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  • tinyllgye
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    • ♡ Changes.

    • Capa para uso pessoal.
    • 15 | 09 | 21 📅
    • Créditos de recursos: DeviantArt e PicsArt.
    • Pngs by: ungodlybee, Beapanda & Jupitwrr
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    Wattpad ♡ Spirit.

    Abra para uma melhor qualidade.

    ONEUS x SF9 | Hwanwoong & Taeyang.

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  • ficscafe
    13.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    [closed] from aphrodite, goddess of love to poseidon, god of the sea, these greek goddesses and gods are built to perfection yet at the same time flawed in their own ways. it’s intriguing, leaving you yearning to learn more once you get a taste, to figure out who they are and why they’re here.

    from 09/12/21 to 09/16/21, we’ll be accepting any recommendations for your favorite fics that fit the theme of greek mythology!

    you’re allowed to start sending in your recs now in our ask box, and since we’re a general kpop page, it doesn’t matter what group they’re in! we just ask that it fits our general rules. we’ll be reblogging as well as compiling it together into one post for people to enjoy! ♡

    please note that you do not have to be part of the network to send in recs !!

    message the admins, @gyukult​​ or @masterninjacow​​​ if you have any questions!

    deadline to get your recommendations in is on 09/16/21 by 11:59PM est!

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  • claurora
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Call Me Karma



    Story Description: People pray God for prosperity, success, health and happiness, but always in denial to repay their sins.

    She watches them silently, calculating every moves and timing... a starving predator hunting down a target.

    The infamous "she" might be randomly striking a conversation to you one day, finishing her job perfectly at the least unexpected seconds. REMEMBER: You are dealing with the most DANGEROUS.


    Genre: Fantasy AU, Mystery, Romance, Angst, Comedy


    It was a busy night; an ordinary peaceful night. The room was lit up in shade of amber, radiating the classic chill essence of a bar. Melodies of Jazz danced around the soothing atmosphere as people were in their own world of gossips and chatters; Love birds entangled in each other’s gazes, friends gathering around to catch up on their lives, bartenders striking some random conversations with their pleased customers. It was indeed normal like any other day.

    “Got my gold babies today,” an old rugged-looking man patted a large sack sitting beside him, looking proud of his achievement.

    “As expected from you, your skill and experience speaks a lot,” a younger male chuckled, sipping the drink before scrunching his face a little after tasting the bitterness.

    Amused, the old man laughed,

    “Well, learn from me.”


    The young man raised his glass, leaning over the table, “So what happened to the deceased?” The senior cunningly smiled. “I mean, you’re too calm.”

    Clearing his throat, the older male carefully set down the drink, wearing a huge grin on his face,

    “That’s what professionals do.” He slowly checked around for potential eavesdroppers, “You just need to be precise, patient,” he whispered, “And neat.” The younger male nodded, “Dead men tell no tales.”

    “Indeed, dead men tell no tales,” she repeated.

    Shocked, the two males stared at a young lady, comfortably settled down in the seat, sophisticated yet intriguing aura luring them in. She charmed, “Seems exciting, hmm?” The old man smirked, being tipsy cost him irrational thoughts in keeping secrets.

    “An attractive lady shouldn’t be meddling in dirty business.”

    “Oh? Thought I have been long enough part of the shady world.”

    The old man was entertained, “What seems to have brought you in?” Propping her chin on her finger, she pretend to think. “Hmm… Let’s say, all these missions and risks tickled my adventurous nature.”

    “Dangerous… Just how I like it.”

    “Tell me, Mr. Professional,” curling her lips, “Have you ever thought of karma after all the sins you committed?”

    “If it was real, I would be gone long ago, dear.”

    She faintly smiled, “Fair enough.”

    Rising from her seat, she walked towards their table with every clinks of her heels demanding attention.

    “Have an enjoyable night, gentlemen. After all,” she gazed at the younger male, “the night won’t last long.”

    He shivered, letting out a nervous shaky breath in contrast to the old man laughing delighted.

    “Good night. I hope to see you soon,” the old man waved while the young man coughed feeling uneasy.

    Stepping out of the embracing warm room, the bells hanged at the entrance jingled signalling her departure.

    “Sooner than you think.”


    9th September 2021 [2:00 A.M.]

    A/N: The characters tagged will appear soon as either main or supporting character since this is multifanfic au. Hope you enjoy!

    © 2021 Copyright. All rights reserved. Claurora.

    Chapter 1

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  • txtflawlessdiscograhy
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Thinking of writing a fanfic about florist Inseong and business typhoon Jaeyoon being abandoned by a woman with a baby and having to raise her.

    Y’all want it or nah???

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  • yjmoon
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hello guys! I am a new writing account for many K-pop groups, I write in my freetime as a hobby and thought why not post fanfictions on here!

    Please request whatever you would like me to write, I will mainly do series' and oneshots so you can all request specific things or recommend ideas. I have a lot of good ideas and I'm excited to meet people that will hopefully enjoy what I have to share!


    -I will mainly write AUs featuring fluff, angst and horror


    -I am not comfortable writing smut but i'm fine with kissing and sexual inuendos/jokes


    -I will mainly write about the groups I stan but I will write about any groups/idols you want me too!


    -I like to write things about mythical creatures like sirens, vampires, werewolves etc


    -I will always provide the necessary TWs, I want all of my reader to feel comfortable and aware of what is to come


    -I'll often write things featuring my personal hobbies like dance, horse riding, swimming etc


    I hope that you guys are interested in my writing soon to come. Have a great day <3

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  • lazyfoxwrites
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Promise | Rowoon | (f)

    A/N: This was supposed to be a short drabble how did it turn out like this...

    The keys rattled in the lock and the door opened. You meant to stand up and go greet your man, but Seokwoo was in a rush today. You could hear him struggling to pull off his shoes as quickly as possible and almost tripping over his own feet as he rushed into the living room where you sat on the couch, chuckling at his eagerness to see you. He towered over you even as he sat down and pulled you into a hug before you could say anything.

    “Baby, did something happen?” you laugh, but accept his clinginess without complaining. You’re happy to see him too, after all. 

    “No?” he tries but he’s never been good at hiding things from you, even if it was, let’s say, a surprise birthday dinner. You get suspicious immediately, trying to pull away from him. He holds you tighter as you struggle.

    “Kim Seokwoo, let me go or you’re in trouble,” you warn him. You’d like to sound strict but it’s impossible through laughter.

    “I will, but you need to promise me that you won’t make a big deal out of this,” he says and there’s more anxiety than you expected in his voice, which makes you freeze and calmly pull away from him.

    “What are you talking about?” you ask, confused. He licks his lips and looks down, thinking about how to approach this - whatever it is.

    “Well, I mean it is kind of serious - but not as much as it will look like, I swear. It’s not a big deal anyway. Just - don’t freak out? Really, it doesn’t have to mean anything, or it could if you want to-” he keeps on rambling until you shut him up with a kiss. His eyes widen in surprise but he soon melts into the kiss, leaving the power all to you. Only when you need to breathe you break the kiss and smile at him.

    “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, but I promise we’ll handle it, okay? And I will try not to freak out, but I can’t promise anything when you’re being so mysterious,” you reassure him, squeezing his knee. He nods with a deep exhale and then he reaches into his pocket.

    “No freaking out, okay?” he reminds you as he reveals the hand but there’s something sparkling between his fingers - a ring. You give him a panicked, confused look.

    “See! I told you to stay calm!” he whines as he runs his other hand through his hair.

    “Okay, then maybe explain?” you try to stay calm but your heart is beating so loud you barely hear your own voice.

    “It’s- Well, it’s a promise ring - not an engagement ring,” he chuckles an anxious laugh, and you breathe out, somehow calmer.

    “And I want you to have it because,” he clears his throat, “I promise to, one day, make you mine. And everyone will know that you’re mine. I’ll ask you to marry me, and we’ll live together and everyone will know that I’m yours and only yours. I hope that day comes soon, but until then, will you accept this ring, and the promise it carries?” 

    His eyes keep falling down to the ring between his fingers as he speaks but as he finishes, he looks up to meet your gaze. Your eyes are filled with tears, a few of them already falling down your cheeks as you finally inhale and nod, all but tackling your boyfriend backwards as you attack him with a tight hug.

    You desperately want to respond but you’re choking on words, almost as much as your hold is choking Seokwoo. He manages to get your attention with a gentle tap on your shoulder and you giggle, seeing his distressed expression. You wipe away your tears and get your breathing under control. There’s so much to process - and yet nothing at all. You don’t need to think about your answer, but there’s something he needs to answer you first.

    “Baby?” you speak out, finally recovering from the shock. He hums, his soft smile almost making you cry again.

    “I love it, and I love you,” you say and he’s about to respond when you interrupt him, “But did something happen? You know you didn’t have to give me anything, even though I’m very, very happy and grateful.” He avoids your eyes again and scratches the back of his neck and you know that something is going on. Eventually, he does talk.

    “First of all, I had that ring for a while now, I just couldn’t find the right occasion to give it to you,” he explains but then sighs, “But today we were with some friends and they talked about one of their friends who’s trying to get over a break up and apparently, they broke up because they just couldn’t handle the pressure and having to keep the relationship a secret and sneaking around and I, I don’t know. I got scared, I know we aren’t like that, but still... I panicked? I just can’t lose you. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

    His voice gets lower and lower and he’s murmuring something under his shaky breath and your eyes water again as you take his hand into yours.

    “You really don’t have to worry about that,” you smile at him, leaning in to kiss him. He kisses you back just as gently. “I would never leave you. I can’t lose you either.”

    “And so… yes, yes, I accept,” you breathe out. Your mind is blank and you can’t stop the smile spreading on your lips. His smile is just as bright as he takes your hand in his and slides the ring on your finger. It fits you perfectly; it’s simple but beautiful and it’s a love at first sight. 

    You stare at the ring on your finger while Seokwoo stares at you, his eyes soft and full of love. He really can’t wait for the day he will get on one knee and offer you another ring.

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  • rowoonfanatic
    06.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Please, dear fanfic writers on here

    I'm in need of some Rowoon fics😭😭🖐🏻

    Help me sos

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  • pettypuppy-jonghyun
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Chani As Your Boyfriend

    Description: fluff bullet point of Sf9 Chani as your boyfriend. A general neutral fiction. Please enjoy this short piece I have written.

    What if Chani was your boyfriend? Well it sorta would be like...


    Chani As Your Boy

    •our sweet little maknae

    •you'll be fighting for his love against Rowoon

    •constant competition for who loves him more

    •birthday gifts and Christmas are like a game to see who has the better present

    •honestly I see him as a tsundere

    •he wants to keep up this cool guy style but is obsessed with you

    •your beautiful smile will make him blush at any time so you often use it as a weapon

    •you wear the pants in the relationship but let him believe he does

    •wants to be taken care of but will spoil you to no end

    •he acts like he doesn't like shopping with you but he honestly loves to go on adventures and buy you anything you want

    •the type to go into stores like spencers if you wanted to because of all the neat things

    •hard to get him out of it tho

    •will walk around the mall with you and share food

    •the king of holding all your belongings 24/7

    •even if you think you can hold your own drink, you can't. He has it

    •love love loves it when you are with his members

    •he pretends he's chill with you hanging out with them, might even act like he hated it

    •but seeing you interact with his second family makes his heart beat so fast

    •he imagines a future with you quite often and will build an entire fantasy story with it

    •sometimes it's realistic, like what type of house you would get and if you want kids

    •other times it involves slaying dragons or living in a castle

    •the type to do lazer tag a lot with you

    •im not sure why but I feel like that would be his favorite pick for a date

    •competitive in looking like the perfect boyfriend type

    •i mean the whole mile of winning stuffed animals for you, opening doors, pulling your seat out for you to sit

    •wants to keep the best boyfriend reputation with his fans

    •wants you to keep bf material type photos of him only, although your camera roll is FULL of memes of him

    •please cherish this small boy, he needs a lot of love

    •during hard times he can become more clingy

    •a stressful day will make him incapable of taking care of himself at all

    •he might shut down sometimes and become really quiet when he feels he has too much to say

    •but these are the times he needs your love the most

    •there is never a moment you become overbearing to him so smother him plz

    •you almost never argue because it bothers him a lot so you sort things out immediately

    •will put you both in a blanket burrito during cuddle sessions because he needs that comfort

    •overall, will be the absolute best boyfriend for you

    Enjoy the Chanhee wallpaper below!

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  • wellwwhynot
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Do you love Mafia AU'S?? I got u

    So this is extremely underrated.

    Kingdom was so epic and the interactions were amazing but we don't talk enough about how SF9 absolutely SLAYED this!

    This is basically every mafia fan fic come to life.

    Any writers out there needing a little inspiration or people like me who Simps for this. just... give it a watch

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  • pettypuppy-jonghyun
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hwiyoung As Your Boyfriend

    Description: a cute bullet point about being in a relationship with Hwiyoung! A gender neutral imagine. Please enjoy this short piece I have written. Photos are not mine, credit to owners.

    If Hwiyoung was your boyfriend, it would look sorta like...


    •hes clingy and you cannot convince me otherwise

    •soft hearted for anyone's he cares about

    •i see him as the type to worry a lot

    •wants to be the aloof bad-boy type so badly but when he sees you he just melts

    •always requires a back massage to relieve stress

    •ok but when you are stressed he is the best help you could dream of

    •stressed and hungry? He's on it.

    •need a relaxing bath? He's got the bath bombs already prepared

    •is the type to do facial routine with you because he knows how important it is and it's a bonding moment with you

    •fluffy hair. All over you

    •the question will always be: your hair or is his?

    •when you sleep/cuddle his hair is most likely in your face

    •but it's so beautiful so you can't complain too much

    •if he changes the style he tells you immediately

    •sends confirmation pics to hear your opinion (like he does with Sorn ;)

    •texts messages can range from brief "I love you"s or long paragraphs about some weird fact he learned about and needed to inform you too

    •you both have a tendency to quote random videos/shows you watched together and it becomes an inside joke for you

    •the members are constantly trying to decode your speech because you quote things so often or shorten your words so much it's nearly impossible to understand

    •pretty much have your own language together

    •also known for staring at one another and communicating that way

    •but it freaks out the members

    •"they're doing it again, Youngbin! They keep staring at each other"----its you asking him what he wanted for dinner and he was responding with take-out haha

    •you and the maknae line often hang out

    •can get a little jealous when you seem to become closer with any of the members

    •was very hesitant to introduce to the members because he was afraid they would scare you off🥺

    •wants the very best for you and will do everything he can to make you happy

    •he can need some reassurance sometimes after long hard days of training

    •you are his #1 fan and supporter so please buy all his merch💕

    •in the end you will always know you are the most important person to him and he will protect you no matter what

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  • sanghyukstattoos
    03.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    A/N: Whilst writing this, the word beautiful kept swirling my mind and no matter the sentence, I couldn't seem to shake it off hehe. Not to mind because it is after all, the meaning of this thought.

    It's late night and lights out outside. Any light dispersed from the circular lamp suspended from the ceiling is a shimmer. You and Sanghyuk giggle sweetly, holding each other close by the way your knees touch, flutteringly, not in a heated clash of lust like moments before. Your cheeks are warm, compared to his that at least look like the puffy bread loaf's they were earlier.

    However, you cutely take note of his red-dipped ears. Like the constellations in the sky that make you wonder if they can see each other, and if they can, that's how you and Sanghyuk look at one another. Comfortably, your stares rest with one another and linger in the air. The thought of your love for best friend is in itself a beautiful idea, an awaiting butterfly wrapped into a cocoon.

    Unlike your other gatherings together that you've had, sometimes at yours, sometimes at his and sometimes at the food stalls downstairs, this circumstance lacks the music. Traditionally, music has been used as a divisionary tactic but take note- unconsciously, to escape the warmth when he looks to you and finds himself filled with uncertainty over whether to tell you or not.

    And then he forgets. But that's not all, sometimes you have to look away too. Not out of sadness, no, that would be a thing to chuckle and drink wine with your beautiful best friend over. To escape how it makes you feel. You don't run away, you walk, unsteadily, unsure if this is what you are supposed to be doing to preserve your friendship.

    But there's no need for that. There he is, amongst the meadows full of gloriously raining sunshine and devastatingly drowning outlines of the outback, muddling you in or sheltering you from, he's there. The alternative- you for him- exists just as much as he exists for you. Back to the kitchen in which the two of you sit, heat dancing across your face, smiles teasing that ever-longing touch of sensual intimacy, the type that you can't wrap your head around and then suddenly you can.

    Suddenly you know what they taste like and how that makes you feel and how they make you feel, all in one- the kiss. You know how you feel. It feels as if you've kissed at least a couple of times before. This can be confirmed with the authority of Time, you have not kissed before. At all.

    He holds you, brings you to him and comes towards you, action, motions, emotions that all flurry together in some sort of synchronised manner. If there was a camera, it would keep moving to give you a three sixty degree view. Ah, the enormous beauty. The kiss is filled with lollies like, 'I've waited for long to kiss you' with pouty lips; 'Let me have you', aw so sweet and 'Grrrr', the sound that is perhaps better off as an internal voice.


    It's the rumbling of a motorcycle outside. Jolting your bodies against one another, you turn to the window and turn back. Your faces are so close, you can't help but mould your lips softly against his, messing his hair while his hands roam your back, tingling a sense of ache. Ache and to have him closer.

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  • key201303
    28.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Word count: 1135 words

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, mentions of losing sanity, mentions of hate

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: I know this chapter is a bit shorter but it needed to be like this for what is about to come 👀 Hope you guys enjoy it anyways!! ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    Disgust, repugnance, foulness, obnoxious, accursed. Those were some of the adjectives you could use to describe the clothes hanging on the wardrobe in front of you and the little ‘date’ you and Jaeyoon had yesterday. You couldn’t recognize yourself in the mirror of the shop while you tried on the clothes Jaeyoon chose for you. You couldn’t even recognize yourself now when you stared at the mirror in the wardrobe door. ‘Who have I become, mom?’ You quietly asked, your eyes getting watery at the thought of you disappointing both, your mom and dad for doing what you’re doing.

    The wardrobe has gone from normal and pretty simple clothes you were used to wearing to fancy and colorful dresses you hated with all your being. All you have always complained about when your dad bought new clothes or even your mom back in the days when she was still alive, was now the things you had to wear to make that asshole happy. ‘At what point of life have I stopped being who I always was? At what point have I left a man to decide on my clothes?’ You kept asking yourself as more and more tears formed in the corner of your eyes. You couldn’t believe you broke the promise you once made with your mom about never letting anybody change your persona or decide for you. You felt frustrated, even full of anger while looking at the reflection in that mirror. You even started hating yourself for being the person reflected on that piece of glass. You hated yourself for failing your parents and all the values they always taught you. You hated yourself for throwing away all the efforts your mom and dad made to educate you in the best way they could. But what could you do when you had nobody who guided you back into the correct path? What could you do when you were living under the same ceiling as the person that killed your father? Exactly, the only thing you could do is hate. Hate absolutely everything and everyone around you.

    “Sweetie, can I enter?” You heard Rowoon knocking on the door. “Do whatever you want.” You said with a monotonous voice, like if you were soulless. No emotions were being reflected on your words, they were empty, just like you felt in that moment. “You look amazing!” He said, trying his best to be nice. Little did he know nothing he did would make him look more friendly. There was absolutely nothing on this planet, or even in this galaxy, he could do to make you feel him as a friend instead of the asshole you believed he was. But just like you promised Jaeyoon last night, you would act out all your emotions so his ego wouldn’t get damaged while you thought of a way of getting out of that house before you lost the small iota of sanity that remained on you. “Thank you.” You said, still talking in the same tone you have been talking ever since last night. “I see we’re finally starting to understand each other.” Rowoon said, getting closer and with a smirk on his lips. Oh if only you could slap that disgusting smirk from his perfect and handsome face how happy you would be. You could tell by the manners he has had with you that he had a very impatient personality. Not like you actually cared about that but, for sure, you would take advantage of that information as much as you could.

    The room was filled up with silence for a slight second. A second that felt like an eternity of awkwardness of you two looking at each other analyzing your figures. You took that second to actually admire his features, something you haven’t been able to do ever since he broke into your house a few days ago due to how much you hated him and his friend. He was wearing a black suit, elegant and probably as expensive as your whole apartment. Did he even have different clothes? Has he ever worn normal people's clothes or has he always been like this? Suddenly all those random questions started to pop up in your mind. “I have a little surprise for you.” He said, knocking you out of your thoughts, smirking with that same grin from before and getting even more close to you. You tried to back off, not wanting to be any nearer to the tall boy standing in front of you with such an arrogant and dominant figure. “Hey, don’t be scared, it’s a good surprise, I promise.” He said, trapping your small figure in between his arms as they landed on the wall that stopped you from backing off even more. “I don’t want any surprise from you.” You said with a thread of voice, avoiding his eye contact and tightening your fist. “Come on, I’m trying so hard to be good with you.” He said, a slight teasing tone appearing on his voice as he moved his eyes from yours to the nook of your neck. Suddenly a strong feeling of disgust hit you like a rock when you noticed how his eyes moved to your exposed neck. But what could you do? Protest? Talk back? Insult him? All those ideas were pretty good ones if you wanted to die that night. “What is it?” You said, locking your eyes with his, praying to any God for him to notice the disgust written all over your face. “I’m taking you to a party.” He said, backing off a little bit, finally leaving some space for your small frame. “What if I don’t want to go?” You dared to ask. “Then, we can stay here doing some other things. You decide, baby.” Rowoon said, smirking once again. You couldn’t understand how someone could cause so much disgust and hate on you. You clearly had no other choice rather than going to that stupid party with him. “It won’t be that bad, I promise.” He said, getting closer again and, this time, reaching his hand out to grab your hand. "I just want us to fit each other like that ring fits your finger." He added, playing with the ring that brightly shone in your right hand.

    Those words were the last thing you needed to lose the sanity you had. As soon as the boy left you alone in the luxurious room to get ready for the said party, nervous tears started to stream down your soft cheeks, your hands started to tremble and all you wanted to do was get inside the bathroom and wash your hands until his disgusting scent disappeared from your delicate hands. But just like you promised Jaeyoon, you had to act out all your emotions.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop fanfic#kpop smut#kpop angst #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagines#sf9 fanfic#sf9 smut#sf9 angst #sf9 mafia au #sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung imagines #sf9 hwiyoung fanfic #sf9 hwiyoung smut #sf9 hwiyoung angst #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung smut#hwiyoung angst#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun smut #kim youngkyun angst #sf9 oyungkyun #sf9 youngkyun x reader
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  • lazyfoxwrites
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Yandere!SF9 reaction to s/o being nice to them

    Summary: Yandere boys have a bad day and the reader, after months of trying and breaking, is finally nice to them for the first time. (tbh this is so much softer than I wanted it to be but welp, experiment failed)
    Disclaimer: Obviously, I don’t support this kind of behavior and obviously I don’t think that the members are like this irl. This is just a piece of fiction meant to entertain.
    Warnings: yandere themes, duh - abusive/obsessive/just messed up behavior, stockholm syndrome
    A/N: This is just my messy experiment since I love yandere as a trope and it’s hard to find any yandere!sf9 stuff. Anyway I guess I’ll write more yandere stuff after I make up some headcanons for them so it actually makes sense?? 
    All members under the cut.


    Things have been going rough for Youngbin. His co-workers were pretty much useless and annoying, he found out he’ll have to work some overtime next week, and as if that wasn’t enough, he even caught you breaking his rules. Honestly, that probably made him more mad than anything else. Then again, you’ve been behaving since he locked you up at home after you decided you just wouldn’t stay put and that you will fight against him. Why would you do that? Hasn’t he been treating you well? He took care of you, and by all means he wasn’t the most extreme of his kind out there. So why would you be like this? Was there anything he could’ve done differently?

    As he pondered this, he arrived home. Silence welcomed him, which he was still getting used to. It didn’t matter, he wasn’t in the mood to talk anyway. So instead of visiting you in your room where you were no doubt sulking, he unlocked your door and headed straight to his room as the front door was secured to prevent you from escaping. He took a quick shower and changed into some comfortable clothes. He thought that a short while of relaxing on the bed wouldn’t hurt but before he knew it, he dozed off. 

    He had no way of knowing then that it worried you when he ignored you. Usually he’d come to check on you, even if it was just a short glance at you and simple hello. That he simply walked past your room today caused turmoil in your soul. On one hand you were still angry with him - it wasn’t even that big of a deal! A stranger asked for directions and thanked you, nothing more. It wasn’t important enough to mention it to him. You weren’t sure how he found out anyway. But whatever, on the other hand, you worried if everything was alright with him. He took care of you too, so it was only natural, right?

    With a sigh, you got up and cautiously opened your door. Since they weren’t locked, you guessed you were allowed out of your room. Quietly you made your way to his bedroom and peeked inside just to see him fast asleep. Now that was most unusual. Something must have happened, although you had no idea what. But it was pretty safe to assume he wasn’t feeling too well. 

    What should you do? You stood in the doorway and considered your options. You could just ignore him, sure, but you weren’t sure you wouldn’t feel guilty about it. So you only had one option really. With a sigh, you walked into the kitchen.

    Youngbin hid many tools away from you - sharp knives and such, for your protection he claimed - but that hardly mattered. You knew how to make his comfort food and it wasn’t that hard to make and you would manage with what you had available so you got to work…

    When he woke up from his nap, he felt disoriented and confused. He didn’t pass out unexpectedly like this in a while. He slowly sat up and took in his surroundings, his eyes immediately focusing on the one thing that changed in the room. On the nightstand there was a plate with one of his favorite foods to eat whenever he felt down. He smiled a little as his hand reached out to pick the small note that laid next to the plate.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but please cheer up. Fighting!

    His heart melted as he read those few words, already burning them into his memory. How lucky he was to have such a cute partner. He ate the meal, savoring the taste knowing you went through the trouble of preparing it just for him. Perhaps he could allow you some freedoms again. Maybe. Right now though, he had to see you.

    He didn’t bother knocking on your door and went right in, seeing you curled on your bed. It was such a miserable sight that he wondered if maybe he could allow you access to tv at least so you’re not bored. Hearing him enter, you turned and he noticed your glassy eyes, rushing to your side.

    “y/n?! What happened? Are you hurt?” he panicked, checking you all over. Does he need to prohibit you from entering the kitchen too? He calmed down when he didn’t notice a single injury on you and saw you shake your head.

    “I’m fine,” you reassured him, biting your lip and avoiding his eyes, “I was just really worried about you. It scared me that you just passed out like that.”

    He cooed at your confession, pulling you into his chest despite your protests. You didn’t fight back too much, though, soon accepting the embrace. It was useless to defy him anyway. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist tightly while he patted your head with his other hand.

    “You’re so cute,” he smiled into your hair, kissing your forehead. He was a lucky man indeed.


    Inseong prided himself on his professionalism and ability to stay calm even in the worst of situations. But he was just a human, and today he was exhausted and pissed off and if he could, he’d yell a few choice words at his boss. 

    The exhibition he planned out so meticulously would be perfect. Everyone would love it and it’d bring their gallery the buzz it deserved, but no. His boss just had to decide based on his own preferences and so the wonderful event Inseong suggested would have to wait until… well, who knows when. Honestly, more than his wasted effort, it was the blatant disregard for lesser-known artists that his boss showed that made him so furious. And now he’ll have to take a nice, long walk so his precious darling doesn’t get scared when he comes home.

    Coincidentally, you were just pondering whether you still feared him. Lying on your back, staring at the sloping ceiling that you just finished decorating, the thoughts rushed in your mind. No, you finally decided, you weren’t afraid of him - at least not all the time. You no longer began shaking uncontrollably whenever you’d hear him come closer to your room.

    After all, as long as you obeyed his rules, he was quite nice. You missed your freedom, missed walking on the street alone, missed your friends and family, sure, but then again, Inseong was really amazing too. As time passed and your life before him became a blurry memory, you’ve grown to treasure the evenings you spent together in deep discussions about culture more than anything. Although you guessed that despite all that, you’ll be pretty nervous today.

    Speaking of the devil, you could hear the front door slam shut across the house. With bated breath, you listened more. It was easy to listen in the silence. Not that you wouldn’t trade it for some music to distract you during the day, but you guessed he’ll return your mp3 soon if you behave. His steps were getting closer but their sound was pretty neutral. You hated that you could never tell what mood he’s in until it was too late.

    You slipped from the bed, kneeling on the floor waiting for him. One good thing about Inseong was that a lot of what he demanded from you were just orders and rules for the sake of having rules, so you’d get used to being his perfect obedient doll. 

    Your eyes met his as he opened the door and you gave him a small smile. Partly in hopes that he’d be surprised and wouldn’t immediately notice the changes you made to the room. But that would be a miracle.

    “What’s that supposed to be?” he nodded towards your ceiling. You knew he was referring to the drawings and paintings you put up there, sticking them to the wall with a tape. What else could you do? He wouldn’t allow you to frame them or pin them there. Well, he probably didn’t like that you had them at all. You tried reading his mood but he was just as cold as he usually was, betraying nothing about his feelings. The only thing you knew is that he’d be pissed you stole his pictures.

    “It was too empty here,” you replied meekly, “It felt too sterile.” And you weren’t lying. Some days when you felt most alone even your own room felt like the isolation room, his favorite way of punishing you.

    “So you stole my art,” he hummed, “How did you do it?”

    “I just took a few of the pictures I found the last time you let me watch you paint and hid them under my shirt,” you answered carefully, stressing the fact that you did it while he was present. The last thing you wanted was for him to start tying you up while he was away again. His silence and calmness unnerved you. He strolled closer to you, one hand gently wrapping around your throat, keeping you in place. You swallowed uneasily, making him chuckle.

    “These are not all of them, are they?” he said, probably still looking at his works on your ceiling. 

    “No, the rest are in the drawer at my desk,” you tried to stay calm but it was getting harder with the way his grip was tightening around your neck. And then he let go. You heard him take a seat on your bed and pat his thighs. You obeyed, climbing into his lap, straddling him. Your eyes met briefly before he gently tapped your chin, making you look up. 

    “Why did you pick these then?” he sounded curious, which you took as a good sign.

    You explained as he asked, slowly pointing at each of the pieces above and talking about why you liked that particular picture, be the reason the image or the style he used. You focused solely on talking and thinking, not paying him much attention. So you didn’t notice the thoughtful gaze on you, nor the gentle stroking across your back. At least not until you finished talking. Then you froze under his touch, only relaxing when he coaxed you into it, stroking your cheek equally softly. 

    “Why couldn’t you just ask for them? Now I’ll have to punish you for breaking the rules, silly thing,” he scolded gently.

    “I thought you’d refuse and get mad - but I also thought that if you saw them already hanging here, making me happy, you might allow it,” you said with an embarrassed smile, “I just wanted to have some reminder of you in my room, and I really liked these.” He was smiling too, still stroking your cheek, deep in thought.

    “What to do with you, my love,” he sighed, “But you’re right, I will let you keep them. You still have to be punished, though.” You simply nodded, having already anticipated the outcome. He gave you a tight-lipped smile.

    "Let's go then," he patted your thighs. You got up, patiently waiting for him. Not that it mattered, you were in trouble anyway. Then again, when he twisted your hair in his hand and pulled, guiding you forward, you wanted to believe that his painful grip was gentler than it usually is.


    For the thousandth time this week, Jaeyoon wondered whether he could get away with murdering all his colleagues and superiors. Nothing big happened, a little scolding here and there for things that weren’t entirely under his control, sometimes his colleagues would tease him but it would rub him the wrong way, and most of all the unholy amount of overtime he had to do as the month was coming to an end. 

    He didn’t want to be there. He didn’t want to be working his ass off for an ungrateful bunch of assholes instead of being home with you safely curled in his arms. He knew that nothing could’ve happened to you, that you were probably sleeping soundly in your cage, warm and safe, but he still felt a little uneasy. Besides with all the extra work he knew he was severely neglecting you and it was breaking his heart.

    And your state was indeed pitiful. You kept wishing that he’d leave you alone, if he really wouldn’t set you free, but during the last few weeks the reality finally hit you. You didn’t have anyone else anymore. Only Jaeyoon. If he didn’t pay attention to you and spend time with you, talk to you, nobody did and it left you deeply depressed. The isolation was slowly becoming more than you could take. Hell, you even started chatting with your plushies and playing out scenarios with them. Books weren’t enough anymore, you needed interaction. 

    Gone were the days your skin was covered in goosebumps the moment you heard the door unlocking. No, today too, you jumped almost excitedly at the sound. Sitting up as best as you could in the limited space you had, you waited to see him.

    He melted the second he saw you, cutely sitting in your cage, wrapped in a blanket, looking at him longingly. He took off his jacket and kneeled next to your cage, cooing as he stuck his arms in, cupping your cheeks in his hands. It shouldn’t affect you as much as it did. Tears shouldn’t be pricking in your eyes. How pathetic you must’ve looked for him to be so bold? Usually he’d be careful to touch you in the cage, wary that you might try to hurt him.

    “Awww, little one, did you miss me?” he asked softly, stroking your cheeks. You took deep breaths, trying to calm yourself. You wouldn’t cry in front of him - definitely not because he’s talking to you so nicely and you have to fight against the impulse to lean into his touch. You tried to shake your head no, but somehow failed, nodding instead. Damn it. All your hard work to make yourself seem defiant and unbroken were ruined.

    “Wait for me a little longer, okay, baby?” he sighed, withdrawing his hands again. He didn’t miss that you followed his touch for just a second. He bit back the smile as he turned to take a shower after work, leaving you to scold yourself, wondering what was wrong with you.

    When he returned, fresh from the shower and smelling heavenly, he helped you climb out of the cage. He held your wrists in one hand as he guided you to his bed. He looked you up and down, thinking for a while before he let go of you and nodded for you to get on the bed. You were used to it at this point, glad that tonight you avoided being tied up. While he never did anything to you, yet, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to lay tied up next to a guy who kidnapped you and was clearly obsessed with you.

    He climbed in after you, turning the tv on, more as a white noise in the background it seemed. He pulled you into his chest, whispering apology after apology, explaining that work’s been killing him and taking his time away from you. As he talked, you couldn’t help but feel bad for him. Seriously, what was going on with you.

    “You’re working hard,” you hummed aloud suddenly without even realizing, “You’re doing great, thank you.” Your hands were folded on his chest, right above his heart. You’d swear it stopped for a beat before it began racing under your palms. His hand tilted your head up, his eyes staring right into yours.

    “Say it again,” he whispered, leaning down until your foreheads touched. While it wasn’t the first time he got this close, you still weren’t used to it and you couldn’t say you enjoyed it.

    “Y-You’re working hard, thank you,” you stammered, “I’m proud of you.” You didn’t know where the words were coming from, but you couldn’t stop them. Not with his eyes on you, looking so soft and loving and you were really, really touch starved and lonely.

    Before you could do anything, his lips crashed into yours. Your eyes widened, body tensed as he kissed you deeply. He pulled away just as suddenly. Your body began shivering in fear of what's he going to do next. He noticed, quickly reassuring you.

    “Sorry, I just felt like I’d explode if I didn’t kiss you right now,” he chuckled, easily manhandling you into him, his face nuzzling into your neck. You were too shocked to react, to push him away. And then again, you didn’t want to all that much. Really? Was this how you’re going to submit to him? You felt like crying but the worst thing was you couldn’t tell whether it was because you worried it might be true or because someone was finally hugging you so tight.


    As always, the day dragged on endlessly. Or maybe it was just that most people he talked with today were rude and unnecessarily mean to him. As if he was responsible for every single bad thing that happened to them in their lives. He shook his head, it would end soon. Maybe he could fake feeling unwell and just run away? No. But perhaps if he did and faked it well enough, his darling would also get worried and would take care of him. The daydream instantly made him feel better, if only for a moment.

    A short moment, unfortunately. His luck must’ve been especially bad today. Not only the customers yelled at him, he got scolded by the manager as well. He would accept that no problem if it was his fault, but it wasn’t. But he couldn’t really fight back if he wanted to keep the job so he said nothing and just ground his teeth together. At long last, he finally left the hellhole and dragged himself home. 

    It would be nice to be greeted by a warm dinner and maybe an offer of taking a hot shower together, but you couldn’t be trusted with a sharp knife, let alone access to the whole house. So he showered alone, prepared food alone and with regards to you settled for merely seeing you in your room in the attic. 

    You were staring out through the barred window. You looked so ethereal he regretted not taking his camera with him. 

    You turned to look at him after a while, unnerved by his starring. Usually he’d be all over you already, whether you liked it or not since you couldn’t fight back with your arms and legs restrained, nor could you tell him to get away with your mouth muzzled. That he took his time could mean a lot of things, none of them good.

    He gave you a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes and despite everything, you felt worried about him. There were dark circles under his eyes, his shoulders were slumped and the corners of his lips were turned downwards. After living in captivity for so long, you learned it’s always better if he’s in a good mood and state of mind - and that it’s only for your benefit to make sure he feels good.

    You lowered your head, carefully motioning for him to come closer. His eyes sparkled, finally looking more alive. Still, his walk was tense, scary, but you forced yourself to stay calm and relaxed. He could snap any moment, you knew you had to be careful. Some of the bruises from the last time he was in a foul mood still had to fade. 

    You willed yourself to stay relaxed, even lean into him, as his arm wrapped around your shoulders. He noticed and grinned brightly, petting your head softly. 

    “Oh, somebody missed me,” he cooed, leaning down to press a long kiss to your cheek. You stayed still, humming quietly in response. He tsked, untying the uncomfortable fabric that was keeping you silent. You understood what he wanted.

    “I missed you very much,” you said with a tiny hint of a smile. Fortunately even the tiniest signs of love were enough for him, his own grin growing.

    “Such a cutie,” he praised as he sat down, inviting himself on your bed. Not that you could do anything about it. He looked out the window like you were doing before, laughing when he saw what caught your attention out there. He turned towards you, a malicious glint in his eyes.

    “Would my precious also like to fly away? Like the tiny birds out there, hm?” his fingers brushed along your jaws, gently tracing the fading bruises. It didn’t hurt, yet, but you knew you had to be careful. Good thing Sanghyuk was secretly a softie.

    “No, I’m happy here. I was watching the clouds - like we used to do, remember? I really enjoyed that,” you quickly came up with an excuse, remembering the old times - long ago when it seemed like you finally found the perfect man for you. Before he showed his true colors. He melted, the evil look in his eyes gone, replaced with pure affection.

    “So cheesy,” he teased, but his voice was as soft as his touch. He stroked your cheek carefully, thumb rubbing against the sore skin around the corner of your lips where the fabric cut into your skin.

    “If you keep behaving, I could take you outside to watch the clouds again. We could have a picnic in the garden!” he smiled brightly, almost bouncing on the spot. You tried to match his enthusiasm, nodding eagerly. You wouldn’t be able to run away then, but if it helps you avoid punishment now, what’s the harm in faking excitement.

    “That would be great,” you offered another smile, leaning closer to him. He moved you so you could lay your head on his shoulder. He let you both fall on the bed, wrapping his body around yours. Again, you did not tense. You were becoming a great actress. 

    “See, it’s much better when you’re being good for me, isn’t it? We can cuddle and you love cuddling,” he murmured happily, caressing your back and bound arms. You didn’t correct him.


    Watching the unruly kitten in front of him, he couldn’t help but think of you. You too, avoided his affection, disregarded his advice and attempts to protect you with disdain. He wondered as he watched the kitten playing with his toy mouse, who was the cat and who was the mouse in your relationship. Did you even realize how much power you held over him? And as he wondered, he worried. He will need to leave tomorrow, today being the last day of his vacation he took to help the kitty adjust and watch over its interactions with Huru.

    It was already hard enough to leave you and the older cat here alone, but to abandon the newest addition to his family as well? He was overthinking, suddenly feeling sorry about you too. You, who was locked away in a dark room, all alone, probably still in pain after his punishment. He won’t be able to check on you until late in the evening tomorrow, neither will he be able to check on his cats, will all his precious darlings be alright? He didn’t sleep well that night.

    Neither did you, unable to find a position that would be comfortable and wouldn’t hurt. But as much as you hated to admit it, it was his words that hurt you more than the physical injuries. You had to give props to him though, for having you so fucked up you actually cared about his opinion of you and that you wanted him to be satisfied with you, to love you even. 

    Your body was exhausted from trying to heal itself, from crying, yet sleep just wouldn’t come. You kept dozing off without falling asleep properly, but you guessed you must’ve slept because when you opened your eyes again, you weren’t in the room alone as you should’ve been. You tensed. Something kept touching you, rubbing itself on you - but it definitely wasn’t Juho. It was too fluffy and soft. 

    You opened your eyes, only to blink a few times rapidly. Then you tried pinching yourself to try if you’re really awake, and you were. You were awake, alive and there was a kitten snuggling into your stomach, as far as you could tell in the pitch darkness. You whined a little, gently pushing the furball away from the painful area. It leaned into your touch anyway, nuzzling against your palm. You smiled, your eyes tearing up. It felt like eternity since you’ve seen anything but your room, this dark hellhole and Juho. You knew he had a cat, but you guessed this must be a new addition to the household since you knew that the other cat was already an adult.

    The time you spent happily cuddling with the kitten, Juho spent worrying about it. He was irritable and his coworkers avoided him the whole day as his temper only grew worse and worse. He was impatient and nervous, getting up from his place and leaving in a rush as soon as his work for the day was done. But all his rush was in vain, because when he arrived home, the little cat was nowhere to be found.

    He searched everywhere, even going as far as asking Huru for help, the older feline only meowing cutely. He was panicking. He checked every room, even your room although there was no way the kitten could have gotten there - let alone somehow sneaking into the isolation room… Blood froze in his veins. He always made sure to keep Huru away from you, because he worried for his safety. After all, you could be stubborn, what if you decided to use the cat as a hostage or even worse, hurt Huru to hurt him?

    He tried to calm himself before walking over to your solitary. With bated breath, he opened the door and watched as you covered from the sudden flood of light - the little kitten safely in your arms. 

    You looked up, squinting through the brightness. You were able to make out his expression, the only important thing right now, and you swallowed dryly. Gently picking up the furball, you put it on the ground so it could run away, get away from the darkness and you, but it only jumped into your lap again, snuggling into your arms. You saw as Juho clenched his jaw, walking closer to you. You tried again, gently shooing the tiny cat away, closer to the man.

    However, as he crouched down to pick the kitten up, it hissed at him, running back to you. You both watched the creature in surprise. And for the first time, you noticed that the man in front of you looked somehow nervous. 

    You chuckled softly, picking up the kitty and with great difficulty, you stood up and stumbled over to Juho. He steadied you, one of his arms gently wrapping around your waist to bring you closer, while with his other hand he tried to pet the kitten again. And once more, the feisty thing hissed at him and tried to scratch his hand. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was fighting back a pout.

    “You can’t do that, little one,” you scolded the floof gently, stroking its fur. You were anxious under Juho’s gaze but you tried to ignore it, focusing solely on the tiny creature. “Your master is nice to you, isn’t he? He takes care of you and I bet he even gives you delicious treats.” You smiled at the kitty, scratching behind its ear.

    “And he loves you, so no more hissing, okay? Be good, little one. He can be really gentle and he deserves your love. So behave, alright?” you tapped its nose and finally looked up to see Juho smiling down at you affectionately. He leaned his forehead against yours. You did your best not to flinch at his proximity, not to shake in his hold.

    “The same goes for you, kitten,” he whispered, looking into your eyes, but his gaze was soft. Then he looked down to the cat curled in your arms. He raised his hand again and this time he finally managed to pet it without the tiny thing fighting back. He sighed in awe, looking at you in wonder. You gave him a surprised smile as well. This was nice, you had to admit. Even nicer was that he carefully helped you out of the dark room and led you into the living room, Huru immediately rushing over to rub against your leg. His heart, and your heart, felt full of love for once.


    Things couldn’t go more wrong. The filming went on endlessly, which he was used to and has long since accepted it, but he hurt his back pretty early on today and the pain only got worse and worse as the time went on. It wasn’t bad enough that he’d have to stop and ask for the shooting to end for today, but it was distracting and uncomfortable and made him wish he could return home soon enough. 

    Home to his precious darling, who'd make all his worries dissipate. He couldn't wait to see you, to touch you. You were so good for him lately, it warmed his heart and gave him enough strength to get him through the day.

    You were indeed waiting for him, impatient for his next visit. And you hated it. You hated that you were losing yourself. You hated that you were so weak. Weren't you always going on about how independent you were? Didn't you always say that you don't need anyone and just want to be left alone? Then why would you break down so easily? You hated yourself, cursed yourself even more than you were cursing him. Most of all though, you wished for him to be back already and to come see you.

    Only with him around did you have some human contact, not to mention that under his supervision you were allowed to walk around the house and read books, watch tv with him, but yes, most importantly, you weren't alone in a basically empty room. You guessed it was just his way of breaking you - to leave you alone for days on end, watching you through the cameras rather than actually seeing you.

    So when you heard steps approaching, your heartbeat skyrocketed. And you sat up on your bed, waiting for him to come through the door. Ever the gentleman, if you were to ignore, well, everything else he was doing, he knocked on the door before he went inside. 

    You schooled your expression and merely nodded in greeting. He was happy enough with that though and invited himself into the room and into your personal space, sitting down next to you. That was when you noticed the slight twitch on his face. You flinched, worried that he was in one of his moods. But he just put a hand on your thigh, giving you a tight smile and you realized that the problem was something else. Could he possibly be in pain?

    You asked about his day, how the shooting went, what he thinks so far, and listened to him talk. You were eager to hear anything, even if the answers should be just one word. You were lonely, depressed from the endless solitude. And he delivered, telling you everything with his calming voice, relishing in having your full attention on him. It was so cute how you nodded at his every sentence and shared your opinions.

    But he couldn’t talk to you forever. He was hungry and needed to lay in a hot tub for a while, hopefully that would help with the pain in his back. It was hard to ignore the way you visibly slumped and your eyes lost their shine, but his will was strong. He pushed himself off the bed and choked on a hiss as he straightened his back. 

    “Are you alright?” you asked softly, carefully reaching out to him. He squeezed your hand in his, giving you a little pained smile. 

    “Nothing to worry about, love,” he reassured you. He knew well he shouldn’t show any weakness in front of you. It was a mistake that he came to see you in this condition. He turned to leave but you grabbed his sleeve, clinging to him like a little child.

    “No, wait, please. Your back hurts, right? Let me help,” the words rushed out of your mind without permission, leaving both of you shocked. He studied your expression, inclining his head to the side as if he was thinking. He was searching for any kind of hint that this was just some smart plan to have him lower his guard. But you looked so genuinely concerned that his heart melted a tiny bit. In fact you were certainly slightly worried, but most importantly you just weren’t ready to be left alone for god knows how long again.

    In the end, he nodded, sitting back down on your bed. After all, he was stronger and bigger than you, and confident that even if you tried to overpower him, you wouldn’t succeed.

    You sat behind him and after rolling his shirt up with his permission, you rubbed warmth into his back first before carefully applying pressure along his spine. You moved your hands slowly, watching his reactions and responding to them. At first you thought you’d just do whatever but before you knew, you were actually trying to make him feel better and ease the pain. Apologizing every time he hissed as you worked on a particularly painful spot, you tried your best.

    He was surprised too, allowing himself to get lost in the feeling - but most importantly, in the love. You had to love him, it was obvious! You cared so much about him and you were so careful with your touches too. Perhaps you were just too shy to admit your feelings to yourself? Well, maybe if he lets you think about it on your own for a few days, you’ll realize how foolish you’re being, and that you belong in his arms.

    Yoo Taeyang

    It was a hell of a week. Nothing went right, like absolutely nothing. The sudden and unexpected weather changes proved to be a challenge that many of the plants and flowers in his shop just couldn't conquer, the customers were rude and over all it just seemed like the world conspired against him and wanted to make him miserable.

    None of that mattered though, since he had his sweetheart, his darling, carefully locked away. A safe haven to love him and reassure him that everything will be alright. As long as he had you, everything would be just fine…

    He greeted you sweetly, cooing at your cuteness, begging you to say you love him. 

    "I hate you! Don't you get it? How could I ever love somebody like you, you delusional freak? I deserve better!" You screamed at him from the top of your lungs the moment he came into the room. It wasn't the first time, nor the second time he came to you begging for validation - and your reaction was just about the same as it always was. No surprising change anywhere. Frankly, the only surprising thing about the occurrence would be his reaction to your rejection - would he laugh it off as a joke today? Would he get mad at you for "teasing" him? Would he just leave? Nothing could have prepared you for the reality.

    Instead of the usual reactions, today the hopeful look in his eyes died down, his brown orbs dimming into two dark, lifeless pits. The bright smile he wore disappeared and he fell to the ground in despair, his knees hitting the ground. He kept staring on the floor, muttering under his breath that was getting faster and more ragged until tears began streaming down his cheeks and he began sobbing. He was used to you being harsh on him, he could take all the teasing since you were too embarrassed to admit your feelings to him (and to yourself!) but just today he hoped you’d see he really needed your love.

    It freaked you out, never in all the months that he kept you here had you seen him like this. You stared at him in shock. At first you wondered if he was faking it to see how you'd react but your gut feeling told you that wasn't the case and with each passing minute it was more and more obvious. You knelt down against your better judgement and finally understood what he was muttering under his breath. 

    "Why keep living if they don't want me? Maybe I should just disappear. No, they love me, they need me! Right? What if they really don’t?" 

    Your hand reacted before you could think and your fingers brushed against his cheek. He didn't flinch, didn’t lean into the touch, only sobbed harder, crumbling before your eyes. There was a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach, something akin to guilt. You tried to reason against yourself, tried to hold on to your sanity and common sense but he was the only person you had seen and talked with since he abducted you and he cared for you, always provided for you… in some twisted way, it pained you to see him like this. Besides, if anything was to happen to him, you’d surely die too. It was only logical that you cared for him, right? An act of self-preservation.

    You knew it wasn't smart even as your body moved. It was awkward, but your arms enveloped his shaking form and you laid your head on his shoulder. 

    Finally, he moved and buried his face in your neck, hands clawing at your back. His tears were soaking your shirt and skin but at least there was some change, some sign that he was still there with you, not lost in his sick and twisted mind. But it wouldn't end there. He lost strength or he deliberately let himself fall forward, either way his weight pushed you to the ground and he laid half on top of you, head buried in the crook of your neck, still crying and struggling to breathe.

    You sighed heavily. No point in fighting or trying to push him off of you. Not that you'd have the heart to do so even if you had the strength. Resigned, you tangled your fingers into his hair and began stroking and brushing the soft locks. You're not going anywhere any time soon, after all, and he believes you love him no matter what. What's the harm in doing him this one small favor in time of need?

    After what felt like hours, Taeyang came to himself. He smiled softly against your skin - of course his darling wouldn’t be as heartless as to ignore him and tease him when he felt so blue! He was overjoyed at the amount of affection he was receiving. He squeezed you tighter, savoring your closeness and warmth. How grateful he was to have such a loving partner!


    Every single one of his muscles ached and only his ego was hurt more than his body. He kept cursing with each step, cursing his job, cursing the other participants of the kickboxing competition, and cursing the man who looked at you like you were a piece of meat yesterday. His blood boiled at the memory. If it wasn't for that, he wouldn't have been distracted the whole day and wouldn't get his ass literally kicked. Good thing he didn't allow you to come with him. There's no way you'd be proud of him and that would hurt him more than anything. Still, looking like this, you’ll know he lost miserably and you'll see him as a failure. His rage was flaring up again, but fortunately he just reached his home and his mind settled a little with the vision of having you in his arms soon. 

    You tensed as soon as you heard the door open, sitting up on your - his - bed. Hands in your lap and gaze respectfully lowered to the ground. Guessing from the way the door slammed shut just a little too loud, today didn’t go well for him and you sure as hell didn’t need him to take it out on you.

    He entered the room and you felt his eyes on you immediately. He walked over to you and petted your head. You noticed he was limping and frowned since he couldn’t see into your face. 

    “So good for me,” he sighed, his voice hoarse. Now you were seriously getting concerned. You remembered him mentioning some competition or whatever but you haven’t been paying attention to what the thing was about and only cared about the opportunity to go out and maybe run away. You sort of regretted that now, especially since he didn’t bring you with him in the end. 

    He tapped your chin and you looked up, barely managing to school your expression to hide your shock. His face was already changing color in various places, bruises blooming on his skin. His fingers held your face in place as he studied your expression, then clicked his tongue.

    “Knew it,” he muttered to himself before suddenly turning away and strutting into the adjacent bathroom after unlocking it. The door slammed behind him and you breathed out slowly. 

    In the back of your mind, a thought registered that you missed the warmth of his touch. It was never a good sign when he let go of you so harshly, besides something about his words made your stomach do anxious flips. And his appearance too… At least he still came to you instead of ignoring you and staying in the parts of the house that were off-limits for you. 

    You chewed on your lower lip. You were worried about him, you wanted to follow him and check on him, take care of his injuries. Were those your real feelings though? Or were they in your head just because you were scared of punishment if you didn’t show concern for him? Lately your head’s been just a mess and you weren’t even sure what was real. Nonetheless, you couldn’t stay still and you kept worrying anyway. Whatever those feelings were, you decided to act on them. 

    Quietly, you got to your feet and walked over to the bathroom door. A sound of water could be heard from the inside, like he was filling a tub. When there was no reaction to your careful knocks, you decided to open the door anyway, hoping he wouldn’t get angry with you.

    The sight took your breath away. The room was filled with steam and Hwiyoung was leaning back in the tub, his body submerged in water, invisible under the layer of bubbles. Something about seeing him in a bubble bath made him seem so much more human. His head was resting against the back of the tub, hair cascading over the edge and he was beautiful. 

    “What are you doing here?” he asked, his tone both annoyed and curious. 

    “I want to help,” you said quietly, walking over and kneeling next to the tub, “May I?” You felt his questioning gaze and flinched when he sneered. 

    “Suit yourself,” was all he said before he ducked his head under the water. Soon he emerged again and you found yourself shocked - not a long time ago you’d take the chance to try and drown him, this time it didn’t even cross your mind. He seemed to sense the change too and gave you another long stare.

    You shied away from his eyes and instead took the bottle of shampoo from the corner of the tub and poured a little bit into your palm. He quickly caught on and straightened to allow you to wash his hair for him. You took your sweet time, massaging his scalp and brushing your fingers through his hair gently. His eyes were closed, you noticed, and a small smile played on his lips. He looked irresistible despite the bruises - then again, the handsomeness of your captor was something you’ve long since came to terms with.

    You finished your task and he dove under the water again, washing the bubbles away. When he resurfaced, you waited for him to wipe the water away from his face, once again kneeling obediently by the tub. He smirked when he saw that.

    “Come here, little one,” he motioned for you with his fingers. You did as you were told, your chin almost resting on the edge of the tub. Suddenly you felt his soft lips on your forehead, pressing a gentle kiss against your skin. 

    “Thank you, I can take it from here. Wait for me in the room, you deserve a reward,” he murmured before he pulled away. You listened, walking out of the room with head spinning with the implications of his words, so you had no chance of seeing the lovesick smile painted on his lips that made his whole face glow.


    The day’s been stressful to say the least. As soon as he sat down at the table to get some work done, awful headache hit him like a truck and he discovered that not only was he all out of painkillers, but later he also found out that it didn’t matter. The medicine didn’t work. He was stuck the whole day with numbing pain inside his head that nearly drove him insane. Fortunately his boss let him leave early, seeing the state he was in. Nonetheless, he was quite discouraged. He still had you to deal with. As much as he loved you, you could be annoying. 

    The disregard for his feelings he could ignore, but he wouldn’t tolerate disrespect and disobedience. He was nice enough as is, at least in his mind. After all, he had not once forced himself on you, any beatings he was forced to give you weren’t all that bad since you were still able to move afterwards and, of course, he wasn’t forcing you to feel the same way he did, although he would very much love to. But no, he was certain you would come to love him with enough time and motivation. 

    You, naturally, didn’t share this opinion, hence why for the past few days you’ve taken it upon yourself to scream and shout for help just to annoy him since there was no way another person would hear you. No, it was merely to make him angry enough to lock you up and gag you. He'd put you in your own room and leave you there alone. He refrained from this kind of punishment until now because he had his pride and he wanted to show you that no matter what you do, he doesn't care. He won't do as you want. Well, luckily for you he might grant you your wish today after all if his head doesn’t miraculously stop trying to kill him. 

    You saw him right as he stepped inside the house since he had locked you in the small cage by the door the day before. So close to freedom, yet so far. As he came in, you crawled as far from him as possible. Taking a deep breath, you prepared for today’s performance, ignoring the soreness of your throat and the very real risk that you might not even be able to produce sounds anymore. Your vocal chords were exhausted and overworked, unfortunately, and they hurt.

    However, just as you were about to start screaming, he shot you a look that made you stop immediately. You knew that look. He wouldn’t be playing around today. It would be best to stay out of his way or you were in danger. Seeing he didn’t need to say more, he continued to his room without sparing you a second glance.

    It wasn’t hard to catch on to what was happening. You’ve already noticed he suffered from headaches, migraines. Once it was bad enough you’ve heard him vomiting the whole night and he stayed away from you in his room the whole day, starving both himself and you. It got you a little worried, especially because he was already agitated and therefore it was possible for him to snap at you for any little thing. So just for today, you decided to behave. You weren't getting away from him anytime soon anyway, he made that crystal clear, so what's the difference if you try to make your life here more bearable for a day or however long his migraine lasts.

    Despite his sorry state, he kept his routine. After he took a shower and prepared food, he came back to get you out of your cage. He gave you a curious look when you remained quiet and got out obediently, looking at the ground and waiting for him to unlock your handcuffs and to wrap an arm around your waist to escort you to the kitchen. When was the last time you followed the routine he wished for? You couldn’t even remember, perhaps it was during the first few weeks after he kidnapped you.

    You sat down on your spot and waited for him to take his seat right next to yours and only then did you pick up your fork and knife. He was watching you with a hint of suspicion. Even as you ate, you remained silent, going as far as being careful not to make too much noise when cutting the meal into smaller bites. 

    Eventually though his constant staring became too much and you turned to him and said carefully, although your voice was dripping with annoyance: “I’m not blind, I see you’re not feeling well and I have enough decency to respect that.”

    “Who’d think you care about me this much, darling,” he smirked, finally focusing on his plate.

    The dinner went fine and seeing you behaved, kneeling obediently by his leg while he did the dishes, he decided he might try something new with you. His aching head made him crave some form of comfort and while he usually wasn’t big on skinship, today he thought it might be the best medicine to calm his nerves at least.

    He took you to the living room with him and turned on the tv, news channel in particular as a rare treat. You always seemed to be interested in what's going on in the world outside. He threw a pillow on the ground and let you kneel on it - again, more generous than he usually is. 

    You did what he expected you to do and leaned your head on his knee as you watched the news, mind blown by how many important events and news you’ve missed. You were so invested in it that you almost failed to notice his fingers in your hair. 

    You tensed, expecting him to pull and slip right into the phase where he torments you, but he didn’t. Instead, he ran his fingers through your hair gently, carefully untangling any knots he found. And even after he finished, he kept stroking your hair tenderly, being so loving you could almost forget about the crazy reality you lived in.

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    ♡ Summe Breeze
    • Capa para doação.
    • 22 | 08 | 21 📅
    • Créditos de recursos: DeviantArt e PicsArt.
    • Pngs: Inseong by Gye, Rowoon Moonmoonb.

    Abra para uma melhor qualidade.

    SF9 | RoSeong.

    Inspirada nas capas de @sungsetport 🌻

    #capa para social spirit #capista #capa de fanfic #capa para fanfic #capa para spirit #design#design simples#Sf9#rowoon#inseong#roseong#tinyllgye
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    No my brain doesn’t shut up thanks for asking

    I’m giving Ash, Cassia and Darcie their role models

    Please stay tuned for HaZe

    Miyoung, Val, Kyoka, Chaewon & Younghee

    From <- to ->

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    ♡ Before I Forget — HwanTae.
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    • Pngs: Feitos por mim e de Moonmoonb (DeviantArt)

    Abra para uma melhor qualidade.

    ♡ HwanTae | Oneus x Sf9.

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    do you ever dig something so deep into the back of your memory that it's almost forgotten until someone brings it up and then you cry internally from the pain, because that's me right now

    #someone made me remember the fact that inseong from sf9 made a pokemon fanfic #and made the two trainers fall in love with one another
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    Champagne | Zuho | (m)

    Summary: The promotion period is over and that calls for a celebration, doesn’t it?
    Warnings: kinda tiny bit of dom/sub dynamics, smut
    Word count: 5k
    A/N: This is a mess tbh but in my defense, my brain wasn’t working most of the time I was writing this

    The stars in the dark night sky were breathtaking. Lonely and cold up there, looking down at the bustling life of humans. Goosebumps covered your skin as you pondered on the balcony, head tilted upwards to watch the tiny bright dots. When you lowered your head though, the view wasn’t all that different - thousands and thousands of glowing dots and bright veins crossing the city, filling the air with the sound of cars passing by and other noises that were proof that despite the late hour, Seoul was still alive with action.

    You took another sip from the glass in your hand, nose wrinkling at the taste. You weren’t one to drink alcohol, maybe in a company where it was expected, but even then you tried your best to avoid it. Just a personal preference for sweeter drinks that won’t influence your mind and make you feel sick. Tonight, however, was special.

    Your lovely boyfriend finally finished the promotion period for his group’s latest comeback and was coming back home for a few days at least. It was a huge success so you figured celebration was in order. And as you were wondering about the best way to appreciate him and congratulate him, his voice kept resonating inside your mind.

    Kiss my lips with champagne.

    Hence your current position, alone on the balcony in a short dress, sipping champagne from a fragile glass decorated with a frozen strawberry, waiting for your lover to return home.

    You didn’t have to wait long at all. Just as you finished the glass, you heard the lock turning. Smile naturally bloomed on your lips but you stayed put. The night was too beautiful to turn your back on. Freezing, but beautiful. Perhaps it was the alcohol but you could almost imagine a thin layer of frost forming on your skin.

    And you could also imagine it melting away as a pair of strong arms wrapped around your body from behind and your back was pressed against an equally warm muscular chest. His hot breath fanned your neck as he nuzzled into your shoulder.

    “No welcome home?” Zuho murmured against your skin, kissing along your bare shoulder. You shivered and who knows whether it was because of his actions or his deep voice.

    “Welcome home,” you purred back obediently, your smile growing as he gently made you turn around. He studied your face curiously, gently touching one of your cheeks with the back of his hand. You leaned into the touch, skin warm despite the chill of the night. His eyes then fell to the glass in your hands. Gingerly, he pried it out of your hands and brought it to his nose. He inhaled, no doubt smelling the lingering scent of alcohol. He put the glass down on the balcony railing and quirked a brow at you in silent question.

    Instead of replying, you leaned closer, standing on your tiptoes. You brushed your nose against his, smile growing again as you closed the space between you and kissed him deeply. Your lips melted together easily, but you wanted more - needed more. You slipped your tongue inside his mouth, letting him taste the bitter sweetness of the champagne you were drinking. 

    He groaned against your mouth, hands on either side of your body, gripping the railing and effectively trapping you. You held his face gently, thumbs brushing against his skin and tilting his face to keep the kiss as deep as you liked. But although you may have had some power, he was in charge. Even as you struggled to breathe, he kept kissing you, his tongue invading your mouth and easily dominating you. Only when your knees began to give up did he pull away to let you fill your lungs with air. He stayed close, however, eyes fixated on yours until you met his gaze.

    “What were you doing drinking alone?” he questioned, firm yet soft. When you didn’t answer quickly enough, one of his hands took your chin between his fingers, stroking the sensitive skin of your jaw to encourage you.

    “I just wanted to surprise you,” you admitted in the end, biting your lip. He nodded for you to continue, his dark eyes boring into your soul. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I mean about your song,” you continued, hoping he’d get the hint. He did, lips stretching into a lazy smirk. He pressed his lips against yours again in a single kiss, that left you struggling for breath nonetheless.

    “Such a good girl,” he praised, his body impossibly close to yours. You could feel the warmth radiating off him, the firmness of his body and his desire. You smiled, nuzzling into his neck while your hands snaked around his waist.

    “I can be even better, I just need orders to follow,” you purred, kissing along his neck. He growled, one hand immediately grabbing your neck. Not strongly enough to choke, but firmly enough to make you pay attention to his every word.

    Your lips were parted with soft pants. He raised his other hand, thumb brushing against your lower lip. You accepted his challenge, taking the finger into your mouth and gently sucking on the digit even as he pressed down on your tongue.

    “Hmm, I think I might work with this,” he said thoughtfully as he let you go, stepping away from you.

    “I want you in the bedroom. All pretty and naked, kneeling in front of the bed, got it?” he looked at you expectantly, only satisfied when you answered a quiet ‘yes, sir’ and he allowed you to leave. He didn’t mind the low volume, not yet. He will make sure you scream plenty for him tonight, after all.

    To give you enough time to prepare, he took the glass to the kitchen sink and washed it, admiring the way the water cascaded over the glass. There was nothing sensual about it and yet he could imagine his hands exploring your body just as smoothly. He turned the water off, sure you had about enough time to undress - and then again if not, it would also be fun.

    He moved through the apartment silently. He hoped you wouldn’t hear his steps getting closer, and it seemed his wish was granted. 

    The bedroom door was open just a crack and your form could be seen through the space. Despite the arousal pumping in his veins and sensual mood he couldn’t help but smile lovingly at your kneeling form. You were so obedient, naked and waiting just for him. Had you not riled him up, he would make love to you through the night. But no, you had to spark the dominance in him, submit to him so willingly that he couldn’t resist you. He licked his lips. He really couldn’t wait any longer to have you at his mercy.

    Zuho stepped into the room, living for the little jerk your body did in surprise. You kept your head bowed, just the way he liked. His hand brushed against your skin as he circled around you, fingers caressing your shoulders, until they hooked under your chin, making you look up. Your eyes met his, giving a shy smile, before they fell to his lips. He noticed, of course he did, and smirked.

    “You have to work for it, love,” he said with amusement, watching as you shifted impatiently, waiting for his orders. He tilted your head to one side, then to the other, testing your patience. Little did you know that he was addicted to your lips as much as you were to his.

    “Take my clothes off, and treat me well, alright?” he licked his lips, withdrawing his hands from your body.

    “As you wish, sir,” you purred, hands gently sliding up his legs and then down again, stroking all over. You missed touching him, missed being together. But his order was clear, so you let your hands slide up all the way to his belt. You raised yourself on your knees, nuzzling to his inner thigh. He grabbed a fistful of your hair, a clear warning. You smiled mischievously, but you really did plan to be good tonight. You followed his non-verbal lead and straightened up to be facing the bulge in his pants, licking your lips.

    “And since you’re so playful tonight, you can do this without hands, right?” he mocked, his hand still firmly tangled into your hair.

    What other choice did you have but obey? But first, you decided to tease him some more, mouthing along the visible line of his dick. You stuck out your tongue and flattened it against the fabric, leaving a trail of saliva on the dark material. Feeling playful indeed, you turned your attention to where his tip would be, sucking lightly and then very carefully using your teeth to scratch against his clothed member. He growled, gripping your hair tightly in warning.

    “I think you’re taking too long already. Test me more and you’re not cumming,” he hissed at you. To give him credit though, he unbuckled his belt for you and even popped the button open.

    He could be joking, you told yourself, but something in Zuho's eyes made you absolutely sure he’s not and it would be for the best to just listen to him. So you did, even as you winced at the metal taste that invaded your mouth as you pulled down his zipper. You looked at him for approval and he nodded, so you pushed the pants down his long legs. And since his order wasn’t clear enough, you allowed yourself a bit more fun. 

    He eyed you warily when your lips made contact with his cock through the fabric again. You kissed and sucked along the tenting line, but you didn’t test your luck. Your hands hooked under the waistline of his boxers and pulled them down as well quickly. Afterall, half of the fun was actually tasting him.

    But you needed to be good for him, you reminded yourself. It wasn’t easy to resist when he was right in front of you, hard and just the right size to suck on. You stuck out your tongue, licking his head first. Then you made your way down his length, coating it in saliva. His dick was heavy on your tongue and it only made you more impatient. But you weren’t the only one.

    “Baby, you’re very good for me, but I really need your mouth. Right now.” 

    You forgot about his hand in your hair, only remembering when he pulled on it, guiding you so you’d take him into your mouth. You obeyed, humming happily as he thrusted inside softly. Your tongue traced the vein on the underside while you hollowed your cheeks as he pushed deeper into your mouth. Stilling for a moment, he stroked your cheek with his free hand. You winked at him, letting him know you were alright. He smirked, loosening his grip on your hair to give you some freedom about your movements.

    You pulled away until only his tip remained in your mouth and gave it a little suck. Then you took more of him into your mouth and teased him with your tongue. Your eyes met his. His pupils were blown, eyes dark with lust. You held the eye contact even as you took him fully into your mouth again, hands folded in your lap as he liked it. He groaned. He was impatient and you took his threat seriously, so you started to bob on his length slowly, meaning to pick up the pace after a while, but he wouldn’t let you. 

    “Oh no, kitten, I know you can do much better,” he smirked, but he did allow you some seconds to catch up and relax your throat as he kept you in place. You became putty in his hold. It was easier, and he loved it. 

    His thrusts were slow and careful at first, allowing you to get used to the change. You were on your best behavior, never breaking your eye contact with him. You kept your tongue pressed against him, occasionally surprising him with a suck or a moan. The groans that escaped him were well-worth the harsh thrusts that followed. 

    “If that’s how you wanna play,” he growled. His hold on your hair got firmer, keeping you in place perfectly. Your knees were beginning to hurt but you knew this was only a start.

    Without a warning, he thrusted inside your mouth, pushing his entire length in. You gagged, tears forming in your eyes and easily spilling over.

    “Aw, baby,” he mocked as he pulled out and thrusted back inside, making you gag again. His pace was quick and it took you some time before you got used to it and relaxed. By that time your cheeks were wet and your mascara ruined, no doubt leaving dark trails on your skin. But that only seemed to spur him on to fuck your throat harder. Your jaw was getting sore too but you wouldn't dare complain. 

    His breathing was getting erratic as he kept thrusting into your mouth, you responding with moans and whines around him to drive him crazy. And your beautiful teary eyes, looking at him with so much adoration even as he abused your throat… He knew he wouldn’t last long like that so he gave you a few last extra deep and quick thrusts and pulled away from you. You finally took a proper breath. You were sniffing but you didn’t dare to wipe off your tears. No, that was his job. He loved to see you trusting, vulnerable for him, nearly as much as he loved comforting you after he was done breaking you into pieces.

    “Hey, come clean me up,” he pulled you closer again by your hair. You didn’t waste any time, obediently licking his shaft. Your tongue lapped up any precum or saliva coating his dick, especially his still leaking slit. His sharp look stopped you from sucking on him again, though, however much you’d love him to shoot his load down your throat.

    “On the bed. Lay on your back,” he let go of your hair, watching hungrily as you crawled onto the sheets, doing as he told you.

    You laid back, hands fidgeting with the fabric under your palms. He unbuttoned his shirt, amused by the way you pressed your thighs together. He couldn’t wait to see how wet you were for him without him even touching you. He took off the last piece of clothing and climbed in after you, his body hovering above yours. You were trapped, his hands on either side of your head, his thighs pressed against yours and his hard length twitching against your stomach.

    He cupped your cheek, tilting your head up to meet your gaze. He wiped your tears away before kissing you. It was soft at first but it soon grew hungry and possessive, his teeth tugging at your lip.

    “You alright, love?” he asked, brushing his nose against yours.

    “Yeah, having fun,” you smiled softly, “May I touch you?” 

    “For now,” he returned the smile, kissing you again. Without hesitation, you hugged his waist. But you were too wild, your heart beating too fast to cuddle. You caressed his back, scratching slightly and dragging your nails down as his tongue entered your mouth. He groaned, pushing your body into the mattress. His hand let go of your cheek, instead stroking down your body until he reached your abdomen. You were wriggled under him, trying to escape his teasing. He smirked into the kiss. You had no chance of escaping. 

    “Shhh, you should be grateful, I’m just returning the favor,” he cooed as his fingers slipped between your folds. He gasped mockingly at your wetness, giving you a dark look. “Look how wet you are,” he murmured in his low voice, “And you didn’t want me to touch you?”

    As if to show how stupid that decision was, he pressed his fingers against your clit. Just the slightest pressure was enough to make you whine pathetically, your thighs jerking. He rubbed circles around your sensitive bud, then allowed you to focus on breathing as he dragged his fingers up and down your wetness. Your muscles relaxed for a second, before he went right back to teasing you. You arched your back. Bad choice. He leaned down, catching one of your nipples in his mouth. You choked on a moan.

    While he sucked on your nipple, his fingers slid down your core again, only this time they entered you. You moaned in unison, the added vibrations making you dig your nails into his back. He knew what he was doing very well, setting his pace intentionally slow. You were frustrated, letting him know with your whines and needy touches. 

    “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked, letting go of your nipple and gently scraping his teeth over the skin on your neck. When you just gave him a confused look, he scoffed. “Hands off, baby.” 

    You saw the effort it took for him not to coo at your puppy eyes as you let your hands fall from his body, instead fisting in the sheets under you. At least he rewarded you nicely by increasing the speed of his fingers pumping in and out of you. You closed your eyes with a satisfied sigh. Ignoring his chuckle, you tried not to worry about what he was planning. You focused on the pleasure he was giving you while he was willing to give it.

    His thumb found your clit, drawing a cry out of your lips. You opened your eyes just a crack to see Zuho watching you. He was enjoying the show, licking his lips as he dove down to kiss you, to swallow all the delicious sounds you were making. His fingers were working you fast now, his mind set on getting you off quickly. That was a red flag but you couldn’t care less.

    His fingers curled inside you. You jerked under him, but it was futile. He wouldn’t let you get away from him, not until he was satisfied. With each thrust, his fingers brushed against your sensitive spot and he wouldn’t ease his brutal pace even as you kept whimpering against his lips. You felt the knot in the pit of your stomach tightening. You were tense, on the verge of climax but as you got closer, he slowed his pace just enough to take the edge off, lazily curling his fingers to keep you worked up, but not enough to give you release.

    “Please,” you begged, eyes almost watering in frustration after he’s done it the second time.

    “I don’t know, baby,” he purred into your ear, “If I let you cum, will you handle me as well?” He knew you weren’t able to think about the consequences, the implications of his words and that you’d just dumbly nod, agreeing to whatever he said as long as he’ll let you see stars, but that was part of the fun. He kissed your temple, fulfilling his promise.

    You could cry when his fingers finally fell into the fast rhythm again, his thumb circling your clit with just enough pressure and soon your thighs were jerking against him, whole body tense as a string as you came undone. His name fell from your lips like a prayer, which he always appreciated. He helped you through your high, gently cooing at you, kissing down your collarbones. 

    But he wouldn’t stay nice for long, for as soon as you caught your breath, you felt him align his cock with your entrance.

    “Babe- wait,” you tried to protest but he looked at you with an amused smirk and you realized you might’ve fucked up.

    “No, baby, you said you can take me afterwards. No backing down now,” he winked at you playfully and slowly pushed inside, filling you to the brim. You cried out, your voice breaking. You were too sensitive and he wasn’t holding back either. Without giving you much time to adjust, he set a punishing pace that felt both like heaven and hell to your overstimulated nerves. His thrusts were quick and deep, hitting your spot again and again, making tears pool in your eyes. 

    “Shh, you’re doing great,” he murmured against your neck, his voice almost a growl. You wouldn't know, but he was fighting the urge to senselessly fuck you without a care. You were so tight, so perfect as if you were made for him. He cupped your cheek. He stroked your skin gently, polar opposite of his harsh thrusts and curses that left his lips. You leaned into his touch, brows furrowed as you tried to hold in your whimpers. It wasn’t painful, well not enough to beat the pleasure, but it was a lot. You clenched around him, earning a beautiful deep moan from him. You buried your face into his neck, much like he was doing, hiding his face in yours. 

    It was comforting to have him this close, reassuring you of his love even as his thrusts were hard and you knew you’d be sore tomorrow. You wrapped your legs around his hips, allowing him to fuck you deeper and better. You craved the torturous pleasure as much as your body screamed to get away. You felt him sucking on your neck, but you held back the urge to mark him back, knowing he wouldn’t be happy if you did. But maybe it wouldn’t hurt?

    You couldn’t hold that thought for long.

    His hips snapped against yours at a particular angle that made the tears in your eyes overflow. You forgot how to breathe. Amused and smug at your reaction, Zuho made sure to abuse that spot, fucking you into the mattress so good you felt like you were melting. Your knuckles were white and your grip on the sheets would be painful if you could feel anything but pleasure. It felt like you were losing your mind. Nothing existed, only the feeling deep in your insides - the feeling of him ravaging you because you were his and his only. You were too sensitive so you kept clenching around him, which in turn drove him crazy as well.

    His self-control, however, was excellent and he was set on not coming before he makes you come undone again first. But seeing your face twist and your heat clench around him, he struggled not to let go. You felt so good, and your moans in his ears were the sweetest music.

    Little did he know that his own moans were pushing you dangerously close to your second orgasm, the tension in your tummy growing with each of his precise thrusts. You always loved his voice and today he didn’t hold back at all. You couldn’t remember the last time he was this vocal but you loved it. And with the way he was pumping in and out of you, you didn’t last long. More tears fell down your cheeks and your voice broke in a moan as you came, squeezing him with your walls.

    You heard him curse into your ear, but more than that you felt his thrusts getting faster, overstimulating you further. You couldn’t speak, some incoherent mess left your lips but he shut you up with a rough kiss, chasing his own high. Consciousness was slipping from your grasp, you felt it. Your body couldn’t take it anymore, not with how rough he fucked you. His moves were getting sloppy, he was close. You fought to take it, to feel him and endure his sweet torture even as you whimpered and cried for him. His kisses grew gentle, caring and with few last erratic thrusts he spilled into you with a deep groan against your lips.

    He rocked into you gently through his climax, shushing you with kisses and sweet whispers, finally collapsing on top of you. His weight on you was soothing, grounding you back into your body. He was careful not to crush you, though, and soon pushed himself up on his arms again, leaning up to kiss you sweetly. 

    “I love you,” he said lowly, his forehead resting against yours.

    “I love you too,” you sniffled, making him chuckle with a sheepish smile. He wiped your tears away with his thumb, gently stroking your cheeks.

    “You were so good for me, you took me so well,” he praised, brushing his nose against yours, “Are you alright?”

    You gave a little nod, but he felt your uncertainty. Carefully he pulled out from you, sitting back to check on you. He saw your hands still holding on the sheets thighly and he eased your fingers away from the fabric. He brought your hands to his lips, tenderly kissing your white, numb knuckles. You winced when you tried extending your fingers, so he patiently helped you, massaging your rigid digits. When he was satisfied, he laid back down, pulling you into his chest. You whined in pain, curling into his warm body.

    “Shh, I’m here. I will take care of you,” he reassured, stroking your back. He pulled a blanket over you, after quickly checking it didn’t become a collateral damage in your previous activities.

    “How are you feeling? Did I hurt you?” he kissed your forehead, waiting patiently for an answer. You took your time, allowing yourself to relax first. It was fairly easy with his soothing scent surrounding you and his strong arms around you, protecting you from the world. You shook your head no but waited a while longer with your answer.

    “I’m fine, just sore,” you murmured in the end, not feeling like talking much. 

    “Wanna have a bath? I’ll make it nice and warm for you, clean you up, what do you say?” he nuzzled into your hair, hugging you closer to him. You nodded, feeling almost childish joy at the prospect of a hot bath.

    “But you need to get in with me,” you pouted, making him chuckle at your cuteness.

    “Deal,” he promised, as if he didn’t plan on bathing with you anyway. 

    He stayed true to his word and took care of you, picking you up bridal style and carefully transporting you into the bathroom. He sat you on his lap, holding you safely against him as he waited for the tub to fill. You clung to him like a little koala, nuzzling into his neck, making him even softer for you. He made sure to kiss the top of your head often and to caress your back while whispering sweet nothings into your ear. You rubbed against him like a cat, making it impossible for him to hide the adoring smile on his lips.

    When the tub was full of warm water, he laid you inside gently before sitting behind you. You quickly cuddled up back to him. He sighed happily, pulling you closer. The water seemed to help you recover. He could see it in your eyes, staring at him so lovingly he felt his ears turning red.

    “Are you sure I wasn’t too rough?” he asked again, worried that he’s indeed hurt you or crossed a line.

    “I’m sure. I’d tell you if I was uncomfortable,” you reassured him, kissing his lips, “I enjoyed it, you made me feel so good.” He relaxed, returning your kiss. His lips massaged yours gently, moving slowly to enjoy the peaceful moment. You only pulled away when you needed to yawn, shooting him an apologetic look. 

    “Let’s just clean up quickly and we can go to sleep,” he smiled and you gratefully accepted. He wouldn’t let you move, however, taking care of everything himself. He rubbed soap onto your skin, gently stroking your body as he washed you, tickling your sides when he reached there just to make you giggle. Contrary to all the care he devoted to washing you, he just washed himself quickly, making funny faces at you to keep you entertained and awake. And after a short while, he helped you out of the tub and wrapped you in a fluffy towel. 

    “Can we sleep naked, please? I want to feel you,” you asked cutely, and how could he deny you? He also wanted to have you against him without annoying fabric between your bodies.

    “Anything you want, kitten,” he kissed your nose and helped you dry off, then patting himself dry with his towel so he could join you in bed. You ran away from him before he could scoop you in his arms again but he was quick and you were moving slowly due to the burning pain in your lower body, so he managed to at least stop you with a hug before you could jump into the bed that still needed some cleaning. 

    He changed the sheets quickly, smiling warmly when he returned into the bedroom to see you cuddled in the fresh sheets, making grabby gesture at him as soon as he stepped into the room. He happily obliged, slipping under the covers and hugging you close. You purred, nosing along his jaw and pressing a few quick pecks there. He melted around you, nibbling on your neck very gently because he knew it would tickle you. You squirmed in his hold, playfully fighting against him until he took mercy on you and connected his lips to yours. Your toes curled in pleasure at the soft kiss, your hands resting on his chest, feeling his heart beating fast under your palms. It betrayed just how whipped he was for you, beating quicker as you pulled away and kissed over his face.

    “Good night to you too, love,” he smiled softly, tucking you under his chin.

    “Good night,” you yawned, snuggling closer into the safety that was him. Before you fell asleep though, you felt him stroking your face tenderly, slowly. You didn’t need to open your eyes to know that he was looking at you like you were his entire world.

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  • key201303
    18.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Word count: 1.7k words

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, mentions of blood, death threat, swearing

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you have been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency just like everyone else did?

    A/N: Seems like things are getting a bit... dark 👀👀 Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!! ❤❤❤❤

    P. S: Thank you so much for all the support you guys are giving to this serie, it is the serie with most notes in this blogs and that really makes me happy ❤❤ I really hope you can enjoy it until the very end ❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter --- Masterlist --- Next chapter

    Your head hurts. Your eyes were heavy and it was difficult for you to open them, not minding at all, wanting to open your eyes and appear in your bedroom with your dad calling you from downstairs to go and eat breakfast together like everyday. But the deep and male voices you could hear from the hall clearly let you know nothing of what happened last night was a nightmare and that, unfortunately, everything was real.

    Finally, after a few seconds of having an internal fight about if it was a good idea to open your eyes or not, you came to the conclusion that the best idea was accepting your destiny and facing the reality that was out of that luxurious room. You slowly opened your eyes to immediately shut them again due to the bright sunlight coming through the expensive curtains hanging in front of the huge window. Fortunately, your red and puffy eyes didn’t take that long to adjust to the light so you could analyze the room better than you did last night. To be honest, you weren’t in a good mood last night to analyze it, something Rowoon understood right away and let you sleep peacefully.

    You sat on the bed, looking around and trying to find something that could make you leave that house. You could tell that Rowoon was a rich kid that always got what he wanted just by the way the room was decorated. A huge and expensive lamp hanging on the ceiling, making you question why would someone want such a huge lamp, a beautiful carpet that covered the wooden floor so delicately and a huge chimney you were sure it could warm up the entire house if you let the door open. You had to admit you never imagined yourself being locked in a room like that one, and you wouldn’t have minded if it has been something you had decided but, after all, you were there by force and all you wanted to do with that Rowoon and Jaeyoon was the same thing they did with your dad. They were lucky that you didn’t have easy access to a weapons arsenal just like your dad used to have a long time ago.

    A soft knock on the door knocked you out of your thoughts. “Good morning sweetie, how did you sleep?” Rowoon said as he slowly opened the door and peeked his head into the room to check you were awake. “You look more stunning in the morning than what I thought.” He added, entering the room and leaving the door open for Jaeyoon to enter as well. You felt intimidated and uncomfortable with two boys invading your personal space by entering like that in the room. You decided to remain in silence, no words coming out of your sealed lips, something Rowoon didn’t expect by his facial expressions while he waited for an answer. You had nothing good to say and if life on the streets have ever taught you something was to remain in silence when the only things you could say were bad. You had no intention of talking or getting to know the boys responsible for your father’s death. “A cat has eaten your tongue or what?” Jaeyoon said, rolling his eyes, clearly annoyed by your attitude. “Come on, don’t treat her like that, it is normal that she doesn’t want to talk right now. But you’ll like us soon, I can tell we will become really good friends.” Rowoon said, defending yourself from Jaeyoon’s harsh words, trying to look all friendly with that stupid smile of his. It disgusted you to say the least. He could have fooled you if you were a little kid but being the grown up woman you were and having gone through the things you have, you couldn’t believe his fake smiles that easily, something that really got on his nerves. “What would you like to eat for breakfast sweetie? You can ask whatever you want and you’ll have it. Let me spoil you.” Rowoon said with another fake smile and this time he added a wink at the end of his words, something that sent cold chills down your spine and that made you want to puke. The only thing you wanted right now was running away from that house and probably, if you were able, kill them both. But you guessed you’ll have to conform with insulting them in the best way you could. “Fuck you.” You said, leaning in closer like you were about to tell him your biggest secret. You could see how his soft and sympathetic gaze turned into an annoyed one as soon as those two words escaped your lips, clearly getting on his nerves. You could tell he didn’t have as much patience as he tried to show and unfortunately all his weaknesses were showing off as soon as you insulted him. “I see you like being a brat, cool.” He said with an annoyed smirk plastered on his face. Oh, if only you could slap that disgusting grin off of his handsome face, how happy you would be. “Jaeyoon will take you to a shopping centre, now that you’re with me you can’t wear those… rags.” He said, looking at your simple clothes. “And I don’t recommend you to act like a brat with me. I’m trying my best to be a good guy with you but I won’t hesitate to become your worst nightmare.” He whispered into your ear, making sure you felt scared enough to never insult him again the way you did a few seconds ago. You felt tears forming in the corner of your eyes. Not sad or scared tears but frustrated and full of anger tears. You tried so hard to hold them back, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of creating such emotions on you, and just like you have been doing for the last few years, you swallowed all your emotions and turned yourself into robot mode, standing up and going to the huge wardrobe to change your clothes and do as Rowoon has said.

    You saw them through the corner of your eyes exiting the room, giving you finally the privacy and space you needed to burst into angry tears. Meanwhile, the two boys walked towards the huge living room, Jaeyoon grabbing his bag and preparing it for the small trip to the shopping center he was about to give you. “She’s such a hard nut to crack.” Rowoon admitted, surprised. “Good to you, you like them like that, don’t you?” Jaeyoon said with a devilish smirk, teasing his best friend. “Remember to not lose sight of the ring.” Rowoon said, ignoring his friend’s comment. “Why don’t you just take it while she’s sleeping or something?” Jaeyoon asked, a bit annoyed about the fact of having to babysit a damn ring. “Where’s the fun in that? Plus she already hates us, if I steal the ring like that we don’t know what she’s capable of doing. It’s better to win her confidence.” Rowoon said, admiring the glass of wine he had. “How can you drink wine this early in the morning?” Jaeyoon asked, disgusted at the sight of his friend drinking wine at 10am.

    “I’m ready.” You said with a soulless tone, gaze lost in the horizon refusing to look at the boys. “Great! Jaeyoon is ready as well, right?” Rowoon said, standing up from his spot on the expensive coach and giving a confirming look to Jaeyoon waiting for him to say he was right. “Remember, buy whatever you want, it’ll run on my account.” Rowoon said, placing his long arm around your shoulders to guide you to the parking lot where you and Jaeyoon would take an expensive car to start your little journey. “Have fun.” Rowoon said, closing the door of the car and waving a goodbye to the both of you as Jaeyoon started the engine of the car. You just gave him a soft smile as fake as the ones he gave you earlier in the morning.

    “Tell me, what do you do for a living?” Jaeyoon asked, trying his best to kill the tense atmosphere you both created in the car as soon as you got in. But all that could be heard as an answer was silence, complete silence. Not like he expected you to answer with a huge smile like if you two have been friends since forever but he at least waited for a small answer. “Are you going to be quiet all the time?” He added, pressing his tongue in the inside of his mouth, trying to control his patience. Again, all he could have as an answer was complete silence. “Look pretty girl, you’re going to coexist with us for the rest of your life probably so you better start talking to us in a good way if you don't have to get in trouble.” Jaeyoon said, clearly annoyed by your attitude. “See this as a change in your life. New day, new life. That’s what my dad always said.” He added, taking his eyes off of the road for a slight second to check on your disgusted facial expressions. How could he dare to talk about your situation like if it was a small problem you can overcome in hours. How did he have the guts to kill your dad and then act like nothing happened and pretend you to talk to him like he was your best friend? Really, none of the things said in that conversation made sense and all you could do was blurt out all the hate you had for the boy sitting next to you. “Fine, I’ll act out all my emotions so your disgusting egos don’t feel attacked but don’t fucking wait for me to act like nothing happened because all I want to do right now is kill you and your rich friend with my own hands so don’t tempt me.” You said with a serious tone and threatening eyes. He could tell your threat was no joke and decided to remain in silence, not wanting to give you more reasons to kill both of them that night. It was going to be a long day, long night, long week, long month, long year and definitely a long life.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop fanfic#kpop smut#kpop angst #kpop mafia au #sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 fanfic#sf9 smut#sf9 angst #sf9 mafia au #sf9 hwiyoung #sf9 hwiyoung x reader #sf9 hwiyoung imagine #sf9 hwiyoung fanfic #sf9 hwiyoung smut #sf9 hwiyoung angst #hwiyoung #hwiyoung x reader #hwiyoung smut#hwiyoung angst#kim youngkyun #kim youngkyun x reader #kim youngkyun smut #kim youngkyun angst #sf9 youngkyun
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  • claurora
    14.08.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Call Me Karma (Multifanfic FANTASY AU Series)

    People pray God for prosperity, success, health and happiness, but always in denial to repay their sins.

    She watches them silently, calculating every moves and timing... a starving predator hunting down a target.

    The infamous "she" might be randomly striking a conversation to you one day, finishing her job perfectly at the least unexpected seconds. REMEMBER: You are dealing with the most DANGEROUS.


    Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy AU

    Perspective: 3rd Person

    A/N: This is my first story series. I cannot promise about the regular updates since I prioritize the quality. The best quality comes out only when i am greatly inspired. I hope you enjoy the story progress. Every characters are casted carefully. All the groups in the TAGS "COULD" be Cameo or some side/important characters👀 maybe a villain too hmm..... 🤔 Now, you probably know who i casted as main character ✌🏻

    Coming SOON...

    © 2021 Copyright. All rights reserved. Claurora.


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