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  • foughtdeath
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Jasper still has difficulty sometimes differentiating his own emotions from others. His don’t always feel like his or he starts wondering if he even has any of his own. It’s hard to feel for himself when he’s constantly being influenced by others even if it’s just a light brush.

    #headcanon #one day I will write his issues with intimacy and sex but today is not that day
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  • s0cialdisease
    04.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    manifesting for my diagnosis

    #had my second appointment that was testing but #apparently i’m going back in for even more testing … #idk my doctor was like 20 minutes late and at the start was like #ok take these two and then we can schedule for another appointment for more testing #???? that’s not what u told me last time #i should have asked but i thought id beable to talk to him about it later #i did not ! #and even after all the paperwork like #it still takes 2-3 to like #for them to go through it #AND WHAT IF I DONT EVEN TEST RIGHT. #alos god doenst help that #like . they aren’t rlly inclusive here like #on both tests it had the what’s ur gender male or female boxes which is #dumb and unnecessary cuz my bio sex is in my file babes i don’t need to fucking write that doe. #* DOWN #so i checked my bio sex but i but non binary under it in a big box #because that’s stupid and it would be fine like if they had talked to me #or even cared to ask my pronouns #i hate that everything is an extra step of #just misery #just because i wanna be respected lol #fucking sucks i hate feeling like my basic core as a human is just #being ignored for someone else’s convenience
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  • leightonsmurray
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    the morning after

    Rated: T

    Words: 855 

    Chapter: 1/1


    Leighton wakes up warm, wrapped up in the scent of safety and strong arms as she stirs, stretching out her back. She smiles to herself, recalling every detail of last night when she registers the strong hands splayed innocently on her stomach and the nose pressed into her neck.

    She does her best to discreetly dispel her stiffness, making a little apologetic noise when an adorable groan reaches her ears.

    “Sorry,” she murmurs through laughter, casting a look behind her. “Good morning.”

    “G’morning, Leight."

    (Or, the morning after their first time.)

    [read it on ao3]

    #leighton murray #the sex lives of college girls #sex lives of college girls #slocg #leighton murray x alicia #alicia sex lives #fanfiction#my writing
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  • tojisun
    04.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    toji being so clingy (and verbal) when fucking you.

    im talking about mounting you and covering you with the expanse of his body; hands intertwined with yours and head pressed at the crook of your neck, groaning and moaning and relishing in your stuttered gasps and broken keens. “so good to me. always so good—look at you, you’re so beautiful.”

    toji planting kisses at whatever skin he could reach before latching at your lips, kissing and nipping and sucking. “open your lips wider baby—yeah just like that.” your lips always end up bruised.

    toji fucking you through your orgasm. “just a little more. you can take it, you’ve done it before.”

    toji saying, “i love you,” and calling your name over and over as he cums, bowing his head in pleasure and pressing it at your shoulder.

    #suns #this is all i could squeeze from my head rn 😭 #toji being v tacticle during sex is hot #i keep trying to write smut but it never comes out good #bad news: my finals are fr next week #good news: finals are gon end kinda quickly so i can start answering asks again!! #also im starting a new toji fic.. it’s still up there but might make it multiseries if it has to be multiseries #i’ll try compressing it in one! #jjk#toji fushiguro#jujutsu kaisen#fushiguro toji #jujutsu kaisen toji #fushiguro toji x reader #toji fushiguro x reader #toji fushiguro smut #daddy toji
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  • writtenwants
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    There’s so many posts about CNC/Rape that have the person with the vagina/cunt/extra hole being the one being violated but what about the reverse?

    Slipping Viagra and something else in a guy’s drink, getting him home and into bed, might be a bit of struggle depending on how big he is, but you manage it. He lays there, delirious and hard as you work his pants open and down, maybe just enough enough to free his cock. You stroke him, lick him, suck him a little bit even. He’s out of it, maybe he protests a little when you finger his asshole but his cock twitches hard and he cries out when you find his prostate. 

    You edge him for a while, feels like hours to him, his cock red and throbbing, balls aching with the need to cum. You finally sink you’re wet, tight cunt/hole onto his throbbing cock and he bucks up, gasping in pleasure.

    You ride him hard, it feels so good inside you, but also to have this power over him. It’s erotic, it’s heady, you slip a finger between your legs, stroke yourself from the outside as he strokes your insides. He grunts that he’s getting close again, you moan and clench tightly around him.

    “Do it.” You purr, feeling yourself getting closer. 

    He begs you to get off him, he doesn’t want to cum in your unprotected, you laugh and fuck him harder, shortening your movements to keep him deep inside, lean back so he starts rubbing insistently at your g-spot triggering your orgasm.

    You scream with pleasure, pressing your hips firmly against him, his cock right against your cervix, the clenching of your cunt forces his orgasm out of him and you feel every pulse as he lets our a ragged, defeated cry as his cock pumps a huge load into you. You don’t stop either you rock and moan and make sure you both cum long and hard. When he’s finally done you lift off him and show him that nothing is dripping out, he came so deep and you came so hard all his cum got sucked inside your fertile womb. 

    He’s still out of it some but he starts to cry a little, this wasn’t how he wanted the night to end. You smirk and slip back down between his legs, licking and sucking at his cock, getting him hard again as he begs you not to. You just purr up at him.

    “Oh sugar, don’t worry, you’ll learn to love it and we have a long night ahead of us.”

    When you leave in the early hours of the evening he’s passed out on his bed, pants back up around his hips and your belly full of his cum. If it wasn’t for the faint soreness of his ass from you repeatedly fingering his hole he might almost be able to call it a dream.

    He groans when the memory makes him hard and he spends an hour fingering his own ass and edging himself until he lets himself cum, crying at how pathetic he is for getting off on the memory you using him the night before. What done is done though and he’ll be looking for you again, wanting you, needing you to ‘violate’ him again... he’s hooked. Good thing you have friends who are willing to help out too. He’ll never be without again.

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  • guiltyspecialist
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    "You could at least tie me up," I teased. He pulled me closer towards him as he stared down at my hips. His teeth chewed on his bottom lip. My body slid smoothly towards him on the plush blanket.

    "Is that what you want? To be completely powerless?" He leaned over and put an arm on either side of me. I was pinned underneath him and caged in by his arms. I slowly nodded my head as I looked into his eyes. He smiled and soon had my arms bound together to the post above my head. I pulled and strained against the bindings as he mouth explored my body. My legs were squirming and desperately trying to wrap around his body.

    "More," I requested with a wild whisper. He tied each of my ankles to the posts at the end of the bed. My body was restricted and the only option left for me was to succumb to his touch. He teased me until I was panting. Then he filled me up until I was screaming his name. He stopped and tied one last binding across my mouth. Now I couldn't even scream to channel the tightly wound energy coursing through me. All I could focus on was him inside of me. All I could do was cum. It was the only way to show him how good he made me feel. My wrists and ankles were beginning to ache as I pulled against my restraints. My mind was dizzy from orgasming. He pulled himself out and finished across my chest. Then he left me there while he cleaned himself off. He finally came back to untie me and brought me to the steaming shower. I looked up at him with a giddy, satisfied smile and he kissed me.

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  • jacqueattack
    03.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Ya know…wasn’t gonna make this scene a smutty one and yet…

    #the sexier vampire WIP is just sex and trauma #damn #as opposed to the vampire WIP which is…trauma and sex…. #…. #sensing some common writing themes here
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  • astrabear
    03.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Sometimes I read a fic and imagine what I'd get if I asked them to draw an anatomical diagram. Do you think they'd just draw a tube running straight down from the mouth to the anus? How did certain things get to be smut tropes? A mystery for the ages. I can understand suspending one's disbelief for things that are essentially cosmetic (refractory period length, ejaculate volume), but some of this is just plain body horror. Ah well.

    #Bad sex writing #I still don't know #If they're doing this deliberately #Or if they actually think it's possible #I have accepted that I will never know
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  • marinak2004
    03.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Let’s get lost at God’s art🪐

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  • ficsforeren
    03.12.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #i just told my beta reader about this yesterday #i was like: DUDE WHY DID WE HAVE TO CHOOSE THIS SHITTY ENDING?!?!?! WHY CAN'T THEY JUST HAVE ENDLESS SEX????? I'M SURE THEY'D LOVE THAT #and she was like: i literally told you not to choose this ending MULTIPLE TIMES but did you ever listen to me? NO. #i mean like i hate writing angsty scenes cause i'm so bad at them #BUT I CAN'T SEEM TO STOP????? #i wanted to give you guys pain that was all i wanted #i didn't realize that writing it down would also give ME a lot of pain #and now i'm regretting the whole thing #fuck my life #the last song canon
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  • marchtomydrums
    03.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    New Rules 3

    Rated M

    The next morning you awake in bed tangled up in Alex’s arms. You shift carefully turning around to watch her sleep. Her face looks so peaceful and relaxed. Here lately she's been anything but it warms your heart to see her in such a state. “ I can feel you staring,” she said in a raspy tone. Opening her eyes she smiles pulling you closer to her. “Mmm.” she hums as you snuggle against her. “Why are you awake?” she asked. “I just woke up.” you chuckle. “And you decided to watch me sleep?” she asked with a grin. You nod your head with a smile. She chuckles “why?” “You looked relaxed. I like seeing you like this,” you tell her tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She laughs “ I feel relaxed.” “I’m glad.” you smiled. “How did we end up here?” you asked her. “When I woke up it was dark so I carried you to bed and went back to sleep. That couch is not comfortable,” she chuckles. “I was pretty comfortable.” you smile. Alex snorts “yeah because you were on top of me.” You laugh nodding your head “ I like being on top of you.” She grins “ I like it too. But you want to know what I like even more?” she asked. You nod waiting for her to answer.

    She smirks rolling you onto your back as she follows. “ Being on top of you.” You giggle locking your hands together behind her head. She smiles leaning down to kiss you. The kiss is slow. The feeling causes you to relax instantly as you lazily kiss each other. Alex pulls back for air hovering above you. Opening your eyes you study the face above you. Feeling all of her love through her eyes. “Alex,” you whispered. “Yes, my love.” “Make love me?” you say half asking half telling. She nods leaning down taking your lips again. You moan as her body moves against yours. Alex pulls back sitting up tugging your body up with her. She gently pulls your shirt off before reaching around to unclip your bra tossing both on the floor. She gently pushes you back down on the bed attempting to lean down for another kiss. Your hand presses against her chest holding her back. “I want to feel you,” you whispered. She nods understanding what you're asking for as she lifts the bottom of her shirt tugging it off. Her bra comes next as she tosses them in the growing pile on the floor.

    Your hands gently caress her smooth skin as they make their way to her breasts gently cupping them. “You're so beautiful,” you whispered gently squeezing her breasts rolling her nipples between your fingers. She moans her head tilting back slightly at the sensation. You watch in awe as her hips gently rock and her back arches pushing her chest further into your hands. Your hands slowly fall to her legs squeezing the flesh before traveling to her shorts tugging at the hem. She lifts slightly as you tug them down along with her panties until she can take them off completely. Your hands stroke her hip bones before moving around grabbing a cheek in each hand squeezing the flesh. Alex giggles as her hips rock forward. Leaning down she kisses you again. Her hands travel down to your shorts pulling them off. Your shorts and panties now completing the pile.

    Her lips kiss every inch of your jaw, down to your neck, nipping and biting as she went. Her mouth hovers over your nipple blowing cool air making it stand at attention. She smiles when you inhale deeply. Taking the nipple into her mouth rolling it with her tongue. Her other hand tugs and pulls at your other nipple before she switches repeated the motions. You whimper and moan as your hands hold her head in place. Alex pulls back dropping kisses below your breast making a trail down your stomach intending to go lower. You tug gently on her hair “no.” you whispered. She stops as soon as she hears you. Looking up in confusion she allows you to pull her back up coming face to face with you. “Stay here with me. Please,” you whispered.

    Alex smiles nodding her head her lips connecting with yours. You moan into the kiss spreading your legs slightly. Alex takes the hint settling between your legs as her hand travels down your body. Her fingers caress your lips before dipping between them. She moans when her fingers drown in warm liquid. She gently massages your clit making you whimper and rock your hips in search of more friction. Settling at your entrance she gently pushes two fingers inside of you making you gasp. “Alex.” you moaned pulling out of the kiss. Looking up you're met with a smile as she slowly thrust her fingers in and out. Your eyes lock on to each other as she sets a steady pace. There were no words exchanged as you looked into each other’s eyes. The only sounds heard are your heavy pants, the occasional moans and whimpers that escaped your mouth, and the sound of Alex’s fingers moving inside of you.

    When it all becomes too much your eyes flutter shut as you pull Alex down on top of you holding her tight in your arms. Her face settles in the crook of your neck leaving kisses in between her heavy breaths. Pulling out just enough she adds a third finger picking up her pace. You moan loudly as your nails dig into her back. She adjusts her legs so she is straddling your thigh her hips rock back and forth smearing her juices across the flesh. Her thumb now gently rubbing circles on your clit. Your bodies move together as your moans increase. Alex lifts her head making eye contact with you nodding her head. Breathing heavily, you nod back understanding as she leans down to kiss you. Your hips lift upwards as your orgasm shatters through your body. Alex follows suit her legs shaking as her hips thrust back and forth against your thigh.

    Moans fill the room as your bodies tremble and quake in pleasure against each other. Finally, your body relaxes as Alex goes limp crashing back down on you. As you lay there you realize that tears are rolling down your cheeks as your body shakes. When Alex looks up you noticed that she also had tears in her eyes. Cradling her face in your hands you pull her in for a deep kiss pulling back when air became necessary. “I love you.” she sobbed against your lips. Nodding your head you chuckled as a small sob escapes your throat. “I love you too.” Alex exhales deeply as she cries laying her face in between your neck. You held on to one another tightly as you let your emotions take over.

    #alex cabot x reader #lgbtq#wlw #law and order svu #fiction#stephanie march#television #law and order x reader #smut and fluff #writing#age difference#rated m#sex
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  • merihn
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #i love sex pollen fics so much #i really want to write this now 👀 #we'll see#jatp#ask games#fic ideas
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  • specialk-18
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hella early a.m. thoughts but do y'all acknowledge how big Steve is supposed to be?

    #like...genuinely #I was researching height differences between live action characters and comic characters for...reasons #and we know Chris is tall – yes #but Steve is supposed to be like 6'5''??? #what the fuck is that lol #he's ginormous and I never think about this when writing fic im fucking sjsksksks #this throws off all my sex scenes that aren't doggy 🧍🏾‍♀️ #THOR is up there too he's like 6'6'' #fjdksksksk #that makes me even more like 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 #anyway I should really go back to sleep but now my mind is racing #so many possibilities #and so many differences #tony is supposed to be 6'1'' and Clint 6'3'' #neither one of their actors are near it slendkskkssk #the only person true to size is ruffalo/Bruce #omg
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  • guiltyspecialist
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Portrait and a Poem.

    From the sweetness of your skin

    Though in the evening a kiss tastes like salt

    These lips bloom

    Like the petals on a rose

    Soft and smooth

    Waiting for the morning dew from her

    Billowing out like a sail

    I can run my hand across

    And paint the shadows

    Yet thick like biting in a pear

    So easy

    As if it were designed by evolution

    To be the most

    Tender meat I will never eat

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  • marchtomydrums
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Perfect Ending

    Alex Cabot x Casey Novak x Reader

    Set after In the beginning and Jealously we follow your journey through marriage with Alex and Casey. Will it be the perfect ending?
    #alex cabot x reader #casey novak x reader #lgbtq#wlw #law and order svu #fiction#stephanie march#television#writing#diane neal #smut and fluff #age difference#poly representation#three women #law and order x reader #comingsoon#sex#angst
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  • sonorousstuff
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    just started writing some poetic shit and now i can't decided whether i should tag it as smut or not

    #originally i didn't want to write smut but it turned out to be so poetic that i genuinely can't decide #technically you can read it as smut #but it's not really #i mean i don't even know if they're having sex in it or not #they just love each other i guess #what the fuck i should just go to sleep i guess #grindeldore#wolfstar#marauders#remus lupin#sirius black #remus x sirius #moony#padfoot#hannigram
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  • fluasch
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Besties ngl I have been writing fanfiction for some time but I never finished one because inevitably I will get to the point of smut and despite having read literal thousand smut pieces I cannot, for the love of god, write it.

    #Anna talks #idk what it is but the topic of sex repulses me so much that I cannot even write a two sentence sex scene #Anna get ur shit together lmao
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  • steve-rogers-new-york
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Steve Rogers#WWII#Sex History#Writing Smut#reference#fanfic writing#writing resources#Fanfic references#fanfic research #james bucky barnes #Howling Commandos#captain america #Captain America: The First Avenger #captain america tfa #Sex#Condoms#historically accurate #historically accurate steve rogers #historically accurate bucky barnes #META
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