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    hey guys! sorry if i haven't been posting much content lately :( i've been caught up with tons of work and i'm trying to finish them quickly so i can get back to writing quickly!! 😭😭

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    25. Meetings and Interviews

    the kids are going to be alright

    synopsis: life as we know it (2010 film) au | when an unexpected accident leaves you and your blind date from five years ago to become caretakers of your mutual goddaughter, you are forced to learn how to navigate parenthood all while trying to balance work and social life.

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    #seventeen social media au #seventeen sm au #svt smau #scoups x reader #seungcheol x reader #scoups fluff#scoups angst#seventeen imagines#seventeen scenarios
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    |     𝖓𝖊𝖔𝖓 𝖉𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒     |     CHAPTER 5

    pairing; camboy!seokmin x female!reader

    this chapter’s notes; camboy!au, university!au, camboy!seokmin, guided masturbation, dirty talk, sex toys, just a sprinkling of softdom!seokmin, praise!kink! 😗💕 FINALLY YALL, THE WEEKEND! I got promoted at work yesterday and I am exhausted so let’s celebrate a lil! hehe 💕 aka I’m going to bed after this goes up HAHAHAH 🤣 Also I want to apologize cuz I wasn’t super active this week or last but as u can imagine, I've been dealing with a lot of stuff at work so I'm hoping I have time this weekend to catch up on inbox msgs! 💕 Thank you for always supporting my fics and every chapter that comes out, long or short 🥺💕 It means so much to me and really gives me the strength to keep writing! 💕💕💕 For now, enjoy ch 5, have a lovely rest of your day and know I love u. 💕 

    chapters; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - ?

    Can we maybe--

    Can we--



    You scratch your head, cheeks warm as you sit in front of your computer.

    You’d cleared your schedule for Dokyeom - purposefully deciding to not complete your Ancient Greek theatre history paper so that you’d have more time for him instead.

    It’s just one paper. It’ll be fine. It won’t ruin my grade that much, you tell yourself repeatedly.

    Except now, you were all nerves.

    ‘Can we reschedule maybe?’ You type out, only to undo it for the 30th time in a row and you can’t stop the frustrated whine that makes it out between your pursed lips.

    He said it’d only be 30 minutes, but you knew with how nervous you were that the minutes would move agonizingly slow and you just hoped that somehow you’d be able to fill up the time with something.

    ‘Incoming voice call from Dokyeom’

    “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…!”

    Your palms sweat and your entire body buzzes as you drag your computer chair in closer - simultaneously making sure your mic was on and working before you clicked on the green ‘Accept’ button.

    “H-hi…?” You mutter softly.

    It’s quiet for a beat on the other end before you hear him clearing his throat and the sound of his computer chair squeaking as he readjusts.

    “‘b@d_dream’…? Right?” You nod even though he can’t see. “...Are you shy too?”

    He chuckles lightly, deep and sultry enough to make your body tingle.

    “I--I mean, not really, just--like, y’know, this was kinda unexpected, haha…” Stumbling over your words, you mentally curse yourself for suddenly being so shy even though this wasn’t the first time you’d spoken to him privately. And the fact that technically, you were more versed in this than he was. 

    He was just better with the delivery. 

    “No, no I get you! Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, I just thought it'd be nicer than typing out convos, y’know? We can cover more ground.”

    You hum in response, somewhat hoping that Dokyeom carries the convo for you - at least until the nerves wear off.

    “So… How are you, kitten?”

    Dokyeom makes sure to ask if you’d prefer pet names instead of asking for your real name, which you do, and he spends the first 7 minutes of your call just asking you questions about yourself while you ask back in return - shock both evident in your and his voice when you find out you’re both university students.

    “Gotta pay the bills somehow, right?” He hums in agreement, clearing his voice before changing the subject.

    “So… Do you live alone? Or do you have a roommate?”

    “Oh, I live alone right now… But my place is super small and the walls are thin so, y’know. Just uni ‘tings.”

    You finish with a giggle and Dokyeom tries to find a segway into what he really wants to talk about.

    “So everyone can hear what goes on in there then, huh?” You catch the tone, licking your lips as your eyes focus on the desk in front of you instead.

    “Sometimes… I try to keep quiet though. I wouldn’t want to be a nuisance or anything.”

    “So you like to get praised then?”

    You immediately clench around emptiness as your hands ball up into tight fists - already squirming in your seat despite him not even having said much at all.

    “W-well, um, I--I don’t know, I never really thought about it…”

    “How about we do a little exercise then? How’s that sound, kitten? It’ll help me get to know you.”

    You might’ve already had a praise kink before this.

    “You’re doing so good for me, kitten… I can hear how wet you are from here.”

    But the words rolling off of Dokyeom’s tongue only intensify the feelings and make you cry out his name when you press the vibrator infinitely closer against your clit.

    “Mm, didn’t you say you try to keep quiet? You sound like you’re being so loud, kitten~”

    “S--sorry, I--ah, I’ll lower my v-voice…”

    Your thighs clamp shut the same time you bite down hard onto your bottom lip.

    “Aww, such a good girl apologizing for misbehaving. I really like that,” He drawls, “But now I want you to be extra good for me and sink two fingers into your pretty ‘lil cunt for me.”


    “Mm… I bet you’re already soaking that toy, wanting something inside of you to keep you full, right?”


    You move the vibrator off of your sticky skin for a second as you readjust - legs spread as you run your fingertips through your wetness.

    “Fuck, I really am s-soaking… Can I put my fingers in now?”

    “Let me hear you, kitten.”

    A drawn out, airy moan falls from your lips while you slowly start to ease two digits into your warmth and you hold back from starting a quick pace; the need to cum and be filled wrecking your entire body when you sink the digits all the way to the knuckles.

    “Thrust your fingers nice ‘n slow for me… I want you to imagine it’s my fingers, kitten. Curling right into that sweet spot and spreading you open to take my cock...” 

    Your eyes flutter shut as you focus on the feeling - your free hand still holding onto the vibrator for dear life.

    “Mmh... Dokyeom...”

    “Wow, kitten... I really like the way my name sounds when you’re moaning it... Sounds so pretty when it’s you~”

    Seokmin tells the truth - hand palming himself over his sweats as he pushes his needs to the side to focus on you instead. 

    I’ll do It after, he tells himself.

    “N-need more...” You mewl; needy and hurried into the mic as he chuckles. 

    “Keep that vibrator pressed against that cute ‘lil clit then. But don’t move your fingers any faster. I want you to cum like this, nice ‘n slow. Can you do that for me, kitten?” 

    You bring the toy back between your legs, setting it to a slower setting as you press it to your swollen clit. 

    “Kitten, I asked you a question~”

    “A-ah, yes! I, ngh, c-can...” 

    “Good girl~”

    Dokyeom licks his lips, eyeing the clock on his computer screen. 

    “Ah, we only have 13 more minutes, kitten. Do you think you can make it in time before I have to go?” 

    Your eyes flutter open, determination set in them as you gulp.  “I---I can t-try....”

    “Mm, that’s my good ‘lil kitten. Let’s see it then.” He leans back in his computer chair - relaxed as he stares up at the ceiling. “Damn, I bet you feel so warm and soft, don’t you? And so wet for me too...” 

    “Y-yeah... I’m soaking the c-chair, ah, underneath me... Your fingers are--are probably bigger than mine too...” You whisper, “I b-bet it’d feel so good when you, mmh, s-stretch me out...” 

    “I want you to curl those pretty fingers of yours right into that sweet spot and I want you to set your toy higher, kitten... I wanna hear you cry out my name with that pretty voice of yours since I can’t be there to make you cum myself.” 

    You follow his instructions; soft cries spilling from your lips at the way your entire body tenses up with each slow thrust of your fingers and each second that the toy is pressed snug against your clit.

    “D--Dokyeom... Dokyeom...! I--I can’t--mmph!”

    Biting down on your bottom lip, you can't stop the orgasm that has your walls fluttering around your fingers and your thighs shaking uncontrollably as Dokyeom coos at you through the mic.

    “You’re doing so well for me, kitten~ I want you to keep working your fingers inside your pretty ‘lil cunt until you can’t take it anymore~” He sing-songs. 

    There’s a moment where there’s a familiar pitch in his voice - something you’ve heard before but the blinding pleasure has you forgetting just as quickly as you cry out his name again in a hurried, garbled mess.

    “Ah, and with 8 more minutes to spare. How about we do a lightning round, huh, kitten?”

    The next day, you’re on cloud nine. 

    Unstoppable and with a little extra pep in your step when you get to class.

    Except when your professor calls your name right as your class is about to let out, you’re in utter shock.

    But you’re not the only one.

    “... and Lee Seokmin, Yoon Jeonghan and Kwon Soonyoung, please stay back. I need to speak to you four.”

    The four of you exchange odd looks from around the room before you all assemble into one neat line at the front of your lecture hall - waiting for the other students to leave before she speaks again.

    “Do you know why you’re standing here right now?”

    You all shake your head no as Soonyoung’s lips tingle to say something snarky.

    “Don’t…” Jeonghan whispers, already concerned that he’s in this predicament.

    “Okay, well, “ She sighs, “You four were the only ones who didn’t complete the paper due today. Care to explain why? I don’t know if you got the email letting you know that’d be a big part of your grade but I made sure to send that out days ago as a reminder.”

    You bite your lip, knowing that your late night rendezvous was going to bite you in the ass eventually - you just didn’t realize how quickly.

    “Sorry, I just--I guess I forgot about the email. Is there any way we can make up for it?” You ask.

    “Yeah, me too. I must’ve read it and it slipped my mind. I--I normally never miss any of the assignments, I feel really bad...” Seokmin’s eyes furrow and he makes sure to really put on an act just as your professor sighs again

    “I know, which is why I’m going to give you all a chance to re-do it but there’s a catch.”

    “It has to be twice as long?”

    “Shut up, Soonyoung!”

    Your professor laughs and takes a seat in her leather chair as she goes through the class roster.

    “No, the catch is that you will pair up and work on one paper, so, a total of two papers. It’ll be quicker to write and you can do half the work. I’ll let you pick who your partner is, but I’m going to need that paper by next Wednesday. Understood?”

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    The four of you trudge out of the lecture hall in the same uniform line but it’s Jeonghan that makes the executive decision for you all as he huffs.

    “My partner’s Soonyoung, I’ve just decided.” He passes the textbook to the slightly shocked male standing next to him. 

    “Wait, why me?”

    “Cause you’re shockingly more of a pushover than Seokmin so, y’know. I like that about you.” 

    The two continue to bicker as you peer up at Seokmin instead; shaking your head as Seokmin laughs. 

    “Nice to meet you, partner.” 

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  • solmerakis
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Strawberry Sorbet (8/40)

    personal assistant june 16, 2021

    [pairing] svt ??? x fem!reader [summary] yn convinces her friends to sign up as camp counselors to relive the ‘good old days’ but will it be as sweet as what she remembers... [warnings] swearing

    previous  |  next masterlist

    taglist: @jedi-nightingale @wooziujidoots @skylions-den @jeonjungkaka @onigiriyuki @emilie0nicole @serenadesvt @maravillamin @icepandagirl

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    23.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
    ↬genre: slice of life; comfort; fluff.
    ↬characters: choi seungcheol x reader | mentions: mingyu ; appears: joshua, wonwoo, jeonghan.
    ↬w.c: 2.3K

    ↬author`s note: i, somehow, find writing about seungcheol the easiest among all 13 of them. honestly, i have no explanation for that. maybe because i can figure him out easily? he just looks so transparent about everything? it`s like if i met him, i could be friends with him in an instant. idk really but anyway, i hope this become yet another happy read for you!!

    ↬synopsis: there are 13 boys who lives in your town where each of them have each of their own colours. some you know in person & some from afar so one day you sat down deciding to describe each of their colours absorbing all of their goodness and all of their flaws. you wondered what if someone in some other town ever thought of questioning when they looked at these boys, that―what if we lived in the same town?

    ☍ seungcheol | jeonghan | joshua | junhui | soonyoung | wonwoo | jihoon | seokmin | mingyu | minghao | seungkwan | vernon | chan

    [04:12 PM] [you don`t need to call him to save your day ; he does it anyway]

    ―one of mingyu`s best mate, remember? that one guy whom mingyu abandoned when he spotted you walking back home? yeah, that guy.

    actually, even if mingyu didn`t have introduced you to him, you would`ve known him anyway, because, apparently if you`ve a native of this town then you must absolutely know who choi seungcheol is.

    his presence is the brightest thing in this town. his father owns one of the town`s oldest convenience stores and being the youngest among the two brothers, seungcheol has grown up knowing all along that he can never be like his elder brother.

    and he never intended to anyway.

    because he has his own way of dealing with things. he has his own hobbies and his own way of living his own life.

    his brother might be one of the top students of the school in the town, having all the grip on academics and going to that big university in the city, probably going to get that big lump sum salary job too at that top company but seungcheol wasn`t just a sleeper hit kid that people thought he would be. instead, he loved his computers and his cars but most importantly his pup, kkuma.

    but he also loved this town to death.

    although, these days playing games is something he doesn`t get enough time to do considering maintaining the car shop and the cyber cafe takes up most of his time.

    you`ve passed by his car repair shop a lot of times and if both of you ever catch each other`s eyes, you`d wave at him and he would return it with his signature gummy smile, while you would simultaneously be walking away to your destination.

    sometimes you`d catch him with mingyu too―just like that one night while walking back home and sometimes in front of the school when he would wait with his bike for mingyu to hop on and get to the field for some football on some weekdays when he`s coincidentally free that afternoon.

    it was all so random and it happened all in some few passing seconds.

    it took you way too long to actually jot down what seungcheol actually is like in person. thankfully though, it didn`t take much waiting―because the day when you had as always dropped by jeonghan`s flower shop, you found him there sitting on the cashier counter, discussing with the same-aged buddy about, nothing other than how long both of them are gonna grow their individual hair out.

    their attention though didn`t last long in-between their own bubble because as the wind chime was heard loud and clear indicating your entry, they both had moved their heads around to look in your direction.

    “oh?” you asked, as both of your brows perked up.

    “________,” seungcheol calls out your name as he pulls in the chair that was previously moved aside when he had climbed onto the countertop, “come here, we want to ask you something!”

    tapping on the chair, he motioned you to join the duo.

    you had looked over at jeonghan, just to be sure about the idea of getting into this conversation, who lifted one of his arms up from behind the counter and waved it for you to come over and not be hesitant about the invitation at all.

    of course, they both spent a good 30 minutes trying to convince you how blonde would be the best colour in the world to dye their hair with―which obviously although you listened with constant nods, from inside felt terribly bad for their then luscious well-kept black hair that reached both of their necks and especially, their scalps.

    so you did try, you know, convincing them how they should just try out some less bright colours than just go completely blond on the very first try but these older guys―they only politely hushed you down by saying how life`s all about challenges.

    you tried again, though, saying how risking the scalps isn`t a good idea considering it can ruin the exterior image but yet again, they slapped their chests saying how their scalps are well-protected and strong just like their owners` will.

    so after that, you couldn`t and honestly, didn`t want to argue back anymore.

    walking back home that day, you wondered if you should`ve tried a bit more. squeezing your eyes shut as you shook your head furiously, you only thought, men, they really are immature no matter what age they`re in.

    but honestly not arguing back was a good decision because when you visited seungcheol`s cyber café shop two weeks ago for printing out some college applications, you wore the same expression that your mother wore when she saw jeonghan`s hair that night when he stayed back for dinner at your place.

    seungcheol―he looked unreal. he looked like he came straight out of a vampire movie.

    his skin which was visibly pale even before when his black hair would fall over his face, illuminating his whole features, looked the same or rather if it wasn`t just your eyes playing games with you, looked so much better than ever.

    his lips―their plumpness looked tempting enough to hypnotize you in taking out your cherry lip balm and put it on his lips so that they shine and look more and more pretty.

    “cheol, look at ________,” your eyes tore themselves away, very painfully from seungcheol`s face (of course, he wasn`t looking at you or anything, he was just printing your applications.) when you heard joshua`s calm, alluring voice break your shameless attention on the other guy, “even she`s looking at you like you`re some casanova just moved into this town. what a heartbreaker.”

    “huh?” you speak up, “but i`m not looking at him like that though?” shaking your head, you then looked at joshua aka your next-door neighbour.

    “yah, what do you mean i just moved in this town?” seungcheol rebuked back, half-slamming your printouts on the counter top, “i`m probably the one who lived the longest in this town among all of us here. heartbreaker, my ass.”

    he probably got the joke. he was simply playing along.

    this was probably the first guy who was so easy to read for you. of course, apart from mingyu (but does he even count considering you both literally knew each other and hung out since toddler days?).

    joshua only breaks into his gentle giggles as you watch seungcheol caressing the edges of your printouts because what if he messed up the corners while half-slamming them previously at joshua`s remarks.

    “thanks, “ you start off though, as you receive the printouts from seungcheol`s hands, “and, for the record, i admit i was wrong.”


    seungcheol asked as he pushed your knuckles away while you tried giving him the payment for the printouts. you shook your head both for not him accepting the money and for the next thing you said.

    “hmmm, that day at han`s shop, i thought it would be a very very bad decision to go blond as the first attempt to dye your hair but both you and han proved me wrong,” tucking the printouts against your chest, guarding them with one of your arms in front of them, you lifted your other arm and touched the fallen blond locks on seungcheol`s face as tenderly as possible, “you both look very pretty. damn sure, you`ll break way too many hearts till they show their true colours again.”

    wonwoo, who was sitting in front of one of the computer in seungcheol`s shop, broke into a fit of laughter as you said the last sentence.

    his baritone laughter filled up the whole shop while joshua gripped onto the counter edge to hold himself up from bursting into his own version of laughter.

    whereas as you pulled your lifted arm away from seungcheol`s hair, the boy, in front of you, who was quick in his action, gently and swiftly grips onto the same hand`s wrist.

    your eyes widen as he leans in a bit to match with your height, “ohhhh then did i break your heart?” he asks, teasingly with that same playful tone palpable at the edges of his words.

    “hmmmm not really,” you reply back, a smirk playing at the corner of your mouth which then transformed into a full-fledged smile as you witnessed seungcheol`s smug face drop and his withered up look as he lets go of your hand and looks down on the floor, ending his act with a dramatic sigh.

    “paw!” wonwoo makes a shooting sound with his mouth, as if indicating how you knocked down seungcheol with one shot.

    the boy in front of you only hisses back at the gamer boy in front of the computer, “you―you`re gonna pay extra bucks for that,”

    “ah, hyung, that`s not fair,” wonwoo whines.

    “should`ve thought about that while making fun of me,”

    “but what about _______? why not fine her too?”

    “she`s special. why don`t you just focus on that game of yours? aren’t you like stuck at the same level for the last two hours?”

    “AH, HYUNG!”

    seungcheol stops himself from breaking into a laugh as he suppressed it by only wheezing.

    he then proceeded to move his chin up while pressing the tip of his forefinger to boop your nose tip and smile.

    “go home, safely,” he softly let you know to which you only close your eyes and nod, "or else these boys will play with you more."

    you only giggle back at him.

    so walking out of seungcheol`s cyber café, you held onto your printouts against your chest as tightly as possible and strode back to your home, just like how he told you to.

    so it was that simple.

    seungcheol was actually so simple if you wanted to sneak a peek into his character sheet.

    he would be the type of person to walk you back home if he ever sees you on the street after it's dark. he would also be the kind of person to be gentle when things are related to his loved ones, saying affirmations like “walk home safely” “sleep tight and warm” “good morning, the weather`s nice, right?” while he sees you at a certain time of your passing days.

    and, sometimes when it`s monsoon season and you catch his eyes while you walk out of your home for school, he goes on to say something like “make sure to carry an umbrella, i heard today it might rain.” while coincidentally passing by your place as mingyu who sits behind him on the bike furiously waves at you with that same old stupid smile on his face.

    or something like telling you to always use your phone`s flashlight while walking back home after study sessions.

    it`s all like a random shot of warmth at you and you highly appreciate every single time he does that. he really, simply, didn`t have to do that all the time he gets the chance to but he does it anyway as if it`s his second nature.

    maybe that`s why everyone knew seungcheol because although you might not see him every day, he`ll always linger through those affirmations of his.

    and also because seungcheol loved this town to death. he doesn't want to let go of all the memories he made, making and will be making in this same old town with you and every single one of the guys.

    he wants to strive in them, live with them and in them. he doesn`t really want to let go of these memories and moments.

    that`s why he never intended to be like his brother. he wasn`t even jealous of his brother too because as said before, he had his own plans and he`s living in them every single day.

    thus, his dreams did come true.

    and so you wonder if the other town people are jealous of not having a choi seungcheol of their own because now that you think of it, you never really thanked the universe for letting you grow up at the same time with such a beautiful soul as it seems like he exists because he makes things seem so simple and better to live and love.


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  • serenityseventeen
    23.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Wonwoo (전원우):


    “Peachy Romance by the Blooming Waves”

    synopsis: Last year, you stayed in a hotel for vacation and met a bartender named Wonwoo. You come back to the hotel for work-related purposes but both of you find yourselves stuck in a sea of blossoming feelings.

    parts: 1 - “Starry Sea in a Healing Cocktail” | 2 - “Peachy Romance by the Blooming Waves”
    warnings: consumption of alcoholic drinks
    genre: romance, fluff
    characters: bartender!wonwoo x reader (ft. Hotel Manager)


    Your heartbeat was racing just from a glance at the familiar hotel.

    The breeze was still the same and the sound of the sea waves swarming over the shore was still calming. As your hair flew with the wind, you felt the urge to stay and admire the hotel longer.

    Last year, you were a guest in that very hotel. You could still remember the luxurious interior of your room and the amazing view that you admired. With so many floors, the higher you were, the better the view. It was like the dazzling view of the beach was still laid out in front of you.

    You smiled and your eyes caught what looked like the lounge bar. The windows were tall and clear. Inside, the bar was furnished with wooden tables, a wooden counter, and stools. You could also see the faint figure of a man, wiping glasses with a familiar red cloth.

    ‘I'm back on the seaside of healing,’ You thought, the smile on your face glowing with excitement. ‘This time, I'm back happy.’


    Wonwoo's days had continued as usual. Every day, he would wipe the variety of glasses and cups squeaky clean, preparing them for the evenings. Usually, when night arose was when more of the guests would come down to the lounge bar and enjoy some drinks, whether it was inside the bar or outside in the newly installed pool.

    He had been the only bartender for a while. From time to time, some of the hotel staff would help him in making and preparing drinks but that wasn't frequent. Even though he had been tending to the lounge bar for so long by himself, he didn't struggle at all. Even on busy days, he managed to make drinks for anyone, and perhaps that was because of his experience.

    He had an immense talent for a lounge bar bartender. Wonwoo was timely efficient and his drinks were always beautifully done, tasting just as rich as their unmatchable visuals.

    So, what was such a talented bartender doing in a lounge bar of a hotel?

    Wonwoo would sometimes wonder that too. He knew of his talent but still, he stayed way too humble about it. For some reason, he felt attached to this place. It wasn't the fact that he created his own drinks in this very bar or the fact that he had worked in this same place for years. Instead, it felt like he was stuck, waiting.

    Wonwoo was once again, caught up in his thoughts when the hotel manager came in, clapping his hands. He had on a rather proud and confident expression.

    “How are you, Mr. Jeon?” He asked, his voice way too loud, breaking the quiet and calm morning atmosphere of the bar.

    Wonwoo gently placed the Martini glasses back into their place and wiped his hands with the red cloth in his hand before stuffing it into the side of his pocket. He walked over to the side of the counter closer to the entrance of the bar and placed both of his hands on the counter, leaning his body slightly forward.

    “What brings you here so early in the morning?” Wonwoo asked. “You didn't come here to drink rum, did you?”

    The manager laughed, making Wonwoo chuckle.

    “Of course not!”

    Just as he replied, Wonwoo caught a glimpse of someone at the corner of his eye, entering the lounge bar. He turned his head slightly to the person only to recognize immediately that it was you, who he last saw a year ago.

    “I have good news for you, Mr. Jeon. We decided to hire you a bartender assistant. I figured that, even though you always say it's okay, you're struggling to keep up with all of the guests' orders, right? I mean, how could you keep up with all of them when you only have two hands?”

    Wonwoo almost didn't hear what the manager was saying. His eyes were only fixed on you. You had your hands clasped in front of you and your eyes locked with his. Your eyes were brighter in comparison to last year and Wonwoo could see the expression of happiness in your dream-like eyes.

    “So, this is Y/N. Oh,” The manager took out a small cat figure from his pocket. “And this is Nunu. To thank you for being a bartender with us for so long, I bought this little boy for you. You can think of him as one of your assistants too.”

    The manager chuckled and then glanced at you rather awkwardly when he saw that Wonwoo was seemingly paying him no attention.

    “Well, Mr. Jeon, teach the two of them well. I'm sure they'll be great assistants, don't you think?” The manager made his way past you toward the exit.

    Wonwoo nodded, picking up the little cat doll, finally turning his head to the manager. “Thank you, I appreciate the consideration. I'll take care of them well.”

    The manager nodded and waved goodbye, smiling.

    Wonwoo smiled back and waved as well, his eyes residing on you once again.

    Now, it was only the two of you in the bar. Soft music was playing in the background of the bar and the familiar atmosphere began to sink into your heart. Instead of standing awkwardly, you moved to sit on the stool where you always sat.

    “Good morning,” Wonwoo said, almost unable to believe that you were once again in front of his eyes. “Would you like some tea?”

    You smiled, this time, effortlessly. Smiling was always effortless but last year, you didn't have much energy to smile.

    “Sure, thank you.”

    Wonwoo was fascinated by your smile. You were smiling so much more than the last time you two met. You were also smiling for longer periods of time, which made his heart jump. That smile of yours was addictive and made his mind drunk.


    Wonwoo was sitting beside you, on a stool, his arms resting on the counter and his head turned to face you. His eyes were attentive and he could feel his feelings for you rush back like the waves crashing on the shore, powerful but soft.

    “How was your morning? It seems like you're happy today, did something happen?”

    You smiled, drinking down the last sip of tea. You placed down the white cup with both of your hands and then rested your right elbow on the counter. You turned your body sideways so that you could face him.

    “You still ask the same questions, huh?”

    Wonwoo smiled warmly, leaning his body a bit closer to yours. He analyzed your smile and eyes, unable to look away from your charming visuals. Wonwoo didn't think that he'd fall for you again this fast but he did.

    Last year, he didn't fall for you until a week had passed. He found that even though you didn't reply with long sentences or replied to him at all, he found joy in making tea for you every morning. You were mysterious and that charm brought him more curiosity.

    “For the past year, I learned to become a bartender. I began mixing different types of alcohol to try and make that same cocktail you made for me that night,” You replied, staring into his dark and sharp eyes. “the one called ‘Healing’. I was fascinated by its taste, the rich and sweet and spicy flavor, I wanted more of it but nothing tasted quite like it.”

    Wonwoo could see your eyes sparkle as you spoke. You broke off the eye contact for a second, feeling your chest begin to burn.

    “I wanted to learn the recipe. I also came here to work with you, of course. I just, ever since I left, wanted to come back here and stay here permanently; by the seaside of crashing waves... to me, this place is a land of healing. I feel refreshed and happy here.”

    You chuckled shyly and removed your arm from the counter.

    “So, what can you teach me?” You asked.

    Wonwoo felt glad seeing you so bright. It was like you were now being lit by the wishing stars you swallowed up that night unknowingly.

    “Well... what do you already know?” Wonwoo asked with a grin, crossing his arms.

    You demonstrated many different cocktail recipes and showed him what you learned. Sometimes, when you made a mistake or did something that could be improved on, Wonwoo would walk behind you and help you from behind, making your heart accelerate. Whenever your hands brushed against each other, you could feel your cheeks blush. Sometimes, his deep voice would tickle your neck as he wrapped his arms around your body to help.

    Aside from that, Wonwoo just gazed at you beautifully with his starry eyes and charming grin. He couldn't take his eyes off of you for one second, fearing that you were a fragile butterfly in his summer dream.

    You were making one of your own cocktail recipes for Wonwoo to try. It was called “Peachy Blossom” and was a pink cocktail with a fruity and sweet taste, with a tint of booze smell. It's decorated with a peach slice and the white and pink color makes the glass look more beautiful.

    Wonwoo was next to you, in the bartender station. He had his hands folded and he watched you shake up and mix the drinks, pour in the rose quartz cocktail, decorate the glass with a peach slice, and hand it over to him.

    “Give it a try, I wanted you to be the first to try it.”

    You smiled proudly, glancing at the drink then at Wonwoo who had a gentle expression.

    Slowly, Wonwoo brought his hand to the glass and took it, sipping it. His heart was jumping with excitement but he had to control himself.

    When he savored the sweet and fruity taste of the cocktail, he felt drunk on it already. The booze wasn't that strong and it felt more like juice than alcohol, but still, it was a fluttering taste. Wonwoo felt a connection to the drink immediately and smiled.

    You were waiting for his reaction expectantly, your eyes filled with glitter.

    “How is it? Is it too sweet?” You asked, analyzing his expression that was hard to read. All you could tell was that his eyes were twinkling.

    “It's good,” Wonwoo replied. “I can feel my heart race from it. It's a nice, sweet taste-”

    Before Wonwoo could finish, your curiosity brought you closer to his chest so that you could hear his ‘racing heartbeat’. You innocently pressed your ear against his chest, hearing his heart go thump thump thump. His heart was beating quickly and out of control which made you a bit fascinated.

    You brought your hand to your chest and felt your heart beating just as fast as his.

    “Wow, your heart is beating really fast... even I didn't feel that way when I drank my cocktail.”

    “Y/N...” Wonwoo set down the glass of Peachy cocktail with a small clink.

    “Oh, sorry.”

    You took a few steps back but Wonwoo's hand reached for yours, pulling you a bit closer again. He gazed into your eyes.

    “It's been a year. I thought you were just one of those people who passed by my life like the wind. You'd hit me for a moment, make me feel good, and then brush past.”

    You brought your eyes to meet Wonwoo's, feeling his hand clench yours tightly as if he was desperate to keep you close.

    “The only reason I learned to become a bartender was to be able to stay with you. I want to stay here with you, at the beautiful seaside where I can constantly hear the waves. I can also spend days and nights being able to see the stars,” You replied. You averted your eyes somewhere else because you couldn't find yourself staring into his eyes for longer than seven seconds.

    Wonwoo smiled gently. “It's been a year but I still feel the same about you.”

    You felt your body warm up. Wonwoo took your hand to his chest and you could feel his heartbeat on the back of your hand.


    You were sitting at the beach, touching the sand with your feet. You could feel the sand sink between your toes. The waves were crashing softly against the shore. The noon daylight dazzled the blue sea.

    It was such a healing sight. The refreshing wind was blowing against your hair and skin and you felt the urge to throw your hands into the soft sand.

    Wonwoo came next to you and sat down beside you, holding two glasses of the ‘Healing’ cocktail. It was still a beautiful blue color, decorated with a sour lemon slice. The drink itself looked like nothing special in comparison to all the other different cocktails and margaritas but the taste was distinct and carved a special place in your heart.

    You couldn't help but smile in awe as Wonwoo sat down next to you and handed you the cocktail.

    You hastily took a sip but let the taste slowly go down your throat. The sweet, spicy, and tangy taste was like no other cocktail you've ever had. It was still a visually beautiful cocktail with a gorgeous, addictive taste.

    “Wow, I've waited a year to drink this again,” You said with a satisfied smile. The calming sound of the waves and the birds chirping along with the wind's song was the perfect atmosphere to drink this healing cocktail. “It still tastes amazing.”

    Wonwoo smiled and took a sip of his as well, digging into his pocket and taking out the small cat doll named Nunu. He placed it between the two of you.

    After placing the small Nunu, Wonwoo turned to face the waves. “I won't give you the recipe.”

    You turned away from the waves and at Wonwoo.

    “Why not?” You asked with genuine curiosity.

    Wonwoo turned to you and took another sip of the cocktail that looked like the sea.

    “So that you can come to me whenever you want to drink it.”

    Both of you giggled softly and took another sip of the cocktail, your legs spread out against the soft sand.

    “In a few weeks, I'm going to ask you to be my boyfriend,” You said, watching as the waves reached both of your bare toes.

    Wonwoo was drinking his cocktail but stopped in the middle. His eyes turned to you, who was calmly looking over the sea.

    “Let's get to know each other properly.”

    Wonwoo smiled softly, taking a sip of his cocktail.


    His simple reply left you a bit baffled but you couldn't help but smile, placing your cocktail down and letting your hands lay flatly on the sand.

    “You smile a lot more now,” Wonwoo commented, placing his cocktail down at his side like you. “I like that.”

    He got into the same position as you, his palms against the sand, leaning back slightly and comfortably. Your pinkies touched slightly, overlapping each other. You two didn't even want to remove your hands.

    There would have been only a few minutes left until you two would have to go back to the bar. The golden time when guests want drinks would be from around afternoon to early dawn.

    You and Wonwoo would glance at each other, smiling slightly and occasionally taking sips of the sweet and spicy cocktail.

    Your feelings for each other were like the waves, still and calm at times like this but sometimes excitedly crashing against the shore, unable to control its power.



    © serenityseventeen

    7/23/21 - 2:16 pm

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  • hoshblr
    23.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    𖥻j.ww [9:00pm]

    genre: fluff, slice of life

    wc: 804

    The heater drowned out the beeping of cars on the street below, offering a loud hum and warmth that flooded the apartment. You stood at the sink, lukewarm water running over your soapy hands as you rinsed the last dish and put it in the dish rack. Wonwoo was in the bedroom trying to piece together a nightstand you’d purchased the week before, adamant on being able to do it himself.

    “We can have someone come and make it for us,” you had offered earlier that day, watching how his eyes ran over the instruction manual in confusion.

    “No, it’s fine,” he waved you off. “I got this. I wanna build our first piece of furniture.”

    At the sound of a loud groan, you were pulled from the memory. You walked toward the room and stood at the doorway, leaning your shoulder into it as you watched Wonwoo work. The window behind him displayed the flurry of snowflakes outside, the specks of white glowing orange from the streetlights above them. Pieces of wood and stray screws were laid out in front of him, the booklet flattened out on the floor. His eyes flicked between the page and the screwdriver in his hand, squinting in concentration.

    “Having fun?”

    “Barely,” he muttered, grabbing a screw and jutting it into a hole in the wood. “Did you finish up in the kitchen?”

    You nodded, walking into the room and kneeling in front of him. “Mhm, I think it looks good now. Maybe we can go get some flowers tomorrow?” you asked.

    Wonwoo hummed in agreement, tightening the screw into its place. “There’s that floral shop Chan works at, I’m sure we can find a pretty bunch for the table.” He looked up at you and smiled, his thin framed glasses low on his nose.

    “Are you gonna build the bed frame today too? It’s getting late.”

    “Uh, I’m not too sure about that,” he paused. “Can we just sleep on the mattress?”

    You laughed, reaching over to push his glasses up with your pointer finger. “Yeah, it’s been a long day.”

    He continued to work while you passed him the screws he needed, sitting in silence until he let out a sigh of relief at the finished nightstand.

    “Well, it only took you four hours.”

    “I think that’s pretty good for my first time.” He shrugged, standing up and moving it to its place next to the mattress on the floor.

    Getting up on your feet, you stretched your arms above your head until you let out a satisfied groan. “You've made great progress in the bedroom, Jeon.”

    “Agreed. The bed frame can definitely wait until tomorrow,” He drummed his fingers against his thighs. “I’ll go get a blanket.”

    He walked out of the room and you moved to sit at the edge of the mattress, running your finger over a small tear in the material while you waited. A few minutes passed and he came back in with a large grey blanket held up with his arm and pressed against his body. He kept one hand behind his back, a small smile adorning his face— although it was more suspicious than endearing.

    “What do you have there?” you questioned, standing up and walking toward him in hopes of sneaking a peek.

    “Nothing. Take the blanket,” he replied, pushing it into your arms too quickly to keep up the nonchalant act.

    “Hey! What are you hiding?”

    “Nothing! Just sit down and close your eyes,” he laughed, pushing you back by your shoulders until the heels of your feet hit the mattress.

    You huffed in frustration as you fell back onto the thick innerspring, letting the blanket fall across your lap. Wonwoo moved his hand from behind him, revealing a small, silver photo frame.

    “Ta-da!” He grinned, bringing it close to your face. “Something small for our room.” You took it into your hands and let out a quiet laugh, running a finger across the glass. It was taken during your first year in college, and it made you laugh at the memory of how awkward you two had been.

    “I was looking for this picture! I thought I lost it,” you admitted, giving it back to your boyfriend. “Put it on the nightstand, handyman.”

    You watched him carefully put it on the wooden surface, staring at the photo fondly as warmth spread across your face. It was an easy peek into the beginnings of your relationship; awkward smiles, downcast eyes, and the feeling of your chest tightening at the mere thought of him.

    Over the years, his smile didn’t make you stumble over your words anymore, nor did his cheeks turn bright red when you would hold his hand, but the one thing that never changed was the warmth he brought you— no matter the weather outside.

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  • februaryflowers
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    echo of love

    seungkwan pops into your life in the painful parts. he hears you cry at night. he hears you unable to sleep. he wants to make you feel better, he just doesn’t know how to go about it. but once he does, things aren’t going to be the same ever again.

    warnings: none

    fluff, 1842 words, seungkwan x reader | part seven of open up!

    a/n: original image is mine + i think seeing how long it took me to get this part up and the number of projects i have in my mind, i should say that open up updates will be more sporadic. i’m gonna try my best to finish the series, i just don’t know when or how long that will take. tysm + i hope you understand!

    Seungkwan hates the feeling that blooms in his chest. It keeps him up at night and bugs him during the day. It’s an uneasiness, one that says something is wrong. Seungkwan just can’t figure out what it is or why. 

    He is fine. His family is fine. His friends are fine. Everything in his life seems fine.

    So Seungkwan looks to the people further out in his life. The next door neighbors are fine as well. The mutual friends, while surprised, are fine too.

    And then he comes upon you, the downstairs neighbor. He did suspect something, but things are not as fine in the life of y/n. 

    He hears from your mutual friend and fellow neighbor Minghao that things aren’t going so easily for you. There’s quite a few things going on, apparently, and Seungkwan knows just what he has to do. 

    He’s up bright and early the next weekend, planning his schemes.

    When you hear the soft knock on your door, you tilt your head and squint in its direction. Who’s there? You certainly weren’t expecting anyone. And who’s up this early on a Saturday anyway? Well besides you, you suppose. 

    You pull on it gently, not bothering to undo the chain door guard, before you peek your head around the side and your eyes flutter open in surprise when you look at who’s there.


    He smiles slightly, as if to confirm that fact. “Y/n.” 

    “I wasn’t expecting you. Hold on. You can come in if you want.”

    You undo the chain and invite him in, leading him further into your apartment. He sits at the kitchen counters and you simply stare at him. You certainly weren’t expecting him today. You’d honestly forgotten he lived upstairs. He’d mentioned it once in passing, you think, when Seungcheol dropped you both off at the building after an outing once. 

    “How are you?” he asks.

    Instead of responding, you hesitate. Things aren’t easy. Work is stressful, even more so than usual. Your old friends started to ghost you. The list could go on.

    But Seungkwan is just a mutual friend. Putting everything on him seems awkward.

    So you force a smile. “I’m fine. You?”

    His brows furrow at your response. You’re a liar. He knows it, you think.

    “Are you sure?” he asks softly.

    Your mouth opens and closes, seemingly with a mind of its own, revealing your truths.

    “Because I don’t think so,” he adds on.

    “What do you mean?”

    Well, besides the whole situation for the last week, Seungkwan can read people. He sees the way your smile is tighter than a genuine one should be, how it doesn’t reach your eyes, or even your cheeks for that matter. 

    “Let’s just say, intuition.”

    You pause at his comment. Should you tell him the truth? You mull it over before your eyes glance over his. He looks at you intently, his gaze warm and genuine, yet serious and all knowing. 

    You sigh before caving in, “Okay, fine. But it isn’t your concern. It’ll…get better, eventually, I think.”

    He offers a small smile of apologies. “If you need someone, I’m just upstairs.”

    You nod. “Thanks…”

    “Of course.”

    He gets up and departs, leaving you wondering what that was for. But on the other side of the door, Seungkwan sighs. He knows you’re hiding something. It must be something big. Even if he was a little annoyed about his uneasiness, he wishes he could help you, genuinely. You looked so down, even if you were trying to pretend everything was fine. 

    And so Seungkwan knows what he has to do. 

    He leaves a bouquet of pink gerberas in front of your door. An offering of more friendship, if you will. 

    You smile upon seeing the flowers, picking them up and fidgeting with the bouquet in the door frame before finding the tag. 

    “From Seungkwan,” you read aloud before shutting the door and finding a vase to put them in. 

    They smell beautiful and fresh when you put them on the kitchen counter, still thinking of Seungkwan’s kindness.

    You find his phone number on the back of the card and make a note to send him a thank you text later. 

    But the cycle repeats, over and over with a new flower each week. Daisies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, the list goes on. It means a lot to you. You come to expect, even anticipate, them every Saturday morning.

    Someone who barely knows you putting in all this effort to make you happy, even if it’s just for a moment, you can’t express how much that means to you. Who knows, maybe you find feelings for Seungkwan beginning to bloom alongside the flowers. 

    You’ve never seen him on his own before. He’s always been Minghao’s friend or Seungcheol’s friend to you. It’s definitely a new side to him that has you glancing at him under lowered lids a little more when he comes over with a new bouquet for you.

    Yes, it’s the usual Saturday morning when you find out the exact time when he stops by. You’d forgotten to close the curtains the night before and now sunlight streams through your windows, finding itself on your unassuming, closed lids. 

    You grumble as you stand and squint your eyes as you approach the light, the brushes of fatigue already fading as you close the curtains. It appears you won’t be going back to sleep any time soon.

    So instead, you trudge to the kitchen, preparing to make breakfast and get an early start on the day. There’s a new lightness in your chest, an ease that quickly replaces the irritation at your morning situation.

    Maybe it’s because you look forward to today, the day when Seungkwan places flowers at your doorstep as a sign of friendship. Maybe today’s the day you let him in.  

    As you stand at the counter, you hear rustling from the door. You rush towards it and pull it open, excitement building in your chest as your heart leaps, meeting eyes with a flustered Seungkwan.

    “Oh!” he exclaims. “I wasn’t expecting--”

    “Come in,” you say, pulling the door open so he can get inside. “Do you want breakfast?”

    “It’s okay. I wasn’t expecting--”

    “Please? It’s the least I can do.”

    So he relents and comes in with the flowers in his hands. “Uh…where should I put these?” he asks, holding them out in your direction.

    You take them into your grasp and sniff them. They’re a fresh bunch of pretty tulips that you slide into a waiting vase on your dining table before pulling out a chair for Seungkwan and busying yourself with making breakfast.

    “How have you been?” you ask as you move in front of the stove. 

    He shrugs out of the corner of your eye. “Well enough.”

    Ignoring the food on the stove, you turn so he can see the sincerity in your eyes. “If you need someone, you can always talk to me.”

    He smiles but shakes his head. “No it’s not that. Something is just…troubling, I suppose.”

    You tilt your head but don’t press on when he starts twiddling his thumbs, his gaze locked on his nails as you return to the pan on the stovetop.

    “You?” he pipes up.

    “I’m--” you let the thought simmer before the corner of your lips begin to curl. “I’m good,” you reply resolutely.

    “I’m glad.”

    “Thank you for all you do,” you say as toast pops out of the toaster. “It means a lot to me.”

    “It’s nothing--”

    “It’s not nothing. You’re so sweet, really. It’s okay to admit it.” You spoon eggs and toast onto plates and place one in front of Seungkwan. “I hope they’re okay.”

    He smiles as he digs in. If he’s honest, he heard from Minghao the people at work weren’t being the nicest, and he doesn’t understand how or why they’d be mean, let alone to you. Your kindness is so obvious, especially as he sits here. 

    He hopes one day you’ll be able to tell him everything. He wants to make things better. You just need to let him in. He wants that day to come. He wants to know you.

    He rests his head on his knuckles as he chews, deep in thought, allowing your eyes to wander to his. They sparkle with an unusual expression you can’t quite pin until his eyes shift back to you, meeting yours. Instead of startling you, you only melt further into them, feeling warmth and butterflies bloom in your chest and stomach as sunlight brings out even more of the sheen in his eyes.

    Swallowing the lump in your throat, you offer a shy smile, words not transferring from your brain to your lips.  

    “Thank you for breakfast,” he says as he slowly wipes his mouth with a napkin and stands, his heart pounding against his chest whether he likes it or not. “But I don’t wanna overstay my welcome.”

    You follow him towards the door and pull it open for him. “You’re welcome over anytime, Seungkwan. Really.”

    He smiles and opens his arms wide, inviting you into his embrace. He’s even warmer than you imagined, and if your senses aren’t deceiving you, his heart is racing in his ribcage. 

    Could it be? Could one of the nicest people you met possibly have feelings for you?

    He pulls away just as the thought crosses your mind and you watch as he heads down the hallway towards the elevator. No way.

    It’s the next day, finally a peaceful, relaxing Sunday, when you hear another knock at the door. Curious, you rise from the sofa and head for the door cautiously, just as you did the first day Seungkwan came to you, except this time with a new clarity in your chest.

    Peering through the peephole, you see a pacing Seungkwan and immediately pull open the door.


    “I can’t keep doing this,” he says, his words slurring together as his hands fiddle with the bunch of roses in their grasp.

    “It’s okay. I understand if--”

    “I can’t when I have real feelings for you, y/n.”


    “Yeah, you.”

    “But I--”

    “You might not see it in yourself, but I do. I see all the good in you, your genuine heart.”


    He smiles half-heartedly. “I hope you--”

    “But what if I liked you too?”


    Seungkwan follows behind you with a large box as the two of you descend down the elevator to your apartment. It’s moving day, the day Seungkwan finally moves in with you into your place, your shared place. It’s hard to believe the day is here at long last.

    As you both place down the last boxes, you lock eyes and smile. You walk over to the other side of the living room and simply plop yourself on the sofa next to him before bringing your lips to his. 

    “You’re here, you’re really here,” you exhale, nothing but content. “Finally.”

    “Yeah.” As you rest your head against him, he strokes your arm before whispering, “And I’m not going anywhere.”

    taglist (send an ask or dm to be on the open up! taglist): @m1ng-how @fallinchan​

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  • flickerchans
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    about now*:・゚| chapter eight — my sole purpose in life is to create as much discourse as i can

    summary: a global pandemic paired with months of lockdown; you're pretty sure you're going stir-crazy. when you come across a viral chat-app, you don't even hesitate to join it. thus begin the chaos of meeting 14 random strangers and how they become a bigger part of your life than you thought they would.
    alt: an au where you join an app that puts you into a groupchat of 15 people from different parts of the world
    previous | masterlist | next

    join the taglist ?? :D

    a/n: cant blame miki tbh it’s jeonghan we’re talking about here who can even deny his charm

    taglist: @wooziujidoots @emilie0nicole @lynniac @wuriwoori @serenadesvt

    #seventeen social media au #seventeen sm aus #svt sm au #seventeen imagines #woozi x reader #lee jihoon x reader #seventeen scenarios #seventeen fake texts #woozi imagines #lee jihoon imagines #svt x reader #seventeen x reader #about now
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  • ahloveisboo
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    room for dessert (m)

    pairing: joshua hong x fem!reader
    genre: 18+, smut (aka a quicky in the hallway), almost getting caught, established relationship, meeting the parents (mentions of food, dinner)
    wc: 1.6k
    summary: your boyfriend's parents have invited you over for dinner. the company is great and the food is delicious, but turns out joshua is craving a different kind of dessert.
    a/n: this was proof read by like two people and i read through it once to correct some first draft mistakes but other than that this is unedited, sry! also massive shout out to @bbugyu​ for having a mental breakdown in my dms earlier and reminding me to post this.


    The word echoes in your mind like an old windows screensaver pinball game, unable to voice it out loud. Joshua's breath feels hot on your neck, and there's no way you're going to be able to keep silent much longer. 

    "Remember," he whispers, tongue sweeping along the column of your neck before biting down on your sweet spot, "the first one to make a sound loses." His hips roll against yours, and his cock hits your walls just right, making you wrap your legs around him a little tighter. 

    When he asked you to come meet his parents, this was not how you had anticipated the night to go. You had managed to sit through the appetizers with ease, finding Joshua's parents an absolute joy to talk to. His mother was obviously where he got his wits, and his dad was gentle and soft spoken, easily keeping the conversation going. Dinner had been lovely, and you're pretty sure your boyfriend had spilled the beans on your favourite dish to his mother before tonight. However, by the end of the main course, Joshua's hand had roamed a little too far and a little too close at once, leaving you so flustered his mother had mistaken it for a bad reaction to the food and Joshua had fully taken advantage of the misconception to excuse yourselves to the bathroom. 

    Needless to say, you never made it there. 

    "What are you doing?" you hissed as he pressed you into the closest wall, one hand on your hip and the other tanged into your hair. "Your parents are right there."

    "I know," is all he said, smiling as he captured your lips in a hot kiss—only breaking it seconds later to add, "Guess we'll have to be quiet." 

    Joshua's hands are on your ass now, your dress bunched up around your waist indignantly, and you're pretty sure you heard your panties rip when he pulled them aside earlier. A shame really, because they were a good pair, but getting your brains fucked out five feet away from Joshua's childhood bedroom outweighs having to buy a new pair, if you're completely honest. 

    A groan tears itself from your partner's throat, and you're too preoccupied with Joshua's hands pulling down the top of your dress and palming your exposed breasts to realise he just violated his own rule, making you the winner of his childish little game. His tongue swirls around your nipple before gently sucking it into his mouth, and his thrusts suddenly get slower, more controlled—as if he's trying to savour the feeling for just a moment. 

    "J-Josh," you stammer, fisting his hair to pull him back to eye level, and your heart cartwheels through your chest when his gaze locks onto yours. You forget whatever it is you wanted to say, overwhelmed by the sole desire to devour, to be devoured, at the sight of Joshua's fucked out state, and just like that his mouth is pressed onto yours again, lapping into your mouth as his palm works your breast, still.

    A chair scrapes over the hardwood floors downstairs, and you can vaguely make out the muffled voices of Joshua's parents as they exchange words. Footsteps get louder as they near the staircase, and you startle when Mrs. Hong calls out to you. "Are you okay there, honey?" 

    Joshua detaches himself from you and clasps a hand to your mouth, a dazed grin on his face as he starts to move inside you again. "We're fine," he yells back, accentuated with a snap of his hips. "We'll be right," snap, "there." 

    You bite back a moan as he angles one of his thrusts just right, but freeze when the footsteps start coming up the stairs. Joshua's eyes widen in brief panic. He pulls out, gently putting you down before taking your hand and pulling you into his old bedroom. Your legs are wobbly, and you stifle a laugh as he peaks his head around the door frame to greet his mother. "She'll be fine, truly," he says, voice warm but a little unsteady, and he swallows when his eye catches your ripped panties under the hallway table.

    You quickly smooth out your dress and move to tuck his cock back into his briefs in case Mrs. Hong decides to walk as far as the bedroom door. "I just finished freshening up," you say as you peak your head out behind him. "He wanted to show me his old room. We'll be right down, looking forward to dessert!" you quip. 

    "It's okay, take your time," she replies, already one foot down the stairs again. "Dessert is not going anywhere."

    Joshua politely thanks his mother as she walks back down, pushing the door shut and you against it as soon as she's out of sight. His forehead bumps into yours, and you both burst out into giggles at the absurdity of the situation. "Boner killer?" you ask, tentatively, and Joshua nips at your jaw in response. 

    "You're not leaving this house until you cum, even if I have to resort to fucking you in my childhood bed." 

    You suck in a breath, and just like that the air feels electric again. Joshua reaches behind you to pat your butt, indicating you to jump and wrap yourself around him as he carries you to the bed. 

    It's too small for two people, but it works just fine for you to hold yourself up on all fours, giving Joshua a little more room to perfect his angle and feel around your body. He loses no time to line himself up and push his cock back into your warm pussy, and he nearly hisses at the sensation. The bed surprisingly doesn't creak under the weight, and the only sound filling the air is skin slapping against skin, a soft squelch as he moves in and out, and your uneven breathing as it hitches with each thrust. A flick to your clit is all it takes for you to finally release a moan, and Joshua breathes out a chuckle at the sound. He rubs it again, putting more pressure on the nub now that you've given into the pleasure. "I win," he whispers against the crook of your neck as your legs start to quiver under his touch. 

    You don't remember his earlier slip-up, taking his word for it, and you push your ass back to meet his thrust in retaliation. He bottoms out, leaving you both gasping as you clench around him in surprise. "Fuck—Ugh," you breathe, pushing back once more to chase the feeling after he pulls back out. This time though, he leaves you empty, and you whine at the loss of his fullness until you hear the faint rip of plastic, and you turn to find him rolling out a condom over his cock. He notices you watching, and beckons you closer to the side of the bed. 

    "I wasn't planning on cumming inside you at first," he starts, kissing your forehead, moving to your eyelids, the tip of your nose, the mole on your cheek, the corner of your lips, "but you're so fucking hot and I just—" 

    Instead of finishing his sentence, he lowers you onto your back, his kiss bordering on feverish as he pushes your legs apart. Your hand tangles into his hair as the other cups his ass, pushing his cock deeper inside of you once he's entered you for the last time. "Make me cum, please," you groan into his mouth, and Joshua doesn't need to be asked twice. Your clit is sensitive from his previous ministrations, and it doesn't take long until the knot building in your gut explodes into a million stars scattered across the back of your eyelids—your back arching off the mattress as your grip on his hair tightens. 

    Joshua topples over the edge with you, his thumb still working your clit languidly to help you ride out your high as he comes down from his own. His hair sticks to his forehead in sweaty strands, and his chest rises and falls steadily as he tries to catch his breath. You grin at him, pushing the hair out of his eyes and letting your palm come up to rest against his cheek. He feels hot, more so when his lips brush against your skin in content. "You're so beautiful," he mumbles, holding your hand in his own and turning it over to kiss your knuckles. 

    It stands in contrast with the words he uttered not only 5 minutes ago; caught in the moment, pushed by the feeling of lust as opposed to the sweet sense of love they are now laced with. 

    "We should actually freshen up this time," you chuckle, breaking the comfortable silence that has settled between you now that you're getting dressed. "Don't want to sit at the table with your parents looking like we just fucked in your room." 

    "Can't have that," Joshua agrees, walking into the hallway trying to look as coherent as possible. "But unless my mother's eyesight is getting worse, I'm pretty sure they already know." 

    You watch in horror as he bends to collect a pair of ripped, red panties off the floor. "You do realise this means I can never, ever come back here right?" 

    Joshua laughs. A real, head-thrown-back laugh this time, and your heart feels like it's growing in size. He pulls you close, eye tingling with something resembling mischief and adoration, and he plants a kiss on top of your head. "Don't be too sure about that." 

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  • 3raaaachachacha
    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    8:06 pm

    Kim Mingyu / 532 words / fluff / suggestive

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    Your study date with Mingyu was all going according to plan, until out of nowhere, he sat back on the couch with a sigh, throwing the text book onto the coffee table with a huff. Before you could even question it, Mingyu pulled you back slightly against the couch, hand touching your cheek as he leaned in close. Your faces mere inches apart as you looked at his lips before searching for his eyes again. Your cheeks felt hot with Mingyu’s strong gaze on you as your breath hitched.

    In a split second, Mingyu’s lips connected with yours in a soft, yet sweet embrace. You felt butterflies in your stomach and your heart rate quicken at the unexpected touch, his cold hands cooling your warm body. Once his lips left yours, your eyes fluttered open at the loss of contact before being met with his intense gaze. Mingyu opened his mouth to say something, but closed it almost instantly, placing a hand on his neck. He pulled you in again, catching you off guard as a small whimper escaped your lips.

    His tongue slipped into your mouth as he moved to place his hands on your thighs and waist, pulling you into his lap. You let his tongue explore your mouth in a messy kiss, but pulled away with a heavy breath, needing some air.

    “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” He smirked, leaning his forehead against yours, hands tightening around your waist. You sighed breathlessly before giving him a hum to agree, too emerged in the sudden pleasure to say anything.

    The two of you sat there for a few seconds, eyes gazing into each others as you felt the room become even warmer, the position you were in wasn’t close enough. You needed to be closer to him, you needed him. Slowly, you attached your lips to his neck, leaving small pecks onto his soft skin.

    “Are we really doing this?” He whispered softly, “Once we start, there is no turning back.”

    Too immersed in the amazing feeling, you continued your actions, wanting to hear more sweet noises from him, “Perfect.”

    Mingyu lifted your head to crash his lips onto yours in a heated kiss, the feeling of need and want mixed into a single embrace. His hands placed on your upper thighs under your skirt once you began to gently grind your hips against his clothed crotch. Upon pulling your shirt over your head, he noticed the way your body tensed, immediately telling him to take a breather.

    “Do you trust me?” He asked softly, hands moved from your thighs to your cheeks as he caressed them lightly, eyes locked with yours.

    You nodded as you moved to place your hands on top of his, “Of course I trust you,” You whispered with a slight pink tint to your cheeks, “There’s no one else I’d rather do this with.”

    A wide smile appeared on his lips as Mingyu nodded happily towards you before bringing you in for another kiss, hands on your hips as he helped guide you along his lap, “Let me show you how being love really feels. I won't disappoint baby.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️

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  • jonnnysuh
    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    rating how seventeen would react after their wisdom tooth extraction

    A/N: (All were heavily sedated)

    —S. COUPS 9/10. -1 bc has a nervous freak out before they sedate him. Wakes up with the utmost confidence.

    —JEONGHAN -4/10. Hits on the dental hygienist. Keeps asking if he looks handsome. Throws up on himself.

    —JOSHUA 10/10. Wakes up, says “ow” and rubs his cheek. Wants soup almost immediately.

    —JUN 6/10. Is laughing about the dumbest things. Will not stop touching the inside of his mouth.

    —HOSHI 4.5/10. Thinks they took all of his teeth. Wants revenge.

    —WONWOO 10/10. Relatively normal. His only concern is that he doesn’t know how he’ll eat.

    —WOOZI 2/10. Wants to fight. Not even about something recent.

    —DK 3/10. He will not stop cryingggg. You don’t know why, he doesn’t know why but please wipe his tears. He’s just emotional right now.

    —MINGYU 9/10. Is sleepy, doesn’t know what he’s saying. Thinks the extraction was all a dream. -1 point because you have to drag big man out of the car.

    —THE8 9/10. Starts revealing his innermost secrets. You’re only sure half of them are true though, bc they’re way too crazy.

    —SEUNGKWAN 8/10. Looks in the mirror and is freaked out about how much his face swelled. Sooo cute but soooo stressed bc he's all chipmunk cheeked and doing his anti-swelling stretches.

    —VERNON 10/10. Keeps reiterating how cool this is. “Isn’t it cool how I don’t have teeth anymore? This is so cool”

    —DINO 6.7/10. Is scared. WHERE DID MY TEETH GO?? WHO TOOK THEM OUT?? Buy him icecream and he'll relax.

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  • miccmiccbungeee
    23.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Vernon: today I won in a giveaway, got a t-shirt

    Seungkwan: today I won in a conflict, got satisfaction

    #seventeen #seventeen incorrect texts #kpop incorrect quotes #vernon#seungkwan #seventeen incorrect quotes #seventeen imagine#seventeen scenario
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  • 59writes
    23.07.2021 - 17 hours ago


    part 2 of a request by @atsumulikesparkles
    I haven’t edited this yet I’m so sorry if it sucks lol I’ll come back when it’s not 5:30 am
    also sorry no animal gifs this time you will have to accept my rabbit divider instead lol

    • tbh this poor guy doesn’t get visibly jealous

    • he’s honestly not one to externalize his emotions

    • and usually he just watches if this kind of thing happens

    • he’s then clingy for the rest of the night and very quiet cuz his thoughts are too loud ):

    • you catch on pretty quickly, though, and sit him down one night and talk it out

    • he just. doesn’t want to have any competition.

    • and even though you assure him that he has none, he’s still stressed, fidgeting with his fingers and not meeting your eyes

    • and so you pinky promise not to entertain any flirters as best you can

    • usually, you’re too kind to tell them to just fuck off, preferring to just let them wear themselves out

    • but seeing how it affects Jun makes you change your game plan pretty fast.

    • you go out about a week later, out to see a local group perform

    • tbh Jun thought you forgot about the chat, or at least were going to take a bit to fix your habit

    • but dammit a pinky promise is a pinky promise!!!!

    • inevitably, a guy comes up to you to ask you to dance as you get a refill at the bar

    • and Jun gets to watch from afar, skin prickling with apprehension

    • but no, you don’t even smile at the stranger, shaking your head and pointing into the crowd

    • the music is too loud to actually hear you, but Jun knows exactly what you’re saying.

    • “I’m actually here with my boyfriend, sorry.”

    • the man presses further, clearly not getting the hint, trying to meet your eyes.

    • you just give him a look and beeline for Jun the second your bartender gets your drink prepared

    • you’re a little uncomfortable from the man, but seeing Jun’s beaming smile makes it all go away as he hugs you tightly

    • “thank you, thank you.”

    • “of course, Jun.” you reply, sending him a smile back.

    • and he never had to worry again (:


    • he would make his stance explicitly clear if anyone came within a few feet of you

    • idk if y’all have noticed but he doesn’t exactly beat around the bush lol

    • he’s like a magnet. just appears out of nowhere to cling to your side and glare at whoever you were talking to

    • he’d always whine when the people went away, complaining that he doesn’t want to share

    • sometimes you have to tell him to tone it down after he practically growls at your boss

    • like. king, please not everyone is a threat.

    • you reprimand him about it later and he apologizes, truly just wanting to keep you close and safe

    • but you can take care of yourself! and he knows it, and you know he knows it.

    • him being clingy and childish is one of the best parts of being in a relationship with him, but also you can’t have it happening all the time

    • Soonyoung eventually figures out how to balance his actions

    • he’s still clingy, but keeps his eyes and thoughts on you instead of whoever you’re dealing with

    • it’s a huge change, and seeing it happen so quickly and effectively really proves how receptive he is to you and your wishes

    • which is amazing, actually like damn

    • the balance!!!! still taking care of his own needs (clinging to you, keeping an eye out for nasty people) while respecting yours (let me socially interact, please)

    • it’s a lot of emotional maturity and you’re both super proud of him (:


    • minghao goes about it in an interesting way

    • and it’s different every time, honestly

    • being the improv master he is, he’ll usually come up behind you if you’re being flirted with with some sort of snippy comeback or new role to play

    • “omg y/n it’s so good to see you!!! you don’t remember me? it’s your great grandma!!”

    • “omg babe who’s this hottie you found?” (This ones a favorite because the guy hitting on you usually panics)

    • “y/n, you’re under arrest for drug charges and money laundering.”

    • dude the shit he comes up with,,,

    • and he doesn’t take anything too hard

    • at the end of the day you both come back to each other

    • you’re such close friends that existing without each other just feels wrong

    • so Minghao knows you aren’t going anywhere or being influenced by people being flirty

    • plus we all know he gets hit on too, and it’s fun to do it right back

    • “Minghao! Who are you talking to? Did you find a lawyer for the money laundering case?”

    • good times all around


    • he’d be struggling tbh

    • he doesn’t have much experience with any of this: being in a relationship, feeling jealous, processing emotions, talking things out… the list goes on

    • so instead he just sulks and tries not to take it out on anyone when you politely decline people’s advances

    • you never give anyone an indication that you’re interested, always grabbing Chan’s hand and walking away, or just thanking them quietly before changing the subject

    • but Chan still doesn’t like it ):<

    • it really just reminds him that he has no fucking clue what he’s doing

    • these people can just come up to his partner and flirt with no problem

    • and he had to work up the courage for months to even compliment you ):

    • it just makes him frustrated !!

    • he manages to swallow his pride long enough to bring it up to you

    • you’re cooing at him in an instant, hugging him close

    • “I like that about you. You take your time, Chan.”

    • “It’s embarrassing!” He whines, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s stupid.”

    • “it’s not stupid! you just do things differently. don’t be embarrassed about that.”

    • it doesn’t stop him from being embarrassed, of course, but now when it happens you always turn to Chan and squeeze his hand or make a joke about how impatient some people are

    • at first it took a second to process what was going on, but he soon realized you were trying to acknowledge and credit his hard work

    • and now he’ll smile at his lap whenever you do it, whining at you to stop embarrassing him

    • it’s a much better thing to get embarrassed at though lol!!

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  • key201303
    23.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    500 Special

    What the actual hell has happened in the last few days?? 😭

    Thank you all so damn much for all the love and for making this possible 🙏🏼😭❤ I know I may sound repetitive but I'm really talking from my heart. I never in my life would have imagined so many people would enjoy this much my stories and it makes me really happy that this little family is growing more and more as days go by❤❤

    I know I have tons of requests belated but this is a really special number and I had to do something special SO request will be opened until until tomorrow (no matter your time zone) ❤ You can find all the groups and solists I write with on my Masterlist PLUS P1Harmony, Nflying and Kingdom (still have to add them😅)

    Since I don't have much time, the only requests I'll be taking are small reactions so SEND IN THE SCENARIO + THE GROUP YOU WANT (in case you want an nct reaction please specify the unit you want🙏🏼)

    Once again, thank you so much for this🙏🏼❤

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  • scoupsnotscoops
    23.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Okay Carats does anyone remember a fic about Mingyu where he and the reader are in this purge/dystopian setting and Jun is the bad guy?

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  • viastro
    23.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    from winter to spring (collab w/ @sunlightwoo) | prologue 2/2

    ミ★ synopsis: ‘all good things come with a cost.’ mingyu was warned from the beginning of your marriage as it somehow led to your divorce. so at the cost of him divorcing you, what did it mean for him if he found himself going back in time to see your life without him?

    previous | masterlist | next

    ミ★ taglist: @wooziujidoots @escapewriter @coppertrashi @purplehoranghae @brinnalaine @minluvly @wonunuu @suhfluffy @shuajeong @euphorencia @seoulbinz @minghao-will-be-the-death-of-me @jenuubiii @jaeyuni @sunflowergyeomie @cheolliehugs @fallinchan @a-vian @kodzumo @dwcljh @sbnchaos @taeguk-munchkin @w8nuzone @miyuuraiura @semicolorn @haonysus @anissanightyoung @kwonsyoungs @jjyusmile @isa499 @rjsmochii @yoonzinow @omgnctchina @serenadesvt @mingyumochi @junjungsunwoo @allyg-onz @morauvmi @introductionvert​ @m1ss-foodi3​

    ミ★ unable to tag: @smileyjimvn @adoreateez 

    let me or gina know if you’d like to get added to the taglist !!

    #from winter to spring viastro and sunlightwoo #from winter to spring viastro #kim mingyu x reader #jeon wonwoo x reader #mingyu x reader #wonwoo x reader #seventeen scenarios#seventeen series#seventeen fluff#seventeen angst #seventeen x reader #seventeen wonwoo#seventeen mingyu#jeon wonwoo #jeon wonwoo fluff #jeon wonwoo angst #wonwoo angst#wonwoo fluff#kim mingyu #kim mingyu scenarios #kim mingyu angst #kim mingyu fluff #mingyu oneshot#mingyu fluff#mingyu angst
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