24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

okay i see an argument a lot about teen dramas of “just put them in university, it’s more appropriate and realistic” which i DO agree with, but. i think it’s important to understand that it’s.. still not really a realistic depiction of college students either.

most college students WONT have fancy parties, they’re broke. a lot of them have jobs. yes, a lot of college students have sex and do drugs but it’s still not as excessive as those shows. a little over a third of college students have binge drank, less than that have smoked weed and WAY less than that have used other drugs. there’s nothing wrong with stories centering sex drugs & drama, but the unrealistic expectations of beauty and experience on teens are also placed on young adults.

uni students get acne and have awkward sex and cough from smoking. you can have a show with a compelling narrative while still portraying average people that don’t constantly look like models

#rambles #again i’d rather see these storylines with uni students instead of Literal Kids. and it’ll be more enjoyable that way imo #but i think one of the core problems of these dramas is how damaging it is to people psychologically #to compare themselves— who live average entertaining lives— to Exciting Sexy Characters That Are Literally Models #you can have drama without it being Like That yknow #you don’t have to sexualize everyone on screen for them to be beautiful #there’s also a weird trend of these types of showing as comparing Do Drugs! as a means to show their characters living life to its fullest #which isn’t true?? there’s nothing wrong with someone that does these ofc but. that’s not the liberation of youth #in fact there are studies done that show that drugs are more like to be used in an environment where the users ARENT able to pursue other #means of joy. they don’t have activities or hobbies bc the society/environment they are living it will not allow them to have it #a lot of addiction is caused solely by the drugs influence but also from the lack of opportunity and control they have in their lives #there’s just so many ways you can have your show HAVE drama and complexity without it just being. sex and addiction and immorality #<— which does have its value. it just shouldn’t be the standard option for older audiences #which is especially dangerous to teens and young adults bc those are very very very impressionable ages #also this isn’t as relevant but most people don’t have as large of friend groups as shows will portray which can make people feel really #lonely. even tho it’s normal to have very little close friends. many people don’t Have a large ensemble of tight knit friends #not as important to me tho. obv with many stories you want/need a large cast. it’s entertainment #but still. the influence of media vs reality #even when you’re AWARE of the unrealistic depictions you still subconsciously absorb it
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