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  • automaticcroissantbatsludge
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Severus: Do you hate me, father

    Tobias:why do you ask like that. What have I done to give you the doubts about my hate toward you


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  • mothboss
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Toby’s Boy

    Cover Art for book one, whenever that comes.

    Also available to view on DeviantArt, here.

    The premise of Toby’s Boy: Upon coming home to Spinner’s End the summer after his fifth year, Snape is set upon by a group of muggle boys in an alley. Still humiliated from his encounter with the Marauders, he beats the other boys bloody in a blind rage. He’s taken by the police and has to be retrieved by Eileen and Tobias, who finally recognizes that his son is talented in some way. Rather than punish him for being arrested, Tobias takes Severus to the local muggle boxing club and forces him to train and compete. 

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  • missyjanne85
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fandom Poetry!

    This is the first time I have published and promo’d in a long time - I’m a little nervous too because I’ve returned to my one of my first loves…writing poetry.

    If you’d like to check them out - follow the links below.

    Willing Sinner - for Lilith (Dramione)


    Bruises, Cuts, Stitches and Scars - for Ada (Tomione - mind the tags)


    Buttons - for Charlie (Severus Snape)


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  • ao3feed-snape
    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Subject Of Schoolgirl Fantasy

    read it on AO3 at https://ift.tt/3cBAMnA

    by ThePlagueBeast

    Hermione is finding this whole 'pretending to be super into Professor Snape' thing way more fun than anticipated.

    Words: 1297, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 4 of And They Were Soulmates

    Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape

    Relationships: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape

    Additional Tags: Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Teacher-Student Relationship, Fake/Pretend Relationship, POV Hermione Granger

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3cBAMnA

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  • snuciussimp
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Malfoy Manor

    Severus has ignored you all day but he gets angry when he sees you and Lucius flirt and then you walk to your room together.

    Severus Snape & Lucius Malfoy x femme reader

    ^this is a long one-shot & this is going to be a bit harsh, and it has a Snucius part.^



    Being Draco's best friend is always fun. Parties, drinking, dancing, sleepovers, etc. this summer, you've done all of it but Severus, your boyfriend was invited to the Malfoy Manor too. Of course, no one knew about your relationship because if they knew, well, it would have consequences.

    You can't ignore the fact that senior Malfoy is attractive, the way he looks you up and down only makes you want to make him pin you to bed and fuck you until you see stars. But you love your lover more than anything, and you know no one can satisfy you but him.

    Today, Draco has invited his friends to the Manor again, which means you get to drink, dance and probably end up in bed with Severus. But so far, your plans have been doing good except for Severus' cold glares. He has been ignoring you all day, he hasn't talked to you, kisses you, or even crack a little smile.

    He just stared at you with an emotionless expression.

    You get ready for the party. Putting on your lacy red knickers without bras, cause your dress has cups to shape your breasts enough for everyone to drool over you. You put on your black dress, a tight crop top that has on a strap on the left shoulder and it's connected to the skirt with thin straps wrapped around your belly.

    You slip in your black heels, applying some red lipstick and blush on your cheeks, and with a flick of your wand, your hair is styled down on your shoulder. (You can imagine your hair however you like, but here, some people have short hair, such as me so bear with me loves)

    You check yourself in the mirror, You look magnificent. (Yes you are so beautiful and gorgeous) With a satisfied smile, you walk out of your room. As you walk downstairs, you hear the music playing, and chattering fills the Manor.

    You enter the room with small steps and search for your boyfriend who gave you the cold shoulder for a day. Spotting him, you walk to him with an annoyed expression, but you couldn't deny the butterflies in your stomach. He looks so delicious that it takes everything in you not to jump on him here and there.

    His first few buttons are undone. The mixture of his jet black hair with a white shirt and black jeans is too good for you. You bite your lip and walk up to him, swaying your hips side to side. "Professor Snape, it's good to see you've decided to join us at last,"

    He rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his whiskey. You look at his soft thin lips, wrapped around the crystal glass as his hands grab the glass tightly. "Severus, what is wrong with you?"

    "What is wrong with me? Huh? I have seen your filthy thoughts about Lucius. Did you think I wouldn't get mad at you for thinking about getting fucked by another man?"

    "You know it was only a dream, Severus. Don't make a big deal about it. You are the only one who can satisfy me, and you are aware of that,"

    "Get out of my sight, before I snap at you," He whispers dangerously low in your ear. But you can't care less about him. You roll your eyes and turn around to walk away, as you start to make your way to Pansy, you glance back at Severus. To your dismay, Severus' assistant is approaching him with a seductive smile.

    Catrina. That whore is always around Severus. Not to mention she gets touchy when they have a conversation, but the thing that annoys you the most is that it seems Severus doesn't have ANY problems with her flirting and touching.

    You feel anger and jealousy bubbles inside of you. He has ignored you for the whole day, and now he is flirting with his assistant in front of you. You turn around, eyebrows knitted as anger rises in your veins.

    Two can play, Mr. Snape

    You look around the room, desperately trying to lit up your mood. You walk to the bar, waiting for the bartender to approach you. "Double neat whiskey," He nods and brings your shot. You gulp down the whole shot, feeling the burning session of the whiskey in your body. You feel yourself getting lighter a bit. You order another one, not being aware of a certain Blonde wizard's presence next to you.

    You drink the whole shot again and sigh in relief that now alcohol is in your bloodstream. You order another one, but you are interrupted by a raspy voice behind you. "Slow down, you can't take another drink,"

    You turn around and see Lucius Malfoy, standing there with his black button-up shirt with a glass of Brandy in his hand as he looks at you up and down. "I can take more than only whiskey shots, Mr. Malfoy." You lean your back on the counter and grab your glass.

    His cock stiffens in his pants as he looks at your exposed cleavage. His eyes darken with lust and the tent his pants get larger and larger by second. You feel yourself getting aroused by the thought of him between your legs. You glance behind Lucius, looking at Severus who's busy flirting with Catrina.

    You quickly look back at Lucius, rubbing his shin with your heels as you give him a sexy look. "It's like you have completely forgotten where are we, young lady,"

    "Are you suggesting we should take this somewhere private? Because honestly, I'm not complaining," He swallows nervously. You are very tempting and it doesn't help him with the visible bulge in his pants.

    You straighten your back, taking a step toward him. You inch yourself closer to his ear and whisper seductively. "Your choice of clothing is very nice, Mr. Malfoy, but they would look better on my bedroom floor," Heat creeps on his pale cheeks as he shifts uncomfortably. He grabs your wrist and pulls you with him upstairs.

    None of you are aware that someone is following you too. As he reaches your room, he opens the door and walks in with you, but before he can slam the door shut, someone puts his foot between the door.

    The door bursts open, revealing an angry and jealous Severus with a very hard cock in his pants. He shuts the door and locks it, taking big steps towards you. He wraps his fingers around your neck, squeezing it with all his strength as he closes your airway.

    "You are such a desperate slut for men. Flirting with Lucius because I didn't pay attention to you. Tsk tsk, I don't even think punishment will suit you. I'll torture you tonight, edging you until you will lick my shoes, begging me to let you cum. Taking my cock down your throat until you are out of tears."

    "Fuck you!"

    "I'm up for it if you are,"

    You try to shove his hand away from your neck, but he only chuckles darkly at your behaviors and tightens his grip around your neck.

    "Yes, my little whore, Lucius, and I will stretch that tight pussy until you are completely ripped. This is what disgusting sluts get for being such a pick-me girl,"

    Lucius looks thrilled and shocked at the same time. Shocked because he found out about your secret relationship with Severus, and thrilled that he's going to fuck you mercilessly.

    He takes his hands away from your neck. You can feel your arousal, wetting your inner thighs. Suddenly, Severus' hands come down on your cheek, making you jump in surprise. By now, you are beyond turned on. Your body is going to be used for the two men around you for their pleasure, and honestly, you like it.

    Severus brings out his wand, with one flick, you are completely naked in front of four lustful eyes who are staring at your curves with a pang of growing hunger. Severus gestures to Lucius to do something that you don't understand. Lucius smirks and goes out of the room.

    A few seconds later, he comes back with a bag that you couldn't understand what's inside of it. Before you can ask anything, Severus yanks your hair backward, making you yelp in pain. He pulls you by your hair as he makes his way to the bed. He pushes you on the bed aggressively. "You are in trouble now,"

    You feel fear creeping into your body, but at the same time, you can't deny the fact you are so aroused by the way he's treating you. "Tie her up Lucius, dirty sluts don't deserve to be touched, and touch anybody," Lucius obeys and crawls on top of you, flopping you on the pillows as he grabs your wrists with one hand and uses the other to tie your wrists to the headboard.

    You press your lips together, desperately wish to be fucked but you know you are up for a very long night. Severus and Lucius smirk at your exposed body. "Are you going to do anything or you're just going to stare at my boobs?"

    They thought you wouldn't dare, but you would definitely dare. "How dare you talk back? I thought Severus has fucked some manners into you. How wrong I was,"

    "You see, Lucius, I have done it, but she is a brat. And brats never lose their attitude. Isn't that right, my disgusting harlot?"

    "Apparently your 'lessons' weren't good enough, Severus," oh shit.

    You don't know why you said it, but the second it got out of your mouth, you knew you have fucked up. "You talk too much," He spits at your face and walks to stand next to Lucius. Severus grabs the bag and opens it. He looks at the items in the bag, smirking devilishly as he thinks about how good he can punish you.

    He pulls out a ball gag, taking you by surprise. "Since you don't shut up, I need to do it myself," He sits next to you on the bed as he tries to put on the gag in your mouth. You shake your head side to side, squirming under his hands. He slaps your cheeks again, making you moan in pain and pleasure. He takes advantage of your whining and pushes the ball into your mouth.

    You look dead in his eyes, making him laugh harder than before. "Now now, let's see what has Lucius got for us in that useful bag,"

    "Plenty of things, what do you want to do with her, Severus?"

    "Oh I want to do so many things to her tonight, but let's start with a show now, shall we?" You don't know how but you guess with legilimency, Severus told about his first plan to Lucius cause Lucius' smirk turned into a grin and he started searching for something in the bag.

    Your eyes widen when you see a purple dildo around 8 inches in Lucius's hand. Lucius tosses the dildo to Severus so he can do whatever he has planned with it. Severus pulls out his wand and points it at the dildo. "Wingarduim Leviosa" He levitates the dildo and directs it at your wet entrance, without warning he shoves all the 8 inches inside of you.

    You moan around the gag as he pushes the dildo deeper into you. You shut your eyes, letting your walls adjust to the new feeling. "Open your eyes, hormonal bitch," You open your eyes and look at the men in front of you.

    "Now let's put on a show for you, maybe then you'll learn to behave," He looks back at Lucius and flicks his wand. In a blink of an eye, Lucius is completely naked with his cock standing upright, leaking with pre-cum.

    "Get. On. Your. Knees, Lucius,"

    "What?! I won't-"

    "Shut up and I get on your knees!"


    "Yes, what?"

    "Yes... sir,"

    "That's better, now get on your knees,"

    They don't even bother to look at your reaction. Your eyes are popping out, spit is running down your chin and a dildo is buried deep inside of you as you watch Severus dominates Lucius.

    Lucius kneels in front of Severus, with his hands on his thighs. "Don't disobey me, Lucius, get on with it like a good boy," The way Severus is ruling Lucius around makes you dripping. Suddenly the dildo starts to shake and thrusts in and out of you.

    You shut your eyes but Severus's voice makes you open them and look at Lucius who's working on Severus' belt. "Don't you dare close your eyes! You're going to sit and watch!"

    You moan around the gag as the dildo's pace fastens. Lucius unbuckles Severus's belt and pulls down his pants with his boxers, freeing Severus's hard cock that is ready to burst at any second. Severus unbuttons his shirt as he steps out of his pants. Now he is completely naked and needy for Lucius to take him down his throat.

    "You don't get to cum until I say so. Understood?" You nod your head eagerly, watching the two attractive men closely as the dildo brings you closer to your orgasm.

    Lucius kisses up Severus's thighs, inching his face closer to his cock. Severus grabs his cock from the base and slaps Lucius's cheek with it. "Open up man whore, I wanna see your mouth full of my cock," If it wasn't because of the gag in your mouth, you would have screamed, because of the dildo and Severus's arousing words.

    Lucius parts his lips, sticking his tongue out for Severus. Severus slaps his cock on his tongue, groaning at the feeling of Lucius's warm and welcoming mouth. With one forceful thrust, he shoves his full length in his mouth, taking Lucius off guard. Lucius chokes on his cock as Severus grabs a fistful of his hair in his hand.

    "Relax your throat, my playboy, I'm gonna fuck your throat as that dirty wanton gets fucked by a fake dick," Lucius tries to breathe with his nose. Your legs start to shake as your inner walls clench around the plastic cock that's fucking you.

    You moan loudly which is muffled by the gag. You try to keep your eyes open as your stomach tightens. "Are you going to cum?" Severus asks while he rocks his hips back and forth, fucking Lucius's throat slowly. You nod your head, waiting for his approval to let you cum. But he pulls out the dildo, making you whine as your orgasm fades away.

    Severus bobs Lucius's head up and down his shaft, meeting his thrusts. The tip of his cock hits the back of his throat, making Severus groan loudly. Lucius closes his lips around his thick shaft, swirling his tongue around the base of Severus's cock making the man moan in pleasure.

    Lucius hallows his cheeks, making a strong suction in his mouth. Severus's cock twitches in his mouth, and with a few more thrusts, Severus shoots his seeds in Lucius's mouth. Severus keeps Lucius's head down as he cums down his throat.

    "Swallow, big boy," Lucius obeys and tries to swallow whatever he can. Severus pulls out of Lucius's mouth, watching his cum dripping down his chin. "Get up Lucius, that slut there needs to be punished," Lucius stands up with shaky legs, cock standing hard against his lower abdomen and dripping with pre-cum.

    You watch them in awe. Lucius fucking Malfoy just swallowed Severus Snape's cum. This will be the night you will never forget. Not in the slightest!

    As your mind is clouded with lust and the thoughts of the two men in front of you, you completely forget that they're going to punish you. You get out of your thoughts when you feel someone gets on the bed. You look at Lucius who has a leather whip in his hand.

    With one swift movement, Severus turns you around and takes the gag off you. You try to stand still on your knees while your hands are twisted and still tied to the headboard. "Now, let's punish. After each whip, I want you to thank Lucius for punishing you,"

    "Yes, sir,"

    "Start, Lucius, and remember, do not be gentle," Lucius smirks and brings down the whip on your back, making you whine in pain and pleasure. You've never been whipped before, but the new feeling of pain mixed with pleasure is definitely something you would like to try later again.

    "Thank you s-sir,"

    Severus grabs your hair and yanks it backward, making you scream. "What for?"

    "Thank you sir for punishing me!" You scream as Lucius brings the whip down again.

    "That's right, take it Y/N. Take it like a good useless slut,"

    Lucius whips your back again. Making you moan louder than before.

    "T-thank you sir for p-punishing me,"

    After 15 more whips, eventually, Lucius steps back. Your ass and back are covered in red lines. Severus traces his fingers on the red lines making you whine loudly.

    "Now, let's reward Lucius. He was a really good boy for me, don't you think Y/N? I think he deserves to fuck this pretty pussy of yours."

    "Yes sir, he deserves it,"

    Severus turns you around again, laying you on your back which makes you hiss in pain. "You are going to have me down your throat while Lucius fucks your tight pussy, and you don't get to cum because it's your punishment,"

    "Yes, sir,"

    Severus puts his knees on each side of your head while he strokes his cock. Lucius spreads your legs and steps between them as he runs the tip of his cock between your wet folds. Without warning, Lucius shoves himself all the way inside of you. Your mouth hangs open as he starts thrusting in and out of you with a bruising pace.

    Severus grabs his cock and slams himself in your hot mouth. Both men are groaning loudly while your screams are muffled by Severus's thick cock. Your eyes get watery as Severus slams himself into you, hitting the back of your throat. Lucius keeps crashing his hips to yours as the tip of his cock nudges your g-spot, making your eyes roll back in pleasure.

    You feel Lucius throbs inside of you, but your orgasm is too close yet too far. You need more but you know that's the point of being punished. Severus's cock twitches in your mouth. You clench your walls around Lucius as the knot in your stomach tightens.

    "So fucking tight, I can fuck you every day, every hour, and every second," Severus hums as his cock starts to twitches violently. He suddenly pulls out of your throat. "Pull out Lucius," Lucius groans in disapproval but pulls out nevertheless.

    "Lay on your back and untie her, I want you to pound her tight walls while she's on top of you." Lucius obliges and unties your wrists, shifting you on top of him. He guides his cock back into your warm hole. You both moan as he fills you again, but this time, it's more pleasurable.

    Lucius pulls you down for a kiss, nibbling your bottom lip as he bends his knee. He bucks his hips upwards, making you moan in his mouth. You grab his shoulders, digging your nails in his white flesh.

    He starts pounding you without wasting time. You break the kiss to catch your breath but it's impossible cause Lucius's pace is heavenly. Your eyes roll back and you let your head fall on the crook of his neck.

    Suddenly you feel another pair of hands on your hips. Lucius slows down, waiting to see what's going to happen. "Like I said Y/N, we're going to stretch your walls until you are ripped,"

    You feel the tip of his cock at your already filled cunt. He pushes his cock into you slowly, careful not to hurt you. You try to slip out his cock by shifting forward but he grips your hips tighter. Lucius moans as Severus's cock rubs against his as he enters you.

    You scream as you feel his whole cock inside of you. Severus lets out a throaty groan as the new feeling, you feel your walls getting ripped as you have two cocks in your tight hole. They let you adjust, waiting for your approval to start moving.

    "Y-you can m-move now,"

    That's enough for the two men to start thrust their hips into yours. Your head falls on Lucius's chest as their cocks rub against each other and your tight walls are sore and ready to clench around them.

    This new feeling of fullness brings you closer to your orgasm. You feel your walls tighten around them which makes you scream in pleasure and the two men groan at the new space.

    By now they are pounding you with all their strength. Your eyes roll back in your head as your mouth hangs open. You feel your stomach tightens as your release approaches. "I'm gonna cum!" You scream as you milk their cocks.

    Lucius groans and grabs your breasts pinching your nails. "I'm cumming," He lets out a throaty moan and shoots his seeds in your womb. You feel Lucius's cock twitch and the warm feeling of his cum inside of you spreads in your belly.

    Severus keeps slamming himself inside of you, but he doesn't last long either. He throbs in your cunt and with one powerful thrust he bursts inside of you. He groans your name as his grip on your hips tightens, enough to leave a mark.

    He paints your walls with his white loads. Lucius and Severus's cock go soft in you and your bodies go limp on top of each other. They both pull out at the same time, making you whine at the feeling of emptiness.

    Severus watches as the three of your cums mixed with each other drips out of your used and swollen hole. Severus lays down as Lucius helps you lay down between them.

    Lucius turns to you as you try to catch your breath. "How do you feel? Do you need anything?"

    "A glass of water would be nice," Lucius smiles and grabs a glass from the nightstand. He pours water for you and hands it to you. You gulp down slowly as you wipe the dried tears from your cheek.

    You hand the glass back to Lucius and get u der the duvet. The two men follow your action closely. "I hope you've learned your lesson–" Severus's sentence is cut off with your soft snoring.

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  • ottogatto
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Harry: He hated my dad like he hated Sirius! Haven’t you noticed, Professor, how the people Snape hates tend to end up dead?

    Severus, not so far away: 💅

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  • chaoticbiscuit
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Prince Family Reference #1

    Eudora Prince

    The innovated and slightly reckless daughter of Lord Aurelius. Her young adult phase was bright and work focused. She sold whatever she made and patented whatever she could.

    As she grew up, she grew bitter and sour. Not as bright as she used to be and rather tired from her years of work. Despite being bitter, she's still quietly entertaining, teasing her siblings in her sarcastic ways. little fact: she smokes cherry cigars. She has some apprentices, who she occasionally refers to as her children, that take inspiration from her and her work. She is very fond of them.

    Then there's Eudora and the scars she has minus the one on her face and shorter hair.

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  • xslytherin-supremex
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Severus: *growls* someone will die

    Evan, points finger guns: Of Fun!

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  • diademsandtiaras
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    brb just remembered that snape called himself the half blood prince and I can’t stop laughing

    #the marauders would’ve had a field day with this one #fuck snape#snape hate #we hate snape #anti snape#snape slander #anti severus snape #harry potter#marauders#the marauders
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  • underratedcharactersimagines
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Harry Potter preference “How they react to you asking them to be more gentle in bed” (NSFW)

    (Woooo i’m back with some HP!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

    Severus-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you for the night, he’d kiss you softly and would reassure that he’d gladly do so, wanting nothing more than to give into what you desire the most from him. He’d be a bit nervous at first but as soon as you’d seem so in awe and in love with him he can’t help but grow drunk on you and would take his time fingering you and eating you out, making sure you’re perfectly wet and needy for him to finally make love you.

    Remus-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d already kiss you so softly and would touch carefully, mapping your body before slowly tugging away at your clothes to hint to you to undress. As you’d be bare before him, he can’t help but look at you lovingly and would whisper to you endless praises as he starts to pleasure you with his fingers and lips, making sure you can feel how much you mean to him.

    Sirius-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d whine a bit and would try to convince you otherwise, kissing you a bit more greedily, only to slow it down as you’d take the lead and finally make him melt. Realizing how much he loves you, he’d comply and would carefully lay you down the bed, taking his time to undress you and worship your body with his words as much as his fingers, finding quite pleasurable to see you come undone so beautifully until you’re begging for him to fuck you.

    Lucius-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d be quick to tug at your hair to make you look at him, demanding you tauntingly to give him reasons as to why he should comply, wanting you to convince him. As you’d kiss him all over and would softly leave marks on him, telling him over and over you just want to love him and that you’ve been good for him that surely he can’t keep up the act much, and would carefully start to return the affection, surprising you with how much of a loving gaze he can have for you.

    Draco-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d be a bit nervous at first and would end up asking you in a whisper to lead him instead as he’d need you to guide him to take it slow. He’d be quick and receptive to your gentleness and would mirror it, finally getting the hang of it enough to slow it down and focus on your reactions as he fingers you and goes down on you, making sure you’re completely pleasured before focusing on himself.

    Harry-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d chuckle a bit and would ask you as to when he’s ever been rough, only for you to teasingly remind him of how he went a bit harder then usual the last time. He’d easily comply to you and would kiss you softly, touching carefully and making sure he’s getting the best reactions out of you and pressing on, finally holding you so close and tight as he thrusts as he wants you to know how much you mean to him.

    Moody-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d be a bit nervous, already apologizing to you for the last few times if he were too rough and for this time needing you to show him how you actually want it. As you’d assure him and would guide him to take things slow, he’d grow more and more confident with each praises of yours, before pulling you close and letting you ride him to make sure you’re in control of your pace.

    Fred-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d feign ignorance, doing the opposite with the way he kisses, taunting you about it and mimicking you just to tease you, only to surprise you and slow it down when you least expect it. He’d be quite loving, looking at you intently and praising you endlessly as undresses you and finally fingers you, before pulling you right onto his lap and have you look right at him as you ride him.

    George-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d kiss you softly and would chuckle, asking you playfully as to when he’s ever been rough, already slowly feeling you up and making you forget the last time. He’d work hard to make you moan and sigh in his grasp, purposely setting himself behind you to touch and tease you and would relish in the sounds you make, before he goes to lay you down and takes time to fuck you.

    Tom-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d get a bit nervous from your request, realizing how he might’ve been rough in the past, and would already try to be softer with the way he holds and kiss you. He’d stutter at bit before relaxing as you’d kiss him back giving him a bit of confidence as he goes for more, undressing you and his eyes unable to tear away from you, surprising you with his praises and how possessive he can still be when he’s being soft.

    Percival-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d instantly treat you like a princess, picking you up bridal style and taking you right to bed to lay you down, carefully kissing you and undressing you along the way. He’d truly shower you in his love and affection, taking his time to feel you completely and finger you, begging you to come for him and be as loud as you can, gladly swallowing your moans before rushing to undress and be inside of you.

    Barty Crouch Jr.-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d be defiant a bit at first, always going a bit rougher as you’d kiss him and trying to change your mind. He’d be quite eager and would want you to touch him a lot, only to realize how careful and slow you are about his pleasure and that’s when he’d want to do the same to you, ending up teasing you endlessly and make you beg for him once again.

    Newt-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d gladly comply and would assure you he’d always treat you so kindly, kissing you softly and embracing you in his arms tight. He’d make you feel so loved and special, his eyes never leaving yours, undressing you and worshiping your body before expressing to you as to how much he loves you, surprising you with how vocal he can be and realizing how much more in his element he is.

    Theseus-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d already start touch and feel you up softly, having you in his lap, teasing you just to prove to you he’ll be spending the night worshiping you. He’d make sure to work you with his fingers and not leaving a part of you untouched, his eyes glued to you and making you feel so vulnerable in his arms, only to finally make love to you as you’d turn around and would cling to him.

    Grindelwald-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d tighten his hold around you and would kiss you softly, only to whisper in your ear about how he’s going to need you to prove that you deserve it to him. As you’d cling to him and would cherish him through your kisses to him, praising him endlessly, he’d find himself wanting to mirror you and would end up surprising you with how gentle he can finally be.

    Dumbledore-As you’d pull him close and would beg him to be gentle with you, he’d be quite receptive to you, kissing you softly and praising you endlessly as he showers you in love and affection. He’d make you feel so special with how he leads you to bed, having already planned for it and would mark you up with lovebites and hickeys to make it memorable for you before taking it slow and show you how worthy you are.

    Tags : @angel-with-broken-wings , @wherethefairytalescometrue . @witch-queen-of-the-north-side , @xlijahsgirl , @jedionironthrone , @starspangledassbootie , @panda-land , @ecurrier109 , @fandomwritingismylife , @happyshaddow94 , @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @withered8dandelion , @mad-boggart, @bexholtzmann , @amyisacinnamonroll , @emoryhemsworth , @antonija89 . @bookowlextraordinaire , @thebookwormslytherin , @sunnyfortomorrow , @fandomnerd1492 , @anoukikriszti , @sovereignoblivious ,  @the-baby-bookworm , @alayna-the-fangirl , @sirius-black-is-my-dogfather , @madamrogers ,  @ada-s-fuckking-username , @irenlaja2022001 , @rocking-like-a-ravenclaw , @thebandgirlnextdoor , @lovelywickedness , @elinaksy, @pilindielofgondor , @carpediemwallflower , @bloodamdroses512 , @karenmissa , @sparrowharkness , @angelprotectress , @thepokyone , @gruffle1 , @murielthemagicalgirl , @shorteeby40 , @angelprotectress , @the-not-so-iconic , @thephenomenalkingofthebrogues394 , @thebookwormslytherin , @kittycat2279 , @aethersghoulette , @shatneredperson , @splashytors , @lovelywickedness , @weirdestlove, @wraith-queen-todd, @partycityshowgirlfreak, @eirahughessinger, @addictedtofictionalcharacters, @car-karaoke, @rikkucheshire, @ssharkbabe, @haao20052313, @snow-white-feather-light, @moonysnape, @i-reblog-gr8-things, @galaxy0213, @mypainistemporary​

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  • josiecarioca
    12.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Did I...draw?!

    Guess I did!

    Here’s a baroque-style Severus partly inspired by the non fanart work of @therealextraordinaire (Happy, VERY belated birthday btw, love!) who has a ton of Spanish baroque inspired works which I absolutely love.

    I used this portrait as an inspiration: “Portrait of a man by El Greco

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  • nettarinas
    12.06.2021 - 10 hours ago


    Okay, so a lot of the HP fandom views Harry as some sort of himbo idiot who never thinks and this may be true if you only look at his actions on a surface level. HOWEVER, from a young age Harry has been forced to hide his own smarts unless he wanted to face more abuse at the hands of his guardians. (please don’t argue with me that the Dursley’s weren’t that abusive/only neglectful. They literally stuck a baby in a cupboard and verbally degraded him at every chance.) By the time he made it to Hogwarts he already had enough trauma/inadequacy issues to last a lifetime. All of these issues were then compounded by the fact that he had to face extreme life or death situations every year. HE LITERALLY WAS FORCED TO KILL A MAN WITH HIS BARE HANDS AT 11. He had no place to escape to. I know that Hermione also faced a lot of the same things, however, every break and summer she was able to go to a home where people LOVED her. Harry never got any mental breaks and the fact that was able to qualify for some N.E.W.T classes while also having 60 lifetimes of trauma shows how intelligent he is. Not to mention he is a literal D.A.D.A prodigy. The fandom treats defense like it’s a gym class, when it’s really not. Harry literally did his patronus charm at thirteen and started teaching it to others at 15, even though experienced Auror’s struggle with the charm. Hell, everyone acknowledges Snape’s intelligence even though we only know of that in relation to potions and defense. Why isn’t Harry viewed the same way as Snape in this regard? I’m honestly tired of this stereotype because i feel like we could’ve come to the conclusion of; “Oh My GOD, look at this trauma victim who was able to eventually settle down and be successful.” Instead, everyone collectively went “lol himbo, fuck that guy” and it’s INFURIATING.

    #i know this is irrational but i’m MAD ANYWAYS #harry tries so hard and i just want him to get his flowers #also eveyone overlooks other hp characters flaws/mistakes but for some fucking reason decide to define harry by his #harry potter deserved better #harry potter defense squad #harry potter#hp fandom#draco malfoy#hermione granger#severus snape #my fucking manifesto #i literally didn’t read this over i just ranted lmaoo #HE HAS SO MUCH TRAUMA ASSHOLES #every adult in the hpu failed harry and that’s a fact
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    Being the most rebellious girl in Hogwarts leads you to a very spicy detention with your favorite Professor.

    Professor Snape x student!femme reader

    English is my second language, and this was the first smut i've ever written and published in wattpad. Hope you enjoy it;)✨



    Through your years at Hogwarts, you have proved that no other girl can reach your disobedience. You've spent all of your evenings in detention. Each day with a different professor. But to your bad luck, you've never gotten detention with the only professor you wanted.

    Professor Snape.

    You did everything you could to make him go crazy so he would give you detention so you could spend time with him. You once hooked up with Cedric cause you wanted to be late to his class so he could give you detention. Not only he didn't give you detention, you didn't even have the release you wanted with Cedric.

    This was your last chance. If he didn't give you detention, you would let it go and stop trying.

    Walking down the corridor with your skirt that was too short for the dress code. You tested the dress code every single time you had potions, and it didn't matter cause it didn't impress The only man you wanted.

    You were late about ten minutes, the first few buttons of your white shirt were undone so everyone who looked at your chest could see your cleavage. You knocked on the door twice and the door swung open and reviled an angry Snape.

    "Ten minutes late Ms. Y/L/N for the third time this week. I can't tolerate your foolish behaviors. Detention for the rest of the month."

    You couldn't believe what you heard just a second ago. You got detention. For the rest of the month. With SNAPE.

    You were partying inside of your head but Professor's voice interrupted your thoughts.

    "Get in before I make it two months." He spat angrily. You wanted to get two months' detention to spend time with him but your feet disobeyed your mind. You swayed your hips a little to see his reaction which to your dismay, he clenched his jaw and let out a low grunt.

    You sat down on the front row next to Neville. You put your hair in a high messy ponytail to give a certain someone a good view of your neck.

    You twirled a strand of your hair in your finger and bit your lip and locked eyes with Snape. He cocked an eyebrow. You could see his eyes darkening with lust. After intense eye contact, you were the first to look away and started brewing your potion.

    When you finished your potion successfully, you raised your hand so the professor could check it. Snape approaches you with long steps and his cape flying behind him.

    "I see you are finished L/N." You nod and look straight into his eyes. "Yes, professor." He nods his head and looks at your excellent potion.

    "Great job L/N. 10 points to Y/H." He turned to leave but you stopped him. "When should I come for detention, professor?" You emphasized his title. He groaned lowly, but enough for you to hear it.

    "After dinner. If I were you, I wouldn't be late." He turns around to check other's potions. Time flew and class finished. You pack your books slowly so you can be the last one to leave the classroom.

    As you are ready to leave, Snape grabs your forearm and pulls you closer to his chest. You gasp at the sudden movement. He looks at you with his lustful onyx eyes.

    "That was a very dangerous game you played, foolish girl." He pulls you closer so your noses are touching. You can feel his hot breath on your lips. You enjoy this. Every second of it. And you can't wait for your detention.

    "I don't know what you are talking about, professor. I'll see you at detention." You look at him in the most innocent way you can. You stand up on your tiptoe and gently bite his earlobe. He groaned in response which made a pool in your panties. You spin on your heels and leave him alone with a very visible bulge in his pants.


    After dinner, you had enough time to change your clothes. Running to your dorm, you put on a short black skirt and pull it up on your waist so you can give Snape a good view of your ass. Then you put on a tight white shirt and tuck it in your skirt. You let the few buttons undone.

    You left your dorm and made your way to the potion's classroom. You were five minutes late for your detention and you knew Snape would be pissed. Although you weren't complaining. He looked extremely sexy when he was mad.

    As you reached the class, you knocked twice. You heard heavy footsteps approaching and the door swings open. Your breath hitches by the sight of him. His black hair covering his a bit of his face. His lips pressed against each other to prevent himself from yelling. His eyes glaring to your soul.

    "In. Now." His voice is low and dangerous which sent a shiver down your spine. You swallow the lump in your throat and walk in slowly. As you walk in, he slams the door shut and pushes you against it.

    "You thought I would let you tease me like that? Look what you do to me when you walk like a slut with your skirt hardly covering your exposed ass." He grabs your chin and forces you to look down. Your eyes widen when you see the tent in his pants. You bite your lip and look up at his eyes and put your hand on his bulge and squeeze it.

    He shut his eyes and let out a shaky breath. Satisfied by his reaction, you smirk and squeeze it harder.  He opens his eyes and wraps his long fingers around your throat. He chokes you and presses his body further against you. You moan lowly when you feel his erection's pressure on your clothed heat. He backs you to the nearest wall and traps your body with his hands on the wall, each side of your head. Anger fuck me on the wall.

    He chuckles darkly and leans down, so his lips are only an inch away from yours. He searches your face for any sign of regret. When he finds none, he closes the gap and kisses you roughly. You kiss back immediately and grab his collar and pull him closer. He rests one of his hands on your cheek and the other one, on your lower back.

    He tastes so delicious. You will never get enough of him after tasting him. It was so wrong yet so right. He trails his kissed down your jaw and neck. You moan when he sucks on your sweet spot and makes a fresh hickey. He put his hands under your thighs and picks you up.

    You wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. He walks to his desk still kissing and biting your neck. He puts you down on it. He put his hand on your chest and pushes you down on the papers on the desk. you pop on your elbows to see what he is about to do.

    Snape pulls your skirt and panties down slowly to tease you. He tosses them aside and kneels so his face is above your cunt. He kisses your inner thigh. Then above your cunt. He kisses everywhere except the part you need the most. You look down at him but you see he was already looking at you. He grips your thighs and pulls you closer to his face. You can feel his hot breath on your clit.

    "So wet. Is that all for me?" He gently bit your inner thigh. You groaned at the feeling of his lips on your body. You nod your head and look him in the eyes

    "Use. Your. Words."

    "Yes, professor, all for you."

    He smirks and slowly licks your clit and collects your arousal with his tongue. You gasp at the sudden contact and grip his hair to push him so he can eat you out. He hums in response and suddenly, he starts to suck hard on your clit. You moan and pull his hair. He groans. Merlin that was hot.

    He pushes a finger past your entrance and pumps it in and out of you. "What a tight cunt. I wonder how your walls will feel warped around me." You moan loudly and throw your head back in pleasure. "I hope you find out soon" he chuckles.

    "Now now, be quiet. We don't want others to find out about our little secret, do we?" He hissed and you shook your head. He goes back to your clit. He adds another finger and fastens his pace. You bite your lip to muffle your moans. He curves his fingers and sucks harshly on your clit. Your eyes roll back in pleasure when he hits your g-spot rapidly.

    You clench your walls around his fingers. You were so close so you began thrusting yourself on his fingers. He grinned wickedly and pumped faster.

    You can feel the knot in your stomach tightens. You pulled Snape's hair when he brought you closer and closer. "I'm c-close." He raised an eyebrow. "Are you now? Too bad you are being punished."

    Before you can finish, he pulls out. You whine and try to catch your breath. He smirks at your neediness.

    "Please, professor..."

    He licks his bottom lip and stands up between your legs. "Please what?"

    "Please, i-i need you" you cry out. He grabs a fistful of your hair and pulls it.

    "You need my cock, don't you? Knees. Now."

    Without hesitation, you hop down from the desk and drop to your knees. You put your hands on your thigh and look up at him with those puppy eyes.

    He looks down at you whilst he unzips his trousers. You pull his pants down and pull his hard cock out of his boxers. Your eyes widen in surprise. You knew he is big but not this big.

    Before he can say anything you lick his shaft from base to the tip. He lets out a pleasurable groan. You lick his pre-cum and swirl your tongue around the tip. He put his hand on the back of your neck and pushes you to take more of him.

    You look up at him as you take him down your throat inch by inch. The tip hit the back of your throat and you gag. He makes a shift ponytail out of your hair and keeps your head steady as he begins to rock his hips back and forth.

    Your eyes begin to water and a line of spit was running down your chin. He speeds up and moves your head to meet his thrusts. The sound of gulp-gulp-gulp echoed in the classroom which made you even wetter.

    His moans become louder and louder as he fucks your throat mercilessly. You can feel his cock twitches as the tip hits the back of your throat. With one powerful thrust, he keeps your head down. Now, you have every inch of him down your throat. Your nose is pressed against the skin above his cock. You look up at him with your watery eyes.

    "You look so beautiful choking on my cock." He moaned. You feel lightheaded. You can't breathe but focus on breathing with your nose. You hit his thigh so he will let go of you.

    "Not yet. Hold it." He moans as you swirl your tongue around the base of his shaft. You hallow your cheeks to put more pressure so it'll be more pleasurable. You jerk him off as you bob your head up and down faster and faster. He looks down at you and groans by the beautiful sight of your occupied throat. He wanted to fill your mouth with his seeds but not today. He needed to cum inside of you.

    "So hungry for your professor's cock. What a pathetic slut. Get up and bend over." You get him out of your mouth with a "pop" and stood up. You lean on the desk. Snape walks behind you and presses his cock against your asscheeks. After months of trying, your dreams are coming true.

    You arch your back and press your ass against his erection. He groaned. Oh how badly he wanted to have you screaming his name. "Spread those legs for me." You obliged. You spread your legs and keep yourself up by your elbows on the desk.

    He lines up his cock with your entrance. He runs the tip between your folds. You groan in frustration. You were about to protest when he grabbed your hips and slammed himself into you. You moan loudly in pain as he stretches you put completely. Your tight walls hugging his shaft deliciously.

    He let you adjust for a second before he halfway pulls out and slams back in. You jumped forward. You grab the edge of the desk as he starts to pound your tight walls. "Tight little cunt... my tight little cunt." You moan in response which only encourages him to go faster.

    His strong thighs slap against yours as his cock reaches deeper with every thrust. He grabs your hair and pulls you back by it. His breaths, fan against your neck. His hair moves with each thrust and moans in your ears. You are a moaning mess. You grab the edge of the desk as he pushes you down and grabs your shoulders so he can go deeper.

    He hits your g-spot rapidly which makes you scream in pleasure. Your knuckles turn white as you are being fucked senseless by your professor. He brings his hand on your clit and rubs it vigorously. He leans down so your back is pressed against his chest.

    You clenched your inner walls around him. The feeling of your tight walls around him is too good to be real. You can feel the familiar feeling in your stomach as his throbbing cock hits all the right spots.

    "I'm c-close professor. Please let me cum." After being edged once, you desperately needed to cum. He bites your shoulder and whispers in your ear. "Cum around my cock slut. Now." Your body responses to him as your body goes limp instantly and you cum around him and milk his cock.

    He keeps on thrusting through your orgasm. You scream and swear under your breath. The overstimulation is driving you crazy but the feeling is too pleasurable to tell him to stop. After a few more thrusts you feel his cock throbs inside of you. "Fuck" This was the first time you heard him cursed and for some unknown reason, you loved it.

    With one powerful thrust, he shoots his seeds deep inside of you. After he catches his breath he gently pulled out. You let out a shaky breath at the feeling of emptiness. Your legs are shaky because of the intense orgasm you had. You try to stand up but fail miserably.

    Snape chuckles. He put his arms under your knees and picks you up in bridal style. With a swish of his wand, you are both dressed again. He kisses your head and walks with you still in his arms to the back of the classroom.

    "You need to stop being troublesome Y/N or otherwise you'll be punished worse than this." Butterflies filled your stomach as he used your first name. You smirk sleepily at him and he raises his eyebrow in confusion. He opens the door to his quarters and walks in.

    "I was troublesome because I wanted to get detention with you. If this is what I get in detention, then I'll make more trouble." He smirks at you as he puts you down on his body. He tosses you a shirt so you can change your school uniform.

    It smells like him and you wish you could keep it forever with yourself. He changes his clothes too and crawls on the bed. He lays down next to you and pulls you into his chest. You put your head on his chest and hug him. He strokes your hair and soon, you fall asleep.

    He kisses the top of your head and after a few minutes, he falls asleep with you between his arms.

    Wattpad: ParinaSnape

    #severus snape smut #snape smut#professor snape #severus snape x reader #severus snape#snape love#snape fandom
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    #whxre snape is happy snape #severus snape prince #severus snape #half blood prince #house of slytherin #slytherin#slytherpride#hp#hp shit#hp shitpost #hp text post #my shit#random#random shit#shit post
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    What about... Severus having all kinds of flashbacks and ruminations all his life... and they are unlocked most specifically after the war ends. He escapes, and yes he sees therapists, takes medication perhaps, but it’s not enough.

    He lets his imagination explode in his head, spending hours daydreaming, in a way where his brain is trying to make sense of the trauma, channeling it through endless imaginative scenarios. Severus imagines new characters, projections of his inner demons, and the hurtful sentences he’s heard in his life resurface sometimes

    ("it’s more the fact that he exists, if you know what i mean"; "you disgust me"; "i’d wash your pants if i were you, snivellus"; "you’re pathetic! just because they made fun of you at school—"; "coward! coward!"; "severus, please"; "you, dead? ...what use would that be?"...)

    He decides to write messy stories and draw the vivid visions he is having. Sometimes he has to bring the sheets of paper to his therapists, and tell them the stories, waiting anxiously for their opinion.

    It was hard to accept at first, because it seems either childish or crazy and pathetic, but... by this time, his therapists had refuted Harry’s claim that Severus was pathetic just because he couldn’t "move on" from trauma by magic. That it was incredibly insensitive and cruel on Harry’s part to say such a thing, utterly hypocritical; and that Severus is actually being incredibly brave for confronting such triggering events (and hurtful ableist judgements).

    He is relieved when they tell him it is a magnificent way he has found to express what he is feeling, healthy, creative, a method that allows him to finally process his trauma and heal the wounds that previously never seem to close completely before re-opening again.

    #severus snape#snape#pro snape #healing from trauma is a long hard task #sometimes a life long one... #harry potter
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    Because X

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  • considerthespy
    11.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Hot take, I actually really like Snape's pettiness. Like, it makes him more interesting to have this extremely talented man who is not beautiful but also has like glaringly obvious character flaws? Also he's funny as all hell. Gimme more petty sarcastic Snape please!

    #Pettiness #He's absolutely the kind of guy to never take the high road #and i respect that #Severus Snape
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