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    Word count: 9k

    Warnings: mentions of a car accident, mentions of medicines, mentions of hospital and being hospitalized, slight angst in the beginning, brief hints of sex but nothing explicit

    Pairing: nonidol!boyfriend!Chani x amnesiac!fem!reader

    Genre: slight angst, extra fluff, kind of strangers to lovers

    Plot: You always had a perfect life. Good family, amazing scores in all your exams, a perfect group of friends and a perfect boyfriend with who you shared a perfect life and now a perfect little apartment. But everything was too good to be real and the perfection that always described your life was about to tumble down when you and Chani suffer a terrible car accident while going back home after a perfect date for your 3rd anniversary. Now, a month later from that accident and after waking up from a coma, product of the said accident, you'll have to learn how to live with and love again the boy sitting in your hospital room. Will Chani be able to revive all the memories you had together?

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    Special thanks to -> @msmadness99 for beta reading this and crying with me over the plot and Chani being all sad 🤧❤ thanxx bro 🙏❤

    A/N: I'm so excited for posting this fic and I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did while writing it ❤

    A/N 2: The parts written in pink are memories from the past and the ones written in black/white are part of the present day 😉 Enjoy!

    4 weeks. That's the amount of time you have been in a coma and the amount of time Chani has sat next to the hospital bed praying to any God that could hear him for you to wake up savely. But before we can start this story, I should make you a reminder of what has happened until now. After all, you've lost your memories and have no idea of what I'm talking about, right?


    It was a beautiful sunny day, one of those you have always loved. The summer breeze Chani always complained about whenever you went to the beach, was smoothly moving the colorful curtains from your bedroom. Chani always hated the excessive colorful pattern the curtain had but he had to admit he couldn't say no to your excitement about buying that specific one. "We're a happy couple with a happy life, we need to express it through our new curtains." You told him to convince him. And he completely fell for your nonsense excuses. But, what was new? He always fell for every single detail about you and your personality, even if it was the most insignificant or the most stupid detail. He just loved you with all his heart and so you did. That was exactly the reason why you two were considered the best couple.

    "Good morning snoring beauty." Chani said, making you open one of your eyes, still sleepy. "I don't snore." You complained, turning around to face back your boyfriend who was already sitting on the edge of your shared bed right beside you. "You want me to play the recording I took a few minutes ago?" He said, mocking your cute little snores. You two always had that kind of relationship where you would mock each other just for fun. He would mock your snores and you would mock his nonsense sleep talk and so on.

    "Get ready, Youngbin is already waiting for us." He announced, slightly slapping your butt and running away giggling like a kid. You really loved when he acted so childish, like an innocent kid that the only thing he harbored in his heart and soul was love and pure feelings. You wanted to treasure those little moments when you forgot about adult life and you two just acted like kids playing around. With so much love for each other, like there was nothing else to worry about in this world.

    Just like Chani said, once you were ready and went down the stairs of your freshly new little apartment, you could see Youngbin's car parking in front of it and already waiting for you two to get out. "Let’s hurry up before he changes his mind." Chani said, grabbing a jacket for later and opening the front door. "Finally, I thought you guys changed your mind about wanting to borrow my car." Youngbin said, getting out of the car and smiling at you. "Never." Chani said, already taking the car keys in his hands. You still couldn't understand the blind trust Youngbin had in your boyfriend about letting you two borrow his car to go on dates but, after all, you never complained and were more than thankful for it. "Have fun and be careful on the road." Youngbin said before you two got in the car and waved goodbye to him.


    "Good night Chani." One of the nurses said, right before checking your vital signs and adding some more medicine and serum to the dropper placed above your head. "Good night…" Chani answered, almost asleep. It was hard for him to keep his eyes open, the skin under his brown eyes were now decorated with dark circles which you would have mocked saying he resembled a cute panda, and the beautiful gleam that you always loved from his eyes has slowly disappeared as days went by. "You can go home and rest a little bit. I promise we'll take good care of her and let you know as soon as she wakes up." The nurse said, looking at him with pitiful eyes. In all her years of nursing, she could tell he was the most loyal family member one of her patients had. He would spend 24h sitting on that chair next to your hospital bed, trying his best to not fall asleep in case you woke up but completely failing from time to time and feeling so guilty for falling asleep and not being all energetic and happy, just like you loved to see him. Just like you were supposed to remember him.


    "Do you like it?" Chani asked, grabbing your hand tightly. "Are you kidding me? I love it!!" You said, jumping into his arms and hugging him tightly. For your 3rd anniversary, he has booked a table in an amazing restaurant you have always loved, right beside the sea with an amazing view to the ocean which he always claimed to be your hometown. You've never been the type of girl to like getting nicknames and really cheesy stuff but you had to admit getting the nickname 'mermaid' from Chani because of your unconditional love for the oceans was a detail that made your relationship even better.

    "The views are so beautiful." You admitted, admiring the perfect reflection the sun made on the sea and how the few trees that gave you some shadow moved peacefully with the same summer breeze from that morning. "I have more beautiful views." He said, sipping from his drink and staring at you with wide eyes, waiting for you to cringe at his comment like you always did. And as expected, you shrugged off his cheesy comments as you tried to hide your red cheeks.

    "I have one more surprise but I'll give it to you once we arrive home." Chani said, as you two walked down the beach, admiring the beautiful sunset. You were full of curiosity and all you wanted to do was arrive home so you could see that extra surprise he had prepared for you. But destiny is mischievous and it had completely different plans for you two. A challenge to prove your true and perfect love.


    "Good morning! How did you sleep?" The doctor cheerfully asked, entering the room and opening the blinders, waking Chani up from his short snooze. Do I look like I slept well? Chani thought to himself, rubbing his sleepy eyes. "Sure…" He said, not wanting to be disrespectful to the doctor responsible for your recovery. "Good! How about you (Y/N)? You okay?" He asked but nobody answered. "Good… Chani, can we talk outside for a moment?" The doctor asked, turning to face your boyfriend who was still sitting on the chair and grabbing your hand, just like he has done for the past 4 weeks. "Can't we talk here? Maybe she wakes up…" Chani said, moving his gaze from the doctor back to your sleeping figure. "She's in a coma but she can still hear us. I wouldn't like her to hear what I have to tell you." The doctor said. His tone turned from a friendly one into a serious one which made Chani's heart squeeze in fear.

    Just like the doctor said, Chani stood up from the chair he hadn't left for 4 weeks, placed a soft kiss on your forehead followed by a soft 'I love you' and then headed out of the room followed by the doctor. "Look, I don't want to scare you and maybe we're wrong which I deeply hope but (Y/N)'s state is not as good as we would like it to be." The doctor started. "What do you mean by 'not as good as we would like it to be'?" Chani asked, clear fear reflected on his trembling voice. "She suffered a really difficult trauma on her temporal lobes…" The doctor added, getting ready to give the news to the boy standing in front of him. "What does that mean?" Chani said at the edge of tears. He couldn't stand when something bad happened to you. He wished a thousand times to be the one laying on that hospital bed instead of you. He wished a thousand times to be the one suffering all the damages of the accident instead of you. "She might have lost part of her memory…" The doctor finally said with pitiful eyes. Just like the nurse from last night, the doctor could feel the pain Chani was feeling because of your health condition right now. "Are you telling me she might not remember me once she wakes up…?" Chani asked, completely frozen by the sudden news. "We can't know how much of her memory she has lost until she wakes up." The doctor announced, making Chani feel a little bit more relaxed knowing that there was still hope that you would remember him. "And what will happen to the memories she won't be able to remember?" Chani asked. "The trauma is fortunately not that serious so she might recover 99% of her memory as days go by." The doctor explained. "But I can't tell you how long it will take for her to remember everything." He added, warning the boy about the possibility of you taking a few years to fully recover your memories. "She'll be okay soon, I promise." The doctor said, placing a reassuring hand on Chani's shoulder. That was all Chani hoped, that you would be okay soon.


    Days kept going by as nothing changed. Chani kept sitting on the same chair, you kept resting on the same bed, the same doctors and nurses entered the room a few times in the day to check on you and on Chani. It felt like you and Chani were trapped on time, like days didn’t go by and like time stopped in that hurting moment when Chani had to wake up to see you laying on a hospital bed.

    At the moment, Chani has lost the count of the times he has prayed for you to wake up and remember him. He has lost the count of times he has cried because he felt like his prayers weren’t listened to at all, making him lose the slight amount of hope that remained in his heart. He was desperate and he had no idea of what else he could do for you to wake up from that eternal dream and go back into his arms.

    “Who should I pray to wake you up?” Chani asked your sleeping figure, eyes already teary and with a trembling thread of voice. “What do I have to do to change places?” He added, feeling how small tears started to run down his soft cheeks. “I’m sorry… You know I don’t like when you see me cry… But actually, I wished you could see me and hug me the way you always did… And stroke my hair and tell me everything will be okay… And then mock the smell of my hair because you never understood why I like using your conditioner…” He started to explain, tears streaming down his face at the memory of that day.


    “It’s not the end of the world babe, it was just an exam.” You said, hugging Chani tightly and stroking his soft hair. Ever since you met him a year and a half ago when you started highschool, he has always let you know how much stroking his hair would relax him. Good thing you remembered that detail the moment you saw him getting out of class with red eyes and tears running down his chubby cheeks. He would have told you everything was fine and would have hid his tears because he never wanted you to see him crying but today he was completely devastated after finding out the score for that specific exam you’ve helped him study for the last 3 weeks. “You helped me for nothing.” He said with so much sadness and frustration reflected on his voice. “It wasn’t for nothing! You’ll get the best score in the next exam I promise.” You said, hugging him even more tight if that was even possible, trying to reassure him the way he deserved. “Did you use the same conditioner as me again?” You said smiling down at him, changing the topic so he would show you his bright smile once again. “You got me.” He said, a small smile appearing on his lips. “I will never understand why you like that conditioner so much.” You said laughing a little, waiting for him to join you. “It smells good.” He said, hiding his face back in the crook of your neck like it was his favorite refuge.


    “I just want you to wake up and remember me… Please…” Chani said, lowering his head to rest it next to your hand. “Please…” He begged once again as the tears stopped streaming down his face little by little and as his eyes started to close as he drifted off to sleep a bit more.


    Your body hurts, it is hard for you to move easily but the feeling of someone grabbing your hand so tightly and protectively somehow makes you feel safe. Your eyes finally start to open after what felt like ages, and the dim sunlight that goes through the room curtains makes you feel a bit dizzy and doesn’t let you see well in the very beginning. You feel weird, like if some part of you doesn’t exist anymore, like if you had a huge emptiness in your being.

    Slowly, you started to get used to the small font of light that illuminated the weird room you found yourself in. Once your eyes were able to see a bit more clearly, you noticed a boy sitting next to the bed you rested on, with his head resting on the edge of the bed and grabbing your hand. “Who are you?” You asked with a thread of voice, waking the boy up. “Babe!” He said in surprise, standing up immediately and embracing you in his arms. Do I know him? Why is he hugging me like we have known each other since forever? And why did he call me babe? You started to ask yourself. “Do I know you?” You asked the boy. His face changed completely from a happy one to a sad one the moment you asked him if you knew him. “I’m Chani… Your boyfriend…” The boy said with sad eyes, already at the edge of tears once again. You could tell he has been crying in the last few hours just by looking at his red and puffy eyes. “I have never had a boyfriend…” You answered, trying to move away from him slightly scared of his words. You didn’t know who he was and you didn’t understand why he would say he was your boyfriend when you have never had a boyfriend. Of course you had crushes while you were in school but you never had a serious boyfriend.

    “I see you finally woke up.” A man with a white medical gown said, entering the small room. “Why am I in a hospital? How much have I been here?” You said, getting more and more nervous as seconds went by and you had no idea of what was going on and you were in a room with complete strangers. “Calm down. Everything is going to be okay. Do you know who you are?” The man with the white gown asked you. “Of course I know who I am. I’m (Y/N) Choi.” You answered, not really understanding why a doctor would ask you if you knew who you were. “And how old are you?” The doctor asked. “I’m 17.” You answered, convinced about your answer being right. You saw the boy that claimed to be your boyfriend sitting back in the chair next to your bed, bringing his hands to his face in complete disbelief. “What year is it today?” The doctor kept asking. “It’s 2017, isn’t it?” You said, already doubting your answers being right. “Okay… Chani, can we talk for a moment? You’ll be okay, don’t worry. Another doctor is going to come and check on you so we can determine when you can go back home.” The doctor said, leading the boy out of the room and giving you a soft smile.

    “You met her 4 years ago, right?” The doctor asked. “Yeah… we met when we started highschool.” Chani answered with his eyes glued to the floor and trying so hard to hold back his tears. He couldn’t believe you didn’t remember him. He couldn’t believe you didn’t remember all the things you have done together. He couldn’t believe you forgot all the love you both shared. “Don’t worry too much. She will recover her memories soon and you’ll be able to go back to the life you had before the accident but you’ll have to work slowly with a psychologist to help her recover her memory.” The doctor said, reassuring Chani. “I’ll do whatever it takes to bring her back.” Chani said determined. He couldn’t admit you were gone that easily and he would do whatever it took to bring you back.

    A young girl left your room which Chani assumed was the psychologist that would determine when you can go back home. “You should explain to her who you are and bring her home. Right now you are the only one her old self would recognise and it would be good if you were the one explaining everything to her. Also, if you can, try recreating the moments you lived during these four years, that might help her recover her memory a bit faster.” The girl said before leaving to prepare the documents you needed to go back home.


    “Ready to go home?” The doctor asked you. You just shyly nodded, not wanting to be too honest and hurt Chani’s feelings. After he explained everything, the only thing you could do was accept going to your apparently shared apartment with him and act like nothing happened when he was a complete stranger to you. “Don’t worry, I won’t force any situation.” Chani whispered to you, making you feel slightly relieved.

    You had to admit even though you didn’t remember the boy walking next to you as you exited the hospital, you felt kind of sad about him. After all, you also tried to wear his shoes and think you would be also sad if the roles were the opposite. “That always characterized you.” Chani suddenly said with a small smile appearing on his lips. You looked at him with a confused look, not really knowing what he meant and not really believing he could actually read your mind. “Being so empathic. Getting in others' shoes and understanding their point of view. You have always been like that.” Chani said with a proud and nostalgic smile. He really knew you well and he has just demonstrated it.

    “Can you tell me more about these four years?” You asked him, curious about the past four years of your life with him. “Sure! What do you want to know?” Chani asked, his eyes finally filling up with the gleam you used to love. “I don’t really know.” You said, slightly awkward, not really knowing what to ask him. It was weird asking a third person about your life but, after all, he was the only one who could tell you about your life. “Well, if you want I can tell you how we met.” He said, smiling down at you. “Sounds great.” You said, smiling back at him. Somehow, after walking back home with him for a little while made you feel comfortable with him.


    “My friend says you look cute.” A curly brown haired boy said right after approaching you, pointing at a boy behind him who was red like a tomato probably in embarrassment about his friend’s behaviour. You could only laugh at the sudden confession and talk with the boy in front of you. “And why did he send you instead of telling me personally?” You said, loud enough for the boy behind the curly haired boy to hear your words. “He’s too shy, do you like shy boys?? Because if you do, he's perfect for you.” The curly haired boy said. “Dawon!! Stop it already!!” A blond haired boy said, removing the curly haired boy from in front of you. “Don’t listen to him, he’s just messing around. I’m Jaeyoon.” The blond haired boy said. You have to admit those 9 boys were actually really funny and the orange haired boy that was supposed to think you were cute was actually pretty handsome and cute as well. “Guys stop, Chani should be the one talking with her.” A black haired boy that seemed to be the oldest said, defending the orange haired boy who was trying so hard to hide his face from you. You could tell embarrassment was eating him alive and he regretted so much doing that comment about you in front of his friends. “Well, then let him talk with me.” You said laughing at the oldest’s statement.”I’m (Y/N).” You added with a huge smile plastered on your face and extended your hand waiting for Chani to stretch his hand with yours. “I’m Chani…” He shyly said taking your hand in his and smiling as well.

    His eyes gleamed with a beautiful light the moment he finally met your gaze and his cute cheeks lifted up in a really cute way when he smiled at you. You could tell you definitely fell for him the first time he smiled at you, like a shot from cupid.


    “And who are those boys?” You were confused when Chani mentioned your friends. “They are my friends and after that day they became your friends as well. You used to love hanging around with them even though they were sometimes a pain in the ass.” Chani said laughing and making you laugh as well. “We have changed a lot in these years though so you will meet completely different boys.” Chani said, slightly sad that you couldn’t remember for now those amazing days the 10 of you shared before you two started dating. “Which I think is better. I mean, Dawon is not as loud as he was back then and Rowoon has gotten less annoying.” He added, joking and making you laugh a bit more.

    You really enjoyed the walk you had with him going back home and as soon as you arrived home, your mood went back down. As you entered the small apartment you felt like you were in a stranger’s house, you didn’t feel like you were home and that hurt you and Chani. You scanned the rooms, trying your best to remember even if it was an insignificant detail about the pics hanging on the walls but it was impossible. It felt like watching strangers' photos even though your face was in there. “I will go to sleep at Youngbin's house for now, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in your own house.” Chani said, packing a few things he needed to get ready and leave. “You can stay if you want, I would feel so bad if you had to go out of our house just because of me.” You said with pitiful eyes. It was true you would feel uncomfortable sleeping beside someone you considered a stranger but you would also feel bad if Chani had to go to another house just because of you. “It’s okay, I promised I would do whatever it took to make you feel good and comfortable until you recovered your memories. When you feel ready, I’ll come back when you feel you’re not living with a stranger.” Chani said with a sad smile appearing in his lips. It was hard for him to leave you all alone in your apartment but if that made you feel better and if that helped you to recover your memory, he would do that and anything else.

    “Do you want to hang out tomorrow? We can go to some places we used to go.” Chani asked you before leaving. “Sure, that sounds great.” You said smiling at him. “Great, I’ll text you in the morning then.” Chani said, opening the front door. “Can you also text me when you arrive at Youngbin's house?” You shyly asked. “Sure.” Chani said with a huge smile plastered on his face. Even though he was now a stranger, you also knew you shared a life with him and still worried about him a little bit. Maybe it was that you felt attracted to him because some things never change or that your subconscious still remembered him.

    About 30 minutes passed when you received a message from who you guessed was Chani. “I arrived safely, don’t worry. Sleep well and remember tomorrow we have a meeting 😉 If you need anything you can text me even if it’s late at night.” You read the message and a small smile appeared on your face.

    “So she doesn’t remember anything?” Youngbin asked with sad eyes. You always had a really beautiful friendship with all of them but Youngbin was a bit more special. He was your confident, the person you would always go to whenever you had a problem. He was even the first one to know you were in love with Chani and the one that convinced Chani to ask you out. “Yeah… She has forgotten everything about us… But doctors say she might recover her memory at some point.” Chani explained, admiring his lockscreen. It was a pic you both took the day of the accident. You always loved taking aesthetic couple pics and since it was so sunny you wanted to take a pic of your shadows reflected on the floor. “Hey, don’t be sad. At least she is okay.” Youngbin said, trying to cheer up his friend. “Yeah but what if she doesn’t fall in love with me again?” Chani said worried. “Come on, you both loved each other with all your hearts, she will fall for you again.” Youngbin said. “How can you be so sure?” Chani asked in disbelief. “Because you are going to recreate all your dates. You are going to win back her heart like you did 3 years ago.” Youngbin said. Chani didn’t think about it but somehow Youngbin’s idea wasn't that bad.


    The dim sunlight entering through the colorful curtains from your room, the soft sound you missed from some birds chirping next to your window waking you up like in those old days of summer. You had to admit you missed listening to the birds early in the morning, like when you were younger and lived with your parents.

    The night was weird. You felt like a 17 years old teenager trapped inside the body of a 20 year old girl, spending the night all alone in that apartment. For some reason, your mind kept thinking about Chani. How did he spend the night, if he had slept well, where did he planned to take you. Tons of questions involving him clouded your mind as you prepared yourself for the meeting you promised you would have today with him. You didn't even understand why you worried so much about him when you didn't remember about his existence a few hours ago.

    You were now ready waiting for the boy to pick you up and take you wherever he had planned. As you waited sitting on the couch, a photo placed next to the TV caught your attention. The photo captured a moment you guessed was one of those dates you and Chani had before the accident. You both looked so happy, so in love.


    "Why don't you want to take a pic???" You complained as Chani complained as well. Chani was never the kind of boy to take too many pics, for him it was useless to capture moments with a camera. It was more useful to capture moments with your own mind. "Just one, please." You begged, giving him the best puppy eyes you could make. "Fine." He finally gave in, rolling his eyes and pulling you close, already ready for the photo. "It never fails." You said laughing and taking the picture. You were right, giving him puppy eyes would fail if it was anyone else but when it was you he just couldn't resist your cuteness.


    You stared at the photo, trying to remember something but it was impossible. It felt like the field that had those memories had been locked and didn't work.

    You moved your eyes to another photo in which you found yourself surrounded by people. The only one you could recognize was Chani and the rest of the boys were completely strangers. You noticed you were wearing a school uniform so you guessed the rest of the boys were part of your class. Little did you know how important the rest of the boys were once to you.


    "If you stand in the middle it will look funnier!" Dawon said, grabbing your hand and placing you in the middle. "But why do I have to be in the middle??" You complained, looking up at the boys. "Because you're the shortest and it'll look cute." Rowoon said, patting your head. You had to admit it would definitely look cute and ridiculous if you stood in the middle of them. You all always joked a lot with your heights because being best friends with literal trees when you were a tiny flower was always funny. "Chani, get next to your girl." Rowoon demanded, leaving some space for the boy next to you. "I don't want to be in the middle either." He complained, standing next to you. "Guys stop complaining and just take the pic. It's not like our favorite couple graduates everyday." Inseong said, gathering everyone around his arms like the dad he always claimed to be even though you all said he was more like a mom. "Ready?" Taeyang asked, grabbing the selfie stick ready to shoot the photo. "Cheese!!" You all screamed with one voice.


    A soft knock on your door knocked you out of your hard task of remembering something about the moment reflected on the photo. As soon as you opened the door, a smiley and radiant Chani appeared, widening a bit more his smile the moment his gaze landed on you. "Good morning! Did you sleep well?" He said cheerfully. His smile radiated happiness and it was as bright as the sun. You could tell, even though you couldn't remember, that was one of the details that made you fall in love with him 4 years ago when you met in high school and you weren't that wrong. "Yeah I slept well, how about you?" You asked, mirroring his wide smile, curiosity eating you up for knowing how he spent the night and answering all the questions that have been clouding your mind ever since you woke up. "I slept well too. Ready to go?" He answered, shyly looking away from your gaze and slowly reaching his hand out waiting for you to take it. "Sure." You answered, mirroring his shyness and taking his hand in yours. You thought you would remember something by holding his hand, like those scenes in romantic movies, but unfortunately nothing happened.

    "Where are we going?" You asked curious. "Our high school." He said, keeping his eyes forward, too scared of looking at you and receiving a reject look. But instead of rejecting his offer of going back to the place you boht met, you felt just as excited as he felt to revive those memories. "You said we met there, right?" You asked, trying to figure out the reason why he would take you to the same place you met. "Exactly." He said finally looking down at you as a small smile slowly appeared in his lips. He felt relieved that you accepted his offer and he perfectly knew it was a big step to continue with his plan of reviving all your important dates in order to help you recover your memory. "I would have wanted to bring the rest of the boys and do it the same way we did the day we met but I knew you would have felt too overwhelmed." He explained, already letting you know it wouldn't be the same way you both met. "Are they the boys in the photos we have at home?" You asked, finding some coherent in what you were saying. The way you referred to the apartment you were living in as 'our home' made Chani's heart skip a beat, knowing there was still hope that you would fall for him once again the same way you did 4 years ago. "Yeah, we took that photo when we graduated. They kept being all annoying about us getting in the middle because we were their favorite couple and they thought you would look cute being in the middle of us." He said with a nostalgic gleam in his eyes. You could tell he missed those times just by the way he looked at you while telling you that little story. "They were so tall." You said laughing, remembering how tall they all looked in the pic. "And they still are, trust me." Chani said, laughing as well.

    A long 30 minutes went by when you finally arrived at the entrance of what used to be your high school. "Welcome back to high school." Chani said, pointing at the huge building. You had to admit you were mesmerized by it but unfortunately no memories were unlocked. You saw through the corner of your eye Chani positioning himself next to you, looking straight forward into your mesmerized figure and holding his hand out. "I'm Chani, nice to meet you." He said with the same bright smile he wore when he picked you up from home an hour ago. You could finally understand what he was trying to do and you couldn’t help feeling extremely flattered by his actions. You couldn't help feeling grateful to him for doing such things to try and help you recover your memory. "I'm (Y/N)." You said with watery eyes and stretching his hand. "Don't tell me you're going to cry! We can't do that! If we cry you will remember our first meeting like something bad!" Chani complained, mocking you the way he used to do and, once again, it didn't fail to put a smile on your face.

    You didn't know if you would recover your memories but you had to be really grateful to that boy called Youngbin for having such a great idea. Even if you couldn't recover it, you would make similar memories with the boy you were supposed to love and, fortunately, you will be able to live a normal life even though those four years were completely lost somewhere inside your brain.


    Days went by and before you could notice, weeks were gone and soon they turned into your first month being the new you. Little by little, Chani grew more and more close to you, making him feel almost the same way he felt before the accident took place and, even though you still didn't remember anything, you were able to recreate those lost memories.

    Tonight, you found yourself getting ready for a small surprise Chani has prepared for you. You had no idea of what it could be and you couldn't help feeling slightly nervous as you tried to tie the necklace he told you he gave you on your first official date. Maybe it was destiny, the one making you wear that necklace tonight for the surprise he prepared for you.


    The night was extremely beautiful. If it weren't because of the bright lights of the busy streets of the city, you were convinced that you could see the stars perfectly, like if they formed a beautiful ocean of blinking little lights. You didn't even know why but it made you remember one specific scene from the Lion King when Simba, Timon and Pumba talked about what they thought the stars were. You couldn't help smiling at that little stupid memory of one of your favorite movies.

    A knock on the door of your room knocked you out of that memory. "Honey, Chani is here." Your mom said with a small smile. Chani told you a few hours ago to go with him somewhere he had planned once his first day of college was over and you couldn’t resist his offer. Through the year you have known him, little by little you have fallen in love with him and all you wanted to do was be near him and spend time with him. It didn't matter if it was hours or just 5 minutes.

    Not wanting to make him wait any longer, you grab your small bag and run down the little stairs of the house, full of excitement to see the boy that has been the main reason for your daily smiles. "Ready to go?" He asked, holding his hand out and waiting for you to take it, a slight pink tone appearing on his face as soon as your hand came in contact with his. "Don't come back too late." Your mom said from the kitchen. "I promise!" You answered before exiting the house and closing the door right behind you.

    "I tried my best to convince the boys to let us alone but you know how annoying they can be." Chani said, pointing at the group of boys waiting in front of your house that you immediately recognized as your group of friends. "You look great baby!" Dawon said, a bit too loud for what you would have liked to admit but definitely drawing a huge smile on your face. They were annoying, yes. They never let you spend some alone time with the boy of your dreams, yes. But they were the best friends someone could ever ask for and you were so sure that if it wasn't because of them you would have never grown so close to the boy holding your hand. "Ready to go to an amazing place?" Chani whispered into your ear, not wanting the rest of the boys to know where he was taking you. "Yes? But where are we going?" You said, confused. "You'll find out when we arrive." He said in a playful tone, winking at you and making your heart skip a beat. This kid is going to be the death of me. You thought to yourself as a small laugh left your lips.


    "I swear to God if you don't shut up I'm going to kill you." You heard Chani's voice from outside. The moment you heard those words you couldn't help laughing, knowing he came with the company of his and your friends. Even though you didn't remember them, after listening to all the stories Chani has told you through the entire month and after the very first meeting you had a few days ago, you could finally understand why you used to have so much fun back in those days.

    After a few seconds of silence, you heard a soft knock on the door. More than a soft knock, a shy knock. A knock you wouldn't have listened to if it wasn't because you were sitting on the sofa. You hurriedly went to open the door, impatient to see what was the surprise he had prepared. "Hey!" You cheerfully said, greeting the boy and the rest of his friends. "Hey." Chani said, shyly looking away from your fierce gaze full of energy. "You look great baby!" Dawon said full of excitement, getting a nudge right after from Chani. "Not yet, idiot." Chani said under his breath. Everything seemed so weird and you couldn't really understand what was going on. "Ready to go?" Chani said, holding his hand out waiting for you to take it. Just like he did 3 years ago.

    After walking for a little while and laughing at your friends' jokes, you felt Chani getting closer to you. "Ready to go to an amazing place?" He whispered in your ear, trying his best to wake up the memories from that night. "Yes? But where are we going?" You innocently said, looking around and trying to find any hint that could reveal what was your special destination. "Cute… there really are things that never change." Chani said letting out a soft giggle as he passed his arm around your shoulder the same way he used to do when you went to high school.


    "You guys are staying here." Chani announced once you arrived at a random building. "No way we're waiting here, it's cold." Youngbin complained. "Then you should have stayed home the way I told you to do. Bye." Chani said with a fake smile and dragging you inside the building and closing the door right after you entered. "Finally alone." He tiredly sighed, making you laugh.

    He could finally reveal the surprise he prepared for you. "I know how much you wanted to have a stargazing so here we are." He said, opening a metal door that led to the rooftop of the big building. Just like you imagined an hour ago while you waited for him at home, thanks to the lack of light you had on the rooftop you could perfectly see the stars dancing in the beautiful dark blue from the night sky. "It's so beautiful… Thank you." You said, mesmerized, walking towards the little tent he prepared with some blankets so you two could watch the night sky comfortably.

    His eyes were gleaming in a different way tonight. Like if his dark orbs were a beautiful mirror that held the power of the stars hanging on the sky. "Aren't you getting Lion King vibes?" He suddenly said, laughing at his own joke. "Can you read my mind?" You said, laughing as well. You were always so amazed by how many things you two had in common. Like you were born to fit each other and nobody else. "Then, what would you say the stars are? Ancestors? Gas balls burning billions of miles away?" Chani asked, looking down at you and making you remember the scene of the movie once again. "You know? I think they are more like memory holders. Like if you could save beautiful memories on them and whenever you look at the sky you can see those memories again. And memories are like the stars after all… They're always there even if you can't see them." You said, moving your gaze from his beautiful eyes back to the sky above your heads. "What about you?" You asked, curious about his answer. "You." He suddenly said. "Me?" You asked confused, letting out a small laugh. "My star is you." He finally confessed. Finally, everything made sense and you could finally join the puzzle pieces. All those questions he has been asking you about you dating someone. All those questions he asked about your perfect first date. All those times he asked you if you were in love with someone. All of that finally made sense.


    "Ready to go up?" Chani asked you, holding your hand to reassure you that you would be okay. "Aren't they coming?" You asked, pointing at the rest of the boys. "If you want them to come they can come but they will ruin the moment." Chani said with a nervous laugh, praying for you to tell him you wanted to go up to the rooftop alone with him. "Okay then, let's go." You said, entering the building.

    When you arrived, you saw a beautiful blanket of stars decorating the night sky and you could finally understand what was going on. Chani has told you about your first official date and how he asked you out and you could tell today was the day of recreating your first day as a couple. "Remember anything?" Chani asked, knocking you out of your own little world. His eyes were full of hope that turned into sadness as soon as you told him that you couldn't remember anything but that you were still grateful that he took you there and that he was working so hard to help you recover your memory.

    "Ironic, you're wearing the necklace I gave you that day… Maybe you were right back then and stars really are memory holders." He joked, looking at the sky. You tried to remove your gaze from him but it was impossible. It was like you got trapped in his eyes. He held so much love, so much passion for you in them and you couldn’t help feeling a burning feeling in your chest tonight. A burning feeling you have never felt or, at least, you didn't remember you ever felt.


    Time went by and you had to admit that the little time you spent alone with Chani on that rooftop felt so refreshing even though it didn't work out the way he thought it would. "I'll walk you home, it's late. Youngbin, I'll go as soon as she gets home." Chani said, not letting you go alone. "There's no need… If you want… You can stay home." You shyly said, looking away from his gaze knowing your face would turn into a tomato if you had to meet his eyes after saying that. "Are you sure? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable." He said. His voice reflected worry and happiness at the same time and it was hard for you to decipher if he was happy or if he didn't want to stay with you. "It's okay, after all, it's your home as well." You said with a small smile, finally meeting his eyes and feeling that burning feeling once again.

    The walk back home was refreshing as well and even though Chani has told you he was happy that you let him come back home, you still saw his sad eyes. Once you arrived, you told him to get himself at home while you took a warm shower before you two could eat dinner.

    He missed his bed, he missed his house, he missed his room and, most importantly, he missed you. Suddenly, the light of his phone lit up, signaling an incoming call from Youngbin. "Yo what the hell is wrong with you?? Why do you look all sad?? She told you to go back home with her!!" Youngbin shouted against the phone speaker, making Chani put his phone away in order to protect his eardrums. "Can you stop? This is hard for me, okay?" Chani said, defending himself. Suddenly, completely out of the blue, he started to feel a bit overwhelmed by the fact that you don't remember anything. He started to feel like all he had been doing was for nothing and all he wanted to do was to give up and just accept that you will never recover your memory. "Youngbin, I have tried everything the doctor's said. I have done everything exactly the same way things used to be back then and nothing has worked. It has been a month and she still treats me like I'm just a friend and all I can do is stand there acting like I was doing fine. It hurts me, okay? I love her so damn much and I can't stand seeing her not loving me back. Youngbin I'm so fucking afraid of not bringing her back. If she doesn't love me in the end… I don't know what the hell I will do." Chani finally blurted out all the feelings he has been keeping for himself for the last month. He could finally show his tears to others and not only to the reflection of his own self in the mirror after taking a shower. Finally he could stop lying to his friend about his red eyes being because of some champoo getting on them instead of telling him it was because he has been crying. He could finally let all of that pain out.

    "Why didn't you say anything…?" You said from the door frame. Hearing his words really hurt you and seeing him crying broke your heart. "I gotta go, Youngbin… I'll text you tomorrow, good night." Chani said, letting a small sob out as he hung the phone up. You slowly walked towards the edge of the bed where he was sitting and sat next to him. As soon as you sat, your hands went straight to his so you could hold them tightly. "Why did you keep acting like everything was right?" You asked drawing soft patrons on the back of his hand, looking at his crying figure while his eyes kept glued to your fingers that were intertwined with his, too scared of looking at you. He hated letting you see him in such a bad condition but he couldn't help it anymore. "I love you too much to let you go (Y/N)..." He whispered with a trembling voice. "If you leave… I really don't know what I will do…" He said, still looking away from you. "Look at me." You said, placing one of your hands on one of his cheeks and turning his face so he could finally look at you, while your other hand still held his. "I don't like it when you see me crying, I look all ugly." He said, slightly laughing and covering his eyes. "Don't say that, you're as handsome as always, idiot." You said, removing his hand from his face so you could admire the features you have always loved. Even now. "I love you too Chani, you don't have nothing to worry about. Just like you said, there are things that never change." You said, small tears of happiness forming in the corner of your eyes as you caressed the boy's cheek and looked into his eyes ever so fondly. "Are you sure?" He asked, now unable to remove his eyes from yours, getting trapped in them the same way you did when you were on the rooftop. "I have never been so sure. I guess there are souls that are meant to be together forever, doesn't matter what." You said, pressing your forehead with his and right after, finally closing the gap that separated your lips for the last month.

    It was a soft and gentle kiss but full of the love you had for each other. You swear it was the best kiss you have ever had and Chani completely agreed with you. He couldn't tell if it was because of how much he loved you or because of the amount of time it has been since the last time he tasted your soft lips, or maybe it was a mix of both reasons, but he couldn't help melting into your lips. And soon, things got heated up, just like the day of your first official first date.


    It was a beautiful sunny day, one of those you have always loved. The summer breeze Chani always complained about whenever you went to the beach, was smoothly moving the colorful curtains from your bedroom. Wait… doesn't this sound kind of familiar?

    You woke up and as soon as you opened your eyes you met Chani's figure still sleeping. So peaceful, the same way he always slept… The same way he always slept. "Chani! Chani, wake up!!" You said, shaking him full of happiness. "What, what's wrong?" Chani said, getting up scared, believing something bad happened to you. "I remember!!" You said jumping from the bed and running down the stairs. "Wait, you what?" Chani said, sleepy and confused, following you around the small apartment. "I remember you and everything about us and Youngbin and Dawon and Rowoon and everyone!!" You said excited, holding the photo from your graduation day, the one he had to explain a month ago. "I even remember the accident." You said, looking at him with fearful eyes for remembering that terrible moment. "And do you remember what I said before the accident?" Chani asked, hoping you remembered his words.


    "The views are so beautiful." You admitted, admiring the perfect reflection the sun made on the sea and how the few trees that gave you some shadow moved peacefully with the same summer breeze from that morning. "I have more beautiful views." He said, sipping from his drink and staring at you with wide eyes, waiting for you to cringe at his comment like you always did. And as expected, you shrugged off his cheesy comments as you tried to hide your red cheeks.

    "I have one more surprise but I'll give it to you once we arrive home." Chani said, as you two walked down the beach, admiring the beautiful sunset. You were full of curiosity and all you wanted to do was arrive home so you could see that extra surprise he had prepared for you.


    "The surprise!!" You excitedly said, jumping into his arms full of joy. And finally, the true bright smile you missed from him finally appeared plastered on his face as he searched for the surprise he had prepared for your 3rd anniversary but that he could never give you. "Happy anniversary, my love." He said handing you a small box. You had to admit you missed hearing him calling you cute couple nicknames and he also had to admit that he missed so much calling you them. As soon as you opened the box, you found a ring matching a pair of earrings with a small star on them. Engraved on the ring, there was the date you started dating and inside the box there was a little note that said: "You will always be my star. Love you, Chani."

    Tears started to stream down your face and your chest felt heavy due to the happiness you were feeling. After all, stars did hold your memories and once again, both of you proved to the world and destiny that the love you both shared was always true love and that nothing on earth could separate you. Not even losing all your memories.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop oneshot#kpop fluff#kpop angst#sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 fluff#sf9 angst#sf9 oneshot#sf9 chani #sf9 chani x reader #sf9 chani imagine #sf9 chani oneshot #sf9 chani fluff #sf9 chani angst #kang chanhee #kang chanhee x reader #kang chanhee fluff #kang chanhee angst #sf9 chanhee#kang chani
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  • key201303
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Have already made a few updates today BUT anyone up to for an angsty super fluff Chani x reader long ass oneshot? 👀👀

    #kpop#kpop fluff#kpop imagine#kpop angst#sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 oneshot#sf9 fluff#sf9 angst#sf9 chani #sf9 chani x reader #sf9 chani fluff #sf9 chani angst #sf9 chani imagine #kang chanhee #kang chanhee x reader #kang chanhee fluff #kang chanhee angst #sf9 chanhee #sf9 chanhee x reader
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  • divinefireangel
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #hope you like it op 🥺 #inseongsbitch#sf9#sf9 au #sf9 supernatural au #sf9 vampire au #vampire!sf9 #sf9 reactions#sf9 fluff#sf9 angst
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  • kpopdreamlands
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    opinions please

    hellooooo my lovely readers ♡

    if you've seen my masterlist recently, there are three pieces coming soon

    i am currently drafting all three and don't know which to complete first >.< pls let me know which you guys would prefer! :)

    here's a rundown of the three:

    1. centuries || jung wooyoung

    pairing: vampireprince!wooyoung x vampireroyalty!reader

    warnings: smut

    summary: it's been centuries since you’ve felt every nerve in your body on fire. the feeling was reserved for your human life, but there's one person who can make even your dead heart swell in need. it's about time to give him a visit...

    2. end of story || lee juyeon

    pairing: fwb!juyeon x fem!reader

    warnings: angst, smut

    summary: lee juyeon is a sex god. at least that's what everyone sees him as. except, you want him in a different way. in the way that entails cafe dates, running hand-in-hand, small words of encouragement during hard times, and all the small things. fucking him is fun, but all you want is to love him.

    3. equations || hwi young

    pairing: collegestudent!hwiyoung x fem!reader

    warnings: smut, fluff

    summary: he's so fucking dumb but so fucking cute. so naturally, you can't say no when he asks you to tutor him. but you're mind's more trained on him than the equations in front of you.

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  • cobiewrites
    15.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    hi everyone! welcome to my trash bin! below are a list of my abandoned works/ideas. i have posted them in hopes of them being recycled and found in new homes
    you can feel free to look through the files below, and if you so choose, feel free to use any of these ideas. they are open to everyone and anyone!
    if you use them, i just ask that you credit me.

    [elixir] : an oc crime/mafia au

    [plan d] : something with winwin lol

    [untitled] : baker!younghoon

    [untitled] : non-idol! traveling actor au with tbz

    [you belong with me] : based of taylor swift's 'you belong with me'

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  • sanfl0werrr
    14.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    [23:54pm] maybe we weren’t right for each other, but that’s okay. i know we both have loved and been loved as much as we could have loved each other, so that’s okay with me.

    but if there’s a possibility we might never meet again, i hope you’ll look back at our memories fondly, look back at me fondly as someone who will always be against the world just to be happy to be by your side.

    remember me by the words you’ve whispered in my ears at night, all those years ago, just to comfort me and to keep those anxious thoughts out.

    because i will always remember you by the hug you gave me when you said “it’s not me that needs the hug, it’s you. so whenever you need it, say the word and i’ll be there.”

    maybe we could’ve made it work, maybe it wouldn’t, but i knew when i loved you, i loved you with all of my heart.

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  • key201303
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Love shot sneak peek

    You guys have gone crazy with the Love Shot masterlist and it already has 42 notes in a few days 🤧🤧 I’m super excited about the story and since today I’m finally coming back and you guys gave so much love to it I wanted to give you a small sneak peek of the prologue 👀

    Love shot masterlist 

    Taglist -> @staysstrays 

                  Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella

    When you opened the box, you found a beautiful diamond ring with your birth date graven on it. You perfectly knew your dad had a great amount of money and you weren't that surprised to get a diamond ring but the fact that he engraved your birth date on it made it even more special. "You didn't have to do this." You said admiring the ring that perfectly fitted your ring finger. "It's a special day that deserves a special gift." He said, taking a small key out of the ring box. "Save this well. Someday when you're ready, you'll find out the importance of the ring." He added, giving you the key and walking away, leaving you speechless.

    #kpop#kpop imagine#kpop fanfic#kpop angst#kpop smut #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 fanfic#sf9 angst#sf9 smut#sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung imagine #sf9 hwiyoung smut #sf9 hwiyoung angst #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung angst#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun smut #kim youngkyun angst #sf9 youngkyun#hwiyoung smut
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  • cobiewrites
    09.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Mafia!AU: part 2

    He didn’t expect to run into you again, in fact 5 years have passed ever since you left him at the hospital. Ever since that fateful day, Youngbin promised he’d find you no matter how difficult it would be. The fact that 5 years had passed and he just now found you speaks wonders.

    He was a mafia boss and had taught her everything he knew, including how to go under the radar so much so that she’d be virtually untraceable. She was smart, and he knew that, but it broke him to see her in hiding.

    Little did he know, Y/n had gone under the radar to avoid running into him. Her heart was shattered- the notion of your boyfriend whom you’d spent a majority of your life with suddenly forgets you? That’s what hurt the most.

    Youngbin received intel from one of his members that you were spotted in town, seemingly moving into a new house. They noted how calm and serene you looked, as if she had moved on. Youngbin decided to have his men survey your home for your security.

    The following week, the unexpected happened; Y/n messaged Youngbin, asking how he was and informing him she’d move back into your old apartment

    “Hi Youngbin,

    I hope you’re doing well. I just thought I’d let you know I moved back into my old apartment, you know the one near cafe fantasy?

    I miss you.

    It’s been 5 years and I still haven’t forgotten about you, I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.

    I hope to see you soon”

    Youngbin smiled, after all these years she still hadn’t changed her number according to his members and even thought of reaching out to him. He decided to pay you a little visit, but made sure to message her back before doing so. He asked his men everything they knew and remembered about her.

    With everything he had learned, he picked up your favorite flowers, candies and some of your favorite wine before making his journey to her house. Before he left, he sent her a message


    This is youngbin, thank you for reaching out.

    I missed you too, I am at the store picking up some things and heading to your place if that is okay with you.

    I’ll see you soon”

    When he saw that you had read the message, he immediately turned to pay and rushed out of the store. Although he lost many memories, your home could never be lost from his memory. As if his body moved on it’s own, it led him to your front door.

    Before Youngbin could knock on her door, Y/n had swung the door open with an expectant smile

    “Hi, I’m surprised you still managed to find your way here. By now I thought you’d forget where I live, let alone who I am”

    “I couldn’t have done it without my men and my team. They told me stories about you and how much you had to offer to our team”

    Y/n couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she gestured him inside and offered him a seat on her couch. She was rendered speechless, completely stunned and touched.

    “Is that true? They told you stories about me?”

    “Of course they did, they reminded me how much I loved you”

    “Oh Youngbin, I’m so sorry I never came back. I was just so heartbroken and didn’t know what to do”

    Youngbin reached forward to put his hand in hers, rubbing the back of her palm with his thumb, gently soothing her as she cried

    “Y/n, there’s no need to apologize. If anything I’m the one who should be apologizing, I was an asshole to you”

    “No, don’t say that, you didn’t know”

    Youngbin smiled as he brought her into a hug, pulling her close and resting her head on his shoulder. The two sat in silence, basking in each other's warmth and presence.

    Y/n was the first to pull away, she dabbed at her tears as she stroked Youngbin’s cheek, kissing the side of his head

    “Now that I’m here, let’s start over again, shall we?”

    “I’m Youngbin” He stuck his hand out to shake hers

    “I’m Y/n, it’s nice to meet you”




    A/n: hehe did you guys like part 2? i honestly didn't expect to write part 2 fbwrgi, but thank you so much for everyone who enjoyed this

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  • key201303
    07.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood (warnings for specific chapters will be added on each chapter's warnings)

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency just like everyone else did?

    Taglist -> @staysstrays (Let me know if you want me to add you!)

    Chapters -> Coming on August


    Chapter I: "Your life or hers."

    Chapter II: "New day, new life."

    Chapter III: "I just want us to fit each other like that ring fits your finger."

    Chapter IV: "She's my new... Girl."

    Chapter V: "Good job."

    Chapter VI: "Keep your manners."

    Chapter VII: "Goodnight."

    Chapter VIII: "I trust you enough to let you sleep beside me."

    Chapter IX: "Let’s not fall in love."

    Chapter X: "Good to see you again."

    Chapter XI: "Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?"

    Chapter XII: "I'm not jealous."

    Chapter XIII: "Change my mind."

    Chapter XIV: "We don't have friends out of the mafia."

    Chapter XV: "Where's the ring?"

    Chapter XVI: "Don't ever talk to me again."

    Chapter XVII: "We don't have to fake it anymore, right?"

    Chapter XVIII: "I love you."


    #kpop#kpop imagine#kpop angst#kpop smut #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 fanfic#sf9 angst#sf9 smut#sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung smut #sf9 hwiyoung angst #sf9 hwiyoung imagine #sf9 hwiyoung fanfic #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung angst#hwiyoung smut#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun smut #kim youngkyun angst #sf9 youngkyun #sf9 mafia au
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  • bbangsoonie
    03.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    take a chance

    member: chanhee (new) genre: fluff? angst? soulmate au (requested) word count: 2,040 synopsis: the rule of soulmates is simple. you and your soulmate have each other’s names on your wrists. but when 2 chanhees have your name on theirs, you’re conflicted between your long-time boyfriend and the new guy who makes your heart race.

    You had met your soulmate just a little over a year ago. Through mutual friends, you two found out that you had each other’s name written on your wrists.

    Y/n on his wrist and Chanhee on yours. Soulmates destined by fate.

    “Kang Chanhee!” Seokwoo yelled as he chased after your boyfriend.

    You chuckled at the sight. Chanhee had pulled yet another prank on the older male and was now paying the price. Running for his life, his laughter was all you could hear in a public park.

    You had joined Chanhee to celebrate Hwiyoung’s birthday. The whole friend group was gathered and were now only waiting on a couple more of Hwiyoung’s friends. When you heard unfamiliar voices approach, you figured they had finally arrived.

    After Hwiyoung greeted them with a hug, you called Chanhee over to introduce himself as well.

    “Hi! Younghoon, right? It’s nice to meet you. Hwiyoung has said nothing but good things about you,” you smiled as you shook the tall guy’s hand.

    “Oh really?” Younghoon raised a brow, earning a light punch from his friend. “I hope so.”

    “My name’s Y/n. What’s yours?” you turned your attention to the guy next to Younghoon. He gaped at you for a few seconds, making you awkwardly laugh.

    “Chanhee. Choi Chanhee,” he slowly said.

    “Oh another Chanhee!” Inseong pointed out. “I guess we’ll have to call our youngest by his nickname to avoid confusion. His name is Chanhee as well but you can call him Chani.”

    Next to you, your boyfriend’s expression hardened for a split moment before he nodded to acknowledge the new Chanhee.

    After everyone went around introducing and greeting, you all crowded around the picnic table. Chani fed you the lettuce wraps he made as you urged him to eat as well. Taeyang jokingly rolled his eyes as he mumbled something about not being able to find his own soulmate.

    For some reason, you couldn’t help but be conscious of Chanhee. He intrigued you but you couldn’t pinpoint why. Maybe it was the way his eyes lingered on you. Or maybe it was the way Younghoon kept staring at both you and him.

    Either way, you found yourself cleaning up the tables together after eating. He was still quiet as you gathered all the paper plates.

    You reached over to grab the last plate when your sleeve touched the leftover sauce. You groaned as you rubbed the stain with a napkin. With a sigh, you rolled up your sleeves to avoid any further damage.

    Feeling Chanhee’s gaze on you, you looked up to see his jaw dropped. Puzzled, you followed his eyes to see that he was staring at the name on your wrist.

    “Oh yeah, your name is also Chanhee, right?” you laughed. “Funny coincidence, huh?”

    He didn’t answer. Instead, his lips tightened as he left to throw out the trash. Slightly off-putted, you huffed as you finished up.

    You hadn’t expected to run into Chanhee again the next day. He was working at the restaurant you and Sejeong decided to eat at for lunch.

    You were surprised to see how sweet he was to customers. It was completely different from the way he acted the day before. He even attempted to communicate with a foreigner by patiently using a translating app.

    “You keep staring at that waiter. Do you know him?” Sejeong asked.

    “Not really,” you shrugged. “I briefly met him yesterday at Hwiyoung’s birthday party.”

    When he came to take your table’s order, you tensed up. Suddenly hit with a wave of nervousness, Sejeong had to order on your behalf.

    “Okay, what was that?” she whispered once he was out of earshot.

    “What was what?” you feigned innocence.

    “You got all weird. Why?”

    “I did not.”

    Your friend gave you a suspicious look but didn’t press the matter any further. She let it go as Chanhee returned with your drinks.

    When you saw Chanhee for the third time, you almost laughed in disbelief. Who knew you two would end up in the same one-day pottery class?

    “I guess this is fate’s way of saying we’re meant to be friends after all,” you joked as he took the only empty seat left. The seat next to you.

    Luckily, it wasn’t as awkward as you thought it would be. Perhaps being forced to spend a couple of hours with you was enough to make him finally open up. He talked a bit about himself as you each made a cup out of clay.

    He told you about how he met Younghoon and his love for singing. The more you conversed, the more you strangely felt attracted to him.

    Which was wrong. You already had a boyfriend. And Chani was just more than your boyfriend. He was your soulmate. The one you were destined to fall in love with and be with.

    So why did your heart race when Chanhee’s hand brushed against yours as he fixed a part of your clay?

    You barely managed to brush off such thoughts for the rest of the class. At least until it was time to wrap up. Chanhee had kept his sleeves down the whole time despite both you and the teacher recommending that he roll them up to avoid getting them dirty. Yet it slipped his mind when he walked up to the sink to wash his hands.

    That was when you saw it. The name on his wrist.


    You froze, not knowing how to react. When he finally noticed that you weren’t next to him, he looked back to see you staring at his wrist. Realizing what had just happened, he panicked and quickly pulled his sleeve down.

    “Y-You…” you trailed off, now staring at your own wrist.

    How was this possible? How could two people have your name written on their wrist?

    Then again, it made sense. Each person was only given the first name of their soulmate. There was no way to distinguish between people with the same names. You just had to trust your gut and believe that whoever matched with you was your soulmate.

    But now what were you supposed to do? There wasn’t a book of rules for these kinds of situations.

    Either one of the Chanhees had yet to meet their true Y/n or the universe had made an error and made you the soulmate of two people. But either way, who was your actual soulmate?

    Confused, your fight or flight instincts kicked in and you ran away.

    “How’d she take it?” Younghoon asked, concerned.

    “I didn’t even get to say anything before she left,” Chanhee sighed. “This is exactly what I was afraid of since I saw the name on her wrist. That’s why I had been avoiding her but I couldn’t today.”

    “You know, just because Chani met her first doesn’t mean he’s her soulmate.”

    “Whether he’s her soulmate or not, they’re still dating. And I have no intention of being a homewrecker.”

    “Well, technically they’re not a home yet.”

    “You know what I mean. I don’t want to force anything on anyone. Even if he’s not her soulmate, I can’t help it if she still loves him. It’s her choice to make.”

    Sighing once again, Chanhee sprawled out on the bed. The natural laws of soulmates weren’t as simple as they seemed.

    “So you just ran?” Sejeong repeated.

    “I panicked! What else was I supposed to do?” you whined.

    “Oh I don’t know. Maybe talk it out like a rational human being?” she responded sarcastically, shaking her head as you buried your head into a pillow.

    It was the day after the shocking revelation and you had been avoiding both Chanhees. Avoiding Choi Chanhee wasn’t a big problem but avoiding Kang Chanhee proved to be difficult. So you found refuge in Sejeong’s room after turning off your phone.

    You were filled with guilt for even having your heart shaken. Soulmate or not, he was still your boyfriend. Someone you were supposed to be faithful to. Someone you shouldn’t be cutting off contact with.

    But you needed time to think. Time to figure things out.

    Were you really going to throw a year away for a guy you knew for 4 days?

    “I say you just talk with both of them. Separately, of course. Explain your thought process and see who your heart goes to more,” Sejeong suggested. “I’m sure they’d understand.”

    You knew she was right. It was the logical thing to do.

    So you took her advice and arranged to meet with Chanhee first before meeting Chani. Out of nervousness, you arrived half an hour early to the cafe. Sipping on your coffee, the caffeine added onto the jittery feeling.

    It turned out Chanhee had the same idea as he arrived 5 minutes after you. He sat across from you and awkward silence filled the air.

    “I don’t know how to beat around the bush so I’m just going to be direct,” you began after taking a deep breath. “To be honest, I’m confused. Being with Chani wasn’t the extraordinary love story I thought it’d be but I’m not unhappy. How I felt when I was with you—that’s the feeling I thought would come with meeting my soulmate. But I’ve only known you for a few days so it feels crazy to jump into something new.”

    “I completely understand,” Chanhee nodded. “I don’t expect you to make a decision now.”

    “Do you feel it too?” you quietly asked.

    “The sparks? Yeah, as cheesy and cliché as it sounds,” he sheepishly chuckled.

    Those sparks were something you never felt with Chani. He made you happy, yes. He treated you well, yes. But it had always felt like something was missing. And now it all made sense.

    But you couldn’t just abandon Chani like that.

    “Can I get back to you after figuring things out with Chani?” you asked with your head down.

    Feeling bad about how guilty you seemed, Chanhee hesitantly reached out to pat your hand. He reassured you that nothing was your fault and that you could contact him whenever you were comfortable.

    Next up was meeting Chani, which was a lot harder. He was already waiting for you by the time you arrived at your usual hangout place. And based on the look on his face, you could tell he knew what was coming.

    Before you began, he confessed that he had seen Chanhee’s wrist as well. He saw it the first time they met and had been anxious since then.

    “I’ll respect whatever you choose to do,” he whispered.

    “I’m sorry, Chani,” your voice cracked. “It’s not fair to you for me to be with you when I’m conflicted.”

    “In the end, it’s him, isn’t it?”

    “I… I don’t know.”

    “It’s okay to be honest with me, Y/n.”

    “I really don’t know. I’m not ready to make a decision just yet.”

    “If your heart is telling you that it’s him, then do what you think is right.”

    Chani’s words weighed on your mind for the rest of the week. You thought long and hard about how to move forward.

    Wanting to clear your head, you found yourself walking to a nearby bar instead of walking home. It had just opened recently and you had been meaning to check it out anyway.

    But when you took a seat, a certain someone caught your eye across the room. It was none other than Choi Chanhee. You nearly gawked when he looked up to see you. What were the odds that you’d both be at the same bar at the same time? Apparently, the odds were in his favor.

    Was this a sign? You didn’t get to contemplate it for too long before he made his way towards you.

    “Fancy seeing you here,” he tried to joke.

    You eyed the name that was very clearly imprinted on his skin. It was still yours. Silently asking for his permission, your fingers lightly brushed over the letters. You felt a slight tingle at the contact and knew you had finally found your soulmate.

    “It really is. Would you like to buy me a drink?”

    Chanhee was caught off guard but was only flustered for a split second before smiling and nodding.

    a/n: for @dearseungie​

    tag list: @geniejunn​

    #deobiwritersnet #the boyz fluff #tbz fluff#chanhee fluff #the boyz new fluff #the boyz angst #tbz angst#chanhee angst #the boyz new angst #the boyz fic #tbz fic#chanhee fic #the boyz new fic #the boyz imagines #tbz imagines#chanhee imagines #the boyz scenarios #tbz scenarios#chanhee scenarios#sf9 angst#chani angst
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    31.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Request Guidelines

    Please, please, please if you're thinking of requesting a piece of work from me, read this post.

    ♤ Check my writing guidelines to find out who and what i write if you haven't already.

    ♤ ⚠️ 🔞Absolutely no smut request for minors. If idk the group I will check ages🔞 ⚠️

    ♤ ⚠️🔞 No smut requests for anyone below 00 line. I'm just personally not comfortable with that 🔞⚠️

    ♤ Be aware I complete requests in order of hoe quick and easy it is to get the request done.

    ♤ Don't request something I have explicitly stated I wont write. (you can find that in writing guidlines)

    ♤ Be as clear as possible about what you are asking me for.

    ♤ Add everything you would like to see included in your requests, in your ask.

    ♤ If you want to give me more or less total creative freedom on your request that's okay too.

    ♤ Be polite when requesting, and when waiting for your request to be completed :D

    ♤ You can request to add multiple people more, into the person A & person B prompts. (just an fyi not a guideline really.)

    ♤ Will add more if and when I think something else needs to be apart of the request quidelines

    -> Back to request masterlist <-

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    Special 100 Followers Event! 💞

    First off I love all of you so much🥺🧡💖


    You are free to choose up to 3 prompts

    Maximum of 2 songs (total) from different genres (you can't choose 2 songs from the same genre)

    If you have any particular song, other than the ones mentioned, tell me! I don't mind new song recommendations.

    I'll accept requests of any and every AU, as long as I have enough information and am comfortable to write them.

    Mention the genre of fic you want (AU, smut, fluff, angst, crack etc.)

    Mention which idol or character you'd want me to write for

    No need to be shy! 😊 Whatever the request may be.

    Also you've been warned, I may take forever to finish your requests 😂. But please send in some 🥺.

    Accepting requests till 25th May 2021.


    1. Tell me I'm pretty.

    2. Maybe I'm just better off alone.

    3. I've been hurt more than you know.

    4. A: Are we moving too soon?


    A: I'm sorry.

    B: No...

    5. I know you don't love me as much but gosh you could've at least pretended a little before you ripped my heart to pieces.

    6. They used me. Only to realize that I'm not what they want.

    7. You are the best decision I've ever made.

    8. I never doubted us from the start. I still don't.

    9. I don't know how but you are changing my pain to love and it's too much because I don't know how to repay you.

    10. I'm really happy that we fell for each other at the same time because I would be absolutely wrecked if you didn't like me back.

    11. Can I get a hug please?

    12. Will it be okay if I missed you? Will it be okay if I kissed you when we meet again?

    13. You can go to hell for all anyone cares.

    14. You know that I know that you think that I will end up in hell, right?

    15. Every time I speak my mind, it's like I'm offending thier entire existence and I wanna die.

    16. A: You looked so smol and cuddly omg!!

    B: What do I look like now?

    A: ....A lot like the love of my life.

    17. A: Having that many pillows on your bed is a rich person thing.

    B: Yeah well, sue me.

    A: Why would I sue you when I can spoil you more

    18. A: I hate you.

    B, softly: No you don't.

    A, sadly: No I don't.

    19. I chose you. I wholeheartedly chose to be with you. I chose you with my eyes wide open and my heart full of love. And I will be with you and only you till the day I die.

    20. *dramatically* I've been betrayed!

    21. C: Is B like the sun or the moon?

    A: B is a moon who shines as bright as the sun.

    22. A: I didn't really think anyone in the world would've found that cute.

    B: Well someone did. And that someone sincerely loves you the most. In the whole wide world.

    23. Just because someone is your soulmate, doesn't mean they are the only person who could love you.

    24. A: You are so hot.

    B: You make me hot.

    A: Oh do I?

    B, biting their lip: Yeah

    25. You make me very happy. I'm giving you too much power.

    26. A: How good are you at hiding your feelings?

    B: Oh! Very good. Sometimes even I don't know what I'm feeling.

    27. The light of my life, my sunshine, my happiness, my everything, the reason I'm alive today.

    28. Feels like heaven every time I come back to you.

    29. The picture might be blurry, but my life hasn't been more clear.

    30. It's your eyes. They hold so much truth. My truth.

    31. Sometimes I wonder, would it have been different if you and I still were?

    32. I know you're messed up. But so are other people and I'd much rather you show your mess ups to me and I'll show mine to you rather than showing them to anybody else.

    33. It's so boring being normal. Take me home.

    34. I'd much rather be in a world with you than in one without you.

    35. Everytime I do something weird or act weird, know that I'm not high, I'm just stupid.

    36. I'll be your reason to live and you be mine.

    37. Can you be someone I lean on when I'm sleepy or tired?

    38. For someone who has no filter, I'm pretty good at hiding my pain.

    39. But who heals the healer?

    40. Don't let go it you hold on me.



    1. Fazed - Anna Clendening

    2. Porcelain Heart (Reimagined) - Beth Crowley

    3. More - Halsey

    4. Love again - Dua Lipa

    5. Gold Rush - Taylor Swift

    6. Love For Days - Mimoza

    7. Fall in love - SF9

    8. Love Me Again - SF9

    9. Daylight - Taylor Swift

    10. Forever - SF9

    11. Us - Clara Mae


    1. tear myself apart - Tate McRae

    2. Half of me - Yasmeen

    3. Is It Just Me? - Emily Burns

    4. What About Us - P!nk

    5. Unmiss You - Clara Mae

    6. Good to Goodbye - Christopher ft. Clara Mae

    7. I miss you, I'm sorry - Gracie Abrams

    8. Act Like You Love Me - Shawn Mendes

    9. Strong - One Direction

    10. Heather - Conan Gray


    1. Private show - Little Mix

    2. Guys my age - Hey Violet

    3. Grind me down - Lilianna Wilde

    4. Black Swan - BTS

    5. Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood

    6. Private Show - Little Mix

    7. No Control - One Direction

    8. 11 Minutes - Yungblud ft. Halsey & Travis Barker

    9. If I Was Your Man - They Vamps

    10. Strange Love - Halsey


    1. Forever... (Is a long time) - Halsey

    2. Lullaby - Ellise

    3. Friends - Chase Atlantic

    4. Tag, You're It - Melanie Martinez

    5. Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Rey

    If you have any questions, message me or ask me via my inbox!

    #sf9#justin min #the umbrella academy #justin h min #youngbin#inseong#jaeyoon#dawon#rowoon#zuho#yoo taeyang#hwiyoung#chani#sf9 imagines#sf9 scenarios#sf9 reactions#sf9 smut#sf9 fluff#sf9 angst #lee dong wook #lee dong wook imagine #seo moon jo #seo moon jo imagine #strangers from hell #justin min imagine #justin min x reader #100 followers event
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  • cobiewrites
    07.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Bullets began ricocheting off the walls, flying everywhere, bullet casing littered the ground.

    “Youngbin’s hit! I repeat, Youngbin’s hit!” Hwiyoung shouted through his earpiece

    “Come one man, stay with me!” He pleaded with the man lying beneath him, blood stained his hands as he watched his best friend falling in and out of consciousness, pressing his shirt to contain the blood as best as he could.

    The team aired him to the base as soon as they could, the onsite doctor rushed to save Youngbin. Luckily the bullet barely grazed his cranium, but unfortunately he was put in a coma, and according to the doctor he could suffer from amnesia as soon as he wakes.

    Meanwhile Y/n had been at the base as soon as she received word that Youngbin, her boyfriend, had been hit. This was what she feared most, losing the love of your life. When she arrived, the doctor briefed her on his current condition and warned her that he may lose his memories.

    Despite the warnings, she was glad they were able to save him. Although not in the safest of places, for she was never comfortable with the idea of him being a big mafia boss, but she could see the passion for his work. Albeit dangerous, but it brought him joy and he had the kindest group working under him.

    Y/n entered the room and sat down on the chair next to the bed. Her heart sank as she saw Youngbin hooked up to a breathing machine and multiple IV’s in his arm. She began to gently card your finger through his smooth hair.

    The following few weeks went by slowly, until one day when Youngbin’s eyes slowly began to open did you rush back inside his room. Doctors and nurses began to tend to the man laying on the bed, slowly questioning him, but what concerned her was how he hadn’t mentioned her once. Their eyes met once the on-site medical staff left, leaving the two of them to catch up.

    “D- do I know you?” He questioned, cautiously

    “Hi Youngbin, I’m your, I’m your girlfriend” Y/n bit her tongue letting the later slip, he didn’t know who she was.

    “I don’t, you don’t know me”

    Tears threatened to fall from Y/n’s eyes, the pain she felt hearing him not remember her. All the memories flashed before her, but unfortunately she had to toss those memories away, for they were now useless.

    “Are you sure we dated?”

    “Yes, but you don’t remember, so it’s okay”

    “I’m really sorry, I hope when we were together we shared great memories”

    “Trust me, we did and I’m so glad to have shared them with you. I should let you rest, okay? I’ll make sure to come by tomorrow”

    With that, Y/n turned to collect her things and left the room, tears streaming down her face as she exited the base. She knew her life was over, the love of her life now just a memory.

    As soon as Y/n left, Youngbin felt his heart skip a beat, she felt so familiar yet so foregin. Her smile felt calming and he felt at ease, but unfortunately he would never run into her again. Y/n broke her promise, she never returned.

    Months later when Youngbin was cleaning his room, he came across a photo of you, it was during your graduation and he had attended; he had graduated from the same school years prior. Pulling the photo closer, tears began welling up at the corner of his eyes, his body began to shake as he began heaving.

    He cried out into the open space, no one could hear him, no one would even care.

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    Mafia!Zuho x Female Reader AU

    SF9 Masterlist

    Main Masterlist


    (1/3 of the unpublished SF9 Mafia drafts)

    Summary: Left alone by your mafia boyfriend who headed to a meeting with the Chinese mafia, you were in dire need of attention and entertainment. So you decided to leave the confines he had set up and venture out to find the perfect entertainment.

    Genre: Dark? Slightly suggestive? 

    Warnings: Sadistic themes, violence, blood, and death. Proceed only if you are comfortable with reading darker fictional pieces.

    Word Count: 1.8k

    A/N: This work is purely fictional. Events and details portrayed in it are also fictional and should not be taken seriously as they are violent and illegal. 


    It was a late Friday night and you were left alone in the spacious penthouse. No drinks. No entertainment. No Zuho. You couldn't bear the boredom anymore and took a cab to your favorite nightclub.

    You stepped into the luxurious venue and felt a sense of freedom. For weeks now, Zuho has left you alone in his penthouse as he went off to do whatever business he had with the mafia. At first, you loved that you captured the heart of the deadly, sadistic mafia leader. But every now and then, you loved being the stubborn bitch that defied the mafia leader even more.

    Unlike Zuho’s fellow gang members, you got away with whatever you did. If a gang member did as little as forget to properly greet Zuho, he will die in the blink of an eye. You, on the other hand, had an advantage. Even if you attacked the bodyguards he sent to protect you and headed to a nightclub for fun, Zuho wouldn’t dare hurt his precious lover.

    You knew Zuho had the biggest soft spot for you and you always used that to your benefit. After all, what can get any more fun than teasing the most dangerous man on Earth? And deep down, you knew Zuho loved how sadistically stubborn you could get. It was as if he was staring at his own reflection. In all honesty, that was how you charmed the menacing man in the first place. So tonight, you will show Zuho just how charming you can get.

    The nightclub was packed with people as usual and you made your way to the bar. “Miss y/n. I don’t see Zuho here tonight.” The handsome bartender commented as he started making your usual cocktail. He placed the drink on the marble countertop and chuckled to himself, “I guess it’ll be another night of trouble then.” You winked at him and grabbed the Moscow Mule before you spun around in the expensive barstool.

    You crossed one leg over the other, perfectly showcasing your bare leg through the slit of your sultry, silk dress. Your eyes scanned the venue for your prey before your peripheral vision caught the shadow of your boyfriend. You slightly tilted your head to the left and saw his cold, indifferent expression. You laughed to yourself. His quick appearance at the club only meant one thing: your beaten-up bodyguards have reported back to him about your whereabouts. Quite frankly, you expected him to arrive later since he just had a meeting with the Chinese mafia in Shanghai. 

    Zuho nonchalantly walked to the VIP corner with his eight loyal members by his side. Your eyes followed your boyfriend as he took off his expensive coat and threw it on the velvet sofa. He sat manspread on the luxurious furniture, making eye contact with you, and tapped his lap. You smirked and stared back with a mischievous glint in your eyes. It was obvious what your boyfriend’s intentions were. His seated position served as a warning to you: Come sit on my lap and stay out of trouble. He wanted everyone in this club to know who you belonged to but you weren’t just going to give him the satisfaction, especially not after he had left you alone for more than a week in boredom. 

    You broke the staring contest with him and scanned the crowd once more. Your eyes landed upon a decent-looking man with an aura of conceit and patriarchal pride. He was sitting at one of the tables for non-regulars, which caught your eye. You smiled to yourself knowing he probably had no clue who your boyfriend was. He was drinking with his friends and arrogantly talked down to the women around him. His eyes met yours as you smiled seductively and winked at him. You shall be my prey tonight. 

    Just then a tall figure appeared by your side and ordered the bartender in a firm voice, “Bring the heaviest malt whiskey to the boss’s table.” The man turned his head towards you and continued to tell the bartender, “The boss is going to need something strong tonight.” Your eyes never left the prey who got up off his seat and started to make his way towards you. The tall man beside you chuckled, “Go easy on him y/n. We just got back from a long-ass flight. The next thing we need is a puddle of blood on our hands.”

    You got up from your seat, ready to lure your prey into the trap. “Oh I’m sorry to hear that, Inseong.” You turned to the tall man and feigned sympathy, “Then I guess I’ll have to take him someplace more subtle.” You smirked at him and whispered, “Please relay that to your boss, thanks love.”

    With a wink, you pounced on your prey with a confident stride and wrapped your arms around his neck. You dragged him to the dance floor and whispered into his ears while making eye contact with your boyfriend who sat in the corner with an amused expression, “Hey handsome. Let’s take this to the private room, shall we?”

    The oblivious man agreed almost immediately and placed his hand on your lower waist, guiding you to the private lounge rooms. Before you disappeared into the room, you glanced back and saw Zuho with the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up as he emptied the glass of liquor in front of him. You chuckle to yourself and dragged your prey into the room.

    Once the door shut, you lightly pushed the man onto the couch and smirked at him. “You look like you work out. Do you?”

    He chuckled in response and arrogantly said, “Of course I do baby. How else does a handsome face like this have a body this amazing?” You laughed with him as he began stripping the clothing from his upper body. Slowly, you made your way toward him and scanned his body. You chuckled in approval and sat down beside him. The man looked at you with a sly grin, “What’s wrong baby? Shy?” 

    You chuckled at his words and leaned into his ears to whisper to him. “Me? Shy? Never. Are you ready to play a game?” He nodded eagerly in response and you smiled, “Good!” You grabbed a wine bottle on the glass table and poured yourself a glass. You casually leaned back against the couch and gave him a heads up in amusement, “Start getting your muscles ready, big boy.” He looked at you in confusion before the door violently swung open.

    The half-naked man flinched at the sudden barge in and yelled at the intruder, “Who the fuck are you? Get out! Can’t you see we’re busy?”

    The intruder didn’t respond and you giggled, “How was Shanghai, Taeyang?” The man responded with an eye roll as the man beside you turned to you in confusion. Taeyang stepped aside and Zuho walked into the room with a hint of anger in his expression at the visual in front of him. “And who the fuck are you? That dude’s lover? Get another room!” The man beside you angrily spewed and this time you doubled over in laughter as he impulsively yelled at your boyfriend.

    Your eyes followed Zuho as he turned to the entrance and spoke with Taeyang. “Watch the door,” he commanded in a deep, menacing voice. The man obeyed immediately as Zuho turned his attention back to the two of you and shut the door behind him in an eerily calm way.

    His sleeves were rolled up and you saw the veins that ran along the side of his arms. He clenched his fist at the sight of you sprawled on the couch and you winked at him in response, “Hey boss, what took you so long?” You teased him. He let out a deep chuckle, “His blood is on your hands, kitten.”

    You amusingly gave him an “okay” gesture with your hand before the man beside you stiffened. Zuho pulled out a knife from the side of his belt and replied sarcastically, “I came in such a rush I forgot to bring a gun. But this will do right, kitten?” You chuckled and turned to the man next to you who was now profusely sweating, “Game on!”

    The man held his hands out in defense and stuttered, “W-wait man! I d-didn’t know s-she was yours. Look, t-this was a mistake p-please let me go.”

    Zuho smirked and replied darkly, “You should’ve thought twice when you decided to touch something that wasn’t yours.”

    As your boyfriend pounced on the defenseless man, you sat on the couch with your arms crossed and scoffed, “I’m not yours. If I was, I would most certainly not be babysat by your boring bodyguards for almost two weeks with no entertainment.”

    Zuho scoffed in disbelief as he swiftly slit the man’s arms and stabbed him in the leg. “Is this enough entertainment for you?” The man was now crawling on the floor and you looked down at him indifferently. You shrugged, “I guess.”

    Your boyfriend let out a deep chuckle and sat down beside you, placing the knife coated in blood on the glass table and took the wine glass from you. He kissed your soft, liquor-coated lips and said in a deep, amused tone, “Sober up kitten. I’m too tired from the flight so you’re finishing the game.”

    You rolled your eyes and grabbed the bloody knife on the table. Zuho stared at the sight in front of him, immensely turned on by his girlfriend nonchalantly harboring a weapon. You gazed into his dark, lustful eyes with a sly grin. “Since when did alcohol influence my aim?”

    The man on the floor reached the entrance and started desperately pounding on the door. You turned to the scene and chuckled in amusement as Zuho pulled you closer to his body. His breath tickled your ears as he whispered huskily, “Finish the game, kitten.”

    “As you wish.” You sent the knife flying across the room and onto the wailing man’s heart as the pounding and screams disappeared.

    You felt your boyfriend’s bloody hand touch your cheek as he turned you to face him. His thumb caressed your soft skin as he praised, “Where did I find such a beautiful person like you?”

    You smirked at him and in a flash, he pushed you onto his lips as your equally bloody hand reached for the back of his neck. You sighed into the kiss and mumbled, “I missed you so much, Zuho.”

    He chuckled and grabbed your hand from behind his neck. He intertwined his fingers with yours, pulling you up off the couch. “Let’s go back to the penthouse shall we kitten?”

    You eagerly nodded and headed out the entrance. On your way out, the both of you stepped over the lifeless figure and out the door. You turned to the man guarding the door and said amusingly, “Sorry for the mess, Taeyang. Have fun cleaning it up!”


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  • realllllfangirllllll
    26.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Nation’s Girl Crush

    Idol!Taeyang x Female Idol!Reader AU 

    SF9 Masterlist

    Main Masterlist


    {Requested by anon}

    Summary: A revisit of how you, the most beloved idol, met the love of your life who also happens to be an idol.

    Genre: Fluffff, Pure Innocent Love

    Word Count: 1.8k


    “Girls! Y/n needs help again. She’s staring at her phone and laughing like a crazy kid.” Hyomin, the leader of your group teased you. You were sprawled on the couch of the waiting room with your legs over her lap, paying no mind to her nonsense as you are too busy facetiming your boyfriend of two years.

    Your two other members immediately stop what they were doing, dashing to your side. You laugh as the rest of your members stuff their faces next to yours to get a good look at your phone screen. They all shout absurdly loud, “Good morning brother in law!!” Yuri, the leader of your group, sported a hair roller holding up her bangs and a mischievous look on her face as she joked, “Stop making our y/n like a giddy kid. She must protect her ‘sexy girl’ idol image.” 

    It is currently six in the morning and the staffs look exhausted but your group seem as lively as ever, ready to hit rehearsals for the music broadcast. Initially, you were just as fatigued as the staffs but that all changed after receiving a facetime call from your boyfriend, Taeyang, who always know how to cheer you up despite having an early schedule for an album jacket shooting.

    You are a part of a famous Kpop girl group named Lady that consists of four members. It’s been seven years since your debut and your group has grown quite popular. Lady was known in the industry as one of the most seductive, “female fatale” groups with infinite charms. Over the years, you have gained the nickname “the nation’s girl crush” as you always gave unbelievably strong performances as a bold and daring artist who was the embodiment of the girl crush concept. Although you may seem very intense and intimidating on stage, you were quite opposite off stage. 

    Around four years after your debut, your group had a colliding comeback schedule with a rising rookie group named SF9. They were promoting their song, Now or Never, and had a similar concept to your group which caught your eye. You admired the way they accentuated their body proportions and incorporated it into their choreography, and most definitely, enjoyed their songs. Over the few weeks of watching their performance in the waiting room TV, your attention naturally shifted to one particular member, Yoo Taeyang.

    As you were your group’s main dancer, you instinctively analyzed Taeyang’s dancing skills and was blown away by his talent and charm. Since then, your members picked up on your liking of him and would always tease you about it, especially during the end of every shooting for a music broadcast. Thanks to the three girls who loved to tease you, you ended up having a “fateful” encounter with him. 

    It was the last day of your group’s promotion for a hit single on Inkigayo and the four of you gathered on stage to finish the end segment for the show. Confetti filled the stage as the show hosts announced Lady as the week’s #1 winner on the music charts. Fellow artists behind you congratulated your group as they walked off the stage. You politely bowed to them while singing your lines for the encore stage. The artists were amazed at your live singing skills and some rookie idols were bewildered by your sultry voice. You continued to politely return their admiration by thanking them before you turned to your fans in the audience and waved happily to them.

    Suddenly, your three cheerful members surrounded you and gave you a big hug. Through the loud audio in the background and the vigorous cheering of your fans, you heard Yuri tell you as the other members gave you an enthusiastic smile, “Look! I found your crush! Say hi!”

    Before you knew it, your friend flung you to the moving crowd behind you. You were dressed in an inconveniently tight jumpsuit with tall stiletto heels and almost tripped. Thankfully, another artist caught your arm and prevented the embarrassing fall. You chuckled and thanked the artist before you met his eyes and realized who it was. “Taeyang!” You shouted in surprise, silently cursing at your members for embarrassing you in front of your junior. You quickly muttered a thank you before you removed yourself from his grasp, mindful of the cameras and audience. 

    “Hopefully the camera didn’t catch my slip,” you joked. Taeyang chuckled, “I’m glad I caught you in time! By the way,” he spoke with surprise laced in his voice, “you know my name?” 

    Your eyes widen, like a deer caught in the headlights. You couldn’t find a believable excuse so you impulsively told him the truth, “Yeah! Actually,” you chuckled, “I’ve noticed you during rehearsals these past couple of weeks.” You tried your best to not sound awkward and decided to stick to your image as a senior artist in the industry, “You’re a great dancer! Keep up the good work!” You finished your encouragement quickly and ran to your members out of sheer embarrassment. They noticed your red ears and started to tease you but you ignored them and continued to sing the song with your fans.

    The broadcast finally ended and the four of you went backstage. You groaned in embarrassment and ran back to the waiting room. The three girls chuckled at your contrast in behavior from the daring idol to a shy girl within the first second you got off the stage and took their time walking back.

    With your remaining energy, you forced your legs to move as quickly as they can. Your palms hid your face as you mumbled out loud, “Ugh I can’t believe I said that to him. Why did I even say ‘keep up the good work’ like that?”

    You continued to run before your head collided into something hard. “Ow.” You mumbled as you removed your hands from your face. You saw a man dressed in a black suit and a harness around his chest and craned your neck upwards to face him. Your face immediately burned bright red once you realized you had just bumped into Taeyang’s chest.

    “Are you okay, sunbae?” His voice was laced with concern, “Sunbae, your face is so red, what happened?” You let out a groan, completely defeated with embarrassment by the beautiful and caring man in front of you. As if by habit whenever you saw him, you impulsively told him the truth, “You.”

    He looked at you in confusion and you clarified, this time with more confidence as if you were performing on stage, “You happened. You’re the reason why I look like a tomato instead of the glamorous y/n that the world knows.” He was about to reply to you but you cut him off and laid out all the emotions you have been holding back for the past few weeks of promotions, “I thought I liked you because you were talented but every time my eyes meet yours, I get so embarrassed and my heart starts pounding as if I’m having my debut again. So you asked me what happened? You happened.” Taeyang looked so flustered as he began to sport a similar flush on his face. You paid no mind as you continued, “So. Hoobae,” you emphasized the last word dramatically. “You happened. And no, I am not okay. I feel like I consumed too much sugar and now my heart won’t stop jumping like a kid in a Mickey Mouse bounce house.”

    You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, relieved to get that off your back before you realized what you just did. Your flushed face returned as you realized what you said to the man you only ever officially met twice. You placed a hand over your mouth in shock at yourself and muttered a quick apology before you took a sharp left turn to enter your waiting room.

    Your members filed in soon after and pressed you for details. Yuri grabbed you by the shoulders, violently shaking your lifeless form and whisper-shouted, “Taeyang is outside our waiting room! What is he doing? Did you say something to him on stage earlier??” The girls continued to chatter endlessly in a hushed voice, afraid the man outside would hear, as you fell on the couch, huddled in embarrassment and regret.

    Your manager entered the room and told you with slight confusion, “Hey y/n, did you ask for SF9′s Taeyang to come by? He said he needed to see you.”

    You groaned and shoved a pillow in front of your face before screaming into it. Everyone in the room, including the staffs, stared at you like you were crazy. Hyomin grabbed your wrist and dragged you off the couch. She rolled her eyes at your limp figure and gave you a push toward the door, “Go get em tiger! The nation’s girl crush is undefeatable!” You glared at her as she winked back at you.

    When you opened the door, you saw Taeyang leaning against the wall opposite of your room and your heart picked up its pace again. He looked up and right away, excitement filled his eyes as he walked closer towards you. You approached him cautiously, unprepared for what he was going to say to you. Contrary to your expectations, he ran his fingers over his soft-looking hair and chuckled. “Sunbae, you left so quickly I wasn’t able to ask for your phone number.”

    You blinked at the enthusiastic boy in front of you and asked dumbfounded, “Phone number?”

    He replied with a soft smile, “Yes, I thought maybe you can give me some advice from time to time.” He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “As my sunbae and as the talented and skilled dancer you are.” You let out a chuckle at his cute behavior and he followed along, letting out a shy laugh. “Maybe I can get to know more about you too.” He added cautiously.

    You tilted your head, “Oh?” This time, it was his turn to turn into an embarrassing mess and you laughed at his adorable flushed face and told him boldly, “Give me your phone.”

    He quickly reached into his suit jacket and pulled out his phone. You grabbed it and entered your phone number. He waited for you in anticipation and you laughed to yourself when you glanced up to look at his nervous face. You gave him a warm smile before handing the phone back to him. “All set.” You opened the door to your waiting room and walked back in. Before you shut the door, you stuck your head out and told Taeyang in a sweet voice, “Let’s grab coffee sometime.”

    He was already walking back to his room and almost bumped into a staff passing by after hearing your words. You muffled your laugh with your hand and Taeyang embarrassingly walked back into his room. Once he got back, he looked at his phone and saw the contact name you left: The Nation’s Girl Crush 💙


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  • realllllfangirllllll
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    His Game

    Mafia!Chani x Reader AU

    SF9 Masterlist

    Main Masterlist


    {Requested by anon}

    Summary: You plan revenge and escape from your boyfriend, the world’s most dangerous mafia leader, after finding out you were just a pawn in his game. 

    Genre: Action-ish? Fluff? slightly suggestive if any

    Word Count: 1.6k

    A/N: Yeah I lied when I said oneshot requests for the Kingodm special would last 800-1k words lmao...I really tend to go overboard agfdsfjfhk

    A/N #2: Anon you are amazing!! You requested this before SF9′s performance with the whole gangster showdown theme. You’re basically a psychic imo lmaoo

    A/N #3: I actually took so long to reply to this request b/c I wrote 3 different drafts and omgg am I a psychic too? One of my drafts is literally about a gangster showdown but instead of the crown they’re fighting for the reader afhdghdkdsj gmfu 

    *whispers* someone send me a request to publish that draft,,,,I might just do it for another member  


    The newly carpeted floor smells of gasoline as you bring a lighter to its surface. In seconds, fire sparks and engulfs the entire room into flames. Standing at the threshold of the room, you smile to yourself as the place you called your bedroom goes up in flames. Almost immediately, you leave the fancy mansion that will soon be nothing but ashes.

    You run past buildings after buildings, finding it amusing that none of Chani’s affiliates caught you yet. After all, your boyfriend is the proprietor of this entire country. But that’s just sugar coating the title. In truth, Chani is the head of Korea’s most notorious mafia. If the country’s political, economical, and social power had a back door, you would find nine men behind that special door. Chani and eight of his most trusted brothers are powerful, invincible, and untouchable.

    But lucky you. You were the exception that caught Chani’s eyes. Before you met him, you were just a small-town thief. You pickpocketed for a living and jumped from country to country. As an orphan with no social status of any sort, it was the only way you could’ve survived. An unlucky bump into a couple of local police officers had you in shiny cuffs for a month. While behind bars, you met Chani.

    He was standing on the opposite side of the isolated prison room. The officers on duty quickly scattered the moment he arrived. Once the officers shut the door, he peered through the metal bars. Your bored eyes made contact with his amused ones. You saw a playful glint sparkle in his eyes as he told you in a deep voice, “You’re bold for a petty thief. Want to play a game with me?”

    One word was all it took before you found yourself wound up in Chani’s game. The world was his chessboard and the people in it were his pawns, including political figures. You were introduced to a whole new perspective of the world. Small town theft was nothing compared to Chani’s maleficent game. Nevertheless, you thought Chani was your guardian angel. The invincible mafia leader picked you to play his game and taught you all the tricks to win it.

    Albeit, powerful and dangerous, Chani seemed to grow a soft spot for you and gradually, you began to fall for him. There was something about his nurturing actions, the constant protection he cast over you, and the warm look in his eyes that made your heart race. At first, you have mistaken it for adrenaline but realized it was love. You thought he must’ve felt the same way, but you were naive then.

    Turns out, Chani had been using you all along. He needed a skilled knight who could steal a valuable weapon for him and so he took you in, seduced you, and trained you to be the asset he needed.

    Once you realized you were nothing but a mere chess piece to him, you started planning sweet revenge. You stayed by his side, trained with him, and even stole the weapon he needed for him. Which led you to this situation. You made sure to leave him a message with the arson attack. He’ll know you’re no longer his to order, his to play around with, nor his to love. Of course, you also placed the USB, Chani’s beloved secret weapon, on top of your bed before leaving. You smirk at the thought of Chani’s shocked face once he sees the charred USB.

    “Stop!” You yell at the fisherman unhooking the anchor, ready to take off into his night shift.

    Experienced in hopping border to border, you knew fishermen on night shifts will always take you wherever you needed with the right amount of cash on the table. You flash the stash of money to him and he smiles, telling you to hop on.

    You make it safely to the deck ad the anchor lifts and the boat starts sailing off. The fisherman gives you a smile which was odd, you thought. His smile carries a sort of sympathy as if he pities you. He pats you on the back and tells you softly, “There are refreshments on the lower deck. You seem like you need it.”

    You obliviously thank the man while entering the lower deck. Regret seep deep into your skin once you saw eight tall men surrounding the area and Chani sitting comfortably on the wooden bench, nonchalantly fiddling with his expensive lighter. He smirks at your defeated expression. With a wave of his hand, he orders the eight men in suits, “Wait by the promenade.”

    The eight men filed out immediately and you roll your eyes. They brush past you and into the cool, night air but you halt the last man walking out and whisper angrily to him, “Hwi I swear to god I’ll kill you if you told Chani about this.” Chani clears his throat loudly, causing the man to loosen out of your grasp and follow the rest of the men.

    “Come here baby.” You roll your eyes at the sound of Chani’s husky calm voice but you nevertheless make your way beside him.

    Click click click.

    The persistent sound of the lighter clicking on and off creeps into your ears, substituting the lower deck’s silence. His arm is propped up against the back seat as he turns to face you. He knows his presence can rile you up and with one look from his eyes, you’ll be crawling back into his arms. You try your best to avoid eye contact with him, facing forward in your seat beside him. Suddenly, you feel a warm touch of his hand soothing up and down your arm. “Miss me?” Chani amusingly asks you.

    Click click click.

    The clicking of the lighter and his touch sending shivers down your body finally takes your last bit of patience. You are both angry and frustrated but deep down, you know you feel a sense of warmth having him give you attention. You push that feeling down deep inside your body and let your anger boil in your blood. “Enough Chani.” You firmly warn him, grabbing the lighter from him and pressing down the golden cap of the lighter to shut out the flame.

    You turn to him, mirroring the lighter’s flame in your eyes, and command, “Let me go. There’s nothing left for me to do here. The USB is gone”

    He chuckles darkly and leans forward, making you fall down flat against the bench. Hovering over you, he whispers, “You think leaving me a burnt decoy will get you a ticket to paradise?”

    His face leans closer to yours, lips barely touching, and you immediately turn your face to the side. You huff out in disbelief, “I don’t need a ticket to paradise. I just don’t want to be a mere chess piece on your chessboard. I want out of the game.”

    Chani’s rough hand grabs your jaw, forcing you to face him at an impossibly close proximity. With a smirk on his face, he replies, “Tsk tsk baby. I thought I trained you well enough to know the difference.” His hand let go of your jaw and he begins softly running his fingers along the curves of your face, cooing in a sickeningly sweet tone, “Why would you ever think you are a chess piece? My baby has always been the chess player.”

    You scoff and fling his hand away from your face before looking him dead in the eyes, “Then you’re my opponent.”

    Chani smiles at you in admiration, bringing his hand to pet your head then running his fingers along your soft strands of hair. “Like I said the day I met you, you’re bold baby.” Your annoyed face shifts into an anxious expression as he lowers his hand down your body. His hand stopping at the zipper of your leather jacket before slowly unzipping it. Your heart races anxiously with a tinge of excitement, but you snap back to reality, grabbing his hand to stop him. “Don’t.” You mutter breathlessly.

    Chuckling at your half-hearted command, he pushes your hand away and continues his actions. “Don’t be so sure of yourself baby,” he taunts with amusement, “I’m only taking back what’s mine.” He then uses his free hand to cup your cheek, bringing your lips to his. You mumble against his moving lips, “It’s all I got Chani, please.”

    Just then, you feel a tinge of cold air hit the center of your chest. Chani broke apart from your lips and your eyes flutter open. Smirking he asks, “You mean this?” You let out a sigh as Chani wave the USB above your head. He sits down in his former position and pats his lap, signaling for you to sit on him, to which you defeatedly obey.

    He gathers your hair to the side and places the necklace back on your neck. You sigh again, this time in relief, as he turns you to face him. He quickly pecks your lips and says, “Since when does my bold baby beg?” He chuckles in amusement and asks, “Does the USB matter that much to you to go through all this trouble?”

    You reply in confusion, “Doesn’t it to you?”

    He grabs your waist, swinging you around to face him. Laughing in disbelief, he tugs at your necklace, separating the USB apart from the chain. Your eyes widen as he chucks the small item across the room to a box full of shipment crates. He nips at your ear and whispers, “Baby, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about it. There are many more weapons in this world. But there’s only one you.”

    He brings his head down to your neck, leaving trails of wet kisses along your skin as goosebumps form. He mutters against your warm body, “From the moment I met you. I knew you were the worthy partner I needed to continue my game.”

    He lifts his head back up to face you. In a flash, he discards your leather jacket somewhere on the floor. Gazing into your eyes, he tells you breathlessly before melding your lips with his, “The world is ours baby.”


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    Just a little scene to suit SF9 gorgeous performance in Kingdom

    Pairing: Criminal! Yoo Taeyang x Original Character ( female)

    Genre: angst, fluff, quite sensual.

    Words count: 0,5k

    Sorry for any spelling or grammatical mistake that you might find.


    She was almost finishing her third drink. At that point, her eyes were already unfocused as she fiddled with the small umbrella decorating the long and slim glass. There was a time when she would not pay for anything that expensive to get drunk with. That thought took on the paths of her thoughts for a while, she needed to occupy her mind with silly thoughts, but it was an impossible mission. A few years ago she used to choose cheap drinks, in what felt like a different lifetime. She barely could say that girl was herself because life transformed her so drastically. It was not only about checking at price tags or choosing her cocktails based on their cost. Life reforged so much of the person she was now.

    “Hey, H/N! He’s back!”

    The woman quickly turned to attach her eyes to her man’s frame. Her movement anticipated any reflection, the simple mention of that dangerous creature produced a reaction from her body. On the back of her head, she hated the way she was always so easily available for him. She knew she could be obsessive most of the time but so were him. The truth was that she considered it a problem exclusively because everyone could notice how much power he kept over her, beginning my the bartender who informed her about Yoo Taeyang’s arrival. Even his name tasted right along with her tongue, his name whetted her appetite.

    The man wore an ostentatious fur coat, one that she had not seen yet. He enjoyed expensive items way too much. “Look at him” She whispered for herself while waiting for him to get close. He could be dead at this time, but he looked more alive than ever, walking gracefully towards his girl as some of his allies congratulated him. The news about the successful duty had arrived before him.

    “Hey there! What’s up?” He liked to tease her like that, so she would not start complaining about how many risks he had been taking. He would not handle his own tears if his lover started crying when his adrenaline levels were still so high.

    She lifted an eyebrow, slightly provocative and incredibly seductive.

    “Why do you have to be like this?”

    Taeyang tilted his head as his large hands reached her face. “Like what, beautiful?”

    “Why you always have to wear such showy clothes?”

    He placed his own body close to hers, standing between her black leather-covered legs. The girl was still sitting on the cornet bar stool close to the bar counter.

    “Are you really criticizing my newest purchase when you are yourself wearing a diamond ring?” He set her hands around his waist, quite tiny for a man, but that was one more of his charms. His body was a masterpiece and now it was burning under that opulent piece of clothing, she could feel it well despite there was still a thin tank shirt between the palm of her hand and his skin. He was burning from that mortal adventure. God should put some fear into his veins sometimes, so he would say no to that kind of job.

    “This ring? It was a gift” she said playfully sniffing the side of his neck. She definitely has noticed the bruises on his face but it was not the moment to act excessively worried on them, not yet. Therefore she stayed like that, knowing that he would let her be for as long as she needed.

    ☆★A/N: do you believe I only wrote this because of his outfit??

    #sf9 au#sf9 scenarios#sf9 imagine#sf9 angst#sf9 imagines #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang imagine #yoo taeyang angst #sf9 fanfic#Sf9
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