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  • wonlouvre
    28.07.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    i forgot to mention that my inbox WILL BE OPEN FOR REQUESTS TOMORROW, 12:00 AM KST 😆

    please wait for the guidelines/reminders in less than 2 hours 💖

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  • solmerakis
    28.07.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Strawberry Sorbet (10/40)

    just the idea june 18, 2021

    [pairing] svt ??? x fem!reader [summary] yn convinces her friends to sign up as camp counselors to relive the ‘good old days’ but will it be as sweet as what she remembers... [warnings] swearing

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    taglist: @jedi-nightingale @wooziujidoots @skylions-den @jeonjungkaka @onigiriyuki @emilie0nicole @serenadesvt @maravillamin @icepandagirl @seokgyuu

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  • miccmiccbungeee
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    DK: what’s the point of splitting parts if everyone has to participate in everything anyways

    The8: what’s the point of joining a lecture if you’re not gonna listen anyways

    The8: exactly

    The8: there’s no point

    #seventeen #seventeen incorrect texts #seventeen scenario#seventeen imagine #seventeen incorrect quotes #dk#dokyeom#the8#minghao #kpop incorrect texts #kpop incorrect quotes
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  • bbywonu
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    soulmate au. junhui.


    a/n: pls send jun love. he is best boy. also pls the gif i used of him is so precious lskfjsldfk

    requested: no <3

    summary: in which you have a mark on your body according to where your soulmate first touches you.

    word count: 2.6k

    “Cash, come on buddy.” I tugged firmly on his harness as I led him into my workplace. I decided to bring him around to meet some of my co-workers, as I’m sure they couldn’t wait to meet him from all of the pictures that I had shown them. Cash was my childhood dog, but after I landed this job I had to move into an apartment, thus having to leave him behind. Knowing that my apartment was pet-friendly, I decided to take him in, seeing as I had the time and the money. 

    Stepping out of the elevator, we walked down the corridor until we arrived at the office. As soon as we walked in, a few heads peeked our way looking at Cash. 

     “Y/n, he’s so precious” Lily said as bent down to pet him. 

    “You know Y/n, the two of you kind of look alike.” Chen said as he also squatted down to give Cash some attention. He was soon met with a slap to the arm from Lily. 

    “I didn’t mean for it to be rude!” Chen retaliated. “They just both have the same pattern over their eyes. Cash has a patch over his left eye, and Y/n has her soulmate mark covering her left eye as well. Geez!” 

    “Oh, you’re fine! When I was little, my parents actually adopted Cash because they thought that he and I looked similar.” I smiled at them as I began scratching behind Cash’s ear, making him shake his leg. 

    “You’re lucky she didn’t think you were being rude, Chennie.” Lily said as she smiled slyly at Chen, situating herself so that she could stand back up.

    “Lily, you know how much I hate that name. It makes me feel like I'm still a child.” He retorted. He stood up as he crossed his arms. 

    Though Chen was much taller than Lily, he was still a child at heart. He was always the funny one of the group, and always made us feel better whenever we were down. Lily and him had known each other growing up, hence the constant teasing from both of them.

    “Alright, I’m gonna go set up in the studio. See you guys in a minute?” I asked as they nodded their heads in unison. As Cash and I were walking out of the door, I heard them start up their bickering again as I silently chuckled to myself. 

    Once we made our way into the studio, I laid out a makeshift bed for cash to sleep on so that he wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. I gave him a pat before beginning to set up for the photoshoot. Since I was an only child when I was growing up, my parents would take me with them on lots of vacations and job retreats so that I wouldn’t be lonely or have to be stuck with a babysitter. I also knew that they wanted me to experience different cultures and be able to see the world with my own eyes, and I really appreciate them for that. 

    When I would go with them on their trips, sometimes I would have to stay cooped up in the room while they were in meetings. Other times, I would walk around trying to find things to occupy my time. Of course I made friends along the way, but I also picked up a few hobbies. Photography was pretty much the only hobby that stuck with me. 

    Setting up the final touches, I went to grab some coffee from the common area as I glanced over the schedule for today. I silently noted that I would have to save time for myself tonight in order to relax as today looked to be very busy. I poured my coffee into my mug and headed back into the studio. I saw that Chen had already finished setting up as Lily hung in the back talking to the manager of the group that had just walked in. 

    I grabbed a chair and situated it beside Cash as we all waited for the group to get dressed. As soon as Lily ended her conversation with one of the managers, she walked over towards me as she pulled up a chair. 

    “Those are the guys I was talking about Y/n.” Lily said as she nodded her head in the group’s direction. As I looked past Lily’s face, I noticed that this was the first time that I had really gotten a chance to look at the group that had walked in. I thought that they were all quite handsome as I looked at their features. I looked down as I tried to rack my brain in order to think of what the groups name was that Lily had told me.

    "Seventeen.” Fortunately, Lily noticed that I hadn’t said anything as she turned her head back towards me. “Ash was telling me all about them the other day. She just kept going on and on. I felt like she knew them better than she knew me - and we’ve been dating for 2 years!” She exclaimed as she shook her head.

    I covered my mouth as I tried to suppress my laughter. However much I thought Chen and Lily bickered, her and Ashley were much more. Behind the bickering and endless play-fights, you could tell how much they really cared for each other and that warmed my heart.

    “Alright, showtime.” Lily said as she stood up from her chair. I gave Cash one last pat on his head before I grabbed my camera and waited for the first subject.

    Before I knew it, an hour or so had passed and yet we were still only done with a few members. I smiled to myself as I looked over at Cash to see that he was sound asleep. Thankfully, Chen had noticed that I was busy and had been generous enough to take him outside to use the restroom. We called for a 10 minute break as we had to change the set and some of the group members had to change their outfits as well.

    Seeing as Lily and Chen were busy discussing some details with the other staff members, I took this as my chance to sit down for a minute. Not wanting to disturb Cash, I took out my phone and began scrolling through Instagram. Fortunately, I wore comfortable shoes today so my feet weren’t aching as much as they usually would be. I stopped scrolling as I overheard some people not too far behind me begin to talk about Cash. 

    I put down my phone as I noticed a shadow hovering beside me. I bowed slightly to the tall figure as he returned the gesture.

    “Hi, I’m sorry to bother you. I just saw your dog and I was wondering if I could pet it?” The stranger said to me. I couldn’t help but smile up at the stranger seeing as he had his hands folded in a polite manner and a small smile on his face.

    “Of course! His name’s Cash.” Cash woke up at the sound of scuffling near him. Once he hesitantly sniffed the stranger’s hand, he promptly rolled on his side hoping for the chance of a belly rub. The stranger let out a small chuckle as he gave in to Cash’s charms and soon began scratching away. He noticed that I was watching the scene unfold and began clearing his throat.

    “I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself. My name is DK.” The man said as he offered me a small smile.

    “My name is Y/n.” I returned the smile, “And that’s okay, I didn’t give you mine either.” I let out a breathless chuckle as I leaned down to scratch behind Cash’s ear. 

    I noticed that more of what I thought to be DK’s group members were coming our way. They politely introduced themselves as S.Coups, Hoshi and Seungkwan. They began cooing over Cash, as I’m sure he was very much enjoying this extra attention.

    “One moment, I’ll be right back. Feel free to keep petting him.” I said as I gave them a small smile, hoping that they wouldn’t think that I was being rude.

    Feeling a bit nervous at the sudden interactions, I turned my body the other way in order to not kick Cash or the boys when I got up. As soon as I stuck my foot out to raise myself up, someone hit it with their own as they stumbled forward. Looking for some stability, the person stuck out his arm backwards in order to find something to grab onto. Unfortunately for me, the first thing within his reach just so happened to be my face. Realizing he was touching a face, he let go as quick as he could, letting his hands and knees catch his fall. 

    I let out a gasp as I realized the scene that I had just caused. I quickly stood up and bent over slightly to see if he had any injuries on him. “Are you alright? I’m so sorry, I had no idea that you were behind me.” My cheeks burned as I was flooded with guilt and embarrassment.

    “Here, let me help y-” Trying to grab the stranger’s arm, a sudden shock was sent all throughout my body leaving me with a tingly sensation. I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. As he picked himself up with ease, he then turned his slender body towards me. I felt a lump in my throat begin to form as I looked up at him, making eye contact as he pushed his hair out of his face.

    I’ve never seen him around here before. Was he one of Seventeen?

    His eyes widened as he glanced at the mark that was spread upon my face, realization setting in. We stared at each other for a few moments more before I felt my breath hitch in my throat noticing his hand coming up to trace the spot. Taking in a sharp breath, I noticed how cold his fingertips felt against my cheeks. I boldly brought my left hand up to hold his hand against my face, sending him a small smile.

    Noticing what he was doing, he began apologizing profusely to me for touching my face, not only for when he was falling but also for tracing my mark. I shook my head at him as I quietly whispered an apology as well, almost as if I wasn’t sure if my voice was working. He smiled down at me as he noticed I was speaking. 

     “Hi, I’m Y/n.” His cheeks had a pink tint to them as he looked down at me. To say that he took my breath away was an understatement.

    “Hi, I’m Jun.” I gave him a wide smile before glancing around to see if anyone was still watching the scene unfold. Mostly everyone had gone back to their original positions, acting as if nothing had happened. However, some of Jun’s members were talking amongst themselves as they glanced in our direction. Just as I was about to apologize once again for making him stumble, my boss called for me, as our break had just ended. I whispered a quick sorry in Jun’s direction, shooting him a smile as I swiftly maneuvered past him and back to my equipment. 

    As Lily came up behind me, she bumped her shoulder with mine, sending me a look in the process. I rolled my eyes playfully in response, glancing down at the clipboard that she held in her hands. I let out a deep breath as I got back to work, trying hard to shove away the feeling that a certain pair of eyes were on me. 

    The next hour was going to be grueling to say the least seeing as we had to move onto our final task of taking group photos. I tried to remain as professional as possible but every time I would make eye contact with a certain someone, I would feel my cheeks heat up as I wasn’t used to the attention. As we finished setting up for the final touches, Chen had the task of telling everyone where to stand and how to pose. I couldn’t help my eyes as they scanned the room in search of Jun’s.

    As soon as he realized that my eyes were on him, he looked a little flustered to have someone’s attention on him. I turned my face away hastily as I felt my cheeks begin to heat up. Trying to make the butterflies in my stomach go away, I cleared my throat and began talking with Lily about the various camera positions we would be taking.

    Luckily this part of the photoshoot didn’t take as long as the others. All throughout the shoot, I kept feeling his eyes on me as I tried my best to focus on the work at hand. I couldn’t help but feel nervous, especially with all of my thoughts running through my head.

    I knew that everyone had a soulmate mark, it’s just that I never really thought that much about it. It was a strange feeling knowing that you had a person that was basically your other half. I mean, how could you know that this person was really made for you when you don’t even know each other? I guess I’m biased since my parents aren’t each others soulmates.

    When I was a child, Mom had told me that she lost her soulmate mark when she was a teenager, meaning that they had passed away. It hurt me knowing that she would have to grow up believing that there was no one in the world for her. However, Dad had the same thing happen to him too when he was in college. Shortly after Dad’s mark disappeared, he met mom at the same college he went to and they began bonding over their hardships. They changed my view on my mark, and opened my eyes to different kinds of love stories.

    As we finished cleaning up the set, we had about an hour to kill before our next clients would be coming in. I decided I would take this time to make sure Cash was taken care of. I took a dog travel bowl out of my bag and began filling it up with water for him. I made sure to grab a rawhide bone that I had packed with me in order to keep him preoccupied. Sitting beside him, it wasn’t too long before I felt a presence behind me. I looked up at the tall figure, smiling gently at him as he looked down at me, the familiar sensation of tingles once again hitting my senses. 

    I got up as I craned my neck to look at him. He was utterly gorgeous, and I don’t think it was the soulmate pull speaking. His hair was styled up and out of his face, his skin had a beautiful golden tinge to it as it seemed so natural. I let out a giggle from being so nervous at our close proximity. His lips turned upwards as he smiled at me.

    “If you don’t mind, I would like to get to know you better.” I could tell he was also nervous by the way he shifted his weight from leg-to-leg. I smiled at him as I waited in anticipation for him to finish his sentence. “Would you like to go on a date?” 

    The butterflies in my stomach flew around freely as he spoke to me. How could someone I just met make me feel so giddy? Soulmate mark or not, there was something about him that tells me that he’s special. 

    “Is Cash allowed to come?” I asked, a playful yet small smile growing on my face. He let out a loud chuckle as he covered his hand with his mouth. I found myself unconsciously smiling at his actions as I found them to be quite endearing. 


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  • semicolorn
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    sunday mornings.

    → characters: hong jisoo (joshua) x you

    → genre/warning: fluff fluff fluff <3, kinda domestic!au (i think?), vague mention of student!reader; might contain grammatical errors and typos, repetitive words, and this fic is mostly narration with minimum dialogue.

    → author note: i hope it's decent to read although it's really REALLY short :] my other josh fic that i've been DYING to publish is apparently still not a fic (because i've been trying to rewrite it as well so it'll be in a different perspective which, i hope, would allow me to figure the words out, yet it didn't :<) so i'm publishing this cute little fic instead hehe >< it's neither sunday nor morning (at least for me, it's already 4 pm here lol) but happy reading! <3 (ps. i'm really really bad at endings pls forgive me)

    joshua loves his sunday mornings.

    the warmth of the covers all around his body, the comfort of knowing it's his day off after a week of tiring business, the feeling of stability washing over him; and the figure that would always snuggle closer to him.


    he loves waking up on sunday mornings with you latching yourself onto him. he loves watching you breathe peacefully in your sleep, loves seeing your lips and eyebrows twitch once in a while, loves hearing your quiet mumbles, loves feeling your arms tightening around his torso and your legs draping on top of his limbs.

    he loves to hear your morning voice and giggles greeting him once you're awake from his kisses all over your face, loves to look into your sleepy eyes, loves to feel your lips against him despite the morning breath - which you two never minded at all, really.

    he loves to see you adorably stretching your limbs out with a yawn, loves to be tugged out of bed by you while you're rambling about what the two of you should have for your brunch, loves to watch your back as he sits on the kitchen stool while you rummage through the cabinets and the fridge.

    he loves to feel your warm body against him as you two trudge into the couch, he loves the feeling of your back pressed against his chest, sniffing against the scent of your shampoo and lips tracing small kisses at the back of your head while you're massaging his aching muscles and limbs so he'd relax more.

    joshua loves you.


    he sleepily mumbles. his eyes are still closed, but his hands continue to tap against your side of the bed - which was empty, and cold. it shouldn't have been empty and cold.

    with a bit of an effort, he opens his heavy eyes, finally catching the figure he's been searching for sitting on the study desk. you seem focused on the laptop screen in front of you, earbuds plugging your ears while your hands are busy writing on your book.

    he takes time to process why you're sitting there instead of laying next to him, on the bed, sharing kisses and taking more time to nap until the sun is unbearably peeking through the curtains. then he remembers your whining last night about a sudden lecture early the next morning, and he finally sighs.

    pulling the covers up to his chest, he's slumping deeper into the warm pillow, continue to stare at you with slumber still seeping between his eyelashes. he watches you with a goofy, sleepy grin tugging his lips, adoring your every move.

    like the way you'd lean closer to the screen with your eyes squinting, the way you'd hum from time to time, the way you'd pucker your lips or bite them, the way you'd brush your hair or tug on them while you confusedly knitting your eyebrows because of something you see on the screen.

    he continues to watch in silence until you finally sigh and gently stretching your writing arm, pinching the fingers while blurting out "thank you, ma'am," to your laptop before it shuts down. he continues watching as you quietly stare at your fingers, a pout appearing on your face before you turn to face him.


    "mm, morning."

    you let out a giggle at his raspy voice, walking towards the bed to sit next to his laying figure. your fingers softly brush against his hair, eyebrows, then cheek, nose, and chin. then you crouch down to plant a small kiss on his head, and he hums in response to your affection.

    and despite him waking up alone on the bed this morning, the sunday morning is still the same as the ones before. only you're the one watching his back as he cooks and he is the one gently massaging your sore fingers, thumb rubbing your knuckles soothingly.

    joshua loves his sunday mornings, even more when it's spent with you. and he's content to know he gets to do it for the rest of his life, the rest of your lives, together.

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  • hansols-yoda-boxers
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Camping Trip - July 28th



    Seokmin looked up from where he was cooking hotdogs with Mingyu and Hansol for everyone to find Tzuyu coming closer. He felt his heart nearly jump out of his chest and tried desperately to ignore the way Mingyu and Hansol chuckled and whispered to each other.

    “Do you need any more help?”

    “O-Oh um I think-” Seokmin started.

    “Oh actually,” Mingyu said standing up. Seokmin threw him a panicked look. “I’m going to go check on the drinks.”

    “You know what,” said Hansol. “I actually forgot to get enough buns out of the supply tent.”

    “Seokmin, you’re cool if Tzuyu helps you out for a bit?”

    Seokmin just nodded numbly, wishing his face was not covered in the inevitable blush that he knew it was. Tzuyu took some of the tongs from Mingyu and sat down with Seokmin. He tried to give her a smile, searching his brain for how to act like a normal person.

    “So, how are you liking the trip so far?” She asked sweetly.

    “I’m good- I-I It’s good so far I like- I mean it’s- How are you?”


    Tzuyu giggled. “I’m good, I’m having fun. I played ‘never have I ever’ with some of the others last night.”

    “Ah-h,” Was there a reason she was bringing that up? “That sounds like a lot of fun.”

    “Mmm,” she hummed, pausing for a moment. “Did the boys do anything fun?”

    “U-Uh,” Seokmin’s mind raced through the list of topics from the night before. Most of them were very sexual and he wasn’t sure she wanted to hear about that sort of thing, or that he wanted to say them. How would that conversation even go?

    “N-No- I mean it was just dumb stuff. Boys are just kind of dumb. Or well most of them- I’m not- or- I mean I guess I’m kind of dumb…” He was really hitting it out of the park on this one.

    Was it too late to jump into the river? Could he just join the fish? Become one with the water and never have to worry about sounding like an idiot ever again?”

    “I don’t think you’re dumb,” she said warmly.

    “That makes one of us,” he laughed.

    Tzuyu couldn’t help but laugh. Seokmin took the moment to look at her, just taking in her beauty. The way her smile lit up her face and the light sound of her giggle. When she opened her eyes and looked past him he turned to see Mingyu and Hansol returning.

    “So, um,” Seokmin looked back at Tzuyu as she spoke. She was picking at the tongs, not meeting his eye. “I’m getting up early tomorrow to take a walk along the river. I wouldn’t mind some company for it, if you want to come.”

    Seokmin felt his heart hammering so loud he was sure she could hear. 

    “S-Sure,” he said.

    “Cool,” she smiled at him shyly.

    “Got the buns!” Hansol called.

    “Drinks are all good,” Mingyu added.

    “Sounds good,” Tzuyu said, standing and handing Mingyu back the tongs. “See you guys later.”

    Mingyu and Hansol bid her goodbye while Seokmin sat there reeling.

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  • smileydino
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I’ve decided that I will also write for some other groups, so feel free to create some request for:

    -super junior








    -The Boyz

    As well! I’ll soon reorganise my masterlist so you’ll find every group that I write for there!

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  • wondernus
    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    28. Enemies to lovers

    the kids are going to be alright

    synopsis: life as we know it (2010 film) au | when an unexpected accident leaves you and your blind date from five years ago to become caretakers of your mutual goddaughter, you are forced to learn how to navigate parenthood all while trying to balance work and social life.

    a/n: favorite "side plot" = vernon's mystery dates.
    also join the taglist! it looks like there are going to be 50 chapters in total :3

    previous | masterlist | next

    taglist: @seokcalibur, @skylions-den, @semicolorn, @boowanie, @niikipuff, @serenadesvt, @tfmingyu, @jeonjungkaka, @shiningstar-byulxx, @onigiriyuki, @justasoftstan, @fr0gluver, @fairyjius, @happyvitamin, @noniesgirl, @hanniewife, @amymoonl, @melkwhore, @flrtsbin, @cheolscloud, @woozitopia, @se-onghwa, @wheeinz, @jiminismybabymochi, @bokutos-bbg, @loserclub36, @sunshineshouchan, @faithceq, @anissanightyoung, @svtcxrat, @seungcheoluwu, @ugghsthetic, @mythicalamphitrite
    unable to tag: @fairyjius, @hanniewife, @jiminismybabymochi, @bokutos-bbg, @svtcxrat
    #seventeen social media au #seventeen sm au #svt smau #scoups x reader #seungcheol x reader #scoups fluff#scoups angst#seventeen imagines#seventeen scenarios #seventeen fake texts
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  • ribosoons
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Cuddles | Dino

    Dino x Reader || Fluff

    Warnings: none

    Summary: cuddles with lee chan

    a/n: just a random prompt i thought

    you got a call from seungcheol that you need to visit the dorm because apparently chan kept on sulking and no one can convince him because he misses you so much. after making yourself a bit presentable, you go directly to his dorm.

    cheol is the one who opened the door for you, upon removing your shoes you heard seungkwan nagging chan to stan up and stretch for a bit because he wasnt moving from that spot ever since.

    "no, i will move if i saw y/n" he argued. you never heard seungkwan sighed so hard which made you giggle.

    "then go to her apartment goddamnit this kid"

    "you know what great idea" you saw chan rushing towards the door, where you are removing your shoes. he was stunned when he sees you on his doorstep. you gave the man a smile and wave your hand.

    "y/n!" he yelled and jumped right directly at you. and i kid you not, when i say jumped he literally jumped with him putting his legs around your waist and shoved his face on your neck.

    "oh god here comes the love birds" seungkwan mumbled and cheol just grabbed seungkwan's wrist and gave both of you a space.

    "i missed you" you heard chan whispered to your eyes. you ruffles his hair and held his thighs for not both of you fell. you walked towards their couch and sit because your legs are kind of killing you since you walked from your apartment to his.

    he is now just sitting on your lap, unmoving. just both of you cuddling.

    "you really do missed me huh" you whispered, smiling ear to ear.

    "of course i missed you"

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  • wonlouvre
    28.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    more for forever | k. mg.

    pairing: editor-in-chief mingyu x female reader genre: fluff, a little bit of angst, cliché (in the sense that mingyu is rich and likes to spoil his girlfriend) warnings: mentions of insecurity, food word count: 2.8k

    💌: this is just pure indulgence and i really hope you all like this! please wait for wonwoo because i have something in store for him too ;) again, this is cliché please forgive me. please tell me what you think about it hehe i love reading your comments, feedbacks and tags! also a big thank you to @minkwans​ for sharing their ideas and giving this oneshot life! <3

    The name Kim Mingyu didn’t ring a bell before. Not until his executive assistant reached out to you because apparently, the photographer slash writer read one of your blog posts and wanted you to take part for their sixth year anniversary issue. You know the famous magazine and publishing company, which is why you thought it was a scam or a ploy to steal your money. It’s a stupid assumption but you can’t blame your mind imagining the worse because you are not a fashion blogger at all. Why would a fashion magazine want you to write an article for them?

    Sure, you regularly write and post blog entries on your website. But you write about your dog, your recently bought tea coaster and sometimes your skincare routine. Okay, maybe your occasional outfit of the day as well but nothing in detail. Again, why do they want you to write for them?

    Kim Mingyu answered your questions and uncertainties when he personally emailed his contact details to you. You didn’t have to bite, but it didn’t hurt to confirm at the same time. You dialed the number and he indeed proved you wrong. He invited you for a meeting at his office and you accepted. 

    Your visits to high-rise buildings, much more to the luxurious office of an executive, is rare to never. You were jaw slacked when your eyes took in the crisp architecture. The design, the furniture, the color, the everything was beyond what you could have imagined a publishing company’s headquarters could be. 

    The meeting was nothing but short of an interview. He asked about your blog (which does not even have its own domain by the way), he asked what else you write about, he asked about your desk job (which doesn’t pay much but enough for you to get by), he asked if you have any background about fashion and one last question about your dog, Max, before talking about his proposal. 

    To be honest, Mingyu’s offer was tempting. For one article, the commission would be enough for you to move out of your current apartment and move to a brand new and fully-furnished one. But you remained true to yourself and without thinking twice, you declined. 

    You can tell that the editor-in-chief and his assistant, who stood beside him all throughout, was surprised by the looks on their faces. But Mingyu respected your decision and didn’t pursue any further. You took your stand from the chair and sincerely thanked him for the time and opportunity. You thought that would be it but when he followed suit with your actions and reached his hand out, it was your turn to be surprised. 

    You didn’t hesitate to mirror him and shake his hand, firmly. After that, you’d figure that it’s the end and that you’ll probably get to see a glimpse of him only through your television or phone. But Mingyu proved you wrong once again when he sent an unexpected email three days later asking why.

    What might be the reason why you didn’t accept his offer? 

    You believed he deserved an explanation of your personal reasons so you disclosed them. And just like that the conversation on that email thread naturally progressed and eventually deepened. The professional emails became casual text messages, the text messages became phone calls, and the phone calls became actual face to face dates at late hours of the evening because he usually clocks out at 9 o’clock. 

    The rest, as they say, was in the hands of history. 

    Your first date with Mingyu was particularly odd. It was at a traditional Korean restaurant owned by one of his friends who introduced himself as Angel even though his real name is Jeonghan. You didn’t question him or anyone else why because that’s none of your business. But back to the date. It was odd because you have never been to a restaurant that’s completely empty and dead silent before (aside of course, from the typical music played in the background). You asked Mingyu if such an occurrence is normal and he just plainly answered that he rented the whole place all to yourselves. You have always known he’s rich. However, you didn’t believe that booking the whole restaurant was necessary.  

    Nonetheless, that first date, in some way, was special for you because there were no distractions. You enjoyed his company and you can tell he enjoyed yours too because he’s quick to mention a second date and it didn’t take a heartbeat for you to say yes. 

    But, by far, Mingyu inviting you to the behind the scenes of the making of the sixth anniversary issue that you turned down writing for is one of the most memorable dates the two of you had. It was out of the blue and you two were having difficulty in syncing your schedules. He was beginning to get busier and busier as the anniversary neared and the only way he could think of still making time for you is inviting you to his office. He called you and asked if you’re free to have lunch together. And you, being attracted to the handsome and tall man, didn’t hesitate to say yes. 

    He was in the middle of ending his morning meeting when you arrived and you were almost caught off-guard when all eyes were suddenly on you, making you feel small. But Mingyu didn't care as his smile beamed, immediately standing up from his chair to walk towards you. The rest of his staff were still in the midst of walking out of his office when he grasped your hand to pull you inside and you have never felt so shy your whole life.

    Since then, he made you tag along to the creative process and you witnessed how hands on he was with every article, every photo, every brand, every trend and every detail that goes to the magazine that he has built and loved with his blood, sweat and tears. He’s beyond dedicated in finding and doing what’s best for the magazine and most importantly, its loyal readers. 

    You can tell that he really is deserving of everything that he has and is still receiving.

    Mingyu being perfect also applies to your relationship. He’s always present despite being booked with fittings, meetings, photoshoots and business travels twenty-nine days of the month. He never fails to call, never fails to answer your calls. He never fails to offer the warmest hugs and the softest kisses. Well, he fails to be on time during your dates sometimes but he never once stood you up and his cuddles when he sleeps over are enough to apologize for the lost time.

    The only flaw he has is that he doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. Most especially at times where he wants to shower his love in ways that cost more than your paycheck in a year.

    Here are some examples:

    You know that Mingyu pays attention to every word you say. Even if you just mentioned a passing topic, he will do his best to keep those in mind. With that being said, you mentioned once that you want to renovate the extra bedroom of your apartment and turn it into a study where you could work someday. Your boyfriend, being the rich man he is, offered to hire and pay a team that could help you bring the design you envisioned into life. 

    That was during the first few months of your relationship and you were flabbergasted by how easy it was for him to do or much less say. Needless to say, you immediately turned him down and he respected that (but of course, he pouted about it like a child all throughout the day). 

    But wait, there’s more. 

    Do you remember how you mentioned that Mingyu travels frequently? Yes? Well, Mingyu always books an extra ticket for you just in case you want to join him. Sometimes it’s not even about the flight ticket anymore. It’s about him stopping by your apartment to pick you up unexpectedly as if France is only a drive away. 

    It’s unbelievable, really. That’s why you always close the door on his face. But of course, you don’t forget to give him a long kiss and “stay safe” or “I’ll miss you” farewell. Mingyu, ever the good boy he is, lets you win and just return your kisses a little longer for the days he won’t be able to do so. 

    Mingyu’s intentions are pure and you’re well aware that the man that you love is only doing this because it’s simple, he loves you. He wants what’s best for you, he wants to give you what you deserve. You can never blame him for being out of touch from reality at times, but you can learn and grow with him. Although of course, he still needs a scolding and a wake up call every now and then. 

    Anything else? Yes.

    You didn’t take into consideration that he’d remember, but one night while the two of you were about to fall asleep, you sleepily mumbled about your dreams of attending graduate school. It was a mere whisper in the late night against his chest and you even thought that he wouldn’t hear you at all because his eyes were already closed. You honestly didn’t expect that he’d send you brochures of different universities who offer various programs the following day. You had to calm him down as he excitedly talked you through it. You even had to shut him up with your lips and explain that you don’t have the time to study at the moment with your current job. He tried to encourage you with praises and admiration of your dedication, skills and knowledge. But no, you didn’t buy it and that’s the end of discussion. 

    The gifts, however, are something that Mingyu is not giving up on. The first few instances he gave you gifts whether it be a high-end handbag, shoes, clothing, and even jewelry, you allowed him. Because there were only a few. But along the way, the gifts got bigger and more frequent. You had to sit him down to set limitations. It was a long conversation of him trying to get the upper hand. But you didn’t let him outsmart you with his hugs and kisses. It was either he was going to tone it down with the gifts or no gifts at all. 

    Sometimes, as much as you hate to admit it to yourself, you can’t avoid getting insecure and afraid that the euphoric time you share with Mingyu is not meant to last. At some point, the fact that he's one of the youngest successful editor-in-chiefs of a multi-million earning magazine got overwhelming. You can’t help but feel that you’re no match for him. And again, you hate that your mind gets clouded with ideas that you’re just a charity case he enjoys spending his money on. Of course, you believe that he doesn’t look at you in that way.

    It’s you who thinks so. 


    You release the bite on your bottom lip at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice. Your lost eyes shoot to the stove where he’s cooking and you notice that he’s about done so you should set the table. 

    You didn’t even answer Mingyu’s call which concerns him. He wipes the sauce off his hands on the apron he’s wearing and holds your waist before you could even round the corner to the cabinets. 

    His warmth snaps you out of your thoughts. Your eyes blink up to him and he just raises his eyebrows at you. 

    “Is there something wrong?” He asks and lowers the heat of the conduction. 

    “Nothing, nothing,” you lie, shaking your head, “Let me get the plates. I’m quite hungry.”

    You try escaping his strong arms and gaze, but he doesn’t let you go. Instead, he wraps his arms around your waist tighter. Your palms automatically land on his chest and the lean muscles make you gulp. 

    “I’m going to ask again and this time, I want you to tell me the truth,” he says in a serious yet gentle tone. “What’s wrong?”

    You sigh and lean your forehead against his chest. Mingyu also sighs and kisses the top of your head. It’s better to tell him now because you’re not going to get anywhere if you’re just going to keep it to yourself. It will be unfair for him too and that’s not what you want. 

    “I just don’t feel so good about myself over the past few days,” you finally voice out. You sound weak, but Mingyu can hear you loud and clear. “I feel like I don’t deserve you.”

    Mingyu had to pull away and hold your shoulders to search your eyes, his frown showing disbelief and sadness both at the same time. “Did I do or say something to make you feel this way?”

    “No, no,” you quickly say and hold his cheeks. “You did absolutely nothing. It’s just all in my head.”

    Mingyu becomes silent and you wish you could just drop it because the regret and embarrassment is slowly dawning upon you. You wish you didn’t bring it up anymore because why would you burden him with your problems? 

    But Mingyu proves you wrong once again by holding your hand and carefully tugging you to sit on the dining table, saying softly, “Come on. Let’s talk about it.”

    And talk you did. You let out your concerns, worries, fears and insecurities. You bore it all without hiding or masking anything. A tear or two slipped once or twice and some words were interrupted by your hiccups, but Mingyu was patient. He listened and held your hand, promising you that it’s okay. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be worried. It’s okay to be vulnerable in front of him. It’s okay to trust him because he loves you. 

    Mingyu loves you and his words and actions assure you that it’s okay to love him too. 

    When there were no more words left to say, the two of you shared a comfortable silence. The weight on your shoulders and the sick feeling in your stomach immediately vanished and you have never felt so relieved. You have never felt so free and loved. You can’t believe that Kim Mingyu is real. 

    “I know that this is unwarranted,” Mingyu breaks the silence after a while, “but I want you to know that I don’t think of you in any of those ways. To me, you’re the person I love and I am happy with regardless of our different upbringings, different jobs. Those don’t matter to the time and love we share together.”

    “I know,” you affirm and kiss his cheek. 

    Mingyu nods and smiles against the palm of your hand when a memory suddenly pops in his mind. “I’m not sure if I have told you this already. But the blog entry of yours that caught my attention is about your first ever blog post.”

    Your eyes widen at his confession. You have never heard of this before. “You mean the one where I talked about why I love writing so much?”

    Your boyfriend smiles and nods. “That one.”

    “Gosh. That’s so embarrassing,” you groan and palm your face. 

    “What do you mean embarrassing?” He argues, taking your hand to hold again. “That post was one of the most genuine posts that I have ever read. You explained, word by word, your passion, love and dedication to writing in the most honest way possible. Who wouldn’t be moved?”

    You pout and unbeknownst to you, that makes his heart squeeze in adoration. 

    “It’s not that special,” you mumble, eyes on your intertwined hands. 

    “It is to me though.”

    Mingyu’s eyes are dreamy and glossy as you meet them again and you could never be more in love. He holds your arms, coaxing you to stand up to straddle his lap. You giggle when he protectively wraps his arms around your waist. His nose scrunches when it grazes yours, but upon meeting his lips you feel it exhale a breath of relief.

    You kissed and kissed and kissed. But when Max barks at the two of you, reminding you of the dinner you’re supposed to eat and share with him, the two of you burst into laughter before reluctantly detaching from each other. 

    “You doting over me with material things is a perk,” you humor him and he gives you his signature giggle. “But, I wouldn’t trade sharing the same bed, cooking meals or taking care of Max together over any of those.” 

    Mingyu nods gives you one last yet long kiss, a promise that there’s more for later. 

    More for forever. 


    a/n 2: this was supposed to be the header/poster of this story but it was too big lol

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  • blu-joons
    27.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    When He Notices That You’ve Injured Yourself ~ Seventeen Reaction


    A loud yell came from Seungcheol, pointing his hand to the back of your arm where he noticed a large bruise that had suddenly appeared on your body.

    “What happened to you whilst I was at work?” Seungcheol asked, carefully pulling you towards him so that he could inspect the marking and check it over.

    Your eyes looked behind your back to see what had captured his attention. “I wish I could give you an answer, but I had no idea I had a bruise there.”

    “No idea?” Seungcheol asked in surprise, brushing his finger over it, only for you not to react. “What could you have done to even cause a bruise on your arm like this?”

    “I really have no idea, unless I bashed it in my sleep or something.”

    A soft sigh came from him, unable to hide his frustration that he didn’t have the answers. “You’ve really got to take better care of yourself Y/N.”

    Your head nodded, smiling across at him. “If I knew what had caused the bruise I could try and do a better job of taking care of myself too.”

    “Are you sure you can’t remember?” He asked once again, only for your head to shake. “I want to keep an eye on it, make sure it heals well.”

    “Don’t worry, now we know it’s there, we’ll keep an eye out.”


    As soon as you felt Jeonghan’s hand stop running through the strands of your hair, you looked up to him in confusion as to what was going on.

    “Since when did you have a cut on your forehead?” He questioned, inspecting it closely, “I swear that wasn’t there yesterday, was it?”

    Your head shook back at him, “I did bang my head earlier, but I just presumed that I was fine because nothing hurt. Is it a bad cut? Does it need treating?”

    “It’s only little,” he quickly assured you, pressing a kiss over it. “But how many times have I told you to be careful, sometimes you seem to forget just how clumsy you really are.”

    “It was an accident, I just misjudged how tall the shelf was.”

    His eyes rolled, moving his hand back through your hair. “I might have to start wrapping you in bubble wrap whilst I’m at work to stop you from hurting yourself.”

    A soft giggle escaped from you, “I’m not that bad, anyway this small cut is far from the worst of injuries that I’ve caused myself whilst you’ve been at work.”

    “That’s a given,” Jeonghan sniggered, “I still remember coming home to see you collapsed in the shower because you couldn’t stand on one leg.”

    “I thought we agreed that was an incident that we didn’t speak of?”


    You stopped walking as soon as you heard Joshua call out your name, spinning around on your heels to see what it was that he wanted from you.

    “Why is there blood on the back of your shirt?” He questioned, beckoning you back to him so that he could take a closer look. “Is it yours?”

    Your shoulders shrugged back at him, unsure of the answer. “I’m guessing that it must be, but I don’t remember hurting myself or bleeding either?”

    “Let me take a look,” he spoke, lifting your shirt up slowly, hissing underneath his breath. “You’ve got quite the cut along your spine, what the heck have you been doing?”

    “I don’t know, I can’t remember doing anything to make myself bleed.”

    His head shook as he lowered your top back down, “try and think, you don’t get a mark like that from doing nothing. It’s like you’ve been in a fight or something.”

    As you thought back, a memory popped into your head. “Well, I did fall into the coffee machine at work today, but surely that can’t cause a cut like that.”

    “You’re so clumsy,” Joshua laughed, throwing himself back on the sofa, “did no one at work say anything to you with blood on your shirt either?”

    “No! Damn, I really do work with a bunch of snakes at that office.”


    His eyebrows furrowed as he noticed what was a small cut on your arm from earlier in the day turn a darker shade of red, as it began to scab over too.

    “That’s not looking good,” Junhui sighed, pulling you closer so that he could take a closer look, “does it hurt if I touch it or do anything?”

    Your eyes looked to him in confusion as his hand ran along the length of your arm. “What’s supposed to hurt if you touch it? My arm?”

    “The cut,” Junhui stated as if it were obvious, “don’t act like it’s nothing and shrug it off, it’s a pretty sore cut that you’ve got going on there Y/N, it can’t be pain free.”

    “Junhui, I really have no idea what you’re going on about.”

    His hand grabbed your arm and turned it so that you could finally get a look at the cut. “Are you really telling me that you had no idea that you had this?”

    Your head nodded, although he still didn’t quite believe you. “It’s not sore at all, even if it does look nasty. You could probably hit it and I wouldn’t even feel a thing.”

    “How?” He chuckled, dropping your arm back down to your side, “what sort of alien are you to not feel a single bit of pain from a cut like that?”

    “I’m very much a human, just with a higher pain tolerance than most.”


    Soonyoung soon grabbed onto you as your top rose up, noticing a large bruise on your hip, turning you around in his arm so that he could take a better look.

    “Is that from when I bumped into you in the kitchen earlier?” He instantly asked you, hopeful that something else had caused the bruising.

    Your eyes glanced down at it, shaking your head as you noticed his panicked expression. “It was probably me; I did bump into the table leg earlier too.”

    “But what if I was the one that caused it?” He whispered, brushing the pad of his thumb over it, only for you not to respond. “Does it not hurt? It looks like a bad one.”

    “I didn’t even realise that I had a bruise there until you saw.”

    His head nodded, feeling a little bit better about things. “Even if it wasn’t caused by me, I want you to know how sorry I am for bumping into you earlier like that.”

    Your hand rested over his, “accidents happen all the time, especially when two people are trying to cook in a kitchen. I’ll survive, the bruise will go in a few days.”

    “I’ll make sure that I look after you until then,” Soonyoung vowed, “it’s the least I can do if I was potentially the one who caused it.”

    “I’m sure you didn’t, but I won’t complain about being looked after.”


    A pair of hands quickly caught you as you tried to stand up from the sofa only to feel your body tumble back down, being eased into Wonwoo’s lap.

    “Steady,” he frowned, noticing the surprise on your face too. “What happened there? Are you hurt at all and hiding it from me again?”

    Your head shook as Wonwoo moved you to beside him so that he could take a look. “I’m not sure, maybe I lost my balance or something, I’m not too sure.”

    “Balance is definitely the issue,” he sighed as he looked at your feet, “remember that tiny bump you had after your fall yesterday? It’s not so tiny anymore I’m afraid.”

    “But how can a swollen bruise cause me to fall over like that?”

    Wonwoo smiled sympathetically in your direction, “your ankle is pretty weak right now, that’s probably why, it needs a bit of time to heal, properly at least.”

    You soon picked up on what Wonwoo was implying. “I’m not going to hospital, not for this. The last thing I need is crutches or anything like that to help me.”

    “You need to get it checked over,” he tried to reason, “if it’s swollen like this then there could be something more serious going on. Please?”

    “Fine, as long as you promise that you won’t leave my side at all.”


    His hand grabbed onto your leg as soon as Jihoon thought he saw something, turning it over to see a cut just at the bottom of your knee as he thought.

    “When did you do this?” He asked, turning your leg once again so that you could take a look. “This looks like it’s causing a bit of pain.”

    Your head shook in response leaving Jihoon slightly surprised. “I had no idea that I’d even hurt myself until you pointed it out, it’s not been sore in the slightest.”

    “Are you mad?” He chuckled, grabbing a tissue off of his desk to wipe it over, “you must not be human to not even feel that you’ve cut your leg like this Y/N.”

    “I’m being serious, it’s not hurt at all, even on the walk over here.”

    His eyes looked to you in complete surprise, “it looks pretty deep too, maybe we should keep an eye on this for a little while just in case it’s something serious.”

    You took a closer look for yourself, noticing just how deep of a cut it was. “I’m sure it’s not that bad, it can’t be too serious if I haven’t even been able to feel it.”

    “That’s what worries me,” Jihoon admitted, “don’t go home just yet, stay here so I can make sure that it starts healing properly first.”

    “I’ll stay here for a little while, just to be sure and ease your mind.”


    As soon as your eyes fell on the cheeky smile on Seokmin’s face, you knew you were in trouble as he knelt down to take a look at the cut on your leg.

    “Move the tissue away,” he instructed, taking another look at the cut on your leg before taking the plaster out of his pocket to apply.

    You watched closely, reaching out to stop him though when you realised what he had picked up. “I’m a grown adult Seokmin, I’m not wearing a frog plaster on my leg.”

    “It’s the only one I could find in the dorm,” he argued, moving your hand away, “it’s this or walking around the streets with blood trickling down your leg like an idiot.”

    “I think I’d rather just deal with the blood to be honest with you.”

    His head shook, peeling off the wrapper of the plaster. “Don’t be stupid, you’ll barely be able to see the plaster through your tights anyway, it’s no big deal really.”

    Your eyes widened at his words, “you might enjoy making a fool of yourself, but some of us have too much pride to wear a stupid frog plaster in public.”

    “It could be worse,” Seokmin tried to comfort, “if the cut was big enough there’s a farmyard bandage that we have from years ago you could have had.”

    “And suddenly the frog plaster doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.”


    A loud squeal came from you as you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and lift you into the air, carrying you across the field and over to a bench.

    “Are you alright?” Mingyu asked as he helped you sit down, “I noticed that your ankle was looking a bit swollen when you ran just then.”

    You barely had time to comprehend what was going on before Mingyu was checking you over. “My ankle is fine, or at least I think it is. How can you tell it’s swollen anyway?”

    “I’ve hurt my ankles enough times,” he commented, focused on taking off your trainer and your sock. “It definitely looks as if you’ve done a little bit of damage there.”

    “It doesn’t even hurt, so how can you be so sure about that?”

    Mingyu’s eyes looked up to you, “just trust me on this one, it might not hurt now, but when we get home later tonight that ankle will be giving you a lot of bother.”

    Your head nodded as your body sunk down on the bench, “this is the last thing I need, getting injured during a stupid game of catch is just embarrassing.”

    “Don’t worry,” he quickly assured you, “I know exactly what to do when ankles get injured, I promise you won’t feel much pain with me looking after you.”

    “Aren’t you just the perfect knight in shining armour for me?”


    You watched on as Minghao leant down and pulled at the top of your sock, noticing a trickle of dry blood that had run down onto the material.

    “Did you hurt yourself?” He questioned, confused when your shoulders shrugged back at him. “How do you not know if you’ve hurt yourself?”

    Before you had the time to answer, he pulled your sock back and noticed a large scratch along your leg. “That must have been from when I was on my bike earlier.”

    “How did you not notice a cut this big? Or even the blood?” Minghao questioned, struggling to understand what had happened. “Does it not even hurt you?”

    “Not really, I just thought it would be a soft scratch, no blood.”

    His head shook as he took your sock off, throwing it to the floor. “The blood probably won’t come out of that now seeing as it’s a white sock too.”

    You nodded back at him, taking a better look at the cut that you had. “I don’t care about my socks, but I am a little bit worried about just how bad this cut looks.”

    “Don’t worry,” Minghao quickly comforted, “I’ll go and get the first aid kit and I’ll make sure that this cut gets cleaned up properly now that it’s noticed.”

    “It’s a good job you’re on the ball and paying attention.”


    He couldn’t hide the laughter that came from him as he ran his hand over the top of your head, feeling a large lump right at the very top.

    “It’s like a mountain on the top of your head,” he instantly teased, “there’s no way that you could have not realised that thing growing.”

    Your head shook, flinching away from Seungkwan’s hand, “funnily enough I don’t touch the top of my head too often to notice when it starts swelling.”

    “What were you doing with your head in a cupboard anyway,” he continued to laugh, struggling to believe what had happened. “You do some weird stuff.”

    “I was trying to find rice to cook for your dinner, actually.”

    As he noticed the pain you were in, Seungkwan’s laughter began to stop. “You’re not going to need me to call an ambulance for you or anything like that?”

    Your hand reached across to hit against his chest, “I’ve hurt myself Seungkwan, for once you could try and not see the funny side and help me out.”

    “You’re right,” he frowned, resting his hand against your waist, “shall I order us some take out? We’ve probably got no rice for dinner now, right?”

    “I meant help me out, not think about your hungry stomach.”


    The gasp that came from Vernon instantly caught your attention, looking back you noticed his eyes firmly watching the back of your leg.

    “What happened?” He asked, pointing to the spot that he was focused on, “that’s turning a pretty nasty shade of purple there Y/N.”

    You tried to turn back around and take a look at what was on your leg for yourself. “Oh,” you chuckled when you noticed a bruise forming.

    “You didn’t know?” Vernon asked in a slight state of disbelief, “that looks like it’s probably causing you some pain, and you didn’t notice that it was there?”

    “I had no idea it was there; it doesn’t hurt at all though.”

    A surprised chuckle came from Vernon, “so you can notice tiny things about me, but not when you’ve managed to bruise your leg as big as that is?”

    “That’s because I care about you a lot,” you sweetly responded, “as for my own body, it’s already been battered and bruised plenty of times before.”

    Vernon’s head shook back in your direction. “It’s a good job I care enough to notice you in that case, you need to make sure that you keep a bit of an eye on that thing.”

    “That’s where you come in, always taking the best care of me.”


    You couldn’t hold back the hiss that came from you as Chan’s hand ran along your arm, clutching at it tightly as he moved away.

    “What’s wrong?” He questioned, watching closely as you moved your hand to study where the pain had come from. “Are you hurt?”

    Your head slowly nodded as you remembered banging your arm earlier in the day, “I think it’s just the beginnings of a bruise that you caught.”

    “I’m sorry,” he whispered, instantly feeling guilty, “do you want me to get you some ice or something to try and take away some of the pain.”

    “No, it’s alright, I think it was the shock more than anything else.”

    Chan’s head nodded back at you, “one day you’ll learn to stop being so clumsy and watch where you’re going.”

    Your eyes rolled in response to him, “I didn’t think I’d hurt myself because my arm didn’t hurt, maybe I should have given it sometime after all.”

    “As long as you’re alright?” Chan sighed, taking a hold of your hand much more carefully this time around, “are you sure that you don’t need anything for it?”

    “It’s nothing, except for probably a nasty bruise in the morning.”



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    imagine skater!jihoon holding onto your hands as you step onto the board. "don't let go," you warn, eyes trained on your feet. he squeezes your fingers. "of course not."

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    Let’s love ♡

    18 - Why him?

    synopsis: You lived your whole life thinking you were one or at least that’s what you were led to believe. You were told from a young age by your parents that your twin died at birth. What happens when you find out your twin is alive, brought up by your ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’. It becomes crazier when you could’ve met him any time due to your friend group. What about when your best friend’s friend otherwise known as jeonghan, enters your sight and you can’t get him to leave. Suddenly you have two important people to complete you...

    previous mlist next

    send an ask to be added to tag list!

    ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾ ∾


    @wonunuu @mvltimoon @sunflowergyeomie @yaebbinnie @pooofthechicken @yyxyzti @jeonjungkaka @love-svt @niikipuff @rjsmochii @lunatens @serenadesvt @minluvly @smileyjimvn @bang-bang-bangtxn @purplehoranghae @skylions-den @jedi-nightingale @sunshineshouchan @bibly @mythicalamphitrite @hoe4wonwoo

    couldn’t tag @hanniewife @j1xsvt @svtcxrat

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    Hi y'all, I honestly haven't been reading as many fics lately because for a while I just felt demotivated to read OR write, but lately I've had more motivation for both and am looking for some good fics to read, so if you have any fic recs pls send them in for me to check out! If you wanna rec your own stuff go ahead as well, I'm happy to read from other writers, as a writer myself!

    For reference, I stan:

    - BTS

    - TXT

    - Stray Kids

    - Ateez

    - The Boyz

    - Enhypen

    - Seventeen

    So feel free to send me recs for any of those groups! Please no smut because I am a minor, but everything else I am happy to read!

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    timid, like the rain - Minghao Imagine

    Back to ~ Main Masterlist

    OR Back to ~ SVT Masterlist

    special shoutout to the below for like, being soft. yea. lifes tough, i miss u & i hope you are doing okay ♡

    @slightlymore-main @puppywritings @lucas-wongs @ncteaxhoe @smileysuh @jonghan @chocolvte // new pals @svtskneecaps @yellowsreflection <3

    *hands over hot choc and a spare vibe check sheet, jenna marbles asmr voice-over activated* 

    It's late, 11pm. The room is dark when the rain starts It's tired pattering across the building. It's calming.

    The sound of hundreds of rain drops falling and landing fatefully at your window is a lot to think about.

    For a little while, the water remained only a friendly pattern of torrented pats, swooooshes and slaps.

    And then it grew. Into a light drizzle that hazed into the full, wholeful record of a summer storm.

    You still didn't mind though.

    Soon enough, Hao's arm reached up and back, behind your head. You rolled over to rest a cheek on his chest, his dozing position on the bed made the bright screen of his phone beam directly to your face.

    Acknowledging your airy sigh, quietly, he clicked it away. Focusing instead on settling down for the night.

    With a light squeeze, Hao had managed to pull you closer. Lips, pressed to your head.

    Despite how gentle it had started, the orchestra of nature was beginning to turn into a fistful-battering against the window.

    Legs resting, lungs settling from shuffling.

    Hao’s soft hour comforts come in the form of quiet acts of physical comfort, reassurance and heart filled smiles. Sometimes, words just aren’t necessary.

    Sometimes, you may just need a hug

    Or fingertips wiping tears from your cheeks

    Soft lips and tired eyes

    And then just as soon as the rain had come, the rain had ended.

    A quick, torrent shower.

    Replaced by the thrum of nature was instead both of your beating hearts.

    Soft pufts of breath. A slight wheeze.

    This wasn't silence! No, after rain comes a different kind of melody, one that sends you straight into a deep, restful slumber.

    Hao's cotton shirt pressed cool on your cheek.

    Tides of breath lulling you to the shore of serenity.

    "I love you." He mumbled to the rain

    You would hear it too, one day

    When he is brave enough

    But for now,

    he lets you rest

    building up the courage for the day he would finally tell you how much he loved the rain.

    How much he loved this. both of you

    How much he loves


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    about now*:・゚| chapter twelve — that sounds oddly specific did you have a lot of experience with that

    summary: a global pandemic paired with months of lockdown; you're pretty sure you're going stir-crazy. when you come across a viral chat-app, you don't even hesitate to join it. thus begin the chaos of meeting 14 random strangers and how they become a bigger part of your life than you thought they would.
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    imagine it being so hot that you've set up a permanent station next to the ac. as soon as wonwoo comes home, he comes over and nuzzles his head into your lap, all too ready to take a nap

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