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    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    k.s.y. ; katoptronophilia

    “katoptronophilia” (ka·top·tron·o·phil·i·a)

    Sexual arousal from having sex in front of mirrors.

    Pairing: fem!reader X dance major!soonyoung

    Genre: smut

    Word count: 1.7k

    BEWARE OF: dom!soonyoung, fingering, hair pulling, public sex, blow jobs, swearing, unprotected sex, cum consumption, reader being kind of a bitch

    Series Masterlist

    author note: I have not much else to say besides I’m so tired from work omfg. i need sex.

    It was news on the street that Soonyoung was newly single and you couldn’t be more excited to take advantage, considering how insanely he’s been sought out before then. As far as you remembered, his ex was a bitch and frankly, it didn’t surprise you that she was caught cheating and admitted to only dating him because he could get her a good grade. And being the nice guy Soonyoung is, it was so like him to get manipulated without him knowing.

    However, he showed no signs of change. If he was at all upset at the situation, he concealed in front of everybody. He was still all smiles and laughs and this for some reason itched you the wrong way. There was no way he’d be fine after an event like that.

    You glanced over in his direction as he packed up his things in his duffle bag. He wiped the beads of sweat running down his forehead with his towel, visibly tired from the dance practice that took place just moments before and barely aware that there was one person that stayed back at the studio, that person being you. Everyone else had already left, all having their own classes to go to or people to meet, but for some reason you stayed behind, wanting to how much he could take before you could get him to fuck you on this hard wood floor.

    You started off with teasing, watching him squirm under the pressure of your words as he displayed a feign smile on his face to only play up the polite act. He assumed you testing his patience, waiting to see him crack under pressure. Time could only tell when he'd give in to your constant taunting, but not with a fight that was.

    “You’re really nosy, you know that?”

    “And you’re not so happy-go-lucky as everyone makes you out to be. Maybe you should be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling after being dumped.” You attempted to walk past him but were halted by his hand on your arm, his duffle falling to the ground.

    You looked back at Soonyoung, only for him to show his eyes narrowed at you and gritted teeth. His true colors finally started to show, irritated by your truth and how it started to affect him after trying so hard to ignore it. “You don’t know anything. I have the right to take things as fast or slow as I want.”

    Soonyoung, fighting his inner demons to not get into a scuffle with such a pest, had no idea of the thoughts running in your head. You were hoping just for this reaction. Soonyoung was obviously still hung up on his breakup, unsure whether it was because of the betrayal or the ex herself, but it was a turn on to get him angry. That was the real feeling that felt inside and you were willing to help him get over it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it had to start somewhere

    Dropping your bag to the ground, you pushed his hand away from your arm and placed it on your hip, guiding his other hand to do the same as Soonyoung simply observed your movement. Your hands reached up to the sides of his face, cupping his cheeks as you landed a kiss against his lips. Soonyoung instantly pulled away, stunned by the sudden escalation and how he quickly followed suit.

    “What was that?” He asked, confused.

    “You can take things fast then, can you? I expect you to go fast then.”

    You went back to engorging on his mouth, your hand slipping down his neck and over his shoulders. He relaxed into his position, finding home over your body and having his torso meet yours. Soonyoung had built up a good sweat earlier, but it was starting to look like that shower was just going to have to wait. Your hands smoothed over his arms, wrapping your hands around his forearms. You pulled forward, backing your bodies until you could feel the cold surface of the studio mirrors against your bare arms.

    Soonyoung parted away from your lips once he felt you hit a wall, only to see a reflection of himself and realize how quickly he’s grown accustomed to someone new. He should’ve been tired, it was still too soon, he thought. It was until he looked back down at you, noticing the wanting look in your eyes. It was that he realized that he had every right to succumb to the temptress before him, replenishing his self-confidence before meeting your lips once more in a brief kiss.

    “Do you really want this? I’m not gonna hold back.” His voice adjusting to the situation and his new role.

    “I don’t want you too.”

    He smiled lightly, before trailing his lips down your neck. His hands got braver and cupped the curvature of your thinly cladded breasts, helping you out of your sports bra before tossing it aside. You help him lift his muscle tee, damp from his sweat, before placing it aside with your bra.

    You only glanced at his toned upper body before Soonyoung turned you around to face the mirror behind you. Your hands instinctively palmed against the mirror. He landed a slick hand over your body and pulled down your joggers, followed by your panties. He was content seeing your pretty pussy glistening in excitement through the mirror. He eased his hand over your clit, and observed your reactions, only to see your eyes locked in him. While Soonyoung’s eyes were fixated on your trembling body, you were struck by how devious he looked through the mirror. The sinister curve of his lips met along the side of your neck, his eyes still glued on the mirror and all you could do was watch as he made you take his domineering hand.

    “Do you like watching yourself get your pussy dirty? Is that why you suggested doing it here?” He asked directly in your ear before nibbling on its skin.

    Riding a wave of pleasure, you nodded, only watching had his finger disappeared in your wet cunt, earning a delighted gasp.

    “You have such a pretty, little cunt. I hardly did anything and it's already so wet for me.” He could feel his full length cause a tent in his sweatpants, twitching at the thought of getting it coated in your arousal.

    Soonyoung let his pants pool around his ankles, slipping out of them easily. His cock, red in anger, stroked the bare skin of your ass before your lower torso was pulled towards him, your forearms flat against the mirror and your nipples brushing its cold smooth surface.

    “I want you to watch me make use of you pretty cunt, think you can do that for me?”

    “Yes.” You answered promptly.

    “At least you’re good for something.” He responded with a light scoff.

    He eased in between your walls and took advantage of your compromising position, his hand still rubbing against your swollen clit. His hips gravitated to your body, reuniting with it repeatedly, as his cock pulsed inside you with every push. You relied on the slippery surface of the mirror, holding on to it with dear life as he pounded you with no faltering. Soonyoung looked at his reflection in the mirror, like monitoring his dance practices, he stared at how you enjoyed his performance.

    You, slack jaw, could feel every inch of his member exploring the inner depths of your desires and enjoyed every second of it. To say Soonyoung knew how to use his breathtaking body for more than to follow the sound of music would be a sheer understatement. The loose suction echoing the entirety of the room, moans would leave your lips with every hard thrust you’d received, wanting more of what he had to offer. “Soonyoung, your cock—oh my fucking god.”

    “You like that? You like my cock fucking your tiny pretty pussy?” His voice sounded coarse, energy depleting as he tire himself further as if he wasn’t just finished with an hour and a half of dance class.

    “Yes. God, your cock feels so good.”

    Your words, like a spell, only made him want you more. His hips sped faster, deeper, plunging his full force of his body into you, making your body keep knocking back on the mirror, surely staining it with your finger prints. You had to remind yourself before you leave any leftover evidence. You look back at his reflection, absorbed in his eyes and how they are locked on you in a darkly, sultry haze. “Fuck, your pussy swallowed my cock so easily.”

    You trembled under his voice and against his body, your legs growing weak as you were ready to cum around his cock any second. You firmly shut your eyes, sensitive by the studio light, overwhelmed as is. “Fuck, I’m going to cum.”

    “Already? I’d think being a dancer you’d have a lot more energy than that.” He rubbed your clit raw and red, Soonyoung’s incessant simulation proving his stamina to be superior than yours. “You’re going to have to finish me off then.”

    You nodded as he ran his last lap, your orgasm hitting its peak as you moaned Soonyoungs’s name, music to his ears. He retracted from inside you, pushing you down until you were on your knees. He grabbed handfuls of your hair, aiming your mouth against his unwavering cock before he dragged you over it, capturing him in your mouth. You full palmed his shaft, looping around his length, squeezing its width. Soonyoung would throw his head back, thoroughly pleased, occasionally switching views from what he saw into the mirror to what he saw at his feet.

    He took your head by your, forcing you to look at yourself in the mirror, “Look how fucking you look taking my cock. Fucking gorgeous.”

    You giggled, obeying his command. His cock looked amazing going inside of your mouth and knowing that, it filled you with a sense of encouragement. With his help, you pushed his full length in your mouth, sucking in your cheeks, and Soonyoung’s faces of ecstasy continued unfold. Your mouth was almost as impressive as your pussy, no gag reflex in sight, only pleasure as you devoured his cock whole until he eventually released his arousal inside, coating your throat, tongue, and lips with the sticky sweet substance.

    You took him out from your mouth, only to lightly slap it against your cheeks playfully. “How was that? You over her yet?”

    He chuckled, then feigned an expression of thought. “I don’t know. I’ll probably have to make you cum a few more times to find out.”

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    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Opening requests :)

    I will now take requests for Nct :)

    So right now I only right for Seventeen and Nct!

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    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ☞︎︎︎"I'm not jealous"☜︎︎︎

    ✰Requested by: an Anon

    ✰Pairing: Seungcheol (S.Coups) x Male Reader

    ✰Genre: Fluff


    ➪When you surprisingly arrived to their building to hang out with the other members, your boyfriend couldn't get enough of you.

    That didn't last very long as he immediately got sulky and cutely overly possessive when you decided to talk about your history with the said people leaving you to good naturedly make fun of his obvious jealousy.



    "we're playing monopoly Seungkwan.

    this isn't rocket science."


    "yes. because it's mortgaged."


    "it's a video game."


    "i'm just making money.


    "Just kiss already"

    "Soonyoung bae, let it go."

    The doorbell rang, interrupting this absolutely, without a doubt, astonishingly important conversation.

    "Is that a ding-dong-bing-bong?"

    "I think that's a ding-dong-bing-bong dude"



    "Really? You're all grown ass men, go answer the door."

    As Wonwoo opened the door, he found you absolutely frozen in place from the cold.

    "I come with peace, I bear gifts of course."

    The people in the house welcomed you in unison before your love came over to you, slowly kissing you.

    "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

    "I didn't wanna make you worry since you'd tell me not to go 'cus it's cold outside, I got to go but baby it's col-"

    "Please stop, but I'm very happy you're here with us."

    "Stop hogging your boyfriend to yourself, let him live a little."

    "Dokyeom, I am this close to murdering you."

    You all went through a lot of topics ranging from not getting laid to possibly getting laid to definitely not getting laid this snowy ass year.

    As you were talking about your new job sucking ass, your boyfriend slowly dragged you on his lap.

    For no apparent reason.

    "What's that for?"

    "I don't know, I just want you to pay attention to me"

    The last part of that sentence was said through a pout as you couldn't help but die from cuteness over an adult man acting cute.

    "C'mon, I'm with a lot of people. I have to talk to them first but my attention will be fully on you as soon as we finish this conversation"


    Oh, the gifts you brought?

    It's just alcohol.

    Except for the fact that you're not very good with alcohol so opening that beer was one of the worst things you've done in your life, almost like not getting to the toilet fast enough and having pee run down your pants.

    It's very uncomfortable.

    But, the alcohol has taken it's turn and you.... started retelling your story about... almost devouring your toes?

    "-And then I literally almost swallowed my own toes, I've never been more wasted in my life."

    "That's surprisingly not the stupidest thing you've done under the influence Y/N."

    "Well, enlighten me oh dear Joseph."

    "How about the time you accidentally sent a sext message to Mingyu-"

    "Joshua... STO-"

    "What was it?

    Oh, 'hey daddy, you wanna snack on this a-' "

    "STOP. I'm not getting embarrassed over that in front of everyone."

    "Almost eating your toes isn't as embarrassing as that?!?!?"

    "No, dear Joseph.

    I take pride in my toes, toe legendarium."

    "That doesn't even- ah fuck it. You're drunk, it's not supposed to make sense."

    "Nothing I say makes sense. Especially now."

    While everyone was laughing, Seungcheol suddenly threw up his upper eyebrow once he realized what Joshua said.

    As you were sitting on his lap, his hold on you tightened ever so slightly.

    "You- you sent a message wanting Mingyu to do something sensual to you?"

    "To eat my ass? Yeah, but I was absolutely intoxicated"

    "When did this happen?"

    "Like 2 years ago? I think?"

    "Oh, this is way long before we even started talking to each other."

    "Yeah, basic-"

    "Does that mean you like Mingyu?"


    "Like-like-like do you like him now or?"

    "Where is all of this coming from?"

    "Nowhere, I just didn't know you liked him before me."

    "Who the fuck doesn't simp for Mingyu?"

    "Thank you, I take pride in people simping for me."

    "It's because he's hot, isn't it?"

    You were about to agree before you saw the most adorable scene in front of you.

    Your boyfriend had his arms crossed, looking to the side as his leg slowly slid under you making you flop onto the couch off of him.

    "Are you.... are you jealous that I liked Mingyu?"

    "I'm not jealous"

    "Says the guy who's jealous."

    "Jun, I would high-five you right now but I'm cooking and my hands are busy."

    "Wonwoo, that's ok papa bear."

    "Do not call me papa bear or I'll absolutely kill you."

    You looked at your boyfriend in disbelief before slowly reaching over to hug him.

    After a tiny bit of protest, he slowly hugged you back before you kissed the top of his head.

    "There's nothing to be jealous about, babe.

    All of my undying attention and love goes out to you and only you, you have nothing to worry about."

    "I just.... I'm not as pretty as hi-"

    "Seungcheol I will literally have sex with you right now, stop this madness with the not pretty thing"



    "It was a joke Josh.


    "How can you get 'the air knocked out of you'? Like it's just pushed out, you're not knocking it out..."

    "Chan..... what the fuck?"


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    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    MIDNIGHT TRAIN — scoups social media au

    chapter twenty four. ready to love

    summary. sometimes taking the train late at night has its perks, like that reoccurring college student who always smiles when they see him.

    <- prev | next ->

    taglist. (open) @ktzuki @ji-kyu @bbmyungho @serenadesvt @deputyjuyeon @fearlesskz @hellok1ttycake @justasoftstan @honeymark @gyubagebin @kimaxx @dnylwoo @introductionvert @hannahdinse8 @amymoonl @ruinmemarklee @dokyeomsy @blaqpinksthetic @teddy-cheol @readers-posts @cheolright @3sriracha @t-toodumbtocare @jeonghaniyyoon @diestheticu @lynniac @enhacolor @distractte @pepperrye @moviefreaklover

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    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    w.j.h ; asphyxiation

    “Asphyxiation” (as·phyx·i·a·tion)

    the state or process of being deprived of oxygen.

    Pairing: fem!reader X sugar daddy!junhui

    Genre: smut

    Word count: 1.5k

    BEWARE OF: choking along with imagery (could be tramatic for some), sugarbaby!reader, morning sex, rough blow job, nipple play

    Series Masterlist

    author note: I don’t know how many of you have this kink but I always found it interesting since when it came to the topic of choking, people are on either extreme spectrums like they find it crazy and way too dangerous or they fucking liveeee for that shit and its the hottest thing their partner can do it in bed. I’d love to hear your guys perspectives based on experiences or just opinions on what you guys think about choking or something similar? be safe out there.

    You didn’t know anything about Wen Junhui besides he made more than enough money than he knew what to do with. Since having known him, he has dripped your attire out in every brand name imaginable all while fucking you in all ways imaginable. Not only did he have money, fulfilling every materialistic dream you've dreamt, but his dashing good looks and his intensity in bed also made him the perfect man. You would give him control of your body for free, but you weren't going to say no to money.

    Your body still ached from the night before, images running in your head of his strong build overtaking your frame to the point where the only words that you could form in your mouth were his name as he used his full power to get you cumming all over his expensive sheets. Lucky for you both, he was rich. Instead of sleeping in the previous night's filth, he carried you over to one of his many rooms, laying you to slumber with his arms around you.

    These kinds of mornings made you feel lucky. You had experienced similar business relationships in the past, but Junhui was by far had the best impression. He gave you the best parts of a compensates relationship, with none of the unconsented abuse.

    You glazed over his unconscious state, memorizing every little detail of his pretty face, especially that one mole that kissed the top of his lip. Your fingered peered at it, tempted to make contact with it before he woke up. Instead of that happening, his lips curled up with a cheeky smile, and his eyes still closed. "How long are you going to stare at me sleeping for, you weirdo?"

    His eyes fluttered open, catching you in the act, and you simply just smiled back. "You look really good half-awake and your voice just sounded really sexy just now."

    "Isn't it a bit early for you to be sucking up to me?" he chucked, taking your hand to place it on the back of his neck as he huddled closer against you.

    "I'm always on the clock. Mr. Wen." Your hand curled into his locks, fingering through his bedhead.

    "Mr. Wen? I like that. You treat me so well, I should reward you." His hand traced over the side of your neck, admiring your bare neckline, "Should I get you a pretty necklace, one that shows off how pretty your collarbone is?”

    “There’s no need when I have the perfect one here.” You hovered over his hand before taking it and placing his digits around your neck. "Don't I look prettiest like this?"

    It was way too early for you to be stirring him up like this. He pressed the slightest pressure against the base of your neck and squeezed. Your lips formed a firm line, salvia traveling down your throat and your heart racing at the sensation as his eyes stared back at you like you were the last meal he’ll ever get to have. The moment was brief when he had released you from his grasp and instead trailed down your body. “You’re so sexy when you tell me what you want. It makes me want to devour you whole.”

    “Then why are you making me wait?”

    His lips inched to yours in an initially soft, chaste kiss, before it slowly grew hungry and ravenous under your touch. He looped his arm around your body, making contact with your bare torso and felt the flushed sensation of your skin meet his. “You’ve always been good at waiting. That's why I like you so much.”

    “I wait because it’s you. I know in the end you’ll give me what I want,” you answered honestly.

    “You’re damn right, I do.” He clutched your face in his hands, kissing your face once more, before climbing on top of your body.

    His hands traveled over your bare breasts, squeezed their warmth in his hands while thumbing over your erect nipples. He parted from your lips to avert his attention to the flesh he held in one hand, skillfully pleasuring the other single handedly. He smiled back at you playfully, catching the stiff peak between his teeth. Using his tongue, he gifted you full surface and kitten licks, emitting satisfied utterances from you. He’d feed on your breasts around his moist lips, making sure he gave the same treatment to the other side as well.

    While he did this, you took advantage of his hardened cock that sprung on top of you, handling him from the base all the way down to the tip, which was already moist in his precum. He let out a low hum, grinning undeniably under your grasp. Full palming his shaft, you felt it grow bigger, eager for something more than the handy you were giving him.

    “My day’s only started, but you’ve already become the highlight.” Jun stated, still nestled between your two mounds.

    “I always love making your day.”

    He let out a light chortle, he kissed your tender breasts before taking control over his cock, lining it up with your arouse filled cunt that was weak at the sight of Jun’s excitement. He shifted over your body, reaching over his bedside table for the condom that was conveniently placed. He unraveled the rubber and covered his member before greeting your entrance finally. Your hands reached behind you to grip against the bed frame as you found yourself involuntarily losing balance on the mattress, while Junhui playfully slid in and out of you. Eventually finding his pace, Jun smoothed his hand up your body, eventually fixating over the base of your neck once again.

    He lightly rubbed against two points of your neck, your eyes watching him take his time before squeezing you between his fingers. The breath leaving your body, your head instinctively tilted backwards as Junhui persisted, and the saliva that built up in your mouth stopped where his hand was. He’s done this numerous times and it never ceases to frighten you whether he’d go too far, but at the same time that’s what excites you. There was nothing like the sensation of imminent danger in the hands of someone you trusted as they thrusted into you senselessly.

    Junhui loved nothing more than to see your pretty body under his control, gasping for air, while simultaneously overwhelmed by sexually gratification as a smile slowly formed on your face, reminding him how you enjoyed it as much as he did. “You really are the prettiest with my hands around your neck.”

    His other hand gravitated towards your bouncing breast, occasionally striking your skin. You gasped at him for more. “M-More p-p-please.”

    “Glad to know you can take more.”

    He landed another slap on your breast before double wrapping around your neck, making you go numb from all instincts, especially breathing, to only hear the sounds of wet skin slapping. Barely a flow of oxygen making way down your windpipes, the only thing you could focus on as you went light headed was his cock run deep and aggressive where your pleasure spot was found. It was hard to tell whenever your orgasm started and whether it was going to stop since Junhui showed no sign of stopping. He was hypnotized at your wave of ecstasy that never seemed to end, encouraging him to follow up with more force.

    You went essentially limp on his bed, barely able to hold on to anything without feeling your energy deteriorating. Junhui found himself coming close to his own pleasure before stopping himself completely, easing out of you and releasing your neck from his grasp. You gasped you first breath of air in what felt like forever, shocked at yourself by your talent. Junhui, yet to meet his own orgasm, simply took it upon his hands to remove his condom, disposed of it,  and grasp your head to place over his cock in his sit up position.

    You reciprocated immediately, quick to choking yourself with your mouth the same way Junhui was able to do with his hands. Your lips wrapped around his shaft generously, gradually getting closer to his full length, and forcing yourself with shit eyes to bob in cock that same way your cunt would. You attempted to swallow him in your mouth, in which Jun let out a low groan, letting you to believe he was enjoying you in silence. You’d gag, nearly coughing him out, but rejected your resistance to only keep going, no matter how painful it felt. And like a gift from the heavens, Junhui met his ultimate demise and came in you mouth without warning, not like you minded. In fact, you felt immense honor feeling the hot liquid run down your throat and into your system, easing the length out your mouth once you were sure he was finished.

    Junhui could only look back at you with an exhausted grin, satisfied as usual by your performance. “Your throat has the power of a horse. I’m lucky to have it.”

    You felt the skin around your previously compressed neck and attempted to speak, only to hear the raspy outcome that came along. “I definitely need some water.”

    “I’ll call a maid to bring some over. But you’ll definitely need maybe some cough drops and a necklace for your troubles.” His reached forward as the red indents in your neck, stroking them gently, “anything you prefer?”

    “Diamonds definitely don’t hurt.”

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  • starlightxsvt
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    — Lover | c.sc (M)

    pairing ➳ dom!Seungcheol x sub!inexperienced!female reader
    genre ➳ sugar daddy au, fake dating, strangers to lovers, smut, pwp, angst and some fluff.
    warnings ➳ okayy let's see, profanities, reader is shy and timid, she is also a simp, age gap tho it isn't mentioned, lying, insecurities, mention of terminal illness, dom/sub dynamics, explicit sexual content: multiple sex scenes, daddy kink obviously, kissing, a little degradation (slut), marking, big dicc! cheol, one tit slap, one spank, a little fingering, a lil clit biting? tit worshipping, male oral, choking, virgin sex, unprotected sex(wrap it before you tap it guys, this is just fiction!), forced orgasms, multiple orgasms, crying, creampie, seggs so gud she passes out, lots of emotions that needs to be addressed, Cheol is kind of an asshole at times?
    word count ➳ 15.7k (grab your popcorn besties)
    playlist ➨ sugar daddy- queen herby // lover- taylor swift // power- ellie goulding // sugar- maroom 5 // tell it to my heart- meduza // guys my age- hey violet // tie a cherry- cl // only- lee hi // king of my heart- taylor swift // one last night- vaults // i fell in love with the devil- avril lavinge // i like it when you love me- oh wonder.

    a/n: First of all happy new year guysss(even tho I'm late) and secondly, it's hereee!!! The first installment of Sugar Spice and Everything Nice is here!! I'm so excited, goshh. This is my first time writing explicit smut so idk how good it was (lemme know, wink wonk). For me it was hard af like I had no idea it was so draining to write smut??💀 Lmao anyways. Tbh when I thought of doing a sugar daddy fic, the first member I could think of was Cheol. I mean- HES A LITERAL DILF OKAY, he has the looks, the money, everything so ofc I had to do my first ever sg fic centering him. I hope y'all have a great time reading this and anticipate Joshua and Jeonghan's story which will probably take another couple months to be posted, sorry! Happy reading and I'll see y'all in hell( I can't believe I wrote this WTF 😀)

    Your ass hurts.

    It hurts so bad that you feel like the skin has come off and it has been set on fire. But that pain doesn't even come close to the fear and anxiety you feel right now as you watch the godly handsome man glare at you, his eyes shooting fire towards you like laser beams. His secretary or assistant or something dabs away at the stain on his pristine dark blue suit jacket with extreme caution; careful not to spread the stain further. The stain you just gave him.

    In your defense, it was accidental but you aren't totally guilt free. You were too busy daydreaming about the man; the one currently sending daggers your way, to notice he was getting up from his seat to take his leave. Somehow your clumsy, pathetic self lost her balance and ended up tossing all the hot coffee that you were about to serve another table on him- mainly his suit while you land ass first on the floor. You are truly thankful that the man was wearing his suit otherwise he would have been burned pretty bad and by now you would probably be on your way to jail for burning somebody.

    "Fuck! Stop it!" The man, also known as Mr. Choi bats the other man's hand away from his jacket as he takes it off, still glaring at you, probably cursing you too in his mind while you sit unmoving on the floor, stupidly gaping at him.

    "Oh my god! We're so so sorry, sir!" From somewhere Tanz rushes towards the crime scene and helps you get up, while continuously bowing to the man in apology. "That was an accident. Please forgive us, sir. We'll pay for the dry cleaning."

    "Forget it!" His voice booms, clearly annoyed as he mutters something to the other man who rushes out of the restaurant. "Do you know what you have done? How I could have been burned? I have a business meeting for fucks sake." He hisses at you while dabbing at the light patch of brown that has seeped on his crisp white shirt from the jacket.

    "I'm sorry," you whisper meekly, head hanging low in shame, cringing at yourself. Way to make an impression. Tanz is about to say something but the man speaks again, this time directed at her, "If this is how your employees treat their customers then you should probably think about hiring new ones." He snaps before turning on his heel and marching out of the place.

    The hushed chatter returns as obnoxiously rich people stare at you and gossip while Tanz pushes you towards the kitchen. "Wow. So you like spilling coffee on men that you like? Is that your way of telling them that you are interested?" She raises a brow at you making you flustered. "I swear, it was an accident! I just- slipped somehow...I'm so sorry." She sighs, rubbing her forehead. "It's okay. As long as he doesn't file a complaint about us. And if he doesn't do that, be sure he's never coming back. He doesn't wanna get his pretty face burned next time." Tanz jokes but you don't really find it amusing.

    Mr. Choi has been your harmless crush for a while now, well he definitely was harmless until now. He's one of the regular customers here, showing up almost everyday whether to have breakfast or to grab a cup of coffee. He always leaves the most generous tips which are a given for a billionaire like him. You have seen his face on magazines and the internet before as he is a hot topic of discussion because of his extreme success at a young age. Not only is he blessed with extremely good looks but he also doesn't lack intelligence and pairing it up with his communication skills and straightforwardness, he has managed to build an entire empire fairly young. And you just spilled hot coffee on someone like him.

    Tanz takes pity on your traumatized state and lets you go home early, where you crawl under your blankets and try to wipe the cringy memory off your mind. You can only hope he does the same.

    Sitting here, waiting for the stranger to appear is nerve wracking. Well, he isn't a complete stranger if you consider the messages you exchanged with him over the past week.

    You still can't believe you signed up on a freaking sugar daddy website and then started chatting with some dude who you have no idea is real or not and now you are here, waiting for the said dude at a cafe. This all truly feels surreal now. Sure, the man seemed fun and nice over texts but you have no idea what he looks like and if he truly has the capability to be a sugar daddy. In his profile, it said his name is Scoups and his age is 32. That's all you know about the man you are going to meet. You don't have any idea what he looks like because his profile picture was rather vague, a capture of his silhouette rather than his profile.

    He had asked if he could meet you in this cafe last night and thinking about all your accumulating bills, you said yes. He even specifically told you where to sit, the third table from the entrance by the window. Now you sit here tapping your foot nervously, contemplating your decision and waiting for the man to show up. You can't even look for him and only hope that he manages to recognize you from your profile picture.

    You're so engrossed in your thoughts that it takes you a while to realize a man is standing in front of you. Peeking up to look at him, your heart almost lurches out of your chest at the sight. Mr. Choi stands in front of you in all his glory, a confused look on his face as he judges you with a raised brow. Your throat tightens.

    "Wha- what are you doing here?" He's incredulous. You get nervous for no reason. You fiddle with your hands as they flail wildly and blurt out, "I- you told me to c-come here. We- we have been talking through that website-"

    "What the fuck are you saying? I was supposed to meet some investors he- wait a second!" Some sort of revelation flashes across his eyes as he clenches his jaw and tightens his fist. You half expect him to start throwing punches but instead, he yells, "Fuck! Yoon Jeonghan!" He grits his teeth as he produces his phone from his breast pocket and quickly dials a number before walking away, leaving you completely bewildered.

    You sit there as minutes pass by, baffled at the situation. Out of all people, he had to be your match? Or maybe it wasn't him. God, you're confused. When you are sure he has left for good and you should too, he reappears at your table, an annoyed look resting on his face.

    He sits down on the chair across you with a disturbed grunt, before undoing the button of his jacket and releasing a deep breath. You sit there frozen, too nervous to speak or move, only watching the beautiful man in front of you rubbing his temples. He begins, "I have to clear things up. This is a setup, done by my dear friend. He was the one who you have been talking to on that website. He set me up to this, saying that we were meeting some investors. I had no idea I was gonna meet a...sugar baby." He mutters dryly, undoubtedly displeased with everything. Dumbly, you whisper, "I'm sorry."

    What are you even sorry for? Oh yeah, spilling coffee on his jacket.

    He lets out a mirthless chuckle, "It's really ironic meeting you. God the confusion I felt when I saw you sitting here." He shakes his head at the memory as you grow more embarrassed. "Anyway, I think we're done here. Sorry to let you down but if you want to meet my friend I can give you his number." His tone is dismissive as he prepares to leave but stops in his tracks when a ping comes from his phone. He opens the device to check the text and a frown settles on his face upon reading it. He sits still for a while, staring at the screen while you do the same, waiting for his next move.

    And it surprises you.

    "On a second thought, I don't mind being a sugar daddy." He announces as he gets comfortable in the chair again and you gulp, wondering what that text said that made him change his mind so quickly. Silently, you wait for him to elaborate but he doesn't, instead starts scanning you top to bottom. You grow flustered under his scrutinizing gaze, shuffling in your seat as you wonder if he likes what he sees or feels repelled. It's probably the latter.

    "I have some specific demands that need to be met. One, if I'm being precise. You do that and I pay you generously."

    You swallow. "What is it?"

    "I need someone to show up with me on family functions and other events. You see, my family has been pressuring me to find a significant other and me showing up with a girl will really keep them off my ass." He states, getting to the point immediately as you sit there, processing his words. His proposition sounds almost unreal, too easy. He continues, "I'm willing to pay whatever your requirement is. If you agree, then I'm gonna prepare a contract which will carry all the details of this arrangement." He sounds so formal like he's doing business which in a way, he is and his authoritativeness makes you stumble over your words as you gather your thoughts.

    "I...I don't mind I guess. I have loans to pay off so...I'm willing." You whisper. In the back of your mind, you wonder if this means you have to get physical with him, which you definitely don't mind but the thought makes your throat dry. As if he can read your mind, he speaks, "Don't worry about sex. I'm not looking for anything physical. But if you are willing then we can. However, that is not a priority. We can take it one at a time." His bluntness makes your face burn as you nod timidly, looking away. When you offer nothing more he sits up straight. " Well, then, Miss ____, I take it you're willing?"

    "Yes." You nod. "Good. My secretary will contact you soon. We can meet up and discuss the contract." He throws a professional smile at you, a pleasure-doing-business-with-you-with-you smile as he fishes out his wallet and pulls out a couple of hundred dollar bills. To your utter surprise, he pushes them towards you. "Thank you for your time." Is all he says before he stands up and marches away, leaving you to sit there shocked, horrified even as you stare at the bills sitting on the table.

    Two hundred dollars?

    For what? Like twenty minutes? Is this what it feels like to be a sugar baby? Half of you feel ashamed while the other half feels giddy as you reach for the notes. You have to put your pride aside if you want to pay off your loans and accomplish your dreams. Also, it's not like this is illegal or you begged him for this. He willingly gave you two hundred dollars! With a soft smile on your lips, you put the notes in your purse and head home.

    A couple of days later, true to his words, Seungcheol's secretary calls you, letting you know that his boss wants to have dinner with you and go over the contract. Due to the occasion, you take out the best piece of clothing you own; a mid-length black evening dress with a sweetheart neckline that hugs your body nicely and pray that it makes you look decent and presentable. Seungcheol is kind enough to send his car to pick you up and take you to the restaurant.

    When you arrive, Seungcheol is already there, waiting for you in one of the private dining areas. Dressed in a grey suit and pants which are a little crinkled right now, it is evident that he had a long day. But somehow, he manages to look perfectly put together and attractive, his intimidating aura ever present. "Good evening, Miss ____."

    He greets as he sees you enter and with a shy greeting, you quickly sit down opposite to him. The room is spacious, designed with wood and minimalistic decorations as a table sits at the center, surrounded by a couple of chairs. Seungcheol pushes the menu resting on the table towards you. "Order whatever you please. Then we can start discussing the contract."

    So you do that quickly as the waiter arrives and pours some champagne on your glasses. As a means of easing your nerves, you quickly gulp it down.

    "Now, since this is a contract, I expect you to be completely honest and tell me if you aren't satisfied with anything. This won't work if you don't tell me your worries," Seungcheol begins, pushing the written contract towards you. Tentatively, you pick up the piece of paper. "I've listed my requirements here. You can add yours if you have any. And if you disagree with any of these then we can discuss it." He states, leaning back on his chair and taking a sip of the bubbling drink. You can feel his eyes burning into you as you read over the contract and you are pretty surprised over its simplicity.

    They don't contain many clauses, just a few; none of the parties are allowed to have any other relationships while in this contract, prices are negotiable if they do not satisfy the sugar baby, sexual relationship is not a must but it can be initiated with the consent of both parties and lastly, if any of the parties want to break off this arrangement, they can do so without any questions asked. You set down the paper with a hum and Seungcheol asks, "Okay? Would you like to add anything?"

    "No, I think this is fine." You say, making him nod and fetch a pen from his pocket. "You can always add something later if you feel like it. I want this to be beneficial for both of us. This way, we both get what we want, don't we?" Nodding, you scribble your sign at the bottom of the paper, next to his. You feel like you have done something huge, something that will change your life and it will. He is literally your sugar daddy now. Which reminds you.

    "Oh, thank you for that money...that day. You... didn't have to do it, really." You whisper. Seungcheol shrugs, his tone bored, "I'm your sugar daddy, aren't I? Besides, you were scammed in a way. Only felt right to compensate you. Jeonghan says he's sorry, by the way." Biting your lip, you nod, unable to come up with a reply.

    "Okay, now." Seungcheol puts his hands on the table, his serious gaze making you squirm in your seat. "My parents are hosting a charity event this weekend. And you will be accompanying me."

    "This weekend?" You let out an unceremonious gasp. He raises a brow, "Yes. Do you have plans? I will pay you handsomely." The mention of money makes you flush as you quickly shake your head, "No no! I just- I wasn't expecting it. I mean it's in two days and I don't have any time to prepare my dr-"

    "Everything will be taken care of, ___." He pins you down with his gaze. "You just need to show up. I will have a pair of stylists and make-up artists at my place this Saturday. You can get ready there."

    "O-okay. Thank you." You mutter, feeling a little intimated.

    "Good." Seungcheol smirks. "Pleasure doing business with you, Miss ____."

    After that, there's a pause in the air as dinner is served and you both start eating in relative silence. "I did some background check on you. You're a business major, I see." Seungcheol states somewhere between the dinner. "Yes, I am." You speak.

    "You have quite an excellent score. Why don't you come to my company for an internship." The idea is enticing but you are already in a rather special relationship with this man so the idea of him being your boss too isn't really the most pleasing. It is true that you are preparing your résumé for some internships as you need money to pay off your loans as the diner's pay isn't helping with too much. "T-thank you for your offer, Mr. Choi. But I don't think I will." He raises a brow at you but doesn't speak further, instead sips the champagne. "You are not interested in an internship?"

    "I- I was but not anymore. I mean, with our new arrangement," heat flares all through your face "I-I think I'll keep working at the diner and save up. I actually want to open my own shop." You whisper, confessing your dream to him suddenly making you shy.

    What does he think of you? Is he judging you? Laughing at you?

    "What shop?"

    "A flower shop," you breathe, looking at your lap. He's silent for a while before nodding, "A flower shop, huh? Interesting." He muses and you cringe inwardly thinking he's probably laughing at you. Before you can stop yourself you explain, "You see my mother used to have a garden when I was young. I really liked watching her tending to the garden with so much love and before I knew it I started to do the same too. She loved roses, half of our garden was full of them. I just...I don't know, I want to work with flowers." You don't know why you are blabbering about this to pretty much a stranger and you half expect him to roll his eyes and say whatever but you watch him nod, almost understandingly.

    "That's great. We'll drink to that. I hope you can open your shop soon." He raises his glass and you quickly grab yours, clinking it with him, whispering a 'cheers'.

    It has been two months since that night and God, your life has turned completely upside down. If someone said this was gonna be your life a few months back, you would have flipped them off but lord, it is. You have attended quite a few events with Seungcheol in the span of the last couple of months and after each event, the amount that was dropped in your bank account was mind boggling, almost filthy. You have once tried talking to Seungcheol about it, saying he did not have to pay that much every time but he just shrugged and said that's what you deserve for giving him your time. And you certainly can't complain.

    With the current flow of cash, in just a few weeks you can finish paying all your debts and actually start working on setting up your shop.

    Other than the obscene about of money, there are gifts. So much of it that bags of Channel and Dior and Gucci and Louis Vuitton and Prada lie around your apartment now because after every party you attend with Seungcheol, he lets you take home the expensive dresses and shoes as gifts. You have tasted the most luxurious wines and champagnes, tried a variety of delicacies, rode cars worth a million dollars and whatnot. It has been an overwhelming but also a learning experience as you got to experience how the filthy rich people lived. And it is easy to get used to because coming from a struggling family, when you have diamonds and rubies on your neck and fingers, you truly can't complain too much. But every now and then you tell Seungcheol to take it easy and tone it down just a little.

    Seungcheol, right. The man who is now at the center of your universe. He's an enigma, just like gravity as he keeps pulling you closer and closer yet leaving you unsatisfied. You don't really know what you expected Seungcheol to be but it's definitely not this. He's attentive and respectful but also very professional. While this sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship may sound really intimate to others, it's nowhere near that for the two of you. It's fair to say you are extremely surprised at how Seungcheol keeps his distance and never tries to initiate anything with you.

    You have been playing the role of Seungcheol's arm candy slash companion, nothing more or less. So far you have attended four events with him, the first one being his family charity. His parents surprised you, in the best way. While you expected them to make rude comments and judge you down to your pores, they were welcoming and chatty and easy to get along with, like the rest of his family. His mother was the life of the party, talking and laughing and drinking nonstop, her vibe a lot younger than her age.

    After that event, you attended two more office parties, followed by an evening party taken place after Seungcheol launched another new business. That night is the most unforgettable as you were flocked with paparazzi coming at you from all directions and throwing questions left and right. However, Seungcheol handed them efficiently, shielding you from the blinding flashes with his large frame as he answered the questions for you. He has always made sure that you felt comfortable and always made you feel included in conversations. And for someone with a soft heart like yours, his attention and politeness towards you have increased the teeny tiny crush you had on him to tenfold.

    How can you not like someone as charming as him? Sure, he has kept you at an arm's length, never sharing anything too personal with you nor asking anything personal about you but the sight of him in a suit, engrossed in his work, his ring clad fingers massaging his temples is enough to make you forget everything and fall for him harder. Seungcheol pays you to show up with him at events and while you were first interested in luxurious parties and fine dining events, you've soon lost interest in them; now too busy gawking at Seungcheol. The events now bore you but you certainly aren't complaining when you get to be by the side of a man like Seungcheol.

    The way he shows up in expensive suits, tailored just perfectly and free of a single crease and the way he brushes his slicked hair back while talking or the way his adam's apple bobs when he sips champagne or the way his biceps flex when he buttons his suit is good enough to drive you insane. Simply speaking, it looks like you've got it down bad for someone who is clearly not interested in a relationship. You remember asking him about this on the way home after one of his parties.

    "Why don't you just...date?"

    Your question catches him off guard by the look on his face as he raises a rather judgemental brow at you. Flustered, you're about to apologize for being nosy when he sighs. "Too much work."

    "Huh?" You blink at him. "Dating. It's too much for me. I've seen people around me fall in love and then fall apart in the worst ways and I don't want to be like them. I'm not ready for commitment or the effort and responsibilities that come with a relationship only for it to end and cause me headaches. It feels like a burden to me."

    "Oh." You murmur. "But it could be fun too. If you find the right person, I mean." Your voice fades into a whisper. A small unamused smile rests on his face. "That's the thing. Finding the right person. I don't think there is someone like that. At least for me."

    "Well, you never know until you search." You speak wondering why the hell you are pushing him to find love. Maybe because deep down that's what you wish from him, to love you. Seungcheol stares at you for a while, your eyes not leaving his as you watch the city lights reflect in them. The moment is broken when a frown mars his beautiful face as he snaps, "Well. As I said, I'm not interested."

    His rejection definitely hurt you but you didn't have time to dwell on it because the next day Seungcheol announced that you would be accompanying him to Paris this weekend for a two-day business trip. The news came out of nowhere and smacked you on the face but you were too excited to complain how short of a time he gave you to prepare. Seungcheol dealt with all the paperwork work and a few days later you were accompanying him to Paris in his private jet.

    It has been a couple of hours since you have landed and checked into the hotel suite. Seungcheol is currently taking a shower as you stand on the balcony, watching the Eiffel tower in the distance as the dusk fell.

    You are still in the process of processing that all this is real and you are truly in Paris, staying in a fucking penthouse suite which unfortunately or fortunately has two bedrooms because Seungcheol claimed he didn't want to make you uncomfortable, sipping a wine whose name you can't even pronounce. All thanks to your dear sugar daddy. The word still feels foreign on your tongue and you haven't called him that out loud but oftentimes, your mind wonders if he'd like to be called that in bed. You are yet to find out if you have a daddy kink which seems like it won't happen soon given how professional Seungcheol has been with you.

    Your wandering thoughts come to a halt as Seungcheol appears from the bathroom, half naked, just grey pajama pants hanging low on his hips and you almost choke on your wine. Making a quick excuse you dash to the bathroom, seeking shelter from the defined, absolutely perfect muscles all over his chest and abdomen. This sugar baby thing is proving to be a lot harder than you thought but hey, at least you are getting paid enough.

    The next day Seungcheol meets his business partners in an early breakfast meeting as you get your beauty sleep in the fluffy white pillows and blankets. Later that evening you prepare for the after party as you put on a champagne colored silk evening dress, another luxurious purchase by Seungcheol. With your makeup done, you are putting on your earrings when Seungcheol pads into your room, dressed in the finest white suit you've ever seen. There's a white turtleneck underneath it and a Chanel brooch pin rests on one of the lapels of his collar. His hair is styled back in a rather messy way as the smaller strands lay scattered on the sides of his forehead and you have this terrible urge to run your fingers through them. He simply looks delectable.

    You watch him with bated breath for a while before his voice brings you back to reality. "Are you finished?"

    "Yeah, um, I just need to put my shoes on," you reply fumbling for your pumps. Seungcheol watches you for a second, his eyes scanning you top to bottom before he gives you a soft smile and steps out of the room, leaving you to finish getting ready.

    This party is like every other, men talking about capitalist things and women showing off their jewels to each other. You sit on a chair by the long table full of sweets and fruits, helping yourself with a piece of strawberry as you sip on the rose champagne and watch Seungcheol converse with his business partners. Well, he stays silent mostly while the men surrounding him talk and this is the first time you have seen Seungcheol look so disinterested. His eyes keep wandering around and often landing on you and when they do, he holds his gaze, eyes boring into yours even though he's on the other side of the room. As you finish your strawberry Seungcheol excuses himself from his friends and stalks over to you. "Boring, isn't it?" He raises a brow at you.

    "I'm surprised to hear that from you." You send a teasing smile on his way. He laughs softly, "I know. I'm kind of regretting making them partners. They just don't know when to shut their traps." He sighs, grabbing a champagne flute and finishing it in one go. "Well, would you like to leave then?" You ask. "Now?" He frowns. "We haven't had dinner yet."

    You shrug. "We can just have it back in the hotel if that's okay with you." Seungcheol seems to ponder that idea for a second before he reaches out for your hand, surprising you. "Let's do that. I've had a long day." Nodding you follow him, your hands linked with his as you excuse yourselves from the party and head towards Seungcheol's limo.

    Tonight the air between the two of you feels different, charged with palpable tension. Seungcheol, who only have ever touched the small of your back or pressed the slightest kisses on your temple as a public display of affection has been keeping his hands a lot more on you today. Like right now.

    His hand rests on your thigh casually as you sit next to him on the limo, your heart thudding loudly when he absentmindedly starts stroking the flesh. You take a tentative look at him, his eyes focused outside, his brows furrowed a little. His face is so close to you, just mere inches apart and you can even count his beautiful, long lashes. And you have this insane urge to kiss every inch of his face, press your lips against him and feel the softness.

    Your body seems to take matters into its hand as you feel yourself move and press your lips softly against like sharp jawline. Seungcheol is pleasantly shocked as he turns to face you, the hand on your thigh tightening. Holding your breath you watch him, waiting for him to react. He does by cupping your cheek, dark eyes watching you closely. And then he leans closer, pressing his lips on your cheek before trailing down towards your lips. He then stops and observes you for a while, his warm breath kissing your face, the heated desire in his eyes making your heart race.

    And then he presses his lips on the corner of yours gently, as if testing the waters. Your soft gasp and tightening hold on his jacket ease his worries as he attaches his lips to yours softly. He takes his sweet time kissing your lips as you sit there frozen, the fact that this is happening stunning you. When he gently prods his tongue into your mouth you grab his jacket, breath hitching as fireworks spread through your body.

    Perilously you kiss him back, hands snaking around his neck as he somehow shifts you onto his lap. Your heart rings in your ears loudly, thrilled to finally, finally taste the man you have been utterly besotted to.

    He tastes like pure luxury, fine and deep and obsessive leaving you moaning for more. He removes his lips from yours to trail them down your neck, starting from your jaw as soft gasps leave your mouth. You throw your head back once his lips meet your sensitive spots and half unconsciously you start grinding yourself against his thigh. You seem to have lost your mind, your brain overflowing with some sort of horny hormones probably because your period is coming or because of the unfairly sexy man underneath you. However, your passionate moment is hindered as the car comes to a halt making you snap out of your reverie.

    Face heated, you scramble to get off his lap while he lets you, an unaffected look resting on his face as if he didn't just eat your face. Getting off the car as fast as possible you march inside the hotel and go straight for the elevator. Seungcheol follows you close by and after one awkward, full of tension elevator ride later you reach the suite and as soon as Seungcheol unlocks it, you almost make a beeline for your room, too ashamed to face him after your little make out session. But his voice stops you in your tracks.

    "Did I make you uncomfortable?" He asks suddenly, his face solemn. The sincerity in his tone makes you feel a little guilty. "No!" You signify. "I just- um, I really liked it but I'm afraid you didn't and I crossed a line or something..." You trail off nervously, eyes low in embarrassment. He watches you amusedly for a while before stepping towards you and tilting your head up with a finger.

    The proximity of his body next to yours paired with his scalding gaze have your knees shaking but you swallow and meet his eyes. "Trust me, you didn't cross any line." His deep voice reverberates as he leans closer, his lips a breath away from your ear. "I liked that a lot, in fact." He whispers, trailing his lips from your cheek to your earlobe as he softly bites the flesh. Your hands clutch on his jacket tightly as you mewl, legs shaking. You can't believe how embarrassingly wet you are from one makeout session.

    "Wait!" You speak, making him step back immediately with a frown and you hate how you miss his warmth. You don't want him to get the wrong idea so you keep your hands on his jacket as you look down and whisper your embarrassing truth. "I- you should know...that...I've never done this before. I'm- I'm-" you can't bring yourself to finish that sentence so keep your head down in shame, scared that he's gonna back out now. For a moment nothing happens and you feel like disappearing into thin air, before he cups your cheek and guides your face up.

    "That's okay. What I need to know is," His eyes darken visibly, turning into pools of lava, "Do you really want this? Do you want me?" He utters, his lips a breath away from yours. "Y-yes, I do." He didn't even touch you but you are already gasping for air, the thoughts of him corrupting you sending shivers down your spine.

    Watching you for a beat he leans closer and attaches his lips to yours, gently at first. When a soft, pleasured gasp leaves your mouth he grows bolder, pushing his tongue inside and claiming your mouth once again and biting your lips to the point it's swollen. The kiss is raw, filled with molten lust as he somehow manages to guide you both towards the master bedroom your lips always connected to his plump ones.

    When you both stand in front of the huge bed, you almost lose your balance due to your lust-riddled brain but he is quick to grab your waist rather roughly and pulls you close while his other hand ventures downwards, groping your ass. He kisses you until you are breathless and then pulls back to look at your already fucked out state, your doe eyes watching him with so much eagerness.

    "Beautiful." He whispers, eyes on your swollen lips that are parted just a little.

    With a gentle hand, he reaches for the straps of your gown and lets them fall off your shoulders before his hands dance on your back, tugging down the zipper in a smooth motion. He steps back just a little bit, waiting for you to step out of your dress and shyly you do so. The dress doesn't let you wear a bra so your bare breasts are exposed to the chilly air, making your nipples harden immediately. You're about to cover yourself out of shame when he grabs your wrists. "Don't." Is all he says, his voice gentle yet commanding and you nod vigorously like a puppet.

    He begins by pressing kisses on your shoulders and then your breasts as his hands work on massaging them simultaneously. He takes one nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting and torturing it with his tongue until you are arching towards him with a moan and bunching the sheets in your fists. "You are so beautiful when you moan for me darling, don't stop." He mouths with a cheeky smile before doing the same to your other breast, all the while watching your reaction and you are so lost in sensations that you don't realize he has taken off his suit jacket sometime while pleasing you.

    Then he stops for a moment, pushing you back into the pillows behind you and sitting on his knees as he takes off his turtleneck. His body is truly a sight for sore eyes, chiseled abs all over and you have this urge to kiss every inch of his porcelain skin. Smirking at how you ogle him he then reaches for his pants, tugging them off too. Left in his boxers only which shows a clear outline of his hard length, you can't help but mewl out a please. Your desperation makes him cockier and he decides to tease you a little further.

    Leaning down, he presses sweet kisses on your belly before going down, eyes connecting with yours every so often. He kisses your covered core once before tugging off your panties and tossing them aside, making you gasp and without a delay he spreads your legs open, staring at your core. You feel your whole body heat up with embarrassment and you want to close your legs but you can't because of his strong grip. It frustrates you how slow he is, too busy eye fucking you and enjoying your neediness. Throwing the sexiest smirk at you that has your pussy leaking, he leans down and attaches his lips against your core.

    You almost scream bloody murder.

    His mouth moves expertly against your most sensitive spot as he messily sucks and laps at your core. Your hands fist on his hair as you almost arch off the bed when you feel his warm tongue prodding at your entrance. "Fuck! Daddy!" And the word leaves your lips somehow which makes Seungcheol stop his ministrations on you. He leans back to look at you and you are so embarrassed you hope that the bed would swallow you up.

    You're about to open your mouth to apologize but he says, "What did you call me?" His deep baritone has you gushing again as his smoldering eyes pin you down. "D-daddy." You whisper. "Good. Scream that when I make you come." The confidence and authority in his voice are enough to almost make you come as he dives back in with renewed vigor.

    He's merciless, prodding your hole relentlessly with his tongue, alternating sucks and nips on your clit. It sets fireworks all through you and you feel the coil in your belly starting to tighten in pleasure. "So fucking good baby. You taste so sweet." He grunts, face pressed against your mound and his words paired with the lewd sight between your legs has your cunt throbbing.

    Soon enough you find yourself on the precipice of an orgasm which washes over you when he gently nips your clit before giving it a harsh suck. You scream as you hurl down an orgasm, your first, real orgasm as Seungcheol holds your shaking body down.

    Before you can even come back from your high, he continues, kissing your pussy aggressively while adding a finger and then two and the sudden stretch in your tight hole has you coming again in mere seconds, this time your orgasm stronger, setting your nerve endings on fire as you scream his name.

    He sits back once done, a satisfied smirk on his face as he watches you twitch underneath him, vision q little blurry. He makes a show of licking his lips which glisten with your arousal before leaning down by supporting himself on his elbows and capturing your mouth in a passionate kiss. You moan, tasting yourself on his tongue and the filthiness of his act sends a new rush of arousal through your body.

    "Do you want me to continue?" He asks and though his concern warms your heart you can't help the groan. "Yes, yes! Of course." You almost yell. Chuckling at your enthusiasm, he moves back and rakes a hand through his hair. "Well, then, if we're gonna do it, we have to do it bare because I don't have a condom with me. But I assure you, I'm clean and I'll pull out." He says, his eyes focused on your face to catch any hint of hesitation and honestly, you don't give a fuck. You'll do just about anything to have his dick inside you right now.

    "I'm on the pill so I'm fine." You pant, reaching for him to pull him close. Smirking, he grabs your wrists midway and pins them above your head. Lazily he whispers in your ear, "If you want me to fuck you, you're gonna be a good girl and keep your hands to yourself. Understand?" You answer him with an enthusiastic nod but he isn't satisfied as he lands a sudden slap on your tit making you squeal. "Yes, daddy! Yes!" You heave for breaths, pussy throbbing as his rough treatment.

    Once happy he works on removing his boxers and when they come off you almost drool, mouth hanging open at the sight. His cock is utterly beautiful, long and thick and heavy as it bobs in the air. Your pussy clenches around nothing as you swallow, thinking about how deliciously it's gonna stretch you, if you can even take it in the first place.

    "Like what you see?" His tone is smug and you can only nod. He gives your pussy a few rubs, spreading your arousal before lining his cock up to your entrance, intense eyes watching you as he whispers, "Deep breaths baby. Tell me if it gets uncomfortable, alright? I'll stop immediately." You can only nod, grabbing his biceps for support as you feel his tip entering followed by some inches and just that feeling has you on the brink of exploding. Sharp pain and pleasure surge through you but what steals most of your focus is how incredibly full you feel. Your breath hitches and you tense up as he gradually pushes in, mewling, "Ah- s-so b-big."

    Above you Seungcheol grits his teeth as he keeps pushing inside steadily and you wonder just how big his cock is when it finally stops and you let out the breath you were holding. "Alright?" Seungcheol asks. You nod your head taking in a couple deep breaths, pulling him closer as an indication to continue. And he does. Lazily he pulls back until the tip of his dick rests inside you and then he thrusts, so hard that you scream out loud as he hits that spot inside you. "Fuck, you're so tight." He sounds choked.

    "Oh god!" you're wail, head full of bliss as your mouth hangs open in pleasure. The ethereal sight of him on top of you, sweaty, full of lust has you moaning and clenching. You wrap your arms tightly around his strong back, nails digging onto his skin as he increases his pace. "Feel good? You want more, little girl?"

    His words make you gush around him. "Yes! Yes, daddy! I want more. Give it to me!" You whine deliriously, clinging onto him. He grunts, doubling his pace if that's even possible. You feel like you are gonna break into two, in the best possible way as he keeps hitting your sweet spot that has you moaning like a whore and you feel your orgasm approaching.

    "Keep screaming my name. Who's making you feel this good?" He hisses in your ear, thrusting erratically. "You daddy! You! Seungcheol! Please, I'm gonna cum!" You mewl.

    "Oh yeah? So easily? Cum then. Milk my cock dry." He bites your earlobe as one of his hands reaches down to circle your clit in tight motions making you shudder violently. You feel like you are gonna burst and you do actually. The coil in your belly snaps and with a raw scream of his name you come, pussy spasming erratically. Seungcheol hisses on top of you as he feels your arousal coat him but continues his ruthless pace, his thrusts so deep the bed shakes.

    He's merciless, continuing his torture on your clit even after you come and oversensitivity settles. "Seungcheol, please..." You gasp, unsure what you are even begging for. "One more. You can do one more," he huffs before whispering, "Where do you want me to come baby?" He pants, hands rubbing your clit tirelessly.

    "Inside! C-come in me, daddy!" You're delirious, the thought of him filling you up sends your body into overdrive as he pinches your clit, making you come once more with a scream of his name. The orgasm ripples through you like tsunami waves, shaking your whole body and making your toes curl as your fingernails dig into his back. He comes with you, warm spurts of his seed filling you up continuously, so much that some of it leak out. The warm feeling of his release inside your pussy and his sweet sucking on your neck is the last thing you remember before passing out.

    When you return to earth it's morning and your whole body hurts. The sun filters through the silk curtains, making you squint as you struggle to sit up. The ache between your legs is ever present, making the memories of last night flood back in. At that thought, you look around the room only to see no signs of Seungcheol. Is he gone for a meeting? The bedside clock reads 9:05 am.

    Damn, how long have you been passed out for? You didn't even have dinner last night. At the thought of food, your stomach growls and you scramble to get out of bed, awkwardly moving your legs after the treatment Seungcheol gave to your pussy last night. The thought has you feeling flustered as you pad outside of the bedroom and find Seungcheol sitting on one of the dining chairs, a newspaper in his hands.

    A soft gasp leaves you as you didn't expect to see him. He looks up and the corners of his lips turn upward just slightly, "Hello there. Good morning."

    "G-good morning," you fumble with the hem of your (his) shirt as you stand there awkwardly, face and neck heating up with embarrassment. "Sleep well?" He asks, his tone almost teasing and you nod shyly. "Good." He folds the newspaper and stands up, fixing his t-shirt. "Take some medicine. I'm sure it hurts. Was I too rough last night? You literally passed out on me." Refusing to meet his eyes, you only shake your head no and mumble out an apology. He steps towards you and lifts your face up with a finger. "Don't be. Did you have a good time?" The sincerity and integrity on his face steal your breath away. "Y-yes, thank you." You breathe, hypnotized by his eyes. He nods and steps back, announcing. "Have breakfast and get ready. We're gonna go for sightseeing today."

    "Oh? You don't have any meetings?" You can't hide the astonishment in your tone.

    "No. We're in Paris baby. And it's your first time. It's a shame if we leave just like this." He says as he puts on his watch. "I'll be downstairs. Take your time." He sends a smile your way before stepping out of the suite and despite the ache all over your body you move around quickly, excitement bubbling over.

    The day is spent driving around in Seungcheol's Porsche as he takes you to visit museums, cafes, stores and whatnot. You return home in the evening with hands full of bags from luxury brands and tonight you two crash into bed early, both of you exhausted from running around all day. Tonight you sleep next to him and he doesn't comment on it, probably because he passes out the second he lies down and soon you do too.

    After an early flight the next day, you return home with too many gifts and unforgettable memories and a fat wad of cash in your bank account. Then you fall back into your daily routine, morning at the diner then attending the flower decoration class and then back to home. Seungcheol seems to have fallen into his busy routine too as he hasn't asked you to come over for the past week and the texts from him have been short and simple. Though his lack of attention hurts you a little bit, you push that feeling down and go on with your life. Seungcheol had suggested to you some plots for your shop and you start looking into them, deciding on which would be the best for you.

    One Thursday after your flower decoration classes, you text Seungcheol, asking if you can meet him. It has been a while since you saw him physically and can't stop yourself from reaching out to him first. When his text says he's free in the evening, you bounce up and down with giddiness.

    You arrive at his penthouse a little after 8. Seungcheol opens the door soon after you ring the bell, his hair damp and you can tell he's fresh out of the shower. He smells so good, fresh and minty and you have to stop yourself from hugging him. In the back of your mind, you wonder how great it'd be if he was your boyfriend.

    Get it together.

    Smiling from ear to ear you greet him. "Hi! I hope I'm not disturbing."

    "No, it's fine. Come in." He steps away as you walk inside and get rid of your coat.

    "Would you like some wine? I've asked the chef to prepare dinner for us."

    "Oh, sure. And you didn't have to do that," you say bashfully as you sit on one of the breakfast stools and rest your hands on the marble countertop. You watch as Seungcheol moves around the kitchen, the thin t-shirt not really hiding his buff figure. His biceps flex as he unscrews the wine bottle and you swallow. He looks more muscular than the last time you saw him and you wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you.

    Sliding a glass of wine towards you he sits on the opposite stool, brushing a hand through his hair and fluffing it. "How have you been? I've been really busy the past week."

    "Yeah, I'm doing good. My flower decorating lessons are almost over." You take a sip of the cool drink.

    "Good. Have you looked into the plots I suggested?" He takes a sip of his wine. For a distracted moment, you gape at his jawline and how his adam's apple bobs when he swallows. "Uhm, y-yeah. They're all really nice." You whisper, looking away. He nods, finishing his wine. "Take your time. When you decide on one let me know. I'll take care of your paperwork."

    "Thank you," you smile before reaching for your bag that sits beside you. From inside you pull out your gift for him, which is the main reason you wanted to see him today. "This is for you. I made this today," you whisper shyly as you push the bouquet of dried flowers towards him. They are a combination of dried pink and red camellias, white clovers and red roses, all tied together with a white satin ribbon. Seungcheol raises a surprised brow at the present as he takes it in his hand and examines it.

    "They are dried flowers. They'll last forever, you know. You don't have to take care of them." You explain nervously.

    You shouldn't really be giving this gift to him. Last forever? Why would he want to keep something from you forever? You have let your emotions get the best of you. You want him to have something that'll remind you of him after all this is over; that is if he actually keeps this stupid gift. Chewing on your lower lip, you watch him anxiously, hoping he'll be blind enough and just accept it as a simple gift.

    "Thanks. They are beautiful," he comments, setting the flowers down on the counter and you let out a breath of relief.

    That night after dinner and too many glasses of wine you end up in Seungcheol's bed where he claims you as his own, all over again. You scream his name on the top of your lungs and by the time dawn rolls around, you're passed out completely. When you wake up in the morning, you find yourself alone in his large bed and a note resting on the bedside table, telling you that there is breakfast if you want and to check your bank account.

    Sure enough, there is another new load of cash when you open your banking app, the amount staring back at you almost tauntingly. Accepting money from him has started to become harder and harder and you know very well you won't be able to continue this for long. You also know very well that Seungcheol will let you go without any questions asked but that's the problem. You want to stay. With him. Even if this is the way you can. You always end up feeling cheap and filthy at the end but you don't have anyone to blame but yourself.

    A couple of days later you accompany Seungcheol to yet another evening party, dressed in a teal gown and pearls in your neck and ears. It is boring like every other party and Seungcheol seems to feel it too. He sticks by your side mostly instead of entertaining his business partners who, you have noticed, does a poor job of keeping their lusty eyes off of you. You have overheard one particular Mr. Wang asking Seungcheol about you and if he's willing to share. The look Seungcheol sent his way made him look like he was about to piss his pants and after threatening to cut off all business ties with him, Seungcheol stuck by your side and hasn't left since.

    "Should we just leave? Let's eat at my place. We can order whatever you like." Seungcheol offers and you are quick to agree. Getting to be with Seungcheol alone is something you can never refuse. Especially if that means you can leave this dull party.

    And so you head home with him, picking up dinner on the way which you share over a nice bottle of Dom Perignon. He talks about his upcoming plans and you talk about your schedules regarding your shop as you finish dinner. Then the conversation dulls down as you both enjoy the wine in comfortable silence.

    You sip on the drink and take your sweet time watching his beautiful profile, burning the image deep into your memory. From his thick brows to his long lashes, his structured nose and his plump pink lips and his adam's apple, you ingrain every detail into your mind.

    Maybe it's the overflowing amount of alcohol in your blood or the fact that you are deeply, madly in love with him which you once again realized, that you speak the words. "You're such a great person, Seungcheol. Whoever you marry is gonna be so lucky." Half of you can't believe you said that out loud and how utterly smitten you sounded.

    He stares at you for a moment, contemplating your words before responding, "Thank you, ____. But I don't think that'll happen anytime soon, if ever."

    "Why not?" You whisper, tracing the rim of the wine glass with your fingertips. The fact that he once again is denying any thoughts of marriage or love hurting you. "You're such an amazing person. You're smart, talented, passionate, hard-working-"

    "Yeah but that all gets dumped by the amount I make." Seungcheol frowns. "At the end of the day, money and power is everything, is it not? If there's a scope to get even more of that, they leave, no matter how passionate or smart you are." His tone sounds mocking, almost.

    "Not everyone is like that," you remark, even though you feel like a hypocrite. The relationship you have with him is solely based on money. Sure you said yes to being his sugar baby because you were in need but also because you always found him attractive, not because of his money, just because of him. And he sure as hell wouldn't just date you in a normal way so to get a taste of him, to get a touch of a luxury like him, you said yes because that's the only way someone like you can have someone like him nearby. "There are people out there who will love you just because of you. Not because of your money or anything else."

    He raises a brow at you, almost challengingly, probably indicating your relationship with him. You can't help but cringe in your seat.

    "Hmm, I doubt that. Take my father for an example. He was whipped for my mother. At first, he thought she loved him equally, maybe she did but it'd all change after I was born. She'd be too busy for us, for me, always outside, shopping and splurging and meeting men half her age. But even after all that my father forgave her, didn't push her away. And that angers me more. Why would he do that to himself? It doesn't make any sense. My mother used him."

    At the mention of his mother, your mind brings up the images of her at their charity event, her bubbly and outgoing persona dominating the crowd. She wasn't like how you expected someone her age to be but she didn't seem like a neglectful or a bad person either. But who can say how what happens behind closed doors.

    "That doesn't mean you will end up like that too." Is all you can whisper, hoping to bring him some solace.

    "You sound awfully sure and I'm not sure if I like that." His eyes narrow on you as his demeanor starts to change. His voice turns cold and you feel like there's suddenly a wall between the two of you. But your alcohol riddled brain keeps going on, "Maybe I am. Because it is true. Everyone's lives are different. You may not end up like your father. You just need to open your heart-"

    "You should stop," he interrupts you, his icy stare boring into you. You watch him like a lost puppy as he abruptly stands up, to leave this conversation you assume. You do too but not for the same cause.

    "Why are you so stubborn!" You can't stop yourself from accusing him. You sound desperate and pathetic and hopeless even to your own ears but you continue. "Don't you see what an amazing man you are? That there are many who'll kill to be by your side not because of the baggage that comes with you but simply because you are a wonderful person! Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Why do you deny yourself the happiness you deserve?" You're yelling at this point, tears brimming in your eyes as you two face each other. His eyes blaze with anger and you can literally see him fuming when he hollers, "Remind me since when my business became your concern!"

    You scowl at him, clenching your fists, anger seeping into your veins. This is so stupid. You hate how desperate you are and you hate how right he is. This truly is none of your business. Seungcheol seethes, "If we are to continue this relationship then you need to know your place. Otherwise, it's better if we just part ways."

    A tear streaks down your cheek as you feel this aching void starting to form in your heart. You find yourself whispering, "I am in love with you, Seungcheol. I just...love you."

    His eyes widen, alarmingly. There's a look of disbelief on his face. He almost looks betrayed, like you did the worst possible thing to him. Considering how he despises love, that is probably true. In silence, you two stare at each other as you wait for him to say something, do something. He clenches his jaw and then rakes his hand through his hair frustratedly before blowing out a loud breath.

    "I think you should leave ____." His voice is quiet, extremely so. It's barely audible but you hear it loud and clear. His eyes lack any emotion and you know he has once again put up his walls, like many times before. Still, you stand immobile in your spot for a while, soaking up his words, the realization that this is over for good washing over you.

    He's done with you and now he's showing you out the door. And you can't do anything to protest. You've lost your voice. So with one last longing look at his beautiful face, you grab your purse and coat with a shaking hand and carry your slumping body towards his door. He doesn't say anything, do anything and you don't look back, channeling all your energy into getting out of here instead of collapsing in front of him

    As soon as you step out of his building a gust of cold air hits you on the face. You stand there in silence, letting the cold wind numb your face, the same feeling blooming in your heart. You shiver slightly as you stand like a statue, staring hard at the ground. The past few months that you have spent with Seungcheol wash over you like huge tsunami waves and you feel overwhelmed and pathetic and broken. You are wrung out of your self pity when you feel droplets of water fall on your head. Looking up, you see the roaring dark sky and within seconds, it starts raining.

    How perfect.

    It definitely suits the mood, making you feel like you are the protagonist of some angsty romance drama. Oh how you wish you were that instead of a pathetic fool who yearns for a man who doesn't give two shits about her. With a sigh, you pull your coat around you tighter and start to take heavy steps, your beautiful gown dragging behind you. You feel out of place, all alone and pitiful in an area full of houses worth millions of dollars. The streets are empty maybe because of the rain or maybe because people don't walk in this neighborhood. Laughing humourlessly at your pathetic state you continue walking until you are out of that neighborhood, far, far away from him.


    Running a shop is harder than you predicted. Especially when you have customers coming in every now and then. This may have something to do with valentine's day which is in a few days.

    Your last two days consisted of working till your back was about to break, greeting customers and preparing bouquets for them, shipping them and so on. Your business has been doing really good. It has been almost two months and you are surprised at the progress you have made. People seem to love your shop and you have made a fair amount of regular customers. At this rate, you need to hire a part-timer because it is becoming quite impossible to prepare hundreds of bouquets by yourself.

    You have named this shop after your mom, who visited on the opening day with your dad. Tanz visited too and treated you to a meal later that day. Though you don't work at the diner anymore, you still hang out with her every often as she gossips about whatever the rich people are up to. It took you a while but you told her everything about Seungcheol, from start to finish. She had an outburst after hearing your story, calling him all sorts of names.

    You agree with her but not completely. It isn't his fault if he doesn't feel the same way you feel about him. Sometimes you think you pushed him too hard and it was completely your fault but other times you believe you did the right thing. That stubborn man needed to address his issues and frustrations.

    You haven't seen his face nor had any contact with him after that night, and you're partially glad. You don't know how you can handle seeing his face when you haven't gotten over him. A part of you probably never will. You still remember him, all the moments with him so vividly as if it happened yesterday. When you lie in your bed alone at night you can almost picture him right next to you, his arm wrapped around you, his scent surrounding you. You should probably get your head checked for that.

    Other than the pretty constant thoughts of Seungcheol lurking in the back of your mind, life has been pretty good. Well, it certainly was until now, when dear life decided to smack you on the face and bring back your misery.

    Seungcheol stands at the door of your shop, a confused look resting on his face once his eyes land on you.

    It was a busy day, full of customers and now that the night had fallen you were preparing to close for the day when this man showed up out of nowhere. He stands there, watching you while you do the same, the pen in your hand about to break from how hard you are clenching it. Looking at his outfit, you assume he has come here straight from work, dressed in a dark blue vest and pants, his suit jacket resting on his arms. His hair is a little messy, in the sexiest way possible. Your simping brain almost wants to forget everything and run into his arms, as if you are seeing your boyfriend at the end of a long day.

    How pathetic.

    Seungcheol clears his throat, somewhat awkwardly and you snap back into the painful reality. He stalks towards you, eyes scanning around the shop as you stand frozen in your spot.

    "Do you have red roses?" He asks, standing in front of your booth. You grit your teeth.

    Why does he need red roses? Who is he saying I love you to? Shit, tomorrow is valentine's day. Looks like he's got a date. The thoughts float through your mind and you hate yourself for how jealous you feel.

    "Yes." You reply looking towards the said flowers. Seungcheol speaks, "I'd like a fifty of them in a bouquet."

    You have to stop yourself from frowning. Why the fuck is he buying fifty roses? More like, who the fuck is he buying them for? Putting on your best professional smile you nod, preparing a receipt. "That'll be 22 dollars." You move to prepare his bouquet quickly, half of you wanting to give him the withered roses.

    Gosh, when did you become so childish?

    Hastily wrapping it with a ribbon, you push it towards him. He grabs it and examines the bouquet for a while before saying. "Thanks. Nice shop, by the way."

    Is he doing small talk now? You refrain from rolling your eyes. "Thanks." You mutter lamely, eyes on your desk. Seungcheol stands in his place for a few breaths, amplifying the tension in the room as you pray to God to just get him out of here. Him standing so near you, a faint whiff of his cologne tickling your nose is too much to bear and you are losing your sanity. It also doesn't help that he has bought roses for some stupid girl, from you.

    The audacity of this man. Is he doing this on purpose? Maybe not if you consider the shocked look on his face when he first entered.

    "Well, have a good night." He says in a form of goodbye and heads towards the door.

    "I thought you didn't do love. Yet you are here, buying a bunch of roses for valentine's day, it seems, Mr. Choi." It takes the frown on his brows and his rather judgemental stare for you to realize you just said those words out loud.

    Gosh, could you appear any more pathetic? You sound like a jealous ex, which you are kind of.

    He regards you with a perplexed look as you pray for the ground below to open up and swallow you whole to save you from this embarrassment. Seungcheol lets out an amused noise, "Well, thank you for reminding me. These are, in fact not for any lover. But now, I would like something else too actually, for them." His eyes are taunting, watching you closely for your reaction as he steps back towards you. "Do you... perhaps have some salvias? In blue?"

    You can't believe how this situation backfired on you. Now he's really buying blue salvias for his lover. Real nice. You just gave him the chance to rub it all over your face. With a loud sigh, you force a smile. "Yes, we do."

    "A bouquet then, please," he smiles, sarcastically almost. Huffing you grab those poor flowers aggressively and hastily put them in a bouquet before accepting the money. "Thank you for your visit. Have a pleasant night." You motion him towards the door with the fakest smile, desperate to be left alone and he takes mercy on you. With a nod, he briskly walks out of your shop and you sink down on the floor as soon as he's out of sight, letting out a huge breath of relief.

    You know very well that life comes with surprises. Still, some surprises are too hard to comprehend like the one happening to you right now. You stare at the bouquet of blue salvias sitting on your countertop which was just delivered, half wondering if you are dreaming or hallucinating. The note that came with it sits crumpled in your hand as a try to wrap your head around it.

    Happy Valentines. I think you know what these flowers mean. If you do then could you do me the honor of joining me for dinner? At my place tonight, if that's okay. I feel like we should talk.

    — Seungcheol.

    I think of you. That's what blue salvias mean. He thinks of you? Is this some sort of joke? You have been trying so hard to get over that stupid man but now this puts you back to square one. You feel like ripping your hair out. Should you go? You and the whole world knows knows how obvious the answer is but you still try to think about it, knowing very well what the result will be.

    Of course you'll go.

    Seungcheol is fairly perplexed when he opens his door to see you that evening. "____-....I didn't really think you'd come."

    He looks like he just got home, still dressed in his crisp white shirt underneath his unbuttoned vest and matching grey slacks. It doesn't help how he has rolled his sleeves up to give you the perfect view of the veins in his arms. One look at them and you almost forget what you're here for. Averting your gaze, you cough. "Yeah." He steps aside and you walk into his house, the memories immediately flooding your senses.

    Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

    Silently you pad towards his living room as he speaks behind you. "You should have told me you were coming. I would have called the chef-"

    "Seungcheol," you cut him off with a sigh. "I'm not really here to have dinner. You and I both know that." He watches you for a while, his face emotionless before nodding with a sigh. "Would you like some wine? Whiskey maybe?"

    "I'd like to keep my head clear, thank you." You murmur, sitting down on his couch. The place is as pristine as you remember, nothing out of place. As if no one lives here. Seungcheol disappears from your view, probably pouring himself a drink as you hear noises from the kitchen. A minute later, he returns, a glass of whiskey in his hand as he sits on the sofa opposite to you.

    You're glad that he keeps his distance.

    "I have a lot of explaining to do, right?" He chuckles dryly, taking a sip of his drink. Mutely you watch him as you don't trust yourself to speak now. You actually don't trust yourself with anything right now as being remotely close to Seungcheol always tends to mess with your head. It's better if you just stay still and melt into the background.

    With a loud sigh, Seungcheol sets the glass down on the center table and leans back into the sofa. "I don't know where to start. Maybe with the roses I bought yesterday. They were for my mom, actually. I visited my parents last night. My mom is sick. They are suspecting it's cancer."

    All thoughts of staying silent fly out the window when you hear those words. "Oh my god," you whisper. "I'm so sorry."

    He shakes his head dismissively. "Anyway," he starts. "The past few months have been hard but educative for me. Maybe because I'm finally dealing with my shit or whatever. I had a lot of time to think. About what you said. About me, my life. About everything. You see, it's like a habit to be an asshole and shut people out when you're scared and you hate yourself." His eyes are focused on the glass in front of him, no emotion whatsoever in them and you feel goosebumps.

    "I don't know how I ended up like this but I've been hating myself for the longest of time. Maybe it was because of my mom's shitty habits and how she hurt dad when I was younger. Or maybe because she never had time for me. Or maybe because never in my life I've met a person who loved me unconditionally, who was ready to give everything up for me. Everyone surrounding me chases money and that scares me. So much. I'm scared that I'm nothing without that. Without my reputation or power. That if I open myself to someone they'll get what they need and then leave, like they always do." He blows out a long breath, fingers rubbing the bridge of his nose.

    "I'm scared of love because I've never experienced it and I've seen people do horrible things in the name of it. I'm scared the same will happen to me once I open my heart." His voice is quiet as he trails off and reaches for the whiskey to finish it.

    The breath you have been holding until now finally comes out as you watch him, your heart thudding loudly in your chest. You want to hold him and tell him that it's okay, that you're here but you seem to have become a statue as you only sit and drink in the beautiful, pained man in front of you.

    "That being said, I'm sorry for how I treated you," his voice seems foreign as he grits those words out and you realize this man probably has never apologized to someone in his lifetime. "You didn't deserve that. Everything you said hit too close to home so I pushed you away as a defense mechanism. But I missed you, still do. More than I'd like to admit. I keep thinking about you, about how my world seemed to be a little brighter with you. And I keep regretting what I did. I'm sorry and...if you are still interested in me, I'd like to have you back. I'd like to try again, really try this time because I-... I think I love you."

    It's a wonder how he manages to keep his voice so stable and emotionless. Like he is briefing a new company strategy and not expressing his love for someone. But don't focus on that because you can see how he's still holding himself back, holding his emotions back. And it's something that needs to be worked on but that's for another time.

    This man just said he loves you. This stubborn, egoistical, too handsome for his own good man just confessed to you.

    You feel like you are on cloud nine. But you don't have the time to rejoice as Seungcheol stares at the ground blankly, probably overthinking once again while waiting for you to say something. So you get up from your seat and walk towards him, before kneeling right in front of him, your hands resting on his knees. "Oh Seungcheol," you softly call for him.

    His eyes meet yours as you cup his cheek softly with a hand and for a brief second, you see his eyes shine before they get lost underneath his blank gaze.

    You gently pull his face downwards while inching yours closer to him and press your lips against him faintly. You try to kiss him as gently as possible, as if you are kissing his broken soul. He remains still to your touch for a second before cupping both of your cheeks and kissing you back earnestly. This is the first time Seungcheol kisses you with so much need and passion, like this is the last time he'll ever kiss you. Your lips mold against each other perfectly but he doesn't go too hard, instead just kisses you, soft and slow. You pull back to see the desperation in his eyes and you realize that you still haven't given him an answer.

    "I still love you, Seungcheol. Of course I'll try again with you." You croak, your voice choked up with all the emotions. This time you clearly see his eyes glisten and the faintest of smile kiss his lips. But he only breaths, "Thank you, ____."

    You smile at him sweetly, "You're welcome, Seungcheol. But I need you to be honest with me if we want this to work. Don't hide from me, Cheol." You whisper, the nickname falling from your lips easily. He observes you in silence before closing his eyes and nodding. He leans closer once again and with a shy smile, you close the distance between the two of you. This time you don't hold back on kissing him as you wrap your arms around his neck while he pulls you up from your knees and sets you down on his lap, lips connected.

    You pull back to look at the sinfully beautiful man underneath you, his eyes hazy with need, his plump lips parted slightly as he takes deep breaths. Your hand moves on its own as it reaches to touch the fluffy mess of his black hair. Gently you stroke through the locks, eyes set on his as he absentmindedly draws soft circles on your lower back. In this moment of tranquility you feel the surge of love and adoration you posses for this man flow through you all over again and you can't help but smile knowing he's yours now.

    "What's so funny?" He asks, dark eyes peering at you. "Nothing. Just how much I love you. How beautiful you are," you reply bashfully as you press a kiss on his jawline. You continue kissing down his neck and nipping the skin gently, encouraged when you hear him release a blissful sigh. And then an idea pops into your mind as you lean backward and get off of his lap just to sink down onto the floor again.

    Seungcheol's eyes widen, "____, what are you doing?"

    You can't help but pout, "I'm taking care of you. Don't you want this?" Your hands dance over his crotch area mischievously. Blowing him has been on your to-do list for so long and today you are not backing down.

    He grunts frustratedly, "I- fuck, yes I do. But- are you sure you can? I don't want to push you too hard, baby. You don't have to do it."

    "But I want to. Let me try at least," your pout deepens. The thought of having Seungcheol in your throat makes you desperate. "Tell me if I do something wrong, please."

    He lets out an amused snort as your fingers work on undoing his Gucci belt. "Trust me, there's nothing you can do wrong." With a coy smile at him, you undo the buttons of his slacks and then the zipper as Seungcheol shuffles a little to help you pull down his boxer briefs.

    The sight of his thick, hard cock has your pussy clenching and your mouth drooling as you tentatively reach for the semi-hard member and give it a few experimental pumps. The tip leaks white pearls of precum and your mouth waters. Seungcheol's nails dig into the armrest as he lets out a grunt, the sight below him purely sinful. Wanting to hear more of his sounds, you quickly take the pinkish tip of his cock into your mouth and suck.

    "Fuck-" Seungcheol hisses, hands coming to rest on the top of your head. The way your doe eyes look at him with your mouth full and your curious hands work on him has him losing his mind. His reaction pleases you and you swirl your tongue around his tip, moaning when he leaks salty precum into your mouth. Your hands work on the base of his cock as you inch down your mouth.

    "Shit, ____-" You don't listen to his curses as you keep going down and then suddenly your gag reflex activates as you feel him kiss the back of your throat. You haven't even gotten half of him inside your mouth and your throat already hurts.

    You pull back to take in a deep breath before delving back in without any delay as you take as much of him as possible in one go. Your throat burns and you feel like choking, tears in your eyes but it's somewhat manageable when you relax your throat so you keep sucking what's in your mouth and pump the rest using your hands.

    "Shit, you're so good baby," Seungcheol breaths, looking down at you with dark eyes, a proud smirk on his face that makes your pussy leak. Loving his praises you pull back to lick a stripe down the underside of his cock before sucking him harder. His hands fist in your hair though he remains careful not to hurt you. It takes all of Seungcheol's willpower to not just grab your head and shove it down his length. When the pleasure begins to increase and he can feel his high approaching, Seungcheol pulls your mouth off of him with a grunt.

    "That's enough, baby. I'm gonna cum," he hisses and you whine, voice croaky as a little bit of drool escapes from your mouth. "I want to make you come! Please, let me. Did I do something wrong?" Your concerned wide eyes make his heart soften as he strokes your cheek gently. "No sweetheart, you were perfect. It's just that I really need to come inside you right now. Is that okay?"

    The thought of it makes you swallow as you nod your head mutely and with a smirk, Seungcheol quickly drags you towards his bedroom where he manhandles you onto his king sized bed. He crawls on top of you like a predator waiting to devour his prey and the intense fire in his eyes is enough to make you forget the human language. Roughly, he attaches his lips against yours, tongue prodding inside your mouth in no time as his hands work on undoing your blouse. You don't realize he has torn it open until you hear your buttons scattering over his floor.


    "Shush. I'm too impatient." He whispers, leaning back and tugging your jeans down swiftly. Then his large hands reach for your bra as he unhooks it hastily and tosses it away before kneading your breasts softly. You mewl in pleasure. "Seungcheol- that feels so good."

    "Oh yeah?" The cocky smile never leaves his face as bites your soft flesh, sucking your sensitive nipples before pushing your soft flesh inside his mouth, marking it in the process. Your mushy brain tugs at his shirt as you whine. "T-take this off please. Wanna see you." You hear him chuckle, "Why don't you do it for me?"

    You don't need to be told twice as you immediately start fiddling with the buttons of his shirt and help him out of it. With that offending piece of cloth gone, his sculptured figure is once again revealed to your eyes and you almost drool. He's just as buff as you remember, if not more, taut muscles spread all over his torso. Subconsciously you trace your fingers over them as you drink him in.

    "You can stare at me all you want later, baby." Seungcheol gives you a soft smile before pressing a kiss on your belly. "I need to be inside you now." He whispers lips ghosting over your core as his hands make a quick work of taking off your panties. He starts with kissing your clit before moving down and licking a long stripe across your cunt and then sucking. Your toes curl as you writhe underneath him, "Daddy!"

    The name falls from your lips almost unknowingly as your delirious brain grinds against his mouth for more. He's relentless, determined to bring you to your orgasm as he pushes his tongue into your hole and continues his torture. Your hands grip his hair tightly as he continues his ministrations on your sensitive spot, your arousal leaking onto the bed. "Fuck, missed this sweet pussy so much." You hear him mumble and his words seem to make your orgasm come faster. "Seungcheol! I'm g-gonna come!" You wail.

    "Come, baby. Come for me so I can fuck you open." His voice is muffled against your core as your mouth opens in a silent scream. He gives a particular harsh suck on your clit and your orgasm washes over you making you shake.

    Seungcheol wastes no time, pushing a couple of his fingers inside your sensitive hole as he gives a few quick pumps before popping the fingers into his mouth, his eyes seductive as he makes a show of sucking them. Then he stands up and hastily takes off his pants and boxers. Your mind is fogged up as you recover from your orgasm and watch him stroke his cock, intense eyes set on you before lining his hard length with your pussy.

    "Ready, sweetheart?" He asks. You can only nod, hands clutching the bed sheets for support. And then he pushes in. The stretch of his thick cock has you moaning loudly, the overwhelming sensation of fullness consuming. Above you, Seungcheol curses softly as you grab him tighter and try not to lose your mind. "Oh my god- Seungcheol-" You gasp for breaths.

    "So fuckin tight. Just as I remember," he breathes.

    He marvels at your reaction, eyes rolling back as your mouth hangs open, hands blindly clawing his body to ground yourself. He leans closer so that his naked chest presses against yours and starts peppering wet kisses on your neck, never faltering his thrusts. They are slow but deep and calculated, hitting your sensitive spot every single time as you whine and whimper, tears forming in your eyes. "Daddy, harder please!" You wail mindlessly.

    "Oh yeah? You want it harder, baby?" He raises a full brow at you, expression cocky as he captures your lips in a bruising kiss before shuffling back and pulling out of you completely. You're about to cry for him when he grabs your hips and flips you over onto your front, your ass in the air for him. He gives it a sudden smack and you squeal, jolts of pleasure rippling through you before wasting no time to push himself back in. He doesn't go slow this time, immediately increasing his pace as his cock moves inside your tight walls brutally.

    The new angle has him even deeper inside you as he holds your body still by grabbing your arched hips. You can feel every inch and ridge of his cock rearranging your guts as you scream into the pillow. "O-oh fuck, d-daddy-"

    His grunts feel like music to your ears. "Is this what you were asking for little slut?" He hisses, snaking his arms around your body to reach for your breast. His degrading words make your pussy throb harder as you shake your head wildly, "Yes daddy! Yes! Please give me more."

    He snickers, doubling his pace and you can hear the headboard of the bed hit the wall. "Such a polite baby girl, I have." He softly bites your shoulder as he takes a nipple between his index and thumb and twists it harshly before flicking it. You mewl loudly, the rough treatment bringing you closer to your high. "O-oh my god- fuck, I'm g-gonna come."

    "So soon?" He teases, ramming his cock inside you tirelessly as you nod. "Go ahead then, come, little slut." He whispers in your ear, another hand trailing down to your pussy where he starts rubbing your clit in harsh movements and your mind goes blank. "Come, baby," he mouths, nipping your earlobe and the combination of his merciless thrusts and his fingers on your clit brings you over the edge with a pornographic scream.


    Your whole body shakes violently as you come, toes curling in pleasure as meaningless sounds escape your mouth. You can't even fully process anything when Seungcheol flips you again to face him and holds both of your legs wide open, continuously railing your sensitive pussy. His hands keep doing their magic on your hypersensitive clit, making you shudder and whimper. "C-cheol." You call for him mindlessly.

    The sight in front of you is God sent, Seungcheol's dark eyes watching you, his body coated in a thin sheen of sweat as he keeps fucking you hard. It makes your throat dry. "Give me one more, baby." He says, leaning closer to peck your lips before ramming himself inside you, pace so fast that tears actually leak from your eyes. "Oh fuck- o-oh fuck-"

    Before you can even feel it, your orgasm washes over you with a force that has your ears ringing and white dots filling your vision. You twitch underneath Seungcheol's large frame as his pace falters and with a loud groan of your name, he comes. His warm release fills you up and some even leak out, but you're too gone to care. You feel nothing but pure bliss, as if you are floating in a cloud.

    Seungcheol gently slips out of you before collapsing right next to you, his hands pulling your body close but you can't even comprehend anything until your brain starts working a little. His warm breath tickles your shoulder as he pants next to you and you feel this seed seep out of your beaten cunt.

    Mustering up enough power to open your eyes, you lazily turn your head to look at Seungcheol. You have to blink a few times to properly see and the sight warms your heart. His beautiful face greets you, his hair disheveled, a look of content and a small smile sitting on his lips. "You didn't pass out this time," he teases once he catches his breath. You can only grin, eyes falling shut again.

    You feel him move beside you but your hands stop him immediately by wrapping them around his torso. "I have to clean us up, baby." His voice is soft. You shake your head, lazily pulling him back and he lets you, before scooting closer to him and nuzzling his neck, his addictive scent overwhelming your senses. "Don't. Just stay." You croak, voice almost inaudible. You hear him sigh and pull you closer, your face squishing against his hard chest as his hands move in soft motions through your hair.

    "I love you," His gentle whisper makes you open your eyes and peek at him. "I love you so much that it scares me." He sounds so vulnerable, a side of him you never thought you'd see and your heart aches for him. But your heart also feels full and warm and happy hearing those words, words that you've wanted to hear for so long.

    Wrapping your arms around him as tightly as possible you shower gentle kisses on his chest. "I love you too, Seungcheol. I love you so much."

    His eyes gaze down at yours, and the emotions swirling in his brown orbs make your heart skip a beat. "Thank you. For loving me. For giving me a chance. For everything." His lips meet your forehead for a kiss. You grin, "I should be the one thanking you Seungcheol, really. I'm so lucky to have you." He smiles, leaning into your touch as your index finger trails over his face.

    After a beat of silence you ask, "Now, does that mean you're my boyfriend?" Your shy eyes wander to his as you nervously chew on your lip. Seungcheol seems to ponder for a while as hums, "Boyfriend? Doesn't that sound so limited? I'm more than that. I'll be your everything if you'll let me. I'll be your lover."

    Warmth blooms on your face at his words as you almost melt. "That's... really romantic, Cheol. And very unlike you." You whisper.

    "I'm trying to be romantic for you, lover." He smiles his signature gummy smile which is quite a rare sight.

    "Lover...I like it." You smile gleefully, hands reaching for his to interlock your fingers. If you look very closely, you can see just the faintest hue of red shading his cheeks and ears and your heart flutters at the sight.

    "Lover it is." Seungcheol whispers, capturing your lips in a loving kiss.

    Lover, he is.

    a/n 2: SO, if you enjoyed reading this and want to know more about this couple or lover! Seungcheol in general, my ask is open. I'd love love lovee to hear your thoughts about them and if you have any questions regarding how they/he would act in a situation or something like that, you can send me an ask and I'll write drabbles regarding it. I'm just so excited about this fic, I'd really like to chat about this with y'all, I'VE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT so please let me know your thoughts and requests for any drabbles!

    masterlist | kofi

    Taglist: @coupsiekkuma @haomullet @haven-cove @woozarts @fairiewonu @qy61 @lilactangerine @wheeinz @melocular @soonchanshua @chvngbin @kp0p10v3r2 @mommymilkers6000 @silent-potato @luv4cheol (forgive me if I've forgotten to tag someone 🙏)

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  • treasure-hwa
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    pairing: mingyu x gender neutral reader
    genre: tooth rotting fluff
    synopsis: doing laundry doesn't have to be boring when you have your lover with you.
    word count: few, won't take 5min to read
    date: January 19th 2022
    author's note: I wrote this out of pure indulgence, because I can't stop thinking about Mingyu. Enjoy!

    — Can you, please, explain why are we doing laundry at 9 o'clock in a Saturday morning?

    — It had to be done.

    — Gyu, it's Saturday and your day off! We deserve to sleep in toda-

    Your sentence was interrupted by a yawn, which made the man giggle and answer you right away:

    — Isn't this nice though? Seeing the morning and smelling the fresh scent of clean fabric?

    You breathed in and out the heavily, closing your eyes and letting your lips form a small smile, then you said that yes, it was truly nice. After putting another tablecloth on the laundry line, you went to him discreetly, stretched your arms up and laced them on his neck.

    — What now? — he smiled without looking at you at first.

    — I like being here, doing this with you — you grinned, kissing the highest point of his shoulder. — It feels domestic and comfortable.

    — Because it is.

    He secured a shirt on the laundry line and turned to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pecking your forehead.

    — We're like an old couple, Mingyu.

    He throwed his head back, laughing out loud, and when he looked at you again, he met shining eyes full of love and admiration. Your gaze on him made his insides melt a little more and a small smile plaster on his lips.

    Your admiration wasn't without reason though: Mingyu's skin glowed even more on the morning sunlight, his hair, which wasn't combed yet, looked soft and shiny and his natural smell combined with the washing poder was one that made you feel safe, too comfortable.

    — I prefer the word "mature" or "responsible", if you don't mind — he said still breathless from the laughing and got closer to your face, centimeters separating your lips.

    You shook your head and smiled wide.

    — I could be anything with you.

    So you stood there, hugging, engulfed by the soft flower scent the clean tablecloths, sheets and towels had around you.

    The perfect moment was, however, interrupted by the "ping" of the washing machine, which meant more clothes were ready.

    — Go on, let's work.

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  • ohkpopmakesmehappy
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Minghao: for the fucking 7th time, JUN WE HAVE CATS IN OUR DORM!!

    Jun: But we don't have brown-colored cat!




    Jun: :(


    Minghao: fuck it

    Minghao: *places the kitten on his lap*

    Jun: :)

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  • bts-svt-imagines
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    S.Coups in bedroom

    You were in S.Coups' bed waiting for him to finish showering. Since he just got home from training, his muscle looked pumped. You heard the water stopped running and soon after, he got out of shower with wet hair and towel around his waist. You admired him for a few minutes before getting up and giving him a back hug. You started kissing his neck and shoulder. He smirked and turned around to kiss your lips. You started stroking his d*ck through the towel. He started moaning through the kiss. "Stop teasing!", he said half laughing. You smirked and took off his towel. You got on your knees and started licking his tip. He let his head fall back from pleasure. You started taking him in slowly more and more, almost reaching the back of your throat. "Oh fu*k baby, I don't wanna finish yet.", he picked you up throwing you over his shoulder. He slapped your butt, carrying you towards the bed. He laid you down on the bed and hungrily took your clothes off. He gently spread your legs while positioning himself on top of you. He put his member into your already wet folds. He started thrusting slowly. "Please baby, go deeper!" With that, he started going balls deep into you making you a moaning mess. His thrusts got sloppy, "I'm gonna cum!", he pulled out and came on your stomach. "Don't worry babe, we're not done yet.", he winked and slipped a finger into you. You were missing his member, but the pleasure of him slipping in another finger was giving you, made you forget about it. He started going in and out as fast as he could, making you arch your back. Your fingers grabbed his hair because of the sudden feeling of his tongue licking your boob. The mix of those two pleasures were enough for you to come faster than you expected.

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  • xddaengx
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    Play Along : The series ⎜ pt 2

    ✧ Pairings: Seventeen x Reader ⎜ Woozi x Reader ⎜ Mingyu x Reader

    ✧ Genre: Poly AU! ⎜ Idol AU ⎜ Established Relationship ⎜ Romance ⎜

    ✧ Warnings: Protected Sex⎜ Female Oral ⎜ Insecure Partners ⎜ Poly AU ⎜ Soft Dom!Woozi⎜ Soft Sex ⎜Slight Overstimulation ⎜

    ✧ Word Count: 3.3 k

    ✧ Summary: Your boyfriend proposes the idea, that he shares you with his 12 best friends.

    ✧ Author’s Note: This is inspired by my kinktober post "Play Along" I decided to turn it into a series with all 13 members, each member will get one chapter. Let me know who should I post next?


    “Well if he’s producing, I don’t want to interrupt him.” You say quietly into the phone, bowing slightly at the waist to the people you past on the way to the studio.

    “You won’t be interrupting him, he knows you’re coming, he said he’s excited. And besides he works so hard, I’m sure a beautiful interruption like yourself won’t bother him too much.” Mingyu replies his voice crackling over the phone, loud music playing in the background as his members shout their hellos through the phone.

    “As long as you warned him, last time Hoshi tried to interrupt his work and sneak up on him, Hoshi almost had his eyebrows shaved off.” You whisper into the phone, the frosted glass door coming into view, “universe factory” printed in large black letters.

    “Don’t worry he won’t shave your eyebrows while you sleep, he’s only tried to do it with me, so far.” Hoshi speaks into the phone, chuckling at the memory. You roll your eyes stopping in front of the door.

    “Alright, I’m here. I’ll hang up now.” You say softly, Mingyu agreeing.

    “Remember to relax, I think you’re the only person Woozi actually likes, so just take it easy. He said to just put in the code when you get there cause he might have his headphones on and he can’t hear with them on.” Mingyu says before giving the phone a large smooch sound, promising to see you tomorrow when he gets home. You hang up the phone, tucking it back into the handbag at your side, reaching out to put the code into the key panel beside the studio door.

    “I’ve been waiting for you.” A voice says softly, the door being pulled open before you can even press the first button, Woozi giving you a shy smile.

    “Oh, Mingyu said you might’ve been working so I was going to let myself in.” You mumble, toeing off your shoes and following Woozi inside the studio, the size of it taking you by surprise.

    “Wow, this place is looking good, you really have a knack for decorating.” You smile, looking at the various art works on the walls, and the large neon sign hung up on the wall.

    “Yeah, it took a while but it’s finally looking how I wanted it. Did you want a drink or anything?” Woozi asks, moving to take your bag from you and place it on the rack besides the door. You shake your head softly, taking a seat on the white couch in the corner of the room, your eyes still trailing around the room taking in all the decorations.

    “I heard you and Hoshi has some fun the other night. I’ve never actually seen him so relaxed before, said it was the best he’s slept in months.” Woozi says, quietly taking a seat on the other end of the couch, sipping on a bottle of cold water in his hand.

    “Yeah, I guess. I’m still not entirely sure how this is supposed to work, it’s feels a little unreal at the moment.” You chuckle, avoiding Woozi’s gaze, his eyes fixed on you as you fidget in your seat.

    “I mean I can hardly believe that you're here, I don’t think we’ve ever actually been alone in the same room before.” He adds, giving you a soft smile, before taking another sip of his water, finally redirecting his gaze. You watch as woozi looks around the room before refocusing back on you, placing the water on the table beside the couch, standing and moving his way in front of you.

    “Look, I’m going to be really honest with you, since Mingyu told me you’d be swinging by today, I couldn’t help but think about how it was going to work. We rarely ever spend time together alone, I think we’ve only ever had four conversations sober and you can barely even look at me. I’m not going to be offended if you decide you don’t want to do anything with me, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has preferred the others over me.” Woozi begins, his hand clenched by his side, his body tense as he looks down at where you sit on the couch, his voice low.

    “Woozi, it’s not that I do—“

    “I understand we aren’t close, and that your taste is probably a little different, I mean Mingyu is the tallest in the group and I’m the shortest— Anyway I know that I’m not always peoples taste, or first option, and that maybe you’d rather just skip me and go to the next person… I really wouldn’t be offended.” He finishes, you mouth falling open as you watch him spiel, standing from the couch hovering tense in front of him.

    “I think you’re misunderstanding the situation Woozi. I do want to do this, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t and frankly I don’t know what height has to do with anything, but this whole thing is still really new to me and I’m just not sure what people like and whether they like me or what they would even like to d—“ Woozi doesn’t waste another minute taking a large step forwards his hands reaching out to hold your cheeks as he pulls your face towards his own.

    You lips find each other quickly, one of Woozi’s hands dropping from your face, sitting tightly on your waist as he pulls your bodies closer together. The two of you pull apart for a few seconds taking in deep breaths before reconnecting. Woozi walks you back towards the couch, keeping the two of your as close as possible as he guides you to lie down on the soft cushions.

    “Thank you.” He whispers, pulling his lips away from your own for a few moments before reconnecting them to the skin of your neck.

    “What are you talking about?” You question, your head automatically tilting back to give woozi better access to your bare skin. “Wait, no marking. Mingyu’s one rule.” You manage to hiss out as you feel Woozi begin to suck lightly on the skin. He nods gently going back to placing open mouth kisses to your neck and back up your jaw.

    “For what you said.” He says between kisses. “For the reassurance.” He adds, his lips lining back up with yours, hovering just over the swollen skin. Woozi sit up a little further your legs rested against the lounge, bent at the knees on either side of his legs. “If you're comfortable with continuing I would really like if you took your shirt off.” He says gently tugging the hem of your shirt up slowly.

    “Only if you take yours off too.” You laugh, smiling as Woozi rips his shirt off at the speed of light, his pale skin illuminated with the purple neon lights, you sit up pulling your own t-shirt over your head before laying yourself back down on the cushions, welcoming Woozi as he dives back towards your lips.

    His hand are quick to find your thighs, pulling them further up till they sit comfortably around his waist, you can’t help but smile as your give his body a small squeeze with your legs, the man letting out a throaty groan, one hand bracing himself above you, as the other trails up your side slowly, tugging on the strap of your bra, baring the skin of your shoulder to him.

    His kisses trail again, before he pauses pulling his head away from your neck.

    “Is that a bite mark?” He questions looking down at the bruise on your neck, the indents of teeth still obvious. You nod slowly, a sheepish expression growing on your face. “Hoshi?” He questions and you nod again, biting your lip and he runs his thumb gently over the marking.

    “I guess this is why Mingyu said no marking?” He asks again and you just grin. “Fair call to be honest. I’d be pissed if someone blemished such a piece of art.” Woozi coos, his hand moving your hair behind your ear as he looks down your body, his eyes lighting up as he takes in your red lace bra, the matching red thong riding up your ass.

    “Is this for me? Or do you usually wear something this fancy?” Woozi asks, his hand brushing along the swell of your breast.

    “For you. Mingyu said you’d like it, he brought twelve new sets the other day, one for each of you. Though this has to be the worst bra I’ve ever owned” You respond watching as Woozi continue to stroke your skin gently. He smiles, moving his hand to the back of the bra, unclasping it quickly before pulling it away from your body, you arms raising so he’s able to pull the bra completely off.

    “Well, I appreciate the effort.” He mumbles, before diving towards your chest, taking one breast into his mouth quickly, giving a strong suck before rounding the nipple with his tongue, continuing his rotations a few times before moving his attention to your other breast.

    Woozi releases your breast the cold air hitting your wet nipples, the tender skin stiffening to hard peaks, his kisses trailing further down your stomach until his reaches the button on your skirt.

    “Does mingyu go down on you?” Woozi asks, the bluntness of his question surprising you. You nod, raising to your elbows to watch to man move around the couch, pushing his own body further down the couch till his face comes level with your pelvis. “Does he give you everything you deserve? Does he make your feel like you’re being worshipped?” Woozi continues both hand fiddling with the button and zipper at the top of your skirt, popping the metal open before shuffling the skirt and underwear down your legs until it's able to be discarded to the side.

    Woozi raises your legs, your thighs placed on either side of his head, your calfs strung over his shoulder. “Breathe for me.” He adds, before diving into your folds. Woozi starts with long licks, the rhythm starting to build up, as you watch the man move his tongue up and down along your folds.

    His hands latch onto your thighs, keeping your legs spread as his motions become more aggressive, his licking becoming faster, his teeth grazing over your clit every time he adjusts his position. You let out a small whine as Woozi sucks hard, his lips suctioning around your clit, as he sucks a few more times, your teeth grabbing onto your lip as you try to suppress the rising moans.

    “Don’t be so mean, let me hear you.” Woozi mumbles, his face still pressed against your pussy, a cheeky grin spread along his face, as he uses his fingers to lightly spread your lips, maintaining eye contact as he presses his tongue hard against you, dragging it upwards.

    “Shit.” You hiss, closing your eyes, letting yourself fall back against the couch enjoying the long strokes. You can’t help the loud whine that escapes you as you feel Woozi’s tongue enter you, the feeling of his lips spreading in a smile as he continues to move his tongue in and out of you, his tongue flicking against your folds every time he pulls his tongue out of you.

    “Woozi, I need more.” You coo, reaching out to grip his hair, pulling his face away from your cunt, bringing it up towards your own face.

    “What do you mean? It’s polite to use your words.” He says, his left hand finding its way to your entrance, two fingers slowly sinking inside of you, pumping slow and soft, the frustration bubbling inside of you.

    “I need you inside of me… I want you inside of me.” You begin, the slight speed up of his fingers making you gasp, the two fingers curling gently when they bottom out inside of you. “Jihoon, please.” You whine, Woozi’s fingers stilling inside of you, his eyebrows raising as he looks down on you.

    “Say that again.”


    “My name. Say my name again.” He groans his fingers pumping into you hard pulling the word out of you, much to his delight.

    “Jihoon.” You coo, your hands raking up his back, leaving a trail of red along his back, as his fingers pump harder and faster, his lips capturing yours, the taste of yourself stinging your tongue.

    “Cum for me… Cum for me, my precious ruby.” Woozi coos into your ear, his lips peppering kisses along the soft skin, adding a third finger, his hard motions yanking the orgasm from you.

    “Good girl, such a precious jewel for me.” Woozi continues, his praises making your thighs clench as your try to close your thighs around his arm, his finger still pumping in and out of you, slowly. “Do you still want more?” He questions, your head nodding quickly as Woozi stands from the couch, reaching into his back pocket, before stripping himself of his pants and underwear, his cock standing hard and stiff in front of you.

    You take deep breaths as you pull your thighs closed, watching the producer roll the condom on roughly, his eyes closing as his hand fists his own cock, clambering back onto the couch, his body stopping in front of your closed legs.

    “Open up for me.” He says, his hand soft on your knees as he pries them open, his body quickly filling the gap. He strokes himself a few more times before pushing in gently, the feeling of him inside of you dragging a gasp out of you, your eyes squeezing shut. You feel his motions stop, his cock buried inside of you, his hand slowly moving up your body, pulling your arms up above your head, his hands lacing with yours keeping them above you. “Open your eyes, I want your full attention while I make you cum.” You manage to pry open, you watch as he leans forwards capturing your lips in a chaste kiss.

    “You know I wrote a song about you.” He says quietly, his hips slowly beginning to rock, his cock sliding in and out with ease, your mind using complete focus to keep your eyes open watching Woozi move.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “This first time we met, at the Christmas party, you wore that fitted satin red dress, with the matching heels and lipstick - I thought you were the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” Woozi explains, his hips speeding up, his rocking getting more forceful as his hand keep a tight grip on your, keeping you in place.

    “Fuck.” You swear, your legs raising to wrap around Woozi’s waist, keeping the two of you connected as much as possible.

    “And then I saw Mingyu walk up behind you and I knew there was no way anything would happen. It took me two and a half years before I started the song, but all I could think of whenever I saw you, was that stupid red dress.” Woozi continues, letting out a grunt as he takes both your wrists in one hand, his other reaching to the pillow on the back of the lounge, lifting your hips with his own tucking the pillow under your back, the angle pulling him deeper, before continuing his hard, fast pumps.

    “Shit, I’m never going to forget this.” He grunts, his eyes raking over your body as he pumps harder, the force of his strokes jolting your body upwards.

    “Jihoon, faster.” Woozi obliges quickly, letting go of your wrists so both hands can hold onto your hips, his own slamming into you at a speed you didn’t know the producer possessed. You arms fall over Woozi’s shoulders, his head dropping to your chest, kissing and sucking the skin, soft grunts falling from his lips.

    “I hope you're close, cause I’m going to burst.” Woozi groans, his mouth taking in a nipple, suckling on it as you feel the second orgasm rain down, the heat from Woozi's body making your thighs clench around his waist, slowing down his thrusts but not able to stop them.

    “Shit, shit, shit.” He cusses, his forehead leaning against your bare skin as his motions stop, his breathing heavy as you both fade back into the world.

    “I can’t believe you just told me you wrote a song about me.” You chuckle, your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath, Woozi laying on top of you, his head pressed against your breastbone, his own chest mirroring your effort. “Was it a title track? Or a B side?” You question, trying to lighten the mood, Woozi grins placing a soft kiss to your collarbone.

    “Ruby…Ruby was the song that was about you.”



    “Honey, I’m home.” Mingyu’s voice rings through the apartment, the loud closing of the door making you drop the paperback on the bed besides you, page face down to keep your spot.

    “In the bedroom.” You call back, adjusting your position on the bed, to sit up against the pillows pulling the glasses off your face. You smile as Mingyu rounds the corner, his smile bright as his eyes find you. He’s quick to drop his duffle bag, pulling off his shirt diving for the bed. He had always liked skin to skin contact.

    “Welcome home.” You chuckle as he crawls his way up the bed, his head falling heavily on your chest as your arms wrap around him, placing a kiss to the top of his head. “Did you guys have fun? You look a little bloated did you all eat ramen for every meal?” You coo, your hand stoking down his bare back, drawing little patterns on the skin.

    “We may have eaten ramen a few times, not every meal though, and josh also cut us up some pineapple, so it was a balanced diet.” Mingyu defends, his head raising to look up at you his lips pouting. You lean down pressing a kiss to his lips before settling back against the pillows. “How was your time with Woozi? I see you still have eyebrows.” Mingyu jokes, his body melting as you continue the small pictures on his skin, the warmth lighting a fondness inside of you.

    “It was good…He told me something strange though.” You begin watching your boyfriend as he hums for you to continue. “He said he wrote a song about me, said Ruby his mixtape song was supposed to be about me.” You laugh a little the absurdness hitting you as you say it out loud.

    “Oh, yeah he mentioned something about that when he was writing it. He asked whether it was okay. I think the song suits you so it never bothered me.” Mingyu responds, his body seeming to get flatter against you with every stroke of your fingers.

    “You don’t think it’s weird one of your best friends is writing a song about your girlfriend?”

    “No, not really. I’m pretty sure they’ve all participated in at least one song about you. I mean good to me is about you, so is boom boom, actually there’s probably a lot of songs about you.” Mingyu admits, your jaw dropping as your hands stop their movements, Mingyu’s head shooting up to see what stopped his massage.

    “Why have you never told me this?”

    “I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

    “Well you thought wrong, I have songs written about me? I need to call my mum.” You whine, trying to slip away from the large puppy who chuckles at you, as you rummage around for your phone.

    “By the way, we have a party to go to tomorrow night, it’s Seungkwan's belated birthday.” Mingyu adds once your phone is in your hand, you nod quickly, before slipping off the bed, hitting the dial button on your phone.

    “Mum, you’ll never believe what mingyu just told me.”

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  • dokyeomsy
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    SVT Headcanon; Crush taking selfies on their phone/Sending them selfies Pt. 2

    genre; fluff !!!!! svt x female!reader warnings; none :),,,, unless cursing counts. incl. lsm, kmg, xmh, bsk, chs, lc

    a/n: full a/n in part 1. requested ! hope you enjoy! <3

    prompt lists <- in case you wanna send in a request when they're open :)

    part 1 <-


    this might be messy

    liking seokmin would be so frustrating and adorable at the same time-

    like he's crazily oblivious, especially if he likes you back

    "ah, she's just doing that because of how close we are, i shouldn't get my hopes up."

    not oblivious to the point that he doesn't notice and panic tho lmaoao

    you keep dropping small hints and doing little 'couply' things w him

    and mans just gets all shy and tries playing it off every time

    so ofc

    you need to step up your game a lil bit

    taking pictures on his phone and changing his home screen to you doing a cute little heart pose is the obvious solution

    and it worked 💀

    mans heart would jUMP out of his chest when he sees his home screen and his gallery

    he would force a laugh and ask you "What's this?" but he's genuinely admiring them so much (def gonna brag abt it later)

    he would be complete putty in your hands for hours omg 😭

    he'd get soooo affectionate randomly

    like if you wanted to eat somewhere, he's paying and taking you on a walk to find dessert afterward

    he'd be trying so hard to woo you

    you gave him a taste of you as actual girlfriend material, no way mans is stopping now

    weird note; i see him asking for a head massage when he wants affection from you

    summary; dk is best boy



    this chaotic sweet man

    he wouldn't even have time to properly process that you changed his lock screen to a funny selfie of yourself

    because he's already looking for your phone

    he sees it's beside you and tricks you into grabbing something for him so that he can steal it

    he'd be so giggly oml

    would pretend to walk away but secretly stay near and peep

    once you see it and yell for him, he's already grinning his ass off

    "You're not allowed to change it!"

    "Then you're not allowed to change yours either!"


    his master plan worked.

    the lock screens def get you two teased and mans is so smug abt it

    speaking to Jeonghan;


    "Mhm, that's Y/n."

    "You simp! You two aren't even dating!"

    "No other man is her lock screen though!"

    would def ask for a new selfie every month

    the one of you in a rlly poofy winter jacket w rosy cheeks is his favorite

    yall are basically dating in his mind atp, he's just planning how to ask you to officially be his girlfriend

    insert Jeonghan clowning him again when he asks for advice


    how could anyone who knows Hao nOt ask for fit advice??

    the only difference is that with you, he already admires your style a lot

    and he admires your whole existence

    so yall were just chilling, texting each other

    he usually wouldn't think much of it if you sent him a fit pic

    but it's the fact that the fit had him mesmerized AND you said it was inspired by him

    you made him go wild with that last part

    lowkey started blushing but he would never admit it

    he calmed himself down hella quickly

    tbh i don't see him trying to hide his feelings but, he would if he wasn't sure he'd make you uncomfortable

    so he went subtle

    "You look lovely... Do you think I could make an outfit to match it?"


    power couple

    yall would turn heads tbh

    i feel like the whole experience would just make him 10x more attracted to you

    would lowkey wanna match a lot more often

    if you didn't already like him, you would be completely whipped in no time

    played Minghao perfectly with that one text 💀


    tbh mans probably sends you fit pictures a lot just for funsies

    and because he wants you to compliment him


    he never expects one in return, it's not something you usually do

    so when you randomly hit him w one

    no matter how tired this mans is, he'd be energetic in 0.2 seconds



    seungkwan would compliment you sooooo much 😭😭

    he's been your hype man since day one but oh lawd

    would ask to see what jewelry you're wearing, ask how you're styling your hair

    he'd be so supportive and into it

    when he sees you, he would definitely ramble on accident 💀

    "Y/n, omg you look even better in real life! Not that the picture was bad at all, you looked amazing in that too, beyond amazing actually! Yeah- Ahem, um, it's a really cool outfit. You have a really cool style."

    would never forget that outfit 💀

    you just made that man's whole day, and he is definitely gonna show it

    all the members would wonder what got him in such a good mood

    but then they see how much bigger his smile is when he's talking to you



    i feel like vernon would find it surprisingly endearing to see some random photos of you in his camera roll

    he would probably notice them a week or two later when he was looking for a certain image

    only to find some cute mirror selfies of you two

    the mirror that sat across from your couch displayed him sprawled out with his head resting comfortably in your shoulder

    he cherished that photo a lot more than he would admit

    if he didn't fully realize the extent of his feelings for you, that photo looking all cozy and domestic would def snap open a whole new world

    staring at them made him almost,,, sentimental

    and he kept scrolling through a few

    one w you squishing his cheeks gently (his favorite tbh)

    and one w his cat joining and walking all up his body :((((

    mans would look at you in a whole new lighting after that for no reason

    like you're something to genuinely be treasured, rather than just a friend he developed feelings for :((( aweeeeee

    pretty sure that's called love

    you hit a nerve in him w that one

    he'd probably get some cute pictures of you napping on him later with your phone instead, just so that he can share the same feeling he had with you

    domestic vernon, im devastated.


    ruh roh

    this man loooooves sending random selfies or fit pics

    he honestly just loves sharing new hairstyles or new clothes he's wearing (aka he secretly craves your opinion on everything)

    so he's never really thought of it as something too special for himself

    but if you send him one [1] single picture of an outfit

    just cuz you thought you chose well and that you looked cute in it, you felt confident !


    mans would simply be heart eyes

    honestly, he would baby you if you let him

    but regardless i think he would definitely let out quite a few compliments

    and the compliments are really genuine too, they just seem rlly sweet and like they're not just to flatter you

    he would tell you how gorgeous you look and let how much he cares about you naturally seep in :(

    tbh for him, i don't think it'd even be the picture itself or how good you look (you do be looking bomb asf doe)

    i think it would get him in his feels for the sole fact that you are feeling pretty and feeling just happy with yourself overall, and you decided that you wanted to share that moment with him

    he would 100% believe you look so beautiful because you feel good

    whats that lyric... "you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen"

    he sees you as a queen all the time and he'd be so happy that you're embracing it too

    so basically Chan is a rlly sentimental simp

    but its so sweet :(((

    he would be so subtly supportive, he wouldn't even be thinking about his own feelings because he'd be too focused on making you feel even better than you already do

    ugh how could you not love him

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  • ficscafe
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    [closed] slamming lockers, heavy backpacks, and secretly passing crude drawings to your friends during class. the smell of the pages of your ages old textbooks with each turn, and the wooden chairs scraping the tiled floors fill your ears. remember when adults say that you’ll miss these years? you’re not sure you will. 

    from 01/17/22 to 01/21/22, we’ll be accepting any recommendations for your favorite fics that fit the theme of education!

    theme of education includes: teachers, high school, college/university, and etc.

    you’re allowed to start sending in your recs now in our ask box, and since we’re a general kpop page, it doesn’t matter what group they’re in! we just ask that it fits our general rules. we’ll be reblogging as well as compiling it together into one post for people to enjoy! ♡

    please note that you do not have to be part of the network to send in recs !!

    message the admins, @gyukult​​ or @masterninjacow​​​ if you have any questions!

    deadline to get your recommendations in is on 01/13/22 by 11:59PM est!

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  • itzzrj
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    heyy! here’s my first ff that i wrote a while back. hope y’all like it :)

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  • wonlouvre
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    two: obvious

    one: dazed

    pairing: doctor!mingyu x female potter!oc genre: fluff, angst, mature 18+ word count: 3.9k+ WARNINGS: food, eating, insecurity (please let me know if i missed anything!)

    💌: wow part two took quite a while to come out, i’m so sorry :’( i hope you enjoy this chapter and please do let me know what you think of it <3 p.s. i’m sorry if i couldn’t tag everyone, the blogs are not showing up :(

    Just when you think everything is going well and you’re in the right direction, you start to doubt yourself and question if you really deserve every great thing given and happening around you. Your close family and friends, your job, and your healing. Your mistakes and regrets in and of the past are eating its way in your system again and you’re having the hardest of times to battle against them.

    Your knees meet your chest as you make yourself small on your bed. It’s way past midnight and here you are again. You don’t shed any more tears unlike the previous nights. However, the heaviness never lightens and it weighs inside your heart to this day. You sigh and force your eyes closed. You need to sleep. You want to sleep and let this all go away. 

    Do you really deserve to be happy again? 

    Do you really deserve to be happy with someone again?

    Lunch was really well-spent with Mingyu. You got the chance to see him up-close and get to know him where he’s relaxed and comfortable, just talking about the food and restaurant like how he would with his close friends. Although there were some calls and messages from his co-workers here and there, it didn’t necessarily disturb your conversation to the point he had to leave. He handled it professionally and once he’s done answering and giving instructions to them, Mingyu always returned his attention back to you. 

    Except for one phone call where he really had to go. It was no problem and you understood his sad smile as he ended the nth call of the afternoon. You offered him a small yet genuine smile in return as if to tell him that it’s okay and such calls should not need any hesitation to answer. It’s his job, after all. 

    Mingyu left you alone at the restaurant after staying there for about an hour and half. However, he didn’t leave without looking back not only once, twice, but thrice while waving his hand. You had to whisper-shout go! at him just to make his long legs sprint to his car and finally drive away.

    Lunch was really well-spent with Mingyu, but you’re not sure if he feels the same way. It’s been a week since that spontaneous and lovely date took place and since then, you haven’t heard from him. You have been pondering about how you could contact him. It’s not helping that you couldn’t ask him about the next time you could go out again nor give him your phone number because of the emergency.

    Well, you could ask Seokmin. Or you know, make use of the information his sister, Minseo, wrote on the registration form. But you figured that would be too invasive and your pride doesn’t want to face Seokmin’s annoying ass once you go to him. 

    You stare at your completely healed wrist. The memory of what happened almost a month ago is making you miss the handsome doctor. Why does it feel like everything happened so fast? You bite your lip and sigh. You do like Mingyu. But, maybe that’s it and nothing more to be pursued. You don’t know whether it may be fate or the stars, but nothing is aligning for you. 

    You convince yourself that it’s okay and that it’s not something to be sad about. It was just probably a momentary bliss granted for you to feel even only for a short while. You should be grateful actually. Like you said, you have met and dated handsome men before and meeting Mingyu and his extraordinary face and personality erased all those men away. A true blessing in your lifetime.  

    Releasing a breath, you also let go of your longing for the tall doctor. You can’t blame him if he’s not going to come around anymore, even for the one day class. You realize, your lives are completely different anyway. Your paces are not matching and he’ll mostly be secured with someone who will match his. Which is not you, obviously. You pout and whine in your head, you don’t even know much about him! The lunch date (if ever it was a date) was not enough. Your previous interactions where never eno–

    Suddenly the bell rings and the voice you hear the voice you have been missing calls for your name.


    “Oh my god,” you exclaim, eyes bulging out. “Are you real?”

    Mingyu laughs and you almost scream. Is he really here? You ask and look around your shop for any signs that you could be delusional. One moment you were thinking about him and now he’s here? This can’t be. You trail your fingers down to your hip and give yourself a painfully hard pinch.

    “Ow!” You shriek and bring your eyes back to him. “Mingyu?”

    Mingyu nods and walks towards the counter, hands inside his leather jacket. You feel small as his tall build grows nearer. You swallow the lump that formed at the back of your throat, which you almost choked on when he flashed his beautiful smile. Thankfully, you didn’t further embarrass yourself. 

    “How have you been?” Mingyu asks, feet shifting back and forth. 

    “I’ve been great,” now that you’re here, “you?”

    “Never better,” now that I’m here. 

    His answer makes you smile, eyes twinkling up at his face. You make it a mission to not end this day without asking for his phone number. You make it a mission today for this to not be the last time. You make it a mission today for the stars and fate to align with your wishes. You make it a mission today to just let it be and let go of your doubts.

    You make it a mission today to not only like Mingyu, but pursue him as well.

    “I’m sorry,” Mingyu suddenly apologizes as he takes the lead across the sea of people in the busy market. “I haven’t gone out in quite a while, the only adventure I could offer is all about food.”

    You smile and continue walking with him, just following to where the authentic kalguksu place is at. He has told you in the car earlier that it changed his life and helped him get through the sleepless nights of medical school.

    “It’s alright,” you promise with a smile plastered on your face. “I really don’t mind.”

    Mingyu meets your eyes, looking for any signs you could be lying just to make him feel good. But when he sees your sincerity, he can’t help but smile big and wide as well. As the path grows narrower and narrower, he takes it upon himself to gently hold your arm and wrap it around his to keep you close. 

    Your feet almost freeze themselves to the ground and your eyes almost fall from how shocked you are. It’s not like you had skin to skin contact. But nonetheless, you can still feel his warmth under his coat and it makes your whole body warm as well. 

    Mingyu glances at you to see if what he did was okay and when you shyly smile and finally hold his arm back, he continues walking without letting go of you. 

    “Have you always wanted to be a doctor?” You ask to start a conversation while waiting for the kind middle-aged lady to prepare and cook the noodles you ordered. 

    Mingyu pretends to think of his answer, looking to the side before leaning his arms on the table. He’s sitting across from you and as he gets closer, his arms almost meeting yours, your breath hitches. 

    “My late uncle was a doctor,” he begins. “He’s the youngest among my father’s siblings and he lived with us as I grew up. He wasn’t home all the time though, but despite that, I spent more time with him than with my father.”

    The conversation was interrupted when the lady excuses herself to serve the drinks and side dishes. Mingyu pauses to thank the lady and you do the same. He takes the pitcher and pour some water on your cup. He pours himself a drink as well and sip some before continuing,

    “I wasn’t supposed to want to be a doctor because my father wanted me to do business,” he answers your question and you nod in understanding. “It was a long conversation and a long battle against silent treatment. My mother cried to my father a lot,” he pauses again, but this time he’s chuckling, “In the end, I still became a doctor and my father came to terms with it eventually.”

    You purse your lips and frown. He didn’t tell you the full depth of his story but you don’t miss the thought that what Mingyu experienced was pretty harsh and you feel bad for him. You could offer some words of comfort but the sweet lady returns and finally serves the noodles Mingyu has been raving about. 

    “It’s been a while since the last time I saw you,” she says, holding the tray close to her chest. “I think it was with the pretty girl…”

    Pretty girl? 

    Your ears perk up at what she just said and you blink in confusion. 

    “Yes, you’re right,” Mingyu nods and smiles at the lady. “Thank you for the food. We’ll enjoy it!”

    “Of course, of course!” The lady smiles, her plump rosy cheeks meeting her eyes. She then looks at you and you did your best to smile as wide as she did. “Enjoy!”

    An unsettling feeling grows in your stomach and you suddenly don’t have the appetite to eat anymore. Even though the noodles look mouthwatering, it doesn’t feel pleasing to have a bite of them. Mingyu must have noticed, seeing that you spaced out and started poking on the noodles with your chopsticks instead of eating them just like how he’s doing. 

    “She was talking about my ex-girlfriend,” he says, surprising you. 

    “Mingyu you don–”

    Mingyu shakes his head and smiles. “It’s okay. That was the first and last time I ever brought her here and it didn’t go well.”

    “Oh,” you could only mutter, because honestly, there’s nothing much for you to say. One moment you couldn’t believe he brought you to where he usually goes on dates with his ex-girlfriend as if it’s some kind of sick joke and the next, you feel bad all over again. 

    “Enough of me,” he says after a while, offering you his handsome yet genuine smile. “How about you? Have you always loved pottery?”

    “No, not really,” you answer with honesty, shaking your head. “I only started about two or three year ago. I was going through something both bad and sad back then. I remember roaming around for some peace of mind. Jumping from one place to another, I stumbled upon a museum. That’s where my curiosity started and one class after another, here I am now.”

    “Here you are now, slurping some kalguksu with me,” Mingyu jokes, making you laugh. 

    The rest of the conversation was light-hearted. The two of you unconsciously didn’t press any further on the topics that were discussed. You could say that both of you were still reserved, but at the same time you realized that there is no rush in getting to know each other. One step at a time, you guess. You wouldn’t mind taking things slow with Mingyu. 

    Since he treated you to kalguksu, you offered to buy coffee if he still had time to spare with you. The doctor didn’t take long to say yes and let you lead the way this time. The coffee shop you decided to order at wasn’t anything special. You just thought that the day doesn’t have to end so soon. If he made you close your shop earlier than it should, you’re going to make the most out of it. 

    “I’m sorry it took a while for me to visit,” Mingyu apologizes and carefully sips on the hot beverage. “Plus not being able to attend the said class. It’s only one day and I can’t seem to get it together.”

    You bite your lip and smile. “It’s okay. It’s not like I’m going to disappear and go somewhere else.”

    “I was kind of afraid that would happen,” he admits and looks down on the table between you and him. “I really had a great time last time and even now.”

    Your eyes brighten and you have never felt so giddy upon hearing him say those words. For one, you’re beyond delighted that he enjoyed your company to the point he got scared it wouldn’t happen again. And second, it’s been a while since you let yourself free and allow yourself to indulge with the flutter in your stomach and fast beating of your heart.

    “Well, I did too and I’m glad we had the chance to do it again,” you also confess. Mingyu raises his head and returns his eyes back to you. His smile is bashful, an attempt to hide how happy he is. 

    Mingyu gave you a ride back to your shop after about half an hour at the coffee shop. Once you both finished your drinks, he offered to take you home but you requested a lift back to the shop because you had to double check before going back to your apartment. He said he could wait for you, but his phone rang in between and when he smiled sadly, you already knew what the call was for and let him go. 

    But as promised, you asked for his number and got it. It was a brave move and you were preparing yourself for some sort of rejection, but no. Mingyu was already grabbing your phone and punching his number and calling his phone so he could save yours. 

    Let’s just say that the exchange was your silent agreement for another date some time soon. 

    Seokmin doesn’t hold back from grinning ear to ear at you. But, he’s trying to hold back from teasing and embarrassing you. It’s no secret to him that you and Mingyu have been hanging out lately and technically speaking, it is already considered dating if he were to be asked. He’s just not putting it out for the world to know because no matter how annoying he gets, he still respects his best friends. 

    “So,” he starts, prolonging the ‘o’ and you know what is coming. “I heard you and Mingyu went out on a date.”

    You roll your eyes, but the warmth of the words Mingyu and date combined together can’t be ignored. “Maybe.”

    Seokmin squeals and if the two of you weren’t inside his office, you would smack the back of his head in embarrassment. He seems to be way happier than you when it’s you that’s dating his friend. 

    “Don’t act so coy with me, Y/N,” he teases and crosses his legs. “Tell me about the date. I know Mingyu is a decent guy, but I won’t take it to heart if he has shortcomings.”

    “You’re dumb,” you laugh and shrug his question off. “There have only been two dates, Seok.”

    “Still!” He punches his fist on the armchair. “A date is a date and knowing you went out twice already, I’m assuming you guys are on the same page.”

    “Actually, he’s going to pick me up for dinner,” you admit cheekily. “So, consider tonight the third date.”

    Seokmin’s jaw drops and immediately stands up to sit beside you, his palm landing a light slap on your arm. “You sly fox. A third date? I’m expecting to hear something good after tonight then.”

    Your cheeks warm at what he just said. You slap him back and avoid his eyes. “Don’t get way ahead of yourself.”

    “Why not?” He asks and rolls his eyes. “You’re grown adults. A kiss is nothing.”

    “Stop!” You scream and cover your ears. “You’re so annoying.”

    Seokmin just laughs and pinches your cheek. “Kidding aside, I’m glad things are working out for the two of you. You guys look great together and I’m not even lying.”

    You look at him and show a sad smile, grateful for his genuine support. “Yeah, I… I do like Mingyu.”

    “What’s the matter?” He asks upon noticing your hesitant tone. “I’m sure he likes you as much.”

    “Of course, I don’t doubt that,” you answer and frown. “I’m just a bit… I'm a bit scared.”

    Seokmin purses his lips and sits up, clasping his hands together. “I know I’m not one to go to for advice, but listen to me when I say to just have fun.” 

    Your eyebrows furrow, confused. “Have fun?”

    Your friend nods, reaffirming what he just said. “Have fun and don’t let your fears consume you. You’re taking things slow, right?” he asks and when you nod, he continues, “then have fun at the same time.”


    It wasn’t really your intention to voice out your relationship concerns with Seokmin because you didn’t want to scare yourself for nothing. It’s just that you couldn’t help it and with how good, amazing even, things are going with Mingyu, you’re bound to worry. 

    But when Mingyu arrives and greets you with the softest voice and warmest gaze as if you’re the only person in the room, the worrisome thoughts that’s clouding your mind disappear in an instant, it almost scares you. 

    You rise to your feet and smile at him, your hand waving awkwardly. He walks inside as he waits for you to get ready. There’s nothing much you brought during your short meeting with Seokmin. Just your bag and water tumbler. You prepared to leave until your friend, which you forgot about, voices out his disappointment.

    “Excuse me, I am here too,” Seokmin bemoans, waving at the tall man who hasn’t taken his eyes off of you. When he doesn’t receive a reaction, he gives up and rolls his eyes. “You know what, nevermind. Just leave, both of you.”

    You bite your cheeks to stop from laughing and meet Mingyu halfway. 

    “Ready to go?” He asks. 

    You look up at him and nod. 

    “Goodbye Seokmin,” Mingyu says, finally giving his friend a glance. 

    Seokmin’s scoff can be heard as the two of you walk out of  his office.

    Mingyu helps you bundle up, making sure your coat is draped securely to keep your body warm and protected from the cold breeze. Your eyes blink at him and you ask yourself if this is all a dream, if he’s a dream because it’s unbelievable that he’s right here, right in front of you. You can’t believe your sprained wrist has led you to this moment.

    To him. 

    Mingyu noticed your questioning yet intense stare, making him laugh. He caresses the top of your head, giving two pats before taking hold of your hand without any hesitation. It would be a lie if you say you didn’t hold your breath at his bold gesture. It would also be a lie if you say it didn’t make your heart skip a beat, making your face form a huge smile.

    Your fingers remain intertwined until you reach the cafe he’s going to introduce you to. The cafe was cozy and quiet when you arrived and you two decided to take comfort on the vacant sofas with a small table in the middle. 

    Mingyu takes the initiative to order after you settle down. You requested for a warm cup of cafe latte and a club sandwich that you two could share, to which he quickly agreed to. He opted for a hot americano for extra warmth as well. He was about to ask what you’d want for dessert but you already beat him to it. 

    “One chocolate brownie too, please,” you added with a sheepish grin before he could walk away to the counter. 

    Mingyu could only chuckle and nod, finally letting go of your hand. He now realizes that his willpower definitely can’t say no to you and it will be just like that as your relationship continues to bloom. 

    Your eyes follow his leaving figure when a lingering thought crosses your mind once again. You thought about the expectation Seokmin was letting on before Mingyu arrived at his office earlier. It’s obvious that Mingyu has not been shy with his affection towards you and truth be told, you don’t mind and in fact, you love it. 

    But of course, that’s not the point right now. 

    You’re more than sure that you want something out of this. Whatever this is that you and Mingyu have been doing and have been sharing. Despite the worries at the back of your mind, you don’t have any second thoughts fighting against them just to try and be with Mingyu. 

    You want to be in a relationship with him and you’re hoping he would want the same. 

    You’re also wondering what he thinks about you. What he sees in you that he’s still sticking around. What he wants from you that his actions remain so sweet and burning. Funnily enough, the two of you started going out without establishing anything in the first place. You’re too shy to admit that it’s all because between the two of you, everything just clicked and fell into all the right places. 

    Maybe it did and maybe you should confirm it yourself and grant the desires of your heart. 

    “They have french toast and it looked too delectable to ignore,” Mingyu says before you could ask what’s with the so many plates of food when you only ordered a club sandwich. He smiles as he places your drink and chocolate brownie in front of you. He finally takes the space beside you after setting the tray on the side once it’s emptied.

    You chuckle in disbelief, but accept the knife and fork he hands you. 

    “You and Minseo should really attend the one-day class soon,” you mention as you munch on the slice of sandwich Mingyu gave you. “She might start complaining that her brother is not meeting his end of the deal.”

    “Why?” Mingyu whines as he swallows the french toast he took a bite off. “I want you all to myself first.”

    You could melt into a puddle of mush. How can he just say those words to you and believe he could get away with it? You look at him and to your surprise, his face is only inches away from you, the tip of his nose grazing your shoulder. His lips are on a thin line, but it’s obvious he’s holding a smirk because he knows he caught you off-guard. 

    You push his forehead away with your forefinger, making him whine again and pout. He doesn’t relent and moves closer beside you, his hip and shoulder attaching themselves to yours. 

    “I promise we will attend the class,” Mingyu declares and holds his right hand up. “In the meantime, please spend more time with me.”

    This time, Mingyu snuggles his head into the crook of your neck and wraps his arms around yours. You almost sputter the drink you just took a sip from and if you didn’t swallow fast enough, you could have spilled them all over his gorgeous face. 

    His words and actions make your whole body tingle in both excitement and fluster. You try to return his gesture by leaning your cheek on the top of his head, but you think it’s not enough. So with enough confidence coursing through your whole body, you make your move.

    “Mingyu,” you call his name and hold his face with the palm of your hands. His eyes innocently blink at you and your breathing almost betrays you by how mesmerized you are because of everything that is him. “Would you like to be my boyfriend?”


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  • prettywordsyouleft
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    It’s A Date

    Prompt: “Whoa. That’s not how it happened.” -- @challengingwords​ prompt #53

    Pairing: Yoon Jeonghan x female reader (ft. Woozi)

    Genre: fluff / brother’s best friend trope

    Warnings: light cursing, protective brother, Y/N has a nightmare

    Word count: 1321

    “You’re back earlier than expected,” your brother Jihoon announced as you stormed into your shared apartment, the sound of the front door slamming shut behind you rattling both men on the couch.

    You drew up short when you saw Jihoon’s best friend Jeonghan next to him, groaning out loud at the cruelty of the universe. On the one evening where you wanted to throw a shit fit and be uncaring of how you did so, of course, Jeonghan was here.

    And because he was your longest crush, you swallowed down the excessive nature of your rage. You were still simmering, however, and threw your bag down on the entryway stand. “I got stood up.”

    “Y/N was on a date?” Jeonghan enquired, looking between you and your sibling for clarification. You wanted him to look disappointed, not interested.

    Jihoon’s eyes narrowed. “I thought it was a study group.”

    “It was. It was meant to be. Instead, they went to see a movie that came out today. Without me.”

    “If you know that, then they didn’t stand you up, Y/N. They just changed their plans,” your brother reiterated, rolling his eyes at your theatrics. “Which sucks, but it happens.”

    “They didn’t tell me. I waited outside in the freezing cold for an hour before I stumbled over an Instagram story of the two of them at the movies together.”

    “Harsh,” Jeonghan commented before patting the empty spot beside him. “Can we help cheer you up? We’ve got popcorn and a movie on.”

    You eyed the tempting offer. Normally, you wouldn’t hesitate, even with Jihoon’s not so subtle sighing that meant he wanted to spend time without his little sister interrupting it. But you were too dejected and knew your mood would ruin any type of company you attempted to keep.

    “It’s okay, I’ll just go brood in my room.”

    “They’re dicks, so don’t dwell on it for too long,” Jihoon commiserated, and you gave him a half-smile before trudging into your bedroom.

    At some point, you must have fallen asleep. You startled awake from a nasty nightmare and would have fallen off your bed had a warm hand not reached out to save you. You shrieked, which was instantly muffled by another hand. “It’s me, Y/N. Calm down.”

    “…Jeonghan?” your grogginess evaporated as you stared at the man before checking yourself over to make sure you were decent.

    “God, why would you even inspect yourself like that when it’s just me?” he murmured, removing his hands from you, and rubbing the back of his neck. “You know you’re safe around me.”

    “I wasn’t… I didn’t… wait. Why are you in here in the first place? You know Jihoon would kick your butt if he ever found the two of us alone. He’s always talking about how he can’t even get a moment’s peace when we’re together. And that’s when he’s in the room. I doubt he’s—”

    “The fact that your brother is ridiculously protective of you even around his longest friend is not something I want to get into at two in the morning.”

    You arched an eyebrow at him in wild assumption, and Jeonghan hissed reproachfully. “Y/N, I don’t want to get into that either. I heard a noise coming from in here and came to check on you. Are you alright?”

    Aside from being mortified that you so boldly rejected me just now, I’m peachy, you thought whilst feebly nodding. “What was the noise?”

    “It sounded like someone was in here hurting you. You were whimpering and begging for help. I noticed it was a bad dream, so I shook you awake.”

    “Oh.” You were thankful that Jeonghan hadn’t turned on the lights because you felt a flush make its way over your body. “You couldn’t sleep again?”

    He smiled wryly. “You know more about my insomnia than your brother does.”

    “We each have our roles in your life. I’m your friend too,” you reminded, and his lips grew into a smile.

    “You are.” Sitting down next to you on your bed, Jeonghan stretched out his long legs before nudging you. “Was it a scary dream?”


    “Want to talk about it?”

    Glancing at him, you sighed. “Not really. I just feel cold right now.”

    Jeonghan’s arm instantly wrapped around your shoulder, and you nestled into his side. “Let me warm you back up.”

    “Jihoon will—”

    “He’s asleep. And he’ll never know,” Jeonghan announced firmly, your body already relaxing against him. Perhaps you were still too exhausted to care about Jihoon finding you wrapped up in Jeonghan’s embrace, closing your eyes and listening to his even breathing.

    The morning arrived, and you felt far too hot for being just under your thin blanketing. Opening your eyes, you gasped when you realised you had fallen asleep with Jeonghan. He was still sleeping, his arms around you, holding you to his chest. Biting back a smile, you gazed at him, soaking in this rare opportunity.

    “Did you seduce him in here?” a quiet voice asked, and you flinched, Jeonghan’s arms wrapping around you more tightly to settle you, exhaling a small murmur as he continued to rest.

    You diverted your attention to Jihoon leaning against the doorjamb with a cup of coffee held in his hand.

    “Whoa. That’s not how it happened.”

    “He seduced you then?” Jihoon asked, taking a sip of his drink.

    “What? No! You know he would never.”

    Jihoon snorted. “I’ve been cockblocking him for years from you.”

    “What?!” you squeaked out and blinked several times. Questions rallied to the surface of your mind, but you didn’t get a chance to ask them when Jeonghan finally stirred awake.

    “You both going to keep talking about me as if I’m not in the room? I swear. You Lee siblings are the worst for holding conversations without including all parties in the same vicinity.”

    “I wasn’t wanting to talk to you, merely about you,” Jihoon sardonically replied, shaking his head before walking out of the room.

    You and Jeonghan stared after his departure before you turned to look at one another, stunned. “Did he just… leave us alone after finding us together?”

    “Yeah,” you breathed out and then slumped into the bedding. “Because he trusts you to do the right thing.”

    “The right thing by his books is to not even look at you,” Jeonghan pointed out, his hand reaching to smooth some of your bed hair away from your face. He seemed fascinated to do it, as if he never had the chance to look at you first thing in the morning before. And whilst he had seen you many times over the years, you guessed this was the closest moment he’d had. His lips moved into a lazy, satisfied smile. “He knows I do that all too often, though.”

    “I’m not following you,” you admitted, and Jeonghan exhaled a deep breath.

    “He wasn’t lying, Y/N. He has been putting himself between us for years.”

    “Yeah but, you don’t—”

    Leaning in to softly brush his lips against your cheek, Jeonghan watched as a dazed expression swept away your confusion. “I do. I have always liked you.”

    “You have?”

    “And I know you—”

    “Okay, I tried. I really did,” Jihoon suddenly returned through the open door, breathing a little heavily. “If you’re going to have this heart to heart, I need to not be here. But the idea of it happening whilst you’re still in bed is doing me in, so, get out. Both of you.”


    Jeonghan laughed heartily, prying himself away from your body, leaving you cold without him as he walked across the room. He patted Jihoon on the shoulder before looking back at you. “You’re right. This has been a long time coming. I’ll take your sister out for a breakfast date then. Will you be okay with that, Jihoon?”

    “I—hey, I didn’t—”

    You beamed at Jeonghan’s cheeky expression. “It’s a date.”


    All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft

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  • multi-kpop-fanfics
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    [22:46] best friend!S.Coups x gn!reader, fluff, crack, mentions of alcohol, food and alcohol tolerance

    "Ugh, I'm bloated...", you groan, laying back on the chair. Your stomach was full from the food you had ordered with your best friend, and you were feeling like barfing.

    Meanwhile, Seungcheol was already downing the fourth glass of beer, completely unfazed.

    "Are you bloated or tipsy?", he snorts, swirling the alcoholic drink in his glass and you shoot him a nasty glance. "I'm kidding~", he laughs and you roll your eyes at his antics.

    "Should I remind you that you're not the only one with a high alcohol tolerance?", you raise your eyebrow and Seungcheol empties the rest of his glass, his lips formed in a pout.

    "Then why didn't you drink the rest of the beer?", he asks you, pointing to your own glass, still half-filled with beer. "I told you, I ate too much! There's no room left for beer!", you whine and he laughs wholeheartedly.

    "You're so cute, Y/N. But I have to agree, you did eat a lot - and good for you, you needed it", he comments with honesty. "Yeah, but someone had to pay for all of this food, y'know?", you state, as a matter of fact.

    "That should be the least of your worries, to be honest", he grabs his chopsticks and takes a bite from the kimchi on the table. "Why do you say that?", you ask him with a puzzled look and he points to himself with a proud grin.

    "Okay, no. Nope, you're not paying again", you instantly refuse. "Oh come on, Y/N", "No! You always pay for lunch, Cheol! It's unfair", you retort and he sighs audibly. "Okay, fine. If it'll make you feel better, then I'm all good", he replies, lounging back to his chair.

    You pick up your bag and open it, searching for your wallet, but you mentally curse at yourself and Seungcheol sees you struggling, who is trying to suppress a laugh, having realised your predicament.

    "Uhh...Cheol?", "Yes, Y/N?"

    "I think I forgot my wallet".


    Author's note: It has been a long time since I wrote a drabble like that and inspo hit from the Jeongcheol date hahaha

    Taglist: @aliceu @delicatewerewolfsoul @mosviqu @iwillgiveyoumyhappiness @themagicalfrenchfry @koishua @chxngyunie @08skrr @sleepylixie @hello-yav

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    okay tumblr, i need your help for finding a minwon fic that i have a quote from but cannot remember the title of. Mingyu and Wonwoo were the main characters along with the Seventeen ensemble and the quote was -

    "Dear Joshua, What does it mean to fall off a cliff's edge after knowing the path taken would certainly lead to it?"

    I think one of them used to write letters to Joshua to update him about their well-being. If this rings a bell for anyone, please let me know. Thank you!

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