hurt him worse than when he saw his best friend get beat at home and could do nothing to stop it. It hurt worse than when the mother of his child left him to raise his son all alone.

         But still, he knew deep in his heart that he had to try to win you over. You were all he ever wanted in life. It was his natural instinct to need you. He’d been around for almost a century now and he was so tired of being alone. He wanted someone to love him the way he wanted to be loved. He wanted to love someone. He wanted someone to come home to at night and snuggle up next to. He knew hardly anything about you. Just your name, and the fact that apparently you knew a lot about China, but still, he knew he wanted you more than he’s ever wanted anything in his life. Other mate be damned. He had to find a way to tell you about it. Hell, there was still a chance you didn’t feel the same connection immediately. You were a wolf after all, (At least, that’s what they all thought) imprinting wasn’t always mutual between wolves. He also had a son which was NOT common for an unmated wolf to have and was looked down upon by most. How was he gonna unleash all this on you? You came here running for your life and almost died. And that known fact was enough to make him want to cry. So how in the hell was he gonna say all this to your face without showing his heart on his sleeve??

    “I didn’t know you guys had a baby here???” you said more to yourself than to them, but who were you kidding, you and your nosey ass wanted some answers (even if you technically had no right to them)

    “Oh yeah! That’s Jiwoo! He’s our pack’s pup. Well one of them...” Seungkwan said moving his eyes to Chan’s as he finished his sentence.

    “Hey! I’m a grown wolf. NOT a pup!” huffed Chan.

    “Oh yeah? If you’re such a grown wolf, where’s your mate? Everyone knows you can’t get one until you mature and you haven’t gotten yours so...” Seungkwan said with a devilish smile as he got up to wash his breakfast plate.

    Chan narrowed his eyes “You don’t have to be a grown wolf to have a mate. Look at (Y/N). She’s young like me and she clearly has a mate!”

         All eyes turned to you. God why did they have to bring you into this? More importantly, why did they have to bring your MATE into this?

    “Chan, that’s different she’s a girl and girls-” started a panicked Seungcheol, who was honestly probably catching on to your discomfort and wanted to change the subject. Not to mention, he knew that Jeonghan had imprinted on you and didn’t want to bring up the subject and have the other wolf go crazy.

    “I’m 600 years old Chan.” you say matter of factly, trying your very best to differ any potential questions about your mate. Jeonghan, who had just walked out of the nursery and overheard your conversation, looked as if his eyes were gonna pop out of their sockets.

    “You’re 600 years old????” almost half of them asked at once.

    “Yes.” You said plainly. Silence followed for what seemed like forever. Who the hell were you? half of them thought. 

         You may have been alive for centuries, but you were well aware that most people thought you were a child. Hell, sometimes you’d see your reflection and wonder yourself. But just because your body stopped aging/growing after you hit 17 years old, doesn’t mean you still didn’t take offense to such an accusation.

          You knew they were all still in a bit of shock, so you decided to continue the conversation to try and put them at ease.

    “I was born before their was even running water. I know I don’t look like it, but I’ve lived a long life. I lived when food could only be hunted. I lived through floods and plagues. I’ve lived to see many dynasties fall. Hell, I’ve been the cause of more than a few of them too.” you spoke softly.

    “Why didn’t you tell us??” questioned Soonyoung.

    “And when did you want me to do that? Before I passed out running aware from my almost murders? Before I ate to replenish what very little blood I had left? There wasn’t really a lot of time for me to explain my past. Besides, I don’t see what it matters. We all die someday, my day just hasn’t come yet.” you say with such a cool tone that it runs a shiver down half their spines.

    “She’s got a bit of a point. When was she able to tell us? Hell how was she gonna tell us? ‘Damn I’m bleeding out and also a 600 year old weird ass werewolf, oh yeah and you mind pulling the silver out?’ Yeah I don’t think so. Plus we don’t know her, why should we be allowed to know her life story right away?” said Jihoon with a bit of a chuckle.

    You give him a bit of a smile and continue “I owe you guys a lot. I mean you saved my life. But honestly, if I would’ve died, it wouldn’t have mattered much to me. It’s not like I’m trying to prolong this hell. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna go jump off a cliff or put a gun to my head or anything. At least not again. But believe me when I say if I were to die, no one would be shedding any tears, least of all me.” 

         Hearing that was enough to put a knife through Jeonghan’s heart. How could you care so little for your own safety and life? He’d give up his for you in a heartbeat. He just wanted to grab your face and kiss you until you felt how much he loved you. He’d be devastated if ANYTHING were to happen to you. Then again, you didn’t know that yet.

    “Damn, that’s deep.” said Hansol, who looked a bit taken back, but who understood your thoughts as he had gone through the same thing before.

    “No one to shed tears... what about your mate..?” Jun said with a tilted head and sad frown.

    “Who said I had a mate?” you growled, praying to any God listening that they’d understand your defensiveness meant that you didn’t want to talk about him.

    “We smell a lot of other wolves on you. But one’s really strong. We know you have one. We may not be 600 years old like you, but we’re not idiots either.” Wonwoo said nonchalantly.

    “We had a... falling out... I haven’t seen him in a bit... I don’t want to either...” you say drifitng off. Even though you were clearly trying to hide your hurt, Jeonghan couldn’t help but feel the happiness that that sentence gave him. Falling Out? Could he be gone? But how? Mates are forever.

    “But mates always stay together. That’s why they’re mates. That doesn’t make sense. Being away from each other can kill you!” Seokmin all but yelled.

    “Yeah... trust me when I say being with him can kill me too...” you say, your head falling as you look down and play with your torn up fingers, slightly sniffling at the thought of what happened to you.

         The room went silent. Jeonghan’s heart dropped. What does that mean? Has he put you in danger? Has he HURT you? Suddenly, his mind wonders back to a few days ago when they had brought you in...


    “Hurry up Hansol! She needs help!” Seungcheol shouted, hearing your pulse begin to fade with every breath. You were splayed out on their kitchen table. It was the closes surface they could set you as you needed immediate help.

    “I’m trying but her shirt’s in the way! Jeonghan Hyung help me get it off!” He said, part of him already understanding that he had imprinted on you. He wasn’t about to have him fight him over him trying to take it off himself. At least if it was Jeonghan doing it, he couldn’t be angry with anyone else for undressing you.

         As Jeonghan rips the fabric of your shirt off, the boys all gasp at what they see on your very fragile little body. Bruises. Bruises everywhere. They were so bad that, if they hadn’t seen your face to know your true skin color, they’d never have guessed it looking at your torso. They were all healed about the same, but you were pretty deeply injured. They wouldn’t be going away for a while. Even with your werewolf super healing. The sight made Jeonghan want to puke.

    “Wow. Someone beat the hell out of this girl.” Mingyu stated. It was true. There was no sugarcoating it. It was obvious. “The people in town must have been after her for a while.” He assumed. So that’s what they all thought. That you were being chased by the town and were running from your abusers. Little did they know how right they were...


         When Jeonghan refocused his thoughts to your tiny form that was now sitting on their ugly navy blue couch, he saw a tear run down your still pale cheek. He ran over to hug you as you collapsed into tears knowing from their silence (and now your words) that they probably understood exactly what had happened to you. He didn’t mean to intrude on your space. He just couldn’t sit there while his mate was crying and clearly in pain without doing something about it. At first, you jumped at his touch, but the second he pulled you into his chest, you got that tingly feeling again. You felt like you could let all your emotions go and you wouldn’t be judged for it. When he stroked your hair, you felt like you had been wondering in space all this time and he had finally pulled you back down to Earth. When he kissed the top of your head, for the first time since your family was still alive, you felt safe.

    Another Author’s Note: Please forgive any spelling mistakes. I use my microphone instead of typing a lot as my hands don’t always work well enough to type. I know the differences between words I swear it’s just a typo!

    (Updated 7/22)

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    Jeonghan Master List

    Characters: Jeonghan x female reader

    Genre/Warnings: multi-member au (different scenarios), werewolf au, fantasy, smut, angst, fluff, potential blood mentions, genocide, runaways, domestic violence, child abuse, violence. Any others will be put as warnings when future chapters are thought up/written.

    Author’s Note: This is just what I think will happen in lines of chapters. It could be less, could be more, the names could change. It depends on what my warped brain thinks up and I’m sorry but my Bipolar Disorder has it go all over the place so the ideas really come at random

    Please remember that all of these chapters and the content within them are a work of fiction! They’re just for fun/entertainment!

    Chapter 1 (How The Mighty Have Fallen)

    Chapter 2 (Do It Again)

    Chapter 3 (I Will Wait For You)

    Chapter 4 (DNA)

    Chapter 5 (Fix You)

    Chapter 6 (I Only Want To Be With You) (m)


    (Updated 7/22)

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    Genre: Angst, Fluff

    Idol: Vernon of SEVENTEEN

    Word Count: 5.8k

    Playlist:  spotify    apple music

    Warnings: Character death, violence, MC is a dark skin Black woman

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real people and the idol mentioned are simply coincidence.

    Predestinado, Spanish for:

    Predestined /prēˈdestind/: adj. (of an outcome or course of events) determined in advance by divine will or fate.

    Every citizen is born with an inscription etched into their birth certificate, with this message following them well into adulthood. Some were light-hearted and almost comical, such as “A smooth long journey! Great expectations.” Or “Courtesy is contagious.” Others, not so much. They alerted the tiny infant that a life of hardships or loneliness awaits.

    Stephanie stared down at her birth certificate for the millionth time in almost 24 years. She checked it every day as if one day she’d wake up and it would say something else. Or, maybe she did it as a reminder to never fall for anyone. Nonetheless, the piece of paper said the same every morning:

    Your beloved will die by your own hand.

    Her parents first told her when she was around 15. She was young, bright-eyed, and like lots of girls that age, suddenly interested in the boys she found gross just a decade ago.

    Stephanie didn’t react much when she found out. She didn’t even lash out at her parents for dropping the revelation on her all at once. She understood their concern. Anyone would be scared if their daughter were destined to take a life and there was no way to stop it.

    Stephanie shrugged it off. The best way to prevent it was to avoid it, right? No first dates, no prom dates, no proposals. Can’t kill her beloved when she didn’t meet him.

    Sliding the document back into its folder and into a drawer in her room, she grabbed her bag and headed to the gym. It was already late but she’d still be able to get a good workout in.

    With all her friends getting married and moving away from Seattle to live their lives, Stephanie found boxing to be her outlet for her pent-up frustration. She was nothing but an amateur, but it allowed for her to kill time and put her focus on something else. Arriving at the gym, she headed straight for the punching bag. Fastening her gloves, she began to jab the bag, resting every three minutes. She practiced all different kinds of jabs and punches until she was the last one in the building. The manager gave her a look, to which Stephanie replied, “Just a few more.” The manager sighed, ultimately allowing her to stay, reminding her that once they were all packed up to leave, she’d have no other choice anyway.

    When she was finally satisfied, Stephanie stepped away, ripping her gloves off with her teeth. She heard the sound of squeaky wheels across the floor, meaning maintenance would start cleaning soon. Packing her things back into her bag, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. Turning around, she saw a guy at the end of the hall with wavy, light brown hair staring her way. He was wearing a maintenance jumpsuit which was only on halfway, exposing the white t-shirt he donned underneath.

    “Well, you’re definitely not Roger,” Stephanie said, referring to the usual maintenance worker.

    The guy laughed. “He’s out sick. The flu. I’m just taking his place for a while. I’m Vernon.”

    “Stephanie.” She replied, slinging her bag over her shoulder. “Do you work for another location, then? I don’t recall ever seeing you before.”

    “Actually,” Vernon said, squeezing the water out of the mop. “I don’t work for the gym at all. I just take on odd jobs around town to make my living.”

    “So you’re unemployed?”

    He laughed softly, arms flexing as he cleaned the floors. “I rather say I don’t want something as permanent as a full-time job holding me back.”

    “Back from what?”

    Vernon smiled. “You ask a lot of questions. I’ll tell you what: if we ever meet again, I’ll tell you. I suggest you head out before the manager comes to kick you out.”

    Stephanie looked at her watch. She had spent almost 10 minutes talking with Vernon.

    “I didn’t even notice the time. I’ll get going.” She slid her phone into her pocket.

    “Goodnight, Stephanie.”

    She turned around slightly, heading for the door. “Goodnight, Vernon.”

    The next time Stephanie saw Vernon was a week later, this time as a busboy for the local pizza place.

    “Looks like we meet again, Miss Stephanie.” He said, flashing her a smile. “With the way you box, I didn’t think you’d eat here.”

    “It’s my cheat day.” She said defensively, clutching her pizza box. She was almost out the door when she stopped and turned around. “Hold on.”

    “Huh?” Vernon asked, eyebrows raised.

    “Didn’t you say you would tell me your secret if we met again?”

    Vernon laughed. “You remember that huh? Well, alright. Hey, Geo! Is it cool if I take a quick break?” He called out to the shop owner.

    “You get 15.” He replied, not looking up from the pizza he was making.

    Cleaning off his hands, Vernon nodded towards the door. “Ladies first.”

    They walked up the block, stopping just shy of a bridge that went over the river. “I hope you’re ready to hear this, hopefully, you don’t think I’m crazy after this.”

    “There’s no way I can think you’re any weirder than I already do, so speak freely.” Stephanie smiled.

    Vernon rolled his eyes, stifling a laugh. “Gee, thanks.” He sighed, looking out at the water and leaning against the bridge. “I don’t ever keep a job because I don’t plan on staying in one place for long.”

    “Why’s that?”

    He turned to look at her. “Do you believe in the birth certificate inscriptions? Like, do you believe they come true?”

    Stephanie glanced at the ground. “I don’t know personally about them coming true, but I’d say they were accurate for my friends and family.”

    “Well, mine says something pretty tragic, so I have a list of goals I keep with me. I want to complete them before all that happens.”

    “So you just have a bucket list on you at all times?”

    Vernon reached into his back pocket, fishing out his wallet. Inside, a piece of college-ruled paper with scribbles on it from corner to corner.

    Stephanie shook her head. “If something tragic is going to happen, why don’t you try to prevent it? Why are you just accepting your fate?”

    “Because that’s just what it is. My fate. There’s no changing that. All you can do is prolong it, and even that’s not guaranteed. So I figured if I can’t control that, I’m going to live my life the way I want to. That much I can control.” He checked his watch. “Well, my break’s up. Thanks for listening, Stephanie. I don’t have many, but you feel like a real friend.” he stood up straight, turning to walk back to the restaurant.

    “Will I ever see you again?” She asked. She furrowed her eyebrows. Since when did she ever want to see someone again? She didn’t even feel this way when her best friend moved out of town with her boyfriend. What made Vernon so special?

    He laughed, looking at her in disbelief. “I just told you something tragic is going to happen involving me, and you still want to see me? Most people steer clear of me after I tell them that.”

    “Well I don’t know who you’ve met in the past, but it’ll take more than that to run me off. Personally, I don’t think anyone’s inscription scares me more than my own.”

    “Oh? What does yours say?”

    “You didn’t tell me what yours says, just that it’s tragic.” Stephanie pointed out.

    He smiled. “Alright, you caught me.”

    “Well, mine is too. So I know what it’s like to isolate yourself or feel like you have to take on that burden by yourself. I live it every day. Maybe it just felt relieving to meet someone like me.” She shrugged.

    Vernon looked at her like he wanted to say something. Instead, he said, “Goodnight, Stephanie.” turning around on his heels and walking back to the restaurant.

    Stephanie watched him, not saying anything as she stared at his back.

    “Your pizza’s getting cold, go home!” Vernon called out, not turning around to look at her.

    She burst out laughing. “How did you know I was even still here?”

    “Just a hunch. Goodnight.”

    A few days later, Stephanie was back at the gym, sweat dripping down her melanin-rich skin. She took a sip of water when a waving hand caught her attention from the window. There was Vernon, in a dark blue denim jacket and matching jeans with a black t-shirt. Grabbing her bag, Stephanie ran out to meet him.

    “Didn’t expect to see you here. Roger’s back.”

    “Oh yeah, this encounter isn’t exactly a coincidence this time.”

    “Oh? So what is it?”

    He scratched his neck. “I kinda walked over here hoping you’d been in here today.”

    “And to what do I owe the pleasure?”

    “Are you hungry? Do you maybe wanna grab something to eat? With me?”

    Stephanie smiled. “I’d love to, but I also smell like roadkill. How ‘bout we walk to my house and I can shower and then we go from there?”

    “Sounds like a plan.”

    Stephanie put on a pink strapless top with jeans and a cream-colored cardigan. She put on her Vans before heading downstairs, pulling her box braids out from her cardigan.

    “Vernon?” she called out.

    “In the living room.” He said.

    Stephanie followed his voice, finding him near the fireplace staring at all the pictures. 

    “What’s wrong?” She asked, noticing the stern look on his face.

    “You’re by yourself in all these pictures.”

    Stephanie laughed. “So?”

    “Even your prom pictures.” He smiled when he noticed the look she gave him. “It’s okay, I went alone too. It’s like we lived the same life. Anyway, you ready to go?”

    They went to a fairly new buffet downtown. The intimate setting allowed for them to get to know each other a little more. Stephanie found out Vernon was half-Korean, and while he lived in the U.S., his parents and sister lived in Korea.

    “How come you came so far by yourself?”

    “Moving out was on my list. Also...so was touring the Googleplex.” He smiled when she laughed. “I’ve just been winging it ever since.”

    “So if you don’t stay in one place, what do you do about housing? Hotels?”

    He shook his head. “Subletting mostly. I don’t bounce around that quickly so short-term leases work for me. I’ve done enough talking. What about you?”

    She shrugged. “What about me?”

    “Tell me something. How old are you? Do you have siblings? Where’s your family? Can you wiggle your ears?”

    Stephanie smiled. “23. And I have brothers.”

    “We’re the same age. How many?”

    “Three. We don’t speak often. Same with my parents; we keep in touch but I don’t really visit home.”

    He nodded. “Is it because of your inscription?”

    “Kind of. I guess it’s left them on edge for so long it’s frayed our relationship. And I actually can wiggle my ears, by the way.”

    His eyes widened. “A woman full of surprises.”

    After dinner, Vernon walked Stephanie back home. The pair realized they had more in common than they realized. They enjoyed the same bands, the same shows, and even the same foods.

    Once they were at the door, Vernon sighed. “I wish we could keep talking, but my subletter has this weird curfew for me and the other guys living there. Lights out at 10:00.”

    Stephanie made a face. “What are you, children?”

    “I know right? But it’s okay, I like him. I get along with the guys too so it’s not all bad.”

    “Are you ever negative? About anything? Stephanie asked.

    Vernon laughed. “I try to see the good in every situation.”

    “Really? So what about the situation right now?”

    “Well, I really wanna stay and talk with this really pretty girl I met at one of my millions of jobs and I can’t. BUT, at least I got to spend a few hours with her already today. And there’s always tomorrow.”


    Vernon didn’t answer, stepping closer instead. “Do you know you looked so good tonight?”

    “I did?”

    “Mhm.” He brought her arms around his neck, pulling her into him. He leaned down, their noses touching.

     Stephanie’s breath hitched. She knew she should stop this.

    Back away.
    Get in the house.
    Isolate herself.
    But she just couldn’t.

    It seemed as though whatever force that was holding her in place was stronger than her will to fight him away. No matter how much her mind screamed ‘NO’, she felt her body giving in, leaning towards him.

    When their lips met, it was like everything just clicked. Stephanie didn’t know how to explain it, and she didn’t have much to compare it to, but it just felt right.

    They pulled away, and just for a second, they looked each other in the eye. Then, their lips crashed together again. Vernon pushed her against the door, tightening the grip on her waist. In return, Stephanie pulled him closer, her hands creeping into his hair. She gasped when she felt his hand creeping underneath her cardigan, caressing her bare back.

    She pulled away, her breathing heavy. “I think your curfew is coming up.”

    He furrowed his eyebrows. “Huh? OH. That. I can just get one of the guys to sneak me in, it’s fine.” he said, leaning back in.

    Stephanie pushed his face away. “Seriously, Vernon.” 

    He laughed awkwardly. “I’m-I’m sorry, I just thought we were on the same page here. I could’ve sworn you were feeling what I was feeling?” 

    She sighed. “It’s not that, Vernon. I am feeling what you’re feeling. I’m just…” She trailed off.



    He smiled, shaking his head. “That’s what I been telling you about. You can’t live your life in fear all the time. If you spend your life always looking over your shoulder, even if the inscription never comes true, you will have thrown your life away. At that point, it won’t matter. Just give yourself a chance to just live, okay?”


    “Just say okay and I’ll leave.”

    She closed her eyes, smiling. “Okay.”

    “Okay.” He said, letting go of her waist. He turned to leave, then turned back around.

    “Just one more kiss, though.”

    The next day, Stephanie was walking out of her house to work when she noticed a shiny, blue four-door sedan in her driveway. Freezing at her doorway, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw a familiar head of wavy, brown hair emerging from the driver’s seat.

    “Vernon, you scared me,” She said, slightly annoyed.

    “I moved all my stuff out of the sublet. They’re in the trunk.” He said, gesturing to the car.

    “So you’re on the move again?” Stephanie asked.

    He nodded. “At least for a while, yeah.”

    Stephanie nodded. She had only known this guy a few days, but what was this feeling in her chest? Why did she feel so sad knowing he was leaving?

    “I don’t have to go alone, though.” He said.

    Stephanie’s eyes widened when she realized what he meant. “Oh, no. Vernon, I’m sorry. You’re a really great guy, but I can’t just up and leave like this.”

    “Why not?”

    “I’m not like you. I’m a permanent fixture. You’re this free spirit-”

    “And who says you can’t be one too? This house? Your parents that you don’t live with? The job you mentioned being sick of? I know you felt what I felt last night. We keep meeting everywhere we go, and we’ve led almost the same life. Tell me that sounds like just a coincidence to you.” he pressed.

    Stephanie sighed. The only thing left to do was to admit her fate. Once she did that, all of this would go away. He’d forget all about this and run away like everyone else.

    “Vernon, my birth certificate says-”

    He cut her off, his lips meeting hers.

    When he pulled away, he said, “Don’t tell me.”


    “The inscription. Don’t tell me.”


    “Whatever it says. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter because it won’t change how I feel. So don’t tell me. I won’t tell mine either. For once, let’s just live like normal people.” He looked into he eyes, caressing her cheeks.

    Stephanie sighed. “How can I say no when you look at me like that?” She asked, smiling sadly.

    Vernon smiled back, kissing her again. “Go grab your things.”

    In a haste, Stephanie packed up her things and they drove off in Vernon’s car.

    Vernon tossed his wallet into her lap. “Check the list. Pick a goal, any goal. That’s our first stop.”

    “Anywhere I choose?” Stephanie asked.

    “Just say the word.”

    She opened up the piece of paper, examining it closely. Vernon’s loopy handwriting covered the page, with several of the goals already scratched out, meaning he’d completed it.

    Be part of a live studio audience

    Tour Googleplex

    Stand under the Hollywood sign

    Finish a book in one sitting

    Stephanie stared in awe. Almost ¼ of the paper was complete. He’d done it all alone.

    “‘Attend a music festival’. We have the same likes, let’s do that one.” She said, putting the paper back into the wallet.

    “Your wish is my command.”

    So they did just that. They drove almost 3,000 miles to New York City to attend Rolling Loud. It was the most fun Stephanie had in years, if not all her life. It was her first time ever seeing any artists in concert, and having Vernon by her side only heightened her euphoria. Eventually, she called her job, and told them she wasn’t coming back. She called her parents, and told them they were free to move back into the house they left her in.

    “I won’t be needing it anymore.” She told them.

    They called her best friend in a panic, and pleaded that they reason with her. They were afraid their little girl had fallen in love.

    “Your parents just called. What’s going on? And don’t lie, just tell me like it is.” Lee said when Stephanie finally answered the phone.

    “Fine, but you can’t tell anyone what I’m about to say.” Stephanie sighed, and in the end, she told Lee everything. About Vernon, quitting her job, the music festival. Everything.

    “So what are you going to do? Running off with someone and not telling each other your inscriptions, which by the way, you both say are TRAGIC, is not realistic. What are you going to do when fate finally runs its course?”

    “That’s just the thing, Lee. He doesn’t care about any of that. Our fates don’t matter when we’re together. He just cares about me.”

    “Romeo and Juliet didn’t get to live, you know.”

    “Easy for you to say. Yours says ‘ You will be blessed with longevity.’ Basically, you’re gonna grow old and shriveled on this Earth. Congratulations.”

    “Steph, you know I didn’t mean it like that-”

    “You know what I think? I think I’m tired of living alone. With everyone running away from me like I have some disease. For once, I found someone who doesn’t just see my destiny. He sees the person in me. So for however long this is, I want to live it. So you’re either for us or against us.”

    “Steph, I’m sor-” Lee was interrupted by the phone beeping, signaling the call ended.

    Stephanie rolled her eyes, turning her phone off. Of course, they’d never understand. Their lives weren’t damned by a few words on the back of some official document. They’d all left her for dead anyway. 

    Vernon walked back into the hotel room, food in tow. “I’m back! Did you finish your phone call?”

    She smiled at the sight. It didn’t matter if her family disagreed with what she was doing. Vernon wanted to be with her, too. And that was enough for her. She scooted to the edge of the bed, where Vernon was opening the takeout boxes. She rested her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.

    Vernon looked at her and smiled, saying nothing.

    They spent the next year crossing places off Vernon’s list. With every strikeout, the couple fell more and more in love. The feeling was exhilarating, like a breath of fresh air after being sick for weeks.

    Soak in the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs in Iceland

    Go to the Top of the Eiffel Tower

    Let Go of a Floating Lantern in Thailand

    Spend a Night in a Cave (Stephanie didn’t enjoy this one, but it made Vernon happy, so she wrote it off as a win.)

    Despite how happy she felt, Stephanie couldn’t help but be cautious around Vernon. The happiness she felt surely came with a price. She shooed him from the kitchen whenever she was using knives, never allowed for any goal too dangerous, and even quit boxing in an attempt to prolong this ignorant bliss.

    Eventually, Vernon convinced her to meet his parents, so they sent off for South Korea. When they arrived at the house, Vernon’s mother all but ran out into the backyard at the sight of her son arriving with a pretty girl on his arm.

    “I’ll be back,” Vernon said to Stephanie. “Mom!” He shouted, running after her.

    “No, Vernon. NO! You cannot bring her here!”

    “Mom, just listen.”

    “No, I’m not listening to whatever excuse you’re going to give me. Look at you two! The way she looks at you! I know it’s her, Vernon! I just know.” She shouted, her voice cracking.

    “Mom, look at me.” He said, looking her in the eyes. “I know.”

    “You know? What do you mean you know?”

    “I know it’s her. I can feel it.”

    “And you’re still running around the world with her? Why?” His mother shook her head.

    “Despite all of that, she makes me happy. Why would I run from that?” He smiled. “Please don’t cry. And don’t take it out on her. It’s neither of our faults. It’s just life.” He hugged her, holding on tight.

    They went back into the house, and all was well.

    That is until Stephanie sliced Vernon’s hand while helping his mother get dinner started.

    Nobody really understood how it happened. One minute, Stephanie was cutting vegetables, and the next, Vernon’s hand was somehow on the cutting board, bloody and he was wincing in pain.

    “What are you doing? Haven’t I always told you not to be in the kitchen when I’m chopping things? I told you I’m clumsy!” Stephanie panicked, grabbing a towel and pressing it on his hand in order to stop the bleeding.

    Vernon winced again. “I was just thirsty! I was just trying to grab a glass!”

    “Next time, just tell me to pass it to you!” She shouted. She removed the towel, checking the wound. It wasn’t as bad as she thought, luckily she moved the knife in time. “Okay, it’s just a little cut. Let’s get you bandaged up.” She dragged him to the bathroom, unaware that his mom was watching them the entire time, a solemn look on her face.

    They left his parent’s house a few days later, headed for  Greece. They booked a villa with an amazing view of the oceanside from their window and at around 8 pm, they watched the sunset, creating a pink-orange hue across the sky.

    “That’s one more,” Vernon said, taking the list out.

    Watch the Sunset in Santorini, Greece

    “So what do you plan to do once you’ve completed the list?” Stephanie asked.

    Vernon shrugged. “That’s one of the few things I don’t have an answer for. Live a normal life? Start a new one and keep going? Endless options. ”

    “You’d really just start from scratch all over again?” She asked, joining him under the covers.

    He chuckled. “Let’s just get this one down first. There are so many things I still wanna do.” He yawned, leaning against his pillow. He shifted, turning to face Stephanie.


    “Hmm?” She answered, already falling asleep.

    “You love me?”

    She peeked at him. “Of course I do. Why else would I be here?”

    He smiled softly, leaning in to kiss her. “Goodnight.”

    On their last night in Greece, they went out for dinner. They decided to walk back to the villa, not quite ready to go home. They were almost there when Vernon made a left turn.

    “Where are you going?” Stephanie asked, pulling back on his arm.

    “Back to the villa, this is just a shortcut.” He said, pulling her to his side. “Come on, we’re almost there.”

    They were walking through the dimly lit alley when suddenly Vernon was shoved against one of the buildings.

    “Vernon!” Stephanie shouted.

    “Empty your pockets.” The guy said, pushing Vernon against the wall.

    “I don’t have any money, man.” Vernon said, pushing the man off of him.

    “Really? That sure is a nice villa you’re headed to. I’m sure you have something you can give me.” He pressed, shoving him

    “I said I don’t have any money.” Vernon gritted through his teeth, shoving him back.

    The guy brandished a knife from his pocket, triggering Stephanie’s fight or flight response. She sprung in between the two men, grabbing the hand with the knife.

    “Stephanie! Get back!” Vernon shouted, now pinned between the shorter girl and the wall.

    “No! I’m not gonna let him hurt you!” She shouted back, wrestling the man.

    “Okay.” The man laughed evilly. “You’ll do it for me.” He let go of the knife, causing Stephanie’s hand to jerk back.

    The world went silent, the next few moments playing out in slow motion. Stephanie felt the warm wetness seep thru Vernon’s plain white t-shirt. She turned around in time to see him topple over, clutching his abdomen and sliding down the brick wall.

    “Vernon! No, no no. Vernon, baby are you okay?” She asked frantically.

    “You stabbed him in the stomach, stupid. Of course he’s not.” The guy grumbled. 

    They all heard gasps from the sidewalk from a couple that happened to stumble upon the scene.

    “Shit, they’re gonna call the cops,” The guy said, reaching towards Vernon. “Give me this.”

    “What? NO! You can’t pull that out. He’s gonna bleed out if you take that out!” Stephanie screamed, blocking the man from Vernon.

    “And leave something here with my fingerprints on it? Yeah, right.” He yanked the knife out. Vernon groaned in pain, breathing heavy.

    “You’re going to hell.” Stephanie muttered.

    “Me? Don’t forget, sweetheart. You’re the one who stabbed him.” He laughed, running down the alley.

    Stephanie pressed her hands desperately against Vernon’s wound, trying to stop the bleeding. “Vernon? Can you hear me? Stay awake!”

    Vernon coughed, reaching to grab Stephanie’s wrist. “It’s okay.”

    “What do you mean it’s okay?”

    “The police might not make it in time.”

    “Don’t talk like that, okay? You’re gonna be fine.”

    “I love you.”

    “Shut up. Now’s not the time to say that.”

    “But I do. I love you.”

    “And I love you. Now cut your crap. You’re gonna be fine. The police are on their way. They’re gonna patch you up and we’re gonna finish the list and grow old together with a house and a dog!” Stephanie said, tears streaming down her face.

    “Me, you and a dog, huh? That’s cute.” He laughed, causing him to cough more.

    With what little strength he had left, he reached into his back pocket and retrieved the list. He extended his arm, handing it to Stephanie. “Here.”

    “What? Why are you giving me this?”

    “Finish it for me.”

    “No. You hold on to this. Because you’re gonna finish it with me.” She said, pressing it against his chest.

    “You’re gonna get it all bloody. Just take it.” He said.

    “Why are you so nonchalant about this? Why aren’t you fighting to stay alive?” Stephanie shouted.

    “Because I got to meet you,” He smiled weakly. “I got to love you. That’s why I can go with no regrets.”

    She cried harder. “Why are you talking like this? Like everything is over? How can I finish the list by myself? I have to finish it with you. You have to be there.”

    “I will be there. We’re not just two people anymore. We’re one. If you complete the goals, it’s the same as if I were completing them. We’ll still do them together. But you have to do this for me, okay?”

    “I can’t,” She admitted. “Not without you.”

    “Yeah you can. Just trust me.”

    When the paramedics finally arrived, Vernon had lost a significant amount of blood. They did all they could at the scene, but ultimately the ambulance made its way down to the hospital with its lights and sirens off.

    When translators arrived to the hospital to speak with the survivor of the attack, they found a darkskin woman sitting on the floor. Her head was hanging low, braids covering her face, and clutching a college-ruled notebook paper.

    With the help of Vernon’s parents, they managed to get his body back to South Korea where they could give him a proper burial. For someone that spent all his time alone, the funeral home was full of people coming to pay their respects to the 24-year old. People he worked for, subletted with, even people he simply ran into by chance. He’d touched all their lives in such a short period of time.

    Stephanie watched as the casket was lowered into the ground, her heart getting buried along with it.

    On her way to the airport, Vernon’s mother handed her his phone.

    “He’d want you to have this,” She said. “And don’t blame yourself for what happened. No one could’ve stopped it.”

    Stephanie flew back to Seattle, where her parents welcomed her back home. For months, she didn’t do much of anything. She ate, slept, and envisioned alternate realities where Vernon was still with her. She imagined what he’d be doing at random times of the day, what corny jokes he’d crack, or how he’d laugh at things on the TV. One day, when her parents were out, she decided to clean her room. As she was moving her suitcase, something flew out. It was Vernon’s phone. She’d never turned it on from the time his mother gave it to her.

    She sat on the bed, turning it on. She swiped the screen, knowing Vernon never put a passcode on anything. Everything was just how he left it. The 5:00 am alarms, the picture of them as his lockscreen. She tapped the photos app, smiling at all the selfies and food pics from the past year. She furrowed her eyebrows at one particular video. The thumbnail was Stephanie sleeping from the time they were in Thailand. She pressed play, Vernon’s voice filling the room.

    “Look how cute you are when you’re sleeping.” He laughed. “I’m getting distracted.” He moved the camera so it was facing him.
    “Hey, it’s me. And if you’re watching this then it’s probably because...I’m not there to tell you all of this myself. Before I say anything else, I want you to know that I love you, and the past year I’ve spent with you has made me feel more alive than all the rest.” He sighed, looking down.
    “My birth certificate says ‘You will die by the hands of your one true love.’”
    Stephanie paused the video. Of course, by now, she knew the truth. But hearing it from Vernon made it all too real. She sighed, resuming the video.
    “I know we said we’d never tell each other, but I’m telling you now because if you’re watching this, that means it’s you.” He chuckled. “It’s so funny to think I’m making a video for you to watch...when I’m dead. It’s even funnier that I’m making it with you sleeping a few feet away.” He turned to look at Stephanie’s sleeping form. “We never told each other, but you didn’t have to. With the way you became so overprotective the closer we got, I knew it was you. I knew what your inscription said. Your actions say it all. The way you freaked out when my hand got sliced before dinner? You freaked out because you thought ‘this is it’, didn’t you? So yeah. I knew all this time. You’re probably wondering, ‘Why didn’t you say anything?’ ‘Why did you stay?’ I didn’t say anything because I didn’t feel like I needed to. After all, it was my idea that we keep them a secret, so why be a hypocrite now? And I stayed because...I wanted to. If I run from you now, not only would I be trying to trick fate which is impossible, I’d be running from you. I’d be alone.” He smiled sadly at the camera. 
    “I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will never regret not running. I’ll never regret meeting you, dating you, loving you. Because just like the inscription says, you’re my one true love. It’s so different living your whole life knowing the person you’ll love is going to take your life, then you actually meet that person. Well, I guess that’s it. I wish I had this big, elaborate reason why I’m just letting nature run its course but, I guess my reason is you.” he shrugged. “I love you.” he stood up, his face now off-frame. “I need to let my mom know to give this to you in case-”

    The video cut off. Stephanie didn’t realize she was crying until her tears fell on the screen. He knew the entire time? And still chose not to say anything? Can someone really love another person that much? She shook her head. She already knew the answer to that. To think he thought so far ahead, even filming a whole video explaining himself and saying goodbye to her, and then in the morning got up and kept smiling by her side like nothing happened? It was in that moment that Stephanie realized just how strong Vernon truly was.

    And now it was her turn to be strong for him.

    “Are you sure about going on the road again? You just got home, and there’s nothing to run from anymore.” Her mother said.

    “I’m not running from anything, Mom. I just made a promise that I have to keep.”

    “Do you have to go now? It feels like you just got back.” Her father said.

    “I’ll be back, Dad. The sooner I do it, the better. Thanks for the ride!” She said, hopping out of the car and running into the bus terminal. She walked up to the front desk.

    “Good morning! How can I help you today?” The woman asked. 

    Stephanie looked at the crumpled up paper in her hand.

    Stand on a Boulder Wedged Between Mountains at Kjeragbolten in Norway

    “One ticket to Rogaland, Norway please.” 

    Stephanie took the escalator to her terminal, stuffing the ticket and paper into a small notebook. She closed the notebook, a picture of her and Vernon on the front.

    “We’re going to Norway this time. You excited?” She said, smiling.

    She walked onto the terminal just in time, hopping onto the train just as the doors were closing.

    Stand on a Boulder Wedged Between Mountains at Kjeragbolten in Norway

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  • strawberryhime
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

                                                       𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝒻𝒾𝓋𝑒                                                   word count: ~500                                                       no warnings

    You found yourself once again in chemistry the next day, pretending that you weren’t being affected by Jeonghan’s flirting. He was really proving to be quite the charmer and it was getting harder to resist. 

    “Jeonghaaaaan!” you whined rather uncharacteristically. “I’m trying to listen to him explain the lab project. It’s worth like half of our grade,” 

    “Sorry- it’s just so hard to pay attention when there’s something else I’d rather have my eyes on,” you roll your eyes, though the blush creeping up on your cheeks tell a whole different story. You turn away to try to focus on the lecture. Jeonghan on the other hand smiles smugly, knowing that although you may act indifferent, his words were affecting you as he notices your red cheeks. Feeling satisfied, he lets you be for the rest of class. 

    When the bell rings, singling everyone’s freedom, you put away your notebooks before turning to the male next to you. 

    “So, should we work on the lab at your house?” You ask and Jeonghan raises his eyebrows at your question, a chuckle leaving his lips. 

    “Sure, that works with me. That is, if you’re alright that my 12 other brothers will be all over you if you come over,” You cringed almost immediately, forgetting about the situation you were currently in. You bit your lower lip and sighed. 

    “Okay nevermind.... Just come to my house okay? This weekend, does Saturday at one sound good?” 

    “Works for me. Can’t wait,”                                         ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    Needing air and time away from his loud brothers, Chan found himself heading towards the rooftop. A quiet place where no one else really went, a perfect secret hideout for the werewolf brothers. He opened the doors only to find he wasn’t alone, a lone figure sitting on the ledge. Curious, he came closer to inspect who it could be and it surprised him further to see that it was you, the mysterious transfer student all his brothers had their eyes on.

    “You’re not gonna jump are you?” he questions rather insensitively, not thinking it could possibly offend you or worse; startling you and throwing you off your balance, sending you tumbling to the ground. However you didn’t even flinch, having already smelled him coming closer, and there's a soft giggle vibrating in his ears;  he can’t help but think that your laugh was rather cute. 

    “Jump? Believe me, I would if I could,” you sounded rather bitter, and it only made him more curious about you. 

    An awkward silence occurs between the two of you and Chan feels like he said something he shouldn’t have. Before he can even utter an apology you’re the one asking him a question.

    “Hey. Do you know the saying, ‘a cat always lands on its feet?’” You turn to face him, waiting patiently for an answer. He only looks at you confused. 

    “Um, yeah? What about it though?” he questions in return but you simply smirk at him, turning back around to face the ground. Your legs bend and you prepare to jump. Chan notices what you’re trying to do but he doesn’t even get the chance to stop you as he watches in horror as you leap over the edge, falling to the ground. He runs over to the ledge in shock but sees you perfectly fine on the ground. You still have a smile on your face as you wave him goodbye, walking away.

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    about now*:・゚| chapter seven — cant wait to see the loml🥰

    summary: a global pandemic paired with months of lockdown; you're pretty sure you're going stir-crazy. when you come across a viral chat-app, you don't even hesitate to join it. thus begin the chaos of meeting 14 random strangers and how they become a bigger part of your life than you thought they would.
    alt: an au where you join an app that puts you into a groupchat of 15 people from different parts of the world
    previous | masterlist | next

    join the taglist ?? :D

    a/n: lmao sorry hao but it's a jihoon x reader so you gotta get cucked


    taglist: @wooziujidoots @emilie0nicole @lynniac @wuriwoori

    #seventeen social media au #seventeen sm aus #svt sm au #seventeen imagines #woozi x reader #lee jihoon x reader #seventeen scenarios #seventeen fake texts #woozi imagines #lee jihoon imagines #svt x reader #seventeen x reader #about now
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    Camp North Star - July 22nd

    AFAB!Reader x Jeon Wonwoo

    Word Count: 3384

    Contents: slight fingering, wonwoo being gushy, teasing, oral, handjob

    “You’re still out here?”

    You looked around from where you sat in the grass, playing with a flower in your hand. The sun had set and campers were back in their cabins but you were still sitting out by the lake. Even as the evening air got just a little cool you still sat there, not wanting to head back to the cabin just yet. Spending some time with your own thoughts.

    “Yeah,” you sighed. “Just wanted some alone time I guess.”

    “Ah,” He said, shuffling a little before handing you the balled up blanket he’d had in his hand. “Well, I don’t know how long you’re staying out here. I brought you a blanket in case you get too cold.”

    You couldn’t help the smile that drew across your face. “Aww, Wonwoo, that's really sweet.”

    He shrugged but you could see the grin on his lips in the light of the moon. “Someone has to take care of you.”

    “Well, thank you,” you smiled, feeling very warm and fuzzy from his kindness.

    “I’ll- uh I can give you some peace and quiet.”

    “No!” The word came from your lips far too quickly and heat followed it to the surface of your skin. Wonwoo seemed a little startled with your sudden exclamation. “I mean- I like your company. You can stay if you want.”

    Wonwoo’s smile was almost shy as he nodded before sitting next to you. You opened up the blanket, spreading it over your legs. Wonwoo rested back on his hands, staring out at the ripples on the lake in the low light of the early night.

    “What were you thinking about?” He asked quietly.

    “Honestly, nothing in particular.” You said. “A little about next week. As much fun as it is there are some actual logistics to sort out. A little about the kids going home this weekend.”

    “It is going by really fast.”

    “We’re nearly two months in already. I feel like I need to start thinking about the fall.”

    Wonwoo shook his head. “Let the fall come when it comes. It’s more fun to live in the moment, especially here.”

    You snorted. “I can’t tell if you’re being sentimental or trying to get into my pants.”

    Wonwoo chuckled, looking a little flustered. “I didn’t realize it sounded like that.”

    You leaned into his shoulder. “It’s alright. I don’t exactly mind when you try to get into my pants.”

    Wonwoo snorted at your comment and you laughed with him. Still, as the breeze blew past the two of you you felt his hand move to your thigh, just gently squeezing your leg. You sighed and rested your head on his shoulder. You liked how comfortable you had gotten with him. It was much easier to be around him than you ever thought it would be on the first day.

    “Does it kill the mood if I try and get into your pants now?” Wonwoo murmured.

    “I’d like to think of it more as a mood shift,” you said with a grin.

    Wonwoo turned his head a little, lips a little closer to your ear as his fingers slipped between your legs and you spread them for him. “Mood shift it is then,” he purred. His fingers started to tease you over your shorts.

    You sighed as the slight sensation sparked in your core from his gentle touch. You took deep breaths and let your eyes fall closed as you felt the cool breeze blow across your skin, finding its way under the blanket and raising stray goosebumps on your skin.

    “That already feels good,” You hummed.

    “I’ve barely done anything,” he chuckled lightly.

    “Maybe I am simply anticipating what’s to come,” you grinned.

    “Maybe that means I’m spoiling you too much,” he replied.

    “I can make you feel good too,” you hummed, shifting to look at him, feeling your eyelids a little heavy already as you felt his hand slip into your shorts and panties.

    “I’m taking you up on that if the bugs don’t get to us first.”

    You snorted but it turned into a gasp as his fingers drew up through your folds and started to rub circles against your clit. You pressed a little closer to him, nearly hiding your face in his shoulder to muffle the sounds of your quiet sighs and moans. Sparks ignited in your core, curling through you from his movements and you spread your legs just a little wider for him.

    “I love the way you moan,” he murmured, almost as if to himself. “It’s such a pretty sound.”

    “Sh-Shut up,” you stumbled, muffled against his shirt.

    “I’m serious,” he giggled, not sounding totally serious. “It’s a good sound.”

    “Well I’m glad it’s a good sound,” even with the breathiness in your voice your slight teasing was still apparent.

    “I’m trying to say something nice,” he mumbled against the top of your head.

    “If that’s your w-way of praising me y-you’re gonna have to try harder.”

    You let out a gasp as he pulled his hand away suddenly before pushing you back into the grass. You let out a shaky breath as he smirked down at you, pinning your arms down to the ground.

     “If you won’t let me be nice I could just tease you,” he grinned.

    “I-I didn’t say that,” you stammered but Wonwoo seemed to have made up his mind. He quickly pulled the blanket up over him before bringing his lips down to kiss at your chest. His hands let go of your arms and he slipped them down your sides to pull off your shorts and panties. He took it slow, kissing down your chest and you felt yourself freezing up as you realized what he was planning.

    “I-I- uh-”

    “What’s wrong?” He chuckled, a teasing lilt in his voice. You reached under the blanket and grabbed at his hair, stopping him from kissing any further than your waist. His grin was smug when he looked up at you but it melted off his face when he took in your stressed expression.

    “Hey, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

    “No I- it-” You didn’t want to say anything. How had you gotten into this position so quickly? If you blamed anything it was your brain getting horny too fast and his fingers being too enticing.

    “Did I do something?” He asked seriously. “Or did something happen? You keep stopping. Or avoiding…”

    “I- It’s just.” You looked away from him. “You’re kind of bad at giving head.”

    “O-Oh.” You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him but you felt heat on your face and you had to imagine he felt embarrassed too. You knew Seokmin was right and you knew you had to say something but you really had to leave it to the worst moment.

    “You’re not- I mean I’m sure some people would like it. Like it’s not horrendous and you’re really really good at other things. B-But you keep wanting to go down on me and I just- it didn’t- It wasn’t good.”

    Wonwoo called your name and you looked down at him reluctantly, still half avoiding his gaze. He was blushing and struggling to meet your eye but he still asked. “Why didn’t you just tell me?”

    “I-I it was just awkward. And I didn’t want to upset you. And you were clearly trying s-so…”

    Wonwoo squeezed your thigh and you trained your gaze on him properly.

    “I’d rather know,” he said.

    “I’m sorry,” you mumbled. “I should have just said something.”

    “I get you were trying to spare my feelings,” he said, and you were sure there was a slight grin on his lips. “But I guess I needed some kind of achilles heel, didn’t I?”

    “Or what?” You snorted.

    “I’d be irresistible and you would just have to deal with it.”

    You let out a laugh and let your head fall back into the grass. “You’re such a dork.”

    He pressed a kiss to your lower stomach. “I’m not the one who keeps letting a dork into my pants,” he teased, drawing a laugh from you. “Now, tell me what you like this time so I can get it right.”

    “Okay,” you hummed, threading the fingers of one hand back into his hair. “Just start out slow. I know I’m going to regret saying ‘tease me’ but…”

    Wonwoo chuckled. “You want me to make you wait for it, huh?”

    “I do,” you groaned quietly. “That’s gonna bite me in the ass, isn’t it?”

    “It might,” he hummed, pressing kisses to your sensitive inner thighs. “You should be careful what you wish for.”

    “I have no regard for my own sanity,” you mumbled, still enjoying the kisses he pressed to your skin, the way he sucked at some spots lightly and kept moving around your core.

    “That much I’d gathered,” he murmured with a chuckle in his voice.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” You questioned, lifting your head to look at him.

    “Shhhh,” he hushed you. “Relax and tell me what you like.”

    You put your head back down with a grumble. Your hand stayed in Wonwoo’s hair, running through it gently. He focused on your thighs, getting a little closer to your core as he went. You did your best to relax, taking deep breaths and looking up at the sky, sprinkled with stars and the light of the moon shining down on you.

    “Good,” you hummed. You felt the way arousal started to pool in your core, making you ever so slightly impatient as his fingers finished pulling off your shorts and panties. You spread your legs a little more for him as he moved up between them before settling. You felt his hand squeeze your thigh and you propped yourself up on your elbows to look at him. It was almost comical seeing him half hidden under the blanket, peeking up at you as you shifted.

    Still, his lips didn’t land between your legs. He kept teasing your thighs, moving very close but just around your core. You shifted your hips a little, letting out a sigh and curling your fingers a little more in his hair. His gaze flicked up to look at you and you felt the smirk that tugged at his lips.

    “Tell me what you want,” he murmured.

    “Go slowly,” you said, guiding his head towards your clit. “And be gentle. It was too rough last time.”

    Wonwoo hummed in recognition as he brought his tongue out, still looking at you. He followed your instructions, gently and slowly lapping over your clit. You let out a low moan at the feeling. Already it was much better than the last time. It wasn’t too rough and it only had you wanting more as each lick sent a small rush of pleasure curling through your core.

    Wonwoo watched you expectantly.

    “That feels good,” you murmured.

    He quirked an eyebrow at you and you snorted.

    “It actually does this time,” you chuckled. “I’m not just being nice.”

    He let out a hum against you as he closed his eyes. He pressed in just a little closer, his fingers kneading your thighs as his tongue worked faithfully on you. You kept watching him, even as your eyelids grew heavier. His movements drew small moans from you and you played with his hair as he did so.


    He gave a small “hm?” while opening his eyes to look at you.

    “Don’t make it rougher but… you can go a little faster. And use more of your tongue? Press it wider, does that make sense?” The words sounded silly coming out of your mouth but you couldn’t think of any other way to get your point across. You felt heat on your face nonetheless, more evident as the night breeze blew over your skin.

    Wonwoo still understood what you meant. His tongue only moved a little bit faster but he flattened more of it against your clit. You bit down on your lip, letting yourself fall back into the grass. A moan, a bit louder than before, escaped your lips as he found a movement you liked a lot. You heard and felt him let out a little groan of his own, the vibrations of which ran through your core.

    “That’s really good,” you moaned. Your free hand reached down to your thigh and you took his hand in yours. Wonwoo was quick to lace his fingers with yours. He squeezed your hand sweetly and started moving his tongue just a little faster, but still not fast enough.

    “Wonwoo, you can go faster,” you hummed.

    You could have swore you felt his smirk against you as he hummed out a “mm mm” staying at the same speed. You bit down on your lip, gazing up at the stars again. You couldn’t have let him be bad at just one thing could you? You had to make him good and cocky at everything. You truly only had yourself to blame now if he decided to torture you.

    The sensation of his tongue moving over your clit just how you liked was working you up, the coil in your core already curling in on you. But now the pace was too slow. Along with your arousal frustration was building too. You tried your best to stay still, keeping your breathing as even as you could, letting low moans pass your lips, lest you make him cockier.

    A sigh passed your lips as you squeezed his hand. A silent plea to give you more as you body started to get needy. Even though you tried, you couldn’t keep the neediness from you voice. With every passing moment and every movement it was apparent that you needed more.

    “Wonwoo,” you voice was definitely whiny. You shifted your hips a little, trying not to roll towards him and failing miserably. “You know you can move faster.”

    He squeezed your hand as he chuckled and when you looked down at him he was gazing up at you, a mischievous glint in his eye.

    “Y-You’re doing good,” you said, voice starting to trip over words. “I can take a little more.”

    He pressed in a little closer but moved his tongue slower. Your frustration grew as you let out a whine, trying to pull and press him closer.

    “D-Doo you want me to beg for it?” you muttered before seeing the heat in his eyes, only growing stronger from what you’d suggested. Your own skin started to burn as you realized that was, indeed, exactly what he wanted. You hadn’t been planning on it, and maybe in another moment you would laugh at the suggestion, but at present he had you very worked up and as the coil in your core curled tighter any resolve you had was quickly disappearing.

    “Wonwoo, please,” even though no one was around you still dropped your voice, much quieter as you pleaded with him, feeling even hotter under his gaze. “Please go faster. I-I’m getting close, s-so…”

    Wonwoo rolled his eyes, clearly unimpressed.

    “Shut up,” you whined at purely his expression. “Please. Please just go faster. Please make me cum.” You squeezed his hand, sitting up a little and getting closer to him. “Y-You’re good at this now. I-I know you are and I told you to tease me b-but please.”

    You let out a gasp as he moved his tongue faster over your clit finally. The sensation curled the coil incredibly tight in your core and your thighs trembled as they started to press in around his head. “Please keep goings” and “Don’t stops” fell off your lips as he kept you caught in his gaze until you succumbed to the pleasure.

    You fell back into the grass with a cry, grinding your hips against his face. Your orgasm crashed over you in a wave, sending tingles and sensation out through every inch of your body. Your thighs squeezed tight around Wonwoo’s head until you finally fully relaxed and he pulled away from your core. He climbed up over you, bringing the blanket with him.

    “You know you suck at begging,” he chuckled.

    “Shut up,” you mumbled tiredly. “I can be good at it.”

    “Oh so you were bad on purpose. Well t-”

    You shut him up by sticking three fingers in his mouth. 

    Wonwoo gave you an unamused expression, but didn’t try to remove your fingers. He just sucked on them idly while he watched you.

    “I don’t have to be great at everything either,” you said, letting him suck on your fingers for another moment or two before pulling them out of his mouth.

    “Was there a reason for that?” He asked.

    “Of course,” you grinned, reaching under the blanket. You found the waist of his sweats easily and pushed your hand inside, earning a gasp from him as you started to pump his cock which, as you had guessed, was already hard.

    “So worked up just from eating me out,” you hummed.

    “I th-think it’s a good thing I enjoy pleasuring you,” he managed, voice already growing breathy as you pumped his cock quickly. “D-Don’t you?”

    “You’re right,” you smirked. “I shouldn’t tease you for it if I like it. Even when you’re this hard and you haven’t even been touched until now.”

    “Sh-Shut up,” he chuckled, though still pressing his hips towards your hand.

    “I wonder if you could get off just from pleasuring me,” you mused. “Or would you just get worked up and frustrated?”

    “J-Just frustrated,” his voice was sounding more and more whiny each time he spoke. It made your smirk grow wider as you added a small twist to your movement, relishing in his low moan. His forehead rested against yours as he panted, his hips starting to rock into your hand.

    “Then we should definitely do it,” you purred. “It’ll be fun.”

    “F-For y-you,” he managed.

    “And you,” you added. “I never said I wouldn’t let you cum. I’m not cruel.”

    “D-Don’t- Don’t s-say things l-l-like that when y-your- wh-when I-”

    You chuckled at him. “Scared I’ll get some ideas? Scared I’ll just… stop?” You slowed your hand dramatically, purely for the fun of playing with him. He was so close to you and he managed to open his eyes, trying to rut his hips into your hand.

    “N-No please. P-Please come on I-I-I made you c-cum didn’t I? Please, d-don’t stop,” he pleaded, pressing his nose to yours. “Please, please, plea-”

    He let out a moan as you gripped his cock more tightly and started stroking him quickly. Wonwoo’s head fell into the crook of your neck and his hips bucked into your hand as he chased his high desperately. You held him close with your free hand while you worked him quickly, tempted to stop again but knowing you shouldn’t be cruel.

    You thanked your lucky stars it was late enough that no one was around to hear his loud whiny moans as he finally came. You felt his hot cum drip down your fingers more and more with each pulse of his cock as his hips stuttered, falling onto the tops of your thighs.

    You pulled your hand away and he let himself down on top of you, panting and trembling. You played with his hair with your clean hand and felt her arm wrap around your waist, holding himself close to you.

    “Maybe I should be learning to beg from you,” you chuckled.

    “God, don’t tease me now,” he whined, hiding his face in your neck.

    “But you’re better at it than I am.” You chuckled. “You could teach me. I just need to hear some more of it.”

    Wonwoo groaned at your comment and you chuckled, running your fingers through his hair soothingly.

    “Okay okay I’ll leave it be.” You giggled. “And that oral was much better.”

    “I’m a quick study,” he hummed.

    “That you are. Do you wanna head back to the cabin?”

    “Honestly I’m so comfy I could sleep right here,” he mumbled. “Under the stars, it’s really…”

    You felt your stomach flip as his sentence trailed off, not quite sure if you wanted to know the word he didn’t say.

    “If we stay out here we will be eaten alive by mosquitoes,” you said.

    Wonwoo pushed himself up off your chest. “Cabin it is.”

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    bittersweet | i'll make it up to you

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    ★ synopsis: in which y/n and wonwoo are forced to share an apartment in secret.

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    masterlist | previous

    🗒 ❛ in which kwon soonyoung starts a part-time job in subway…one problem though, why is his popular hot crush working here too? ༉‧₊˚✧

    pairing: hoshi x reader

    warnings: check masterlist!

    [ F R I D A Y ; 9:10PM ]

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    24. Right person, right time

    the kids are going to be alright

    synopsis: life as we know it (2010 film) au | when an unexpected accident leaves you and your blind date from five years ago to become caretakers of your mutual goddaughter, you are forced to learn how to navigate parenthood all while trying to balance work and social life.

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    of all the views you had seen, there was little that could compare to him.

    6.2k | cavalry captain!jeonghan x gn pyro!reader, genshin impact au, fluff, adventure, drinking, so much flirting, mentions of trauma, honestly this is the sweetest i'm ever gonna write jeonghan

    happy inazuma release day!!! it's your local kaeya trash, because i predictably fall for gay bastards that lie straight to my face (example: jeonghan), and i'm here to give you a fic i wrote AGES ago and just polished up a bit to celebrate the release of what is likely going to be my FAVORITE region in genshin impact. i'm japanese so 😅 i have a soft spot. if there's any other gaymer carats out there, enjoy this one. if not, sorry! you can actually probably still read this and understand it for the most part, though you might miss a bit of context of the landscape and the lore.

    ps. go tell @babiemingoo that wonwoo xinqiu 🤭


    your work with the adventurer's guild was always efficient. you received your commissions, you carried them out, then returned for your reward, usually before the sun had even peaked. the rest of your day was generally spent either basking in the eternal sun of mondstadt, feeding cats in inazuma, or enjoying a hard earned meal in liyue, depending on where you decided to stay that week, finding board and paying for it with the commission you had earned that day. your tendency to wander came less from choice and more from nature - you could call yourself a nomad, but generally, you just got bored, and preferred seeing everything teyvat had to offer rather than settling in one place. adventuring was simply what you were meant to do, your mother had told you at a young age.

    she, too, had wandered for most of her youth, and didn't stop just because you had come into her life. you remembered getting scooped up because you had wandered off a bit too close to the railing at wangshu inn as a toddler, playing with dogs at the docks of liyue harbor. you remembered the ludi harpastum and the first time you had ever had a sweet honey roast, and the way it made your eyes grow ten times in size before you dug in for more.

    when your vision was bestowed upon you, you already knew how to use a sword. it was important, your mother told you, that you knew how to protect yourself. she had a vision as well, younger even than you had, and you had come to recognize the static in the air as a sign that she was angry - whether it was because of an altercation with someone on your journey or because you had secretly eaten the last hashbrown without consulting her first.

    she used her vision and a sturdy blade she had owned since before you were born to protect the two of you on the road, but when she felt you were old enough, she taught you how to weild. a two handed weapon that was far too big for you when you were only fourteen, but when your reckless abandon got paired with a spark, you suddenly became far more dangerous than even your own mother. she scolded you for nearly starting a forest fire when you tried to pair the two skills for the first time after receiving your vision, and you both agreed that training was a beach activity from then on.

    your mother settled eventually, after you were old and skilled enough to take on the road alone, pulling the many favors she had gathered in her travels to build a home in a small neighborhood south of liyue harbor, nestled in the foothills of mount tianheng, where you visited as often as your wandering allowed.

    you had become much better with your vision. more careful but just as hot. quick to scan situations and strategize in the moment, hardly taking a second before jumping into action, slaying hilichurls like you were getting paid. well, you were, you supposed, but you had been doing this long before you had discovered the benefit of joining the guild. you were good at it. you were built for adventure, but revelled in leisure. there was good reason you were able to take afternoons off, and you milked every last second of it.

    "you're back in town?"

    you grinned, leaning your sword against the wall and dropping your bag off your shoulders before settling at the bar. "for now."

    rubin often served you alcohol - when you were in mondstadt, at least, however often that may be - but never questioned you deeply. he would ask how your travels were, and listen to your stories from regions beyond his knowledge, of the cultures that he had only heard of from people like you. he enjoyed them just about as much as any, if not a little more, purely because your tenacious personality brought something more to the table. he wondered, though, how long you intended to keep living day by day, sleeping in different beds every week.

    "what's wrong with sleeping in different beds?" you teased, laughing into your wine glass. "if i didn't know any better, i'd think you were shaming me, rube."

    rubin simply laughed, knowing your tone by now. "i just wonder if you ever intend on digging in your roots, or if you'll continue travelling forever."

    "if i dig roots, you may never see me again. is that what you want?"

    "what," he said. "you don't like mondstadt?"

    "i love monstadt," you assured him. "but i also love inazuma. and my mother is in liyue, though she might be upset with me if i try to settle too close to her. perhaps natlan would suit me more?" you shrugged finally, the door behind you opening as you finished with "i suppose i'll settle when i've found a reason to love one place more than the rest."

    rubin shook his head, a chuckle falling from his lips. "a wanderer through and through." his attention was quickly drawn to the man entering the bar. "ah, captain! the usual?"

    "please," the decorated man said, quickly taking a seat beside you despite the rest of the bar being available. "would you like another, wanderer?"

    you eyed him cautiously, studying what you could see if his face around the black eyepatch, gaze skimming down his elaborate clothing before looking down at your emptied drink. "sure."

    "another for your wandering friend, rubin, on my tab, please." your brain swirled, considering the brief information you had been given and wondered how you had never managed to meet this regular during your past visits. "are you just drinking dandelion wine, or something more fun?"

    "more fun?" you asked. "what are you drinking, then?"

    "well, a death after noon, of course," he stated. "don't tell me you haven't had one."

    you blinked at him. "i haven't."

    you turned towards rubin when he laughed at the back and forth. "shall i make two, then?"

    "definitely," your new drinking buddy said, then gestured to you. "you trust my taste, right?"

    you said nothing, but he accepted your silent smile as an agreeance. "captain," you said finally, thinking of how rubin had addressed him. "of?"

    the man turned towards you, his elbow planted on the bar and his cheek on a fist. despite his get up, he had a playful smirk across his lips. "you mean, my reputation doesn't precede me? you really are a wanderer. everyone in mondstadt knows my name."

    "everyone but me," you corrected. "as i'm currently in mondstadt."

    his teeth shone behind his smirking lips before he sat up straight. "well, allow me to introduce myself." he saluted, his arm extending from his side at an angle - a salute you recognized from the guards around the city. "i am jeonghan, the cavalry captain of the knights of favonius."

    "ah, the knights," you smiled briefly, before letting your eyes wander as you thought, crossing your arms over the bar. "i don't see much of a cavalry in the city, though."

    he let out an amused exhale. "so i have a bit more free time these days."

    "i'm sure the acting grand master is jealous of all your free time," you teased. "poor guy, looks like he's staving off a panic attack every time i see him. you should probably help him more."

    "so," he sighed, leaning against the bar again. "you know of the acting grand master but not me?"

    "jihoon?" you asked. "of course i know of him. he's all anyone ever talks about around here."

    jeonghan nodded once, thanking rubin when he placed two drinks before you. "people talk about me, also, you know."

    your lips stuck out in a pout. "jeonghan, you said? doesn't ring a bell."

    he rolled his eyes and picked up his drink, holding it out for you to cheers against. you giggled, clinking your glass against his before taking a sip. the golden liquid was sweet, but not like the dandelion wine you had grown to love in this region. it had more depth, a subtle bitterness to it, and a refreshing bubble. you stared after the glass when it left your lips, then looked over to find jeonghan grinning at you.

    "i see why it's your usual," you said, taking another sip before placing the glass on the bar. "i could drink too many."

    "will you?" he asked.

    "not tonight," you replied coolly. "i haven't asked sana to put me up at the guild yet, and if i get there too late, i'll get a cot instead of a bed. unless rubin finally wants to come clean about something?"

    the bartender laughed. "how many times do i have to tell you? we don't even have rooms to board."

    you squinted at him. "i know there's something upstairs. i'll learn your secrets one day, rube."

    "i wouldn't be a very good bartender if i didn't know how to keep them."

    "so you're in the guild?" jeonghan asked as rubin attended to another patron. "an adventuring wanderer."

    you smiled vaguely at him. "i am. i have to pay for my travels somehow."

    he shrugged. "there's other ways to make money. probably more profitable, too."

    you eyed his teasing smirk. "i'm not sure i know what you're implying."

    "as a captain of the knights of favonius, i assure you, i'm implying nothing at all," he said, exhaling sharply and adjusting on his stool. he leaned over towards you before speaking in a quieter tone. "but as jeonghan, i think you know exactly what i'm implying."

    you only laughed, recognizing the thinly veiled attempt to worm a secret out of you. "i outgrew those means a long time ago. besides, when mora gets tight, i can always board up with my mother. i like liyue enough."

    jeonghan studied you as you drank again. "liyue's home, is it?'

    "for her, yes," you said, looking over to him, but you found yourself looking away again when his steely blue gaze met yours. you thought carefully about how much of yourself you were willing to reveal to this stranger, especially considering how important he was in the rule of the city. "she was a wanderer, too, and ended up falling in love with liyue harbor."

    jeonghan made note of the way your face softened as you spoke about your mother. "and what about you?"

    you met his intent look again, thinking about how his covered eye somehow made him even more intimidating. perhaps that was its purpose. "what about me?"

    "what have you fallen in love with?"

    a smile crept onto your lips as you processed his question. "oh, archons, what have i not fallen in love with? the smell of the open ocean in inazuma, the breathtaking temples in sumeru - have you ever been to waterfall city?"

    jeonghan merely shook his head at you, the corners of his mouth turning upwards as he put his cheek on a fist again, leaning against the bar. "beautiful?"

    you exhaled, eyes wide as you thought of the towering falls and the light mist that covered the city, trying to come up with an apt description. "humbling. there's nothing like it."

    he watched your expression, head tilting further. "what a wonderful way to describe a place. tell me more."

    your gaze went to him, then away briefly, feeling suddenly shy as you noticed his look. "about waterfall city?"

    he shrugged a fur covered shoulder, shaking his head lightly. "about anywhere. describe your world, wanderer. i'd like to hear whatever you have to say."

    you wondered if the heat that ran through you was because of the alcohol or the man, but you just took another drink and cleared your throat lightly, thinking of more places you had discovered in your travels. you thought of qingce village, one of your favorite places to visit, because the people are kind and welcoming and the fields are so beautiful. you told him about a tea shop owned by an old man - he insisted you call him pops so fiercely that you weren't even sure you had caught his given name - and it was probably the most relaxing cup of tea you ever had.

    "it's been a while since i've gone," you sighed. "i think i'm overdue for a chat with pops and his tea."

    jeonghan was smiling when you looked at him again. "the tea in liyue is unmatched," he said, reaching for his drink. before taking another sip, he gestured for you to continue.

    so you did. you told him about sakura pond, about celestia city, about the volcanic black beaches. you told him liyue had your favorite people, but inazuma had your favorite food. he clicked his tongue at you.

    "what about mondstadt? do we have one of your favorites?"

    you smiled, genuinely. "sunsets. the night sky is different here than it is anywhere else. i think mondstadt is the closest we can get to the stars without joining the archons."

    jeonghan studied you briefly, his blue eye flicking over your face as you finished your drink. "i think that's an apt observation. it seems your eyes are always wide."

    "i travel for the views," you exhaled. "i don't plan on missing any."

    he thought a second. "have you been to starsnatch cliff?"

    your eyes lit up. "not in years," you said, in complete shock that you could have forgotten such a place. you pushed from the bar slightly, turning towards him, and he noticed the flash of a red gem strapped to your right thigh for the first time. "my mother took me there when i was a kid, but i haven't gone since."

    "it never gets old," he said, sipping at the end of his drink. "i've yet to see that view and not be in awe."

    "i'll go before i leave mondstadt again," you decided.

    he looked to you. "when will that be?"

    you sighed. "not sure, yet."

    he just chuckled. "would you like another drink?"

    "oh, no," you said, standing and stretching your spine. "i should make my leave. i don't like sleeping on cots. i just came by to let my ol' pal rube know i was in town again."

    jeonghan watched you pull your pack onto your back, grabbing the handle of your sheathed claymore from where it was leaning against the wall next to the bar. "perhaps i'll see you again tomorrow?"

    you looked at him, a vague smile on your lips as you strapped your sword back on. "perhaps you will, captain."

    "jeonghan," he corrected. "but i don't believe you ever shared your name?"

    "that was by design, captain," you said, and he swore he caught a glint in your eye as you bid rubin a farewell and stepped out of the angel's share.

    jeonghan spun back around on his stool, immediately looking to rubin. "do you know their name?"

    "no, sir," he said, looking at the closed door. "they've never said."

    jeonghan's gaze went to the empty glass you had left behind, thinking about your stories, your sword, and the signifier of your vision on your thigh. "fascinating."

    you got lucky - sana had a private room for you, and said you were welcome to rent it for your stay. she said not many people were travelling to mondstadt these days, and that more often than not, the adventurer's barracks in headquarters went unused. ever since the fatui had holed up in the grand goth hotel, it had been harder for you to make extended stays in mondstadt, but it seemed that something was telling you to stick around longer than usual. you laid on the hard mattress - a feeling that was more comforting than most, thanks to your continuous travels - and thought of the charming captain that had made a night of questioning you. you wondered if he really had any interest in anything you had to say, or if he had been hoping for details about something pertinent to an investigation.

    you packed a lighter bag in the morning, only bringing along the essentials as you set out for your commissions for the day. that afternoon, you wandered around mondstadt and asked questions. questions about the simultaneously well-discussed and mysterious cavalry captain that had listened to your tales of travel, and answers came easier than expected, though they didn't contain all the details you were looking for. that night, you waited up at the angel's share to brag about your newfound knowledge to the captain that never showed, and you did your best to not let that hurt your ego.

    the next day, you made a detour on your way back to the city after completing your commissions, stopping by springvale to enjoy a well deserved lunch and catch up with some locals. you sat in the grass with a skewer of grilled meat, watching the windmills of mondstadt steadily spin in the distance as time passed, thinking about how rubin had asked you if you didn't like it here.

    you did, you decided. mondstadt felt different than anywhere else you had been. untouched, almost. wilder. freer. despite being born in inazuma, your first memories being in celestia, or your mother being in liyue, mondstadt felt comfortable. felt like a home. you wondered to yourself what that might mean.

    sana greeted you happily when you returned much later than you normally did. she told you to go ahead to the guild and come back, filing away your reports and retrieving your rewards. you dropped off your things in your rented room, quickly, practically galloping back down the steps towards the entrance of the city to continue your conversation with the adventurer guilds' mighty receptionist without your sword weighing you down. you crossed your arms on the counter, comfortably lounging as you chatted with her, having always enjoyed her conversations more than most. like rubin, she was a reason mondstadt always felt comfortable.

    "fancy meeting you here," an all too familiar voice said, and you pulled your eyes from sana to find jeonghan leaning his side against the counter next to you.

    "good evening, cavalry captain!" sana chirped, placing your reward - your room free already removed - on the counter and bowing politely. "can i help you with anything today?"

    his icy gaze flickered from your lightly curved lips towards sana. "oh, no, my dear. i'm just coming back from an investigation near springvale"

    "interesting," you said, eyeing him. "i was just there and didn't see you."

    "i wouldn't be very good at my job if you did, wanderer," he grinned. "knight business, you wouldn't understand. got the assignment yesterday."

    "ah," you shifted to your side to face him, making him eye the vision on your thigh. "is that why you never showed? rubin was worried."

    he looked you up and down. "rubin was, huh?"

    you rolled your eyes and adjusted your posture to face away from his smirk. sana looked between the two of you twice before clearing her throat as quietly as possible, making jeonghan let out a chuckle before he directed his attention to the guild's receptionist.

    "how goes holding the post, sana?"

    she looked almost frightened when the attention was directed back to her. "good, captain! in fact, one of our most capable adventurers-" she gestured to you, "-just returned from taking care of some of our more difficult commissions - no one else would take them."

    jeonghan looked at you. "why did sana have to tell your secret?"

    your eyebrows quirked upwards. "what secret?"

    "that you're good at this. shouldn't you be bragging?"

    a chuckle spilled from your lips, and jeonghan watched you as you looked away. "i'm not the bragging type."

    he studied you a moment. "what type are you, then?"

    you considered the question, wondering exactly how to answer. what type were you? if not a teller, than surely you must be a shower, but that didn't seem right either. you exhaled. "the quiet type. see you later, sana."

    he laughed, pushing off the counter as you tucked your mora into your waist bag, wishing sana a good evening and following you towards the fountain. "you sure talk a lot for being the quiet type."

    a smirk landed itself on your lips as he fell into step beside you. "maybe private is a better description."

    "that one i can see," jeonghan said, looking over to you. he thought of how you had spent nearly an hour telling him about the best views in teyvat, yet he still didn't know the most basic information about you. "do you share your name with anyone?"

    you thought. "my mother."

    he scoffed. "anyone else?"

    you looked to the sky. "rubin."

    "wrong," he retorted. "he doesn't know your name, either."

    you laughed, looking over to him as you came up to the fountain, spinning and sitting back on the ledge. "you asked?"

    "of course i asked," he said, planting one foot on the ledge beside you and placing his arms on his knee. "i asked other people, too. almost everyone knows you, but they don't know anything about you. bits and pieces, but never the full picture."

    you just smiled up at him from your relaxed posture on the concrete. "what's wrong with a little intrigue?"

    he just smiled back at you. "nothing. i tend to keep a bit myself. did you know there's a large number of people in this city that were shocked when i said you wield a claymore?"

    you hummed, dipping the tips of your fingers into the fountain. "did you know there's a large number of people in this city that consider you the most eligible bachelor in not only mondstadt, but in all of teyvat?"

    his lips parted slightly as you spoke. "so you snooped, too."

    "i was bored yesterday. it wasn't hard," you exhaled. you flicked a drop of water towards his foot. "jeonghan yoon, the cavalry captain of the knights of favonius since he was only nineteen. who loves wine and whose adopted brother runs the biggest winery in teyvat, yet they're hardly ever seen speaking. who comes from a far off land on a different continent, but has come to love mondstadt like it was his home. who wears an eyepatch but has never told anyone why."

    he chuckled at the assessment and pulled his foot off the ledge to sit beside you. "so when do i get to learn about you?"

    "i told you about me yesterday," you said.

    "you told me about teyvat," he corrected. "and while i was able to infer some things about your character, i still know close to nothing about you."

    you thought for a moment, realizing no one had ever noticed how little you truly shared despite always being willing to tell stories. "sometimes it feels like i am teyvat. it's hard to think of things that are just about me."

    "you could start with that vision," he said, nodding at the strap across your thigh. you looked down at it, exhaling.

    "what's there to tell? you know what it means, and that's more teyvat than me, too."

    he leaned back on a hand, looking you up and down in curiosity. "how old were you."

    you chewed your cheek. "fourteen. you?"

    his lip quirked upwards. "sixteen."

    you bumped his shoulder with yours playfully. "beat you."

    he laughed. "how'd it happen?"

    you paused. "you go first."

    he just chuckled and looked away, watching a dog wander past the general store. "another day, then."

    "no fun," you sighed, brushing your hands together as you leaned forward. "what about the eyepatch?"

    he met your eyes, mouth slanted in a smirk. "another day."

    you clicked your tongue. "if you wanna learn about me, you have to be willing to give up some details, too. i value a fair trade."

    "then stop asking questions that you know i won't share the answer to." jeonghan noticed the color of the sky, then suddenly pulled a pocket watch out, checking it quickly to confirm that there was enough time and stood. "come with me?"

    you stared up at him. "where?"

    he grinned, extending a hand to help you to your feet. "you said mondstadt's sunsets were your favorite, correct?"

    you generally weren't prone to following mysterious men into back corridors, but jeonghan easily convinced you with no words at all that sneaking around the sight line of the acting grand master was completely normal behavior, sushing you with a grin as you giggled, taking refuge around a corner after the two of you made it up to the second floor of the favonius headquarters. he tugged your hand with his, pulling you into a steep maintenance staircase behind a door.

    "this feels like it's against some rules," you said, climbing the stairs behind him.

    "nonsense," he said, looking back at you and grinning. "are you suggesting that a knight of favonius would break rules just to impress a mysterious traveler?"

    you laughed quietly, wondering if he really meant that he wanted to impress you. "not most, but maybe this one."

    he only thought for a split second. "if anyone asks, we're on official knight business."

    he opened the door and you found the sky again, beginning to glow orange as the edge of the sun began to hide behind the cliffs. you stared in awe at the way the few fluffy clouds reflected pink and gold, then readjusted your focus when jeonghan spoke again.

    "i hope you aren't afraid of heights," he said, walking over to the parapets that surrounded you. "the best view requires a bit of a climb."

    you looked up at the tower, and while it wasn't much higher than where you stood, you also recognized that you were well above most of mondstadt already. "you climb up there?"

    he paused, studying you. "we don't have to, we can just sit on a merlon-"

    "no, we can climb," you said, walking over to where he was and eyeing the small gap between the parapet and the adjacent roof. "hop over?"

    he laughed, stepping over the gap and holding a hand out for you. "watch your step."

    and though you didn't need it, you accepted the hand anyways, and it stayed on yours as you walked over the roof to the tower, as if making sure you didn't misstep several stories in the air.

    "would you like to go first?" he asked. "i'll catch you if you fall."

    you rolled your eyes at him, dropping your hand from his grip. "you go first. i want to see where the handholds are."

    he just grinned at you. "very well," he said, tugging on the wrists of his fingerless gloves to make sure they were taught against his skin before taking hold of a brick. you watched him as he took foothold after foothold, and he resisted the urge to show off by speedily scaling the wall in favor of making sure you had the chance to see where he gripped. when he reached the opening in the tower, he pulled himself up and spun around, exhaling with a grin as he seated himself at the ledge with his legs dangling above you.

    "your turn."

    you adjusted your waist bag as you sighed in amused annoyance, spinning it to be behind you and out of your hips' way to climb the wall. it wasn't much - a couple meters, maybe - and you had definitely climbed further, but jeonghan's presence made you slightly nervous. that nervousness, however, just fueled you to prove yourself.

    you scaled the wall easily, making jeonghan whistle and jokingly call you some kind of adventurer, and your only hesitation came when his hand was in your face. despite your initial inclination to ignore it, you put your left hand in his, allowing him to help you pull yourself up on the ledge and sit beside him.

    "impressive," he commented.

    you laughed, brushing off your hands. "you, too."

    "c'mon," he said, gesturing his head over his shoulder before making moves to stand. "the view's on the other side."

    you sighed, looking over the view of mondstadt shrouded in golden light as he stood and walked to the other ledge. "never a moment of rest with you."

    "if you want to miss the sunset, be my guest."

    you leaned back on your hands and laughed, pulling your gaze away from the city to look at where jeonghan had seated himself on the other end of the tower, and subsequently the view of the rolling hills beyond him that were glowing golden in the evening sun. you blinked for a second, realizing you hadn't seen the sunset the night before, and quickly got to your feet to join him before you missed this one, too.

    he gave you a soft smile when you sat beside him, and you briefly wondered how many he had in his repertoire. the wind was stronger higher, whipping gently through his hair and alleviating any uncomfortable warmth you may have had from exerting yourself on the way up. you watched the dregs of sunlight skip across the grassy hills and the sky turn deep orange and bright pink, feet swinging lightly over the edge of the tower.

    "i was fighting with my brother," he said suddenly, causing you to look at him with a start before you realized he was telling you about his vision. there was a slight smile on his face as he looked out on the fields. "hyungwon. it was bad. he already had his - he's a pyro, like you - and we were both young and stupid and just lost our dad. we were sword fighting and it came to me when i needed it. it probably saved my life, honestly."

    you blinked at him. "you think he would have killed you?'

    he exhaled, leaning back on his hands. "i think if the roles had been reversed, i would have tried to kill him, too. i'm grateful it didn't go that way, though." he coughed abruptly, clearing his throat. "we're on speaking terms, and i do love him as a brother, but i generally avoid him."

    you let that thought ruminate as you watched the sun sink, halfway beyond the horizon. "my father was in a gang in inazuma, but my mom ran away when she found out she was pregnant. didn't want to raise a kid in that world, i guess? we ran into him when i got older and he wasn't very understanding." you paused, remembering the detail too well. "they were going to take her vision. that's what they did to traitors. probably take me, too. they weren't expecting me to start setting fires."

    jeonghan's gaze was on you as yours was on the horizon. "just a couple of survivors."

    you looked over at him, a smirk on your lips. "a couple?"

    he laughed waving at your implication, thinking he would have said the same thing in an attempt to fluster you just as you were to him. "like, more than one and less than four."

    you only laughed back. "fortune favors the weak, i suppose. the archons saw we needed help and extended a fig branch."

    "is that what it was?" he asked, a laugh on his lips. "we were both fighting people. that's hardly an offer of peace."

    "look for the deeper meaning, jeonghan. we were fighting for our lives," you pointed out, and he realized it was the first time you had addressed him by his name rather than his title. "i was fighting for family. for freedom. is that not the greatest pursuit of peace?"

    he watched you as you pulled your knees to your chest, putting your feet on the edge of the stonework surface you sat on. he studied the way the golden rays lit your skin and made your eyes sparkle. "i suppose so."

    you paused in that moment for a long while, and jeonghan allowed the comfortable silence as the two of you watched the sun disappear beyond the cliffs of mondstadt. the sky was turning a deep shade of purple when you told him your name, and jeonghan thought that it was quite possibly the best news he had ever received, but he kept that joy to himself as he confirmed your name, and you rolled your eyes.

    "are you gonna answer my other question now?"

    he scoffed. "about the eyepatch? is it really that interesting?"

    "not any more interesting than my name," you retorted.

    "completely untrue," jeonghan insisted. "i've never been so excited to be told a secret, and i get told a lot of secrets."

    you eyed his smile warily. "my name may be unknown, but it's no secret."

    he sighed and shook his head lightly. "you really wanna know the reason i wear it? it's probably not as dramatic as you're hoping."

    "yet you hide it?"

    he laughed. "what's wrong with a little intrigue?"

    you looked away, recognizing the parrot of your own words. "whatever you say, captain."

    "no!" he whined and grabbed your arm, making you start and look at him with big eyes. "you just started calling me jeonghan, don't go back to captain."

    you stared at him, only breaking to laugh, dropping your legs over the edge again. "you won't show me what's under the eyepatch, so i thought we weren't on first name basis."

    his hand on your bicep was warm and gentle, but his gaze was piercing as he thought it over for a bit longer. you did your best to hold it, but you felt yourself shrinking when he quietly muttered, "go on, then."

    it took you a second to register what he meant, and you reached out slowly, fingers hesitating before they brushed upon his cheekbone. jeonghan closed his eyes, resigning to your touch as you gently lifted the eyepatch. his eyes opened again, slowly, and you thought your heart might have skipped a beat.

    "like chocolate," you commented, and a smile spread across his lips.

    "that's the kindest reaction i've gotten."

    your fingers fell upon his temple, brushing down gently as you inspected his singular brown eye. "since birth?"

    he nodded, his eyes flicking down to your lips briefly before he spoke. "heterochromia. it's a characteristic of my family."

    you studied his face. "not the one here?"

    he sighed. "not the one here."

    the icy blue of jeonghan's eye had always struck something in you. it made him mysterious. commanding. it felt like he saw more than you despite having one eye covered. but now, you felt warm. you felt his gentleness. there was comfort hidden away behind that black patch, and you told him that you understood why the cavalry captain had chosen to hide the eye he did.

    but to you, he was willing to show anything that would keep you around longer, he said.

    "why me?" you asked, studying his expression when he looked away. the sun had retreated behind the hills, leaving the sky a deep blue.

    jeonghan didn't respond right away, and you wondered if he himself even knew the answer. "we're birds of a feather, you and i."

    you looked out to the view again, watching the subtle movements of the wild hills. "did you travel much before you came here?"

    "it was all i knew," he told you. "i was thirteen when my father left me here."

    your neck snapped, your eyes on his profile when he leaned back on his hands. "left you?"

    he almost laughed, a smile on his lips when his eyes met yours. "i was slowing him down, i suppose. hyungwon's father found me and took me in."

    "so you stayed?"

    "i didn't always want to," he assured you. "i had the itch to leave for years. as soon as i was able, i always told myself." he paused, eyes dropping. "then father died. then hyungwon turned down his position with the knights. and i was their second choice."

    you pursed your lips. "you stayed for a job."

    he laughed. "it's not that simple."

    you smiled at him, enjoying the warmth of his eyes on yours as the sky cooled. "are you sure we're birds of a feather?"

    "listen," he said, getting off his hands and brushing them off on his thighs. "i accepted the job so that i could set the story straight. i didn't want to run from the people that believed that hyungwon tried to kill me to avenge our father."

    you studied him. "i'm sorry."

    "don't be," he said, nudging your shoulder. "i was still planning on leaving, but then i fell in love."

    you looked away, trying to sort out the way your stomach flipped. "are they still around?"

    "not with a person," he laughed, then nodded towards the now dark hills. "with the views. besides, i get free reign whenever i leave for missions. i have fun adventuring, and come home to the best sunsets in teyvat. there are worse places to call home."

    your eyes scanned the horizon, remembering the brilliant rays of sun you had just seen skip across it. "that is tempting."

    "how tempting?" he asked.

    you thought on that for a moment. "almost as much as a death after noon right now."

    jeonghan laughed, slightly proud that he had hooked you on his favorite drink. "shall we go see rubin, then?"

    you hummed, smiling at the captain. "as long as i don't have to sit alone again."

    "that's a promise," he told you as he stood, holding out a hand that you took without hesitation, though he withheld his intention to make sure you were never alone again.

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