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  • koalitypop
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I am here

    pairing: sf9 rowoon (seokwoo) x reader

    genre: comfort angst

    word count: 0.3 words


    a/n: Hello there! Thank you so much for requesting! This one turned out a bit short, but I felt like adding something to it would simply ruin the drabble. I hope you like it! Thank you so much for your time! 

    “Please, no, please, don’t, don’t.”

    Seokwoo had been sleeping soundly for a few hours when he woke up feeling uneasy. He was rubbing his eyes when he heard a person crying, you crying. He straddled you quickly, holding you like a baby without being affected by your unconscious tries to fight whatever was scaring you in your sleep.  

    “Hey, I’m here, dear, it’s going to be fine,” he whispered, kissing your temple lightly, “I’m here, dear, calm down, everything is alright.”  

    He knew better than to wake you up from your nightmare, being well aware of the fact that if he did that, you won’t be able to fall asleep at all. His hands ran up and down your trembling figure in attempt to calm you down and make you feel secure in your sleeping state.

    “Nothing can hurt you, dear, you’re going to be all right.”

    Something in him shattered as he felt your lips quiver while you were calling for him, asking for help. Despite not being awake, you looked so unbelievably sad and terrified. Covered in tears and cold sweat, you were shaking like a leaf in the coldest November night. Seokwoo pulled you towards him even tighter, seeing how fragile you are in his arms, especially in this particular distress.  

    “I am here, dear, I am here, you are safe,” he sighed.

    Unconsciously you snuggled into his warm embrace, your face buried into Seokwoo’s neck, his scent lulling you back into comfort. Your anguished cries turned into murmurs of your boyfriend’s name as your breathing was slowly getting into a pattern.

    “You’re alright, dear, I am here,” Seokwoo kissed your shoulder, “I will keep you safe.”

    Your almost-relaxed body, drenched in sweat, was now laying on top of Seokwoo as he muttered sweet nothings in your ear, altought you could not hear him. Whatever you were dreaming of, it was now fading away, as you were safe in your lover’s arms.  

    “You are safe with me, dear,” Seokwoo whispered, “You will be always safe with me.”

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  • forevermyloveno5
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    just a dream

    ♡pairing: Yoo Taeyang x reader

    ♡genre: angst, fluff

    ♡a/n: excuse any mistakes 💜

    His lustrous tantalizing eyes are locked on you, your fingers lightly caress every inch of his face, like a map, as if you are trying to memorize your way back home.

    Taeyang takes your small delicate hands into his large ones, taking his time to lovingly kiss every finger, every knuckle, every curve and scar on them, making sure his soft plush lips didn't miss any part of your skin.

    He presses your body up against his, yearning to feel you closer, as if that's even possible. Your fingers start running up and down his spine as he gently kisses you forehead, then your eyelids and nose until his lips connect with yours, finally having reached their final destination. It was a fervent yet delicate kiss, your tongues danced together in unison, hearts were beating in sync. His kisses are sweeter than chocolate, they feel like home, he feels like home, somehow you naturally gravitate towards each other and you don't know if this scares or amuses you.

    Taeyang pulls away first from the kiss and looks into your eyes with a soft beaming smile on his face. ,,The sun itself", you think for a second and can't help but return the smile. You stay like this for a while, your souls communicating without words.

    "I want us to stay like this forever.", you whisper and you can feel the rain coming into your eyes.

    "I know, love, I know. You just need to be patient for a little bit. Then we'll be together and this time we won't have to say goodbye to each other", Taeyang says compassionately and he changes your positions, so that he can embrace you in his arms. You nuzzle into his neck, taking in the smell of his perfume. One of his hands is drawing soothing circles on your back, the other is caressing your hair. You both know he has to go soon and he hates himself everytime he has to leave you all alone but he can't do anything.



    "Can you sing to me? Please?"

    "Of course, my love", Taeyang says and kisses your forehead first before his mellow voice put a spell on you.

    You close your eyes, trying to remember this moment, trying to memorize every part of his being before Morpheus lures you into his kingdom and darkness engulfs you again. After all, none of this was real. It was just a dream. He was just a dream.

    "Did he appear

    because I fell asleep

    thinking of him?

    If only I’d known I was dreaming,

    I’d never have wakened."

    -from "The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems" by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan

    #sf9 scenarios#sf9 scenario#sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 fluff#sf9 angst #sf9 x reader #yoo taeyang scenarios #yoo taeyang scenario #yoo taeyang imagines #yoo taeyang imagine
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  • babysubinnie
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    one step forward, two steps back. // yoo taeyang

    👼 pairing:: yoo taeyang x reader 👼 genre:: emotional 👼 summary:: after all these years of loving yoo taeyang, it always ended the same. you would walk away from him, and he would watch you walk away. you would think it would be different this time, but little did you know, history repeats.

    a/n: i just started uni so i’m gonna be very behind i’m sorry :// ——————————————————————————

    “my only regret was not chasing after you when you turned around and left.” when i looked up at taeyang, i stopped breathing. after three months, he came back and now he’s standing at my goddamn doorstep with tears coming down his face. 

    that, of course, was five months ago. i hated taeyang for not coming back after that talk. i told him that i was not going to come back to him. it didn’t hit me five months later when i was sitting on my bed missing everything about him. i couldn’t even tell him that i loved him because i was terrified of what would have happened if i did. 

    and now here i am. standing in front of his doorstep about to say the exact same line. was i going to hate myself for doing this? abso-fucking-lutely. 

    “hi! who are you?” the door swung open and it was not yoo taeyang. she was wearing a nice dress, high heels and a full face of makeup. she was twirling her hair in her finger while smiling 

    “hey babe who is it?” then i heard his voice. i looked down immediately at my feet and my whole body just stopped working. he put his arm around her waist before looking up and making eye contact with me. he took his arm off from around her waist. the way he looked at me when we first made eye contact, made my heart skip. 

    “hi. it’s nice to see you.” he said in the most dry, unenthusiastic way. i scoffed before closing my eyes to take a deep breath in because right now, at this point, i wanted to run. of course i regretted it. the girl standing next to taeyang turned around rolling her eyes and walked away. he looked up at my eyes before walking through the door closing it behind him.

    “what are you doing here?” he was looking down when he walked through the door. i bit my lip taking a deep breath because i know that i was fucked. i didn’t want to tell him that he’s the love of my life when he’s dating another girl. that doesn’t help me at all. 

    “i’m uh, i uh wanted to visit you because i had something to tell you but you’re busy so i’m going to head out.” i turned around before my wrist was pulled back around after my foot touched the last step. i looked at our hands and then looked up at him. 

    “don’t leave.” from looking at our hands, i looked up at him taking a deep breath because i couldn’t believe what was happening. this man was standing in front of me begging me with his eyes not to go. i didn’t want to, but right now, that might be my only choice. our story always ended the same, never once even tried to change it. but this time it had to be different. i wasn’t going to let it happen again, but my legs had other plans.

    “i let you walk away from me last time. i’m not letting you walk away again. i’m sorry for not chasing after you. i’m so fucking sorry y/n.” when i heard what he said, my stomach did a flip while i looked up at him. i was so in love him but all i could do was look at him. 

    “well you have a girlfriend now. i’m just a part of your past and that’s what i’m going to stay so i’ll see you later.” i pulled my arm out of his wrist and tried to walk away but before i could, his arms went around my waist and his breath was fanning my neck. as i looked down the street trying to avoid turning around to look at him, tears filled my eyes as quickly as this happened.


    “don’t. i’m so done.” i turned around and walked off, as far away from taeyang as possible leaving him in front of his house. i turned to look back at him and he was still looking at me. his eyes never left me once, but he didn’t move an inch.

    every single time, our story ends the same. i walk away, and he never follows. after all this time, nothing is going to change. end of story.

    but this time, i was right. it was different. he ran after me pulling me into his arms putting both hands on my cheeks. we stood there staring at each other like nothing else in the entire world was here except for the two us.

    “y/n, it’s always been you. four years ago and now, it’s you. always will be.” he looked down at my lips then up to my eyes. he pressed his lips onto mine before i pushed him off to look at him. 

    “taeyang... i don’t know if this is a good idea. our story never ends differently. it always has the same goddamn ending. i walk away and you don’t follow me. it never changes. we’re never going to have a happy ending tae.” i shook my head looking up at him only to see that he was looking at me just the same. i knew that regardless of me telling him this, in the end, i will always walk away. 

    “i love you. i love you so damn much, but if you love me as much as i love you, you will drop this and this time, it’s going to be you walking away.” 

    it was going to hurt, but this was the only way i could stop the heartbreak.

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  • claurora
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Call Me Karma



    Story Description: People pray God for prosperity, success, health and happiness, but always in denial to repay their sins.

    She watches them silently, calculating every moves and timing... a starving predator hunting down a target.

    The infamous "she" might be randomly striking a conversation to you one day, finishing her job perfectly at the least unexpected seconds. REMEMBER: You are dealing with the most DANGEROUS.


    Genre: Fantasy AU, Mystery, Romance, Angst, Comedy


    It was a busy night; an ordinary peaceful night. The room was lit up in shade of amber, radiating the classic chill essence of a bar. Melodies of Jazz danced around the soothing atmosphere as people were in their own world of gossips and chatters; Love birds entangled in each other’s gazes, friends gathering around to catch up on their lives, bartenders striking some random conversations with their pleased customers. It was indeed normal like any other day.

    “Got my gold babies today,” an old rugged-looking man patted a large sack sitting beside him, looking proud of his achievement.

    “As expected from you, your skill and experience speaks a lot,” a younger male chuckled, sipping the drink before scrunching his face a little after tasting the bitterness.

    Amused, the old man laughed,

    “Well, learn from me.”


    The young man raised his glass, leaning over the table, “So what happened to the deceased?” The senior cunningly smiled. “I mean, you’re too calm.”

    Clearing his throat, the older male carefully set down the drink, wearing a huge grin on his face,

    “That’s what professionals do.” He slowly checked around for potential eavesdroppers, “You just need to be precise, patient,” he whispered, “And neat.” The younger male nodded, “Dead men tell no tales.”

    “Indeed, dead men tell no tales,” she repeated.

    Shocked, the two males stared at a young lady, comfortably settled down in the seat, sophisticated yet intriguing aura luring them in. She charmed, “Seems exciting, hmm?” The old man smirked, being tipsy cost him irrational thoughts in keeping secrets.

    “An attractive lady shouldn’t be meddling in dirty business.”

    “Oh? Thought I have been long enough part of the shady world.”

    The old man was entertained, “What seems to have brought you in?” Propping her chin on her finger, she pretend to think. “Hmm… Let’s say, all these missions and risks tickled my adventurous nature.”

    “Dangerous… Just how I like it.”

    “Tell me, Mr. Professional,” curling her lips, “Have you ever thought of karma after all the sins you committed?”

    “If it was real, I would be gone long ago, dear.”

    She faintly smiled, “Fair enough.”

    Rising from her seat, she walked towards their table with every clinks of her heels demanding attention.

    “Have an enjoyable night, gentlemen. After all,” she gazed at the younger male, “the night won’t last long.”

    He shivered, letting out a nervous shaky breath in contrast to the old man laughing delighted.

    “Good night. I hope to see you soon,” the old man waved while the young man coughed feeling uneasy.

    Stepping out of the embracing warm room, the bells hanged at the entrance jingled signalling her departure.

    “Sooner than you think.”


    9th September 2021 [2:00 A.M.]

    A/N: The characters tagged will appear soon as either main or supporting character since this is multifanfic au. Hope you enjoy!

    © 2021 Copyright. All rights reserved. Claurora.

    Chapter 1

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  • lazyfoxwrites
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    don’t wanna let go, fluff/angst + sf9 yoo taeyang

    You could basically feel the seconds passing by, hyper aware of the never stopping flow of time. There were times, far in the past by now, when you didn’t understand the value of time - a few minutes meant nothing, let alone seconds. They were just crumbs, something to be ignored, something that didn’t matter. What you’d give now to have just a few more seconds.

    “Love, I really need to go,” Taeyang chuckled, his cheek resting on the top of your head. His fingers were tangled into your hair while his other arm was wrapped around your waist pulling you into his body. You nodded in response, yet you made no move to let go of him, still clinging to him like he would disappear if you stopped. And in a sense, he would.

    “Baby, I’ll be home soon, but I really need to make it to practice,” he spoke softly, kissing the top of your head, “C’mon, or I’ll tease you.” You knew he was trying to distract you, playfully tickling your side but when he got no reaction, he stopped. You also knew you were behaving irrationally, childishly, but to let him go after one night spent together after barely seeing him for weeks was painful and much harder than it should be. He showed incredible patience with you, allowing you to cling to him and hide your face in the crook of his neck. He stroked up and down your back.

    “I’m sorry,” you murmured, ashamed. He shook his head.

    “I really understand,” he said and you could hear the smile in his voice, “I don’t wanna leave either.” To prove his point, he pulled you even closer and nuzzled into your hair, making it even more of a mess than your bed hair's already been. You chuckled with a whine, gently hitting his side.

    “When will you come home?” you asked, aware that he really needs to leave now or his driver will have to wait for him and you didn’t want to cause him any problems.

    “Soon? Before it gets dark for sure, it should be quick,” he promised and with one last kiss to your hair he pulled away slightly and this time you let him. He cupped your cheek, making you look into his eyes. You mirrored the soft smile he gave you.

    “I love you, and I know it’s hard, I miss you too when I’m away,” he pouted. You leaned in, kissing it better. 

    “I love you too. Text me when you can?” you sighed. You tried pulling your hands away from his but he stopped you, hugging you tight once one. His lips pressed another kiss to your forehead.

    “I promise I’ll text you as much as I can, baby,” he whispered against your skin and finally stepped away from you. You saw how his eyes lingered on you and that he struggled to stay away as much as you did.

    “I’ll be waiting. Go now, you shouldn’t be late,” you smiled slightly. He surprised with yet another quick kiss to your lips. You squeaked, making him chuckle and wink at you before he rushed out of the door, his phone already ringing as someone was looking for him.

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  • forevermyloveno5
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    beautiful liar: mini series

    Chapter 1

    Pairing: Rowoon x fem!reader x Yoo Taeyang Genre: spy au, fluff, angst, smut/suggestive content Warnings: cheating, smut, rough sex (kind of), choking (kind of) a/n: this is my first time trying to write something more smut-like, so please have mercy :D; this fic was something I've had in mind for a long time and there it is. I don't know when I will be able to finish it but anyway, hope you would enjoy it. Also, let me know if I should add/change more warnings; not proofread- excuse any mistakes <3

    Her hands are buried in his black fluffy hair, eyes closed tight, as he is mercilessly pounding into her, his member repeatedly hitting every right spot. He catches her lips in a hungry, passionate kiss, swallowing her sweet little cries. One of his hands loosely wrap around her neck, while the other find its way to her throbbing clit, his long fingers abusing it. Their breaths are becoming heavier and heavier, both of them lost in an overwhelming pleasure. With one last deep thrust, their bodies collide together. He collapses on top of her, his mouth trailing short, gentle kisses from her forehead, down to her jawline, neck and collarbones, leaving her time to catch her breath. She smiles at feeling his now soft touch, her fingers drawing soothing circles on his back. He sighs satisfactorily and let himself relax in her embrace.

    It was something they often used to do in the past- having sex after a successfully completed mission. Maybe it was because of the adrenaline rushing though their veins after being exposed to danger for so long, after all that was a big part of their job. Maybe it was because of the fact that they grew up together, trained together, they were the best team, as some people called them. They had unbreakable trust in each other. Well, until two years ago. But tonight everything was like the good old days or at least it seemed this way.

    “I missed this. You and I as a team. Having fun together.“, she finally spoke, her fingers now running through his soft hair. “But recently, you seem to have been too occupied with your new task, though. It seems you are really enjoying your new role.”

    His eyes shot open, his body tensed at her words and anger started igniting in him- something that has never happened before. He stood up abruptly, quickly started to put on his clothes and shoes, the desire to get out of this apartment growing stronger with every passing second. She tilted her head, observing him curiously. What has gotten into him? Was he in love? 

    “Don’t forget why you are with her, Seokwoo.”, she said calmly but he could feel the threat and what was that? jealousy? behind her voice. “Let me remind you: you will get what you need from her, then you will disappear and leave her in the lurch. Have you thought what will happen after that?”

    He turned to look at her, fire was playing in his eyes. Another side of him she hasn’t seen. “That’s none of your business”, he said gravely before opening the door and slamming it behind him.

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

    You take another sip from the warm cup of peppermint tea and place it back on the nightstand. You cuddle into the comfy blanket and continue reading the book the cute florist recommended to you a few days ago. A deep sigh of relief leaves your lips- after a long tiring day this is what you need- a nice bath followed by a cup of your favorite tea, lying under the soft covers of your bed, getting lost in that magical world of words and fiction. Your happiness would not be full without feeling your lover’s presence next to you. You are both busy, you know- both with your studies and work but sometimes missing him made your hole being ache. 

    He was leaning against the door of your bedroom, watching you as you were too absorbed in your book that you didn’t hear him come home. His eyes sparkled whenever he saw you, his gaze holding so much love and adoration for you, his heart hammering in his chest, the amount of feelings he had for you sometimes overwhelmed him. He’d never thought he would be able to experience all these range of emotions in this lifetime and especially considering his job. He had made a promise to himself many years ago but it seemed that he broken it.

    Unconsciously, your gaze shift from the book to where your lover Rowoon was standing, a wide smile appeared on your face the moment you saw him. You quickly put the book aside.

    “Hey.”, he whispers 


    Something happened, you thought to yourself. You arms instinctively open- a silent invitation to tell him that you are here for him, that it’s okay to feel the way he feels, that the storm will pass soon. Rowoon wastes no time and snuggle into your chest, one of your hand instantly start massaging his head, the other travel across his tense shoulders. You repeatedly kiss his (fore)head, out of habit. You know he is not the in the mood to share his worries now and he is grateful that you never convince him to do otherwise. Because with only one look you know. You understand. Surrounded by your love and care, Rowoon quickly falls asleep in your warm embrace, leaving you with your pensive thoughts you so hard try to keep locked up securely in the debris of your mind.

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  • key201303
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, mentions of a murder, swearing, brief mentions of an anxiety attack (?)

    Word count: 1550 words

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: Here's the update of this week!! Things are starting to get more and more tense 👀 plus our boys are starting to appear 👀

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie(ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    “You can grab my arm if you want, those heels look great on you but they are definitely big enough for you to tumble.” Rowoon said, getting out of the luxurious blue car he drove until you arrived at the luxurious hotel where the party he lowkey obliged you to attend was taking part. You ignored his comment, not really wanting to actually start another argument like you have been doing ever since you started being with him. You knew you were complaining about the whole situation pretty much but after all he did, the least you could do was complaining. Especially with that specific feeling he left a few hours ago when he announced you were going with him to that party. A feeling full of hate and disgust, not only towards him but towards everything and anything related to his being. You also knew it hasn’t been that much time since your dad was murdered and since you are with him, but you swore it felt like you have been living under his power for ages, feeling like a weak and simple slave for him. He has been trying so hard to sound friendly and make you feel like a normal person instead of a toy or a slave but you knew pretty well that if you did something he didn’t like he wouldn’t hesitate about killing you. He has demonstrated it pretty well when he ordered Jaeyoon to shoot your dad and Jaeyoon warned you quite a lot a few days ago when you went with him to the shopping centre. That was why you promised you would act out all your emotions, to protect you and your ring. For some reason you have noticed the two boys have been pretty focused on the ring that shone on your finger ever since they landed their eyes on it. You had no idea what was the reason for that behavior but you knew that you had to protect the ring at all costs, especially after remembering the words your dad said when he gave you the little box that contained the ring and the little key you had been saving in a safe place ever since then.

    The cold air of the air conditioner inside the big reception room of the building knocked you out of your thoughts, making you shiver slightly as you grabbed Rowoon’s arm just like he demanded a few minutes ago. You had to admit the place was mesmerizing. Expensive and beautiful lamps were hanging on the ceiling above your heads with blinking little crystals. You bet it costs more than your entire house and college tuition in case you attended college. The walls were decorated with vintage paper and photos of who you guessed were important people. The floor was covered with a soft and perfectly ironed red carpet and right in front of the door there were huge stairs with a golden and luxurious railing and a bit more of the red carpet that led to what you guessed were the rooms. You could see through a huge window placed on your right, a huge fountain in the garden, making a beautiful lighting show as some random music was being played. “Good night Sir.” A waiter's voice talking to Rowoon knocked you out of your thoughts. He was offering you both a cup of what you thought was champagne. You didn’t have in mind drinking alcohol throughout the night, but seeing how long the night would be next to the boy standing next to you, you decided to gladly take the cup and drink the beverage like it was a shot. “Whoa I see you’re a hard-drinker.” Rowoon said, still not drinking his champagne and looking at you with that disgusting smirk you hated so much. “I’m only a hard-drinker when I hate the place or company.” You said, letting your bratty side come out for a little. You had to admit you lowkey enjoyed being a bit bratty with him from time to time, just to annoy him the same way he annoyed you. “Make sure to not get drunk baby girl, I don’t want to bear with your bratty drunk ass for the rest of the night.” He whispered into your ear, sending chills down your spine. If he were someone attractive that made you feel some kind of way and if you two were in a random club, you would have thought those chills were because he was turning you on. Unfortunately, those chills were because of hate and not love, the same chills that ran down your spine a few hours ago when you were at home and he grabbed your hand.

    “Look who we have in here. I thought you wouldn’t deign to appear.” A male voice sounded on your back, making you and Rowoon turn around confused. You turned around to find 4 boys standing behind you, waiting for Rowoon to give them a friendly answer. Were they also part of his group of friends? “Oh! Nice to see you again, Youngbin.” Rowoon said, stretching his hand out waiting for Youngbin to answer with his hand as well. “What brings you here?” The boy you guessed was Youngbin said, stretching his hand with Rowoon’s. You could feel knives coming out from both of the boys’ eyes, making clear they weren’t as friendly as you thought. That Youngbin looked pretty cool and chill, unlike the tall boy standing next to you. His red hair catching your attention as soon as your eyes landed on him and his summerish clothes giving off a chill vibe making you curious about his personality. “Just wanted to have some social life, you know.” Rowoon answered. “Oh, how rude of me, good night madam.” Youngbin said, talking towards you, knocking you out of your thoughts. His hand was extended before your eyes, waiting for you to grab it and greet him. You just bowed your head a little bit and grabbed his hand shyly. “I’m Youngbin and these are my boys, Chani, Taeyang and Dawon.” He added, grabbing your hand tightly and firmly and introducing the other four boys that accompanied him who gave you a soft smile. Finally, after days living on a nightmare, you could see a sincere smile, something you have secretly missed quite a lot. You couldn’t help returning the smile, not even noticing how Youngbin kept an eye on your ring and how Rowoon started to get more and more mad at the other boy grabbing your hand. “Such a beautiful ring, may I ask where you could find it?” Youngbin said, knocking you out of your thoughts once again. “My dad-.” You started to say. “Why are you so interested in a simple ring? I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” Rowoon cut you off, clearly annoyed and grabbing your hand to take it in his and remove Youngbin’s hand from yours. You looked at him with angry eyes. Who did he think he was to treat you like that? Who did he think he was to cut you off while you were talking? “What? Are you jealous? Is she anything for you?” Youngbin said with a cocky smile, knowing the tall boy was annoyed and obviously enjoying the situation. “Well, she's my new… girl." Rowoon said, pulling you closer to his body. The moment those words escaped his lips you couldn’t help it anymore. You could deal with his arrogant personality, you could deal with his stupid comments on everything he said, you could even deal with him calling you stupid pet names. But you will never deal with him introducing you to others as his ‘new girl’. Once again, all those negative feelings you felt a few hours ago while trying on the clothes you had to buy, took over your body. “Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom for a moment.” You said, taking Rowoon’s hand from your shoulder, walking towards the bathroom as fast as you could without raising suspicion of something wrong going on.

    As soon as you entered the room, you quickly closed the door behind you and ran towards the sink. Why did this have to happen to you? What have you done wrong in your life to deserve this? Was this some kind of punishment from God for not eating vegetables when you were a kid? Was this some kind of hidden camera? Was it a nightmare? You couldn’t understand why you had to go through such terrible situations. First your dad’s death and now this asshole calling you ‘his girl’. For a slight second you hated yourself so damn much. Suddenly you felt terribly bad and all you wanted to do was to cut off your hand so he could never touch it again. You wanted to disappear into the thin air just so he could never again call you his girl. You felt tears streaming down your face and it made you even more frustrated. You knew he wasn’t worth your tears but the impotence you were feeling was too overwhelming to hold back the tears that have been leaving your eyes in the past few days. “Hey, are you okay?” A male voice you couldn’t recognize knocked you out of your own anxious bubble.

    P. S: Will Hwiyoung be the boy knocking on the bathroom door? 👀

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  • forevermyloveno5
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    last one for today, I promise <3; I miss Rowoon 😔; again, excuse any mistakes <3

    ♡genre: angst, fluff

    ♡warnings: hints of anxiety and depression

    ⇨You took off your shoes and walked to the bedroom with heavy footsteps. Right now you only wanted to snuggle under the soft covers of your comfortable bed and try to drown out the unpleasant feelings and thoughts running through your head.

    As you entered the room, you saw your husband Rowoon sleeping sweetly. You chuckled when your gaze fell on the pile of books on the nightstand next to him. "At least this time he didn't forget to take off his glasses," you thought, as you lay down next to him, careful not to wake him up. You rest your head on his chest and sharply inhaled his scent that somehow always made you feel safe and put you at ease. Suddenly you felt fingers softly running through your hair.

    "How was the meeting, love?", your not-so-asleep husband asked you.

    Shit. I shouldn't have been so loud.

    "It was...nice.", you murmured, trying to sound as convincingly as possible. And to be honest, you didn't really want to talk about that right now.

    "You are not a good liar, do you know that?", Rowoon declared as he made you face him, his eyes carefully examining your face. "Is it something with the baby?". A moment of silence settled between you as you tried your best not to break down in tears. 

    "No, no, she is fine, she is even kicking harder,- you quickly assured him.- I just... they were asking me about you and the pregnancy and how they couldn't believe I finally got married and talked about the old times and I...", you couldn't hold it anymore, the tightness in your chest was becoming heavier and heavier, tears finally found their way down your cheeks. Rowoon instantly engulfed you in a big warm hug as he held you tight, his lips constantly peppering your forehead with kisses.

    He knew your friends didn't mean any harm but he also knew how harsh words could be. He had helped you fight the demons in your head, he protected you from the shadows, he saw things even your closest friends and relatives couldn't see. For the first time in your life you felt seen, understood, loved, alive. You finally ruined, even without a second thought, all these walls, which you diligently had been building all your life in order to protect yourself. But you didn't need them anymore. You heart was in safe hands now. You didn't have to be afraid, to hide from the world outside. Sometimes you wondered why Rowoon was with such a mess like you. You were not good enough for him, you didn't deserve him. In some way he could always sense what was going through your mind and he always made sure you could feel how worthy and loved you actually were. He cared for you beyond measure and cherished you in his heart, and he was willing to do whatever it takes to take your pain away.

    Rowoon's hand subconsciously made its way to your belly, gently rubbing it. You put your hand on top of his, your mind calmer now, both enjoying the little karate session of your little treasure.

    "You will be the best father, Rowoon. You don't need to read any books. She already knows how much you love and care for her."- you finally said. He brushes his lips softly against yours before looking at you.

    "I'm just scared. What if I do something wrong and hurt her?", he whispered and smiled at the little kick he just felt.

    "You will never hurt her. Besides, she loves your voice. It makes her calm.". Your statement caught him off guard. You start laughing at his confused expression and gave a peck on his lips. "I know you are talking or singing to her while you think I'm sleeping.", you said, your eyes locked with his.

    "I love you so much, Y/N", Rowoon finally said. He cupped your face in his hands and started kissing you softly, delicately, hoping you could feel how much he actually mean it and that no matter what happens in the future, he will be always there protecting you from the shadows and taking your pain away.

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  • forevermyloveno5
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    another one written for another group; at this point I might rewrite some of the fics for SF9; anyway, hope you'll like it ♡

    ♡inspired by: awfultune - Lvr Boy ; Oscar Lang- You

    ⇨Hands entwined, eyes closed, foreheads gently touching, two lovers slowly dancing in the dark, lost in their own world. The only sound coming from the old gramophone and he singing along. She is smiling but he could still taste her tears on his lips. He was her answer to her long-forgotten prayers, he thought he was happy on his own, afraid to acknowledge the void in his soul. "You saved me, Youngkyun", she said to him earlier but little did she know she was the one who saved him from the dark.

    She kissed his nose."Come back to me", he heard her whispering. He smiled against her lips, then put a gentle kiss on her forehead and hugged her tightly, afraid that someone was going to take her away from him.

    "And when I fall apart I’m no one else’s

    You own my heart

    You own my heart like no one else has

    I could be your baby (I could be your baby)

    I could be your baby

    Always your baby

    I'm always yours"

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  • forevermyloveno5
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I wrote this short piece for another group a long time ago, during a difficult time; I decided to post it here, with no particular member in mind. Just hope it will bring you a little comfort, as it does to me ♡

    genre: angst, fluff

    ⇨He was gently caressing her hair, softly whispering ''I love you" in her ear, as his lips tenderly started to travel around her soft skin.

    After such a long time, she was still a mystery to him. He kept wondering how many galaxies were hidden in that beautiful mind of hers, how many secrets were buried deep in the debris of her heart. He was willing to spend all his lifetime figuring them out.

    Now he only wanted to make her feel loved, seen, protected. Because although she didn't say a word, he knew she was not alright. He wanted her to know she was not alone in what she was going through. Yes, he could not stop the storm but he could at least be her shelter, her shield and he was ready to do everything it takes to keep her safe and give her all the love, all the understanding and support she needed.

    Words were never necessary between them. Who needs them anyway? In this moment, when they were making love to one another, in each others' arms, she felt eternally grateful for having him in her life and knew she could endure any pain as long as he was right by her side.

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  • gettin-a-lil-hanse
    31.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Pairing: Jaeyoon x Reader

    Genre: Angst(?), Comfort

    Word Count: 589

    Tags/Warnings: Depression, Drabble

    A/N: I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted any writing—and I mean a REALLY long time—but I have been busy and have been going through some personal stuff. Honestly, I wrote this last week because I was in a really dark place, and I remember this kind of playing out in my head, and it was sort of comforting. So here we are :) I hope you find it just as comforting as I did. The title came to me because I was listening to Ailee’s Home when I finished it.

    Read it on AO3!

    Nothing felt real anymore. You couldn’t tell how much time had passed as you stared at the wall, the ceiling, the sheets. You didn’t feel sad or angry, just numb and empty. Hours ticked by like seconds while you drifted in and out of sleep, unmoving from your spot on the bed. When you finally decided to get up, you could see a sliver of the sunset through your drawn curtains. Another day wasted, you thought to yourself. 

    You moved to the kitchen, glancing into cabinets only to grimace in disinterest at each item. Shaking your head, you walk to the living room empty-handed and laid out on the couch. With the TV switched on, you mindlessly watched whatever was on TV when you heard the front door open. 

    Soft footsteps, then a face appeared in your line of sight. Your boyfriend brought a hand up to rest against your cheek with a kind smile and eyes filled with worry. 

    “Hi, sweetheart. How are you feeling?”

    You avert your eyes and pick at the threads on the couch, nodding a bit.

    “I’m okay.”

    Out of the corner of your eyes, you can see his shoulder’s drop, his smile faltering for just a moment, never quite the same as before.

    “Come on, you expect me to believe that?” He said, voice gentle with a slightly playful edge. “How about I go put my stuff away, and when I come back, we can cuddle, hmm?”

    You nod, letting out a breath. “Yeah, that sounds good.”

    He leaned down to kiss your temple, standing from his kneeling position and walking to your shared bedroom to put his stuff away. He couldn’t help the worry coursing through him as he changed into some more comfortable clothing. 

    When he came back out to the living room, he tried his best to mask that worry, putting on a soft smile as Jayoon maneuvered your body so that he could lay behind you, sandwiched between the couch and your back. His arms found their way around your waist almost immediately, his lips leaving gentle kisses on your neck and shoulder. You closed your eyes, taking a shaky breath.

    “What’s going on, hmm? What’s bothering you?”

    “I—” You began before getting choked up, trying your best to push the feeling down and not break down on the spot. 

    “It’s okay to cry. I’d rather you release all of that pent emotion than bottle it all up inside.”

    When you heard him say that, you couldn’t hold back any longer. The tears came like flood rushing over you, face crumpling. Jaeyoon tightened his grip on you, tucking your head under his chin. He just held you as you cried, leaving soft kisses on your head. It broke his heart to hear you sobbing like that, but he knew you needed this, needed to release everything he knew you’d been holding back. You needed to have this breakdown before it got any worse. And he knew that he needed to be there for it to happen because you needed a safe space, you needed someone to guide you out of the darkness, and he was your someone. He always will be.

    After what felt like an hour or so had passed, you had finally calmed down enough to recollect yourself. Jaeyoon’s thumb ran over your skin gently as he held you, grip never loosening. You steadied your breathing and let out one last deep breath before speaking. 

    “I’m ready to talk.”

    “Okay,” he mumbled against your skin. “I’ll listen.”



    @nocturne-overtures @queenofhimbos​ @kimnamshiks​

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  • forevermyloveno5
    29.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    eternally (forget-me-not)

    ♡ “Be with me always - take any form - drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, God! it is unutterable! I can not live without my life! I can not live without my soul!” ― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

    ♡ “Sonnet XVII

    I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz, or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off. I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

    I love you as the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers; thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance, risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.

    I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; so I love you because I know no other way than this:

    where I does not exist, nor you, so close that your hand on my chest is my hand, so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep. ” ― Pablo Neruda

    ☾ Pairing: vampire!Zuho x royalty!fem!reader

    ☾ Warnings: mentions of death & major character death, mentions of blood, alcohol and depression, suggestive content

    ☾ Genre: vampire au, royalty au, past lives, reincarnation, angst, fluff, smut/suggestive

    ☾ Summary: Nightmares, long-forgotten childhood fairy tales, a family medallion. What can these things have in common? The answers come one by one when you meet your new mysterious, charming colleague and History professor at the university you’re also working at- Baek Juho. What will happen if you spend a night together locked in his cozy little antique bookstore? Will you be able to face your biggest nightmare?

    ⇨ "There's a mediaeval legend about a knight, who was walking along a river with his beloved one. He saw a beautiful flower and bent down to pick it up to give it to his lover but he lost his balance instead and fell into the river. He managed to toss the flower to his lady before drowning and shouted: “Forget me not”. This is one of the many myths about the name of this tiny flower- beautiful and delicate just like you, my love.", he whispers the last words, his fingers slide across your soft warm flesh. You close your eyes for a brief moment, letting yourself relax at his cold, yet full of love and devotion touch.

    "What about you? Will you remember me after I'm long-gone, my lonely vampire?"- you ask with a faint smile on your face, heart beating like a hammer in your chest.

    Zuho shivers at your question, lost for words. He quickly comes to his senses, his hands wrap tightly around your frame, pulling you flush against his body, his lips exquisitely kiss your hair, forehead, eyelids, as you were about to melt away at any moment.

    "I want you to remember this, my love: I will never forget you. I will never be able to love someone else now, in this or in any other lifetime. My body, heart and soul belong to you, my whole being breathes and lives for you. I will patiently wait, no matter how long, until we can be together again. I love you endlessly, Y/N."- he repeats your name like a mantra, hands roaming up and down your back like a foreigner. A bloody tear rolls down his cheek- the first one in many centuries.

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  • key201303
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Word count: 1135 words

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, mentions of losing sanity, mentions of hate

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: I know this chapter is a bit shorter but it needed to be like this for what is about to come 👀 Hope you guys enjoy it anyways!! ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    Disgust, repugnance, foulness, obnoxious, accursed. Those were some of the adjectives you could use to describe the clothes hanging on the wardrobe in front of you and the little ‘date’ you and Jaeyoon had yesterday. You couldn’t recognize yourself in the mirror of the shop while you tried on the clothes Jaeyoon chose for you. You couldn’t even recognize yourself now when you stared at the mirror in the wardrobe door. ‘Who have I become, mom?’ You quietly asked, your eyes getting watery at the thought of you disappointing both, your mom and dad for doing what you’re doing.

    The wardrobe has gone from normal and pretty simple clothes you were used to wearing to fancy and colorful dresses you hated with all your being. All you have always complained about when your dad bought new clothes or even your mom back in the days when she was still alive, was now the things you had to wear to make that asshole happy. ‘At what point of life have I stopped being who I always was? At what point have I left a man to decide on my clothes?’ You kept asking yourself as more and more tears formed in the corner of your eyes. You couldn’t believe you broke the promise you once made with your mom about never letting anybody change your persona or decide for you. You felt frustrated, even full of anger while looking at the reflection in that mirror. You even started hating yourself for being the person reflected on that piece of glass. You hated yourself for failing your parents and all the values they always taught you. You hated yourself for throwing away all the efforts your mom and dad made to educate you in the best way they could. But what could you do when you had nobody who guided you back into the correct path? What could you do when you were living under the same ceiling as the person that killed your father? Exactly, the only thing you could do is hate. Hate absolutely everything and everyone around you.

    “Sweetie, can I enter?” You heard Rowoon knocking on the door. “Do whatever you want.” You said with a monotonous voice, like if you were soulless. No emotions were being reflected on your words, they were empty, just like you felt in that moment. “You look amazing!” He said, trying his best to be nice. Little did he know nothing he did would make him look more friendly. There was absolutely nothing on this planet, or even in this galaxy, he could do to make you feel him as a friend instead of the asshole you believed he was. But just like you promised Jaeyoon last night, you would act out all your emotions so his ego wouldn’t get damaged while you thought of a way of getting out of that house before you lost the small iota of sanity that remained on you. “Thank you.” You said, still talking in the same tone you have been talking ever since last night. “I see we’re finally starting to understand each other.” Rowoon said, getting closer and with a smirk on his lips. Oh if only you could slap that disgusting smirk from his perfect and handsome face how happy you would be. You could tell by the manners he has had with you that he had a very impatient personality. Not like you actually cared about that but, for sure, you would take advantage of that information as much as you could.

    The room was filled up with silence for a slight second. A second that felt like an eternity of awkwardness of you two looking at each other analyzing your figures. You took that second to actually admire his features, something you haven’t been able to do ever since he broke into your house a few days ago due to how much you hated him and his friend. He was wearing a black suit, elegant and probably as expensive as your whole apartment. Did he even have different clothes? Has he ever worn normal people's clothes or has he always been like this? Suddenly all those random questions started to pop up in your mind. “I have a little surprise for you.” He said, knocking you out of your thoughts, smirking with that same grin from before and getting even more close to you. You tried to back off, not wanting to be any nearer to the tall boy standing in front of you with such an arrogant and dominant figure. “Hey, don’t be scared, it’s a good surprise, I promise.” He said, trapping your small figure in between his arms as they landed on the wall that stopped you from backing off even more. “I don’t want any surprise from you.” You said with a thread of voice, avoiding his eye contact and tightening your fist. “Come on, I’m trying so hard to be good with you.” He said, a slight teasing tone appearing on his voice as he moved his eyes from yours to the nook of your neck. Suddenly a strong feeling of disgust hit you like a rock when you noticed how his eyes moved to your exposed neck. But what could you do? Protest? Talk back? Insult him? All those ideas were pretty good ones if you wanted to die that night. “What is it?” You said, locking your eyes with his, praying to any God for him to notice the disgust written all over your face. “I’m taking you to a party.” He said, backing off a little bit, finally leaving some space for your small frame. “What if I don’t want to go?” You dared to ask. “Then, we can stay here doing some other things. You decide, baby.” Rowoon said, smirking once again. You couldn’t understand how someone could cause so much disgust and hate on you. You clearly had no other choice rather than going to that stupid party with him. “It won’t be that bad, I promise.” He said, getting closer again and, this time, reaching his hand out to grab your hand. "I just want us to fit each other like that ring fits your finger." He added, playing with the ring that brightly shone in your right hand.

    Those words were the last thing you needed to lose the sanity you had. As soon as the boy left you alone in the luxurious room to get ready for the said party, nervous tears started to stream down your soft cheeks, your hands started to tremble and all you wanted to do was get inside the bathroom and wash your hands until his disgusting scent disappeared from your delicate hands. But just like you promised Jaeyoon, you had to act out all your emotions.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop fanfic#kpop smut#kpop angst #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagines#sf9 fanfic#sf9 smut#sf9 angst #sf9 mafia au #sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung imagines #sf9 hwiyoung fanfic #sf9 hwiyoung smut #sf9 hwiyoung angst #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung smut#hwiyoung angst#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun smut #kim youngkyun angst #sf9 oyungkyun #sf9 youngkyun x reader
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  • byeongqueen
    25.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The Racer // ONE

    Taeyang knew a day like this would come, he has known all along. But that doesn’t keep him from exiting the hospital with a very heavy heart, and a flow of heavy tears rolling down his cheeks.

    ~ 2 years before ~

    Youngkyun made his way towards his workplace, in the cold of November. His hands were buried in his pocket as he advanced to the record shop where he worked part time. He had chosen this job more because of the job itself, than the need for money. Being a street racer and pretty good one at that, he wasn’t really in need of money. He lived in a small, modest apartment, and was saving up most of what he made for later. And let me tell you, for now, later was worth like 5 years of his actual rent. So yeah, his part time job was more of something to keep himself busy. He pushed the door, making the bell chime faintly. He greeted his friend, Juho, the owner of the shop, and went to the back to put down his stuff there. There wasn’t really a locker room or anything, it was just Juho and him working there anyways. He came back to the front, and started organizing the records they got this morning.

    “So, how are you doing Kyun?” Juho asked as he looked through magazines, deciding on what he was going to buy for their next delivery.

    “Uh? I’m good, why that?” Youngkyun looked up, raising a brow.

    “I hear that last night’s race got a bit messy. I’m glad you weren’t hurt.”

    “Oh that? Yeah, it was very slippery, but I made it through, thank you for your concern.”

    Even if the races in which Youngkyun participated weren’t the most legal things ever, Juho still enjoyed watching them, even before knowing the tall boy.

    “Is there one planned tonight?” Juho asked. “I have someone over for the week end, I thought about taking him.”

    “Uh yeah, I think there’s one, I’m not participating though, it’s going to be mostly newbies.” He laughed a little. “But there’s going to be Juyeon, he’s a friend.. Wait no, more like an acquaintance, and he’s apparently pretty good. I might go have a look myself.”

    “Oh, I guess we’ll see you there then?”

    “Yeah, text me when you get there, I’ll show you around quickly, I don’t want to be the third wheel when you’re with your boyfriend.” Youngkyun shrugged.

    “My boyfriend? Oh god no! Taeyang is more like a childhood friend, we’re basically brothers.” Juho laughed a little. “But you couldn’t know, so you wouldn’t be third wheeling, please join us!”

    Right at the end of his sentence, the door chimed, and Youngkyun prepared himself to welcome the customer, putting on a soft gummy smile on.

    “Juho, you could have told me there were like three different streets with the same name! I searched for an hour!” The boy said, faking anger.

    “Yah, I’m sorry Taeyangie, force of habit of working here I guess.” He smiled and went to greet the boy. “We were just talking about you! Youngkyun, this is Taeyang, the friend I talked to you about!”

    Youngkyun greeted him politely, and Taeyang returned the same gesture with a big smile, before turning back to Juho, engaging small talk. Youngkyun went back to his work, eventually welcoming the few clients that came in.

    Morning went by in a flash. Juho left with his friend to show him where he lived, to that the boy wouldn’t get lost again. Youngkyun ate in the shop, as it did not close during lunch, end well, they needed someone to stay here.

    Juho and Taeyang came back at around 2 in the afternoon, and Juho apologized for being so long. Taeyang stayed around for the afternoon, sometimes helping Juho, but never really coming close to Youngkyun. Well, that was going to be an awkward evening.

    “Oh shit, this day felt like the longest in a while.” Juho groaned as he closed and locked the door to the shop.

    “Yeah, it was pretty calm, it’s usually busier.” Youngkyun massaged the back of his neck with his hand. “So hey, erm, how do you wanna do for tonight? Want me to pick you up?”

    “Oh that would be amazing, if it’s not too much trouble?” Juho asked. “You can come eat with us if you want?”

    “Yeah of course, let’s do that!” He smiled softly. “Just tell me when I have to be there, I’m gonna go home and take a shower, and change probably.”

    “Be there in like 2hours? Is that okay?”

    “Yeah, perfect! See you there then!”

    Youngkyun waved at the 2 boys as he walked back home. Once there, he hopped in a very hot shower, shaking the cold of winter off of his body. He relaxed his muscles under the powerful stream of water, and only turned off the water when the whole room was filled with steam. He stepped out the shower and grabbed a towel to messily dry his hair and body. He had let his hair grow longer so that it was easier to style. Having naturally wavy hair, it was way more simple for him to just air dry them, or tie them up when they weren’t doing what he wanted. Once ready, with a simple outfit, plain black jeans, a t-shirt and ha leather jacket, he checked the time. Juho’s house was about a 20 minute drive from his, so he’ll be good if he leaves now. He grabs keys, wallet, and a mask. He’s becoming fairly known in the street races, so he prefers to stay discreet when with friends, so they don’t get mobbed all the time there. He closes his door and leaved to Juho’s place, his car being kinda fancy, but not that fancy too.

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  • busans-favesf9
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Just finishing up a bunch of fluff requests💕 (will release this weekend / early next week).

    But I’m in the mood to write some angst🥺

    Guys please send in some angst ideas /prompts with the boys …. think: arguments, jealousy, commitment issues, miscommunication drama etc..

    This can be MTL, short scenario or headcanon!!


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  • key201303
    18.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Word count: 1.7k words

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, death threat, swearing

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you have been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency just like everyone else did?

    A/N: Seems like things are getting a bit... dark 👀👀 Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!! ❤❤❤❤

    P. S: Thank you so much for all the support you guys are giving to this serie, it is the serie with most notes in this blogs and that really makes me happy ❤❤ I really hope you can enjoy it until the very end ❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter --- Masterlist --- Next chapter

    Your head hurts. Your eyes were heavy and it was difficult for you to open them, not minding at all, wanting to open your eyes and appear in your bedroom with your dad calling you from downstairs to go and eat breakfast together like everyday. But the deep and male voices you could hear from the hall clearly let you know nothing of what happened last night was a nightmare and that, unfortunately, everything was real.

    Finally, after a few seconds of having an internal fight about if it was a good idea to open your eyes or not, you came to the conclusion that the best idea was accepting your destiny and facing the reality that was out of that luxurious room. You slowly opened your eyes to immediately shut them again due to the bright sunlight coming through the expensive curtains hanging in front of the huge window. Fortunately, your red and puffy eyes didn’t take that long to adjust to the light so you could analyze the room better than you did last night. To be honest, you weren’t in a good mood last night to analyze it, something Rowoon understood right away and let you sleep peacefully.

    You sat on the bed, looking around and trying to find something that could make you leave that house. You could tell that Rowoon was a rich kid that always got what he wanted just by the way the room was decorated. A huge and expensive lamp hanging on the ceiling, making you question why would someone want such a huge lamp, a beautiful carpet that covered the wooden floor so delicately and a huge chimney you were sure it could warm up the entire house if you let the door open. You had to admit you never imagined yourself being locked in a room like that one, and you wouldn’t have minded if it has been something you had decided but, after all, you were there by force and all you wanted to do with that Rowoon and Jaeyoon was the same thing they did with your dad. They were lucky that you didn’t have easy access to a weapons arsenal just like your dad used to have a long time ago.

    A soft knock on the door knocked you out of your thoughts. “Good morning sweetie, how did you sleep?” Rowoon said as he slowly opened the door and peeked his head into the room to check you were awake. “You look more stunning in the morning than what I thought.” He added, entering the room and leaving the door open for Jaeyoon to enter as well. You felt intimidated and uncomfortable with two boys invading your personal space by entering like that in the room. You decided to remain in silence, no words coming out of your sealed lips, something Rowoon didn’t expect by his facial expressions while he waited for an answer. You had nothing good to say and if life on the streets have ever taught you something was to remain in silence when the only things you could say were bad. You had no intention of talking or getting to know the boys responsible for your father’s death. “A cat has eaten your tongue or what?” Jaeyoon said, rolling his eyes, clearly annoyed by your attitude. “Come on, don’t treat her like that, it is normal that she doesn’t want to talk right now. But you’ll like us soon, I can tell we will become really good friends.” Rowoon said, defending yourself from Jaeyoon’s harsh words, trying to look all friendly with that stupid smile of his. It disgusted you to say the least. He could have fooled you if you were a little kid but being the grown up woman you were and having gone through the things you have, you couldn’t believe his fake smiles that easily, something that really got on his nerves. “What would you like to eat for breakfast sweetie? You can ask whatever you want and you’ll have it. Let me spoil you.” Rowoon said with another fake smile and this time he added a wink at the end of his words, something that sent cold chills down your spine and that made you want to puke. The only thing you wanted right now was running away from that house and probably, if you were able, kill them both. But you guessed you’ll have to conform with insulting them in the best way you could. “Fuck you.” You said, leaning in closer like you were about to tell him your biggest secret. You could see how his soft and sympathetic gaze turned into an annoyed one as soon as those two words escaped your lips, clearly getting on his nerves. You could tell he didn’t have as much patience as he tried to show and unfortunately all his weaknesses were showing off as soon as you insulted him. “I see you like being a brat, cool.” He said with an annoyed smirk plastered on his face. Oh, if only you could slap that disgusting grin off of his handsome face, how happy you would be. “Jaeyoon will take you to a shopping centre, now that you’re with me you can’t wear those… rags.” He said, looking at your simple clothes. “And I don’t recommend you to act like a brat with me. I’m trying my best to be a good guy with you but I won’t hesitate to become your worst nightmare.” He whispered into your ear, making sure you felt scared enough to never insult him again the way you did a few seconds ago. You felt tears forming in the corner of your eyes. Not sad or scared tears but frustrated and full of anger tears. You tried so hard to hold them back, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of creating such emotions on you, and just like you have been doing for the last few years, you swallowed all your emotions and turned yourself into robot mode, standing up and going to the huge wardrobe to change your clothes and do as Rowoon has said.

    You saw them through the corner of your eyes exiting the room, giving you finally the privacy and space you needed to burst into angry tears. Meanwhile, the two boys walked towards the huge living room, Jaeyoon grabbing his bag and preparing it for the small trip to the shopping center he was about to give you. “She’s such a hard nut to crack.” Rowoon admitted, surprised. “Good to you, you like them like that, don’t you?” Jaeyoon said with a devilish smirk, teasing his best friend. “Remember to not lose sight of the ring.” Rowoon said, ignoring his friend’s comment. “Why don’t you just take it while she’s sleeping or something?” Jaeyoon asked, a bit annoyed about the fact of having to babysit a damn ring. “Where’s the fun in that? Plus she already hates us, if I steal the ring like that we don’t know what she’s capable of doing. It’s better to win her confidence.” Rowoon said, admiring the glass of wine he had. “How can you drink wine this early in the morning?” Jaeyoon asked, disgusted at the sight of his friend drinking wine at 10am.

    “I’m ready.” You said with a soulless tone, gaze lost in the horizon refusing to look at the boys. “Great! Jaeyoon is ready as well, right?” Rowoon said, standing up from his spot on the expensive coach and giving a confirming look to Jaeyoon waiting for him to say he was right. “Remember, buy whatever you want, it’ll run on my account.” Rowoon said, placing his long arm around your shoulders to guide you to the parking lot where you and Jaeyoon would take an expensive car to start your little journey. “Have fun.” Rowoon said, closing the door of the car and waving a goodbye to the both of you as Jaeyoon started the engine of the car. You just gave him a soft smile as fake as the ones he gave you earlier in the morning.

    “Tell me, what do you do for a living?” Jaeyoon asked, trying his best to kill the tense atmosphere you both created in the car as soon as you got in. But all that could be heard as an answer was silence, complete silence. Not like he expected you to answer with a huge smile like if you two have been friends since forever but he at least waited for a small answer. “Are you going to be quiet all the time?” He added, pressing his tongue in the inside of his mouth, trying to control his patience. Again, all he could have as an answer was complete silence. “Look pretty girl, you’re going to coexist with us for the rest of your life probably so you better start talking to us in a good way if you don't have to get in trouble.” Jaeyoon said, clearly annoyed by your attitude. “See this as a change in your life. New day, new life. That’s what my dad always said.” He added, taking his eyes off of the road for a slight second to check on your disgusted facial expressions. How could he dare to talk about your situation like if it was a small problem you can overcome in hours. How did he have the guts to kill your dad and then act like nothing happened and pretend you to talk to him like he was your best friend? Really, none of the things said in that conversation made sense and all you could do was blurt out all the hate you had for the boy sitting next to you. “Fine, I’ll act out all my emotions so your disgusting egos don’t feel attacked but don’t fucking wait for me to act like nothing happened because all I want to do right now is kill you and your rich friend with my own hands so don’t tempt me.” You said with a serious tone and threatening eyes. He could tell your threat was no joke and decided to remain in silence, not wanting to give you more reasons to kill both of them that night. It was going to be a long day, long night, long week, long month, long year and definitely a long life.

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