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    hard thoughts discussions are open. I need inspiration to write my late ass kinktober posts so, send any hard thoughts you have my way!!

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    ✦ 👻  𝕸𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖍 SEASON 2 👻 ✦


    this chapter pairing; yandere!scoups x reader

    genre&warnings; university!au, yandere!scoups, dom!scoups, forced orgasms, dirty talk, daddy!kink, panty sniffing, drinking/intoxication, stealing/theft, intimate photos, oral[fem receiving], cum eating, overstimulation, character death, drugging, ‼️manipulation‼️.

    ✖ That being said, I do NOT condone yandere-like/obsessive/possessive behaviour in real life. this is a work of fiction therefore I will indulge in it. If you do NOT like this kind of content, please just ignore it.

    notes; Is it sinful to post a yandere fic on a Sunday... 🤔 Well, I guess this entire blog is really just that so welcome to the first yandere fic of this mini-series! 🥴🤣 Also I don’t know how many of you have heard this song before but it used to be one of my favorites when I was in middle school 😗 I didn’t learn of the lyrics until I got older HAHA but it’s def darker than I ever thought it’d be! Also I was imagining seungcheol with like yknow.... slicked back hair... sunglasses... cockily raising his brow... 🤤 Yum. Hehe 💕 Also! Only one week left! I feel like this is going so fast 😭😭💕 Thank you for your support as always~ Enjoy ch 6! I’ll see you tomorrow my loves~! 💕☠️😵‍💫

    word count; ~3500

    chapters; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - x - x - x - x - x - x - x

    our fateful meeting has resulted in a red thread tying us together

    opening my diary again, I make up today, and tomorrow, always!

    you always give kind smiles to everyone around you;

    i can’t hate you for something like that.

    The first time Seungcheol sees you on campus, he approaches you shyly.

    ‘Sorry, can I take your picture for my art project? I’m taking pictures of other university students on campus and their outfits for a street snap kinda thing…’ He’d mumbled - hands fiddling with the DSLR he’d painstakingly saved up all his money for.

    ‘Oh, are you in Professor Kim’s class too? I have a friend doing a similar project!’ You beamed in return - only for Seungcheol to feel his chest tighten at the way you smiled at him.

    ‘Y-yeah, I am! I just need a couple more photos and I thought you looked cool so…’

    ‘No worries! Where do you want me?’

    He’d smiled gratefully and that small encounter had been enough for Seungcheol to fixate on for days.

    Hours spent trying to find out more info on you and kicking himself mentally for being in such a panicked state that he’d forgotten to even ask for your name before you said your goodbyes and parted ways.

    But Seungcheol is smart and has a lot of connections and quickly finds out your name and that you’re living in the same apartment block near campus - only one floor down from his own.

    ‘How have I never seen her before? I’ll have to say hi to her sometime.’

    “Hey, hyung, you going to that party tomorrow?”

    Seungcheol closes all the tabs on his computer before he spins his computer chair to look at Soonyoung - cheeks a pale pink as he coughs and furrows his brows.

    “What party? This is the first time I’m hearing about it.”

    His other roommate, Jun, walks into his room as well, plopping onto the once clean bed as Seungcheol rolls his eyes.

    “Yeah, just make yourselves at home. I apparently don’t mind.”

    The two laugh as they settle in; both immediately taking their phones out as soon as they get comfortable.

    “It’s just some party that the dude in the penthouse here is throwing. Apparently, the whole building is invited and there’s an open bar so… We should go, at least for a little bit.” Soonyoung mutters.

    Seungcheol bites the inside of his cheek - maybe you’d be there since you lived in the building too?

    “Sure, I--I’ll go.”

    And Seungcheol hates the crowd but he finds himself in the very cramped penthouse the very next night; too nervous to even drink or move from his spot near the window as he waits for you to, hopefully, show up.

    “You okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost in here.” Jun comments teasingly.

    “I’m cool, I’m just… this isn’t really my crowd, y’know? I need to finish my project for Professor Kim’s class so I’m just… stressed.” Seungcheol shoots Jun a half-hearted smile before his eyes are darting to the door when he sees a figure walking in.

    It’s the second time Seungcheol ever sees you.

    And he finally gets your name.

    “Seungcheol! Over here!”

    You wave him down by the big tree; the picnic mat shifting underneath you as you giggle and make space for him.

    “I thought you said you were going to be late!” You pout - watching as the blush creeps up his neck. “I’m glad you had time though...”

    “M-me too… T-thanks for going on this date with me and I’m sorry I was a little late. I thought it’d be much worse but I finished up what I was working on quicker than I anticipated!” He smiles at you sheepishly before presenting you a bouquet of flowers. “I also stopped by to get these~”

    They’re your favourite kind and your favorite colour and you wonder just how on earth Seungcheol manages to get it right.

    Did you tell him? No, but maybe it was just a coincidence.

    “Thank you! That’s so sweet of you!” You beam and Seungcheol feels his entire body threatening to burst with the small gesture.

    “Of course! I--I really want to get to know you…” Seungcheol whispers; eyes downcast for a moment before he’s smiling and looking up into your gentle eyes.

    “I think I’m really starting to like you.”

    You date Seungcheol for two months before anything weird starts to happen.

    And when it starts, it’s only a few things here and there.

    “‘Cheol, I don’t know… I mean I left the window open but…” You hold his hand tightly, still scared that someone had apparently snuck into your apartment and stolen a few of your articles of clothing and photos of you from your photo albums. “S-should I call the police?”

    Seungcheol furrows his brows and wraps an arm around your waist to pull you in closer as you melt into his protective touch.

    “Let’s hold off on that for right now… You said no money or anything super valuable was taken right? I’m not too sure if they’d even be able to do anything right now since it was just small things...” He sighs softly and pats your hair before kissing the crown of your head.

    “How about you sleep at my place tonight, hmm? I’ll make sure the other two are quiet so you can get some rest.”

    You agree and end up spending three nights at Seungcheol’s apartment; tucked into his warm sheets and cuddled up next to his chest while he holds you close.

    But what you don’t know is that Seungcheol takes a box out from under his bed when you leave - shaky fingertips taking your stolen panties from the box as he brings it up to his face and inhales deeply.

    ‘It’s okay, it’s just a few things,’ he tells himself; hand wrapped around his cock as he jerks off alone in the dark to your scent, ‘I’ll just have to be more careful next time. Take less obvious things.’

    He cums twice that night.

    Images of you underneath him as he fucked you into his silk sheets making him moan into the fabric of your panties when he’d cum the second time.

    ‘Just be more careful, Seungcheol.’

    It’s the third month that you start to feel off - not about Seungcheol but about everything else.

    “It’s weird, Wonwoo’s been avoiding me and stopped coming to class too? I tried to contact him but… I dunno, he hasn’t been responding. His phone is off too. It’s just so weird.” You complain to Seungcheol.

    Wonwoo is a good friend of yours and also in one of Professor Kim’s class and you thought that he and Seungcheol would make good friends since they had the same interests.

    But oddly enough, Wonwoo had stopped responding to your messages last week and his phone had been off every single time you tried contacting him - not to mention he’d been missing from all of his classes since then.

    “Maybe he’s just busy…? I think if people block your number that’s kinda what happens too but… I dunno, do you think there’d be a reason for him to do that?” Seungcheol inquires gently.

    You shake your head ‘no’ in response before you crawl up to Seungcheol on his bed - eyes filled with need as you softly tug on the hem of his shirt.

    “Can we… do something? Just wanna take my mind off of it.”

    Seungcheol gives in to you always - head between your thighs as he eats you out until you’re crying and begging him to stop after your fourth orgasm.

    And when you’re fast asleep after the fact, Seungcheol watches you with a gleam in his eyes and his lips pressed into a firm line.

    He’s sorry he had to get rid of Wonwoo but it was the only option.

    “Hey man! Great project!”

    Wonwoo grins at Seungcheol when he steps up to the other male’s display that’s up in the atrium along with his own.

    “Do you know her?”

    He points to your photo as Seungcheol goes rigid.

    “Y-yeah, kinda…? Why?”

    Wonwoo gestures to Seungcheol to follow him to his project and Seungcheol grits his teeth as soon as he sees your photos in Wonwoo’s projects.

    Mental images of you getting fucked by Wonwoo making his stomach churn as the other male rambles on about his project.

    “I went a little over the top with this one, I think. But she fit really well with my goddess theme so I asked her to take a few photos with me. She’s a really good friend of mine! And your photos are sick, man! We should hang out sometime!”

    Seungcheol smiles and agrees. 

    Because he knows the first time they hang out will be the last and he’s right.

    Poor Wonwoo had slumped over cold in the passenger’s seat of Seungcheol’s car that night while Seungcheol had buried the bottle of rat poison in the dirt - only a few feet away from his car.

    He wishes you wouldn’t be so kind to everyone when they didn’t deserve it.

    “Hey Seungcheol, you wanna go to that Halloween party tonight? It’s in the penthouse again! Where we met~”

    This time it’s you suggesting to go and not Soonyoung and despite the urge to say no, he nods his head ‘yes’ as you excitedly bounce around his room.

    “It’s an open bar and I miiiiiight’ve gotten us costumes~”

    “What if I said no, baby? You know I don’t really like getting all dressed up.” He teases back.

    You run out of his room for a second before skipping back in - costumes in hand as he looks them up and down.

    “I guess we could also spend the night roleplaying while we fuck in these Harley and Joker costumes?”

    Seungcheol would’ve rather the two of you stayed in and he doesn’t like how revealing your costume is, but he lets it slide for now.

    “Come take a shot with me, Mistah J!”

    You wink at him as he jokingly rolls his eyes and saunters up to you to take the small shot glass from your hand. Downing it quicker than you do your own before he sets the glass down onto the countertop.

    “How many drinks have you had, baby?”

    “Mm.. just a few! You need to catch up!” You pout up at him; smeared makeup making the thoughts in his head run a mile a minute with ideas.

    He leans down until his lips are ghosting against the shell of your ear - a shiver rolling down your spine when he licks it.

    “Let’s just have a few more drinks and then dip… I have some other ideas I wanna hash out before the night is over~”

    The suggestion alone has you rushing through the rest of the night as the two of you drink and dance for about an hour before Seungcheol is tugging you towards the door; tripping on yourself as you giggle drunkenly.

    “Mmmmmistah J, can you carry m-me?” You slur out to Seungcheol who nods and hooks an arm under your knees and back.

    “You okay though, princess?”

    You nod just as Seungcheol manages to get the two of you into the elevator.

    “‘M just really horny now, ‘Cheol…”

    “Oh? Why’s that?” The elevator dings for his floor and he all but power walks back to the apartment.

    Mentally glad that Soonyoung and Jun would be at the party upstairs for at least a few more hours.

    “You just l-look so hot in that costume… I really wanna ride you so b-bad…”

    Seungcheol doesn’t say any more as he struggles to get the door unlocked before flinging it open and shutting it as quickly as possible.

    “Weird, I was just thinking the exact same thing.”

    When you slide onto his lap, he smiles appreciatively at you.

    “You look so cute in your costume, baby. Even cuter now that you’re gonna be a good girl and fuck yourself on my cock.”

    You let out a whimper as you position yourself over his cock; moaning when the head of it prods your entrance.

    “F-fuck, Seungcheol… Can I-I?”

    “Go ahead, baby. I wanna see you using my cock how you want.”

    You slowly sink down onto his length, simultaneously throwing your head back at the delicious way he stretches you open.

    “O-oh… Seungcheol… You’re s-so big… Mmnh…”

    He bottoms out inside of you as your toes curl; the head of his cock snug against your cervix as you whine.

    “You’re already so d-deep… I c-could cum just like t-this...”

    You start off slow - bouncing and swiveling in his lap as he watches you with focused eyes.

    “You’re soaking my cock so much, baby~ What were you thinking about, hmm?”

    “Ngh… W-wanted you to f-fuck me up there at, ah, the--the party… You look s-so hot in your costume I--I couldn’t stop thinkin’ about it…”

    “Yeah? You wanted me to take you to one of the rooms? Get my fingers in that tight ‘lil cunt of yours before I fucked you hard in a stranger’s bed?”

    You nod feverishly as you clamp down onto his cock in a vice grip. “Y-yeah… I was, ngh, a-already so wet just t-thinking about it…”

    Seungcheol places his hands on your waist as he guides your body - his hips thrusting up as you mewl.

    “Mm, can’t you hear how wet you are, baby?”

    The two of you are quiet for a second as your cheeks burn with the sound of skin slapping and your wetness making everything ten times louder.


    “Don’t apologize, baby~ It’s fucking hot that your cute ‘lil cunt got this wet just thinking about me fucking you in your ‘lil costume… Maybe we should do it more often, hmm?”

    Seungcheol starts to see your legs tremble from the tiredness of bouncing on his lap, so he gently holds you still before reversing your positions on the bed with your back against the warmed sheets.

    “Let me take over, okay, baby? Let daddy make you feel good.”

    You let out a guttural moan as soon as he starts a harsh pace - cries of 'Seungcheol’ and ‘daddy’ rolling off of your tongue as your nails dig into the  silk sheets.

    “Fuck, r-right there! Fuck me h-harder right there, daddy! Mmnh, it feels s-so goooood…”

    He spreads your legs as far as they’ll go - smirking down at your blissed out face.

    “So fuckin’ pretty for me, baby. You’re so pretty when you’re getting fucked by me~”

    Your toes curl and your body buzzes with electricity and the alcohol still in your system - body sensitive when he alternates between thrusting into you and grinding against you.

    “You like it when I fuck you this deep, hmm? You’re so good at taking all of daddy’s cock inside your pretty cunt~ All the way up to the base~”

    “S’cause d-daddy fucks m-me good… M-my, mmh, p-pussy is--is only made to take y-your cock…”

    A sinister grin etches itself onto his features as he nods, “That’s right, baby~ This pussy belongs to daddy, right? So let everyone know it - I wanna hear you screaming for daddy while he fucks this tight ‘lil cunt.”

    “Ngh, S-Seungcheol!”

    Your back arches off of the sheets, too lost in the pleasure to realize you were already cumming around his cock - your walls fluttering around him as he fucks you through your high.

    “Mm, can daddy take pictures of you, baby? You’re so beautiful just like this~”

    You nod as he reaches for his phone discarded off to the side and the sounds of the shutter go off not a second later as you peer up at him through hazy eyes.

    “Mmnh… Seungcheol… P-please… M-more…”

    He’s taking a few more pictures of your fucked out expression before he takes a few of his cock inside your pussy - smirking as he tosses the phone back off to the side.

    “Gonna be a good girl and let daddy cum inside you, baby?”

    “P-please, I--I wanna feel you…”

    He grunts in response as he chases his high - the need to see his cum spilling out of your spent pussy urging him closer and closer to an orgasm.

    “Fuck, b-baby, I’m s-so close…”

    “Give it to m-me, daddy… F-fill me up with, a-ah, y-your cum…”

    Seungcheol sees red as his orgasm finally crests after a few more skillful snaps of his hips; his pace never faltering as he fucks his cum deeper inside of you to make it stick.

    You work him through it, clenching around his cock as you moan out his name - the warm, sated feeling making your entire body and mind feel hazy even when he starts to slow down.

    “You--you feel s-so hot cumming i-inside of me, daddy…”

    “Yeah? Daddy’s filthy ‘lil princess likes it, huh? I wish you could see it, baby… It’s already pushing out of you when I thrust my cock in… There’s so much of it… Should daddy clean you up with his tongue?”

    You let out a shocked gasp as Seungcheol pulls out of you - his cock covered in a mixture of your wetness and his cum as he slowly sinks down onto his elbows and knees between your trembling thighs.

    “Oh, d-daddy, I--mmph!”

    He doesn’t give you a second to rest as he glides his tongue through your soaked folds, collecting his cum and your wetness on his tongue before swallowing it all down.

    “Your cunt is still wanting more, hmm? So needy down here, baby… Does daddy need to fuck you again? Cum inside you a second time?”

    You cry out and tug on his hair as he leans back in; tongue on your overly sensitive clit as your hips buck up to ride the feeling.

    “S--Seungcheol, I, a-ah, ‘m so--so sensitive, I c-can’t…! It’s t-too, mmnh, much!”

    Your head thrashes against his pillows but he doesn’t let up - instead forcing another orgasm out of you as you grind against his tongue and sob quietly.


    He smirks as he feels your entire body quiver and shake underneath him - hands keeping your body firm against the sheets as he continues to tease you relentlessly.

    “Ngh, p-please… n-no more…” You whine; gently tugging on his mussed hair as he sucks on your clit one last time before he’s shaking your hands from his hair.

    “Aww, my cute ‘lil baby looks even prettier now that you’ve ruined all your makeup~ Daddy fucks you that good, huh?”

    Seungcheol runs a hand through his sweaty hair - pushing it back as you clench around emptiness at the visual.


    A glob of cum drips from your spent hole and onto the sheets as he cackles. 

    “You’re so easy, baby.”

    He reaches down to collect the cum on his fingers before he brings the soaked digits to your lips.

    And you part them for him as he sinks his fingers into your mouth; moaning softly at the salty substance that coats your tongue as you suck on his fingers.

    “That’s my good girl~ Now, why don’t you stay here and I’ll go get a bath ready for you, okay? You’re dripping cum all over the bed, baby. I’ll need to clean the sheets too.”

    You nod tiredly as he withdraws his fingers and slips off of the bed - trying to fight the sleep that’s threatening to take you as you watch him leave the room.

    And when Seungcheol is gone for longer than you expect, the slight chill in the bedroom has you shivering now that he wasn’t there to keep you warm.

    So you slide off of the bed, tiptoeing to his closet to grab a shirt or sweater to keep yourself warm while he was somewhere else in the apartment.

    The fresh cum that starts to drip out of you when you walk has you reaching a hand between your legs as you push it back into your needy cunt.

    “J-just need a--a shirt...”

    You can’t seem to find a lightswitch on the wall so instead, you knee and fish around for a shirt in his walk-in closet - your brows furrowing when you feel shreds of paper lining the wall when you reach in too deep.


    Pushing some of the clothes aside, the confusion continues to mount when the glint of glossy paper catches your eye in the dark. Multiple pieces of it overlapping as you run your hand over them.

     “What is this…?”

    This time, you actually take a moment to find the light switch as you flick it on - your eyes wide as saucers when you see photos of yourself lining the entirety of the back of Seungcheol’s closet wall.

    Photos of you sleeping in bed, photos of you walking around campus, and even the photos of you that had been stolen from your apartment were all there. Some digitalized and some on film - indicating he’d taken extra time to have them processed before he’d pasted them together on the wall.

    You freeze as your eyes quickly flit from photo to photo - barely having a second to register the stolen pile of panties sitting close by on a smaller shelf lining the wall.


    “Yes. Sweetheart?”

    Your breath stops when you hear his gravelly voice behind you; his shadow looming over your body as you refuse to turn around and look at him.

    But all you hear is a disappointed sigh.

    “Well, I was hoping it’d look much prettier than this when I finally showed you. After all, I haven’t even added those new pictures of you I’d taken earlier.”

    “W-what... What is t-this, Seungcheol?”

    He smirks at your back as he leans up against the doorframe. 

    “I just love you so much, sweetheart. Can’t you see I just appreciate you so much?”

    The words are caught in your throat as you stay unmoving. 

    “I--b-but... W-why like this? I--are those my--my panties that I...”

    He ‘tsk’s and takes a step towards your back, kneeling right behind you as he nuzzles your neck. The gesture would’ve normally made your heart flutter but instead, it only makes you whimper out of fear. 

    “We can pretend you didn’t see this and go take your warm bath, sweetheart. It’s already warmed up just for you... I even got you a plate of strawberries and whipped cream... Or... Well, I mean, I wouldn’t want to you to join Wonwoo.” 


    Realization hits all at once as you connect the dots. 

    Surely Seungcheol didn’t...?

    But you gulp harshly - eyes staring straight at the wall unfocused when he starts to gently massage your stomach.

    “I--y-yes let’s... Let’s go take that shower, I-I’m... I’m--my legs are so--so sticky and--and dirty...”

    He kisses your shoulder and helps you up, turning you to face him as you stare up into his crazed, loving eyes. 

    “I’m glad you saw it my way, sweetheart. Now let’s get you all cleaned up.”

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    Here’s the request for Woozi!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#lee jihoon #lee jihoon smut #seventeen woozi #seventeen woozi smut #seventeen#seventeen smut
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    this just in!

    i’ve made a twitter! it is @b00s3ungkwan so if you’d like to follow me, i’ll probably post nsfw things?? i haven’t decided fully😅

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    Leave It On The Runway

    Fashion Model!Minghao x Fashion Model!Reader, Enemies to Lovers

    A/n: I didn’t want to make Minghao a jerk in this, but it was only choice, guys, and this smut is proudly sponsored by Xu Minghao’s Hands, like seriously they are hot as hell 😫🥵.

    Warnings ⚠️: Dom!Minghao, Protected Sex (Birth Control), Fingering, Oral (Male Receiving), Squirting, Dirty Talk, Hand Kink, Finger Sucking, Choking, Hickeys, Reader Going Into Subspace, Small Body Worship

    Here you were sitting in your glam chair getting ready for one of the biggest fashion events of the year, New York Fashion Week, where everyone is watching you, top designers, photographers, celebrities just waiting to collaborate with you for some of their projects, but only if you do well. With being in multiple collections, you will be on the runway numerous times. You wanted to do your best, and be on the cover, so with that being said, you wanted to be a flawless bitch, but that may be stopped by someone you despised.

    “Of course you need extra time to hide your ugliness.” That voice was of course accompanied by none other than Xu Minghao. He’s another model here that you never really got along with. Every time you talked to him, it was always like he had his own set of arrogance and pride in him, he thought he was the best, and you couldn’t stand that, at least you wanted to show your growth.

    “It’s makeup Minghao, all of us have to wear it, including you.” You replied. “Yeah, but at least I look decent with or without it.” “Screw you!” You yelled at him. “Oh, no be careful I don’t want to risk losing the deals that I will get when I make the cover of this year’s NYFW magazine.” He comments. “What makes you so confident that you’ll be on the cover?” “Four things sweetheart, I’m charming, nice good looks, I look expensive, and I’m not you.” “You know just because you have those traits, doesn’t mean that you’ll be on the cover 99% of everyone here has those qualities, and all have a shot you know.” You told him. “So, I’m guessing that 1% is you?” He chuckled. “Just because you think you deserve it doesn’t mean any of us don’t, and besides, once these people meet your true attitude and personality, you may be blackballed, and no one would want to work with you.” “But see, that’s the thing (Y/n), I know how to act, and well I guess that’s another thing that you don’t have on your resumé, so enjoy sitting back at home while I actually further my career, oh and makeup artist, make sure you consult a plastic surgeon to do something about that.” He said as he looked you up and down before walking off.

    You sighed into your seat, as your makeup artist gave you a hug. “I’m sorry that he said that to you, he can be a real jerk.” She consoled you. “Thanks, I can’t believe I actually looked up to that jerk.” You replied. In all actuality, you did look up to Minghao, when you first made modeling as your career, you wanted to meet someone who was driven with confidence, but sadly you were met with someone who was a pure ass. “It’s okay, he just needs someone to knock him down a couple of notches, and he’ll be as humble as ever.” She mentioned. She finished your makeup, and you headed over to the changing room to change into the first look of the first collection.

    The stylists helped make you look effortlessly gorgeous, and you were really feeling yourself. You look around and everyone is ready for the show, you took your place in the order, and got comfortable. Sadly, you were right in front of Minghao, you didn’t want to say anything, but being the bigger person, you gave him some encouraging words. “Hey, I know you don’t like me, but whoever gets noticed, I hope we all do well, and may the best one win.” You told him. “I plan to.” He said before scoffing, making you roll your eyes.

    The music began to play, and you were ready to walk. The first set of models walk out including Minghao, once he finished, he came back giving you a wink and a glare making you roll your eyes. You huffed out a huge breath before walking out, a huge glare of confidence washed over you. You walked out with attitude, the sway of your hips were mesmerizing. You acted like the flash of the cameras weren’t even there. You distinctively heard cheers and claps as you got to the end of the runway striking your final pose. “That is (Y/n) (L/n).” One of the recruiters of the magazine said.

    You walk away, happy to hear the positive outcome of your walk. You walked out smiling, happy and proud of yourself. As you walked into the changing station, you were stopped by a mean Minghao approaching you.

    “Congratulations, you walked out with nothing to show how terrible you did.” “Fuck off.” You said. “Hey, that’s not being a poise model.” He joked. “Yeah, and so is not telling your coworker how terrible she did.” “So you admit that you’re terrible?” “You know what Minghao, you are a-” You stopped mid sentence to see your coworker, giggling with the people asking her for another deal to model with them, even though you were happy that she won, you did feel an ounce of sadness because it could have been your one way ticket to more fame and fortune, and a decent celebratory laugh in front of Minghao.

    “Anyways, everyone is going out to dinner tonight to celebrate her win, are you coming?” Minghao asked. “Why are you so worried about me?” You scoff. “Because- look, be there or don’t, I couldn’t care less I was just asking.” He replied before walking off. ‘Ugh, how could someone so hot be so rude?’

    As night time fell, you were getting ready for the dinner tonight, you already took your shower, picked out your dress and heels, and began to finish up. All of a sudden, you heard a knock at the door. You went over and peeled through the eyehole to find the familiar face of Xu Minghao standing there. Slowly, you opened the door.

    “(Y/n) are you ready ye-” He stopped gazing at your towel cover figure. It didn’t dawn on you that you still had your towel on until his eyes shifted towards the natural cleavage the push had given you. Crossing your arms over your body, you responded to his question.

    “Does it look like I’m ready!?” “Don’t get smart, you should’ve been ready, we leave in thirty minutes!” He said. “You act like we only have two minutes left!” You exclaimed. “Because it takes you like three hours to get ready!” “Well it takes time looking this hot.” You tell him. “More like trying to get hot.” He scoffs. “Fuck off, I’ll be ready.” You said before shutting the door in his face.

    Thirty minutes had finally passed and you could hear the sound of hotel doors open and close signaling that everyone was leaving. Not only was everyone going to the dinner, but the designer had arranged for all of us to ride in a limo to the restaurant. Within a second, Minghao arrived at your door knocking like a maniac waiting for you to leave. “(Y/n), everyone’s leaving why can’t you-” Minghao entire expression changed as he viewed your attire for tonight, a figure-hugging red dress with white Christian Louboutin red bottoms to go with your red glam lipstick look.

    “Ah, you look great.” Minghao commented. “Oh my god! Was that a compliment from Xu Minghao?” You ask. “Yes, but don’t flatter yourself, I can appreciate art sometimes.” He shrugged. “So now I’m a piece of artwork?” You laughed. “Whatever, now come on, everyone is leaving, the limo is loading up!” He said pulling your arm towards the elevator.

    You finally sat down in the limo, and everyone was finally here, the driver began to move on the road. As everyone began to talk about their lives and how much fun they were having you began to take in Minghao’s outfit. He wore a navy blue suit, his silver watch was perfectly in tone with the color and went well with his long slender fingers and large hands, you practically were salivating over him and you didn’t even realize it until he began to stare back at you.

    “You know it’s rude to stare.” He said. “Why? I’m just admiring art.” You smirked causing Minghao to laugh quietly. This was always your little game with him, when you two are alone you both could yell, curse, scream, and insult each other when you wanted to, but when your around other people, you always acted in a civil way to never draw attention to the both of you. “You do clean up nice though.” You smiled. “So do you.” He replied. Soon enough you all arrived at the restaurant and everyone took their seats, everyone pretty much sat near the people they were with in the limo, so you sat next to Minghao.

    As the dinner started, everyone was enjoying each other’s company, laughter erupted from the table from a few familiar and not so familiar jokes, congratulations and celebrations were made for the designer and the girl who won the contract, and there were also a few drunks who were so loud the whole restaurant could hear. You casually sipped your wine as you waited for your food until your name was called. “(Y/n), you look so gorgeous!” One of your work colleagues spoke. “Thanks love, you do too, in fact all of you all look beautiful!” You reply. “But you look smoking! Everyone knows red is the sexiest color, and you’re the only one wearing it, no wonder Minghao keeps glancing, if I were sitting there, I’d probably be falling over my seat right now.” Your other colleague said super drunk, somehow you could now feel the unwanted tension from Minghao as soon as your male colleague made that analogy. Shifting a little in his seat, you felt a large hand get placed on your thigh, and without even guessing, it was Minghao’s.

    The food finally arrived and you were all starving, it was definitely tasty, and you were happy to enjoy it, the only thing that kept in touch with reality was Minghao’s hand still stuck to your thigh. He made sure to keep it in place the entire time, and continued on with conversations during the dinner. Once everyone finished, the designer paid for the entire bill making everyone satisfied.

    “Okay you guys, now it’s been a pleasure talking to you all, but it’s time to go, there’s an after party in celebration of the show and it starts at eleven tonight so far it’s 8:30, and that gives us about two and a half hours to chill and let our food digest before it starts.” The designer explained. You all began to smile, after parties were always entertaining after any huge event that you went to, this is going to be an eventful night.

    As everyone headed back to the limo, you all got in, still sitting next to each other, this time the ride was a little more quiet, only small conversations happened with a few of your colleagues, but everyone else was pretty chill. Some of the conversations involved if anyone was changing before the party, how good the food was, and how fun they think the party was gonna be. On the way back to the hotel, Minghao never uttered a word, you wanted to ask him about the whole hand on your thigh situation, but with the way he acts, it’s best not to begin that conversation.

    Soon enough the limo arrives at the hotel and you all head to your rooms for some R&R. The biggest thing for you was to let your food digest a little bit, and change your shoes, you loved your red bottoms but six inch stilettos are sometimes a little too much. As you removed your shoes and tried to decide on which ones to wear for the party, there was a knock at your door. You opened it up and Minghao walked through pacing himself in to your surprise.

    “Um come in!?” You ask more of like a question. “You’re not going to that party.” Minghao said. “What makes you think that!?” You responded. “Because I said so!” “Just because you said so doesn’t mean I have to abide to you, this entire weekend you have literally been acting like an ass this whole time, and what was with your hand so far up my thigh at dinner tonight huh!?” You exclaimed. “Look! You’re not going to this party, I just don’t want you to go!” He said stepping in closer. “And once again, I said-” You we’re cut off with Minghao kissing your lips. What surprised you was that you didn’t even pull away. You were frozen on your own two feet as his plump lips were connected to yours.

    “I’m not letting anyone see you at that party looking sexy as ever unless it’s me.” He said holding your body with his hands. “M-Minghao.” You whimpered. “I know that you’ve been wanting me, let’s be honest (Y/n), why is it that I had my hand on your thigh the entire dinner, and not once did you try to even move it Hmm?” He smirked. “M-maybe because I like your hands.” You replied coming off as more as a question. “Really? What do you like about them?” “They’re big, you have long fingers, and they would look perfect on me.” You said, eyes widening at the last part. It was obvious that Minghao intimidated you perfectly and got you right where he wanted you.

    “So you’re a slut for my fingers then? Do you wanna see them on your body (Y/n)? You gonna let my hands cascade over your body, make you wet, make you cum?” Minghao whispered. Causing you close your legs together, Minghao noticed the reaction. “Aww you look so cute getting flustered and wet, I wonder how much of a mess I can get you to make.” He wouldn’t have to wait longer because with all the words that came out of his mouth, your shame was finally gone. “Fuck, please take me to the bed right now Minghao!” You whined. Minghao picked you up before leaning in again and kissing you. He pushed his tongue down your throat as he carried you to the bed and placed you down gently as he hovered over you.

    “Let’s get you out of this dress.” He said. He pulled down the straps before pulling it off your body, you lifted your legs up so it could finally be removed completely. Minghao smirked at your frame, he wanted to mess your perfect model body up and with the power he held over you, he just might.

    “You would look so good in some hickeys, don’t you think?” He asked. “Y-yes.” You whimpered. Minghao then leaned down and began to suck on the side of your neck, the tender skin feeling his warm wet mouth create bruises onto it. Once satisfied, he moved to the down towards the collarbones and sucked two hickeys on both sides, next was your breasts making sure to suck three hickeys on the right one and four on the left one, your body jolted one you felt his plump lips around your hard left nipple as his hand massages the right one. He then moved to the right one and covered it in his saliva as well. Lastly, he moved down to your thighs opening up to view your very small thing before sucking multiple hickeys on the inside of your thighs, he teased you as his breath fanned over your pussy repeatedly making you reach for his hair immediately. Minghao finally leaned up taking in his work.

    “I’m a really good artist, you look like a masterpiece.” Minghao said taking in what his mouth has done to your body. A hickey grazed your neck, then cascaded into two on each collarbone, next showed seven hickeys amongst your breasts, your nipples still glistening with his coated saliva, and finally the hickeys trailed towards the top and inside of your thighs as you held them open, your black thong making you look even more sexier.

    “Make sure your makeup artist covers those for any fashion shows or photo shoots soon.” He smirked. Minghao looked at your face indicating that you were needy and needed some attention, but to be honest you literally laid down for almost fifteen minutes letting him mark you with tons of hickeys for fucks sakes. Minghao began to remove your panties, once gone, you were completely bare. Your wet pussy finally exposed to Minghao. He licked his lips as he saw your body fully nude, his bulge in his pants clearly showed that he enjoyed seeing you this way.

    “Do want me to stuff you with my fingers?” He asked his palm now placed against your heat. You nodded your head looking at him with innocent eyes. “Use your words (Y/n).” He said sternly. “Yes, I want your fingers inside please.” You whined. Minghao slowly rubbed your clit with his thumb before he inserted his index finger into you. His long slender finger was enough to have you moaning, he wasn’t lying when he said you were a slut for his hands, they were perfect.

    He moved his finger in and out slowly as his thumb continued to rub circles around your clit. You whimpered his name as he picked up his pace before inserting a second finger into you. “Minghao.” “Hmm? Do you like my fingers inside your tight pussy?” He asked. “Y-yes. More please.” You said. Minghao smirked as he added a third finger stretching you out. He began to finger you faster, the action making you moan loudly, with the power of his fingers thrusting into you, your body began to move at the fast actions. His fingertips started to graze your g-spot, his thumb never removing itself from your clit as the circles got harsher. Minghao began to move his fingers in a come hither motion causing you gasp. Curling his fingers, you could finally feel his fingers completely hitting your g-spot.

    “Ahh, Hao!” You moaned. Minghao leaned down taking your nipple into his mouth as his fingers did all of the work. Your juices were dripping onto the bed as his fingers were going faster than before, so fast that you could feel the cold silver of his watch repeatedly hitting the inside of your thigh. You clenched down on Minghao’s fingers as you drew closer to your orgasm.

    “Hao, I’m close.” You moaned. “Yeah, I know, cum for me.” He whispered after he detached his mouth from your nipple. You looked at how hot he looked, his blue suit still on, watch shining, and the way he was so focused on making you cum was just enough to throw you over the edge. “Minghao!” You screamed. Your body jolted before it began to shake in pleasure, you cried out at how intense the orgasm was. Minghao fingers never stopped as you rode out your high. His thumb spelling his name into your clit slowly as you calmed down, body going into small jerks over the action. You began to look down at his fingers as he removed them from you, but that’s not all that you saw. Minghao stood there with his eyes widened, his suit partially wet along with the inside of your thighs and the sheets on the end of the bed, you had squirted.

    “I didn’t know my fingers had this much effect on you.” He giggled still in shock. “Well, like you said, I’m a slut for your hands remember? I’m sorry about your suit.” You replied. “Ahh, I don’t care, but I think Armani would.” He chuckled. You leaned up before giving him a kiss to his lips and started to remove his suit. Starting with the jacket, next his tie, then you untucked and unbuttoned his shirt before removing it showing his lean and toned body, and finally going to his pants gazing at the huge bulge that stared you in the face.

    You slowly unbuttoned his pants showing his underwear with his bulge pressed against the material. You licked your lips before palming his member slowly making him groan. You then pulled down his underwear as his dick spring up in front of you. His cock was so long and nice, you thought he would feel perfect inside of you. Not wasting any time, you began to take his member into your hands before pumping it up and down, before licking his tip, spreading some of his pre-cum around. Minghao’s hand went towards your hair holding it up before you finally put his member into your mouth.

    “So good (Y/n).” He moaned as you moved your mouth up and down his cock, you couldn’t put much of him into your mouth due to his length, but what couldn’t fit would be wrapped in your hand. You looked up at Minghao, eyes closed, head thrown back as you sucked him off. He wasn’t much of a moaner, but his small pants and groans that went towards your ears was definitely enough to know that he was enjoying it.

    “(Y/n) you’re doing so well.” Minghao groaned. You hallowed out your cheeks as you tried to take more of him into your mouth, going down about three quarters of the way before going back up, slightly gagging a little bit. Your tongue started to lick the small vein on the underside of his cock, making him thrust into your hand and mouth slightly gagging a little bit. Minghao’s moans began to get louder as his cock twitched in your mouth signaling that he was really close. You removed your mouth from his cock and began to suck only on the sensitive tip which had Minghao gripping your hair harder as he moaned out.

    “Ah, (Y/n) I’m gonna cum!” Minghao moaned as you sucked his tip harsher, hand moving up and down at a good pace. Minghao finally threw himself over the edge as he began to thrust into your hand, your mouth never leaving his tip as he shouted hot spurts of cum down your throat, your eyes never leaving his facial expressions as he began to calm down from the intense orgasm. You slowed down your hand before removing it and your mouth from his now sensitive dick. You threw yourself back onto the bed, head on the pillows as you waited for Minghao to regain himself mentally and physically. He finally crawled up towards you planting a small kiss to your lips looking you in the eyes with desperation.

    “Please fuck me.” You pleaded. Minghao nodded, eyes never leaving yours. “Do we need a condom?” He asked. “No, I’m on the pill.” You replied, making Minghao smile. He positioned himself at your entrance, eyes staring down at your entrance waiting to take him in. Finally, he pushed into you making both of you gasp out.

    “Fuck!” You whined as you felt his length push in all the way to his pelvic bone. He let you adjust for a few minutes before thrusting in slow and soft. As you nodded your head signaling him that it was okay to move faster, Minghao showed no mercy before pulling his cock almost all the way out before thrusting back in harshly.

    “Fuck!” You moaned. “I’m doing that right now (Y/n).” He snickered. His hands cascaded over your body as you began to wrap your legs around his waist as he moved faster. You felt so good, and as much as you hated to admit it, he may actually be one of the best dicks you’ve had, his thrusts were powerful and it may be due to the overwhelming fact that he always power in walks when he does runway, or because he used to be a dancer, or both.

    Minghao thrusted into perfectly, his hands finding comfort resting on your waist as he fucked you into oblivion. He leaned down taking one of your nipples into his mouth, teasing and distracting you for something that you didn’t even think would happen. His fingers began to trail up from your waist and moved towards your bottom lip teasingly pulling it down before you took two of his long fingers into your mouth. The feel of his nice fingers made you clench so hard on Minghao’s length, he moaned loudly against your nipple, he retracted from it before taking a look at your stance.

    “Look at you, you look like a slut sucking on my fingers, you’re clenching so hard right now.” He said. Your tongue moved around his fingers, toying with them as you got wetter by the second, squelching sounds came out of you as Minghao thrusted harder and faster. As he grew closer to his orgasm, he picked up your leg and threw it over his shoulder, hitting your pussy at a new and deeper angle, by now your eyes rolled back and you began to moan like a Pornstar, your mind had no control over your body or moans, literally going into subspace.

    “God Yes, Hao! Right There!” You screamed around his fingers. His dick hitting your g-spot repeatedly as his cock started to twitch, Minghao wanted you to cum with him as well, so he pulled some of his tricks to bring you closer, he pinched your nipples, rubbed your clit, as well as even pulling back in and thrusting harder, but if he knew you there was one thing that could always have you tipping over the edge in an instant due to one small conversation he overheard you and one of your coworkers talking about as he walked by the dressing room one day, and that was that you loved to be choked.

    As he pulled his fingers out of your mouth, he swiftly moved his semi wet hand towards your gripping it promptly as his thumb and fingertips pressed down on the sides of your neck minimizing your airways, and who knew that Minghao was right. As soon as he did that, your eyes rolled back, back arched, and you let out the loudest and most pornographic moan that you could as your pussy clenched down on his cock and you transcended into your intense orgasm. Minghao loved seeing your body spazz out because of him, and with the way your body reacted, Minghao had no choice but to cum with you, releasing inside you and coating your walls with his white cum. His moans began to quiet down as did yours before he removed himself and laid next to you on the large bed.

    “I think that was the best sex I’ve ever had.” You pant. “I think so too, maybe we should hate and fuck each other more often.” He chuckled. “Well, I think you and I both know we really don’t hate each other, I just think we’re both hella competitive and let our emotions get the best of us.” You replied. “You’re right. Maybe we should try this, I mean I like you, and I hope you like me, so do you think we should try to date?” He asked. “Of course I like you, and yeah maybe us dating wouldn’t be such a bad thing, we may like it.” You said. Minghao then moved your jaw to kiss his lips one more time, his hand grazing your waist until you heard a knock at the door.

    “Okay so a few things… 1.) We heard you two in there having sex, 2.) The party bus is leaving in five minutes, and 3.) I knew this was gonna happen, so uh are you guys coming or no?” One of your friends said outside of the door. You looked over to Minghao as he shook his no harshly. “Us, no we’re not, we’re gonna stay here, but you go and have fun!” You yelled to her outside. “Okay, and by the way, we all knew this would happen, you and Minghao enjoy, and be safe!” She said some of your other friends laughing from the outside as well.

    “Okay, so no party, now what?” You asked. Minghao smirked before flipping you over and giving your ass a slap making you gasp. You laid on your stomach as your ass looked juicy as ever in front of Minghao. “I think we could have a few more rounds while they’re gone, so how about I fuck you and have you moan my name a few more times?” “I think that sounds perfect.” You smirked. Before you both began your long night of pleasure and moans.

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  • tophendery
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  • multi-kpop-fanfics
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    Still tired?

    “Not my favourite boi but the gyurot is real (yeonjun look away pls i'm sorry) (+ smut and fluff) You know my weaknesses crycry :'D attack me

    ALSO CONGRATS ONCE MOREE !! 💗💗💗💗💗💗 much deserved 😌😌😌” - Requested by @aliceu​

    boyfriend!Mingyu x fem!reader, fluff, smut

    warnings: making out, thigh riding, cockwarming​, lazy soft dom!Mingyu, dirty talk

    “Ugh, home sweet home...”, Mingyu groans tiredly, as he plops on the couch, completely exhausted. “That trip really drained you, didn’t it, Gyu?”, you rub his stiff shoulders soothingly and he lets out a soft moan. “Ah, right there, Y/N- yeah, it was tiring, but I had a good time with the guys”, he smiles through his curly black locks, which you ruffle them with your hand.

    He mindlessly scrolls on his phone, when you circle around the couch and sit next to him, wrapping your hands around his neck, nuzzling your nose on his skin, taking into his natural musk, instantly relaxing.

    “You’re awfully clingy today, baby”, Mingyu chuckles as he drops his phone on the table and pulls you into his lap. hugging your waist. “I missed you, dumbass”, you whine and the tall male laughs, his chest vibrating against yours. “Missed you too, baby”. He pulls you in for a kiss, his lips melting into yours, as if they were made for each other. Your hands explore Mingyu’s chest over the soft material of his black hoodie. 

    “You’re getting frisky, sweetheart”, he licks your lips between shallow breaths. “You say I shouldn’t?”, you smirk and grind your clothed core directly on his thigh, the rough material of his jeans providing delicious friction. “Mmh, just like that, baby, rock your hips on my thigh”, Mingyu groans in pleasure as he holds your hips gently, flexing his thigh from time to time, making you whimper as you rub yourself on it.

    The flimsy material of your leggings is already ruined by your dripping arousal and you can see the small wet spots on your boyfriend’s jeans. “Fuck, baby, you made a mess”, he chuckles darkly and takes your hand, placing it on his raging bulge. His lips find your jugular and suck on it, leaving a small red mark. “Wanna help me out, sweetheart?”.

    You get up haphazardly, taking off your leggings and panties in one go, as Mingyu unzips his jeans and frees his achingly hard cock, pumping it slowly. You climb onto his lap and he rubs your slit slowly, collecting some of your juices on his fingers, licking them. “Always so sweet for me”, he whispers. 

    You slowly sink yourself down on his cock, letting out a loud moan as Mingyu’s thickness stretches you out. “Oh God, I missed that”, he moans lewdly. You subconsciously wrap your arms around his shoulders, clinging onto him. “Fuck, Gyu, you feel so good inside me”, you mewl, “Let me stay like this for a while, please?”, you beg him and he gives you a passionate kiss, his tongue dominating your mouth. “You love it when I stretch out your cute little pussy, don’t you, sweetheart?”, Mingyu moans in your ear and you smirk like a devil, clenching your walls on purpose around his shaft.

    “You little minx”, he hisses and thrusts his hips up into your core.

    “Still tired, Gyu? Because you look horny as fuck to me”.

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    dino + praise kink

    contains: praise kink obvs, reader and dino acting like hormonal teens, gn!reader having a vagina, top!dino. based off this

    chan had worked his ass off during the past 5 weeks of promotion for their most recent comeback. you had barely time to call each other, let alone see each other as he was either practicing or performing. those 5 weeks were excruciatingly long and when those finally ended, you guys agreed to just watch some movies as he was probably too tired to do anything too crazy. those plans instantly vanished into thin air the second he walked through your door. clothes ripped off before either of you could grab the remote. he was currently fucking you slow and deep knowing that was how you liked it. face buried in the crook of your neck, whispering your name over and over again when he wasn’t interrupted by his own whimpering and moaning. you, on the other hand, were showering him in praise.

    “you’re doing so well baby,” you said, voice soft as ever and a whine ripped from his throat as he tried to bury his face deeper into the crook of your neck, if that was even humanly possible. the boy was very sensitive to praise and you definitely used that to your advantage.

    “you looked so handsome during your performances, there wasn’t a night where i wasn’t thinking about you,” you whispered as you were panting, knowing this would hit a nerve. and it did. he gripped your hips with one hand while the other was holding him up and picked up the pace. you could tell that this wasn’t a deliberate choice but rather a loss of control as his thrusts were aggressive and uneven, which also meant that he was close.



    “be a good boy and make me cum,” you managed to pant out. he removed his hand from your hip and lowered it so he could circle your clit with his thumb which made you moan out.

    “such a sweet boy, always taking such good care of me,” you said with a sigh and responded by moaning your name, which kind of annoyed you so you pulled his hair and made him look you in the eye.

    “look at me when i’m talking to you angel,” you ordered with a cold tone, to which he immediately obeyed. his face, ears and neck were flushed, his eyes were watery and his mouth hung open as if he was in a deep trance.

    “sorry,” he croaked out.

    “i’m gonna have so much fun ruining you tonight...” you trailed off while stroking his face.

    #sub!dino #sub!seventeen #sub!idol #dom!reader #dino smut#seventeen smut
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  • boowanie
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    Pairing: Radio Host!Mingyu x Radio Host!reader

    Genre: Fluff and Angst

    Word count: 8k+ (grab a snack)

    Warning(s): Pining (it hurt my soul writing it) and suggestive + Gyu calling you a good girl (pls)

    Summary: After years of hiding your feelings for a certain dark haired boy with the sweetest smile, a purple envelope gets in the way of your process of moving on from him.

    “I think you’ll always remain in my heart as a simple reminder of what could have been if things were different for the both of us. I wish it was simple to move on and forget about you but after years of trying, my mind sometimes wanders back to you and how you’re really doing even when I know your heart isn’t healing like mine because yours was never broken in the first place. Just mine.”

    You wanted nothing more than for the ground to swallow you up and take you as far away as possible from the studio. Why you may ask? The sole purpose of your embarrassment was in the form of a piece of paper that was sitting right in the hands of your co-host, Mingyu.

    You internally cringed again when you remembered that night you dropped the letter outside the studio, dazed and confused with your heart aching at the thought of someone you loved so dearly when you were eighteen. It was a drunken mistake to send the letter to the studio, you knew that, but with the alcohol fueling your body to do the most stupidest thing you and Soonyoung could think of, you grabbed a piece of paper laying on the floor and began writing down the story of how Kim Mingyu broke your heart. 

    You remember waking up the following morning with a throbbing headache and the urge to puke your guts out until flashbacks of the night before came barelling into your mind. That morning was, in other words, full of regrets and praying to whatever was out there for your letter be hidden under the piles of notes the studio usually receives.

    However, on Monday morning while Mingyu was gathering the letters to read on Friday, he came across yours that was signed off anonymously and to your relief, your handwriting was barely readable with how drunk you were that night. It instantly caught Mingyu’s eyes because no one has ever sent in a letter that didn’t scream love and being in love. Thus, on Friday night and much to your surprise, you recognised the purple envelope with your messy handwriting written on it and you swear you could have puked at the sight of it. 

    Mingyu pouted his lips as he read the last sentence of your letter — a sight that had your heart skipping a couple of beats and your hands clammy at the thought of him ever finding out who the “anonymous” sender was. You bit your lip as a long pause passed over the studio, even Dokyeom who was usually the most talkatative out of the three of you was silenced by your letter. The quietness in the studio didn’t last very long as multiple messages began to pop up on the screen in front of you and Mingyu.

    “Well shit, I came here for a good time and now I’m heartbroken.”

    “My heart goes out for anon.”

    “I wonder what happened to them.”

    “One sided love is the shittiest but anon, hang in there!!”

    You watched as Mingyu frowned and furrowed his eyebrows at the numerous comments who told you to get over it because “they’re probably not even thinking about you anymore” which made the ache in your heart deepen, it it were even possible. Maybe, just maybe, you should ease the pain in your heart and forget that you ever fell for someone like him. But you couldn’t and now years and a radio segment later, you were still very much attached to Kim Mingyu and you had no idea how to escape.

    “That’s some heavy shit for a Friday night,” Dokyeom commented, a frown also evident on his face as he scrolled through the other comments flooding in. Another one caught your eye and you prayed again that none of your co-hosts would see it. But as if the universe was against you, Dokyeom pointed it out.

    “Someone said we should go and find anon and ask them to talk about it.”

    You whipped your head around to glare at him but Mingyu was already jotting down some notes on his notebook for next week’s radio show. 

    Find anon..maybe.

    And just like that, your saliva caught in your throat and the next thing you knew, you were coughing like there was no tomorrow while Mingyu and Dokyeom began to pat your back. There was no way in hell you were agreeing to reveal yourself. If things turn out for the worst, you could lose your friendship with Mingyu and even worse, your secret of loving him would be revealed out in the open.

    “Thank you for listening to today’s segment! Radio romance will be back next Friday,” Mingyu announced, still patting your back in concern. Dokyeom passed a water bottle over to you and you chugged down the remaining liquid that was inside to tame your beating heart and your shaking hands.

    “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to find the sender of that letter. What if they don’t want to be found? We accept anonymous letters for a reason Mingyu,” you said, a tinge of desperation lacing your voice. Dokyeom slipped out of his seat and left before an argument could break out between you and Mingyu, the head writers and hosts of the radio show. 

    Mingyu shook his head at you and picked up his notebook and jacket. You followed him out of the studio booth in hurried steps to catch up with him. While you attempted to smack some sense into Mingyu, Sana was observing the two of you from the opposite booth, a small smile playing on her lips as she shook her head. Sana was the most observant out of the people working in the studio and she knew the lingering touches and stares that Mingyu and you exchanged. She even thought you and Mingyu were dating but you profusely denied it and she knew right then and there that you were hiding your feelings from him.

    “I mean Mingyu is kind of right, I think they should find the anon who sent the letter if they want to gain more and more listeners but yn is also right, the sender sent it anonymously for a reason,” Dokyeom said, nibbling on some breadsticks that Sana usually hides underneath her table incase Jihoon ever walks in while she was eating in his precious studio.

    “I think it’s too risky,” Sana concluded as she watched you walk away from Mingyu who was barely giving you attention while you practically begged him not to pull through with his decision of trying to find the sender. 

    “Why would you say that?” Dokyeom asked. Sana grinned back at him before patting his back and calling it a day.

    “Just because.”

    The bustling streets of Seoul did nothing to distract you from your thoughts as you followed Mingyu to a breakfast place that was near the studio. He called you and Dokyeom for an impromptu meeting with the promise of free food to keep you and Dokyeom from complaining about losing sleep. You dragged your feet inside and collapsed on the chair near the windows. Dokyeom was soon resting his head on your shoulder while Mingyu rolled his eyes at how dramatic the both of you were being.

    “It’s literally 10 am. Everyone’s awake by now,” Mingyu grumbled as he flicked through the menu. You and Dokyeom dismissed his words and ended up leaning on one another, both of your eyes closing as you slowly drifted back to sleep.

    Mingyu huffed at his co-workers and lightly smacked the two of you with the menu he was holding. Dokyeom gasped in shock and you grumbled under your breath. “What was that yn?” Mingyu asked, a smirk playing on his lips. You rolled your eyes and flicked him off.

    “I said you’re an asshole for dragging me out here so early in the morning.”

    “Don’t be so dramatic sweetheart.”

    “Sweetheart my ass,” you scoffed, grabbing the menu out of his hands. Your mouth soon watered at the different food listed out. You were definitely going to get revenge on him by ordering the most expensive dish they had.

    “Why did you call us out here anyway?” Dokyeom finally asked while dropping his head on your shoulder again. You shrugged him off, the weight of his head starting to numb your skin slowly.

    “Off you dork!” you pushed his head aside and crossed your arms in front of your chest as you waited for Mingyu’s answer. Mingyu could feel the burning stare you were giving him so he avoided looking at your direction when he revealed that he really really wanted to find the sender. It made your heart stop momentarily.

    “Why are you so keen on finding them anyway?” you asked, fidgeting with your fingers under the table. Mingyu turned to look at you and he picked up on the way you bit your lower lip, a habit he noticed whenever you were nervous.

    “Just because,” he shrugged. You rolled your eyes at his answer and bit your tongue to prevent yourself from spilling any more words than necessary. You looked away and stared at the menu again, your eyes zeroing in on the most expensive pancakes you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

    “Can I get pancakes and an iced americano?” you looked up at him innocently. Dokyeom yawned as he also picked the pancakes making Mingyu’s eyes widen at the price. You giggled when he muttered something under his breathe before walking to the till to order your food. 

    It wasn’t long until he was seated again. His eyes scanned you while you watched people pass by absently through the glass window. He spotted the eyebags looming underneath your eyes and your chapped lips that urgently needed the soothing effects of a lip balm. Without much thought, he plucked out his own lip balm out of his pocked and tapped your hand with it. You looked away from the dog that was nudging its owner with its paws and stared at Mingyu who was pointing at your lips.


    “Your lips are so chapped. It’s saddening to look at.”

    You rolled your eyes again and grabbed the lip balm from him. Unbeknownst to you and Mingyu, Dokyeom was silently watching the two of you with curious eyes and a growing smirk. Now he understood why Sana was looking at you and Mingyu with a fond smile. It was like watching a married couple fight over each other’s well being.

    “I think you two would make a great couple,” Dokyeom blurted out of the blue. The lip balm fell from your hand and on to the table while Mingyu’s heart stuttered at his words. Mingyu lowered his head to hide his growing blush while you smacked Dokyeom with your hand as you complained about the fallen lip balm.

    “You’re being ridiculous, you dumbass.”

    “I mean..you’ve known each other for years. You clearly care about each other and you’re both single,” Dokyeom stated. 

    “That doesn’t mean we’d make a great couple,” you stuttered out under your breath but Mingyu caught on to your words and he felt a pang of hurt hit his chest. 

    “Why wouldn’t we?” he suddenly asked. You stopped picking at the piece of tissue in front of you and Dokyeom gripped the hem of shirt as he eyed you both with curious eyes.


    Before you could reply, the waiter walked over to your table with the food Mingyu ordered. The conversation was long forgotten as Dokyeom and Mingyu started eating their food. You couldn’t stop the fluttering of your heart even as you ate in silence. 

    Why would he say those words?

    After finishing up with breakfast, Mingyu finally spoke about the anonymous sender again.

    “I’m willing to find them on my own if you don’t want to be involved yn.”

    You wiped your lips with a piece of tissue and gulped before answering him.

    “No it’s fine. I’ll find them with you.”

    Soonyoung and Seungkwan were the only people that knew about your undying feelings for Mingyu. They were also the ones that helped you through your one-sided heartbreak when Mingyu introduced you to his girlfriend years ago. It was on the same day that you finally gathered enough courage to confess to Mingyu but of course, Mingyu beat you to it and broke your heart (unintentionally) instead.

    “I’m so sorry I forced you to write that stupid letter,” Soonyoung muttered, leaning his flushed cheeks on the palm of his hands. You watched Soonyoung’s head slip through his hands and land gently on the table as the alcohol lulled him to sleep. Seungkwan distributed another round of shots in attempts to make you feel better. You grabbed Soonyoung’s glass and downed it with the shot Seungkwan had given you. You gulped down the bitterness, the taste lingering on your tongue even when you took a sip of Seungkwan’s chocolate milk.

    “Why won’t you just confess to Mingyu?” Seungkwan finally spoke up after minutes of just listening to you and Soonyoung’s conversation. You blinked away the incoming waves of nausea and, maybe, tears that were beginning to line your eyes. The thought of having to confess to someone you’ve liked for years seemed to be so daunting to you now. The thought of rejection and your friendship ending with Mingyu was something you didn’t want to go through and you were somewhat glad that you never got to confess to him when you were eighteen. 

    “And lose my friendship with Mingyu?” you scoffed, “i’d rather not.” Seungkwan rolled his eyes at your stubbornness and unwillingness to let your emotions free even if it meant that your heart would break.

    “But what if, just what if, he actually likes you too?” Seungkwan questioned, handing you another shot of soju. You tipped the glass back and gulped the bitterness down your throat. You couldn’t help but let out a soft giggle. With the wave of your hand, you stood up and made your way to the bathroom to splash your cheeks with cold water.

    “I doubt he’d like someone like me,” you muttered under you breath as you stared at your reflection in the mirror. 

    Once you were done trying to cool your warm cheeks, you went back to find your two bestfriends passed out on the floor. Seungkwan ended up face down on the floor while Soonyoung was still in deep sleep with his head propped up on the table. You smiled at the sight and began to pick up the bottles of soju off the floor. It wasn’t long until your phone started to vibrate in your pocket. You looked at clock hanging on your wall and your brows furrowed at the time. Who on earth would be calling you this late?

    Much to your surprise, Mingyu’s caller ID came into view and your finger hovered over the screen. You didn’t know whether you were in the right state of mind to answer him but you had a feeling he was calling you about work. You swiped your screen and pressed your phone gently against your ear. You leaned against the counter in your kitchen and waited for him to speak.

    “You’re up this late?” he asked softly. You sighed, running your fingers through your hair as you cleared your throat. 

    “I’ve been drinking with dumb and dumber,” you greeted back. You heard Mingyu chuckle softly on the other side and you swear nothing sounded sweeter than him. 

    “What’s up?”

    “I wanted to ask if you were free tomorrow. We should probably start looking for the sender since a lot of our listeners are starting to ask about them,” he said. You closed your eyes momentarily and wondered if your decision of helping him find you was a good idea. What if in the end, everything becomes messy?

    “Do you really think finding the sender is a good idea?” you asked for the very last time. You heard Mingyu let out a sigh. He had his reason and even though he didn’t want to tell you why he was so keen in finding the sender, he knew he could convince you somehow with it.

    “It’s just that I can relate wholeheartedly with the sender,” he finally revealed. You felt your breath hitch in your throat and the drowsiness leaving your body. He has never spoken about his love life after his ex-girlfriend broke up with him, He would often brush any questions off regarding his love life and you saw the bitterness etched on his face whenever his love life was being discussed by some viewers. 


    “That’s a story for me to keep and for you to never find out you, sweetheart.”

    You cradled your head in your hands once you placed your seatbelt over you. The sun beaming through the windows did nothing but make the pain coursing through your temples worsen as Mingyu’s car drove past various buildings. You sat in silence and massaged your temples in small circles. You could sense Mingyu’s scolding bubbling in his chest but he stopped himself so that your headache didn’t worsen any further. As his car rounded another corner, he finally spoke up which startled you in the process. 

    “How much alcohol did you drink with dumb and dumber? And why would you drink knowing you had to be up early in the morning?” he asked, watching the traffic lights carefully.

    You groaned when he tapped your leg with his hand, urging you to answer his questions. You finally opened your eyes and before you could complain about the brightness of the sun, Mingyu pulled down the sun visor to stop the light from shining into your eyes. You took the bottle of water that he placed on your lap when you got into his car and drank some water to help with the nausea you were feeling.

    “We just felt like it,” you stated. Mingyu scoffed at your words and started to drive again as soon as he saw the green lights appear in front of him. It wasn’t long until you noticed how his hand stayed on one of your thighs, rubbing it gently with his thumb. 

    “Tell dumb and dumber not to bother you during the weekdays so I don’t have to deal with a hungover co-worker,” he said, stopping the car in front of the coffee shop you frequented at during college. Your eyes widened at the sight and you stared back at Mingyu who was already getting out of the car.

    “You coming or not?”

    You both decided to sit as far as possible from the windows because of your pounding headache. Once you were seated in a more secluded part of the coffee shop, a wave of memories came flooding into your mind which left you smiling to yourself as you looked around. You noticed that they changed the colour of the walls but the books that were on the shelves remained the same. 

    Mingyu was staring at you subtly behind the menu, a soft smile creeping up on his face as he watched you look around the coffee shop. He initially wanted to work in the studio but after hearing your morning voice and your complaints about your pounding headache, he knew he had to bring you somewhere else which is why he decided to bring you here - a place that held too many memories of your college days and the study sessions you would force him to join in along with your friends Wonwoo and Soonyoung.

    A bitter smile adorned his face when he remembered his old friend Wonwoo. The memories of you and Wonwoo always sticking to each other like glue was something he wanted to forget. Wonwoo was once a precious friend, but after what happened five years ago, he parted ways with him. You, however, still kept in contact with Wonwoo, talking to him once in a while to ask him about his job and his growing child. You were clueless of what spiraled down between the two and you never confronted Mingyu about his decision of not keeping in contact with him.

    “You ready to order yn?” he asked, stopping you from remembering more and more memories of you and Mingyu.

    “I just want hashbrowns, sausages and toast,” you said. You flicked through their beverage section and you decided on a mocha to drink.

    “Mocha would be nice too.”

    When Mingyu came back from ordering at the till, he found you leaning against the wall with your eyes closed as you tried your best not to puke out the food you had last night. He shook his head and sat down beside you and gently pulled your head on his shoulder.

    “You should know when to stop drinking,” he started but you hushed him when you wrapped your arms around his. He could feel his heart flutter at your actions but he stayed still, not wanting you to pull away from him. 

    “If only things were different back then, I could’ve finally told you how I felt about you,” he whispered as quietly as he could. Due to how nauseous you were feeling, you didn’t pick up the words he said quietly and you assumed he was just scolding you under his breath. With each passing minute, Mingyu could feel the weight of your head get heavier as you relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

    The last thing you remember was drifting off to sleep and a small recollection of waking up slightly as Mingyu placed you in the passenger seat of his car. After that, you continued to sleep and even when Mingyu placed you down on his bed. Once he let you down on the bed, he went back to his car and retrieved the takeaway boxes that held the food you and him were supposed to eat along with the coffee cups he ordered. He placed them on the kitchen counter and decided that he would heat them up once you woke up from your nap.

    He let you sleep for the rest of the day until you stirred on his bed and got up groggily. You were surprised to wake up on a bed and even more surprised when you looked at the picture that was on the nightstand.

    “Why am I on Mingyu’s bed?” you whispered to yourself whilst flinging his covers off of your body in shock. 

    From the living room, Mingyu heard the faintest shuffles in his room and when he looked towards his bedroom, he found you standing outside with a shy look on your face. You tried to stutter out an apology but all the words got stuck in your throat when Mingyu smiled at you from the sofa. 

    “Was I asleep for long?” you asked, padding your way towards Mingyu who patted the space beside him on the sofa. You sat beside him, leaving a small gap between the two of you. Mingyu noticed the gap and pulled you into him. Maybe it was due to the remaining alcohol in your system or the tiredness that was coursing through your body but you let him engulf you in his hold. 

    “This is nice,” you quietly mumbled.

    “It sure is,” he whispered back, letting the silence help you drift back into slumber. And soon enough, you were softly snoring on his chest and Mingyu decided to pull you down with him so that you were both laying comfortably on the sofa.

    “Good night, sweetheart.”

    “So you and Mingyu never got around on trying to find the anonymous sender?” Sana asked while she poked her salad. You nodded as you swallowed your food. You noticed a small smile playing on Sana’s lips when you looked up. You always had an inkling that she knew about your feelings for Mingyu. How could she not when you always looked at him with adoration in your eyes.

    “Is there something you’re hiding from me yn?” Sana finally asked, placing her fork down on the table. Dokyeom who was supposed to enter the kitchen halted his movements. He moved his head closer to the door to listen in on your conversation with Sana, the nosey side of him getting the better of him. 

    “N-nothing,” you stuttered but that did nothing to hide the fact that you were nervously biting your lower lip - a habit they noticed whenever you were put in to situations that you didn’t like.

    “You know first and foremost that I’m your friend before I’m your co-worker right? And if you ever need to talk about anything, I’ll always be here for you, right?” Sana said. Your heart swelled at her words and for the first time in your life, you let your guard down in front of another person besides Soonyoung and Seungkwan.

    “It’s a long story but if you’re willing to listen, I’ll tell you,” you smiled. Sana nodded, leaning forward to prop her head on her hands.

    “You have all my attention, sweetie.”

    You met Mingyu during orientation week. You were a scared eighteen year old who was trying to maneuver past the bodies of students that seemed to tower over you in every corner of the hallway. It was your first day of orientation and even with your lucky necklace that hung around your neck, it did nothing to hide the nervousness on your face. Luckily for you, Mingyu spotted you in the crowd of students. He, too, was nervous but with the little bit of courage he had in him, he walked over to you and introduced himself as Kim Mingyu. 

    You were one to never believe in love at first sight but when Mingyu introduced himself with the smile you’ve grown to love, it was hard to stop your heart from beating wilding and your stomach from flipping in every direction possible. And once you’ve gotten to know him, you found out how much of a gentle soul he was albeit the clumsiness he displayed every once in a while. Along the way, you and him managed to befriend Soonyoung, Seungkwan and Wonwoo.

    Ever since then, the four of you were inseparable. Mingyu and you often stayed back until the early hours of the morning to study which earned you and him a handful of scolding from your friends. It wasn’t until the second semester of your freshmen year that your feelings for him truly developed. 

    It was a stormy day with classes being cancelled due to the floods that occurred in some of the lecture halls that you realised how you have fallen for your friend. You were studying in the comfort of your dorm room that you thankfully didn’t have to share with anyone when Mingyu called you. He sounded distressed when he spoke and with that, you told him you’d be over in a couple of minutes. Even though he tried his best to protest, saying it was hard to walk through the rain, you told him it didn’t matter and you trudged your way to his dorm building.

    When he saw you from afar, he braced himself and ran towards you with his large umbrella.

    “Are you crazy?” Mingyu yelled over the hard rain. You shook your head and laughed at him.

    “You were scared so here I am,” you simply stated, grabbing his hand and pulling him back into his dorm building. You ended up staying the night in his room, hiding you from his lurking RA. He gave you his clothes to change into and even offered to dry your hair himself. You obliged and that’s how you and him ended up watching reruns of your favourite shows on his bed whilst he constantly rubbed your arms with his hands.

    “Thank you yn.”

    “Hold up,” Sana started, “that’s kind of cute.” You shrugged as you drank some water. Sana urged you to continue and continue you did.

    Your feelings for Mingyu deepened when sophomore year came around. Your group of four was still inseparable. Soonyoung and Seungkwan eventually dated some people in your course and with that came along their nagging towards your dating life. You never dated anyone, telling your friends that you would rather focus on your studies than have someone else distract you from them. But in reality, you were in love with Mingyu and he was the sole purpose of your refusal to date anyone. Wonwoo never dated anyone too as he was too focused being a pre-med student. Mingyu, however, was forced to go on blind dates by some of his classmates. But he never went past a first date much to your relief.

    One day, Soonyoung and Seungkwan confronted you about your feelings and you ended up confessing to them about your crush on Mingyu. They laughed and ruffled your hair as you shied away from them in embarrassment. 

    “I had a feeling you had feelings for him,” Soonyoung winked, zipping his mouth and throwing the imaginary key behind his back. 

    “Your secret’s safe with us.”

    “Where’s Wonwoo now by the way?” Sana asked in curiosity.

    You smiled sadly at Sana, “He’s in America with his little kid. His ex-girlfriend didn’t want the baby after she gave birth and left him and Jisung to pursue her dreams or whatever.”

    “Is he still in contact with the boys?” 

    “Just me, Soonyoung and Seungkwan,” you replied. 

    “And Mingyu?”

    “They never really told me what happened between them. Just one day, I woke up and they stopped talking to each other,” you said, a hint of sadness in your voice.

    “What the fuck do you mean you like yn too?” Mingyu asked.

    “I told you Mingyu, I like yn way before you even realised your feelings for yn!”

    The two friends fought back and forth until Wonwoo stood up from where he was sitting and stormed out of the room. Mingyu confronted Wonwoo when he got home from his study session with you and Wonwoo ended up confessing that the feelings he had for you during freshmen year grew and now you were all he could he think about.

    “I even told you about how I was going to confess to yn soon,” Mingyu yelled.

    “It’s too late,” Wonwoo replied, “Yn said she doesn’t see any of us in that way.”

    “What?” Mingyu stuttered, his heart sinking to his stomach.

    “I told her how I felt and she said she only sees me as a friend,” he said. Mingyu got up and paced around the small space in their room. 

    “And how do you know she has none for me?” Mingyu whispered.

    “She said she would never see any of us as more than a friend,” he lied, despite knowing that you were holding feelings for Mingyu. He watched his friend’s head dropped, and the feeling of guilt slowly settled in his stomach as he watched Mingyu walk out of the room.

    “Where’s Dokyeom?” you asked when you entered Mingyu’s car. You heard him sigh out in frustration and you stopped what you were doing altogether.

    “What’s wrong?” you asked, watching as he leaned his head against the window. Dokyeom was supposed to go the coffee shop with you and Mingyu to work on the segment you guys were doing on Friday night. However, after hearing you and Sana’s conversation, Dokyeom decided to play cupid and ditch your meeting.

    “He said Jihoon asked him to do some things back in the studio but when I asked Jihoon, he said he never asked him to do anything. And when I went back to Dokyeom’s office to confront him, he ran out and said he had to go,” he sighed, chuckling bitterly.

    “I’m sure we can work on everything ourselves Mingyu. Maybe Dokyeom has an emergency to tend to and just didn’t want to worry any of us,” you comforted, patting his leg with your hand. 

    “You can let me drive if you want? I don’t mind,” you asked, offering your hand out for the car keys.

    “No no, I’d very much rather live for another couple of years,” Mingyu teased before staring the engine again. You rolled your eyes and locked your seat belt in. 

    The car ride was spent braining storming and reading some letters that your listeners sent in. Some of them were requests about the anonymous sender and some of them were love notes to Mingyu which made you and him chuckle.

    “This one says, Mingyu please be my baby daddy,” you choked out through your laughter. Mingyu’s eyes widened at the note and found himself laughing along with you. You chucked the note on the dashboard and continued to read through more notes. Another on caught your eye just as you were about to pull up in front of the coffee shop.

    “Hey Gyu, look at this one,” you smiled. Mingyu parked his car first before looking at the note. He leaned over, his face mere inches away from yours and you could feel the rapid beating of your heart. You could feel his breath against your skin as he chuckled softly at the note you were holding.

    “Should we read this one out on Friday night?” you asked, tucking the note back into your notebook. “We can even show them the picture the woman sent,” you added. Mingyu agreed and you both headed out of the car and in to the coffee shop for some much needed caffeine. You ordered your usual while Mingyu opted for some green tea this time.

    Once you and Mingyu were seated at your usual table, you began to discuss the radio show.

    “We can read her letter out first, play some songs some of the listeners requested last week and then our usual q and a,” Mingyu jotted down small bullet points on his notebook while you listened to him.

    “Then after, we can do a special segment on the anonymous sender from last week since their letter was a hit with the listeners,” Mingyu noted. You bit your lower lip as you watched him eagerly jot more and more notes down about the anonymous sender, without knowing that the person he was trying so hard to find was sitting right in front of him.

    “Anything else you want to add?” he asked, looking up from his notebook. You shook your head quietly, and began to write some small notes for yourself. It wasn’t long until you were both done with your briefing for Friday’s radio show.

    “Can I write a little piece for Friday by the way?” you suggested, your hands gripping the sides of your mug softly. Mingyu nodded as you shied away from his stare. You wanted to write a little piece for the woman that sent you and Mingyu that letter.

    “What are you planning to write?”

    “I just want to tell her how lucky she is to have found someone whom she could call her home,” you smiled at him, a look of longing lingering in your eyes. It didn’t go unnoticed by Mingyu but he decided not to ask you about it any further, knowing how much you hated talking about your love life. You tried dating people to forget about your feelings for Mingyu but with every person you met, they never really gave you that feeling only Mingyu could give. The only person that ever came close was a man named Jeonghan. But after a few months of dating, he could tell your heart belonged to someone else and he was willing to let you go so that you could truly be happy.

    But here you were, still denying to confess your feelings for Mingyu in fear that he would never reciprocate your feelings. Little did you know, Mingyu was feeling the same, but with the lingering thought in the back of his mind telling him that he could potentially ruin your friendship, he refuses to let his feelings be known.

    Pining for someone that didn’t like you back really sucks, you both thought.

    “Wanna get out of here?” you asked.

    Mingyu nodded, “Chicken with beer?”

    “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

    When you arrived at Mingyu’s house with a box of beer and fried chicken, you settled down in his living room. You sat on the floor in Mingyu’s sweatpants and hoodie since the outfit you were wearing was starting to get uncomfortable. He generously offered you his clothes, it’s not like it wasn’t the first time. You often wore his clothes during freshmen year, claiming that they were more warm than your own. Mingyu let you, liking the way his clothes framed your body.

    As hours passed by, crushed cans of beer were now laying around your bodies as you two settled on the floor. You rested your head against his chest while his arms were wrapped around your waist. He was quietly humming a tune while you played with the strings of his hoodie. The silence that engulfed the living room was comfortable and you wanted nothing more than to stay there forever.

    “What’s going in that pretty head of yours, sweetheart,” he whispered as he closed his eyes. You stopped your movements and lifted your head up so that your chin was resting on his chest. You smiled softly at him, raising your hand up to his eyes and gently smoothening your finger along his eyelashes.

    “Just thinking about that sender from last week,” you whispered back.

    “What would you do if you were in their position?” you mumbled, your fingertips slowly moving across his lips to trace the outline of his lips. To your surprise, he pecked your fingertips softly. You quickly retracted your fingers and began to play with the strings of his hoodie again.

    “What if I’m already in their position?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “What if I’m in love with someone I know I can’t have,” Mingyu breathed out, slowly opening his eyes to find yours that glistened with wet tears.

    “Hey hey, what’s wrong sweetheart,” he asked, gently running his thumbs under your eyes. You shook your head and buried your face on his chest again.

    “I think I’m drunk Gyu,” you chuckled lightly.

    “We should sleep soon,” you nuzzled your head against the crook of his neck. Mingyu stayed silent as he rubbed your back lulling you to sleep so that you could finally rest. And once you did, he carefully pulled the blanket dangling from his sofa and covered you both with it.

    “I’m in love with you yn. I wish I could tell you, I really do. But I’m so afraid of ruining our friendship.”

    The studio was in full swing when you and Mingyu entered the building. Dokyeom was speaking to someone on the phone while Sana was gently tugging at her hair in frustration. You went to calm Sana down while Mingyu walked over to Dokyeom who finished his phone call. 

    “Is everything okay?” you asked Sana, patting her back softly as you took the seat next to her. Sana looked at you with worry in her eyes which made you a little anxious as she continued to stare at you. She took your arm and led you into one of the studio booths, away from the boys that were talking in the lounge area. Once she was sure that the studio door was shut closed, she turned her body to face you. You tilted your head to the side and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you watched her walk back and forth.

    “Are you gonna tell me or do I have to read your mind?” you teased, clasping your hands together. Sana stopped walking and marched over to where you were standing. She placed her hands on your shoulders and breathed in deeply.

    “Dokyeom received two calls today from someone claiming that they saw you the night you sent in your letter,” she finally revealed. Your eyes widened at her words. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing for you were certain that the only person that was with you that night was Soonyoung who was drunk out of his mind and no one else. You were also certain that you brought your letter to the studio at an ungodly hour.

    “They’re planning to bombard the comments section later on and it’s been driving me and Dokyeom like crazy.” 

    You shrugged off her hands and sat on the sofa. What were you supposed to do? You hated the idea of confessing to Mingyu abruptly but the thought of someone revealing your secret to Mingyu and the rest had your heart sinking to your stomach. Why couldn’t you have just moved on, you thought. You sighed one last time before standing up.

    “I-i have to go.” You pushed your way past Sana and once you were outside the booth, Mingyu and Dokyeom stared at you as you gathered your belongings and left the building without saying goodbye. Mingyu furrowed his eyebrows at Dokyeom who nervously shurgged, knowing why you left the studio without uttering a word. Sana interrupted his thoughts and told him that you weren’t feeling too well and that she would replace you for today’s show.

    “She said not to follow her Mingyu,” Sana and Dokyeom stood in front of the door when Mingyu tried running after you. Mingyu sighed out of frustration and tried to contact your phone numerous times but all his calls went straight to your voincemail. 

    “Come on Mingyu, the radio show is about to start in two minutes. We need to go in,” Dokyeom ushered him inside the booth with Sana following behind them nervously. Once the three of them were gathered around the table, Dokyeom sent a text to Sana.

    DK: I’ll try to delete all the comments from that caller, you should keep an eye out for them too.

    Sana looked up from her phone and gently nodded her head in agreement. She didn’t want her friend to be thrown under the bus and even though she wanted Mingyu and you to finally confess your feelings for one another, this wasn’t exactly the best way for Mingyu to find out about your feelings for him.

    The radio show went by smoothly but Mingyu could sense the tenseness radiating from his two co-hosts. Before the radio show ended, the usual comments from the listeners started pouring in and Mingyu began reading them out. Sana and Dokyeom were too busy reading the comments incase the caller from earlier on decided to bring you up, that they didn’t notice Mingyu was looking at Dokyeom’s screen. He knew something was up with you, Sana and him. 

    User_x290945: I saw yn drop in her purple envelope at the studio two weeks ago. Could yn be the one Mingyu is trying so hard to look for?

    User_x290945: Why would yn pretend not to know who the anonymous sender of the purple envelope is?

    Dokyeom’s eyes widened at the comments and he immediately tried to report and block the user, however, it was too late. Mingyu read the comment under his breath which caught the attention of both his co-hosts. This seemed to catch the attention of the other listeners which prompted them to bombard the comments section. Sana cleared her throat before ending the radio show quickly.

    “We’ll be back next Friday!”

    Dokyeom quickly turned off the microphones. “Please don’t do anything to hurt yn any further,” Dokyeom whispered before standing up to leave. Sana patted Mingyu’s back before following Dokyeom out of the studio.

    “The person plastered my name all over the comments section and now some people are trying to DM me on instagram,” you sobbed through the phone to Soonyoung and Seungkwan. They tried to soothe you with words but even they knew their words had no effect on you. You blew your nose and chucked the piece of tissue into the bin before grabbing another piece from the tissue box.

    “I don’t know how I’m going to look him in the eyes now. He’s probably doesn’t want to see me anymore,” you whispered softly. Before the two could reply, you heard knocking coming from your front door. In your state of heartbreak, you stood up and opened the door without checking who the person on the other side through your door’s peephole. Your breath caught in your throat when you saw Mingyu standing in front of you with is hands shoved in his jacket. He pushed past you and entered your apartment.

    “I’ll call you both later,” you mumbled quietly. You wiped your eyes with your sleeves and walked back into your living room where Mingyu was quietly waiting for you. You both stared at each other in silence before he stepped forward and tugged you towards him. Your arms remained by your side despite Mingyu’s enveloping you into a tight hug.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” he whispered into your hair. Your eyes welled up again and you tried to push him away but despite your attempts, Mingyu held on to you as tightly as ever. It was as if his life depended on it.

    “Because I know you don’t like me the way I like you,” you sobbed as your arms rested against your sides again. It broke Mingyu’s heart to hear your words because even after all these years and his attempts of moving on from you, you still had his heart the way you did when you were both eighteen. Even though he tried to convince his heart not to pursue you anymore, it still reminded him that you were the only person he loved so deeply.

    “But I do yn, I love you so fucking much that it hurts me to hear you say that because after all these years, you’re still the person my heart is longing for,” he pulled away from you and placed his hands on your cheeks.

    “I’ve liked you since day one and I realised I loved you after a year of knowing you,” he whispered, caressing your cheeks with thumbs to wipe the tears that kept staining your cheeks. “W-wonwoo told me that you only saw us as your friends so I backed away from the idea of confessing to you in sophomore year. That’s why I began dating other people but if I only knew, I wouldn’t have broken your heart like that,” he teared up.

    You reached your hand out to wipe the tears that gathered in his eyes. Mingyu turned his head to the side and kissed your palm before enveloping you into another hug.

    “I love you yn, I hope you still love me too,” he confessed.

    “I do Mingyu, I still do.”

    You pulled away from him this time and placed your hands on his cheeks before leaning in to capture his lips in yours. The kiss was filled with so much emotion and tears that came from you and him. He pecked you one last time before leading you into your bedroom. He took his time removing his jacket and you watched as he climbed carefully onto your bed before hovering over your figure.

    You pulled him into another kiss, tugging softly at his locks.

    “Are you not mad I didn’t tell you that the anonymous sender was me?”

    “I’m just happy to be here with you baby,” he winked, leaning down to kiss your lips again. His lips travelled down to the skin of your neck which prompted you to lean your head to the side to give him more access to your skin. He nipped at your sensitive spot, moaning softly with every kiss he peppered along your skin.

    “Are you sure about this, sweetheart?” he asked gently against your neck. You let out a content sigh as he nipped the skin of your neck, unable to properly give him a response. However, he halted his movements and pushed himself up using his forearms that were on either side of your head.

    “You gotta talk to me,” he whispered. You bit your lower lip as his intense gaze made butterflies erupt in your stomach. There was something about his eyes that seemed darker, almost as if he wanted to devour each and every part of you.

    “I want this..I-i want you, Gyu,” you finally replied, pulling him down to capture his lips that perfectly fit against your own. The kiss was nothing but sweet with a hint of roughness around the edges as he pushed his lips harder against yours.

    You felt his cold fingertips graze along your lower hip, flipping the hem of your shirt over before he pulled away again. You nodded as he looked at you for permission. He slowly dragged your shirt over your body, his fingers leaving a burning touch on your skin. In the midst of his gentle touches, you could feel your wetness gathering in your panties with every brush he lingered on your exposed skin, and with a flick of his wrist across your unclothed breast, you arched your back and moaned his name.

    “P-please Mingyu,” you begged, a whine escaping your lips as he caught one of your buds between his lips. He suckled on the hardened bud, swirling his tongue around in circles until you were pulling at his hair.

    “Please what, my love,” he asked, peppering kisses between the valley of your breasts. He sucked another purple blossom above your breast, admiring the noises that constantly left your lips with every mark he left on your soft skin.

    “W-want you to love me,” you panted out. Your words made him pause his actions, his heart swelling slowly in his chest.

    “I love you, sweetheart. Always have and always will,” he moaned as felt your knee press against his hardening member.

    “Gonna show you how much I do,” he pressed a kiss on your lips, “I wanna make you feel so good, my love,” he continued, bringing his index and middle fingers towards the wetness that was soaking your underwear.

    “You’re soaking,” he groaned, pressing harder against your clit.

    “Gonna make you moan my name until you forget anyone else ever existed before me,” he said before roughly pulling your panties down.

    “Now be a good girl and stay still for me.”

    Eri’s note 💌: a little TMI but the first paragraph, which is part of reader’s letter, is actually something I wrote one night when I was trying to move on from someone I [readacted].

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  • wonoongie
    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    wonwoo #3

    sometimes, after a long day, you and wonwoo would find yourselves tangled in each other’s limbs. he’d have one of your tits in his mouth, while his hand plays with the other. and one of your hands would run through his hair while the other holds him close. it’s symbiotic and mutually benefitting.

    wonwoo’s an expert with his tongue; he licks and flicks and teases your nipples until you’re left breathless. his lips are ridiculously soft and cushiony, and his mouth cups around your breast perfectly. he sucks and sucks one breast while his hand absentmindedly plays and kneads the other. from time to time, he’d stop to catch his breath and look into your eyes to praise you and tell you how much he loves you before going back to suck on your breast again like a thirstful man. tell him how good he makes you feel and he’d double his efforts. 

    you would run one hand through his hair while the other scratches and massages his back muscle, all the while holding him as close as you can. this goes on for a while until both your arousal builds and builds. you both start becoming breathless and needy, especially wonwoo whose desperate, neglected dick is getting harder and harder.

    it starts with heavy breaths and panting until wonwoo starts to whine and grind desperately on your thighs. you shift your position so your hand is able to access his throbbing penis. wonwoo himself can barely move, because “baby... it hurts so much.” as always, you’d prepare him with a sweet kiss on his lips before you hand starts its work. he’d kiss back whining and whimpering, shaking with arousal. 

    as soon as your hand comes in contact with his clothed dick, he lets out a loud moan. usually, you like to tease him by palming him through his pants first, but your poor baby is so painfully desperate today that you carefully undress him almost immediately. and there it is: his leaking, throbbing, crying dick. 

    one thing about wonwoo is that he is an incredibly clingy baby and loves holding your hand, and this includes when you are giving him a handjob. so while one of your hands starts slowly and gently rubbing up and down his penis, the other is being held by his much bigger hand. this always makes you smile; wonwoo is just so incredibly sweet.

    as you increase your speed and pressure, his grip on your hand becomes firmer, more desperate, even though he’s shaking and barely able to hold on. he lets out the most angelic breathy moans and whines in your ear when he’s close. and when he finally releases, he lets out an animalistic moan before his breaths start to slow and he passes out. but of course, being the man of manners he is, he never fails to mutter a “thank you, baby” and kiss you sweetly before he does. “i love you.” a perfect way to end a long day. 

    #wonwoo smut#wonwoo fluff#seventeen smut#seventeen fluff #wonwoo x reader #seventeen x reader #sub!idol #sub!seventeen #dom!reader #idol smut#kpop smut#jeon wonwoo#wonwoo#seventeen
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  • berrryshortcake
    24.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Projects and Cardigans | K.MG

    pairing: academic rival!mingyu & reader

    genre/warnings: uni au, smut, gyu’s kinda a dick DFJHFD, oneshot, fr annoyed myself writing gyu ://

    request: 20. for angry sex

    word count: 2, 424

    a/n: im way too into this trope..... enjoy!!!

    support: feedback or buy me a kofi ☕ or reblog

    reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated!

    “You’re just so perfect, aren’t you, darling?” Mingyu jeered from where he was seated, a good foot away from you as you typed away on your laptop. You scoffed in response, blood starting to boil at the mere taunt. 

    Being paired with your academic rival for a big project for the semester drove you insane; any request of possibly being paired with someone else was always answered with a curt ‘no’. You reluctantly receded, in return being chided by Mingyu for giving up on the whole re-pairing ordeal only to be barked at by you, asking him why he didn’t ask for another partner as well. It was pointless, truly, because you and Mingyu’s brains together were enough to convince a professor to give you a full mark. That is, only if you don’t jump at each other’s throats. 

    It proved to be a difficult task as you tried to stay away as far as your desk would allow you. It just so happened that you and Mingyu both preferred to work in a calm environment, and your apartment was the only choice as his place was currently in complete chaos because of his roommates having friends over like they didn’t have term papers to get started on. So now, a handful of backhanded comments in, you were only a quarter away from finishing your project and you’d finally be set free of this tall, handsome, delectable man before you.

    Woah. Your fingers stopped their clacking on your keyboard, a chill running down your spine as you felt your thighs squeeze together at the sudden throbbing in between them. Regretfully, you looked to your side, heat rising in your cheeks as you observed Mingyu. The sleeves of his button-up were rolled up to his biceps, causing the muscle to bulge and flex at the tiniest movement. The nearly sheer material of his top hung on his wide shoulders and rested on his firm chest. Your eyes went lower against your better judgment, feeling your core clench around nothing as you eyed the material of his pants being pulled taut by his thick thighs. With a shake of your head, you looked back up to his face. It was worse: the fine slope of his nose, his sharp jawline, the pout on his cherry kissable lips…

    Why were you suddenly feeling this way? You were supposed to be angry at him no matter how hot he is. Suddenly, Mingyu looked up from the text he was annotating, annoyance clear on his face. His lips curled upwards into a sneer as he eyed you, heart pounding in his chest. He shrugged it off as his hatred for you. “Are you just gonna stare at me the entire time?” his voice dripped with venom, but you couldn’t help but receive it as the sweetest honey you’ve ever laid your hands on. 

    You only glared at him before getting back to typing, shaking your head clear of the incredulous thoughts of just sinking down onto your knees and letting him fuck your face. Your underwear now felt sticky as it stuck to your lower lips like a second skin, but you weren’t about to give into it, into him. The thought made your heart pound, sure, but it must be from the mere sickness of it. Mingyu squinted his eyes at you, finding your behavior unusual. As if they aren’t always weird anyway, he tried to tell himself. But there was a tension permeating off you that was rubbing into him and he couldn’t shake it away. To clear his head, he observed you once again to convince himself of your weirdness, only to be met with your striking side profile and mistakenly glancing down to the swell of your breasts, the cardigan you were wearing doing very little to conceal your cleavage. Mingyu felt himself starting to get hard, groaning inwardly at himself, What are you? A fucking teenage boy? Get a grip!

    It was Mingyu’s turn to tackle the painful task of ignoring you, especially the way you were sitting straight, the graceful posture causing you to push your chest out and all Mingyu could think about was how he could easily bend you over your desk and have full access to your cunt with just a flip of your skirt. Why you even chose to wear a skirt and a cardigan at home was beyond him. Was it because you knew he was coming over? Mingyu knows you’re an exacting person, but he couldn't think of you deliberately doing this for him. You hated his guts as much as he did yours, after all. Mingyu let out a shuddering breath and gripped his pen tighter. The boner he was trying so hard not to make obvious could wait. 

    “Mingyu,” you called out, not looking away from your screen. No response. You tried again. “Mingyu.”

    Your voice rang in his ears and only made him harder. There was no way he could face you without exposing the embarrassing hard-on he was now sporting. He rhythmically loosened and tightened his hand on the pen, trying to calm himself down before giving you a quiet ‘what?’

    You huffed but took the acknowledgment anyway. “The paragraph you wrote on the results part is shit.” you could’ve worded yourself better, but seeing Mingyu turn and glare at you was more than worth it. His eyebrows were knitted together but his eyes were unfocused; you smirked at how lost he looked, turning your attention back to your screen. But then it was quiet. Silence. More silence. A few more moments of Mingyu not insulting your ear off made you curious; you looked at him again. He was hunched over his book, and it baffled you how he didn’t as much as make a snide remark at how you were wrong. He looked tense, not in a ‘fuck, what does this part mean again?’ way and you couldn’t read it. You pursed your lips; you may hate him, but a quiet Mingyu was never a good sign, especially with you. 

    Dusting your skirt off and fixing your cardigan, you stood up and tiptoed to him, your sock-clad feet muffling your steps. You stood beside him, taking note that he was actually just staring at some text he was supposed to be summarizing. Eyebrows knitting in confusion, you let one hand fly and land on his shoulder, gently squeezing to bring him out of the apparent trance he was in. Mingyu jumped in his seat, and you couldn't help the sneer and insult that came to you so naturally. “What’s up with you, weirdo?”

    Mingyu rolled his shoulders back, relaxing them; well at least you got him out of his funk. You were about to walk away, once again without a word from him, when you noticed him leaning on his thigh with his forearm. It was an awkward position, nothing a finessed man like him would ever be caught in, you were sure. Your lips curled then, mind flooding with possibilities as to what he could be hiding in such an awkward position.

    A knowing smirk graced your lips when he shifted again, this time giving you a glimpse of, unmistakably, a prominent tent on his crotch, the rough material of his pants stretching taut over his restricted hardness. The arousal that washed over you instantly was almost laughable; you felt your knees buckle and weaken while your core clenched around nothing as its wetness seeped into the soft cotton of your underwear. Well, perhaps Mingyu wouldn't mind how you ruined your cute panties, right?

    With a deep breath, you bent down, your elbows resting on the spot next to his textbook, turning your head turning to face his side profile. You could now clearly see just how unfocused he was: eyes glazed over, cheeks tinted pink, and chest rising and falling with deep calming breaths. He didn't even notice you until you cleared your throat. Your hand once again found Mingyu’s shoulder, squeezing it slightly to bring his attention fully on to you. The soft saccharine of your voice almost made him whimper pathetically, and it definitely did not help when you bent over to meet his eyes. “Are you okay?” 

    With a harsh huff, Mingyu shook his head to say ‘no’ and to rid his brain of thoughts of bending you over for a different reason. He turned away, barely seeing the nod you gave him. However, he could only watch as you turned to rest yourself on the table, legs spread slightly. He looked up at you– surely you realized what you were doing, letting him see a sliver of your cotton-clad core and the inside of your thighs– but you were looking away from his general direction, arms crossed and only emphasizing your chest, much to Mingyu’s chagrin. He gritted his teeth, using the last of his self-control to murmur to you, “Do you mind? I’m trying to work and you’re supposed to be too.”

    You could feel his patience thinning from the way his voice sounded strained, he was doing everything in his power not to spread your legs wide and bury his face into your, at this point, sopping cunt. He just needed a little more; you shrugged, finally looking down at him– the way he gulped as he felt your eyes on him had the most spine-tingling feeling course through your body. “Nope, already done. Not my fault you’re such a slow-poke,” you added a roll of your eyes to seal the deal. 

    “Why do you always have to be such a little brat, sweetheart?” you clenched around his fingers at his mocking tone, feeling his smirk against your shoulder. His lips felt warm as they pressed across your tingling skin, starting from your collarbone, scraping his teeth up the side of your neck, then finally softly kissing the corner of your lips before latching his own onto yours. He swallowed your whimpers, two of his fingers steadily pumping into you. They curled as his thumb reached to rub your clit; Mingyu smirked at your whined response, your hips bucking up as you chased your orgasm, “Not a b-brat!”

    “Uh-huh, ‘course you aren’t,” his fingers slow down. “You’re just so perfect, right, baby? The perfect student. It’d be so much fun ruining you.” his voice dropped to a whisper for the last part, simultaneously pulling out of your tightness.

    “N-no! I want more, w-want more, please,” you panted, calming down from your ruined orgasm. Mingyu raised an eyebrow as your hand got hold of his shirt, trying to pull him closer. Mingyu paused, just eyeing you as your lips opened and closed, trying to find your words in your hazy mind. “W-wanna cum, hng, wanna cum around your c-cock, p-please!” The way you stumbled and whined through your words had Mingyu smirking again, heart pounding at how cute you looked all fucked-out– and he hasn’t even pulled his dick out. With that in mind, Mingyu finally undid his belt, pulling down the zipper of his pants before pushing his underwear down enough to free himself. His cock stood proud and tall, angry-red and probably painfully throbbing. You could feel yourself drooling at the mere sight of it, clenching excitedly around nothing; you needed him inside you as soon as possible, and you knew he needed the same. 

    “I know, sweetheart,” he cooed, kissing the side of your face as he teased your clit with the tip of his cock. You gasped, your toes curling from the pleasure that shot up your spine; your body felt so sensitive, jumping and writhing and moaning at every little thing Mingyu did– it was borderline pathetic. "Dunno why it took so long for us to do this– just look how wet you are, princess. You've been wanting this as much as me." 

    You wanted nothing more than to slap the shit-eating grin he had on his face, but he's not wrong. You'll never admit it but there are some nights where your masturbation material was your anger for him and fantasizing how good he'd fuck you into your bed. Well, now you'd just have to settle for your desk. Mingyu observed your dazed face before leaning down to capture your lips with his; your whines only got louder into the kiss as he ground his cock against your folds, your slick now running down your thighs and pooling below you. 

    “Mingyu, please,“ you panted against his lips, legs wrapping around his waist and making him press harder into you. Mingyu grunted, stilling himself by gripping your waist with one hand while his free one takes hold of his cock, pumping himself and finally, finally aligning the head with your dripping entrance. 

    He eased himself into you slowly; you let your head rest against his shoulder, muffling your whines as the sting of his cock stretching you wide coursed through you before it melted into mind numbing pleasure. Mingyu let you adjust to his girth, pressing soft kisses on the crown of your head in hopes of soothing you. “M-move,” the plea was barely audible, and you would’ve begged for more if Mingyu didn’t immediately start shallowly and slowly thrusting into you. 

    It was more intimate than you’d ever anticipated; your body was pressed so tightly against his that you’re convinced your hearts are beating in unison. you could only whimper out his name, too dazed at the feeling of his cock pushing in so deep, jolts of electricity running down your spine and making your hips buck up to meet his every time he pulled out and rammed back in. Mingyu quickened his pace, causing your desk to bang loudly against the wall– you couldn’t find it in yourself to care, especially when his thumb found your clit. Your body tensed and seized up at the feeling of the sensitive bundle of nerves being rubbed. 

    You were mewling and desperately hanging onto Mingyu, and you knew you weren’t ever gonna hear the end of it, his teasing and borderline begging words only confirming your suspicion. “That’s it, pretty– who knew you could take cock so well, huh?” you clenched around him tightly, earning a groan and breathy laugh, “Fuck, you’re amazing, baby. So fucking tight. Can I cum inside, sweetheart? Let me fill up your little pussy nicely, maybe I could breed you too, hmm? Cum in you so many times you can’t even move without my cum dripping out of your pretty little cunt. Would you like that, sweetheart?”

    a/n: hi !!! i hope you guys enjoyed this. i havent really written and actually finished a wip in like Forever so :// (and wtf is that title btw??) but !! id really like some feedback or if you just wanna chat, dont be shy <33

    #mingyu smut#seventeen smut#mingyu scenarios#seventeen scenarios #seventeen mingyu smut #seventeen mingyu scenarios #🍓.docx #rhys.txt
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  • glitxhwayventeen
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Sickly One


    Characters: Wonwoo x female reader

    Warnings: mentions of war, mentions of health issues, mentions of blood, mentions of sexism, mentions of misogyny, lying, self image issues, let me know if I missed any because I write these chapters during different days and I forget!

    Author’s Note: Wonwoo’s will also have a part two just because I didn’t want to make one super long chapter for him either.

    Please remember that all of these chapters and the content within them are a work of fiction! They’re just for fun/entertainment!

    Paved With Good Intentions Masterlist

    Tag List @babyminghao

    🥀 & ☁️

    Bold- Dialogue Italics- Thoughts

    It seemed like every other day: the trees were blowing gently in the breeze, the birds were chirping their usual harmonious song, the grass was its normal green color Wonwoo was so used to. He had no idea his entire world would be turned upside down in a matter of hours.


    The pack was outside playing. San was absolutely determined to show all the boys he was the best at soccer so most of them were on their make shift field letting him show them up. The less energetic boys were sitting on the sidelines, watching the whole thing take place when a taxi stopped in front of their driveway.

    Which was weird: they normally never had taxis stop in their neighborhood, let alone in front of their home. Yet immediately, Wonwoo felt a type of feeling he had never felt before… a sort of euphoria maybe? It didn’t make sense. Not really anyways because when he looked around, his brothers looked curious whereas Wonwoo was positive the powerful feeling he felt must’ve made him look incredibly confused. It wasn’t until the back door to the taxi opened that he understood what was happening.

    San ran up and whispered something in another language into his mom’s ear, who was in coincidentally setting on Chan’s lap beside Wonwoo. Whatever he said caused the older girl to jet up from her place and head towards the opening taxi, much to her mates dismay.

    A girl that seemed to be around Chan’s age stepped out of the vehicle with clothes a bit too warm for the weather they currently had, and immediately, Wonwoo was hooked.

    Your features were similar to that of Chan’s mate: darker hair, strangely bright eyes, small form. And when you fully got out of the taxi, Omi hurriedly opened her arms to give you the biggest most bone crushing hug she could and you gave the brightest smile Wonwoo had ever seen. Your figure was surrounded in an array of light he didn’t even know existed. He tried to rub his eyes in an effort to erase the glow surrounding you, but when he opened them again, he realized that not only did the light just get more defined, but the colors of objects around him seemed to almost dull. He gulped only loud enough for the few boys next to him to hear. They gave him a knowing stare, like they already understood everything that was going on with only Wonwoo’s doe eyes as a clue. You were his mate.

    “______! I’m so glad you’re here! But You told me you were coming in tomorrow!” Omi pouted at the younger girl.

    You just grinned back with that blinding grin of yours, “Yeah I know. Sorry!” You apologized with an accent behind your Korean similar to Omi’s as you went to the trunk of the car and attempted to pull your big luggage out from it, “They moved my flight and my phone died before I could let you know,” You tried to tug at your suitcase, “I hope that my earlier appearance isn’t-” You tugged again, “an issue…” You finished without actually being able to grab your bag.

    Omi sent Chan a look and he went straight to you to grab your things, “No no! It’s fine! We’re just surprised is all!” She replied to you before standing next to her mate who had managed to pull your suitcase out with ease, and lovingly grabbed his arm, “And this is Chan, my… boyfriend! Chan, this is my sister ______!”

    She had spoken to you about him already. You knew he was a werewolf only a little older than you and that he lived with his pack. She also mentioned that she and San now lived with them.

    “Nice to finally meet you in person,” He exclaimed as he held his hand that wasn’t holding your bag out to you.

    You gladly took his hand in yours before speaking again, “It’s wonderful to meet you! Omi’s told me much about you and your friends! I hope my coming here doesn’t cause you too much trouble or inconvenience you.” You bowed your head.

    Chan just simply waved off your concerns, “Not at all! I’m glad to actually meet some of Omi’s family members who don’t hate me!” He half joked, which caused you to giggle slightly.

    “Yes… I apologize for my brother. He’s just very overprotective. He still feels bad about that whole situation if it’s an consolation.”

    He quickly paid the cab driver for his time and then lead both of you girls to rest of the boys just up the sidewalk.

    “Hey guys! This is _____, Omi’s little sister.” He informed everyone while he gestured to you and your sister, who was glued to your side like a tick.

    San also took it upon himself to charge at you while yelling your name in the cutest way possible, causing your already giant smile to get bigger in size as you bend down to pick up your little nephew and smothered him with kisses.

    “Hi _____! I hope you made it here okay. I know the airports here can be nuts sometimes. I’m Seungcheol by the way! Chan let me ad the others know you were coming. You’re more than welcome to stay with us as I know your probably want to be with your sister,” Cheol repeated the same movements Chan did only moments ago and you reciprocated them.

    “Thank you very much! I appreciate the offer,” you stated as you repositioned your nephew in your arms, “But I’m sure with so many of you living here there’s not much room for me. And I would not want to impose so I suppose I’ll just stay at my sister’s old house down the street till the lease is up while I search for an apartment!” You chirped, seeming a bit sad at the thought of staying away from your sister after having been far from each other for so long, it nonetheless grateful at the older male’s hospitality.

    Before Wonwoo could even register his own thoughts, his mouth seemed to have a mind of it’s own, “You can take my room. I’ll stay downstairs or room with one of the others.”

    This definitely took you for a spin, I mean, what grown man would willingly give their room up to some girl they don’t even know?

    But just as you were about to politely decline his offer, you met his eyes and it felt as if time itself stood still. You blinked up at him a few times to gain some composure, “I- I umm- that’s- that’s very kind of you….?”

    “Wonwoo” Your sister, who had picked up on what had happened after Chan gave her a nudge, oh so mischievously let out with a slight giggle.

    “Wonwoo! Yes right, I know that. That’s really kind of you, but really, I couldn’t take your- your room from you. That wouldn’t be very nice of me as a guest…” You ducked your head down and held the back of your neck to try and hide your shyness and embarrassment and roses red cheeks.

    Seungcheol would’ve interviewed to let the both of you know that he had already made arrangements for some of the boys to share a room to accommodate you, but he ultimately decided not to. Usually, Wonwoo was quite quiet and reserved to strangers. This situation gave him the perfect reason and subject to break the ice with, so he just left it and let the awkward encounter play out naturally.

    Yet Wonwoo’s eyes never failed to leave your angelic face, even as you struggled to lightly pull your nephew from you so you could properly speak with him, “Please, I insist. You should get to be around your sister and nephew as much as possible.”

    As this battle of where you were going to stay was raging on between you and your new found mate, you noticed that your dear sister was whispering and laughing quietly to her mate. You knew that your encounters with boys usually didn’t end so well because of your upbringing, but you didn’t think you were doing a laughable job at attempting conversation with the tall guy.

    If anything, you actually felt semi comfortable speaking with him, his aura was a nice shade of lilac. It was calming to you. It was just the audience around you that made you nervous. You were never one for public speaking.

    The conversation ended with Wonwoo not backing down and his brothers and your sister backing him up, so it was decided you would stay in a crowded house with them whether you liked it or not and that you would be staying in Wonwoo’s room while he stayed with one of the other boys.

    Once everyone went inside, the whispering began. It made you feel… strange? Almost as if they were trying to hide something from you. Now you were used to men not keeping you in the loop and basically treating you as if you didn’t exist as in your home country, women were basically just objects with zero power to do like literally anything. But what you weren’t used to was being the center of attention and being talked about. You just didn’t get it.


    It had been a little over a week of staying with the boys now. You still got strange whispers and looks, but they didn’t feel malicious, just more so… childish? It felt like they were keeping some sort of secret from you and were giggling amongst themselves about it.was kinda funny if anything, so you didn’t even mind it much anymore.

    They seemed to do the same thing when Wonwoo was around too which… also confused you. But again, it wasn’t you r place to mention it or stop it. He didn’t seem to care, so you didn’t. You figured they just thought you had a petty school crush on him and were trying to tease you both about it. Which you felt bad about, cause they wouldn’t be wrong about it.

    You couldn’t really place why, it you really liked being near him. There was just something about him that was just so… pulling. You couldn’t really place or name the feeling. You just knew what you felt whenever he walked into a room. You felt like the world was spinning at light speed and all the oxygen had gotten sucked into a whirlpool around you leaving you dizzy. It was truly intoxicating. But you’d never tell him that. You were 4 years younger than him after all, what would a guy like him possibly see in a girl like you?

    In another world, you’d love to be with someone like him. He seemed thoughtful and caring, he never seemed to get angry or upset, and he was incredibly smart. He’s everything you could’ve ever prayed for in a significant other. And before you came to Korea, your hopes of being able to find that yourself were practically nonexistent. Now you had the ability to do what you wanted whenever you wanted and it was amazing. But at the end of the day, you and Wonwoo just weren’t meant to be. He was a werewolf who was apparently destined to find a mate one day and you… well you already knew you weren’t gonna be it for… several reasons. It sucked, but it was what it was and you were who you were. There wasn’t a thing you or anyone else could do about it.

    Still, you knew they shouldn’t tease him about it, it wasn’t his fault you were apparently bad at keeping your fondness for him in check. You made a mental note to yourself to try and talk to Omi about it to see if she could get them to stop, they did after all listen to her quite a bit more than anyone else because she acted so motherly all the time.

    As you were walking downstairs to go to the kitchen for breakfast, you heard voices talking and the conversation seemed to catch your attention. So you stopped moving you feet and started to listen.

    “Just admit it!”

    Admit what? Someone needed to admit something? Who needed to admit something?

    “Shut Up.”

    That voice sounded familiar… Wonwoo…? Who was he telling to shut up? Hell, WHY was he telling someone to shut up?

    “Oh come on dude, just admit it and all your pain and suffering will be over!”

    Wonwoo was suffering? Why was he suffering? What happened to him?


    “Well if you won’t tell her, I will. She’s basically my sister anyways now. It’ll be easier coming from me.”

    Channie? Who was he talking about? He said her. There were only two other girls in the house other than you, and he was mated with one of them, so you highly doubted she would be who he referred to as a sister. That left you and Sam, Sengcheol’s mate. But she mainly kept to herself and she seemed close with the quiet ones ad as much as you loved Chan, he definitely was not quiet. So that left one person. You.

    “I don’t want her to know. End of discussion.”

    “Yeah well what are you gonna do if she can’t find a place soon huh? Then you’re gonna be stuck eaten a rock and a hard place. LITERALLY.”

    Yep. They were definitely talking out you. But why WERE they talking about you? Had you upset Wonwoo without realizing it?

    Just as Wonwoo seemed to want to speak again , you heard movement whine you signaling g someone was about to come down the stairs. And as you didn’t want anyone to catch you was dropping on their conversation, you continued on.

    “Hello everyone!” You announced to everyone as you made your way downstairs into the kitchen, quickly noticing Wonwoo’s toned form sitting on the couch.

    There he sat next to Jeonghan and Chan looking worn out. Yet when you made your way to his line of vision, his eyes immediately darted to you, squinted as if he was looking at something that disgusted him. You couldn’t tell if he was actually mad at you or if he just plain couldn’t see you because he didn’t have his glasses on. Poor boy was blind as a bat. You were hoping for the last option though. You didn’t want him to be upset with you, you liked him too much.

    When your voice rang out, all the boys in the living room turned to face and welcome you with various hey’s , hi’s, and morning’s. But all you could focus on was Wonwoo. Maybe the others were within their right to tease you for your not so itsy bitsy crush on him.

    You finally took in his appearance in full. He was sitting with an uncomfortable face while holding his neck as if it were hurt with one hand and cuddling a blanket with the other. His eyes looked blood shot and he had deep gray bags under them. And that’s when it hit you like a brick through a window.

    Holding his neck, tired and sore looking eyes, blanket on the couch, the conversation from earlier. Oh no. They WERE talking about you. You took his room. You were an intruder in his space and all but forced him to sleep on the couch every night since you’d been there. He was too sweet to tell you he needed his bed back. He was too kind to tell you that you were overstaying your welcome. He was too caring to even let his brothers do it for him. He probably thought it was wrong for him to ask you for it back given that everyone basically thought you were in love with him.

    You felt as if all the heat had been drained from your body and had gone straight to your eyes in hot painful tears as they began to form at your waterlines. You tried to blink them back as best as you could, but you were sure at least Chan and Wonwoo picked up on it as your practical brother in law came over to you asking you to “help him with something” and Wonwoo quickly fixed his posture and demeanor to be straighter and in less pain.

    You felt bad. You felt awful. You took away a sweet guy’s bed bed for what? Because you missed your sister? Because you were too scared to be left alone in a house given your current circumstances? You could’ve came to see her anytime you wanted, she lived down the street. You could’ve told your sister and explained the situation to save Wonwoo the trouble of losing his room. But you didn’t. You were a selfish coward. A stupid, lovesick, selfish coward.

    By the time Chan brought you back up to your sister’s room, the tears were pouring down silently from your eyes. You couldn’t help it. You were already an emotional mess, hurting someone you really kind of liked (even if you had no shot with him) was really the icing on the shitty cake that was now your life.

    Omi had Chan take San downstairs to play with the boys and to eat a little something the second she saw the water running down your depressed face.

    “What’s wrong ______? I thought everything was okay. Did something happen?” Your sweet sister cooed at you and held you as you sobbed into her shoulder.

    She was always your rock. You had lost your mother when you were little and ever since, Omi had taken care of you as if you were her own. Your father disliked the both of you as you were daughters and not sons. She protected you and your brothers as the oldest and always found ways to make you feel like you weren’t alone. You were one of the few family members to stand by her when she ever so bravely went against tradition and defied her husband to save herself and your nephew.

    Now here you were wailing like a baby to her after all she herself had been through. What you were going through was nothing in comparison to what she had gone through in your mind. She survived literal hell and you… well you just had migraines and a sad heart. You couldn’t bother her with your real problems. So you decided to hide some of the truth from her to save her the trouble of having to listen to them.

    “I- I am okay. It’s just- just so different from home here,” you spoke to her quietly in your native language. You knew the boys couldn’t understand you even if they could hear you, but you knew your nephew probably could as he was bound to be a wolf someday.

    Your sister chuckled at you adoringly, “Aya, I know _____, but it’s really better for us here. There’s no war, no plagues or famines, and we can actually have a good family here.”

    Right. SHE could actually have a family. A good one. A better one than the one you had both been born into. The most human part of you hated her for it, but the sister in you knew she deserved it more than anyone else you had ever known. She deserved to know happiness you always wished you had. She deserved a family just like you had always dreamed of. She deserved love that neither of you had ever known. She deserved the world.

    You lightly laughed along with her while batting the newly formed scoring tears away with your eyelashes, “I know I know. I’m sorry for crying. It’s just- it takes some getting used to is all.” You lied.

    You were already used to it. You loved it. But you refused to fall over your sister’s newly formed life, you couldn’t have it all come crumbling down for you, which you know she would let happen if she knew the truth. It was best she be kept in the dark. She’d forgive you eventually. She wouldn’t have a choice. She’d have to.

    “Oh I know sweetie. But don’t worry, the boys and I will help you as much as we can!” She informed you.

    Right. Focus ______. You had to fix your wrongs. No chickening out now. It wasn’t fair for the others to have to take you in.

    You gripped onto the sleeve ends of the sweater you were wearing and balled your fists tightly, “Oh right- about that…” You trailed off before taking a deep breath in, “I think- I think it’s best I stay at your house until I can find an apartment for myself…”

    She was clearly taken back by your statement as she all but jumped up at the mention of you leaving, “What?!? Why would you do that? You’re staying here! Why would you want to leave?”

    “B- because,” you stuttered, “Because I- the boys they-” was all you could get out before she cut you off.

    “The boys? What did they do? Did one of them make you feel uncomfortable? Did one of them hurt you or do something to upset you?” She interrogated you. You could tell very well by her angry face that if you let her questions go on much longer without interruption, she’d go downstairs and tear each boy a new one till she found some sort of problem.

    “What- no no! It’s nothing like that! I just- I- I feel bad. They shouldn’t have to put up with me. I’m not related to any of them or anything like that. I’m just your little sister. And you shouldn’t be responsible for me either. I just- I would just stay over at the other house until I could save up some more money and get a steady job. I feel sorry for even asking to stay there but I wasn’t allowed to bring much with me when they signed off on my visa-”

    “You don’t need to feel bad for that ______. You’re my sister. I’ll always help you. But I don’t want you to feel that way and I’m positive the others don’t either. We’re happy to have you here.” But others were suffering for you. People that shouldn’t have to deal with it have to because they’re too polite to put you out. You had to be the better person and do it for them before you ended up seriously screwing up one of their lives by being there as an extra mouth to feed.

    You gulped down the lump forming in your throat. You knew your insistence on leaving was hurting your sister, her natural glow was turning a gray color, but you had to think about everybody in the house too, “I just- I think that it would make more sense for me at the other house. Plus that way, no one would have to deal with me being up in the middle of the night with my weird hours or have to give up their room for me. It’s better this way.”

    “Wha- what do you mean? If you’re worried about Wonu I can assure you he’s fine just where he is-”

    “It’s not about Wonwoo.” Liar. It was about him.

    You wanted to leave so he could have his room back sure, but that’s not the only reason. You were also worried for your bubbling feelings for him. You were already so screwed up, you couldn’t afford to have a broken heart too. And he shouldn’t have to put up with it just to spare your own pathetic feelings.

    She huffed loudly with glossy eyes, “Then I don’t understand why you don’t want to be here. Am I- am I spending too much time with Chan? Am I- am I neglecting you too much? Is that it? Because _____, I’ll stop. I’m such a bad sister I know. And I know I get too caught up with him sometimes but you’re always a priority to me.”

    No. You couldn’t let your sister think she was a bad sister. If anything, YOU were a bad sister. You had come all this way, jumped through all these hoops and loops just to get here to a free country to be with her when in all reality you were gonna… no. You couldn’t have her think that.

    You pulled your older sister into the biggest tightest hug you could muster with your lack of strength, “No Omira. Listen to me.” You mumbled into her soft hair as you held back a stream of tears that would no doubt never stop if you let them fall, “You are- you are the BEST sister ANYONE could ever have. I don’t EVER want you to think any of this is on you. Remember that. It’s all me okay?” You sniffled, “It’s just me. I don’t want anyone to worry about me s’all.” You pulled back and wiped some of the water that had made its way down her face, “And I don’t want you to stop spending time with Channie for me. You deserve the happiness. Don’t ever let anyone take it from you. I’ll be alright.”


    It took some more convincing, but eventually she understood that your mind was made up about the idea and agreed to let you leave. And you all but had to beg Chan to make sure she stayed at the house with him so he wouldn’t be separated from his pack.

    So that night, right before everyone got home from their classes, you grabbed what little personal belongings you had with you and drug them over to your sister’s old house. You left a small note thanking Wonwoo for letting you use his room and another for Seungcheol thanking him for his hospitality before you left, knowing that it would probably be best to stay away from there for a few days to hopefully give some time for Wonwoo to enjoy his room guilt free.

    Sure It was scary being at the other house all alone, but to you it was scarier to have to stay with the pack. You wanted to be sure your sister wouldn’t get too used to having you around again. You wanted to not burden anybody. And really, above all else, you just had to be sure your feelings for Wonwoo wouldn’t progress any further for your own sake. Everything would be okay, you just kept telling yourself that over and over in an attempt to convince yourself.

    But little did you know, everything was very much NOT be okay.

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    ✦ 👻  𝕸𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖍 SEASON 2 👻 ✦

    ↪ ✧ CALL ME! ✧

    this chapter pairing; shapeshifter!jeonghan x reader x joshua

    genre&warnings; shapeshifter!jeonghan, dom!jeonghan, ‼️cuckolding[*if you consider this cheating, please do not read this!]‼️, dirty talk, degradation, restraints, name-calling, squirting, dumbification, anal play, ripping of clothes.

    notes; Happy Saturday! 🥳 This was sparked by that one anon msg I replied to a little bit ago about shapeshifter jeonghan while you were dating joshua and now I’ve fully expanded that thought from like??? Literally july or august sdfhskfj ☠️ Also this one might be a bit of a confusing read because of… well, y’know. LOL 😭💕 Granted, neither a bad option 😈 dw, you’ll get it hehe I also tried to be a little more... Idk, thorough with the warnings on this one, I guess? Again, please read the warnings for every chapter!! They’re all at the beginning! ✨ Thank you again for your support 🥺 And I’ll see you again tomorrow~ Enjoy ch 5 and have a good rest of your day! 💕👻 

    word count; ~3500

    chapters; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x

    call me, on the line

    call me, call me any-anytime!

    call me, I'll arrive

    when you're ready, we can share the wine!

    call me!

    Joshua is the ideal boyfriend.

    Pays for dinner, opens your doors for you and even goes so far as to get your car fixed for you when you’re too tired to go.

    ‘I like pampering you, baby. It makes me happy,’ He says with a genuine smile - hands wrapped around a bouquet of your favorite flowers, ‘I want to treat you like a princess.’

    But once in a while, you wonder what Joshua would be like if he were a little rougher around the edges; mental images of his cute lips curved into sultry smirks and twinkling eyes narrowed with lust.

    The thoughts float through your mind but they don’t stay long enough - especially on date nights where he cooks you dinner and finishes the evening by running you a nice hot bath before bed.

    “I’m just going to get the water warmed up for you, okay? You’ve had a long day, baby.”

    He kisses your forehead as you nod; feeling warm and loved when he slides you a cup of warm tea.

    “Just gonna be a ‘sec. I got your favourite bath bombs too!”

    Joshua grabs a paper bag from the marble countertop before he makes his way down the hallway - and only a few seconds later do you hear the running water coming from the bathroom.

    ‘He’s so cute!’ You think to yourself; taking a sip from your tea as Joshua reemerges from the hallway.

    “The water is running for your bath, baby! Do you wanna take your tea to the bathroom while I set up the rest?”

    You nod and reach to take the tea cup and plate but it’s Joshua who ‘tsk’s and takes it from your hands.

    “It’s okay. I can take it from here~”

    He guides you into the warm bathroom; the strong scents wafting around the small space as you let out a relaxed moan.

    “Joshua, you’re so good to me… Thank you for this.”

    You start to slip off your clothes as he sets your tea on the countertop - his loving eyes on you before he steps closer to help you undress.

    “Of course, baby. You know how much I love doing things for you~”

    There’s a chuckle on his lips while he picks up your discarded clothes; gentle fingertips reaching for your own to guide you into the bathtub.

    “I want you to relax, okay? You’ve been so busy, I want you to just… take your mind off of everything.”

    “What are you going to do?” You mumble; the warm water instantly making you melt as your body goes slack in the bathtub. “Don’t you want to join me?”

    He leans in and kisses the crown of your head as you moan softly. 

    “Oh, baby, I would love to but I need to get the sheets onto the bed before we go to sleep. I kinda forgot about it earlier when I started making dinner.”

    Joshua smiles sheepishly as he slowly starts to back away from the tub.

    “I’ll leave the door open so you can call for me whenever you’re ready for bed, okay?”

    “Mmkay…” You reply sleepily, “Don’t take too long, okay?”

    “Okay, baby.”

    You’re unsure of how much time passes before you’re groaning and opening your sleepy eyes; fingertips pruned when you bring them close to your face for inspection.

    “Okay, yeah, it’s time to get out.”

    Standing on unsteady legs, you stand up in the tub - droplets of water splashing back into the lukewarm water just as Joshua steps back into the doorframe.

    “I thought I’d have to carry you to bed, silly.” His eyes form crescents when he smiles and you fight the urge to pout when he pats the towel in his arms.

    “Fresh out of the dryer. C’mon, let’s get you to bed.”

    “Thanks, ‘Shua~”

    He hands you the towel and a new set of pajamas - the soft silk shorts and tank top feeling good on your warm skin.

    “I’m soooo ready to lay down. I fell asleep in the tub and everything!” You all but run towards the bed as you flop onto your stomach onto the newly cleaned sheets - tired eyes barely open the entire time as you groan into the sheets.

    “I’m really just so---”

    Your blood runs cold, mouth agape when you lift your head from the warm sheets and see a figure in the corner, right next to the bed. 

    Pupils shaking as you stare at Joshua bound to a chair in the corner of the room.

    While the other Joshua softly closes the door and sets the lock in place from behind you.

    “Tsk, I wish you weren’t so hasty to get to the bedroom, sweetheart. You didn’t even give me the time to explain.”

    You’re at a loss for words - absolute confusion and panic settling in as the goosebumps rise on your skin.


    “You must have a lot of questions, right? But let’s start with the most important one. Why I’m here.”

    You flip onto your back as the second Joshua rounds the bed - never bothering to change his appearance as the cunning smirk etches itself onto his features.

    Something that you’d always wondered about as a thrum of arousal fills your body.

    “What can I say? Even shapeshifters have boring days. I thought I’d spice it up a little. It is Halloween, after all.”

    “B--but w--why… J--Joshua?” You shakily ask.

    “Good question, sweetheart!” He lets his façade wear off for just a millisecond as the real Joshua gasps around the fabric tied around his mouth - shock in his eyes as the blonde haired Jeonghan from his office makes an appearance for the slightest of moments before disappearing and shifting back into that of Joshua’s likeness.

    “I always thought playing a goody two shoes would be fun~ And Joshua is such a kind guy, y’know? Unfortunately, a little too trusting.” Jeonghan ‘tsk’s as he slowly starts to undress; your jaw clenching at the sultrier movements of this version of Joshua.

    Was it wrong to be attracted to him?

    After all, it was still Joshua... right?

    “W-what do you m-mean…?”

    When he looks at you, you can finally tell how different he was from the normal Joshua - a lustful haze in his eyes after he’d taken his shirt off and tossed it off to the side.

    “Mm, remember that night he went for drinks with a bunch of his coworkers? Might’ve let it slip that he felt like you found things too vanilla sometimes. Said that you might’ve said some things and that he wasn’t sure how to handle it. So… I’m here to switch things up a bit~ Think of it as a favour of sorts, right, Joshua?”

    You turn your head nervously to Joshua who sits quietly in the chair - legs bound to the chair’s legs and arms bound to the armrests with a torn piece of fabric between his lips as he meets your stare.

    But what surprises you most is that you can see his cock straining against his sweats; already hard as he whimpers into the fabric.

    Why did he find it hot again?


    He nods feverishly; a quiet way of telling you that he was okay with this.

    ‘Do something. Before I change my mind.’ He tells himself, cheeks crimson as Jeonghan eases himself onto the bed with you.

    “He wants to see what it’d be like if he was a little… rougher. Like a mirror except...” Jeonghan pushes at your shoulder until your back meets the bedsheets and a gasp leaves your parted lips, “...I want you to be screaming his name when I’m through with you.”


    “Okay? So you want to see what it’d be like too, huh, sweetheart? You wanna see what it’d be like if Joshua treated you like a cockslut? Fucked you like an animal and used your cunt to his liking?”

    You bite your bottom lip hard enough to draw blood - in shock at the filth that rolls off of his tongue.

    After all, he was still using Joshua’s appearance and voice.

    “Y-yes… I--I want to… experience i-it…” You mumble.

    Jeonghan laughs; lighthearted despite the situation.

    “Then let’s get started.”

    His touch feels the same at first - Joshua’s usual big, warm hands snaking up your thighs as you hold your breath.

    “You seem so nervous but I can smell how wet you already are, sweetheart~”

    Whimpering, you slowly start to part your legs for Jeonghan as he slides between them and smirks; hands on the hem of your silk tank top before he rips the fabric in half.

    “Sorry~ I’m a little impatient, you see. I could’ve taken you in that bathtub earlier, given you a little taste while you came in the tub while riding my cock but, ah, how would Joshua have seen? And you were so cute getting undressed thinking it was Joshua helping you~”

    Your brows furrow as his hands squeeze your breasts - confusion mixing in with the arousal in your body.

    When had they switched places? 

    You couldn’t remember a time where Joshua had been away for more than just a few seconds except after you’d already gotten in the bath.

    “When--when, ah, did you s-switch places?” You whisper; chest arching up into his touch when he starts to pinch your nipples harshly.

    You cry out just as Jeonghan grins and moves his hands down your body to the hem of your shorts that he rips as well - leaving you only in a pair of panties that were already beyond soaked.

    “Isn’t that the fun of it? Guessing when I switched places with ‘Shua?”

    Jeonghan’s eyes flit to the real Joshua who watches intently.

    “Ah, Joshua~ Let’s see if I can get you to cum untouched while I fuck her, okay?”

    Joshua mumbles against the fabric, squirming in his chair wishing that Jeonghan would’ve at least let him strip off some of his clothes now that he was in this position.

    “Mmnh… Joshua…”

    Your sweet moans have his eyes flitting up your face just as you throw your head back against the sheets.

    “She’s so wet already…”, Muttering, Jeonghan slides your panties off of your legs, “Dripping onto the sheets like a filthy ‘lil cockwhore. You just can’t wait to be fucked, huh? So fucking desperate to be filled up to the brim with cock since that’s all you’re good at. Just a dumb ‘lil fuck toy for me to use.”

    “Y-yes! Yes, please--please, n-ngh, J--Joshua… U-use my p-pussy like a--a cocksleeve…”

    Jeonghan slides his sweats down and without all of the filthy words - everything seems so normal.

    Until he uses your soaked panties and wraps it around his cock; jerking off into the fabric as you clench around emptiness at the visual of Joshua’s body getting off to your panties.

    “Mm, your panties are so wet, I can feel it on my cock, sweetheart~ Or should we say, Joshua’s cock?” Grinning, he watches the frustrated tears pool up in your eyes when you start to feel the desperation making you delirious.

    And you don’t fight the feeling when you bring your shaking hands to your pussy as you hold yourself open for Jeonghan.

    “I--I need you in m-my pussy… Please… I c-can’t…”

    He slides the panties off of his cock - tossing the flimsy, soaked piece of fabric right into Joshua’s lap before easing in closer to you.

    “Do you act like this with Joshua too? Like a needy, desperate ‘lil slut?”

    “S-sometimes… B-but he--he always, mmnh, gets me t-to calm d-down...”

    Jeonghan teases your entrance with the head of his cock before he slides it up to your clit - circling the nub as your thighs tremble from the simple gesture.

    “Calm down? Your body is so sensitive~ How does he hold back, sweetheart? I’d be fucking you every single night, using your pussy to my liking and filling you up to the brim with cum until you can’t take it anymore like a good fuck toy should.”

    You’re about to beg once more when you feel him sliding his cock into your cunt - all still familiar when you peer up and it’s Joshua, just not his mannerisms.

    “J--Joshua… Please… fuck me--me stupid… T-turn me into, a-ah, a dumb little w-whore who, mmh, only k-knows how to take your--your c-cock…” Mewling, you let yourself go to the pleasure - figuring it’d be the only time you could.

    The real Joshua feels his cock throbbing as he looks down into his lap - a patch right on the front of his sweats from where precum was soaking into the fabric.

    There’d been times where you asked him to fuck you in the kitchen - your fingertips pulling your panties to the side as you bent over the the table.

    ‘Please, I n-need your cock in me...’ You’d whispered.

    But Joshua had sighed and gently flipped your dress back down before taking you to the bedroom, all the while saying, ‘I want you to be comfortable.’

    And other times when you’d joined him in the shower - mentally begging him to press you into the glass and fuck you hard enough to leave an imprint as he used your cunt to his liking.

    ‘Don’t you want to try having sex in here?’ You’d suggest.

    Even those times, Joshua would simply shake his head and say, ‘I wouldn’t want you to slip and get hurt.’

    But now, he was starting to rethink everything as he watched Jeonghan using his likeness to fuck you.

    “She’s so hot and tight around my cock, ‘Shua… You’re quite the lucky guy, y’know? You should be fucking her every day~”

    Joshua’s pulled from his thoughts as you cry out - your legs bent towards your chest as Jeonghan bends you into a mating press.

    “Oh, fuh--fuck! Joshua!”

    Jeonghan doesn’t bother to start off slow as he gives you what you want; his powerful thrusts making you drool as you pant and moan underneath him from his rough hold on you.

    “Does it feel good? Joshua’s cock ramming your cute ‘lil cunt nice ‘n rough like how you wanted?”

    “Y-yes! Mmnh, it fuh--feels so good…! I w-want it hard---harder!”

    Blissful tears stream down the sides of your face as you let him fuck you into the sheets - the feeling of Joshua’s body being rougher with you making goosebumps rise on your skin.

    “Tell him then, sweetheart. Let him know how good it feels~”

    You turn your head slightly to look at Joshua with bleary eyes - licking your lips at the way you see him thrusting up into the air.

    “Ngh… H-he feels so g-good fucking m-me… He’s--he’s pounding my cunt, ah, so good, J--Joshua… He’s f-fucking my little h-hole so h-hard… My--my legs are already shaking, ngh, f-from how good it is...”

    Joshua gulps hard at your words - body and mind overwhelmed at this version of you that he normally tried to keep out of the bedroom.

    “Yeah? You like getting your cunt used like this, huh?” Jeonghan rocks his body into yours - the sound of skin slapping loud in the otherwise quiet bedroom. “Let’s try a little more~”

    He draws his hips back and pulls out of you after a few more mind-numbing thrusts to maneuver you into a different position.

    This time, with you staring right at Joshua as you ease onto your hands and knees on the bed.

    “I want you to watch him as he watches you get fucked by, well, himself~”

    Joshua meets Jeonghan’s eyes and gulps - the odd feeling of seeing himself look so sinister confusing his mind.

    Could I really be that person? He thinks to himself.

    Jeonghan slides his cock back into your pussy and resumes his harsh pace as your body rocks forward and closer to the real Joshua with each snap of his hips.

    “Should we let Joshua play with us? Or should we let him keep watching?”

    You’re about to respond when you feel his thumb playing with the puckered rim of your ass - a shaky exhale leaving your lips when your walls clench around his cock.

    “We can let him fuck you right here, sweetheart~ He’s never fucked your pretty ‘lil ass before, has he?”

    “N-no… B-but I…” Your fingertips dig into the bedsheets as Jeonghan smirks.

    “I want… I want i-it…”

    “Mm, you hear that, ‘Shua? She wants you to be the first one to fuck her ass so I’ll save it just for you, okay?”

    And when Jeonghan laughs cruelly in Joshua’s body - you find yourself whimpering with how good he sounds just like that.

    “P-please… J--Joshua… can--can you, mmh, j-just give me a--a little taste…”

    “Filthy ‘lil cockslut.” He growls, just before letting a glob of his spit hit your puckered hole. “Can you imagine being filled in your cunt and ass - both of us deep inside you? Hmm? Two Joshua’s fucking you stupid at the same time~”

    You cry out as your upper body hits the sheets; arms trembling as Jeonghan eases his thumb into your ass slowly.

    “Buh--but I want--want it, ngh, r-rough from b-both of you… I want to—to be fucked like, ah, a good f-fuck toy…” You slur out - overstimulated when Jeonghan keeps his thumb in your ass as he continues to fucks you.

    “I hope Joshua is taking notes then~”

    And Joshua is - even finding himself more turned on with the roughness and dirty talk from Jeonghan.

    “I, mmh, c-can I cum? I’m suh--so close…” You whisper.

    “Touch your cute ‘lil clit and make yourself cum then, sweetheart. Give yourself what you want, let Joshua hear how good you feel when I’m fucking your dumb cunt.”

    You reach between your shaky thighs, fingertips on your clit as your eyes roll to the back of your head.

    The feeling of Joshua’s cock pounding your g-spot with his thumb in your ass and your fingers on your clit is more than you and Joshua had even done in bed and you feel the pleasure build up too fast when your body immediately goes rigid after a few more thrusts.

    “I’m cumming! Fuck, ‘m c-cumming!” You cry out, unbeknownst to you, squirting all over the bed sheets as you rub harsh, quick circles on your clit while Jeonghan makes no effort to stop fucking you at all.

    “Oho, did you know she could squirt, ‘Shua?”

    Joshua’s ears are ringing as he cums in his sweats - your loud cries and moans only making him cum harder as you cry out his name in a hurried fashion.

    “Dumb ‘lil cockslut. You get fucked a ‘lil bit harder and you don’t know how to act, huh? Look at you~ Still playing with your clit to milk your orgasm~”

    You drool onto the bed sheets unable to stop yourself even when your orgasm starts to ebb away - too focused on the feeling of his cock still inside of you to calm yourself down.

    “C-cum inside, ngh, m-me… Fuck y-your cum into my stupid ‘lil h-hole… A-ah, I--I want the--the real Joshua t-to use it a-as, mmh, lube w-when he fucks m-my ass…”

    Jeonghan whistles at your slurred words - amazed at how much you’d apparently been holding back from the real Joshua.

    “Be sure to keep all of it in your dumb cunt then, okay, sweetheart? We wouldn’t want a single drop to be wasted~”

    He doubles his pace as he races to his orgasm - growling and sinking his thumb in as deep as it can go as you clench around him.

    “Poor Joshua already came~ Now he’s gonna have to watch his cock cum inside you, filling you up with loads of it while he just sits there and wishes it was actually him cumming inside of you instead of cumming in his sweats~”

    You feel his cock throbbing as rushed pleas roll off of your tongue - your fingers pinching and rubbing your clit as you force another orgasm out of your body just as Jeonghan cums and starts filling your cunt up with the hot, sticky substance.

    “Fuh--fuck! Joshua! I’m c-cumming again!”

    You momentarily black out as the bliss becomes too much; ears ringing and body buzzing from the overstimulation.

    You can vaguely hear Joshua’s voice, albeit still Jeonghan’s crude words as he fucks his cum deeper into your cunt.

    “Look at her, Joshua~ Drooling onto the sheets like a dumb ‘lil cocksleeve that doesn’t know anything other than taking cock~ You’ve never seen her like this, have you? Fucked stupid - thumb in her ass, cock in her pussy, and look, she’s still so fuckin’ desperate she’s still playing with her clit too~”

    Joshua whines into the fabric, now thrashing to be unrestrained.

    Because now, he wanted part in what was going on in front of him - slightly irritated watching himself cumming inside you.

    ‘That should be me,’ He thinks to himself, ‘I mean, it is but it’s not!’

    Jeonghan chuckles and slows down his movements until he comes to a full stop - his cock keeping the warm cum plugged up in your pussy as your tired hand slips from between your thighs and thuds onto the bed.

    “Well, sweetheart? What should we do? Should we let him join and let you have a taste of two Joshua’s or should I leave and have you call me for ‘lil appointment another time~?”

    As tired as you feel, your hazy eyes flit up to the real Joshua - gasping when you see his angry lust-filled eyes staring back at you.

    The fire in his eyes matching that of the other Joshua still positioned behind you.


    “No? No to what, sweetheart?”

    Gulping, you slowly reach out for the real Joshua - fingers only centimetres from his knee as you hear him growl.

    “D-don’t leave, I--I want you b-both to fuck m-me now…”

    And this time, Joshua and Joshua meet eyes - both filled with a challenging gleam that you don’t see.

    “Well? Let’s get Joshua untied and see what he’s learned tonight.”

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    #star answers#seventeen smut #sub!seventeen #svt smut #sub!svt #svt x reader
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  • starrhee
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    k . sy > smut , chubby!reader , afab!reader , vaginal penitration


    You couldn't remember what led up to this current situation, all you knew is it felt to good to stop or think about anything. The way wolf!Soonyoung's length was penitrating deep within you, hitting that sweet sweet spot inside of you. Your mind was foggy, clouded with pleasure and a bit of pain. The way his tip was kissing your womb felt so good, but the speed and strength at which his thrusts were hitting you, it was almost painful. Deliciously so.

    You pushed your bum further back against him as best you could. Though it was difficult with the position you were given. Bent over the bed, Soonyoung's chest against your back, his arms around your thick figure, pulling and squeezing at the puffy flesh on your tummy. You could feel his hot breath on your neck, his grunts and groans sounded so beautiful. You could feel yourself inching closer to your end just from his noises alone. One particular hard thrust caused you to cry out, arching your back in pain and pleasure. The tip of his dick hitting your womb so roughly was painful but it sent you into oblivion. Your vision turned white as you felt yourself let go, finally cumming.

    It wasn't until you had come down from your high that you realized what had happened. Soonyoung pulled his length out of you, still hovering abover you as he breathed heavily, his deep exhales going straight to your core. You finally felt it, his cum drizzling out your hole and down your thighs. He kissed you shoulder, petting your head. "You did so well princess."

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    my roommate [part one] ♡ yjh 

    MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. I put my smut strictly under the smut tags on here to protect you guys so don't open anything with a warning like this one. Please.

    pairing ♡ jeonghan × fem!reader

    pervert!jeonghan | roommate!jeonghan | dom!jeonghan | non-idol!au | fem!reader virgin!reader

    warnings ♡ corruption kink, virgin kink, pantie fetish, descriptions of cunniligus (giving and receiving), sort of possessiveness, depictions of cum eating, nipple sucking, nipple play and boob worship, cursing

    summary ♡ in which your roommate exposes a dirty secret he's been hiding since he began living with you.

    word count ♡ 2k

    part one | part two

    Rooming with Jeonghan after being introduced through mutual friend Joshua was initially a genius idea on your part. Splitting the rent on this cute place was great, and the fact you bagged yourself a morally decent human being as a roommate made it just that slightly more worthwhile.

    Although the two of you rarely talked, when you did it was usually snarky comments and side-eyes, you definitely felt a sort of pull to your mysterious sexy roommate. He was slim and tall, blonde hair iconic and at its hottest in his after-shower, one-towel-around-the-hips look.

    Jeonghan was addicting to look at. His rude and oftentimes slightly degrading comments you got off on, and he seemed to have no clue how much his snide remarks got you reeling. When he wasn't at home you practically went feral at the thought of him.

    You particularly found those rarely-walked-in-on domestic moments the sexiest: Jeonghan wearing glasses made you want to vomit in the best possible essence of the word ; Jeonghan getting a glass of water in only his sweats with beads of water rolling down his torso after his daily shower ; Jeonghan vacuuming the studio apartment with wet hair. Among many other tidbits that had you mentally crying.

    You'd talked to Minghao about Jeonghan for a while, and as your best friend he agreed it would be best to date someone who actually respects you rather than someone who finds every spare minute of his day to throw insult after insult at you and your objective incompetency to be a decent person. You doubted he even saw you the way you saw him.

    Jeonghan, on the other hand, nearly doubled over first thing on a friday morning at the sight of you in your tiny silk nightdress, walking into the kitchen with that cute little yawn he always caught you doing, the one where you shuddered a little. He'd just finished organising the legos in his room when he started wiping down the bookcase in the living room after his shower. You'd decided to sleep a little longer so you could actually feel more awake on your day off work, while simultaneously hoping to avoid your roommate at all costs.

    You nearly choked seeing him in the apartment as if he didn't live here. "Why are you here?"

    "I live here." he deadpanned, opting not to look at you but continuing to furiously wipe at a spot on the shelf he'd checked three times no less than five minutes ago.

    "I thought you had a thing with Josh." you sounded disappointed and he felt his chest ache a little at your tone.

    "We cancelled 'cause of the snow. It's too cold." He told you, "Speaking of cold, you should put something on, there's no one to show off to in here anyway."

    You instantly knew what he was getting at, sharpening your tone. "I can wear what I feel comfortable in."

    "I'm not saying you shouldn't wear it," he breathed, turning to look at you finally. You nearly dropped your yoghurt spoon. His eyes fell to your chest and pebbled skin. "Put something on top of that."

    Jeonghan was usually the enigmatic type, but he wasn't really ever all that confusing. Today, however, the man was a little too talkative and much less rude. Your blood rushed to your face.

    "Oh." You bit your lip nervously, trying to keep your eyes from shamelessly wandering across his bare chest. "Sorry."

    He nodded once and a silence overcame the both of you. Not the first silence recently anyway. Normally this kind of communication was normal and not that awkward with him around, but something was up, and you were positive he had full knowledge of it.

    He was quite stoic a lot of the time and it made you anxious, nervous to ask him something you'd had on your mind since yesterday. Something a little awkward, a question you didn't really want to ask - how the hell would he know where your underwear went anyway? "Hey, um also I can't find a pair of my underwear since Wednesday's wash. You did it so i was wondering if you perhaps know if it got under the machine, or if it's in your laundry?"

    He looked at you oddly and turned so his back faced you again. "Why would I know that?" He laughed nervously. "That's a really weird question to ask your roommate."

    "I know." Your shoulders slumped. Those were your favourite silk undies. "Sorry again."

    He had to restrain himself from stalking over to the kitchen and reprimanding you for apologising so much. He had to physically ground himself to stop his urge to bend you over the kitchen island and spank your ass raw.

    This whole situation was embarrassing. Of course you'd sniff it out eventually. He could never tell you what happened, and that it wasn't the first time the odd pair went missing and then reappeared a few days later.

    Jeonghan didn't really like to sleep around, the last time he'd done anything was at a party with some uni-grad chick, so at the moment he was best buddies with his fist and the bottle of lube he had stashed away in his bedroom. That didn't do it for him a lot of the time, until he walked in on you trying to remove splotches of hardening candle wax from the carpet with just a large tee on and a pair of those mouthwatering silk panties. The dark patch in the middle made Jeonghan weak in the knees, and if his physical reaction wasn't enough, he nearly spontaneously combusted at the sight of your clothed pussy on display for him to oogle with a muffled groan.

    "What exactly are you looking for, then?" He sighed impatiently.

    "A pair of panties. Pink. S-silk." You almost choke, your yoghurt suddenly becoming harder to swallow. Was it strawberry? You'd forgotten at this point.

    He bit his lip to stop a whine escaping his throat. He definitely needed to get laid soon.

    "I'll keep an eye out." He knows where they are. Of course he does.

    You'd left for Starbucks just about five minutes ago and Jeonghan found himself bolting to his room like a horny teenage boy when his parents were finally out of the house.

    He spread himself on his desk chair, sweats and boxers moved down just enough to expose his length. Your silk panties in hand, he brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply, feeling his cock twitch at your scent. Nothing got him more riled up than your underwear.

    "Fuck, y/n." Your name escaped his lips like a curse, as if he was frustrated and angry that you could smell so good. You were a sin, and Jeonghan was the devil incarnate. He just wished he could have you wherever he wanted, bent over his desk ; in the kitchen ; pressed up against the fridge ; pressed up into the front door ; legs up in the air anywhere ; face down ass up in his bed waiting for him, all pretty, with wet panties and tears running down your face as he talks to you condescendingly, as if you were a dumb bitch in heat barely able to verbalise how much you want him.

    His pretty hand was wrapped around his cock tightly as he imagined sniffing you over your panties, praising you for smelling so, so, good and being so good for him. Images of your bare pussy glistening wet for him, untouched by anyone, pure and virgin, dribbling strings of sticky slick that clung to the crotch of your underwear as he pulled it down slowly. He wished he could have you just like that, so he could eat you out furiously for hours and hours even if you begged, even if you cried and screamed for more, to stop teasing, he'd keep going. He'd make you cum at least seven times on his face. One time for each pair of underwear he'd found himself taking.

    Your scent wasn't as strong as it was before, and your panties were drier than previous pairs, he noticed. Perhaps you'd not been touching yourself in them like usual.

    His cock ached as he worked his fist up and down. Oh, and your tits. Those marvelous things he thought. You'd been well-endowed in the chest department from your mom's side of the family, and for all Jeonghan knew, those beauties needed their own separate day, time and hours to be worshipped just like they deserved. All plump and big. He thought how big they'd be in his hands, whether they'd be perkier when you're hornier, whether your nipples were pretty and pebbled in the cold or if he were to circle his cockhead over each one, getting his precum on them to make them all shiny, he wondered what noises you'd make if he'd use his tongue on them, suckle on them to make them harder.

    Jeonghan thought about your pretty mouth, waking up with you lying in between his legs in the morning with your tongue dipping into the hole in his tip with a hungry groan. He imagined you sucking on him and intermittently begging for his cum in your mouth when you paused. He imagined you telling him how much you loved his taste and his smell, how good he was to you and how big his cock was, as your first, snug in your pussy.

    He jumped at the sound of the apartment door slamming shut - had it already been twenty minutes? Fuck. He'd spent this whole time fucking his fist to his own perverted fantasies of you and he didn't even leave himself enough time to cum. He furiously stuffed his dick back into the tight confines of his boxers and went to go wash his hands.

    "Did you turn the dishwasher on?" you asked.

    He'd been seeming a little angry since you arrived from your coffee run into town, and even more so when you sat near him. Perhaps he was having a moment.

    Your roommate grunted in affirmation. It was snowing particularly heavily this morning and you needed to get all your stuff done just in case the pipes froze in the building.

    "Hey, uh, did I do something?"

    "For fucks sake." he muttered, turning Netflix on. "No."

    "You seem a little on edge, Hannie." you stated, matter-of-fact.

    His head snapped to you so fast you thought you heard a crack. He felt his eye twitch.

    She knows what she's doing, she's stirring the pot. He bit his lip, leg bouncing up and down as the crime documentary on screen rolled the opening credits. "What did you just call me?" Jeonghan felt his stomach do around four somersaults and he nearly, nearly passed out right there on the couch.

    You shrugged, standing up to move to the kitchen to get something to snack on. "I just asked you if you're feeling okay. You seem tense."

    You'd just found yesterday's underwear in his, Jeonghan's, laundry basket. No wonder he was acting weird when you mentioned it earlier.

    He stood and began to move after you, nearly tripping in the process. Your roommate stopped on the other side of the island with a gulp. His cock was straining against his boxers for the nth time today.

    "Uh yeah, whatever." he waved it off and you questioned why he followed you into the kitchen. He pressed himself to the side of the counter subconsciously. "I'm fine." Not fine. Not fine! For fuck's sake I'm suffering through a dry spell because of you and your perfect tits and your sweet puss-

    You bit your lip, glancing down to your silk lounge shorts. "I found my underwear."

    "You did?" he choked. "I mean- Oh. You did. Great. Well done."

    You nodded. "Yeah,"

    Could this situation spiral any further down? Apparently it could.

    Jeonghan pressed his lips tightly together.

    "Is there something going on? You're being really weird," Your brows furrowed cutely. "Is this conversation making you uncomfortable perhaps?"

    "No!" He yelped, a little too quickly. "No, I'm fine. I said I'm fine."

    Keep your dick on a leash Jeonghan, you asshole. 

    "Can you help me with the freezer quickly? I'm gonna get an ice pop out." you pointed to the door, watching him nod affirmatively.

    Ah. So this shit definitely is spiralling further down.

    Did you need help? No. Was this purely to test your roommate? Yeah, you could agree with that.

    It was pretty clear he kind of struggled around you, and you knew that after last week's drunk game of truth or dare when you happened to let slip that you were a virgin and he'd added that he had some 'real freaky' kinks (according to him). Jeonghan didn't specifiy any further as he'd rather keep his roommate around (and generally have a place to live).

    You unnecessarily got down on your knees as he held the door and stuck your pantie clad ass out for him to see. "I think I'm going to grab a cherry one." Your voice was muffled as you searched the back of the freezer for any more flavors tucked away, and Jeonghan failed to close his eyes at the tempting sight before him. Once again there was a tiny wet patch where your hole was, and you were aready convulsing around nothing at the knowledge that it was only your roommate who could see you like this.

    "Shit." He groaned, trying to withhold the urge to dig his entire face into your pussy at once.

    "Huh? You want one too?" You looked back over your shoulder at him. Jeonghan was already fully hard and painfully straining against his boxers, making you gulp. You had a front row seat to his dick print which he indeed failed to conceal, and you looked up at his pained expression.

    "Uh no, I'll just have some uh, what's it called....WATER!" he fumbled with his words and turned sideways in order to hide a little, but only ended up showcasing how much he was packing down there. Where's the water again? Oh, right. The sink. Water flows from the tap. Think rationally Jeonghan. Grandma. Dead kittens. Kitten- fuck. Should he leave? Excuse himself for a shower again? Or maybe should he run to piss?

    You stood up and watched his tense shoulders jerk when you placed a delicate hand on his forearm. Genuinely concerned at this point, your other hand went to his forehead after you closed the freezer door.

    "Don't do that," he whined, overwhelmed with the scent of your shampoo. "Please, don't make this any harder."

    "Are you...sick?" you questioned.

    He sucked in a harsh breath. Here it goes. He's not ready to be homeless. He can barely make toast. Jeonghan felt himself having a sort of fight or flight response, but opted to just let it out. Finally. "Y/n. I think there's something you should know."

    dun dun dun…. is Jeonghan finally going to own up? Find out in the next part!
    #jeonghan smut#seventeen smut #yoon jeonghan smut #kpop smut#smut #seventeen jeonghan smut
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    #it might be a different song w the alleged squeaks but idk #answered#anon#seventeen smut#jihoon smut#woozi smut
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  • pussy-potions
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    𝓶𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓲𝓽 𝓫𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻

    nsfw dino

    warnings: sub dino, mommy kink, praise, overstimulation, cockwarming

    word count: 1.6k

    original post date: july 16 2020

    “Do I look good, Mommy?”

    Chan shyly asked after he emerged from the bathroom, his hips were wrapped in a new pair of lacy pink panties you had bought him, with a matching garter belt his fingers were finishing fastening to the thigh highs that highlighted his muscular legs.

    “You look absolutely stunning, baby boy.” You whispered as you beckoned for Chan to come closer as you reclined on the bed. His steps were timid as he made his way to you. Pink dusted over his cheeks when you took his hands in yours the moment he was close enough, and you tugged him forward to get him to straddle your lap. “My pretty little baby boy.”

    Pressing kisses to his chest, you hummed against his warm skin, your fingers tracing along the delicate hemline of the panties.

    “T-thank you…” Chan’s eyes fluttered open and locked eyes with you. “Mommy.” A smile made its way onto your face from his shy demeanor. Your hands slipped into his and you held them up to your lips, kissing the backs of his hands.

    “You’re the cutest thing ever, you know that right?” Chan stuttered our a quiet thank you while his eyes avoided yours. “You’re so cute,” you muttered. Chan leaned down to peck you on the lips. His hands placed themselves on your shoulders, deepening his kiss.

    Chan gasped into the kiss when you grabbed onto his ass and kneaded the plump flesh through the lacy fabric of his panties. “M-mommy.” Chan whimpered when you gathered your strength to flip your positions to pin him to the bed. Your hands moved from his ass to his thighs while your lips moved on to target his neck, and leave little marks on the skin near the white lace choker he had on.

    “Mommy‘s pretty baby boy,” you whispered into his ear, your hips barely brushed against him and you could already feel his cock growing against the delicate fabric. “Do you want to get tied up, baby boy?” Chan quickly bobbed his head, his breathing getting shakier when you started to palm him through the panties.

    “Please tie me up, Mommy.”

    Your core throbbed dully from the submission lacing his voice, and the moment you looked him in the face, you could’ve sworn that you were a breath away from devouring him. Chan’s bottom lip was caught between his teeth, his cheeks glowing pink but his eyes were what had your heart hammering away in your chest. His eyes pleaded for you to tie him up, the purest look of submission shone from deep within his eyes as he whimpered out.

    “Tie me up like I’m your gift, Mommy.”

    Your breathing stopped for a few moments at his pleading until your sanity came back to you and you were rushing to get the soft pink rope you got for Chan’s birthday last year. Your fingers moved quickly to tie up his arms and connect that to the knots you tied over his chest. The many hours of practicing your tying skills had nearly made you an expert by now, and with each knot being tied, you could feel your arousal growing more and more apparent. By the time you tied the final knot, your breathing was erratic from seeing him tied up on the bed, his legs tied open and his cock straining for freedom.

    “You look so pretty, baby boy.”

    Chan’s cheeks flushed at your compliment when you leaned down to place a kiss on his neck, right over a pulse point where you could clearly tell that his heart was racing. “Thank you, Mommy,” he sighed when your hand dipped into his panties to softly stroke his erection. You leaned back down to capture him in a kiss, your teeth catching Chan’s lower lip and lightly tugging on his lip, making him moan and crane his neck to steal another kiss from you before you had moved too far out of his reach.

    Reaching for the vibrator you kept hidden in the nightstand, you switched it on and applied the lightest pressure to Chan’s clothed cock. He shuddered and held onto his hands, Chan’s hips buckled against the toy with soft moans slipping past his lips.

    “You look so pretty like this Chan… So… so… pretty.” You cooed, laying on your side beside him and kissing his flushed chest. Flicking your tongue over his nipple, you sighed at the moans coming from Chan and looked up at him through your lashes to see him burying his face in his bicep. Trailing your gaze down his body, you pushed his panties down only to free his length and press the vibrator back against him. The shaky moans he let out along with begs for you to make him cum made your heart start to race in your chest.

    “Does my pretty boy want to cum?”

    “Yes!” He exclaimed. “Please make me cum, Mommy.”

    Pushing yourself up to straddle his thigh, you watched Chan arch his back from your knee pressing between his legs while the vibrator pulled him closer and closer to his release until his cum was spurting over his stomach. Chan’s length twitched from the toy still being pressed against his slit, his thigh flexed under you and you couldn’t help yourself from grinding down on his thigh.

    “Well aren’t you a pretty little thing like this.” You half moaned from his thigh pressing up against your clothed clit. “Cheeks flushed a pretty shade of red, lips glossy and swollen, your hips squirming under me and the toy,” you mused as you straddled his lap and ground yourself up against his twitching cock, making sure to keep the vibrator pressed against his slit. “Mommy wants to make you cum a few more times because you look so fucking pretty like this.”


    Chan’s heart hammered in his ears when you leaned down to latch your lips onto his neck. His moans got caught in his throat when you sucked on the sensitive spot on his neck, the toy held against his sensitive length had him twitching and squirming against the toy. Chan’s stomach started to tighten again, a sign that another orgasm was already forming, whimpers and loud whines of mommy interrupting his pleading.

    Nipping at his collarbone, you giggled against Chan’s skin when he arched into your touch. “You’re too cute when you’re about to cum.” Each teasing nip, and touch you left on his skin made shivers run over every inch of his skin. Chan trembled under you as you kissed your way up to his face and ran your free hand through his hair. Pulling on the strands, you gazed intently at Chan as he squeezed his eyes shut, tears falling freely from his eyes, and his mouth dropping open to let out a loud moan as he came again.

    Turning off the vibrator, you leaned back to fully take in Chan’s sweating and twitching form while he came down from his high. His breathing slowly steadied as the minutes ticked by and his cock was hardening again underneath you the longer you kept toying with his sensitive length. Shifting in his spot, Chan blinked back his tears while trying, although pathetically, to hold back his needy moans.

    “Do you want Mommy to ride you, baby boy?”

    Chan nodded desperately while tugging on his restraints that he knew wouldn’t give out. Relief clearly evident in his actions and his voice as he kept begging you to ride him. Chan’s eyes glittered watching you got off his lap to slowly peel your lingerie off before you were mounting him and sinking onto his oversensitive length.

    Lightly trailing your fingernails over his chest, you smiled down at him as his chest quickly rose and fell from his heavy breathing. Your fingers traced his nipples and lightly scraped your nails against the erect buds, pinching them between the digits as you rode him.

    “What is it, baby? Did you want to say something?” You said, your fingers moving to your clit to give yourself the extra stimulation you needed.

    “Make me cum,” Chan panted. “I wanna cum in you, Mommy. You feel so good, just please, let me cum.”

    “Relax baby, Mommy’s gonna make you cum.”

    The fingers over your clit moved faster and faster until the coil in your stomach snapped and you were cumming on Chan’s length. Your fluttering walls giving him the last pushes he needed to reach his peak. Pleasure washed over your body as you kept bouncing on his lap and muttering dirty words to coax Chan’s orgasm out.

    Tears streamed down Chan’s cheek as he came one last time for you. His body burning with the heat of his orgasm while you kept on bouncing on his oversensitive cock to ride out your highs.

    “You’re such a good boy for me, Channie.” You cooed when you slowed your movements down to a stop. Leaning down, your hands caressed Chan’s twitching body while you left kisses over his chest, neck and face before you were pressing long kisses to his lips.

    Chan moaned into your mouth, his hips twitching under you while you stayed put on his lap, his cock nestled deep in your walls. Your thumbs rubbed along his cheekbones as you pulled back to leave kisses over his tear streaked cheeks, whispering soft praises against his warm cheeks. Reluctantly pulling a few inches away from Chan’s face, your fingers moved over the knots that had restrained his arms behind him until they were laying limply above his head as you massaged the pink markings on his skin.

    “You were so good for Mommy, do you want me to order some take out for you?”

    “Maybe later, I’m sleepy,” Chan murmured as you carefully grabbed onto Chan and switched your positions so the tired boy was laying on you with his cock still nestled snuggly in your walls.

    Petting his head, you kissed his forehead while he snuggled into your breasts. “Go to sleep baby, you deserve it and I’ll be right here when you wake up, ready to get you whatever you need of me.”

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