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    Snapetober Day 15 Ghosts. When Dumbledore asks you to dress up for the Halloween Feast.

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    20. Night terrors

    Some feel terror when they see the sight. Some look up to the night sky and smile. He’s back.

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    One more dream

    Snapetober 2021 for @sxvxrxssnape

    Day 21 contemplating

    Summary: Severus wants to resign as Potions Professor, right untill he learns one very intresting detail.

    Read on Ao3


    “Are you sure you are not rushing into this, Severus?” Minerva asks for what seems like the thousandth time.

    “I’m sure. I don’t want to teach dunderheads anymore. I’d rather spend my days quietly writing a book.”

    That was his dream all along. Before the two wars he had to live through.

    Now is the time. While he's still young enough to have some of his dreams come true.

    “I suppose we shall have to look for a new Potions teacher for autumn then,” Minerva sighs.

    “And Defence,” Severus adds, wondering what catastrophe is going to show up next year.

    “Oh no. Harry agreed to join our humble staff.”

    “Harry bloody Potter?” Severus almost sputters. Almost. He has some dignity left, thank you very much.

    Minerva gives him both a curious and disapproving look.

    “I thought you two were civil.”

    Civil? Ha!

    Potter tried to get him an Order of Merlin first class assigned, so naturally, Severus cursed him out.

    But Potter’s going to be here. And from what Severus has heard, fresh from a rather messy break up with Blaise Zabini last spring.

    Not that Severus pays attention to any mentions of Potter in either the Prophet or Witch Weekly.

    “Potter is coming here?” Severus asks, completely disregarding Minerva’s earlier question, his hands shaking, his throat getting dry. “To Hogwarts? To teach Defence?”

    “Yes to all of the above. Are you quite all right, Severus? You seem to be running a fever. Should I call for Poppy to check you out?”

    “Is this… a permanent position, or more of a guest speaker sort of arrangement?”

    “With Poppy?”

    “Poppy? I'm talking about Potter.”

    “Oh, it's permanent. Harry signed a contract half an hour ago. He tried to catch up with you. I suppose he never found you.”

    Severus' breath never felt this rapid.

    “On second thought, Minerva, I think it’d be best if I stayed, at least for one more year. Just to make it easier for you to find a replacement. And to keep an eye on Potter. So he won’t blow up the whole school, you know…”

    “Severus. Harry is an accomplished wizard,” says Minerva, clearly upset but Severus has trouble following the conversation, his whole being coming undone. “I will not stand here and let you defile his name in this manner.”

    “I am not going to defile him. This is just an infatuation, nothing more. I mean precaution... Oh look, there’s Sybill looking for you over there.”

    Good save.

    After Minerva runs away, terrified of being caught by Sybill’s latest prediction of her untimely demise, Severus tries to catch his breath.

    Potter is here. At Hogwarts. Severus doesn’t care. Why should he?

    “Oh hey there, I was just looking for you,” a way too familiar voice comes from behind him.

    Severus schools his facial expression to neutral before turning around. He tries going for disapproving at first, but can’t quite pull that off. Not while in his current state of definitely-not-carrying that Potter will work here now.

    He clears his throat three times before speaking, “Good afternoon, Mister Potter, or should I say, Professor Potter.”

    Potter smiles broadly, and Severus does not blush. At all. Why would he?

    He feels something weird in his stomach like butterflies fluttering.

    Odd, and means nothing.

    “Harry will do, now that we are colleagues and will share very tight quarters.”

    That's rather scandalous. And that smirk. Severus would have taken points if he could. Can he?

    He practically chokes on his words as he speaks, “Excuse me?”

    “It’s good to see you, Severus.” Another smile from Potter, more mesmerising than the previous one.

    “Likewise.” He's still not blushing. Whatever warmth is spreading throughout his entire body and going to his cheeks surely cannot be noticed by the human eye. “I'm staying too. Minerva couldn't find a replacement for me, so…”

    His future colleague looks at him perplexed, “I didn't ask.”



    “But I'm glad,” Potter cuts in. “I was hoping to spend more time with you.”

    And then the brat has the audacity to wink at him.

    Severus is definitely not blushing.

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    #pls I love him so goddamn much! #harry potter#severus snape#pro snape#snape #pro severus snape #anti snaters#hp #professor severus snape #anti sirius black #anti james potter #he’s literally hilarious
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    Day 21 - Punk

    Ship: Severus Snape x Reader/OC

    Story Summary: An Autumnal collection of Snape/Reader one-shots and ficlettes based on my main story, Dream Sequence.

    Length: 2,512

    Rating: Hard T

    Warnings: Language, some naughty touching, alcohol

    Notes: Keeping Sev in character for this one was very hard so forgive me :”D I did me best.


    Master List

    <== Last Scene

    Next Scene ==>


    “Oh… Good lord.”  

    You snorted as you watched Severus sorting through his mail from across from his desk, seated in the worn leather chair in his office as you sorted through your own.  This was a typical afternoon ritual; taking your tea together, either in the staff room or one of your respective offices, and going through your mail.  Yours was typically quite sparse, usually letters from your mother or a few of your old school friends, occasionally a magazine or a periodical.  Severus tended to have more serious correspondences to attend to, which was all quite mysterious at first, until he revealed that he kept up regular communication with the parents of some of his Slytherin’s. You would always use that as an opportunity to tease him about what a good dad he was.

    But you suspected the letter he read now was not a message from a concerned parent.  He was holding it like it smelled particularly foul, his face pinched in mild disgust as he scanned over the letter.  You arched a brow, waiting for an explanation for his outburst, and when one was not forthcoming, you cleared your throat expectantly.  Severus only looked more uneasy as he glanced from you to the letter and back, his face a peculiar mix of apprehension and defeat.  As if he already knew what was about to happen, and there was absolutely no way to avoid it.

    “Letter from a former student,” he murmured, attempting to play it off as he made to stuff the letter back into the envelope, only to pause upon seeing something else inside of said envelope.  His pale skin was already looking quite sickly.  Your other eyebrow rose to the same heights as the other.

    “Anyone I know?” you asked casually, tilting you head innocently, though you were obviously burning with curiosity.  Being a former student who had once sent the man multitudes of letters yourself, you wondered who else had deemed fit to write their old potions professor.  And what they had done as a student to warrant that look of absolute disgust from said professor.

    Severus sighed heavily, clearly debating whether or not he actually wanted to know the answer to your question either.  “Myron Wagtail?” he supplied bitterly, and he cringed as you immediately perked up in your chair.  You felt just awful for causing him so much apparent distress, but on the other hand…

    “The lead singer of the Weird Sisters?” you asked, awe in your voice as you peered down at the letter still clutched in his hands.  At his reluctant nod, you coughed into your shoulder, shrugging nonchalantly.  “I didn’t know Myron, but I uh…”  Severus was already bracing himself for whatever you were about to confess, and you laughed sympathetically as you plowed ahead.  “I fooled around with Kirley Duke a couple of times.”

    He groaned with disappointment, and you laughed again as you stood from your chair, leaving your meager stack of mail in your seat as you stepped towards his desk.  “Why is Myron Wagtail writing you?” you asked, leaning over his desk and making to take the letter from his hands, but he snatched it away before you could make contact.  Your plan was flawless, as you plucked the envelope from his other hand instead.  He made to grab it away from you, but you held it out of his reach as he was still seated, and took a step back as you peered into the envelope curiously.  You gasped as your eyes went wide, and your gaze shot back up to your lover.  “Holy shit, Severus.”

    Severus released a longsuffering sigh as he dropped the letter to his desk, rubbing his face with both of his hands tiredly, before looking up at you from between his fingers. “Apparently, I used to be a source of inspiration for them, though I can hardly imagine why.”  You arched a disbelieving bow at that.  It was quite easy to imagine why a bunch of young and emotionally compromised teenagers starting a punk rock band would look to their long haired, black clad, emotionally distant teacher for inspiration, though you weren’t going to point that out.  You wondered why you hadn’t actually realized this back when you were a student… but it wasn’t like Kirley McCormack did much talking when you were together.  

    “Those are a token of appreciation, I guess,” he sighed, finally propping his cheek up on one hand as he gestured towards the envelope with his other hand.  You extracted the two concert tickets to inspect them properly, a wicked grin curling on your lips as you scanned over the perfect storm of dates and times that you knew for a fact that the both of you had free.  He looked positively defeated as he asked, “I don’t supposed you’d want to go?”


    While you would never regret how you’d actually spent the Yule Ball last year, part of you had been ever so slightly disappointed that you’d missed out on the Weird Sisters set that night. You had, of course, been doing something considerably more important, and you would never begrudge Severus for doing what he had to do at the time. But dang.  That show had sounded rad when your fifth year Muggle Studies students had gushed to you about it the following week.

    So you were particularly excited to gush about this concert to your now sixth year students in return.

    You loved any excuse to dress up, but concerts were particularly fun, because it was one of the few times you got to show off copious amounts of skin without having to be at a beach.  You’d had the same pair of shredded burgundy jean shorts since you were 16, but you usually had to buy new fishnets after every concert; they rarely survived the night. Your cropped T-shirt was equally as tattered as your shorts, the yellow cotton worn thin and soft, the logo for The Black Cats nearly faded away completely. A pair of Chucks completed the ensemble, and it seemed that muggle shoes were a hot commodity in the wizard punk scene; you’d gotten more compliments on a ratty pair of trainers than you did for anything else.

    Convincing Severus to dress the part had been a bit of a challenge.  He’d been exceedingly hesitant, of course, but when you reminded him that he would stick out like a sore thumb if he didn’t go along with it, he’d reluctantly agreed.  Especially if there was any chance he might be recognized.  Though he did still stand out a little bit; he looked a bit more like a Goth who had wandered into the wrong concert.  But what was most surprising was that he’d had the vast majority of his outfit already in his closet.  A dark green turtleneck, shiny black Beatle boots and soft fingerless gloves.  You’d transfigured one of his robes into something that resembled more of a hoodie, with a long pointed hood and a zippered front. Though you lamented making the back of his coat so long because sweet baby Jesus; he may not have had much of an ass, but it didn’t matter how much ass he had when it was encased in leather. Oh, didn’t I mention?  The pair of skin tight black leather pants that he just absolutely flat out refused to tell you how he came into possession of?  You were going to be writing a strongly worded enquiry to Lucius Malfoy tomorrow.

    Wizard rock shows weren’t all that different from muggle ones.  There was a lot of alcohol, a lot of wildly colored hair and intricate tattoos, and a lot of rowdy show goers losing their minds in the pit in front of the stage.  Wizard punks had a lot more magic to work with though; the alcohol didn’t spill, the colored hair would change color occasionally, the tattoos would move, and the moshing was occasionally punctuated with bright sparks of magic and the occasional witch floating straight up to the ceiling before twisting back down to crowd surf.  It was fucking wild.

    And you could tell that Severus was wildly uncomfortable.

    You felt a little bad, dragging him out to this show.  Things you would find exhilarating, like the crowd, the noise, the high energy, were all decidedly out of your lover’s element.  The Weird Sisters had come through for their former professor though, and upon entering the grimy theater, found that you had access to the VIP section near the bar. It was little more than a row of booths roped off towards the back of the venue, but it did its job by being secluded from the raucous crowd beyond.  The crowd you kind of wish you were in the middle of right now…

    But you couldn’t really complain.  The booths were clean and cozy, and it wasn’t like the two of you were the only ones back here.  You had a small, slightly chiller crowd of your own.  And hey!  There was complimentary beer!  Two of which you had already put away, and were working on a third, the dark bottles of strange Wizard’s Brew tasting so much better than the muggle pisswater that passed as beer anymore.  You were currently occupying one of the booths, sitting side saddle in Severus’ lap as you craned your neck to try and catch a glimpse of the stage.  The music was loud enough that you could hear every note clear as day but dang, it sure was hard seeing from all the way back-

    “Why aren’t you out there?”

    You jumped, turning your attention back to Severus, who you were rather surprised to find you could hear just fine, despite the volume of the music.  Maybe the booth was charmed…?  That didn’t matter, what had he asked?  You immediately felt a wash of guilt splash over you.  Had he noticed your disappointment?  Had he peeked into your slightly drunken brain and saw it there?

    There was no point in lying to him.  You smiled sheepishly before offering, “’Cause you wanna stay back here?”  You took another swig from your bottle, trying to swallow another wave of shame as he looked away from you, out to the crowd. God, why had you pressured him into coming?  You knew he wasn’t going to be down with this sort of scene.  And now you feared you were making him feeling guilty, for not being as into this as you were.  For the first time in a very long time, you were hyperaware of the age difference between you, and you really wished you hadn’t insisted-

    “Don’t let me hold you back,” he insisted, looking back around to you.  “I do like it better back here, but that’s no reason you can’t go have fun.”  You felt your mouth fall open at his easy suggestion, and he arched a brow as he clinked his own beer bottle against yours.  “Come back when you need a break, and another beer.”

    You snapped your mouth shut, replacing your shock with a lopsided grin.  God.  God!  How was he so good?  You glanced back to the stage, to the thrashing crowd, the jumping figures.  It had been so long since you’d been to a show like this.  You could already feel the exhilaration pumping through your veins. Setting your beer down on the low table between the benches, you used both hands to take hold of his face, before crushing your lips to his.  You felt his hand around your waist squeeze your side, felt his fingers slip between the gaps in the fishnets that were pulled up above your navel to brush against your skin.  You grinned against his mouth.  

    “You’re sure you don’t wanna join me?” you asked, knowing the answer as soon as you saw his eyebrow lift, and you giggled a little, rolling your eyes.  “Yeah, yeah.  Okay. Well, you come find me if you change your mind, alright?”  You leaned forward, kissing the tip of his nose before pulling back, sobering up slightly as you peered into those cool, dark eyes. “Thank you.”

    It was his turn to roll his eyes, clearly thinking that giving you permission to go enjoy the show was hardly a noble act.  He punctuated the fact by swatting your arse with his hand to make you get a move on, and you jumped up with a squeal and a laugh.  You waved and winked before exiting the booth, and he followed you with his eyes as you meandered through the VIP section, before escaping the velvet roped confines and joining the mass of writhing bodies pressed together in front of the stage.  

    You stayed towards the outskirts of the crowd, your height advantage giving you a clear view of the stage. The show was electric.  You might have been embarrassed by how much you liked Dancing like a Hippogriff, had the song itself not been accompanied by dance numbers performed by actual leprechauns, elves and spectres.  It was amazing how far the Weird Sisters had come, from being a group of dopey dudes wailing about ‘true darkness’ at Hogwarts to… admittedly being a larger group of dopey dudes, but at least their music was way better now.  

    Towards the end of the show you were panting, sweaty, and frankly running on pure adrenaline.  You breathed a sigh of relief as Myron announced the last song of the evening (you knew it wouldn’t be, and there would surely be an encore song or two to follow), and you considered going back to find Severus, sure he would want to duck out early.  But before you could turn around to head to the back of the theater, you felt long, cool fingers slip between the gaps of your fishnets again, just under the waistband of your shorts, and a hard, lean body pressed against your back.  You would have jumped out of your skin, if you hadn’t been so used to the feel of him, the hot smell of cloves and coriander announcing his presence.  You gazed down at the hands holding you, the fingerless gloves and the black nail polish you’d convinced him to wear, and slipped your fingers between his as the opening twangs of “This Is the Night” began.

    “This one’s pretty good,” he muttered into your ear, and you shivered as his breath skittered against your cheek.  You pressed your backside into his hips, and he returned the favor, swaying rhythmically to the song.  You might have teased him about his outright refusal to dance at the Malfoy’s Masquerade, but this was… decidedly different.  There was a current that thrummed through you; the high from the show, the buzz from the alcohol, the pounding of the music.  And now the heat and flutter of both his body and his magic against yours.  You felt lips against your neck, felt his tongue peek out to taste your damp skin, and you decided that dragging him out had actually been a fantastic idea.


    Art by BlooeyedTroll!


    Next Scene ==>


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    Concept arts for the launch trailer by Klaus Scherwinski

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    Can you imagine Snape’s reaction when Dumbledore tells him that Remus is going to be the new DADA teacher. Like sorry mate you’ve applied for this job so many times and you’re my spy and everything but the best friend of your childhood bullies is going to get the job instead. I really don’t think his expression would change much though.

    #marauders#the marauders#harry potter #harry potter movies #harry potter book series #remus lupin#severus snape#snape #snape and lily #snape and the marauders #sirius black#albus dumbledore #albus and severus #snape and dumbledore #lily evans#peter pettigrew #harry potter the marauders #james potter #he took the job i've wanted for years
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    Gif credits to yours truly

    Day XIV


    Midnight Snack

    Requested by the lovely @snapesmoonlight: ‘Hey!!! Can I request a food play with prompt 6 from the smut prompts? Like, y/n is baking and when Sev sees the melted chocolate in a bowl he decides to try it?’

    Prompt: “I didn't think you were into that.”

    An: I told you to get creative but 😏 sheesh !! So I kind of switched up your request a bit (don’t be mad) just to help the flow of when I was writing, but it still tailors to your request!! Either way, though, it’s delicious food play and it’s messy lol, enjoy! 🖤

    Words: 2.2k

    Warnings: SMUT, NSFW, explicit content, explicit language, food play/kink!! oral sex, blowjobs

    “No, Sev, that’s too much!” You warned him, but it was too late.

    He’d added too much flour to the mixture, causing it to overflow and puff into your faces. The two of you paused before looking at the other’s face and breaking out into a laugh at the sight. Your hair was covered in flour, mimicking Severus’ appearance, and your face was coated in the white substance.

    You shook your head around and attempted to get the flour off of you, to no avail. Severus on the other hand chose to cast a spell over you both, alternatively cleaning you off.

    Severus chuckled and shook his head, “That wasn’t wise.”

    “Yea,” you rolled your eyes. “I told you.”

    The two of you finished mixing the ingredients, no more flour needed, and blended everything to perfection. When it was time to put the cake in the oven, the pair of you fought over who got to put it in.

    You argued that it was only fair that you do it because you suggested the idea of baking at midnight. Severus countered that he should be able to just for the sole fact that he agreed to bake with you.

    In the end, you’d both had been able to - you each had one hand on the side of the baking pan before sliding it in the oven.

    “We’re a mess, I’ve got cake batter all over me.” You giggled at the mess that was left on your apron, “And you don’t look too good yourself.”

    Severus sent you an unimpressed look when you smeared some of the left over cake batter onto his fleece jumper. You started laughing at the image that was left on it, “Think you’re funny, do you?” Now, he took some of the icing for the cake and spread it across your lips.

    You rubbed your lips together like you’d just applied a layer of lip balm and popped them loudly, “Give me a kiss.” You teased.

    But Severus shook his head, “Not with that on your lips.” He chuckled.

    “Just one.” When your pouting wasn’t working, you puckered your lips - Severus was never one to deny your kisses.

    Successfully, he accepted your kiss. He held your face in his hands and leaned down to give you a quick kiss, but you kept him there. The taste of his lips mingled with the chocolate, buttercream frosting and made an interesting combination, one you’d both found that you liked.

    It was your turn to try and pull back, except Severus wasn’t ready just yet. The kiss only deepened when he slid his tongue in and held you affectionately by the back of your neck. You melted, moaned into his mouth at the sensation, and scrunched his cloths beneath your fingers.

    “I want to try something.” He murmured when he’d finally pulled apart.

    You nodded aimlessly, “Anything.” The feel of his lips had felt good, and you’d do anything to feel them again.

    “Go upstairs, take off your clothes, but stay in your panties.” His blazing eyes stared at you, “Go.”

    You ran off to the bedroom you two shared, quickly shedding your comfy clothes and following his instruction to stay only in your cute, lingerie set.

    After this he thought he’d never look at cherries or chocolate again without getting hard. He hadn’t moved yet, he was just thinking about what you would look like with dark chocolate covering your smooth skin. Then he wondered what he could include with cherries, were you going to feed each other? Or did he have something else in mind?

    Finally he pulled himself from his daydream, remembering what he’d had planned was actually about to happen. He got up and quickly yanked off his jumper, then he quickly pulled off his trousers nearly popping the button on there, getting a bit too anxious. He left on his silk boxers black with a fine look.

    First he looked in on you, you were laying across the bed, your eyes closed and the sexiest pair of panties he’d seen on you. You heard him and your head popped up disappointed to see he had not yet gotten anything for what you were about to do.

    You weren’t ignorant to what Severus had planned. You had talked back and forth about food play, but had never done it, until now. Severus always seemed to get rather intrigued about the topic, and you were eager to do so - something about getting purposely messy while Severus cleaned you up. Your senses tingled with excitement at just the thought of his tongue on you, licking and sucking.

    “If you don’t hurry up and get the food, I’m going to start playing with myself while I imagine playing with food.” You declared.

    He quickly walked to the kitchen, his bare feet nearly sliding from underneath him on the slick kitchen floor. He went into the refrigerator and got the chocolate sauce, Honeydukes’ finest chocolate, and a basket of cherries he had bought just a few days ago. Despite how he may have appeared, Severus liked to indulge himself in a sundae every so often, though now he’d have his favorite snack and his favorite girl at the same time.

    He went back into the bedroom with the food; you had pulled the covers down off the bed, and were lying on the white satin sheets. He didn’t want to ask you what to do next, thinking you would give him a dumb look, so he went for it.

    He pulled the top on the bottle of chocolate; your eyes were still closed and he just started pouring. When the chocolate first fell on you, you jumped with a startled sigh, and then lied back down, your eyes falling closed once more, and letting him pour.

    Staring at your neck, Severus made a straight line all the way down your body. He got creative, drawing with chocolate little bull’s-eyes on the hills of your breasts, just above your bra. Then on your stomach he made a design of interesting wiggles. He next made zebra stripes down your legs and you began to moan. You opened your legs wide and he could tell how horny you were by the way your thong was just clinging between your pussy lips.

    He began to pour chocolate on your mound, covering the thong until it was practically nonexistent. He put the chocolate sauce down, wanting to taste your sweet body. No inch of you was left untouched as he licked, down your neck, over the mound of breast tissue peaking past the tops of your thin bra, causing your nipples to shoot up.

    Down your stomach, as you moaned out, then he got to the place between your legs, he began to lick where the thong clung to your lips. He’d licked all the chocolate off, tasting the sweet confection, the fabric, and a little bit of your saccharine wetness.

    Severus had started to get as excited as you had been, he wanted to taste all of you covered in sticky syrup. His hand went to the waist of your thong and pulled, the delicate material that immediately came apart at the seams, reveling to him a completely unobstructed pussy, in need of some chocolate. Then he reached up and grabbed your bra right in between your breasts and the fabric gave away just as easily as the panties.

    Grabbing up the chocolate and covering the bare parts with more sauce, he, on a whim, began rubbing the chocolate into your firm breasts. “Severus…” You started moaning feverishly, while he rubbed over your torso and down your legs. Your body began to shake as an orgasm ripped through you, even though he hadn’t as of yet touched the sensitive spot between your legs.

    “So soon?” He taunted, biting down on your shoulder, “Do I make you feel good, love?”

    You nodded with a whine, “Too good.”

    When it seemed your orgasmic wave had completed, he laid on top of you, smothering himself with the chocolate that was all over your body. Putting a bit of it on his finger, he rubbed some into your full lips, and latched his lips to yours. It was the most delicious kiss you’d ever had (preceding the one you’d shared downstairs), you licked your own lips and then licked his.

    He started lapping at the rest of you, you squealed as he cleaned off all the chocolate, especially when he got to the swell of your breasts. Severus, never one to avoid teasing you, licked all the surrounding tissue, avoiding the nipples. Then he brought one of the nipples into his mouth and it was like a chocolate covered cherry, the next he had completely cleaned it, with a swish of his tongue.

    After thoroughly cleaning your stomach, he got to your chocolate covered cunt. He spread your lips adding a bit more chocolate between them, and his tongue began licking the length of your sex, tasting you and the rich chocolate. Within moments you were writhing as orgasms hit upon you, taking you further than you’d ever been, then suddenly he felt your pussy muscles contract and out shot your feminine nectar.

    He’d always been a lover of your juices, and when he’d found that you could cum so easily with him barely touching you, he latched onto you. But, this was marvelous, the taste of you along with chocolate, he had found a savor better than his favorite sundae. He greedily lapped you up and down, drinking the chocolate and your cum at the same time.

    You sat slightly up and pulled his face from out of your cunt, he didn’t know why since you could go for hours like that and he’d only been at it for maybe thirty minutes.

    “It’s time for the cherries, my love.” Your head inclined towards the direction of the cherries, reminding him they were there

    He grabbed a cherry from the basket, and pulling out the stem with his teeth, took it between his fingers and rubbed it the length of your sex, covering it not only in chocolate but also your cum. Subsequently, he pushed the cherry into your hole, not all the way in, but somewhat in, and began eating both you and the cherry.

    Your body exploded into ecstasy, wave after wave of orgasmic tidal waves hit you, and wracked through your body with an amazing force. Once the cherry was completely eaten, he was greeted with a nice surprise as the result of your euphoria once again exploded out of you in a waterfall like gush. He did that over and over, until you were just too worn out to take anymore. You confessed that had been one of the best orgasms he’d ever given you.

    Now, though, you wanted to repay the favor.

    Once he’d obeyed your order of standing in front of you, you pulled at the silk boxers and they pooled around his ankles. You leaned toward him and caressed his throbbing cock with your lips and tongue, taking his entire member into your mouth. Your lips commenced stroking him up and down, then he got an idea, still holding the chocolate sauce he began pouring the dark liquid on his own cock.

    When you’d reached the head of his cock, he’d poured chocolate along the rest of his member, and watched as you devoured him and the chocolate. It made your lips become covered with the gooey stuff. You whimpered while you tasted the chocolate covering a part of him you already loved to eat, he just enjoyed watching you clean off all of it off before he’d pour some on again.

    “Fuck, dirty girl,” he groaned sensually. Your hair was the only thing he’d felt the need to grip, besides the dark bottle in his hand. “You love cleaning off my cock, don’t you?”

    You showed that you were listening to him as best as you could, but it was hard to do with a mouth full of him down your throat. You took him deeper and tightened the muscles surrounding him. Due to that, he stood taller and planted his feet firmly to avoid cumming too soon at the delectable feeling.

    Though no matter how hard he’d tried, with the image before him, the feeling of the gooey chocolate sauce, and the sensation of your slick lips, he was going to climax. He warned you, but you kept going, and then his cock pulsated and filled your mouth with his thick, white cum. With the help of the chocolate, it improved the taste of his semen even more, that you couldn’t stop yourself from greedily swallowing all of him.

    You released him from your mouth and looked up at him with a smile plastered to your face. You had chocolate all around your mouth looking as though you’d just eaten a plate full of chocolate icing. He bent down to your level and strongly kissed you, cleaning all the sauce from around your mouth. When you had separated, you looked down at your body and laughed. It was becoming slightly sticky.

    “I guess I need to take a shower now.” You acknowledged, but with a satisfied smile on your face from enjoying your little chocolate fantasy.




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  • inkywater-illustrations
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    One Old "Snape adopts Little Harry" Drawing from 2018. Because of course Minerva did not let These Nasty Muggles take care of Lily's Son...

    Ref. for Severus: Adam Driver 🤷🏼‍♀️

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      是点梗! ! ! !


























      “你是需要雨伞吗? ”一个男人的声音从他身后响起,那声音令人感到安心,却又是如此的深沉醇厚

















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    im sorry but you could never talk snape bad for me like... thats impossible like thats my nasty lil meow meow, all these snaters are just amusing to me. whenever someone talks bad about him i have to instantly start laughing. its like the catholic church and its trying to turn gay people straight

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    (Not mine, credit goes to creator)

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    Tell me if this isn't true😛

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    是点梗! ! ! !

      为了甜我打算OOC,在这里V殿是好人! ! !

      他就是个魔法部长,多好! ! ! ! ! ! !

















      “I am serious.”西里斯俏皮的回了他一句,但是他不知道的那是他恶梦的开始……








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    My brain: listen, Severus with butt dimple

    Me: *can't stop smiling and look like a creep*

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    @destinyspoon and I wrote an update to 'Under a Glass Moon' for you! 🌙


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